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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38822

Chapter 38822 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dolenc, Z., 1990:
The young cuckoo in the great tit nest

Journee, Marc., 2007:
The young diamond tetra Moenkhausia pittieri, a piece of ethology De jonge diamantzalm Moenkhausia pittieri, een stukje ethologie

d'Hondt, Jean-Loup., 2000:
The young zoologists vade mecum Vade-mecum du jeune zoologiste

Kopciowski, R.; Garecka, M., 1996:
The youngest deposits of the Siary zone Magura unit, Carpathians Najmlodsze utwory strefy Siar - jednostki magurskiej

Chlupac, I., 1971:
The youngest representative of the trilobite genus Cromus from the Silurian of Czechoslovakia

Posse, B.; Bueno, M.; Gremaud, J., 1997:
The youth group of Nos Oiseaux a half century of activities Groupe des jeunes de Nos Oiseaux un demi-siecle dactivites

Schmid, Josef., 1996:
The zander and its fishing Der Zander und seine Fischerei

Skalka, Petr., 1998:
The zebra mongoose in the Usti nad Labem Zoo Mangusty zihane v Ustecke Zoo

Araujo Armero, R.; Alvarez Halcon, R.M., 2001 :
The zebra mussel in the Ebro a severe case of environmental risk in Aragon El mejillon cebra en el Ebro un grave caso de riesgo ambiental en Aragon

Clarke, K., 1990:
The zebra mussel is still with us

Konrad, Volker., 1996:
The zebra spider Argiope bruennichii in the Holzminden district Zebraspinne Argiope bruennichii im Kreis Holzminden

Bulatova, Z.I., 1967:
The zonal settlement of Foraminifera from Tupon-Santonsk deposits in the lower Taza river

Rolauffs, Peter., 2000:
The zonation of beaver dams with special consideration of settlement by insects Zur Zonierung von Biberdaemmen unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Besiedlung durch Insekten

Amedro, F.; Matrion, B.; Touch, R., 2002:
The zone of Protohoplites Hemisonneratia puzosianus and its position in the revised zonation of the Lower Albian of the Anglo-Parisian Basin La zone dammonite a protohoplites Hemisonneratia puzosianus et sa position dans la zonation reactualisee d lAlbien inferieur du bassin anglo-parisien

Dietze, V.; Chandler, R.B., 1996:
The zone of Zigzagiceras zigzag Die Zone des Zigzagiceras zigzag

Hofman, Sebastian., 1999:
The zone of hybrids between fire-bellied toad species Strefa mieszancowa kumakow

Flint, APF., 1990:
The zoo dilemma a comment

Lever, C., 1990:
The zoo dilemma reply to Professor APF Flint

Rodhain, F., 1996:
The zoo-anthroponoses involving rodents epidemiological considerations Les zoo-anthroponoses impliquant des rongeurs considerations epidemiologiques

Anon., 1937:
The zoo-benthos of the Russian Haven and the Krestovaya Guba, in connection with the problem of the distribution of the Novaya Zemlya Co

Janzekovic, F.; Malez, V.; Veluscek, A., 2004:
The zooarchaeological findings of birds in ancient pile dwellings at Ljubljansko barje Zooarheoloske najdbe ptic na koliscarskih naselbinah na Ljubljanskem barju

Nekhaeva, TL., 1974:
The zoobenthos of Soligorsk reservoir

Rieradevall, M.; Prat, N., 2000:
The zoobenthos of lakes and aquatic areas of the high mountains of the Iberian Peninsula and their value as indicators of environmental changes El zoobentos en los lagos y lagunas de alta montana de la Peninsula Iberica y su interes como indicadores de cambios ambientales

Vladimirov, MZ.; Toderash, IK., 1974:
The zoobenthos of the Dubossarsk reservoir in areas of industrial and domestic effluent

Menyuk, NS., 1975:
The zoobenthos of the bays of the Kremenchugsk Reservoir

Lamotte, Maxime., 1999:
The zoocenosis of the desert paramo in the Andes of the Merida Venezuela La zoocenose du paramo desertique des Andes de Merida Venezuela

Thiele, V.; Berlin, A.; Blumrich, B.; Hoehlein, V., 2004:
The zoocoenoses of Lepidoptera and Trichoptera of the nature reserve Rugenseemoor Mecklenburg-Pomerania and their importance for a type-specific zoological ideal Lepidopteren- und Trichopterenzoozoenosen des Naturschutzgebietes Rugenseemoor Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und ihre Bedeutung als typspezifisches zoologisches Leitbild

Seperteladze, MP., 1974:
The zoogeographical characteristics of leaf-beetles Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae of eastern Georgia

Naidenova, NN., 1972:
The zoogeographical characteristics of parasites of the family Gobiidae in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov

Skvortsov, VG., 1972:
The zoogeographical characteristics of the helminth fauna in bats of Moldavia

Skvortsov, VG., 1974:
The zoogeographical characteristics of the helminth fauna of bats in Moldavia

Geiser, Elisabeth., 1998:
The zoogeographical databank ZOODAT, a valuable database for biological diversity research Die tiergeographische Datenbank ZOODAT, eine wertvolle Datenbasis fur die Biodiversitatsforschung

Wallaschek, Michael., 1999:
The zoogeography and the zoozonology of Orthoptera Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Saltatoria Ensifera, Caelifera of the Pressel heath forest and moor area in Saxony Zur Zoogeographie und Zoozoenologie der Orthopteren Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Saltatoria Ensifera, Caelifera des Presseler Heidewald- und Moorgebietes in Sachsen

Wallaschek, Michael., 2004:
The zoogeography and zoozonation of Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera and Caelifera of Altmark Saxony-Anhalt Zur Zoogeaphraphie und Zoozonologie der Geradfluegler Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera, Caelifera der Altmark Sachsen-Anhalt

Wallaschek, Michael., 2003:
The zoogeography and zoozonology of the earwigs and saltatorians Dermaptera, Saltatoria Ensifera Caelifera in the Genthin region, Fiener Bruch and Flaeming Saxony-Anhalt Zur Zoogeographie und Zoozoenologie der Ohrwuermer und Heuschrecken Dermaptera, Saltatoria Ensifera et Caelifera im Genthiner Land, Fiener Bruch und Flaeming Sachsen-Anhalt

Karl, Hans-Volker., 1999:
The zoogeography of the Caenozoic soft-shelled turtle Trionyx triunguis Forskal 1775 Testudines Trionychidae Die Zoogeographie der kaenozoischen Weichschildkrete Trionyx triunguis Forskal 1775 Testudines Trionychidae

Skuhrava, Marcela., 1986:
The zoogeography of the Cecidomyiidae Diptera in the Palaearctic region Zoogeografie celedi Cecidomyiidae Diptera v palearkticke oblasti

Groiss, Josef Theodor., 2003:
The zoolith cave at Burggaillenreuth/Upper Franconia excursion K1 of 25th April and K2 of 26th April 2003 Die Zoolithenhoehle bei Burggaillenreuth/Upper Franconia Exkursion K1 am 25 April und K2 am 26 April 2003

Hartmann, M.; Weipert, J.; Weigel, A., 1998:
The zoological Nepal expeditions of the Natural History Museum of Erfurt 1992 and 1997 Die zoologischen Nepal-Expeditionen des Naturkundemuseums Erfurt 1992 bis 1997

Gamaleev, A.D.; Khonyak, I.G., 1957:
The zoological and parasitological characteristics of the focus of infection of the mite-encephalitis in Khabarov Land

Kallenborn, Helmut G., 2002:
The zoological collections of Saarland University Die Zoologischen Sammlungen der Universitaet des Saarlandes

Maio, N. d'Amora, G.; Vicidomini, S.; Pignataro, C., 2000:
The zoological collections of the Museo Naturalistico degli Alburni of Corleto Monforte Salerno catalogue of mammals Le collezioni zoologiche del Museo Naturalistico degli Alburni di Corleto Monforte Salerno catalogo dei mammiferi Mammalia

Pedrozo, C. da Silva.; Bohrer, M.B.atriz Camino., 1999:
The zooplakton community structure of Sapucaia Creek and final effluent of Alberto Pasqualini Refinery, Petrobras, Canoas, RS Estrutura das comunidades zooplanctonicas do arroio sapucaia e do efluente liquido final da refinaria de petroleo Alberto Pasqualini, Petrobras, Canoas, RS

Carrillo-Laguna, J.; Mille-Pagaza,; Guadarrama-Granados, R., 1996:
The zooplankton community of Campeche bank in two seasons summer 1980 and spring 1986 La comunidad de zooplanctonica de la sonda de Campeche en dos temporadas verano de 1980 y primavera de 1986

Altindag, A.; Yigit, S., 2004:
The zooplankton fauna and seasonal distribution Beysehir Lake Beysehir Golu zooplankton faunasi ve mevsimsel degisimi

X.Zhenkang., 1990:
The zooplankton in main stream of Haihe River

Bairamov, AB.; Mamedov, RA.; Mamedov, TM.; Faradzhev, GR., 1992:
The zooplankton of Batabatsk reservoir No 2 Zooplankton Batabatskogo vodokhranilishcha No 2

Foliyan, LA., 1977:
The zooplankton of Issyk-Kul lake qualitative study 3-11, illust

Fernandez-Rosado, M.J.; Lucena, J., 1996:
The zooplankton of La Concepcion reservoir Istan, Malaga El zooplancton del embalse de la Concepcion Istan, Malaga

Morscheid, Harald., 2000:
The zooplankton of Lake Ammersee as a point between primary production and planktivorous fishes Das Zooplankton des Ammersees als Mittler zwischen Primarproduktion und planktivoren Fischen

Mouelhi, S.; Balvay, G.; Kraiem, M.M.jdeddine., 1999:
The zooplankton of Tunisian continental waters preliminary inventory and biogeography Le zooplancton des eaux continentales de Tunisie inventaire preliminaire et biogeographie

Heerkloss, R., 2001:
The zooplankton of the Darss-Zingster Bodden chain Das Zooplankton der Darss-Zingster Boddenkette

Ponomareva, L.A.; Beklemishev, K.V., 1956:
The zooplankton of tropical waters in the region of the North Western part of the Pacific

Sorf, M.; Devetter, M., 2005:
The zooplankton species diversity of Kaclezsky pond near Jindrichuv Hradec Druhove slozeni zooplanktonu Kaclerskeho rybnika u Jindfichova Hradce

D'Ancona, Mirella Levi., 2001:
The zoos of the Rennaissance the significance of animals in Italian paintings from the XIV to the XVI century Lo zoo del rinascimento il significato degli animali nella pittura italiana dal XIV al XVI secolo

Zub, Petra., 1996:
The zygaenids of Hessen Ecology, faunistics and population development Insecta Lepidoptera Zygaenidae Die Widderchen Hessens Okologie, Faunistik und Bestandsentwicklung Insecta Lepidoptera Zygaenidae

Maureille, Bruno., 1996:
The zygomatic curvature in fossil and living humans La courbure de los zygomatique chez lhomme actuel et fossile

Bouguessa, S.; Bouguessa, L.; Bouneb, H.; Khelifa, F.Z.hra., 1999:
The zygopteran Odonata of Meskiana wadi Algeria First assessment of observations Les odonates zygopteres de l Oued de la Meskiana Algerie Premier bilan des observations

Fitter, R.S.R., 1945:
The1945 immigration of Black-winged Stilts

Mentzel, Christian., 1993:
Theatre of the natural things of Brazil Dutch - Brazil Theatrum rerum naturalium Brasiliae Brasil - Holandes Dutch-Brazil

Brief, J., 2005:
Thecamoeba sphaeronucleolus balls up Oscillatoria and fuses with conspecifics Thecamoeba sphaeronucleolus knaeult Oscillatorien und fusioniert mit Artgenossen

Zapata M.J., 2005:
Thecamoebians Protozoa, Rhizopoda from the Rucapihuel peatland 4034425S; 7334314 W, Chile Tecamebas Protozoa, Rhizopoda de la turbera Rucapihuel 4034425S; 7334minute314second W, Chile

Chardez, Didier., 1997:
Thecamoebians from fishponds in Fagne Les thecamoebiens des viviers en Fagne

Zapata M., J.; Alvarez M., P.; Cea R., C., 2003:
Thecamoebians from the Contaco River 403312 S; 734300 W, Osorno, Chile Tecamebas del rio Contaco 403312 S; 734300 W, Osorno, Chile

Chardez, Didier., 1995:
Thecamoebians from tree mosses Thecamoebiens des mousses arboricoles

Chardez, Didier., 1997:
Thecamoebians of bark inhabiting algae Thecamoebiens des algues corticoles

Fournier, Francois., 1996:
Thecla betulae L in Puy-de-Dome during summer 1995 An exceptional date? Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Thecla betulae L dans le Puy-de-Dome durant lete 1995 Millesime exceptionnel? Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Faynel, C., 2007:
Thecla floreus Druce, 1907, and T melleus Druce, 1907 revision of their status Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Thecla floreus Druce, 1907, et T melleus Druce, 1907, revision de leur statut Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Stuke, J., 2006:
Thecophora pusilla auct - a species-complex Diptera Conopidae Thecophora pusilla auct - ein Artenkomplex Diptera Conopidae

de Larrazabal, Maria Eduarda. de Oliveira, Valdeni Soares., 2003:
Thecosomata and Gymnosomata Mollusca, Gastropoda from Fernando de Noronha chain, Brazil Thecosomata e Gymnosomata Mollusca, Gastropoda da cadeia Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

Rampal, J., 1985:
Thecosomata of a thanatocoenosis from the NW of the Gulf of Gascogne Les thecosomes dune thanatocoenose du NW du Golfe de Gascogne

Cepelak, Juraj., 1993:
Thecostomata from northern Slovakia Diptera Hohere Zweiflugler der nordostlichen Slowakei Diptera, Thecostomata

Zalenskij, V.V., 1916:
Thedor Boveri, Necrologie

Anonymous., 1996:
Theft of falcons Robo de halcones

Krilov, M.V., 1962:
Theileria lotozkyi spec nov parasite of the blood of Gervus elaphus bactrianus Lyd

Cerny, V., 1958:
Theileriafunde beim europaischen Hirsch im Gebiet von Topolcianky Slowakei

Markov, A.A., 1963:
Theilerioses gonderioses

Mamikoajan, M.M., 1959:
Theileriosis of cattle in Armenia

Melic, A., 1996:
Their imagination already full of tarantulas or some curiosities, errors and exaggerations about the black widow spider Araneae Theridiidae Latrodectus Leur imagination, deja plein de tarentules o algunas curiosidades, errores y exageraciones a proposito de la arana viuda negra Araneae Theridiidae Latrodectus

Lucker, J.T., 1952:
Thelandros alatus Wedl, 1862 (Nematoda: Oxyuridae) and its synonyms

Romanovic, M.I., 1914:
Thelazia rhodesi als Erreger der Conjunctiva-Keratitis bei Rindern

Erschow, W.S., 1928:
Thelaziasis in cattle

Klesov, M.D., 1953:
Thelaziasis of cattle

Ivashkina, E.E., 1959:
Thelaziasis of horses in Mongolian Republic

Ivashkin, V.M., 1953:
Thelaziosis of eyes in yaks and cattle

Kabre, GB.; Sakiti, NG.; Marques, A.; Sawadogo, L., 2002:
Thelohanellus bicornei sp n Myxosporea, Bivalvulida a gill parasite of Labeo coubie Rueppel, 1832 Osteichthyen Cyprinidae from Burkina Faso, West Africa Thelohanellus bicornei n sp Myxosporidie Myxosporea, Bivalvulida parasite des branchies de Labeo coubie Rueppel, 1832 Osteichthyen, Cyprinidae au Burkina Faso, Afrique de lOuest

Briano, Juan A., 1999:
Thelohania solenopsae Microsporida Thelohaniidae as a potential biocontrol agent of fire ants in the USA El protozoo Thelohania solenopsae Microsporida Thelohaniidae como agente potencial de control biologico de hormigas coloradas en los Estados Unidos

Cruttenden, P., 1990:
Them gulls

Chauvaud, S.; Bouchon, C.; Maniere, R., 2001:
Thematic mapping of tropical marine communities coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves using SPOT data in Guadeloupe Island Cartographie des biocenoses marines de Guadeloupe a partir de donnees SPOT recifs coralliens, phanerogames marines, mangroves

Aubrecht, G.; Schuster, A.; Malicky, M., 2000:
Thematic maps of Upper Austria - basis for the Atlas of Upper Austrian Breeding Birds Thematische Landkarten von Oberoesterreich - Grundlagen zum Oberoesterreichischen Brutvogelatlas

Anonymous., 2006:
Theme Day Farmland birds Themadag vogels van het agrarisch gebied

Anonymous., 2006:
Theme Day on Telemetry Themadag Telemetrie

Helbig, A.J. .; Flade, M. .; Dachverband Deutscher Avifaunisten., 1996:
Theme book bird monitoring First report on the status of birds in Germany Themenheft Vogelmonitoring Erster Bericht zur Lage der Vogel in Deutschland

Anonymous., 2002:
Theme day Birds and Large-scale new infrastructure Themadag Vogels en Grootschalige nieuwe infrastructuur

Ens, Bruno ., 1996:
Theme day Wader population censuses Themadag Wadvogelvertellingen

Anonymous., 1998:
Theme issue on Red Data Lists Themanummer Rode Lijsten

von Engelhardt, Wolf., 2003:
Then and now Friedrich August Quenstedt and the geosciences at Tuebingen University Sonst und jetzt Friedrich August Quenstedt und die Erdwissenschaften an der Universitaet Tuebingen

Versavele, Willy., 2004:
Then and now De tijd van toen

Karapetyan, S.K.Arutyunyan, R.A., 1970:
Thennoregulatorypeculiarities in birds under various levels of the environmental temperature

Reusch, Herbert., 1998:
Theodor Beling 1816-1898 - forester and world-wide known entomologist Theodor Beling 1816-1898 - Forstmeister und weltweit bekannter Entomologe

Schmid, Wilfried., 2000:
Theodor von Heuglins excursion to Greece Theodor von Heuglins Exkursion in Griechenland

Jarry, I., 1990:
Theodore Monod memoires dun naturaliste voyageur

Hays, SB., 1990:
Theodore Roosevelt Adkins, Jr 1930-1989

Hedrick, PW., 1990:
Theoretical analysis of habitat selection and the maintenance of genetic variation

Shikhobalova, N.P., 1954:
Theoretical and practical study on helminthological immunity

Bombace, G.; Fabi, G.; Fiorentini, L., 1993:
Theoretical aspects and results on artificial reefs in the Adriatic Aspects theoriques et resultats concernants les recifs artificiels realises en Adriatique

Koren, M. st.; Koren, M. ml., 1995:
Theoretical basis and principles of the project of the High Tatras National Park monitoring Teoreticke vychodiska a principy projektu monitorovania prirodneho prostredia Tatranskeho Narodneho Parku

Shultz, R.S., 1963:
Theoretical basis and the practical ways of controllingechinococcosis in the KazakhSSR

Dobre, Doru Simon., 1998:
Theoretical considerations concerning the control of exotic fish species introduction Consideratii teoretice asupra controlului introducerii de specii exotice de pesti

Baldi, A., 1998:
Theoretical considerations in the design of ecological networks Az okologiai halozatok elmelete iranymutato a vedett teruletek es okologiai folyosok tervezesehez

Sviridenko, P.A., 1951:
Theoretical disagreements on the role of the smell receptor in rodents and their applied fraction

Novikov, GA., 1976:
Theoretical foundations and methods of study of feeding and trophic connections in mammals and birds

Aparicio, J.P.; Solari, H.G.; Bonino, N.A., 2006:
Theoretical perspectives on myxomatosis dynamics with applications to biological control Perspectivas teoricas sobre la dinamica de la mixomatosis con aplicaciones en control biologico

Shvarts, S.S.; Pavlinin, V.N.S.uzyumova, L.M., 1957:
Theoretical principles of population density forecasts of Muridae of Trans-Ural forest-steppe

Vrublevskij, K., 1912:
Theoretische Differenzierung einiger Wiederkauer in Holzfresser Fruticivora und Grasfresser Herbivora und ihre Bedeutung fur die Praxis

Kondratenko, G.L., 1910:
Theorie der neuen Bienenzucht Tcil i

Moreno, J.; Soler, M., 1995:
Theories of sexual selection the female choice Teorias sobre seleccion sexual la hembra elige

Appellof, A., 2004:
Theories on development and inheritance in the light of new biological research Udviklings- og arvelighedsteorier i belysning af den nyere biologiske forskning

Armauer Hansen, G., 2004:
Theories on inheritance Teorier om arv

Isakov, Y.A., 1957:
Theory and practice in resettling the migratory birds 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224 202-224

Karpenko, EA., 1998:
Theory and practice of commercial fisheries Behaviour of hydrobionts in the gears action zone Collected proceedings

Vitt, V.O., 1949:
Theory of age selection of animals I Influence of age of animals on characteristics of progeny

Garcia Casas, M., 2007:
Theory of expectant life and reproductive evolution Teoria de la vida embarazada y la reproevolucion VER

Opik, M.; Tulva, I.; Puura, I. ., 2005:
Theory of lie Vale teooria

Johannesen, B., 1974:
Thera Cidaria serraria Zeller-new to Denmark

Mazel, Robert., 1998:
Thera firmata tavoilloti ssp nova and the valid species Thera ulicata Rambur, 1834 Lepidoptera, Geometridae Thera firmata tavoilloti ssp nova et Thera ulicata Rambur, 1834 bona species Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Embacher, G.; Haslberger, A.; Murauer, K., 2001:
Thera variata mugo Burmann Tarmann, 1983, new for Bavaria Lepidoptera Geometridae Thera variata mugo Burmann Tarmann, 1983, neu fuer Bayern Lepidoptera Geometridae

Embacher, Gernot., 1998:
Thera variata mugo Burmann Tarmann, 1983, now recorded from the province of Salzburg Lepidoptera Geometridae, Larentiinae Thera variata mugo Burmann Tarmann, 1983, auch im Land Salzburg Lepidoptera Geometridae, Larentiinae

Fontana, Patrizio Raffaele., 2002:
Therapeutic use of birdwatching in a hard of hearing community Uso terapeutico del birdwatching in una comunita per audiolesi

Collignon, S., 1994:
Theraphosa leblondi, account of reproduction Theraphosa leblondi, compte-rendu de reproduction

Huber, S.; Samm, R.; Schmidt, G., 1996:
Theraphosidae of the world Theraphosidae der Welt

Keijman, MCW., 1999:
Theraps coeruleus, the small blue cichlid from South Mexico Theraps coeruleus, de kleine blauwe uit Zuid-Mexico

Deichsel, Guntram., 1998:
Therapy of irreversibly inflated vocal sacs and of the body in Rana lessonae from a garden pond Therapie irreversibler Aufblahung der Schallblasen und des Leibes bei Rana lessonae aus einem Gartenteich

Gnedina, M.P., 1953:
Therapy of onchocerciasis in cattle using ditrasine

Kummerfeld, N.; Korbel, R.; Lierz, M., 2005:
Therapy or euthanasia of free ranging birds - aspects with importance for veterinary medicine and birds biology Therapie oder Euthanasie von Wildvoegeln - tieraerztliche und biologische Aspekte

Percsy, Christiane., 1998:
There are green frogs and then there are green frogs Il y a grenouille verte et grenouille verte

Fiedler, Gerhard., 2002:
There are no more cockchafers or are there? Es gibt keine Maikaefer mehr oder doch?

Guzman, J N.; Garcia, FJ.; Garrote, G.; Perez de Ayala, R.; Iglesias, C., 2004 :
There are only two hundred remaining Iberian lynx and about thirty breeding females Quedan menos de doscientos linces ibericos y una treintena de hembras reproductoras

Wirtz, Peter., 1996:
There are two red reef lobsters in the Canary Islands Es gibt zwei rote Riffhummer bei den Kanarischen Inseln

Haffner, Marianne., 1993:
There comes a flying mammal Kommt ein Saugetier geflogen

van Dam, N.M., 2005:
There is more between heaven and earth - interactions between underground and aboveground herbivores via induced chemical defence in the host plant Er is meer tussen hemel en aarde interacties tussen ondergrondse en bovengrondse planteneters via geinduceerde chemische afweer in de waardplant

Messner, B.; Adis, J., 1995:
There is only facultative plastron respiration in diving web spiders Araneae Es gibt nur fakultative Plastronatmer unter den tauchenden Webespinnen Araneae

Meltofte, Hans., 2003:
There should be many more birds in the forests of Denmark Der burde vaere mange flere fugle i de danske skove

Rohdich, Walther., 2003:
There was once insight into the future perspectives of frogs, toads Co Es war einmal Aus der Zukunftsperspektive der Froesche, Kroeten Co gesehen

Eitschberger, U., 2005:
Theretra babarensis spec nov from the Babar-Archipelago Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Theretra babarensis spec nov vom Babar-Archipel Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Eitschberger, Ulf., 2002:
Theretra mercedes spec nov, a new sphingid from Sumbawa Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Theretra mercedes spec nov, eine neue Sphingide von Sumbawa Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Gepp, J.; Klausnitzer, B., 2005 :
Therevidae larvae Dipt, Therevidae as predators of the ant lion Euroleon nostras Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae Therevidenlarven Dipt, Therevidae als Praedatoren des Ameisenloewen Euroleon nostras Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae

Scheuringer, Emil., 1996:
Theria primaria Haworth, 1809 a new geometrid for the South Bavarian fauna Lepidoptera, Geometridae Theria primaria Haworth, 1809 eine neue Geometride fur die Fauna Sudbayerns Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 1996:
Theria primaria Haw new for the fauna of Tessin canton and south Switzerland, and a massive increase of Agriopis marginaria F Lep, Geometridae Theria primaria Haw neu fur die Fauna des Kantons Tessin und der Sudschweiz, und eine Massenvermehrung von Agriopis marginaria F Lep, Geometridae

Strand, Embr., 1904:
Theridiidae, Argiopidae und Mimetidae aus der Collettschen Spinnensammlung

Melic, Antonio., 2000:
Theridula gonygaster Simon, 1873 in Spain Araneae, Theridiidae Theridula gonygaster Simon, 1873 en Espana Araneae, Theridiidae

Tatarinov, LP., 1974:
Theriodonts of the USSR

Sokolov, V.E. ., 1995:
Theriological investigations in Ethiopia

Hayduckiewicz, Joanna., 2002:
Thermal alteration of conodonts in Devonian to Lower Carboniferous rocks of the Gory Bardzkie Mts Zakres przeobrazen termicznych konodontow i skal dewonsko-dolnokarbonskich Gor Bardzkich

Orr, CJ.; Obrycki, JJ., 1990:
Thermal and dietary requirements for development of Hippodamia parenthesis Coleoptera Coccinellidae Thermal and dietary requirements for development of Hippodamia parenthesis Coleoptera Coccinellidae

Giusto, A.; Gomez, S.E.; Cassar, C.; Ferriz, R.A., 1998:
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