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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38809

Chapter 38809 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lui, Fausta., 2003:
The shrike on the net Le Averle nella rete

Bechet, G.; Moes, M., 1999:
The shrikes in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg Les laniides au Grand-Duche de Luxembourg

Panow, Evgenij N., 1996:
The shrikes of the Palaearctic region Genus Lanius Die Wurger der Palaarktis Gattung Lanius

Paci, Andrea Maria., 1999:
The shrikes of the gen Lanius recovered in some historical ornithological collections of the Umbria region Le averle del gen Lanius conservate nelle raccolte storiche dellUmbria

Faasse, Marco., 1995:
The shrimp Leptomysis lingvura GO Sars, 1866, a new species for the Netherlands De aasgarnaal Leptomysis lingvura GO Sars, 1866 nieuw voor Nederland

de J.; Acosta Ruiz, M.; Cordova Murueta, J.H.mberto.; R.A.aujo, A.D.nise., 1997:
The shrimp Penaeus monodon Crustacea Penaeidae fed local Baja California products Alimentacion del camaron Peaneus monodon Crustacea Penaeidae con productos regionales de Baja California

Velling, Kai., 2005:
The shrimp Periclimenes imperator Periclimenes imperator Imperator-Partnergarnele

Knop, Daniel., 2001:
The shrimp Stenopus Stenopus Scherengarnele

Hassan, SA., 1998:
The side effects of pesticides initial and persistence on egg parasitoids of the genus Trichogramma Prufung der initialen Wirkung sowie der Schadwirkungsdauer von Pflanzenschutzmitteln auf Eiparasiten der Gattung Trichogramma

Kiseliov, GN., 1990:
The sifuncle system in Palaeozoic actinoceroid cephalopods, its structure and systematic recognition

Ulikowski, D.; Krzywosz, T.; Chybowski, L., 2001:
The signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus Dana in Poland Rak signalni Pacifastacus leniusculus Dana v Polsku

Hoetker, H.; Blew, J.; Bruns, HA.; Gruber, S.; Haelterlein, B.; Petersen-Andresen, W., 2001:
The significance of nature protection polders on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein for breeding meadow waders Die Beutung der Naturschutzkoege an der Westkueste Schleswig-Holsteins fuer bruetende Wiesen-Limikolen

Alekseeva, LC., 1974:
The significance of Asiatic migrants for the formation of mammalian fauna of the early Anthropogene of eastern Europe

Medway, DG., 1990:
The significance of Captain Cooks voyages for New Zealand ornithology

Dzhambazov, B.; Teneva, I., 2002:
The significance of Empis Leptempis meridionalis Meigen Diptera, Empididae as a pollinator Die Bedeutung von Empis Leptempis meridionalis Meigen Diptera, Empididae als Bestaeuber

van den Brink, Henk., 1993:
The significance of Groningen for breeding birds and the changes in the Groningen breeding bird population De betekenis van Groningen voor broedvogels en de veranderingen in de Groninger broedvogelbevolking

Schmitt, Michael., 1996:
The significance of Klaus Gunther for phylogenetic systematics Extract from the Gunther-Symposium on 30 September 1995 Klaus Gunthers Bedeutung fur die Phylogenetische Systematik Vortrag auf dem Gunther-Symposium am 30 September 1995

Sudhaus, Walter., 1996:
The significance of Klaus Gunther in evolution biology Die Bedeutung von Klaus Gunther fur die Evolutionsbiologie

Lipmsn, R.; Kh., 1959:
The significance of Radiolaria for stratigraphie dismemberment of sedimentary rocks

Virkkala, Raimo., 1997:
The significance of a reserve network in preserving the biodiversity of forests Suojelualueverkon merkitys metsien monimuotoisuuden sailyttamisessa

Guzik, M.; Kozik, R., 2002:
The significance of artificial garden ponds in the protection of amphibians and reptiles Rola sztucznych, ogrodowych stawkow wodnych w ochronie plazow i gadow

Razgova, Eva., 1995:
The significance of asynchronous hatching in nidicolous and seminidifugous bird species Vyznam asynchronniho lihnuti u krmivych a polokrmivych druhu ptaku

Gasca A., H.Jaime, 2005:
The significance of beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea en una comunidad uitoto de Leticia, Amazonas Colombia Una exploracion preliminar a su conocimiento etnoentomologico El significado de los escarabajos Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea en una comunidad uitoto de Letica, Amazonas Colombia Una exploracion preliminar a su conocimiento etnoentomologico

Rafes, PM., 1990:
The significance of biogeocoenoses in formation of species and population phenotypes with peppered moth Biston betularius taken as an example

Ghibet, LA., 1972:
The significance of birds in the feeding of ixodid ticks in the taiga of Transangarya

Ghibet, LA., 1972 :
The significance of birds in the feeding of ixodid ticks in the taiga of northern Transangarya

Lyngsoe, Jens., 2005:
The significance of climate change for the Macrolepidoptera fauna of Denmark Klimaaendringernes betydning for den danske storsommerfuglefauna

Tokarska-Guzik, B.; Rostanski, A., 1996:
The significance of colliery flood reservoirs in the renaturalization of industrial landscape of Upper Silesia Rola zatopisk zalewisk pogorniczych w renaturalizacji przemyslowego krajobrazu Gornego Slaska

Kononova, LI., 1975:
The significance of conodonts for the correlation of differing facies sections of the border deposits between the Devonian and Carboniferous

Tome, Davorin., 2001:
The significance of drainage channels at Ljubljansko barje for birds Pomen odvodnikov za ptice na Ljubljanskem barju

Zielinski, Slawomir., 2001:
The significance of environmental studies on longhorn beetles Coleoptera Cerambycidae for nature conservation and environmental education in Poland Znaczenie kompleksowych badan ekologicznych nad kozkowatymi Coleoptera Cerambycidae dla ochrony przyrody i edukacji przyrodniczej w Polsce

Ionesi, L.; Ionesi, B., 1994:
The significance of fauna with Congeria from the Upper Basarabian of the Moldavian Platform Signification de la faune a congeries du Basarabien Superieur Plate-forme Moldave

Szarski, H., 1965:
The significance of folding of myomeres in aquatic vertebrates

Bezdek, Ales., 2001:
The significance of ground beetles Carabidae as an indicator of ecological changes Vyznam strevliku Carabidae jako indikatoru ekologickych zmen

Schadler, Martin., 1999 :
The significance of industrial and urban quiet zones for the crickets in an urban habitat Zur Bedeutung von Industrie- und Siedlungsbrachen fur die Heuschreckenfauna im urbanen Bereich

Mamajeva, KP., 1972:
The significance of insects in the ontogenesis of the showy autumn crocus Colchicum speciosum Stev

Loreau, M., 1990:
The significance of intra- and interspecific competition in carabid beetles

Ballantine, WJ., 1990:
The significance of island reserves for ecological restoration of marine communities

Reichholf, Josef H., 2002:
The significance of large winter flocks of collared doves Streptopelia decaocto at a maize corn drying plant in the lower Bavarian valley of the river Inn in the seventies Fruehere Massenansammlungen von Tuerkentauben Streptopelia decaocto an einer Maisaufbereitungsanlage im niederbayerischen Inntal und ihre Bedeutung

Dolek, M., 2006:
The significance of larval ecology for nature conservation Die Bedeutung der Larvaloekologie bei Artenschutzprojekten

Vinberg, GG.; Menshutkin, VV., 1975:
The significance of mathematical models for elaborating scientific bases for the rational utilisation of freshwater biological resources

Ninox Wildlife Consulting., 1990:
The significance of mosquito breeding areas to the waterbirds of Peel Inlet, Western Australia

Soesbergen, M.; Rozier, W., 2004:
The significance of nature friendly banks for the aquatic invertebrate fauna De betekenis van natuurvriendelijke oevers voor de macrofauna

Strauss, S.Y.; Karban, R., 1994:
The significance of outcrossing in an intimate plant-herbivore relationship 2 does outcrossing pose a problem for thrips adapted to the host-plant clone?

Sachslehner, Leopold M., 1999:
The significance of plane-trees Platanus x hispanica M as a food resource for goldfinches Carduelis carduelis L in Vienna Zur Bedeutung von Platanen Platanus x hispanica M als Nahrungsressource fur Stieglitze Carduelis carduelis L in Wien

Bjarvall, A.; Nilsson, E.; Norling, L., 1977:
The significance of primitive forest for capercaillie and marten

Macdonald, IAW., 1990:
The significance of recent observations on interspecific feeding associations in Botswana

Reiter, Anton Stefan., 2001:
The significance of simultaneous censuses of Great Bustard Otis tarda L in Austria Welche Aussagekraft besitzen Synchronzaehlungen aller oesterreichischen Bestaende der Grosstrappe Otis tarda L?

Rademacher, Michael., 2000:
The significance of small water bodies in gravel pits for dragonflies Odonata - a case example from the southern Baden dry meadows Die Bedeutung von Kleingewaessern in Kiesgruben fuer Libellen Odonata - ein Fallbeispiel aus der suedbadischen Trockenaue

Grant, BR., 1990:
The significance of subadult plumage in Darwins finches, Geospiza fortis

Stuerzer, Sylvia J., 1999:
The significance of supplementary feeding for the reintroduction of Ural owls Strix uralensis Bedeutung der Zufuetterung fuer die Wiederansiedelung von Habichtskauzen Strix uralensis

Balakina, N.A., 1959:
The significance of the Charcot-Leiden crystals found in amebic dysentery

Koblitzkaya, A.F., 1957:
The significance of the Volga delta lowlands for fish spawning

Golikov, AN., 1976:
The significance of the biogeographical method and study of significant geohydrocratic variations in the level of the worlds oceans in the interests of evolutionary regularities and marine fauna distribution

Daugherty, CH.; Towns, DR.; Atkinson, IAE.; Gibbs, GW., 1990:
The significance of the biological resources of New Zealand islands for ecological restoration

Glutz von Blotzheim, U.N., 2004:
The significance of the bird cherry-oak aphid Rhopalosiphum padi L 1758 and its primary host, the bird cherry Prunus padus L, 1753, for birds Die Bedeutung der Blattlaus Rhopalosiphum padi L, 1758 und der Traubenkirsche Prunus padus L, 1753 fuer Voegel

Tatole, V., 1990:
The significance of the critical genus within the family Chironomidae Diptera Nematocera

Schuerkens, S.; Chittka, L., 2001:
The significance of the invasive crucifer species Bunias orientalis Brassicaceae as a nectar source for central European insects Zur Bedeutung der invasiven Kreuzbluetler-Art Bunias orientalis Brassicaceae als Nektarquelle fuer mitteleuropaeische Insekten

Koop, B., 1997:
The significance of the lakes in east Schleswig-Holstein for moulting waterbirds, such as great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus, gadwall Anas strepera, pochard Aythya ferina and tufted duck Aythya fuligula Die Bedeutung der Binnengewasser Ostholsteins fur die Schwingenmauser von Wasservogeln am Beispiel von Haubentaucher Podiceps cristatus, Schnatterente Anas strepera, Tafelente Aythya ferina und Reiherente Aythya fuligula

Koop, B., 1998:
The significance of the lakes of Schleswig-Holstein for moulting waterbirds - results of the counts in 1996 Die Bedeutung der Binnengewasser Schleswig-Holsteins als Mauserquartiere fur Wasservogel - die Ergebnisse einer landesweiten Erfassung 1996

Kreuziger, J.; Stuebing, S., 2004:
The significance of the loops of the Old River Neckar for the birds of wetland areas Die Bedeutung der hessischen Altneckarschlingen fuer die Vogelwelt von Feuchtgebieten

Aikimbaev, M.A.; Reshetnikova, P.I.; Rochchin, V.V., 1964:
The significance of the ticks, Dermacentor daghestanicus in the conservation and transmission tularemia infection

Nielsen, J.Tottrup, 2005:
The significance of timing of laying for production and survival of young in the sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus in Vendsyssel, northern Denmark Yngletidspuntkets betydning for produktionen af unger og deres overlevelse hos Spurvehogen Accipiter nisus i Vendsyssel 1997-97

Gressmann, G.; Deutz, A.; Aste, C.; Schroder, W., 2000:
The significance of topography for the population growth of alpine ibex colonies in the eastern Alps Die Bedeutung der Topographie fur das Populationswachstum von Steinwildkolonien am Ostalpenrand

Crimes, T.P., 1970:
The significance of trace fossils in strati graphy, sedimentology and palaeoecology with examples from Lower Palaeozoic strata

Devetak, Dusan., 1995:
The significance of vibration perception in insects Pomen vibracij pri zuzelkah

Keller, V.; Bauer, H.-Gunther.; Ley, H.-Wilhelm.; Pfister, H.P.ter., 1996:
The significance of wildlife overpasses for birds Bedeutung von Grunbrucken uber Autobahnen fur Vogel

Molenda, Roland., 2001:
The significance of zoogeographical analysis of disjunct biotopes for taxonomic studies Die Bedeutung der zoogeographischen Analyse disjunkter Areale fuer die Taxonomie

Gryaznov, V.I., 1954:
The signs of sublittoral conditions in formation river bed facia of the Nikopol mangan-ese deposits

Ruebel, A.; Furrer, S., 2006 :
The silence of the frogs - What the Zoo Zurich is doing about Das Schweigen der Froesche - Was der Zoo Zuerich unternimmt

Gutierrez, J.C.; Osorio, A.C.selles., 2004:
The silent enemies of the collections and exhibit pieces in natural history museums Los enemigos silenciosos de las colecciones y piezas de exhibicion en los Museos de Historia Natural

Gibbs, GW., 1990:
The silent majority a plea for the consideration of invertebrates in New Zealand island management

Esser, J.; Coelln, K., 2001:
The silk bee on the volcano the biology of Colletes daviesanus Hymenoptera Apidae in volcanic pits of the Eifel Die Seidenbiene auf dem Vulkan zur Biologie von Colletes daviesanus Hymenoptera Apidae in Tuffgruben der Eifel

Delfosse, E.; Duprez, J.-Noel., 2005:
The silkworm tussah, Antheraea pernyi Guerin-Meneville, 1855, a sericigen butterfly of China very easy to rear Insecta Lepidoptera Saturniidae Le Ver a soie Tussah, Antheraea pernyi Guerin-Meneville, 1855, un Papillon sericigene de Chine tres aise a elever Insecta Lepidoptera Saturniidae

Tarabrina, A.M., 1970:
The silver Y moth in Voronezh region

Hyyrylainen, Vesa., 2002:
The silver-studded blue and idas blue can be identified in the field Kangas- ja ketosinisiipi voidaan tunnistaa maastossa

de Graaff, Anko., 1998:
The silver-studded blue in the Kootwijk Veld Het heideblauwtje op het Kootwijksche Veld

Smeenk, Hans., 2003:
The silver-studded blue Het heideblauwtje

Castillo-Rodriguez, Z.G.; Amezcua Linares, F., 2004:
The similarity of dental structures in carnivorous marine molluscs and sharks Similitud de estructuras dentales en moluscos marinos carnivoros y tiburones

Marino, H.A., 2003:
The simulids Diptera-Simuliidae in the watershed of the Rio Salado, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina ecology and control Los simulidos Diptera-Simuliidae en la cuenca del Rio Salado, Pcia de Buenos Aires, Argentina ecologia y control

Thies, H., 1999:
The siskin Carduelis spinus and its ecology during winter and in the breeding season in south-east Schleswig-Holstein, 1971-1998 Zum Winter- und Brutvorkommen sowie zur Oekologie des Erlenzeisigs Carduelis spinus im suedoestlichen Schleswig-Holstein, 1971-1998

Egidius, Hans., 1999:
The siskin that likes the alder Der Zeisig, der die Erlen liebt

Vicidomini, S., 2005:
The sistematic position of Xylocopini inside Apoidea Hymenoptera paleontological and neontological data La posizione sistematica degli Xylocopini allinterno degli Apoidea Hymenoptera dati paleontologici e neontologici

de Laclos, E., 1996:
The site at the Ignon river origins Study for the formation of a woodland biological reserve, Poncey-sur-Ignon commune Cote-dor Le site des sources de lIgnon Etude prealable a la creation dune reserve biologique forestiere, Commune de Poncey-sur-Ignon Cote-dor

Wolf, H.; Langenstroer, W., 2004:
The site fidelity of vineyard snails Zur Standorttreue von Weinbergschnecken

Font Agusti, Joan Mateu., 2002:
The site of Can Oliveres Esplugues de Llobregat and its relation with other sites of Baix Llobregat and the Barcelona Plain El jaciment de can Oliveres Esplugues de Llobregat i la seva relacio amb altres jaciments del baix llobregat i del pla de Barcelona

Espigares Ortiz, M.Patrocinio, 2005:
The site of Fuente Nueva-3, Orce A preliminary taphonomic approach El yacimiento de Fuente Nueva 3, Orce Una aproximacion tafonomica preliminar

Pamies, R.H.guet.; Fernandez-Lomana, C.D.ez.; Ardevol, J.R.sell.; Cuello de Oro, I.C.ceres.; Lara, V.M.reno.; Lopez, N.I.anez.; Balleste, P.S.ladie., 2001:
The site of Galeria Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain a archaezoological pattern for territory gestion during Pleistocene Le gisement de Galeria Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Espagne un modele archeozoologique de gestion du territoire au Pleistocene

Santisteban, JI.; Alcala, L.; Mediavilla, RM.; Alberdi, M.T.; Luque, L.; Mazo, A.; Miguel, I.; Morales, J.; Perez, B., 1997:
The site of Tariego de Cerrato start of the recent fluvial system in the central sector of Duero Basin El yacimiento de Tariego de Cerrato el inicio de la red fluvial actual en el sector central de la Cuenca del Duero

Forestier, H.; Simanjuntak, T.; Guillaud, D.; Driwantoro, D.; Wiradnyana, K.; Siregar, D.; Awe, R.D.e; Budiman, 2005:
The site of Togi Ndrawa, Island of Nias, north Sumatra the first record of a hoabinhian cave occupation in Indonesia Le site de Togi Ndrawa, ile de Nias, Sumatra nord les premieres traces dune occupation hoabinhienne en grotte en Indonesie

Daske, Daniel., 1999:
The site of a second Alsatian record for the alpine swift Apus melba at Hirsingue Haut-Rhin Installation du martinet a ventre blanc Apus melba a Hirsingue Haut-Rhin, second site alsacien

Melendez, A.; Ezquerra, R.; Zurita, E.; Perez-Lorente, F., 2003:
The site of dinosaur tracks at Abenfigo Teruel, Spain El yacimiento de Huellas de dinosaurio de Abenfigo Teruel Espana

Vogel, WF., 2002:
The site of multicellular life the Burgess shale Die Wiege des mehrzelligen Lebens der Burgess-Schiefer

Wenzel, Frank., 2002:
The site of the primitive Europeans Wo man den Ureuropaeer fand

Alcala, L.; Pesquero, M.D.; Sanchez-Chillon, B., 2001:
The sites of Miocene mammals of Concud an example of use and integral management Los yacimientos de mamiferos miocenos de Concud un ejemplo de uso y gestion integral

Thorup, Ole., 2001:
The situation for birds on farmland Situationen for fugle i agerlandet

Nilsson, Lennart., 1999:
The situation for some Danish breeding birds Situationen for nagra danska hackfaglar

Kozin, Y.D., 1953:
The situation in Soviet Paleontology

Dunger, Wolfram., 1997:
The situation in systematics and autecology of soil animals Zur Lage der Speziellen Zoologie, besonders der Systematik und Autokologie von Bodentieren

Spuris, Zandis., 1995:
The situation in the investigation of the snail flies Diptera, Sciomyzidae in Latvia Gliemezmusu Diptera, Sciomyzidae izpetes stavoklis Latvija

Dorge, Ray., 1997:
The situation in the wild of Amazona leucocephala caymanensis Die Freilandsituation der Cayman-Amazonen Amazona leucocephala caymanensis

Romstoeck-Voelkl, M.; Voelkl, W.; Leibl, F., 1999:
The situation of Colias myrmidone Esper Lepidoptera, Pieridae in the Regensburg area Die Situation von Colias myrmidone Esper Lepidoptera, Pieridae im Raum Regensburg

Schmalzer, Alois., 1995:
The situation of a relict population of black grouse in the Austrian part of the Bohemian mass Muhl- and Waldviertel Zur Situation einer Birkhuhnrestpopulation im osterreichischen Anteil der Bohmischen Masse Muhl- und Waldviertel

Schmidt, M.; Schmidt, D., 1996:
The situation of alpine swift Apus melba in Freiburg/Breisgau, SW Germany Zur Situation des Alpenseglers Apus melba in Freiburg im Breisgau 1990-1995

Munch, D.; Hallmann, G., 1997:
The situation of amphibians and reptiles in Dortmund during the year 1996 Die Situation der Amphibien und Reptilien in Dortmund im Jahre 1996

Peters, Dieter Stefan., 2000:
The situation of avian systematics - progress and immanent obstacles Die Lage der Vogelsystematik Fortschritte und immanente Hemmnisse

Berg, H.; Ille, R., 2002:
The situation of barn owl Tyto alba Scop in eastern Austria Zur Situation der Schleiereule Tyto alba Scop in Ostoesterreich

Mammen, U.; Stubbe, M., 2000:
The situation of birds of prey and owls in Germany in the years 1995-1998 Zur Lage der Greifvogel und Eulen in Deutschland von 1995 bis 1998

Delgado, Francisco S., 1997:
The situation of cracids in Panama Situacion de los cracidos de Panama

Zang, H.; Sudbeck, P., 2000:
The situation of crested lark Galerida cristata in Lower Saxony, NW Germany Zur Situation der Haubenlerche Galerida cristata in Niedersachsen

Groehsler, T.; Zimmermann, C., 2001:
The situation of fish stocks in the NE Atlantic and in North and Baltic Sea Assessment of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea in spring 2001 Die Lage der Fischbestaende in Nordostatlantik, Nord- und Ostsee Einschaetzungen des Internationalen Rates fuer Meeresforschung im Fruehjahr 2001

Kirschey, Tom., 2004:
The situation of freshwater turtles on Zakynthos Zur Situation der Suesswasserschildkroeten auf Zakynthos

Litzbarski, B.; Litzbarski, H., 1996:
The situation of great bustard Otis tarda in Germany Zur Situation der Grosstrappe Otis tarda in Deutschland

Grohsler, T.; Zimmermann, C., 1999:
The situation of herring and sprat stocks in the Baltic, North Sea, Channel and western British waters Assessment by the ICES Herring and Baltic Fisheries Working Group, March/April 1999 Zustand der Herings- und Sprottenbestande in Nord- und Ostsee, ostlichem Kanal und westlichen britischen Gewassern Beurteilung durch die Herings- und Ostsee-Arbeitsgruppe des ICES, Marz/April 1999

Werner, M.; Bauer, H.-Gunther., 2000:
The situation of migratory birds in Germany - concept of a bird migration atlas Zur Situation wandernder Vogelarten in Deutschland - Konzeption fur einen Zug- und Rastvogelatlas

Mammen, U.; Stubbe, M., 2005:
The situation of raptors and owls in Germany 1999-2002 Zur Lage der Greifvoegel und Eulen in Deutschland 1999-2002

Burger, Gottfried., 2000:
The situation of selected amphibian species in the Lower Harz Quedlinburg district Zur Situation ausgewahlter Amphibienarten im Unterharz Landkreis Quedlinburg

Sermeno, Alfonso., 1997:
The situation of the Cracidae family in El Salvador Situacion de la familia Cracidae en El Salvador

Muller, Franz., 1995:
The situation of the black grouse Tetrao tetrix in the Rhon area Zur Situation des Birkhuhns Tetrao tetrix in der Rhon

Lutkepohl, Manfred., 1995:
The situation of the black grouse in the Luneburger Heide Nature Reserve Die Situation des Birkhuhns im Naturschutzgebiet Luneburger Heide

Weber, Peter., 1996:
The situation of the brown bear Ursus arctos, wolf Canis lupus, lynx Lynx lynx, otter Lutra lutra and mink Mustela lutreola in Romania Die Situation von Braunbar Ursus arctos, Wolf Canis lupus, Luchs Lynx lynx, Fischotter Lutra lutra und Nerz Mustela lutreola in Rumanien

Hammer, Cornelius., 1999 :
The situation of the fish stocks in the North Atlantic, North and Baltic Sea - assessment of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Beurteilung der Fischbestande in Nordatlantik, Nord- und Ostsee Einschatzung durch den Internationalen Rat fur Meeresforschung vom Mai 1999

Heinicke, T., 2005:
The situation of the great cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis in the German federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Zur Situation des Kormorans Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Mattei-Roesli, M.; Maddalena, T., 2006:
The situation of the green frogs Rana esculenta L 1758 and Rana lessonae, Camerano 1882 in Cantone Ticino Switzerland La situazione delle Rane verdi Rana esculenta L 1758 e Rana lessonae, Camerano 1882 nell Cantone Ticino Svizzera

Fromhage, L.; Bitz, A.; Kropf, M.; Thiele, R.; Twelbeck, R., 2003:
The situation of the green toad Bufo viridis Laurenti, 1768 in Rhineland-Palatinate with particular reference to the current development in Rheinhessen Zur Situation der Wechselkroete Bufo viridis Laurenti, 1768 in Rheinland-Pfalz unter besonderer Beriicksichtigung der aktuellen Entwicklung in Rheinhessen

Blume, Bodo., 1996:
The situation of the grey seal on the Schleswig-Holstein National Park mudflats - pupping season 1995/96 Zur Situation der Kegelrobben im Nationalpark Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer - Wurfsaison 1995/96

Teodorescu, I.; Simionescu, A., 1997:
The situation of the main areas attacked by defoliating and mining lepidopterans in deciduous oak forests of Romania 1990-1996 Situatia atacului principalelor lepidoptere defoliatoare si miniere, in padurile de quercinee din Romania 1990-1996

Steiner, H.; Erlinger, G., 1995:
The situation of the marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus in Upper Austria Die Rohrweihe Circus aeruginosus L in Oberosterreich

Seitz, J., 2001:
The situation of the meadow birds in the Bremen region Zur Situation der Wiesenvoegel im Bremer Raum

Hochkirch, Axel., 2001 :
The situation of the moor frog Rana arvalis and the common frog Rana temporaria in the nature reserve Westliches Hollerland Leher Feld Zum Bestand von Moorfrosch Rana arvalis und Grasfrosch Rana temporaria im NSG Westliches Hollerland Leher Feld

Hammer, Cornelius., 1998:
The situation of the stocks mackerel and horse mackerel and the German contribution to the international assessment Die Situation der Makrelen- und Stockerbestande - der deutsche Beitrag zur internationalen Bestandsabschatzung

Kuhnis, J.B.; Possner, D.R., 1995:
The situation of the toad population in Gamprin Population biology, migration and conservation Zur Situation der Gampriner Erdkrotenpopulation Populationsbiologie, Wanderverhalten und Schutzmoglichkeiten

Schulz, Holger., 1995:
The situation of the white stork along its migratory routes and in its wintering area Zur Situation des Weissstorchs auf den Zugrouten und in den Uberwinterungsgebieten

Bayer, ON., 1975:
The sixth All-Union Conference on fish diseases and parasites

Brusseaux, Gerard., 1995:
The sixth contribution to the knowledge of Corsican Lepidoptera Ceutholopha isidis Zeller, 1867, on the island of Beaute Lep Pyralidae Phycitinae Sixieme contribution a la connaissance des lepidopteres de Corse Ceutholopha isidis Zeller, 1867, sur lIle de Beaute Lep Pyralidae Phycitinae

Franzen, Jens Lorenz., 2000:
The sixth primate from Messel Mammalia, Primates, Notharctidae, Cercamoniinae Der sechste Messel-Primate Mammalia, Primates, Notharctidae, Cercamoniinae

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