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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38811

Chapter 38811 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hacker, H.; Kautt, P., 1996:
The species spectrum of the high mountain areas of Uttar Pradesh with additional details on the fauna of Himachal Pradesh Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Das Artenspektrum der Hochgebirgslagen von Uttar Pradesh mit zusatzlichen Angaben zur Fauna von Himachal Pradesh Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Stuben, P.E.; Wolf, I., 1998:
The species status of Acalles provincialis Hoffmann from the Maritime Alps Coleoptera Curculionidae Cryptorhynchinae Der Artstatus vcon Acalles provincialis Hoffmann aus den Meeralpen Coleoptera Curculionidae Cryptorhynchinae

Dejonghe, Frans., 2006:
The species that lose out in the fields De stakkers van de akkers

Buzzurro, G.; Nofroni, I.; Tringali, L., 2001:
The species validity of Saccoina galatensis Oberling, 1970 and its priority over Pseudographis cachiai Mifsud, 1998 Heterostropha Pyramidellidae Sulla validita specifica di Saccoina galatensis Oberling, 1970 e sua priorita su Pseudographis cachiai Mifsud, 1998 Heterostropha Pyramidellidae

Fontdevila, A., 2007:
The species indefinable mystery or real entity? La especie misterio indefinible o quimera real?

Fontenla, Jorge L., 2001:
The species its definition and other topics La especie sobre su definicion y otros topicos

Safarov, RA., 1973:
The specific and quantitative composition of the plankton and benthos of Lake Aggel

Luk'yanovich, LM., 1973:
The specific composition and quantitative characteristics of Infusoria in the pelagic zone of Lake Naroch

Probatov, SN., 1975:
The specific composition and quantity of fish transferred from the Kakhovsk Reservoir to the North Crimean Canal

Gordina, AD., 1973:
The specific composition and seasonal dynamics of numbers of young fish in the littoral seaweed biocenoses of the Black Sea

Mukhamadiev, SA., 1975:
The specific composition of Thelazia in cattle and their distribution in the republics of central Asia

Pogosyan, EE.; Pogosyan, EE., 1975:
The specific composition of genera of the subfamily Tylenchorhychinae Eliava, 1964 Nematoda, Tylenchoidae

Tarmaeva, A.V., 1977:
The specific composition of noctuid moths Lepidoptera, Noctuidae of the mountainous zones of the southern Baikal region Trudy biol

Raimdzhanov, N., 1972:
The specific composition of the fish population of the River Samar

Spasski, A.A., 1956:
The specific composition of the genus Paranoplocephala Cestoda Anoplocephalidae

Levy, Richard., 1999:
The specific contribution of the prefrontal cortex to working memory and executive functions assessed by the experimental approach in the monkey Role du cortex prefrontal dans la memoire de travail et les fonctions executives chez le primate

Pavlovski, E.N.; Sondak, V.A., 1951:
The specific differences in Trichocephalus occurring in man and swine

Shishova, O.A.; Mazhuga, N.A., 1971:
The specific use of proteins in Ascaris suum

Rizzotti Vlach, Massimo., 2000:
The specific validity of Psallus pseudoambiguus Wagner, 1970 Sulla validita specifica di Psallus Mesopsallus pseudoambiguus Heteroptera, Miridae

Rudzevichene, ZCh., 1972:
The specific weight of Panagrolaimus rigidus in the dynamics of nematode fauna infesting the common clover

Sharapov, V.M.; Kyz'mina, V.S., 1972:
The specification of mycoses of rodents in the Ob flood plain

Bourillot, M.; Robert, A.; Semon, E.; Bordereau, C., 2002:
The specificity of foraging tracks in termites the case of Macrotermes annandalei and M barneyi Specificite des pistes de recolte de nourriture chez les termites le cas de Macrotermes annandalei et de M barneyi

Krell, F.-Thorsten.; Mickoleit, G., 1994:
The specimens of the black rat, Rattus rattus L, in the zoological exhibition collection of Tubingen University Die Belegstucke der Hausratte, Rattus rattus L, in der Zoologischen Schausammlung der Universitat Tubingen

Dobiey, Mike., 2006:
The speckled tortoise Homopus signatus signatus Gmelin, 1789 Gesaegte Flachschildkroete Homopus signatus signatus Gmelin, 1789

Berwaerts, Koen., 1998:
The speckled wood and fragmentation friend or foe? Bonte zandoodjes en versnippering vriend of vijand?

Smeenk, Hans., 2003:
The speckled wood butterfly Het bont zandoogje

Vega, I., 2005 :
The spectacled bear the king of the Andes Oso de anteojos el rey de los Andes

Barbieri, Francesco., 2001:
The spectacled salamander Salamandrina terdigitata of the sides of the Po in the central-northern Apennines Amphibia Salamandridae La salamandrina dagli occhiali Salamandrina terdigitata nel versante padano dellAppennino centro-settentrionale Amphibia Salamandridae

Pavlenko, AM.; Selivanovskii, DA.; Shereshevskii, IA., 1975:
The spectral analysis of echo signals of fish shoals

Zhang Shaowu.; Wang Xiang.; Horridge, GA., 1990:
The spectral responses of motion sensitive neurons of dragonfly

Bauer-Dubau, K.; Hackel, K., 2004:
The spectrum of fleas Siphonaptera in Berlin during 1989-2002 - seasonal dynamic, causes of attacks and preventive methods Das Spektrum der Floehe Siphonaptera im Bundesland Berlin wahrend der Jahre 1989-2002 Jahreszeitliche Rhythmik, Befallsursachen and Hinweise zur Prophylaxe

Schliesske, Joachim., 2001:
The spectrum of insects damaging to stored products and wood in and between the stores of Hamburg port Zum Spektrum vorrats- und holzschaedigender Insekten auf und zwischen den Laegern des Hamburger Freihafens

Ivleva, IV., 1976:
The speed of consumption of oxygen by chaetognaths Chaetognatha of the Atlantic Ocean

Muinov, P., 1975:
The speed of diffusion of oxygen in the skeletal muscles in rodents of the vorland and mountainous areas of Tadzhikistan

Roder, Gerd., 1996:
The sperm storage of the Turkish desert isopod Hemilepistus elongatus Zur Spermienspeicherung bei der turkischen Wustenassel Hemilepistus elongatus

Dallai, Romano., 1994 :
The sperm structure of Trichoptera and phylogeny Lo spermatozoo dei tricotteri nella filogenesi del gruppo

Dallai, R., 2004:
The sperm ultrastructure spermatological characteristics in the systematics and phylogeny of insects Struttura dello spermatozoo validita e limiti di caratteri spermatologici nella sistematica e filogenesi degli Insetti

Fernandez-Casado, M., 2000:
The sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus El cachalote Physeter macrocephalus

Schmidt, Gunter., 2000:
The spermathecae of Chromatopelma cyanopubescens Strand, 1907 Araneae Theraphosidae Theraphosinae Die Spermathek von Chromatopelma cyanopubescens Strand, 1907 Araneae Theraphosidae Theraphosinae

Baugnee, J., 2003:
The sphecid hymenopteran Trypoxylon kostylevi in Belgium with a note on the entomological interest of the Ri dHowisse valley at Wavreille Namur province LHymenoptere Sphecidae Trypoxylon kostylevi en Belgique avec une note sur linteret entomologique du vallon du Ri dHowisse a Wavreille province de Namur

Haxaire, J.; Herbin, D., 2001:
The sphingid lepidopterans of Bolivia Ecology and systematics Continuation and end Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Les lepidopteres Sphingidae de Bolivie Ecologie et systematique Suite et fin Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Rettig, Klaus., 2005:
The sphingids of East Frisia Die Schwaermer Ostfrieslands

Goehl, Karl., 2000:
The sphingids of Erfurt Natural History Museum Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Die Sphingidae des Naturkundemuseums Erfurt Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Cobb, N.A., 1928:
The spicula of a new species of Spironoura

Hasenpusch, Wolfgang., 2000 :
The spicule of the slate pencil sea urchin Die Stachel der Griffelseeigel

Chapin, E.A., 1924:
The spicules in Syngamus laryngeus

Wilga, Marcin S., 1997:
The spider Araneus ceropegius - a species rare for the lowlands Kolosz wielobarwny Araneus ceropegius - rzadki na nizu gatunek pajaka

Diehl, B.; Mroz, I.; Plewka, T., 2003:
The spider Argiope bruennichi in the Kampinos National Park Pajak tygrzyk paskowany w Kampinoskim Parku Narodowym

Wuensch, M., 2005:
The spider Argiope bruennichi, spider of the year 2001 Die Wespenspinne, Argiope bruennichi, Spinne des Jahres 2001

Kreuels, M., 2006:
The spider Eperigone trilobata Emerton, 1882 is expanding in Europe Die amerikanische Baldachinspinne Eperigone trilobata Emerton, 1882 breitet sich in Europa aus

Heidt, E.; Framenau, V.; Hering, D.; Manderbach, R., 1998:
The spider and ground beetle fauna from the gravel banks of the Rhone, Ain France and Tagliamento Italy Arachnida Araneae; Coleoptera Carabidae Die Spinnen- und Laufkaferfauna auf ufernahen Schotterbanken von Rhone, Ain Frankreich und Tagliamento Italien Arachnida Araneae; Coleoptera Carabidae

Ljungberg, Hakan., 2003:
The spider beetle Tjuvbaggen

A.Hussein, Ismail A., 2000:
The spider communities Arachnida, Araneae of selected sites of the former salty lake near Roeblingen, Saxony-Anhalt Zur Spinnenfauna Arachnida, Araneae des ehemaligen Salzigen Sees

Armbruster, Jost., 2003:
The spider community Araneae of low mountainous streams and investigations on the colonization of newly-developed gravel bars Untersuchungen zur Spinnenfauna Araneae an Mittelgebirgsbaechen und zur Besiedlung neu entstandener Uferstrukturen

Liljesthrom, G.; Minervino, E.; Castro, D.; Gonzalez, A., 2002:
The spider community in soybean cultures in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina La comunidad de aranas del cultivo de soja en la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Majadas, A.; Urones, C., 2002:
The spider community of the Mediterranean mountain bushes of Cytisus oromediterraneus Rivas Mart al Communaute daraignees des maquis mediterraneens de Cytisus oromediterraneus Rivas Mart al

Alayon Garcia, G., 2003:
The spider family Selenopidae Arachnida Araneae in Jamaica La Familia Selenopidae Arachnida Araneae en Jamaica

Reinke, H.-Dieter.; Irmler, U., 1994:
The spider fauna Araneae of the ground and immediate herbaceous layer of Schleswig-Holstein Die Spinnenfauna Araneae Schleswig-Holsteins am Boden und in der bodennahen Vegetation

Stankiewicz, A., 2003:
The spider fauna Araneae of the herb layer in forest associations of Wigry National Park Araneofauna epifityczna w wybranych zbiorowiskach lesnych Wigierskiego Parku Narodowego

Schmidt, GEW., 1994:
The spider fauna of Sal island Cape Verde islands Zur Spinnenfauna der Insel Sal Kapverdische Inseln

Ratschker, U.M.; Roth, M., 1997:
The spider fauna of agroecosystems - effects of different forms of land use management and intensities on spider communities Die Spinnenfauna von Agrarokosystemen - Auswirkungen verschiedener Nutzungsformen und -intensitaten auf strukturfaunistische Parameter

Droschmeister, Rainer., 1994:
The spider fauna of gravel and stony banks of the north alpine torrent Halblech East Allgau District Die Spinnenfauna der Kies- und Schotterbanke des nordalpinen Wildbaches Halblech Landkreis Ostallgau

Steinberger, Karl-Heinz., 1996:
The spider fauna of riparian habitats of the River Lech Northern Tyrol, Austria Arachnida Araneae Die Spinnenfauna der Uferlebensraume des Lech Nordtirol, Osterreich Arachnida Araneae

Thomka, Vladimir., 1996:
The spider fauna of the States Nature Reserve Pod Ruskym Fauna pavukov SPR Pod Ruskym

Holle, Thomas., 2004:
The spider fauna of the Weser island of Harriersand - Araneae Zur Spinnenfauna der Weserinsel Harriersand - Araneae

Bauchhenss, Elisabeth., 2002:
The spider fauna of the epigeic and the shrub stratum of a thermophilic wood edge in Bavaria Germany Die Spinnenfauna eines thermophilen Waldmantels in Mittelfranken Bayern

Kurka, Antonin., 1997:
The spider fauna of the mead of the Smeda River Araneida Arachnofauna nivy reky Smede Pavouci - Araneida

Steinberger, K.-Heinz.; Meyer, E., 1995:
The spider fauna of the nature reserve Rheindelta Vorarlberg, Western Austria Arachnida Araneae Die Spinnenfauna des Naturschutzgebietes Rheindelta Vorarlberg, Osterreich Arachnida, Araneae

Bayram, A.; Allahverdi, H.; Varol, M.; Ismail.; Pekdemir, H., 1998:
The spider fauna of the tobacco fields in the vicinity of Denizli Turkey Denizli yoresi tutun tarlalarinin orumcek faunasi

Dyhrberg Brunn, L., 2005:
The spider fauna on the Danish island Anholt Arachnida Araneae Edderkoppefaunaen pa Anholt Arachnida Araneae

Groppali, R.; Guerci, P.; Pesarini, C., 2001:
The spider of northern Apennines notes about the species of the surroundings of Gusano Gropparello, Piacenza, N-Italy Arachnida, Araneae I ragni dellAppennino settentrionale appunti sulle specie di Gusano di Gropparello Piacenza Arachnida, Araneae

Jaeger, P.; Kreuels, M., 2005:
The spider of the year 2005 - the zebra spider Salticus scenicus Spinne des Jahres 2005 - die Zebraspringspinne Salticus scenicus

Melic, A., 1996:
The spider traveling with bananas Steatoda nobilis La arana viajera de los platanos Steatoda nobilis

Abenius, Johan., 1997:
The spider wasp Arachnospila westerlundi Hymenoptera Pompilidae in Sweden Vagstekeln Arachnospila westerlundi Hymenoptera Pompilidae i Sverige

Groppali, R.; Lucchini, P.; Pesarini, C., 1999:
The spiders Arachnida Araneae of southern Ticino Valley Natural Park a study in Venara area and Siro Negri wood town of Zerbolo - Province of Pavia - N Italy I ragni del Parco del Ticino meridionale indagine alla Venara e al Bosco Siro Negri comune di Zerbolo - Pavia Arachnida, Araneae

Buchholz, S., 2005:
The spiders Arachnida Araneae of the moors of the Ebbe Mountains SW-Sauerland, NRW Die Webspinnenfauna Arachnida Araneae der Moore des Ebbegebirges SW-Sauerland, NRW

Kreuels, M.; Seidl, M., 1999:
The spiders Araneae of Munster irrigated fields and further records for Munster city area 1st supplement Die Spinnen Araneae der Rieselfelder Munster und weitere Nachweise fur das Stadtgebiet von Munster 1 Nachtrag

Kreuels, Martin., 1998:
The spiders Araneae of Munster town area Westphalia Die Spinnen Araneae des Stadtgebietes Munsters Westf

Finch, Oliver-D., 1997:
The spiders Araneae of dry grasslands of an inland dune complex in north Germany Die Spinnen Araneae der Trockenrasen eines nordwestdeutschen Binnendunenkomplexes

Ratschker, U.M.; Meier, J.; Wetzel, A., 2005:
The spiders Araneae of pure pine and birch stands on restored open dump sites in Saxony and Brandenburg Germany Die Zoenose der Araneae in Kiefern- und Birkenforsten rekultivierter Tagebaukippen in Sachsen und Brandenburg

Hermann, Eva., 1998:
The spiders Araneae of selected mesoxerothermic sites in the east of Luxembourg Die Spinnen Araneae ausgewahlter Halbtrockenrasen im Osten Luxemburgs

Kreuels, Martin., 1998:
The spiders Araneae of the Munster irrigated fields - a preliminary census Die Spinnen Araneae der Rieselfelder Munster - eine erste Bestandsaufnahme

Breuss, Wilfried., 1996:
The spiders and harvestmen of the nature reserves Bangser Ried and Matschels Vorarlberg, Austria Die Spinnen Araneae und Weberknechte Opiliones der Naturschutzgebiete Bangser Ried und Matschels Vorarlberg

Alayon Garcia, Giraldo., 2000:
The spiders endemic to Cuba Arachnida, Araneae Las aranas endemicas de Cuba Arachnida, Araneae

Melic, A., 2000:
The spiders of Aragon Arachnida Araneae Aranas de Aragon Arachnida Araneae

Thaler, K.; Knoflach, B., 2002:
The spiders of Austria Atypidae, Haplogynae, Eresidae, Zodariidae, Mimetidae Arachnida Araneae Zur Faunistik der Spinnen Araneae von Oesterreich Atypidae, Haplogynae, Eresidae, Zodariidae, Mimetidae

Thaler, K.; Knoflach, B., 2004:
The spiders of Austria Gnaphosidae, Thomisidae Dionycha pro parte Arachnida Araneae Zur Faunistik der Spinnen Araneae von Oesterreich Gnaphosidae, Thomisidae Dionycha pro parte

Thaler, K.; Knoflach, B., 2003:
The spiders of Austria Orbiculariae pp Araneidae, Tetragnathidae, Theridiosomatidae, Uloboridae Zur Faunistik der Spinnen Araneae von Oesterreich Orbiculariae pp Araneidae, Tetragnathidae, Theridiosomatidae, Uloboridae

Thaler, K.; Knoflach, B., 2004:
The spiders of Austria an introduction Arachnida, Araneae Fauna Austriaca Webspinnen - zur Einfuehrung Arachnida, Araneae

Groppali, R.; Frugis, S.; Guerci, P.; Pesarini, C., 2001:
The spiders of Ferrara province studies in Val Campotto and Bosco Panfilia Arachnida Araneae I ragni della provincia di Ferrara indagine in Val Campotto e nel Bosco Panfilia Arachnida Araneae

L.Gleut, S., 2004:
The spiders of Groix island Les araignees de lile de Groix

Melic, Antonio., 1998:
The spiders of Los Monegros 1 generalities and the Agelenidae family Aranas de Los Monegros 1 generalidades y Familia Agelenidae

Melic, Antonio., 1999:
The spiders of Los Monegros Araneae Aranas de Los Monegros Araneae

Veillon, Richard., 1997:
The spiders of Maine--Loire 49 France Provisional inventory and maps Les araignees du Maine-Loire 49 France Inventaire et cartographie provisoires

Thaler, Konrad., 1998:
The spiders of North Tyrol Arachnida, Araneae a faunistic synopsis Die Spinnen von Nordtirol Arachnida, Araneae faunistische Synopsis

Kropf, C.; Horak, P., 1996:
The spiders of Steiermark Arachnida, Araneae Die Spinnen der Steiermark Arachnida, Araneae

Benhalima, S.; Villemant, C.; Mouna, M., 1999:
The spiders of the Marrocan cork oak forest Les araignees de la suberaie marocaine

Neet, Cornelis., 1997:
The spiders of the Swiss national park Les araignees du Parc national suisse

Wojcikowski, Pawel., 2006:
The spiders of the roof garden of the Elsa-Braendstroem school in Oberhausen Die Spinnenarten des Dachgartens des Elsa-Braendstroem-Gymnasiums in Oberhausen

Freudenthaler, P., 2004:
The spiders of upper Austria a faunistic survey Erstes Verzeichnis der Spinnen Oberoesterreichs

Schmutterer, Heinrich., 1998:
The spindle-berry scale, Unaspis euonymi Comst, a new pest of ornamentals in Germany Die Spindelstrauch-Deckelschildlaus Unaspis euonymi Comst als neuer Zierpflanzenschadling in Deutschland

Angermair, Christian., 2001:
The spine-cheek anemone fish On captive care and breeding of Premnas biaculeatus Der Samt-Anemonenfisch Zur Pflege und Zucht von Premnas biaculeatus

Werning, H., 2002:
The spiny chuckwalla Sauromalus hispidus Stejneger, 1877 biology, observations in the wild, and first European breeding Der Stachelige Riesenchuckwalla Sauromalus hispidus Stejneger, 1877 biologie, Freilandbeobachtungen und europaeische Erstnachzucht

Werner, Uwe., 2000:
The spiny cichlid Der Afterstachelbuntbarsch

Hruska, O.; Novak, J., 2002:
The spiny eel Mastacembelus circumcinctus Hora, 1924 in Ostrava Zoo Hrotocelec prstencity Mastacembelus circumcinctus Hora, 1924 v zoo Ostrava

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 2001:
The spiny phasmatid of Vietnam Neohirasea maerens Brunner, 1907 Phasmatoptera, Heteronemiidae Le phasme epineux du Vietnam Neohirasea maerens Brunner, 1907 Phasmatoptere, Heteronemiide

Daigle, Claude., 2002:
The spiny soft shell Apalone spinifera, a threatened species in Quebec La tortue-molle a epines Apalone spinifera, une espece menacee au Quebec

Courville, P.; Odin, GS., 2001:
The spiriform ammonites of the Campanian and Maastrichtian of Tercis les Bains Landes, France Les ammonites spiralees du Campanien et du Maastrichtien de Tercis les Bains Landes, France

Elias, Jaroslav., 2001:
The splash tetra, Copella arnoldi Regan, 1912 De spatzalm, Copella arnoldi Regan, 1912

Malkmus, Rudolf., 2003:
The splendid emerald dragonfly - a jewel amongst the dragonflies of Portugal Die praechtige Smaragdlibelle - ein Juwel unter Portugals Libellen

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 1997:
The sponge Raspailia hispida washed up on the west coast for a second time De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Raspailla De struikspons, Ra

Mercurio, M.; Liaci, L.; Scalera.; Corriero, G., 2001:
The sponge fauna from Porto Cesareo Basin LE La fauna a Poriferi del bacino della strea di Porto Cesareo LE

Kabisch, Klaus., 2003:
The sponge fishing of Kalymnos Bei den Schwammfischern von Kalymnos

Gugel, Jochen., 1996:
The sponge mite Unionicola minor Acari, Hydrachnellae, Unionicolidae in a pond at the spring of the Darmbach near Darmstadt Die Schwamm-Milbe Unionicola minor Acari, Hydrachnellae, Unionicolidae im Quellteich des Darmbaches bei Darmstadt

Lauxmann, U.; Schweigert, G.; Kapitzke, M., 1998:
The sponges and coral reefs of the Albian in Swabia Die Schwamm- und Korallenriffe der Schwabischen Alb

Agosti, Guido., 2003:
The spontaneous generation and the work of Antonio Vallisneri Sr La generazione spontaneae e lopera di Antonio Vallisneri Sr

Wirdheim, Anders., 2001:
The spoon-billed sandpiper A charismatic bird in the danger zone Skedsnappa Karismatisk fagel i farozonen

Clemens, Thomas., 1996:
The spoonbill - a new breeding bird for Lower Saxony? - First record from Mellum island Der Loffler - eine neue Brutvogelart in Niedersachsen? - Erstnachweis auf der Vogelinsel Mellum

Brix, Manfred., 2001:
The spoonbill is chased off by sheep Loeffler wird von Schafen gejagt

Podvesky, Frantisek., 2002:
The spotted barb Barbus binotatus Valenciennes, 1842 Parmicka skvrnita Barbus binotatus Valenciennes, 1842

Dobiey, Maik., 2007:
The spotted bush snake Philothamnus punctatus Peters, 1872 Gepunktete Buschnatter Philothammnus punctatus Peters, 1872

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 2002:
The spotted chafer beetle Stephanorrhina guttata Olivier, 1789 Insecta Coleopteroidea Coleoptera Polyphaga Scarabaeoidea Cetoniidae Cetoniinae Goliathini Le Cetoine mouchetee Stephanorrhina guttata Olivier, 1789 Insecta Coleopteroidea Coleoptera Polyphaga Scarabaeoidea Cetoniidae Cetoniinae Goliathini

Dourin, J.-luc.; Potiron, F., 2003:
The spotted crake in Loire-Atlantique Summary 1999 La marouette ponctuee en Loire-Atlantique Enquete 1999

Tjernberg, M., 2004:
The spotted eagle - a charismatic enigma Storre skrikorn - en karismatisk doldis

Ullman, Magnus., 1999:
The spotted eagle Storre skrikorn

Reusch, D., 2003:
The spotted flycatcher as a user of a hole in a wall made by a great spotted woodpecker Grauschnaepper als Nutzniesser eines Mauerlochs vom Buntspecht

Tome, Davorin., 2001:
The spotted flycatcher Sivi muhar

Nathansen, A.; Nathansen, O., 1990:
The spotted mudpuppy Necturus maculosus

Schluter, Uwe., 1996:
The spotted racerunner Die Tupfel-Rennechse

Ebert, Horst., 2005:
The spotted rasbora Boraras maculatus is a small jewel, good for the aquarium Der Zwergbaerbling Boraras maculatus ist ein wahres Kleinod, das es fuer die Aquaristik zu erhalten gilt

Sjokvist, A., 1990:
The spotted river turtle Clemmys guttata

Wirdheim, Anders., 1998:
The spotted sandpiper in Halmstad 27-28 August 1987 Flackdrillsnappa i Halmstad 27-28 augusti 1987

Gallagher, M.; Stanley Price, K., 1990:
The spotted thick-knee Burhinus capensis and stone curlew B oedicnemus in Arabia

Ruge, Klaus., 1997:
The spotted woodpeckers Die bunten Spechte

Schroter, Hansjochen., 1999:
The spread of bark beetle infestation in strict forest reserves in Baden-Wurttemberg Ausbreitung des Borkenkaferbefalls in den Bannwaldern Baden-Wurttembergs

Nowinszky, L.; Puskas, J., 2006:
The spread of cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera Hbn in Hungary between 1993 and 2004 based on light trap catches A gyapottok-bagolylepke Helicoverpa armigera Hbn terjedese magyarorszagon 1993 es 2004 kozott, a mezogazdasagi fenycsapdak adatai alapan

Csaba, Szaboky., 2004:
The spread of the leafminer Phyllonorycter issikii Kumata 1963 Lep Gracillariidae in Hungary A harslevel-satorosmoly Phyllonorycter issikii Kumata 1963 Lep Gracillariidae terjedese Magyarorszagon

Metspalu, L.; Hiiesaar, K.; Jogar, K.; Kuusik, A.; Karp, K., 2001:
The spreading and abundance of the twospotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae depend on the cultivation technology Punase kedriklesta Tetranychus urticae esinemine maasikaistanduses soltuvalt maasikakasvatuse tehnoloogiast

Heltai, M.; Biro, Z.; Szemethy, L., 2001:
The spreading of badger in Hungary between 1988 and 2000 A borz terjeszkedese magyarorszagon 1988 es 2000 kozott

Harka, A.; Farkas, J., 1998:
The spreading of the far eastern Amur sleeper Perccottus glehni in Europe Die Ausbreitung der fernostlichen Amurgrundel Perccottus glehni in Europa

Jordi, Adrian., 1996:
The spring brings southern species Der Fruhling brachte sudliche Arten

Martin, M.C.; Marrero, P., 1999:
The spring diet of the rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus L in Alegranza, Canary Islands Lagomorpha, Leporidae Dieta primaveral del conejo Oryctolagus cuniculus L en Alegranza, islas Canarias Lagomorpha, Leporidae

Hogmo, Olle., 2007:
The spring flower bee Anthophora plumipes Pallas 1772 back in Sweden Hymenoptera Anthophoridae Varpalsbiet Anthophora plumipes Pallas 1772 tillbaka i Sverige Hymenoptera Anthophoridae

McNeill Alexander, R., 1990:
The spring in your step

Etcheberry, R., 1990:
The spring migration 1990 in St-Pierre Miquelon Islands

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The spring migration April 1 - May 31, 1977, Appalachian region

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The spring of St John of Kety Zrodlo Swietego Jana z Ket

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The stability of paludrine-resistance in Plasmodium gallinaceum in the absence of the drug

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The stability of rainbow trout and carp to carbamide

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The starling Sturnus vulgaris in the Majella National Park Abruzzo Lo storno Sturnus vulgaris nel Parco Nazionale della Majella Abruzzo

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The starling a common bird? Letourneau sansonnet un oiseau commun?

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The starred lizard Agama stellio in the terrarium

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The starred lizard Laudakia stellio Obycejna agama Laudakia stellio

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The start of a new LIFE project by SEO/Birdlife In search of the living spaces for marine birds SEO/Birdlife se embarca en un nuevo proyecto life En busca de los espacios vitales para las aves marinas

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The start of the International Centre for Testudines Protection Das Internationale Zentrum fuer Schildkroetenschutz IZS fuellt sich mit Leben

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The starting point for the mosquito fish Gambusia holbrooki Girard, 1859 Zivorodka komari vychodni Gambusia holbrooki Girard, 1859

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The state and perspectives of development of fish farming and utilization for pisciculture of water-reservoirs in Uzbekistan

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The state of aquatic farming development in the Mingechaursk reservoir

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The state of knowledge of the fauna of armoured mites Oribatei of Latvian SSR

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The state of knowledge on Argentine mammals species, specimens and documentation Estado del conocimiento sobre mamiferos argentinos especies, ejemplares y documentacion

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The state of knowledge on the Stenasellidae Crustacea, Isopoda, Asellota from subterranean continental waters Etat actuel des connaissances sur les Stenasellidae Crustacea, Isopoda, Asellota des eaux souterraines continentales

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The state of natural fish breeding in the Kakhovsk Reservoir and ways of improving it

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The state of numbers of Neogobius melanostomus in the Azov Sea

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The state of numbers of Rutilus rutilus in the Kakhovsk reservoir and the prospect of its commercial exploitation

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The state of raptors in Portugal De roofvogelstand in Portugal

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The state of research in nematode fauna of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in the Soviet Union

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The state of study of Aculeata Hymenoptera in the western part of Kampinos National Park Stan badan nad zadlowkami Hymenoptera, Aculeata w zachodniej czesci Kampinoskiego Parku Narodowego

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The state of supplies and recommendations on the rational fishing of Lepidopsetta bilineata in the region of the west coast of Paramushir and Shumshu Islands

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The state of supplies of Azov-Don herrings and fishing for them

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The state of the bee-eater Merops apiaster population in the Zamosc region during the years 1996-1998 Stan populacji zolny Merops apiaster w wojewodztwie zamojskim w latach 1996-1998

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The state of the conservation of Polymita picta Mollusca Pulmonata in Maisi, Guantanamo Estado de la conservacion de Polymita picta Mollusca Pulmonata en Maisi, Guantanamo

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The state of the crayfish industry in the north-western districts of the USSR and measures for its regulation

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The state of the fish stocks in the lake Balkhash, and the prospects of increasing the catches

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The state of the industry and material on biology of the fluvial cray-fish in Belorussia

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The state of the nervous system elements in frogs deprived of an extremity under natural conditions

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The state of work on acclimatisation of fish and other aquatic organisms in the reservoirs of USSR

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The state of works regarding the estimate of Rodents in Armenia

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The state of zooplakton of rearing ponds depending on the population density of fish

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The station of Argiope bruennichi Nowe stanowisko tygrzyka paskowanego Argiope bruennichi

Hebda, Grzegorz., 1997:
The station of the eagle owl Bubo bubo in the Opole region Stanowisko puchacza Bubo bubo na Opolszczyznie

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