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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 38793

Chapter 38793 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Crusafont Pairo, M., 1966:
The origin of mammals and their importance in evolution

Kornig, Gerhard., 1998:
The origin of mollusc community in the storage-lake of the river Mulde near the town of Bitterfeld, Sachsen-Anhalt Zur Genese der Wassermolluskenfauna des Muldestausees bei Bitterfeld in Sachsen-Anhalt

Ivanov, A.V., 1968:
The origin of multiceliular animals phylogenetic outlines

Reichholf, Josef, H., 1997:
The origin of new concepts in evolution Does Darwins selection theory suffice to explain evolutionary processes? Uber den Ursprung des Neuen in der Evolution Reicht die Darwinsche Selektionstheorie zur Erklarung des Evolutionsprozesses?

Doby, Jean-Marie., 1998:
The origin of our fleas Les origines de nos puces et nos poux

Swierczewska-Gladysz, E.; Olszewska-Nejbert, D., 2006:
The origin of phosphatized sponges from the Danian glauconitic sandstone from Nasilow central Poland, Vistula River valley Pochodzenie sfosfatyzowanych gabek z danskiego piaskowca glaukonitowego z Nasilova dolina srodkowej Wisly

Arzamasov, IT., 1974:
The origin of present day arthropods, parasitising upon rodents and insectivores in Byelorussia

Rivera, J.; Arribas, O.; Barrio, C., 1996:
The origin of some Triturus helveticus Razoumowski, 1789 of Catalonia El origen de algunas poblaciones de Triturus helveticus Razoumowski, 1789 de Cataluna

Martinson, C.C., 1958:
The origin of the Baikalian fauna viewed in the light of Paleontological research

Kirpitchnikov, A.A., 1952:
The origin of the Black Sea Phocaena phocaena relicta Abel

Frati, F.; Fleba, L.; Hartl, G.B.; Lovari, S., 1997:
The origin of the Sardinian fox Lorigine della volpe sarda

Strumia, F.; Scaramozzino, P., 2004:
The origin of the hymenopteran fauna on Tuscany Archipelago in relation to that of Corsica and Tuscany Origine degli imenotteri delle isole dellArcipelago Toscano in relazione alle faune della Corsica e della Toscana

Allman, J., 1990:
The origin of the neocortex

Maubeuge, P.-Louis.; Breton, G., 1999:
The origin of the type of Persephonaster? arduennensis Breton, 1997 Asteroidea, Echinodermata, a starfish from the Jurassic sea Lorigine du type de Persephonaster? arduennensis Breton, 1997 Asteroidea, Echinodermata, etoile de mer Jurassique

Denison, R.H., 1969:
The origin of vertebrates a critical evaluation of current theories

Dohrn, Anton., 2007:
The origin of vertebrates and the principle of function change Genealogy sketches Der Ursprung der Wirbelthiere und das Princip des Functionswechsels Genealogische Skizzen

d' Aguilar, Jacques., 1999:
The original descriptions of European Odonata 1 The Linnean species Les descriptions originales des odonates d Europe 1 Les especes linneennes

d' Aguilar, Jacques., 1999:
The original descriptions of European Odonata 2 The Fabricius species and genera Les descriptions originales des odonates d Europe 2 Les especes et les genres de Fabricius

d'Aguilar, Jacques., 1999:
The original descriptions of European Odonata 3 Fourcroy, Antoine Franqois de 1755-1809 Les descriptions originales des odonates dEurope 3 Fourcroy, Antoine Francois de 1755-1809

d'Aguilar, Jacques., 2000:
The original descriptions of European Odonata 3 Villers, Charles Joseph de 1724-1810 Les descriptions originales des odonates dEurope 4 Villers, Charles Joseph de 1724-1810

d'Aguilar, Jacques., 2000:
The original descriptions of European Odonata 5 Muller, Otto Friederich 1730-1784 Les descriptions originales des odonates dEurope 5 Muller, Otto Friederich 1730-1784

d'Aguilar, Jacques., 2000:
The original descriptions of European Odonata 6 Fonscolombe, Etienne, Laurent, Joseph, Hyppolyte, Boyer de 1775-1853 Les descriptions originales des odonates dEurope 6 Fonscolombe, Etienne, Laurent, Joseph, Hyppolyte, Boyer de 1775-1853

d'Aguilar, Jacques., 2001:
The original descriptions of European Odonata 7 Sulzer, Johan Heinrich 1735-1813 Les descriptions orignales des odonates dEurope 7 Sulzer, Johan Heinrich 1735-1813

d'Aguilar, Jacques., 2001:
The original descriptions of European Odonata 8 Leach, William Elford 1790-1836 Les descriptions originales des odonates dEurope 8 Leach, William Elford 1790-1836

d'Aguilar, Jacques., 2002:
The original descriptions of European Odonata 9 Latreille, Pierre-Andre 1762-1833 Les descriptions originales des Odonates dEurope 9 Latreille, Pierre-Andre 1762-1833

Rajchard, Josef., 2001:
The original form of Xiphiphorus maculatus Puvodni forma Xiphiphorus maculatus

Leiper, Robert, T., 1909:
The original specimens of the Nematode Acantho-cheilonema dracunculoides, Cobb

Martinez-Delclos, Xavier., 1996:
The origins and diversification of insects The fossil record Origen y diversificacion de los insectos Su registro fosil

Barbadillo, L.J.; Garcia-Paris, M.; Sanchiz, B., 1997:
The origins and evolutionary relations of the Iberian herpetofauna Origenes y relaciones evolutivas de la herpetofauna iberica

Thomas, Herbert., 1998:
The origins of Simiiformes Gordian knot or squaring the circle? Lorigine des Simiiformes noeud gordien ou quadrature du cercle?

Evrard, Marc., 1996:
The origins of nymphal exuvia of Chironomidae Diptera in a salmon river, the Samson and three of its tributaries Belgium Impact of pollution on this fauna La derive des exuvies nymphales de Chironomidae Diptera dans une riviere salmonicole, le Samson et trois de ses affluents Belgique Impact des pollutions sur cette faune

Franz, Dietmar., 2005:
The origins, distribution and systematics of the Odessa barb Zur Herkunft, Verbreitung und Systematik der Odessabarbe

Sakl, P.; Zuna-Kratky, T., 2004:
The origins, migration routes and seasonal migration patterns of great cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo passing through or wintering in Austria according to ringing data Herkunftsgebeite, Wanderrouten und Zugablauf in Oesterreich rastender und ueberwinternder Kormorane Phalacrocorax carbo - eine Ringfundanalyse

Billiard, Georges., 2006:
The origins, the aim and the activity of the society of Parisian Naturalists since its founding Les origines, le but et lactiviite de la societe des Naturalistes Parisiens depuis sa fondation

Wassmann, Ralf., 1997:
The oriole Oriolus oriolus in the snow Pirole Oriolus oriolus im Schnee

Esterbauer, Hans., 1996:
The ornamental scorpion fish Der verzierte Drachenkopf

Lobo, Fernando., 2001:
The ornamentation of the hemipenis of Liolaemus Iguania Tropiduridae La ornamentacion de los hemipenes en Liolaemus Iguania Tropiduridae

Matak, Jindrich., 2003:
The ornate wrasse in the eastern Atlantic Knezik pavi ve vychodnim Atlantiku

Simon, Dieter., 1996:
The ornithofauna of the valley of Brasov Die Kleinvogel des Kronstadter Tales

Bracko, Franc., 1995:
The ornithological atlas of the Drava River Maribor - Ptuj 1989-1992 preliminary report Lokalni ornitoloski atlas Drave Maribor - Ptuj 1989-1992 zacasno porocilo

Imperiale, A.; Fratello, B., 1994:
The ornithological collection Andrea Fiori La collezione ornitologica Andrea Fiori

Ansaloni, I.; Imperiale, A., 2004:
The ornithological collection from Ludovico Antonio Muratori High School in Modena La collezione Ornitologica del Liceo Classico Ludovico Antonio Muratori di Modena

Brunelli, M.; Calvario, E.; Fraticelli, F.; Sarrocco, S.; Gibertini, G., 2001:
The ornithological collection of Ruspoli palace of Cerveteri Rome La collezione ornitologica del Palazzo Ruspoli di Cerveteri Roma

Grasso, R.; Ientile, R., 1998:
The ornithological collection of shorebirds of Museo di Zoologia dellUniversita di Catania La collezione ornitologica di limicoli del Museo di Zoologia dellUniversita di Catania Aves, Charadriiformes

Ansaloni, I.; Imperiale, A., 1999:
The ornithological collection of the Museum of Natural History and Scientific Instruments of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia IV-The Charadriiformes and Cuculiformes La collezione ornitologica del Museo di Storia Naturale e della Strumentazione Scientifica dellUniversita di Modena e Reggio Emilia IV - da Caradriformes a Cuculiformes

Ansaloni, I.; Imperiale, A., 2000:
The ornithological collection of the Museum of Natural History and Scientific Instruments of the University of Modena V Strigiformes to Coliiformes La collezione ornitologica del Museo di Storia Naturale e della Strumentazione Scientifica dellUniversita degli Studi di Modena V - da Strigiformes a Coliiformes

Ansaloni, I.; Imperiale, A., 2002:
The ornithological collection of the Natural History and Scientific Education Museum of Modena Studies University VI - from Trogoniformes to Piciformes La collezione ornitologica del Museo di Storia Naturale e della Strumentazione Scientifica del lUniversita degli Studi di Modena VI - da Trogoniformes a Piciformes

Bonali, F.; Impieri, A.; Lavezzi, F., 2003:
The ornithological collection of the Stanga High School of Cremona 1887-1973 La collezione ornitologica dellIstituto di Istruzione Superiore Stanga di Cremona 1887-1973

Eichstaedt, Werner., 2003:
The ornithological collection of the former museum of natural history of Stettin Pommern collection Die Ornithologische Sammlung des ehemaligen Museums fuer Naturkunde der Stadt Stettin Pommernsammlung

Maio, N.; Nappi, A., 2001:
The ornithological collections of Napoli Federico II University Zoological Museum historical and faunistic interest Le collezioni ornitologiche del Museo Zoologico dellUniversita di Napoli Federico II interesse storico e faunistico

Scaravelli, Dino., 2001:
The ornithological collections of Onferno reserve museum Rimini Le collezioni ornitologiche del Museo della RNO di Onferno Rimini

Demartini, L.; Polinori, A., 2001:
The ornithological community in a new LIPU artificial wetland by the Tibers mouth the CHM of Ostia Lavifauna di una zona umida artificiale ricostruita presso la foce del Tevere, il CHM LIPU di Ostia a due anni dallinizio dello Scavo

Biondi, M.; Castaldi, A.; Guerrieri, G.; Menegoni, P.; Pietrelli, L., 2001:
The ornithological community of Coccia di Morto La comunita ornitica di Coccia di Morto

Cecere, J.Giuseppe, 2001:
The ornithological community of LIPU Reserve Castel di Guido Rome preliminary data Avifauna dell Oasi LIPU Castel di Guido Roma dati preliminari

Renzini, Francesco., 2002:
The ornithological community of Marcite di Norcia - Sibillini Mountains national park PG La comunita ornitica delle Marcite di Norcia - Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini PG

Gaggi, A.; Paci, A.M.ria.; Starnini, L., 1998:
The ornithological community of the Colombari lakes city of Castello - Perugia La comunita ornitica dei Laghi Colombari Citta di Castello - PG

Lebboroni, M.; Santini, G.; Scoccianti, C., 2001:
The ornithological community of the Florentine plain lakes application of models of spatial distribution in fragmented habitats Le comunita ornitiche dei laghi della Piana Fiorentina applicazione di modelli di distribuzione spaziale in habitat frammentati

Biondi, M.; Cannavicci, A., 2001:
The ornithological community of the archaeological site of Ostia Antica Rome La comunita ornitica dell area archeologica di Ostia Antica Roma

Andino, Hector., 2006:
The ornithological diversity of agricultural ecosystems the example of Cinc Senies La diversitat ornitologica dels ecosistemes agricoles lexemple de les cinc senies

Klein, R., 2006:
The ornithological importance of the mining tip Reden with remarks to the day of species diversity 2003 and about mining tips as secondary biotopes for birds in the Saarland Die ornithologische Bedeutung der Bergehalde Reden mit Anmerkungen zum Tag der Artenvielfalt 2003 und zu Bergehalden als Sekundaerbiotope fuer Voegel im Saarland

Siblet, Jean-Philippe., 2005:
The ornithological interest of moors of Ile-de-France Interet ornithologique des mouilleres dIle-de-France

Barbagli, F.; Nistri, A., 2002:
The ornithological interests of Marianna Paulucci Gli interessi ornitologici di Marianna Paulucci

Poley, D.; Poley, I., 2002:
The ornithological park of Pont de Gau Parc ornithologique du Pont de Gau

Spanneut, Laurent., 2004:
The ornithological reserve of Marolles-sur-Seine 2003 chronical Reserve ornithologique de Marolles-sur-Seine chronique 2003

Krueger, S.; Menzel, H., 2002:
The ornithological significance of fish ponds in a redeveloped area for mining waste The birds of the Ratzener Teiche and surrounding area near Lohsa/Kamenz District, 1 Red-throated diver to crane Ornithologische Bedeutung von Fischteichen in einer sanierten Bergbaufolgelandschaft Vogelwelt der Ratzener Teiche und Umgebung bei Lohsa/Kreis Kamenz, 1 Sterntaucher bis Kranich

Schiavi, M.; Gottardi, G.; Rubolini, D., 1996:
The ornithological station La Passata Account of the first months of work of the new ringing station within the scientific scope of Bergamasco La Stazione Ornitologica La Passata Il resoconto dei primi mesi di attivita della nuova stazione di inanellamento degli uccelli a scopo scientifico nel Bergamasco

Reig, A., 2004:
The ornithological travels of Alfred Brehm to Spain Los viajes ornitologicos de Alfred Brehm a Espana

Skorka, P.; Wojcik, J.D.rota., 2000:
The ornithological value of the environs of the Rozkochow village - a proposal for protection Walory ornitologiczne okolic Rozkochowa - propozycja ochrony

Schmidt, Dietmar., 2005:
The ornithological work of Dr Joachim Steinbacher Dr Joachim Steinbachers ornithologisches Wirken

Heyer, Jurgen., 1997:
The ornithologist Hugo Hildebrandt 1866-1946 Der Ornithologe Hugo Hildebrandt 1866-1946

Gensbol, Benny., 2001:
The ornithologist Lorenz Ferdinand Ornitologen Lorenz Ferdinand

Fontana, C.Suertegaray, 2005:
The ornitofauna of Porto Alegre in the 20th century status of occurrence and conservation A ornitofauna em Porto Alegre no seculo XX status de ocorrencia e conservacao

Fontana, Paolo., 1998:
The orthopteran fauna of Monte Summano Venetian Prealps, Vicenza Insecta, Blattaria, Mantodea, Orthoptera and Dermaptera Lortotterofauna del Monte Summano Prealpi Venete, Vicenza Insecta, Blattaria, Mantodea, Orthoptera e Dermaptera

Detzel, Peter., 2001:
The orthopteran fauna of the dry slopes of Werbach district, Tauberbischofsheim A compilation of observations of the last 15 years Zur Heuschreckenfauna auf Trockenhaengen der Gemarkung Werbach, Tauberbischofsheim Eine Zusammenstellung von Beobachtungen der letzten 15 Jahre

Schaedler, Martin., 1998:
The orthopteran fauna of the managed meadow grassland in the Mittlere Elbe biosphere reserve Orthoptera Die Heuschreckenfauna des bewirtschafteten Auengruenlandes im Biosphaerenreservat Mittlere Elbe Orthoptera

Wallaschek, M.; Schaefer, B., 2005:
The orthopteran zoonosis of the Kloetz Heath Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera, Caelifera Die Orthopterenzoenosen der Kloetzer Heide Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera, Caelifera

Wallaschek, Michael., 1999:
The orthopteroid fauna Orthoptera sl Blattoptera, Dermaptera, Saltatoria of some old gravel pits and dry biotopes in the Kloetze area, Altmark Zur Geradflueglerfauna Orthoptera sl Blattoptera, Dermaptera, Saltatoria einiger Altkiesgruben und Trockenbiotope im Raum Kloetze, Altmark

Tami, F.; Fontana, P., 2002:
The orthopteroid insects of dry meadows of Cellina rushing Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, North-eastern Italy Gli Ortotteroidei dei magredi del torrente Cellina Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italia nord-orientale

Jouandoudet, Frank., 2003:
The ortolan bunting Emberiza hortulana in Aquitaine situation before the national survey planned in 2004 Le bruant ortolan Emberiza hortulana en Aquitaine etat des lieux avant lenquete nationale prevue en 2004

Giebing, Manfred., 2001:
The ortolan bunting - also named as garden hammer Der Ortolan - auch Gartenammer genannt

Dale, Svein., 1997:
The ortolan bunting - an endangered species in Norway Hortulan - en direkte truet fugleart

van Noorden, Boena., 1999:
The ortolan bunting Emberiza hortulana in the Netherlands - a rural tragedy De ortolaan Emberiza hortulana, een plattelandsdrama

Vega, I., 2005:
The oryx of Arabia the desert unicorn Oryx de Arabia el unicornio del desierto

Gagnaison, C.; Castillo, L.; Fucci, D., 2006:
The os penis of Pseudarctos from the Miocene sands of Contres 41, France Un os penien de Pseudarctos dans les sables miocenes de Contres 41, France

Ehring, Roland., 1997:
The osprey Pandion haliaetus - a breeding bird of Leipzig district Der Fischadler Pandion haliaetus - Brutvogel im Regierungsbezirk Leipzig

Krott, N.; Wassmann, R., 1997 :
The osprey Pandion haliaetus as a breeding bird in Salzgitter in 1997 Fischadler Pandion haliaetus 1997 Brutvogel in Salzgitter

Hauff, Peter., 1996:
The osprey Pandion haliaetus in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany Der Fischadler Pandion haliaetus in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Wassmann, R.; Wassmann, H., 1999:
The osprey Pandion haliaetus, hunting on foot Fussjagd des Fischadlers Pandion haliaetus

Muller, Jorg., 1998:
The osprey and forest management Fischadler und Forstwirtschaft

Wahl, Rolf., 1999:
The osprey in central France first observations in 1998 of locally colour-ringed birds Le balbuzard pecheur Pandion haliaetus en France continentale Premieres observations en 1998 doiseaux porteurs de bagues colorees

Gil, J.M.ria.; Valenzuela, G., 1997:
The osprey in inland waters in Granada El aguila pescadora en aguas interiores de Granada

Belletier, D.; Madern, L.; Wahl, R., 1997:
The osprey The Centre region Balbuzard Region Centre

Izecksohn, E.; Deiss, I., 2005:
The osteocranium of Proceratophrys boiei Wied-Neuwied, P appendiculata Guenther, P melanopogon Miranda-Ribeiro, and P laticeps Izecksohn Peixoto, Anura, Leptodactylidae O osteocranio de Proceratophrys boiei Wied-Neuwied, P appendiculata Guenther, P melanopogon Miranda-Ribeiro e P laticeps Izecksohn Peixoto Anura, Leptodactylidae

Mohammed, MBH., 1990:
The osteological pattern of the axial skeleton in the hatching gecko Bunopus spatulurus Gekkonidae, Reptilia

Mohammed, MBH., 1990:
The osteology and its bearing on the adaptation to burrowing in Scincus Scincidae, Reptilia

Starks, E.C., 1898:
The osteology and relationships of the family Zeidae

Gramann, Franz., 2000:
The ostracod species Cyprideis torosa, an indicator of salt concentration and climate evidence for a Pleistocene salt lake in northeastern Lower Saxony Ostrakoden der Art Cyprideis torosa als Indikatoren fur Salzgehalt und Klima Nachweis eines Binnensalinars im Pleistozan Nordostniedersachsens

Ducasse, O.; Cahuzac, B., 1997:
The ostracods as indicators of palaeoenvironments in the Middle Miocene Serravallian of the Aquitaine Basin SW France Les ostracodes indicateurs des paleoenvironnements au Miocene moyen Serravallien en Aquitaine sud-ouest de la France

Ruiz, F.; Gonzalez-Regalado, ML.; Menegazzo, L.; Rampazzo, G.; Pistolato, M.; Molinaroli, E., 2000:
The ostracods from the Lido basin Venice lagoon, NE Italy Los ostracodos de la cuenca del Lido Laguna de Venecia, NF Italia

Andreu-Boussut, Bernard., 1991:
The ostracods of the Middle Cretaceous Barremian to Turonian, along a section of Agadir-Nador Morocco Third part - ostracode systematics Les ostracodes du Cretace moyen Barremien a Turonien, le long dune transversale Agadir-Nador Maroc Troisieme partie - systematique des ostracodes

Ruiz Munoz, F.; Gonzalez-Regalado, ML.; Menegazzo Vetturi, L.; Pistolato, M., 1998:
The ostracofaune of littoral sediments from Northeastern Italy 1 The Adige river La ostracofauna de los sedimentos litorales del NE de Italia 1 el Rio Adige

Ruiz Munoz, F.; Gonzalez-Regalado, ML.; Menegazzo Vetturi, L.; Molinaroli, E., 1998:
The ostracofaune of littoral sediments from northeastern Italy II the Chioggia Bassin Venice Lagoon La ostracofauna de los sedimentos litorales del NE de Italia II la Cuenca de Chioggia Laguna de Venezia

Hiekel, Walter., 2005:
The other first German nature reserve the Vesser Valley reserve in the Thuringian Forest Das andere erste deutsche Biosphaerenreservat NSG Vessertal im Thueringer Wald

Truyen, U.; Wolf, G.; Carmichael, LE., 1996:
The other parvovirus first description of the minute virus of canines canine parvovirus type 1 in Germany Das andere Parvovirus Erstbeschreibung des Minute Virus of Canines canines Parvovirus Typ 1 in Deutschland

Muller, Peter., 1999:
The other side of the salad head perspective snails from Bachs and Weiach in the focus of the modern nature protection Jenseits der Salatkopf-Perspektive Schnecken aus Bachs und Weiach im Blickfeld des modernen Naturschutzes

Lehmann, J.; Menzel, H., 2005:
The otoliths of the Geosciences Collection of the University of Bremen - provenances and catalogue of originals Die Otolithen der Geowissenschaftlichen Sammlung der Universitaet Bremen - Provemenzen und Katalog der Originale

Menzel, Herbert., 2001:
The otoliths of the genus Coelorinchus Fam Macrouridae from the Tertiary of the North Sea basin Otolithen der Gattung Coelorinchus Fam Macrouridae aus dem Tertiaer des Nordsee-Beckens

Ruiz-Olmo, J.; Seijas, J.M.nuel; Couto, S., 2005:
The otter Lutra lutra L in the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park and its surroundings effect of altitude and natural barriers La nutria Lutra lutra L en el Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido y su entorno efecto de la altitud y las barreras naturales

Muller-Stiess, H.; Ansorge, H., 1996:
The otter Lutra lutra - a valuable mammal as environmental indicator for technical planning Der Fischotter Lutra lutra - wertgebende Saugetierart in okologischen Beitragen zu Fachplanungen

Schmalz, M., 2005:
The otter Lutra lutra as a species of the Fauna Flora Habitats Directive - is there also a possibility for the networking of aquatic landscapes in Thuringia? Der Fischotter Lutra lutra als Art der FFH-Richtlinie - eine Chance fuer die Vernetzung von Gewaesserlandschaften, auch in Thueringen?

Deflorian, Giorgio., 1993:
The otter Lutra lutra La lontra Lutra lutra

Klasa, A.; Wisniowski, B., 1999:
The otter Lutra lutra in the Ojcow National Park Wydra Lutra lutra w Ojcowskim Parku Narodowym

Chebez, J.C.rlos.; Chehebar, C., 1994:
The otter Lutra provocax Huillin

Valladares, Miguel Angel., 1995:
The otter and its habitat, the object of a conservation plan by the WWF La nutria y su habitat, objeto de un plan de conservacion del WWF

Saavedra, D.; Sargatal, J., 1996:
The otter at Aiguamolls de lEmporda La lludriga torna als Aiguamolls de lEmporda

Winter, L., 1993:
The otter in Limburg the distribution of the otter Lutra lutra L in Limburg and a proposal for an ecological infrastructure De otter in Limburg het voorkomen van de otter Lutra lutra L in Limburg en een voorstel voor een ecologische infrastructuur

Jahrl, Jutta., 2001:
The otter in Upper Austria Der Fischotter in Oberoesterreich

Sukhomirov, G.I., 1964:
The otter in the Far East

Tessendorf, F.; Woelfel, L.; Allgeyer, P., 2001:
The otter in the area of the Darss-Zingster Bodden Der Fischotter im Bereich der Darss-Zingster Bodden

Dobrolyubov, AN., 1992:
The otter in the mountains of north-west Caucasus Vydra v gorakh severo-zapadnogo Kavkaza

Ruiz-Olomo, J.; Lopez-Martin, J.M.ria., 2000:
The otter in the valley of Matarrana river La nutria en la cuenca del rio Matarrana

Niewold, FJJ.; Lammertsma, DR.; Jansman, HAH.; Kuiters, AT., 2003:
The otter is back in the Netherlands Initial phase of reintroduction to the Weerribben National Park in 2002 De otter terug in Nederland Eerste fase van de herintroductie in Nationaal Park de Weerribben in 2002

Craeymeersch, J.A.; Perdon, J., 2005:
The otter shell Lutraria in waters off the Netherlands De otterschelp Lutraria in de Nederlandse wateren

Daan, R.; Mulder, M., 2005:
The otter shell Lutraria lutraria Linnaeus, 1758 on the continental shelf of the Netherlands De otterschelp Lutraria lutraria Linnaeus, 1758 op het Nederlands contentaal plat

Moerdijk, P., 2005:
The otter shell species Lutraria angustior Philippi, 1844 found in the Netherlands De Smalle otterschelp, Lutraria angustior Philippi, 1844 in Nederland

Prenda Marin, J.; Lopez Nieves, P., 1999:
The otter, an ecological indicator of river quality in the Iberian Peninsula La nutria, un indicador ecologico de la calidad de los rios en la peninsula Iberica

Gragera Diaz, Francisco., 1994:
The otters of the river Ardila Las nutrias del rio Ardila

Baker, P.F.; Blaustein, M.P.; Keynes, R.D.; Manil, J.; Shaw, T.I.; Steinhardt, R.A., 1969:
The ouabain-sensitive fluxes of sodium and potassium in squid giant axons

Kampfer-Lauenstein, A.; Lederer, W., 1991:
The out-migration and population dynamics of Athene noctua in Middle Westphalia Zur Dismigration und Populationsdynamik des Steinkauzes Athene noctua in Mittelwestfalen

Nehls, HW., 1997:
The outer Wismar Bay as a habitat for waterbirds Die aussere Wismar-Bucht als Lebensraum fur Wasservogel

Portenko, L.A., 1958:
The outline of the vertebrate fauna

Vanhaelen, M-Th.; Kerckhof, F., 2002:
The oval otter shell Lutraria lutraria Linnaeus, 1758 a new species for the Belgian fauna De ovale otterschelp Lutraria lutraria Linnaeus, 1758 een nieuwe soort voor de Belgische fauna

Zucchi, H., 2005:
The overwintering and autumn migration of Vanessa atalanta Linnaeus, 1758 in the Osnabrueck area Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Zur Ueberwinterung und Herbstwanderung von Vanessa atalanta Linnaeus, 1758 im Osnabruecker Raum Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Rohricht, Wieland., 1999:
The overwintering behaviour of Chrysoperla carnea sl Stephens Insecta Neuroptera, Chrysopidae Zum Uberwinterungsverhalten von Chrysoperla carnea sl Stephens Insecta Neuroptera, Chrysopidae

Khakyev, A.; Karbanov, O., 1977:
The overwintering of Anseriformes in the Karakum Canal zone

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