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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38767

Chapter 38767 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Brehme, Stefan., 2004:
The foraging and behaviour of an overwintering whimbrel Numenius phaeopus on Tenerife Zum Nahrungserwerb und Verhalten eines ueberwinternden Regenbrachvogels Numenius phaeopus auf Teneriffa

Diesing, Peter., 2001:
The foraging and diet of the kestrel Zum Nahrungserwerb und -spektrum des Turmfalken

Scolaro, J.A.ejandro.; Laurenti, S.; Gallelli, H., 1996:
The foraging area as reserve in a colony of Patagonic penguins Spheniscus magellanicus El area de alimentacion como reserva en una colonia del pinguino patagonico Spheniscus magellanicus

Rolando, A.; Patterson, I.; Laiolo, P., 1995:
The foraging behaviour of the chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax in two different environmental contexts the Hebrides Islands and the western alps of Valle dAosta Il comportamento alimentare del gracchio corallino Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax in due diversi contesti ambientali le isole Ebridi e le Alpi occidentali Valdostane

Diesing, Peter., 2004:
The foraging of blackbirds Turdus merula Zur Suchleistung von Amseln Turdus merula

Bentzien, Dietrich., 2000:
The foraging technique of the magpie Zur Jagdtechnik der Elster

Dzhanelidze, O.I., 1954:
The foraminifera of the Lower Miocene of Gruzia

Cahuzac, B.; Poignant, A., 2004:
The foraminifera of the Middle to Late Burdigalian from the southern Aquitaine area Saubrigues Gulf, SW France Les foraminiferes du Burdigalien moyen a superieur de la region sud-aquitaine Golfe de Saubrigues, SW France

Risdal, D., 1963:
The foraminiferal fauna in some cores from inner Oslo Fjord

Martini, R.; Rettori, R.; Urosevic, D.; Zaninetti, L., 1995:
The foraminifers Piallina and Turriglomina in Triassic Carnian open marine limestones of Eastern Serbia Carpatho-Balkanides Belt Le genre Piallina Rettori et Zaninetti Foraminifere dans des calcaires a Turriglomines du Trias Carnien de Serbie orientale Domaine Carpatho-Balkanique

Bussler, Heinz., 2006:
The foreign - an unknown Siberian-North Asiatic species Coleoptera, Scolytidae Der Fremde - eine nicht erkannte sibirisch-nordasiatische Art Coleoptera, Scolytidae

Sequeira Fernandes, A.C.rlos; Medina D.F.nseca, V.M.ria; Vieira, P.M.galhaes; Marino, L.M.chado, 2006:
The foreign fossils from the paleoinvertebrate collection of the National Museum Os fosseis estrangeiros da coleqao de paleoinvertebrados do Museu Nacional

Perejon, Antonio., 2005:
The foreign naturalists of the Spanish Royal Society of Natural History and the latters international scientific cooperation Los naturalistas extranjeros en la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural y las actuaciones de esta en la cooperacion cientifica internacional

Turchetto, M.; Vanin, S., 2004:
The forensic entomology and the globalisation Lentomologia forense e la globalizzazione

Von Der Dunk, Klaus., 2002:
The forest - its pests and parasite complexes Der Wald, seine Schaedlinge und Parasitenkomplexe

Irrgang, Susan., 2005:
The forest ant - building and life mode of a fascinating insect Die Waldameise - Bau Lebensweise eines faszinierenden Insekts

Ariagno, Daniel., 1999:
The forest cat Felis silvestris, in the Rhone department identification and distribution Le chat forestier, Felis silvestris, dans le departement du Rhone identification, repartition

Conde, Bruno., 2005:
The forest cat of Europe, Felis silvestris Schreber 1777 Le chat forestier dEurope, Felis silvestris Schreber 1777

Reimoser, F., 2002:
The forest chamois problem Das Waldgamsproblem

Rohdich, Walther., 2005:
The forest lizards of Boltenmoor Die Waldeidechsen vom Boltenmoor

Epova, VI.; Pleshanov, AS., 1995:
The forest regions injured by phyllophagous insects in the Asian Russia

Meyer, Erwin., 1997:
The forest soil fauna at the north and south slope of the eastern Alps Die Waldbodenfauna nordlich und sudlich des Alpenhauptkammes

Mishin, A.V., 1957:
The forest tick-carrier of Russian tick-borne encephalitis

Van Dongen, Stefan., 1999:
The forests of Flanders fragmented habitat for the winter moth De bossen van Vlaanderen versnipperde habitat voor de kleine wintervlinder

Kowalczyk, J.K.; Zielinski, S., 1998:
The forests of the Trojmiejski Landscape Park are a refuge for an interesting entomofauna Lasy Trojmiejskiego Parku Krajobrazowego ostoja interesujacej entomofauny

Bieringer, G.; Berg, H.-Martin.; Sauberer, N., 2001:
The forgotten landscape Contributions to the natural history of Steinfeld Die vergessene Landschaft Beitraege zur Naturkunde des Steinfeldes

Gellershtein, S.G., 1955:
The forgotten pages in the history of the struggle for materialism in the natural sciences

Elias, J.; Podvesky, F., 2000:
The fork tailed blue-eyed fish The care and breeding of Popondichthys furcatus Der Gabelschwanz-Blauaugenfisch Zur Pflege und Zucht von Popondichthys furcatus

Frank, Stanislav., 2003:
The fork-tailed rainbowfish Popondichthys furcatus Nichols, 1955 Pagavunek zlutooranzovy Popondichthys furcatus Nichols, 1955

Podvesky, F.; Elias, J., 2000:
The forktail rainbowfish Popondichthys furcatus Pagavunek zlutooranzovy Popondichthys furcatus

Daniyarov, Y.R., 1970:
The formation of Coleoptera complexesin dry land and cotton biocoenoses on the grey soil of N Tadzhikistan

Krasilnikova, GA., 1972:
The formation of Lepidoptera fauna in the orchards of Turkmenia

Pravdin, F.N., 1977:
The formation of Orthoptera groups in saxaul plantations

Rykovskii, AS., 1974:
The formation of a helminth fauna of non-domestic hoofed animals in the conditions of the culture landscape of European USSR

Slobodyanyuk, OV., 1975:
The formation of a new genus Paraiotonchium gen n Nematoda Sphaerulariidae and the definitive description of the type species of this genus P autumnalis Nickle, 1967 comb n

Grimal'sku, VV.; Mushchinsku, VG., 1973:
The formation of biocenoses of small reservoirs in the central zone of Moldavia

Dukina, VV.; Zakharenko, AV.; Umanskaya, MA., 1975:
The formation of bottom fauna and its food value in the cooling reservoir habitats of Zmievsk hydroelectric station in Lake Liman

Safarov, KhM., 1974:
The formation of conditioned relexes in reptiles to geometric figures

Pelz, Hans-Joachim., 1996:
The formation of conservation development aims by taking into account its economic and epidemiologic importance Die Berucksichtigung wirtschaftlicher und epidemischer Belange bei der Formulierung von Entwicklungszielen des Naturschutzes

Skuhravy, V., 1972:
The formation of entomocoenoses in fruit cultivations

Kim, NG.; Yakhontov, VV., 1972:
The formation of harmful entomofauna in the forest zone of Uzbekistan

Sadykhov, IA., 1972:
The formation of helminth fauna in fur animals in Azerbaidjan in relation to their diet

Gagarin, VG.; Nazarova, NS., 1972:
The formation of helminth fauna in the aurochs and the connections with its distribution in the USSR 62-65 1966 , tab In Akademiya Nauk Kirgizskoi SSR, Institut Biologii

Krupitskii, Y.G.; Martynyuk, E.G., 1977:
The formation of ichthyofauna in the Khantaisk Reservoir

Rekovets, LI.; Nesin, VF., 1993:
The formation of present day microtheriofauna in south west eastern Europe ecological aspects of the problem Formirovanie sovremennoi microteriofauny yugo-zapada vostochnoi Evropy ekologicheskii aspekt voprosa

Titova, EV., 1972:
The formation of qualitative differences in insect populations in cultured biocenosis under the influence of chemical adaptation

Arakellan, AO., 1972:
The formation of species composition in fruit pests of north-eastern zones of Armenia

Brushko, ZK., 1975:
The formation of spermatophores in Astacus ceptodactylus

Panov, DA.; Khromov, LV.; Motenkova, LG., 1973:
The formation of the food basis in ponds during the development of young herbivorous fish

Saller, U., 1990:
The formation of the gemmule shells in the freshwater sponge Trichospongilla horrida Porifera, Spongillidae

Kobayashi, Y.; Gibbs, GW., 1990:
The formation of the germ rudimens and embryonic membranes in the mnesarchaeid moth, Mnesarchaea fusilella Lepidoptera Mnesarchaeidae

Pridatkina, N.V. ., 1969:
The formation of zoobenthos in Kalgan-Chirchik fish pond in Tashkent province

Weyer, D.; Zagora, K., 1990:
The former Givetian fossil locality Buchenberg in the Lower Harz Mountains Die ehemalige Givet-Fossilfundstelle Buchenberg im Unterharz

Kraus, Manfred., 1996:
The former and present distribution of Osmia cerinthidis Mor, 1876, in Bavaria Die fruhere und heutige Verbreitung der Wachsblumenbiene Osmia cerinthidis Morawitz 1876 in Bayern

Randler, Christoph., 1996:
The former breeding distribution of the white stork Ciconia ciconia in Ludwigsburg district Die ehemalige Brutverbreitung des Weissstorches Ciconia ciconia im Landkreis Ludwigsburg

Martyka, R.; Skorka, P., 1999:
The former carbide residue sedimentation basin of the nitrogen works in Tarnow as a refuge of waterfowl Osadnik powapienny Zakladow Azotowych w Tarnowie ostoja ptactwa wodno-blotnego

Velte, Frank., 1998:
The former care of the musk deer Moschus moschiferus in Kronberg Opel Zoo Die ehemalige Haltung von Moschustieren Moschus moschiferus im Opel-Zoo Kronberg

Gelbrecht, Joerg., 2006:
The former distribution of the marsh fritillary Euphydryas aurinia Rottemburg, 1775 in Brandenburg and Berlin Germany Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Zum ehemaligen Vorkommen des Goldenen Scheckenfalters Euphydryas aurinia Rottemburg, 1775 in Brandenburg und Berlin Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Hernandez-Cuba, O.; Perez-Bote,; Garcia Jimenez, J.M.ria, 2006:
The formicids Hymenoptera Formicidae of Cornalvo Natural Park south-west of the Iberian Peninsula Los formicidos Hymenoptera Formicidae del Parque Natural de Cornalvo suroeste de la Peninsula Iberica

Trabalon, Marie., 2000:
The forms of communication in spiders Les modes de communication des araignees

Falconieri, Angelo., 1996:
The forms of doubt Le formedel dubbio

Zaragueta Bagils, R., 2001:
The fossil Alosa and the concept of genus in systematic phylogeny Les Alosa fossiles et la notion de genre en systematique phylogenetique

Nel, A.; Martinez-Delclos, X.; Paicheler, J.-Claude.; Henrotay, M., 1993:
The fossil Anisozygoptera Phylogeny and classification Odonata Les Anisozygoptera fossiles Phylogenie et classification Odonata

Vespermann, Jurgen., 1995:
The fossil Foraminifera of the Tertiary Vienna Basin after Alcide dOrbigny - a supplement on the revision by A Papp ME Schmid 1985 Die fossilen Foraminiferen des tertiaren Beckens von Wien nach Alcide dOrbigny - Ein Nachtrag zur Revision von A Papp ME Schmid 1985

Nesturkh, M.P., 1957:
The fossil apes and prehistoric man

Encinas, J.A.tonio.; Alcover, J.A.toni., 1997:
The fossil bearing stratum of Estreta Cove Pollenca El jaciment fossilifer de la cova Estreta Pollenca

Boutantin, Martial., 1998:
The fossil bird of Froidefontaine Loiseau fossile de Froidefontaine

Bianucci, G., 1997:
The fossil cetacean collection of the Museo di Storia Naturale of Pisa University I cetacei fossili del Museo di Storia Naturale dellUniversita di Pisa

Alessandrello, A.; Bracchi, G., 2006:
The fossil collections of the Lebanon Cretaceous palaeobiological patrimony La collezione dei fossili del Cretacico del Libano un patrimonio paleobiologico

Vislobokova, IA., 1990:
The fossil deer of Eurasia

Kursawe, Udo., 1999:
The fossil department in the new Altdorf University Museum Historical review and brief exhibition guide - documentation Die Fossilienabteilung im neuen Altdorfer Universitatsmuseum Historischer Ruckblick und Kurzfuhrung durch die Ausstellung - eine Dokumentation

Vadet, A.; Chesnier, M., 2003:
The fossil echinids of Normandy from the Sinemurian to the Lower Bajocian Les echinides fossiles de Normandie du Sinemurien au Bajocien inferieur

Vadet, A.; Pannier, P.; Marignac, C., 2002:
The fossil echinoids of the Oxfordian of Foug Les echinides fossiles de lOxfordien de Foug

Mazo, AV., 1998:
The fossil elephant of Buelna Asturias Preliminary note El elefante fosil de Buelna Asturias Nota preliminar

Segui, B.; Bover, P.; Trias, M.; Alcover, J.A.toni, 1998:
The fossil excavation of cova C-2 Ciutadella de Menorca El jaciment fossilifer de la cova C-2 Ciutadella de Menorca

Pfeiffer, Thekla., 1997:
The fossil fallow deer of the Upper Rhine Valley in comparison to Dama dama from Neumark-Nord Saxony-Anhalt, Lehringen Lower-Saxony and the recent European fallow deer Die fossilen Damhirsche der Oberrheinebene im Vergleich zu Dama dama aus Neumark-Nord Sachsen-Anhalt, Lehringen Niedersachsen und dem rezenten europaischen Damhirsch

Romero P., L.; Aldana A., M.; Rangel Z., C.; Villavicencio R., E.; Ramirez A., J., 1995:
The fossil fauna and flora of Peru Fauna y flora fosil del Peru

Menesini, E., 1995:
The fossil fauna of the fringing reef of Aqaba Jordan La fauna fossile del fringing reef quaternario di Aqaba Giordania Bivalvia Mollusca

Ramovs, Anton., 1998:
The fossil fish Zeus robustus receives a new name Tudi Zeus robustus je dobil novo ime

Bohme, Gottfried., 1997:
The fossil fish fauna of the Late Caenozoic of Germany Fossile Fischfaunen aus dem jungeren Kanozoikum Deutschlands

Alano Perez, P.; Malabarba, M.C.audia., 2002:
The fossil fish of Rio Grande do Sul Os peixes fosseis do Rio Grande do Sul

Kahlke, Ralf-Dietrich., 2004:
The fossil history of Gigantopithecus and Pongo - research trips and expeditions to China, Vietnam and India Die Fossilgeschichte von Gigantopithecus und Pongo -Forschungsreisen und Expeditionen nach China, Vietnam und Indien

von Koenigswald, G.H.R. ., 1967:
The fossil history of the recent anthropoids 19-24

Dieguez, C.; Montero, A., 1998:
The fossil invertebrates collection of the Spanish Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC La coleccion de invertebrados fosiles del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC

G.imm, K.I.; G.imm, M.C.; Neuffe,; Lutz, H., 2003:
The fossil invertebrates of the Mainz Tertiary Basin Part 1-1 Geological guide through the Mainz Tertiary Basin Die fossilen Wirbellosen des Mainzer Tertiaerbeckens Teil 1-1 Geologischer Fuehrer durch das Mainzer Tertiaerbecken

Grimm, K.I.; Grimm, M.C.; Neuffer, O.F. .; Lutz, H., 2005:
The fossil invertebrates of the Mainz Tertiary Basin Part 1-2 Collection catalogue Regional natural history collection of Rhineland-Palatinate/Mainz Natural History Museum Die fossilen Wirbellosen des Mainzer Tertiaerbeckens Teil 1-2 Sammlungskatalog Landessammlung fuer Naturkunde Rheinland-Pfalz/Naturhistorisches Museum Mainz

Voigt, S.; Haubold, H.; Meng, S.; Krause, D.; Buchantschenko, J.; Ruckwied, K.; Goetz, A.E., 2006:
The fossil lagerstaette Madygen a contribution to the geology and palaeontology of the Madygen Formation Middle to Late Triassic, SW Kyrgyzstan, central Asia Die Fossil-Lagerstaette Madygen Ein Beitrag zur Geologie und Palaeontologie der Madygen-Formation Mittel- bis Ober-Trias, SW-Kirgisistan, Zentralasien

Bergqvist, L.P.glarelli.; Ribeiro, A.M.ria., 1998:
The fossil mammal fauna of early Tertiary Brazilian basins and its importance in dating the Itaborai and Taubate Basins A paleomastofauna das bacias Eoterciarias brasileiras e sua importancia na datacao das bacias de Itaborai e Taubate

Bulot, C.; Ginsburg, L.; Harene, D., 2002:
The fossil mammals of the Middle Miocene MN 4 b of Bastide and Baradieu at Condom Gers Les mammiferes fossiles du Miocene moyen MN 4 b de la Bastide et du Baradieu a Condom Gers

Dal Sasso, Cristiano., 1994:
The fossil mammals of the Quaternary floods in Lombardy I mammiferi fossili delle alluvioni quaternarie lombarde

Sylvestre, Jean-Pierre., 2000:
The fossil marine fauna from the Upper Cretacean of Morden Manitoba, Canada La fauna marine fossile du Cretace superieur de Morden Manitoba, Canada

Burchak-Abramovich, NI.; Vekua, AK., 1990:
The fossil ostrich Struthio dmanisensis sp nov from the Lower Pleistocene of eastern Georgia

Santos, A.; Boski, T.; Cachao, M. da Silva, C.M.rques.; Moura, D. da Fonseca, L.C.ncela., 1998:
The fossil outcrop of Cacela Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, Algarve an example of palaeontological heritage which needs protecting Jazida fossilifera de Cacela Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, Algarve um exemplo de Patrimonio Paleontologico a salvaguardar

Trofimov, B.A., 1951:
The fossil pigs belonging to the genus Microstonyx

Sylvestre, Jean-Pierre., 1998:
The fossil quarry at Miguasha Quebec, Canada La carriere fossilifere de Miguasha Quebec, Canada

Pardinas, Ulyses Francisco Jose., 1996:
The fossil record of Bibimys Massoia, 1979 Rodentia in Argentina Cconsideration on the Scapteromyini Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae and their distribution during the Pliocene-Holocene in the pampean region El registro fosil de Bibimys Massoia, 1979 Rodentia en la Argentina Consideraciones sobre los Scapteromyini Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae y su distribucion durante el Plioceno-Holoceno en la region pampeana

Martinez-Delclos, Xavier., 1996:
The fossil record of insects El registro fosil de los insectos

Lacombat, Frederic., 2005:
The fossil rhinoceroses from prehistoric sites of Mediterranean Europe and of the Massif Central palaeontology and biochronological implications Les rhinoceros fossiles des sites prehistoriques de lEurope mediterraneenne et du Massif Central paleontologie et implications biochronologiques

Banes, L.; Dorigny, A., 2005:
The fossil site of Ramadils Port-la-Nouvelle, Aude, paleoenvironmental approach Le gisement des Ramadils Port-la-Nouvelle, Aude approche paleoenvironnementale

Viohl, G.; Zapp, M., 2006:
The fossil site of Schamhaupten Upper Kimmeridgian, south Franconian Alb, Bavaria Die Fossil-Lagerstaette Schamhaupten oberstes Kimmeridgium, Suedliche Frankenalb, Bayern

Martini, E.; Rothe, P., 2005:
The fossil site of Sieblos an der Wasserkuppe/Rhoen - new data on genesis, age and fossil succession Die Fossillagerstaette Sieblos an der Wasserkuppe/Rhoen - Neue Daten zur Genese, zum Alter und zur Fossilfuehrung

Seehuber, Uli., 2004:
The fossil site of St Bauzile Fossillagerstaette St Bauzile

Diaz, Daniel Andres., 2004:
The fossil sites of the Cretaceous period of the Yecla township Murcia Loss yacimientos del periodo cretacico del termino municipal de Yecla Murcia

Pillon, R.; Maille, T., 2000:
The fossil sites of the north Vexin slope Les sites fossilifieres de la cuesta nord vexinoise

Cahuzac, B.; Adnet, S.; Cappetta, H.; Vullo, R., 2007:
The fossil species and genera of selachians fishes Cretaceous, Tertiary created in the Aquitaine Basin; inventory, taxonomics Les especes et genres de poissons selaciens fossiles Cretace, Tertiaire crees dans le Bassin dAquitaine ; recensement, taxonomie

Kuznetsov, V.V.K.rabalaev, K.K.; Ibragimov, I.M., 1964:
The fossil terrestrial tortoise in Kinghizic Mater

Lopez-Jurado, L.F.; Mateo, J.A.; Garcia-Marquez, M., 1998:
The fossil tortoise from Sal island Cape Verde archipelago La tortuga fosil de la isla de Sal Archipelago de Cabo Verde

Bianucci, G.; Landini, W., 2006:
The fossil vertebrate paleosites of the Province of Pisa I paleositi a vertebrati fossili della provincia di Pisa

Lopez-Martinez, N.; Elez Vilar, J.; Hernando Hernando, J.M.guel.; Luis Cavia, A.; Mazo, A.; Minguez Gandu, D.; Morales, J.; Polonio Martin, I.; Salesa, M.J.; Sanchez, I.M., 2000:
The fossil vertebrates from Somosaguas Pozuelo, Madrid, Spain Los fosiles de vertebrados de Somosaguas Pozuelo, Madrid

Mihevc, Andrej., 2000:
The fossilized tubes from the roofless cave - probably the oldest known remains of the cave worm Marifugia Annelida Polychaeta Fosilne cevke iz brezstrope jame - verjetno najstarejsi ostanki jamskega cevkarja Marifugia Annelida Polychaeta

Frenzel, P.; Ansorge, J., 2004:
The fossils from the Pleistocene sand pit of Schwaan near Rostock, southern Baltic Sea Die pleistozaenen Fossilien der Cardiengrube von Schwaan bei Rostock suedliche Ostsee

Spasov, Kh., 1958:
The fossils of Bulgaria I Palaeozoic ed V Tsankov

Rolfe, WDI., 1990:
The fossils of Foulden, Berwickshire

Marchal, Alain., 1998:
The fossils of Millau region Their formation, evolution and protection Les fossiles de la region de Millau Leur formation, leur evolution, leur protection

Antunes, M.T.lles; Fernandes, A.C.rlos Sequeira de Sousa, Lemos, 2004:
The fossils of Portugal in the collection of the Museu Nacional - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Os fosseis de Portugal na coleccao do Museu Nacional - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Mezzalira, Sergio., 2000:
The fossils of Sao Paulo state Part 2 Period 1987 partial - 1996 Os fosseis do estado de Sao Paulo Parte 2 Periodo 1987 parcial - 1996

Frickhinger, Karl Albert., 1999:
The fossils of Solnhofen A documentation of fauna and flora of the Solnhofen Formation 2 New specimens, new details, new results with an introduction to the geology of the Solnhofen Formation Die Fossilien von Solnhofen Dokumentation der aus den Plattenkalken bekannten Tiere und Pflanzen 2 Neue Funde, neue Details, neue Erkenntnisse Mit einer Einfuehrung in die Geologie der Plattenkalke

Pozzi, Enrico., 1993:
The fossils of the Dolomites I fossili delle Dolomiti

Nestler, Helmut., 2002:
The fossils of the Ruegen chalk Die Fossilien der Ruegener Schreibkreide

Odin, GS., 2001:
The fossils of the geological site of Tercis les Bains Landes, France Les fossiles du site geologique de Tercis les Bains Landes, France

Odin, G.S.rge; Zubillaga, I., 2005:
The fossils of the private geological curios collection of Jacques-Francois Borda dOro, collector from Landes Country, SW France 1718-1804 Les fossiles du cabinet de curiosities geologiques de Jacques-Francois Borda dOro, collectionneur landais 1718-1804

Relini, G.; Merello, SE., 1999:
The fouling of the Port of Loano after twentytwo years Il fouling del Porto di Loano dopo ventidue anni

Klemun, Marianne., 2001:
The foundation of the Zoological-Botanical Society in 1851 a cathedral of natural science and biology in the scientific landscape of the Habsburg Monarchy Die Gruendung des Zoologisch-botanische Vereins 1851 - eine Kathedrale der Naturgeschichte und Biologie in der wissenschaftsorganisatorischen Landschaft der Habsburgermonarchie

Hernandez Castilla, Jose Melchor., 1999:
The foundation of the first Centre for Primate Study in the world La fundacion del primer centro de investigaciones primatologicas del mundo

Rieke-Mueller, Annelore., 2001:
The foundation of zoos in the middle of the 19th century in the German speaking area Die Gruendung Zoologischer Gaerten um die Mitte des 19 Jahrhunderts im deutschsprachigen Raum

Shikhobalova, N.P., 1957:
The founder of Soviet helminthology

Volfkovich, S.I., 1957:
The founder of the Soviet Biochemists Centenary of A N Bakh

Bruneau de Mire, Philippe., 1999:
The founding of a biodiversity evaluation project for the arthropods of the Fontainebleau nature reserve Mise en place dun programme devaluation de la biodiversite des arthropodes en reserve de biosphere du pays de Fontainebleau

Raffel, M.; Petzold, D., 2001:
The founding of the Species Conservation Foundation Stiftung Artenschutz ist gegruendet

Dost, K.; Dost, U., 2000:
The four horned chamaeleon Offspring of Chamaeleo quadricornis Das Vierhorn-Chamaeleon Nachwuchs bei Chamaeleo quadricornis

Gentzsch, Dieter., 1996:
The four striped carp Der Vierstreifenkarpfling

Vlcek, Petr., 1999:
The four-lined rat snake Elaphe quatuorlineata quatuorlineata in nature and in the terrarium Uzovka Elaphe quatuorlineata quatuorlineata v prirode a terariu 2

Vlcek, Petr., 1999 :
The four-lined rat snake Elaphe quatuorlineata quatuorlineata in the wild and in the terrarium 3 Uzovka Elaphe quatuorlineata quatuorlineata v prirode a terariu 3

Courtois, Jean-Marie., 1999:
The fourth contribution to the study of the scythridids of France The Scythrididae Lepidoptera from the H de Peyerimhoff collection Paris Natural History Museum Lepidoptera Scythrididae Quatrieme contribution a la connaissance des scythridides de France Les lepidopteres Scythrididae de la collection H de Peyerimhoff Museum National dHistoire Naturelle de Paris Lepidoptera Scythrididae

Pederzani, F.; Fabbri, R., 2006:
The fourth part of the Apocalypse Procambarus clarkii Girard, 1852 Il quarto cavaliere dellApocalisse Procambarus clarkii Girard, 1852

Rose, Louis., 1999:
The fourth series of observations on butterflies in France, by the group of Marcel Houyez spring 1998 Quatrieme serie dobservations sur les papillons, en France, par lequipe Marcel Houyez printemps 1998

Nicolaev, B.P., 1951:
The fourth species of malaria parasite Plasmodium ovale discovered in the Soviet Union

Wetael, R., 1930:
The fourth stage larvae of Oxyuris equi Schrank attached to the mucosa of the ventral colon

Jukema, J.; Hulscher, J.B., 1998:
The fowler as measurer of population changes of the golden plover Pluvialis apricaria De wilsterflapper als meter van populatieschommelingen bij de goudplevier Pluvialis apricaria

Jolicoeur, Helene., 1999:
The fox of Lake Jacques-Cartier massif Le loup du massif du lac Jacques-Cartier

Hansen, F.; Jeltsch, F.; Tackmann, K.; Staubach, C.; Loschner, U.; Thulke, H.-Hermann., 1999:
The fox tapeworm modeling a parasite-host system, an ecological approach Der Fuchsbandwurm Modellierung eines Parasiten-Wirt-Systems, ein okologischer Ansatz

de Bruijn, G-J., 1990:
The foxs breakfast show

Gazda, Anna., 1996:
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