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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38801

Chapter 38801 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sonetti, Dario., 1999:
The regeneration of the brain of the snail and other animals from Spallanzani to the year 2000 La rigenerazione del cervello della lumaca e altri animale da Spallanzani al 2000

Rubio, C.; Diez Ferrer, J.B.envenido.; Ferrer, J.; Gamez Vintaned, J.A.tonio.; Sender, L.M.guel.; Zianni, H., 2003:
The region of Gudar-Javalambre - information on its rich geological and palaeontological heritage La Comarca de Gudar-Javalambre da a conocer su rico patrimonio geologico y paleontologico

Aladjalova, N.A.Maslov, N.M., 1958:
The region of anomalous dielectric losses for skeletal and smooth muscles

Blattner, M.; Veszeli, M., 2003:
The regional avifauna of 2003 Report period 112003 to 31122003 Die Regionale Avifauna 2003 Berichtszeitraum 112003 bis 31122003

Sperl, Jurgen., 1995:
The regional distribution in Central Europe of mallards and their hybrids with colour variation Die regionale Verbreitung farbveranderter Stockenten und Entenbastarde in Mitteleuropa

Baade, Hartmut., 1996:
The regional eastern meeting of the DMG from 8-1091995 in Windischleuba/Thuringia Das Regionaltreffen Ost der DMG vom 8-1091995 in Windischleuba/Thur

Wagner, Wolfgang., 2001:
The regional niche separation of Zygaena species Lepidoptera Zygaenidae on calcarious dry heathland areas on the eastern Swabian Jura Baden-Wuerttemberg Regionale Einnischung der Rotwidderchen Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae auf Halbtrockenrasen der oestlichen Schwaebischen Alb

Asmussen, R., 2001:
The regional owl protection association looks back on 20 years of successful work Landesverband Eulen-Schutz blickt auf 20 Jahre erfolgreicher Arbeit zurueck

Zidar, Franci., 2001:
The regional park of Kozjansko Kozjanski park

Zimmermann, Karl Heinz., 2002:
The regional plan for Oberlausitz/Lower Silesia - a guideline for the Oberlausitz Natural History Society? Der Regionalplan Oberlausitz/Niederschlesien - Richtschnur auch fuer die Naturforschende Gesellschaft der Oberlausitz?

Tombal, Jean-Charles., 1998:
The regional scheme Fledging and emancipation dates of young birds born in wetlands Le programme regional dates de capacite a voler et a semancipation des parents pour les jeunes oiseaux nes dans les milieux humides

Jonsson, L.J., 2005:
The regionally extinct poisonous spider Cheiracanthium punctorium Araneae, Miturgidae rediscovered in Sweden Den giftiga storre taggspindeln Cheiracanthium punctorium Araneae, Miturgidae afterfunnen i Sverige

Sce, Simone F., 1997:
The regions and the wild fauna application of the arct no 4 paragraph 6 of the national law no 157/92 norms for the protection of the wild homoeothermal fauna and for the hunting inroads Le regioni e la fauna selvatica applicazione dellart n 4 comma 6 della legge quadro nazionale n 157/92 norme per la protezione della fauna selvatica omeoterma e per il prelievo venatorio

Klumov, S.K., 1957:
The registration of the coast localities of Eumetopias jubatus at the Kurile islands, and a tentative determination of their number

Boireau, P.; Braconnot, S., 1995:
The regression of Zerynthia polyxena in the Alpes-Maritimes Department Lepidoptera Papilionidae Regression de Zerynthia polyxena dans le Departement des Alpes-Maritimes Lepidoptera Papilionidae

Moiseenko, TI.; Kudratsjeva, LP., 1990:
The regularities of the heavy metals accumulation in organism systems of fresh water fishes and pathological processes

Spasskii, N.Y., 1968:
The regularity of temporary-territorial distribution of families and genera

Kalemba, A.; Korzeniak, J., 2002:
The regulation of Polish nature conservation and environment protection laws in 2001 - how not to get lost in the jungle of new rules Porzadkowanie prawa ochrony przyrody i ochrony srodowiska w Polsce w 2001 r - czyli jak sie odnalezc w gaszczu nowych przepisow

Bidmon, Hans-Juergen., 2001:
The regulation of dormancy in tortoises and turtles what is known and what are the consequences for successful keeping and breeding? Regulation der Ruhephasen bei Schildkroeten was ist bekannt und welche Konsequenzen ergeben sich fuer die erfolgreiche Haltung?

Kokoz, LM.; Patlai, AG.; Vinarik, TV., 1972:
The regulation of flat fish catch in the Black Sea

Sohn, Werner., 1996:
The regulation of heredity in the early Mendelian discourse Zur Regulierung der Vererbung nach Mendel

Golichenkova, IF., 1973:
The regulation of melanophores in amphibians

Perret, Michel., 2003:
The regulatory approach Lapproche reglementaire

Schmitz, Luc., 2000:
The regurgitation of pellets by the whinchat Saxicola rubetra La regurgitation de pelotes par le traquet tarier Saxicola rubetra

Grunsky, Bernhard., 1995:
The rehabilitation of oiled seabirds in Schleswig-Holstein with an international comparison Die Rehabilitation verolter Seevogel in Schleswig-Holstein und im internationalen Vergleich

Monneret, RJ., 1991:
The reinforcement of the peregrine falcon population in the Jura Range Renforcement de la population de faucon pelerin de la Chaine Jurassienne

Mayol, J.; Vicens, P., 1995:
The reintroduction of Porphyrio porphyrio, Netta rufina and Oxyura leucocephala to SAlbufera in Majorca Reintroduccio de Porphyrio porphyrio, Netta rufina i Oxyura leucocephala a SAlbufera de Mallorca

Hovens, Grietje., 2000:
The reintroduction of Przewalskis horse to Mongolia Herintroductie van Przewalskipaarden in Mongolia

Zuffi, Marco AL., 2000:
The reintroduction of Testudo hermanni management and research of the joint project Parco di Migliarino - S Rossore - Massaciuccoli and lUniversita degli Studi di Pisa La reintroduzione di Testudo hermanni gestione e ricerca nel progetto congiunto Parco di Migliarino - S Rossore - Massaciuccoli e lUniversita degli Studi di Pisa

Dixon, A.; Knowles, J.; Newby, J., 1990:
The reintroduction of addax Addax nasomaculatus into the Air and Tenere National Nature Reserve, Republic of Niger

Paganin, M.; Meneguz, P.G.useppe., 1997:
The reintroduction of alpine chamois rupicapra rupicapra rupicapra in plateau of Asiago preliminary results La reintroduzione del camoscio alpino Rupicapra rupicapra rupicapra sullAltopino di Asiago primi risultati

Utmar, P.; Perco, F., 1995:
The reintroduction of greylag goose Anser anser in Friuli-Venezia Giulia north east Italy and first data on breeding biology Reintroduzione delloca grigia Anser anser nel Friuli-Venezia Giulia e primi dati di biologia riproduttiva

Dubray, Dominique., 1991:
The reintroduction of the Corsican deer Cervus elaphus corsicanus to Corsica problems and the actual state of the operations Reintroduction du cerf de Corse Cervus elaphus corsicanus en Corse problematique et etat actuel de loperation

Stauffer, C., 2005:
The reintroduction of the Przewalskis horse in the Gobi B-National Park in Mongolia Die Wiederansiedlung des Przewalskipferdes im Nationalpark Gobi B in der Mongolei

Madero, A.; Ferrer, M., 2002:
The reintroduction of the Spanish imperial eagle in Andalusia La reintroduccion del aguila imperial en Andalucia

Genero, Fulvio., 1995:
The reintroduction of the bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus in the alps results and the situation in Italy La reintroduzione del gipeto Gypaetus barbatus sulle alpi risultati e situazione in Italia

Toffoli, R.; Rossi, P.; Fornerone, I., 1997:
The reintroduction of the bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus into the Marittimes Alps La reintroduzione del gipeto Gypaetus barbatus sulle Alpi Marittime

Coton, C.; Esteve, R., 1991:
The reintroduction of the bearded vulture in the Alps La reintroduction du gypaete barbu dans les Alpes

Jacob, Jean-Claude., 2003:
The reintroduction of the beaver Castor fiber L in the Floodplain of the Rhine in Alsace France and Baden Germany Die Wiederansiedlung des Bibers Castor fiber L in den elsaessischen und badischen Rheinauen

Jacob, J., 2002:
The reintroduction of the beaver Castor fiber L in the lower watercourse of the Moder river and the floodplain of the Rhine in the north of Alsace Results and outlook La reintroduction du castor Castor fiber L dans la basse vallee de la Moder et la bande rhenane du nord de lAlsace bilan et perspectives

Rouland, P.; Migot, P., 1991:
The reintroduction of the beaver Castor fiber in France Test of synthesis and reflexions La reintroduction du castor Castor fiber en France Essai de synthese et reflexions

Arroyo, P.; Purroy Balda, F., 2004 :
The reintroduction of the brown bear in the Italian Alps La reintroduccion del oso pardo en los Alpes italianos

Santiago, Jose Maria., 1995:
The reintroduction of the brown bear La reintroduccion del oso pardo

Eichler, R.; Haarstick, K., 1995:
The reintroduction of the capercaillie in the Harz region Die Wiederansiedlung des Auerhuhns im Harz

Klein, Francois., 1991:
The reintroduction of the deer Cervus elaphus La reintroduction du cerf Cervus elaphus

Allavena, S.; Panella, M., 2003:
The reintroduction of the griffon vulture Gyps fulvus in Mount Velino nature reserve La reintroduzione del Grifone Gyps fulvus nella Riserva Naturale del Monte Velino

Terrasse, Michel., 1991:
The reintroduction of the griffon vulture in the Grands Causses and the reinforcement of the Egyptian vulture populations Reintroduction du vautour fauve dans les Grands Causses et renforcement de population du vautour percnoptere

Genero, F.; Perco, F., 1995:
The reintroduction of the griffon vulture in the Italian Alps La reintroduccion del buitre leonado en los Alpes orientales italianos

Terrasse, Michel., 1995:
The reintroduction of the griffon vulture in the Massif Central El regreso de los buitres leonados a Francia central

Gauthier, D.; Villaret, J.-Charles., 1991:
The reintroduction of the ibex in the French Alps La reintroduction en France du bouquetin des Alpes

Marchessaux, Didier., 1991:
The reintroduction of the monk seal, Monachus monachus perspectives La reintroduction du phoque moine, Monachus monachus perspectives

Giacchini, P.; Politi, P., 2003:
The reintroduction of the partridge Perdix perdix to Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi park La reintroduzione della Starna Perdix perdix nel territorio del Parco Naturale della Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi

Allavena, S.; Fabrizzi, F., 2001:
The reintroduction of the red kite Milvus milvus in Tocchi nature reserve Siena, Tuscany La reintroduzione del nibbio reale Milvus milvus nella Riserva Naturale Statale di Tocchi Siena, Toscana

Rizzi, V.; Bux, M.; Caldarella, M.; Dibari, F.; Galliego, M.; Sorino, R., 2003:
The reintroduction of the white-headed duck Oxyura leucocephala in Puglia southern Italy status as at 2000-2003 La reintroduzione del Gobbo rugginoso Oxyura leucocephala in Puglia Italia meridionale situazione al 2000-2003

de Beaufort, Francois., 1991:
The reintroduction of the wolf in France La reintroduction du loup en France

Liberatori, F.; Penteriani, V.; Sammuri, G., 1997:
The reintroduction project of the eagle owl Bubo bubo in the Siena country central Italy Unapplicazione del documento sulle immissioni faunistiche dellINFS La reintroduzione del gufo reale Bubo bubo nella provincia di Siena

Teshirogi, W., 1957:
The relation between Nadi-reaction patterns and head-frequency in adult and larva of a Turbellarian, Bdellocephala brunnea

Chen Darong.; Zhong Jieing.; Chen Xisheng., 1990:
The relation between carboxylesterase activity and resistance to phosphor-containing organic pesticide in citrus red mite

Acosta H., N.; Reyes de Carvajal, L., 1996:
The relation between medio meiofauna morphological variation of Cyprideis torosa Ostracoda of Los Vasquez lagoon Baru island Colombian Caribbean Relacion entre medio y meiofauna cambios morfologicos en Cyprideis torosa ostracodo de la cienaga de Los Vasquez Isla Baru Caribe colombiano

Henriksen, Gunnar., 1996:
The relation between reproductive strategies of seals and ecological variables Sammenhengen mellom reproduktive strategier hos sel og okologiske variabler

Letitchevski, M.A., 1954:
The relation between sexual maturation of carp in the Volga delta and their feeding habits

Memisoglu, H.; Melan, K.; Ozkan, M., 1998:
The relation between the biology of Aelia rostrata and wheat phenology in Central Anatolia Orta Anadolu Bolgesinde Kimil Aelia rostrata Bohin biyolojisi ile bugday fenolojisi arasindaki iliskiler

Kitamori, R., 1960:
The relation between the distribution of genus Capitella, Polychaetous Annelids, and pollution

Frenkel, M.A. ., 1969:
The relation of DNA content in macronuclei of reproduction cysts to environmental conditions in Tillina magna Ciliatea, Colpodidae

Turpaeva, E.P., 1961:
The relation of the Black Sea Mercierella enigmatica Fauvel to conditions of various salinity

Mikhalev, Y.A., 1970:
The relation of weight and length ofembryos of various species of Antartic whales during the fertile period of their development

Lange, R.R.bas; Abilhoa, V.; Margarido, T.C.istina C.; Monteiro-Filho, E.L., 2003:
The relation of weight and total length among litters of Dasyprocta azarae Lichtenstein, 1823 Dasyproctidae, Mammalia in captivity Relacao entre peso e comprimento total em ninhadas de Dasyprocta azarae Lichtenstein, 1823 Dasyproctidae, Mammalia em cativeiro

Barbagli, F.; Poggesi, M., 2002:
The relations between Francesco Mina Palumbo and the Florence Museum of Zoology La Specola I rapporti di Francesco Mina Palumbo con il Museo de La Specola di Firenze

Viehmann, Iosif., 1997:
The relations between man and cave bears in the caves of Romania Sur les relations entre lhomme et lours des cavernes dans les grottes de Roumanie

Zhang Zhengdong.; Huang Zhujian., 1990:
The relations between the growth of weight and length with the exuviations of the young alligators before hibernation

D.V.lle,; Leao Vaz, L.A.meida, 2005:
The relationship among submerse time, age and some behaviors of the dolphin Sotalia fluviatilis Gervais, 1953 A relacao entre o tempo de apneia, a idade e alguns comportamentos do golfinho Sotalia fluviatilis Gervais, 1953

Karabulut, H.Ariman, 2006:
The relationship and the fecundity between the egg size and the body weight of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792 and brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis Mitchil, 1814 Gokkusagi Alabaligi Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792 ve Kaynak Alabaligi Salvelinus fontinalis Mitchil, 1814nin Yumurta Capi ile Vucut Buyuklugu Arasindaki Iliski ve Yumurta Verimleri

Macy, R.W.; Moore, D.J., 1953:
The relationship between Trichobilharzia oregonensis and T. elvae, etiological agents of schistosome dermatitis in the Pacific Northwest

Gomez, C.Andrea, 2003:
The relationship between accumulated degree-days and the seasonal flight of the European pine shoot moth at Esquel, Argentina Relacion entre la acumulacion de dias grado y el vuelo estacional de la mariposa europea del brote del pino en Esquel, Argentina

Cherlin, VA., 1977:
The relationship between behaviour in Echis carinatus and microclimatic conditions 223 224

Zetto Brandmayr, T.; Brandmayr, P., 1999:
The relationship between evolution of behaviour and use of the space in carabid beetles Levoluzione del comportamento nei carabidi in relazione alluso dello spazio

Monasturski, AL.; Dang Thi Dap., 1996:
The relationship between habitats with butterfilies species Rhopalocera on Tam Dao Mountains Vinh Phu, Vietnam Moi quan he giua cac noi song voi buom ngay Rhopalocera o nui Tam Dao Vinh Phu

Romashov, V.A., 1975:
The relationship between helminth infestations of the liver in hoofed animals and the hosts population density

Ivantsov, AYu., 1990:
The relationship between hypostoma morphology and feeding methods of trilobites of the genus Asaphus

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