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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38796

Chapter 38796 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Frei, Herbert., 2004:
The pike A food storer and predator of the depths Der Hecht Ein Wegelagerer und Raeuber aus dem Hinterhalt

Jensen, Frank., 2003:
The pike Gedden

Tomey, William A., 2002:
The pikehead Luciocephalus pulcher is an exceptional predator Der Hechtkopf Luciocephalus pulcher ist ein Raeuber der Sonderklasse

Cornet, Rudy., 1999:
The pileated finch Der Graurucken-Kronfink

Muller, Werner., 1996:
The pillars of conservation Die Saulen der Schutzarbeit

Steiner, Helmut., 1999:
The pilot project monitoring the east Austrian agricultural landscape using raptors Das Pilotprojekt Monitoring der ooe Kulturlandschaft mit Greifvoegeln

Blanco, JC.; Gonzalez, JL., 1995:
The pilot whale Globicephala melas Traill, 1809 O calderon, Globicephala melas Traill, 1809

Budylenko, GA.; Sazhinxv, EG.; Pakhomova, AA., 1973:
The pilot whale Globicephalus melas Traill, 1809 from the south-western Atlantic

Dgcn., 1996 :
The pin-tailed sand grouse and the black-bellied sand grouse are declining in Spain Las gangas y las ortegas espanolas, en declive

Ullman, Magnus., 2000:
The pine bunting Tallsparv

Pettersson, Borge., 2002:
The pine hawk moth Tallsvarmare

Palnikova, EN.; Sviderskaya, IV.; Soukhovolsky, VG., 2002:
The pine looper in Siberian forests ecology, population dynamics, impact on forests

Muskens, GJDM.; Broekhuizen, S., 2000:
The pine marten Martes martes as a victim of road kills De boomarter Martes martes als verkeersslachtoffer

Van Den Berge, K.; Broekhuizen, S.; Muskens, GJDM., 2000:
The pine marten Martes martes in Flanders and southern Netherlands Voorkomen van de boommarter Martes martes in Vlaanderen en het zuiden van Nederland

Chakali, G., 2005:
The pine shoot beetle, Tomicus destruens Wollaston 1865 Coleoptera-Scolytidae in semi-arid areas Lhylesine des pins, Tomicus destruens Wollaston 1865 Coleoptera-Scolytidae en zone semi-aride Algerie

Hermanns, JF., 2006:
The pineal eye of the slowworm and the viviparous lizard Loeil pineal chez lorvet et le lezard vivipare

Dekar, A.; Bendjelloul-Bensalem, M., 2002:
The pineal gland of the gerbil Gerbillus pyramidum Ultrastructural study of long and short photoperiods La glande pineale de la gerbille Gerbillus pyramidum Etude ultrastructurale en fonction de la photoperiode

Boscan de Martinez, N.; Rosales, C.J.lio.; Godoy, F., 2000:
The pineapple fruit fly Melanoloma viatrix Diptera Richardiidae, a new pest insect in Venezuela La mosca del fruto de la pina Melanoloma viatrix Diptera Richardiidae nuevo insecto plaga en Venezuela

Suarez Alba, A.; Caicedo Ramirez, G., 2000:
The pink hibiscus mealybug Maconellicoccus hirsutus Hemiptera Sternorrhyncha Pseudococcidae a quaranine pest, a threat in Colombia La cochinilla rosada Maconellicoccus hirsutus Hemiptera Sternorrhyncha Pseudococcidae una plaga cuarentenaria que amenaza a Colombia

Konig, Hans., 1996:
The pipistrelle bat Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber, 1774 with skin abscesses Zwergfledermaus Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber, 1774 mit Hautgeschwuren

Rose, Louis., 1998:
The pipistrelle bat Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber, 1775 Chiroptera Vespertilionidae and some notes on bats La pipistrelle ou Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber, 1775 Chiroptera Vespertilionidae et quelques elements sur les chauves-souris

Syvertsen, Per Ole., 2000:
The pipistrelle is two species Dvergflaggermus er to arter

Dubourg-Savage, Marie-Jo., 2006:
The pipistrelles summary and reliability of identification criteria Pipistrelle pygmee et Pipistrelle commune synthese et fiabilite des criteres de determination

Arendt, Kai., 2002:
The piranhas of Venezuela, 2 The genera Serrasalmus and Catoprion Die Piranhas Venezuelas, 2 Die Gattungen Serrasalmus und Catoprion

Arendt, Kai., 2002:
The piranhas of Venezuela 1 The genera Pyocentrus, Pygopristis and Pristobrycon Die Piranhas Venezuelas 1 Die Gattungen Pyocentrus, Pygopristis und Pristobrycon

Neff, Ruediger., 2003:
The pirol - an exotic of our bird fauna part 1 Der Pirol - ein Exot in unserer Vogelwelt 1 Teil

Sarangi, DK.; Naik, DR., 1990:
The pituitary gland of the Bengal goat Capra hircus L, with special reference to the cytology of the adenohypophysis

Gumprecht, A.; Boyer, D.M.; Tepedelen, K., 2002:
The pitvipers of genus Trimeresurus sensu lato Lacepede Part I notes on the biology, husbandry and breeding of Ermia mangshanensis Zhao, 1990 Die Grubenottern der Gattung Trimeresurus sensu lato Lacepede Teil I Anmerkungen zur Biologie, Haltung und Nachzucht von Ermia mangshanensis Zhao, 1990

Gumprecht, A.; Bulian, J., 2003:
The pitvipers of the genus Trimeresurus Lacepede Part VIII additions and annotations to the checklist of the species of Trimeresurus in Thailand Die Bambusottern der Gattung Trimeresurus Lacepede Teil VIII Nachtrage und Anmerkungen zur Checkliste der Trimeresurus-Arten Thailands

Zglitis, V.K., 1963:
The place of armoured mites Oribatei in the composition of the metazoofauna

Seravin, LN., 1990:
The place of cells in the living system

Souttou, K.; Baziz, B.; Doumandji, S.; Brahimi, R.; Denys, C., 2004:
The place of insects in the diet of the lesser kestrel in the suburban habitat at El Harrach Algeria Place des insectes dans le regime trophique du Faucon crecerelle en milieu suburbain a El Harrach Algerie

Dubrovskli, Y.A., 1967:
The place of the Long-clawedground squirrel as the natural carrier of cows leishmaniosis

Dubrovsky, Y.A.; Komarova, L.V., 1969:
The place of the long-clawed ground squirrel as the natural carrier of cows leishmaniosis2

Furtado Vieira, J.B.tista.; Evelim Coelho, G., 1998:
The plague epidemiological and control aspects Peste aspectos epidemiologicos e de controle

Anonymous., 1995:
The plan for recuperation of Aphanius iberus is started in Andalucia Se pone en marcha un plan para recuperar el fartet en Andalucia

Haesloop, U.; Schuchardt, B., 1995:
The plankton and macrozoobenthos of the tidal Lower Weser Plankton und Makrozoobenthon der gezeitenbeeinflussten Unterweser

Friedrich, Gunther., 1990:
The plankton in the Rhine as an indicator Das Plankton des Rheins als Indikator

Smith, BB.; Reif, CB., 1990:
The plankton of Harveys Lake, 1984 through 1988

Tauscher, Manfred., 1995:
The plankton of Heinumer Wasserlade in the years 1932 and 1992 Das Plankton der Heinumer Wasserlade in den Jahren 1932 und 1992

Yankyavichyus, K.; Baranauskene, A.; Bunikis, A.; Mazheikaite, S.; Yankavichyute, G., 1993:
The plankton of Lake Zhuvintas Plankton ozera Zhuvintas

Arp, W.; Riemer, A., 1996:
The plankton of a polytrophic shallow lake - symptoms of a disturbed ecosystem Grosser Seddiner Lake near Potsdam Das Plankton eines polytrophen Flachsees - Symptome eines gestorten Okosystems Grosser Seddiner See b Potsdam

Heynig, Hermann., 2003:
The plankton of the Helme Reservoir near Kelbra/Kyffhaeuser Germany, Sachsen-Anhalt/Thueringen Des Plankton des Helme-Stausees bei Kelbra/Kyffhaeuser Deutschland, Sachsen-Anhalt/Thueringen

Schwieger, Frank., 1995:
The plankton of the Upper and Middle Weser Plankton der Ober- und Mittelweser

Fondecave-Wallez, M.; Peybernes, B.; Combes, P., 2006:
The planktonic Foraminifera from the Palaeocene breccias of the Tardets area Zone des Chainons Bearnais, Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France Les Foraminiferes planctoniques des breches paleocenes du secteur de Tardets Zone des Chainons Bearnais, Pyrenees-Atlantiques

Fondecave-Wallez, MJ.; Eichene, P.; Peybernes, B.; Gourinard, Y., 2000:
The planktonic Foraminifera from the continuous Campanian series of Hendaye - Bay of Loya Atlantic-Pyrenees, France Les foraminiferes planctoniques de la serie campanienne continue dHendaye - Baie de Loya Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France

Kreutz, Martin., 1999:
The planktonic Rotifera of the genus Collotheca Die planktisch lebenden Radertiere der Gattung Collotheca

Sevrin-Reyssac, J., 1998:
The planktonic cladoceran Bosmina longirostris OF Muller in pisciculture ponds Le cladocere planctonique Bosmina longirostris OF Muller dans les etangs de pisciculture

Illyova, Marta., 2000:
The planktonic crustacean Crustacea, Branchiopoda and Copepoda in the gravel-pit Strkovec lake Bratislava Planktonicke korovce Crustacea strkoveckeho jazera v Bratislave

Wernli, R.; Morend, D.; Piguet, B., 1997:
The planktonic foraminifera in thin sections of the Eocene and Oligocene of the Gres de Samoens ultrahelvetic flysch of Haute-Savoie, France Les foraminiferes planctoniques en sections de lEocene et de lOligocene des Gres de Samoens ultrahelvetique de massif de Plate, Haute-Savoie, France

Mateu Mateu, Guillem., 1996:
The planktonic foraminifera of the Quaternary formations of the Valencia-Alicante littoral and its depositional environment Los foraminiferos planctonicos de las formaciones cuaternarias del litoral de Valencia-Alicante y sus ambientes deposicionales

Berberich, Doris., 1996:
The planktonic foraminifere Neogloboquadrina pachyderma Ehrenberg in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica Die planktische Foraminifere Neogloboquadrina pachyderma Ehrenberg im Weddellmeer, Antarktis

Patzak, Uwe., 1999 :
The planned nature reserve of Raumerwiese, Dessau Part 2 birds Das geplante Naturschutzgebiet Raumerwiese bei Dessau Teil 2 Voegel

Federschmidt, Andreas., 1999:
The planned nature reserve of Raumerwiese, Dessau Part 3 ground beetles and grasshoppers Das geplante Naturschutzgebiet Raumerwiese bei Dessau Teil 3 Laufkaefer und Heuschrecken

Lehnert, S., 2006:
The planning of biotope network systems in agricultural areas Planung von Biotopverbundsystemen in den Ackerebenen

Lederer, W., 2006:
The planning of biotope network systems in low mountain ranges Planung von Biotopverbundsystemen in Mittelgebirge

Seelig, B., 2006:
The planning of biotope network systems in lowlands Planung von Biotopverbundsystemen im Tiefland

Szekely, S., 2006:
The planning of supralocal biotope network systems for the creation of an ecological network system in Saxony-Anhalt Die Planung ueberoertlicher Biotopverbund-systeme zum Aufbau des oekologischen Verbundsystems in Sachsen-Anhalt

Schawaller, W., 2002:
The plant parasite Cynomorium as a feeding plant of cetonid beetles Coleoptera Scarabeidae in south eastern Kazakhstan Der Pflanzenparasit Cynomorium als Frasspflanze fuer Rosenkaefer Coleoptera Scarabaeidae in Suedost-Kasachstan

Vares, A.; Luik, A., 2001:
The plant protection problems and occurrence of predators in organic vegetable crops Taimekaitse probleemide ja roovlulijalgsete esinemine mahekoogivilja kultuuridel

Ritzau, Carsten., 1997:
The plant wasp fauna Hymenoptera Symphyta of an intensively used agricultural landscape in Emsland Die Pflanzenwespenfauna Hymenoptera Symphyta einer intensiv genutzten Agrarlandschaft im Emsland

Barni, S.; Bernini, F.; Vaccarone, R.; Bertone, V.; Bottone, M.G.azia.; Chiari, P.; Fenoglio, C.; Gerzeli, G., 2001:
The plasticity of the hepatocyte cell during the annual cycle of Rana synklepton esculenta morphometric and cytokinetic aspects La plasticita della cellula epatica durante il ciclo annuale di Rana synklepton esculenta aspetti morfometrici e citocinetici

Steslicka, W., 1966:
The platyrrhine new world monkeys

Gnielka, Reinhard., 2003:
The play flight of the great tit Der Spielflug der Kohlmeise

van den Abeele, B., 2003:
The pleasure of hawking Latin treatises on falconry of the Middle Ages between tradition and practise Zum Federspiel Die lateinischen Falknereitraktate des Mittelalters zwischen Tradition und Praxis

Vit, Rudolf., 1994:
The pleasure of keeping the triple coloured Erythrura trichroa Kitt Freude an Dreifarbigen Papageiamadinen Erythrura trichroa Kitt

Malicky-Ruzicka, HM., 2002:
The plecopteran collection in the Upper Austrian regional museum biology centre in Linz, Austria Insecta, Plecoptera Die Plecoptera-Sammlung im Biologiezentrum des Oberoesterreichischen Landesmuseums in Linz, Oesterreich Insecta, Plecoptera

Vereschagin, N.K., 1957:
The pleistocene vertebrates from the Kudero I cave in South Ossetia, and their importance for the study of the fauna and landscape history of the Caucasus

Sinski, E., 2005:
The plenary session of the XX jubilee Congress of the Polish Parasitological Society Sesja plenarna XX Jubileuszowego Zjazdu Polskiego Towarzystwa Parazytologicznego

Erhard, Friedhelm., 1997:
The pleonal skeleton and musculature of Titanethes albus Synocheta and of further taxa of the Oniscidea Isopoda, with conclusions on the phylogeny of terrestrial isopods Das pleonale Skelet-Muskel-System von Titanethes albus Synocheta und weiterer Taxa der Oniscidea Isopoda, mit Schlussfolgerungen zur Phylogenie der Landasseln

Erhard, Friedhelm., 1996:
The pleonal skeleton and musculature system and the phylogenetic-systematic position of the family Mesoniscidae Isopoda Oniscidea Das pleonale Skelet-Muskel-System und die phylogenetisch-systematische Stellung der Familie Mesoniscidae Isopoda Oniscidea

Capape, C.; Tomasini, JA.; Quignard, JP., 2000:
The pleurotremate elasmobranchs from the Languedoc coast southern France biological and demographic observations Les elasmobranches pleurotremes de la cote du Languedoc coast France meridionale observations biologiques et demographiques

Schmida, Gunther., 2001:
The plotosids of Australia Die Aalschwanzwelse Australiens

Schtundjuk, AV., 1972:
The plum fruit moth in the Far East Biology, agricultural studies, control

Wittwer, R., 2003:
The plum-headed finch Die Zeresamadine

Busching, W.D., 2005:
The plumage characteristics of the Mongolian saker Falco cherrug milvipes in comparison to the western sakers of the subspecies F ch cherrug and comments on the plumage characteristics of the Altai falcon Ueber die Federmerkmale der mongolischen Sakerfalken Falco cherrug milvipes im Vergleich zu den westlichen Sakerfalken der Unterart F ch cherrug und Bemerkungen ueber die Gefiedermerkmale des Altaifalken

Kuehnappel, Olaf., 2002:
The plumage characteristics of the goshawk Accipiter gentilis, sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus, red and black kites Milvus milvus, M migrans, buzzard Buteo buteo and honey buzzard Pernis apivorus 2 Part Red and black kites Die Federmerkmale von Habicht Accipiter gentilis, Sperber Accipiter nisus, Rot- uand Schwarzmilan Milvus milvus, M migrans, Maeusebussard Buteo buteo und Wespenbussard Pernis apivorus 2 Teil Rot- und Schwarzmilan

Bech, Knud., 2005 :
The plume moth Gillmeria pallidactyla Hw found on the Faeroes Fjermollet Gillmeria pallidactyla Hw fundet pa Faeroerne

Grundsoe, M., 2003:
The plumed basilisk, Basiliscus plumifrons Gron hjelmbasilisk, Basiliscus plumifrons

Nitecki, MH., 1990:
The plurality of evolutionary innovations

Fischer, Wolfgang., 1995:
The plush-crested jay, an adaptive predatory bird Der Kapenblaurabe, ein anpassungsfahiger Rabenvogel

Revilla, E.; Palomares, F., 1997:
The poachers killed half the marked badgers in Donana Los furtivos matan a la mitad de los tejones marcados en Donana

Tucker Abbott, R., 1990:
The pocket guide to seashells of the Northern Hemisphere

Kuresoo, A.; Ader, A., 2000:
The point counts of breeding land birds in Estonia, 1983-1998 Haudelindude punktloendus Eestis aastail 1983-1998

Canela Agraz, J.; Canela Agraz, J.; Vazquez Sune, J., 2000:
The poison arrow frog Epipedobates tricolor Der Pfeilgiftfrosch Epipedobates tricolor

Lotters, S.; Kohler, J.; Richter, R., 1996:
The poison arrow frog Phyllobates terribilis Myers, Daly Malkin, 1978 Der Pfeilgiftfrosch Phyllobates terribilis Myers, Daly Malkin, 1978

Pignataro, C.; Vicidomini, S., 2006:
The poisonous Hymenoptera of medical interest in Campania Biological notes on the main species Gli Imenotteri veleniferi di interesse medico in Campania Note biologiche sulle principali specie

Monzel, Markus., 2002:
The poisonous snakes in south Brazil - zoogeography, ecology and envenomation Giftschlangen in Suedbrasilien - Zoogeographie, Oekologie und Ofidisimo

Hohmeister, Andreas., 2002:
The poisonous snakes of Costa Rica Die Giftschlangen Costa Ricas

Parvoshciiikov, V.; Ya., 1964:
The polar bear Ursa, maritimus on Franz Josef Land

Boltunov, A.; Kochnev, A., 2006:
The polar bear of the Arctic coast of Chukotka Methodical management of the collection of field materials

DeBlieu, J., 1990:
The polar bears dance thoughts on wildness and captivity

Vega, I., 2004:
The polar bear master of the ice Oso polar el senor de los hielos

Birkby, CS.; Wertz, PW.; Downing, DT., 1982:
The polar lipids from keratinized tissues of some vertebrates The polar lipids from keratinized tissues of some vertebrates

Ridoux, V.; Rault, G.; Nisser, J., 1995:
The polar visitors arrive in the summer Les visiteurs polaires arrivent en ete

Coelln, K.; Esser, J.; Jakubzik, A., 2002:
The polistine wasp Polistes dominulus Christ, 1791 in the region of Trier Hymenoptera Vespidae Die Gallische Feldwespe Polistes dominulus Christ, 1791 in der Region Trier Hymenoptera Vespidae Biologie, Aufruf zu Meldungen und erste Ergebnisse

Moeser, T.; Rombach, R., 2004:
The polka dot botia A new ? Botia species from Myanmar Die Sternchenschmerle Eine neue ? Botia-Art aus Myanmar

Suquet, Marc., 2001:
The pollack Pollachius pollachius Biology, fisheries, market and rearing potential Le lieu jaune Pollachius pollachius biologie, peche, marche etpotential aquacole

Hallmen, Martin. van Leeuwen, Jacqueline FN., 1999:
The pollen collecting behaviour of the solitary bee Andrena vaga Panzer at the Berger Hang reserve Das Pollensammelverhalten der Solitarbiene Andrena vaga Panzer im Naturschutzgebiet Am Berger Hang

Tobar-L., D.; Rangel-Ch., J.; Orlando.; Andrade-C., M.; Gonzalo., 2001:
The pollen loads on butterflies Lepidoptera Rhopalocera of the high altitude of the Roble River basin, Quindio, Colombia Las cargas polinicas en las mariposas Lepidoptera Rophalocera Las cargas polinicas en las mariposas Lepidoptera Rophalocera Las cargas polinicas en las mariposas Lepidoptera Rophalocera Las cargas polinicas en las mariposas Lepidoptera Rophalocera Las cargas polinicas en las mariposas Lepidoptera Rophalocera Las cargas polinicas en las mariposas Lepidopter

Baumann, Kurt., 2002:
The pollination of the orchid Ophrys sphegodes Die Bestaeubung der Spinnenragwurz Ophrys sphegodes

Schroeder, S.; Lunau, K., 2001:
The pollination of the red bryony Bryonia dioica Jacq by the oligolectic andrenid bee Andrena florea Hymenoptera - interface between two reproduction systems Bryonia dioica Jacq durch die oligolektische Sandbiene Andrena florea Hymenoptera - Schnittstelle zweier Fortpflanzungssysteme

Nagel, A.; Winter, S.; Streit, B., 1991:
The pollution load of bats from Lower Saxony with organic pesticides Die Belastung niedersachsischer Fledermause mit Chlorkohlenwasserstoffen

Grottolo, M.; Bonvicini, E.; Cotta Ramusino, M., 1998:
The pollution of Sebino and the contribution of its tributaries Chemical, microbiological and biological aspects Linquinamento del Sebino e gli apporti dei suoi affluenti Aspetti chimici, microbiologici e biologici

Kahle, S.; Becker, P.H., 2000 :
The pollution of gulls with environmental chemicals on the German North and Baltic Sea coasts in the years 1995 and 1996 Die Belastung von Mowen mit Umweltchemikalien an der Deutschen Nord- und Ostseekuste in den Jahren 1995 und 1996

Uschakov, P.V.; Wu, B.L., 1962:
The polychaetous annelids of the Family ChrysopetaUdae, Glyceridae and Nephthydidae Polychaeta, Errantia from the Yellow Sea

Uschakov, P.V.; Wu, B.L., 1962:
The polychaetous annelids of the Family Syllidae, Hesionidac, Pilargiidae, Amphinomidae and Eunicidae Polychaeta, Errantia from the Yellow Sea

Uschakov, P.; Wo, B.L., 1959:
The polychaetous annelids of the families Phyllodocidae and Aphroditidae from the Yellow Sea

Boulard, Michel., 2005:
The polychromy of Mogannia, small inconspicous cicadas of south-east Asia La polychromie des Mogannia, petites cigales nonchalantes du Sud-Est asiatique

Faasse, M., 2003:
The polyclad flatworms of the Netherlands Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Polycladida I Introduction and the native species Leptoplana tremellaris Mueller, 1774 De Nederlandse polyclade platwormen Platyhelminthes Turbellaria Polycladida I Inleiding en de inheemse soort Leptoplana tremellaris Mueller, 1774

Tigano, Concetta., 1992:
The polymorphism of the upper jaw in Aphanius fasciatus Nardo Teleostei, Cyprinodontidae Il polimorfismo della mascella superiore in Aphanius fasciatus Nardo Pisces, Cyprinodontidae

Mazel, Robert., 2001:
The polymorphism of two twin species Leptidea sinapis L and Leptidea reali Reissinger in France Lepidoptera Pieridae Part II Le polymorphisme de deux especes jumelles Leptidea sinapis L et L reali Reissinger en France Lepidoptera Pieridae Deuxieme partie

Panis, Andre., 1999:
The polyphagous mealybug, Dysmicoccus multivorus Kiritshenko Hemiptera Pseudococcidae, a new species in France La cochenille farineuse polyphage, Dysmicoccus multivorus Kiritshenko nouvelle espece pour la France Hemiptera Pseudococcidae

Remy, J.A.bert.; Aguilar, J.-Pierre.; Crochet, J.-Yves.; Duffaud, S.; Escarguel, G.; Godinot, M.; Marandat, B.; Michaux, J.; Rage, J.-Claude.; Sige, B.; Sudre, J.; Wienin, M., 1997:
The polyphased karstic fillings of Saint-Maximin phosphorites of the Gard District, southern France and their contribution to the knowledge of European faunas, especially relating to the Middle Eocene MP 13 1-Introduction, systematics pars and synthesis Les remplissages karstiques polyphases Eocene, Oligocene, Pliocene de Saint-Maximin phosphorites du Gard et leur apport a la connaissance des faunes europeennes, notamment pour lEocene moyen MP 13 1-Introduction, systematique p

Duffaud, S.; Rage, J.-Claude., 1997:
The polyphased karstic fillings of Saint-Maximin phosphorites of the Gard District, southern France and their contribution to the knowledge of European faunas, especially relating to the Middle Eocene MP 13 2-Systematics amphibians and reptiles Les remplissages karstiques polyphases Eocene, Oligocene, Pliocene Saint-Maximin phosphorites du Gard et leur apport a la connaissance des faunes europeennes, notamment pour lEocene moyen MP 13 2-Systematique amphibiens et reptiles

Sudre, Jean., 1997:
The polyphased karstic fillings of Saint-Maximin phosphorites of the Gard District, southern France and their contribution to the knowledge of European faunas, especially relating to the Middle Eocene MP 13 4-Systematics artiodactyls Les remplissages karstiques polyphases Eocene, Oligocene, Pliocene de Saint-Maximin phosphorites du Gard et leur apport a la connaissance des faunes europeennes, notamment pour lEocene moyen MP 13 5-Systematique artiodactyles

Remy, Jean Albert., 1997:
The polyphased karstic fillings of Saint-Maximin phosphorites of the Gard District, southern France and their contribution to the knowledge of European faunas, especially relating to the Middle Eocene MP 13 4-Systematics perissodactyls Les remplissages karstiques polyphases Eocene, Oligocene, Pliocene de Saint-Maximin phosphorites du Gard et leur apport a la connaissance des faunes europeennes, notamment pour lEocene moyen MP 13 4-Systematique perissodactyles

Gonzalez-Gandara, C.; Arias-Gonzalez, J.E.nesto, 2004:
The pomacentrids of Alacranes reef, Yucatan, Mexico composition, distribution and abundance Los pomacentridos del arrecife Alacranes, Yucatan, Mexico composicion, distribucion y abundancia

Olmos, Fabio., 2000:
The pomarine skua Stercorarius pomarinus in Brazil Revisao dos registros de Stercorarius pomarinus no Brasil, com notas sobre registros de S longicaudus e S parasiticus Charadriiformes Sterocariidae

Fiedler, Werner., 2005:
The pond aquarium Ponds in the living room Das Tuempelaquarium Kleingewaesser im Wohnzimmer

Kruger, Hans-Peter., 1995:
The pond area and the Lasszins meadows by Peitz, important breeding and resting places of waders in the Niederlausitz 1975-1984 Das Teichgebiet und die Lasszinswiesen bei Peitz, bedeutende Rast- und Brutplatze fur Limicolen in der Niederlausitz 1975-1984

van Blitterswijk, H.; Stumpel, AHP. van Vliet, CJM., 2003:
The pond frog in Buitenvaart Review of the effects of the construction of the Buitenvaart industrial area 2 in the Hoogeveen municipality on the continued existence of the pond frog Rana lessonae and possibilities for compensation De kleine groene kikker in Buitenvaart Beoordeling van de effecten van de aanleg van bedrijventerrein Buitenvaart 2 in de gemeente Hoogeveen op het duurzaam voortbestaan van de Kleine groene kikker Rana lessonae en mogelijkheden voor compensatie

Spott, J.; Bartels, S., 1997:
The pond skater Gerris lacustris L as model for evolution and a provisional census of Gerridae occurring in west Bielefeld Insecta, Heteroptera, Gerridae Wasserlaufer Gerris lacustris L als Evolutionsmodell, sowie eine vorlaufige Bestandsaufnahme der im Bielefelder Westen vorkommenden Gerriden Insecta, Heteroptera, Gerridae

Gache, C.; Iordache, I.; Gherghescu, I., 1997:
The ponds from Jijia and Miletin Elesteele Jijiei si ale Miletinului - schita avifaunistica

Aukema, B., 2002:
The pondskater Gerris lateralis in the Netherlands wing polymorphism, identification, biology and distribution Heteroptera Gerridae De schaatsenrijder Gerris lateralis in Nederland vleugelpolymorfie, identificatie, biologie en verspreiding Heteroptera Gerridae

Quiroz Robledo, L.N.; Valenzuela Gonzalez, J., 2003:
The ponerine and cerapachyine ants Formicidae Ponerinae y Cerapachyinae from the Estacion de Biologia Tropical Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico Las hormigas ponerinas y cerapaquinas Formicidae Ponerinae y Cerapachyinae de la estacion de biologia tropical Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico

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The pool of the dead De poel des doods

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The pools of Miguel Esteban, an oasis in Castilla-La Mancha Los charcones de Miguel Esteban, un oasis en Castilla-La Mancha

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The pools of the Sollac-Mardyck factory at Grande-Synthe, Nord an account in 1991 Les mares des Friches de lusine Sollac-Mardyck a Grande-Synthe, Nord etat en 1991

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The poplar hawk moth Laothoe populi L - a rearing report Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Der Pappelschwarmer Laothoe populi L - ein Zuchtbericht Lepidoptera Sphingidae

de Souza, M.R.mires; Barrella, W., 2001:
The popular knowledge about fish at a caicara community of Jureia-Itatins Ecological Station -SP Conhecimento popular sobre peixes numa comunidade caicara da estacao ecologica de Jureia-Itatins/SP

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The popular name of little bittern Ixobrichus minutus Del nom del suis Ixobrichus minutus

Frank, Stanislav., 2003:
The popular two-striped tetras Oblibene dvoupruhe tetry

Sy, Thoralf., 1999:
The population and endangerment status of the yellow bellied toad Bombina v variegata on the former military training ground of Dorna Platz in the Unstrut-Hainich district Zur Bestands- und Gefahrdungssituation der Gelbbauchunke Bombina v variegata auf dem ehemaligen militarischen Ubungsgelande Dornaer Platz im Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis

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The population biological consequences of a mosaic-like population structure in Macrosiphum rosae

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The population biology and ecology of the eagle owl Bubo bubo in the upper Murtal Styria, Austria Zur Siedlungsbiologie und Okologie des Uhus Bubo bubo im oberen Murtal Steiermark, Osterreich

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The population biology of the yellow-bellied toad Bombina variegata in the Wienerwald Zur Populationsbiologie der Gelbbauchunke Bombina variegata im Wienerwald

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The population census of the golden eagle population in northern Belarus Die Bestandserfassung der Steinadler-Population im Norden Weissrusslands

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The population decline of the capercaillie Tetrao urogallus in the eastern Black Forest Zum Populationsrueckgang des Auerhuhns Tetrao urogallus im oestlichen Schwarzwald

Pastors, Joachim., 1996:
The population decline of the fire-bellied toad Bombina v variegata in the Bergisches Land, North Rhine-Westphalia Zum Bestandsruckgang der Gelbbauchunke Bombina v variegata im Bergischen Land Nordrhein-Westfalen

Cakmak, I.; Baspinar, H.; Madanlar, N., 2003:
The population densities of spider mites and their natural enemies on protected strawberries in Aydin province Aydin ilinde ortu alti cilek alanlarinda zararli kirmiziorumcekler ve dogal dusmanlarinin populasyon yogunluklari

Abdel-Aal, AA.; El-Naffar, MK.; Soliman, FM.; Ibrahim, ME., 1990:
The population density and seasonal distribution of mosquitoes in Sohag Governate, AR Egypt

Bulut, H.; Sezin; Madanlar, N., 2004:
The population density of Tetranychus urticae Koch Acarina Tetranychidae in fruit nurseries of Bademli Odemis, Izmir Badelmi Odemis, Izmir beldesi meyve fidanliklarinda zararli Tetranychus urticae Koch Acarina Tetranychidaenin popualsyon yogunlugu

Scharon, Jens., 2001:
The population density of breeding birds of Buch Forest in 1992 Die Siedlungsdichte der Brutvoegel des Bucher Forstes im Jahr 1992

Jagos, Bohumil., 1998:
The population density of raptors Falconiformes and black stork Ciconia nigra in the surroundings of Radejov village and in the Filipovske udoli valley PLA Bile Karpaty Hills Populacni hustota dravcu Falconiformes a capa cerneho Ciconia nigra v oblasti Radejovska a Filipovskeho udoli v CHKO Bile Karpaty v roce 1996

Joerck, M., 2005:
The population density of the tawny owl Strix aluco in an area in eastern Schleswig-Holstein in the period 1974 to 1976 and in 2003 Die Besiedlung eines Gebietes im oestlichen Schleswig-Holstein mit Waldkaeuzen Strix aluco 1974-1976 und 2003

Kreuziger, J.; Zettl, H., 1998:
The population development and phenology of the biggest grey heron colony Ardea cinerea in the Kuhkopf-Knoblochsaue European reserve Gross-Gerau district Zur Bestandsentwicklung und Phanologie der grossten hessischen Graureiherkolonie Ardea cinerea im Europareservat Kuhkopf-Knoblochsaue Kreis Gross-Gerau

Zang, Herwig., 1997:
The population development of some breeding birds of the Harz Mountains in the 28 years from 1969 to 1996 Die Bestandsentwicklung einiger Brutvogelarten des Harzes in den 28 Jahren 1969-1996

George, Klaus., 1999:
The population development of the chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita in two areas in East Germany in the 90s Ringing recovery no 05/99 of Hiddensee ornithological station Zur Bestandsentwicklung des Zilpzalps Phylloscopus collybita in zwei Untersuchungsgebieten Ostdeutschlands in den 90er Jahren Ringfundmitteilung Nr 05/99 der Vogelwarte Hiddensee

Moenke, R.; Schmahl, R., 2003:
The population development of the cormorant in the Schaalsee Lake region Zur Bestandsentwicklung des Kormorans in der Schaalsee-Region

Deppe, Hans-Joachim., 2003:
The population development of the little tern Sterna albifrons on the North Sea island of Foehr Zur Bestandsentwickling der Zwergseeschwalbe Sterna albifrons auf der Nordseeinsel Foehr

Klouda, Christian., 2005:
The population development of the white-tailed eagle Haliaeetus albicilla L of the Lower Silesian Oberlausitz district Die Bestandsentwicklung des Seeadlers Haliaeetus albicilla L im Niederschlesischen Oberlausitzkreis

Galli, J.C.; Seno, KCA.C.vidanes, FJ., 2004:
The population dynamic of Chrysopidae associated to guava Psidium guajava L submitted to two systems from spray to fenthion Dinamica populacional de crisopideos Neuroptera Chrysopidae associados a pomares de goiaba Psidium guajava L com dis sistemas de pulverizacao de fenthion

E.J.dd, L.;, M.; Guirrou, Z.; Sekkat, A.; Chemseddine, M.; Boumezzough, A., 2000:
The population dynamics of Aphis gossypii Glover on cotton in its principal cultivation area in Morocco La dynamique des populations de Aphis gossypii glover sur cotonnier dans la principale zone de sa culture au Maroc

Dement'eva, SP., 1971:
The population dynamics of nematodes in tomatoes under conditions of Moldavia

Gorner, Martin., 1998:
The population dynamics of the eagle owl Bubo bubo in Thuringia 1 Population development and conservation measures Zur Populationsdynamik des Uhus Bubo bubo in Thuringen 1 Bestandsentwicklung und Schutzmassnahmen

Svoboda, Karl Hermann., 2005:
The population dynamics of the eagle owl Bubo bubo in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district from 1993 Endangerment and possible protection measures at a breeding site in Nordwaldeck Die Bestandsentwicklung des Uhus Bubo bubo im Landkreis Waldeck-Frankenberg ab 1993 - Gefaehrdung und moegliche Schutzmassnahmen an einem Brutplatz in Nordwaldeck

Baumann, Kathrin., 1997:
The population ecology of the common spadefoot toad Pelobates fuscus near Leiferde district Gifhorn, Germany with special regard to the effect of its artificial relocation into a new breeding-pond Zur Populationsokologie der Knoblauchkrote Pelobates fuscus bei Leiferde Landkreis Gifhorn unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Effektivitat einer Umsiedlung in ein Ersatzlaichgewasser

Atakan, E.; Ozgur, A.; Faruk., 1996:
The population fluctuations of Aphis craccivora Koch, Aphis gossypii Glover Homoptera, Aphididae and their natural enemies in early season in cotton fields Pamuk tarlasinda erken mevsimde Aphis craccivora Koch, Aphis gossypii Glover Homoptera, Aphididae ve bunlarin dogal dusmanlarinin populasyon degisimlerinin arastirilmasi

Van D.Meutter, Frank., 1995:
The population of Aeshna affinis in Blaasveldbroek and Willebroek Populatie van Aeshna affinis in het Blaasveldbroek te Willebroek

Manconi, R.; Cubeddu, T.; Pronzato, R., 1996:
The population of Ephydatia fluviatilis from Caprera Island archipelago of La Maddalena, N-E Sardinia La popolazione di Ephydatia fluviatilis Porifera, Spongillidae dellisola di Caprera Sardegna NE

Lobkov, Eugen., 1991:
The population of Haliaeetus pelagicus Pallas in Kamchatka and the problems of its protection Die Population des Riesenseeadlers Haliaeetus pelagicus Pallas auf Kamtschatka und Probleme ihres Schutzes

Noriega, N.; Croquer, A.; Pauls, S.M., 2002:
The population of Lytechinus variegatus Echinoidea Toxopneustidae and structural characteristics of Thallassia testudinum beds in Mochima Bay, Venezuela Poblacion de Lytechinus variegatus Echinoidea Toxopneustidae y caracteristicas estructurales de las praderas de Thalassia testudinum en la Bahia de Mochima, Venezuela

Pugacewicz, Eugeniusz., 2000:
The population of Picoides tridactylus in the Northern Podlasie Lowland in 1984-1996 Stan populacji dzieciola trojpalczastego Picoides tridactylus na Nizinie Polnocnopodlaskiej w latach 1984-1996

Bugnicourt, Jean., 2004:
The population of booted eagles Hieraaetus pennatus in the Gers region Balance 2003 La population daigles bottes Hieraaetus pennatus dans le Gers Bilan 2003

Nankinov, D.; Dalakchieva, S.; Popov, K.; Kirilov, S., 2002:
The population of collared pratincole Glareola pratincola in Bulgaria Die Geschichte der Rostfluegel-Brachschwalbe Glareola pratincola in Bulgarien

Weyers, Hubert., 1996:
The population of common buzzard Buteo buteo, goshawk Accipiter gentilis and red kite Milvus milvus in the former district of Homburg Der Brutbestand von Mausebussard Buteo buteo, Habicht Accipiter gentilis und Rotmilan Milvus milvus im ehemaligen Kreis Homburg

Bozic, L., 2005:
The population of corncrake Crex crex at Ljubljansko barje central Slovenia is declining due to early mowing and destruction of the extensively farmed meadows Populacija kosca Crex crex na Ljubljanskem barju upada zaradi zgodnje kosnje in unicevanja ekstenzivnih travnikov

Bara, Thierry., 1995:
The population of lesser grey shrikes Lanius minor in the lower valley of the Aude, southern France, in 1994 La population de pies-grieches a poitrine rose Lanius minor de la basse plaine de lAude en 1994

Paez, Ignacio Garcia., 2003:
The population of little bustard Tetrax tetrax in the area of the Fuente de Piedra lake Malaga province La poblacion de sison comun Tetrax tetrax en el entorno de la laguna de fuente piedra Malaga

Pollo, R.; Bombieri, R.; Girelli, R., 1995:
The population of melodious warbler Hippolais polyglotta in a xerothermic prealpine plot 1992-93 La popolazione di canapino Hippolais polyglotta in unoasi xerotermica prealpina 1992-93

Kalpers, Jose., 2001:
The population of mountain gorillas is increasing by 10% despite 10 years of armed conflicts La population de gorilles de montagne augmente de 10% malgre 10 annees de conflits armes

Kirmse, W.; Steudtner, J., 1996:
The population of raptors in the wood Kammereiforst district Eilenburg since 1976 Der Greifvogelbestand im Kammereiforst Kreis Eilenburg seit 1976

Bomholt, Per., 1997:
The population of red kite Milvus milvus in a census area in Southern Jutland, 1980-1995 Bestanden af rod glente Milvus milvus i et censusomrade i det sydostlige Jylland, 1980-1995

Kowalski, Heinz., 1999:
The population of red-backed shrikes Lanius collurio is increasing in Germany Les effectifs de la pie-grieche ecorcheur Lanius collurio augmentent a nouveau en Allemagne

Schoenweger, G.; Gasser, P.; Hofer, R.; Dalla Via, J., 2004:
The population of spawners of grayling Thymallus thymallus L in the Falschauer river South Tyrol, Italy Der Laichbestand der Aesche Thymallus thymallus L in der Falschauer Suedtirol, Italien

Willers, Joachim., 1999:
The population of the genus Paederus F s l Coleoptera, Staphylinidae of Nepal Der Artenbestand der Gattung Paederus Fabricius s l Coleoptera, Staphyliniae von Nepal

Huesmann, A.; Melter, J., 2001:
The population of the kingfisher Alcedo atthis in Osnabrueck city in the year 2001 Zum Bestand des Eisvogels Alcedo atthis in der Stadt Osnabrueck im Jahr 2001

Giacchini, P.; Politi, P., 2003:
The population of the pheasant Phasianus colchicus of Monte Conero park La popolazione di Fagiano Phasianus colchicus nel Parco Naturale del Monte Conero AN

Cardiel, Iris., 2005:
The population of the red kite has halved in ten years La poblacion de Milano Real se reduce a la mitad en diez anos

Rettig, Klaus., 2000:
The population of the red-spotted bluethroat Luscinia svecica cyanecula in East Frisia Zum Bestand des Weissstern-Blaukehlchens Luscinia svecica cyanecula in Ostfriesland

Harmelin, J.; Boury-Esnault, N.; Fichez, R.; Vacelet, J.; Zibrowius, H., 2003:
The population of the submarine cave of Bagaud island Port-Cros national park, France, Mediterranean Peuplement de la grotte sous-marine de lile de Bagaud pare national de Port-Cros, France, Mediterranee

Rocha O., O.; Quiroga O., C.; Martinez, O., 2003:
The population of three species of flamingoes from the lakes of Poopo, Uru Uru and Oruro - Bolivia Poblacion de tres especies de flamencos en los lagos Poopo y Uru Uru, Oruro- Bolivia

Fulin, Miroslav., 1999:
The population of white stork Ciconia ciconia L in Slovakia 1994 - 1996 Populacia bociana bieleho Ciconia ciconia L na Slovensku - stav v rokoch 1994, 1995, 1996

Dolbik, MS.; Tarletsaya, RYn.; Vyazovich, YuA., 1972:
The population size of song birds in the forests of Byelorussia

Entomologen-Vereinigung Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., 2000:
The population status of invertebrate species of appendix II of the Fauna-Flora-Habitats Directive in Saxony-Anhalt Zur Bestandssituation wirbelloser Arten nach Anhang II der Fauna-Flora-Habitatrichtlinie im Land Sachsen-Anhalt

Frank, Dieter., 1996:
The population status of plants and animals of Saxony-Anhalt Zur Bestandssituation der Pflanzen und Tiere Sachsen-Anhalts

Martinez-Morales, Miguel Angel., 1997:
The population status of the Cozumel curassow Crax rubra griscomi and its conservation potential Estado poblacional del hocofaisan de Cozumel Crax rubra griscomi y su potencial de conservacion

Kranz, Andreas., 2002:
The population status of the European mink with special consideration of the Danube delta Zur Bestandssituation des Europaeischen Nerzes unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung des Donaudeltas

Niedringhaus, Rolf., 1997:
The population status of the amphibian and reptile fauna of a marshland heavily affected by agricultural usage in North west Germany Zur Bestandssituation der Amphibien- und Reptilienfauna in einer durch Agrarnutzung stark gestorten Feuchtgebietslandschaft Nordwestdeutschlands

Nabrowsky, Heinz., 1992:
The population status of the fire-bellied toad Bombina bombina in north east Berlin Zur Bestandssituation der Rotbauchunke Bombina bombina im Nordosten Berlins

Isselbacher, Thomas., 2000:
The population status of the grey wagtail Motacilla alba and the corn bunting Miliaria calandra in the central Rhine basin Die Bestandssituation von Schafstelze Motacilla alba und Grauammer Miliaria calandra im Mittelrheinischen Becken

Schaefer, Stephan., 2002:
The population status of the red kite Milvus milvus in the Bensheim/Bergstrasse area Zur Bestandssituation des Rotmilans Milvus milvus im Raum Bensheim/Bergstrasse

Bolz, R.; Geyer, A., 2001:
The population status of the rock grayling Hipparchia alcyone D S 1775 in Bavaria Zur Bestandssituation des Kleinen Waldpfoertners Hipparchia alcyone D S 1775 in Bayern

Turkmen, M.; Akyurt, I., 2000:
The population structure and growth properties of Chalcalburnus mossulensis Heckel, 1843 caught from Askale Region of River Karasu Karasu irmaginin Askale mevkiinden yakalanan gumus baligi Chalcalburnus mosullensis, Heckel 1843 nin populasyon yapisi ve buyume ozellikleri

Janssen, B.; Reich, M., 1998:
The population structure and movement of Psophus stridulus in the area of an alpine river Zur Populationsstruktur und Mobilitat von Psophus stridulus in einer alpinen Wildflusslandschaft

Francillon-Veillot, H.; Giacoma, C.; Miceli, M.T.resa.; Pagano, M., 1991:
The population structure of Bufo bufo in Piemont La struttura di una popolazione piemontese di Bufo bufo

Moore, WS.; Eisenbrey, AB., 1979:
The population structure of an asexual vertebrate poeciliopsis 2 monacha-lucida pisces poeciliidae

Smolei, A.I., 1968:
The population structure of the trout before water level stabilization in Lake Sevan

Sorens, Andrea., 1996:
The population structure, mobility and oviposition of the marsh grasshopper Stethophyma grossum and the short-winged cone-head Conocephalus dorsalis Zur Populationsstruktur, Mobilitat und dem Eiablageverhalten der Sumpfschrecke Stethophyma grossum und der Kurzflugeligen Schwertschrecke Conocephalus dorsalis

Behncke, T.; Muller, T., 1991:
The population trend and reproduction of Accipiter gentilis in East Berlin and its surroundings Bestandsentwicklung und Reproduktion des Habichts Accipiter gentilis in Berlin Ost und Umgebung

Klafs, Gerhard., 1991:
The population trend of ospreys Pandion haliaeetus in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern from the standpoint of population ecology Die Bestandsentwicklung des Fischadlers Pandion haliaeetus in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern unter populationsokologischen Gesichtspunkten

Oehme, G.; Manowsky, O., 1991:
The population trend of the white-tailed eagle and its reproduction in the former county of Frankfurt/O with special consideration of the area of the Schorfheide Entwicklung und Reproduktion des Seeadlerbestandes in ehemaligen Bezirk Frankfurt/O unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Schorfheide

Clark, TW.; Backhouse, GN.; Lacy, RC., 1990:
The population viability assessment workshop a tool for threatened species management

Hoser, N.; Hoser, M., 1997:
The population, spawning communities and spawning site requirements of the agile frog Rana dalmatina near Altenburg Zu Bestand, Laichgesellschaften und Laichplatzanspruchen des Springfroschs Rana dalmatina bei Altenburg

Geissler, K.; Schliephake, E.; Karl, E., 1995:
The populations dynamic of cereal aphids and their importance as vectors of barley yellow dwarf virus BYDV in central Germany - a survey Zum Massenwechsel von Getreideaphiden und zu ihrer Bedeutung als Vektoren des Gerstengelbverzwergungs-Virus BYDV in Mitteldeutschland - eine Ubersicht

Tofan, V.E., 1967:
The populations of agile and green lizards of Moldavia

Breton, G., 2005:
The port of Le Havre Eastern English Channel, France and its populations an example of a paralic domain in a temperate climate Le port du Havre Manche orientale, France et ses peuplements un exemple de domaine paralique en climat tempere

Lansky, Jiri., 1999:
The porthole catfish Dianema longibarbis Pancernicek dlouhovousy Dianema longibarbis

Bringsoe, Henrik., 1996:
The portrait of an emerald skink Lamprolepis smaragdina in nature and the terrarium Portraet af smaragdskinken Lamprolepis smaragdina i natur og terrarium

Bringsoe, Henrik., 1997:
The portrait of the Taiwanese rat snake Elaphe taeniura friesi Portraet af Taiwan rottesnog, Elaphe taeniura friesi

Schierwater, B.; Havenschild, C., 1990:
The position and consequences of a vegetative mode of reproduction in the life cycle of a hydromedusa and an oligochaete worm

Barti, Levente., 2005:
The position of Foramen mentale, an additional diagnostic character between the Neomys species Mammalia, Insectivora Soricidae Az allkapcsi lyuk Foramen mentale helyzete, mint kiegeszito hatarozobelyeg a Neomys fajok Mammalia, Insectivora Soricidae biztosabb elkulonitesere

Saribekyan, A.D., 1968:
The position of borders between Truncorotalia subbotinae zone in the Lower Eocene and Truncorotalia gragonensis zone in the Middle Eocene with data on large foraminiferans

Skibinska, E.; Chudzicka, E., 2000:
The position of insects in biological monitoring of the environment Owady w monitoringu przyrodniczym

Granat, J.; Peyre, E., 2004:
The position of larynx of Homo genus Anatomical, embryological and physiological data La situation du larynx du genre Homo Donnees anatomiques, embryologiques et physiologiques

Perel, T.S.Semenova, L.M., 1968:
The position of muscle fibers in earthworms, Lumbricidae, as a systematic and phylogenetic character

Becker, E.R.; Schwink, T.M., 1950:
The position of protective and sparing factors in the protein components of the plasma of ducks recovered from Plasmodium lophurae infection

Vovk, AN., 1975:
The position of the squid Loligo pealei Les in the ecosystem

Kleist, Dagmar., 1996:
The position of the upper incisors and proodonty of terrestrial and aquatic voles Arvicola terrestris Linnaeus, 1758 Stellung der oberen Incisivi und Proodontie bei terrestrischen und aquatischen Schermausen Arvicola terrestris Linnaeus, 1758

Suckaja, E.K., 1950:
The position of the zone Globorotalia subbotinae Mor in the lower Paleogene of the central Pre-Caucasus

Kaktyunya, D.K., 1958:
The position-with regard to studies on soil nematodes in the Latvian SSR

Vinnitski, I.M., 1954:
The possi-bility of perforation of undamaged tissues of the body by ascarids

Belyi, ND., 1975:
The possibilites of changing the spawning behaviour of herbivorous fish

Klausnitzer, Bernhard., 2002:
The possibilities and limits of bioindication by beetle larvae Coleoptera Moeglichkeiten und Grenzen der Bioindikation mittels Kaeferlarven Coleoptera

Lecour, C., 2006:
The possibilities of the guarantee of fish movement in the area of small river power plants in Lower Saxony Moeglichkeiten zur Gewaehrleistung des Fischabstiegs im Bereich von Kleinwasserkraftwerken in Niedersachsen

Traore, D.; Vincent, C.; Stewart, RK., 1997 :
The possibilities of using Smicronyx guineanus Voss et Sm umbrinus Hustache Coleoptera Curculionidae in the biological control of Striga hermonthica Del Benth Scrophulariaceae Possibilites de manipulation de Smicronyx guineanus Voss et Sm umbrinus Hustache Coleoptera Curculionidae pour la lutte biologique contre Striga hermonthica Del Benth Scrophulariaceae

Sapozhnikova, FD.; Sukhareva, SI., 1976:
The possibility of breeding Aceria tritia Shev Acarina Eriophyoidea on the aerial bulbs of the garlic

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