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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38788

Chapter 38788 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mygkov, NA., 1975:
The morphology of the brain of the frilled shark Chlamydoselachus anguineus Garman

Stornelli, M.R.ta.; Gianessi, E.; Coli, A.; Marroni, P.; Ricciardi, M.P.ola., 2002:
The morphology of the epithelium of the pancreatic and hepatic main ducts in the ostrich Caratterizzazione strutturale dellepitelio dei dotti escretori principali di fegato e pancreas di struzzo

Hornschemeyer, Thomas., 1997:
The morphology of the hind wing base of Coleoptera and Neuropteroidea Morphologie der Hinterflugelbasis von Coleoptera und Neuropteroidea

Matzke, Danilo., 1997:
The morphology of the maxillae of Chelisoches morio Fabr 1775 Morphologie der Zangenformen bei Chelisoches morio Fabr

Dzhumaliev, MK.; Bogdanova, NA., 1974:
The morphology of the oesophagus and cardia of several cartilaginous and cartilage boned fish

Ziegler, Joachim., 1998:
The morphology of the puparia and of the cephalo-pharyngeal skeleton of mature larvae of tachinid flies Diptera, Tachinidae and their phylogenetic significance Die Morphologie der Puparien und der larvalen Cephalopharyngealskelette der Raupenfliegen Diptera, Tachinidae und ihre phylogenetische Bewertung

Krasnov, E.V., 1971:
The morphology of the skeleton

Tabacaru, I.; Platvoet, D., 2000:
The morphology of the stomach of Calabozoa pellucida Isopoda, Calabozoidea La morphologie de lestomac de Calabozoa pellucida Isopoda, Calabozoidea

Kifa, MI., 1976:
The morphology of two forms of Brachymystax f am Salmonidae from the Amur Basin and their systematic position

Ogielska, M.; Sielicki, S., 1990:
The morphology of vesicular nuclei in clearing eggs of the frog, Rana esculenta L

Overko, SM., 1971:
The morphology, biology and economy of Trachurus trachurus Linne in the central-eastern Atlantic Ocean

Shigin, AA., 1977:
The morphology, biology and taxonomy of the genus Diplostomum from gulls of the Palaearctic region

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 2000:
The morphology, phenology and distribution of Crocota tinctaria Huebner, 1799, and the recently recognised C pseudotinctaria Leraut, 1999 Lepidoptera Geometridae Zur Morphologie, Phaenologie und Verbreitung von Crocota tinctaria Huebner, 1799, und der erst vor kurzem erkannten C pseudotinctaria Leraut, 1999 Lepidoptera Geometridae

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 1999:
The morphology, taxonomy and distribution of Chlorissa species in Switzerland Lepidoptera Geometridae Zur Morphologie, Taxonomie und Verbreitung der Chlorissa-Arten in der Schweiz Lepidoptera Geometridae

Baumgartner, J.; Severini, M.; Ricci, M., 1990:
The mortality of overwintering Phyllonorycter blancardella F Lep, Gracillariidae pupae simulated as a loss in a time-varying distributed delay model

Remmert, Hermann., 1994:
The mosaic cycle concept and its importance for nature protection Das Mosaik-Zyklus-Konzept und seine Bedeutung fur den Naturschutz

Hoch, Silvio., 2001:
The mosquito bat Pipistrellus pygmaeus/mediterraneus also recorded for Liechtenstein - The 55-kHz signal of the pipistrelle should be given its own species status Die Mueckenfledermaus Pipistrellus pygmaeus/mediterraneus auch fuer Liechtenstein nachgewiesen - Der bisherige 55-kHz-Ruftyp der Zwergfledermaus soll Artstatus erhalten

Sandor, Toth., 2003:
The mosquito fauna Diptera Culicidae in the area of Sopron Sopron kornyekenek csiposzunyog-faunaja Diptera Culicidae

Sandor, Toth., 2003:
The mosquito fauna Diptera Culicidae in the area of Velencei-to A Velencei-to es kornyekenek csiposzunyog-faunaja Diptera Culicidae

Navarro, Juan Carlos., 1998:
The mosquito fauna Diptera Culicidae of Cerro El Copey National Park and new records for Margarita Island, Venezuela Fauna de mosquitos Diptera Culicidae del Parque Nacional Cerro El Copey y Nuevos registros para La Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

Gaibor, MG., 1975:
The mosquito fauna and some ecological peculiarities from Mug - a prehistoric fortress

Camerini, Guiseppe., 2000:
The mosquitoes Diptera Culicidae in Oltrepo Pavese Le zanzare Diptera Culicidae in Oltrepo Pavese

Llave Correas, C.; Gonzalez Mora, D., 1996:
The mosquitoes Diptera, Culicidae from the houses of Madrid Spain Los mosquitos Diptera, Culicidae de las viviendas de Madrid Espana

Ribeiro, H.; D.C.nha Ramos, H.; Capela, R.A.; Alves Pires, C., 1998:
The mosquitoes Diptera Culicidae of Sao Tome Island Os mosquitos Diptera Culicidae da Ilha de Sao Tome

Gornostaeva, RM.; Danilov, AV., 1999:
The mosquitoes family Culicidae of Moscow and the Moscow region a guide for the public health service of the Moscow region

Gonzalez, C R.; Jercic, MI.; Munoz, L., 2005:
The mosquitoes from Chile Diptera Culicidae Los culicidos de Chile Diptera Culicidae

Ramos, H.C.nha.; Ribeiro, H.; Novo, M.T.resa.; Easton, E.R., 1997:
The mosquitoes of Macau Diptera Culicidae Os mosquitos de Macau Diptera Culicidae

Ribeiro, H.; Ramos, H.C.; Pires, CA., 1999:
The mosquitoes of Serra da Estrela nature reserve Insecta, Diptera, Culicidae Os mosquitos do Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela Insecta, Diptera, Culicidae

Ribeiro, H.; Pires, CA.; Ramos, H.C., 1996:
The mosquitos in the Arrabida Nature Park Insecta, Diptera, Culicidae Os mosquitos do Parque Natural da Arrabida Insecta, Diptera, Culicidae

Gadea, Enric., 1993:
The moss-inhabiting nematofauna from Cabrera Nematofauna muscicola

Elkin, EA.; Zheltonogova, VA., 1974:
The most ancient dechenellids trilobites and Silurian stratigraphy of the Altai Mountain

Estravis, Carmen., 1998:
The most ancient mammals of the Tertiary from the Iberian Peninsula Lower Eocene mammals from Silveirinha Portugal Los mamiferos mas antiguos del Terciario de la Peninsula Iberica mamiferos del Eoceno inferior de Silveirinha Portugal

Evers, Hans-Georg., 2003:
The most beautiful armoured catfishes Die schoensten Panzerwelse

Sauer, F.; Wunderlich, J., 1997:
The most beautiful spiders from Europe identified from colour photographs Die schonsten Spinnen Europas nach Farbfotos erkannt

Bertaccini, Edgardo., 1996:
The most characteristic butterflies of the Mauro Mountain Ravenna Le farfalle piu caratteristiche di Monte Mauro Ravenna Lepidoptera

Lemm, Jeff M., 2001:
The most common monitors in the animal trade - species and bases for captive care Die haeufigsten Warane im Tierhandel - Arten und Grundlagen der Haltung

Marullo, Rita., 1998:
The most common pest thrips of flower growings in Southern Italian greenhouses Le piu comuni specie di Tisanotteri dannosi alla colture floricole in serra dellItalia meridionale

Dauphin, P., 2004:
The most common staphylinids in south west France Coleoptera Staphylinidae Les Staphylins les plus communs dans le sud-ouest de la France Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Buchhauser, Peter., 2000:
The most famous central American The cichlid Vieja synspila Der beliebteste Mittelamerikaner Der Quetzalbuntbarsch, Vieja synspila

Gruebner, Daniel., 2006:
The most frequent garter snakes in terraria Die haeufigsten Strumpfbandnattern im Terrarium

Janiszewski, T.; Wojciechowski, Z.; Markowski, J., 2002:
The most important bird areas in the Lodz District Najwazniejsze ostoje ptakow na Ziemi Lodzkiej

Dubnitzki, A.A., 1954:
The most important cestodes of foxes and arctic foxes

Sellenscho, Udo., 2000:
The most important representatives of the cabinet or flower beetles of the genus Anthrenus Geoffroy, 1762 Die wichtigsten Vertreter der Kabinett- oder Blutenkafer der Gattung Anthrenus Geoffroy, 1762

Wolf, Joachim., 2004:
The most interesting and beautiful representative of the fig parrots the orange-breasted fig parrot Die interessantesten und die schoensten Vertreter der Feigenpapageien Orangebrustzwergpapageien

Wohlgemuth, Evzen., 2000:
The most modest of the cories Nejskromnejsi z pancernicku

Muniz-Martinez, R.; Arroyo-Cabrales, J., 1996:
The most northern record of Nelsons wood rat Nelsonia neotomodon Rodentia Muridae El registro mas norteno de la rata enana Nelsonia neotomodon Rodentia Muridae

Mukhacheva, V.A., 1954:
The most numerous deep-sea fish of the Eastern Seas-Cyclothone microdon

Vankusova, M.; Urbanova, J., 2001:
The most severe findings that were diagnosed from the mass fish loss-rates in the State Veterinary Institution in Dolny Kubin during the years 1998-2000 Najzavaznejsie nalezy diagnostikovane pri hromadnych uhynoch ryb na svu v Dolnom Kubine v rokoch 1998-2000

Lechleiter, Sandra., 2001:
The most significant diseases in discuses Die wichtigsten Krankheiten der Diskusfische

Cekalovic K., T.; Urbina B., M., 2004:
The most southern record in the world of Protura Insecta, Apterygota El Registro mas Austral del Mundo de Protura Insecta, Apterygota

Hartigel, E.; Wirth, R., 2003:
The most threatened wild cat species in the world the Iberian lynx Die bedrohesteste Wildkatzenart der Welt Der Iberische Luchs

Michalska-Hejduk, D., 2004:
The most valuable areas of meadow and sedge communities in the western part of Kampinos National Park, and the proposals for their conservation Najcenniejsze przyrodniczo obszary lak i turzycowisk zachodniej czesci Kampinoskiego Parku Narodowego oraz propozycje ich ochrony

Salvatore, V.; Camillo, P., 2007:
The most voracious phytophage of crops of the CoAlTa project - Spodoptera Boisd Lepidoptera investigation on thermobiology of development Contribution to agroecology of crops of the CoAlTa project Il piu temibile fitofago delle colture del progetto CoAlTa, la spodottera Boisd Lepidoptera rassegna sulla termobiologia dello sviluppo Contributo sulla agro-ecologia delle colture oggetto del progetto CoAlTa

Klyuchko, Z.F.; Narzaeva, M.K., 1971:
The moth Amathes c-migrum in the Ukraine

Deschka, Gerfried., 1996:
The moth Scardia polypori, a relict species Lep Tineidae Die Buchenschwammotte - ein Urwaldrelikt Lepidoptera, Tineidae

Bruenner-Garten, Klaus., 2000:
The moth Zeuzera pyrina L found in red oak Blausieb Zeuzera pyrina L in Roteichen

Wieser, Christian., 1996:
The moth fauna of Gitsch valley Part 10 Aigen Die Nachtfalterfauna des Gitschtales Teil 10 Aigen

Wieser, Christian., 1995:
The moth fauna of Gitschtal Part 9 Jadersdorfer Alm Die Nachfalterfauna des Gitschtales Teil 9 Jadesdorfer Alm

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 1999:
The moth fauna of Gotthard Pass, 2100 m, Tessin canton Lepidoptera Macroheterocera Zur Nachtgrossfalterfauna vom Gotthardpass, 2100 m, Kanton Tessin Lepidoptera Macroheterocera

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 2000:
The moth fauna of Magadino plain, 196-210 m, Ticino canton, 1980-1995 Lepidoptera Macroheterocera Zur Nachtgrossfalterfauna der Magadino-Ebene, 196-210 m, Kanton Tessin, 1980-1995 Lepidoptera Macroheterocera

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 2006:
The moth fauna of Medeglia Isone valley, 700m, Ticino canton, south Switzerland Lepidoptera Macroheterocera Zur Nachtgrossfalterfauna von Medeglia Val dIsone, 700m, Kanton Tessin, Suedschweiz Lepidoptera Macroheterocera

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 2003:
The moth fauna of the Bern lakes area Ins, agricultural school 433 m Lepidoptera Macroheterocera Zur Nachtgrossfalterfauna vom Berner Seeland Ins, Landwirtschafliche Schule, 433 m Lepidoptera Macroheterocera

Riemis, Alex., 1996:
The moth fauna of the Turnhoutian Kempen Lepidoptera De nachtvlinderfauna van de Turnhoutse Kempen Lepidoptera

Maes, Boudewijn., 2006:
The moth fauna of the provincial domain Puyenbroeck near Wachtebeke De nachtvlinderfauna van het provinciaal domein Puyenbroeck te Wachtebeke

Odalia-Rimoli, A.; Otta, E., 1997:
The mother-infant spatial relationship as a measure of the development of the offsprings independence in the muriqui Brachyteles arachnoides A relacao espacial entre mae-infante como medida do processo de independencia do filhote muriqui Brachyteles arachnoides

Scalercio, S.; Infusino, M., 2003:
The moths of fosso Scuotrapiti, Angitolas lake Calabria, Southern Italy Lepidoptera I macrolepidotteri di fosso Scuotrapiti, lago dellAngitola Calabria, Italia meridionale Lepidoptera

Scalercio, Stefano., 1999:
The moths of the Vincese Tuscany - Italy Lepidoptera Macrolepidotteri notturni catturati nel Vincese Toscana - Italia Lepidoptera

Low, Rosemary., 2002:
The moult of parrots Ueber die Mauser bei Papageien

Sever, Lutz., 1997:
The moulting of an adult female Centruroides spec from Guatemala Hautung eines adulten Weibchens von Centruroides spec ex Guatemala

Seifert, Konstantin., 1996:
The moulting process in the bird eating spider Der Hautungsverlauf bei Vogelspinnen

Garcia, F.J., 2004:
The mountain cat Felis silvestris Schreber, 1775 El gato montes Felis silvestris Schreber, 1775

Slotta-Bachmayr, L.; Loidl, B.; Winding, N., 1997:
The mountain hare Lepus timidus varronis in the Hohe Tauern massif distribution, moulting pattern, morphology and reproduction Der Alpenschneehase Lepus timidus varronis in den Hohen Tauern Verbreitung, Umfarbung, Morphologie und Reproduktion

Shishikin, AS., 1988:
The mountain hare in Central Siberia

Aretz, Kathrin., 2005:
The mountain hares and snowshoe hares Life and endangerment in the High North Schnee-und Schneeschuhhasen Leben und Gefahren im Hohen Norden

Evangelista, P., 2006:
The mountain nyala - a threatened species from the Ethiopian mountains Der Bergnyala - ein bedrohter Endemit aus den aethiopischen Bergen

Rios-Uzeda, B.; Wallace, R.B.; Vargas, J., 2004:
The mountain paca Cuniculus taczanowskii, Rodentia, Cuniculidae a new mammal record for Bolivia La Jayupa de la altura Cuniculus taczanowskii, Rodentia, Cuniculidae un nuevo registro de mamifero para la fauna de Bolivia

Pfefer, Franz., 2001:
The mountain parakeet - not a bird for beginners Der Zitronensittich - kein Vogel fuer Anfaenger

Pfeffer, Franz., 1997:
The mountain parakeet - not a species for beginners Bolborhynchus a rubrirostris Der Rotschnabelsittich - kein Vogel fur Anfanger Bolborhynchus a rubirostris

Sankaran, R., 1990:
The mountain quail, a preliminary survey

Tzalkin, V.I., 1951:
The mountain sheep of Europe and Asia

Grossmann, W.; Tillack, F., 2004:
The mountain snail snake Asthenodipsas vertebralis Boulenger, 1900 in its biotope and in the terrarium Squamata Colubridae Pareatinae systematics/taxonomy Die Bergschneckennatter Asthenodipsas vertebralis Boulenger, 1900 im Biotop und Terrarium Squamata Colubridae Pareatinae

Fischer, Wolfgang., 2000:
The mourning dove Die Carolinataube

Beaucournu, J.-Claude.; Kock, D.; Menier, K., 1997:
The mouse Mus musculus L, 1758, is it a primitive host of the flea Leptopsylla segnis Schonherr, 1811 Insecta Siphonaptera? La souris Mus musculus L, 1758 est-elle lhote primitif de la puce Leptopsylla segnis Schonherr, 1811 Insecta Siphonaptera?

Vicens, P.; Rebassa, M., 2005:
The moustached warbler Acrocephalus melanopogon at the Albufera de Mallorca La boscarla mostatxuda Acrocephalus melanopogon a sAlbufera de Mallorca

Bertarelli, Claudio., 1999:
The moustached warbler Taxonomic profile Il forapaglie castagnolo, scheda tassonomica

Stawikowski, Rainer., 2003:
The mouth brooding Satanoperca jurupari complex Maulbruetende Teufelsangeln

Stawikowsi, Rainer., 2003:
The mouth brooding Satanoperca leucosticta Maulbruetende Teufelsangeln

Staeck, Wolfgang., 2003:
The mouth-brooding Gymnogeophagus species Die maulbruetenden Gymnogeophagus-Arten

D.L.llo, E.; Aldini, P., 1994 :
The mouthparts of Typhlodromus exhilaratus Ragusa Acari Phytoseiidae females Contributo alla conoscenza delle parti boccali in femmine di Typhlodromus exhilaratus Ragusa Acari Phytoseiidae

Baez-Szelepka, I.; Fierros-Lopez, H.; Perez-Politron, D., 1994:
The mouthparts of insects Aparato bucal de insectos

Ludwig, P.; Smola, U.; Melzer, R.R., 1996:
The mouthparts of worm-lions Vermileo vermileo L and their function Diptera, Vermileonidae Die Mundwerkzeuge des Wurmlowen Vermileo vermileo L und ihre Funktion Diptera, Vermileonidae

Gewecke, M.; Odendahl, A., 2004:
The movement apparatus of the antennae of the dragonfly species Orthetrum cancellatum Odonata Libellulidae Der Bewegungsapparat der Antermen des Grossen Blaupfeils Orthetrum cancellatum Odonata Libellulidae

Pavlova, EV.; Tsareva, LV., 1975:
The movement of Calanus helgolandicus Claus according to cine film data

Innes, M., 1990:
The movement of auks off Peterhead, Grampian

Schmalz, W.; Schmalz, M., 2006:
The movement of fishes from dams - a problem or not? Abwanderung von Fischen aus Stauhaltung - k ein Problem?

Feizullaev, NA., 1972:
The movement of redia and the encystment of cercariae in Hyptiasmus oculeus Trematoda, Cyclocoelidae

Tamar, H., 1967:
The movements and responses of Halteria grandinella

Wagner, G.; Schwab, W., 2000:
The movements of carrion crows Corvus corone corone to their roost and their dependence of external and internal factors A study at a roost near Bern Die Schlafplatzfluege von Rabenkraehen Corvus corone corone und ihre Abhaengigkeit von aeusseren und inneren Zeitgebern Studie an einem winterlichen Schlafplatz bei Bern

Michaud, Robert., 1990:
The movements, behaviour and distribution of the beluga in the St Lawrence Mouvements, comportements et zones frequentees par le beluga du Saint-Laurent

Rieck, Werner., 2005:
The moving and eventful life of Dr Rudolf Mell 1878-1970 Das bewegte and ereignisreiche Leben des Dr phil hc Rudolf Mell 1878-1970

Schonmann, Hans., 1999:
The moving history of Romberg near Sendelbach Lohr am Main, Main-Spessart district Die bewegte Geschichte des Rombergs bei Sendelbach Lohr am Main, Landkreis Main-Spessart

Kazanowska, W., 1962:
The mucous membrane of the uterus of experimental animals following intravaginal infection with Trichomonas vaginalis

Ramos Gonzaga, Sebastiao., 1998:
The mud collecting behaviour of Melipona quadrifasciata quadrifasciata Lepeletier and Melipona quadrifasciata anthidioides Lepeletier Apidae, Meliponinae Sobre o comportamento de coleta de barro em Melipona quadrifasciata quadrifasciata Lepeletier e Melipona quadrifasciata anthidioides Lepeletier Apidae, Meliponinae

Geertsma, Francesca., 2001:
The mud filter aquarium - a new reef aquarium method Das Schlammfilteraquarium Eine neue Riffaquaristikmethode

Solovyev, V.F., 1952:
The mud volcano Banka Livanova in the Caspian Sea

de Batist, Peter., 2001:
The mudskipper Mowade mbakhire

Maes, Jean-Michel., 1999 :
The mullerian mimetic group of Dryas iulia, Eueides aliphera and Eueides lineata Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Heliconiinae in Nicaragua El grupo mimetico mulleriano Dryas iulia, Eueides aliphera y Eueides lineata Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Heliconiinae en Nicaragua

Abos, Francisco Pedro., 2002:
The multicultive system and the field margins, maintains the biological diversity in agrosystems El pluricultivo y la presencia de margenes mantienen la diversidad biologica en los agrosistemas

Schleich, HH.; Gassner, P., 1994:
The multilayered egg shell of Testudo Reptilia Testudines, Testudinidae Multiple Eischalenbildung bei Testudo Reptilia Testudines, Testudinidae

Viglianisi, F.Massimo, 2004:
The multimedia of natural history museums opportunities and challenges La multimedialita nei musei naturalistici opportunita e sfida

Lamotte, Maxime., 1997:
The multiple meanings of the word adaptation in biology Inaugural conference Les sens multiples du mot adaptation en biologie Conference inaugruale

Lapin, I., 1956:
The muridae of Latvia

Kiknadze, I.I., 1958:
The muscular apparatus in the oogenesis of Cyclops

Schmidt, Dieter., 1999:
The museum desert Die Wuste im Museum

Eckloff, W.; Futing, S., 1999:
The museum years 1992 to 1998 Die Museumsjahre 1992 bis 1998

Ates, Ron., 2001:
The mushroom coral, Polyphyllia talpina Lamarck, 1801 Inglezool, Polyphyllia talpina Lamarck, 1801

Ferragut, F.; Gea, FJ.; Garcia-Morras, JA., 1997:
The mushroom mite Brennandania lambi Krczal Acari Pygmephoroidea introduction in Spain, economic importance and distinction of related species El acaro del champinon Brennandania lambi Krczal Acari Pygmephoroidea introduccion en Espana, importancia economica y separacion de especies afines

Hindley, D., 1990:
The music of birdsong

Riede, K.; Stueben, P.E., 2000:
The musical Acalles Observations on the stridulations of Cryptorhynchinae of the Canaries Coleoptera Curculionoidea Cryptorhynchinae - study 13 Die musikalischen Acallen Beobachtungen zur Stridulation bei den Cryptorhynchinae von den Kanaren Coleoptera Curculionoidea Cryptorhynchinae - Studie 13

Kleukers, R.; Kerkhof, W., 2001:
The musicians of the dune region Muzikanten van het duin

Henrikson, L., 2006:
The muskrat as predator on freshwater mussels in Sweden Bisam - en vaxtatare med smak for musslor

Schneider, Uwe., 2004:
The muskrat conquers the Wadden Sea Der Bisam erobert das Wattenmeer

Sokolov, VE.; Lavrov, NP., 1993:
The muskrat morphology, systematics, ecology

Marenzi, A.W.C.; Branco, J.O., 2005:
The mussel Perna perna Linnaeus Bivalvia, Mytilidae in culture at the Armacao of the Itapocoroy, Santa Catarina, Brazil O mexilhao Perna perna Linnaeus Bivalvia, Mytilidae em cultivo na Armacao do Itapocoroy, Santa Catarina, Brasil

Kerckhof, F.; Houziaux, J.-Sebastien., 2006:
The mussel species Barnea parva Pennant, 1777 Mollusca, Bivalvia, autochthonous occurrence in the Belgian part of the North Sea De kleine boormossel Barnea parva Pennant, 1777 Mollusca, Bivalvia autochtoon in het Belgisch deel van de Noordzee

Valledor de Lozoya, Arturo., 2000:
The mussels from the Imperial Canal of Aragon Nayades del Canal Imperial de Aragon

Minnigerode, Bernhard., 1998:
The mutation question from the view point of dynamic systems lacking equilibrium and linearity Die Mutationsfrage vom Gesichtspunkt dynamischer Systeme fern vom Gleichgewicht und unter Einfluss von Nichtlinearitat

Nagel, Karl-Heinz., 1999:
The mute swan Cygnus olor as an active fish hunter Hoeckerschwaene Cygnus olor als aktive Fischjaeger

Tichy, Herbert., 2006:
The mute swan Cygnus olor, Gmelin 1789 population on the Lenesice pond Vyvoj populace labute velke Cygnus olor, Gmelin 1789 na rybniku v Lenesicich

Gloe, Peter., 1998:
The mute swan Cygnus olor as a breeding bird in southern Spain Hockerschwane Cygnus olor als Brutvogel in Sudspanien

Collins, R.; Whelan, J., 1990:
The mute swan in Dublin

Vidal, Armin., 2005:
The mute swan population Cygnus olor in the Regensburg area in 2002 Der Bestand des Hoeckerschwans Cygnus olor im Raum Regensburg im Jahre 2002

Kraaijeveld, Ken., 2002:
The mutual adoration of the crested grebe De wederzijdse liefde van de fuut

Wagner, Marion., 1995:
The mynahs - their frequent illnesses and treatment with homeopathic methods 2 Der Beo - seine haufigsten Erkrankungen und die Behandlung mit naturheilkundlichen Methoden 2

Jeffery, W.R.; Swalla, B.J., 1990 :
The myoplasm of ascidian eggs: a localized cytoskeletal domain with multiple roles in embryonic development

Cupul-Magana, F.German, 2004:
The myrmecofauna Hymenoptera Formicidae common to the El Salado marsh and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico Mirmecofauna Hymenoptera Formicidae comun del estero El Salado y Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Dauber, J.; Eisenbeis, G., 1996:
The myrmecofauna Hymenoptera Formicidae of the Hollenberg area near Mainz Die Ameisenfauna Hymenoptera Formicidae des Hollenbergs bei Mainz

Dauber, J.; Eisenbeis, G., 1997:
The myrmecofauna of an urban landscape Untersuchungen zur Ameisenfauna einer urbanen Landschaft am Beispiel der Stadt Mainz

Fontenla, Jorge L., 1999:
The myrmecofauna of the National Botanical Garden Mirmecofauna del Jardin Botanico Nacional

Deynat, Pascal P., 2000:
The myrmecoid denticles , a new diagnostic character for the Rajidae Chondrichthyes, Batoidea Les denticules myrmecoides, un nouveau caractere diagnostique pour les Rajidae Chondrichthyes, Batoidea

Drees, Michael., 1999:
The myrmecophily of Atheta myrmecobia and Othius myrmecophilus Staphylinidae Zur Myrmekophilie Atheta myrmecobia und Othius myrmecophilus Staphylinidae

Pfeuffer, Eberhard., 1998:
The myrmecophily of Lycaeides idas L Observations on the banks of the Lech dam in the Lower Lech valley Zur Myrmekophilie des Idas-Blaulings Lycaeides idas L Beobachtungen an den Dammen der Lechstaustufen im Unteren Lechtal

Lundberg, S.; Svensson, J., 2004:
The mysid shrimp Hemimysis anomala GO Sars documented in Sweden Rod immigrant fran oster

Casanova, Jean-Paul., 1997 :
The mysidaceans, Lophogastrida Crustacea of Mozambique Channel Madagascan coast Les mysidaces Lophogastrida Crustacea du canal de Mozambique cote de Madagascar

Vincent, T.; Noel, P.-Yves., 2002:
The mysids and decapods captured, collected and observed between 1978 and 2000 in the port of Le Havre Seine-Maritime, France Les mysidaces et decapodes captures, collectes et observes entre 1978 et 2000 dans le port du Havre Seine-Maritime, France

Ploeger, Sven., 1994:
The mysterious Crenicichla saxatilis Linnaeus, 1758 Ratselhafte Crenicichla saxatilis Linnaeus, 1758

Buskirk, James., 2002:
The mysterious Mexican spotted box turtle, Terrapene nelsoni Stejneger, 1925 Geheimnisvolle Terrapene nelsoni Stejneger, 1925, Nelsons Dosenschildkroete

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The mysterious Pyrenean lynx El misterioso lince de los Pirineos

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The mysterious life of caves and caverns La vie mysterieuse des grottes et des cavernes

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The mysterious life of the capercaillie 20 years of research in central Engadin Geheimnisvolles Leben des Auerhuhns 20 Jahre Auerhuhnforschung im mittleren Engadin

Burger, Alfons., 1997:
The mysterious mollusc horn - the trumpet of Vishnus A short history of snail trumpets 2 Das geheimisvolle Muschelhorn - die Trompete Vishnus Eine kleine Kulturgeschichte der Schneckentrompeten 2

Rehak, Ivan., 1995:
The mysterious teju Dracaena guaianensis Tajemny teju Dracaena guaianensis

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The mysterious tracks of quadrupeds Die geheimnisvollen Spuren des Handtieres

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The mystery of air vortices Luftvirvlarnas gata

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The mystery of sea urchin camouflage Das Ratsel der Seeigelkleidung

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The mystery of the Isle of Mans endangered grasshopper

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The mystery of the Sophora tree moth

Parker, V., 1990:
The mystery pipits

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The myth of a lake dwelling, deepwater cyprinid the pearlfish Rutilus meidingeri Heckel, 1851 - its habitat use and food in lake Mondsee, Austria Der Perlfisch Rutilus meidingeri Heckel, 1851, ein Tiefwasserbewohner unserer Seen Mythos oder Wahrheit? - Seine Habitatnutzung und Nahrungs- wahl im Mondsee

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The myth of snakes Mythos Schlange

Alves Pereira, Glauco., 2005:
The myth of the dark-billed cuckoo Coccyzus melacoryphus Veillot 1817 in Pernambuco Mito de que o papa-lagartas Coccyzus melacoryphus Veillot 1817 atrai lagartas no interior de Pernambuco

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The myths of the anaconda Mythos Anakonda

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The myxomycetes in the Rhone department Les myxomycetes dans le departement du Rhone

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The naiad of Brechmorhoga praecox Hagen, 1861, and notes on the naiads of B rapax Calvert, 1898, B vivax Calvert, 1906 and B mendax Hagen, 1861 Odonata Libellulidae La nayade de Brechmorhoga praecox Hagen, 1861, y notas sobre las nayades de B rapax Calvert, 1898, B vivax Calvert, 1906 y B mendax Hagen, 1861 Odonata Libellulidae

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The naiads of River Ebro Les naiades al riu Ebre

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The naked snails of Gesaeuse Enns valley, Styria Die Nacktschnecken des Gesaeuses Ennstal, Styria

Etzel, V., 1998:
The name Roloffia will not disappear as long as killiphiles remain Le nom Roloffia ne disparaitra pas car les killiphiles restent

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The names of birds Los nombres de las aves

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The names of native fish - an etymological search through the evidence 19 Spined loach Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche 19 Steinbeisser

Petz-Glechner, R., 2005:
The names of our fish - an etymological analysis 13 Roach and the redeye Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche 13 Rotauge und Rotfeder

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The names of our fish - an etymological analysis 7 Grayling Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche 7 Aesche

Petz-Glechner, R., 2007:
The names of our fish - an etymological analysis Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologisch Spurensuche

Petz-Glechner, R., 2004:
The names of our fish - an etymological analysis Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche

Petz-Glechner, R., 2007:
The names of our fish - an etymological study 20 The tench Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche 20 Schleie

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The names of our fish - an etymological treasure-hunt 18 Catfish Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologiche Spurensuche 18 Welse

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The names of our fish - an etymological view 11 Barbel Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche 11 Barbe

Petz-Glechner, R., 2005:
The names of our fish - etymological aspects 12 The freshwater sculpin Die Namen unserer Fische - eine ettmologische Spurensuche 12 Koppe

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The names of our fish - etymological background 15 The gudgeon, long-whiskered gudgeon, white-finned gudgeon and Dnestr long-whiskered gudgeon Die Namen unserer Fische - ein eytmologische Spurensuche 15 Gruendling, Steingressling, Weissflossengruendling und Kessler-Gruendling

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The names of our fish - etymological investigation 22 Bream Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche 22 Brachse

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The names of our fishes - an etymological analysis Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche

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The names of our fishes - an etymological profile Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche

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The names of our fishes - an etymological search Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche

Petz-Glechner, R., 2003:
The names of our fishes - etymological tracking 4 Pike Die Namen unserer Fische - eine etymologische Spurensuche 4 Hecht

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The names of taxa in the family-group of Aphididae Hemiptera Les noms des taxa du groupe-famille chez les Aphididae Hemiptera

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The naming of the beasts natural history in the medieval bestiary

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The nanofitoplankton of Vita and Jururu Bays, Cuba El nanofitoplancton de las bahias de Vita y Jururu, Cuba

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The narrow whorlsnail Vertigo angustior in the Netherlands Mollusca Gastropoda De nauwe korfslak Vertigo angustior in Nederland Mollusca Gastropoda

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The narrow-mouthed frogs of Vietnam family Microhylidae Die Engmaulfroesche Vietnams Familie Microhylidae

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The national bird census for 1990 SAO Censo nacional de aves 1990 SAO

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The national butterfly recording scheme in Finland NAFI results in 1998 Valtakunnallisen paivaperhosseurannan vuoden 1998 tulokset

Saarinen, K.; Marttila, O., 2000:
The national butterfly recording scheme in Finland NAFI results in 1999 Valtakunnallisen paivaperhosseurannan vuoden 1999 tulokset

del Moral, J.C.rlos.; Palacios, C.-Javier., 2002:
The national census of the Egyptian vulture Il censo nacional de alimoche

Isaksen, K., 2002:
The national distribution-mapping project on mammals in Norway status in the last season with data collection Prosjekt Pattedyratlas - status i siste sesong med datainnsamling

Anonymous., 2006:
The national landscapes in Thuringia Die Nationalen Naturlandschaften in Thueringen

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The national park Saechsische Schweiz in Saxony Der Nationalpark Saechsische Schweiz in Sachsen

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The national park at the Neusiedler See Hungary and Austria Park narodowy nad Jeziorem Nezyderskim Wegry Austria

Karem, Abdelhamid., 2003:
The national parks of Tunisia Les Parcs Nationaux de Tunisie

de Arcila Fernandez, R.F.rnandez.; Perera Puga, A.; Estrada Estrada, R.; Ruiz Hernandez, P.; Hernandez Hernandez, E., 2001:
The national system of protected areas of Cuba El Sistema Nacional de Areas Protegidas de Cuba

Kaltenegger, Dieter., 2006:
The native European pond turtle Emys orbicularis and the rising problem of illegal release of red-eared slider Trachemys scripta elegans Die heimische Europaeische Sumpfschildkroete Emys orbicularis und die zunehmende Problematik durch illegal ausgesetzte Rotwangen-Schmuck- schildkroeten Trachemys scripta elegans

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The native cockroaches of Somogy county Blattodea Ectobiidae Somogy megye erdeicsotanyai Blattodea Ectobiidae

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The native freshwater crayfish in the province of Granada El cangrejo de rio autoctono en la provincia de Granada

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The native ungulates of South America Los ungulados nativos de America del Sur

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The natterjack Bufo calamita as a biocoenotic and environmental indicator model species for the ecological shaping of reusable industry fallows and mining areas Die Kreuzkroete Bufo calamita als biozoenotische und umweltpaedagogische Leitart fuer die oekologische Gestaltung wiederzunutzender Industriebrachen und Bergehalden

Muench, Detlef., 2001:
The natterjack population under roofing felt A contribution to integrated species protection on a reusable industrial wasteland by example of the mine slagheap in Dortmund-Ellinghausen Die Kreuzkroeten-Population unter der Dachteerpappe Ein Beitrag zum integrierten Artenschutz zuf wiederzunutzenden Industriebrachen am Beispiel der Berghalde in Dortmund-Ellinghausen

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The natterjack toad Bufo calamita Laur - ecology of a disappearing species Die Kreuzkroete Bufo calamita Laur - Oekologie einer verschwindenden Art

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The natterjack toad - colonization of artificial spawning waters in the Bavarian Donaumoos Die Kreuzkrote - Besiedlung von Ersatzlaichgewassern im bayerischen Donaumoos

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The natterjack toad Bufo calamita as a biozone indicator for the ecological development of reusable industrial land - represented by the blast furnace works area Phoenix in Dortmund Die Kreuzkroete Bufo calamita als biozoenotische Leitart fuer die oekologische Entwicklung von wiedernutzenden Industriebrachen - dargestellt an der Hochofenwerksflaeche Phoenix in Dortmund

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The natterjack toad as a dominant species in the urban industrial agglomeration in the Ruhr area North Rhine-Westphalia Die Kreuzkrote als Leitart des urban-industriellen Ballungsraumes im Ruhrgebiet NRW

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The natterjack toad in Bavaria Die Kreuzkrote in Bayern

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The natural and cultural history of the wolf Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758 in Asturias Historia natural y cultural del lobo Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758 en el principado de Asturias

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The natural and ornithological reserves in Belgium Les reserves naturelles et ornithologiques de Belgique

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The natural aquarium Het naturalistisch aquarium

Hiekel, W.; Fritzlar, F.; Noellert, A.; Westhus, W., 2004:
The natural areas of Thuringia Die Naturraeume Thueringens

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The natural cause of extensive black spots in the mudflats of Norderney in the extreme winter 1995/1996 - a critical view Uber naturliche Ursachen grossflachiger Schwarzer Flecken im Wattenmeer von Norderney im extremen Winter 1995/96 - eine kritische Betrachtung

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The natural development of Gruber Forest reserve, Guestrow district Zur Naturausstattung des NSG Gruber Forst, Landkreis Guestrow

Holman, J., 2002:
The natural enemies of San Jose scale Quadraspidiotus perniciosus Comstock from the order Hymenoptera in the Czech Republic Prirozeni nepratele stitenky zhoubne Quadraspidiotus perniciosus Comstock z radu blanokridlych Hymenoptera v Ceske Republice

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The natural enemies of grape berry moth in Venetian vineyards I nemici naturali della tignoletta delluva nei vigneti del Veneto

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The natural enemies of the pests of pea Prirodzeni nepriatella skodcov hrachu

Zisheng, Q., 1990:
The natural environment of the giant panda

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The natural habitats of Pterophyllum scalare Die natuerlichen Lebensraeume von Pterophyllum scalare

Staeck, Wolfgang., 2002:
The natural habitats of the angelfish Die natuerlichen Lebensraeume des Skalar

Gargominy, O., 2005:
The natural heritage national inventory the Paris museum as a reference centers for data on nature Linventaire national du patrimoine naturel le museum comme centre de reference des donnees sur la nature

Lueckmann, J., 2001:
The natural history and anthropogenic relationships of Meloidae Coleoptera Zur Natur und Kulturgeschichte der Meloiden Coleoptera

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The natural history collection of Giuseppe Sigismondo Ala Ponzone 1761-1842 La collezione naturalistica di Giuseppe Sigismondo Ala Ponzone 1761-1842

Palermo, Luca Massenzio., 2003:
The natural history museum and the work of artists - a new use of the museum Il Museo di Storia Naturale e lesperienza degli artisti, per una nuova fruizione del museo

Gregor, H.J.; Moosburger, G., 2004:
The natural history museum of the Akademie in Dillingen adDonau - I list and texts relating to the exhibition windows Das Naturhistorische Museum der Akademie in Dillingen adDonau - I Verzeichnis und Texte aller Ausstellungsvitrinen

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The natural history of Cabrera Archipelago Historia natural de lArxipelag de Cabrera

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The natural history of Merawah Island

Ricciuti, E., 1990:
The natural history of North America

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The natural history of Pampagrande municipality A locality typical of the Interandean valleys of Bolivia Historia natural del municipio de Pampagrande Una localidad tipica de los valles interandinos de Bolivia

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The natural history of Piabucina sp Pisces, Lebiasinidae in the basin of the River La Vieja, high Cauca Historia natural del rollizo Piabucina sp Pisces, Lebiasinidae en la cuenca del rio La Vieja, alto Cauca

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The natural history of herbivory on mangrove trees in and near Singapore

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The natural history of the Fish-eating bat, Pizonyx vivesi

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The natural history of the Isle of Wight

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The natural history of the Malaspina Expedition in the scientific context of its time Fauna and flora of Uruguay La historia natural de la Expedicion Malaspina en el contexto cientifico de la epoca Fauna y flora del Uruguay

Ylla i Ullastre, Josep., 1997:
The natural history of the moth Graellsia isabelae Graells, 1849 Historia natural del lepidopter Graellsia isabelae Graells, 1849

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