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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38820

Chapter 38820 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Edelman, N.M., 1968:
The utilization of antigens in applied entomology

Fedosova, EE.; Soroka, VR., 1972:
The utilization of copper by pig-infesting Ascaridia in its chemical composition

Bosch, F., 1997:
The utilization of habitat by roe deer Capreolus capreolus Linne, 1758 and fallow deer Cervus dama Linne, 1758 in the recreation area Kottenforst near Bonn Die Nutzung des Lebensraumes durch Reh Capreolus capreolus Linne, 1758 und Damhirsch Cervus dama Linne, 1758 im Naherholungsgebiet Kottenforst bei Bonn

Zhdanov, Y.A., 1955:
The utilization of the biochemical concentration of elements

Pussieldi Bastos, L.; Abilhao, V., 2004:
The utilization of the index of biotic integrity for evaluation of water quality a study case for urban streams of Belem River Basin, Curitiba, Parana A utilizacao do indice de integridade biotica para avaliacao da qualidade de Agua um estudo de caso para riachos urbanos da Bacia Hidrografica do Rio Belem, Curitiba, Parana

Genov, PW.; Massei, G.; Kostova, W., 1994:
The utilization of wild boar Sus scrofa L in Europe in theory and practice Die Nutzung des Wildschweins Sus scrofa in Europa in Theorie und Praxis

Malinovský, L.; Navrátilová, E., 1990:
The v. portae of the domestic cat and variability of its tributaries

Olsvik, Hans., 1997:
The vagrant emperor Hemianax ephippiger in Norway, and possible first sightings of hawker dragonflies Aeshna serrata Trekkoyenstikker Hemianax ephippiger i Norge, og mulige forste-observasjoner av takroroyenstikker Aeshna serrata

Zhao, E., 1990:
The validity of Elaphe perlacea, a rare endemic snake from Sichuan Province, China

Langone, J.A., 2006:
The validity of Melanophryniscus moreirae massarti Cochran, 1948 Anura, Bufonidae Sobre la validez de Melanophryniscus moreirae massarti Cochran, 1948 Anura, Bufonidae

Fu, J.; Zhao, E., 1990:
The validity of Sacalia quadriocellata

Lampert, L.; Queguiner, B.; Loyer, S.; Labasque, T.; Marie, D., 2001:
The validity of pigment fingerprints use for determining and quantifying algal groups on the French Atlantic continental shelf Validation de lutilisation des pigments phytoplanctoniques pour la determination et la quantification des groupes algaux sur le plateau continental atlantique francais

Lehrer, Andy Z., 1995:
The validity of the species Sarcophaga dux Thomson and Sarcophaga exuberans Pandelle, with description of a new African species of the genus Liosarcophaga Enderlein Diptera, Sarcophagidae Sur la validite des especes Sarcophaga dux Thomson et Sarcophaga exuberans Pandelle, avec la description dune nouvelle espece Africaine du genre Liosarcophaga Enderlein Diptera, Sarcophagidae

Prost, M.; Chevin, H., 1995:
The valley of a thousand butterflies Seasonal entomology at Combe Saint-Joseph 2nd part the sawflies La combe aux mille papillons Entomologie au fil des saisons a la Combe Saint-Joseph 2eme partie les tenthredes

Prost, Monique., 1996:
The valley of butterflies Seasonal entomology in the valley of Saint-Joseph 3rd part orthopteroids, neuropterans and mecopterans La combe aux mille papillons Entomologie au fil des saisons a la combe Saint-Joseph 3eme partie orthopteroides, nevropteres et mecopteres

Coelln, K.; Esser, J.; Jakubzik, A., 2003:
The valley of the Kyll near Gerolstein Eifel - a refuge for thermophilic wasps and bees Hymenoptera Aculeata Das Kylltal bei Gerolstein Eifel als Refugium waermeliebender Stechimmen Hymenoptera Aculeata

Rabesihanaka, S., 2004:
The valorization of wildlife in Madagascar La valorisation de la faune sauvage a Madagascar

Burczak-Abramowicz, NI.; Solowiow, BL., 1998:
The valuable nature area of the Amtkel catchment - in Western Georgia Cenny przyrodniczo obszar dorzecza Amtkelu w zachodniej Gruzji

Meyer, Karl-Otto., 2001:
The value and evaluation of natural history collections Wert und Bewertung naturkundlicher Sammlungen

Okolow, C., 2002:
The value of Bialowieza National Park for the development of biological sciences Znaczenie Bialowieskiego Parku Narodowego dla badan naukowych

Daud, R.D.masco; Fazzio Feres,, 2004:
The value of Mabea fistulifera Mart Euphorbiaceae, indigenous plant from Brazil, as reservoir for the predator Euseius citrifolius Denmark Muma Acari, Phytoseiidae O valor de Mabea fistulifera Mart Euphorbiaceae, planta nativa do Brasil, como reservatorio para o predador Euseius citrifolius Denmark Muma Acari, Phytoseiidae

Gepp, Johannes., 1999:
The value of Neuroptera Neuropterida as bio-indicator taxa Suitability as a model-group, choice of methods, examples and discussion of possible questions Neuropteren als Indikatoren der Naturraumbewertung Eignung als Modellgruppe, Methodenwahl, Fallbeispiele sowie Diskussion moglicher Fragestellungen Neuropterida

Lindt, II., 1972:
The value of Stethorus punctillum Weise Coccinellidae as a useful predator on wheat in Tadzhikistan

Paez, Vivian P., 2004:
The value of biological collections El valor de las colecciones biologicas

Brichetti, P.; Gariboldi, A., 1997:
The value of breeding species Un valore per le specie nidificanti

Lehnert, O.; Nowlan, G.S.; Lee, C., 2004:
The value of conodonts in clasts research an example from the Tertiary successions of NE Ellesmere Island Canadian Arctic Archipelago Die Bedeutung der Conodontenstratigraphie in der Klastenforschung am Beispiel der Tertiaerabfolgen von Ellesmere Island kanadische Arktis

Plachter, Harald., 1994:
The value of entomology in conservation Zum Stellenwert der Entomologie im Naturschutz

Folz, H., 2005:
The value of protecting the Mainz Plateau Zur Schutzwuerdigkeit des Mainzer Plateaus

Genaro, JA., 1995:
The value of reference specimens in our investigations El valor de los especimenes de referencia en nuestras investigaciones

Rodrigues, D.J.; Fabiao, A.M.; Tenreiro, P.J., 1996:
The value of refuge areas for rail ecology and management the moorhen Gallinula chloropus example Importancia das zonas de refugio na ecologia e no ordenamento de ralideos o exemplo da galinha-dagua Gallinula chloropus

Cale, P., 1990:
The value of road reserves to the avifauna of the central wheatbelt of Western Australia

Lille, Rolf., 1996:
The value of set-aside to the bird fauna of the agricultural landscape a study on the feeding ecology of the yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella Zur Bedeutung von Bracheflachen fur die Avifauna der Agrarlandschaft eine nahrungsokologische Studie an der Goldammer Emberiza citrinella

Solheim, Roar., 2000:
The value of skins and bones in museum collections Verdien av skinn og bein i museale magasiner

Dinetti, M., 2004:
The value of urban environments in maintaining biodiversity and avifauna Il valore delle aree urbane per la conservazione della biodiversita e dellavifauna

da Silva, DA.; Piccinini, RS.; Faccini, JLH., 1997:
The vampire bats as parasites Os morcegos hematofagos como parasitas

Klokov, VK., 1973:
The variability in measurements and weight indices of the northern Okhotsk coast salmon

Schneidewind, Frank., 2002:
The variability of Holacanthus ciliaris Zur Variabilitaet von Holacanthus ciliaris

Szybiak, Krystyna., 1997:
The variability of Macrogastra plicatula Draparnaud, 1801 Clausiliidae, Gastropoda Zmiennosc swidrzyka lesnego Macrogastra plicatula Draparnaud, 1801 Clausiliidae, Gastropoda

Schindler, Ingo., 1997:
The variability of body size of representatives of the Cichlasoma genus from the Orinoco river system Variabilitaet der Koerperhoehe von Vetretern der Gattung Cichlasoma aus dem Orinoco-Flusssystem

Shevtsova, TM.; Nekhayeva, TI., 1990:
The variability of head and rostrum length in the bream Abramis brama L and vimba Vimba vimba L from various water bodies within the distribution range

Kovalev, A.V. ., 1969:
The variability of some planktonic Copepoda Crustacea in the seas of the Mediterranean basin

Roesler, Herbert., 1998:
The variability of the pholidosis and life habit of Cyrtopodion kotschyi bibroni Beutler Gruber, 1977 Sauria Gekkonidae Zur Variabilitaet der Beschuppung und Lebensweise von Cyrtopodion kotschyi bibroni Beutler Gruber, 1977 Sauria Gekkonidae

Konigstedt, D.G.; Lieske, V., 1998:
The variability of the tail colour of juvenile common kestrels Falco tinnunculus Die Variabilitat der Schwanzfarbung junger Turmfalken Falco tinnunculus

Kelen, Balazs., 1998:
The variation according to weather conditions in the food of the long-eared owl Asio otus Az erdei fulesbaglyok Asio otus taplalekosszetetelenek idojarasfuggese

Holmgren, K., 2007:
The variation in fish fauna within and between lakes of varying character Fiskfaunans variation inom och mellan sjoar av olika karaktar

Polezhaev, L.V., 1956:
The variation in the regenerative capacity of animals

Lihachev, G.N., 1967:
The variation in weight of the Common dormouse in the course of a year

Burlacu, G.; Erhan, E.; Nastasescu, G.; Baltac, M.; Nersesian-Vasiliu, C.; Corcn, M., 1967:
The variation of total chemical composition and of the energy metabolism in the silkworm Bombyx mori L during metamorphosis

Yilmaz, O.; Konar, V.; Celik, S., 1996:
The variation of total lipid and fatty acid content of Capoeta capoeta umbla Heckel, 1843 in Elazig Hazar Lake Elazig Hazar golundeki Capoeta capoeta umbla Heckel, 1843nin siraz total lipit ve yag asidi miktarinin aylara ve mevsimlere gore degisimi

Yurga, L.; Koray, T.; Basaran-Kaymakci, A.; Egemen, O., 2005:
The variations in microplanktonic species diversity and TRIX indexes in a sea cage fish farming locality Deniz Yetistiriciligi Yapilan Bir Bolgede Mikroplankton Tur Cesitliligi ve TRIX Indekslerinde Olusan Degisimler

Donmez, A.; Erdem; Kalay, M.; Ozkan, F.; Koyuncu, C.; Erkin, 2006:
The variations in the some blood parameters caused by therapeutic concentration of FMC and malachite green in Oreochromis niloticus L, 1758 FMC ve Malasit Yesili Sagaltim Dozlarinin Oreochromis niloticus L, 1758un Bazi Kan Parametrelerinde Meydana Getirdigi Degisimler

Pospischil, Reiner., 2001:
The varied carpet beetle Der Wollkrautbluetenkaefer

Midtgaard, R., 2003:
The variegated lizard Varanus varius in the Eungella National Park in Queensland Australia Broget varan Varanus varius i Eungella-national-parken i Queensland Australien

Mosimann-Kampe, Paul., 2004:
The variety of grey ducks Die Maer vom grauen Entlein

Touitou, D.; Balleton, M., 2005:
The various archipelagoes Conidae de Polynesie

Pacheco, Jose Fernando., 2000:
The various connections between WE Leach and Brazilian Ornithology Sutis conexoes entre WE Leach e a ornitologia brasileira

Shtchedrina, Z.G., 1952:
The various forms of the foraminifera Rhabdammina abyesorutn Carpenter

E.Hedfi-Bel Haj Khelil, C., 2000:
The various nervous structures of Synisoma nadejda Rezig, 1989 Isopoda, Valvifera Les differentes structures nerveuses chez Synisoma nadejda Rezig, 1989 Isopode, Valvifere

Kolbe, W.; Dorn, K., 2000:
The various taxa of arthropods from the forests in Burgholz - a survey Die verschiedenen Taxa der Arthropoden aus den Waeldern im Burgholz - Uebersicht

Roos, H.; Herner, K.; Vollmerhaus, B., 1999:
The vasa pulmonalia of the goat Die Vasa pulmonalia der Hausziege

Zahner, M.; Wille, K-H., 1996:
The vascular system in the large intestine of dog Canis lupus f familiaris Das Blutgefasssystem des Enddarms vom Hund Canis lupus f familiaris

Kazadi, JM.; Kageruka, P.; Losson, B.; Torreele, G. de Deken, R.; Gnanvi, C., 1998:
The vectorial competence between Glossina palpalis palpalis, G p gambiensis and Glossina morsitans morsitans by a clone of Trypanosoma Nannomonas congolense IL 1180 Competence vectorielle des mouches de Glossina palpalis palpalis, G p gambiensis et Glossina morsitans morsitans vis-a-vis dun clone de Trypanosoma Nannomonas congolense IL 1180

Kazadi, JM.; Losson, B.; Kageruka, P., 2000:
The vectorial competence of the non-teneral tsetse flies of Glossina morsitans morsitans strain Mall infected by Trypanosoma Nannomonas congolense IL 1180 Competence vectorielle des mouches non tenerales de Glossina morsitans morsitans souche Mall infectees par Trypanosoma Nannomonas congolense IL 1180

Dujardin, J.-Pierre.; Schofield,; Panzera, F., 2000:
The vectors of Chagas disease Taxonomic, biological and genetic research Les vecteurs de la maladie de Chagas Recherches taxonomiques, biologiques et genetiques

Bernhardt, K-G.; Handke, K., 1994:
The vegetation and arthropod fauna of a large open pit Laerheide near Bad Laer Heteroptera, Coleoptera Ein Beitrag zur Vegetation und Arthropodenfauna einer grossen Abgrabungsflache Laerheide bei Bad Laer Heteroptera, Coleoptera

Brose, Ulrich., 1997:
The vegetation and grasshopper fauna of sandy field fallows in south east Brandenburg - a contribution to species protection in secondary arable land Vegetation und Heuschreckenfauna von Sandackerbrachen in Sudostbrandenburg - ein Beitrag zum Artenschutz auf Grenzertragsstandorten

Freundt, Sabine., 1997:
The vegetation of the former Reutberg area, Schwiegrube and its importance as habitat for the hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia Die Vegetation im ehemaligen Reutberggebiet Schwiegrube und ihre Bedeutung als Lebensraum fur das Haselhuhn Bonasa bonasia

Berthold, P.; Mohr, G.; Querner, U., 1997:
The veiled blackcap genetic basis, recent observations, and historical aspects of this melanistic form of the blackcap Sylvia atricapilla Die Schleiergrasmucke Genetische Grundlagen, rezente Beobachtungen und historische aspekte dieser melanistischen Form der Monchsgrasmucke Sylvia atricapilla

Neifert, A.V., 1968:
The velocity of filtration and the passage of food particles in Cardium edule

Toepfl, W., 2001:
The velvet ant Mutilla europaea Mutillidae as food parasite in Polistes biglumis Vespidae, Hymenoptera Die Ameisenwespe Mutilla europaea - Mutillidae Nahrungsschmarotzer bei Feldwespen Polistes biglumis - Vespidae Hymenoptera

L.C.scio, P.; Sforzi, A.; Boni Bartalucci, M., 1998:
The velvet ants of the Maremma Natural Park Tuscany, Italy Hymenoptera Aculeata Mutillidae I mutillidi del Parco Naturale della Maremma Hymenoptera Aculeata Mutillidae

Schoeters, E.; Billen, J., 1999:
The venom gland in social wasps Comparison with the gland of the honeybee and fat cells as possible source of venom precursor molecules La glande a venin chez les guepes sociales Comparaison avec la glande de labeille et les adipocytes comme source possible de molecules precurseurs dune partie du venin

Iorio, Etienne., 2004:
The venomous apparatus of chilopods mechanisms and pathologies Les appareils venimeux des Chilopodes mecanismes et pathologies

Zakharov, V.I., 1953:
The venomous skin glands in toads and production of secretion

Orlow, Nikolaj L., 1998:
The venomous snakes of the Vietnam mountain forests Part 2 family Viperidae Die Giftschlangen der vietnamesischen Bergwalder Teil 2 Familie Viperidae

Orlow, Nikolaj L., 1998:
The venomous snakes of the Vietnamese mountain forests Part 1 Family Elapidae Die Giftschlangen der vietnamesischen Bergwalder Teil 1 Familie Elapidae

David, P.; Ineich, I., 1999:
The venomous snakes of the world systematics and distribution Les serpents venimeux du monde systematique et repartition

Sedor, F.A.; Ferigolo, J., 2001:
The vertebral column of Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis Shikama Ozaki, 1966 from Irati Formation, Permian of Parana Basin, Brazil Proganosauria, Mesosauridae A coluna vertebral de Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis Shikama Ozaki, 1966 da Formacao, Irati, Permiano da Bacia do Parana Brasil Proganosauria, Mesosauridae

de Castro Fettuccia, D.; Simoes-Lopes, P.C.sar, 2004:
The vertebral morphology of the estuarine dolphin, Sotalia guianensis Cetacea, Delphinidae Morfologia da coluna vertebral do botocinza, Sotalia guianensis Cetacea, Delphinidae

D.P.tti, C.; Piccione, S., 2004:
The vertebrate collection from Cannitas cave Misilmeri, Palermo kept at GG Gemmellaro Geological Museum of Palermo La collezione vertebratologica della grotta della Cannita Misilmeri - PA conservata presso il museo geologico GG Gemmellaro di Palermo

Burgio, E.; Costanza, M., 1999:
The vertebrate collection from Luparellos cave La collezione vertebratologica della grotta di Luparello Palermo

Aubrecht, G., 2003:
The vertebrate collection of the Biology Centre Linz Austria - contributions to the history of collections and collectors Aus der Sammlung Wirbeltiere am Biologiezentrum Linz - Beitraege zur Geschichte von Sammlungen und Sammlern

Diedrich, C., 2003:
The vertebrate fauna from a bonebed excavation in the enodis/posseckeri zone of the Upper Muschelkalk Lower Ladinian, Middle Triassic of Lamerden NW Germany Die Wirbeltier-Fauna aus einer Bonebed-Prospektionsgrabung in der enodis/posseckeri-Zone des Oberen Muschelkalkes Unter-Ladin, Mitteltrias von Lamerden NW-Deutschland

Ginsburg, L.; Cheneval, J.; Janvier, P.; Pouit, D.; Sen, S., 2000:
The vertebrate fauna from the continental sands of Lower Orleanian MN 3 from Mauvieres to Marcilly-sur-Maulne Indre-et-Loire, from La Brosse to Meigne-le-Vicomte Maine-et-Loire and Chitenay Loir-et-Cher Les Vertebres des sables continentaux dage orleanien inferieur MN 3 de Mauvieres a Marcilly-sur-Maulne Indre-et-Loire, La Brosse a Meigne-le-Vicomte Maine-et-Loire et Chitenay Loir-et-Cher

Schoch, R.; Wild, R., 1999:
The vertebrate fauna in the keuper of South Germany Die Wirbeltier-Fauna im Keuper von Suddeutschland

Terzea, Elena., 2007:
The vertebrate fauna of Betfia-XII Bihor, Romania and chronological age Arvicolid study Rodentia Faune de vertebres de Betfia-XII Bihor, Roumanie et son age chronologique Etude des arvicolides Rodentia

Smith, T.; Smith, R.; Steurbaut, E., 1998:
The vertebrate fauna of Dormaal Belgium renewal, correlations and paleobiogeography Les faunes a vertebres de Dormaal Belgique renouvellement, correlations et paleobiogeographie

Recher, HF., 1974:
The vertebrate fauna of Sydney

Vargas Cademartori, C.; Machado, M., 2002:
The vertebrate fauna of a coastal marshland in a periurban area in south Brazil A fauna de vertebrados de um banhado costeiro em area periurbana no sul do Brasil

Michelis, I.; Sander, P.; Martin.; Metzdorf, R.; Breitkreuz, H., 1996:
The vertebrate fauna of the Callovian Central Jura from Stormer quarry Wallucke, Wiehengebirge Die Vertebratenfauna des Calloviums Mittlerer Jura aus dem Steinbruch Stormer Wallucke, Wiehengebirge

Seehuber, Uli., 1994:
The vertebrate fauna of the Miocene Randecker Maar Die miozane Wirbeltierfauna des Randecker Maares

Curry-Lindahl, K., 1958:
The vertebrate fauna of the Sarek mountains and the Padjelanta plain in Swedish Lapland

Pudil, M., 2003:
The vertebrate fauna of two sand-pits and one basalt-pit in Liberec region, north Bohemia Fauna obratlovcu dvou piskoven a jednoho cedicoveho lomu na Liberecku

Baut, J.-Paul.; Merle, D.; Sagne, C.; Hervet, S., 2003:
The vertebrate fossil sites of Vayres-sur-Essonne an important discovery for the history of the Stampian Sea Le gisement a vertebres fossiles de Vayres-sur-Essonne une decouverte importante pour lhistoire de la mer stampienne

Halasz, N., 1990:
The vertebrate olfactory system Chemical neuroanatomy, function and development

Sanchez Chillon, Begona., 2003:
The vertebrate palaeontological collection of the National Natural Sciences Museum CSIC La coleccion de Paleontologia de Vertebrados del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC

Alcala, L.; Sanchez Almazan, J., 1998:
The vertebrate paleontological collection of the Spanish Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC La coleccion de paleontologia de vertebrados del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC

Diedrich, Cajus., 2002:
The vertebrate track site Borgholzhausen Teutoburger Wald, NW Germany of the Oolith Member Lower Muschelkalk, Middle Triassic Die Wirbeltierfaehrtenfundstelle Borgholzhausen Teutoburger Wald, NW-Deutschland aus der Oolith-Zone Unterer Muschelkalk, Mitteltrias

Tauber, Adan A., 1999:
The vertebrates from the Santa Cruz Formation Lower-Middle Miocene in southeasternmost Patagonia and their palaeoecological significance Los vertebrados de la Formacion Santa Cruz Mioceno Inferior-Medio en el extremo sureste de la Patagonia y su significado paleoecologico

Guerin, C.; Mein, P.; Michaux, J., 2001:
The vertebrates of the Middle Turolian of Mount Luberon at Cucuron Vaucluse Les vertebres du Turolien moyen du Mont Luberon a Cucuron Vaucluse

Rybar, P., 1977:
The vertebrates of the state nature reserve East Bohemia

Simon, Ulrich., 2001:
The vertical and seasonal distribution of species from the Dromius group on Scots Pines Pinus sylvestris L Vertikalverteilung und Saisaonalitaet von Arten der Dromius-Gruppe an Waldkiefern Pinus sylvestris L

Franzen, Michael., 2001:
The vertical distribution of Carabus intricatus in the northern Calcareous Alps Coleoptera, Carabidae Zur Vertikalverbreitung von Carabus intricatus in den noerdlichen Kalkalpen Coleoptera, Carabidae

Irmler, Ulrich., 1998:
The vertical distribution of beetles Coleoptera in three forests of northern Germany Die vertikale Verteilung flugaktiver Kafer Coleoptera in drei Waldern Norddeutschlands

Heinrich, A.K., 1958:
The vertical distribution of copepods in the Kuroshiv current and the way they penetrate into the zone of mixing of subtropical and subarctic waters

Gao, S., 1990:
The vertical distribution of the Medusae, Pteropoda, Heteropoda and Thaliacea in the East China Sea

Vinogradov, ME.; Voronina, NM., 1974:
The vertical distribution of the plankton biomass in the area of the south Sandwich Trench

Munch, Hans., 1998:
The vertical distribution of the yellow-bellied toad Bombina v variegata in the Thuringian Forest and its foothills Zur Vertikalverbreitung der Gelbbauchunke Bombina v variegata Amphibia, Anura, Discoglossidae im Thuringer Wald und seinem Vorland

Nezdolij, VK., 1974:
The vertical migration of young fish in River Ili abouve the Kapchagaiskoe Reservoir

Unfer, G.; Zitek, A., 2000:
The vertical slot fish ladder An aid for fish migration in spatially confined conditions Der Vertical-Slot-Fischpass Eine Fischwanderhilfe fuer raeumlich beengte Verhaeltnisse

Heynderycx, Jozef., 2002:
The vertical topographic distribution of Carabinae in south-east Europe La distribution topographique verticale des Carabinae dans le sud-est europeen

Petit, J., 2000:
The vespiform Hymenoptera of Boulonnais France, Pas-de-Calais Hymenoptera Aculeata Sur les hymenopteres vespiformes du Boulonnais France, Pas-de-Calais Hymenoptera Aculeata

Graf, W.; Klam, F., 2006:
The vestibular system functional and comparative anatomy, evolution and development Le systeme vestibulaire anatomie fonctionnelle et comparee, evolution et developpement

Faucheux, Michel J., 2003:
The vestigial mouthparts of the female imago of the mimosa moth, Latoia thamia Rungs Lepidoptera Limacodidae a description of the sensory organs Les pieces buccales de limago femelle du Papillon du Mimosa, Latoia thamia Rungs Lepidoptera, Limacodidae description des organes sensoriels

Verghizkaja, N.I., 1958:
The vexed questions of the theory of physical gradients I

Verbitskaya, N.I., 1958:
The vexed questions of the theory of physiological gradients Information Z

Klenovsek, Dusan., 1998:
The vicinity of Sevnica Okolica Sevnice

Hauff, P., 1996:
The video-monitoring-project for the white-tailed sea eagle in the nature reserve Island Kaninchenwerder in 1993 and 1994 Seeadler-Videouberwachungsprojekt im Naturschutzgebiet Insel Kaninchenwerder 1993 und 1994

Drews, Rudolf., 1996:
The videoprinter in micro video photography Der Videoprinter in der Mikrovideografie

Niekisch, M., 2007:
The vignettes in Historia Naturalis Ranarum Nostratium 1758 insights into the life and work of August Johann Roesel von Rosenhof and his herpetological pioneering achievements Die Vignetten der Historia Naturalis Ranarum Nostratium 1758 Einblicke in das Leben and Werk des August Johann Roesel von Rosenhof und seine herpetologischen Pionierleistungen

Lepperhoff, Lars., 1999:
The vinaceous amazon Die Taubenhalsamazone

Tarmann, Gerhard M., 1998:
The vine bud moth or European grape leaf skeletonizer Theresimima ampellophaga Bayle-Barelle 1808 - reappearance of a vine pest? Die Weinzygaene Theresimima ampellophaga Bayle-Barelle 1808 Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae, Procridinae Kehrt ein verschwundener Weinschadling zuruck?

Schneider, Heinz., 2000:
The vine louse a louse revolutionizing European viticulture Die Reblaus eine Laus revolutioniert den europaischen Weinbau

Diener, E., 2007:
The vine snake Oxybelis aeneus and the Mexican parrot snake Leptophis mexicanus as predators of the black iguana Ctenosaura similis and C bakeri Die Erdspitznatter Oxybelis aeneus und die Lianennatter Leptophis mexicanus als Praedatoren der Schwarzleguane Ctenosaura similis und C bakeri

Sudhaus, Walter., 2004:
The vinegar eelworm Turbatrix aceti, a synanthropic nematode Das Essigaelchen Turbatrix aceti als Kulturfolger

de Armas, Luis F., 1998:
The vinegaroons of Cuba Arachnida Uropgyi Thelyphonidae Los vinagrillos de Cuba Arachnida Uropygi Thelyphonidae

Carron, Gilles., 2000:
The vineyard as environment of value for the invertebrates Le vignoble comme milieu de valeur pour les invertebres

Tomialojc, Ludwik., 2000:
The violation of the rules in bird census activity and results publication Naruszenie metodyki liczenia ptakow i zasad oglaszania wynikow

Orhant, G., 1995:
The violet bumblebee in Pas-de-Calais Hymenoptera Le bourdon violet dans le Pas-de-Calais Hymenopteres

Destrieux, B., 2004:
The violet copper Lycaena helle in Alsace Le Cuivre de la Bistorte Lycaena helle en Alsace

Papez, Dusan., 1995:
The viper Opheodrys aestivus conanti, breeding and reproduction in captivity Uzovka Opheodrys aestivus conanti chov a rozmnozovani

Galuzo, I.G., 1969:
The virulence of pathogenic protozoans as one of the factors determining the natural centres of illness

Dzerzhinskii, YA.; Deshevyh, ND., 1973:
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