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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38821

Chapter 38821 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Santoul, Frederic., 2003:
The waterbirds of gravel pits in the Garonne river floodplain Carrying capacity and management plan of Saint-Caprais and Lavernose-Lacasse gravel pits Lavifaune aquatique des gravieres de la plaine alluviale de la Garonne Conditions daccueil, modalites dexploitation et de gestion des gravieres de Saint Caprais et Lavernose-Lacasse

Ishikawa-Ferreira, L.; Ribeira-Neto, F.B.rba.; Hofling,, 1999:
The waterbirds of the Salto Grande reservoir and the Paulinia wetlands in the River Piracicaba Basin, Sao Paulo, Brazil main species and temporal variation Avifauna aquatica do reservatorio de Salto Grande e Varjao de Paulinia, Bacia do Rio Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brasil especies principais e variacao temporal

Wiles, PR., 1990:
The watermites Acari Hydrachnidia of North Sulawesi

Honsig-Erlenburg, W.; Petutschnig, W., 2000:
The waters of Gaital valley Die Gewaesser des Gaitales

Mpawenayo, Balthazar., 1996:
The waters of the Rusizi plain Burundi the environment, the flora and the algal vegetation Les eaux de la plaine de la Rusizi Burundi les milieux, la flore et la vegetation algales

Burnel, A., 2007:
The waxwing Bombycilla garrulus in francophone Belgium during the winter of 2005-2006 Le Jaseur boreal Bombycilla garrulus en Belgique francophone au cours de lhiver 2005-2006

Siblet, Jean-Philippe., 2005:
The waxwing Bombycilla garrulus in the Loing Valley in 2005 consequences of an invasion into west Europe Le Jaseur boreal Bombycilla garrulus dans la vallee du Loing en 2005 consequences dune invasion en Europe de louest

Pschorn, A.; Doer, D.; Fischer, S.; Wahl, J., 2005:
The waxwing rarely arrives alone - the arrival in the winter half year 2004/2005 Ein Seidenschwanz kommt selten allein - der Einflug im Winterhalbjahr 2004/05

Arnhem, Roger., 2001:
The waxwing, a bohemian out of necessity Le jaseur boreal, bohemien par necessite

Fouarge, J.; Vandevondele, P., 2006:
The waxwings Bombycilla garrulus during the 2004-2005 invasion Analysis of Belgian and Luxemburg data Notes on behavior in Belgium and Europe Le Jaseur boreal Bombycilla garrulus pendant linvasion 2004-2005 Analyse des donnees belges et luxembourgeoises Notes sur le comportement en Belgique et en Europe

Matveeva, T.A., 1965:
The way and rate of reproduction of some species of Gastropoda in the coastal waters of eastern Murman and the White Sea

Anonymous., 1973:
The way hoopoes look for mole-crickets

Opatrny, E., 1970:
The way in which frogs croak

Kontrimavichus, V.L., 1968:
The way of formation of helminth fauna in Mustelidae brief account

Bijker, WH., 2006:
The way to become a cichlidiot 3 - Nannacara anomala dwarf cichlid Zo word je een cichlidioot 3 - Nannacara anomala Dambordcichlide

Bijker, WH., 2006:
The way to become a cichlidiot 4 Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor Zo word je een cichlidioot 4 Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor

Bijker, WH., 2006 :
The way to become a cichlidiot 7 - Herotilapia multispinosa rainbow cichlid, an old friend from Central America Zo word je een cichlidioot 7 - Herotilapia multispinosa Regenboogcichlide, een oude bekende uit Midden-Amerika

Bijker, WH., 2006:
The way to become a cichlidiot 8 Julidochromis marlieri Katoto Zo word je een cichlidioot 8 Julidochromis marlieri Katoto

Nikitin, V.N., 1958:
The way to longevity

Sharov, A.G., 1955:
The ways and principles in species formation

Shorm, F., 1959:
The ways of the development of the organic chemistry

Anonymous., 1990:
The wealth of India A dictionary of Indian raw materials industrial products Raw materials volume 2B revised series supplement Birds

Ates, Ron ML., 1996:
The weapons of cnidarians Tentacles, attachment hooks, polyps and other defence mechanisms Die Waffen einiger Nesseltiere Uber Kampftentakel, Akrorhagen, Schwipp-Polypen und andere Wehrmittel

Amigues, Suzanne., 1999:
The weasels of Tartessos Les belettes de Tartessos

Mikkola, Kauri., 1998:
The weather and insect migration in Finland in 1997 Saa ja hyonteisten vaellukset 1997

Mikkola, Kauri., 2002:
The weather and insect migration in Finland in 2001 Saa ja hyonteisten vaellukset 2001

Mikkola, Kauri., 1997 :
The weather and insect migrations in Finland in 1996 Saa ja hyonteisten vaellukset 1996

Mikkola, Kauri., 1999:
The weather and insect migrations in Finland in 1998 Saa ja hyonteisten vaellukset 1998

Mikkola, Kauri., 2000:
The weather and insect migrations in Finland in 1999 Saa ja hyonteisten vaellukset 1999

Mikkola, Kauri., 2001:
The weather and insect migrations in Finland in 2000 Saa ja hyonteisten vaellukset 2000

Mikkola, Kauri., 2004:
The weather and insect migrations in Finland in 2003 Saa ja hyonteisten vaellukset 2003

Mikkola, K., 2005:
The weather and insect migrations in Finland in 2004 Saa ja hyonteisten vaellukset 2004

Pospischil, Reiner., 1996:
The webbing clothes moth Die Kleidermotte

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 2000:
The wedge clam Donax vittatus and other bivalves along the west coast in 2000 Het zaagje Donax vittatus en andere bivalven langs de Westkust in 2000

Bistrom, O.; Rassi, P., 2002:
The wedge-shaped beetle Metoecus paradoxus occurrence in Finland Coleoptera, Rhipiphoridae Ampiaisloisikan Metoecus paradoxus esiintyminen Suomessa Coleoptera, Rhipiphoridae

Knotters, Coen., 1994:
The wedge-shaped beetle/wasp assassin, an unusual parasitic species of beetle Waaierkever/wespe-moorder, een zeldzame parasitaire keversoort

Bistrom, O.; Savolainen, E., 2000:
The weevil Tropiphorus elevatus found in Kuopio Coleoptera, Curculionidae Tropiphorus elevatus -karsakas loydetty Kuopiosta Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Stanovsky, J., 2003:
The weevil beetles Coleoptera Curculionidae of the proposed protected area Skalicka Moravka River near Frydek-Mistek Podbeskydsky biogeographical region Nosatcoviti brouci Coleoptera Curculionidae navrhovaneho maloplosneho chraneneho uzemi Skalicka Moravka u Frydku-Mistku Podbeskydsky bioregion

Meissner, A.; Bayer, C., 2001:
The weevil community Coleoptera, Curculionoidea of a fen in the Nuthe-Nieplitz lowlands Brandenburg Die Ruesselkaeferzoenose Coleoptera, Curculionoidea eines Verlandungsmoores in der Nuthe-Nieplitz-Niederung Brandenburg

Handke, K.; Bellmann, A., 2001:
The weevil fauna Coleoptera Curculionidae of an estuarine marsh in northern Germany Niedervieland/Ochtumniederung/Ochtumsand Results of efficiency controls and faunistic and ecological investigations Die Ruesselkaeferfauna Coleoptera Curculionidae eines norddeutschen Flussmarschengebietes Niedervieland/Ochtumniederung/Ochtumsand Ergebnisse von Erfolgskontrollen und faunistisch-oekologischen Bestandsaufnahmen 1985 bis 1998

Kuschel, Guillermo., 2000:
The weevil fauna Coleoptera Curculionoidea of Araucaria araucana La fauna curculionica Coleoptera Curculionoidea de la Araucaria araucana

Jung, Manfred., 1998:
The weevil fauna of North Harz and foothills Col, Rhynchitidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae Zur Russelkaferfauna des Nordharzes und seines Vorlandes Col, Rhynchitidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae

Illig, H., 2004:
The weevil on iris flowers Mononychus punctumalbum Herbst - an endangered species? Der Iris-Ruessler Mononychus punctumalbum Herbst - gefaehrdet?

Letowski, Jacek., 1994:
The weevils Coleoptera, Curculionidae of the Forest Reservation Las Klasztorny near Lezajsk The Sandomierz Lowland Ryjkowce Coleoptera, Curculionidae rezerwatu lesnego Las Klasztorny pod Lezajskiem Nizina Sandomierska

Letowski, Jacek., 1995:
The weevils Coleoptera, Curculionoidea of peat-bog and sedge communities of the Roztocze National Park Ryjkowcowate Coleoptera, Curculionoidea zbiorowisk torfowiskowych i turzycowych Roztoczanskiego Parku Narodowego

Kuska, Antoni., 1998:
The weevils Coleoptera Anthribidae, Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae of the Opawskie Mountains Landscape Park Ryjkowce Anthribidae, Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae Parku Krajobrazowego Gory Opawskie

Cmoluch, Z.; Minda-Lechowska, A., 1994:
The weevils Coleoptera Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae of the planned Wieprzec Reservation near Zamosc Ryjkowcaowate Coleoptera Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae projektowanego rezerwatu Wieprzec k Zamoscia

Mazur, Milosz A., 2005:
The weevils Coleoptera Curculionoidea of xerothermic habitats of Silesia region Ryjkowce Coleoptera Curculionoidea siedlisk kserotermicznych Slaska

Cmoluch, Zdzislaw., 1995:
The weevils Coleoptera Rhinomaceridae, Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae occurring on the broom - Cytisus scoparius L Link Ryjkowcowate Coleoptera Rhinomaceridae, Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae wystepujace na zarnowcu miotlastym - Cytisus scoparius L Link

Letowski, J.; Pawlega, K., 1997:
The weevils Curculionoidea Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae of the Sandomierz town plant communities Ryjkowcowate Curculionoidea Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae roslinnych zbiorowisk srodmiejskich Sandomierza

Tamutis, V., 1996:
The weevils Ceutorhynchus Germ Coleoptera, Curculionidae in Lithuania Pasleptastraubliu Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Ceutorhynchus Germ fauna Lietuvoje

Palm, Eivind., 1996:
The weevils of North Europe 1 The short snouted species Coleoptera Curculionidae - with special reference to the Danish fauna Nordeuropas snudebiller 1 De kortsnudede arter Coleoptera Curculionidae - med saerligt henblik pa den danske fauna

Mrockkov, K.A., 1953:
The weight and the chemical composition of the particular parts of the body and of some organs of the fin whale

Mueller, Peter Maria., 2005:
The weight calculation of terraria Die Gewichtsbestimmung von Terrarien

Gubanov, EP.; Patlai, AG., 1973:
The weight measurement composition of sharks of the north-west part of the Indian Ocean

Dezhkin, V.V., 1961:
The weight of beavers Cantor fiber from Voronezh populations

Krupka, J.; Dziedzic, R.; Drozd, L., 1990:
The weight of deer buck carcases during the hunting season

Dahlberg, Anders., 2005:
The weight of delicate branches Vikten av klena grenar

Kliebe, Karl., 2007:
The weight of the jack snipe Lymnocryptes minimus at the start of the homeward/away migration and during the winter periods at the stopover sites in the Marburg/Lahn district Zum Gewicht von Zwergschnepfen Lymnocryptes minimus am Beginn des Heim - bzw Wegzuges und waehrend der Winterperiode auf den Rastplaetzen im Landkreis Marburg/Lahn

Kokshoorn, Bas., 2001:
The wentletrap Gyroscala lamellosa Lamarck, 1822 Gastropoda, Epitoniidae on the Belgian and Dutch coasts? Het wenteltrapje Gyroscala lamellosa Lamarck, 1822 Gastropoda, Epitoniidae van de Belgische en Nederlandse kust?

Ebmer, AW., 1999:
The west Palaearctic species of the genus Dufourea Lepeletier 1841 Insecta Hymenoptera Apoidea Halictidae Rophitinae Fourth supplement Die westpalaarktischen Arten der Gattung Dufourea Lepeletier 1841 Insecta Hymenoptera Apoidea Halictidae Rophitinae Vierter Nachtrag

Klein, R.; Buchheim, A., 1997:
The western Black Sea coast as a contact zone of two distinct forms of the Larus cachinnans group Die westliche Schwarzmeerkuste als Kontaktgebiet zweier Grossmowenformen der Larus cachinnans-Gruppe

Zerche, Lothar., 1999:
The western Palaearctic Oxypoda species of the subgenus Mycetodrepa Thomson Coleoptera Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae, Oxypodini Die westpalaarktischen Arten der Oxypoda-Untergattung Mycetodrepa Thomson Coleoptera Staphylindae, Aleocharinae, Oxypodini

Bielfeld, Horst., 1995:
The western bluebill Spermophaga haematina Der Rotbrust-Samenknacker Spermophaga haematina

Cate, P.C., 2002:
The western corn rootworm Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte, 1858 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Galerucinae - first records for Austria Der Maiswurzelbohrer Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte, 1858 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Galerucinae - Erstes Auftreten in Oesterreich

Hofer, Ulrich., 2001:
The western green lizard, Lacerta bilineata Daudin, 1802 in Switzerland Die Westliche Smaragdeidechse, Lacerta bilineata Daudin, 1802, in der Schweiz

Weber, Anne., 2007:
The western ground squirrel Xerus erythropus Das gestreifte Borstenhoernchen Xerus erythropus

Smeenk, Hans., 2005:
The western marbled white Het westelijk dambordje

Buskirk, James R., 2002:
The western pond turtle, Emys marmorata Baird Girard, 1852 Reptilia, Chelonii, Emydidae 2nd part Lemyde marbree, Emys marmorata Baird Girard, 1852 Reptilia, Chelonii, Emydidae 2nde partie

Saleh, MA.; Mohamed, SA., 1990:
The western reef heron Egretta gularis Hemprich Ehrenberg, 1833 in Bahrain

Zwinenberg, AJ., 1977:
The western swamp tortoise Pseudemydura umbrina one of the rarest reptiles in the world

Leskovar, Kresimir., 2002:
The westernmost breeding of the whiskered tern Chlidonias hybridus in Croatia Najzapadnije gnijezdenje bjelobrade cigre Chlidonias hybridus u Hrvatskoj

Kinoshito, S., 1990:
The westernmost record of Asidemia inexpecta Sugi, and an eastwards-expanding species, Oreta fuscopurpurea Inoue, in Honshu, Japan

Meads, M., 1990:
The weta bark a guide to the identification of wetas

Dias, R.A.; Burger,, 2005:
The wetland bird assemblage in two irrigated rice fields in southern Brazil A assembleia de aves de areas umidas em dois sistemas de cultivo de arroz irrigado no extremo sul do Brasil

Ginzburg, R.; Adamoli, J.; Herrera, P.; Torrella, S., 2005:
The wetlands of Chaco region classification, inventory and mapping at a regional scale Los Humedales del Chaco Clasificacion, Inventario y Mapeo a Escala Regional

Chebez, J.C.rlos.; Lichter, A., 1994:
The whale Eubalena australis Ballena austral

Chebez, J.C.rlos.; Lichter, A., 1994:
The whale Megaptera novaeangliae Ballena jorobada

Haelters, Jan., 2001:
The whale louse Isocyamus delphinii Guerin-Meneville, 1837 found on a white-beaked dolphin Lagenorhynchus albirostris Gray, 1846 and massively parasitizing a harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena L, 1758 De walvisluis Isocyamus delphinii Guerin-Meneville, 1837 aangetroffen op een witsnuitdolfijn Lagenorhynchus albirostris Gray, 1846 en massaal parasiterend op een bruinvis Phocoena phocoena L, 1758

Schulze, Gerhard., 2006:
The whale of Dibbelt Dibbelts Wal

Yanez V., J.; Sanino, G.P.olo., 2000:
The whale of the National Museum of Natural History La ballena del museo nacional de historia natural

Hampe, Oliver., 1999:
The whale population Mammalia Cetacea from the lower Upper Miocene upper Langenfeldian from Gross Pampau Schleswig-Holstein Bestandsaufnahme der Walfauna Mammalia Cetacea aus dem untersten Obermiozan oberes Langenfeldium von Gross Pampau Schleswig-Holstein

Mikuz, V., 2006:
The whale vertebra from Middle Miocene - Badenian beds between Dolnja Stara vas and Dobruska vas near Skocjan, Slovenia Kitovo vretence iz srednjemiocenskih - badenijskih plasti med Dolnjo Staro vasjo in Dobrusko vasjo blizu Skocjana

Chebez, J.C.rlos.; Castello, H.P.; Lichter, A., 1994:
The whales Balaenoptera physalus and Balaenoptera musculus Ballena fin Ballena azul

Allen, NV., 1990:
The wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe - a 1989 survey within Exmoor National Park

Wolf, H.; Stuebing, S., 2004:
The wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe in Griesheimer Sand near Darmstadt - with consequences for nature conservation Der Steinschmaetzer Oenanthe oenanthe im Griesheimer Sand bei Darmstadt - mit Folgerungen fuer den Naturschutz

Blueml, V.; Schoenheim, A., 2006:
The wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe in lower Saxony and Bremen distribution, population size and habitat preference 1994-2005 and reasons of endangerment, protection and conservation status Der Steinschmaetzer Oenanthe oenanthe in Niedersachsen und Bremen Verbreitung, Bestand und Habitatwahl 1994-2005 sowie Gefaehrdungsursachen, Schutz und Erhaltungszustand

Nankinov, D.; Dobrynina, I.; Dalakchieva, S.; Popov, K.; Kirilov, S.; Todorov, N., 2003:
The whimbrel, Numenius phaeopus in Bulgaria and its migration in south-eastern Europe Regenbrachvoegel Numenius phaeopus in Bulgarien und ihr Zug im Suedosten Europas

Tedeschi, Guido Mario., 2006:
The whinchat - the summer tourist of mountain pastures Lo Stiaccino il turista estivo degli alpeggi

Bertarelli, Claudio., 2006:
The whinchat Saxicola rubetra - taxonomic profile Lo Stiaccino Saxicola rubetra scheda tassonomica

Westphal, Dieter., 1998:
The whinchat Saxicola rubetra of the Karolinenhohe irrigated field on the western city edge of Berlin Das Braunkehlchen Saxicola rubetra auf dem Rieselfeld Karolinenhohe am westlichen Stadtrand von Berlin

Birrer, S.; Spaar, R.; Weibel, U., 2002:
The whinchat is desperately in need of help Field breeders with problems Das Braunkehlchen braucht dringend Hilfe Wiesenbrueter mit Terminproblemen

Bastian, A.; Bastian, H.-Valentin., 1996:
The whinchat a sacrifice to habitat clearing by farming Das Braunkehlchen Opfer der ausgeraumten Kulturlandschaft

Schlueter, Uwe., 2005:
The whip snakes of north Africa Die Zornnattern Nordafrikas

Debout, G.; Desmares, J., 1996:
The whiskered tern Chlidonias hybrida breeds in Normandy La guifette moustac Chlidonias hybrida niche en Normandie

Sellin, D.; Schirmeister, B., 2005:
The whiskered tern Chlidonias hybrida in Vorpommern - a temporary or regular breeding species? Die Weissbart-Seeschwalbe Chlidonias hybrida in Vorpommern - Brutgast oder dauerhafte Ansiedlung?

Warmbier, Norbert., 1999:
The whiskered tern and the black-winged stilt breeding in 1998 in east Vorpommern Weissbartseeschwalbe und Stelzenlaufer bruten 1998 im Osten Vorpommerns

Pagel, Theo., 2003:
The white backed magpie in Cologne Zoo Weissruecken-Floetenvoegel im Zoologischen Garten Koeln

Bernoni, Mauro., 1995:
The white backed woodpecker in the Abruzzo National Park perspectives for the conservation in Italy Il picchio dorsobianco nel Parco Nazionale dAbruzzo prespettive per la conservazione della specie in Italia

Uspenskii, S.M., 1977:
The white bear

Sdobnikov, VM., 1972:
The white bear on Ushakov Island and in the northern lands

Sperl, Jurgen., 1999:
The white cliff pigeons of La Palma Die weissen Felsentauben von La Palma

Podvesky, Frantisek., 2001:
The white cloud moutain minnow Tanichthys albonubes Tanichthys albonubes kardinalka cinska

Knuth, Detlef., 1999:
The white finned gudgeon Gobio albipinnatus A new fish species in Brandenburg Der Weissflossengrundling Gobio albipinnatus Eine neue Fischart in Brandenburg

Viadimirskaya, M.I., 1956:
The white fish of lake Imandra

Krechmar, A.V.; Probst, R., 2003:
The white goshawk Accipiter gentilis albidus in northeast Siberia portrait of myth Der weiße Habicht Accipiter gentilis albidus in Nordost-Sibirien - Porträt eines Mythos

Ramirez-Salinas, C.; Castro-Ramirez, A.E., 2000:
The white grub complex Coleoptera Melolonthidae in maize cultivation systems, in el Madronal, Amatenango del Valle Municipality, Chiapas, Mexico El complejo gallina ciega Coleoptera Melolonthidae en el cultivo de maiz, en el Madronal, Municipio de Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas, Mexico

Gomez, B.; Villalobos, F.J.; Ruiz, L.; Castro, A.; Valle, J., 1999:
The white grub complex Coleoptera Melolonthidae of maize of Los Altos de Chiapas, Mexico its relationship with cultivation phenology and soil organic matter El complejo gallina ciega Coleoptera Melolonthidae en maiz en Los Altos de Chiapas, Mexico su relacion con el tiempo de uso agricola y la materia organica del suelo

Moron, M.A.gel.; Hernandez Rodriguez, S.; Ramirez-Campos, A., 1997:
The white grubs complex Coleoptera Melolonthidae associated with sugar canes in Nayarit, Mexico El complejo Gallina ciega Coleoptera Melolonthidae asociado con la cana de azucar en Nayarit, Mexico

Baroni, Roberto., 2000:
The white owl Identification, biology and ecology of white ghost of barns Il gufo vestito di bianco Riconoscimento, biologia ed ecologia del candido fantasma dei fienili

Letichevskii, MA., 1974:
The white salmon - a problem of preserving a species

Gyorgy, Karoly., 2005:
The white stork Ciconia ciconia L census realized in Covasna County Romania, year 1997 A Kovaszna megyei feher golya Ciconia ciconia L allomany szamlalasi adatai 1997-ben

Oelke, H.; Reither, H., 1999:
The white stork Ciconia ciconia in Peine District in the 20th century supplement to Beitr Naturk Niedersachsens 51 1998 171-238 Der Weissstorch Ciconia ciconia im Kreis Peine im 20 Jahrhundert Erganzung zu Beitr Naturk Niedersachsens 51 1998 171-238

Fulin, Miroslav., 1996:
The white stork Ciconia ciconia population and development the breeding distribution in Rimavska Sobota region till the year 1996 Vyvoj populacie a hniezdne rozsire nie bociana bieleho Ciconia ciconia na uzemi okresu Rimavsaka Sobota do roku 1996

Biber, O.; Moritzi, M.; Spaar, R., 2003:
The white stork Ciconia ciconia in Switzerland - population trend, demography and breeding success in the 20th century Der Weissstorch Ciconia ciconia in der Schweiz - Bestandsentwicklung, Altersaufbau und Bruterfolg im 20 Jahrhundert

Vaschetti, G.; Fasano, S.; Vaschetti, B., 2003:
The white stork Ciconia ciconia in south west Piedmont reproductive parameters from 1999 to 2002 La Cicogna bianca Ciconia ciconia nel Piemonte sud-occidentale parametri riproduttivi dal 1999 al 2002

Vaschetti, G.; Fasano, S.; Vaschetti, B., 1999:
The white stork Ciconia ciconia in south-western Piedmont reproductive parameters for 1997 and 1998 La cicogna bianca Ciconia ciconia nel Piemonte sud-occidentale parametri riproduttivi nel 1997 e nel 1998

Aimassi, Giorgio., 1999:
The white stork Ciconia ciconia in the Middle Ages at Alba Cuneo La cigogna bianca Ciconia ciconia nel Medio Evo ad Alba Cuneo

Oelke, H.; Reither, H., 1998:
The white stork Ciconia ciconia in the county of Peine Lower Saxony, Federal Republic of Germany in the 20th century Continuation of the 1907-1960 analysis of Berndt Rehbein 1961 Der Weissstorch Ciconia ciconia im Kreis Peine Niedersachsen, BRD im 20 Jahrhundert Fortschreibung der Analyse 1907-1960 von Berndt Rehbein 1961

Ganya, IM., 1972:
The white stork and its protection

Molina, Blas., 2005:
The white stork doubles its population in Spain La Ciguena Blanca duplica su poblacion en Espana

Mikuska, J.; Mikuska, T., 1994:
The white stork feeding on earthworms Bijele rode, Ciconia ciconia, hrane se gujavicama

Georgiewa, Ursula., 1999:
The white stork in Bulgaria, especially the Burgas District - distribution, population development, conservation measures Der Weisstorch in Bulgarien, insbesondere im Bezirk Burgas - Verbreitung, Bestandsentwicklung, Schutzmassnahmen

Gomez Manzaneque, Angel., 1994:
The white stork in Europe La ciguena blanca en Europa

Nalda Saenz-Torre, F.J.vier.; Nalda Saenz-Torre, J.V.cente.; Ruiz Bastida, A., 1994:
The white stork in La Rioja, 1986-1993 La ciguena blanca en La Rioja, 1986-1993

Martinez Rodriguez, Ezequiel., 1995:
The white stork in Spain today Situacion actual de la ciguena blanca en Espana

Adamyan, MS.; Adamyan, MS., 1975:
The white stork in the Araksa Valley

Sylla, Seydina Issa., 1995:
The white stork in the lower Senegal river delta Situation de la Cigogne blanche dans le Bas delta du fleuve Senegal

Pugacewicz, Eugeniusz., 2000:
The white stork population in Nizina Polnocnopodlaska Northern Podlasie Lowland in 1995 Rozmieszczenie, liczebnosc i rozrod bociana bialego Ciconia ciconia na Nizinie Polnocnopodlaskiej w 1995 roku

Kaatz, M.; Kaatz, C., 2003:
The white stork population in Saxony-Anhalt Der Weissstorchbestand in Sachsen-Anhalt

Tedeschi, Guido Mario., 2004:
The white stork a long awaited return La cicogna bianca un atteso ritorno

Bezzel, Einhard., 1997:
The white stork world distributional status Weissstorch Weltbestand nimmt zu

Dierk, Wolfgang., 1997:
The white winged black tern Chlidonias leucopterus at the Clauen sugar factory, Peine district Weissflugel-Seeschwalbe Chlidonias leucopterus an den Clauener Zuckerfabrikklarteichen, Kr Peine

Stighall, Kristoffer., 1996:
The white-backed woodpecker - a successful species project Vitryggig hackspett - ett framgangsrikt artprojekt

Stighall, K.; Mild, K., 2007:
The white-backed woodpecker - the most highly endangered species of bird in the forests of Sweden Hvitryggspetten - den mest truede fuglearten i svenske skoger

Bernoni, Mauro., 2001:
The white-backed woodpecker of the Apennines research techniques and new areas of investigation Il picchio dorsobianco nellAppennino tecniche di ricerca e nuove aree di indagine

Leuzinger, Hans., 1995:
The white-billed diver Gavia adamsii in Switzerland Zum Auftreten des Gelbschnabeltauchers Gavia adamsii in der Schweiz

Dittberner, H.; Dittberner, W., 2004:
The white-cheeked pintail Anas bahamensis at the Arkona Cape, Ruegen Bahamaente Anas bahamensis am Kap Arkona Ruegen

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The white-cloud mountain minnow, Tanichthys albonubes Chinese danio, Tanichthys albonubes

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The year of the moose Hirven vuosi

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The years rare breeding birds Arets rara hackare

Nilsson, Lennart., 2001:
The years rarest breeding birds Arets rara hackare

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The years 1999 and 2000 of the German Marine Museum Die Jahre 1999 und 2000 der Stiftung Deutsches Meeresmuseum

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The years 2003 and 2004 of the German Marine Museum Die Jahre 2003 und 2004 der Stiftung Deutsches Meeresmuseum

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The yellow V moth and a further species Die Weinkellermotte und eine weitere Art

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The yellow cheeked amazon parrot Die Gelbwangen-Amazone

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The yellow crusted anemone Die Gelbe Krustenanemone

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The yellow hammer in 1999 in eight trial areas in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district Goldammerkartierung 1999 auf acht Probeflachen im Landkreis Waldeck-Frankenberg

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The yellow jacket wasp, Vespula germanica Fabricius Hymenoptera Vespidae, in the Magellan region La Avispa chaqueta amarilla, Vespula germanica Fabricius Hymenoptera Vespidae, en la region de Magallanes

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The yellow keelslug Tandonia sowerbyi in Purmerend De gele kielnaaktslak Tandonia sowerbyi in Purmerend

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The yellow mealworm Der Mehlkafer

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The yellow-bellied siskin in captivity Der Gelbbauchzeisig in Menschenobhut

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The yellow-bellied toad Bombina variegata rediscovered in Wallonia in a calamine area doubt on its indigeneity in its new locality Le sonneur a ventre jaune Bombina variegata retrouve en Wallonie sur un terrain calaminaire mise en doute de son indigenat dans sa nouvelle localite

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The yellow-breasted bunting Emberiza aureola in the Ukraine Die Weidenammer Emberiza aureola in der Ukraine

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The yellow-collared macaw Der Gold-nackenara

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The yellow-crowned parakeet Cyanoramphus auriceps Der Springsittich Cyanoramphus auriceps

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The yellow-eared conure Ognorhynchus icterotis project in Ecuador Das Gelbohrsittich-Projekt Ognorhynchus icterotis in Ecuador

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The yellow-eared conure Ognorhynchus icterotis, a great rediscovery O periquito-de-orelha-amarela Ognorhynchus icterotis, tem uma grande redescoberta

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The yellow-eared parrot protection project in Colombia Das Gelbohrsittich-Schutzprojekt in Kolumbien

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The yellow-faced siskin Carduelis yarrellii Turupiali o liberal Carduelis yarrellii

Quatro, John., 2001:
The yellow-faced siskin Carduelis yarrellii O bonito pintassilgo-do-nordeste Carduelis yarrellii

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The yellow-headed gecko Gonatodes fuscus Hallowell, 1855 Der Gelbkopf-Gecko Gonatodes fuscus Hallowell, 1855

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The yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans in Switzerland a problem for other birds? Die Weisskopfmowe Larus cachinnans in der Schweiz ein Problem fur andere Vogel?

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The yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans nesting in the city of Livorno Il gabbiano reale mediterraneo Larus cachinnans nidificante nella citta di Livorno

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The yellow-legged gull A new but established species ? among gulls Gulfotad trut En nygammal art ? i trutflockarna

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The yellow-marginated box turtle of the Ryukyu islands - Cuora flavomarginata evelynae Die Gelbrand-Scharnierschildkroete der Ryukyu-Inseln - Cuora flavomarginata evelynae

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The yellow-necked termite Die Gelbhalstermite

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The yellow-tailed pearl fish Cynolebias flavicaudatus Vejirovka zlutoocasa Cynolebias flavicaudatus

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The yellow-tailed pearlfish Comments on the occurrence and care and breeding of Cynolebias flavicaudatus Der Gelbschwanz-Faecherfisch Anmerkungen zum Vorkommen sowie zur Pflege und Zucht von Cynolebias flavicaudatus

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The yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella L, 1758 Die Goldammer Emberiza citrinella L, 1758

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The yellowhammer - a song bird with a dialect Die Goldammer - ein Singvogel mit Dialekt

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The yellowhammer in landscapes shaped by man The problem of no bushes Die Goldammer in der Kulturlandschaft Ohne Buesche gehts nicht

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The yellowhead jawfish Opistognathus aurifrons Opistognathus aurifrons Goldstirn-Brunnenbauer

Joshi, SN., 1990:
The yolk nucleus in the oocytes of Labeo gonius Ham

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