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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38806

Chapter 38806 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kessler, A.; Laan, FPJ., 1990:
The role of pheromones in the distribution of spiders in the forest litter layer

Sigareva, DD., 1972:
The role of phytonematodes in agricultural biocenoses

Nikolyuk, V.F., 1968:
The role of plant cover as a factor stimulating the development of soil Protozoa

Traveset, Anna., 1999:
The role of plant-animal mutualisms on insular ecosystems El paper dels mutualismes planta-animal als ecosistemes insulars

Adashkevich, BP., 1974:
The role of polyphagous entomophags in the agrobiocoenosis of vegetable fields

Lindstrom, A., 1990:
The role of predation risk in stopover habitat selection in migrating bramblings, Fringilla montifringilla

Aliev, S.V., 1967:
The role of predators and parasites in reducing the numbers of owlet moths

Aliev, A.A., 1964:
The role of predatory Acarina Phytoseiidae, Typhlodromus spp in the dynamics of the number of Bryobia redikorzevi Reck

Tripepi, S.; Bonacci, A.; Morrone, M.G.sella.; Brunelli, E. , 2000:
The role of protected areas in the safeguard of the Calabrian herpetofauna Il ruolo delle aree protette calabresi nella salvaguardia dellerpetofauna

Artacho, P.; Castaneda, L.E.; Nespolo, R.F., 2005:
The role of quantitative genetic studies in animal physiological ecology El rol de los estudios genetico-cuantitativos en ecologia fisiologica animal

Graitson, E.; Hussin, J.; Parent, G.H.nri., 2000:
The role of rail tracks in the settlement of reptiles in Belgium and some adjacent territories north and north east of France, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg Le role des voies ferrees dans la mise en place des reptiles en Belgique et dans quelques territoires adjacents nord et nord-est de la France, Grand-Duche de Luxembourg

Peters, Gerhard., 1997:
The role of reptiles in traditional Chinese medicine or an attempt at understanding Chinese medicine Part 1 The yin and yang of the gecko Die Rolle der Reptilien in der traditionellen Chinesischen Medizin oder ein Versuch, die chinesische Medizin zu verstehen Das Yin und Yang im Gecko

Peters, Gerhard., 1997:
The role of reptiles in traditional Chinese medicine or why turtles strengthen bones and how scorpions and the chilopod Scolopendra dull pain Part 2 Turtles as fire extinguishers Die Rolle der Reptilien in der traditionellen Chinesischen Medizin oder warum Schildkroten die Knochen starken, und wie Skorpione und Skolopender Schmerzen stoppen 2 Teil Schildkroten als Feuerloscher

Merkushava, I.V., 1965:
The role of rodents as vectors of helminths among humans and the domestic and game animals of economic importance in Belorussia

Shagoyan, RS.; Shagoyan, RS., 1975:
The role of rodents in biocenoses and in the life of man

Gagarin, V.G.; Steshenko, V.M.; Tokobaev, M.M., 1957:
The role of rodents in distribution of helminths

Buczek, A.; Magdon, T., 1998:
The role of salivary glands in tick feeding Acari Ixodida Rola gruczolow slinowych w zerowaniu kleszczy Acari Ixodida

Vogel, S., 1990:
The role of scent glands in pollination On the structure and function of osmophores

Ferretti, G.; Gobbi, M., 2007:
The role of scientific university museums as historic archive of the entomologic biodiversity on a local scale Il ruolo dei musei scientifici universitari come archivio storico della biodiversita entomologica a scala locale

Niemeyer, HM., 1990:
The role of secondary plant compounds in aphid-host interactions

Andriyashev, A.P., 1955:
The role of sense organs in searching for food by fish

Chernogorenko, MI., 1972:
The role of shallow water habitat in the development of trematode larvae in the Dnieper Dam

Matrai, Katalin., 1996:
The role of shrub level browses in the summer diet July-August of red deer A cserjeszint fasszaru novenyzetenek szerape a gimszarvas nyari julius-augusztus taplalekaban

Kulakova, TN.; Maksimov, VP., 1974:
The role of small molluscs in reservoir ecosystems

Volkova, A.A.; Grebenyuk, R.V.; Timofeev, A.F.; Galiev, R.S., 1962:
The role of some species of Acarina, belonging to the genus Haemaphysalis Koch as vectors of Brucella bovis and B melitensis Part IV

Asitanskaya, SE., 1975:
The role of some species of freshwater gastropods in clearing reservoirs of Ascaris eggs

Rosca, I.; Schmidt, E.; Naum, A.; Popov, C.; Dobrin, I., 1997:
The role of some technological factors used in the culture of cereal crops on soil fauna Rolul unor factori tehnologici ai culturilor de cereale paioase asupra faunei de sol

Sharipov, M.; Davletshina, AG., 1976:
The role of sparrows in the destruction of insect pests in city plantations of the Fergana Valley

Canto-Silva, C.R.berto.; Romanowski, H.P.ccoli.; Redaelli, L.R.drigues., 2003:
The role of spatial heterogeneity in host-parasitoid interaction stability O papel da heterogeneidade espacial na estabilidade da interacao hospedeiro-parasitoide

Baldy, K., 2002:
The role of spiders groups in the zooindication of sandstone fissures in the Stolowe Mountains Rola zgrupowan pajakow w zooindykacji szczelin piaskowcowych Gor Stolowych

Bakhvalov, VF.; Dereza, VK., 1976:
The role of spiders in the control of cabbage aphid in Kirgizia

Sara, M., 1999:
The role of sponges in the diversity, structure and dynamics of the Mediterranean coralligenous formations Il ruolo dei poriferi nella biodiversita, struttura e dinamica del coralligeno nel Mediterraneo

Gilyarov, M.S., 1951:
The role of steppe rodents in origin of soil insects and field weeds

Nardon, P., 1995:
The role of symbiosis in adaptation and speciation Role de la symbiose dans ladaptation et la speciation

Muscatine, L., 1990:
The role of symbiotic algae in carbon and energy flux in reef corals

Sinitzky, NN.; Bogatch, AV.; Kireeva, IM., 1972:
The role of temperature and light in the development and reproduction of some species of Lepidoptera

Lukin, A.V., 1947:
The role of temperature in the processes of adaptation of the multiplication of fishes to the conditions of the medium

Jenser, Gabor., 1995:
The role of the Thysanoptera species in the spread of tomato spotted wilt tospovirus A tripszek szerepe a paradicsom bronzfoltossag virus terjedeseben

Ponomareva, S.I., 1958:
The role of the activity of earthworms in the increased fertility of washed out turfs

Stern, C.; Kaiser, A.; Maier, W.A.; Kampen, H., 2006:
The role of the blackbird Turdus merula, redwing Turdus iliacus and song trush Turdus philomelos as blood hosts for ticks Acari Ixodidae and reservoir hosts for four genospecies of the Borrelia burgdorferi-complex Die Rolle von Amsel Turdus merula, Rotdrossel Turdus iliacus und Singdrossel Turdus philomelos als Blutwirte fuer Zecken Acari Ixodidae und Reservoirwirte fuer vier Genospezies des Borrelia burgdorferi-Artenkomplexes

Parent, Georges Henri., 1999:
The role of the crossbills, Loxia curvirostra, in the dispersion of neophytes, more particularly orchids, in coniferous plantations in Western Europe Le role des becs-croises des sapins, Loxia curvirostra, dans la dispersion des neophytes, notamment des orchidees, des plantations de resineux en Europe occidentale

Salganskii, A.A., 1964:
The role of the domestication of animals in acclimatization

Bazitov, AA., 1972:
The role of the embryonic ectoderm in the development of cestodes

Stroganov, N.S., 1967:
The role of the environment in plastic exchanges in fish

Keller, R.; Winklbauer, R., 1990:
The role of the extracellular matrix in amphibian gastrulation

Lallier, T.; Bronner-Fraser, M., 1990:
The role of the extracellular matrix in neural crest cell migration

Cellier, S.; Rehailia, M.; Berthon, J-L.; Buisson, B., 1998:
The role of the eye in migratory rhythms of Daphnia magna and Daphnia longispina Cladocera Le role de loeil dans les rhythmes migratoires de Daphnia magna et Daphnia longispina Cladoceres

Shishova-Kasatochkina, OA.; Sokhina, LI.; Abramova, TG., 1974:
The role of the formation of urea and the activity of urease ferment in nematodes of various classes of vertebrates in the process of adaptation to the host

Deli, T.; Dobo, T.; Kiss, J.; Sumegi, P., 1995:
The role of the green corridor along the bank of Tisza according to the examination of the mollusc fauna Hinweise uber die Funktion eines Grunen Korridors entlang der Tisza Theiss auf Grund der Molluskenfauna

Nadezhin, V.M., 1958:
The role of the hydrological factors in the productivity of the White Sea

Sousa, E.M.; Debouzie, D.; Pereira, H., 1995:
The role of the insect Platypus cylindrus F Coleoptera, Platypodidae in the decay process of the cork oak in Portugal Le role de linsecte Platypus cylindrus F Coleoptera, Platypodidae dans le processus de deperissement des peuplements de chene-liege au Portugal

Gufalov, M.S., 1961:
The role of the interoreceptors of the testes in the regulation of their endocrine function

Manderbach, Randolf., 2001:
The role of the life cycle for the survival of the riparian wolf spiders Pardosa wagleri Hahn, 1822 and Pirata knorii Scopoli, 1763 Der Stellenwert des Lebenszyklus fuer das Ueberleben der uferbewohnenden Wolfspinnenarten Pardosa wagleri Hahn, 1822 und Pirata knorii Scopoli, 1763

Cheremushkina, NP., 1975:
The role of the mite Aceria tulipae K in the natural range of the bulb mosaic virus

Melikov, Y.F.; Dzhabbarov, DG., 1977:
The role of the mollusc Xeropicta derbentina in the infestation of cattle with the protostrongylids in various ecological zones of Azerbaidjan

Meriminskii, AI., 1972:
The role of the molluscs Planorbis planorbis L 1758, Anisus spirorbis L 1758, and Anisus vortex L 1758 in the transmission of Liorchis

Fedorova, T.N., 1977:
The role of the muskrat in the epidemiology of Omsk haemorrhagic fever

Viggiani, Gennaro., 2001:
The role of the native parasitoids of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera Gracillariidae in the Mediterranean Basin Ruolo dei parassitoidi indigeni nel controllo di Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera Gracillariidae nel Bacino del Mediterraneo

Pavlov, AV.; Koshkina, LA., 1973:
The role of the nervous system in ascarids in the regulation of its cuticle permeability

Ivanova, T.M., 1952:
The role of the nervous system in the development of Amphibia

Eskin, J.A., 1956:
The role of the nervous system in the regulation of function of hypophysis, and of the cortex of suprarenal glands

Bogoyavlenskaya, N.V., 1958:
The role of the nervous system in the regulation of the mechanism of coagulation of blood

Mustata, G.; Maniu, C.; Prelipcean, C.; Lungu, O.; Mustata, M.; Nicoara, M., 2000:
The role of the parasite genera in the Aphis fabae Scop population Die Rolle der Parasitoidengattungen in der Aphis fabae Scop Begrenzung der Population

Paczkowska, M.; Fueldner, K.; Weissteiner, S.; Beniwal, RS.; Polle, A.; Schuetz, S., 2006:
The role of the poplars volatiles for the butterflies of the forest margin Die Rolle des Pappelgeruchs fuer Schmetterlinge am Waldrand

Loskutov, AV., 1992:
The role of the reserve Shulgan-Tash in the preservation of the populations of rare species of animals Rol zapovednika Shulgan-Tash v sokhranenii populyatsii redkikh vidov zhivotnykh

Klykova, VA., 1993:
The role of the scapular cartilage in ungulates O roli lopatochnogo khryashcha u kopytnykh

Petrushevskaya, M.G., 1962:
The role of the skeleton growth in radiolaria for their systematica

Schneider, Gerald., 2002:
The role of the smallest zooplankton in the sea Die Rolle von Kleinstplankton im Meer

Braiko, V.D., 1970:
The role of the substrata in the sediment of Electra zostericola Nordin larvae Bryozoa

Suss, Luciano., 2004:
The role of the synanthropic insects from the antiquity to 3rd millenium Il ruolo degli insetti sinantropici dai tempi remoti al terzo millennio

Niyazov, O.D., 1968:
The role of the temperature factor in the parasitic activity of Anagyrus pseudococci Gir Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae

Djakonov, L.P., 1959:
The role of the tick Rhipicephalus twranicus B Pom, 1940 in epizootiology of sheep haemosporidia

Mellinger, Jean., 1994:
The role of thyroid hormones in fish development Le role des hormones thyroidiennes dans le developpement des poissons

Panaetova, VG., 1975:
The role of ticks of the species Dermacentor marginatus in the epizootiology of sheep babesiosis

Munteanu, D., 1977:
The role of vegetation in life and distribution of the birds in the Danube Delta

Novikov, G.A., 1953:
The role of vertebrates in forest life

Panin, VYa.; Shaimardanov, Z.K., 1990:
The role of vitelline cells in the formation of egg shell in trematodes

Atzeni, A.; Carta, M.; Masala, MA.; Murgia, PF.; Nissardi, S.; Pisano, G.; Porra, V.; Puglisi, M.; Zucca, C., 1995:
The role of voluntary service in the protection of the first nidification of the greater flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber roseus in Italy Ruolo del volontariato nella tutela della prima nidificazione del fenicottero rosa Phoenicopterus ruber roseus in Italia

Gneusheva, GI., 1971:
The role of water and feeding in the accumulation of plutonium-239 in freshwater fish

Panchenko, SM.; Kharitonova, NN., 1975:
The role of water exchange in the formation of a hydrochemical regime and the influence of these factors of fish growth

Tommatik, E.N.Maritz, N.M., 1970:
The role of weed dwelling fish in the distribution of irritant parasitic illnesses and their biological control in small water reservoirs of Moldavia

Fraticelli, F.; Brutti, A., 2003:
The role of wild animals rescue centres for the birds of prey conservation in Italy Il ruolo dei Centri Recupero Fauna Selvatica per la conservazione dei rapaci in Italia

Fiedler, W., 2005:
The role of wild birds in transmission of avian influenza - a comment to the paper of K Steiof and to the current avian influenza discussion Die Rolle von Wildvoegeln bei der Uebertragung der Gefluegelpest - ein Kommentar zum Beitrag von K Steiof and zur gegenwaertigen Vogelgrippe-Diskussion

Vucemilo, M.; Hadziosmanovic, M.; Tofant, A., 1998:
The role of wild boars in the spread of trichinosis in East Croatia Bedeutung des Schwarzwildes fur die Verbreitung von Trichinose in Ostkroatien

Asadov, S.M.L.guev, G.M.; Kolesnichenko, M.L., 1975:
The role of wild ruminants as a reservoir for the causative agents of trematode diseases in domestic animals in Dagestan

Asadov, SM.; Luguev, GM.; Kolesnichenko, ML., 1975:
The role of wild ruminants as reservoirs for the causative agents of trematode diseases in Daghestan

de Beelde, N., 2003:
The role of wings in bird flight Vleugels in vogelvlucht

Gabrys, Grzegorz., 2000:
The role of zoological gardens in animal species protection Rola ogrodow zoologicznych w ochronie gatunkowej zwierzat

Moisson, Pierre., 1998:
The role of zoological parks in primate conservation Roles des parcs zoologiques dans la conservation des primates

Fraticelli, Fulvio., 2001:
The role of zoos in conservation programmes for Italian herpetofauna Il ruolo dei giardini zoologici nei programmi di conservazione dellerpetofauna italiana

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