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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38814

Chapter 38814 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Haubrichs, R., 2005:
The study of purple history of a colour, chemistry and experiments Letude de la pourpre histoire dune couleur, chimie et experimentations

Shcherbina, E.I., 1962:
The study of reproduction in the Afghan vole Microtus afghtmus qfghanus Thomas in Badkhyz

Gomes, V.; Phan,; Passos, de Arruda Campos Rocha., 1996:
The study of routine metabolism and ammonia excretion by the Antarctic amphipod Waldeckia obesa under two different temperatures Estudo do metabolismo de rotina e excrecao de amonia do anfipoda antartico Waldeckia obesa em duas temperaturas distintas

Limanskii, V.V., 1967:
The study of serum agglutinins in the Horse mackerel from the Black Sea and the western shores of Africa 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 308-310, 1 tab 30

Uspenskaya, N.V.; Elin, A.V.; Kozhaeva, K.I.; Lebedeva, K.V.; Yudovskaya, TK., 1970:
The study of sexual attractants in the turnip moth

Ananeva, NB.; Mikkau, NE., 1977:
The study of skin receptors in lizards by the method of raster bectron microscopy

Covaciu-Marcov, S.D.; Sas, I.; Sala, G.; Cicort-Lucaciu, A.; St; Puie, T., 2003:
The study of some Bombina variegata population from Beius depressions region Bihor county Studiul unor populatii de Bombina variegata din depresiunea beiusului Jud Bihor

Bedard, Michel., 1994:
The study of some amazing relations parasitism Etude de quelques relations etonnantes le parasitisme

Kuznetzova, JI., 1972:
The study of some biological bases of mass reproduction of Chrysopa carnea Steph

Rasskazov, V.A.; Berdyshev, G.D.K.lynin, V.K., 1967:
The study of some enzyme, exchanges of nucleonic acid in the flounder and the humpback salmon

Shulepova, TM., 1975:
The study of some species of Oligochaeta as a factor influencing the clearing of ascarid eggs

Pavlov, D.S.Sbikin, Y.N., 1967:
The study of spectral and luminal sensibility in fish eyesight by the method of optomotor reaction

Hutchinson, Raymond., 2003:
The study of spiders Araneae in Quebec summary perspectives Letude des araignees Araneae au Quebec le point et perspectives

Zinov'ev, VG., 1972:
The study of stimuli in gall formation on plants under the influence of nematode infestation

Marigo, Pierre., 2000:
The study of subalpine peat bog fauna on the Plateau des Lacs in the Taillefer Massif Isere Etude de la faune des tourbieres subalpines du Plateau des Lacs du massif du Taillefer Isere

Melnik, MN.; Bratslavets, NF.; Kovbasyuk, RF.; Grigorashenko, AE.; Chernousko, VV.; Sherstyuk, RA., 1974:
The study of synanthropic rodents in toxoplasmosis in anthropurgic centres of infection of Odessa

Moisescu, V.; Meszaros, N.; Ocskay, L., 1995 :
The study of terebratulids from the Brebi Beds from Petrinzel Cluj Region - NW Transylvania Etude de la faune de terebratulines des couches de Brebi de Petrinzel NO de la Transylvanie

Khalilova, SG., 1971:
The study of tetranychid mites damaging grassland plants in the Lenkoransk and Kuba-Khachmassk areas of Azerbaidjan

Ciccolella, A.; Bello, G., 2006:
The study of thanatocoenoses as a method to define malacodiversity in marine reserves Lo studio delle tanatomalacocenosi per la definizione della malacodiversita nelle Aree Marine Protette

Nemkov, G.I.; Barkhatova, N.N., 1961:
The study of the Nummulitic fauna in the USSR

Markaryan, IE.; Martirosyan, GG., 1973:
The study of the antigenic characters of the granule virus of the turnip moth by a method of diffusing precipitation in agar gel

Franzen, Bernd., 1992:
The study of the beetle fauna of selected locations in Cologne Insecta Coleoptera Untersuchungen zur Kaferfauna an ausgewahlten Standorten in Koln Insecta Coleoptera

Trnkova, Bronislava., 1996:
The study of the butterflies Lepidoptera in protected area Trnava ponds west Slovakia 1 part Tortricidae Inventarizacny vyskum motylov Lepidoptera chraneneho arealu Trnavske rybniky zapadne Slovensko 1 cast Tortricidae

Goncalves, H.M.ria Souto.; Dehnhardt, B.A.pel., 1996:
The study of the calcareous nannofossil zones Chiasmolithus altus and Emiliania huxleyi, from Maurice Ewing Bank, Antarctica Reconhecimento das zonas Chiasmolithus altus e Emiliania huxleyi, nanofosseis calcarios do Banco Maurice Ewing, Antartica

Kuliev, GK.; Mamedov, TO., 1974:
The study of the chromosome number in C aegagrus Erxleben and C c cylindricornls Blyth

Frommer, Wolfgang., 1996:
The study of the cicada fauna Hemiptera Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha of selected sites in Koln Untersuchungen zur Zikadenfauna Hemiptera Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha ausgewahlter Standorte in Koln

Kunz, B.; Abs, M., 1996:
The study of the distributional status and ecology of Amazona autumnalis lilacina in SW Ecuador Untersuchungen zur Bestandssituation und Okologie der Ekuadoramazone Amazona autumnalis lilacina in SW-Ekuador

Potievskaya, P.D., 1960:
The study of the foraminiferal fauna of the Lower Permian deposits of the northwestern border of the Don basin

Alvarez Keller, M.; Diaz, J., 1995:
The study of the golden eagle and the booted eagle in central Spain Estudio de las aguilas reales y perdiceras en la Espana central

Kardashev, AV.; Maslennikova, NV., 1971:
The study of the influence of gamma radiation on the amino-acid content of muscle protein in the Baltic cod and their content of free amino-acids

Shaldybina, E.S., 1967:
The study of the life cycle of Punctoribates hexagonus Berl,1908Oribatei, Mycobati-dae

Goncharov, G.D., 1967:
The study of the mechanism of immunity in fish against infections

Shaldybina, E.S., 1967:
The study of the mouth parts of the Ceratozetidae

Vinas Gomez, Fidelia., 1987:
The study of the nannoplankton calcareus of the late-Oligocene in the Coatzintla and Escolin Formations Estudio del nanoplanction calcareo del Oligoceno superior en las formaciones Coatzintla y Escolin

Skryabin, AS.; Yurakhno, MV., 1972:
The study of the nematode Terranova Terranova azarasi Yamaguti et Arima, 1942 A Skriabin, 1958

Novikov, YuV., 1973:
The study of the population and age structure of the saury of the north-western part of the Pacific Ocean

Pinto, M.R.gerio Alves.; Ribeiro, A.A.gusto Coppi Maciel. de Souza, W.M.chado.; Miglino, M.A.gelica.; Machado, M.R.ta Fernandes., 1999:
The study of the portal hepatic system in the domestic duck Cairina moshata Estudo do sistema portal hepatico no pato domestico Cairina moshata

Tolkacheva, LM., 1971:
The study of the role of copepods and amphipods as intermediate hosts of bird cestodes

Zhizhilashvili, T.I., 1959:
The study of the seasonal incidence of the mite, Schizotetranychus pruni Oudms Acarina, Tetranychidae in the habitat of Tiflis

Claivoz, Jacques., 1998:
The study of the soil fauna near the Steg, VS aluminium plant 1 Carabid communities Etude de la pedofaune proche de l usine d aluminium de Steg, VS 1 Les communautes carabiques

Contat, F.; Claivoz, J.; Matthey, W.; Borcard, D., 1998:
The study of the soil fauna near the Steg, VS aluminium plant 2 Relationship between the fluoride accumulation of some invertebrate groups and the fluoride content of the soil and plants Etude de la pedofaune proche de l usine d aluminium de Steg, VS 2 Relation entre l accumulation de fluor de quelques groupes d invertebres et les teneurs en fluor du sol et des plantes

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1997:
The study of the type of Triodonta lusitanica Brenske, 1894 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Melolonthinae Sericini Etude du type de Triodonta lusitanica Brenske, 1894 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Melolonthinae Sericini

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1997:
The study of the type series and lectotype designation for Serica segurana Brenske, 1897 Col Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae Etude de la serie typique et designation du lectotype de Serica segurana Brenske, 1897 Col Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae

Spivak, AI.; Zilov, Y.A.; Zubkov, DI.; Stom, DI., 1990:
The study of toxicants effect on plankton components in the Baikal Lake with the help of radiocarbon method

Shilobalova, NP.; Korsak-Paruzhinskaya, LS., 1974:
The study of transferred effects of ionised irradiation on the embryonal and postembryonal development of Oxyurata and changes in their radiosensitivity when subjected to irradiation for a number of generations

Iskova, NI., 1972:
The study of trematodes on game birds and sinanthropous birds in the Crimea and northern seaboard

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1997:
The study of type series and lectotype designation for Serica ariasi Brenske, 1897 Col Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae Etude de la serie typique et designation du lectotype de Serica ariasi Brenske, 1897 Col Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae

Winkler, NG., 1975:
The study of variation in the pronotum markings in Pyrrhocoris apterus L from varying points of its range

Turkmen, Gurel., 2001:
The study on Mediterranean shrimp Penaeus kerathurus Forskal, 1775 culture in pond Akdeniz karidesi Penaeus kerathurus Forskal, 1775 nin toprak havuzda yetistiriciligi uzerine bir arastirma

Gushanskaya, L.K., 1950:
The study on Spirurata of water birds in USSR

Wang, X.; Xie, L., 1990:
The study on the karyotype of the fishes in the Heilongjiang River system

Turkmen, G.; Saygi, H., 2001:
The study on the relationships among carapace/total length and weight of kuruma shrimp Penaeus japonicus Bate, 1888 from a culture environment accorrding to the different regression models Kulturu yapilan kuruma karidesi Penaeus japonicus Bate, 1888 nin karapas/total boy ve agirlik arasindaki iliskilerin farkli regresyon modelleri altinda incelenmesi

Alimov, AF.; Berger, V.; Ya.; Ieshko, EP.; Nemova, NN., 2005:
The study, sustainable use and conservation of natural resources of the White Sea Proceedings of the IXth International Conference, October, 11-14, 2004 Petrozavodsk

Ould, M.D.di; Tankari Dan-Badjo, A.; Halouane, F.; Doumandji, S., 2007:
The studying of biological cycle of Schistocerca gregaria Forskal, 1775 on the cabbage Brassica oleracea in laboratory Orthoptera Acrididae Etude du cycle biologique de Schistocerca gregaria Forskal, 1775 sur le Chou Brassica oleracea L en laboratoire Orthoptera Acrididae

Spierings, Cor., 1996:
The sturgeon as an aquarium fish De steur als vijverbewoner

Fernandez Pasquier, Victor., 1998:
The sturgeon, a fish in very severe danger of extinction El esturion, un pez en gravisimo peligro de extincion

Kurilov, S.V., 1957:
The sturgeons in Pechora river

Vasilyev, P.A.; Reznikov, F.I., 1955:
The sturgeons in the White Sea and in the Ladoga Lake

Fladung, E., 2002:
The subadult/adult fish assemblage in groyne fields and dyke fields of the middle Elbe River Der praeadulte/adulte Fischbestand in Buhnenfeldern und Leitwerken der Mittelelbe

Sermet, E.; Posse, B., 1998:
The subalpine warbler Sylvia cantillans bred in 1996 for the first time in Switzerland at Follateres/Fully in the Canton of Valais Overview of Swiss observations of the species Nidificacion de la fauvette passerinette Sylvia cantillans aux Follateres/Fully, Valais Synthese des observations en Suisse

Grygier, Mark J., 1996:
The subclass Ascothoracida Lacaze-Duthiers, 1880 Sous-classe des Ascothoracides Ascothoracida Lacaze-Duthiers, 1880

Newman, WA., 1996:
The subclass Cirripedia Burmeister, 1834 The super orders Thoracica Darwin, 1854 and Acrothoracica Gruvel, 1905 Sous-classe des Cirripedes Cirripedia Burmeister, 1834 Super-ordres des Thoraciques et des Acrothoraciques Thoracica Darwin, 1854 - Acrothoracica Gruvel, 1905

Dahl, E.; Wagele, J.-Wolfgang., 1996:
The subclass Phyllocarida Packard 1879 Sous-classe des Phyllocarides Phyllocarida Packard, 1879

Hessler, R.R.; Watling, L., 1999:
The subclass of eumalacostracans Eumalacostraca Grobben, 1892, superorder of peracarids Peracarida Calman, 1904 1 The pericarids a controversial group Sous-classe des eumalacostraces Eumalacostraca Grobben, 1892, super-ordre des peracarides Peracarida Calman, 1904 1 Les peracarides un groupe controverse

Anonymous., 2003:
The subcorticolous fauna of plane trees Report on the excursion of the zoology section to Prades le Lez, 10th January 2003 Faune sub-corticole des platanes Compte rendu de la sortie de la section zoologie a Prades le Lez, le 10 janvier 2003

Muniz Solis, Rafael., 1998:
The subfamilies Fasciolariinae, Gray, JE, 1853 and Peristerniinae Tryon, 1880 Gastropoda, Neogastropoda from the Pliocene of Estepona Malaga, Spain Las subfamilies Fasciolariinae Gray, JE, 1853 and Peristerniinae Tryon, 1880 Gastropoda, Neogastropoda del Plioceno de Estepona Malaga, Espana

Perez-Urresti, I.; Bello Villalba, J.; Melendez, G., 1996:
The subfamily Ataxioceratinae Ammonoidea from Upper Oxfordian of the Submediterranean Province origin and evolution La subfamilia Ataxioceratinae Ammonoidea en el Oxfordiense superior de la Provincia Submediterranea origen y evolucion

Rose, Louis., 2007:
The subfamily Cetoniinae of the Franco-Belgian fauna continuation and final part Coleoptera Scarabaeidae La sous-famille des Cetoniinae dans la faune franco-belge suite et fin Coleoptera Scarabaeidae

Vera-Pelaez,; Lozano Francisco, M.; Carmen., 1998:
The subfamily Clathurellinae Gastropoda, Turridae from the Pliocene of Estepona Malaga, Spain La subfamilia Clathurellinae Gastropoda, Turridae en el Plioceno del Estepona Malaga, Espana

Vera-Pelaez,; Lozano Francisco, M.; Carmen., 1998:
The subfamily Conorbiinae De Gregorio, 1890 Turridae, Gastropoda in the Lower Pliocene of Malaga Spain La subfamilia Conorbiinae De Gregorio, 1890 Turridae, Gastropoda en el Plioceno inferior de Malaga Espana

Vera-Pelaez,; Batlori Aguila, J., 1996:
The subfamily Crassispirinae Morrison, 1966 Turridae, Gastropoda of the Neogene of Iberic Peninsula La subfamilia Crassispirinae Morrison, 1966 Turridae, Gastropoda del Negeno de La Peninsula Iberica

Teruel, R.; Diaz, D., 2004:
The subfamily Diplocentrinae Scorpiones Scorpionidae in Cuba Part one Heteronebo nibujon Armas, 1984, with the description of a new species of the genus Cazerius Francke 1978 La subfamilia Diplocentrinae Scorpiones Scorpionidae en Cuba Primera parte Heteronebo nibujon Armas, 1984 y descripcion de una especies nueva del genero Cazierius Francke 1978

Teruel, Rolando., 2006:
The subfamily Diplocentrinae Scorpiones Scorpionidae in Cuba Part two New species of the genus Cazierius Francke 1978 La subfamilia Diplocentrinae Scorpiones Scorpionidae en Cuba Segunda parte nueva especie del genero Cazierius Francke 1978

Teruel, Rolando. de Armas, Luis F., 2006:
The subfamily Diplocentrinae Scorpiones Scorpionidae in Cuba Part two Two further additions to the genus Cazierius Francke 1978 La subfamilia Diplocentrinae Scorpiones Scorpionidae en Cuba Tercera parte dos nuevas adiciones al genero Cazierius Francke 1978

Alayon Garcia, Giraldo., 1995:
The subfamily Masteriinae Araneae Dipluridae in Cuba La subfamilia Masteriinae Araneae Dipluridae en Cuba

Arillo, A.; Subias, L.S., 1996:
The subfamily Medioppiinae in southern Spain Description os Medioppia pinsapi sp nov Oppiidae La subfamilia Medioppiinae en el sur de Espana Descripcion de Medioppia pinsapi sp nov Oppiidae

Munoz V., Raul., 2001:
The subfamily Molytinae in Mexico characterization and key to tribe identification Coleoptera Curculionoidea Curculionidae La subfamilia Molytinae en Mexico caracterizacion y clave para la determinacion de tribus Coleoptera Curculionoidea Curculionidae

Bahillo de la Puebla, P.; Lopez-Colon, J.I.nacio., 2001:
The subfamily Tillinae Leach, 1815 Coleoptera, Cleridae captured in the Iberian Peninsula La subfamilia Tillinae Leach, 1815 Coleoptera, Cleridae en la Peninsula Iberica

Marino, P.I.; Spinelli, G.R., 2001:
The subgenera of Forcipomyia, Thyridomyia Synthyridomyia, in Argentinean Patagonia, with description of F S soibelzoni n sp Diptera Ceratopogonidae Los subgeneros de Forcipomyia, Thyridomyia y Synthyridomyia, en la Patagonia argentina, con la descripcion de F S soibelzoni sp n Diptera Ceratopogonidae

Sendra, A.; Moreno, A., 2004:
The subgenus Campodea s str in the Iberian Peninsula Hexapoda Diplura Campodeidae El subgenero Campodea s str en la Peninsula Iberica Hexapoda Diplura Campodeidae

Moure, J.Santiago, 2002:
The subgenus Centris Aphemisia Ayala Complementary notes and description of a new species Hymenoptera, Apoidea O subgenero Centris Aphemisia Ayala Notas complementares e descricao de uma nova especie Hymenoptera, Apoidea

Moure, J.Santiago, 2002:
The subgenus Centris Schisthemisia Ayala complementary notes and description of a new species Hymenoptera, Apoidea O subgenero Centris Schisthemisia Ayala notas complementares e descricao de uma nova especies Hymenoptera, Apoidea

Eberl, Wolfgang., 1996:
The subgenus Chromaphyosemion Die Untergattung Chromaphyosemion

Borowski, Jerzy., 1995:
The subgenus Coleostethus Leconte Coleoptera Anobiidae in the Bialowieza Primeval Forest Podrodzaj Coleostethus Leconte Coleoptera Anobiidae w Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Marino, P.I.; Spinelli, G.R., 2001:
The subgenus Forcipomya Euprojoannisia from Patagonia Diptera Ceratopogonidae El subgenero Forcipomya Euprojoannisia en la Patagonia Diptera Ceratopogonidae

Durante, S.; Abrahamovich, A.H.; Lucia, M., 2006:
The subgenus Megachile Dasymegachile Mitchell with special reference to the Argentine species Hymenoptera Megachilidae El subgenero Megachile Dasymegachile Mitchell con especial referencia a las especies Argentinas Hymenoptera Megachilidae

Devecis, J., 2004:
The subgenus Pachyprotaetia Miksic 1965 in Peninsular Malaysia Description of a new subspecies Le sous-genre Pachyprotaetia Miksic 1965 en Malaisie peninsulaire Description dune sous-espece nouvelle

Grundel, Joachim., 1991:
The subgenus Scalaspira Vagantospira Tembrock 1968 Gastropoda in Oligocene layers of the North Sea basin Die Untergattung Scalaspira Vagantospira Tembrock 1968 Gastropoda im Oligozan des Nordsee-Beckens

Coscaron, S.; Py-Daniel, V.; Coscaron-Arias, CL., 1994:
The subgenus Simulium Psilopelmia Enderlein in South America Simuliidae, Diptera, Insecta El subgenero Simulium Psilopelmia Enderlein en Sudamerica Simuliidae, Diptera, Insecta

Toribio, M.; Ortuno, V.M., 2005:
The subgenus Trichodromius Bedel, 1907, in the Iberian peninsula Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini El subgenero Trichodromius Bedel, 1907, en la peninsula Iberica Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini

Sanchez Sobrino, M.; Tolosa Sanchez, L., 2004:
The subgenus Uragrilus Semenov, 1935 in the Iberian Peninsula Coleoptera Buprestidae El subgenero Uragrilus Semenov, 1935 en la Peninsula Iberica Coleoptera Buprestidae

Outerelo, R.; Gamarra, P., 1996:
The subgenus and species Anthrenus Anthrenops coloratus Reitter, 1881 news records in the Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands Coleoptera Dermestidae Anthrenus Anthrenops coloratus Reitter, 1881 subgenero y especie, citas nuevas para la Peninsula Iberica e Islas Canarias Coleoptera Dermestidae

Nothdurft, W.; Garnweidner, S., 2004:
The subject of raven feeding tameness - an important contribution to the origins of this behaviour Zum Thema Futterzahme Kolkraben - ein wichtiger Nachtrag zu den Urspruengen dieses Verhaltens

Belmonte, G.; Constantini, A.; Moscatello, S.; Denitto, F.; Shkurtaj, B., 2006:
The submarine caves of the Karaburun Peninsula Albania preliminary data Le grotte sommerse della penisola del Karaburun Albania primi dati

de Barros Machado, AA.; Crawford-Cabral, J., 1999:
The subspecies of Cercopithecus mitis Wolf, 1922 Primates, Cercopithecidae from Angola As subespecies de Cercopithecus mitis Wolf, 1922 Primates, Cercopithecidae existentes em Angola

Lehr, E.; Fritz, U.; Obst, F.J.rgen., 1998:
The subspecies of Cuora galbinifrons Bourret, 1939 Reptilia Testudines Bataguridae Die Unterarten von Cuora galbinifrons Bourret, 1939 Reptilia Testudines Bataguridae

Fernandez Velasquez, A.; Berovides, V., 1995:
The subspecies of Polymita muscarum in Holguin Gastropoda Helminthoglyphidae Las subespecies de Polymita muscarum en Holguin Gastropoda Helminthoglyptidae

Knight, R., 1990:
The subspecies of the Megalacron tabarensis Rensch, 1933 group of shells

Grieshuber, Josef., 1996:
The subspecific division of Colias nina Fawcett and description of a new subspecies Lepidoptera Pieridae Die subspezifische Gliederung von Colias nina Fawcett und Beschreibung einer neuen Unterart Lepidoptera Pieridae

Piloni, Gabriel., 2004:
The subspecific identity of Zonotrichia capensis PLS Muller in the Republica Oriental del Uruguay Aves, Emberizinae La identidad subespecifica de Zonotrichia capensis PLS Muller en la Republica Oriental del Uruguay Aves, Emberizinae

Spasskaya, LP.; Spasskii, YuA., 1974:
The substitution and reinforcement of the function of fixation in Echinorhynchotaenia Cestoda Cyclophyelidea

Martin, P.; Speth, S., 1996:
The substrate-specific distribution of water mites Hydrachnidia, Acari in two streams of the North German Lowland Osterau und Rodenbek, Schleswig-Holstein Die substratspezifische Verteilung der Hydrachnidia Acari zweier Bache in jungglazialen Sandergebieten Schleswig-Holsteins Osterau und Rodenbek

Brehier, Franck., 1998:
The subterranean fauna of the Grands Causses Regional Nature Reserve La faune souterraine du Parc Naturel regional des Grands Causses

Carabajal Marquez, E.; Garcia Carillo, J.; Rodriguez Fernandez, F., 1996:
The subterranean habitat the adaptations of terrestrial invertebrates El medio subterraneao adaptaciones de los invertebrados terrestres

Schuett, Hartwig., 2000:
The subterranean molluscs of the Ombla Spring Die hoehlenmollusken der Ombla-Quelle

de Araujo, M.E.isabeth; Guimaraes de Paiva, A.C.rla; Bicudo Cesar, F. da Silva, J.C., 2004:
The subtle morphological diagnosis between the sympatric species Stegastes fuscus and S variabilis Actinopterygii Pomacentridae A sutil diagnose morfologica entre as especies simpatricas Stegastes fuscus e S variabilis Actinopterygii Pomacentridae

Kuska, Antoni., 1998:
The succesion of the weevils Coleoptera Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae of Laki na Kopcach ecological ground in Cieszyn Sukcesja ryjkowcow Coleoptera Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae uzytku ekologicznego Laki na Kopcach w Cieszynie

Schonfeld, Manfred., 2000:
The success of the Worlitz black swans Die Erfolge der Worlitzer Schwarzschwane

Gadeyne, Eddy. , 1997:
The success story and recovery of a monument past present and future of the Californian condor Part 1 Then and now Het succesverhaal en de recovery van een monument verleden, heden en toekomst van de Californische Condor Deel 1 vroeger en nu

Reisinger, Manfred., 2006:
The successful and continued care and breeding of the Mexican beaded lizard Heloderma horridum exasperatum Die erfolgreiche und kontinuierliche Haltung und Nachzucht der Skorpions-Krustenechse Heloderma horridum exasperatum

Kaal, Peter WJ., 1994:
The successful breeding of Tangara punctata Die gelungene Zucht der Fleckentangare Tangara punctata

Furrer, Samuel., 2004:
The successful breeding of the Mexican beaded lizard Heloderma horridum exasperatum in Zuerich Zoo, Switzerland Die erfolgreiche Nachzucht der Skorpionskrustenechse Heloderma horridum exasperatum im Zoo Zuerich, Schweiz

Kost, L.; Zima, J., 2002:
The successful breeding of the wrinkled hornbill Aceros corrugatus at the Usti nad labem ZOO Uspesny odchov zoborozce cernohlaveho Aceros corrugatus v ZOO Usti nad Labem

Landa, I.J.n.; Nyariova, Z., 2004:
The successful breeding of violet turaco Musophaga violacea at the Usti n L Zoo Uspesny odchov turaka fialoveho Musophaga violacea v zoo usti nad Labem

Horak, Petr., 1998:
The successful nesting of imperial eagle Aquila heliaca in Moravia Czech Republic Uspesne hnizdeni orla kralovskeho Aquila heliaca na Morave

Spasski, A.A., 1953:
The succession of generations in cestodes

Majlath, I.; Smajda, B.; Mester, M.; Mizura, J.; Fekiac, V., 2000:
The succession of steppe and forest-steppe biotops and its influence on the density and activity of green lizard Lacerta viridis on south hillsides of the Zadiel Plain and castle-hill of Turna Sukcesia stepnch a lesostepnych biotopov a jej mozny vplyv na denzitu a aktivitiu jasterice zelenej Lacerta viridis na juzne exponovanych stranach zadielskej planiny a turnianskeho hradneho vrchu

Fedorov, K., 1952:
The succession of the acquired features in mice

Schroder, Thomas., 1999:
The succession of zooplankton in different backwaters of the Lower Oder Valley floodplains after spring inundation Die Sukzession des Zooplanktons in verschiedenen Altwassern des Unteren Odertals nach dem Fruhjahrshochwasser

Pajot, Francois-Xavier., 2000:
The sucking lice Insecta, Anoplura of the Afrotropical region Les poux Insecta, Anoplura de la region afrotropicale

Messner, B.; Adis, J., 2000:
The sucking lice Echinophthiriinae and Antarctophthirinae Anoplura are no plastron respirers Die Robbenlaeuse Echinophthiriinae und Antarctophthirinae Anoplura sind keine Plastronatmer

Kuppler, Oliver., 2001:
The suffocation of a white stork caused by a grass snake Weissstorch-Nestling erstickt an Ringelnatter

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The suitability of Bembidion litorale Coleoptera, Carabidae as an environmental indicator of lotic water renaturalizations in Westphalia Ueber die Eignung von Bembidion litorale Coleoptera, Carabidae als Zielart fuer Fliessgewaesserrenaturierungen in Westfalen

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The suitability of Hipparchia semele L Lepidoptera as a target species in conservation management Zur Eignung von Hipparchia semele L Lepidoptera als Zielart im Naturschutz-Management

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The suitability of ladybirds Coccinellidae as biodescriptors indicators, target groups for landscape planning and environmental analyses in Germany Zur Eignung der Marienkaefer Coccinellidae als Biodeskriptoren Indikatoren, Zeigergruppe fuer Landschaftsplanung und UVP in Deutschland

Wirooks, L., 2006:
The suitability of light-trapping methods Lepidoptera, Macroheterocera Zum Flaechenbezug von Lichtfangartenspektren Lepidoptera, Macroheterocera

Borner, D.; Quade, S.; Herzog, S., 1999:
The suitability of selected tree and shrub species as browse for red deer Cervus elaphus L in respect to site conditions in the East Ore Mountains Die Eignung ausgewahlter Baum- und Straucharten als Verbissgeholze fur Rotwild Cervus elaphus L unter den standortlichen Bedingungen des Osterzgebirges

Handschuh, Markus., 2004:
The suitability of young forest stands on former wind-throw areas in the northern Black Forest as habitat for the hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia a comparison with forest stands in the southern Vosges Mountains Zur Eignung von Jungwaeldern auf ehemaligen Sturmwurfflaechen im Nordschwarzwald als Lebensraum fuer das Haselhuhn Bonasa bonasia - ein Vergleich mit besiedelten Jungwaeldern der suedlichen Vogesen

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The sulphur crested cockatoo in Sulawesi Der Gelbwangenkakadu auf Sulawesi

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The summer avifauna of Kulund

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The summer bird community in an agroforestal system in northern Morocco preliminary analysis in relation to the land La comunidad ornitica estival en un sistema agroforestal del norte de Marruecos analisis preliminar a escala del paisaje

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The summer bird population of selected areas in the Markelsheim area Der Sommervogelbestand auf ausgewahlten Flachen im Gemeindegebiet von Markelsheim

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The summer bird population of the eastern slope of the Erlenbach Valley Der Sommervogelbestand am Osthang des Erlenbachtals

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The summer diet of the goldfinch Carduelis carduelis Zur Sommernahrung des Stieglitzes Carduelis carduelis

Lilliendahl, K.; Solmundsson, J., 1998:
The summer diets of six Icelandic seabird species Faetha sex tegunda sjofugla vith Island ath sumarlagi

Brom, I.P., 1964:
The summer extermination of wolves

Zharkov, I.V., 1954:
The summer food of elk in Zhigulya

Ulrich, R., 2006:
The summer of the century in 2003 and the following year 2004 - two years of remarkable interest in respect to butterflies in the Saarland Der Jahrhundertsommer 2003 und das Folgejahr 2004 - zwei bemerkenswert interessante Jahre fuer Tagschmetterlinge im Saarland

Mustafaev, GT., 1975:
The summer population of birds in Great Baku

Mustafaev, GT., 1975:
The summer population of birds of the town Kirovabad

Ruszkowski, A.; Zadura, M.; Bilinski, M.; Gosek, J.; Kaczmarska, K.; Wojdaszka, J., 1997:
The summer standard of the composition of bumblebee species Bombus Latr on different plant species Letni wzorzec skladu gatunkowego trzmieli Bombus Latr na roznych roslinach

Buschenreiter, Kurt., 1998:
The summer stay of a crane Grus grus in Carinthia Ubersommerung eines Kranichs Grus grus in Karnten

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The sun spider Galeodes orientalis observations on behaviour and life habit Die Walzenspinne Galeodes orientalis Beobachtungen uber Verhalten und Lebensweise

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The sunfishes Centrarchidae of North America Blue and spotted sun fish Die Sonnenbarsch Centrarchidae Nordamerikas Blaukiemen- und Gepunkteter Sonnenbarsch

Hiiesaar, K.; Muljar, R.; Metspalu, L.; Jogar, K., 2005:
The supercooling points of flea beetles Phyllotreta undulata Coleoptera, Halticinae in different physiological stage Hariliku maakirbu Phyllotrete undulata Coleoptera, Halticinae mardikate allajahtumisvoime soltuvalt nende fusioloogilisest seisundist

Pesqueira, R.; Ondina, P.; Hermida, J., 2002:
The superfamily Helicoidea Rafinesque, 1815 Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Stylommatophora in province of Lugo NW of Spain La superfamilia Helicoidea Rafinesque, 1815 Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Stylommatophora en la provincia de Lugo noroeste de Espana

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The superfamily Limacoidea Mollusca Pulmonata in Cuba La superfamilia Limacoidea Mollusca Pulmonata en Cuba

Penas, A.; Rolan, E., 2002:
The superfamily Pyramidelloidea Gray, 1840 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Heterostropha in West Africa 10 Addenda 2 La superfamilia Pyramidelloidea Gray, 1840 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Heterostropha en Africa Occidental 10 Addenda 2

Penas, A.; Rolan, E., 2001:
The superfamily Pyramidelloidea Gray, 1840 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Heterostropha in West Africa 8 The genera Bacteridium and Anisocycla La superfamilia Pyramidelloidea Gray, 1840 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Heterostropha en Africa Occidental 8 Los generos Bacteridium y Anisocycla

Faucheux, M.J., 2006:
The superorder Amphiesmenoptera Trichoptera + Lepidoptera arguments provided by the study of sensilla placodea of Micropterix calthella L Lepidoptera Zeugloptera Micropterigidae Le super-ordre des Amphiesmenoptera Trichoptera + Lepidoptera arguments apportes par 1etude des sensilles placoidesde Micropterix calthella L Lepidoptera Zeugloptera Micropterigidae

Hoeg, JT.; Lutzen, J., 1996 :
The superorder Rhizocephala F Muller, 1862 Super-ordre des Rhizocephales Rhizocephala F Muller, 1862

Alcover, J.A.toni.; Bover, P.; Escandell,; Lopez-Gari, J.; Marlasca, R.; Ramis, D., 2004:
The superpredators of the Pleistocene fauna of Menorca and Formentera Els superdepredadors de la fauna pleistocenica de Menorca i Formentera

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The superspecies Lanius excubitor in the Western Palaearctic Die Superspezies Raubwuerger Lanius excubitor in der Westpalaearktis

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The supposed Brazilian record of Grallaria guatimalensis roraimae Chubb, 1921 O registro supostamente brasileiro de Grallaria guatimalensis roraimae Chubb, 1921

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The supposed female of Chlamydodera lauterbachi

Sprick, P., 2005:
The supposed use of insect killer lamps Zum vermeintlichen Nutzen von Insektenkillerlampen

Courant, F.; Marchand, D., 2000:
The supra-occipital bone in cetaceans and burrowing rodents Morphological convergence induced by the post-cephalic pole? Le supra-occipital des cetaces et des rongeurs fouisseurs Une convergence morphologique induite par le pole post-cephalique?

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The suprabenthos of Catalan beaches, a richness of biodiversity El suprabenthos de les platges catalanes, un raco de biodiversitat

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The suprafamily Pentatomoidea Insecta, Heteroptera in Cheile Runcului Nature Reserve Alba county, Romania Suprafamilia Pentatomoidea Insecta, Heteroptera in zona rezervatiei Cheile Runcului Jud Alba, Romania

Beldean, P., 2004 :
The suprafamily Pentatomoidea Insecta, Heteroptera in the environs of Buru locality Cluj county, Romania Suprafamilia Pentatomoidea Insecta, Heteroptera in imprejurimile localitatii Buru Jud Cluj, Romania

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The surf scoter Vitnackad svarta

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The surface activity of beetles in a northern English wood

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The surprising Canary Islands Yllatykelliset Kanarian saaret

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The survey of freshwater molluscs in Salzburg State Austria Kartierung von Susswassermollusken im Bundesland Salzburg Osterreich

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The survey of ornithofauna of Jerma River Gorge Pregled faune ptica klisure reke Jerme

Chevin, Henri. de Flaugergues, Frederic., 2002:
The survey of the Symphyta Hymenoptera in the area of Drome des collines SE France Inventaire des Hymenopteres Symphytes de la Drome des collines

Brenner, G.; Tannert, R.; Vetter, F., 2004:
The survey of the insect fauna of the Nuremburg Forest along the track of a gas pipeline between Buchenbuehl and Motorway A 3 from 1995 - 2003 Erfassung der Insektenfauna im Nuernberger Reichswald Gastrasse zwischen Buchenbuehl und Autobahn A 3 von 1995 - 2003

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The survival of Barents Sea nematodes of fish under various conditions

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The survival of adolescaria of the giantliver fluke in the winter period

Hadjisterkotis, E., 1999:
The survival of captive-bred chukar Alectoris chukar cypriotes, released for restocking in Cyprus Uberlebenschancen von in Gefangenschaft aufgezogenen und zur Bestandsaufstockung ausgewilderten Chukarhuhnern Alectoris chukar cypriotes

Flottmann, H., 2003:
The survival of the European tree frog Hyla a arborea L, 1758 in the central Upper Rhine area - information on a successful reintroduction to the Saarland Zum Ueberleben des Europaeischen Laubfrosches Hyla a arborea L, 1758 in der mittleren Oberrheinebene - Erkentnisse fuer eine erfolgreiche Wiederansiedlung im Saarland

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The survival of the piranha Serrasalmus spilopleura Characidae without pectoral fins Piranha Serrasalmus spilopleura Characidae sobrevivendo sem nadadeiras peitorais

Martens, B.; Stephan, T., 1997:
The survival probability of sand lizard populations Lacerta agilis L, 1758 Die Uberlebenswahrscheinlichkeit von Zauneidechsenpopulationen Lacerta agilis L, 1758

Nobime, G.; Sinsin, B., 2003:
The survival strategies of the red-bellied guenon Cercopithecus erythrogaster erythrogaster in the classified forest of Lam in Benin Les strategies de survie du singe a ventre rouge Cercopithecus erythrogaster erythrogaster dans la foret classee de la Lam au Benin

Scott, J.A., 1928:
The susceptibility and resistance of various animals to Ancylostoma caninum

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The susceptibility of Alveonasus lahorensis ticks to Bacillus shurigiesis Berliner

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The susceptibility of Carpocapsa gromonella L to various strains of the fungus Beaureria bassiana Ball Vuill in connection with its quality of forming crystals

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The susceptibility of Lymnaea columella Say, 1817 to the infection with Fasciola hepatica L, 1758 Suscetibilidade de Lymnaea columella Say, 1817 a infeccao por Fasciola hepatica L, 1758

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The susceptibility of different developmental stages of intestinal rabbit coccidia affected by nitrofurazone treatment Morphology and physiology of protozoa

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The susceptibility of nine soybean varieties to Spodoptera littoralis infestation

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The susceptibility of some wild and cultivated forms of Solanaceae to the nematode Meloidogyne incognita

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The susceptibility of wild birds to the Japanese encephalitis virus

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The suspended posture during copulation of Amblytropidia australis Bruner Acrididae Postura colgante durante la copula en Amblytropidia australis Bruner Acrididae

Palmqvist, P.; Oloriz, F.; Perez Claros, JA., 2001:
The suture complexity of ammonites of the Late Jurassic morphostructural and ecological constraints La complejidad sutural en ammonites del Jurasico tarde restricciones morfoestructurales y marco ecologico

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The swallow Hirundo rustica 1st edition Die Rauchschwalbe Hirundo rustica 1 Auflage

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The swallow summer in Hagen Schwalbensommer in Hagen

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The swallow, a victim of an unblemished countryside De boerenzwaluw slachtoffer van een smetteloos platteland

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The swallow-tailed gull as a nocturnal ship follower near the Galapagos Islands Gabelschwanzmowen bei den Galapagos als nachtliche Schiffsbegleiter

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The swallow A universal system for reporting bird sightings Svalan Allmant rapportsystem for faglar

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The swallows of Singraven De zwaluwen van Singraven

Veling, Kars., 2005:
The swallowtail butterfly a bad season in 2004 Koninginnenpage slecht seizoen in 2004

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The swamp turtle Emys orbicularis hellenica on Samos Die Europaische Sumpfschildkrote Emys orbicularis hellenica auf Samos

Bringsoe, H., 2004:
The swamp turtle Emys orbicularis hellenica in the Strofilia forest on the Peloponnese Europaeisk sumpskildpadde Emys orbicularis hellenica i Strofiliaskoven pa Peloponnes

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The swan mussel and the small pond mussel in Upper Franconia Schwanenmuschel und Kleine Teichmuschel in Oberfranken

Kretzschmar, Friedrich., 1997:
The swarming behaviour of bats at caves and galleries in the Freiburg district Zum Schwarmverhalten von Fledermausen vor Hohlen und Stollen im Regierungsbezirk Freiburg

Wanat, M., 2004:
The swarming in Sphenophorus striatopunctatus Goeze, 1777 and Notaris granulipennis Tournier, 1874 Coleoptera Curculionidae Zjawisko rojki u Sphenophorus striatopunctatus Goeze, 1777 i Notaris granulipennis Tournier 1874 Coleoptera Curculionidae

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The swee waxbill Estrilda melanotis Temminck, 1823 A astrilda-face-negra Estrilda melanotis Temminck, 1823

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The swift Apus apus in Berlin habitat-specific densities and numbers in 2002 Mauersegler Apus apus in Berlin Lebensraumtypische Dichten und Bestand 2002

Schonert, Peter., 2004:
The swift Apus apus in the old district of Luckau Der Mauersegler Apus apus im Altkreis Luckau

Boerner, Jens., 2001:
The swift Apus apus Der Mauersegler Apus apus

Kaiser, Erich., 2003:
The swift - bird of the year 2003 fascinating research on a house bird Mauersegler-Vogel des Jahres 2003 Faszinierende Forschung an einem Hausvogel

Kuprian, Anneliese., 2004:
The swift Apus apus in Bad Arolsen 2003 Mauersegler Apus apus in Bad Arolsen 2003

Erritzoe, Johannes., 2002:
The swift Apus apus with asymmetrically formed wing and tail feathers Mauersegler Apus apus mit asymmetrisch wachsenden Fluegel- und Schwanzfedern

Asmus, Joerg., 2004:
The swift parrot - lory or parrot? Der Schwalbensittich - Lori oder Sittich?

Mourmans-Leinders, Marjos., 1994:
The swift part 2 De gierzwaluw deel 2

Collet, Filip., 2003:
The swift, aerial acrobat of the town De gierzwaluw luchtacrobaat van de stad

Ludwig, Hans., 2004:
The swift, bird of the year 2003 Der Mauersegler, Vogel des Jahres 2003

Grad, Joachim., 1997:
The swimming artist - Teleocichla proselytus Schwimmkunstler - Teleocichla proselytus

Souto, F.J.B.zerra; Marques, J.G.raldo Wanderley, 2006:
The swimming crab works hard A comprehensive ethnoecological approach to traditional fishing pratices of a crustacean assembly in the mangrove of Acupe, Santo Amaro, Bahia, Brazil O siri labuta muito Uma abordagem etnoecologica abrangente da pesca de uma assembleia de crustaceos no manguezal de Acupe, Santo Amaro, Bahia, Brasil

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The swordtail Xiphophorus helleri complex Die Schwerttraeger des Xiphophorus-helleri-Komplexes

Dvorak, P.; Elias, J., 1999:
The swordtail Xiphophorus helleri Mecovka mexicka Xiphophorus helleri

Hoffmann, Hans-Jurgen., 1997:
The sycamore lace bug Corythucha ciliata Say continues to spread Heteroptera Tingidae Die Platanen-Gitterwanze Corytucha ciliata Say weiter auf dem Vormarsch Heteroptera Tingidae

Burghardt, Gerhard., 1999:
The sycamore lace bug Corythucha ciliata Say, 1872 reaches Hesse Die Platanen-Netzwanze Corythucha ciliata Say, 1872 erreicht Hessen

Musco, L.; Cavallo, A.; Giangrande, A., 2004:
The syllids Annelida, Polychaeta of the Brindisi coast possibility of their capture as indicators of environmental quality I sillidi Annelida, Polychaeta del litorale brindisino possibilita di un loro impiego come indicatori di qualita dellambiente

Tremblay, E., 1998:
The symbiotic relationships in entomology an anthropomorphic view I rapporti simbiotici in entomologia divagazioni antropomorfiche

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The symposium Ecological parasitology in the programme - Man and the biosphere Warsaw, 6-8 March 1975

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The synanthropic potential of Kerteszia and Culex mosquitoes Diptera Culicidae in southeastern Brazil Potencial sinantropico de mosquitos Kerteszia e Culex Diptera Culicidae no sudeste do Brasil

Aros, B.; Vigh, B.; Vigh-Teichmann, I., 1975:
The synapse of the subpharyngeal ganglion in the earthworm Lumbricus terrestris

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