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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38789

Chapter 38789 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rangel, M.G.adalupe.; Mellink, E., 1993:
The natural history of the white-throated rat Neotoma albigula in the Mexican plateau Historia natural de la rata magueyera Neotoma albigula en el altiplano Mexicano

Bastin, J., 1990:
The natural history researches of Dr Thomas Horsfield 1773-1859 First American naturalist of Indonesia

Kudrna, Otakar., 2002:
The natural immigration of Colias erate Esper, 1805 to central Europe Ueber die natuerliche Einwanderung von Colias erate Esper, 1805 nach Mitteleuropa

Panin, V.Y., 1957:
The natural infection of prosthogonimosis in fowl

Lejeune, M.; Kurstjens, G., 1999:
The natural pasturage of a site of Frayere du Petit Gravier Netherlands, southern Limbourg and recent floral and faunal developments Le paturage naturel sur le site de la Frayere du Petit Gravier Pays-Bas, Limbourg meridional et les developpements recents de la flore et de la faune

Ciurescu, Stefan., 1997:
The natural reserve Lunca Siretului Rezervatia naturala ornitologica Lunca Siretului - Vrancea

Gadzhiev, IM.; Zemtsov, AA., 1991:
The natural resources of Tomsk Region

Voronov, G.A. ., 1990:
The natural resources of the Western-Uralsk Non-Black Earth Region, their rational utilization and conservation

Szinetar, Miklos., 2003:
The natural world in Kormend and its surroundings Kormend es kornyekenek elovilaga

Imetkhenov, AB.; Boikov, TG.; Tsybzhitov, T.Kh.; Yumov, BO.; Matveichuk, SA., 1990:
The natural world of the Trans-Baikal National Park

Kraus, M.; Blank, S.K., 1998:
The naturalist Eduard Enslin 1879-1970 Der Naturforscher Eduard Enslin 1879-1970

Manganelli, G.; Cianfanelli, S., 2002:
The naturalist Marianna Paulucci Marianna Paulucci naturalista

Rollinat, Raymond., 2006:
The naturalist Rene Martin taken from Journal du Departemente de lIndre, Saturday 24th July 1926 M Rene Martin naturaliste extrait du Journal du Departemente de lIndre du samedi 24 juillet 1926

Pacheco, J.F.rnando.; Parrini, R., 1999:
The naturalist activity of Herbert Franzoni Berla 1912-1985, ornithologist and acarologist of the National Museum A atividade naturalistica de Herbert Franzoni Berla 1912-1985, ornitologo e acarologista do Museu Nacional

Tongiorgi Tomasi, L.; Tongiorgi, P., 1997:
The naturalist and the priest Observations on the nature studies and pictures of the natural world in Francesco Redis work Il naturalista e il cappellano Osservazione della natura e immagini dal naturale in Francesco Redi

Bernardi, Walter., 1997:
The naturalist for the grand duke The career of a scientist and poet from Arezzo at the Medici court Il naturalista del Granduca La carriera di uno scienziato e poeta aretino alla corte dei Medici

Estaban Pozo, Javier., 1995:
The naturalist group Monfrague creates artificial feeding stations for vultures El grupo naturalista Monfrague crea comederos artificiales para buitres

Saville Kent, W., 1897:
The naturalist in Australia

Casado, Santos., 2002:
The naturalists and Guadarrama Los naturalistas y el Guadarrama

Hudec, Karel., 2004:
The naturalization of exotic bird species in the Czech Republic Die Einbuergerung fremder Vogelarten in Tschechien

Systra, YuI.; Shustov, YuA., 1995:
The nature and ecosystems of Paanayarvskii National Park

Bownes, M., 1990:
The nature and origin of ecdysteroids during Drosophila metamorphosis

Geiger, C.; Lippuner, M.; Meier, C.; Schmocker, H.; Weidmann, P., 2001:
The nature conservation area Siechenstuden biodiversity 10 years after its formation Naturschutzgebiet Siechenstuden Artenvielfalt 10 Jahre nach seiner Gestaltung

Niedling, Andreas., 2004:
The nature conservation project Franken SandAchse and notes on occurrences of typical psammophilous carabids within the project area Das Naturschutzprojekt SandAchse Franken sowie Anmerkungen zum Vorkommen sandtypischer Laufkaefer im Regnitzbecken

Iucn., 1990:
The nature of Botswana A guide to conservation and development

Tasker, A. ., 1990:
The nature of Warwickshire The wildlife and natural history of Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull

Yarzhombek, A., 1975:
The nature of fishs swimming speed

Sitko, P.O., 1968:
The nature of heterosis

Fasolo, Aldo., 1991:
The nature of likeness The origins and evolution of the nervous system La natura delle somiglianze Il sistema nervoso nelleredita e nell evoluzione

Kruszelnicki, Jerzy., 2000:
The nature of the Masurian Landscape Park Przyroda Mazurskiego Parku Krajobrazowego

Fernandez-Lopez, Sixto Rafael., 2000:
The nature of the fossil record and the analysis of extinctions La naturaleza del registro fosil y el analisis de las extinciones

Graevski, E.Y.; Otchinskaya, G.K.; Shaak, M.V., 1952:
The nature of the photo-dynamic process Paramecium

Kovalev, Vitalij., 2001:
The nature preserves of Caucasia and their contribution to biodiversity Die Naturschutzgebiete Kaukasiens und ihr Beitrag fuer den Erhalt der Biodiversitaet

Brandt, T.; Juelch, C.; Wasmer, K., 2004:
The nature protection area of Meissendorf ponds/Bannetz Moor in Lower Saxony Das Naturschutzgebiet Meissendorfer Teiche/Bannetzer Moor in Niedersachsen

Zimmermann, Peter., 1997:
The nature protection areas of the Calw district northern Black Forest Contribution to the herpetofauna and grasshopper and odonate fauna Die Naturschutzgebiete im Landkreis Calw Nordschwarzwald Beitrag zur Herpeto-, Heuschrecken- und Libellenfauna

Veselii, Y., 1957:
The nature protection in Czekhoslovakia

Nikitina, E.V.; Yanushevich, AI., 1957:
The nature protection in Kirgizia

Hickler, T.; Schmoll, T.; Walther, R., 1997:
The nature protection potential of the central area in the Jena orchid region project - central Saale valley shell lime slopes Das Naturschutzpotential eines Kerngebietes im Grossprojekt Orchideenregion Jena - Muschelkalkhange im Mittleren Saaletal

Vogt, T.; Forster, B., 2001:
The nature protection status in West Bali national park Zur Naturschutzsituation im West-Bali-Nationalpark

Schneider, Heinz-Gunther., 1997:
The nature reserve Ederknie am Auhammer bei Battenberg is of great importance to the overwintering waterbirds in the Upper Eder valley NSG Ederknie am Auhammer bei Battenberg erlangte grosse Bedeutung fur uberwinternde Wasservogel im oberen Edertal

Krumbiegel, A.; Partzsch, M.; Pellmann, H.; Warnke-Gruttner, R., 1997:
The nature reserve Langes Holz and Radeland County of Torgau-Oschatz an example of the importance of remaining nature-like habitats in a landscape marked by intensive agricultural use Das NSG Langes Holz und Radeland Landkreis Torgau-Oschatz, ein Beispiel fur die Bedeutung naturnaher Restflachen in einer ausgeraumten Agrarlandschaft

Richter, Fritz., 2002:
The nature reserve Orbishoehe at Auerbach and Zwingenberg Das Naturschutzgebiet Orbishoehe von Auerbach und Zwingenberg

Richter, Fritz., 1998:
The nature reserve Schannenbacher Moor Das Naturschutzgebiet Schannenbacher Moor

Dittmann, Christian., 2002:
The nature reserve Schwanheimer Duene in Frankfurt am Main efficiency monitoring Das Naturschutzgebiet Schwanheimer Dune in Frankfurt am Main eine Effizienzkontrolle

Rubenser, Herbert., 2002:
The nature reserve Stadlerwiese, a jewel in the current landscape developed by man Das Naturschutzgebiet Stadlerwiese, ein Kleinod in der heutigen Kulturlandschaft

Arenhoevel, C.; Pradella, G., 2003:
The nature reserve Suedhang Ettersberg Das Naturschutzgebiet Suedhang Ettersberg

Ernst, M., 2003:
The nature reserve called formerly August-Euler-airport near Darmstadt as a biotope of lepidopterans typical for sandy meadows Das Naturschutzgebiet Ehemaliger August-Euler-Flugplatz von Darmstadt als Lebensraum sandrasentypischer Lepidopteren

Grange, Patrick., 2001:
The nature reserve of Bois-en-Val at Charleville-Mezieres La reserve naturelle volontaire du Bois-en-Val a Charleville-Mezieres

Gerlinger, Wilfried., 2002:
The nature reserve of the stony landscape between Weikersheim and Elpersheim in the Main-Tauber district Suggestions for the care and development of the area Das Naturschutzgebiet Steinriegellandschaft zwischen Weikersheim und Elpersheim im Main-Tauber-Kreis Vorschlaege zur Pflege und Entwicklung des Gebietes

Bossneck, U.; Weipert, J., 1997:
The nature reserves of Erfurt, regional capital of Thuringia Part 1 the flora and fauna of the protected area of Kalkhugel Fasanenjagdgebiet Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt Thuringen Teil 1 Flora und Fauna des GLB Kalkhugel und Fasanenjagdgebiet

Casamento, Giulia., 2001:
The nature reserves of Sicily managed by Legambiente a contribution to knowledge on them and conservation Le riserve naturali siciliane gestite da Legambiente un contributo alla conoscenza e alla tutela

Bannikov, A.G., 1970:
The nature reserves of the Soviet Union

Weipert, Jorg., 1997:
The nature reserves of the Thuringian state capital Erfurt, part 2 to the fauna of the GLB Feuchtwiesen und Kleingewasser am Strohbergtumpel and the Oberes Peterbachtal city of Erfurt and district Weimarer Land, Thuringia Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt, Teil 2 Zur Fauna des GLB Feuchtwiesen und Kleingewasser am Strohbergtumpel und des Oberen Peterbachtales Stadt Erfurt und Landkreis Weimarer Land/Thuringen

Weipert, J.; Bossneck, U., 1999:
The nature reserves of the state capital Erfurt Thuringia part 4 flora and fauna of the reserve Lohfinkensee and its surrounding area Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt Thuringen Teil 4 Flora und Fauna des GLB Lohfinkensee und dessen Umgebung

Boessneck, U.; Weipert, J., 2000:
The nature reserves of the state capital Erfurt Thuringia part V flora and fauna of the reserve Grosser und Kleiner Katzenberg Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt Thueringen Teil V Flora und Fauna des GLB Grosser und Kleiner Katzenberg

Weipert, J.; Boessneck, U., 2001:
The nature reserves of the state capital Erfurt Thuringia part VI Flora and fauna of the reserve Dorfstattwiese Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt Thueringen Teil VI Flora und Fauna des GLB Dorfstattwiese

Boessneck, U.; Weipert, J., 2002:
The nature reserves of the state capital Erfurt Thuringia, part VII flora and fauna of the reserve Blosenburg Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt Thueringen Teil VII Flora and Fauna des GLB Blosenburg

Boessneck, U.; Weipert, J., 2004:
The nature reserves of the urban area of Erfurt Thuringia part X flora and fauna of the reserve Haenge am Drosselberg Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt Thueringen Teil X Flora und Fauna des GLB Haenge am Drosselberg

Wiepert, J.; Boessneck, U., 2006:
The nature reserves of the urban area of Erfurt Thuringia, part XI flora and fauna of the reserve Rotor Berg Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt Thueringen Teil XI Flora und Fauna des GLB Roter Berg

Sparmberg, H.; Boessneck, U., 2003:
The nature reserves of the urban area of Erfurt Thuringia, Germany Part IX flora and fauna of the protected area Feuchtwiese Schwansee Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt Thueringen Teil IX Flora und Fauna des GLB Feuchtwiese Schwansee

Weipert, J.; Boessneck, U., 2003:
The nature reserves of urban area of Erfurt Thuringia part VIII flora and fauna of the reserve Strienberg Die Schutzgebiete der Landeshauptstadt Erfurt Thueringen Teil VIII Flora und Fauna des GLB Strienberg

Tintant, H.; Gygi, R.A.; Marchand, D., 2002:
The naulitids of the Upper Jurassic in northern Switzerland Les nautilides du Jurassique superieur de Suisse septentrionale

Histon, Kathleen., 1998:
The nautiloid fauna of the Silurian of the Carnic Alps Die Nautiloideen-Fauna aus dem Silur der Karnischen Alpen

Kobel-Lamparski, A.; Lamparski, F.; Gack, C., 2000:
The necessity of management measures on southern exposed slopes in Kaiserstuhl Zur Notwendigkeit von Pflegeeingriffen auf suedexponierten Sukzessionsboeschungen im Kaiserstuhl

Baumgart, Bernd., 2002:
The necessity of reintroduction of species which have vanished in prehistoric times in Brandenburg - a contribution to the discussion Notwendigkeit der Einfuehrung praehistorisch verschwundener Arten auf offenen Sanderflaechen in Brandenburg - ein Diskussionsbeitrag

Havet, P., 2002:
The necessity to analyze the national hunting bag and conclusions for hunting policy in France 1998-1999 Besoins de recherche et orientations daction resultant de lanalyse de lenquete sur les tableaux de chasse en France 1998-1999

Cobb, N.A.; Steiner, G., 1927:
The need for a more intensive study of certain Aphelenchi

Kaljo, D., 1961:
The need for preservation of fossils

de Lust, R., 1977:
The need for proper biotopes

Kornijow, Ryszard., 1997:
The need for restructuring fish communities in protected lakes Koniecznosc ksztaltowania struktury ichtiofauny w jeziorach chronionych

Kaup, F.J., 2007:
The need of experiments using Primates from a scientific point of view Zur Notwendigkeit von Versuchen an Primaten aus wissenschaftlicher Sicht

Spuris, Zandis., 1995:
The need of revision of the Latvian names of the beetles Coleoptera Nepieciesamiba parlukot vabolu Latviskos nosaukumus

Stempniewicz, L.; Goc, M.; Nitecki, G., 1998:
The need to conduct ecological studies on the cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo in Poland O potrzebie badan ekologicznych nad kormoranem Phalacrocorax carbo w Polsce

Abashkin, S.A., 1964:
The need to consider the interests of hunting in enlarging Lake Chany USSR

Nezdolli, VK.; Sazonov, YuG.; Dubrovskii, AS., 1975:
The negative effects of the Kapchagaisk hydroelectric station on the fish numbers of the River Ilya

Laemmert, A.; Turni, H., 1995:
The neighbour relationships between barn owl and brown bat colonies in the Tubingen district Das nachbarschaftliche Verhaltnis von Schleiereulen und Mausohrkolonien im Kreis Tubingen

Hildebrandt, Stephan., 1996:
The nematode Camallanus - a lengthy affair Der Fraskopfwurm Camallanus - eine langwierige Angelegenheit

Jimenez P., N.; Crozzoli P., R.; Montilla C., J.; Carrasco, A., 2000:
The nematode Meloidogyne hapla associated with damages to Arracacia xanthorrhiza crops in Merida State, Venezuela El nematodo Meloidogyne hapla asociado con danos en el cultivo del apio Arracacia xanthorrhiza en el estado Merida, Venezuela

Dement'eva, SP., 1973:
The nematode fauna in tobacco plants of Moldavia

Salmanov, AA., 1972:
The nematode fauna infesting ground dwelling molluscs in Talish

Kakulia, GA., 1972:
The nematode fauna of Blnstophagus minor and Blastophagus piniperda of the pine forests of Borzhani-Bakuriane

Erzhanova, PK.; Utambetov, A., 1977:
The nematode fauna of clover in Karakalpak

Kozhokaru, GL., 1972:
The nematode fauna of cucumbers and vegetable marrows and methods of combating meloidogynosis without the use of chemical poisons

Bratus, EI., 1976:
The nematode fauna of fields of melons and its dynamics in the development phase

Nesterov, PI.; Lizogubova, LP., 1972:
The nematode fauna of maize biocenoses in Moldavia

Kasimova, G.A.Aliev, R.A., 1971:
The nematode fauna of potatoes in Sheki-Zakatal Zone in Azerbaidjan

Usmanova, AZ.; Adylova, NA., 1976:
The nematode fauna of potatoes in the Ferganskaya district

Koev, GV.; Nesterov, PL.; Verderevskaya, TD., 1971:
The nematode fauna of rhizospheres and population dynamics in phytohelminths of raspberry and blackcurrant plants

Maslennikova, V.F., 1966:
The nematode fauna of rice in Uzbekistan

Abdullayeva, OI., 1976:
The nematode fauna of the beet and its rhizospheres in the conditions of the Syr Dar district

Usmanova, AZ., 1973:
The nematode fauna of the water melon and its root soil in cases of meloidogynosis

Nikolashina, SA., 1976:
The nematode fauna of the water melon in the Bekabad area of the Tashkent district

Nesterov, PI.; Lizogubova, LP., 1971:
The nematode fauna of wheat in central Moldavia

Lisetskaya, LF., 1974:
The nematode fauna of wild roses in Moldavia

Petrov, A.M.; Chertkova, A.N., 1954:
The nematodes of Uzbekistan bats

Kasimova, GA.; Allev, RA., 1972:
The nematodes of some cultivated vegetables of the Sheki-zakatalskoi region of Azerbaidjan

Lemzina, LV., 1990:
The nematodes of the Sary-Chelek Lake

Faasse, M.; D.B.auwe, H., 2003:
The nemertinean Emplectonema gracile Johnston, 1837 in Belgium De snoerworm Emplectonema gracile Johnston, 1837 in Belgie

Elias, Jaroslav., 2003:
The neon tetra Paracheirodon innesi Myers, 1936 Tetra neonova Paracheirodon innesi Myers, 1936

Richter, HJ. , 2004:
The neon tetra Paracheirodon innesi Meyers 1936 De neontetra Paracheirodon innesi Meyers 1936

Quiran, Estela., 2005:
The neotropical genus Brachymyrmex Mayr Hymenoptera Formicidae in Argentina II Redescription of species, B admotus Mayr, B brevicornis Emery and B gaucho Santschi El genero neotropical Brachymyrmex Mayr Hymenoptera Formicidae en la Argentina 11 Redescripcion de las especies B admotus Mayr, de B brevicornis Emery y B gaucho Santschi

Rizzotti Vlach, Massimo., 1999:
The neotype of Sigara basalis Heteroptera, Corixidae Sul neotipo di Sigara basalis Heteroptera, Corixidae

Vidlicka, L.; Majzlan, O., 2002:
The nerve wings Neuroptera in the surroundings of the natural monument Sivy kamen in the village of Podhradie district of Prievidza Sietokridlove Neuroptera okolia prirodnej pamiatky sivy kamen v obci podhradie

Musteikaite, L.V., 1961:
The nerves of the testis, sperm duct and accessory genital glands in the pig

Popov, N.F., 1950:
The nervous centres and their role of regulation of tissue processes

Nyut, D.R., 1955:
The nervous comb and the cephalic skeleton of the lamprey

Roskin, G.I., 1957:
The nervous system of Porifera

Bohm, H.; Eitner, P.; Messai, E.; Heinzel, H.-Georg., 1997:
The nervous system of the crustacean stomach Das Nervensystem des Flusskrebsmagens

Doll, M., 2004:
The nest adoption project on Palawan Das Nestpatenschaftsprojekt auf Palawan

Komar, O.; Lopez de Aquino, S.; Giron, L.E.uardo; Zaldana Fonseca, C.M.nuel, 2005:
The nest and eggs of the buffy-crowned wood-partridge Dendrortyx leucophrys El nido y huevos de la gallina-de-monte Centroamericana Dendrortyx leucophrys

de Nobel, P.; Majoor, F.; Hagemeijer, W., 2000:
The nest atlas project after monitoring nesting success Het nestkaartenproject naar het monitoren van nestsucces

Bochenski, Zygmunt., 1998:
The nest building of penduline tits and its systematic implications Systematyczne implikacje oparte na budowie gniazd remizow

Pannach, Dieter., 2003:
The nest building of the house martin Zum Nestbau der Mehlschwalbe

Simon, J.E.uardo.; Pacheco, S.; Florencio da Silva, N., 1999:
The nest of Synallaxis ruficapilla Furnariidae Descricao do ninho de Synallaxis ruficapilla Vieillot, 1819 Aves Furnariidae

Markiewicz, E.; Zurawlew, P., 1996:
The nest of the buzzard Buteo buteo on the electric pole Gniazdo myszolowa Buteo buteo na slupie wysokiego napiecia

Hajer, Jaromir., 1999:
The nest of the great white egret, Egretta alba Linnaeus, 1758, at fishpond Travicny cadastre of the municipality of Lutova, district Jindrichuv Hradec, South Bohemia Hnizdeni volavky bile, Egretta alba Linnaeus, 1758, na rybniku Travicny katastr obce Lutova, okres Jindrichuv Hradec

Rios Mitchell, J.Luis, 2007:
The nest of the house martin El nido del avion comun

Billes, A.; Fretey, J., 2000:
The nest of the luth or leatherback turtle, Dermochelys coriacea Vandelli, 1761 3 - diggings disorders Le nid chez la tortue luth, Dermochelys coriacea Vandelli, 1761 3 Aberrations dans le creusement

Caycedo-Rosales, P.; Cardona,; Pulido-Santacruz, P., 2004:
The nest of the ocellated tapaculo Acropternis orthonyx El nido del tapaculo ocelado Acropternis orthonyx

Thiede, Walther., 2004:
The nest of the pale crag martin Ptyonoprogne obsoleta Das Nest der Steinschwalbe Ptyonoprogne obsoleta

Mora Romeo, J.Roberto, 2006:
The nest of the penduline tit El nido del pajaro moscon

Yanes, M.; Herranz, J.; Manrique, J.; Del Moral, JC.; Suarez, F., 1997:
The nest orientation of steppe passerines La orientacion de los nidos de paseriformes esteparios

Ruszkowski, A.; Bilinski, M.; Gosek, J., 1998:
The nest structure of some ground-nesting solitary bees Hymenoptera, Apoidea Struktura gniazd niektorych ziemnych pszczol samotnic Hymenoptera, Apoidea

Utmar, Paolo., 2001:
The nesting Charadriiformes of the coastal wetland areas of Friuli-Venezia Giulia The nesting Charadriiformes of the coastal wetland areas of Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Bohus, M., 1990:
The nesting and conservation of Coracias garrulus

Tichy, Herbert., 1995:
The nesting and occurrence of some birds in Louny Region Hnizdeni a vyskyt vybranych druhu ptaku na okresne Louny

Tichy, Herbert., 1997:
The nesting and occurrence of some birds in Louny area during the year 1996 Hnizdeni a vyskyt vybranych druhu ptaku na okrese Louny v roce 1996

Saporetti, Fabio., 1999 :
The nesting and wintering avifauna of a Po agroecosystem analysis of a sample area of the south Milan rural park Lavifauna nidificante e svernante in un agroecosistema padano analisi di unarea campione del Parco Agricolo Sud Milano

Toffoli, R.; Carpegna, F.; Fasano, S.; Panizza, G., 2003:
The nesting avian community of delle Capanne di Marcarolo park La comunita ornitica nidificante nel Parco Naturale delle Capanne di Marcarolo AL

Gustin, M.; Laurenti, S., 2003:
The nesting avian community of the plains sites of regional importance - Annifo-Arvello and Ricciano, Foligno Umbria La comunita ornitica nidificante nei Siti dImportanza Comunitaria Piani di Annifo-Arvello e Ricciano, Foligno Umbria

Delprat, Bertrand., 2001:
The nesting avifauna of Orx Marsh Landes, 1995-2000 A propos de lavifaune nicheuse du Marais dOrx Landes, 1995-2000

Saporetti, Fabio., 2001:
The nesting avifauna of wetlands of Varese province status of species and level of biotope conservation Lavifauna nidificante nelle zone umide della Provincia di Varese status delle specie e grado di conservazione dei biotopi

Arens, W., 1999:
The nesting behaviour of Tropidodynerus interruptus Brulle 1832 Vespoidea, Eumenidae and of its cleptoparasite Chrysis jaxartis Sem Zum Verhalten von Tropidodynerus interruptus Brulle 1832 Vespoidea, Eumenidae und seines Brutparasiten Chrysis jaxartis Sem am Nest

Panov, Y.N.; Zykova, LYu.; Grabovsky, VI., 1990:
The nesting biology, behavior and taxonomy of Larus cachinnans 1 Spatial structure and behavior aspects of the nesting biology

Vogrin, Milan., 2000:
The nesting bird community of fields of sugarbeet cultures NE Slovenia Le comunita degli uccelli nidificanti nei campi coltivati a barbabietole da zucchero NE Slovenia

Brichetti, Pierandrea., 1997:
The nesting bird fauna Lavifauna nidificante

Slobodnik, Vladimir., 1998:
The nesting bird species occurence in Bystrica Valley under the Vtacnik Mountain in the Protected Landscape Area Ponitrie Vyskyt hniezdiacich druhov vtakov v profile Bystricianskej Doliny pod Vtacnikom v Chranenej krajinnej oblasti Ponitrie

Brien, Yves., 1999:
The nesting birds of Belle-Ile Les oiseaux nicheurs de Belle-Ile

Ferrand, D.; Hauchecorne, L.; Logeais, J.-Michel., 2004:
The nesting birds of Nuaille-Chanteloup forest massif Les Oiseaux nicheurs du massif forestier Nuaille-Chanteloup

L.L.nnic, J.; Collias, E., 1997:
The nesting birds of Rennes Les oiseaux nicheurs de Rennes

Ritter, Guy., 1996:
The nesting birds of a xerothermic sparse oak forest in the Harth domain forest Denombrement de lavifaune nicheuse dune chenaie seche clairieree de la foret domaniale de la Harth Haut-Rhin

Casas-Andreu, Gustavo., 2003:
The nesting ecology of the American crocodile Crocodylus acutus Reptilia Crocodylidae at the Cuitzmala river mouth, Jalisco state, Mexico Ecologia de la anidacion de Crocodylus acutus Reptilia Crocodylidae en la desembocadura del Rio Cuitzmala, Jalisco, Mexico

Smith, K., 1977:
The nesting gull community of Angholmarna

Pannach, Dieter., 1996:
The nesting habits of the house martin Delichon urbica Weiteres zur Nistweise der Mehlschwalbe Delichon urbica

L.Gof, G., 2007:
The nesting of Megachile Chalicodoma pyrenaica Lepeletier in the province of Granada Espagne Hymenoptera Apoidea Megachilidae La nidification de Megachile Chalicodoma pyrenaica Lepeletier dans la province de Granada Espagne Hymenoptera Apoidea Megachilidae

Macha, Z., 1970:
The nesting of Podiceps griseigensa Bodd

Genaro, Julio A., 1996:
The nesting of Sceliphron caementarium and first record of Trypoxylon texense for Puerto Rico Hymenoptera Sphecidae Sobre la nidificacion de Sceliphron caementarium y primer registro de Trypoxylon texense para Puerto Rico Hymenoptera Sphecidae

Soucek, J., 1970:
The nesting of Turdus philomelos on Prunella ntodularis L

Becsy, L.; Fenyosi, L.; Horvath, Z., 1995:
The nesting of little terns Sterna albifrons on the River Drava A kis cser Sterna albifrons dravai feszkelese

Jesu, Riccardo., 1995:
The nesting of marine turtles on the Italian coasts La nidificazione delle tartarughe marine sulle coste italiane

Rozanov, M.P., 1931:
The nesting of the Black Vulture Vultur monachus L in the Crimea Sbornik rabot po izucheniu fauny Krymsk Gosudarst Zapovednika, Moscow

Duquet, M.; Michel, H., 1994:
The nesting of the black stork Ciconia nigra in France history and recent status La nidification de la cigogne noire Ciconia nigra en France historique et statut actuel

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The nesting of the common tern Sterna hirundo on an artificial islet of Valle Cavanata regional nature reserve, Friuli-Venezia Giulia La nidificazione di sterna comune Sterna hirundo su un isolotto artificiale nella Riserva naturale regionale della Valle Cavanata, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

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The nesting of the yellow-legged gull, Larus michahellis, in the urban quarter of San Martino Genoa, Liguria, NW Italy La nidificazione del gabbiano reale, Larus michahellis, in zona San Martino Genova

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The nesting passerine birds of Toulouse plain a mapping in La Ramee wood Denombrement doiseaux passereaux nicheurs en plaine Toulousaine un quadrat au Bois de la Ramee

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The nesting population of the marsh harrier in La Rioja La poblacion nidificante de aguilucho lagunero en La Rioja

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The network of reserves Le reseau des reserves

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The network of three lakes for 11 bird species Vernetzung von drei Seen fuer 11 Vogelarten

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The new EXPO oceanarium in Lisbon Das neue EXPO-Oceanarium in Lissabon

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The new Estonian atlas of breeding birds results of the first study year Eesti haudelindude levikuatlase toost 2004 Aastal

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The new Europaeische Wasserrahmenrichtlinie and the ecological analysis of streams and rivers Gewaesseroekologische Bewertungen nach der Europaeischen Wasserrahmenrichtlinie EG-WRRL

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The new Hungarian occurences of the Stenidea genei Aragona, 1830 A Stenidea genei Aragona, 1830 cincerfaj ujabb hazai elofordulasai Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

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The new Marine Laboratory in the Balearic Is

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The new Masoala enclosure in Zuerich Zoo Die neue Masoala - Halle im Zoo Zuerich

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The new Museum of Vertebrate Zoology of the University of California

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The new Pterophoridae genus and species in Hungary The Stangeia siceliota Zeller, 1847 Uj Pterophoridae nemzetseg es faj Magyarorszagon a Stangeia siceliota Zeller, 1847 Microlepidoptera Pterophoridae

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The new Red List for Swiss breeding birds Die neue Rote Liste der Schweizer Brutvogel

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The new Zoo am Meer in Bremerhaven - Possibilities of a small zoo Der neue Zoo am Meer in Bremerhaven Moeglichkeiten eines kleinen Zoos

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The new Zoo in Fuengirola, Spain Der neue Zoo in Fuengirola, Spanien

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The new and the interesting findings of the ant-lions in the Czech Republic Nove a zajimave nalezy mravkolvu v Ceske republice Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae

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The new aquarium with Nautilus pompilius Linnaeus, 1758 Cephalopoda in the south Tyrol Museum of Natural Science Il nuovo acquario con Nautilus pompilius Linnaeus, 1758 Cephalopoda al Museo di Scienze Naturali cli Bolzano

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The new atlas of breeding birds of Brussels 2000-2002 Description and first results Le nouvel atlas des oiseaux nicheurs de Bruxelles 2000-2002 Presentation et premiers resultats

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The new bird species of Johann Matthaeus Bechstein Johann Matthaeus Bechsteins neue Vogelarten

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The new bird species of the Palearctic Aves Die neuen Vogelarten der Palaearktis Aves

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The new breeding population of barnacle geese Branta bernicla in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Die Brutansiedlung und Bestandsentwicklung der Weisswangengans Branta leucopsis in Schleswig-Holstein

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The new clauses of the rural code regarding species introduction, stemming from the law of 2 February 1995 that tightened environmental protection Les nouvelles dispositions du code rural sur les introductions despeces issues de la loi du 2 fevrier 1995 relative au renforcement de la protection de lenvironnement

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The new conservation law of Saxony Anhalt Das neue Naturschutzgesetz des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt

Nguyen Quang Truong.; H.T.u Cuc.; Nguyen Van Sang., 2001:
The new data of Rana chapaensis Bourret, 1937 species Nhung dan lieu moi ve Rana chapaensis - loai chang sa pa Bourret, 1937

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