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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38805

Chapter 38805 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

L.Mantia, Tommaso., 1997:
The role of diversifying elements in Mediterranean agroecosystems valorisation and relationships with vertebrates populations Il ruolo degli elementi diversificatori negli agroecosistemi mediterranei Valorizzazione e relazioni con le popolazioni di vertebrati

Asadov, SM.; Ismailov, GD., 1972:
The role of dogs as a natural source of infection in the cycle of helminths in Azerbaidjan

Peredelsky, A.A., 1957:
The role of earthworms in the purification of soil from pollution with radioactive isotopes

Lesin'sh, KP., 1973:
The role of earthworms in the transmission of syngamosis from synanthropic birds rooks to domestic birds

Thangaraj, T.; Kelly, TJ.; Karaiyan, K.; Aruchami, M.; Borkovec, AB., 1990:
The role of ecdysone on the chitinase enzyme in the development of Spodoptera litura

Kolasinska, A., 2003:
The role of ecological corridors in nature conservation Rola korytarzy ekologicznych w ochronie przyrody

Mukhachev, IS.; Kubyshkin, VI., 1976:
The role of ecological factors in the artificial range extension of the pelyad and the broad whitefish

Gainullina, RG., 1975:
The role of ecological factors in the distribution of aphids in potato cultures in Kirghizia

Allaine, D.; Rodrigue, I.; Lafront, C., 1992:
The role of ecological factors on the settlement of marmots Role des facteurs ecologiques sur la strategie dinstallation des marmottes

Clausi, M.; Vinciguerra, MT., 2005:
The role of entomopathogenic nematodes in a project for the sustainable management of insect pests of chestnut crops I nematodi entomopathogeni in un progetto per lo sviluppo sostenibile dei castagneti

Stasiak, Maciej., 2002:
The role of environmental factors in the development of memory and motivation in animals Rola czynnikow srodowiskowych w rozwoju pamieci i motywacji u zwierzat

Okopryj, NS.; Spasskii, AA., 1977:
The role of enzymes in the parasite host system in meloidoginosis

Servigne, P., 2003:
The role of ethology in the study of the tree canopy ants mosaic La place de lethologie dans letude de la mosaique des fourmis arboricoles de la canopee

Nadal, M.; Capo, M.A.gel.; Cela-Conde,, 2006:
The role of evolution theory in anthropology El papel de la teoria evolutiva en la antropologia

Solursh, M., 1990:
The role of extracellular matrix molecules in early limb development

Zucchi, Herbert., 1994:
The role of faunistic-ecological studies in spatial and environmental planning Die Rolle faunistisch-tieroekologischer Fachbeitraege bei raum- und umweltrelevanten Planungen

Legany, Andras., 1998:
The role of fish ponds in the preservation of aquatic and wetland birds A halasto - mint mesterseges elohely - szerepe a vizi madarfajok megorzeseben

Bogush, O.I.; Yuferev, O.V., 1956:
The role of foraminifera in the stratigraphy of the coal deposits of the Karatau Ridge

Mekhraliev, AA., 1977:
The role of freshwater molluscs in the epizootiology of trematodes of birds under conditions of the Divichinskoi estuary of the Caspian Sea

Mekhraliev, AA., 1977:
The role of freshwater molluscs in the epizootiology of trematodosis of birds under the conditions of Divichinskoi Estuary of the Caspian Sea

Mekhraliev A.A., 1977:
The role of freshwater mollusics in the epizootioloy of trematodes of birds under conditions of the Divichinskoi estuary of the Caspian Sea

Templeton, AR., 1990:
The role of genetics in captive breeding and reintroduction for species conservation

Bonci, M.C.istina.; Burlando, M.; Firpo, M.; Piazza, M.; Vannucci, G., 2001:
The role of geosites in the realisation of geoparks and ecomuseums examples from the Savona Province Il ruolo dei geositi nella realizzazione di geoparchi ed ecomusei due esempi in Provincia di Savona

Ades, C.; Caramaschi, S., 1997:
The role of gravity cures in return orientation of the orb-weaver spider Argiope argentata Araneae, Araneidae O papel da gravidade na orientacao de retorno da aranha Argiope argentata Araneae, Araneidae

Genin, D.I., 1951:
The role of great numbers of spermatozoa in the sexual process

Nicoli, G.; Limonta, L.; Cavazzuti, C.; Pozzati, M., 1995:
The role of hedges in the agroecosystem 1 Initial studies on the Coccinellidae predators of aphids Il ruolo delle siepi nellecologia del campo coltivato 1 Prime indagini sui Coccinellidi predatori di afidi

Boriani, L.; Ferrari, R.; Burgio, G.; Nicoli, G.; Pozzati, M.; Cavazzuti, C., 1998:
The role of hedges in the agroecosystem 2 Further studies on the Coccinellidae predators of aphids Il ruolo delle siepi nellecologia del campo coltivato 2 Ulteriori indagini sui Coccinellidi predatori di afidi

Daszkiewicz, P.; Bauer, A.M., 2004:
The role of herpetology at the First International Congress for the Protection of Nature Paris, 1923 Some reflexions eighty years later La place de lherpetologie lors du Premier Congres pour la Protection de la Nature Paris, 1923 Quelques remarques quatre-vingts ans plus tard

Ciapala, Szymon., 1999:
The role of high waters in shaping habitat diversity for plant communities and animals in mountain river and stream valleys Rola wysokich stanow wod w ksztaltowaniu roznorodnosci siedlisk dla zbiorowisk roslinnych i zwierzat w dolinach potokow o charakterze gorskim

Leather, SR., 1990:
The role of host quality, natural enemies, competition and weather in the regulation of autumn and winter populations of the bird cherry aphid

Sommaggio, D.; Burgio, G., 2004:
The role of hoverflies Diptera Syrphidae as bioindicators the state of the art in Italy I Sirfidi Diptera Syrphidae come bioindicatori lo stato dellarte in Italia

Levanidov, V.Y., 1952:
The role of hydrobiology in fish-farming investigations

Monakov, A.V.; Sorokin, Y.I., 1971:
The role of infusoria and bacteria in the feeding of cyclopoids in a water reservoir with fish production

Parker, ST.; Poti', P., 1990:
The role of innate motor patterns in ontogenetic and experiential development of intelligent use of sticks in Cebus monkeys

Hacini, S.; Doumandji, S., 1998:
The role of insects in the diet of Hirundo rustica Linne, 1758 Aves, Hirundinidae in an agricultural area of the Bordj-El-Kiffan region of the Algerian coast Place des insectes dans le regime alimentaire de lhirondelle de cheminee Hirundo rustica Linne, 1758 Aves, Hirundinidae dans un milieu agricole a Bordj-El-Kiffan region du littoral algerois

Darionov, GP.; Borisov, ZZ.; Averenskll, AI., 1972:
The role of insects in the feeding of some binds in the central regions of the Yakut ASSR

Sultanov, MA.; Kabilov, T., 1976:
The role of insects in the maintenance of helminth invasion from natural centres in the conditions of Uzbekistan

Summers, JK.; Rose, KA., 1987:
The role of interactions among environmental conditions in controlling historical fisheries variability

Litvinenko, EF.; Kompantsev, NF.; Stupnitskaya, VM.; Gaevoi, YuE.; Klimenko, LF.; Kolesnikov, IM., 1975:
The role of ixodid mites in the occurrence of Tularamia in the Ukraine

Volkova, A.A.; Grebenyuk, R.V.; Timofeev, A.F., 1962:
The role of ixodids in the epizootology of brucellosis

Rivals, F.; Testu, A.; Belda, V., 2003:
The role of large carnivores in argali accumulation of the lower levels of the Caune de lArago Pyrenees-Orientales, France Le role des grands carnivores dans laccumulation de largali des niveaux inferieurs de la caune de larago Pyrenees-Orientales, France

Ivashkin, VM.; Shmytova, GYa., 1972:
The role of larval forms of helminths in the pathogenesis of animal helminthoses

McLean, IFG., 1990:
The role of legislation in the conservation of invertebrates

Pointet, Abram., 1999:
The role of light for tortoises and turtles Role de la lumiere pour les tortues

Luferov, VP., 1972:
The role of light in the colonization of reservoirs with epibionts of chironomidae larvae

Makkaveeva, E.B. ., 1968:
The role of macrophytes and ecological factors in formation of the specific composition of the macrophyte populations

Reimer, N.F., 1956:
The role of mammals and birds in restoration of cedar woods in Pre Baical

Boye, Peter., 1996:
The role of mammals in the Central European ecosystems Die Rolle von Saugetieren in mitteleuropaischen Okosystemen

Thomas, MB., 1990:
The role of man-made grassy habitats in enhancing carabid populations in arable land

Bustard, HR., 1990:
The role of management in the conservation of endangered species with special reference to Indian crocodilians

Arnoult, F.; Vernet, G., 1996:
The role of melatonin in the development of gonads in Lineus lacteus Heteronemertean, Lineidae De linfluence de la melatonine sur la maturation des gonades de Lineus lacteus Heteronemertes, Lineidae

Ral'ko, VD.; Oznobikhin, VI., 1990:
The role of melioration and nature utilization abstracts and short papers of the All-Union Conference, 23-25 April 1990, Vladivostok Part 1

Ignatyeva, G.M., 1956:
The role of membranes in discharging the hatching ferment in embryos of sturgeons

Wojewoda, D.; Kajak, A.; Szanser, M., 2002:
The role of mezo- and macrofauna in soil functioning Rola mezo- i makrofauny w funkcjonowaniu gleby

Zheng, T., 1990:
The role of micro-algae in the self-purification of marine environment

Boros, E.; Forro, L., 1999:
The role of microcrustaceans in the food of avocet Recurvirostra avosetta in sodic ponds in Hungary A gulipan Recurvirostra avosetta potencialis taplalekbazisanak vizgalata es a planktonikus kisrakok jelentosege az alfoldi szikes vizekben

Borovsky, D.; Carlson, DA., 1990:
The role of mosquito oostatic hormone in the regulation of midgut serine proteases

Boyarskikh, N.A., 1973:
The role of mysids in the feeding of young pikes in Issyk-Kul lake

Galvao, HM., 1990:
The role of nanoflagellates in the food web of a brackish water environment western Baltic

Harding, PT.; Eversham, BC., 1990:
The role of national species distribution surveys in the conservation of Bern Convention invertebrates in the United Kingdom

de Carvalho, MA., 1998:
The role of natural corridors in cultivated landscape biodiversity Importancia dos corredores naturais na implementacao da diversidade ecologica da paisagem rural

Ruszkowska, Maria., 2001:
The role of natural enemies in the control of autumnal aphids population on the winter cereals Rola naturalnych wrogow w ograniczaniu liczebnosci jesiennych populacji mszyc na oziminach zboz w wielkopolsce

Schminke, H K., 2003:
The role of natural history museums in times of the biodiversity crisis Die Rolle naturkundlicher Museen in Zeiten der Biodiversitaetkrise

Skarbilovich, T.S.; Gushanskaya, L.K., 1954:
The role of ncmatodes in aetiology of sugar beet root diseases

Sosnowska, D., 2005:
The role of nematophagous fungi in reduction of beet cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii Schmidt population Rola grzybow nicieniobojczych w ograniczaniu populacji matwika burakowego Heterodera schachtii Schmidt

Barishnikov, I.A., 1951:
The role of nervous control in the activation of the milk gland in cattle

Dubiec, Anna., 2000:
The role of nest-boxes in protection of Ficedula albicollis in the Niepolomice Forest Proba oceny wplywu skrzynek legowych na ochronie mucholowki bialoszyjej Ficedula albicollis w Puszczy Niepolomickiej

Wandurska-Nowak, Elzbieta., 2004:
The role of nitric oxide NO in parasitic infections Rola tlenku azotu w inwazjach pasozytniczych

Balys, Monika., 2002:
The role of nitric oxide in the central nervous system of insects Rola tlenku azotu w osrodkowym ukiadzie nerwowym u owadow

Larina, N.I., 1952:
The role of olfactory and visual receptors in rodents

Godzinska, E.J.anna.; Wagner-Ziemka, A., 1996:
The role of opioids in insect behaviour Rola opioidow w zachowaniu sie owadow

Potemkina, V.A., 1963:
The role of oribatid mites in the epizootology of anoplocephalids of domestic and wild animals

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