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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38823

Chapter 38823 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ribeiro, PB. de Carvalho, CJB.; Regis, M.; Costa, PRP., 2001:
Thermal exigency and estimative of number of generations of Ophyra aenescens Wiedemann, 1830 Diptera, Muscidae, Azeliinae, in Pelotas, RS Exigencias termicas e estimativa do numero de geracoes de Ophyra aenescens Wiedemann, 1830 Diptera, Muscidae, Azeliinae, em Pelotas, RS

Sparre, Thorben Striib., 1996:
Thermal forms of the Danish national butterfly Temperaturform af Danmarks nationalsommerfugl

Nespolo, R.F.; Rosenmann, M., 1997:
Thermal history in Chilean rodents an experimental approach Historia termica de roedores chilenos una aproximacion experimental

Montanini, E.; Rossi, V.; Ferrari, G.; Marchiani, C., 1995:
Thermal pollution effects on the biology of Bithynia tentaculata Gastropoda, Prosobranchia population in the Po river Effetto dellinquinamento termico sulla biologia di popolazione di Bithynia tentaculata Gastropoda, Prosobranchia nel fiume Po

Montanini, Enrica., 1995:
Thermal pollution effects on the biology of Bithynia tentaculata and Theodoxus fluviatilis Gastropoda Prosobranchia Inquinamento termico e aspetti della biologia di popolazioni di gasteropodi del Fiume Po risultati preliminari

Boccardo, L.; Penteado, CHS., 1995:
Thermal preferences and respiratory responses related to temperature and body size in Gymnostreptus olivaceus Schubart, 1944 Diplopoda, Spirostreptidae Preferencias termicas e respostas metabolicas em relacao a temperatura e ao tamanho em Gymnostreptus olivaceus Schubart, 1944 Diplopoda, Spirostreptidae

Ribeiro, P.B.; Costa, P.R.; Loeck, A.E.; Vianna, E.E.; Silveira, P.J., 2004:
Thermal requeriments of Culex quinquefasciatus Diptera, Culicidae in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Exigencias termicas de Culex quinquefasciatus Diptera, Culicidae em Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Didonet, J.; Cola Zanuncio, J.; Coutinho Picanco, M.; Sigueyuki Sediyama, C., 1996:
Thermal requeriments of Podisus nigrispinus Dallas, 1851 and Supputius cincticeps Stal, 1860 Heteroptera, Pentatomidae Determinacao das exigencias termicas de Podisus nigrispinus Dallas, 1851 e de Supputius cincticeps Stal, 1860 Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, em condicoes controladas

Cividanes, F.J.; Souza, V.P., 2003:
Thermal requirements and age-specific life tables of Myzus persicae Sulzer Hemiptera Aphididae in laboratory Exigencias Termicas e Tabelas de Vida de Fertilidade de Myzus persicae Sulzer Hemiptera Aphididae em Laboratorio

Torres, J.B.; Pratissoli, D.; Zanuncio, J.C., 1997:
Thermal requirements and development of the egg parasitoids Telenomus podisi Ashmead and Trissolcus brochymenae Ashmead on the predator stinkbug Podisus nigrispinus Dallas Exigencias termicas e potencial de desenvolvimento dos parasitoides Telenomus podisi Ashmead e Trissolcus brochymenae Ashmead em ovos do percevejo predador Podisus nigrispinus Dallas

Manfredi-Coimbra, S.; Garcia, M.S.; Botton, M., 2001:
Thermal requirements and estimate of the number of generations of Argyrotaenia sphaleropa Meyrick Lepidoptera Tortricidae Exigencias termicas e estimativa do numero de geracoes de Argyrotaenia sphaleropa Meyrick Lepidoptera Tortricidae

da Silva, F.R.; Vasconcelos, G.J.; Gondim, M.G.C.; Jr; Oliveira, J.V., 2005:
Thermal requirements and fertility life table of Phytoseiulus macropilis Banks Acari Phytoseiidae Exigencias termicas e tabela de vida de fertilidade de Phytoseiulus macropilis Banks Acari Phytoseiidae

Godoy, K.B.; Cividanes, F.J., 2001:
Thermal requirements and prediction of populational peaks of Lipaphis erysimi Kalt Homoptera Aphididae Exigencias termicas e previsao de picos populacionais de Lipaphis erysimi Kalt Homoptera Aphididae

Rehak, Ivan., 1995:
Thermal requirements and thermoregulation in snakes 1 Teplotni pozadavky a termoregulace hadu 1

Rehak, Ivan., 1995:
Thermal requirements and thermoregulation in snakes Part 2 Teplotni pozadavky a termoregulace hadu Cast 2

Imura, O., 1990:
Thermal requirements for development of stored-product insects

Bittencourt, M.A.arecida L.; Berti Filho, E., 2004:
Thermal requirements for the development of Palmistichus elaeisis Hymenoptera, Eulophidae in pupae of five lepidopteran species Exigencias termicas para o desenvolvimento de Palmistichus elaeisis Hymenoptera, Eulophidae em pupas de cinco especies de lepidopteros

Calado, D.C.; Navarro-Silva, M.A.tonio, 2002:
Thermal requirements of Aedes Stegomyia albopictus Skuse, 1894 Diptera, Culicidae under laboratory conditions Exigencias termicas de Aedes Stegomyia albopictus Skuse, 1894 Diptera, Culicidae em condicoes de laboratorio

Albergaria, N.M.S.; Cividanes, F.J., 2002:
Thermal requirements of Bemisia tabaci Genn B-biotype Hemiptera Aleyrodidae Exigencias termicas de Bemisia tabaci Genn biotipo B Hemiptera Aleyrodidae

Botton, M.; Nakano, O.; Kovaleski, A., 2000:
Thermal requirements of Bonagota cranaodes Meyrick Lepidoptera Tortricidae and estimation of the number of generations in apple growing regions in the South of Brazil Exigencias termicas e estimativa do numero de geracoes de Bonagota cranaodes Meyrick Lepidoptera Tortricidae em regioes produtoras de maca do Sul do Brasil

Cividanes, F.Jorge, 2003:
Thermal requirements of Brevicoryne brassicae and prevision of populational peaks Exigencias termicas de Brevicoryne brassicae e previsao de picos populacionais

Lemos, WP.; Medeiros, RS.; Ramalho, FS., 1999:
Thermal requirements of Euborellia annulipes Lucas Dermaptera, Anisolabididae and its relationship with the prey cotton boll weevil Exigencias termicas de Euborellia annulipes Lucas Dermaptera, Anisolabididae e sua relacao com a presa bicudo-do-algodoeiro

Ferreira, S.W.; Barros, R.; Torres, J.B., 2003:
Thermal requirements of Oomyzus sokolowskii Kurdjumov Hymenoptera Eulophidae and estimation of the number of generations in crucifers in Pernambuco State, Brazil Exigencias Termicas e Estimativa do Numero de Geracoes de Oomyzus sokolowskii Kurdjumov Hymenoptera Eulophidae, Para Regioes Produtoras de Cruciferas em Pernambuco

Milano, P.; Consoli, F.L.; Zerio, N.G.; Parra, J.R., 1999:
Thermal requirements of the cotton stainer Dysdercus peruvianus Guerin-Meneville Heteroptera Pyrrhocoridae Exigencias termicas de Dysdercus peruvianus Guerin-Meneville Heteroptera Pyrrhocoridae, o percevejo manchador do algodoeiro

Chernaki, Andreia M. de Almeida, Lucia M., 2001:
Thermal requirements, development and survival of the immature stages of the Alphitobius diaperinus Panz Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Exigencias termicas, periodo de desenvolvimento e sobrevivencia de imaturos de Alphitobius diaperinus Panzer Coleoptera Tenebrionidae

Kryutchkova, N.M., 1968:
Thermal resistance in summer and winter time of some copepods

Polivaiko, A.G., 1967:
Thermal resistance of muscular tissue of Gadus morhua, Pollachius virens and Melanogrammus aeglefinus in Barents Sea

Mikhalchenko, T.V., 1957:
Thermal sensitivity of frog tissues and their parasites

Losos, JB., 1990:
Thermal sensitivity of sprinting and clinging performance in the tokay gecko Gekko gecko

Ushakov, B.P., 1956:
Thermal tolerance of crustacean muscles in connection with the conditions of the species existence

Geistdoerfer, Patrick., 1999:
Thermarces pelophilum, a new species of Zoarcidae from cold seeps of the Barbados accretionary complex, northwestern Atlantic Ocean Thermarces pelophilum, espece nouvelle de Zoarcidae associee a l emission de fluides froids au niveau du prisme d accretion de la Barbade, ocean Atlantique Nord-ouest

Ushakov, B.P.; Gasteva, S.V., 1953:
Thermic coefficient of thermonarcosis of somatic muscles

Martori, R.; Vignolo, P.; Cardinale, L., 1998:
Thermic relationships in a Liolaemus wiegmanni population Iguania Tropiduridae Relaciones termicas en una poblacion de Liolaemus wiegmanni Iguania Tropiduridae

Chung, KS., 1997:
Thermic tolerance of the tropical fish Cyprinodon dearborni Atheriniformes Cyprinodontidae under several heating and salinity rates Tolerancia termica del pez tropical Cyprinodon dearborni Atheriniformes Cyprinodontidae a diversas tasas de calentamiento y salinidades

Popovitch, V., 1951:
Thermo-genesis in Citellus citellus during inter-rupted hibernation

Ushakov, B.P., 1954:
Thermo-resistance of the somatic musculature of Amphibia in connection with the habitats of species

Shapley, H., 1920:
Thermokinetics of Liometopum apiculatum Magr

Sokolov, AYa.; Kushnir, AV., 1997:
Thermoregulation and bioenergetics of the reindeer

Gonzalez S., L.A.ejandro.; Prieto A., A., 2001:
Thermoregulation and reproduction aspects of lizard Ameiva ameiva melanocephala Barbour and Noble, 1915 Sauria Teiidae, in a wet forest, Miranda state, Venezuela Aspectos sobre la termorregulacion y reproduccion del lagarto Ameiva ameiva melanocephala Barbour y Noble, 1915 Sauria Teiidae, en un bosque humedo del Estado Miranda, Venezuela

Gurin, VN., 1989 :
Thermoregulation and the sympatic nervous system

Wuntke, B.; Siegmund, R.; Nichelmann, M., 1990:
Thermoregulation ektothermer Vertebraten

Heiser, F., 2007:
Thermoregulation in a dotterel Charadrius morinellus Thermoregulation bei einem mornellregenpfeifer Charadrius morinellus

Sanabria, E.A.; Quiroga, L.B.; Acosta, J.C., 2005:
Thermoregulation of adults of Bufo arenarum Hensel, 1867 Anura Bufonidae in different microhabitats of the Zonda wetlands, San Juan, Argentina Termorregulacion de adultos de Bufo arenarum Hensel, 1867 Anura Bufonidae en diferentes microhabitats de los humedales de Zonda, San Juan, Argentina

van Dijk, Terry., 2001:
Thermoregulation of amphibians Thermoregulatie bij amphibieen

Sempedro Marin, A., 2002:
Thermoregulatory activity of Trachemys decussata decussata Chelonia Emydidae in a locality of Cienaga de Zapata, Cuba Actividad termorreguladora de Trachemys decussata decussata Chelonia Emydidae en una localidad de la Cienaga de Zapata, Cuba

Arashev, O., 1977:
Thermoregulatory peculiarities in the great gerbil in various seasons

Stoks, R.; Santens, M., 1997:
Thermoregulatory strategies in the migrant hawker Aeshna mixta Opwarmingsstrategieen van tenerale Aeshna mixta

Heurtault, J.; Vannier, G., 1990:
Thermoresistance chez deux pseudoscorpions Garypidae, lun du desert de Namibie, lautre de la region de Genes Italie

Chihrane, J.; Lauge, G., 1997:
Thermosensitivity of germ lines of Trichogramma brassicae Bezdenko Hymenoptera Significance for efficacy of parasitoid Thermosensibilite des lignees germinales de Trichogramma brassicae Bezdenko Hymenoptera Consequences sur lefficacite du parasitoide

Sergeeva, EP., 1971:
Thermostability of the organism of closely related species of bottom invertebrates in connection with distribution in the upper zones of the sea

Velloso, A.L.iza; Pereira Jr, J.; Cousin, J.C.rlos B., 2005:
Therodamas fluviatilis Copepoda Ergasilidae, a parasite of Paralichthys orbignyanus Teleostei Paralichthyidae from Lagoa dos Patos estuary and adjacent coastline, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Therodamas fluviatilis Copepoda Ergasilidae, parasito de Paralichthys orbignyanus Teleostei Paralichthyidae do estuario da Lagoa dos Patos e costa adjacente, RS, Brasil

Sowerby, GB., 1874:
Thesaurus conchyliorum, parts xxxi xxxii, containing a monograph of the genus Mitra

Pavlinov, IYa., 1990:
Theses on the bases of cladistic systematics

Abstracts., 1997:
Thesis abstracts Resumenes de tesis

Halasy, K., 1990:
Thesis of dissertation for candidate degree Comparative morphology of the neuromuscular junctions in the alimentary tract of some invertebrate and vertebrate animals

Didier, Bruno., 2005:
They also like insects The aardwolf and long-nosed termites Eux aussi ils aiment les insectes Le Protele et les termites a long nez

Sellenschlo, Udo., 1997:
They became troublesome in winter The crop ant was discovered in a house Im Winter wurden sie lastig Ernteameise im hauslichen Bereich entdeckt

Berghof, Hans-Peter., 2002:
They dont always have to be green - the less colourful representatives of the genus Phelsuma Es muss nicht immer gruen sein - die weniger bunten Vertreter der Gattung Phelsuma

Knittel, Gunter., 1997:
They have to be Kosmoceratinae Ausgerechnet Kosmoceratiden

Cicerov, A., 1990:
They kill elephants here, dont they?

Strazhnik, LV.; Davydov, ON., 1972:
Thiamine content in the tissues of the plerocercoid Ligula intestinalis

Greven, Hartmut., 2005:
Thick eggs and thin sperm threads Von dicken Eiern und duennen Samenfaeden

Melville, DS., 1990:
Thick-billed pigeon in Hong Kong notes on moult

Jannes, Hannu., 1995:
Thick-billed warbler Paksunokkakerttunen kerttuseksi helppo tuntea

Shaw, JR., 1990:
Thick-billed weavers in the Harare area

Toth, Sandor., 2004:
Thick-headed fly fauna Diptera Conopidae from Malaise-trap of Aggtelek National Park Az Aggteleki Nemzeti Park fejeslegy-faunajanak vizgalata Malaise-csapdaval Diptera Conopidae

Barts, Mirko., 2004:
Thick-toed geckos Pachydactylus turneri Pachydactylus bibronii Dickfingergeckos Pachydactylus turneri Pachydactylus bibronii

Panfilova, E.P., 1966:
Thickness of hair follicles and their development in Gissar and Vyatskaya sheep in first post-natal month

Zell, Th., 1908:
Thierfabeln und andere Irrthumer in der Thierkunde Uebers a d Deutsch v V Sokolov

Brehm., 1911:
Thierleben Sechster Band Vodgel Band 1 Vierte, ganzlich umgearbeitete und betrachtlich erweiterte Ausgabe von Prof O zur Strassen Autorisierte Uebersetzung unt d Redakt von N M KnipoviC

Zurlo, Georg., 2000:
Thin cichlids from Lake Tanganyika Part 3 end the genus Chalinochromis and further particularities and dangers Schlankcichliden des Tanganjikasees Teil 3 Schluss die Gattung Chalinochromis sowie Besonderheiten und Gefahren

Zurlo, Georg., 2000:
Thin cichlids of Tanganyika lake Part 2 Care and breeding and information on Julidochromis species Schlankcichliden des Tanganyikasees Teil 2 Pflege und Zucht sowie Julidochromis-Arten

Penicaud, P.; Boireau, J., 2002:
Thin fissures, attractive roosts for arboricolous bats results of seven years of monitoring in Brittany Les fissures etroites, des gites attractifs pour les chauves-souris arboricoles resultats de sept annees de prospection en Bretagne

Fredericus (Frere)., 1977:
Things about shells

Heyman, Helena., 2004:
Things seldom observed by the birdwatcher Detta har sallan skadats av skadare

Zaixso, H.E.; Lizarralde, Z.I., 2001:
Thinning out effects on the harvestable biomass of cultivated Mytilus platensis dOrb Efectos del desdoble sobre la biomasa cosechable de Mytilus platensis dOrb En cultivo

Staniec, Bernard., 2002:
Thinobius flagellatus Lohse, 1984 Coleoptera Staphylinidae - a beetle new to the fauna of Poland Thinobius flagellatus Lohse, 1984 Coleoptera Staphylinidae - gatunek nowy dla fauny Polski

Anonymous., 1970:
Third All-Union Colloquium on Archaeocyatheans

Abstracts., 2004:
Third Georges Cuvier symposium From comparative anatomy to palaeobiology Troisieme Symposium Georges Cuvier De lanatomie comparee a la paleobiologie

Anonymous., 2004:
Third International Black Stork Conference Fourneau Saint-Michel Belgium March 28-31 2001 Troisieme Conference Internationale sur la Cigogne noire Fourneau Saint-Michel Belgique 28-31 mars 2001

Engelmayer, Andrzej., 1994:
Third International Symposium on Cladocera Bergen, 9-16 Aug 1993 3 miedzynarodowe sympozjum na temat Cladocera Bergen, 9-16 8 1993 r

Prjevalsky., 1883:
Third Journey to Thibet

Maliszsewska, A.; Sikorska, M., 2007:
Third National Scientific Conference Petrological and Mineralogical Research in Geology Warsaw - 9-10052007 III Ogolnopolska Konferencja Naukowa Badania petrologiczne i mineralogiczne w geologii Warszawa, 9-10052007

Abstracts., 1996:
Third Swedish Symposium on Fish Biology Fisheries Production and Experimental Station at Alvkarleby Programme and summary, June 1996 3 Svenska Fiskbiologiska Symposiet Fiskeriverket Fiskeriforsoksstationen i Alvkarleby Program och sammanfattning, Juni 1996

Markevich, AP.; Dvoinos, GM.; Isaeva, NM.; Iskova, NI.; Koval, VP.; Kornyushin, VV.; Monchenko, VI.; Sharpilo, LD., 1991:
Third all-union conference of parasitocoenologists Kiev, December 1991 proceedings

Contreras Balderas, S.; Lozano-Vilano, M. de Lourdes.; Garcia-Ramirez, E., 1995:
Third annotated and revised checklist of the fishes from Nuevo Leon, Mexico Tercera lista anotada y revisada de los peces de Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Tabanelli, Cesare., 1997:
Third approach to the knowledge of the bathyal malacofauna of Pliocene in Romagna Aclis bartolomeae n sp Mollusca, Gastropoda, Aclididae 3 contributo alla conoscenza della malacofauna batiale del Pliocene di Romagna Aclis bartolomeae n sp Mollusca, Gastropoda, Aclididae

Krueger, Siegfried., 2003:
Third brood of a wood lark Lullula arborea at Lohsa/Kamenz district Drittbrut eines Heidelerchenpaares Lullula arborea bei Lohsa/Kreis Kamenz

D.P.rro, M.; Tosi, G.; Vanni, S., 1997:
Third capture in Italian seas of Lobotes surinamensis Bloch, 1790 Actinopterygii, Perciformes, Lobotidae Terza cattura nei mari italiani di Lobotes surinamensis Bloch, 1790 Actinopterygii, Perciformes, Lobotidae

Munoz Batet, J.; Lopez-Colon, J.I.nacio., 1999:
Third capture of Ochodaeus inermis Reitter, 1893 in Catalonia Tercera captura en Cataluna de Ochodaeus inermis Reitter, 1893

Ernst, S.; Hering, J., 2000:
Third contribution on the birds of the eastern Altai region Mongun-Tayga Aves Dritter Beitrag zur Vogelwelt des oestlichen Altai Gebiet Mongun-Tajga Aves

Arenberger, E.; Wimmer, J., 2003:
Third contribution to the Microlepidoptera fauna of Cyprus Dritter Nachtrag zur Mikrolepidopterenfauna Zyperns

Burger, F.; Reum, D., 2004:
Third contribution to the bee fauna of Thuringia Hymenoptera, Apidae Dritter Nachtrag zur Bienenfauna Thueringens Hymenoptera, Apidae

Campadelli, G.; Tschorsnig, H.-Peter., 1999:
Third contribution to the knowledge of the tachinid fauna of Romagna Terzo contributo alla conoscenza della fauna tachinologica di Romagna Insecta Diptera Tachinidae

Sautiere, C., 2005:
Third contribution to the knowledge on Cerambycidae of Ardeche Troisieme contribution a la connaissance des Cerambycidae de lArdeche

Osten, Till., 1999:
Third contribution to the knowledge on the Scoliidae fauna of Cyprus Hymenoptera, Scoliidae Dritter Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Scoliidenfauna von Zypern Hymenoptera, Scoliidae

Lewandowski, S.; Makris, C., 2006:
Third contribution to the moth fauna of Cyprus new information on the genus Ocneria Hubner, 1819 Lepidoptera, Lymantriidae and additional data on other lepidopteran families Dritter Beitrag zur Fauna der Spinner und Schwaermer Zyperns Neue Erkenntnisse zur Gattung Ocneria Hubner, 1819 Lepidoptera, Lymantriidae und aktualisierte Daten zu anderen Familien

Aliquo, V.; Aliquo, A., 2000:
Third contribution to the revision of Ragusa collection Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Terzo contributo alla revisione della collezione coleotterologia di Enrico Ragusa Tenebrionidae Coleoptera

Baviera, C.; Sparacio, I., 2004:
Third contribution to the study of the F Vitale collection Coleoptera Buprestidae and Cerambycidae III contributo alla conoscenza della collezione Francesco Vitale Coleoptera Buprestidae et Cerambycidae

Anon., 1955:
Third ecological conference

Cuvelier, S.; Spruytte, S., 1997:
Third excursion to Greece and its rich butterfly fauna Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Part 2 observations list Pour la troisieme fois ensemble en excursion dans une Grece, riche en papillons Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Partie 2 liste des observations

Ozuna M., M.L.; Toledo V., M.E., 1992:
Third junior meeting in the southern zone of Sinaloa with the theme conservation of the marine turtle Tercer Encuentro de la Ninez de la zona Sur de Sinaloa con el tema Conservacion de la tortuga marina

Rackow, Wolfgang., 1999:
Third mass grave of pipistrelle bats Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber 1774 discovered in Osterode on Harz Drittes Massengrab von Zwergfledermausen Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber 1774 in Osterode am Harz entdeckt

Gilard, B.; Dommanget, J.-Louis., 2000:
Third odonatological meeting of France Saint-Beauzire Haute-Loire, June 29 and 30, July 1 and 2, 2000 Assessment and prospects 3e rencontres odonatologiques de France Saint-Beauzire Haute-Loire, 29 et 30 juin, 1er, 2 et 3 juillet 2000 Bilan et perspectives

Magrini, Paolo., 1997:
Third part the Italian species Chapter 11 The Italian groups First revision of Italian Duvalius s str Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechinae Troisieme partie les especes italiennes Chapitre 11 Les groupes italiens Premiere revision des Duvalius s str Italiens Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechinae

Thiel, Hans-Jurgen., 1996:
Third population information on the magpie, Pica pica in Hagen 3 Bestandsermittlung der Elster, Pica pica, im Stadtgebiet Hagen

Ohst, Juergen., 1997:
Third record of Metrioptera bicolor Philippi 1830 in Saxony-Anhalt Dritter Nachweis von Metrioptera bicolor Philippi 1830 in Sachsen-Anhalt

Rozgonyi, Sandor., 1998:
Third record of hawk owl in Hungary Karvalybagoly Surnia ulula megfigyelese Karancslapujton

Knaus, Peter., 2000:
Third record of ruddy duck Oxyura jamaicensis for Austria in the Rhine delta Vorarlberg Eine Schwarzkopf-Ruderente Oxyura jamaicensis im Vorarlberger Rheindelta - dritter Nachweis fuer Oesterreich

Nikolov, B.; Nikolov, I.P.; Hristova, I.P.; Shurulinkov, P., 2006:
Third record of the Canada goose Branta canadensis in Bulgaria Dritter Nachweis der Kanadagans Branta canadensis in Bulgarien

Gebski, P.; Pioro, C.; Pioro, K.; Golec, B.; Zielinski, P., 2004:
Third record of the Corys shearwater Calonectris diomedea in Poland Trzecie stwierdzenie burzyka zoltodziobego Calonectris diomedea w Polsce

Kelsey, Martin., 1999 :
Third record of the surfbird Aphriza virgata in Colombia Tercer registro de la ave playera Aphriza virgata en Colombia

Farago, Imre Csaba., 1998:
Third record of two-barred crossbill in Hungary A szalagos keresztcsoru Loxia leucoptera harmadik magyarorszagi elofordulasa

Bod, Peter., 1999:
Third record of white-tailed plover Chettusia leucura in Hungary A feherfarku lilebibic Chettusia leucura harmadik elofordulasa Magyarorszagon

Siblet, Jean-Philippe., 1999:
Third regional observation of the pectoral sandpiper Calidris melanotos Troisieme observation regionale du becasseau tachete Calidris melanotos

Grenon, AG., 1990:
Third report of the NOU Records Committee

Ziegler, W., 1995:
Third report on the beetle fauna of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and the Lower Elbe region Dritter Nachtrag zur Kaferfauna von Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg und dem Niederelbegebiet

Kofler, A.; Mildner, P., 2004:
Third supplement on the mollusk fauna of East Tyrol Mollusca Gastropoda, Bivalvia Dritter Nachtrag zur Molluskenfauna Osttirols Mollusca Gastropoda Bivalvia

Holupirek, Heinz., 1997:
Third supplement to the birds fauna of the high middle Erzgebirge mountains Dritter Nachtrag zur Vogelfauna des hohen Mittelerzgebirges

Wissing, H.; Grimm, F., 2003:
Third winter record of the northern bat Eptesicus nilssonii Keyserling Blasius, 1839 in the Palatinate Mammalia Chiroptera Dritter Winternachweis der Nordfledermaus Eptesicus nilssonii Keyserling Blasius, 1839 in der Pfalz Mammalia Chiroptera

Bossneck, U.; Reum, D., 2003:
Third workshop of the thuringian malacologists in Kleinschmalkalden Lkr Schmalkaden-Meiningen with results from field excursions Drittes Arbeitstreffen der Thueringer Malakologen in Kleinschmalkaden Lkr Schmalkaden-Meiningen mit Zusammenstellung der Ergebnisse der Feldexkursionen

Torres Esquivias, JA.; Moreno Arroyo, B.; Recio Espejo, JM.; Alcala-Zamora Barron, A., 1997:
Thirteen years of faunal and ecological observations in the nature reserves south of Cordoba 1985-1997 Trece anos de observaciones faunisticas y de seguimientos ecologicos en las reservas naturales del sur de Cordoba 1985-1997

Koehler, Hartmut., 1998:
Thirteen years of succession of Gamasina Acari, Parasitiformes on a ruderal site Dreizehn Jahre Gamasinen-Sukzession Acari, Parasitiformes auf einer Ruderalflache

Polak, S.; Kebe, L.; Koren, B., 2004:
Thirteen years of the corncrake Crex crex census at Lake Cerknica Slovenia Trinajst let popisov kosca Crex crex na Cerkniskem jezeru Slovenija

Abstracts., 1997:
Thirteenth session of Argentine Vertebrate Palaeontologists at La Rioja, 12-14 May, 1977 13 Jornadas Argentinas de Paleontologia de vertebrados, La Rioja, 12 al 14 de mayo de 1997

Parc Natural del Aiguamolls de l'Emporda., 1997:
Thirty otters from Extermadura have been released into two rivers and a marsh in Gerona Trece nutrias extremenas son liberadas en dos rios y una marisma de Gerona

Sebbane, A.; Courtois, R.; St-Onge, S.; Breton, L.; Lafleur, P.-Emile., 2003:
Thirty years after its reintroduction, what is the future of the Charlevoix caribou? Trente an apres sa reintroduction, quel est lavenir du caribou de Charlevoix?

Polianski, Y.; Strelkov, A., 1947:
Thirty years of Soviet protistology

Sueur, F.; Triplet, P.; Carruette, P., 2007:
Thirty years of avocet Recurvirostra avosetta breeding in the Parc du Marquenterre Somme Bay nature reserve Trente ans de reproduction de lavocette elegante Recurvirostra avosetta dans le Parc du Marquenterre Reserve Naturelle de Baie de Somme - France

Lindstrom, A.; Svensson, S., 2004:
Thirty years of careful checking on birds in Sweden Trettio ars koll pa fagellivet i Sverige

Buisson, E.; Dutoit, T.; Wolff, A., 2004:
Thirty years of ecological studies in the steppe of La Crau Bouches-du-Rhone, sud-est de la France Bilan de trente annees de recherches en ecologie dans la steppe de Crau Bouches-du-Rhone, sud-est de la France

Serafini, Janine ., 2005:
Thirty years of ecology studies in the Fango Valley Filosorma 1971-2002 Trente ans detudes ecologiques de la vallee du Fango Filosorma 1971-2002

Dinesen, L.; R.dal, T., 2002:
Thirty years of monitoring meadow birds in Tryggevaelde Valley, Zealand, Denmark Overvagning af engfugle i Tryggavaelde adal gennem 30 ar

Masse, Henri., 1996:
Thirty years of public works in the Prados Bay Marseilles Gulf - consequences on the fine sand macrofauna Trente ans damenagements dans la Baie du Prado Golfe de Marseille - comment reagit la macrofaune des sables fins

Petursson, Gunnlaugur., 2006:
Thirty years of ringing common gulls in Iceland Stormmafsmerkingar i 30 ar

Anonymous., 1990:
Thirty-fourth Annual Meeting April 21, 1990 Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 1989-90 Annual Reports

O'Sullivan, O.; Smiddy, P., 1990:
Thirty-seventh Irish bird report, 1989

Knight, R., 1990:
This is Megalacron country

Ronnest, Svend., 1997:
This is what a bird shall be called Noget skal fuglen jo hedde

Politi, P.; Giacchini, P.; Petretti, F., 2001:
This study rappresents the first survey on the use of habitat of magpie Pica pica, jackdaw Corvus monedula and hooded crow C cornix in the area of Monte Conero National Park Ancona - central Italy Selezione dellhabitat e interazione di Gazza Pica pica, Cornachia grigia Corvus cornix e Taccola Corvus monedula nel territorio del Parco Naturale del Monte Conero AN

Van Den Bossche, Wim., 2002:
This winter we are going to feed and watch birds Deze winter gaan we weer vogels voeren en beloeren

Schneider, Bernhard., 2003:
This year is the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Curt af Enehjelm Dieses Jahr jaehrt sich der Geburtstag von Curt af Enehjelm zum 100 Mal

Zwoelfer, Helmut., 2000:
Thistles and their insect fauna a contribution to the evolution of the insect-plant system Disteln und ihre Insektenfauna ein Beitrag zur Evolution eines Insekten-Pflanzen-Systems

Hubendick, B., 1952:
Tho morpho-logy of the proboscis of the polychaet Glycinde nordmanni Malmgren, with comparative remarks

Brander, T., 1949:
Tho northward expansion of Parus caeruleus in Fin-land

Russell, LS., 1990:
Thomas Chesmer Weston and the Red Deer fossil fields

Lunaschi, L.I.; Drago, F.B., 2001:
Thometrema patagonica Szidat, 1956 n comb for Derogenes patagonicus Szidat Yamaguti, 1971 Trematoda, Derogenidae Thometrema patagonica Szidat, 1956 n comb para Derogenes patagonicus Szidat Yamaguti, 1971 Trematoda, Derogenidae

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