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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38800

Chapter 38800 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hammer, J., 2006:
The radiated tortoise Geochelone radiata in Madagascar - beginning a survey of the population Die Strahlenschildkroete Geochelone radiata auf Madagaskar - Start einer Populationsuntersuchung

Vinke, T.; Vinke, S., 2005:
The radiated tortoise - a fascinataing beauty Die Strahlenschildkroete, eine faszinierende Schoenheit

Hammer, Julta., 2007:
The radiated tortoise of Madagascar - an armoured beauty Die Strahlenschildkroete Madagaskars eine gepanzerte Schoenheit

Hartenberger, J., 2003:
The radiation of mammals recent advances concerning their phylogeny and evolutionary innovations La radiation des mammiferes phylogenie et innovations evolutives, progres recents

Cieslak, M., 1990:
The radiesthetic aspects of nesting box use by hole-nesters

Krams, Indrikis., 2000:
The radioactive contamination of birds and their food chains on the southern coast of the white sea Die radioaktive Verseuchung der Vogel und ihrer Nahrungsketten an der Sudkuste des Weissen Meeres

Ohmert, W., 2006:
The radiolarian faunas and upper boundary of the Amden-Formation Coniacian - Santonian in the Helvetikum Upper Bavaria Radiolarien-Faunen und Obergrenze der Amden-Formation Coniacium - Santonium im Toelzer Helvetikum Oberbayern

Becker, Peter., 1997:
The rail population of the Gronauer Masch nature reserve in 1995 Zum Rallenbestand des Naturschutzgebietes Gronauer Masch im Jahr 1995

Martinelle, P., 1977:
The rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria maurus

Raschke, Andreas., 2002:
The rainbow cichlid Der Regenbogenbuntbarsch

Frank, Stanislav., 2004:
The rainbow fish species Popondichthys connieae Allen, 1981 Pagavunek coniin Popondichthys connieae Allen, 1981

Rogozhkin, AG., 1988:
The rainbow of furs

Ineich, E., 2004:
The rainbow snake myth domestication or single selection of new pets by man? Le mythe du serpent arc-en-ciel domestication ou simple selection de nouveaux animaux de compagnie par lhomme?

Kadlec, Jaroslav., 2004:
The rainfish Rivulus tenuis Meek, 1904 Halancikovec stihly Rivulus tenuis Meek, 1904

Dieckmann, R.; Pagel, T.; Wolters, J., 2000:
The rainforest - a new kind of tropical house in Cologne Zoo Der Regenwald - Ein neuartiges Tropenhaus im Koelner Zoo

Harry, I.; Assmann, T.; Rietze, J.; Trautner, J., 2005:
The raised bog gound beetle Carabus menetriesi within the early alpine bog- and rolling country of Bavaria Der Hochmoorlaufkaefer Carabus menetriesi im voralpinen Moor- and Huegelland Bayerns

Becker, Peter., 2002:
The rallid population Rallidae - Aves in the Fuhse fields at Ilsede, Peine district in 1999 Der Rallenbestand Rallidae - Aves in den Fuhsewiesen bei Kl Ilsede, Kr Peine 1999

Podvesky, F.; Elias, J., 2001:
The ram Microgeophagus ramirezi Cichlidka ramirezova Microgeophagus ramirezi

Falk, Astrid., 2001:
The ram Schmetterlingsbuntbarsche

Majsky, Jozef., 2003:
The ramblings of a zoologist through Venezuela Z toulek zoologa po Venezuele

Sanches, W.C.sar. de Souza, W.M.chado.; Miglino, M.A.gelica. de Souza, N.T.evizan Machado., 1994:
The ramification of the caudal and cranial mesenteric arteries in pigs A ramificacao das arterias mesentericas cranial e caudal em suinos

Kuzin, AE.; Perlov, AS., 1975:
The range and some morphological features of Dalls porpoise Phocoenoides dalli True, 1885

Rezbanyai-Reser, L.; Blochlinger, H.; Hoppe, H.; Schaffer, E.; Schmid, J., 1998:
The range expansion of Eupithecia sinuosaria Eversmann, 1848 in Switzerland Lepidoptera, Geometridae Zur Weiterverbreitung von Eupithecia sinuosaria Eversmann, 1848 in der Schweiz Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Cuisin, Michel., 1998:
The range expansion of black woodpecker Dryocopus martius L in France hasnt stopped yet Lexpansion du pic noir Dryocopus martius L en France na pas encore pris fin

Baumgart, Wolfgang., 2000:
The range extension of the collared dove Streptopelia decaocto as a consequence of political and economic developments into the post-Osmanli Balkan - retrospective and conclusions Die Ausbreitung der Tuerkentaube Streptopelia decaocto als Folge politischer und wirtschaftlicher Entwicklungen auf dem postosmanischen Balkan - Retrospektive und Wertungen

Blattner, Martin., 1998:
The range loss of hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia in northwestern Switzerland Der Arealschwund des Haselhuhns Bonasa bonasia in der Nordwestschweiz

Jodicke, R., 1997:
The range of Sympetrum sinaiticum tarraconense Jodicke Odonata, Anisoptera Libellulidae Die Verbreitung von Sympetrum sinaiticum tarraconense Jodicke Odonata, Anisoptera Libellulidae

Kruchinina, NV.; Modzalevskaya, TL., 1990:
The range of accuracy for biostratigraphical correlation abstracts and short papers of the 36th meeting of the All-Union Palaeontology Society January 22-26 1990

Arzamasov, I.T., 1957:
The range of hosts of ixodid ticks

Piecuch, J.; Lojkasek, B.; Marek, T.; Vesely, V., 2003:
The rapacious carp Aspius aspius Linnaeus, 1758 in the Zermanice Reservoir Bolen dravy Aspius aspius Linnaeus, 1758 v udolni nadrzi Zermanice

Burkill, PH.; Mantoura, RFC., 1990:
The rapid analysis of single marine cells by flow cytometry

Bednarz, JC.; Hayden, T.; Fischer, T., 1990:
The raptor and raven community of the Los Medanos area in southeastern New Mexico a unique and significant resource

Kjellen, Nils., 1998:
The raptor migration past the Falsterbo peninsula in the autumn of 1997 Rovfagelstracket over Falsterbohalvon hosten 1997

Kjellen, Nils., 1999:
The raptor migration past the Falsterbo peninsula in the autumn of 1998 Rovfagelstracket over Falsterbohalvon hosten 1998

Robreau, H., 1999:
The raptors in the island of Re Charente-Maritime Les rapaces diurnes sur lIle de Re Charente-Maritime

Kadlec, Jaroslav., 2003 :
The rare Brazilian species Campellolebias dorsimaculatus Costa, Lacerda et Brasil, 1989 Vzacna Brazilska vejirovka Campellolebias dorsimaculatus Costa, Lacerda et Brasil, 1989

Skala, Miroslav., 1996:
The rare Caucasian snake Vipera kaznakovi Vzacna zmije kavkazska Vipera kaznakovi

Nesetril, Roman., 2004:
The rare breeding of the amur leopard Panthera pardus orientalis at the Usti n L Zoo Vzacny odchov samicky levharta mandzuskeho Panthera pardus orientalis v Zoo Usti nad Labem

Jensen, Kathe R., 1999:
The rare microgastropod Tjaernoeia exquisita Jeffreys, 1883, a new record from the Danish sector of northern Kattegat Sjaelden mikroskopisk snegl fundet levende i nordlige Kattegat

Kadlec, Jaroslav., 2000:
The rare pearl fish Cynolebias chacoensis Vzacna vejirovka Cynolebias chacoensis

Metrailler, Sebastien., 1995:
The rarest land turtle in the world Astrochelys Geochelone yniphora La tortue terrestre la plus rare du monde Astrochelys Geochelone yniphora

Jehl, Manfred., 2006:
The rarest macaws in the world Bei den seltensten Aras der Welt

Svoboda, Jaroslav., 1996:
The rasbora species Rasbora heteromorpha Razbora klinoskvrnna Rasbora heteromorpha

Ehrlich, Christian., 2005:
The rat Spalacopus cyanus Der Cururo Spalacopus cyanus

Sosipatrov, G.V., 1967:
The rate of development and survival of eggs of Echinochasmus under conditions of lower Volga

Izmailov, T.U.Upazgaliev, A., 1966:
The rate of digestion of the cellular lining in the paunch of the ruminants in connection with their age

Carlson, Allan., 1996:
The rate of extinction - a prognosis for Swedens avifauna Utdoendetakt - en prognos for Sveriges fagelfauna

Greze, II., 1972:
The rate of growth and dynamics of population structure of Pleonexes gammaroides Bate in the Black Sea

Nabiev, A.I., 1953:
The rate of growth of Acipenser guldenstadti persicus Borodin in experimental conditions and the influence of environment

Grachev, L.E., 1967:
The rate of growth of the Kamchatkan king-salmon

Raimdzhanov, N., 1971:
The rate of growth of the Samakhand Varicorhinus in the waters of Uzbekhistan reservoirs

Vovk, F.I.; Moiseev, M.I., 1958:
The rate of growth of the fry of pike-perch and bream in the Rybinsk water-reservoir

Sartbaev, S.K.K.siev, S.K.; Romasteva, L.F., 1962:
The rate of infection of domestic fowl with Coccidia in Kirgizia

Andrushko, A.M.Markov, G.S., 1955:
The rate of infection with blood-parasites in Reptilia in various biotopes of the Karakum Desert

Khalmatov, ZA., 1973:
The rate of linear growth and weight increase in Asplus asplus of Lake Arasai

McNab, BK., 1973:
The rate of metabolism of the spiny rat, Proechimys semispinosis, with comments on the ecological factors that influence the basal rate of metabolism in rodents and lagomorphs

Vivan, L.M.; Torres, J.B.; Barros, R.; Veiga, A.F.L., 2002:
The rate of population growth of the predator Podisus nigrispinus Heteroptera Pentatomidae and the prey Tuta absoluta Lepidoptera Gelechiidae in a greenhouse Tasa de crecimiento poblacional del chinche depredador Podisus nigrispinus Heteroptera Pentatomidae y de la presa Tuta absoluta Lepidoptera Gelechiidae en invernadero

Bakeev, N.N., 1956:
The rate of recuperation in number of Meriones after being lowered by human activity or adverse natural conditions

Sudakova, I.M.; Esipov, I.I., 1963:
The rate of stage development and the type and character of ovipositing in Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942

Barabasz, B.; Jarosz, S.; Baran, B., 1996:
The rate of the contents passage and time of its excretion from the alimentary canal in carnivorous fur animals Szybkosc przemieszczania sie tresci i czas jej wydalania z przewodu pokarmowego u miesozernych zwierzat futerkowych

Hughes, K.D.; Weseloh, D.; Vaughn.; Braune, B.M., 1998:
The ratio of DDE to PCB concentrations in Great Lakes herring gull eggs and its use in interpreting contaminants data

Chorik, F.P., 1970:
The ratio of Infusoria to the gas solution inwater

Teplov, V.P., 1954:
The ratio of sexes in wild mammals

Giebing, Manfred., 1999:
The raven - its renaturalization is successful Der Kolkrabe - seine Wiedereinburgerung ist gegluckt

Ludwig, Hans., 2002:
The raven Corvus corax again a breeding bird in the Near Oden Forest Der Kolkrabe Corvus corax wieder Brutvogel im vorderen Odenwald

Quelennec, Thierry., 2001:
The raven Corvus corax in Brittany Le grand corbeau Corvus corax en Bretagne

Pugacewicz, Eugeniusz., 2005:
The raven Corvus corax population in the Polnocnopodlaska Lowland in the years 1982-2003 Stan populacji kruka Corvus corax L 1758 na Nizinie Polnocnopodlaskiej w latach 1982-2003

Dreifke, R.; Ellenberg, H., 1991:
The raven as protective shield for the goshawk Der Kolkrabe als Schutzschild vor dem Habicht

Wallin, Mats., 1998:
The raven Raven counts in the parish of Morbylanga, together with the ravens former distribution in Oland Korp Inventeringar av korp i Morbylanga socken, samt korpens tidigare forekomst pa Oland

Arnhem, Roger., 2002:
The raven a slow recovery Le grand corbeau une lente rehabilitation

Traas, Brian., 2003:
The raw gem from the Rio-Nachional Vieja fenestratus De ruwe edelsteen uit de Rio-Nachional Vieja fenestratus

Asmussen, R., 2003:
The re-establishment of the eagle owl Bubo bubo in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Die Wiedereinbuergerung des Uhus Bubo bubo in Schleswig-Holstein

Guintard, Claude., 1996:
The re-introduction into the wild of the Heck cattle La remise en liberte de lAurochs de Heck

Robin, K., 2001:
The re-introduction of the bearded vulture in the Alps a success story Die Wiederansiedlung des Bartgeiers in den Alpen ein Positivbeispiel

Guintard, C., 1997:
The re-introduction of the neo-aurochs adaptive phenomena Adaptation de laurochs reconstitue a la remise en liberte Trois exemples de reintroduction dans des milieux difficiles humides

Wiesner, Jochen., 2001:
The re-usage of great spotted woodpecker holes in Thuringia by the pygmy owl in particular Die Nachnutzung von Buntspechthoehlen unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung des Sperlingskauzes in Thueringen

Bezdenezhnykh, VA., 1973:
The reabsorbtion of oocytes in the European eel

Korochkina, L.N., 1964:
The reacclimatization of bisons in the Belovezhskoya Forest Preserve and its outlook

Samunsenko, E.G., 1964:
The reacclimatization of the beaver Castor fiber in areas under cultivation

Panfilova, IM.; Uspensky, IV., 1975:
The reaction of Ixodidae, Parasitiformes, to light after the action of DDT

Schmidt, HW., 1990:
The reaction of beneficial insects to application of Folicur

Diesing, Peter., 1999:
The reaction of blackbirds Turdus merula to a foraging magpie Pica pica Reaktion von Amseln Turdus merula gegenuber nahrungssuchender Elster Pica pica

Diesing, Peter., 1999:
The reaction of male cuckoos Cuculus canorus L to imitated calls Reaktion von Kukucksmannchen Cuculus canorus L auf imitierte Rufe

Utrobina, N.M.; Kapitonov, A.A., 1971:
The reaction of terrestrial vertebrates to the entry of mineral fertilizers in the soil

Shishov, BA.; Malyutina, TA., 1974:
The reaction of the somatic musculature of the nematode Ascaridia galli to cholinergic substances

Zurabyan, A.S., 1967:
The reaction of y-rays of a model popu-lation of Drosophila melanogaster

Shershnev, AP., 1973:
The reaction of young chum and pink salmon to the salinity of the water in the sublittoral zone

Trosch, B.; Ingold, P., 1998:
The reaction sensitivity of male Alpine ibex Capra ibex ibex Zur Reaktionsempfindlichkeit von mannlichen Alpensteinbocken Capra ibex ibex

Pavlovski, E.N., 1954:
The reactions of the tick, Ornitliodorus papillipes Bir to certain physical factors of the environment

Mattoni, Camilo Ivan., 2002:
The real identity of Bothriurus vittatus Guerin-Meneville, 1838 Scorpiones, Bothriuridae La verdadera identidad de Bothriurus vittatus Guerin-Meneville, 1838 Scorpiones, Bothriuridae

Woelfel, Harry., 2001:
The real iguanas of the desert - chuckwallas Sauromalus obesus and desert iguanas Dipsosaurus dorsalis Die echten Leguane der Wueste - Chuckwallas Sauromalus obesus und Wuestenleguane Dipsosaurus dorsalis

Munn, CA., 1988:
The real macaws The real macaws

Guerin, C.; Faure, M., 2000:
The real nature of Megatherium laurillardi Lund, 1842 Mammalia, Xenarthra a dwarf amongst giants La veritable nature de Megatherium laurillardi Lund, 1842 Mammalia, Xenarthra un nain parmi les geants

Huber, Siegfried., 2005:
The real type species of the genus Phlogiellus Pocock, 1897 Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae Die wirkliche Typusart der Gattung Phlogiellus Pocock, 1897 Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae

Foerster, Friedhard., 2001:
The realisation of the guideline for habitats of flora and fauna in Saxony and presentation of announced areas from Upper Lusatia Die Umsetzung der Flora-Fauna-Habitat-Richtlinie im Freistaat Sachsen und Vorstellung der gemeldeten Gebiete aus der Oberlausitz

Navarro, A.; Benitez, H., 1995:
The realm of the air El dominio del aire

Hannig, K.; Podsadlowski, L.; Stellmach, W., 2005:
The reappearance of Thaumetopoea processionea Linnaeus, 1758 in the Westphalian Basin Wiederfund von Thaumetopoea processionea Linnaeus, 1758 in der Westfaelischen Bucht Lep, Notodontidae

Buschmann, Ferenc., 1999:
The reappearance of the Hecatera cappa Hubner, 1809 in Hungary Lepidoptera Noctuidea A Hecatera cappa Hubner, 1809 ismetelt magyarorszagi elofordulasa Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Bidmon, H., 2006:
The rearing and feeding of European tortoises - principles and recipes, food and supplements Die Aufzucht und Ernaehrung Europaeischer Landschildkroeten - Grundlagen und Rezepte, Futtermittel und Zusatzstoffe

Sasso Lopez, Guillermo Luis., 1999:
The rearing and study of phasmids in captivity 3rd part La cria y el estudio de phasmidos en cautividad 3a parte

Sasso Lopez, Guillermo., 1998:
The rearing and study of phasmids in captivity 2nd part Cria y estudio de Phasmidos en cautividad 2a parte

Sasso Lopez, Guillermo., 1997:
The rearing and study of phasmids in captivity Cria y estudio de phasmidos en cautividad

Guyot, Herve., 1998:
The rearing of Acrophylla wuelfingi Lelevage dAcrophylla wuelfingi

Sever, Lutz., 1996:
The rearing of Androctonus species Haltung von Androctonus - Arten

Schurian, K.G.; Ehrhardt, W.; Hergenhahn, W., 1998:
The rearing of Argynnis paphia Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Die Zucht von Argynnis paphia Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Guyot, Herve., 2006:
The rearing of Bombyx calleta Elevage du Bombyx calleta

Gielis, Cees., 2000:
The rearing of Central European Pterophoridae Lepidoptera Ueber die Zucht mitteleuropaeischer Pterophoridae Lepidoptera

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 1998:
The rearing of Craspedonia gibbosa Brumeister, 1838 Lelevage du phasme gibbeux Craspedonia gibbosa Brumeister, 1838

Solovena, LM.; Glazacheva, IV.; Lukina, TM.; Iulieva, EYa., 1974:
The rearing of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix on various diets in aquarium

Hersche, Hans., 2000:
The rearing of Mediterranean tortoises Die Aufzucht mediterraner Landschildkroten

Quivron, Damien., 1996:
The rearing of Papilio machaon emisphyrus Vrty and comparisons with the normal form Lepidoptera Papilionidae Elevage de Papilio machaon emisphyrus Vrty et comparaison avec la forme nominale Lepidoptera Papilionidae

Bjerg, Martin., 1998:
The rearing of Satyrium w-album Knoch Kloekning af Satyrium w-album Knoch

Ingwersen, Jens., 1997:
The rearing of Spodoptera eridani Stoll Klaekning af en ny indslaebt art Spodoptera eridani Stoll

Jensen, HK., 1997:
The rearing of Yponomeuta irrorella Hb En klaekning af Yponomeuta irrorella Hb

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 1999:
The rearing of a green phasmatid from Reunion Rhaphiderus scabrosus Lelevage du phasme vert de la Reunion Raphiderus Lelevage du phasme vert de la Reunion Raphiderus Lelevage du phasme vert de la Reunion Raphiderus Lelevage du phasme vert de la Reunion Raphiderus Lelevage du phasme vert de la Reunion Raphiderus Lelevage du phasme vert de la Reunion Raphiderus Lelevage du phasme vert de la Reunion Raphiderus Lelevage du phasme vert de la Reunion Raphiderus Lelevage du

Voelker, Ingolf., 2000:
The rearing of a young kingfisher Alcedo atthis in Steinakirchen am Forst north Austria Pflege eines jungen Eisvogels Alcedo atthis in Steinakirchen am Forst Noe

Cpontjean, Georges., 1997:
The rearing of an individual young wryneck Jynx torquilla or how to get personally rich, thanks to nature and without fearing the arms of justice Elevage particulier dun jeune torcol fourmilier Jynx torquilla ou comment senrichir personellement grace a la nature sans craindre les foudres de la justice

Jorgensen, Per., 1998:
The rearing of green iguanas Opdraet af gron leguan

Nosatova, GM., 1975:
The rearing of local stock of Coregonus autumnalis in the lakes of Karelia

Guyot, H.; Santin, A., 2003:
The rearing of saturnids of the genus Rothschildia Grote, 1897 Lepidoptera Lelevage des Saturniides du genre Rothschildia Grote, 1897 Lepidopteres

Dindo, Maria Luisa., 1999:
The rearing of tachinid parasitoids on artificial diets Allevamento di ditteri tachinidi su diete artificiale

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 2004:
The rearing of the Borneo stick insect Lonchodes amaurops Westwood, 1859 Insecta Orthopteroidea Phasmatodea Anareolatae Diapheromeridae Lonchodinae Lonchodini Lelevage du Phasme brise de Borneo Lonchodes amaurops Westwood, 1859 Insecta Orthopteroidea Phasmatodea Anareolatae Diapheromeridae Lonchodinae Lonchodini

van Aartsen, B.; Zeegers, T., 1999:
The rearing of the botfly Cephenemyia auribarbis Diptera Oestridae De edelherthorzel Cephenemyia auribarbis gekweekt Diptera Oestridae

Low, Rosemary., 2001:
The rearing of the common trumpeter Die Zucht des Grauruecken-Trompetervogels

Low, Rosemary., 1997:
The rearing of the parrot Amazona dufresniana rhodocorytha Zucht der Granada-Amazone Amazona dufresniana rhodocorytha

Notarianni, Michael., 2006:
The rearing of the spider tortoise Pyxis arachnoides Bell, 1827 Lelevage de la Pyxid arachnoide, Pyxis arachnoides Bell, 1827

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 2003:
The rearing of the spotted chafer beetle Stephanorrhina guttata Olivier, 1789 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Cetoniine Lelevage de la Cetoine mouchetee Stephanorrhina guttata Olivier, 1789 Coleoptere Scarabaeidae Cetoniine

Dieu, Yvan., 2000:
The rearing of tropical house crickets in captivity De kweek van krekels

Chan-Toi., 1971:
The rearing of young sturgeon in ponds of differing sizes

Urbaneja, A.; Llacer, E.; Hinarejos, R.; Jacas, J.; Garrido, A., 1998:
The rearing technique for citrus leafminer Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton and its parasites Cirrospilus cf lyncus and Quadrastichus sp Sistema de cria del minador de las hojas de los citricos, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton y sus parasitoides Cirrospilus proximo lyncus y Quadrastichus sp

Timm, T.; Klopp, F., 1993:
The reason for different distribution of blackfly species in two brooks of the Niederbergisches Land Northrhine-Westphalia Die Ursachen unterschiedlicher Verteilungsmuster der Kriebelmucken Diptera, Simuliidae in zwei Bachen des Niederbergischen Landes

Graniczny, M.; Mizerski, W.; Urban, H., 2003:
The reason of establishing Polish Geological Institute and its organization in 1919 Przyczny utworzenia Panstwowego Instytutu Geologicznego i jego organizacja w 1919 roku

Ruffo, Sandro., 1995:
The reasons behind the proposal of the legal framework for faunal heritage Il perche di una proposta di legge quadro sul patrimonio faunistico

Panfilov, BG.; Pervushin, AS., 1973:
The reasons for the occurrence of female sperm whales in the Antarctic

Girod, A., 2005:
The recent Epigravettian and Sauveterrian mollusc assemblages coming from Riparo Cogola La malacofauna dell Epigravettiano recente e del Sauveterriano al Riparo Cogola

Argant, Alain., 1997:
The recent Middle Pleistocene fauna of Aze cave Saone-et-Loire, France La faune du Pleistocene moyen recent de la grotte dAze Saone-et-Loire, France

Kallander, Hans., 1996:
The recent decline of the Swedish black-headed gull Larus ridibundus population - a special issue of Ornis Svecica Den svenska skrattmaspopulationens Larus ridibundus sentida minskning - ett specialhafte av Ornis Svecica

Preleuthner, M., 1999:
The recent distribution of the alpine marmot Marmota m marmota in Austria and its historical background Die rezente Verbreitung des Alpenmurmeltiers Marmota m marmota in Osterreich und ihre historischen Hintergrunde

Forest, J., 2006:
The recent glypheids and their relationship with their fossil relatives Decapoda, Reptantia Les glypheides actuels et leur relation avec les formes fossiles Decapoda, Reptantia

Beckmann, Karl-Heinz., 1999:
The recent molluscs observed in Carinthia during the German Malacozoological Society excursion with comments on new records in the area and a systematic checklist of Carinthian molluscs Die wahrend der DMG-Tagung 1995 in Karnten beobachteten rezenten Mollusken mit Bemerkungen zu Neunachweisen in den Untersuchungsgebieten und einem systematischen Verzeichnis Checklist der Karntner Mollusken

Vicens, P., 2004:
The recent success of Ardeidae at SAlbufera de Mallorca El reciente exito de las garzas en SAlbufera de Mallorca

Ramirez Guevara, G.; Zuluaga C.,, 1995:
The recognition of parasitoid Hymenoptera on aphids in cotton, citrus and some vegetable cultivations in the Cauca valley Reconocimiento de himenopteros parasitoides de afidos en cultivos de algodon, citricos y algunas hortalizas del Valle del Cauca

Vadet, Alain., 1997:
The recognition of vertebrae from marine reptiles of the Middle Jurassic and the Oxfordian Comment reconnaitre les vertebres de reptiles marins du Jurassique moyen et de lOxfordien

Meinel, W.; Gronostay, J.; Siegmund, I., 1996:
The recolonization by freshwater insects in the formerly acid-stressed brook Nieste/Fulda Hesse Uber die Wiederbesiedlung durch Wasserinsekten in der ehemals sauregeschadigten Nieste/Fulda Hessen

Stevens, M.; Riedel, H.-Werner., 2001:
The recolonization of Bergisch Gladbach city by the beautiful demoiselle Calopteryx virgo L 1758 Odonata, Calopterygidae in the years 1989-2000

Marten, Michael., 1990:
The recolonization of the Upper Rhine after the Sandoz accident Die Wiederbesiedlung des Oberrheins nach dem Sandoz-Unfall

Flick, U.; Flick, H., 1999:
The reconstruction of Moroccan trilobites demonstrated by an example Die Komplettierung marokkanischer Trilobiten demonstriert an einigen Beispielen

Janouschkowetz, Dominik., 2000:
The reconstruction of a woolly rhinoceros Rekonstruktion eines Wollhaarnashorns

von Bitter, PH.; Merrill, GK., 1990:
The reconstruction of fossil organisms using cluster analysis A case study from Late Paleozoic conodonts

Matevosyan, E.M., 1953:
The reconstruction of the cestode system belonging to the Hymenolepidids

Boev, S.N.Schultz, R.S., 1950:
The reconstruction of the nematode family Protostrongylidae, Leiper, 1926

Kawa, Piotr., 2001:
The record of Mantis religiosa from the district of Kolbuszowa Obserwacja modliszki zwyczajnej Mantis religiosa w powiecie Kolbuszowa

Oloriz, F.; Rodriguez-Tovar, FJ., 1996:
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