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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38790

Chapter 38790 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Krzyminska, J.; Jurys, L., 2001:
The new data on the Mazovian Interglacial deposits at Czastkowo northern Poland Nowe dane o profilu osadow interglacjalu mazowieckiego w Czastkowie

Korolyuk, I.K., 1954:
The new discovery of trilobites in the Cambrian of the Irkutsk basin

Schwammer, H.; Pechlaner, H., 1997:
The new elephant park in Vienna a project of modern care and breeding of African elephants Der neue Elefantenpark in Wien ein Projekt fur moderne Haltung und Zucht Afrikanischer Elefanten

Blaszkiewitz, Bernhard., 2004:
The new enclosure for Japanese macaques Macaca fuscata at Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Die neue Anlage fuer Japanmakaken Macaca fuscata im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Mikuz, Vasja., 1999:
The new finding of mastodonts tooth from vicinity of Ptuj, NE Slovenia Nova najdba mastodontovega zoba iz bliznje okolice Ptuja

Mikuz, V., 2003:
The new findings of dolphin in Slovenia from Middle Miocene beds near Bela Cerkev in Lower Carniola Novi najdbi delfina v Sloveniji iz srednjemiocenskih plasti pri Beli Cerkvi na Dolenjskem

Johann, A.; Salzert, W., 1999:
The new gelada baboon enclosure in Rheine Zoo Die neue Dschelada-Anlage im Tierpark Rheine

Kabakova, R.I., 1967:
The new genus Azeria from the Akchagylian deposits of Azerbaidjan

Schintlmeister, A., 2002:
The new genus Paracerura gen n and its species in the Oriental Region Lepidoptera Notodontidae Das Genus Paracerura gen n und seine Arten in der orientalischen Region Lepidoptera Notodontidae

Furmankiewicz, J.; Gottfried, T.; Telatynski, S., 2001:
The new hibernacula Rhinolophus hipposideros in the Sudety Mountains Nowe stanowiska zimowania podkowca malego Rhinolophus hipposideros w Sudetach

Grussu, M.; Diana, F., 1998:
The new important bird areas in Sardinia Classificazione delle nuove IBA important bird areas della Sardegna

Jauch, D.; Koch, I., 2003:
The new insectarium in Wilhelma Zoo, Stuttgart Das neue Insektarium in der Wilhelma, Stuttgart

Jolivet, Pierre., 1998:
The new invaders or the travelling Chrysomelidae Col Les nouveaux envahisseurs ou les Chrysomelides voyageurs Col

Legace, Anne., 2004:
The new law on endangered species and aquatic species La nouvelle loi sur les especes en peril et les especes aquatiques

Mrowinski, P.; Zawal, A., 2003:
The new localities of Aeshna subarctica elisabethae Djaknov, 1922 in the western Pomerania region Nowe stanowiska zagnicy torfowej Aeshna subarctica elisabethae Djaknov, 1922 na Pomorzu Zachodnim

Busching, Wolf-Dieter., 2002:
The new look of the Naumann Museum in Koethen Naumann-Museum Koethen in neuem Gewand

Mitschke, A.; Sudfeldt, C.; Heidrich-Riske, H.; Droeschmeister, R., 2005:
The new monitoring of common breeding birds in the wider countryside of Germany - monitoring sites, field method and preliminary results Das neue Bruttvogelmonitoring in der Normallandschaft Deutschlands - Untersuchungsgebiete, Erfassungsmethode und erste Ergebnisse

Rabeder, G.; Hofreiter, M., 2004:
The new phylogenetic tree of the alpine cave bears Der neue Stammbaum der alpinen Hoehlenbaeren

Keller, V.; Zbinden, N.; Schmid, H.; Volet, B., 2002:
The new red list of endangered bird species The bird barometer Die neue Rote Liste der gefaehrdeten Vogelarten Das Vogel-Barometer

Arribas, Oscar., 1995:
The new rock lizards of the high mountains of the Pyrenees of Catalonia Les noves sargantanes dalta muntanya del Pirineu catala

Kosior, Andrzej., 1996:
The new site of the doormouse Dryomys nitedula in Lower Silesia Nowe stanowisko koszatki Dryomys nitedula na Dolnym Slasku

Sergienko, A.A., 1961:
The new species Bothriolepis extenso, from the Tubinsk Series Famennian of the Minusinsk Basin

Sokolskaya, N.L., 1964:
The new species and subspecies in the family Naididae Oligochaeta from brackish reservoirs in Kamchatka and South Sakhalin

Tsacas, Leonidas., 2006:
The new strange African species of genus Drosophila Fallen Diptera, Drosophilidae Une nouvelle espece insolite dafrique du genre Drosophila Fallen Diptera, Drosophilidae

Lair, X.; Sagot, P.; Livory, A., 2006:
The new syrphids of Manche in 2005 Les nouveaux syrphes de la Manche en 2005

Skryabin, A.S., 1970:
The new trematode Lecithodesmus petrowi nsp-the parasite of whale Balaenoptera edeni Anderson

Seidel, Ingo., 2005:
The newest Hypancistrus species Die neuesten Hypancistrus - Arten

Vogl, P.; Leopold., 2002:
The newest discovery from the animal world of the siskin nests and their brood reprint from 1785 Neueste Entdeckung aus dem Thierreiche von den Zeissignestern und ihrer Brut Nachdruck von 1785

Thiesmeier, B.; Kupfer, A., 2000:
The newt a water dragon in danger Der Kammmolch ein Wasserdrache in Gefahr

Werkman, PJ., 2003:
The next patient is a sick fish, what to do? De volgende patient is een zieke vis, wat nu? Deel I

Werkman, PJ., 2003:
The next patient is a sick fish, what to do? De volgende patient is een zieke vis, wat nu? Deel II

Milesi, F.A., 2005:
The niche concept in Applied Ecology theres many a slip twixt the reality and the niche El concepto de nicho en Ecologia aplicada del nicho al hecho hay mucho trecho

Leibold, M.A.; Geddes, P., 2005:
The niche concept in metacommunities El concepto de nicho en las metacomunidades

Schuster, S., 2004:
The niche of a new bird at Lake Constance the yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans Die Einnischung einer neuen Vogelart am Bodensee die Weisskopfmoewe Larus cachinnans

Vazquez, D.P.; Cassini, M.H., 2005:
The niche concept and applications El nicho conceptos y aplicaciones

Angelini, J.; Bastianelli, A.; Belfiori, D.; Franconi, L., 2001 :
The night heron Nycticorax nycticorax, the little egret Egretta garzetta and the grey heron Ardea cinerea in Ripabianca WWF reserve - Jesi AN and first nesting of the grey heron in Marches La garzaia di nitticora Nycticorax nycticorax, garzetta Egretta garzetta e airone cenerino Ardea cinerea nellOasi WWF di Ripabianca - Jesi AN e prima nidificazione di airone cenerino nelle Marche

Brader, M.; Aubrecht, G., 1995:
The nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos in Upper Austria - documentation and status of a species of the Red List Die Nachtigall Luscinia megarhynchos in Oberosterreich - Dokumentation und Status einer Art der Roten Liste

Illig, K.; Schonert, P., 1995:
The nightingale - a contribution to the bird of the year 1995 Die Nachtigall - ein Beitrag zum Vogel des Jahres 1995

Neff, Rudiger., 1998:
The nightingale - experiences with keeping and rearing Die Nachtigall - Erfahrungen bei Haltung und Zucht

Frich, A.S.nd; Thorup, K., 2004:
The nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos 75 finds Sydlig nattergal Luscinia megarhynchos 75 fund

Capecchi, Alamanno., 2005:
The nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos Brehm CL, 1831 O rouxinol Luscinia megarhynchos Brehm CL, 1831

Scmidt, Jurgen., 1995:
The nightingale bird of the year 1995 Die Nachtigall Vogel des Jahres 1995

Johansson, Janne., 1998:
The nightjar - the nocturnal spinning wheel Nattskarran - den nattliga spinnrocken

Bernt, Andreas., 2000:
The nightjar Caprimulgus eurapaeus at its roosting site Ziegenmelker Caprimulgus eurapaeus am Tagesschlafplatz

Metz, Johann., 2005:
The nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus in the Manteler Forest Ziegenmelker Caprimulgus europaeus im Manteler Forst

Pohle, Claus., 1995:
The nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus and the blackbuck Antilope cervicapra in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Zoo Nilgau Boselaphus tragocamelus und Hirschziegenantilope Antilope cervicapra im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Suttner, Rudolf., 2005:
The nine-spined stickleback Pungitius pungitius is rare, hard to discover and also hardly known Der Neunstachelige Stichling Pungitius pungitius ist selten, schwer zu entdecken und auch kaum bekannt

Willems, Jo., 1996:
The nine-spotted in the Leudal Phegeavlinders in het Leudal

Janse, J.; Schulpen, L. van Zuijen, M., 1999:
The nine-spotted De phegeavlinder

Wellnhofer, P.; Roeper, M., 2005:
The ninth specimen of Archaeopteryx-Exemplar from Solnhofen Das neunte Archaeopteryx-Exemplar von Solnhofen

Meulengracht-Madsen, Jens., 2005:
The niobe fritillary Argynnis niobe L flying where heather and sheeps-bit grow - once again Klitperlemorsommerfuglen, Argynnis niobe L flyvver hvor lyngen og blamunken gror - endnu

Prokudin, A.V., 1970:
The nitrogen content in the bile and pancreatic juice of the sheep in different stages of its growth

Grigioni, Sveva., 1997:
The nitrogen cycle and symbiotic bacteria in cephalopods characteristics, interpretation and physiological features Ciclo dellazoto e simbiosi batterica nei cefalopodi caratterizzazione, interpretazione e ruolo fisiologico

Jonsson, O.; Svahn, K., 2005:
The noble art of micro birding Microbirding - ett fenomen som kommit for att stanna

Lundin, Kennet., 2005:
The noble crayfish in Slottsskogen Flodkraftor i Slottsskogen

Ortner, S., 2004:
The noctuid fauna of central Europe Supplements to the standard work of Forster Wohlfahrt 1st supplement Insecta Lepidoptera Zur Noctuidenfauna Mitteleuropas Ergaenzungen zum Standardwerk von Forster Wohlfahrt 1 Nachtrag Insecta Lepidoptera

Nielsen, P.S.adel.; Velhelmsen, F., 2001:
The noctuid moth Hecatera dysodea D S settling in Denmark The great surprise of the year 2000 was the discovery that the species had established a large population in the heart of Copenhagen Noctuiden Hecatera dysodea D S fastboende i Danmark Ar 2000s store overraskelse var opdagelsen af, at arten havde etableret en stor bestand i hjertet af Kobenhavn

Wasala, Roman., 2005:
The noctuid moths Lepidoptera Noctuidae of the Experimental Forest Station Siemianice Sowkowate Lepidoptera Noctuidae Lesnego Zakladu Doswiadczalnego Siemianice

Nowacki, J.; Holowinski, M., 2002:
The noctuids Lepidoptera Noctuidae new to the Lasy Sobiborskie Forest in the Polish Polesie Sowkowate Lepidoptera Noctuidae nowe dla Lasow Sobiborskich na obszarze Polskiego Polesia

Nowacki, J.; Wasiluk, D., 2004:
The noctuids Lepidoptera Noctuidae of the Central Podlasie Sowkowate Lepidoptera Noctuidae srodkowego Podlasia

Nowacki, J.; Wasala, R., 2006:
The noctuids Lepidoptera Noctuoidea Nolidae, Erebidae, Noctuidae of the rock areas near Mirow in Krakow-Czestochowa Upland Sowki Lepidoptera Noctuoidea Nolidae, Erebidae, Noctuidae srodowisk naskalnych w okolicy Mirowa na Jurze Krakowsko-Czestochowskiej

Rakosy, Laszlo., 1997:
The noctuids of Romania Lepidoptera Noctuidae Die Noctuiden Rumaniens Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Heinicke, Wolfgang. , 1997:
The noctuids of Thuringia - current interim report on faunal mapping Die Eulenfalter Thuringens - aktuelle Zwischenbilanz der Faunakartierung

Nowacki, J.; Holowinski, M., 1999:
The noctuids of the Lasy Sobiborskie Forest on the Polish Polesie Lepidoptera Noctuidae Sowkowate Lepidoptera Noctuidae Lasow Sobiborskich na obszarze Polskiego Polesia

Nowacki, Janusz., 1998:
The noctuids of the Polish Karkonosze Mts Lepidoptera Noctuidae Sowkowate Lepidoptera Noctuidae Karkonoszy Polskich

Reiter, G.; Frischmann, S.; Hebein, C.; Huettmeir, U.; Jerabek, M.; Jobst, B.; Mixanig, H., 2004:
The noctule Nyctalus noctula in Carinthia Der Grosse Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula in Kaernten

Kiefer, Andreas., 1996:
The noctule bat Nyctalus noctula Schreber, 1774 killed by bees Apis mellifera Grosse Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula Schreber, 1774 durch Bienen Apis mellifera getotet

Haarsma, AJ., 2002:
The noctule bat in the inner dune area An inventory of estates between The Hague and Noordwijkerhout Rosse vleermuizen in de binnenduinrand Een inventarisatie van de landgoederen tussen Den Haag en Noordwijkerhout

Twelbeck, R.; Meier, M.; Baer, K., 2002:
The nocturnal butterflies of the biotope-mapping of Mainz Die Nachfalter der Stadtbiotopkartierung Mainz

Schuelke, O.; Hilgartner, R.; Zinner, D., 2002:
The nocturnal life of two little known lemur species of West Madagascar Das naechtliche Leben zweier wenig bekannter Lemurenarten Westmadagaskars

Smith, GT., 1990:
The noisy scrub-bird sings again

Sama, G., 2007:
The nomenclatural status of the genera Deroplia Dejean, 1835 and Stenidea, Mulsant, 1842 Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae Le statut nomenclatural des genres Deroplia Dejean, 1835 et Stenidea, Mulsant, 1842 Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae

Schindler, Ingo., 1997:
The nomenclature of Corydoras nijsseni and Corydoras araguaiaensis Zur Nomenklatur von Corydoras nijsseni und Corydoras araguaiaensis

Golev, B.T.; Khloponin, K.L., 1961:
The nomenclature of distinctive characters of some granular nummulites

Dessart, Paul., 2001:
The non European and non American Megaspilinae 2 Dendrocerus Ratzeburg, 1852, non flabelliform males Hymenoptera Ceraphronoidea Megaspilidae Les Megaspilinae ni europeens, ni americains 2 Les Dendrocerus Ratzeburg, 1852, a males non flabellicornes Hymenoptera Ceraphronoidea Megaspilidae

Hausmann, Axel., 2000:
The non European populations of Comibaena bajularia Denis Schiffermueller, 1775 Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Geometrinae Die aussereuropaeischen Populationen von Comibaena bajularia Denis Schiffermueller, 1775 Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Geometrinae

Jaume, Damia., 1993:
The non marine aquatic crustaceans from Cabrera Fauna carcinologica de las aigues continentals

Jaume, Damia., 1993:
The non marine aquatic crustaceans from Cabrera Fauna carcinologica de les aigues continentals

Raad, Harry., 2001:
The non-marine molluscs in the jetsam from the Zeeuws coast De niet-mariene mollusken in het aanspoelsel van de Zeeuwse kust

Baasch, Peter., 1995:
The non-mbunas of Lake Malawi Die Nicht-Mbunas des Malawisees

Lherminier, Philippe., 2002:
The non-species and the beast of the apocalypse La non-espece et la Bete de lApocalypse

Ates, Ron., 2005:
The nordic seagrass or pyjama anemone, Sagartiogeton viduatus OF Mueller, 1776 Scandinavisch zeegras of pyjama-anemoon, Sagartiogeton viduatus OF Mueller, 1776

Gibson-Hill, C.A., 1947:
The normal food of Tropic-birds Phaeton spp

Schoene, R.; Ulleweit, J., 2003:
The northeast-Arctic fishery in 2003 Die nordostarktische Fischerei im Jahe 2003

Weinfurtova, D.; Horacek, I., 2000:
The northern bat Eptesicus nilssonii in central Bohemia Czech Republic Netopyr severni Eptesicus nilssonii ve strednich Cechach

Oddane, Bjarne., 2001:
The northern bat Eptesicus nilssonii hunting insect along beaches in southern Norway Nordflaggermus Eptesicus nilssonii pa insektjakt langs Jaerstrendene

Murariu, Dumitru., 1997:
The northern birch mouse Sicista betulina Pallas, 1779 - Rodentia, Zapodidae in the Rodna Mountains - Romania Le siciste de bouleaux Sicista betulina Pallas, 1779 - Rodentia, Zapodidae dans les monts Rodna - Roumanie

Horner, Paul., 2000:
The northern bluetongue Tiliqua scincoides intermedia Mitchell, 1955 Der Nordliche Blauzungenskink Tiliqua scincoides intermedia Mitchell, 1955

Kirschke, Siegfried., 2004:
The northern cardinal - experiencees with care and breeding Der Rote Kardinal - Erfahrungen bei der Haltung und Zucht

Berggren, Lars., 1999:
The northern chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita abietinus in crisis? Nordliga gransangaren Phylloscopus collybita abietinus i kris?

Ketelaar, Robert., 1998:
The northern damselfly in straitened circumstances Speerwaterjuffer in het nauw

Pacheco, J.F.rnando.; Parrini, R., 1997:
The northern distribution limit of the rufous tailed attila Attila phoenicurus in Mata Atlantica O limite norte de distribuicao do tinguacu-castanho Attila phoenicurus na Mata Atlantica

Fibiger, M., 1977:
The northern form Eupithecia virgaureata Dbldab altenaria Stdgr found in Denmark-also notes on Orthosia gothica L ab gothicina HS

Krechmar, Arseni V., 2005:
The northern hawk owl Surnia ulula in north-eastern Siberia Die Sperbereule Surnia ulula in der Taiga Nordost-Sibiriens

Kerckhof, Francis., 2006:
The northern krill species Meganyctiphanes norvegica M Sars, 1857 Crustacea, Euphausiacea on the beach at Ostend Noordelijk krill Meganyctiphanes norvegica M Sars, 1857 Crustacea, Euphausiacea op het strand van Oostende

Dukhanina, N.N., 1947:
The northern limit of distribution of tropical malaria in Western Europe and in European USSR

Kovarik, Frantisek., 2002:
The northernmost scorpion distribution range Nejsevernejsi rozsireni stiru

Mignone, Giuseppe P., 2001:
The notable characteristics of collective nests of the sociable weaver Philetairus socius of Namibia Part 2 As caracteristicas singularidades dos ninhos coletivos do pardal-republicano Philetairus socius da Namibia 2a parte

Mignone, Giuseppe P., 2002:
The notable characteristics of collective nests of the sociable weaver Philetairus socius of Namibia Part 6 As caracteristicas singularidades dos ninhos coletivos do pardal-republicano Philetairus socius da Namibia 6o parte

Potti, J., 2003:
The notable sex life of the pied flycatcher La singular vida sexual del Papamoscas Cerrojillo

Beaumont, Andre., 1999:
The notion of homology La notion dhomologie conference inaugurale

Sadovski, A.A., 1956:
The notion of relief in biogeography

Leknes, Ingvar Leiv., 2002:
The notochord - an important organ with unusual cells Ryggstrengen - viktig organ med uvanlige celler

Sokolova, M.N., 1957:
The nourishment of some species of Crangonidae of the Far-Eastern Seas

Zegula, T.; Blaeser, P.; Segonca, C., 2004:
The noxious quarantine pest Thrips palmi Karny Thysanoptera Thripidae and its ocurrence in Europe Der gefuerchtete Quarantaneschaedling Thrips palmi Karny Thysanoptera Thripidae und dessen Auftreten in Europa

Raikov, I.B., 1963:
The nuclear apparatus and division of holotriehous ciliates, Remanella granulosa Kahl and R rugosa Kahl Holotricha, Gymnostomatida

Raykov, I.B., 1956:
The nucleic acids of Trachelocerca phoenicopterus Holo-tricha Infusoria

Chiarelli, B.; Sarti, M., 1967:
The nucleur protrusions of polymorphonucleic leucocytes in anthropomorphic apes Preliminary note

van Moorsel, G.; Vervoort, W., 2005:
The nudibranch Facelina auriculata OF Mueller, 1776 on Eudendrium arbuscula Wright, 1859 New names, old acquaintances De Naaktslak Facelina auriculata OF Mueller, 1776 op Eudendrium arbuscula Wright, 1859 Nieuw namen, oude bekenden

Dumoulin, E., 1998:
The nudibranch mollusc Tergipes tergipes Forskal, 1775 at the back of the harbour of Zeebrugge De slanke knotsslak Tergipes tergipes Forskal, 1775 in de achterhaven van Zeebrugge

Friend, JA., 1990:
The numbat Myrmecobius fasciatus Myrmecobiidae history of decline and potential for recovery

Frackowiak, Hieronim., 2000:
The number and the sex structure of embryos in the coypu in the second half of pregnancy Liczebnosc i struktura plci plodow u nutrii w drugiej polowie ciazy

Tichy, Herbert., 1998:
The number of Cygnus olor GM from nesting places by Lenesice Lake Louny region Pocetnost Cygnus olor GM v pohnizdnim obdobi na rybniku v Lenesicich okr Louny

Lehto, T., 2003:
The number of Lepidoptera species new to Finland is growing Maalle uusien lajien tulva jatkuu

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 2005:
The number of arachnids species recorded in France and in the world Arthropoda Arachnida Le nombre despecies dArachnides repertoirees en France et dans le monde Arthropoda Arachnida

Ehminov, A.; Kekilova, A,G.; Vdovenko, NM.; Babich, VV., 1977:
The number of birds and intensity of their migration in Murgab Valley

Dierschke, V., 2003:
The number of birds passing Helgoland SE North Sea during the daytime Quantitative Erfassung des Vogelzugs waehrend der Hellphase bei Helgoland

Kapitanov, I.V. ., 1965:
The number of black-headed marmot in the Kharaulakh mountains Yakutya

van der Jeugd, H.; Voslamber, B. van Turnhout, C.; Sierdsema, H.; Feige, N.; Nienhuis, J.; Koffijberg, K., 2006:
The number of breeding geese in the Netherlands on the increase? Overzomerende ganzen in Nederland grenzen aan de groei?

Jogar, K.; Voobus, H.; Metspalu, L.; Hiiesaar, K., 2004:
The number of carabids in different plant communities Jooksiklaste arvukus erinevates taimekooslustes

Kobakhidze, D.N., 1955:
The number of certain invertebrates in the red soil of the tea plantations in Gruzia

Heinrichs, AK., 1974:
The number of coexisting species in some groups of planktonic animals in the Pacific Ocean

Merikallio, E., 1931:
The number of eggs in a clutch in Finnish Game Birds

Koenigswald, Wighart v., 1996:
The number of enamel layers in the incisors of the Lagomorpha and their systematic importance Die Zahl der Schmelzschichten in den Inzisiven bei den Lagomorpha und ihre systematische Bedeutung

Jaskiewicz, B.; Salata, A.; Kot, I., 2006:
The number of insects inhabiting selected varieties of Rheum rhaponticum L Liczebnosc owadow zasiedlajacych wybrane odmiany rabarbaru ogrodowego Rheum rhaponticum L

Stanko, R.; Zeglinski, G., 2000:
The number of little owl Athene noctua in the River Warta Valley near Gluchowo, Lubusian Land Liczebnosc pojdzki Athene noctua w dolinie Warty kolo Gluchowa na Ziemi Lubuskiej

Schmid, H.; Volet, B., 2004:
The number of red kites Milvus milvus in Switzerland during the winter 2002/03 Der Bestand des Rotmilans Milvus milvus im Winter 2002/03 in der Schweiz

Klimchenko, I.Z.; Lisitzin, A.A.; Movehan, V.G., 1955:
The number of susliks in cultivated areas

Metspalu, L.; Hiiesaar, K.; Kuusik, A.; Karp, K.; Starast, M., 1999:
The number of the ground beetles Carabidae depending on the use of a herbicide Jooksiklaste Carabidae arvukuse soltuvus keemilisest umbrohutorjest

Tichy, Herbert., 1999:
The number of young of the form immutabilis Yarrell in the total number of Cygnus olor GM on a pond in Lenesice Louny region Vliv umisteni hnizd Cygnus olor GM na pocetnost mladat formy immutabilis Yarrell na rybniku v Lenesicich okr Louny

Viscarret, MM.; Botto, EN., 1997:
The number, development time survival of immature stages of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius Homoptera Aleyrodidae, Aleyrodinae on eggplant Solanum melongena, Solanaceae Numero, tiempo de desarrollo y supervivencia de estadios immaduros de Bemisia tabaci Gennadius Homoptera Aleyrodidae, Aleyrodinae en berenjena Solanum melongena, Solanaceae

Wulfhorst, Jochen., 2001:
The numbering of sampling areas Proposal of a uniform procedure for floral faunal investigations Nummerierung von Probestellen Vorschlag zu einem einheitlichen Vorgehen bei floristischen und faunistischen Untersuchungen

Leito, A.; Leito, T.; Ounsaar, M.; Truu, J., 2004:
The numbers and distribution of the Eurasian crane during autumn staging on Hiiumaa Island, and the impact of agriculture Sugisrandel peatuvate sookurgede levik ja arvukus Hiiumaal ning seos pollumajandusega

Poslavski, AN.; Shirekov, RSh., 1990:
The numbers and distribution of wintering waterfowl in eastern Turkmenia as affected by man-made changes in their environment

Jurek, Iwona Joanna., 2002:
The numbers and the spatial structure of the population of the Tatra marmot Marmota marmota latirostris in the Gasienicowa Valley in the Tatra National Park Liczebnosc i struktura przestrzenna populacji swistaka Marmota marmota latirostris w Dolinie Gasienicowej w Tatrzanskim Parku Narodowym

Ellermaa, M., 2003:
The numbers of breeding birds in Parnu county, 2000-2002 Maismaalindude arvukusest parnumaal 2000-2002 A

Salek, M., 1990:
The numbers of diurnal raptors outside the breeding season in Pisek area south Bohemia estimated by the modified standard line transect method

Kovalev, AK., 1973:
The numbers of game animals in the snowy winter of 1968/69 on the south eastern slopes of the Surkhleu Ridge in Tadzhikistan

Roberts, P., 1990:
The numbers, distribution and movements of choughs in Wales

Escarguel, G.; Marandat, B.; Legendre, S., 1997:
The numerical ages of mammal faunas of the Palaeogene of west Europe, with emphasis on the Lower Middle Eocene Sur lage numerique des faunes de mammiferes du paleogene dEurope occidentale, en particulier celles de lEocene inferieur et moyen

Habeler, Heinz., 2001:
The numerical inventory of butterflies in the altitudinal areas of Styria Lepidoptera Das zahlenmaessige Inventar an Schmetterlingen in den Hoehstufen der Steiermark Lepidoptera

Andreotti, A.; Bendini, L.; Cocchi, R., 2001:
The numerical monitoring of avian species in Italy Il controllo numerico delle specie ornitiche in Italia

Lyakhnovich, V.P., 1955:
The numerical share of zooplankton in the fish-farming ponds

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The nummulitins from the Paprata locality on the Island of Krk Croatia Numulitine iz nahajalisca Paprata na Krku

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