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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38795

Chapter 38795 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Simova-Tosic, D.; Vukovic, M., 1990:
The pest species of Cecidomyidae registered on wheat in Serbia

Ree, Morten., 2005:
The pesticide alpha-chloralose - continuing in circulation 14 years after being banned Giften alfa-kloralose - fortsatt i omlop 14 ar etter forbudet

Smolyannikov, V.V., 1970:
The pests of the apple

ZagainYi, S.A., 1970:
The pests of the plum

Mikhailynk, I.B., 1970:
The pests of vineyards

Polz, Hermann., 2002:
The petasma in penaeid shrimps from the Solnhofen Plattenkalk Das Petasma - Geschlechts - und Art-Bestimmungsmerkmal penaeider Garnelen

Korabel'nikov, LV., 1972:
The petrels Fregetta grallaria Vieild and F tropica Gould in the Antarctic Ocean

Warham, J., 1990:
The petrels Their ecology and breeding systems

Gaudant, Jean., 1997:
The petrified fishes from Monte Bolca Italy their influence on the theories of the Earth in the middle of the eighteenth century, according to an uncompleted manuscript by Jean-Francois Seguier 1703-1784 Les poissons petrifies du Monte Bolca Italie et leur influence sur les theories de la Terre au milieu du Siecle des lumieres, dapres un manuscrit inacheve de Jean-Francois Seguier 1703-1784

Lebrun, Patrice., 2002:
The phacopids trilobites of the Armorican Massif Les phacopides trilobites du Massif armoricain

Knoflach, Barbara., 1996:
The phalerata-group of Steatoda in Europe Arachnida, Theridiidae Die Arten der Steatoda phalerata-Gruppe in Europa Arachnida Araneae, Theridiidae

Berendonk, Thomas U., 2001:
The phantom midge Chaoborus and genetic metapopulation structures Vergleich von Metapopulationen und permanenten Populationen, die Bueschelmuecke Chaoborus als Beispiel

Pannach, Dieter., 2005:
The pharmacist Max Otto Dietrich 1872-1934 as a botanist and ornithologist in the northern Oberlausitz Apotheker Max Otto Dietrich 1872-1934 als Botaniker und Ornithologe in der noerdlichen Oberlausitz

Zompro, Oliver., 1999:
The phasmid collection of Bremen Uebersee-Museum Die Phasmidensammlung des Uebersee-Museums Bremen

Antovic, I.; Simonovic, P.; Tomovic, L., 2002:
The phenetic relationships determination of south Adriatic mullets Pisces Mugilidae by external morphology Utvrdivanje fenetickih odnosa cipola Pisces Mugilidae juznog Jadrana na osnovu spoljasnje morfologije

Antovic, I.; Simonovic, P., 2003:
The phenetic relationships of south Adritic mullets Pisces Mugilidae established by analysis of skull continuous characteristics Feneticki odnosi cipola Pisces Mugilidae juznog jadrana ustanovljenih na osnovu analize kontinuiranih karakteristika lobanjske caure

Dubinin, V.B., 1956:
The pheno-menon of parasite-carrier among external parasites and its importance in animal husbandry and game breeding

de Freina, Josef J., 2002:
The phenology and biology of Bufoidia ledereri Kocak, 1981 and its preimaginal stages with a record of seasonal dimorphism Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae Zur Phaenologie und Biologie von Bufoidia ledereri Kocak, 1981 und ihrer Praeimaginalstadien mit Nachweis von Saisondimorphismus Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae

Webb, D.; Zettel, J., 1997:
The phenology and distribution of two populations of grasshoppers Stethophyma grossum L at various heights Phanologie und Verbreitung zweier Populationen der Sumpfschrecke Stethophyma grossum L in unterschiedlichen Hohenstufen

Duso, C.; Zanchetta, L.; Pozzebon, A.; Galbero, G., 2004:
The phenology and harmfulness of Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis Bouche Thysanoptera Thripidae in north-eastern Italy Fenologia e dannosita di Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis Bouche Thysanoptera Thripidae nellItalia Nord-Orientale

Molchanova, R.V., 1976:
The phenology of some harmful species of pyralids Lepidoptera Pyralidae in the conditions of Byelorussia

Roux, D.; Boutin, J.-Marie., 2003:
The phenology of song thrush Turdus philomelos, redwing Turdus iliacus and black bird Turdus merula spring migration Phenologie de la migration prenuptiale de la grive musicienne Turdus philomelos, de la grive mauvis Turdus iliacus et du merle noir Turdus merula

Van Rompaey, Karl., 1999:
The phenology of summer birds in 1998 results and discussion Fenologie zomervogels 1998 resultaten en bespreking

Van Rompaey, Karl., 2000:
The phenology of summer visitors in 1999 results and discussion Fenologie zomervogels 1999 resultaten en bespreking

Vogrin, M., 2005:
The phenology of waterbirds on Lake Zovnek Lower Savinja valley, central Slovenia Fenologija vodnih ptic na Zovneskem jezeru spodnja Savinjska dolina, osrednja Slovenija

Ginsburg, L.; Janvier, P., 2000:
The phenomena of faunal changes of shell marl areas of the Miocene of the Loire Basin Sur les phenomenes de remaniements de faunes dans les faluns du Miocene du bassin de la Loire

Bagdasaryan, K.G., 1967:
The phenomenon of having chambers in Ostrea cochlear from the Tarkhan deposits of Georgia

Marfenin, NN., 1993:
The phenomenon of coloniality

Dubinin, V.B., 1955:
The phenomenon of external parasites and its meaning to animal husbandry

Friedrich, Ekkehard., 2006:
The phenomenon of extreme population fluctuations in Zygaena carniolica Scopoli, 1763 Lepidoptera Zygaenidae Zum Phaenomen extremer Populationsschwankungen bei Zygaena carniolica Scopoli, 1763 Lepidoptera Zygaenidae

Ludvig, Eva., 1996:
The phenomenon of hatching asynchrony in altricial birds and different hypotheses for its evolution Az aszinkron keles jelensege a feszekrako madaraknal es kialakulasanak hipotezisei

Dzerzhinskii, VA.; Dubitskii, AM.; Deshevykh, ND., 1975:
The phenomenon of optimum doses of the entomophaga fungus Coelomyces iliensis infesting larvae of the mosquito Culex modestus

Seidel, Ingo ., 1999:
The phenomenon of puzzling fish deaths Exchange of information on the dwarf corydoras Corydoras hastatus Das Phanomen des ratselhaften Fischsterbens Erfahrungsaustausch uber den Seckelfleckpanzerwels Corydoras hastatus

Lopez-Jurado, L.F.; Mateo, J.A.; Geniez, P., 1995:
The phenotypes and subspecies of Gallotia atlantica Los fenotipos y subespecies de Gallotia atlantica

Alia Simona, A.-Hussain.; Suteu, I., 2005:
The phenotypical structure and the annual dynamics of ticks Ixodidae in the Plain of Mitidja, Algeria during the period 2003-2005 La structure phenotypique et la dynamique annuelle des tiques Ixodidae de la Plaine de Mitidja - Algerie durant la periode 2003-2005

Wuest, Jean., 1998:
The pheromone dispersing apparatus in some Hesperiinae Lepidoptera Hesperiidae Les organes producteurs de pheromones de quelques hesperides Lepidoptera Hesperiidae, Hesperiinae

Schulz, Hans-Juergen., 2006:
The pheromone glands pseudo cells of Tetrodontophora bielanensis Insecta, Collembola, Onychiuridae Die Wehrdruesen Pseudocellen von Tetrodontophora bielanensis Insecta, Collembola, Onychiuridae

Fauran, P.; Izri, A.; Delaunay, P.; Marty, P., 1998:
The phlebotomids Diptera, Phlebotomidae os the Alpes-Maritimes and of Monaco Les phlebotomes Diptera, Phlebotomidae des Alpes-Maritimes et de Monaco

Jeremias, X., 2003:
The phlebotomids Diptera, Phlebotominae as insects vectors of leishmaniasis in the humans new contributions for the medical entomology Los flebotomidos Diptera, Phlebotominae como insectos vectores de leishmaniasis en el hombre nuevas aportaciones a la entomologia medica

Alves-Pires, C.; Campino, L., 1996:
The phlebotomine sandflies of Portugal 6 Altitudinal relations between the phlebotomine sandflies Diptera, Psychodidae and the canine leishmaniasis prevalence at the Alto Douro Os flebotomos de Portugal 6 Relacao altitudinal entre a abundancia de flebotomos Diptera Psychodidae e a prevalencia de leishmaniose canina no Alto Douro

Alves-Pires, C.; Campino, L.; Afonso, MO.; Santos-Gomes, G.; Dedet, J-P.; Pratlong, F., 2001:
The phlebotomine sandflies of Portugal X - Natural infestation of Phlebotomus perniciosus with Leishmania infantum MON-1 in Algarve Les phlebotomes du Portugal X - Infestation naturelle de Phlebotomus perniciosus par Leishmania infantum MON-1 en Algarve

Faasse, Marco., 1994:
The phoronid species Phoronis hippocrepia in the Netherlands Hoefijzerwormen in Nederland

Legendre, S.; Sige, B.; Astruc, J.G.y. de Bonis, L.; Crochet, J.-Yves.; Denys, C.; Godinot, M.; Hartenberger, J.-Louis.; Leveque, F.; Marandat, B.; Mourer-Chauvire, C.; Rage, J.-Claude.; Remy, J.A.bert.; Sudre, J.; Vianey-Liaud, M., 1997:
The phosphorites of Quercy 30 years of investigations Results and prospects Les phosphorites du Quercy 30 ans de recherche Bilan et perspectives

Heller, J.; Swiechowska, W.; Karpiak, S., 1949:
The phosphorus balance of the wolfs milk moth at the time of metamorphosis

Sabrina, Benmecheri., 1995:
The phyllophagous insects of the cork oak and the afares oak in Tamentout forest Setif Apercu sur les insectes phyllophages du chene-liege et du chene afares de la foret domaniale de Tamentout Setif

Hoxter, Wolfgang., 1999:
The phyllopod Triops cancriformis Bosc, 1801 Branchiopoda, Notostraca near Hildesheim Der Blattfusskrebs Triops cancriformis Bosc, 1801 Branchiopoda Notostraca bei Hildesheim

Perez Moreno, Ignacio., 2002:
The phylloxera or the invader from America La filoxera o el invasor que vino de America

Vollmerhaus, B.; Knospe, C.; Roos, H., 2001:
The phylogenesis of the teeth of Equidae Zur Phylogenie des Equidengebisses

Kleinfeld, Frank., 2002:
The phylogenetic history of Carabidae Explanations and supplements to current molecular-phylogenetic investigations of Carabidae Zur Stammesgeschichte der Carabidae Erlaeuterungen und Ergaenzungen zu aktuellen molekular-phylogenetischen Untersuchungen bei Carabidae

Senz, W., 1998:
The phylogenetic origin and systematic position of the genus Malacobdella Blainville, 1827 Nemertini, Bdellonemertini Uber die phylogenetische Herkunft und systematische Stellung der Gattung Malacobdella Blainville, 1827 Nemertini, Bdellonemertini

Veron, G., 1996:
The phylogenetic position of Cryptoprocta ferox Carnivora Cladistic analysis of the morphological characters of modern and fossil Aeluroidea Carnivora La position systematique de Cryptoprocta ferox Carnivora Analyse cladistique des caracteres morphologiques de carnivores Aeluroidea actuels et fossiles

Volkova, KN., 1972:
The phylogenetic relationships of the Eridotrypellidae

Scholz, Klaus P., 1995:
The phylogenetic relationships of the Salamandridae Gray, 1825 A cladistic analysis on the basis of morphological characters and courtship behaviour Zur Stammesgeschichte der Salamandridae Gray, 1825 Eine kladistische Analyse anhand von Merkmalen aus Morphologie und Balzverhalten

Mueller, Hendrik., 2004:
The phylogenetic significance of the ontogeny of the skull in Hypogeophis rostratus and Gegeneophis ramaswamii Amphibia Gymnophiona Zur phylogenetischen Bedeutung der Ontogenese des Schaedels von Hypogeophis rostratus und Gegeneophis ramaswamii Amphibia Gymnophiona

Lohmann, Heinrich., 1996:
The phylogenetic system in Anisoptera Odonata Das phylogenetische System der Anisoptera Odonata

Lohmann, Heinrich., 1996:
The phylogenetic system of Anisoptera Odonata First supplement Das phylogenetische System der Anisoptera Odonata Erster Nachtrag

Capy, Pierre., 1997:
The phylogenies of transposable elements pitfalls and lessons Les phylogenies delements transposables pieges et lecons

Feizullaev, NA.; Aleksandrova, OV., 1972:
The phylogeny and evolution of the order Cyclocoelata, La Rue 1957

Klass, Klaus-Dieter., 1995:
The phylogeny of Dictyoptera Die Phylogenie der Dictyoptera

Groves, Colin., 2004:
The phylogeny of Macropodoidea Die Stammesgeschichte der Macropodoidea

Walochnik, J.; Aspoeck, H., 2002:
The phylogeny of human parasites Die Parasiten des Menschen im phylogenetischen System

Warnke, K.; Ploetner, J.; Santana, J.I.nacio.; Rueda,; Llinas, O., 2001:
The phylogeny of recent cephalopods - the first results of a molecular genetic analysis of the 18S rRNA gene Zur Phylogenie rezenter Cephalopoden - Erste Ergebnisse einer molekulargenetischen Analyse des 18S rRNA-Gens

Rozsa, Lajos., 1997:
The phylogeny of swallows nests revealed Foltarult a fecskefeszkek ostortenete

Chapski, K.K., 1955:
The phylogeny of the Caspian and the Baikal seals

Kruckenhauser, L.; Haring, E.; Arnold, W.; Pinsker, W., 1999:
The phylogeny of the genus Marmota Rodentia, Sciuridae a phylogenetic tree based on DNA sequence data Die Phylogenie der Gattung Marmota Rodentia, Sciuridae ein Stammbaum auf der Basis von DNA-Sequenzdaten

Nutzel, Alexander., 1998:
The phylogeny of the order Ptenoglossa Gastropoda Uber die Stammesgeschichte der Ptenoglossa Gastropoda

Cholewa, Ryszard., 1994:
The physical-mechanical hair properties in polar foxes Cechy fizyczno-mechaniczne wlosow lisow polarnych

Kuusik, A.; Hiiesaar, K.; Metspalu, L.; Hermann, P., 2001:
The physiological characteristics of the perennial diapause in the Colorado potato beetle Kartulimardika mitmeaastase diapusi fusioloogiline iseloomustus

Landygina, NM., 1972:
The physiological compatibility of cauline nematodes

Strelin, G.S.; Bukvina, A.A., 1948:
The physiological gradients V Experimental study of metabolism gradients in Dendrocoelum lacteum

Smirnova, L.I., 1956:
The physiological role of leucocytes in digestion of fishes

Berman, S.A., 1967:
The physiological role of microelements in the organism of freshwater fish

Madsen, B.L., 1977:
The physiological significance of flowing water

Butler, PJ.; Woakes, AJ., 1990:
The physiology of bird flight

Guthrie, SDM., 1990:
The physiology of the teleostean optic tectum

Olenev, NO., 1955:
The phytoneides in Prunus racemosa

Sudakova, I.M., 1958:
The phytonematode fauna of the Chuvash AS SR

Schliesske, Joachim., 2004:
The phytophagous Acari and entomofauna of the elder Caprifoliaceae Sambucus nigra L Die phytophage Acaro - und entomogauna des Schwarzen Holunders Caprifoliaceae Sambucus nigra L

Krummen, Heinrich., 1997:
The phytophagous beetle fauna Coleoptera Elateridae, Scarabaeidae, Cerambycidae, Chrysomelidae, Curculionoidea of an agricultural landscape in Emsland Die phytophage Kaferfauna Coleoptera Elateridae, Scarabaeidae, Cerambycidae, Chrysomelidae, Curculionoidea einer Agrarlandschaft im Emsland

Lorenz, J., 1997:
The phytophagous beetle fauna of fallow lands and old fields in the township of Dresden Die phytophage Kaferfauna von Ruderal- und Brachflachen in der Stadt Dresden

Sioli, Ehrhard., 1996:
The phytophagous fauna Cicadina, Heteroptera and Symphyta of the herb layer in various forest types in Schleswig-Holstein Die Phytophagenfauna der Krautschicht Cicadina, Heteroptera und Symphyta verschiedener Waldtypen Schleswig-Holsteins

Olivera, E.B.ugnoli; Ramirez, A.M.rales, 2001:
The phytoplankton community of Punta Morales, Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rica La comunidad fitoplanctica de Punta Morales, Golfo de Nicoya, Costa Rica

Fechner, Glenn G., 1997:
The phytoplankton distribution, stratigraphical classification and possible origin of the Grunsandscholle north of Abbenrode page 4029 Vienenburg Saxony-Anhalt Zur Phytoplanktonfuhrung, stratigraphischen Einstufung und moglichen Herkunft der Grunsandscholle nordlich von Abbenrode Blatt 4029 Vienenburg; Sachsen-Anhalt

Tolomio, Claudio., 2004:
The phytoplankton in the northern basin of Venice lagoon seasonal samplings during neap and spring tides Sul fitoplancton del bacino nord della Laguna di Venezia Ricerche stagionali in fase di quadratura e di sizigia

Bort, S.; Rodrigo, M.A.tonia; Maidana, N., 2005:
The phytoplankton of Ruidera lakes nature reserve Ciudad Real, Spain El fitoplancton de Lagunas de Ruidera Parque Natural, Ciudad Real, Espana

Tolomio, C.; Moschin, E.; Moro, I.; Andreoli, C., 1999:
The phytoplankton of Venice Lagoon 1 Northern and southern basins April 1988 - March 1989 Phytoplacton de la Lagune de Venise 1 Bassins nord et sud Avril 1988 - Mars 1989

Colak Sabanci, F.; Koray, T., 2006:
The phytoplanktonic species diversity variations in the Bay of Izmir between the years 1998-2001 Izmir Korfezinde 1998-2001 Yillari Arasinda Fitoplanktonik Tur Cesitliligi Degisimi

Gossmann, M.; Zanner, L., 1995:
The phytosanitary situation of Miscanthus and other tall perennial C4 grasses Phytosanitare Situation bei Miscanthus und anderen perennierenden C4-Grossgrasern

Adloff, Andreas., 1997:
The picture postcards of Berlin Zoo Die Bildpostkarten des Tierparks Berlin

Smit, J.; Renema, W., 2006:
The picture-winged fly Otites formosa new for the Netherlands Diptera Ulidiidae De prachtvlieg Otites formosa nieuw voor Nederland Diptera Ulidiidae

Diesing, Peter., 2002:
The pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca on the North Sea island of Baltrum as well as the little egret Egretta garzetta on the proximal mainland site of Nessmersiel Trauerschnaepper Ficedula hypoleuca auf der Nordseeinsel Baltrum sowie Seidenreiher Egretta garzetta im vorgelagerten Festlandsort Nessmersiel

Oldham, WD., 1990:
The pied flycatcher on MOD lands

Thingstad, Per Gustav., 1996:
The pied flycatchers breeding success as an environmental indicator A Norwegian large-scale monitor study Hvordan pavirkes svarthvit fluesnapper av miljoet? Et aktivitetstilbud til NOFs medlemmer

Ree, Morten., 2000:
The pied wagtail - bird of the year 2000 Linerla - arets fugl 2000

Ullman, Magnus., 2007:
The pied wagtail Engelsk sadesarla

Bergmann, H.-Heiner.; Kriegs, J.-Ole.; Jaquier, S., 2004:
The pied wheatear Der Nonnensteinschmaetzer

Braeuning, Christian., 2002:
The pied-billed grebe Podilymbus podiceps, a new species for Germany Der Bindentaucher Podilymbus podiceps, eine neue Art fuer Deutschland

Strecker, S., 2002:
The pig-nosed turtle, Carettochelys insculpta Ny Guinea-blodskildpadden, Carettochelys insculpta

Schletterer, M., 2004:
The pigeon - loved and hated in equal measure Die Taube - geliebt und gehasst gleichermassen

Khoury, C.; Maroli, M., 2004:
The pigeon tick, Argas reflexus, and hazard for human health La zecca del piccione Argas reflexus Acari Argasidae ed i rischi per la salute umana

Pieri, P.; Sabato, L.; Loiacono, F.; Marino, M., 1994:
The piggyback basin of SantArcangelo tectonic-sedimentary evolution Il bacino di piggyback di SantArcangelo evoluzione tettonico-sedimentaria

Smith, AT.; Formozov, NA.; Hoffmann, RS.; Zheng Changlin.; Erbajeva, MA., 1990:
The pikas

Elias, Jaroslav., 1997:
The pike Esox lucius Stika obecna Esox lucius