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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38773

Chapter 38773 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zdun, VI.; Yavorskii, LP., 1972:
The histopathological and histochemical changes in the liver of the mollusc Galba truncatula, infested with trematode larvae

Litvina, L.A., 1974:
The histopathology of nuclear polyhedrosis of Manestra brassicae larvae

Dathe, H H., 2006:
The historic Hymenoptera fauna of the Plauenscher Grund in Dresden by Ludwig Heinrich Freiherr von Block 1799 Hym Die historische Hymenopteren-Fauna des Plauenschen Grundes in Dresden nach Ludwig Heinrich Freiherrn von Block 1799 Hym

Trost, M., 2006:
The historic and recent status of the halophilic and halobiontic ground beetle fauna Coleoptera, Carabidae in the Mansfield lake area in the west of Halle/Saale Saxony-Anhalt Die historiche und aktuelle Bestandssituation der halobionten und halophilen Laufkaeferfauna Coleoptera, Carabidae im Gebiet der Mansfelder Seen westlich on Halle/Saale Sachsen-Anhalt

Huebner, Gerd., 2002:
The historic fish fauna at the lower Werra river Die historische Fischfauna der unteren Werra

Pinillos, Marcela., 2005:
The historic nature of biodiversity Conceptual elements of a crisis La naturaleza historica de la biodiversidad elementos conceptuales de una crisis

Neumann, M.; Odin, GS., 2001:
The historic stratotype of the Campanian, definition correlative elements Le stratotype historique du Campanien, definition, elements de correlation

May, Thomas., 1999:
The historical Humboldt society in Ebersbach/Sa Der historische Humboldtverein in Ebersbach/Sa Entwicklung der Sammlungen und des Museums von 1861-1981

Wilhelm, Pia., 1994:
The historical and current distribution of the black rat Rattus rattus L in Baden-Wurttemberg Zur historischen und aktuellen Verbreitung der Hausratte Rattus rattus L in Baden-Wurttemberg

Zavadil, Vit., 1994:
The historical and current distribution of the natterjack toad in the Czech Republic with observations on its biology Die historische und aktuelle Verbreitung der Kreuzkrote in der Tschechischen Republik mit Bemerkungen uber ihre Biologie

Plass, J., 2003:
The historical and current status of the beaver Castor fiber Linnaeus 1758 in Upper Austria Der Biber Castor fiber Linnaeus 1758 in Oberoesterreich - historisch und aktuell

Andreev, Alexander V., 2001:
The historical and recent role of Beringia for Holarctic avian faunas Die historische und aktuelle Bedeutung Beringias fuer die holarktische Avifauna

Orlando, Vittorio Emanuele., 1995:
The historical bird collection of the Museo Regionale di Storia Naturale Terrasini, Palermo Le collezioni ornitologiche del Museo Regionale di Storia Naturale di Terrasini, Palermo

Ziegler, J. .; Menzel, F. ., 2000:
The historical collection of Diptera by Carl Friedrich Ketel Revision of the collection of Diptera dated between 1884 and 1903 from Mecklenburg-Pomerania Die historische Dipteren-Sammlung Carl Friedrich Ketel Revision einer zwischen 1884 und 1903 angelegten Sammlung von Zweiflueglern Diptera aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Betto, C.; Nicolosi, P.; Casellato, S., 2006:
The historical collection of marine invertebrates of the Zoological Museum of Padova University La collezione storica di invertebrati marini del Museo di Zoologia dellUniversita di Padova

Grazia Iannelli, M.; Capanna, E., 1997:
The historical collection of microscope slides of the Comparative Anatomy Museum of Rome University La collezione storica di preparati microscopici del Museo di Anatomia Comparata dellUniversita di Roma

Rohdendorf, BB., 1964:
The historical development of Diptera

Bohme, Gottfried., 1996:
The historical development of the herpetofauna of Central Europe in the Ice Age Quaternary Zur historischen Entwicklung der Herpetofaunen Mitteleuropas im Eiszeitalter Quartar

Gragera, Francisco., 2000:
The historical distribution of the Iberian lynx in Extremadura Distribucion historica del lince iberico en Extremadura

Grimm, Herbert., 2001:
The historical distribution of the stonechat Saxicola torquata Linnaeus, 1766 in Thuringia and its current expansion, particular in the Kyffhaeuser-Unstrut-region Die historische Verbreitung des Schwarzkehlchens Saxicola torquata Linnaeus, 1766 in Thueringen und dessen aktuelle Ausbreitung, insbesondere im Kyffhaeuser-Unstrut-Gebiet

Kunz, Antonius., 2004:
The historical distribution, stock size and dying out of the Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus in the Westerwald Rhineland-Palatinate in the 19th century Historische Verbreitung, Bestand und Aussterben des Auerhuhns Tetrao urogallus im Westerwald im 19 Jahrhundert

Pfeifer, Matthias., 2002:
The historical ichthyofauna in the river basin of the Upper Neisse in the Oberlausitz and its changes since the 18th Century Die historische Ichthyofauna im Flussgebiet der oberen Neisse in der Oberlausitz und ihre Veraenderungen seit dem 16 Jahrhundert

Verducci, Domenico., 2002:
The historical presence of the brown bear in the northern Apennines Lorso nellappenino tosco emiliano

Aimassi, G., 2002 :
The historical presence of the white stork, Ciconia ciconia Linnaeus, 1758, in Italy Sulla presenza storica della cicogna bianca Ciconia ciconia Linnaeus, 1758 in Italia

Catala Gorgues, Jesus Ignasi., 2003:
The historical study of natural history societies in their local contexts the Valencian case within its Spanish setting Lestudi historic de les societats naturalistes en contexts locals el cas valencia dins el cas espanyol

Wuczynski, Andrzej., 1997:
The history and breeding of the white stork population in the Sudetie Foreland O historii zasiedlenia i legach bociana bialego Ciconia ciconia na Przedgorzu Sudeckim

Jinchu, H., 1990:
The history and evolution of the giant panda

Wranik, Wolfgang., 1997:
The history and importance of the Mecklenburg Natural History Association and its archives Zur Geschichte und Bedeutung des Vereins der Freunde der Naturgeschichte in Mecklenburg und seines Archivs

Levashov, M.M., 1958:
The history and methods of helminthogeography

Pavlik, L., 2000:
The history and own experience with grayling culture under the conditions of fisheries practice Historie a vlastni zkusenosti s chovem lipana v rybarske praxi

Cullen, JP., 1990:
The history and present status of the chough in the Isle of Man

Aliev, F.F., 1964:
The history and status of acclimatization and reacclimatization of mammals in the Caucasus

Neumann, Joachim., 1997:
The history and status of avifaunistic research in Mecklenburg Geschichte und Stand der avifaunistischen Forschung in Mecklenburg

Haupt, Rainer., 1999:
The history and the current impact of the Seebach Ornithological Station Aus der Geschichte und dem aktuellen Wirken der Staatlichen Vogelschutzwarte Seebach

Aizenshtadt, D.S., 1955:
The history and the ways of invasion of Rattus norvegicus norvegicus in the Soviet Union

Maio, N.; Picariello, O.; Scillitani, G., 1995:
The history and vicissitudes of the Zoological Museum of the Federico II University of Naples Storia e vicissitudini del Museo Zoologico dellUniversita di Napoli Federico II

Anders, Klaus., 2001:
The history of Aegintha Zur Geschichte der Aegintha

L.D.mezet, M.; Guermeur, Y., 2001:
The history of Ar Vran the raven Lhistoire dAr Vran le grand corbeau federateur

Gozalo Gutierrez, Rodolfo., 1998:
The history of Aragon palaeontology La historia de la paleontologia aragonesa

Grubant, V.N.; Rudaeva, A.V., 1955:
The history of Darwin Museum at the Kharkov State University

Contreras-Lichtenberg, Ruth., 2003:
The history of Dipterology at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna Die Geschichte der Dipterologie am Wiener Naturhistorischen Museum

Geys, JF., 2003:
The history of Life on Earth A survey of historical palaeontology 7b Triassic - Molluscs De Geschiedenis van het Leven Een Overzicht van de Historische Paleontologie 7b Trias - Mollusken

Florentin, B., 1996 :
The history of Lucy, a young woman, 35 million years old Lucy, une jeune femme de 3,5 millions dannees sa vie, son oeuvre

Passerin D'Entreves, Pietro., 2000:
The history of Piedmonts herpetology La storia dellerpetologia piemontese

Entzeroth, Angela., 1994:
The history of Protozoa research in German speaking countries Geschichte der deutschsprachigen Protozoen-Forschung

Danilovskii, I.V., 1961:
The history of Quaternary moliusks of the USSR and their importance in the stratigraphy of Quaternary deposits

Villepoux, O., 1996:
The history of a society La memoire dune societe

McMillan, N., 1990:
The history of alien freshwater Mollusca in north-west England

Vente, J., 2002:
The history of aquarium fish keeping in the Netherlands De geschiedenis van de aquariumliefhebberij in Nederland

Vente, J., 2002:
The history of aquarium keeping in the Netherlands De geschiedenis van de aquariumliefhebberij in Nederland

Vente, J., 2002:
The history of aquarium-keeping in the Netherlands Part 3 De geschiedenis van de aquariumliefhebberij in Nederland Deel 3

Barti, L., 2005:
The history of chiropterological researches on the territory of the contemporary Romania and the faunistical database, from the beginnings to 1944 Istoricul cercetarilor chiropterologice de pe teritoriul Romaniei contemporane si baza datelor faunistice de la inceputuri pana in 1944

Baumann, Heinz., 2000:
The history of coleopterology in Duesseldorf Geschichte der Koleopterologie in Duesseldorf

Mitter, Heinz., 2003:
The history of coleopterology in Upper Austria Zur Geschichte der Kaeferkunde in Oberoesterreich

Metschnikow, E., 1869:
The history of development of Nebalia

Konopka, Hans-Peter., 1998:
The history of discoveries made at Bouvet Island Die Entdeckungsgeschichte der Bouvet-Insel

Zissler, Dieter., 2001:
The history of discovery of generation change of animals Die Entdeckungsgeschichte des Generationswechsels der Tiere

Hartley, WG., 1990:
The history of electric fishing

Moritz, G.; Schnieder, K.; Heidecke, D.; Neumann, V., 2004:
The history of entomology at the Institute for Zoology of the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg Die Geshichte der Entomologie am Institut fuer Zoologie der Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg

Gepp, Johannes ., 2003:
The history of entomology in Austria Zur Geschichte der Entomologie in Oesterreich

Dettner, Konrad., 1997:
The history of entomology in Bayreuth, northeastern Bavaria Geschichte der Entomologie im Raum Bayreuth/Nordostbayern

Hoffmann, Hans-Jurgen., 1992:
The history of entomology in Cologne Zur Geschichte der Entomologie in Koln

Duty, Inge., 1997:
The history of entomology in Mecklenburg Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz Zur Geschichte der Entomologie in Mecklenburg Mecklenburg-Schwerin und Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Bellstedt, R.; Buchsbaum, U.; Hartmann, M., 1998:
The history of entomology in Thuringia Zur Geschichte der Entomologie in Thuringen

Porkert, Jan., 2001:
The history of extinction of the black grouse Tetrao tetrix L in the Adler mountains, Orlicke hory, north east Bohemia, Czech Republic Die Geschichte des Aussterbens des Birkhuhns Tetrao tetrix L im Adlergebirge, Orlicke hory, Nordostboehmen, Tschechien

Shtelnberg, D.M., 1954:
The history of fauna formation in water basin Volga-Ural

Sanchez-Polaina, F.J.; Fernandez-Delgado, C., 1997:
The history of fish introductions in the Zonar Lagoon Natural Reserve Cordoba, Spain Historia de las introducciones de peces en la Reserva Natural de la Laguna de Zonar Cordoba, Espana

Gross, W.; Schultze, H.-Peter., 2004:
The history of geological science in Berlin Natural History Museum Part 6 the Geological-Palaeontological Institute and Museum of Berlin University 1910-2004 Zur Geschichte der Geowissenschaften im Museum fuer Naturkunde zu Berlin Teil 6 Geschichte des Geologisch-Palaeontologischen Instituts und Museum der Universitaet Berlin 1910-2004

Rieck, W.; Hallmann, G.; Bischoff, W., 2001:
The history of herpetology and terrarium care in the German speaking area Die Geschichte der Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde im deutschprachigen Raum

Ueckermann, E., 1996:
The history of hunting, a part of modern public relations for hunting Die Geschichte der Jagd, ein Bereich moderner Offentlichkeitsarbeit fur die Jagd

Rzebik-Kowalska, Barbara., 1996:
The history of insectivorous mammals Insectivora in Poland 2 Talpidae Historia ssakow owadozernych Insectivora polski 2 Kretowate Talpidae

Davydova, NN.; Martinson, GG.; Sevastjanov, DV., 1995:
The history of lakes of northern Asia

Geys, JF., 2002:
The history of life on Earth A survey of Historical Palaeontology 7a Triassic in general - Protists to brachiopods De Geschiedenis van het Leven Een Overzicht van de Historische Paleontologie 7a Trias Algemeen - Protisten tot Brachiopoden

Geys, JF., 1999:
The history of life De geschiedenis van het Leven

Davydov, G.S.Sokov, A.I., 1975:
The history of mammal study in Tadzhikistan

Ghirardelli, E., 2006:
The history of marine biology in Trieste La storia della biologia marina a Trieste

Stagl, Verena., 2003:
The history of myriapod research in Austria and the history of the myriapod collection of the Natural History Museum in Vienna Zur Geschichte der Myriapoden-Forschung in Oesterreich und der Myriapoden-Sammlung des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien

Skupinova, E.A. ., 1988:
The history of nature utilization in the northern part of the USSR

Blinova, T.V.; Mukhacheva, M.M., 2002:
The history of ornithological research of the West Siberian Tomsk region Die Geschichte der ornithologischen Erforschung der westsibirischen Region Tomsk

von Knorre, Dietrich., 1999:
The history of ornithology in Thuringia Zur Geschichte der Ornithologie in Thuringen

Capasso, Luigi., 2000:
The history of palaeichthyology in Italy Storia della paleoittiologia italiana

Li, J., 2006:
The history of records of Carabus Teratocarabus azrael in China Coleoptera, Carabidae Lhistoire des captures de Carabus Teratocarabus azrael en Chine Coleoptera, Carabidae

Grossenbacher, K., 2003:
The history of research in the genus Alytes, especially Alytes obstetricans Zur Erforschungsgeschichte der Gattung Alytes, speziell von Alytes obstetricans

Dieterlen, Fritz., 2003:
The history of research on mammal fauna Zur Geschichte der Erforschung der Saeugetierfauna

Schaller, Friedrich., 2003:
The history of research on soil arthropods in Austria Geschichte der Bodenarthropoden-Kunde in Oesterreich

Mors, Thomas., 1997:
The history of research on the fossil site of Rott near Bonn Zur Erforschungsgeschichte der Fossillagerstatte Rott bei Bonn

Burdorf, K.; Heckenroth, H., 1997:
The history of state bird monitoring in Lower Saxony, 1947-1997 Zur Geschichte der Staatlichen Vogelschutzwarte Niedersachsen 1947-1997

Kuzmina, I.E., 1966:
The history of teriofauna in north Urals and Priurals in upper Antropogen

Lutz, K.; Boye, P.; Haupt, H., 2000:
The history of the AEWA Zur Entstehungsgeschichte des AEWA

Pinilla, Jesus., 1997:
The history of the Avian Migration Centre La historia del Centro de Migracion de Aves

Sanchez-Pinto, Lazaro., 2000:
The history of the Canary Islands laurisilva - from nature destruction to nature protection Die Geschichte des Kanarischen Laurisilva - von der Naturzerstoerung zum Naturschutz

Becker, Udo., 2001:
The history of the Frankfurt quagga with special consideration of its last restoration Die Geschichte des Frankfurter Quaggas mit besonderer Beruecksichtigung der letzten Restaurierung

Schumann, Hubert., 1992:
The history of the German Entomology Society Zur Geschichte der Deutschen Entomologischen Gesellschaft

Vigna Taglianti, Augusto., 2003:
The history of the Italian fauna Storia delle faune dItalia

Neumann, Joachim., 2001:
The history of the Jordsand Association Zur Geschichte des Vereins Jordsand

Rodriguez, X.P.dro.; Carbonell, E.; Ortega, A.I.abel., 2001:
The history of the Sierra de Atapuerca Burgos, Spain prehistoric findings, and the future of the research Historique des decouvertes prehistoriques de la Sierra de Atapuerca Burgos, Espagne et perspectives du futur

Meyer, W.; Saglam, M.; Schoenfeld, C.; Tanyolac, A., 1998:
The history of the Turkish Angora goat, with remarks on the wild ancestor of the domesticated goat Die Geschichte der Tuerkischen Angoraziege mit Bemerkungen zur wilden Stammform der Hausziege

Dral, Ab., 1998:
The history of the Zoological Station of the Netherlands Zoological Society, 1876-1945 De geschiedenis van het Zoologisch Station der Nederlandse Dierkundige Vereniging, 1876-1945

Vyazmenskii, E.S., 1955:
The history of the ancient Chinese biology and medicine

Samwald, Otto., 1995:
The history of the breeding population distribution of the great grey shrike Lanius excubitor in Styria Aves Zur historischen Brutverbreitung des Raubwurgers Lanius excubitor in der Steiermark Aves

Good, JA.; Linnie, M., 1990:
The history of the early nineteenth century Coleoptera collection of James Tardy at Trinity College, Dublin, and the validity of records based on his collection

Burtschak-Abramovich, N.I., 1966:
The history of the evolution of the Bovinae of the Caucasus and their connection with oxen of other countries

Confortini, Ivano., 2005:
The history of the fish population of Lake Garda Storia del popolamento ittico del Lago di Garda

Amici, R.; Roncalli., 2004:
The history of the flea in art and literature La storia della pulce nellarte e nella letteratura

Khanmamedov, AI., 1974:
The history of the formation of the order Galliformes in the Caucasus the origin distribution and physical geographical conditions in Azerbaidjan as the living area of Galliformes

D.P.squale, A.; Livi, P., 2003:
The history of the founding of the Milan Natural History Museum Library Catalogue of the editions of the XVIII century Il fondo antico della Biblioteca del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano Catalogo delle edizioni del secolo XVIII

Adcock, MA., 1990:
The history of the heronry at Foulness

Hallermann, Jakob., 2007:
The history of the herpetological collection of Hamburg Zoological Museum, with particular attention to Dr Johann Gustav Fischer 1819-1889 Zur Geschichte der herpetologischen Sammlung des Zoologischen Museums Hamburgs, mit besonderer Beruecksichtigung von Dr Johann Gustav Fischer 1819-1889

Chugunova, N.I., 1955:
The history of the life of a fish shown on its scale

Gerke, P., 1955:
The history of the microscope and of the microscopical studies

Kruger, Fritz J., 1999:
The history of the origins of sea urchins 11 From the Palaeozoic dispersal to the Permian crisis Die Stammesgeschichte der Seeigel 11 Von palaozoischen Entfaltung bis zur permischen Krise

Solovyev, Y.I., 1955:
The history of the struggle with vitalism in Russia in the first half of the XIX century

Maleeva, A.G., 1967:
The history of the territory of the Great gerbil and some peculiarities in the formation of natural centers of the plague in the north west Precaspic in the holocene

Rotschild, E.V.; Postnikov, G.R., 1967:
The history of the territory of the great gerbil in the north Precaspic,

Voigt, S., 2002:
The history of the tetrapod track records in the sandstone quarries at Tambach-Diethaz 1887-1908 Zur Geschichte der Terapodenfaehrtenfunde in den Sandsteinbruechen bei Tambach-Diethaz 1887-1908

Dal, S.K., 1958:
The history of the vertebrate fauna of the Crimea

Sanchez Goni, M.Fernanda, 2005:
The history of vegetation and climate of the last climate cycle OIS5-OIS1, 140000-10000 anos BP in the Iberian Peninsula and its possible impact on Paleolithic groups La historia de la vegetacion y el clima del ultimo ciclo climatico OIS5-OIS1, 140000-10000 anos BP en la Peninsula Iberica y su posible impacto sobre los grupos paleolitico

Vereshchagin, N.K.; Gromov, I.M., 1952:
The history of verte-brates in the Lower Ural River region

Picken, MJ., 1990:
The history of west coast sea trout catches

Shaposhnikova, GKh., 1976:
The history of white fish distribution of the genus Coregonus

Becker, Udo., 1997:
The history of zoological preparations of the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt am Main Zur Geschichte der Zoologischen Praparation des Senckenbergmuseums in Frankfurt am Main

Gattermann, R.; Neumann, V., 2003:
The history of zoology in Halle Saale Die Geschichte der Zoologie in Halle Saale

Naumann, Wilfried W., 1999:
The history of zoology in Leipzig Zur Geschichte der Zoologie in Leipzig

Fischer, Albrecht., 1997:
The history of zoology in Mainz Zur Geschichte der Zoologie in Mainz

Ehret, Jean-Marie., 1998:
The history, current situation and future of a collection of Curculionidae Passe, present et devenir dune collection de Curculionides

Cresswell, P.; Harris, S.; Jefferies, DJ., 1990:
The history, distribution, status and habitat requirements of the badger in Britain

Hausl-Hofstaetter, Ulrike., 1999:
The hitherto known distribution of Sisyphus schaefferi L in Styria Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae Zur bisher bekannten Verbreitung von Sisyphus schaefferi L der Steiermark Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae

Wolf, H., 2003:
The hitherto unknown male of Microphadnus insperatus Priesner 1967 Hymenoptera, Pompilidae Das bisher unbekannte Maennchen von Microphadnus insperatus Priesner 1967 Hymenoptera, Pompilidae

Puhringer, F.; Poll, N., 1999:
The hitherto unknown male of Synansphecia kautzi Reisser, 1930 Lepidoptera, Sesiidae Das bisher unbekannte Mannchen von Synansphecia kautzi Reisser, 1930 Lepidoptera, Sesiidae

Wagner, Dirk., 2007:
The hobby frog Dendrobates tinctorius - an experiences report Hobbyfrosch Dendrobates tinctorius - ein Erfahrungsbericht

Iraeta, A.; Zuberogoitia, I.; Azkona, A.; Hildalgo, S., 2004:
The hobby in the Basque country El alcotan en Bizkaia

Kochsiek, Wolfgang., 2001:
The hole-in-the-head disease in cichlids Die Lochkrankheit der Cichliden

Kaaber, Svend., 1999:
The holly blue Celastrina argiolus L - a butterfly under continuing expansion in Denmark Skovblafuglen Celastrina argiolus L - en dagsommerfugl under fortsat udbredelse i Danmark

Elfferich, Nico., 1994:
The holly blue Het boomblauwtje

Mohamedsaid, Mohamed Salleh., 1996:
The holotype specimens of Chrysomelidae Insecta Coleoptera from the repository of the Centre for Insect Systematics, University of Kebangsaan Malaysia Spesimen holotip Chrysomelidae Insecta Coleoptera dalam repositori Pusat Sistematik Serangga, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Widmer, Michael., 2001:
The home of countless animal and plant species is highly endangered Hell has broken loose in paradise Die Heimat unzaehliger Tier- und Planzenarten Die Heimat unzaehliger Tier- und Planzenarten Die Heimat unzaehliger Tier- und Planzenarten Die Heimat unzaehliger Tier- und Planzenarten Die Heimat unzaehliger Tier- und Planzenarten Die Heimat unzaehliger Tier- und Planzenarten Die Heimat unzaehliger Tier- und Planzenarten Die Heimat unzaehliger Tier- und Planzenarten Die Heimat unzaehli

Kampfer-Lauenstein, Andreas., 1995:
The home range and dispersal of the hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia in the Bayerischer Wald National Park Raumnutzung und Ansiedlungsverhalten von Haselhuhnern Bonasa bonasia im Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald

Dittberner, H.; Dittberner, W., 2003:
The homeward migration of coal tits via Rugen island Zum Heimzug der Tannenmeise ueber die Insel Ruegen

Dittberner, H.; Dittberner, W., 1999:
The homeward migration of the nominate form of the lesser black-backed gull in the central Baltic Sea Zum Heimzug der Nominatform der Heringsmowe Larus f fuscus in der mittleren Ostsee

Dittberner, H.; Dittberner, W., 2000:
The homeward migration of the redwing Turdus iliacus over Rugen Zum Heimzug der Rotdrossel Turdus iliacus ueber Ruegen

Pastergue-Ruiz, I.; Beugnon, G., 1996:
The homing and the use of visual landmarks by the ant Cataglyphis cursor Hymenoptera, Formicidae Le retour au nid et lutilisation des reperes visuels terrestres chez la fourmi Cataglyphis cursor Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Rabada, David., 2001:
The hominids of La Sima de los Huesos, burials or accidents? Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain Los hominidos de La Sima de los Huesos, inhumaciones o accidentes? Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Espana

Ribot, F.; Garcia Bartual, M.; Gibert, J., 2001:
The hominoids of the Miocene and the problem of the origin of orang-utan Los hominoideos del Mioceno y el problema del origen del orangutan

Emelyanov, A.F., 1977:
The homology of wing structure in cicadids and primitive Polyneoptera

Lodl, Martin., 1999:
The homonomy and synonymy of Hypena fuscomaculalis, Hypena fusculalis and Helia serralis Mabille 1881 1880 - a droll confusion of nomenclature Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Herminiinae Die Homonymie und Synonymie von Hypena fuscomaculalis, Hypena fusculalis und Helia serralis Mabille 1881 1880 - ein skurriles nomenklatorisches Verwirrspiel Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Herminiinae

Hidalgo-Gato, M.M.; Rodriguez-Leon, R., 2000:
The homopterans Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha of Guaniguanico Cordillera, Cuba Los homopteros Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha de la Cordillera de Guaniguanico, Cuba

Akimova, I.A. ., 1993:
The honey bee mite Varroa jacobsoni

Paepke, Hans-Joachim., 1998:
The honey gourami Colisa chuna Hamilton, 1822, a fish with nomenclatural problems Der Honiggurami, Colisa chuna Hamilton, 1822, ein Fisch mit Namensproblemen

Nowottnick, Klaus., 2004:
The honeybee Apis mellifera 1st edition Die Honigbiene Apis mellifera L 1 Auflage

Marletto, F.; Arzone, A.; Dolci, M., 1997:
The honeybee as a biological indicator of fenoxycarb pollution Lape come indicatore biologico dellinquinamento da fenoxycarb

Sudhaus, Walter., 1995:
The hooded crow Corvus corone cornix hides bird eggs Nebelkrahe Corvus corone cornix versteckt Vogeleier

Iborra, O., 2003:
The hooded crow Corvus cornix sardonius in Provence, recent evolution of observations and the status in Var La Corneille mantelee Corvus cornix sardonius en Provence, evolution recente des observations et situation dans le Var

Baumgart, W., 2004:
The hooded crow Corvus cornix tries to free seized conspecifics from Accipiter gentilis Nebelkraehen Corvus cornix versuchen vom Habicht Accipiter gentilis geschlagenen Artgenossen zu befreien

Wilke, Astrid., 2004:
The hooded crow Corvus corone cornix uses flower pots as a hiding place for food Nebelkraehe Corvus corone cornix benutzt Blumenschale als Nahrungsversteck

Quatro, John., 2001:
The hooded siskin Carduelis magellanica and its subspecies Os pintassilgos-de-cabeca-preta Carduelis magellanica e suas subespecies

Klages, August., 2002:
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The hymenopterological collection Insecta of Alfonso L Herrera Zoology Museum of the Faculty of Sciences, UNAM, Mexico La coleccion himenopterologica Insecta del Museo de Zoologia Alfonso L Herrera de la Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM, Mexico

Stubbe, M., 1997:
The hymenopterologist Manfred Dorn is 65 Hymenopterologe Manfred Dorn 65 Jahre

Rossi, E.; Inguscio, S., 2003:
The hypogean Puglian fauna new data and observations Fauna ipogea pugliese nuovi dati e osservazioni

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