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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 38807

Chapter 38807 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ionesi, Liviu., 2002:
The role played by Neculai Macarovici in the development of geological studies in Iasi Rolul lui Neculai Macarovici in dezvoltarea geologiei iesene

Beres, Iosif., 1997:
The role played by Pietrosul Rodnei Reserve in the conservation of the bird fauna from Carpathians Rolul Rezervatiei Pietrosul Rodnei in conservarea avifaunei carpatine

Aleev, Y.G., 1950:
The role played by low temperatures in the stimulation of trophoplasmatic growth of oocytes in fish

Qninba, A.; Dakki, M.; Benhoussa, A.; E.A.bani, M.-Aziz, 2007:
The role played by the Moroccan Atlantic coast in the overwintering of waders Aves, Charadrii Role de la cote Atlantique marocaine dans lhivernage des limicoles Aves, Charadrii

Miller, B.S.homer.; Epel, D., 1999:
The roles of changes in NADPH and pH during fertilization and artificial activation of the sea urchin egg

Guzzon, Carlo., 2001:
The roller Coracias garrulus first nesting in Friuli-Venezia Giulia Ghiandaia marina Coracias garrulus prima nidificazione in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Corsi, F.; Anselmi, G., 1994:
The roller Coracias garrulus status, distribution, ecology and ethology of a colony in Grosseto province Ghiandaia marina Coracias garrulus status, distribuzione, ecologia ed etologia nelle colonie della provincia di Grosseto

Geitner, Herbert., 2003:
The roller Care, breeding and aims of a release into the wild Die Blauracke Haltung, Zucht und Vision einer Auswilderung

Fernandez, C.; Caamano, J.M.nuel., 1996:
The roman camp of Cidadela A Coruna, Galicia analysis of the faunal sample El campamento romano de Cidadela A Coruna, Galicia Analisis del registro faunistico

Vondracek, Jiri., 1999:
The rook Corvus frugilegus L in north Bohemia Havran polni Corvus frugilegus L v severnich Cechach

Solowiej, Marcin., 2000:
The rook Corvus frugilegus L in Western Pomerania Gawron Corvus frugilegus L na Pomorzu Zachodnim

Barbalat, A.; Lugrin, B.; Albrecht, P., 2002:
The rook Corvus frugilegus a new breeding species in the Canton of Geneva Installation du corbeau freux Corvus frugilegus dans le canton de Geneve

Bengtsson, Kenneth., 2000:
The rook Corvus frugilegus in SW Scania - in urban areas and in the countryside Rakan i sydvastra Skane - i tatort och pa landet

Gierow, M.; Gierow, P., 1990:
The rook Corvus frugilegus in Skane, southern Sweden, in 1988-1989

Bousquet, Jean Francois., 2004:
The rook Corvus frugilegus nesting in the Midi-Pyrenees during 1979-2004 Les corbeaux freux Corvus frugilegus nicheurs de Midi-Pyrenees 1979-2004

Kjellen, N., 2003:
The rook in Scania and western Europe Rakan i Skane och Vasteuropa

Gierow, M., 1990:
The rook population continues to increase

Battaglini, S.; Barbanera, F., 2006:
The room Comparing Vertebrates of the Museum of Natural History and Land of the University of Pisa recovery work, exhibition and didactical use of an ancient zoological collection La sala Vertebrati a confronto del Museo di Storia Naturale e del Territorio dellUniversita di Pisa recupero, esposizione ed uso didattico di unantica collezione zoologica

Gorospe Rombouts, Gorka., 2001:
The roost-site of red kite Milvus milvus in the oak of Orgi, Lizaso Navarre El Dormidero de Milano Real Milvus milvus del Robledal de Orgi, Lizaso Navarra

Gloe, Peter., 1999:
The roosting of the spoonbill Zur Ruhehaltung von Lofflern

da Motta, AJ., 1995:
The root of the Conidae generic problem 3 La radici della questione generica relativa ai Conidae 3

Wildermuth, H.; Bauer, S., 2001:
The root system of floating sedge tussocks as microhabitat of dragonfly larvae Odonata Das Wurzelgeflecht schwimmender Seggenstoecke als Mikrohabitat von Libellenlarven Odonata

Mertens, F.; L.H.ye, M., 1997:
The root vole Microtus oeconomus in the Rohel Polder Friesland a correction De noordse woelmuis Microtus oeconomus in de Polder Rohel Friesland een rectificatie

Johansen, B.S.rom. van der Kooij, J.; Breistol, A.; Ergon, T.; Lislevand, T.; Rognes, K., 1997:
The root vole discovered in the Agder district Fjellrotte funnet i Agderfylkene

Nijhof, BSJ. van Apeldoorn, RC., 2001:
The root vole in central north Holland Present and future prospects De Noordse woelmuis in Noord-Holland Midden Heden en toekomst

Pyastolova, OA., 1971:
The root vole

Drachkov, V.N., 1969:
The root-boring spruce beetle on tree stumps

Danielsson, R., 1990:
The root-feeding generations of gall-making aphids of the genera Pachypappa Koch, Pachypappella Baker, and Gootiella Tullgren Hom Aphidoidea Pemphigidae

Friebe, J.; Georg., 2000:
The roots and visions of the Vorarlberg Naturschau - the naturalness of a nature museum through changing times Die Wurzeln und Visionen der Vorarlberger Naturschau - das Selbstverstaendnis eines Naturmuseums im Wandel der Zeit

Moseeva, G.I., 1970:
The rose leaf roller Cacoecia rosana

Isaev, I.I.; Sherengovich, P.Z., 1969:
The rose leaf roller

Syrett, P., 1990:
The rose seed chalcid Megastigmus aculeatus Swederus Hymenoptera Torymidae on sweet brier, Rosa rubiginosa in the South Island tussock country

de Wolf, Piet., 2001:
The rose star Crossaster papposus on Texel, in the North Sea, in books and on the net De Zonnester Crossaster papposus op Texel, in de Noordzee, in de boeken en op het net

Buizer, Bert., 2002:
The rose star observed in the net and from the deck De zonnester in het net en van het dek?

Zerche, L., 2000:
The rose-chafer Cetonia aurata Linnaeus, 1761 - insect of the year 2000 Col, Scarabaeidae Der Rosenkafer Cetonia aurata Linnaeus, 1761 - das Insekt des Jahres 2000 Col, Scarabaeidae

Tzyplenkov, EP., 1972:
The rose-coloured starling - Pastor roseus

Szabo-Szeley, L., 2004:
The rose-coloured starling Sturnus roseus as a regular breeding bird in Romania Der Rosenstar Sturnus roseus als regelmaessiger Brutvogel in Rumaenien

Weber, P.; Petrescu, D., 2003:
The rose-coloured starling Sturnus roseus in Romania and a breeding record from the previous year in Dobrogea Der Rosenstar Sturnus roseus in Rumaenien und dessen letzjaehriges Brueten in der Dobrogea

Fioretto, M.; Pegoraro, F.; Bonato, L., 1997:
The rose-coloured starling, Sturnus roseus, in Venetia NE Italy Lo storno roseo, Sturnus roseus, nel Veneto

Breider, Jan-Michael., 2001:
The rose-coloured starling A charismatic vagabond Rosenstaren En karismatisk vagabond

Nemesio, Andre., 2001:
The rose-ringed parakeet Psittacula krameri natural history and captive breeding O periquito-de-coleira Psittacula krameri historia natural e criacao em cativeiro

Hamrik, Pavel., 1999:
The rosy barb Puntius conchonius Parmicka nadherna Puntius conchonius

Vojtisek, Vit., 2003:
The rosy boa Lichanura trivirgata trivirgata, its care and reproduction in the terrarium Hroznysek Lichanura trivirgata trivirgata jeho chov a rozmnozeni v terariu

Frederiksen, R., 2006:
The rosy boa, Lichanura trivirgata Rosenboa, Lichanura trivirgata

Zhang, L.; Feng, T.; Li, J., 1990:
The rotatorian population and evaluation of water quality in Gaozhou Reservoir

Kraetzel, K.; Tautz, S., 2005:
The rough-legged buzzard Buteo lagopus in Bavaria Der Raufussbussard Buteo lagopus in Bayern - Ergebnisse aus der Arbeit der Bayerischen Avifaunistischen Kommission

Schluter, Uwe., 1998:
The rough-tailed agama Plocederma stellio daani observed on Rhodes Der Hardun Plocederma stellio daani auf Rhodos beobachtet

Soto, J.M.; Montibeler, A., 2000:
The rough-toothed dolphin, Steno bredanensis Lesson, 1828 Cetacea, Delphinidae, from south Brazil O golfinho-de-dentes-rugosos, Steno bredanensis Lesson, 1828 Cetacea, Delphinidae, no sul do Brasil

Zhang, Y-j. et al., 1990:
The routine method for preparing the chromosomes in spiders

Rose, A., 2004:
The rove beetles Coleoptera, Staphylinidae excl Scaphidiinae, Dasycerinae et Pselaphinae of the collection Georg Kerstens, with updated distributional status for all species of the Weser-Ems region Die Kurzfluegelkaefer Coleoptera, Staphylinidae excl Scaphidiinae, Dasycerinae et Pselaphinae der Sammlung Georg Kerstens, nebst aktualisiertem Verbreitungsstatus aller Arten des Weser-Ems-Gebietes

Kleeberg, Andreas., 2004:
The rove beetles Bisnius parcus Sharp, 1874 and B pseudoparcus Brunne, 1976 Coleoptera, Staphylinidae in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Kurzfluegelkaefer Bisnius parcus Sharp, 1874 und B pseudoparcus Brunne, 1976 Coleoptera, Staphylinidae in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Rose, Armin., 2000:
The rove beetles of the collection F and R Struve from Borkum Island of the North Sea Die Kurzfluegelkaefer der Sammlung F und R Struve von der Nordseeinsel Borkum Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Pelikan, Alexander., 2003:
The royal dynasty of sturgeons Kralovska dynastie jeseteru

Graff, Henrik., 2002:
The royal python Python regius Kongepython Python regius

Kirschner, Andreas., 2001:
The royal python Shaw, 1802 Der Koenigspython Shaw, 1802

Steiner, Erich., 2006:
The ruby topaz hummingbird Part 2 nest building, mating, brood and rearing of young Der Moskitokolibri - die goldene Fackel Teil 2 Nestbau, Balz, Brut und Aufzucht der Jungtiere

Steiner, Erich., 2006:
The ruby topaz hummingbird Part 3 Observations in natural habitat and colour variation Der Moskitokolibri - die golende Fackel Teil 3 Beobachtungen im natuerlichen Lebensraum und Farbvariation

Steiner, Erich., 2006:
The ruby-topaz hummingbird - the golden flame part 1 husbandry, care, behaviour and first breeding experiments Der Moskitokolibri - die goldene Fackel Teil 1 Haltung, Pflege, Verhalten und erste Brutversuche

Torres Esquivias, J.A.tonio.; Moreno Arroyo, B.; Alcala-Zamora Barron, A., 1994:
The ruddy duck Oxyura jamaicensis in Spain and its relations with the white-headed duck Oxyura leucocephala La malvasia canela Oxyura jamaicensis en Espana y su relacion con la malvasia cabeciblanca Oxyura leucocephala

Torres Esquivias, J.A.; Alcala-Zamora Barron, A., 1997:
The ruddy duck Oxyura jamaicensis in Spain Winter 1996-97 Malvasia canela Oxyura jamaicensis en Espana Invierno 1996-97

Alvarez Lao, C.M.nuel.; Garcia Sanchez, E., 1997:
The ruddy duck Oxyura jamaicensis in the north of the Iberian Peninsula the situation in Asturias La malvasia canela Oxyura jamaicensis en el norte de la Peninsula Iberica la situacion en Asturies

Larsson, Torsten., 2004:
The ruddy duck in Sweden Amerikansk kopparand i Sverige

Schaeffer, Norbert., 2004 :
The ruddy duck versus the white-headed duck fire free - in the name of conservation Schwarzkopf-Ruderente kontra Weisskopf-Ruderente Feuer frei - im Namen des Naturschutzes?

Oxyura., 1995:
The ruddy duck, a danger to the white-headed duck Lerismature rousse, un danger pour lerismature a tete blanche

Persson, H.; Urdiales, C., 1997:
The ruddy duck An unwelcome newcomer Amerikansk kopparand En ovalkommen nykomling

Mang, Juergen., 2002:
The ruddy shelduck Casarca ferruginea as a breeding bird from 1967 to 1971 in Heppenheim Die Rostgans Casarca ferruginea 1967 bis 1971 Brutvogel in Heppenheim

Gruenhagen, Heinz., 2002:
The ruddy shelduck and Egyptian goose broods in hidden places Rostgans- und Nilgans-Bruten an verborgenen Standorten

Ullman, Magnus., 1999:
The ruddy shelduck Rostand

Matus, R.; Blank, O.; Blanco, D.E.; Madsen, J.; Benegas, L.; Mateazzi, G., 2000:
The ruddy-headed goose Chloephaga rubidiceps preliminary information on breeding sites and concentration in the XII region of Magallanes, Chile El canquen colorado Chloephaga rubidiceps antecedentes sobre sitios de reproduccion y concentracion en la XII region de Magallanes, Chile

Sirna, G.; Paris, A., 2000:
The rudists of the Paleontology Museum of the Earth Science Department of the University La Sapienza of Rome Le rudiste del Museo di Paleontologia del Dipartmento di Scienze della Terra dellUniversita La Sapienza di Roma

Pierard, S.; Pierard-Franchimont, C.; Pierard, GE., 2002:
The rudists of the mesogene 2nd part - geoclimatology and tragic destiny of life Les rudistes de la Mesogee 2eme partie - geoclimatologie et destin tragique dune vie

Alencaster, Gloria., 1990:
The rudists origins, diversification and provincialism in Eurasia and America and extinction Los rudistas origen, diversificacion, provincialismo en Eurasia y en America y extincion

Waldenstrom, Anders., 1999:
The ruff Philomachus pugnax A real exhibitionist among birds Brushanen Philomachus pugnax En riktig spelfagel

Magi, Eve., 2002:
The ruff on the meadows of Matsalu Tutkas matsalu niitudel

Bertarelli, Claudio., 2000:
The ruff taxonomic profile Il combattente scheda tassonomica

Lehmann, J.; Mock, D.; Klinger, H.; Kriwet, T., 1996:
The ruffe Gymnocephalus cernuus as the possible most important source of infection or reinfection with the swim bladder worm Anguillicola crassus for older eels in North-Rhine Westphalia Der Kaulbarsch Gymnocephalus cernuus als vermutlich wichtigste Infektions- bzw Reinfektionsquelle mit dem Schwimmblasenwurm Anguillicola crassus fur altere Aale in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Holkner, F.; Nellen, W.; Thiel, R., 1997:
The ruffe as a stowaway in North America Der Kaulbarsch als blinder Passagier in Nordamerika

Alvarez, F., 2003:
The rufous bush robin - its song and its tail El alzacola, su canto y su cola

Ullman, Magnus., 2006:
The rufous turtle dove Storre turturduva

Daller, Franz., 1998:
The rufous-bellied niltava Niltava sundara Der Rotbauchniltava Niltava sundara

Stahl, Juergen., 2000 :
The rufous-sided towhee Die Roetelgrundammer

May, Andreas., 1990:
The rugose coral colony Argutastrea from the limestone Devonian of Honne valley Eastern Rheinish Schiefer Mountains Die rugose Koloniekoralle Argutastrea aus dem Massenkalk Devon des Honnetals Rechtsrheinisches Schiefergebirge

Schroder, Stefan., 1997:
The rugose fauna of the Eilenbergian of the Dollendorf Syncline Middle Devonian/Upper Eifelian; Rhenish Schiefergebirge/Eifel Die Rugosen-Fauna des Eilenbergium der Dollendorfer Mulde Mittel-Devon/Ober-Eifelium; Rheinisches Schiefergebirge/Eifel

Karamyan, AI., 1974:
The rule of recapitulation and its study in the morphofunctional evolution of vertebrate brain

Bartenstein, Helmut., 1998:
The rule of repeated shaping Foraminifera and its limits discussed by the example of Lenticulina tricarinella Reuss 1863 Regel der Mehrfachbildung Foraminiferen und ihre Grenzen diskutiert am Beispiel der Lenticulina tricarinella Reuss 1863

Gocmen, B., 2003:
The rumen orhryoscolecid Entodiniomorphida ciliate, Ophryoscolex purkynjei Stein, 1858 sensu Gocmen, 1999 of domestic sheep Ovis ammon from Cyprus Kibris evcil koyunlarinda Ovis ammon yasayan ophryoscolecid Entodiniomorphida iskembe siliyati, Ophryoscolex purkynjei Stein, 1858 sensu Gocmen, 1999

Blondel, Cecile., 1997:
The ruminants of Pech Desse and Pech du Fraysse Quercy; MP28; evolution of the Oligocene ruminants of Europe Les ruminants de Pech Desse et de Pech du Fraysse Quercy; MP28; evolution des ruminants de lOligocene dEurope

Koshulko, D.V., 1970:
The rustic shoulder-knot moth in Orenburgh

Low, Rosemary., 1996:
The rusty-faced parrot research and protection Hapalopsittaca amazonina Die Zwergamazone Forschung und Schutz Hapalopsittaca amazonia Die Zwergamazone Forschung und Schutz Hapalopsittaca amazonia Die Zwergamazone Forschung und Schutz Hapalopsittaca amazonia Die Zwergamazone Forschung und Schutz Hapalopsittaca amazonia Die Zwergamazone Forschung und Schutz Hapalopsittaca amazonia Die Zwergamazone Forschung und Schutz Hapalopsittaca amazonia Die Zwergamazone Forschung und S

Knop, Daniel., 2002:
The sabellid Bispira brunnea Bispira brunnea Kolonialer Roehrenwurm

Kokhanovskii, N., 1962:
The sable Mustda zibellina in Khakasiya

Carpegna, F. della Toffola, M.; Alessandria, G.; Re, A., 1999:
The sacred ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus from the Lame del Sesia nature reserve and its presence in Piedmont Libis sacro Threskiornis aethiopicus nel parco naturale Lame del Sesia e sua presenza in Piemonte

Fremont, Jean-Yves., 1995:
The sacred ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus a new nesting species for France Libis sacre Threskiornis aethiopicus une nouvelle espece nicheuse pour la France

Berge, C.; Gommery, D., 1999:
The sacrum of Sterkfontein Sts 14 Q Australopithecus africanus new data on the growth and on the osseus age of the specimen homage to R Broom and JT Robinson Le sacrum de Sterkfontein Sts 14 Q Australopithecus africanus nouvelles donnees sur la croissance et sur lage osseux du specimen hommage a R Broom et JT Robinson

Messely, Louis., 1999:
The safeguarding of urban green spaces and their birds La sauvegarde des espaces verts urbains et leurs oiseaux

Kery, Marc., 2001:
The safety cushion for Swiss peregrine falcons is still very thin Relying on help Das Sicherheitspolster der Schweizer Wanderfalken ist noch duenn Auf Hilfe angewiesen

Caubet, F.; Meyer, P., 1998:
The saga of Carabus Megodontus purpurascens Fabricius 1787 Coleoptera Carabidae Biogeography analysis La saga 1 du Carabus Megodontus purpurascens Fabricius 1787 Coleopteres Carabidae Essai biogeographique

Faasse, M.; D.B.auwe, H., 2002:
The sagartiid sea anemone Sagartia elegans Dalyell, 1848 in Belgium De sierlijke slibanemoon Sagartia elegans Dalyell, 1848 in Belgie

Rabas, Premysl., 1998:
The saiga Saiga tatarica in the Podkrusnohorskys zoopark Sajgy tatarske Saiga tatarica v Podkrusnohorskem zooparku

Lushchekina, A.A., 2004:
The saiga protection project in Kalymkia Das Saiga-Schutzprojekt in Kalmykien

Byrkjedal, I.; Vader, W., 2003:
The sailray Dipturus linteus as a regular species in the southwesternmost Barents Sea Hvitskate Dipturus linteus i Nord-Norge og det sorvestlige Barentshav

Augst, Ulrich., 1997:
The saker Falco cherrug - a new breeding bird in Saxony Der Wurgfalke Falco cherrug - ein neuer Brutvogel Sachsens

Kooiker, Gerhard., 2001:
The saker Falco cherrug preys on the lapwing Vanellus vanellus Wuergfalke Falco cherrug erbeutet Kiebitz Vanellus vanellus

Shcherban, MI., 1972:
The salamanders deadly secret

Lucchi, A.; Santini, L., 1994:
The salivary glands of Keroplatus tipuloides Bosc Diptera Mycetophiloidea Keroplatidae larvae Le ghiandole salivari delle larve di Keroplatus tipuloides Bosc Diptera Mycetophiloidea Keroplatidae

Nielsen, Ole Fogh., 2004:
The sallow clearwing Synanthedon flaviventris Stgr found on Anholt Glassvaermeren Synanthedon flaviventris Stgr fundet pa Anholt

Telnov, Dmitry., 1998:
The salpingid fauna of Latvia Coleoptera, Salpingidae Zur Salpingidenfauna Lettlands Coleoptera, Salpingidae

Joyeux, Emmanuel., 2000:
The salt marshes of Aiguillon Bay Importance and objectives Les pres sales de la baie de lAiguillon Interets et enjeux

Turkay, Michael., 1998:
The salt meadows as habitat Die Salzwiese als Lebensraum

Frohlich, Wolfgang., 1997:
The salt tolerance of some cicada species of Central European salt meadows Zur Salzvertraglichkeit einiger Zikadenarten mitteleuropaischer Salzwiesen

Smettan, Hans, W., 2005:
The saltatorian Mecostethus parapleurus in the Chiemgau Alps Die Lauchschrecke Mecostethus parapleurus in den Chiemgauer Alpen

Asshoff, Roman., 1997:
The saltatorian fauna Insecta Ensifera et Caelifera of the former Landkreis Stadtroda Thuringia Die Heuschreckenfauna Insecta Ensifera et Caelifera des ehemaligen Landkreises Stadtroda Thuringen

Smith, LH., 1990:
The saltmarsh vole

Prinet, A.; Guilloteau, J.; Marjolet, M.; Pecout, JM., 1997:
The saltmarshes of Bourgneuf-en-Retz, les Moutiers-en-Retz Loire-Atlantique Map of phyto-ecology applied to Culicidae Hydraulics study Les marais de Bourgneuf-en-Retz, les Moutiers-en-Retz Loire-Atlantique Leve dune carte phyto-ecologique appliquee aux Culicides Etude de lhydraulique

Lantermann, W.; Lantermann, Y., 2006:
The sand lizard Lacerta agilis Linnaeus, 1758 and tourists of the Hungarian Lake Balaton Zauneidechsen Lacerta agilis Linnaeus, 1758 und Touristen am ungarischen Plattensee

Jacob, J.-Paul.; Remacle, A., 1998:
The sand lizard Lacerta agilis, the most endangered reptile in Belgium Le lezard des souches Lacerta agilis, le reptile le plus menace de Belgique

Zuiderwijk, Annie., 2005:
The sand lizard in nature management A reptile with peaks and troughs De zandhagedis in het natuurbeheer Reptiel met pieken en dalen

Anonymous., 1999:
The sand lizard preserved for the future on dune management, fragmentation and monitoring De duinhagedis voor de toekomst behouden over duinbeheer, versnippering en monitoring

von Meyer, A.; Espinosa, L., 1996:
The sand martin Riparia riparia in Cucao, Chiloe Golondrina barranquera Riparia riparia en Cucao, Chiloe

Bengtsson, K., 2004:
The sand martin - an oppressed bird result of national censuses in 2003 Backsvalan - en trangd fagel resultat av riksinventeringen 2003

Bracko, F.; Stumberger, B., 1995:
The sand martin Riparia riparia along the Slovene sub-Pannonian Drava river Breguljka Riparia riparia ob slovenski subpanonski Dravi

Fournier, A.; Fournier, M., 1995:
The sand martin Riparia riparia colony of the cinder heap of the power station of Pont-sur-Sambre, Nord, France a study from its creation in 1988 up to 1994 La colonie dhirondelle de rivage Riparia riparia du terril de la centrale electrique de Pont-sur-Sambre, Nord etude depuis son installation en 1988 jusquen 1994

Bengtsson, Kenneth., 2004:
The sand martin Riparia riparia in Scania 2003 Backsvalan i skane 2003

Lonchampt, F.; Michelat, D., 1998:
The sand martin in Haut-Doubs Population status and protection measures for the colonies Lhirondelle de rivage dans le Haut-Doubs Etat de la population et mesures de protection des colonies

Bengtsson, K.; Olsson, R., 2002:
The sand martins Riparia riparia at Spillepeng - studies of a newly created colony Spillepengs backsvalor Riparia riparia - studier vid en nyskapad skansk koloni

Stuempel, N.; Hahn, S., 2001:
The sand viper Vipera ammodytes Linnaeus, 1758 in south Tirol, Italy Die Hornotter Vipera ammodytes Linnaeus, 1758 in Suedtirol, Italien

Katke, P.; Trapp, B., 2000:
The sand viper Vipera ammodytes Die Sandotter Vipera ammodytes

Scharrer, Steffen., 1995:
The sand wasps Hymenoptera, Sphecidae of the collection of the Natural History Museum of Aschaffenburg Die Grabwespen Hymenoptera, Sphecidae der Sammlung des Naturwissenschaftlichen Museums der Stadt Aschaffenburg

Pfeifer, G.; Hussel, B., 2004:
The sanderling Calidris alba as an end host of parasites Der Sanderling Calidris alba als Endwirt von Parasiten

Izri, MA.; Belazzoug, S.; Albertini, JP.; Rousset, JJ., 1999:
The sandflies of Tenes Algeria results of an entomo-epidemiological study Les phlebotomes de Tenes Algerie Resultats dune enquete entomo-epidemiologique

Stamm-Grauvogel, Lea., 1993:
The sandstone at Voltzia Triassic of the northern Vosges Stratigraphy, palaeontology and palaeogeography Le gres a Voltzia Trias des Vosges du Nord Stratigraphie, paleontologie, paleogeographie

Ronderos, M.M.; Spinelli, G.R.; Lager, I.; Diaz, F., 2003:
The sanitary importance of the biting midges of the genus Culicoides Diptera Ceratopogonidae in Argentina La importancia sanitaria de los jejenes del genero Culicoides Diptera Ceratopogonidae en la Argentina

Santos, Maria do Carmo Ferrao. de Souza Freitas, Ana Elizabete Teixeira., 2002:
The sapata lobster Scyllarides brasiliensis Rathbun 1906 Crustacea Decapoda Scyllaridae studies in Pernambuco and Alagoas States coast - Brazil Estudo sobre a lagosta sapata Scyllarides brasiliensis Rathbun, 1906 Crustacea Decapoda Scyllaridae no litoral dos Estados de Pernambuco e Alagoas - Brasil

Grohmann, C.; Irmler, U.; Noetzold, R., 2004:
The saproxylic beetle fauna Coleoptera of forests with different age and size Die totholzbewohnende Kaeferfauna Coleoptera in Waeldern unterschiedlichen Alters und unterschiedlicher Flaeche

Koehler, Frank., 1999:
The saproxylic beetles Coleoptera of the nature forest reserves Moerderhaeufel and Stuttpferch in the Bienwald, southern Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Die Totholzkaeferfauna Coleoptera der Naturwaldreservate Moerderhaeufel und Stuttpferch im Bienwald in der noerdlichen Oberrheinebene

Nutting, C.C., 1898:
The sarcostyles of the Plumularidae

Tkachenko, VA.; Semenov, GN., 1971:
The sardine Sardinella aurita

Haase, Matthias., 2000:
The sarus crane - the largest crane species in the world Der Saruskranich - die groesste Kranichart in der Welt

Conole, L.E., 2004:
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