The vertebral column of Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis Shikama Ozaki, 1966 from Irati Formation, Permian of Parana Basin, Brazil Proganosauria, Mesosauridae A coluna vertebral de Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis Shikama Ozaki, 1966 da Formacao, Irati, Permiano da Bacia do Parana Brasil Proganosauria, Mesosauridae

Sedor, F.A.; Ferigolo, J.

Acta Biologica Paranaense 30(1-4): 151-173


Accession: 038819466

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This work deals with the description of the vertebral column of Brazilosaurus sanpauloensis. The axis, and vertebral column as a whole, present similar characters to those of some of the earliest Amniota. In the most complete specimen, the number of presacral vertebrae is thirty-five; the cervical column - with fused ribs - exhibits at least thirteen vertebrae (or fifteen at the maximum); the first typical thoraco-lumbar vertebra is the sixteenth, this region presents twenty to twenty-two vertebrae; the sacral column has two fused vertebrae; and there are about sixty-six caudal vertebrae. There are mistakes in previous works such as: in the interpretation of the axis as being atlas; in the parameters to determine the limits between cervical and thoraco-lumbar regions in the Mesosauridae. The best character to determine the limits between cervical and thoraco-lumbar regions might be the costovertebral fusion in the first, if this character is constant in this species. Other and more complete specimens are needed to clarify the remaining doubts.