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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38839

Chapter 38839 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Binney., 1878:
Pfeifferia, see Cochlostyla.

Anonymous., 1878:
The underside of the foot in the Naninidoe is either simple or tripartite, the lateral parts being t

Clessin, S., 1878:
Daudebardia. S. CLESSIN, Mal. Bl. xxv. pp. 98 99, enumerates the known 16 species, placing them

Fischer.; Crosse., 1878:
FISCHER CROSSE Moll. terr. et fluv. de Mexique, pp. 698 699, arrange the families of the suborde

Watson, B., 1878:
The living animal of R. auriculata, observed by B. WATSON, resembles that of Actoeon, posterior tent

Troschel., 1878:
Nerita. Troschel discusses the subgenera, and proposes to distinguish them chiefly by the teeth in t

Sars., 1878:
Homalogyra atomus Phil. = Skenea nitidissima Forb. Hanl.. Shell nautiliform, operculum circula

Anonymous., 1878:
A further rival name, Leachia Risso, 1826, is not mentioned: J. de Conch. xxvi. pp. 133-137.

Fischer, P., 1878:
P. Fischer discusses the value and original signification of these genera, and comes nearly to the s

Monterosato., 1878:
Cerithiopsis supra, p. 39 .

Kobelt, W., 1878:
The following are new or not before described:-T. philippianus Dunker, MS. p. 277, pl. lxxii. figs

Mantey, O., 1878:
O. Mantey in Eledone, and that Pfeffer Zool. Rec. xiv. Moll. p. 28 has mistaken a blood-vessel for a

Fredericq., 1878:
But coincides with that by Fredericq. The expansion is caused either by the will of the animal, or b

Harting., 1878:
This is opposed to the statement by Harting Zool. Rec. xiii Moll. p. 20

Brown-goode, G., 1878:
List of those mollusks in the United States which are useful as food, bait, nacre, c, or injurious

Anonymous., 1878:
In South Western France some terrestrial species, such as Helix pomatia, strgella, incarnata, and Zo

Lukis., 1878:
Successful introduction of Helix pisana from Jersey into Guernsey, by Dr. Lukis, Q. J. Conch. 1878,

Call, R., 1878:
The same subject is treated by R. CALL, Am. Nat. xii. pp. 472 473.

Gray, A.H., 1878:
A. H. GRAY has observed a living specimen of Unio complanatus Barnes attached by the closed valves

Hilgard, E.W.; Hopkins, F., 1878:
E. W. HILGARD F. HOPKINS, Washington: 1878, report on many recent species of the Caribbean Sea, an

Turnouer, M., 1878:
M. TURNOUER discusses the marine shells found in the Chotts of the Sahara, enumerating the various

White, C.A., 1878:
The land, freshwater, and brackish water shells found inthe Laramie group of deposits, in the cent

Clessin, S., 1878:
J. BOURGUIGNAT's Catalogue des Mollusques terrestres et fluviatiles de Paris a l'epoque quaternaire

Tenison-woods, J.E., 1878:
A. GOULD'S descriptions of Australian shells, in P. Bost. Soc. ii. iii., are copied by J. E. TENIS

S.John Jeffreys., 1878:
Korea Strait. Some shells dredged by ST. JOHN JEFFREYS, J. L. S. xiv. pp. 418-423.

Dall, W., 1878:
Alaska and A leutian Islands. Chitonidoe, by W. DALL, Pr. U. S. Nat. Mus. 1878.

Anonymous., 1878:
Neto Guinea. TAPPARONE-CANEFRI continues his contributions to the malacology of the Papuan Islands,

Bergh, R., 1878:
Determined and enumerated by R. BERGH, in the former's Reis. Philippin. ii. part 14, pp. 1 2.

Studer, T., 1878:
Coast of Western Africa. T. STUDER publishes some observations on Molluska dredged during the ex tho

Jousseaume., 1878:
Cape Verde Islands. 9 species of Marginellidoe, two new, enumerated by Jousseaume, Ball. Soc. Z. Fr.

Dall, W.H., 1878:
Preliminary notes on the Mollusca obtained during the cruise of the U.S. Coast Survey steamer ' Blak

Stearns, R., 1878:
Florida. A paper on marine shells of Florida, by CALKINS, in P. Davenport Ac. is known to the Record

Coues, E.; Yarrow, H.C., 1878:
Carolina. 2 species of Cephalopods, 15 Gastropods, 1 Pteropod, and 14 Bivalves, observed at Fort Mac

Jones, M., 1878:
A list of 83 Bivalves and 72 Gastropods from Nova Scotia, most of which are Arctic species, by M. JO

Verkruzen, T.A., 1878:
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. List of 105 species dredged there, with some general observations and

Schneider, O., 1878:
Caspian Sea. Notes on its shells, chiefly taken from Grimm's work Zool. Rec. xiii. xiv. , in O. Sc

Stossich., 1878:
Marine shells from the island Pelagosa, in the Adriatic, mentioned by Stossich, Bull. Soc. Adr. iii.

Monterosato., 1878:
64 marine species, rather rare and some new, observed on the coast of Algeria, enumerated by MONTERO

Monterosato., 1878:
MONTEROSATO enumerates 161 species dredged near Palermo and gives critical notes concerning some of

Schmidtlein, R., 1878:
Note on the periodical appearance or frequence of some Mollusca in the Bay of Naples, from three yea

Monterosato, T.A.; De., 1878:
T. A. DE MONTEROSATO gives a new enumeration of the shells of the Mediterranean, amounting to 1021 s

Cooke, A.H.; Gwatkin, H.M., 1878:
Guernsey. A number of marine Mollusca, enumerated by A. H. COOKE H. M. GWATKIN, Q. J. Conch. 1878,

Fischer, P., 1878:
Note on the Mollusks of the littoral zone at Etretat, Dep. Seine-Inferieure, by P. FISCHER, J. de Co

Haren-noman, D.; Van., 1878:
Holland. List of Mollusca observed at the zoological station at the Helder, by D. VAN HAREN-NOMAN ;

Leche, W., 1878:
Novaya Zemlya. 110 marine species, among which are 36 Bivalves, 71 Gastropods, and 2 Pteropods, with

Feilden, H.W., 1878:
Smith Sound. 2 Pteropods, 19 Gastropods, 16 Bivalves, collected by H. W. FEILDEN during Sir G. Nares

Doring., 1878:
Argentine Confederation. DORING gives a list of 79 terrestrial Pulmonata, all inoperculate, 15 fresh

Miller, K., 1878:
And some new among them described, by K. MILLER, Mal. Bl. xxv. pp. 153-199, pls. vii. viii.

Wolf.; Boetzkes, P., 1878:
Ecuador. 125 terrestrial shells, some with doubt, enumerated, and those collected by Dr. Wolf P. B

Smith, Edgar A., 1878:
New Granada. 2 new land-shells, by Edgar A. Smith, Ann. N. H. 5 ii. pp. 482 483. .in 1875-76, in

Wetherby, W.G., 1878:
Texas. Some notes on its land-shells by W. G. WETHERBY, Am. Nat. xii. pp. 184 185.

Ingersoll, E., 1878:
Colorado. A special report oa the Mollusca by E. INGERSOLL, published in 1875 in Bull. U. S. Geol. S

Witter, F.M., 1878:
Iowa. List of Mollusca collected by F. M. WITTER, Q. J. Conch. 1878, Nos. 16 17, pp. 385-394.

Verkeuzen., 1878:
Helix hortensis is common in the whole country. 4 fresh-water-shella collected in Nova Scotia by VER

Jones, M., 1878:
Nova Scotia. Seven species of freshwater Bivalves, 15 freshwater Gastropods, and 12 land-snails, inc

Bland, T., 1878:
T. BLAND has printed a catalogue of the terrestrial air-breathing Mollusks of the United States and

Binney, W.G., 1878:
W. G. BINNEY has published a new and comprehensive treatise on the North American terrestrial Mollus

Gassies., 1878:
New Caledonia. New land and freshwater shells by GASSIES, J. de Conch. xxvi. pp. 330-347.

Petterd, W.G., 1878:
New Guinea and Solomon Islands. Notes on their land-shells from personal observation, by W. G. PETTE

Tapparone-canefri., 1878:
New land-shells from New Guinea, including the new genus Perieria, by TAPPARONE-CANEFRI, C. R. lxxxv

Kobelt, W., 1878:
Ceylon, Nicobars, and the islands of the Malayan Archipelago. W. KOBELT discusses their malacologica

Nevill, G., 1878:
The shells collected by J. Anderson during the Yunnan Expedition are enumerated in his Anatomical a

Nevill, G., 1878:
G. NEVILL's Handlist of the India Museum, Calcutta, pt. i. contains much valuable information on the

Smith, Edgar A., 1878:
South Africa, Transvaal, and Natal. New species of Achatina by Edgar A. Smith, Q, J. Conch. 1878, No

Fischer, J., 1878:
J. FISCHER, J. de Conch. xxvi. pp. 74-81, with notes on similar occurrences in the Sahara. Sahara. L

Heude, R.P., 1878:
China. R. P. HEUDE, Conch. fluv. de Nank. pt. iv., continues to figure new species of Unionidoe from

Reinhardt., 1878:
Japan. The Japanese species of Corbicula discussed by REINHARDT, JB. mal. Ges. v. pp. 185-194, pl. v

Nevill, G., 1878:
Most of them near Mazanderan, are mentioned in G. NEVILL'S Handlist of the Indian Museum, Calcutta,

Bottger, O., 1878:
New Caucasian land-shells described by O. BOTTGER, Nachr. mal. Ges. 1878, pp. 120-124.

Tiberi, N., 1878:
Naples.Some species of Hyalina and Helix, subg. Campyloa and Macularia, discussed by N. TIBERI, Moll

Stossich, M., 1878:
Pelagosa Island, in the Adriatic. Helix vermiculata, asperea, variabilis, pyramidata, pisana, cellar

Kobelt., 1878:
Critical observations by KOBELT, JB. mal. Ges. v. pp. 285-287.

Mme Paulucci., 1878:
MME. PAULUCCI has exhibited at Paris her rich collection of Italian land-shells and published a cata

Hidalgo, G., 1878:
Balearic Islands. G. HIDALGO enumerates 72 terrestrial species, including 1 Truncatella and 5 Auricu

Chareyre, J., 1878:
Some notes on the malacological fauna of the small island in Marseilles roads are given by J. CHAREY

Dubrueil., 1878:
Southern France. DUBRUEIL publishes a new paper on the terrestrial and fluviatile Mollusca of the De

Dupuy, D., 1878:
D. DUPUY has observed 40 species living on a little alluvial island of the Gironde, including Helix

Anonymous., 1878:
Abstract, J. de Conch. xxvi. p. 201.

Fagot, P., 1878:
P. FAGOT has found a number of rare terrestrial species, hitherto only known in the alluvial plains

Anonymous., 1878:
Abstract in J. de Conch. xxvi. pp. 194 195.

Folin.; Berillon., 1878:
FOLIN BERILLON have published a Contribution a la faune malacologique de la region extreme du S.-

Anonymous., 1878:
Abstract in J. de Conch. xxxvi. p. 194.

D.S.Simon., 1878:
De St. Simon has published a paper on the Mollusca of the Dep. Haute-Garonne; 19 species are found o

Anonymous., 1878:
Adding 3 more species, and various notes to those already enumerated ; J. de Conch. xxvi. pp. 137-14

Fischer, P., 1878:
Pyrenees. P. Fischer gives a second supplement to his malacological fauna of the valley of the Caute

Kobelt., 1878:
Many little-known species of Helix, eubgenus Xerophila and Fruticicola, of Hyalina, with some of Uni

Jickeli, G., 1878:
Transylvania. The known species of Hyalina treated by G. JICKELI, Verh. siebenb. Ver. xxviii. pp. 12

Forel, F.A., 1878:
F. A. FOREL recapitulates his observations on the deep fauna of the lakes in Switzerland; he has fou

Clessin, S., 1878:
Alps. S. CLESSIN discusses Alpine species, distinguishing 1 those found also in other mountains an

Andrae, A., 1878:
List of 18 terrestrial species found in the Vosges Mountains by A. ANDRAE, Nachr. mal. Ges. 1878, pp

Noll, F.C., 1878:
Some species of land-shells occurring in the Valley of the Rhine, between Bingen and Coblenz, wantin

Bottger., 1878:
Thuringia. 22 terrestrial and 1 freshwater species from Meiningen and Coburg, enumerated by BOTTGER,

Clessin, S., 1878:
Some species collected on the Garenberg, near Cassel, mentioned by S. CLESSIN, Mal. Bl. xxv. p. 143.

Diemar, F.H., 1878:
Cassel. Lists of Mollusks found in its neighbourhood by F. H. DIEMAR, in Fuhrer durch Cassel und se

Gwatkin, H.M., 1878:
And H. M. GWATKIN, Q. J. Conch. 1878, No. 15, pp. 321-324 Helix rufescens, sericea, and rupestris ar

Harting, J.E., 1878:
Sussex. 48 terrestrial, 27 freshwater Gastropods, and 9 Bivalves, by J. E. HARTING, Zool. ii. pp. 84

Nelson, W.; Taylor, J.W., 1878:
Yorkshire. W. NELSON'S and J. W. TAYLOR'S paper on the land and freshwater Mollusca of Yorkshire, Tr

Krol, J., 1878:
Galizia. 90 terrestrial and 64 freshwater species enumerated by J. KROL, Verh. z.-b. Wien, xxviii. p

Anonymous., 1878:
Generally the fauna of terrestrial shells is rather poor and uniform from the shores of the White Se

Sars, G.O., 1878:
A list of 71 terrestrial and 40 freshwater species, of which only 2 terrestrial and 3 freshwater spe

Anderson, C., 1878:
Collected by C. Anderson in the province Dalarne most of them appear to be very local variations of

Smith, Edgar A., 1878:
EDGAR A. Smith figures some new species of Melania from Formosa; P. Z. S. 1878, p. 728, pl. 46. .det

Anonymous., 1878:
Nachr. mal. Ges. 1878, pp. 70 71.

Colbeau., 1878:
The albino offspring of an albino parent recorded by COLBEAU, Bull. Soc. mal. Belg. vii. p. lxxxix.

Hesse, P., 1878:
P. HESSE has observed some instances of albinism on Mt. Wittokiud, Westphalia, and thiuks with Hartm

Gredler, V., 1878:
Albino varieties. V. GREDLER enumerates a rather large number in various Alpine species of Hyalina,

Anonymous., 1878:
Mal. Bl. xxv. pp. 143-148.

Clessin, S., 1878:
S. CLESSIN discusses some of Leydig's ZooL Rec. xiii. Moll. p. 5 observations upon the differences o

Durnford, W.A., 1878:
Notes on birds as enemies of bivalve Mollusks, by W. A. Durnford, Zool. 1878, pp. 223-225.

Clarke Hawk-shaw, J., 1878:
Patella vulgata L.J. CLARKE HAWKSHAW has observed the method in which it sinks pits in and abrades

Warington., 1878:
With special regard to Warington's paper on the same subject in the Zoologist, 1852. Q. J. Conch.

Anonymous., 1878:
Abstract in Verh. Ges. Wurzb., May, 1878.

Anonymous., 1878:
And Zool. Anz. i. pp. 7-9

Anonymous., 1878:
Also JB. mal. Ges. v. pp. 307-319

Anonymous., 1878:
A short abstract in Z. wiss. Zool. xxxi. pp. 482-484.

Duval., 1878:
A paper on spermatogenesis in the Pulmonata, by DUVAL, Rev. Montp. vii pp. 277-302 not seen by the R

Wiegmann, F., 1878:
The existence of a special duct, connecting the stalk of the receptaculum seminis stalked vesicle

Anonymous., 1878:
An abstract in SB. Soc. Erlang. x pp. 204-209.

Anonymous., 1878:
He comes to the result that the glandular appendages in the males, however different in shape and si

Anonymous., 1878:
Arch. mikr. Anat. xv pp. 341-348 with a pl.

Claus, C., 1878:
C. CLAUS gives some observations concerning the otocysts of the Heteropoda, and opposes some of Rank

Krukenberg, C.F.W., 1878:
Optical purple seh-purpur in the rodlets stabchen of the eye of Cephalopoda, stated by KRUKENBER

Semper, C., 1878:
C. SEMPER mentions incidentally that in several air-breathing Gastropods, as Siphonaria, Ampullaria,

Anonymous., 1878:
C. P. SLUITER has examined the structure of the gills in Mytilus, Donax, Mactra, Mya, Venus gallina,

Fredericq, L., 1878:
Haemocyanin, a new substance containing copper, found in the blood of the Cephalopods, by L. FREDE

Kollmann, J., 1878:
J. KOLLMANN gives a short note on the form of what he thinks to be lacunae in the vascular system of

Geddes, P., 1878:
Note on the movement of the radula in the Gastropods, by P. GEDDES, P. Z. S. 1878, p. 212.

Anonymous., 1878:
H. SIMROTH has examined the manner of creeping in Limax cinereo-niger Wolf, Arion ater L., and H

Furbringer, M., 1878:
M. FURBRINGER has microscopically examined the cartilages in the head of the Cephalopoda, and states

Reinhardt, J., 1878:
Caelodon. J. Reinhardt describes the remains of this genus from Brazilian bone-caves in the Copenhag

Von Mojsisovics, A., 1878:
A. VON MOJSISOVICS describes accessory basi-cranial processes in Hares and Rabbits; SB. Ak. Wien lxx

Allen, J.A., 1878:
J. A. ALLEN, in a Synonymatic List of the American Sciuri, accepts Alston's determinations, but di

Alston, E.R., 1878:
E. R. ALSTON reviews The Squirrels of the Neotropic Region,he differs from some of Allen's identif

Barboza du Bocage, J.V., 1878:
Antelopinae. J. V. Barboza du Bocage gives a list of the Antilopes of Angola, including 12 species,

Garrod, A.H.; Turner, W., 1878:
Hyomoschus aquaticus. A. H. Garrod and W. Turner describe and figure the gravid uterus and placenta;

Anonymous., 1878:
Describes and figures remains of many new or little known Indian fossil Artiodaetyles Sivatheriidae,

Geoffroy S.Hilaire, A., 1878:
Equus. A. Geoffroy St Hilaire describes two animals believed to be mules between E. caballus and E.

Doderlein, L., 1878:
L. Doderlein fully describes the skeleton; Arch. f. Nat. 1878, i. pp. 37-90.

Sclater, P.L., 1878:
Tapirus roulini. P. L. Sclater notices and figures a living specimen, probably the first received al

Brandt, A., 1878:
Elasmotherium. A. Brandt describes a skull from the Volga, and refers the genus to this family; Die

Garrod, A.H., 1878:
Ceratorrhinus sumatrensis. A. H. Garrod describes and figures the brain; Tr. Z. S. x. pp. 411-413, p

Flower, W.H., 1878:
Rhinoceros. W. H. Flower describes a skull from Tipperali, differing in some points from that of R.

Brandt, J.F., 1878:
J. F. BRANDT publishes supplementary notes to his Monographie der Tichorhinen Nashorner cf. Zool.

Owen, R., 1878:
R. OWEN remarks on the development of the Perissodactyla, reproducing Borne of Marsh's figures; Ann.

Miall, L.C.; Greenwood, F., 1878:
Part III., General Observations, op. cit. xiii. pp. 17-50, pls. ii.-v. The above reprinted; Studies

Miall, L.C.; Greenwood, F., 1878:
Elephas indicus. L. C. Miall and F. Greenwood describe its anatomy; Part I., Muscles of the Extremit

Flower, W.H., 1878:
W. H. FLOWER'S Further Contribution to the Knowledge of the existing Ziphoid Whales: Genus Mesoplod

Starbuck, A., 1878:
A. STARBUCK publishes a very exhaustive History of the American Whale Fishery, from its earliest in

Sahlertz, I., 1878:
I. SAHLERTZ describes abnormalities in dentition, some probably caused by the retention of milk-mola

Clark, J.W., 1878:
Otaria ursina. J. W. Clark describes and figures three specimens from the Pribilov Islands; P. Z. S.

Durnford, W.A., 1878:
Still found in Cumberland; W. A. Durnford, Zool. 1878, p. 128.

Rodd, E.H., 1878:
Id. J. Inst. Cornw. No. xx. p. 128.

Rodd, E.H., 1878:
E. H. Rodd, Zool. 1878, p. 127

Blanford, W.T., 1878:
Canis. W. T. Blanford remarks on Jeitteles's views as to the origin of domestic Dogs cf. Zool. Rec.

Watson, M., 1878:
Chlamydophorus truncatus and Dasypus sexcinctus. M. Watson describes and figures their male generati

Harting, J.E., 1878:
J. E. HARTING, in a paper on The Distinguishing Character of the British Cetacea, gives an abridgm

Lydekker, R., 1878:
R. Lydekker describes an example with a third lower premolar, as in the fossil genus Pssudaelurus; J

Fayrer, J., 1878:
Felis tigris. J. Fayrer has notes on The Size of the Indian Tiger, showing that sometimes, though

Elliot, D.G., 1878:
D. G. ELLIOT, in his Monograph of the Felidae cf. supra, p. 4 , considerably reduces the number of

Wheeler., 1878:
Wheeler's Rep. Surv. W. of 100th Mer. iv. 1877 pt. 2, pp. 72-170, pls. xxxiii.-xlv. It is regarded

Maisonneuve, P., 1878:
P. MAISONNEUVE exhaustively describes the osteology and myology of Vespertilio murinus, Schreb., in

Anonymous., 1878:
Also observations on recent additions to the Paris Museum, with descriptions of new and rare species

Dobson, G.E., 1878:
G. E. DOBSON in his Catalogue cf. supra, p. 3 follows the arrangement adopted in his Conspectus

Giebel, C.G., 1878:
C. G. Giebel has a brief note on the shoulder-girdle; Z. ges. Naturw. l. 1877 p. 96.

Garrod, A.H., 1878:
A. H. GARROD remarks on the affinities of the families of Fissiped Carnivora as indicated by the con

Chambers.; Zeller.; Boll., 1878:
Riley publishes further remarks on this insect, and on the fertilization of Yucca, in reply to doubt

Riley, C.V., 1878:
Pronuba yuccasella. A German translation of C. V. Riley's article has appeared in S. E. Z. xxxix. pp

Chambers, V.T., 1878:
For notes on larvae of Tineina, especially Lithocolletis; id. Psyche, ii. pp. 137 153.

Chambers, V.T., 1878:
V. T. Chambers publishes descriptions of new Tineina from Texas, and others from more northern local

Frey.; Boll., 1878:
Frey Boll have published a third instalment of their papers on Texan Tineina, remarking on various

Ritsema, C., 1878:
C. Ritsema publishes another long contribution to the history of this insect; Tijdschr. Ent. xxi. pp

Dunning, J.W., 1878:
Acentropus niveus. J. W. Dunning discusses Ritsema's Snellen's observations, as confirming his own

Grote, A.R., 1878:
A. R. Grote's papers on new Pyralides, Canad. Ent. x. pp. 23-30, also contain observations on variou

Strecker, H., 1878:
C. faustina, far. zillah, perdita, H. Edwards, and stretchi, Behr., noticed from Arizona; H. Strecke

Hoy, P.R., 1878:
Catocala. List of species captured in Racine county; P. R. Hoy, Tr. Wiscons. Soc. iii. pp. 96-97.

Thaxter, R., 1878:
R. Thaxter describes the larvae of Apatela radcliffii, Harv., A. spinigera, Grote, Calocampa nupera,

Packard.; McLaren., 1878:
The mode of extrication of various Attaci from the cocoon is discussed by Packard McLaren, Am. Nat

Buchanan White, F., 1878:
F. Buchanan White describes and figures the genital armature of various Zygaenidae; Ann. Soc. Ent. F

Butler, A.G., 1878:
A. G. Butler Ill. Lep. Het. ii. redescribes and figures Hemaris radians, Walk., and alternata, But

Andrews.; Scudder., 1878:
Several new descriptions appear, by Andrews and Scudder. Psyche, ii. pp. 65-79.

Edwards, W.H., 1878:
W. H. Edwards has published a list of the Sphinges of California and the adjaoent districts P. Cal.

Muller, F., 1878:
The odour in a Brazilian Sphinae proceeds from a tuft of hair on each side of the base of the abdome

Fitch, E.A., 1878:
It is also noticed by E. A. Fitch, Ent. xi. p. 116.

Speyer., 1878:
Speyer's paper on the classification of the European Hesperiidae is translated in Canad. Ent. x. pp.

Speyer, A., 1878:
Speyer discusses the characters of the Hesperiidae, and recharacterizes the European genera at great

Mabille, P., 1878:
P. Mabille has published a catalogue of 182 species of Hesperiidae in the Brussels Museum Ann. Ent.

Hewitson, W.C., 1878:
The concluding portion of W. C. Hewitson's Illustrations of Diurnal Lepidoptera Part viii. London

Strecker, H., 1878:
Var. fasciata from Florida, described by H. Strecker, Butt. Moths N. Amer. p. 101.

Weston, W.P., 1878:
Var. described and figured by W. P. Weston, Ent. xi. p. 25

Fereday, B.W., 1878:
Ghrysophanus. B. W. Fereday discusses the New Zealand species Tr. N.Z. lust. x. pp. 233-239, pl. vi

Jenner, E., 1878:
E. Jenner publishes an analytical table of Swiss Butterflies Lycaenidas; MT. Bchw. ent. Ges. y. pp

Weismann., 1878:
Weismann publishes analytical tables of the European species of Thecla, Polyommatus, and Lycaena; Bu

G.; Semper., 1878:
Zethera. G. Semper discusses this genus, and gives full descriptions of all the known Philippine spe

Kramer, P., 1878:
P. Kramer discusses Weismann's observations on the seasonal dimorphism of this species, pointing out

Edwards, H., 1878:
H. Edwards discusses and redescribes the Californian species, and also several new, enumerating 14 i

Strecker, H., 1878:
H. Strecker has published a series of notes on Butler's Revision of the Sphingidae Lepidoptera, pp.

Butler, A.G., 1878:
Euplaea, Fabr. A. G. Butler divides the species formerly contained in this genus into the following

Staudinger, O., 1878:
Sesia chalcidiformis, Hubn.: O. Staudinger describes var. expleta from S.E. Europe and Asia Minor; H

Edwards, W.H., 1878:
W. H. Edwards publishes a series of highly interesting observations on the pupation of the Nymphalid

Zeller, P.C., 1878:
The whole of Hor. Ent. Boss. xiii. consists of a work by P. C. Zeller on exotic Micro-Lepidoptera, f

Butler, A.G., 1878:
A. G. Butler discusses the structure of the AEgeriidae, and considers them to be intermediate betwee

Moschler, H.B., 1878:
H. B. Moschler publishes a series of short notes on the Lepidoptera figured in Sepp's Surinaamsche V

Dewitz, H., 1878:
H. Dewitz, Arch. f. Nat. xliv. 1, pp. 1-96, pl. i., describes and figures the transformations of the

Burmeister, H., 1878:
H. Burmeister has published Vol. v. of his Description Physique de la Republique Argentine Buenos

Dewitz, H., 1878:
H. Dewitz describes and figures details of the transformations of the following Cuban Lepidoptera: D

Packard, A.S., 1878:
A. S. Packard enumerates the following Lepidoptera as injurious to the cranberry: Cidaria sp., Tortr

Edwards, H., 1878:
H. Edwards P. Cal. Ac. vii. pp. 19-24 describes the early stages of the following Californian Lepi

Scudder, S.H., 1878:
S. H. Scudder has published a notice of 41 butterflies, collected by E. Palmer in Southern Utah and

Anonymous., 1878:
As erroneously stated in Zool. Rec. xiii.

Grote, A.R., 1878:
A. R. Grote's paper on Noctuae collected by A. S. Packard in Colorado cf. Zool. Rec. xiii. Ins. p.

Dury, C., 1878:
C. Dury publishes a catalogue of the Lepidoptera observed in the neighbourhood of Cincinnati, Ohio

Anonymous., 1878:
The following is the synonymy of some species described as new in No. xiv.: Satyrus ashtaroth = dion

Strecker, H., 1878:
Parts xiv. xv. of H. Strecker's Lepidoptera: Rhopaloceres and Heteroceres, were published in 187

Strecker, H., 1878:
H. Strecker has published Butterflies and Moths of North America, with full instructions for Collec

Moschler, H.B., 1878:
H. B. Moschler gives a summary of W. H. Edwards' last Catalogue of North American Butterflies, and a

Gerhard., 1878:
B. Gerhard's Systematisches Verzeichniss der Macro-Lepidopteren von Nord-America Leipzig: 1878, 8

McLachlan, R., 1878:
The Lepidoptera collected by Capt. Feilden and Mr. Hart during the recent Arctic Expedition are disc

Saalmuller, W., 1878:
W. Saalmuller discusses the Lepidoptera of Madagascar, and describes several new species; Ber. Senck

Butler, A.G., 1878:
A. G. Butler publishes a list of 56 Lepidoptera collected by W. D. Cowan in Madagascar, and describe

Oberthur, C., 1878:
C. Oberthur has published Part 3 of his Etudes d' Entomologie pp. 48, pls. i.uiii. v., entire

Butler, A.G., 1878:
A. G. Butler discusses the butterflies of New Zealand, of which he describes 18 known species Tr. N

Oberthur, C., 1878:
C. Oberthur publishes a list of 71 Lepidoptera, chiefly butterflies, collected by O. Beccari at Dore

Butler, A.G., 1878:
A. G. Butler publishes a list of 7 Lepidoptera obtained by J. S. Whit-mee in the Ellice Islands, the

Snellen, P.C.T., 1878:
P. C. T. Snellen has published a list of 183 butterflies some new collected by M. C. Piepers in S.

Semper, G., 1878:
G. Semper describes 13 new butterflies from the Philippines; Verh. Ver. Hamb. iii. pp. 106-116.

Godman.; Salvin.; Druce., 1878:
Godman, Salvin, Druce give a list of 33 butterflies and 7 moths collected by S. N. Walter in the i

Moore, F., 1878:
F. Moore publishes a list of the Lepidoptera collected by the late R. Swinhoe in the island of Haina

Tuniot., 1878:
Tuniot has commenced a calendar of Lepidoptera of the neighbourhood of Reims; Bull. Soc. Reims, i.

Moncreiffe, T., 1878:
T. Moncreiffe continues his papers on the Lepidoptera of Moncreiffe Hill, noticing the variation and

Buchanan White, F., 1878:
F. Buchanan White has continued his papers on the Lepidoptera of Scotland, from Thera to Odezia, thu

Dale, C.W., 1878:
C. W. Dale History of Glanville's Wootton, pp. 138-239 enumerates 910 species of Lepidoptera as fo

Bruggemann, F., 1878:
F. Bruggemann notices a few synonyms overlooked in Staudinger Wocke's Catalogue; Abh. Ver. Brem. v

Bar, C., 1878:
C. Bar discusses the classification of the Rhopalocera, which he arranges in the following series, b

Muller, F., 1878:
F. Muller Tr.E. Soc. 1878, pp. 211-223 publishes various important notes on Brazilian Lepidoptera,

Anonymous., 1878:
In a further article Kosmos, ii. pp. 38-41 he continues the subject, with special reference to the

Muller, F., 1878:
F. Muller publishes some highly important observations on the neuration of the wings of Lepidoptera

Dewitz, H., 1878:
H. Dewitz discusses the development of the wings of Lepidoptera; Z. wiss. Zool. xxx. Suppl. pp. 90

W.; Breitenbach., 1878:
W. Breitenbach describes the structure of the proboscis in various Lepidoptera, which gradually incr

Anonymous., 1878:
It is said that cabbages may be protected from caterpillars by growing dill with them, and gooseberr

Scudder, S.H., 1878:
S. H. Scudder questions the correctness of the theory of mimicry in butterflies; Psyche, i. p. 160.

Hatschek, B., 1878:
B. Hatschek gives anatomical details on the eggs of Bombyx chrysorrhaea, adding observations on the

White, F.B., 1878:
F. B. White discusses the structure of the male genital armature in European Lepidoptera and figures

Chambers, V.T., 1878:
Redescribed by him

Birchall, E., 1878:
Chilian and New Zealand faunae. E. Birchall, Nature, xvii. p. 221, notices European genera of Hetero

Anonymous., 1878:
Is of the usual practical and local nature, from the notice in Psyche, ii. p. 165. The second part c

Bethune, C.J.S., 1878:
C. J. S. Bethune, Canad. Ent. x. pp. 116,137, 213, et seqq., continues bis compilation of Insects o

Glover, Townend., 1878:
Townend Glover's Manuscript Notes from my Journal, or Entomological Index to Names, c., in Agricul

Anonymous., 1878:
The Scientific American and Field and Forest for 1878 also contain many scattered notes of econo

Von Hahn., 1878:
Von Hahn, JB. schles. Ges. v. 1878 p. 189. Lytta vesicatoria with both antennae malformed;

Frohlich., 1878:
Frohlich, Ent. Nachr. iv. p. 118. Rhamnusium salicis, with deformed left antenna;

Jolicoeur., 1878:
Jolicoeur, Bull. Sc. Nord 2 i. p. 65. Geotrupes stercorarius simulating typhoeus;

Blanc, M., 1878:
M. Blanc, Feuil. Nat. vii. p. 91. Toxotu meridiunus with a triple right antenna;

de Rossi, G., 1878:
G. de Rossi, Ent. Nachr. iv. p. 228. Tentyria interrupta with a 4-jointed supplementary right antenn

Ritzema Bos, J., 1878:
J. Ritzema Bos, Tijdschr. Ent. xxii. pp. 206-209, pl. xi. Lucanus cervus, female , with toothed mand

Dohrn, C.A., 1878:
C. A. Dohrn, S. E. Z. xxxix. p. 219. Dytiscus marginalis male with three right-hand front legs, spri

de Borre, P., 1878:
P. de Borre, CR. Ent. Belg. xxi. p. ccxlix. fig. Dytiscus latissimus and marginalis, and Hydrous pic

Gredler., 1878:
Deformities.-Gredler, CB. Ver. Regensb. xxxi. p. 139. Abax ovalis and Geotrupes sylvaticus;

Camerano, L., 1878:

Tursini, G.F., 1878:
Intestinal absorption. G. F. Tursini Rend. Acc. Nap. xvi. 1877, p. 95 et seq., in a treatise entit

Schmidt., 1878:
Is very fully abstracted in Bertkau's Bericht, c, 1877-78, pp. 280-236, with observations on the sa

Cadiat., 1878:
Nervous system. Cadiat, C. R. lxxxvi. p. 1422, in a note on the structure of the nerves of the Inver

Deszo, Bela., 1878:
Bela Deszo, in Zool. Anz. i. p. 275, discussing the connection between the circulatory and respirato

Voges, Ernst., 1878:
Tracheal-system as basis of Classification. Ernst Voges, Z. wiss. Zool. xxxi. pp. 143 144, in Bei

Fitch, E.A., 1878:
E. A. Fitch completes his translations of descriptions of oak-galls from Mayr's Mitteleuropaischen

Thomson, C.G., 1878:
A. Pronoti collare haud discretum. Funiculus filiformis, postannello magno. a. Stigma crassiusculum,

Thomson, C.G., 1878:
C. G. Thomson Hym. Scand. iv. v. arranges the Swedish Chalcididae as follows:-I. MACROCENTRI: Ch

Snellen van Vollenhoven, S.C., 1878:
See also APHIDIDae in the Hemiptera, infra.

Anonymous., 1878:
The same author, MT. schw. ent. Ges. v. pp. 305-310, adds 8 further species 1 new; Halopyga obtusi

Tournier, H., 1878:
H. Tournier, Pet. Nouv. ii. pp. 105 106 1877 , adds 6 known and 4 new species to Chevrier's list o

Emery, L.C., 1878:
Aphaenogaster testaceo-pilosa, Luc., semipolita, Nyl., campana, Em., spinosa, Em., and barbara: L. C

Seidler., 1878:
On ants milking Lepidopterous larvae; cf. Lycaenidae Lepidoptera.

Katter, F., 1878:
F. Katter gives an abstract of recent observations on the Cynipidae; Ent. Nachr. iv. pp. 6-8.

Thomson, C.G., 1878:
C. G. Thomson Hym. Scand. iii. 1874 divides the Vespidae as follows: Sociales Vespina, Polistina

Bennett, R.J., 1878:
R. J. Bennett gives his experience of bee-keeping in Argyleshire during 1877; P. Glasg. Soc. iii. pp

Anonymous., 1878:
Consists wholly of a table, giving the results of an examination of the length of the palpi and wing

Scudder, S.H., 1878:
S. H. Scudder notices the following fossil Hymenoptera from the Green River shales:-Lasius torrens

Bethune, C.J.S., 1878:
C. J. S. Bethune continues his reprint of descriptions of Hymenoptera from Kirby's Fauna Boreali-Am

Dalla Torre, K.V., 1878:
K. v. Dalla Torre has completed his Catalogue of the Apidae of Tyrol; Z. Ferdinand 3, Heft 21, pp.

Schoch, G., 1878:
G. Schoch argues that the Hymenoptera are the highest insects; MT. schw. ent. Ges. v. pp. 291-293.

Brandt, Y.K., 1878:
Y. K. Brandt publishes a paper on the nervous system of the Hymenoptera; Troudy Ent. Ross. ix. pp. 1

Bellesme, J.; De., 1878:
J. de Bellesme remarks on the buzzing of insects. They produce a sharp and grave sound, the latter b

White, C.A., 1878:
C. A. WHITE, Descriptions of a new species of invertebrate fossils from the carboniferous and upper

Wachsmuth., 1878:
Wachsmuths notes on the structure of palaeozoic Crinoids are reprinted, Ann. N. H. 5 i. pp. 379-3

Wachsmuth, C.; Springer, F., 1878:
C. WACHSMUTH F. SPRINGER, Transition-forms in Crinoids and description of 5 new species; P. Ac. Ph

Schulte, R., 1878:
SCHULTE, R., Ueber einige astylide Crinoideen; Z. geol. Ges. xxx. pp. 28-66, pls. i.-iii.7 species

Loriol, P.; De., 1878:
Id., Monographie des Crinoides fossiles de la Suisse ii. Mem. Soc. pal. Suisse, v. pp. 53-124, pls.

Pohlig, H., 1878:
H. POHLIG, Aspidura, ein mesozoisches Ophiuriden-Genus; Z. wiss. Zool. xxxi pp. 235-261, new subgene

Wright, T., 1878:
Id. Monograph, c., of the Oolitic formations, i. Echinoidea pp. 469-481 Pal. Soc. xxxii.

Manzoni, A., 1878:
Id. G. MAZZETTI, Echinodermi nuovi della molassa miocenica di Montese nella provincia di Modena, A

Manzoni, A., 1878:
A. MANZONI, Gli Echinodermi fossili dello Schlier delle collina di Bologna, Denk. Ak. Wien xxxix pp.

Loriol., 1878:
LORIOL'S paper on the fossil Echinoderms of the Crimea see FAVRE, Zool. Rec. xiv. Ech. p. 11 is in

Keeping, W., 1878:
W. KEEPING, On Pelanechinus, a new genus of sea-urchins from the coral-rag, Q. J. Geol. Soc. xxxiv p

Cotteau, G., 1878:
Id., PERON GAUTHIER Echinides fossiles de l'Algerie, 4me fasc. 144 pp. 8 pls.

Cotteau, G., 1878:
Id. Echinides nouveaux on pen connus, Nos. 111-120, R. Z. 3 vi. pp. 202-217, pls. xxix. xxx.

Cotteau, G., 1878:
Id. Considerations generates sur les Cidaris du terrain jurassique de Normandie, Ass. Fr. 1877 3 pp

Cotteau, G., 1878:
G. COTTEAU Observations sur les fossiles des terrains tertiaires moyens de la Corse et notamment sur

Coues, E.; Yarrow, H.C., 1878:
E. COUES H. C. YARROW, Notes on the natural history of Fort Macon, N. C, and vicinity; P. Ac. Phil

Verrill, A.E., 1878:
A. E. VERRILL, Notice of recent additions to the marine fauna of the eastern coast of North America;

Studer, T., 1878:
T. STUDER, Beitrage zur Naturgeschichte wirbelloser Thiere von Kerguelens Land; Arch. f. Nat. xliv.

Schmidtlein, R., 1878:
R. SCHMIDTLEIN, Beobachtungen uber Trachtigkeits- und Eiablage-Perioden verschiedener Seethiere; MT.

Moss, E.L., 1878:
E. L. MOSS, Preliminary notice on the surface-fauna of the Arctic Seas; J. L. S. xiv. pp. 122-126.

Lenz, H., 1878:
H. LENZ, Die wirbellosen Thiere der Travemunder Bucht, i. Anhang zum Jahresbericht der Commission zu

Agassiz, A., 1878:
A. AGASSIZ, Letters No. 1 2 on the dredging operations of the U.S. Coast Survey steamer 'Blake,' B

Lelievre, A., 1878:
A. Lelievre publishes a list of the species of Lucilis and allies which he has met with in the neigh

Portschinsky, J., 1878:
J. Portschinsky publishes a long paper, entirely in Russian Troudy Ent. Ross. ix pp. 3-177 pls. i.-

Dale, C.W., 1878:
Ceratophyllus sorecis sic , on shrews, minor, on moles Ceratopsyllus gallinulae, in moorhens' nest

Scudder, S.H., 1878:
S. H. Scudder notices the following fossil Diptera from the Green River shales: Chironomus sp., Dicr

Agassiz, A., 1878:
A. AGASSIZ has observed that young specimens of Limulus swim, and rest very often on their backs. Am

Lankester, E.; Ray., 1878:
E. RAY LANKESTER states that the spermatozoids of Limulus are actively motile, and concludes that th

Gerstacker, A., 1878:
A. GERSTACKER, in his general treatise on the Crustacea continues the anatomical and physiological d

Brady., 1878:
BRADY distinguishes this family from the Calanidoe by the anterior antennae being composed only of 7

Brady., 1878:
BRADY'S monograph of the Ostracoda of the Antwerp Crag, Tr. Z. S. x. pp. 379-409, pls lxii.-lxix., m

Streets, H., 1878:
H. Streets characterizes this family, which is distinct from the Phronimidoe by the mandibular palpu

Lockington, W.N., 1878:
A. tenuimanus, loeviusculus, spinicaudus, and fasciatus, spp. nn., Gulf of California, barbara, sp.

Kingsley., 1878:
Nica edulis Risso; changes of colour, supra General Subject p. 10.

Norman, A.M., 1878:
A. M. NORMAN thinks that perhaps Pentacheles may perhaps be the other sex of Polycheles; Ann. N. H.

Bate, C.S., 1878:
C. S. Bate discusses the peculiarities of the genera Polycheles Heller, Pentacheles g. n. infra,

Pouchet, G., 1878:
G. POUCHET states the existence of a muscle vibrant at the base of the large feelers in Palinurus

Miers, E., 1878:
E. MIERS gives a review of the known species, dividing them into Hippidoe gg. Remipes, Mastigochiru

Miers., 1878:
On their development and the sexual difference in relation to age, see General Subject, supra p. 9

Willemoes-suhm, R.; Von., 1878:
WILLEMOES-SUHM proposes the following arrangement of the families: 9 abdominal segments 8 legs Fam.

Hesse., 1878:
HESSE continues his descriptions of lower Crustacea observed on the shores of France; Ann. Sci. Nat.

Zaddach, G., 1878:
G. ZADDACH gives a general sketch of animal life on the Prussian coast of the Baltic Hear Konigsberg

Forel, F.A., 1878:
F. A. FOREL discusses the fauna of the Swiss lakes, distinguishing 1 The littoral region. 2 Pela

Schiodte, J.C., 1878:
J. C. SCHIODTE publishes preliminary notes on the propagation, metamorphoses, and moults of the Cymo

Mayer, P., 1878:
MAYER MT. zool. Stat. Neapel, i 2, pp. 165-179, pl. v. fully confirms Bullar's discovery that in t

Giard, A., 1878:
A. GIARD states that the larva of a species of Entoniscus living on Grapsus varius has a distinct me

Reichenbach., 1878:
REICHENBACH'S paper on the embryology of the common Crayfish Zool. Rec. xiv. Crust. p. 3 is abstract

Bate, C.S., 1878:
C. S. BATE states that this is a mere supposition, not founded as yet on direct observation, and as

Muller., 1878:
F. MULLER repeats his reasons for considering the Nauplius, which he caught as free-swimming animals

Bate, C.S., 1878:
C. S. BATE recapitulates the history and present state of our knowledge concerning the first stages

Gruber, A., 1878:
A. GRUBER, SUsswass. Calanid. pp. 3 9, enumerates the known fresh water Calanidoe, viz., 3 species

Grobben, C., 1878:
C. GROBBEN publishes various observations on the position and structure of the male genital organs,

Anonymous., 1878:
A previous summary by the auther in Rend. Acc. Bologn. 1878, pp. 88-96.

Leidy., 1878:
LEIDY has observed Ocypode arenaria Say to survive in good condition for eight days, without once

Muller, F., 1878:
By F. MULLER Zool. Rec. i

Baly, J.S., 1878:
Eubrachis, Chevr., in Dej. Cat. Baly, J. L. S., xiv. p. 248. Differs from Pseudocolaspis in the stra

Lepevre, E., 1878:
E. LEPEVRE CR. Ent. Belg. xxi. p. xliii. et seq., enumerates the species of various sub-families tak

Thomson, J., 1878:
J. Thomson, R. Z. 3 vi., characterizes the following:- Stromatiodes, p. 1. Very near Stromatium, b

Sharp, D., 1878:
D. SHARP, Tr. E. Soc. 1878, pp. 201-210, describes, new genera and species from the Hawaiian Islands

Power, G., 1878:
G. POWER, Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 5 viii. p. 477, notes that the discovery. of an Amorphocephalus in Se

Eichhoff., 1878:
Eichhoff, Mem. Liege 3, viii., characterizes the following:- Pycnarthrum, pp. 41-104. Allied to Do

Sharp, D., 1878:
D. SHARP, Tr. E. Soc. 1878, p. 21, retracts bis former suggestion that Aglycyderes might be an aberr

Gandolphe., 1878:
P. GANDOLPHE, extr. Bull. Ac. Hipp. Nouv. et faits, 2 No. 19, p. 73, enumerates all the Curculimid

Roelofs., 1878:
ROELOFS, CR. Ent. Belg. xx. pp. lxxvii.-lxxxii., analyses and discusses Le Conte and Horn's Rhyncho

Tournier, H., 1878:
TOURNIER, H. Curculionides Coleopteres recoltes au Portugal, en Espagne et au Maroc, par feu C. Va

Riley., 1878:
Riley's paper in Tr. Ac. St. Louis practically reproduced in Am. Nat. xii. pp. 213 282; also in En

Riley., 1878:
C. V. Riley P. Am. Ass. St. Louis 1878, Entomological Papers, pp. 18 19, gives an abstract of his

Baudi D.Selve, F., 1878:
F. BAUDI DI SELVE, Deutsche E. Z. 1878, pp. 1-20, 337-376, continues his examination Pars quinta o

Haag-Rutenberg., 1878:
Haag-Rutenberg, Verh. Ver. Hamb. iii. for 1876, published in and dated 1878 , pp. 97-105, gives diag

Puton, A., 1878:
Hylecoetus dermestoides not xylophagous, but predaceous on wood-feeding beetles; A. Puton, quoting M

Gorham, H.E., 1878:
H. E. GORHAM, Tr. E. Soc. 1878, pp. 153-167, continues his descriptions of new genera and species, w

Anonymous., 1878:
Their phosphorescence discussed, and believed to be due to the actual presence of phosphorus; ead. l

King, V.O., 1878:
The Lampyrids considered as having certain powers of adaptation, and traced in their supposed evolut

Candeze, E., 1878:
E. CANDEZE, Ann. Mus. Genov. xii. pp. 99-143, also enumerates 119 species collected in the Malaysian

Candeze, E., 1878:
E. CANDEZE, CR. Ent. Belg. xxi. p. li. et seq., contributes five memoirs in continuation of the Revi

Anonymous., 1878:
The same author, under the heading Buprestides Polybothroides, R. Z. 3 vi. pp. 313-349, classifi

Waterhouse., 1878:
The following are characterized by Waterhouse l. c.:- Macrolycus, p. 96. With claws split at the ape

Reitter, E., 1878:
E. Reitter, Verh. z.-b. Wien, xxviii. for 1878, published in 1879 , pp. 195-199, tabulates the gener

Horn, G.H., 1878:
G. H. HORN, P. Am. Phil. Soc. xvii. p. 555 et seq., gives a synopsis of the species known to occur i

Sharp, D., 1878:
D. SHARP, Tr. E. Soc. 1878, pp. 127-140, characterizes a new genus and various new species of Carpop

Eichhoff, W., 1878:
EICHHOFF, S. E. Z. xxxix after recharacterizing as new Pycnarthrum and Triarmocerus, p. 383, Cosmod

Mathews, A., 1878:
Amblyopinus, Solsky 1875. A. Mathews Cist. Ent. ii. pp. 275-279, pl. vi. describes and figures h

Eppelsheim., 1878:
EPPELSHEIM, Deutsche E. Z. 1878, pp. 385-404, redescribes various known species recently recorded fr

Fauvel, A., 1878:
The same author, op. cit. xiii. pp. 465-598, publishes a second memoir on the Staphylinidae of Austr

Fauvel, A., 1878:
A. FAUVEL, Ann. Mus. Genov. xii. pp. 171-315, pls. i. ii., describes the known Staphylinidae of th

Gerhardt, J., 1878:
Haliplus. J. Gerhardt on the ruficollis group; Z. E. Ver. Schles. 1878, p. 34 et seq.

Schoyen., 1878:
Schyen, N. Mag. Naturv. 1878, pp. 200 201, records various North European species from Norway.

Katter, F., 1878:
Water-beetles imprisoned in frog-spawn ; F. Katter, Ent. Nachr. iv. p. 132.

Frivaldszky, J., 1878:
Anophthalmus. J. Frivaldszky, Term. fuzetek, ii. Heft 1, gives a synopsis of the 5 species as yet fo

Rye, E.C., 1878:
Secretions of water-beetles; E. C. Rye quoting T. T. Cooper, Ent. M. M. xiv. p. 232.

Bedel, L., 1878:
E. maugeti, Er., nec Latr., is therefore re-named latreillii. L. Bedel, Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr. 5 viii

Putzeys, J., 1878:
Selenophorus. J. Putzeys, S. E. Z. xxxix. pp. 1-73, describes the American species, of which he reco

Chaudoir, E.V., 1878:
CHAUDOIR, Ann. Mus, Genov. xii. pp. 475-517, discusses the Australian species, from his own collecti

Chaudoir, E.; De., 1878:
Trimerus Green, Crustacea, 1833 , g. n., id. E. Z. 3 vi. pp. 89-92. Founded on a single female spe

Chaudoir, E.; De., 1878:
E. DE CHAUDOIR, Ann. Ent. Belg. xxi. pp. 83-186 all but the first two pages published in Feb. 1879 m

Sharp, D., 1878:
Adaptability of structure in the higher forms of Lamellicorns for exclusion of the parasites which a

Anonymous., 1878:
Cf. also Nouv. et faits, 2 No. 13, p. 49

Kraatz., 1878:
Elaborately criticised by Kraatz in Deutsche E. Z. 1878, passim .Gehin's sectional names Proteocarab

D.Borre, P., 1878:
P. DE BORRE, CR. Ent. Belg. xxi. pp. c.-cxxvii., discusses at considerable length the Belgian specie

Putzeys, J., 1878:
J. PUTZEYS, MT. Munch, ent. Ver. ii. p. 54 et seq., describes species from Colombia.

Anonymous., 1878:
And Cist. Ent. ii. pp. 317-326, from Tasmania.

Blackburn, T., 1878:
T. BLACKBURN, Ent. M. M. xv. pp. 119 156, describes genera and species from the Hawaiian Isles.

Horn, G.H., 1878:
Amblychila cylindriformis, p. 29, figs. 1-1 g this is the Pasimachus larva of Le Conte, olim, Omus

Reitter, E., 1878:
REITTER, Deutsche E. Z. 1878, pp. 21-30, gives some corrections and additions to H. v. Kiesenwetter'

Anonymous., 1878:
He in like manner analyses Ann. Soc. Esp. i., with some few supplementary observations.

de Marseul, S.A., 1878:
In op. cit. xvii., commenced in 1878

de Marseul, S.A., 1878:
S. A. de Marseul, L'Ab. xvi. pp. 1-50, discusses beetles described in MT. schw. ent. Ges. vi., and,

Dohrn, C.A., 1878:
On excessive multiplication of genera in Carabus ; C. A. Dchrn, S. E. Z. xxxix. p. 358 .Aepus. C.

Sharp, D., 1878:
D. Sharp, op. cit. xv. pp. 47 81

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New Zealand. H. W. Bates, Ent. M. M. xiv. p. 191, xv. p. 57 .H. W. BATES, Ent. M. M. xiv. p. 191,

Raffray, A., 1878:
Malaysia and New Guinea. A. Raffray records 1,752 species taken by himself in the Austro-Malaysian r

Fairmaire, L., 1878:
And L. Fairmaire, Pet. Nouv. ii. p. 232

Sharp, D., 1878:
Sandwich Islands. D. Sharp, Tr. E. Soc. 1878, p. 15 et seq., in describing new Curculionidae, refers

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C. O. WATERHOUSE Tr. E. Soc. 1878 pp. 95-118, discusses the different forms occurring in this family

L.Conte, J.L., 1878:
Michigan. J. L. Le Conte, P. Am. Phil. Soc. xvii. pp. 593-626 .An increase in the number of joints o

Anonymous., 1878:
Cist. Ent. ii. pp. 287 363.

Waterhouse, C.O., 1878:
C. O. Waterhouse, Ent. M. M. xv. p. 84

Heyden, L.V., 1878:
Madagascar. L. v. Heyden, Ber. senck. Ges. 1877-78, p. 97 et seq.

Harold, E.V., 1878:
Tropical Africa. E. v. Harold, MT. Munch, ent. Ver. ii. pp. 38 99, describes new species.

Gestro, R., 1878:
Abyssinia and Somali Land. R. Gestro describes 10 now species; Ann. Mus. Genov. xiii. pp. 318-322.

Harold, E.V., 1878:
Japan. E. v. Harold publishes the fourth instalment of his Memoirs on the beetle-fauna, in Deutsche

Baly, J.S., 1878:
J. S. BALY, Cist. Ent. ii. p. 369 et seq., describes species collected by Stoliczka during Forayth's

Frivaldszky, J., 1878:
Hungary. J. Frivaldszky, Term. Kozl. xiii. p. 303 et seq., gives a list of beetles observed in the c

de Bertolini, S., 1878:
On species near Trient; S. de Bertolini, Ent. Nachr. ii. p. 81.

Gredler, V., 1878:
Tyrol. V. Gredler, Z. Ferd. 3 xxii. pp. 102-119, gives a 5th Supplement to his ennmertion of the b

Gerhardt, J.; Weise, J., 1878:
Silesia, Moravia, c. J. Gerhardt, J. Weise, and others; Deutsche E. Z. 1878, pp. 207-210.

Letzner, K., 1878:
27 more recorded, op. cit. lv. 1878 , pp. 193-195, making 4232 in all.

Letzner, K., 1878:
Silesia. K. Letzner, JB. schles. Ges. liv. 1877 , pp. 208-211, records 49 species as new to the Sile

Kittel., 1878:
Bavaria. Kittel continues his systematic list of the species occurring in and near Bavaria; CB. Ver.

Bruggemann, F., 1878:
Oldenburg. F. Bruggeman gives names and localities of 596 species; Abh. Ver. Brem. v. pp. 579-596.

Brauns., 1878:
Mecklenburg. Brauns adds 213 species to the List of Mecklenburg beetles ; Arch. Ver. Mecklenb. xxxii

Anonymous., 1878:
Bull. Sc. Nord, x. p. 331.

Lajoye., 1878:
Reims. Lajoye, Bull. Soc. Reims, 1878, p. 72, commences a Catalogue of the Coleoptera of the environ

Favarcq, L., 1878:
Loire district. L. Favareq Ann. Soc. Agric, c., dep. Loire, xxii., also separately, St. Etienne: 1

Sharp, D., 1878:
Scotland. D. Sharp, Scott. Nat. iv. pp. 223-228, 273-276, 322-324, 362-364, continues his Catalogue

Mereschkowsky., 1878:
A fourth is P. hincksi, sp. n., Mereschkowsky glacialis, M., l. c. p. 337, pl. xv. figs. 1-4.

Tomes, R.F., 1878:
R. F. TOMES, On the stratigraphical position of the Corals of the Lias of the Midland and Western Co

Fritsch, K.; Von., 1878:
K. VON FRITSCH, Fossile Korallen der Nummulitenschichten von Borneo; Palaeontographica, suppl. iii.

Nicholson, H.A., 1878:
H. A. NICHOLSON, On the minute structure of the corals of the genera Heliophyllum and Crepidophyllum

Gastaldi, B., 1878:
B. GASTALDI, Su alcuni fossili paleozoici delle Alpi marittime e dell' Apennino ligure studiati da G

Ford, S.W., 1878:
S. W. Ford, Descriptions of two new primordial fossils; Am. J. Sci. 3 xv. pp. 124-127 Protocyathu

Etheridge, R., 1878:
Id. H. A. Nicholson, On the genus Palaeacis and the species occurring in British carboniferous roc

Etheridge, R., 1878:
R. ETHERIDGE, Palaeontology of the coasts of the Arctic lands visited by the late British expedition

Studer., 1878:
Isopora, subg. n., Studer. Coral leaf-shaped or lobate, calicles equally prominent, distributed over

Anonymous., 1878:
On atoll-like reefs in areas of elevation Yucatan Bank, see Agassiz's letters, Bull. Mus. C. Z. v.

Rathbun, R., 1878:
R. RATHBUN, Notes on the coral reefs of the Island of Itaparica, Bahia, and of Parahyba do Norte; P.

Bonnafont., 1878:
BONNAFONT, Excursion et peche du corail a La Calle, 1837; Bull. Soc. Acclim. 1877, pp. 715-728.

Hinde, G.J., 1879:
G. J. Hinde J. G. Soc. xxxv. pp. 370-388, pls. xviii.-xx. gives an account of Annelid jaws from ce

Kleinenberg, N., 1879:
N. Kleinenberg gives an account of his investigations into the development of Lumbricus terrestris ;

Chatin., 1879:
On this subject, see also Chatin, Ann. Sci Nat. 6 vii. No. 1, pp. 22-33.

Whitman., 1879:
Whitman gives, P. Am. Ass. 1878 1879, pp. 263-270, an account of the changes in the eggs of Clepsi

McIntosh., 1879:
McIntosh Phil. Tr. clxviii. pp. 258-263, pl. xv. describes Hermadion longicirratus, Eupolynoe moll

Hansen, G.A., 1879:
G. A. Hansen, N. Mag. Naturv. xxiv., records as spp. nn. from the North Seas:-Polynoe arctica, p. 26

Balbiani., 1879:
An abridged account with plate is given of Balbiani's observations on Notommata vaucheri Zool. Rec

Deby, J., 1879:
J. DEBY thinks that Pedalion, Hudson, is synonymous with Hexarthra, Schmarda J. R. Micr. Soc. ii.

Grassi.; Parona., 1879:
In Atti Soc. Ital. 1879, pp. 855-858, Grassi Parona publish a note Intorno all' Anguillula intest

Anonymous., 1879:
In 1878, 138 persons suffered from trichinosis in Germany Vet. Journ. viii. p. 299 ;

Penafiel, Antonio., 1879:
Antonio Penafiel has a paper, Apuntes para la Helminthologia mexicana in Nat. Mex. 1870, pp. 53-56

Gulliver., 1879:
Gulliver Phil. Tr. clxviii. pp. 557-663. pl. v. describes as new Tetrastemma rodericanum and Geopl

Lunel., 1879:
LUNEL gives Bull. Soc. Vaud. xvi. pp. 168 169 a list of the parasites and intestinal worms found

Studer., 1879:
STUDER Arch. f. Nat. xlv. pp. 114, 123-125, 136 gives a list of the 49 Vermes including 10 Bryozo

Verrill., 1879:
VERRILL Bull. U. S. Nat. Mus. No. 15 gives a list of the Annelids collected during the Howgate Pol

Ehlers., 1879:
EHLES has published a Preliminary Report on the Worms Reports on the Results of Dredging, c. iv.

Hutton, F.W., 1879:
F. W. HUTTON has published a Catalogue of the hitherto described Worms of New Zealand. Trans. N. Z

Anonymous., 1879:
Fam. 3 of Zittel's classification of Lithistidoe, Abh. bayer. Ak. ii. Cl. xiii. p. 67, omitted from

Sollas., 1879:
SOLLAS, Rep. Brit. Ass. xlix. p. 350, is reported as ascribing an original siliceous character to ce

Anonymous., 1879:
The systematic work on the Hexactinellidoe is the same as that given in Zool. Rec. xiv. with the exc

Anonymous., 1879:
Reported in Zool. Rec. xiv. xv. and the present volume. It sums up in a most convenient form the a

Zitte., 1879:
A reprint of Zitte's recent papers in JB. f. Mineral., reproducing in the main those originally publ

Schulze, F.E., 1879:
Halisarca lobularis. Free swimming buds of this species observed by F. E. SCHULZE, Zool Anz. ii. p.

Macintosh, W.C., 1879:
W. C. MACINTOSH Rep. Brit. Ass. xlix 1897 p. 373, describes a branching Syllidean Annelid found in t

Carter, H.J., 1879:
The amoeboid character of the sponge cell is strongly insisted on in connection with the nutrition o

Anonymous., 1879:
While correcting a statement in Ann. N. H. 5 ii. p. 359, about a Calcareous Sponge-spicule, mentio

Sollas, W.J., 1879:
W. J. SOLLAS, Ann. N. H. 5 iii. p. 170

Balfour, F.M., 1879:
F. M. BALFOUR, Q. J. Micr. Soc. xix. p. 103, commenting on the most recent investigations as to the

Marenzeller, Emil V., 1879:
EMIL V. MARENZELLER, Verh. z.-b. Wien xxviii. pp. 687-694, discusses the best methods of rearing bat

Studer, T., 1879:
T. STUDER mentions Leucosolenia, sp. n., and Halichondria spp., Rossella sp., without descriptions,

Norman, A.M., 1879:
A. M. NORMAN, Note on Sponges dredged off Coast of Norway, J. of Conch. 1879, ii. p. 11 infra .

Carter, H.J., 1879:
H. J. CARTER, Spongiidoe in Zoology of Kerguelen Island, Phil. Tr. clxviii. p. 286, gives notes on

Agassiz, A., 1879:
A. AGASSIZ, in a report on American dredgings in the Caribbean Sea, reprinted in Pop. Sci. Rev. n.s

Swinton, A.H., 1879:
A. H. Swinton describes and figures the supposed auditory organs in the Cicadidae; Ent. M. M. xvi. p

Von Harold., 1879:
Agonoscelis. Von Harold describes the species allied to A. versicolor, Fabr., and tabulates the male

Duges, A., 1879:
A. Duges publishes materials for a monograph of the Crotaline snakes of Mexico in Nat. Mex. iv. pp.

Anonymous., 1879:
And Zool. Anz. ii. 1879, pp. 284-286.

Anonymous., 1879:
See J. de l'Anat. Phys. 1879, p. 528 analysis

Jolyet.; Blanchard., 1879:
For Jolyet Blanchard's investigations on the presence of special ligaments in the spinal marrow of

Fischer, J.G., 1879:
J. G. Fischer remarks upon the methods at present employed in drawing up the descriptions of Snakes,

D.Betta., 1879:
Gymnodactylus kotschii. De Betta thinks it probable that the Stenodactylus guttatus of Bibron Bory

Boulenger, G., 1879:
Acanthodactylus G. Boulenger has published a monograph on the species of this genus which inhabit th

Bedriaga., 1879:
Lacerta muralis. Bedriaga gives, a summary of his views respecting the European varieties of this sp

Camerano., 1879:
Camerano, however, having recently reasserted its distinctness Atti Acc. Tor. xiii., the question

Anonymous., 1879:
In a paper MB. Ak. Berl. 1879, pp. 273-277, plate which deals with the characters and classificati

Anonymous., 1879:
The last cervical vertebra in Chelonia is not opisthocaelian, and is united to the first dorsal only

Cope., 1879:
Cope also contributes notices of the Reptilian fauna of Montana, describing a new Bufo; Am. Nat. xii

Sauvage., 1879:
SAUVAGE has published notes on the Geckotidae of New Caledonia; Bull. Soc. Philom. 7 iii. pp. 63-7

Blanford, W.T., 1879:
W. T. BLANFORD gives a list, with details and particular descriptions, of Reptiles, collected by Maj

Gunther., 1879:
GUNTHER has described five new species of Chamoeleon from Madagascar. Ann. N. H. 5 iv. p. 246, and

Bottger, O., 1879:
BOTTGER has published two supplements to his monograph of the Reptiles of this country. Abh. Senck G

Gunther, A., 1879:
A. GUNTHER notices the Reptiles collected by Bewsher in Johanna, Comoro Islands. New to its fauna ar

Bedriaga, J.V., 1879:
J. v. BEDRIAGA, pursuing his plan of devoting some time every year to studying the herpetological fa

Bottger, O., 1879:
A memoir professing to be a monograph of the Reptilia of Southern Portugal is published by O. BOTTGE

Bosca, E., 1879:
E. BOSCA gives an account of a herpetological excursion made in Spain, and enumerates all the Reptil

Betta, E.; De., 1879:
Also a supplementary series of notes; id. op. cit. 5 v 41 pp.

Betta, E.; De., 1879:
E. DE BETTA has contributed some notes on the herpetology of Italy, in which eight species are treat

Gunther, A., 1879:
A. Gunther gives a list of Reptiles from Cyprus; P. Z. S. 1879, p. 74. .Gunther in the list of Mamma

Anonymous., 1879:
The zoological portion of Kessler's Voyage, published in Ges. Natnrf. St. Petersburg, viii., is unfo

Bedriaga, J.V., 1879:
J. v. BEDRIAGA has compiled a very extensive Catalogue of the Reptilian fauna of Western Highland As

Pirotte, R., 1879:
R. PIROTTE notices some cases of albinism in Reptiles; Atti Soc. Ital. xxi. pp. 448-451. Albinism in

Knauer, F., 1879:
F. KNAUER publishes remarks on the periodical sloughing of the skin in Reptiles and Batrachians, giv

Claus, C., 1879:
C. CLAUS, in Arb. Zool. Inst. Wien. ii. Gregarines in Phromina and Phrominella.

Vejdowski, F., 1879:
F. VEJDOWSKI, Beitrage zur vergleichenden Morphologie der Anneliden. Gregarinae. Cited from Zool

Hallez, R., 1879:
R. HALLEZ figures, Travaux de l'Institut Zoologique de Lille, fasc. ii. p. 85, pl. v. figs. 26-33, v

Gabriel, B., 1879:
B. GABRIEL, JB. schles. Ges. lvi. p. 120, is led by observation of Gregarinae in the Earth-worms to

Haller, C., 1879:
A species belonging apparently to a new genus, but resembling in one condition Tetraboena dujardini,

Anonymous., 1879:
Gymnodinium, in the two latter stages sexual reproduction may take place. Conjugation does not lead

Dallinger, W.H., 1879:
W. H. DALLINGER reported in Sci. Goss. 1879, p. 276, as expressing himself against the animal nature

Anonymous., 1879:
Euglena viridis, Sci. Goss. 1879, p. 256, observed to throw off its flagellum; also, pp. 136, 184,

Schmankewitsch, W., 1879:
Anisonema acinus Butachli: its secreted granules observed by W. Schmankewitsch, Zool. Anz. ii. p. 93

Engelmann., 1879:
Pelomyxa palustris stated by ENGELMANN, in a paper in Arch. ges. Phys. xix. p. 1 cited from J. R. M

Nicholson, H.A.; Etheridge, R. jun., 1879:
H. A. NICHOLSON R. ETHERIDGE, jun., in a Monograph of the Silurian Fossils of the Girvan District,

Mayer, P., 1879:
Is a Helizoan, common at Naples, according to P. Mayer, Zool. Anz. ii. p. 357 Cf. Spongiida, p. 9.

Davis., 1879:
Trichodina scorpoenae, 3 p. 561, figs. 31-36. On the branchiae of various species of fish of the g

Haller., 1879:
Acineta: relations to Podophrya, c; 3 p. 561. Acineta tuberosa, Ehrenberg, 1 ii. p. 246, iii. p

Sorby, H.G., 1879:
H. G. Sorby finds the shells of Foraminifera to consist generally of calcite, some probably contain

Agassiz, A., 1879:
A. AGASSIZ in report on American dredgings in the Caribbean Sea, reprinted in Pop. Sci. Rev. n.s.

Maggi, L., 1879:
L. MAGGI, Atti Soc. Ital. xxi. p. 317, gives a catalogue of the Rhizopods of Lombardy, some of which

Norman, A.M., 1879:
A. M. NORMAN gives an account of the Foraminifera of the sea-bottom at Oster Fjord near Bergen, Norw

Anonymous., 1879:
Some of the synonymic notes were noticed in Zool. Rec. xv. from a short paper. Not seen by Recorder:

Dodei-port., 1879:
Cf. also DODEI-PORT, on fertilization of Seaweeds by Infusoria. Kosmos Leipzig iii. p. 182. Not se

Serrano Fatigati, E., 1879:
E. SERRANO FATIGATI, in a note on the influences of the different colours on the development and res

Plessis, G.; Du.; Forel, F.A., 1879:
Eleven species of Infusoria are enumerated, 1 iii. p. 33, as new to the saltpans of Szamosfalva, i

Maplestone, C.M., 1879:
Euglena viridis, figured, from Australia Q. J. Micr. Soc. Victoria i p. 18 pl. i. fig. 16 by C. M. M

Maggi, L., 1879:
And id., Sopra una varieta della Cothurnia pyxidiformis, D'Uked, op. cit. i. No. 5, p. 69. Cited fro

Maggi, L., 1879:
L. MAGGI, Intorno alle Cothurnie parassiti delle branchie dei Gamberi nostrali. Boll. scientific. i.

Hallez, P., 1879:
P. HALLEZ, in Travaux de l' Institut zoologique de Lille, fasc. ii. p. 84, enumerates as parasites o

Wiedersheim., 1879:
Petromyzon. On the brain and the spinal-like nerves of the brain in the Ammocoetes form; notes and c

Sachs, C., 1879:
Gymnotus electricus. C. Sachs, in his work, Aus den Llanos, above mentioned p. 6, describes the

Steindachner., 1879:
Tetragonopterus. Steindachner remarks that Gunther's divisions of the genus, based upon the number o

Collett., 1879:
Lycodes pacificus, sp. n., figured, Japan. Probably a new genus, dis-tinguished by absence of vomeri

Emery, C., 1879:
Trachypterus. In a paper upon the characters of the different species of this genus, and especially

Gunther., 1879:
In most cases it had already been done by Gunther. Anabas macrocephalus, Blkr., = A. testudineus, Cu

Bleeker., 1879:
Bleeker, in a revision of the Indopelagic species of this family reduces their number to 10 or 11 by

Castelnau., 1879:
Zeodrius vestitus g. sp. nn., id. ibid. The writer states that Chilodactylus vestitus Garr. Gthr

Lutken., 1879:
A critical study of the statements made by Fabricius in the Fauna Groelandica, and in his posthumo

Anonymous., 1879:
Ompax, fam., g., sp. nn., see antea, p. 5.

Studer, T., 1879:
The few fishes observed by T. Studer in Kerguelen Island are enumerated in Arch. f. Nat. xlv. p. 130

Peters., 1879:
Of which such as were new were described by Peters in SB. Berl. Ak. 1877. He figures the 'Caribe' fi

Sachs, C., 1879:
The late C. Sachs, in his work Aus den Llanos Leipzig: 1879, 8vo, pp. 369, pls., refers to vario

Stolzmann., 1879:
In another memoir the same author gives accounts of several collec-tions of freshwater fishes from t

Steindachner., 1879:
Steindachner has produced au extensive monograph on the Fish Fauna of the Magdalena river, which app

Lockington, W., 1879:
A series of notes on a number of Fishes observed in the markets of San Francisco is published by Loc

Goode.; Bean., 1879:
GOODE BEAN have also compiled a List of the Fishes of Essex County, including those of Massachuset

Goode, G.B.Bean, T.H., 1879:
Notices of 50 species of East Coast Fishes; a brief summary of recent coast investigations of the U.

Jordan., 1879:
JORDAN, in Notes on a Collection from Clackamas River, Oregon, describes in full several species of

Steindachner., 1879:
On the Polynesian Scaridoe. STEINDACHNER, in the above-cited memoir, Denk. Ak. Wien, xli. Abth. i. p

Steindachner., 1879:
Additions to the fauna of Southern Australia by STEINDACHNER, Denk. Ak. Berl. xli. Abth. i. pp. 1-15

Macleay, W., 1879:
In a paper on the Clupeidae of Australia, W. Macleay enumerates and notices all the species which he

Castelnau., 1879:
In the first of these papers Castelnau founds a new genus, and probably a new family, on a specimen

Vinciguerra, D., 1879:
D. VINCIGUERRA publishes his determinations of the fishes collected by O. Beccari in Sumatra in 1878

Hilgendorf., 1879:
Platycephalus malabaricus, Gthr., = carbunculus, Cant., renamed P. cantori, p. 26. .Revision of the

Bleeker., 1879:
A contribution to the ichthyological fauna of Mauritius, by Bleeker, adds 14 species to that fauna,

Anonymous., 1879:
A very elaborate memoir on the distribution of African Fishes. See Zool. Rec. Pisces, p 5.

Ninni, A., 1879:
Materials for the Venetian fauna; A. Ninni, Atti Acc. Venet. 5. iv. pp. 1043, 1058, 1191. See infr

Hapke, L., 1879:
L. HAPKE contributes a second paper on the Fish and Fisheries of the Wieser, giving further notices

Collett, R., 1879:
The same author gives further descriptions of a large number of Norwegian Fishes, op. cit. 1879, No.

Collett, R., 1879:
A more extensive collection was made in the southerly portions of the North Sea, visited in the summ

Collett, R., 1879:
R. COLLETT has published observations on deep-sea Fishes of 10 species collected in the North Sea Ex

Day., 1879:
DAY, on the Fishes of Weston-super-Mare. Remarks on the influence of temperature on the migration of

Schmidtlein, R., 1879:
The habits of a number of different kinds of Fishes, Selachian and Teleostean, have been observed in

Bolau, H., 1879:
Observations on Fishes in the Aquariuin of the Zoological Garden at Hamburg. H. BOLAU, Verh. Ver. Ha

Anonymous., 1879:
An abstract is given by the author in Le Naturaliste i. p. 94.

Brunner von Wattenwyl., 1879:
Brunner von Wattenwyl, SB. z.-b. Wien, xxix. pp. 26 27, calls attention to an unobserved structure

Turk, R., 1879:
Saga serrata. R. Turk gives a note on the habits of this species in Act. Soc. Esp. viii. p. 16.

Saussure., 1879:
Hemimerus talpoides, Walker. Under the title, Spicilegia Entomologica Genevensia: i. Genre emimeru

Dubrony., 1879:
DUBRONY, Ann. Mus. Genov. xiv. pp. 348-383, has a very important memoir on the species of New Guinea

Taschenberg, E.L., 1879:
A slight, and very imperfect, sketch of the Order, including Pseudo-Neuroptera, is given by E. L. Ta

Butler, A.G., 1879:
The species obtained in the Island of Rodriguez during the British Transit of Yenus Expedition are e

Schoyen, W.M., 1879:
W. M. Schoyen, in his Supplement til H. Siebke's Enumeratio insectorum Norvegicorum, fasc. i., giv

Laglaize., 1879:
Supplementary to the memoir in MT. Mus. Dresd., noticed in Zool. Rec. xv. Ins. p. 252. Includes a li

Anonymous., 1879:
This memoir presented at the seventh meeting of the Italian Natural History Society, at Varese, in

Anonymous., 1879:
Enumerates 47 species, of which 17 are Libellulina, 3 Corduliina, 5 Gomphina, 9 AEschnina, 2 Calopte

Joly, E.; Vayssiere, A., 1879:
E. Joly A. Yayssiere have also a note on the subject in C. R. lxxxvii. pp. 263-265, giving a succi

McLachlan., 1879:
In Bull. Soc. Nimes, vii. January, 1879 only separate copy, pp. 1-7, seen by the Recorder, under t

Joly, E., 1879:
Prosopistoma punctifrons. E. Joly has the following additional notices on this creature. In Feuill.

Seoane, V.L., 1879:
V. L. Seoane supplements his notes on the destruction of a Spanish man-of-war in the port of Ferrol

Anonymous., 1879:
The same author, Phil. Tr. clxviii. pp. 250 257, described more fully and figures the species foun

Wood-Mason, J., 1879:
The anatomy of Machilis, Lepisma, Iapyx, c., in connection with its bearing on the origin of insect

Brauer., 1879:
Commences with a table of genera according to Brauer in 1868 the author does not appear to have been

Anonymous., 1879:
6. Peltopsyche, g. n., p. 144 Zool. Anz. loc. cit.. Cases resembling the egg-cases of Nephelis, fi

Anonymous., 1879:
5. Rhyacopsyche, g. n., ibid. Zool. Anz. loc. cit.. Cases of younger larvae are brown, coriaceous,

Anonymous., 1879:
4. Lagenopsyche, g. n., ibid. Zool. Anz. ii. p. 40. Cases resembling a bottle with the bottom cut

Anonymous., 1879:
3. Diaulus, g. n., p. 145 first noticed by name only as Dicaminus in Zool. Anz. ii. p. 39; changed

Fritz Muller., 1879:
FRITZ MULLER, Tr. Ent. Soc. 1879, pp. 141-144, enters into details on the structure and habits of p

Eaton, A.E., 1879:
A. E. EATON notices the habits of the larvae of a species of this family belonging to the genus Hyd

Mclachlan., 1879:
MCLACHLAN, Revision and Synopsis, pt. viii., describes 66 species as pertaining to the European f

Anonymous., 1879:
And a new genus termed Grumichella p. 135; given previously as Grumichinha in Zool. Anz. ii. p. 40

Anonymous., 1879:
Of Section iii., there is a species of Tetracentron, which uses hollow sticks for its case sometime

Dyer, B.R., 1879:
In a note on Swainson's genus Thelidomus, B. R. Dyer refers to Helicopsyche as having been discovere

Anonymous., 1879:
FRITZ MULLER states that about half-a-dozen species of Helicopsyche are known to him as occurring in

Targioni-Tozzetti., 1879:
In the same Resoconti for 1879, pp. 18 19, he states, on McLachlan's authority, that the insect re

McLachlan., 1879:
MCLACHLAN calls attention to a habit certain species of this group have of depositing their eggs, en

Anonymous., 1879:
Embodies much of the matter appearing in the above-mentioned notes, with additional new genera, and

Anonymous., 1879:
The fourth notice pp. 405-407 enlarges on the same subject, with a scheme of classification accord

McLachlan., 1879:
The third pp. 283 284 notices the occurrence of branchiae in the imago of a species of Leptoceri

Anonymous., 1879:
Of these four notices on Brazilian species, the first pp. 38-40 concerns the habits, and especiall

Cuni y Martorell., 1879:
A list of species in all groups taken by Cuni y Martorell, in the vicinity of Barcelona; An. Soc. Es

Taschenberg, E.L., 1879:
An imperfect sketch of the order excluding Pseudo-Neuroptera is given by E. L. Taschenberg, in his

Anonymous., 1879:
Segmental organs corresponding to those of Annelids described; nervous system discovered to be much

Anonymous., 1879:
Atractosoma meridionale, Fanzago: genus and species redescribed by him; Atti Soc. Pad. vi.

Anonymous., 1879:
Not seen by the Recorder; noticed in Bull. Ent. Ital. xi. pp. 126 127. The following species are

Anonymous., 1879:
The centipede does not bite, but, when alarmed, distils venom into the tiny incisions made by its nu

Selevanoff, A., 1879:
A. Selevanoff publishes an important paper on Russian Myriopoda Chilopoda: Lithobius and Henicops,

Schmidt's, O., 1879:
Loxosoma. O. SCHMIDT'S paper Zool. Rec. xv. Moll. p. 95 is translated in Ann. N. H. 5 iii. pp. 392

McCoy, F., 1879:
Membranipora. McCoy, l. c. pp. 29-35, describes and figures from the Victorian coasts: pl. xxv., M.

Anonymous., 1879:
Tr. N. Z. Inst. ix. for 1876, published in 1877 pp. 358-361.

Hutton, F.W., 1879:
New Zealand. F. W. HUTTON adds 22 species to his former list of New Zealand Polyzoa Zool Rec. x. p.

Anonymous., 1879:
Abstract in J. R. Micr. Soc. ii. pp. 707 863

Anonymous., 1879:
J. R. Micr. Soc. ii. pp. 300 301.

Barrois., 1879:
Abstract of BARROIS'S paper on the development of the Chilostomatous 1877 in Ann. N. H. 5 iii. pp.

Lacaze-duthiers., 1879:
LACAZE-DUTHIERS has established a distinct family, Molgulidoe, characterized by the six-lobed branch

Anonymous., 1879:
Abstracted in J. R. Micr. Soc. ii. pp. 551 552.

Salensky., 1879:
SALENSKY'S paper on the development of Salpa Zool. Rec. xv. Moll. p. 92

Anonymous., 1879:
Abstract in J. R. Micr. Soc. ii. p. 302.

Macleay, W., 1879:
W. MACLEAY has observed that several large Ascidians, thrown on shore after a severe storm, changed

Smith, E.A., 1879:
E. A. Smith, Phil. Tr. clxviii. p. 192.

Studer., 1879:
Kerguelen Island. Only 1 Brachiopod, Waldheimia dilatata Lam. known; Studer, Arch. f. Nat. xlv p.

Calkins, W.W., 1879:
Florida. 7 species of Brachiopods collected by W. W. Calkins P. Davenp. Ac. ii 1878 p. 242

Anonymous., 1879:
Norman has dredged 4 species of Brachiopods in the fjords near Bergen; J. of Conch, ii. p. 16.

Rougemont., 1879:
Norway. Terebratula cranium common, Rhynchonella psittacea rather rare at Hammerfest; Rougemont Bull

Fischer, P., 1879:
The geographical distribution of the Brachiopods on the French coasts discussed by P. Fischer Act. S

Anonymous., 1879 :
Abstract in Am. Nat. xiii. p. 45.

Brooks, W.K., 1879:
Ostrea virginica Gmel.. W. K. Brooks states that he has never found a fertilized egg or embryo ins

D.Montauge., 1879:
And another on the enemies and diseases of oysters in the basin of Arcachon by the brothers De Monta

Norman., 1879:
Pecten graenlandicus Sow.. Structure of gills, see above in General Subject.

Anonymous., 1879:
Those marked also, with H. rosacea, sp. n., in J. of Conch, ii. pp. 210-217 , Tasmania.

Petterd., 1879:
Helix dubitans, vexanda, ruga, margaiensis, quoestiosa, stephensi, coepta, decani, plexus, irvinoe,

Tiberi., 1879:
Helix planospira Lam.. Mme. Paulucci Faun. mal. Calabr. pp. 73-93, with geogr. map and pls. ii.-v

Strebel.; Pfeffer., 1879:
Praticola, snbg. n. Shell globular, irregularly plaited, aperture expanded, thickened internally, co

Anonymous., 1879:
In J. H. Ver. Wurtt. xxxv. pp. 50-52.

Eimer., 1879:
Eimer repeats his observations on a Spinning Slug Zool. Anz. i. p. 123

Strebel.; Pfeffer., 1879:
STREBEL PFEFFER, Mexik. Land-und Sussw. Conch, iv. pp. 1-4, 17, 21, 23, distinguish the followin

Trinchese, S., 1879:
S. Trinchese has observed that in Amphorina coerulea Mont the contents of the hepatic ducts are ca

Bergh, B., 1879:
Polycera. Monograph by B, Bergh, Verh. z.-b. Wien, xxix. pp. 599-623, pls. ix. x. xi. figs. 1-8, p

Monterosa., 1879:
Monterosato describes the Mediterranean species of Chitonidea as follows:-Chiton olivaceus Spengl.,

Martens., 1879:
Neritina. E. v. Martens finishes his monograph of this genus in Kuster's Conch. Cab. pt. 285, pp. 20

Westerlund., 1879:
On their respiration by lungs and gills, see above, in General Subject, Respiration, p. 14.

Kobelt., 1879:
Trophon. 55 species with citations and localities enumerated by Kobelt, JB. mal. Ges. vi. pp. 168-17

Kobelt., 1879:
KOBELT has published separately lists of known species of Harpa, Murex, Vitularia, Typhis, Bullia, E

Lacaze-duthiers., 1879:
LACAZE-DUTHIERS's treatise on the development of the Pteropoda, the chief contents of which are indi

Verrill., 1879:
Stauroteuthis, g. n., allied to Cirroteuthis, but mantle united to the head all round, and to the do

Tryon., 1879:
Octopus punctatus Gabb figured from specimen, by Tryon, Manual, i. p. 117, pl. xxxiv. fig. 43, Cal

Klemensiewicz, S., 1879:
An abstract of KLEMENSIEWICZ'S paper on the chromatophores of the Cephalopods Zool. Rec. xv. Moll. p

Fredericq, S., 1879:
FREDERICQ'S observations on the structure and physiology of Octopus Zool. Rec. xv. Moll. p. 8 are al

Fredericq., 1879:
FREDERICQ comes to the conclusion that the changes of colour in the skin of Octopus do not generally

Agnes Crane., 1879:
AGNES CRANE has given a general review of recent and fossil Cephalopoda ; Geol. Mag. 2 v. 1878 pp.

Stearns, R., 1879:
R. STEARNS criticizes an exaggerated description of a large Cephalopod in the Popular Science Mont

Ihering, S., 1879:
IHERING'S proposed natural system of the Mollusca Zool. Rec. xiii. Moll. p. 19 is extracted in J.

Locard, A., 1879:
Several instances of southern species of land shells extending their range gradually towards the env

Gould., 1879:
GOULD'S descriptions of Australian sea-shells reprinted in P. Linn. Soc. N. S. W. ii. 1878 pp. 250-2

Martens, E.V., 1879:
Mozambique. 4 species of Cephalopoda, 118 marine Gastropods, and 82 marine Bivalves collected by W.

Stearns., 1879:
R. STEARNS opposes the identity of some Floridan and Pacific species, as proposed by Calkins, statin

Monterosato, A.; De., 1879:
Two instances of former authors mentioning Pompeian shells by A. DE MONTEROSATO, Bull. Soc. mal. Ita

Fischer, P., 1879:
Oceanic coast of France. P. FISCHER states that 561 species of Mollusks live on these coasts, and ab

Jeffreys., 1879:
JEFFREYS gives some corrections to a list of shells, procured during the Arctic expedition of the 'F

D'urb, N., 1879:
And Novaya Zemlya given by D'URBAN, J. of Conch, ii. pp. 88-94

Watson, B., 1879:
The Dentaliidae and new Trochidae collected during the Challenger Expedition are enumerated and de

Gibbons., 1879:
San Domingo. 17 species of land shells found at Puerto Plata, during a short search, by Gibbons, J.

Arango.; Molina., 1879:
Cuba. 27 species of Choanopoma, 26 Ctenopoma, 1 Diplopoma, 1 Adamsiella, 1 Licina, 4 Cyclostomus, 7

Binney., 1879:
Lower California. BINNEY gives some account of the land shells of the island of Guadelupe, mentionin

Crosse, H., 1879:
Described by H. Crosse, J. de Conch. xxvii. pp. 198-208. List of 5 inoperculate and 13 operculate la

Prete, R.; Del., 1879:
Apuan Mountains, N. Tuscany. 68 terrestrial and 10 freshwater shells enumerated, and their hypsograp

Dubreuil., 1879:
E. DUBREUIL continues his paper on the land and freshwater Mollusca of the Dept. Herault; Rev. Montp

Buchner., 1879:
The numerical relations of specimens of land shells drifted ashore by the rivulet Waldach, confluent

Anonymous., 1879:
Westphalia. P. HESSE, after mentioning the previous papers on the subject see also Zool. Rec. xv. M

Petersen., 1879:
Helix granulata Alder found near Hamburg by PETERSEN, Verh. Ver. Hamb. 1879, pp. 244 245.

Jousseaume, F., 1879:
Paris. F. JOUSSEAUME has continued his paper on the land-snails of the environs of Paris in Bull. So

Paulucci., 1879:
Several instances of land-snails, which occur at very distant geographical points, but not in the in

Gassies, J.B., 1879:
J. B. GASSIES has bred hybrids of the French and Algerian races of Rumina decollata L. at Bordeaux

Hesse, P., 1879:
23 species found in peat and calcareous tufa beds near Pyrmont, all recent, and most of them still l

Carriere, J., 1879:
J. CARRIERE describes mode of regeneration of the tentacles and eyes in Helix, and states that if th

Wiedersheim., 1879:
WIEDERSHEIM has observed that 13 specimens of Limnoea auricularia remained alive for more than two m

Mer., 1879:
Experiments on the absorption of water in Helix pomatia have also been made by MER. The water is abs

Nusslin, O., 1879:
O. NUSSLIN has made numerous experiments on the evaporation of fluids of land-shells, and on their p

Brooks, W.H., 1879:
W. H. BROOKS gives a preliminary abstract of his observations on the development of Ostrea virginian

Loven, S., 1879:
S. LOVEN has published in German supra his observations on the development of several Bivalves, ch

Perez, J., 1879:
The changes before segmentation in the egg of Helix aspersa observed by J. Perez, J. de l'Anat. Phys

Pfeffer., 1879:
As abstract of PFEFFER's paper on spermatophores of Naninidae Zool. Rec. xv. Moll. pp. 11 12, in

Brock., 1879:
An abstract of BROCK's paper on the generative organs of the Cephalopods Zool. Rec. xv. Moll. p. 11

Claus., 1879:
An abstract of CLAUS's paper on the auditory organ of the Heteropods Arch mikr. Anat. xv. 1878, pp.

Schobl., 1879:
An abstract of SCHOBL's paper on the eye of the Cephalopods Arch, mikr. Anat. xv. 1878, in J. R. M

Vulpian., 1879:
VULPIAN's experiments with cardiac poisons on Helix pomatia show that their action is similar to tha

Barrois, T., 1879:
T. BARROIS, Bull. Sci. Nord. 2 ii. pp. 1-7, opposes some of Carriere's statements Zool. Rec. xv. M

Hartog, M., 1879:
M. HARTOG thinks that the external communication of the organ of Bojanus, or kidney, in the Anodon

Von Ihering., 1879:
He denies the existence of a communication between the pericardium and sanguiniferous sinus in the b

Nusslin, O., 1879:
O. NUSSLIN, Beitrage, c, pp. 1-17, describes and figures a communicating channel between the cavi

Vigelius, J.W., 1879:
J. W. VIGELIUS supra describes the excretory organs of Sepia offcinalis, Sepiola rondeleti, Rossia

Van Haren-noman., 1879:
VAN HAREN-NOMAN describes the structure of the gills in Pecten groenlandicus, Lima elliptica, Modiol

Trinchese, S., 1879:
S. TRINCHESE defends his statement as to the existence of a special system of vessels, perhaps lymph

Jourdain, S., 1879:
S. JOURDAIN states that the small arteries in Arion rufus and other Mollusca open at the surface of

Fredericq, L., 1879:
'Haemocyanin' in the blood of Cephalopods ; L. FREDERICQ'S paper Zool. Rec. xv. Moll. p. 10 , also i

Flemming., 1879:
Blood-cells of the Bivalves: abstract of FLEMMIng'S observations Arch. mikr. Anat. xv. 1878 p. 243

Anonymous., 1879:
Vergleichende physiologische Studien an den Kusten der Adria, pp. 57-76, with 1 pl.; abstract in A

Krukenberg, C.F.W., 1879:
C. F. W. KRUKENBERG states that the hepato-intestinal vessels of the AEolididae contain really an en

Cadiat., 1879:
CADIAT gives some notes on the lobular structure of the liver in the Gastropods, and on its secretio

Fredericq, L., 1879:
This is also stated by L. FREDERICQ, Rev. Int. 1879, pp. 263 271; abstract in J. R. Micr. Soc. ii.

Simroth, H., 1879:
H. SIMROTH has published a second paper on the locomotion of snails, in which he maintains and detai

Packard, A.S. jun., 1879:
A. S. PACKARD, jun., in Zoology for Students and General Readers New York: 1879, cr. 8vo, pp. 2

Milne-Edwards, A., 1879:
Dasypus novem-cinctus. A. Milne-Edwards, Ann. Sci. Nat. 6 viii. art. 10 pp. 1-6, pls. xxii.-xxiv.

Zigno, A.; De., 1879:
Halicore dugong. On its occurrence in the Red Sea, vide Klunzinger supra, p. 5.

Fitzinger, L.J., 1879:
L. J. Fitzinger continues his review of the species of this family; SB. Ak. Wieu, xxxviii. pp. 301-3

Brandt, J.F., 1879:
It constitutes a subfamily of the Rhinocerontidoe, which may be called Elasmotheri i noe or Hippodon

Brandt, J.F., 1879:
Elasmotherium. The characters and affinities of this genus discussed, and its osteology figured; Bra

Sars, G.O., 1879:
Not seen by the Recorder; of. Zool. Anz, ii. p. 415.

Capellini, S., 1879:
Notes on the Tarento Balana, and the specimen in Paris of B. marleayius; Capellini Rend. Acc. Bologn

Schneider, J.S., 1879:
J. S. Schneider has notes on Delphinus albirostris and other Cetacea occurring on the Norwegian coas

Anonymous., 1879:
Not seen by the Recorder. Cf. Zool. Anz. ii p. 416.

Anderson, J., 1879:
Platanista gangelica. Its structure and anatomy, including that of the pregnant uterus and foetal me

Gerbe, Z., 1879:
Z. Gerbe has remarks on the determination by Trouessart of the Bats described as new by Crespon; Le

Trouessart, E.L., 1879:
E. L. Trouessart writes on the same subject, basing his conclusions on Dobson's Catalogue Zool. Rec.

Dobson, G.E., 1879:
G. E. Dobson treats of the geographical distribution of this Order; Rep. Brit. Ass. 1878, pp. 158-16

C.G.; Giebel., 1879:
C. G. Giebel has remarks on the cranial and dental characters of various species of Ateles; Z. ges.

Greene, W.H.; Parker, A.J., 1879:
W. H. GREENE A. J. PARKER have notes on the properties and composition of Hyraceum, the inspissat

Heckel, E., 1879:
E. HECKEL notes a case of trichinosis in a hippopotamus. C. R. lxxxviii. p. 1139, and Ann. N. H. 5

Brown, A.E., 1879:
A. E. BROWN has notes on Grief in the Chimpanzee. Am. Nat. xiii. pp. 173-177.

Schmidt, Max., 1879:
MAX SCHMIDT has notes on the habits of Simia satyrus. Zool. Gart. xx. p. 17, c.

Bolau, H., 1879:
H. BOLAU has notes on an orang Simia satyrus with a rudimentary sixth finger on each hand. Verh. V

Lockington, W.N., 1879:
W. N. LOCKINGTON has notes on Pacific Coast Mammals. Am. Nat. xiii. p. 708.

Friedel, E., 1879:
E. FRIEDEL has some notes on the Mammalia of Iceland. Zool. Gart. xx. p. 144, c.

Fisher, O., 1879:
O. FISHER has notes on a mammaliferous post-tertiary deposit at Barrington, near Cambridge. P. Cam

Chambers, V.T., 1879:
Gelechta. V. T. Chambers publishes the following notes on some of his own species:-G. 5-notella = G.

Rossler., 1879:
Rossier figures and redescribes his Tinea maeniella, Lita-vasconiella, Nothris bilbainella, and Buta

Barrett, C.G., 1879:
C. G. Barrett describes the larvae of Homoeosoma sinuella and binaevella, Rhodophaea advenella and c

Butler, A.G., 1879:
Microsca A. G. Butler 111. Lep. Het. iii. p. 71 .Allied to Osca; palpi less porrect, and with shorte

Janson, O.E.; Wood-Mason, J., 1879:
Euchema militaris. Larva noticed and figured by O. E. Janson J. Wood-Mason, proving the Euschemati

Rossler, A., 1879:
A. Rossler redescribes and figures his Iodis norbertatria, p. 107, fig. 4, Acidalia seeboldiata, p.

Butler, A.G., 1879:
A. G. Butler III. D. Lep. iii. redescribes and figures the following Geometridae his own, unless

Anonymous., 1879:
The writer discusses the larval characters and neuration chiefly of the British species, and distrib

Anonymous., 1879:
Extracted from the Rep. Ent.; Ann. Rep. Dept. Agric. 1878, pp. 10-32.

Anonymous., 1879:
Chiefly of economic interest.

Goodell, L.W., 1879:
L. W. Goodell publishes notes on the early stages of Tetracis crocallata, Therina edropiaria, and Ac

Speyer, A., 1879:
Phalaena pavonia major and minor Linn. are regarded by A. Speyer as the sexes of the common Emperor

Wallace, A.R., 1879:
It is also regarded as Lepidopterous by A. R. Wallace, Nature, xix. p. 582.

D.Borre., 1879:
Breyeria borinensis. De Borre reviews the controversy respecting the affinities of this fossil, whic

Butler, A.G., 1879:
A. G. Butler redescribes and figures Syntomis annetta, Butl., and Balotaea aegeroides, p. 4, and Bin

Maassen, P., 1879:
P. Maassen considers that U. craesus, Gerst., = drurii, Boisd. is identical with Drury's ripheus, an

Butler, A.G., 1879:
A. G. Butler redescribes and figures Chaerocampa suffusa and pallicosta, Walk., p. 1, Triptogon rose

Moore, F., 1879:
Callima. F. Moore revises this genus and describes many new species, as well as those already known;

Godman.; Salvin., 1879:
The known Central American species and genera of Danainae, from Ituna to Hymenitis, are redescribed

Weir, J.J., 1879:
In the discussion on this paper P. E. Soc. 1879, pp. xxviii. xxix., J. J. Weir mentions that he

Muller, F., 1879:
Epicalia acontius. F. Muller figures and discusses the differences existing in colour, markings, and

Westwood, J.O., 1879:
J. O. Westwood Tr. E. Soc. 1879 notices and figures several monstrous Lepidoptera:-Gonepteryx rham

Hagen, H.A., 1879:
H. A. Hagen criticizes Gerhard's Catalogue of N. American Lepidoptera, which seems to contain many S

Godman.; Salvin.; Butler., 1879:
Godman, Salvin, Butler publish a list of the Lepidoptera collected by Rev. G. Brown in New Ireland

Butler, A.G., 1879:
A. G. Butler enumerates 21 Lepidoptera from Rodriguez, the majority being wide-ranging species. He r

Alpheraki, S., 1879:
S. Alpheraki continues his notes on the Lepidoptera of Taganrog; Troudy Ent. Ross. xi. pp. 45-50. A

Anonymous., 1879:
A Spanish translation, with additions, and figures of the new species, of the list published in S. E

Tognoli, L., 1879:
L. Tognoli enumerates 147 Lepidoptera Rhopalocera-Zygaenidae found in the neighbourhood of Modena;

Costa, A., 1879:
A. Costa, Atti Ist. Nap. 2 xiv. 1877 pp. 340, pls. xiii., gives a new edition, with additions and

Fitch, E.A., 1879:
Effect of wot season on Insects; E. A. Fitch Ent. xii pp. 281-291.

Douglas, J.W., 1879:
Notes on garden insects in 1879; J. W. Douglas Ent. M. M. xvi pp. 115 116.

Villiers., 1879:
Honey without wax, stored by an insect resembling a large mosquito, in Ethiopia; Villiers Am. Nat. x

Fletcher, J.B., 1879:
List of insects Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, and Diptera, ? found feeding on the service-tree; J. B.

Anonymous., 1879:
Simulation of death by Coleoptera and Arachnida; C. R. Slater, Sci. Gos. xv pp. 160 161.

Allen, G., 1879:
Colour-sense in insects, and its connection with flowers; G. Allen P. R. Inst. ix pp. 201 202.

Anonymous., 1879:
The degeneration of visual organs in insects, spiders, and Crustacea, which live in darkness, is dis

Reichenau, W.V., 1879:
Notes on the inherited and acquired intelligence of Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera; W. v. Reichenau Ent

Horn., 1879:
Theory of insect mimicry questioned; Horn Tr. Am. Ent. Soc. vii p. ii

May, J.W., 1879:
J. W. May has continued his translations of Snellen V1an Vollenhoven's Life-Histories of Saw-Flies;

Hagen., 1879:
Hagen's observations on Cynipidae reprinted from Canad. Ent. x. pp. 85-94; Scot. Nat. v. pp. 27-36.

Cameron, P., 1879:
Onychia. P. Cameron, l. c. pp. 110 111, discusses the synonymy of this genus, and tabulates the al

Wallace, A.R., 1879:
An exceedingly elaborate monograph, comprising chapters on the literature of the subject, surface ar

Patton., 1879:
Allied to Melecta; type, M. thoracica, Cress. = pacifica, Cress..

Smith, F., 1879:
Allied to Halictus abdomen petiolate in both sexes; clavate in male; maxillary palpi 6-jointed, the

Anonymous., 1879:
Utility of Bees in fertilizing flowers; JB. Bienenwirthschaftliche Hauptverein im Konigr. Sachsen, 1

Anonymous., 1879:
A rather elaborate paper, treating of the comparative numbers of the genera, the times of appearance

Thomson, C.W., 1879:
The Recorder has not been able to see Theel's paper on Elasmopoda, an account of which by C. W. Thom

Koren.; Danielssen., 1879:
Koren Danielssen N. Mag. Naturv. xxiv. describe from the Northern Seas two new genera and specie

de Loriol, P., 1879:
P. de Loriol Monogr. des Crin. foss. de la Suisse, iii. in Abh. schw. pal. Ges. vi. pp. 125-300, wi

Cotteau., 1879:
Cotteau C. R. lxxxviii. pp. 778-781, with a note by Hebert states that 58 new species of Echinoide

Bergh, R.S., 1879:
R. S. Bergh, in Bidrag til Opfattelsen af Klovning og Kimbladdanelse hos Echiniderme Vid. Medd. 187

Carpenter., 1879:
Carpenter Zool. Anz. ii. pp. 569-571 details the history of the discovery of the true character of

Barrois., 1879:
Barrois J. de l'Anat. Phys. xv. p. 1 describes the development of Asteriscus verruculatus. From th

Haacke., 1879:
Haacke Zool. Anz. ii. p. 641 describes an abnormal arrangement of the intestine in Asteracanthion

Ludwig., 1879:
Ludwig Z. wiss. Zool. xxxiv. p. 82 makes very similar observations, in complete ignorance of those

Gercke, G., 1879:
G. Gercke describes the metamorphoses of Ceratopogon naked-winged species, Tanypus nigro-punctatus

Schiodte.; Meinert., 1879:
On hermaphroditism and development, see above in General Subject.

Anonymous., 1879:
Also in Arch. mikr. Anat. xvii. pp. 125-140

de Man, J.G., 1879:
Palaemonetes varians Leach and vulgaris Say. On its occurrence and development, see above, in th

McCoy, F., 1879:
Cambarus pellucidus Tellkampf. On its eye, see ANATOMY, c., supra, p. 6.

Miers, E.F., 1879:
E. F. MIERS, J. L. S. xiv. pp. 634-671, after recapitulating the systematic arrangements of former a

Boas, J., 1879:
J. BOAS, Zool Anz. ii. 1879 p. 257, proposes to classify the Decapoda as follows:- 1.Reptantia, cont

Anonymous., 1879:
An abstract of this author's views on the systematic position of Limulus and the Trilobites Zool. Re

GERSTaCKER., 1879:
Here may be mentioned GERSTaCKER's elaborate account of the Trilobitae in his general treatise of th

Anonymous., 1879:
J. R. Micr. Soc. ii. p. 713.

Anonymous., 1879:
Ann. N. H. 5 iii. p. 459;

Packard, A.S.; Jr., 1879:
A. S. PACKARD, Jr., in Zoology for Students, c., pp. 292-324, divides the Crustaceans into two se

Forbes., 1879:
Various other species are referred to, and their habits and structure described; and in some addenda

Anonymous., 1879:
The author has continued his researches on this subject, and observed 14 pelagic species of Cladocer

Pavesi, P., 1879:
Some observations concerning the pelagic Cladocera and Copepoda of the lakes in Upper Italy by P. PA

Rougemont., 1879:
For physiological observations on it, see above, in General Subject.

Mayer, P., 1879:
P. MAYER has observed that several species of Idothea change colour according to surrounding objects

Brown Goode, G., 1879:
Note on sounds emitted by some Crustacea; G. BROWN GOODE, P. U.S. Nat. Mus. 1878, pp. 7 8.

Faxon, W., 1879:
The development of Palaemonetes vulgaris Say described by W. FAXON; it undergoes a full metamorpho

Krukenberg, C.F.W., 1879:
C. F. W. KRUKENBERG states that the liver of the common crayfish and other Crustacea contains two so

Helder, C., 1879:
A peculiar closed system of vessels carrying red blood without globules has been found by HELDER C.

Richet., 1879:
RICHET records his experiments on the influence of heat upon the life-actions of the crayfish. At 23

Bates, H.W., 1879:
The following species are specially noticed by Bates in Biol. Centr. Am.:-Parandra polita, Say, fig.

Anonymous., 1879:
SB. z.-b. Wien, xxix. pp. 31 32. The young larva feeds on honey, and is certainly parasitic in the

Anonymous., 1879:
Ent. M. M. xv. p. 34

Anonymous., 1879:
P. E. Soc. 1879, pp. xxx. xxxi.

Anonymous., 1879:
An. Soc. Esp. viii. pp. 36-38

Anonymous., 1879 :
CR. Ent. Belg. xxii. p. lxxxviii.

Anonymous., 1879:
Bull. Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 5 ix. pp. xxv., lxv., lxxii., lxxvi., 44

Anonymous., 1879:
Ann. N. H. 5 iv. pp. 169 170

Lichtenstein., 1879:
Cantharis vesicatoria. Transformations described or noticed; Lichtenstein, C. R. lxxxviii. pp. 1089-

Anonymous., 1879:
27 species are enumerated in the text, and figured on the plate, and several more are described in t

Metschnikoff, E., 1879:
Anisoplia austriaca. E. Metschnikoff has published a pamphlet on its diseases in Russian Odessa: 18

Waterhouse, F.H., 1879:
Prosthetops, F. H. Waterhouse, J. L. S. xiv. p. 533. Allied to Helophorus, but differs from all know

Bates, H.W., 1879:
Eudromus, Klug. H. W. Bates discusses this genus, which he regards, though neglected by recent autho

Anonymous., 1879:
He refers to it: Feronia Omalosoma striatocollis, Brulle = E. alternans, Klug, and F. 0. loevi

Kokujew, N., 1879:
Kokujew publishes a supplementary list of the Coleoptera of Jaroslav; Bull. Mosc. liv pp. 218-233.

Anonymous., 1879:
The author describes another reef similar to the one at Itaparica cf. Zool. Rec. xiv., situated to

Peters., 1879:
Remarks at considerable length on the above work have been made by Peters in SB. nat. Fr. 1879, pp.

Wiedersheim, R., 1879:
R. Wiedersheim has given a detailed account of the anatomy of Axolotl before and after the metamorph

Peters., 1879:
PETERS has published MB. Ak. Berl. 1879, pp. 924-943 pl. the results of a study of the Caeciliidae

Wiedersheim., 1879:
Wiedersheim also treats of the characters of the head in these animals, Ueber den Kopf der Gymnophi

Anderson., 1879:
Tylotriton verrucosus, Anders. Redescribed in detail and figured; the osteological characters are pa

Lacerda Filho., 1879:
Bufo ictericus Spix. Experiments on the venomous properties of the parotid humours of the Brazilian

Brocchi., 1879:
Scaphiopus. The species long known under the name S. holbrooki is the S. solitarius Holbr. It would

Lataste, F., 1879:
F. Lataste has further investigated this species, and created for it a new genus, Ammoryctis, which

Lataste., 1879:
Discoglossus pictus, Otth. Lataste has made an exhaustive study of this species, with a view of fixi

Camerano., 1879:
Discoglossus. A study of this genus, describing in detail D. pictus, Otth., sardus, Tsch., and scova

Heron-Royer., 1879:
On the tadpole of Rana agilis, with a note on the means of determining that of Pelodytes punctatus.

Heron-Royer., 1879:
Heron-Royer has made experiments on the changes of colour in the tadpoles of tailless Batrachians, w

Oustalet, E., 1879:

Canestrini, G., 1879:
And Intorno ad alcuni parasiti, op. cit. vi. pp. 32-42, pls. i.-iv. The Recorder has not seen these

Canestrini, G., 1879:
G. Canestrini: Nuove Specie di Genere Dermalichus, Atti Soc. Pad. v. pp. 1-28

Kramer, P., 1879:
P. Kramer, Arch. f. Nat. xlv. 1, describes the following new genera and species all of uncertain lo

George, C.F., 1879:
Calyptostoma hardii, Cambr.: C. F. George, Sci. Goss. 1879, p. 249 gives good figures of the conceal

Croneberg, A., 1879:
Trombidium holosericeum. A. Croneberg, Bull. Mosc. liv. pp. 234-252, pl. v. in an apparently exhaust

Kramer, P., 1879:
P. Kramer, in a paper on some differences between full grown and young Gamasidoe, Arch. f. Nat. xlv.

Anonymous., 1879:
The first pair of cephalic appendages, well developed in the larva is sometimes reduced later on in

Simon., 1879:
Simon, l. c. p. 218, divides this family into subfamilies Stygninoe, Mitobatinoe, Coelopyginoe, and

Simon, E., 1879:
The following new genera and species are characterized, l. c.:-Protus, p. 193. Differs from Paecilae

Anonymous., 1879:
The same author, Ann. Ent. Belg. xxii. pp. 183-241, publishes the first pact of an Essai d'une Clas

Strecker, A., 1879:
The CYPHOPHTHLMI, including a few types only both exotic and European separated from the MECOSTETH

Simon, E., 1879:
The species of this Order OPILIONES, Sim. are divided by E. SIMON, Arachn. de France, vii. pp. 116

Anonymous., 1879:
Cf. J. R. Micr. Soc. iii. p. 248.

Croneberg, A., 1879:
A. CRONEBERG Zool. Anz. ii. p. 450 considers that the poison glands of Solpuga consist of two thor

Hagen, H., 1879:
H. Hagen, Zool. Anz. ii. pp. 399 400. notices two forms of Blothrus packardi, sp. n., one from Wya

Hutchinson, H.F., 1879:
H. F. Hutchinson, Nature, xx. p. 553, denies the possibility of a Scorpion's committing suicide, owi

Karsch, F., 1879:
F. Karsch, Arch. f. Nat. xlv., pp. 189-197, proposes four divisions of the Phryneidae:-i. The six. t

Para, J.E., 1879:
Thomisus foka, Vins. J. E. Para, Rev. Sci. Nat. viii. p. 55, confirms the report of the extremely ve

Van Hasselt, A.W.M., 1879:
A. W. M. Van Hasselt, Tijdschr. Ent. xxii. p. 217, remarks on the rarity of males of Gasteracantha.

Grube, E., 1879:
C. nutrix: E. Grube describes its bite from personal experience; JB. schles. Ges. 1879 pp. 117 118

Simon, Eugene., 1879:
Corrects observations of H. Lucas, published in op. cit. iii. Ann. pp. 48 191, on the localities o

Simon, Eugene., 1879:
EUGENE SIMON, Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr. 5 iv. pp. xix. xx.

Carlet, G., 1879:
G. CARLET, Sur la locomotion des Insectes et des Arachnides, C. R. lxxxix. p. 1124, observes that Ep

Anton Stecker., 1879:
ANTON STECKER, MT. Afrikanischen Ges. in Deutschlaud, i. p. 79, gives a short description of the Ara

Mccook, H.C., 1879:
H. C. MCCOOK, P. Ac. Philad. 1879, pp. 150-152, gives a minute account of the copulation of a specie

Anonymous., 1879:
An abstract of the author's paper in Russian Nachr. Ges. Mosc. xxix pt. 2 pp. 1-40 pls. i.-iii., w

Megnin, P., 1879:
The latter species = Sarcoptes cynotes, Hering, and occurs in ears of dogs, cats, and ferrets; id. B

Megnin, P., 1879:
P. Megnin, under the heading Sarcoptides psoriques, R. Z. 3 vi., figures the following species,

Dale, C.W., 1879:
C. W. Dale, in History of Glanville's Wootton London: 1878, am. 8vo, p. 304, proposes the new ge

George, C.F., 1879:
C. F. George, Sci. Gos. xiv. pp. 34 35, figs. 21-23, records an abundance of white mites in ex

Sars, G.O., 1879:
G. O. SARS, Arch. math. Naturv. 1877, pp. 337-371, in a like paper on the Crustacea, c., collected

Anonymous., 1879:
Consists of preliminary general notes on the organisation of the Pycnogonidoe, defending the author'

Simon., 1879:
Differs from Hemiscorpio, Sim., by the absence of lateral tubercles on the vesicle, and the presence

Lucas, H., 1879:
H. Lucas, Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr. 5 viii. pp. cv. cxxxix., records and remarks upon the habits of P.

Emerton, J.H., 1879:
J. H. Emerton, Psyche, ii. pp. 123 124, fig. 5, describes and figures the method of oviposition in

Gillies, R., 1879:
R. GILLIES Tr. N. Z. Inst. x. pp. 301-306, pl. xiii. describes several Trap-Door Spiders' nests fr

Robson, C.H., 1879:
C. H. ROBSON Tr. N. Z. Inst. x. pp. 299 300, with woodcut records the discovery of a marine Spid

Mclachlan, R., 1879:
R. MCLACHLAN, in his Report J. L. S. xiv. on the Insecta, c., collected during Nares's Arctic Exp

Karsch, F., 1879:
F. KARSCH, MT. Munch. ent. Ver. ii. p. 95, remarks critically on T. Thorell's European Spiders.

Anonymous., 1879:
E. SIMON, Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr. 5 viii. pp. lviii. lix., gives a list of 102 species of Spiders fo

Mccook, H.C., 1879:
H. C. MCCOOK P. Ac. Philad. 1878, pp. 337-339, records observations on the aeronautic flight of spi

Blackwall., 1879:
L. BECKER, CR. Ent. Belg. xxi. pp. cxxvii.-cxxxii., details experiments very similar to those long a

Barrois, J., 1879:
J. BARROIS J. Anat. Phys. xiv. pp. 529-547, pl. xxxiv. has contributed an interesting and valuable

Ryder., 1880:
Under this name, Ryder erects the genus Scolopendrella, Gerv., into a new order of Articulate, inter

Daniellsen., 1880:
Daniellsen Koren describe the following new genera and species N. Mag. Naturw. xxvi. pp. 44-66, p

Anonymous., 1880:
And Ann. N. H. 5 vi. pp. 466 467.

Anonymous., 1880:
Also C. R. xci. pp. 774-776

Villot., 1880:
For observations on the organization and development of the Gordii, see Villot, C. R. xc. pp. 1569-1

Anonymous., 1880:
Ascaris siluri Zool. Rec. xv. Verm. p. 6 is changed to A. glanidis

Perejaslawzew., 1880:
Perejaslawzew Zool. Anz. iii. p. 186 reports on the Turbellaria Rhabdocoela from the Black Sea, 25

Verrill., 1880:
Amphiporus virescens, A. cruentatus; Lineus dubius, L. pallidus; Micrura ornata, M. albicla, spp. nn

Perroncito., 1880:
For a note on Perroncito's 38 observations, see veter. lui. pp. 824-828. .For Perroncito's observa

Weyenbergh., 1880:
Op. cit. ii. 1876 pp. 167-169 referred to Amphistoma.

Giard., 1880:
Giard's observations Zool. Rec. xvi. Verm. p. 17 are reprinted with additions in Q. J. Micr. Sci. xx

Giard., 1880:
In discussing the characters of Polygordius, Giard, C. R. xci. pp. 341-343, Ann. N. H. 5 vi. pp. 3

Hansen, G.A., 1880:
G. A. Hansen, N. Mag. Naturv. xxv. pp. 224-234, pls. i.-v., gives a list of the Annelids collected i

Verrill., 1880:
Verrill describes as new, Pr. U. S. Nat. Mus. ii., from the North-eastern Coast of North America:- S

Hoffmann, C.K., 1880:
C. K. Hoffmann's Untersuchungen uber den Bau und die Entwickellungsgeschichte der Hirudineen 69

Stossich., 1880:
Stossich has some observations on the development of Serpula in Bol. Soc. Adriat. for 1879, which ha

Schmidt, O., 1880:
Has a horny and spicular axis, like that of Axinella potypoides, but with a stalk and tuft of root f

Higgin, T., 1880:
Euplectella aspergillum, 10 p. 663, pl. xvii. From carefully preserved specimens from H.M.S. 'Chal

Potts., 1880:
Spongilla tentasperma, Potts, P. Ac. Philad. 1880, p. 330, stream near Philadelphia. Walls of forame

Vosmaer., 1880:
Includes Isodictya gracilis, dubia Halichondria compressa, c., Bowerbank, Desmacidon neptuni, Schmi

Gumbel, G.W., 1880:
G. W. Gumbel, Verh. geol. Reichsanst. 1880, p. 213, states that he has found specimens of Flysch roc

Ridley, S.O., 1880:
S. O. RIDLEY, J. L. S. xv. p. 149, gives an account of two cases in which the spicules of a recogniz

Carter, H.J.; D'URBAN.W.S.M., 1880:
H. J. CARTER W. S. M. D'URBAN, on the Zoology of the Barents Sea Ann. N. H. 5, vi. p. 253, recor

Milne-edwards, A., 1880:
A. MILNE-EDWARDS reports on the expedition to the same effect; C. R. xci. p. 360.

Anonymous., 1880:
And Rep. Brit. Ass. 1880, p. 389; they included Thenea, Holtenia, Asconema, Hyalonema, Farrea, and L

Norman, A.M., 1880:
A notice of the chief Sponges obtained by the recent French exploring expedition of 'Le Travailleur'

Carter, H.J., 1880:
List of 14 species of Sponges dredged at Falmouth, given by H. J. CARTER, Tr. Birmingham Soc. 1880,

Minot, C.S., 1880:
C. S. MINOT, Am. Nat. xiv. p. 479, in A Sketch of Comparative Anatomy. IV. The Embryology of Sponge

Eiley.; Ashmead., 1880:
Chrysomphalus ficus, Eiley Ashmead, Am. Ent. iii. pp. 267-269, fig. 146, Florida egg and scale on

Putnam., 1880:
Pulvinaria innumerabilis, Putnam, P. Davenp. Ac. ii. pp. 203-346, United States. .Aspidiotus ancylus

Kunow., 1880:
Coccus comari, Kunow, Ent. Nachr. vi. p. 46, Konigsberg cf. also Douglas, Ent. M. M. xvii. p. 90.

Anonymous., 1880:
And Ann. N. H. 5 v. pp. 344 345

Lichtenstein., 1880:
There are two groups of Aphides, one annual, passing the winter in the egg state, and the other pere

Lichtenstein., 1880:
When the winged Aphides are descending to the roots of trees, the ants clip their wings, and guide t

Lichtenstein., 1880:
The Pemphiginae of the poplar, elm, c., which leave their galls as winged insects in summer, subseq

Signoret., 1880:
Reuteria, Signoret, Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. 5 ix. p. 45. .Allied to Globsocratus; clypeus spatuliform,

Distant., 1880:
Tettigonia assamensis, Distant, Ent. M. M. xvi. p. 203, Assam.

Distant., 1880:
Distant describes Hoplomus marginalis, Hope, var. from Obydos, and Podisus aenescens, Stal, var. fro

Bottger., 1880:
Pelonectes boscai, Lat. Bottger see Zool. Rec. xvi. Rept. p. 17 having stated that both Peters and h

Hamann, O., 1880:
A note on very large larvae of Newts; O. HAMANN, Jen. Z. Nat. xiv. pp. 567-576, pl. xxvi. From the f

Sumichrast., 1880:
Rhinophrynus dorsalis. Sumichrast states that during copulation the male seizes the female round the

Lataste., 1880:
Bufo vulgaris, Laur. Divided by Lataste into two subspecies: cinereus, Schn., the old European form,

Boulenger, G.A., 1880:
Bufo. A monograph of the Palaearctic and AEthiopian species, by G. A. Boulenger, P. Z. S. 1880, pp.

Lataste., 1880:
On copulation in the Ophidia; Lataste, Bull. Ass. Fr. viii. 1879 , pp. 765 766

Rochebrune, A.T.; De., 1880:
A. T. de Rochebrune distinguishes and characterizes in the rachis of the Ophidia the several regions

Peters., 1880:
Leposoma dispar, sp. n., Peters MB. Ak. Berl. 1880, p. 217, fig. 2, Colombia. The name Leposoma, Spi

Bocourt., 1880:
Bocourt Miss. Sc. Mex. p. 370, has arranged the genera of this family in a synopsis, according to th

Vaillant.; Grandidier., 1880:
In a foot-note, p. 149, Vaillant proposes to divide the genus Chamaeleon into four sections, accordi

Anonymous., 1880:
A long and important memoir on the same subject in Ann. Sc. Nat. x. art 7, 1880 106 pp. pls. 25-31.

Finsch, O., 1880:
O. FINSCH gives a list of the Reptiles and Frogs collected by him in Western Siberia: 7 Beptiles and

D.Betta, E., 1880:
E. DE BETTA writes on the geographical distribution of the venomous snakes in Europe, and especially

Bedriaga, J.V., 1880:
J. v. Bedriaga publishes an extensive paper on the geographical distribution of the European Batrach

Whittell, H.T., 1880:
H. T. WHITTELL, J. Quek. Club, 1880, p. 47, On the Association of Bodies resembling Psorospermia wi

Poincare., 1880:
POINCARE, C. R. xci. p. 177, figs. 1-3, figures and describes some elongated organisms, marked by tr

Anonymous., 1880:
The Monads found by Grassi supra, p. 1 are divided into 2 genera and 6 subgenera, as follows :- Mono

Kent., 1880:
Protospongia, p. 363. Nearly allied to Phalansterium; forms colony-stocks, excreting and inhabiting

Wallich, G.C., 1880:
G. C. WALLICH, Pop. Sci. Rev. iv. pl. iv. under the heading, The Threshold of Evolution, endeavour

Martin, K., 1880:
K. MARTIN, Tertiarschichten auf Java, Leyden, 1879-80, pp. 154-163, pls. xxvii. xxviii. reprinted

Gumbel, G.W., 1880:
G. W. GUMBEL, Verh. geol. Reichsanst. 1880, p. 214, mentions finding the green granules of the Flysc

D.L.Harpe, P., 1880:
Tables of stratigraphic distribution of the Nummulites, given by the same author; Verh. St. Gall. Ge

D.L.Harpe, P., 1880:
The same author describes 2 spp. nn. of Nummulites from the Flysch; op. cit. xvii. p. 33, pl. iii.

Everts, H.C., 1880:
Actinosphoerum eichhorni Am. Micr. J. i p. 41 figs. 11 12. H. C. Everts figures and describes this

Dallinger, W.H., 1880:
Stylonychia mytilus. Cf. General Anatomy and Physiology.

Kent, W.S., 1880:
Carchesium polypinum. Cf. General Anatomy and Physiology.

Milne-edwards, A., 1880:
A. MILNE-EDWARDS, reporting on the same expedition, C. R. xci. p. 360, mentions very large specimens

Norman, A.M., 1880:
10 species of Foraminifera enumerated by A. M. NORMAN, Ann. N. H. 5 vi. p. 430, as recently obtain

Kent, W.S., 1880:
W. S. KENT, Pop, Sci. Rev. iv. p. 293, pls. vii. viii., on Infusoria as Parasites, mentions and

Cisow, A., 1880:
A. CISOW has published an extensive memoir on the auditory organ of the Ganoidei; Arch. mikr. Anat.

Vaillant, L., 1880:
VAILLANT L. Bull. Soc. Philom. 7 iv 1880 pp. 150-159 gives an account of the Siluridoe collected b

Rochebrune, A.T.; De., 1880:
A. T. DE ROCHEBRUNE describes new species of fishes from Senegambia ; Bull. Soc. Philom. 7 iv. pp.

Peters, W., 1880:
W. PETERS, MB. Ak. Berl. 1880, pp. 921-927, gives a list of the fishes from Ningpo sent by the Chine

Finsch, O., 1880:
O. FINSCH records 27 species of fishes from Western Siberia ; Verh. z-b. Wien, xxix. pp. 282-290.

Sauvage, H.E., 1880:
H. E. SAUVAGE has published notes on some fishes collected by M. Letourneux in Epixus, Corfu and Lak

Bowles, G.J., 1880:
G. J. Bowles gives a popular account of migratory Locusts, in Canad. Ent. xii. pp. 130-134, figuring

Cleveland Abbe., 1880:
For notes on the relations between meteorology and the Locust pest, see Cleveland Abbe, in Am. Na

Wood-Mason., 1880:
Wood-Mason's observations on Asiatic species cf. Zool. Rec. xvi. Ins. p. 219 reproduced in abstract

Cuni y Martorell., 1880:
A few species captured by Cuni y Martorell at San Miguel del Fay, Spain, noticed in An. Soc. Esp. ix

McLachlan., 1880:
Short notices on the larvae of Calopteryx, Phaon, Hetoerina, Anisopleura, Euphaea, and Cora?. In Eup

Torrey, B., 1880:
B. Torrey, Am. Nat. xiv. p. 132, records an enormous swarm of Dragon-flies species not given at We

Anonymous., 1880:
An anonymous note in Feuill. Nat. x p. 15, on a great swarm of Libellulidae observed at Havre on Oct

Schaitter, J., 1880:
Great migratory swarms of Libellula 4-maculata and L. depressa observed in various localities in Gal

Stefanelli., 1880:
9 additional species for Tuscany are recorded by Stefanelli in Resoconti Ent. Ital. 1880, pp. 14 1

Stefanelli., 1880:
An abstract of Stefanelli's paper on the preservation of the colours of Dragon-flies cf. Zool. Rec.

McLachlan., 1880:
McLachlan denies Joly's assertion that he formerly held the opinion that the insect might be a perma

Joly, E., 1880:
Prosopistoma punctifrons. E. Joly announces the breeding of the perfect insect by Vayssiere; Bull. S

Anonymous., 1880:
Geographical distribution generally, forms the next chapter. Then follows the mode of life, and food

Anonymous., 1880:
Possibly the most original treatise that has appeared on these insects, and very valuable from the f

Schwarz, E.A., 1880:
Termes flavipes. E. A. Schwarz has discovered Trichopsenius depressus, Lec., and three other undescr

Giebel., 1880:
The most important work on these animals that has appeared since the publication of Nitzsch's posthu

Hubbard, H.G., 1880:
Psocidae in the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky; H. G. Hubbard, Am. Ent. iii. p. 84, mentions Atropos divin

Anonymous., 1880:
An anonymous observer records, in Feuill. Nat. xi. p. 14, that two small fish, that he had caught an

Fritz Muller., 1880:
Very full details with figures of S. Brazilian species are given by Fritz Muller in Arch. Mus. R. Ja

Fritz Muller., 1880:
The S. Brazilian cases of Helicopsyche cf. Zool. Rec. xvi. Ins. p. 204 are again treated upon by Fri

McLachlan., 1880:
McLachlan's notes on egg-masses deposited on leaves of trees far from water cf. Zool. Rec. xvi. Ins.

Rostock., 1880:
The work also published in its complete form, pp. 1-532 and i.-ciii., with 59 plates; reviewed in Sc

Kolbe., 1880:
The author critically examines the published evidence concerning the identification of the Linnaean

Nicholson, H.A., 1880:
Heteropora neozealanica Busk: its minute structure described by H. A. Nicholson, Ann. N. H. 5 vi

Hincks., 1880:
Lepralia Johnst. restricted to the following British species:-pallasiana Moll. = pedilostoma Ha

Waters., 1880:
WATERS has made some remarks concerning the use of the opercula in determination; P. Manchester Soc.

Barrois, F., 1880:
J. BARROIS has observed the metamorphoses of the larva of Escharina, and describes it minutely, dist

Balfour, F.M., 1880:
Development of the Polyzoa discussed by F. M. BALFOUR in his treatise of Comparative Embryology, vol

Hincks., 1880:
The same question is also ventilated in a review of Hincks's recent book in Pop. Sci. Rev. April, 18

Waters., 1880:
WATERS replies, persisting that Thompson meant by Polyzoa a single polypid, and not a class design

Jones, R., 1880:
A further assenting note by R. JONES, Ann. N. H. 5 v. p. 220.

Hincks, T., 1880:
T. Hincks replies that Thompson's idea in using the word was evidently that of a distinct type of st

Waters, A., 1880:
Polyzoa Thompson, 1830 or Bryozoa Ehrenberg, 1831?. A. WATERS prefers the latter name, because P

Krukenberg., 1880:
C. F. W. KRUKENBERG has made several experiments upon the heart in Salpa chiefly S. africana. The

Anonymous., 1880:
Abstract, J. R. Micr. Soc. iii. p. 419.

Todaro, F., 1880:
New observations on the first stages of development in the eggs of Salpa and the contemporaneous cha

Krukenberg., 1880:
Uric acid found in the glandular appendages of the intestine of some Ascidians; id. l. c. pp. 18 2

Jeffreys, J.G., 1880:
North America. 3 species enumerated in Verrill's Check List of the marine Invertebrata from Cape Cod

Davidson, T., 1880:
T. DAVIDSON gives a list of the known species of living Brachiopoda, with indications of their geogr

Balfour, F., 1880:
F. BALFOUR discusses the development of the Brachiopoda, in his treatise on comparative embryology.

Anonymous., 1880:
Abstract in J. R. Micr. Soc. iii. p. 772.

Fischer, P., 1880:
P. FISCHER thinks that the Tunicata, the Brachiopoda, and the Bryozoa Polyzoa form each a distinct

Anonymous., 1880:
Also in Revue maritime et coloniale, Feb. 1880 abstract in Nature, xxii. p. 549, and in J. R. Micr.

Dall, W., 1880:
Ostrea. A small anterior probably pedal muscle pointed out by W. Dall, Bull. Soc. Washington, iii.

Craven., 1880:
Pupina superba Pfr., Sumatra, Schepman, in Veth's Middel-Sumatra, iv. 3, p. 11, pl. i. fig. 2; rad

Kuster's., 1880:
Ancylus 39 species described and the majority figured by Clessin, l. c.; the following have not been

Wetherby, A.G., 1880:
Limnoea stagnalis, var. n. violacea, Mme. Paulucci, Catalogo delle Sezione Italiana dell' Esposizion

Weinland., 1880:
The author places them in the group Pupilla but the Recorder thinks they belong rather to Leucochil

Reinhardt, O., 1880:
Pupa, subg. Orcula. The known species reviewed, and their geographical distribution pointed out, by

Mobius., 1880:
Pachnodus Buliminus velutinus Pfr., Seychelles. Description of living animal by Mobius, Beitr. z.

Bottger., 1880:
Buliminus Zebrina hohenackeri Kryn.. Difference from detritus Mull. Bottger l. c. pp. 133 13

Schacko., 1880:
Achatina pulchella Martens. Note on its radula by Schacko, in Mobius's Beitr. Mauritius, p. 341. .

Semper., 1880:
Cochlostyla, subg. Pfeifferia Gray, micans Gray, genital organs and radula quite agreeing with t

Weinland., 1880:
Belong to Polymita.

Anonymous., 1880:
Helix flavescens Wiegm.. Note on its colouration by the Recorder, JB. mal. Ges. vii. p. 96, footno

Semper., 1880:
Chloroea Albers regarded by Semper as a separate genus, distinct from Cochlostyla by the multiple

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