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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38768

Chapter 38768 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Okui, K., 1966:
The function of the thoracic legs on the behaviour of the silkworm, Bombyx mori Linne

Herrel, Anthony., 2000:
The function of tongue colour of bluetongues Tiliqua spp Die Funktion der Zungenfarbung bei Blauzungenskinken Tiliqua spp

Voogt, P.A. van Rheenen, J.W.A.; Capel, F.; Joling, P., 1976:
The function ofasterosaponins in reproduction

Palladin, A.V., 1956:
The functional biochemistry of cephalic brain

Abstracts., 2001:
The functional importance of biodiversity Abstracts of papers of the 31st annual meeting of Basel Ecological Society from 27-3182001 Funktionelle Bedeutung von Biodiversitaet Kurzfassungen der Beitraege zur 31 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft fuer Oekologie in Basel vom 27-3182001

Dillinger, S.C.; Kesel, A.B.; Nachtigall, W., 2001:
The functional morphology of cuticular microstructures in the exoskeleton of arthropods Funktionsmorphologie kutikulaerer Mikrostrukturen beim Exoskelett von Gliedertieren

Salas-Casanova, C.; Hergueta, E., 1990:
The functional morphology of the alimentary canal of Donax venustus Poli and D semistriatus Poli

Krayushkina, L.S., 1967:
The functional morphology of the chloridesecreting cell in fish in connection with its ecologo-physiological importance

Wrobel, K.H. ., 1967:
The functional significance of the Mm contrahentes in the mechanism of the lorisid foot

Rainite-Audinene, A.B.; Ozeretskovskaya, N.N.M.rtynova, A.M.B.ranova, L.G., 1969:
The functional state of the liver in cholecystopathies in children with lamblial invasion

Katinas, GS.; Bodrova, NA.; Skvortsovai, TA.; Yakovleva, ES., 1971:
The functional-morphological features of the musculature of the pectoral girdle in some species of squirrel

Stempniewicz, L., 1990:
The functioning of southern Spitsbergen coastal ecosystem

Meyer, W.; Kranzle, S., 1999:
The functions of colouration and markings of head and anal region in mammals Zur Bedeutung von Farbung und Zeichnung der Korperpole Kopf und Analregion bei Saugetieren

Rehfeld, Ursula., 1996:
The fundamental chemistry of fossil peloidal and aphanitic automicrites - a geochemical analysis of Jurassic and Cretaceous carbonate cements Der Ausgangschemismus fossiler peloidaler und aphanitischer Mikritzemente - eine geochemische Analyse an jurassischen und kretazischen Karbonatgesteinen

Nikolsky, G.V., 1944:
The fundamental laws of the formation and development of the ichthyofaunas of rivers Advances mod

Palemichko, Z.G., 1957:
The fundamental principles for development of the White Sea fish fauna

Chodukin, M.I., 1929:
The fundamental problems of the epidemiology of Kala-Azar in relation to the epidemiology of Canine Leishmaniasis in Middle Asia

Tamarina, NA., 1990:
The fundamentals of technical entomology

Watanabe, MA.; Fuini, LC., 1997:
The fungus Aspergillus sp as a probable biological control agent of Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith, 1797 O fungo Aspergillus sp como provavel agente de controle biologico de Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith, 1797

Riesenberg, Arno., 2000:
The fungus Aureobasidium pullulans in a scale insect species 1 Discovery and identification Der Pilz Aureobasidium pullulans in einer Schildlausart 1 Entdeckung und Identifikation

Menzel, Frank., 2000:
The fungus gnats of Germany Diptera Sciaridae Die Trauermucken-Fauna der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Diptera Sciaridae

Sen, H., 2006:
The funnel tube development of Loligo vulgaris Lamarck, 1798 in its embryogenesis Embriyogenesis Surecinde Loligo vulgaris Lamarck, 1798in Huni Sifon Organi Gelisimi

Pospischil, Reiner., 1997:
The fur beetle Der Gefleckte Pelzkafer

Pospischil, Reiner., 2001:
The furniture carpet beetle Anthrenus fasciatus Teppichkaefer Anthrenus fasciatus

Kubantzev, B.S., 1955:
The furrows and their importance as suslik dwelling places

Sanger, K.; Helfert, B., 1996:
The further development of breeding colonies of spot-billed pelicans Pelecanus philippensis Gmelin, 1789 and painted storks Mycteria leucocephala Pennant, 1769 in the area of the Khao Khieo Open Zoo Thailand Die weitere Entwicklung der Brutkolonien von Graupelikan Pelecanus philippensis Gmelin, 1789 und Asiatischem Nimmersatt Mycteria leucocephala Pennant, 1769 im Gebiet des Khao Khieo Open Zoos Thailand

Castilla, Juan Carlos., 1996:
The future of Chilean Marine Park and Preserves Network and the concept of conservation, preservation and management according to the national legislation La futura Red Chilena de Parques y Reservas Marinas y los conceptos de conservacion, preservacion y manejo en la legislacion nacional

Diaz, M.; Asensio, B.; Llorente, GA.; Moreno, E.; Montori, A.; Palomares, F.; Palomo, J.; Pulido, F.; Senar, JC.; Telleria, JL., 2000:
The future of Spanish scientific journals a scientific, social and institutional challenge El futuro de las revistas cientificas espanolas un esfuerzo cientifico, social e institucional

Clubb, SL.; Thomsen, JB., 1990:
The future of avian imports in the United States

Ruiz Olmo, Jordi., 1994:
The future of mammals before population isolation El futuro de los mamiferos ante el aislamiento de sus poblaciones

Pagel, T.; Krebs, E., 2006:
The future of the Bali starling Leucopsar rothschildi - new perspectives for in situ and ex situ conservation Die Zukunft des Balistars Leucopsar rothschildi - Neue Perspektiven fuer dem in situ und ex situ Naturschutz

Diaz, M.; Asensio, B.; Llorente, G.A.; Moreno, E.; Montori, A.; Palomares, F.; Palomo, J.; Pulido, F.; Senar, J.C.rlos; Telleria,, 2000:
The future of the Spanish scientific journals a need for a scientific, social and institutional effort El futuro de las revistas cientificas espanolas un esfuerzo cientifico social e institucional

Doyen, Andre., 2001:
The future of the black grouse in the moors and fens of Europe What is the future of the black grouse on the Hautes-Fagnes plateau? Lavenir di tetras lyre dans les landes et tourbieres dEurope Quel est lavenir du coq de bruyere sur le haut plateau fagnard?

Suchant, Rudi., 1995:
The future of the capercaillie in a Central European cultivated landscape Die Zukunft des Auerhuhns in einer mitteleuropaischen Kulturlandschaft

Pfeffer, Pierre., 2002:
The future of the elephants is totally in our hands Lavenir des elephants est totalement entre nos mains

Anonymous., 1999:
The future of the oceans Die Zukunft des Weltmeeres

Engleder, T.; Zimmerhackl, K.; Zauner, E., 2005:
The future of the stork 10 years of the white stork in Haslach Zukunft Storch 10 Jahre Weissstorch in Haslach

Lumeij, JT.; Hoogeveen, YR., 1990:
The future of wild Galliformes in the Netherlands De toekomst van de wilde hoenderachtigen in Nederland

Hallfarth, Thomas., 1996:
The gadwell, Anas strepera, a breeding bird and migrant in the Saxon Vogtland Die Schnatterente Anas strepera als Brutvogel und Durchzugler im sachsischen Vogtland

Pfeffer, Franz., 2001:
The galah Der Rosakakadu

Lovrich, G.A.; Casalinuovo, M.A.; Molina, S.I.; Carcamo, C.; Pierotti, R., 1998:
The galatheid crabs Munida subrugosa and M gregaria Decapoda, Anomura as patagonian potential economic resource Las langostillas Munida subrugosa y M gregaria Decapoda, Anomura como potencial recurso economico patagonico

Kaskavalci, Galip., 1999:
The gall formation mechanisms of Meloidogyne Goeldi Tylenchida Meloidogynidae species Meloidogyne Goeldi Tylenchida Meloidogynidae turlerinin ur olusturma mekanizmalari

Munoz Viveros, A.L.lia.; Remaudiere, G., 1999:
The gall making species of Geopemphigus on Pistacia mexicana Hemiptera, Aphididae, Eriosomatinae Les especes de Geopemphigus gallicoles sur Pistacia mexicana Hemiptera, Aphididae, Eriosomatinae

Fernandes, G.; Wilson; Negreiros, D., 2006:
The galling insect community in the RPPN Fazenda Bulcao, Aimores, Minas Gerais, Brazil A comunidade de insetos galhadores da RPPN Fazenda Bulcao, Aimores, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Anonymous., 1996:
The gallinule has flown from the Ebro Delta El calamon ha vuelto al Delta del Ebro

Dickmann, Philipp., 1997:
The galloping fish of Sabah behaviour of Borneo hill stream fishes Die galoppierenden Fische Sabahs Verhaltensweisen von Borneo-Flossensaugern

Dauphin, Patrick., 1996:
The galls of Dasineura Diptera Cecidomyiidae parasitic on nettles Urtica sp Sur les galles des Dasineura Diptera Cecidomyiidae parasites des orties Urtica sp

Dauphin, P.; Aniotsbehere, J.-Claude., 1994:
The galls of France Addenda et corrigenda Les galles de France Addenda et corrigenda

Stanjukovich, MK., 1990:
The gamasid mites and argasid ticks of bats from Pribaltica and Leningrad district

Vinuesa, J.H.; Labal de Vinuesa, M.L., 1998:
The gametogenesis in the southern king crab Lithodes santolla Molina, 1782 La gametogenesis de la centolla, Lithodes santolla Molina, 1782 Crustacea, Decapoda, Lithodidae

Shishlaeva-Matova, L.S., 1943:
The gamostatic efficiency of Quinoline No 31 in benign and malignant tertian malaria

Lasso-Alcala, O.M.; Klein S., E., 2004:
The garden Heteroconger longissimus Gunther Pisces Anguilliformes, Congridae in the Venezuela coasts La anguila de jardin Heteroconger longissimus Gunther Pisces Anguilliformes, Congridae en las costas de Venezuela

Krehan, Hannes., 2003:
The garden chafer Phylloperta horticola - an underestimated pest of our landscape Der Gartenlaubkaefer Phylloperta horticola - ein vielfach unterschaetzter Schaedling

Moreno, S., 2002:
The garden dormouse Eliomys quercinus Linnaeus, 1766 Liron careto Eliomys quercinus Linnaeus, 1766

Mendez Almaguer, Efren., 2003:
The garden snail Helix aspersa and gastronomy El caracol de jardin Helix aspersa y la Gastronomia

Matheeuwsen, Jan., 2002:
The garden tiger Grote beer Arctia caja

Weyrauther, Helmut., 1995:
The gardener is always the murderer - or the maybug that never was Der Gartner ist immer der Morder - oder vom Maikafer, der keiner war

Elias, Jaroslav., 2002:
The garnet tetra Hemigrammus pulcher Tetra skveka Hemigrammus pulcher

Hoffmann, P.; Hoffmann, M., 2000:
The garnet tetra Der Karfunkelsalmler

Mutschmann, Frank., 1995:
The garter snakes; biology, distribution and rearing Die Strumpfbandnattern Biologie, Verbreitung, Haltung

Karl, H.-Volker.; Karl, A., 1997:
The gastropod fauna of Muhlberg peat area Mollusca Gastropoda Zur Gastropodenfauna des Muhlberger Torfes Mollusca Gastropoda

Seidl, F., 2000:
The gastropod fauna of Staninger Leiten in Steyr Die Gastropodenfauna der Staninger Leiten in Steyr

Karoly, Baba., 2003:
The gastropod fauna of the Gyalai Hattyasi part of the River Tisza A Gyalai hattyasi holt-Tisza egy reszenek vizicsiga faunaja

Haegele, Gerhard., 2004:
The gastropod genus Ataphrus in the Bajocian Middle Jurassic of Normandy France Die Gastropoden-Gattung Ataphrus im Bajocium Mittel-Jura der Normandie Frankreich

Anonymous., 2006:
The gastropod mollusc Ferrissia wautieri in the Hulk Recreation area De Smurfslak in recreatieterrein De Hulk

Bouchet, Philippe., 1987:
The gastropod protoconch biological, taxonomic and evolutionary aspects La protoconque des gasteropodes aspects biologiques, taxonomiques et evolutifs

Koernig, Gerhard., 2000:
The gastropodfauna of the floodplain forests in Middle Europe Die Gastropodenfauna mitteleuropaeischer Auenwaelder

Elicki, Olaf., 1996:
The gastropods and monoplacophorans of the Lower Cambrian Gorlitz fauna Die Gastropoden und Monoplacophoren der unterkambrischen Gorlitz-Fauna

Grundel, Joachim., 1997:
The gastropods from the Rupelian of Amsdorf Near Halle Die Gastropodenfauna des Rupels von Amsdorf Westlich Halle

Flasar, Ivo., 1998:
The gastropods of northwest Bohemia and their distribution Die Gastropoden Nordwestbohmens und ihre Verbreitung

Gruendel, J., 2003:
The gastropods of the Dogger geschiebes of Germany and north west Poland Die Gastropoden der Dogger-Geschiebe Deutschlands und des nordwestlichen Polens

Riedel, Gerd-Rainer., 2005:
The gastropods of the Muschelkalk of Thueringia in collections of Erfurt natural history museum Die Gastropoden aus dem Muschelkalk Thueringens in den Sammlungen des Naturkundemuseums Erfurt

Tchuenguem Fohouo, F.-Nestor.; Messi, J.; Pauly, A., 2002:
The gathering activity of wild bees on flowers of maize at Yaounde Cameroon and further considerations on pollination of the tropical Gramineae Lactivite de butinage des apoides sauvages Hymenoptera Apoidea sur les fleurs de mais a Yaounde Cameroun et reflexions sur la pollinisation des graminees tropicales

Bouvrain, Genevieve., 1996:
The gazelles from the Late Miocene of Macedonia, Greece Les gazelles du Miocene superieur de Macedoine, Grece

Kober, Ingo., 2004:
The gecko Cosymbotus platyurus care and breeding in the terrarium and with free roaming conditions Der Saumschwanz-Hausgecko Cosymbotus platyurus Haltung und Nachzucht im Terrarium und im Freilauf

Gvozdik, Lumir., 1995:
The gecko Tropiocolotes tripolitanus Poustni skritek gekon Tropiocolotes tripolitanus

Klatil, Lubomir., 1995:
The gecko Uroplatus henkeli Gekon Uroplatus henkeli

Roesler, H.; Wranik, W., 2000:
The gecko fauna of the Socotra archipelago Sauria Gekkonidae Die Geckofauna des Sokotra-Archipels Sauria Gekkonidae

Schoenecker, P.; Boehle, A., 2004:
The gecko genera of Madagascar Die Geckogattungen Madagaskars

Jorgensen, Aslak., 1998:
The gecko genus Hoplodactylus Fitzinger 1843 a report on endemism and gigantism from New Zealand Gekkoslaegten Hoplodactylus Fitzinger 1843 en beretning om endemisme og gigantisme fra New Zealand

Klatil, Lubomir., 2002 :
The gecko species Geckonia chazaliae in the wild and in the terrarium Geckon Geckonia chazaliae v prirode a v terariu

Szymonik, Petr., 2002:
The gecko species Gekko ulikovski Gekko ulikovski gekon Ulikovskeho

Poulicek, Miloslav., 2002:
The gecko species Teratolepis fasciata Gekon Teratolepis fasciata

Elsner, G.; Huemer, P.; Tokar, Z., 1999:
The gelechiid moths Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae of Central Europe Identification - distribution - flight Larval life habits Die Palpenmotten Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae Mitteleuropas Bestimmung - Verbreitung - Flugstandort Lebensweise der Raupen

Portuondo F., E., 2005:
The gender Brachymeria Westwood Hymenoptera, Chalcididae in Cuba El genero Brachymeria Westwood Hymenoptera, Chalcididae en Cuba

Bernardi, Georges., 2000:
The gene honnorati of Zerynthia rumina L is it disappeared ? Lepidoptera, Papilionidae Le gene honnorati de Zerynthia rumina L a-t-il disparu? Lepidoptera, Papilionidae

Bosmans, Robert., 2002:
The genera Acartauchenius Simon and Thaumatoncus Simon in Northern Africa Studies of the African Linyphiidae, no IX Araneae, Linyphiidae, Erigoninae Les genres Acartauchenius Simon et Thaumatoncus Simon en Afrique du Nord Etudes sur les Linyphiidae africaines, n Les genres Acartauchenius Simon et Thaumatoncus Simon en Afrique du Nord Etudes sur les Linyphiidae africaines, n Les genres Acartauchenius Simon et Thaumatoncus Simon en Afrique du Nord Etudes sur les Linyphiidae africaines, n

Bruhl, Dieter., 1996:
The genera Alveolites Lamarck 1801 and Squameoalveolites Mironova 1969 Anthozoa, Tabulata in the lower Middle Devonian Eifelian of the Dollendorf Syncline Eifel/Rheinisches Schiefergebirge Die Gattungen Alveolites Lamarck 1801 und Squameoalveolites Mironova 1969 Anthozoa, Tabulata im unteren Mittel-Devon Eifelium der Dollendorfer Mulde/Eifel Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Monniot, Claude., 1997:
The genera Archidistoma and Clavelina Ascidiacea, Clavelinidae in the Mozambique Channel Les genres Archidistoma et Clavelina Ascidiacea, Clavelinidae dans le canal du Mozambique

Leclerq, Jean., 2000:
The genera Arnoldita Pate, 1948, and Pericrabro Leclerq, 1954, from Africa Hymenoptera Sphecidae Crabroninae Les genres Arnoldita Pate, 1948, et Pericrabro Leclerq, 1954, en Afrique Hymenoptera Sphecidae Crabroninae

Del Monaco, C.; Capelo, J., 2002:
The genera Balanus, Chthamalus and Tetraclita Crustacea Cirripedia on the coasts of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela Los generos Balanus, Chthamalus y Tetraclita Crustacea Cirripedia en las costas de Nueva Esparta, Venezuela

Sadki, Driss., 1988:
The genera Bradfordia and Praeoppelia Ammonitina, Haplocerataceae in the Upper Aalenian and Lower Bajocian of the Moroccan High Atlas and Portugal Les genres Bradfordia et Praeoppelia Ammonitina, Haplocerataceae dans lAalenien superieur et le Bajocien inferieur du Haut-Atlas marocain et du Portugal

Billi, Frederic., 1995:
The genera Cucullia Schrank and Shargacucullia Ronkay in Alpes-Maritimes Lepidoptera Noctuidae Les genres Cucullia Schrank et Shargacucullia Ronkay dans les Alpes-Maritimes Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Ounap, E., 2003:
The genera Cucullia and Shargacucullia in Estonia Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Oolaste perekonnad Cucullia ja Shargacucullia Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Eestis

Sterrenburg, FCF.; Brugge, BJH., 1999:
The genera Curimopsis and Syncalypta in the Netherlands Coleoptera Byrrhidae De genera Curimopsis en Syncalypta in Nederland Coleoptera Byrrhidae

Ameziane, N.; Bourseau, JP.; Heinzeller, T.; Roux, M., 1999:
The genera Cyathidium and Holopus within the Cyrtocrinida Crinoidea; Echinodermata Les genres Cyathidium et Holopus au sein des Cyrtocrinida Crinoidea; Echinodermata

Battail, Bernard., 1997:
The genera Dicynodon and Lystrosaurus Therapsida, Dicynodontia in Eurasia a review Les genres Dicynodon et Lystrosaurus Therapsida, Dicynodontia en Eurasie une mise au point

Rheinheimer, J., 2002:
The genera Exonotus and Gloeodema from south east Asia Coleoptera Curculionidae Cossoninae Die Gattungen Exonotus und Gloeodema aus Suedostasien Coleoptera Curculionidae Cossoninae

Puente, A.I.; Altonaga, K.; Prieto, C.E.; Ruiz, J.C.rlos., 1998:
The genera Gasulliella Gittenberger 1980, Mastigophallus Hesse 1918, Oestophorella Pfeffer 1929 and Trissexodon Pilsbry 1894 in the Iberian Peninsula Gastropoda Pulmonata Helicoidea Hygromiidae Trissexodontinae Los generos Gasulliella Gittenberger 1980, Mastigophallus Hesse 1918, Oestophorella Pfeffer 1929 y Trissexodon Pilsbry 1894 en la Peninsula Iberica Gastropoda Pulmonata Helicoidea Hygromiidae Trissexodontinae

Koch, L.; Lemke, U., 1998:
The genera Girvanopyge Kobayashi 1960 and Waldminia Koch Lemke 1994 Remopleurididae, Trilobita from the Lower Llanvirnian Ordovician of the Ebbe and Remscheid Anticline Rhenish Massif, Germany Die Gattungen Girvanopyge Kobayashi 1960 und Waldminia Koch Lemke 1994 Remopleurididae, Trilobita im Unteren Llanvirn Ordovizium des Ebbe-Sattels und des Remscheider Sattels Rheinisches Schiefergebirge, Deutschland

Boyer, F., 2003:
The genera Granulina and Dentimargo Gastropoda Marginellidae in the coastal area of New Caledonia Les genres Granulina et Dentimargo Gastropoda Marginellidae dans le domaine cotier de la Nouvelle-Caledonia

Salvo, A.; Valladares, G., 2000:
The genera Herbertia, Mauleus and Thinodytes Hymenoptera Pteromalidae in Argentina Los generos Herbertia, Mauleus y Thinodytes Hymenoptera Pteromalidae en la Argentina

Malecki, Jerzi., 1996:
The genera Hyalotragos, Aretotragos, Pyrgochonia and Leiocarenus Demospongia, Rhizomorina from the material from the White Jura at Zalas Die Gattungen Hyalotragos, Aretotragos, Pyrgochonia und Leiocarenus Demospongia, Rhizomorina nach dem Material aus dem Weissen Jura von Zalas

Medina, F.A.; Martinioni, D., 1999:
The genera Hysteroceras Hyatt and Dipoloceras Hyatt Ammonoidea in the Upper Albian of Patagonia, Argentina Los generos Hysteroceras Hyatt y Dipoloceras Hyatt Ammonoidea en el Albiano Superior de Patagonia, Argentina

Sluisareva, A.D., 1958:
The genera Licharewia Einor and Permospirifer Kulikov

Millidge, AF., 1978:
The genera Mecopisthes Simon and Hypsocephalus n gen and their phylogenetic relationships Araneae Linyphiidae

Leclercq, Jean., 2002:
The genera Minicrabro gen n and Moniaecera Ashmead in America Hymenoptera Crabronidae, Craboninae Les genres Minicrabro gen n et Moniaecera Ashmead en Amerique Hymenoptera Crabronidae, Craboninae

Spasskii, AA.; Spasskaya, LP., 1973:
The genera Monorcholepis Oschmarin, 1961, Chimaerolepis gen n, and the subfamily Aploparaksinae Cestoda Hymenolepidi dae

Mazzucconi, S.A.; Bachmann, A.O., 1997:
The genera Oiovelia and Stidulivelia of Argentina Heteroptera Veliidae Los generos Oiovelia y Stridulivelia de la Argentina Heteroptera Veliidae

Tolmacev, I.P., 1915:
The genera Orthotetes Fischer, Streptorhynchus King and related forms of the subfamily Orthotetinae Waagen

Haxaire, Jean., 1996:
The genera Pachygonidia Fletcher, Nyceryx Boisduval and Perigonia Herrich-Schaffer in French Guiana Lepidoptera Sphingidae Les genres Pachygonidia Fletcher, Nyceryx Boisduval et Perigonia Herrich-Schaffer en Guyane Francaise Lepidoptera Sphingidae

Gardini, Giulio., 1994:
The genera Paraliochthonius Beier, 1956 and Spelyngochthonius Beier, 1955 in Italy Pseudoscorpionida, Chthoniidae I generi Paraliochthonius Beier, 1956 e Spelyngochthonius Beier, 1955 in Italia Pseudoscorpionida, Chthoniidae

Guerr Kommritz, J.; Hillmer, G., 2004:
The genera Parasmilia and Trochosmilia Scleractinia from the White Chalk of North Germany Die Gattungen Parasmilia und Trochosmilia Scleractinia aus der Schreibkreide Norddeutschlands

Millidge, AF., 1978:
The genera Saaristoa n gen and Metapanamomops Millidge Araneae Linyphiidae

Gusenleitner, J., 1997:
The genera Syneuodynerus Bluthgen 1951 and Intereuodynerus gen nov in the Middle East Hymenoptera, Eumenidae Die Gattungen Syneuodynerus Bluthgen 1951 und Intereuodynerus gen nov im Nahen Osten Hymenoptera, Eumenidae

Racheli, Luigi., 1996:
The genera Unzela Walker, 1856 and Enyo Hubner, 1819 in Ecuador Lepidoptera, Sphingidae I generi Unzela Walker, 1856 e Enyo Hubner, 1819 in Ecuador Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Cook, O.F., 1895:
The genera of Lysiopetalidae

Pimentel, T.; Pujol-Luz, J.R.berto., 2000:
The genera of Raphiocerinae Diptera, Stratiomyidae of Brazil and some species from South America Part 1 - the tribe Analcocerini sensu Enderlein, 1914 Os generos de Raphiocerinae Diptera, Stratiomyidae do Brasil e algumas especies da America do Sul Parte 1 - a tribo Analcocerini sensu Enderlein, 1914

Pimentel, T.; Pujol-Luz, J.R.berto., 2001:
The genera of Raphiocerinae Diptera, Stratiomyidae of Brazil and some species of South America Part 2 - the tribe Raphiocerini sensu Schiner Os generos de Raphiocerinae Diptera, Stratiomyidae do Brasil e algumas especies da America do Sul Parte 2 - a tribo Raphiocerini sensu Schiner

Cope., 1895:
The genera of Xantusiidae

Ramirez Alarcon, S.; Anaya Rosales, S.; Campos Bolanos, R., 1992:
The genera of the family Diprionidae Hymenoptera Symphyta in Mexico Generos de la familia Diprionidae Hymenoptera Symphyta en Mexico

Paumkirchner, P.; Loedl, M., 2002:
The general and special morphology of the hind wing base of selected genera of the family Noctuidae Lepidoptera Zur allgemeinen und speziellen Morphologie der Hinterfluegelbasis bei ausgewaehlten Gattungen der Familie Noctuidae Lepidoptera

Aliev, VA., 1974:
The general characteristics of the genus Clupeonella in the Caspian Sea

Justine, Jean-Lou., 1997:
The general classification of parasitic Platyhelminthes recent changes, and the use of ultrastructural characters, particularly those of spermatozoa La classification generale des plathelminthes parasites changements recents et utilisation des caracteres ultrastructuraux, en particulier des spermatozoides

Ionas, V.A.; Blinov, V.V., 1977:
The general dependence of absolute fertility of commercial fish upon their age

Muinov, P., 1974:
The general respiratory gas exchange and speed of oxygen utilisation in the skeletal muscles in Microtus carruthersi and Microtus afghanus

Aydin, H.; Yandi, I., 2002:
The general status of spawning areas of Black Sea trout in the east Black Sea regions Salmo trutta labrax Pallas, 1811 Karadeniz Alasi Salmo trutta labrax Pallas, 1811nin Dogu Karadeniz Bolgesinde yumurtlama alanlarinin durumu

Minelli, Alessandro., 2002:
The generation of insects from Alberto Magno to Francesco Redi La generazione gegli insetti da Alberto Magno a Francesco Redi

Belousov, Igor A., 1998:
The generic complex Nannotrechus Winkler of the Caucasus and the Crimea Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechini Le complexe generique de Nannotrechus Winkler du Caucase et de la Crimee Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechini

Read, HJ., 1990:
The generic composition of the Cylindroiulini with reference to British species

Stiles, C.W.; Orleman, M., 1925:
The generic name Loxotrema Kobay-ashi1908preoccupied

Ohira, H., 1990:
The generic name for the Japanese elaterid beetles of the so-called Gambrinus

Thomas, O., 1920:
The generic positions of Mus nigricauda, Thos, and woosnami, Schwann

Monaldi, Cesar Ruben., 1982:
The generic reassignation of Calymenella? zaplensis Harrington Leanza, 1957 Trilobita Reasignacion generica de Calymenella? zaplensis Harrington y Leanza, 1957 Trilobita

Yuki, Vanda Lucia Ferreira., 1993:
The generic relocation of Xenodon werneri Eiselt, 1963 Serpentes Colubridae Realocacao generica de Xenodon werneri Eiselt, 1963 Serpentes Colubridae

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The genes encoding bombyxin, a brain secretory peptide of Bombyx mori structure and expression

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The genesis of biological complexity La genesis de la complejidad biologica

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The genesis of the Loch Ness Monsters Die genesis des Loch Ness - Monsters

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The genesis of the Munsterland Kiessandzug indicated by the boulders and fossil content of the Upper Cretaceous limestone Die Genese des Munsterlander Kiessandzuges unter Berucksichtigung des Gerollbestandes und der Fossilinhalt der Oberkreidekalke

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The genet Genetta genetta Linne, 1758 in Haute and Basse-Normandie La genette Genetta genetta Linne, 1758 en Haute et Basse-Normandie

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The genet in Collserola park La gineta en el parque de Collserola

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The genetic polymorphism of GPI glucose phosphate isomerase in some phytoseiid mites Indagini sul polimorfismo della glucosiofosfato isomerasi GPI negli acari fitoseidi

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