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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38786

Chapter 38786 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Haywood, C.A.; Moon, H.P., 1950:
The mechanics of the blood vascular system of Ascidiella aspersa

Ephimov, M.I., 1952:
The mechanism and influence of the central nervous system on the surrounding mesenclymatous tissue in the period of formation of the axial skeleton in ontogenesis of Axolotl

Gerasev, PI., 1977:
The mechanism of attachment to the hosts gills in Dactylogyrus extensus and D achmerowi Monogenoidea

Lopashov, G.V., 1956:
The mechanism of formation and the origin of the vascular membrane in eyes of Amphibia

Lucchi, Andrea., 1994:
The mechanism of hatching in Metcalfa pruinosa Say Homoptera Flatidae Lo sgusciamento dalluovo in Metcalfa pruinosa Say Homoptera Flatidae

Tatarinov, L.P., 1958:
The mechanism of lingual movements in Anura

Bondarenko, NV., 1972:
The mechanism of population density regulation in Panonychus ulmi Koch Acarina, Tetranychidae

Brown, VK.; Gibson, CWD.; Sterling, PH., 1990:
The mechanisms controlling insect diversity in calcareous grasslands

Hervy, J.-Paul.; Garulli, F.; Brunhes, J.; Geoffroy, B., 1994:
The medical entomologists from ORSTOM and the diversity of life A half century of new species descriptions Les entomologistes medicaux de lORSTOM et la diversite du vivant Un demi-siecle de descriptions despeces nouvelles

Hansen, Harald., 1996:
The medical importance of some spiders living in the urban environments of Venice Italy Limportanza medica di alcuni ragni viventi negli ambienti urbani di Venezia

Nielsen, Ole Fogh., 2002:
The medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis found in Western Jutland Laegeiglen Hirudo medicinalis fundet i Vestjylland

Termeleva, AG.; Kalinovskaya, AP., 1990:
The meeting of the Division of General Biology, USSR Academy of Sciences

Muller, Werner., 1994:
The meeting of the red-breasted goose Das Rendezvous der Rothalsganse

Caloi, L.; Palombo, M.R.ta., 1995:
The megacerine of Dragonara functional interpretation of some cranial characters Il megacerino di Dragonara interpretazione funzionale di alcuni caratteri cranici

Louguet-Lefebvre, Sophie., 2005:
The megaherbivores elephantids and rhinocerotids from the Middle Palaeolithic of north west Europe Les megaherbivores elephantides et rhinocerotides au Paleolithique moyen en Europe du nord-ouest

Ferrari, G.; Ansaloni, I.; Mauri, M.; Pagliai, AM.; Prevedelli, D.; Simonini, R.; Todaro, MA., 2006:
The meiofauna of a relict sands area Northern Adriatic Sea subject to dredging operations La meiofauna delle sabbie relitte dellAdriatico Settentrionale soggette ad operazioni di escavo

Castro-Ramirez, A.E.; Gonzalez, H.D.lfin; Tabla, V.P.rra; Moron, M.A.gel, 2005:
The melolontid fauna Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea associated to maize Zea mays L at the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico Fauna de melolontidos Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea asociados al maiz Zea mays L en los altos de Chiapas, Mexico

Deryabin, V.I., 1969:
The melon and cotton aphid in Yemen

Renker, C., 2003:
The members of the superfamily Pupilloidea Turton, 1831 and Enoidea B B Woodward, 1903 Mollusca Gastropoda of the district Goettingen S Lower Saxony Die Vertreter der Superfamiliae Pupilloidea Turton, 1831 und Enoidea B B Woodward, 1903 Mollusca Gastropoda des Landkreises Goettingen Sued-Niedersachsen

Palli, NF.; Fedoseev, YuP., 1973:
The meristic composition and indexes of the relative numbers of bigeye tuna Thunnus obesus in the south-eastern part of the tropical Atlantic 1969-1971

Costa, H.; Leitao, D.; Catry, P.; Santos, B., 1996:
The merlin Falco columbarius in Portugal O esmerilhao Falco columbarius em Portugal continental

Voges, S.; Wassmann, R., 1996:
The merlin Der Merlin

Oliphant, LW., 1990:
The merlins of Saskatoon

Dokoupil, Norbert., 1996:
The merry widow Phallichthys amates amates Zivorodka guatemalska Phallichthys amates amates

Leifsdottir, O.E.; Simonarson, L.A., 2001:
The mesogastropod Littorina littorea Linne, 1758 in Iceland palaeobiogeography and migration Vard fjorudoppa Littorina littorea til a Islands-Faereyjahryggnum sudaustur af Islandi?

Filippi Amabile, Victor O., 2001:
The mesosaurs Chordata Reptilia of Paraguay Los mesosauros Chordata Reptilia encontrados en el Paraguay

Ivleva, IV., 1977:
The metabolic rate of crustaceans living in low temperatures

Adler, S., 1950:
The metabolism of Leishmania donovani

Wohlgemuth, Evzen., 2003:
The metal killifish Zivorodka leskla

Niehuis, Manfred., 1997:
The metallic beetle Agrilus ribesii Schaefer, 1946 Coleoptera Buprestidae new in the Rhine province and in Rhineland-Pfalz Der Prachtkafer Agrilus ribesii Schaefer, 1946 Coleoptera Buprestidae neu in der Rheinprovinz und in Rheinland-Pfalz

Montenari, M.; Maass, R., 1996:
The metamorphic strata of the Badenweiler-Lenzkirch zone/southern Black Forest - palaeontological dating Acritarcha and Chitinozoa and tectonics Die Metamorphen Schiefer der Badenweiler-Lenzkirch-Zone/Sudschwarzwald - palaontologische Altersstellung Acritarchen und Chitinozoen und Tektonik

Zelentsov, NI., 1976:
The metamorphosis and biology of Psectrocladius obvius Walk and Ps simulans Joh Diptera, Chironomidae

Eerens, Nico., 2001:
The metamorphosis of the Proostmeer De metamorfose van het Proostmeer

Reich, M.; Grimm, V., 1996:
The metapopulation concept in ecology and conservation a critical review Das Metapopulationskonzept in Okologie und Naturschutz eine kritische Bestandsaufnahme

Storch, I.; Schroder, W., 1996:
The metapopulation concept in wildlife management Das Metapopulationskonzept im Wildtiermanagement

Brunzel, S.; Reich, M., 1996:
The metapopulation structure of the spotted fritillary Melitaea didyma Esper 1779 in the Swabian Alb Zur Metapopulationsstruktur des Roten Scheckenfalters Melitaea didyma Esper 1779 auf der Schwabischen Alb

Rodriguez, L.; George-Nascimento, M., 1996:
The metazoan parasite fauna of the Patagonian toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides Smitt, 1898 Pisces Nototheniidae of central Chile taxonomic, ecological and zoogeographic aspects La fauna de parasitos metazoos del bacalao de profundidad Dissostichus eleginoides Smitt, 1898 Pisces Nototheniidae en Chile central aspectos taxonomicos, ecologicos y zoogeograficos

Deparme, NK., 1954:
The method of age determination in moles

Lapin, Y.E., 1956:
The method of age determination of the smelt

Danilova, E.I., 1954:
The method of comparative-anatomical study of the relief of joint-surfaces

Hailu, T., 1990:
The method of crocodile hatching adopted in Arba Minch Crocodile Farm, Ethiopia

Belan, RA., 1971:
The method of determination of growth in Trachurus trachurus capensis Castelnau by the otoliths

Shcherbinin, I.B., 1955:
The method of investigations of the intestines of small fishes

Pshenitzki, P.D., 1957:
The method of rearing the young generation of domestic animals

Nekhoroshev, MV.; Uss, YuA., 1990:
The method to determine the content of organic matter in mussel shells

Obut, A.M., 1946:
The method-ology of Graptolite study

Pustelnik, G.; Guerri, O., 2001:
The methodological bases for a migratory fish management project in the Dordogne basin Les bases methodologiques dun projet de gestion des poissons migrateurs sur le bassin versant de la Dordogne

Akramovski, M.N., 1959:
The methods for therapy of dictyocaulosis in horse

Fletcher, J., 1990:
The methods of capture and design and construction of traps for catching red deer

Karaseva, EV.; Telitsina, AYu., 1996:
The methods of studying rodents in the wild nature number assessment and marking

Gregor, H.J., 2002:
The micro world from coral limestone zeta White Jurassic of Gerstetten auf der Alb - I Invertebrate fauna Die Mikrowelt aus dem Korallenkalk Weisser Jura zeta von Gerstetten auf der Alb - I Die Invertebraten - Fauna

Sokolov, V.E.; Kalashnikova, M.M.; Rodionov, V.A., 1971:
The micro- and ultrastructure of the skin in Phocaena phocaena relicte Abel

Ouattara, A.; Podoor, N.; Teugels, GG.; Gourene, G., 2000:
The micro-algae of two rivers Bia and Agnebi in the Ivory Coast Les micro-algues de deux cours deau Bia et Agnebi de Cote dIvoire

Martin, A.; Seidl, T.; Kesel, A.B., 2003:
The micro-mechanical attachment system of the spider Evarcha arcuata Das Mikro-Mechanische Haftsystem der Spinne Evarcha arcuata

L.G.ff, G.; L.H.sran, J-Y.; Robert, V., 1998:
The micro-wave oven for the drying of thick blood smears Advantages and drawbacks in the microscopic observation of Plasmodium falciparum trophozoites and gametocytes Le four a micro-ondes pour le sechage des gouttes epaisses Interet et limites dans lobservation microscopique des trophozoites et des gametocytes de Plasmodium falciparum

Vysotskaya, SO., 1975:
The microbiocenosis of Sciurus vulgaris carpathicus nests

Vysotskaya, S.O., 1975:
The microbiocenosis of nests of the Carpathian squirrel

Konig, H.; Berchtold, M.; Frohlich, J.; Wenzel, M.; Emtiazi, F., 2000:
The microbiology of the termite gut Die lignocellulolytischen Mikroorganismen des Termitendarmes

Forro, L., 2003:
The microcrustacean fauna of the sodic waters in the vicinity of Fulopszallas-Szabadszallas A Fulopszallas-Szabadszallas kornyeki szikes vizek rakfaunaja

Petkevich, T.A., 1967:
The microelements in the organs and tissues of some plankton and benthos feeding fish from the north-western parts of the Black Sea

Gucik, S.; Morgiel, J., 1960:
The microfauna from the Krosno beds in Leszczawa Gorna, south of Przemysl Carpathians

Oblinger, Hermann., 2005:
The microfauna in the high moor waters of Hapselmoor and the Moedishofer Moor Ueber die Kleinlebewelt in den Hochmoorgewaessern des Haspelmoores und des Moedishofer Moores

Jeannet, M.; Cartonnet, M., 2000:
The microfauna of La Chenelaz Hostias, Ain The environment and its influence on dental biometry in Arvicola terrestris Rodentia, Mammalia La microfaune de la Chenelaz Hostias, Ain Lenvironnement et son influence sur la biometrie dentaire chez Arvicola terrestris Rodentia, Mammalia

Waltschew, A., 2000:
The microfauna of the Franconian Carixian Lower Pliensbachian, Liassic Die Mikrofauna des fraenkischen Carixium Unteres Pliensbachium, Lias

Zlinska, Adriena., 1996:
The microfauna of the Vranov Formation from the BB-1 drill hole Bysta, East Slovakian depression Mikrofauna vranovskeho suvrstvia z vrtu BB-1 Bysta, Vychodoslovenska nizina

Herbig, Hans-Georg., 2005:
The microfauna of the paralic Pennsylvanian in Germany Die Mikrofauna des paralischen Pennsylvaniums in Deutschland

Porebska-Szotowa, W., 1960:
The microfauna profile of the Miocene at l ki Dolne Subcarpathians and attempt of its stratigraphical division

Beilstein, Ulrich., 1994:
The microflora Sporomorpha, Dinophyceae from the regressive Upper Cretaceous of the Benue Trough, Nigeria Mikrofloren Sporomorphen, Dinophyceen aus der regressiven Oberkreide des Benue-Troges, Nigeria

Danebekov, AE.; Gritsenko, IN.; Artykov, TA., 1977:
The microflora of larvae of blood-sucking mosquitoes of south east Kazakhstan and their entomopathogenic characteristics

Hofmann, Klaus., 1996:
The microfossils of endolithic organisms of the boreal Upper Cretaceous in northwestern Europe and their facies relationships Die mikro-endolithischen Spurenfossilien der borealen Oberkreide Nordwest-Europas und ihre Faziesbeziehungen

Rommel, R.-Peter.; Platt, H., 2006:
The microlepidopteran fauna of northwest Thuringia Insecta Lepidoptera, part 3 Chimabachidae, Oecophoridae and Amphisbatidae Die Kleinschmetterlingsfauna Nordwestthueringens Insecta Lepidoptera 3 Beitrag Chimabachidae, Oecophoridae Faulholzmotten und Amphisbatidae

Rommel, R.-Peter.; Platt, H., 2005:
The microlepidopteran fauna of northwestern Thuringia Lepidoptera, part 2 family Tineidae Die Kleinschmetterlingsfauna Nordwestthueringens Lepidoptera 2 Beitrag Familie Tineidae Echte Motten

Rommel, Rolf-Peter., 2003:
The microlepidopterans of northwestern Thuringia Lepidoptera part 1 families Ethmiidae and Pyralidae subfamilies Galleriinae, Pyralinae, Phycitinae, Odontiinae, Evergestinae, Pyraustinae Die Kleinschmetterlingsfauna Nordwestthuringens Lepidoptera 1 Beitrag Familien Ethmiidae and Pyralidae Unterfamilien Galleriinae, Pyralinae, Phycitinae, Odontiinae, Evergestinae, Pyraustinae

Ottolini, E.; Aceto, F., 1996:
The micromammal fauna of nature reserves of Cremona province La microteriofauna nelle riserve naturali della provincia di Cremona

Dahlmann, Thomas., 2001:
The micromammals from the Lower Pliocene locality of Woelfersheim/Wetterau Mammalia Lipotyphla, Chiroptera, Rodentia Die Kleinsaeuger der unter-pliozaenen Fundstelle Woelfersheim in der Wetterau Mammalia Lipotyphla, Chiroptera, Rodentia

Aguilar, J.; Crochet, J.-Yves; Hebrard, O.; L.S.rat, P.; Michaux, J.; Pedra, S.; Sige, B., 2002:
The micromammals of Mas Rambault 2, a Late Pliocene karstic filling of southern France age, paleoclimate, geodynamics Les micromammiferes de Mas Rambault 2, gisement karstique du Pliocene superieur du Sud de la France age, paleoclimat, geodynamique

Chardez, Didier., 1998:
The micromorpholites of the thecamoebian theca Les micromorpholithes de la theque des thecamoebiens

Onushko, NV., 1975:
The micromorphological structure of the genital system of female nematodes Abbreviata A kazachstanica Ortlepp, 1922 Suborder Spirurata, Railliet, 1914

Scarpato, R.; Migliore, L.; Barale, R., 1990:
The micronucleus assay in Anodonta cygnea for the detection of drinking water mutagenicity

Bucur, I.I.; Filipescu, S., 1999:
The micropalaeontology of Foraminifera Micropaleontologia foraminiferelor

Venec-Peyre, M.; Gardin, S.; Masure, E., 2006:
The micropaleontologists contributions to the Annales de Paleontologie between 1906 and 2006 La contribution des micropaleontologues aux Annales de Paleontologie entre 1906 et 2006

Nardin, Daniel., 2002:
The microscopic hosts of freshwater planaria Trichodina cf pediculus, Urceolaria mitra Des hotes microscopiques de planaires deau douce Trichodina cf pediculus, Urceolaria mitra

Picoral, M.; Lopes-Pitoni, V.L.cia., 1998:
The microsculpture of the shell of Rectartemon Rectartemon depressus Heynemann Gastropoda, Stylomatophora , Streptaxidae Microescultura da concha de Rectartemon Rectartemon depressus Heynemann Gastropoda, Stylomatophora , Streptaxidae

Roell, Beate., 2001:
The microstructure of egg shells of geckos Sauria Gekkonoidea Mikrostrukturen der Eischalen von Geckos Sauria Gekkonoidea

Suleimanov, I.S., 1960:
The microstructure of septae and shells of some species of Textularia in connection with their palaeoeeology

Pulyaevskaya, N.; V,., 1969:
The microstructure of some sections ofthe genital tract of female Alfortia edentatus Looss, 1900 Skrjabin, 1933 Strongylata

Poroikova, TN., 1975:
The microstructure of the subcuticular cell layer in larvae of Nybelinia surmenicola Okada in Dollfuss, 1929 Cestoda, Trypanorhyncha

Paunesco, A.-Cristina.; Abbassi, M., 1999:
The microvertebrates of the Bordu Mare cave Ohaba-Ponor, Romania palaeontology and palaeoecology Les microvertebres de la grotte Bordu Mare Ohaba-Ponor, Roumanie palaeontologie et paleoecologie

Luis, A.; Hernando, J.M.guel., 2000:
The microvertebrates of the Middle Miocene of Somosaguas Sur Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Spain Los microvertebrados del Mioceno Medio de Somosaguas Sur Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Espana

Paunesco, Alexandra-Cristina., 1999:
The microvertebrates of the Spurcata cave or the Sus cave - Nandru, Hunedoara department, Romania Les microvertebres de la grotte Spurcata ou la grotte de Sus - Nandru, departement de Hunedoara, Roumanie

Gregor, H.J., 2002:
The microworld from the coral limestone zeta White Jurassic of Gerstetten auf der Alb II Sponge spicules Die Mikrowelt aus dem Korallenkalk Weisser Jura zeta von Gerstetten auf der Alb - II Die Schwamm - Nadeln

Ilie, D.Minodora, 2004:
The middle Olt River basin aquatic heteroptera Nepomorpha aspects Aspecte privind heteropterele acvatice Nepomorpha din bazinul mijlociu al Oltului

Vistelius, A.B.; Miklukho-Maklai, A.D., 1956:
The middle part of the productive layer of the Apsheron peninsula and the problem of its genesis

Heinze, Joachim., 1995:
The middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius and the endangerment of its habitat in the north western part of the Hildesheim Forest Der Mittelspecht Dendrocopos medius und die Gefahrdung seines Lebensraumes im nordwestlichen Teil des Hildesheimer Waldes

Wichmann, G.; Frank, G., 2006:
The middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius in Vienna Austria Die Situation des Mettelspechts Dendrocopos medius in Wien

Richter, Eckhard., 1997:
The middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district Distribution, density and habitat selection in a Central Mountain area lacking in oak trees Der Mittelspecht Dendrocopos medius im Landkreis Waldeck-Frankenberg Verbreitung, Siedlungsdichte und Habitatwahl in einem eichenarmen Mittelgebirgsraum

Sudbeck, P.; Gall, T., 1993:
The middle spotted woodpecker Picoides medius in Schleswig-Holstein - difficulties in mapping and consequences for estimating the population size Der Mittelspecht Picoides medius in Schleswig-Holstein - Erfassungsprobleme und ihre Konsequenzen fur Bestandsschatzungen

Cairenius, Sampsa., 1996:
The middle spotted woodpecker - an endangered European Tammitikka - uhanalainen eurooppalainen

Comolet-Tirman, Jacques., 1998:
The middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius in Fontainebleau Forest preliminary census report Le pic mar Dendrocopos medius dans le Massif de Fontainebleau premier bilan dun recensement

Garcia-Fernandez, J.; Alrez, E.; Falagan, J., 2002:
The middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius in Leon province changes in distribution and size population El pico mediano Dendrocopos medius en la provincia de Leon cambios en la distribucion y tamano poblacional

Moreau, K., 2006:
The middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopus medius in the Meerdaalwoud De Middelste Bonte Specht Dendrocopos medius in Meerdaalwoud

Lohrl, Hans., 1997:
The middle spotted woodpecker Picoides medius during migration Mittelspechte Picoides medius auf Wanderschaft

del Valle, J.D.miniquez.; Baticon, A.O.rubia., 2005:
The middle spotted woodpecker in Izki - one of the main Iberian refuges El Pico Mediano mantiene en Izki uno de sus mejores refugios ibericos

Frick, S., 2005:
The middle spotted woodpecker in Thuringia - underestimated and endangered Der Mittelspecht in Thueringen - bisher unterschaetzt und doch gefaehrdet

Jansen, J.; Palmen, P., 1996:
The middle spotted woodpecker once again in the Vijlener forest Weer Middelste Bonte Specht in Vijlenerbos

Kostopoulos, DS.; Athanassiou, AS., 1997:
The middle-latest Pliocene gazelles of continental Greece Macedonia, Thessaly Les gazelles du Pliocene moyen-terminal de la Grece continentale Macedoine, Thessalie

Ewig, M.; Weber, F., 2001:
The middle-position - a new state of synchronization in dark-active cockroaches, by means of which the phase-response model of entrainment of circadian clock is tested Die Mittellage - ein neuer Synchronisationszustand bei dunkelaktiven Schaben, mit dessen Hilfe das Phasen-Response- Modell der Synchronisation circadianer Uhren ueberprueft wird

Rudzinski, Hans-Georg., 1997:
The midges of Pietermaritzburg Natal Museum South Africa Diptera Sciaridae Part 2 Die Trauermuecken des Natal-Museums Pietermaritzburg Suedafrika Diptera Sciaridae Teil 2

Uthleb, H.; Scheidt, U.; Meyer, F., 2003:
The midwife toad Alytes obstetricans at the northeasternmost border of its range distribution, habitat choice and endangering in Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt Die Geburtshelferkroete Alytes obstetricans an ihrer nordoestlichen Verbreitungsgrenze Vorkommen, Habitatnutzung und Gefaehrdung in Thueringen und Sachsen-Anhalt

Vercoutere, Bart., 2004:
The midwife toad in the Dijleland Does range expansion mean an assured future? De Vroedmeesterpad in het Dijleland Door uitbreiding naar een zekere toekomst?

Grossenbacher, K.; Zumbach, S., 2003:
The midwife toad biology, ecology, protection Die Geburtshelferkroete Biologie, Oekologie, Schutz

Khabarova, T.N., 1961:
The mierofauna of the Jurassic deposits of Saratov province

Obradovie, S.N., 1958:
The mieropalaeontologieal data as an addition to the knowledge of age of the strata of Strazevica the environs of Belgrade

Schneider, B., 2006:
The migrant hawker Aeshna mixta in the clutches of a water beetle larva Herbstmosaikjungfer Aeshna mixta in den Klauen einer Wasserkaefer-Larve

Nankinov, D.; Dobrynina, I., 2004:
The migration and the occurrence of the snow bunting and Lapland bunting in Bulgaria Ueber den Zug und das Vorkommen von Schneeammer und Spornammer in Bulgarien

Gola, L.; Panizza, G., 1999:
The migration from the Po and Orba parks analysis of recapture data of ringed individuals La migrazione nel Parco del Po e dellOrba analisi dei dati di ricattura di individui inanellati

Gerasimov, NN., 1974:
The migration of Anas poecilorhyncha to Kamchatka

Guthmundsson, Guthmundur A., 1996:
The migration of Arctic terns from pole to pole Fero kriunnar heimskautanna a milli

Watzke, H.; Litzbarski, H.; Oparina, O.S.; Oparin, M.L., 2001:
The migration of Great Bustards Otis tarda from the Saratov region Russia First results of a satellite tracking study Der Zug von Grosstrappen Otis tarda aus der Region Saratov Russland Erste Ergebnisse der Satellitentelemetrie im Rahmen eines Schutzprojektes

Lardelli, R., 2006:
The migration of birds across the Canton Ticino southern Switzerland an analysis of recoveries of ringed birds La migrazione degli uccelli attraverso il Ticino analisi delle ricatture di uccelli inanellati

Dolgushin, I.A., 1949:
The migration of birds in Kazakhstan

Tugarinov, A., 1930:
The migration of birds in N Asia

Garcia Petit, Lluis., 2002:
The migration of chickens from the Far East to the Mediterranean La migration du coq de lextreme orient a la Mediterranee

Bodson, Liliane., 1998:
The migration of cranes according to Greek and Latin authors La migration des grues cendrees dapres les auteurs grecs et latins

Legendre, Francois., 2002 :
The migration of dotterel in France 1830-2001 Le passage migratoire du Pluvier guignard Charadrius morinellus en France 1830-2001

Petrov, PA., 1972:
The migration of fleas in Microtus arvalis Pall in the centres of plague in the Caucasus

Segelbacher, Gerald M., 2000:
The migration of limicolous species at Rohrsee RV/Baden-Wuerttemberg - a summary of the years 1994-1998 Zum Durchzug von Limikolen am Rohrsee RV/Baden-Wuerttemberg - eine Zusammenfassung der Jahre 1994-1998

Sackl, P.; Zechner, L., 1995:
The migration of raptors across the central Alps of Austria Niedere Tauern, Styria according to ground observations 1993-1994 Der Zug von Greifvogeln durch die osterreichischen Zentralalpen Niedere Tauern, Steiermark anhand von Tagzugbeobachtungen 1993-1994

Lebedev, A.D.; Savina, M.A., 1963:
The migration of rodents and insectivores from nature into human constructions and the epidemiological importance of this phenomenon

Hernandez, Angel., 1999:
The migration of shrikes Lanius spp in the Iberian Peninsula La migracion de los alcaudones Lanius spp en la Peninsula Iberica

Egnell, G.; Elmberg, J., 1990:
The migration of skuas through Norra Kvarken in the spring of 1989

Ellegren, H.; Staav, R., 1990:
The migration of the bluethroat Luscinia s svecica - a recovery analysis of birds ringed in Sweden and Finland

Corso, A.; Giordano, A.; Ricciardi, D.; Cardelli, C.; Chiofalo, G., 2001:
The migration of the long-legged buzzard Buteo rufinus along the Strait of Messina La migrazione della poiana codabianca Buteo rufinus sullo Stretto di Messina

Berthold, P. van den Bossche, W.; Fiedler, W.; Gorney, E.; Kaatz, M.; Leshem, Y.; Nowak, E.; Querner, U., 2001:
The migration of the white stork Ciconia ciconia A special case according to new data Der Zug des Weissstorchs Ciconia ciconia Eine besondere Zugform auf Grund neuer Ergebnisse

Denooz, L., 2004:
The migration of thrushes in Tawfiq al-Hakim A philosophical fable La migration des grives chez Tawfiq al-Hakim Une fable philosophique

Prieto Godoy, Francisco Antonio., 2000:
The migration pattern of spoonbills in Los Canchales reservoir El paso migratorio de espatulas por el embalse de Los Canchales

Gloe, Peter., 2000:
The migration route from Euboa island leads to the north Der Wegzug von der Insel Euboa fuhrt nach Norden

Nikolaev, AM., 1971:
The migrations and local groupings of the sea otter near Kuril

Reichholf, J.H., 2006:
The migrations of dark sword-grass Agrotis ipsilon Hufnagel, 1766 and the silver Y Autographa gamma Linnaeus, 1758 in south-eastern Bavaria an analysis of light trap capture results Die Wanderungen der Ypsilon-Eule Agrotis ipsilon Hufnagel, 1766 und der Gamma-Eule Autographa gamma Linnaeus, 1758 in Suedostbayern Eine Lichtfang-Analyse Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Kameneva, S.P.Panyutin, K.K., 1964:
The migrations of some bat species

Pugacewicz, E., 1990:
The migrations of the lesser spotted eagle in the region of Bialowieza Primeval Forest

Dittberner, H.; Dittberner, W., 2003:
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