The occurrence of striped dolphin Stenella coeruleoalba and common dolphin Delphinus delphis in Norwegian coastal waters Forekomsten av stripedelfin Stenella coeruleoalba og delfin Delphinus delphis langs norskekysten

Syvertsen, P.O.e. van der Kooij, J.; Isaksen, K.

Fauna (Oslo) 522: 104-117


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-8881
Accession: 038790760

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An unusual occurrence involving close association between a striped dolphin and a common dolphin over a prolonged period in 1998 (mid June to mid October) in the Oslo Fiord, Southeast Norway is described (Figure 1, Table 1; probably the same individuals were later recorded in Sweden in November). This constitutes the third record of striped dolphin in Norway, although previous records (singles from Vevelstad, Nordland county in the mid 1980s and Hemne, Sor-Trondelag county in late autumn 1987, cf. Figure 1) have not been well publicised. A fourth record relates to a male found stranded in Rade, Ostfold county on 20 May 1999. The occurrence and behaviour of the two animals in 1998 is described in detail. Their unexpected appearance can possibly be explained by a temporary warm water influx to the Skagerrak and good food supplies in the fiord, although data that may elucidate this assumption has not been available. Published records of common dolphins in Norwegian coastal waters throughout the 20th century are summarised (Figure 1, Table 2). Only four records prior to the occurrence in 1998 have been reported in the zoological literature. It is likely that additional records documented in newspaper articles have passed unnoticed, as exemplified by photographs published in an Oslo newspaper of a common dolphin that, in August 1996, occurred in the same area of the Oslo Fiord where many of the July 1998 observations were made.