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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38842

Chapter 38842 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rathbun., 1885:
Bateson 115 describes a structure which he regards as comparable with the notochord of the Chordat

Anonymous., 1885:
There are references to his Report in Rep. U. S. Fish Comm. for 1883 1885.

Verrill., 1885:
Verrill P. U. S. Nat. Mus. viii., describes from various stations off the N.E. Coast of America :-Po

Harker., 1885:
Harker, Nature, xxxii. p. 564, thinks that the colouration of the anterior segments of the Mahlanida

Haswell, W.A., 1885:
W. A. Haswell, P. Linn. Soc. N. S. W. x. pp. 331-332, has a note on an Australian species of Bonelli

Sluiter., 1885:
Sluiter has full accounts of his new Gephyrea see Zool. Rec. xix. Perm. p. 9 in Tijdschr. Nederl. In

Forel, F.A., 1885:
FOREL, F. A. La Faune Profonde des Lacs suissos. N. Denk. schw. Ges. xxix 1885. Annulata, pp. 121-1

Seeley., 1885:
Review by Seeley, Geol. Mag. 3 ii. pp. 80-87, 271-274, 375-380.

Cope., 1885:
Remarks on the above volume by Cope, Am. Nat. xix. p. 592, and Geol. Mag. 3 ii. p. 527.

Cope., 1885:
Sirenidae Cope, Am. Nat. xix p. 1226, has reason to believe that there are indications of a retrogra

Haller, B., 1885:
B. Haller writes on the blue coloration assumed by male R. temporaria during the breeding season, be

de Betta, E., 1885:
E. de Betta has a paper on the European, chiefly Italian, species of the group of R. temporaria, pro

Cope, E.D., 1885:
E. D. COPE, Geol. Mag. 3 ii. p. 575, opposes the use of the term Amphibia for this class. Althoug

Eiffe, O.E., 1885:
O. E. EIFFE has notes on the habits of Snakes in captivity; Zool. Gart. xxvi. pp. 43-51.

Dollo, L., 1885:
Osteological notes by L. Dollo, Bull. Mus. Belg. iv. pp. 32-35.

Thompson, D.; Aposarcyw., 1885:
D'ARCY W. THOMPSON, Nature, xxxii. p. 562, believes that the great anatomical differences which sepa

Boettger., 1885:
Boettger remarks that this has been long known; t. c. p. 670

Bert, P., 1885:
Poisonous secretion of the Frog Rana esculenta; P. Bert, C.R. Soc. Biol. 8 ii. p. 524.

Baur, G., 1885:
G. BAUR notices the presence of two ossa centralia in the carpus of Hatteria and Proterosaurus; Am.

Portis, A., 1885:
A. PORTIS, Atti Acc. Tor. xx. pp. 1095-1110, pl. xi., describes tertiary Chelonian remains from Ital

Traquair., 1885:
On a Dicynodont recently discovered at New Spynie, near Elgin; Traquair, Nature, xxxii. p. 556.

Woodward, H., 1885:
On the recently restored specimen of Iguanodon mantelli, in the Brussels Museum; H. Woodward, Geol.

Dames., 1885:
On a fragment of Iguanodon humerus from Stadthagen, Germany; Dames, Z. geol. Ges. xxxvi. 1884 p. 186

Hulke, J.W., 1885:
Iguanodon. J. W. Hulke identifies the bones regarded as sternals by Dollo. as clavicles; a specimen

Williston, S.W., 1885:
S. W. Williston, Zool. Anz. viii p. 628, endorses Meyer's opinion.

Meyer, O., 1885:
Reply by Koken, op. cit. xxxvii p. 214.

Meyer, O., 1885:
O. MEYER Z. geol. Ges. xxxvi p. 664 is inclined to regard the frag ment described by Koken as Ornith

Fischer, J.G., 1885:
J. G. FISCHER, JB. Hamb. ii. pp. 80 81, gives a list of Reptiles and Batrachians from Mindanao. 4

Camerano, L., 1885:
L. CAMERANO, Zool. Anz. viii. pp. 417-419, gives a list of the Italian Lacertilia.

Cattaneo., 1885:
The methods employed by Cattaneo Zool. Rec. xx 1885 p. 5 Prot.

Barfurth., 1885:
Barfurth confirms pp. 314-321 the presence, and gives a figure pl. xvi. fig. 13 of glycogen in O

Anonymous., 1885:
Rep. U. S. Fish Comm. 1882 1883 1835.

Anonymous., 1885:
N. America. For information concerning the Fish and Fisheries, see Bull. U. S. Fish Comm. v.

Anonymous., 1885:
Scotland. Information about the Fish and Fisheries, in Rep. Fish. Scotl. iii.

Kingsley.; Jordan.; Gill., 1885:
The Fish, vol iii. pp. 62-362, the united work of KINGSLEY the Editor, JORDAN, and GILL, are excel

Finot., 1885:
Bolivar's Pirgomorfinos cf. Zool. Rec. xxi. Inn. p. 292 reviewed by Finot, Le Nat. vii. p. 46.

Brongniort., 1885:
An annotated notice of Brongniort's paper cf. Zool. Rec. xxi. Ins. p. 287 on Palaeoblattina douville

Cabot., 1885:
Supplementary to Cabot's Monograph cf. Zool. Beo. ix p. 393 , with much additional information. At p

Anonymous., 1885:
Destruction of fish by Dragon-fly larvae; Biros note cf. Zool. Rec. xxi. Ins. p. 282 , translated in

Kolbe., 1885:
A few species taken by Quedenfeldt in Algeria are noticed by Kolbe B. E. Z. xxix p. 152

Forbes, H.O., 1885:
In Sumatra, the butterfly Leptocircus virescens mimics dragon-flies in company with which it is foun

Hagen., 1885:
Hagen remarks that, contrary to his former experience, he had found Termes presumably T. flavipes

Anonymous., 1885:
A list of 116 species including those described in Atti Soc Ital., with copious information as to

Anonymous., 1885:
The introduction xii. pp. is principally occupied by a short examination of O. Taschcnberg' work c

Anonymous., 1885:
Practically a reprint of the inaugural dissertation noticed in Zool. Rec. xxi. Ins. p. 278. Abstr. i

Brongniart., 1885:
Brongniart, Bull. Soc. Rouen, 1885, pp. 63-67, in his sub-order of Neurorthopteres Pseudo-Neuropte

McLachan., 1885:
A list of species collected by Barrett, near Belfast, is given by McLachan, Ent. M. M. xxii p. 164

Anonymous., 1885:
Concluded cf. Zool. Rec. xxi Ins. p. 269 , with supplementary local species. Of 155 British species,

Anonymous., 1885:
Lacunella Dall 1884 see Zool. Rec. xxi. Moll. p. 48 nec Desh. 1861 name preocc. author proposes Halo

Crosse., 1885:
Crosse replies, J. de Conch, xxv. p. 517. C. pomum, Wagn., C. nucleus, Kuster, C. reticulata, Bellar

von Jhering., 1885:
Bergh's view is opposed by von Jhering; Z. wiss. Zool. xli. p. 259.

Eimer., 1885:
EIMER Tag. Deut. Nat. Vers. lviii. p. 408, from observations on coloration, concludes that species

Virchow., 1885:
VIRCHOW Arch. path. Anat. civ. pp. 161-180 discusses the case of poisoning by a Mytilus sp. which

Bavay., 1885:
BAVAY J. de Conch. xxiv. 1885 p. 383, 1884 records that Helix cooperi is viviparous. Further note

Hammarsten., 1885:
HAMMARSTEN Arch. ges. Phys. xxxvi. pp. 384-456 finds that the mantle of Helix pomatia excretes muc

Girod., 1885:
GIROD'S paper on the inkbag of Cephalopods abstracted; Ann. Soc. mal. Belg. xix. pp. xi.-xiii. see Z

Carriere., 1885:
See also a remark by CARRIERE;, Arch. mikr. Anat. xxiv. p. 37, footnote.

Martens, E.; Von., 1885:
E. von MARTENS gives an account of that during the year 1883. Arch. f. Nat. 1. 2, pp. 522-614.

Anonymous., 1885:
Description des Cicadines d'Europe des genres Cicadula et Thamnotettix, par Fr. X. Fieber tradait d

Anonymous., 1885:
Ueber die pelagisch lebende Gattung Halobates; MT. schw. ent. Ges. vii. pp. 182-191. This is a summa

Reuter, Von O.M., 1885:
Synonymische Bemerkungen uber Hemipteren Reuter von O. M. B. E. Z. xxix 1885 pp. 39-47 Schillings, c

Low., 1885:
Low Verb. z.-b. Wien. xxxv. pp. 489-498, gives information about C. persicariae, L., serotina, Winn.

Harris, W.D., 1885:
Teeth of flies. The series of short papers by W. D. Harris is continued in Sci. Goss. xxi. The teeth

Anonymous., 1885:
Erschoff, Rom. Mem. ii.,:-Tortrix excentricana, fig. 10, Cheimatophila praviella, fig. 11, Cochylis

Anonymous., 1885:
Some observations on the habits of this Moth.

Rouast., 1885:
Pyralopsis divisa, Boisd. cf. Lithosiidae, p. 188.

Meyr., 1885:
The following names previously recorded as species inhabiting New Zealand are to be erased from the

Romanoff., 1885:
Romanoff, Mem. ii. pp. 85-115, notices or figures tha following Geometridae: Phorodesma smaragdaria

Riley., 1885:
A. xylina and argillacea discussed by Riley, Ent. Am. i. p. 161, c.

Mosch., 1885:
Anthaecia divitiosa, Walk., cf. Tineidae, postea.

Christoph., 1885:
Christoph, t. c. pp. 119-142, notices or figures Acidalia moniliata, F., straminata, Tr, obsoletaria

Anonymous., 1885:
The following previously known species are specially referred to or figured in Rom. Mem ii pp. 26-84

Anonymous., 1885:
Silkworms in Assam; J. Soc. Arts, xxxiii. p. 526. These notes are taken from a Report on Silk in Ass

Heylaerts., 1885:
The following are specially noticed or figured by Heylaerts, in Rom. Mem. ii. pp. 176-194:-Psyche de

Druce., 1885:
Druce, Biol. Centr. Am. Lep. Het., figures or notices, pp. 142-160:-Oricia truncata, pl. xiii. fig.

Moore., 1885:
Colussa vinosa, sp. n., cf. Geometridae.

Rosk., 1885:
Corma ernestina, sp. n., cf. Chalcosiidae. Arsacia frontirufa, sp. n., cf. Pyralidae.

Godman.; Salvin., 1885:
Godman Salvin, Biol. Cent. Am. Lep. Rhop. i. pp. 361-400, pls. xxxviii.-xli., deal with a portion of

Anonymous., 1885:
Also cf. P. E. Soc. 1885 p. ii, and pp. v. vi., where Butler queries the justice of those conjectu

Niceville, L.; De., 1885:
Niceville, L. de, P. A. S. B. 1384, p. 186, gives a list of the dry and wet season forms of butterfl

Butl., 1885:
Axiopaena, sp. n., cf. Areiidae.

Nicev., 1885:
Male secondary sexual character noticed in Terias hecabe, L., group, and T. laeta group; Huphina hi

Butl., 1885:
Calinaga sp. n., cf. Papilionidae.

Weym., 1885:
Vitessa and Damalis, spp. nn., cf. Pyralidae.

Distant., 1885:
The following species are figured by Distant, Rhop. Mal.:-Ornithoptera rhudamanthus, pl. xxvii. fig.

Snellen., 1885:
Op. cit. xxi. 1877-78, viz.: Danais juventa is ishma, Butl., which, however, is only a var. of juven

Snellen., 1885:
Snellen, in Tijdschr. Ent. xxviii. pp. 37 38, gives the following nomenclatorial alterations as to

Snellen., 1885:
Snellen gives identifications of about 24 species figured in Rosol's Insectenbelustigung; Tijdschr.

Aaron, E.M.; Aaron, S.F., 1885:
List of a collection of Diurnal Lepidoptera from S. Texas, by E. M. S. F. Aaron, Papilio, iv. pp.

Riley., 1885 :
Aletia xylina Say The larger part of Riley's Fourth Rep. U. S. Ent. Comm. is devoted to this species

Radoszkowski., 1885:
Radoszkowski describes and figures the copulatory organs of the males of numerous species of Philere

Jacoby., 1885:
Jacoby, Biol. Centr. Am. Col. vi. 1 pp. 337-408, notices or figures the following previously known

Duvivier, Antoine., 1885:
Catalogue des Chrysomelides, Halticides, et Galerucides derits posterieurement a la publication du C

de Donceel, H.; Donckier., 1885:
Liste des Sagrides, Criocerides, Clytrides, Megalopides, Cryptocephalides, et Lamprosomides decrits

von den Branden, C., 1885:
Enumeration des Coleopteres Phytopbages decrits posterieurement au Catalogue de MM, Gemminger et von

Anonymous., 1885:
In a memoir entitled Aanteekeningen op Snellen van Vollenhoven's opstel 'Les Batocerides du Musee d

Bates., 1885:
Bates Biol. Ceutr. Am. Col. v pp. 249-332, specially noticos or figures the following previously kno

Ganglbauer., 1885:
Ganglbauer, Verh. z.-b. Wien, xxxv. pp. 516 517, comments on the following palaearctic Cerambycids

Sharp., 1885:
Sharp, Biol Centr. Am. Col. v. pp. 437-492, rejects p. 439 the reversal, proposed by Des Gozis and

Bedel., 1885 :
In this group, specially, Bedel, Faune Col. Seine, ii., introduces many generic and specific changes

Champion., 1885:
Champion, Biol. Centr. Am. Col. iv. pt. 1, pp. 89-93, notices or figures the following forms:-Eloeod

Champion., 1885:
Champion, Biol. Centr. Am. Col. iv. 1, notices or figures the following known forms of this group:

Abeille de Perrin., 1885:
Abeille de Perrin, Rev. d'Ent. iv. p. 153, records the following synonymy from examination of types:

Gorham., 1885:
Gorham, Biol. Centr. Am. Col. iii. 2, specially notices or figures the following known forms:-Phot

Horn., 1885:
Horn, t. c., specially notices-frcquently at length-the following N. American genera and species: Ho

Waterh., 1885:
Gnoplaela, cf. Pericopidae.

Sharp., 1885:
Sharp proposes to suppress the group Colydiini, uniting it and Derctaphrini, Horn, under the latter

Reitter., 1885:
Reitter suggests that Tmesiphorus crassiconis and princeps, Shp., belong to the genus Sintectodes, a

Reitter., 1885:
Reitter t. c. pp. 321-332, tabulates the Chilian species of Aplodea, Bryaxis, and Sogola, and on pls

Reitter., 1885:
Reitter figures, Deutsche e. Z. xxix. the following Pselaphidoe Pl. ii., Marellus biscrensis, fig. 1

Reitter., 1885:
Reitter proposes the following substitutions, the originals being pre-ocoupied in other branches of

Sharp., 1885:
Sharp, Biol. Centr. Am. i. pt. 2, pp. 507-536, notices or figures the following known species of Poe

Sharp., 1885:
Sharp, Biol. Centr. Am. Col. i. 2 pp. 393-505, notices the following known species:-Philonthus flo

Reitter., 1885:
Reitter suggests that the European and Canadian Playpsyllus may not be the same species; Wien. ent.

Rey., 1885:
Rey, Ann. Soc. L. Lyon n. s. xxxi., describes the following spp. nn. from France:-Brachypalpus amb

Reitter., 1885:
Reitter describes, Wien. ent. Z. iv. pp. 81 82, varieties with names of Procrustes rugosus, Carabu

Riley., 1885:
Riley notes that in numerous Carabidae the eggs are laid singly on the leaves of trees and shrubs, a

Puton., 1885:
Puton, Rev. d'Ent. iv. p. 137, records the following synonymy of Garbiglietti's species:-Ochetosteth

Anonymous., 1885:
Gizzard of beetle Curculionidae figured; J. Micr. Nat. Sci. iv. p. 256, pl. xxi

Anonymous., 1885:
Dalla Torre proposes to designate by the name of Heterotrophy the occurrence of two or more modes of

Kolbe, H.J., 1885:
Some theoretical remarks.

Ratte., 1885:
Ratte P. Linn, Soc. N. S. W ix pp. 1158-1164 pl. lxviii. describes Tribachyocrinus corrugatas, sp.

Verrill., 1885:
Stichopus selenkae, p. 47 Cucumaria lefevrii, p. 52

Verrill., 1885:
Verrill P. U. S. Nat. Mus. viii. describes as new:- Ophiacantha fraterna, p. 441, O. varispina, p.

Cotteau., 1885:
Cotteau, C.R. c. pp. 1515 1516, finds that of the 50 genera of Jurassic Echinids, only 4 are found

Hertwig, O.; Hertwig, R., 1885:
O. and R. Hertwig have made the ova and spermatozoa of various European Echinids the basis of experi

Dolley., 1885:
And DOLLEY Science, v. p. 227 allude to the beautifully conserved Siphonophora distributed from th

Leuckart., 1885:
LEUCKART Zool. Anz. viii. p. 333

Anonymous., 1885:
There is a note in Nature, xxxii. p. 36, on the coral trade of the Mediterranean.

Conn, H.W., 1885:
H. W. Conn, in a paper on Marine Larvae and their Relation to Adults Studies Biol. Lab. J. Hopki

Anonymous., 1885:
The most interesting new Coelenterate described in the year is Microhydra ryderi, Potts; Ryder 46.

Gadow, H., 1885:
However, no matter if the number of the neck vertebras of R. macrorhyncha 16 instead of 15 be a co

Murdoch, J., 1885:
The writer describes a very rosy state of plumage from freshly killed specimens; and also the pluma

Shufeldt, R.W., 1885:
The author is of opiniou that the Albatross does not moult any part of the horn of the bill, as the

Ed., 1885:
Linota see AEgiothus, above .

Jenner Weir., 1885:
Jenner Weir exhibited specimens of Galeodes with their pedunculated organs on the hind legs, the use

Karsch., 1885:
Karsch, B. E. Z. 1884, p. 143, tabulates the genera of the family Sironidoe, viz. Pettalus, Stylocel

Simon., 1885:
Simon t. c. 1885 Frontina g. n. Linyphiin. bucculenta L. frenata aut.. Taranucnus, g. n., p. 2

Bertkau., 1885:
Bertkau, Verb. Ver. Rheinl. 1883, pp. 216-249, restricts this family to the species with 4 simple tr

Bertkau, P., 1885:
BERTKAU P. Ueber die Gattung Argenna Thor. und einige andere Dictyniden. Arch. f. Nat. xlix. p. 37

Emerton, H.J., 1885:
EMERTON, H. J. The Cobwebs of Ulborus. Am. J. Sci. 3 xxv. pp. 203-205, 2 woodcuts.

Simon., 1885:
SIMON, in Bull. Soc. Zool. 1884p. 14 sep., establishes the new sub-fam. Anyphaeinae, with 5 S. Ame

Simon., 1885:
SIMON, in C.R. ent. Belg. 1884p. 297, establishes this new family, which is intermediate between the

Bertkau., 1885:
Bertkau, in Verh. Ver. Rheinl. pp. 226 et seq., includes in this family the species of Erigone, Neri

Van Hasselt, A.W.M., 1885:
VAN HASSELT,. A. W. M., in the Bijdrage over de nesten der zogenamde Metselpinnen, doubts whether

Van Hasselt., 1885:
VAN HASSELT obtained Calommata fulvipes Luc. from Java; the one pair of the side-eyes are not easi

Simon., 1885:
SIMON regards the Mecicobothrioidae cf. Zool. Rec. xix. Arachn. p. 10 not as a family but as a lower

McMunn., 1886:
Haematoporphyrin has been found by McMunn in the integument of L. terrestris ; J. Physiol. vii, p. 2

Treub., 1886:
An abstract of Treub's observations on the Nematoid of the sugar-cane, in Naturf. xix p. 401.

Pennetier., 1886:
Anguilluloe of corn, according to the observations of Pennetier C.R ciii, p. 284, do not resist de

Vejdovsky, F., 1886:
A paper, unintelligible to the Recorder, on the Gordiidoe, is published by F. Vejdovsky in SB. bohm.

Joseph, G., 1886:
G. Joseph on the Central nervous system of Cestodes; Ber. deuts. Samml., 59, p. 372.

Marenzeller., 1886:
MARENZELLER gives a list of all the Worms found at Jan Mayen 30. Worms from warm area of Faeroe

Gaudry, A., 1886:
A. GAUDRY remarks on the Permian Stegocephala discovered by Fritsch; C.R. cii, p. 898.

Cope, E.D., 1886:
E. D. COPE, P. Am. Phil. Soc. xxiii, p. 444, regards the Coeciliidoe as a family of Caudata, connect

Cope, E.D., 1886:
COPE has a paper on the structure and affinities of the Amphiumidoe, which are kept distinct from th

Peracca, M., 1886:
M. blasii, de l'Isle: M. Peracca discusses the specific validity of this Newt, which occurs not only

Boulenger, G.A., 1886:
G. A. BOULENGER, supplementing a note by H. v. Ihering on the oviposition of Phyllomedus iheringii,

Meyer, A.B., 1886:
A. B. MEYER has further remarks on the extremely large poison-glands, extending in the abdominal cav

Beddome, R.H., 1886:
R. H. Ann. N. H. 5 xvii pp. 3-33, publishes an account of the Snakes of this family, of which 39 s

Cope, E.D., 1886:
E. D. COPE gives a synopsis of the species of the genera Cyclura Ctenosaura, Cachryx, Brachylophus,

Fischer, J.V., 1886:
On the rearing of Snakes' eggs; J. v. Fischer, Zool. Gart. xxvii pp. 299-302

Bauer, F.H., 1886:
L'tychozoon homalocephalum, Kuhl. F. H. Bauer relates that a female laid two eggs in November, which

Colenso, W., 1886:
Sphenodon diversum, n. sp., for some bones from Hawke's Bay, New Zealand; W. Colenso, Tr. N. Z. Inst

Reischek, A., 1886:
Notes on habits; A. Reischek, Tr. N. Z. Inst. xviii, pp. 108-110.

Fritsch, A., 1886:
Note in reply to some criticism of Baur Am. Nat. p. 466 relating to the above subject; A. Fritsch,

Schroder, H., 1886:
Plesiosaurus, Con. H. Schroder describes remains of P. helmersenii Kiprij., p. 310, pl. xv, and icht

Gardiner, J., 1886:
On the probability of Alligators having been floated from San Domingo to Magua, Bahamas, on logs of

Koken., 1886:
KOKEN remarks on the brain and auditory organs of fossil Crocodiles; SB. nat. Fr. 1886, pp. 2-4.

Owen, R., 1886:
R. OWEN describes fossil remains, including foot-bones, from Queensland, which he refers to Megalani

Goldi, E.A., 1886:
E. A. GOLDI gives an abstract from a Portuguese MS., by J. M. da Silva Coutinho, upon the habits, ca

Schneck, J., 1886:
J. SCHNECK, Am. Nat. xx, p. 897, remarks on the slow growth of Tortoises, and records the case of a

Rouch, G., 1886:
G. ROUCH has a paper on the mechanism of respiration in the Marine Turtles; Bull. Soc. Z. Fr. xi, pp

Vaillant, L., 1886:
L. VAILLANT, Bull. Soc. Philom. 7 x, pp. 135-138, has a note on the disposition of the digestive t

Lydekker, R., 1886:
Remarks on this paper by R. Lydekker Geol. Mag. 3 iii, pp. 522 523.

Anonymous., 1886:
Observations on a part of the skull of one of the Diadectidoe undetermined species, affording very

Cope, E.D., 1886:
COPE E. D. On the Structure of the Brain and Auditory Apparatus of a Thevomorphous Reptile of the Pe

Bauk, G., 1886:
G. BAUR remarks on the vertebrae of Zunclodon; Zool. Anz. ix p. 742

Deecke, W., 1886:
W. DEECKE has notes on some Reptile-remains from the Trias of Lombardy Lariosaurus, Pachypleura, Ma

Riviere, E., 1886:
On Batrachian remains from the caves of Mentone, Italy; E. Riviere, C.R. ciii, p. 1211.

Ferrari Perez, F., 1886:
F. FERRARI PEREZ enumerates the Reptiles and Batrachians collected in Mexico by the Comision Geograp

Phipson., 1886:
A List of the Snakes in the Collection of the Bombay Natural History Society; PHIPSON, J. Bomb. Soc.

Anonymous., 1886:
This division is established for a new fossil type, Mycterops ordinatus n. g. sp., from the Coal

Ewart.; Matthews., 1886:
Also Ewart Matthews, Rep. Fish.-Board Scotl. 1885, pp. 98-100.

Ewart, J.C., 1886:
Clupea. J. C. Ewart having examined numerous samples of the Whitebait sent to the London market from

Cope., 1886:
Cope, Am. Nat. xx, p. 735, records the occurrence of a species of Salmo, perhaps S. purpuratus, in s

Albrecht, P., 1886:
P. ALBRECHT describes and figures a specimen of Protopterus annectens, in which the right pectoral f

Zittel., 1886:
ZITTEL regards the fossil scutes described as Acipenser molassicus, Probst, and A. tuberculosus, Pro

Probst, J., 1886:
J. PROBST writes on fossil vertebrae of Sharks and Rays from the Molasse of Baltringen; JH. Ver. Wur

Furtado, A., 1886:
A. FURTADO gives a list of the local names of Portuguese Fishes; J. Sci. Lisb. No. xlii, pp. 49-64.

Katuric, M., 1886:
M. KATURIC Boll. Soc. Adr. ix, pp. 218-211, has notes on some Dalmatian Fishes.

Anonymous., 1886:
Conclusion, additions, and corrections. Cf. Zool. Rec. xxii, Pisc. p. 3.

Marion, A.F., 1886:
A. F. MARION enumerates the rare species of Fishes captured on the coast of Provence during the last

Anonymous., 1886:
Mesostoma, n. g. Testa pupiniformi, apertura semilnnari, peristomate interrupto; columella fissa, m

Anonymous., 1886:
Cockle supply of North Uist; Rep. Fish. Scot. ivApp. Gp. 290.

Smart.; Cooke., 1886:
Scilly. A number of additions and corrections to a list previously published Zool. Rec. xxii, Moll.

Saunders., 1886:
SAUNDERS agrees with Cunningham that left convex valve of Oysters is usually uppermost see Zool. R

Boutan., 1886:
The development of Fissurella is described by BOUTAN, with illustrations; an abstract taken from a p

Macloskie, G., 1886:
Grosse's classification and structure of the bird lice or Mallophaga. Abstract by G. Macloskie, Am.

Van Segvelt., 1886:
Staudinger's Exotische Schmetterlinge noticed by Van Segvelt, C.R. ent. Belg. 1886, pp. x-xiv, with

Lefv., 1886:
Monographie des Chrysomelides, de l'ancien monde.The genus Chrysomela is commenced, occupying pp.

Anonymous., 1886:
On the habits and food plants of European Rhyncophora in Bull. Soc. Ent. Ital. 1886, pp. 3-23, 259-3

Beauregard., 1886:
Ensayo para la Monografia de los Coleopteros Meloidos indigenas con aplicacion a las ciencias medica

Bates., 1886:
Bates, Biol. Centr. Am. Col. ii 2 pp. 2 3, discusses with disapprobation Kaup's classification o

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Kraatz protests that numerous species have been unduly merged in others in the latest European catal

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Records. 63 species, and contains many observations on habits and times of appearance.

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Interpretation of phenomena in terms of protoplasmic metabolism. The male sex is preponderatingly ka

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With especial reference to the nuclear changes.

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Plants Considered in Relation to their Environment. Nature. xxxiii, pp. 607-609.

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The author recognizes the following genera and species, giving keys to each:-I. Musophaga, Isert; sp

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Podiceps auritus has nested for many years on a freshwater loch in Gairloch parish; sometimes anothe

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The eggs, which are laid in August and September, form a string resembling in form a rosary. P. F.

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This order, established by Baur supra, p. 6 for Stereosternum, Cope, is regarded as well founded b

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H. G. SEELEY, Phil. Tr. clxxviii, pp. 187-213, woodcuts, pls. xiv-xvi, contributes an account of all

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Typothorax coccinarum, Cope foss.. COPE, Am. Nat. xxi, p. 468, makes an important addition to our

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Champsosaurus Cope. Further remarks by DOLLO, who now places the genus among the Rhynchocephalia; Re

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A. FRITSCH, Zool. Anz. x, pp. 115 116, rectifies an error of his, pointed out by Baur, in the desc

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BOULENGER, P. Z. S. 1887, p. 554, refers the genus Miolania to the Pleurodira and makes it the type

Owen., 1887:
The new generic and specific name Ceratochelys sthenurus is proposed for the remains from Lord Howe'

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These bones, regarded by Owen as those of gigantic Lizards, are shown by HUXLEY, P. R. S. xlii, pp.

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Miolania, Owen foss.. Descriptions of remains from Lord Howe's I. M. minor and platyceps: OWEN,

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CARETTOCHELYDIDAE. Under this name, a new family is established by BOULENGER, to receive Carettochel

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G. FETTEROLF, Am. Nat. xxi, pp. 1126 1127, has made the very important discovery of the rudimental

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That the carapace of the 'Thecophora' Dollo has developed from the carapace of the Athecoe, is pro

Anonymous., 1887:
The Pleurodiran Chelonians are shown to fall into two groups, according to the mode of articulation

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G. SMETS, Museon vi, p. 133 writes on a jaw from the Sands of Aix-la-Chapelle Upper Cretaceous, in

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Iguanodon, Mant. DOLLO considers I. seelyi, Hulke, as unquestionably identical with I. bernissartens

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J. Trenton Soc. i pp. 59-67

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J. T. CUNNINGHAM M. WEBER have a discussion about the former author's claims to priority for his d

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F. HILGENDORF, SB. nat. Fr. 1887, p. 187, claims priority for Pterothrissus, Hilg. Sept. 3, 1877,

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FANNY HITCHCOCK, Am. Nat. xxi, pp. 847 848, is inclined to regard the fossils named Edestus, Leidy

Anonymous., 1887:
The Recorder regrets to have been unable to see a more extensive paper, by the same author, on the

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D. S. JORDAN has additional notes on the Pleuronectidae of America; P. Ac. Philad. 1887, pp. 389-391

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Under this name A. GUNTHER, Chall. xxii, p. 158, proposes to establish a new family for the followin

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H. ZOGRAFH has also a monograph in Russian of Acipenser ruthenus, L., treating of the external cha

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In his revision of the Macruridae, GUNTHER, Chall. xxii, proposes to divide the genus Macrurus into

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Acrodus, Ag. foss: A. S. WOODWARD has notes on some Post-Liassic species; Geol. Mag. 3 iv pp. 10

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C. lawleyi, n. sp. foss., for teeth from the Pliocene beds of Orciano in Tuscany, figured by Lawle

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Chlamydoselache anguinea, Garm.: GUNTHER figures a male specimen, aud supplements Garman's account o

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V. SZAJNOCHA has a paper, in Polish, on Fossil Fish from Monte Bolca; Pam. Ak. Krakau, xii 1886, p

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The same author has notes on some rare fish of the Chilian coast; Zool. Gart. xxviii, pp. 85-88.

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One or two northern and Alpine forms from Moravia ; RZEHAK, Verh. Ver. Brunn. xxv, p. 35.

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Criticism of supposed statement by Camerano cf. Zool. Rec. xxii Moll. p. 43 regarding occurrence of

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ROULE's memoir is published in full, with illustrations ; the conclusions have already been given fr

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It is suggested by R. LYDEKKER, Preface to Cat. Foss. Mamm. Brit. Mus. v, that this genus may be fou

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A synopsis of the European Tertiary species is given by M. SCHLOSSER, Beitr. Pal. Oesterr.-Ung. vii,

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A critical discussion on the characters and species of the genera mentioned, illustrated by plates o

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A paper on a parasite Cyamus of the Cetacea is published by C. F. LUTKEN, Dan. Selsk. Skr. iv, pp.

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A. H. COCKS, on the Finwhale Fishery of 1886, in Lapland, Zool. xi, p. 207

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Records 38 species from these deposits referable to the genera Balaena, Megaptera, Balaenoptera inc

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Describes part of the brain-capsule and a maxilla of a Sirenian, referred to Halianassa studeri, Mey

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In this memoir the author gives the chief characters of the extinct genera, and figures skulls of Ha

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Notices specimens from Gers referred to Palaeochaerw and Listriodon.

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The fossil species in the British Museum are catalogued and revised by LYDEKKER Cat. Foss. Mamm. Bri

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T. STEZEL Ber. Ges. Chemn. x pp. 140-143 pl. i describes and figures a lower molar from the Pleistoc

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The fossil specimens in the British Museum, and a synopsis of species, given by R. LYDEKKER in Cat.

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E. SCHAFF, Arch. f. Nat. 1887, pp. 118-132, considers that remains from the German Pleistocene shoul

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Arctomys marmotta: J. KUNSTLER, Ann. Sci. Nat. 7 iv, pp. 160-166, pl. x, describes and figures the

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Notes on its habits in captivity are given by G. JOSEPHY, Zool. Gart. xxviii, pp. 148-150.

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The skull of Sciurus bicolor is figured, and a figure of the Burmese Squirrel given. T. W. MILLS has

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An account of the genera included in the subfamily Sciurinae is given by O. THOMAS in the Encyclopae

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The question whether the Vampires feed on fruit is rediscussed by E. A. GOLDI, Zool. Gart. xxviii, p

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W. S. DALLAS has a popular article on Bats in Short Studies from Nature; London: 8vo.

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Sorex alpinus, recorded by E. SCHULZE, Z. Naturw. Ix, p. 187, from Brocken in the Hartz.

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Sorex caerulescens: the use of the secretions in Indian medicine noticed by J. A.MURRAY, Indian Anna

Lydekker, R., 1887:
R. LYDEKKER, Geol. Mag. iv, pp. 47 48, to be incorrect.

Fraas., 1887:
Plesiosorex: FRAAS's identification of this form with Parasorex is shown by

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Dimecodon pilirostris described by F. TRUE, P. U. S. Nat. Mus. 1887, pp. 97 98. Quoted as n. sp. i

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J. E. HARTING, Zool. xi, pp. 161-172, pl. iii, describes the British species see also F. A. JENTINK,

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Notes on its life-history by L. WARD, Am. Nat. xxi, pp. 257-264, pl. xii.

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Monachus tropicalis described and figured by J. A. ALLEN, Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist, ii, pp. 1-34, pl

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The German forms described by A. NEHRING, MT. der Sektion f. Kusten-und Hochseefischerei, 1887, No.

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Phoca vitulina: A. NEHRING, Zool. Gart. xxviii, pp. 193 194, has notes on its food ; .Halichaerus

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Sciurus vulyaris: a skull described by E. SCHAFF, Zool. Gart. xxviii, pp. 271 272, with an additio

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A synopsis of the Tertiary European species is given by M. SCHLOSSER, Beitr. Pal. Oesterr.-Ung. vi,

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Notes on the Carnivora of Central Africa are given in Zool. Gart. xxviii pp. 200-221.

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Plesiadapis: a note on its affinities given by V. Lemoine, Bull. Soc. geol. xv, pp. 147-149. The aut

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Brachyurus calvus, figured by F. E. BEDDARD, P. Z. S. 1887, p. 119, pl xli, with a few notes on its

Wunderlich, H., 1887:
Hylobates entelloides: a specimen from Singapore noticed by H. WUNDERLICH, Ber. Senck. Ges. p. 60.

Charlesworth, E., 1887:
E. CHARLESWORTH also gives notes on the structure of the Gorilla in J. Tr. Vict. Inst. pp. 82-86.

Anonymous., 1887:
A maudible with two supernumerary teeth embeddascending ramus is described in Tr. Odont. Soc. ix, pp

ToRoK.A., 1887:
Gorilla savagei. A. ToRoK, Month. Int. J. Anat. Hist, iv, pp. 137-151, 153-176, 249-274, pls. iv-v

Schlosser, M., 1887:
A review of all the known European Tertiary species is given by M. SCHLOSSER, Beitr. Pal. Oesterr. U

Bigot., 1887:
Conopsidi: BIGOT admits only three valid genera, viz., Pleurocerina, Brachyglossum, Conops; Ann. Soc

Mik., 1887:
Clinocera, cf. Leptidae

Anonymous., 1887:
B. E. Z. xxxi

Osten-sacken., 1887:
OSTEN-SACKEN catalogues the Central American species; Biol. Centr. Am. Dipt. pp. 167-212. .Promachus

Anonymous., 1887:
A. vesta, Fab., figured; Midden-Sumatra, iv, 8, pl. ii, figs. 3-5.

Mabille., 1887:
Acraea: MABILLE arranges the Madagascar species in five groups ? subgenera, to three of which he g

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Protective coloration, HUDSON, Ent. xx, pp. 193-196.

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Hermaphrodites: GOOSSENS, Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr. 6 vii, p. clxvi.

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Scymnus sp. ? digesting its victim by the injection of digestive fluid; LEMOINE, Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr.

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Correspondence, p. 53, p. 125, p. 345, B. Heredity in abnormal-toed cats.

Anonymous., 1887:
Nature vol. xxxv.

Rupert Jones, T.; Sherborn, C.; Davies., 1887:
RUPERT JONES, T., SHERBORN, C. DAVIES. Remarks on the Foraminifera, with especial reference to the

Dareste, C., 1887:
Double monsters, in some cases probably due to double fertilisation.

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Nature, xxxv. Correspondence on Origin of Species, by J. J. MURPHY, p. 76

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SHUFELDTR. W. Notes on the Visceral Anatomy of certain Auks. P. Z. S. 1887 pp. 43-47 cut. On compari

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Notes on Pheasants in the Liverpool Museum, and on Fertile Crosses bred at Knowsley and elsewhere; T

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A. GORING, life-studies of the family; Monat. Schutze Vogelw. 1887, pp. 157-162, 184-189, 209-211, 2

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Species of the Family figured in Suppl. to Trochil., pt. v. see GOULD, J. the late. Petasophora ge

Deditius, C., 1887:
Ephthianura, see Sylviidoe.

Brehm, CL., 1887:
An exhaustive paper on the Nutcracker, of which the author finally decides to allow two varieties, N

Anonymous., 1887:
Passeres the examples available do not admit of determination. About 24 of the species no longer inh

Aurel Krause., 1887:
For remarks upon certain species of the genus Harpides, see AUREL KRAUSE, SB. nat. Fr. 1887, pp. 55-

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For a description of Paradoxides tessini Brongn, with a discussion concerning the views of differe

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LUCAS, H. Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr. vii, pp. lxi lxii, in a short note, comments upon the appearance o

Aurivillius., 1887:
For observations upon the structure and mode of life of Tydeus foliorum, Gamasus vepallidus, and Cep

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HAGEN, H. A. Ent. Am. iii, No. 7, p. 124, comments upon the vital powers of a species of Ixodes, w

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For additional remarks upon the mouth of the Chernetidae, see BERTKAU, Verh. Ver. Rheinl. xliv, p. 1

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An account of the habits of Moggrdgea dyeri, Camb., the Tree Trapdoor Spider of Graham's Town, is gi

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LYSTER, C. D., Nature, xxxvi, p. 366, has observed a Spider, whilst capturing its prey, allowing for

Boulenger, G.A., 1888:
G. A. Boulenger, P. Z. S. 1888, pp. 204-20G, figs., distinguishes two groups among the Ranidae, acco

Spexgel, J.W., 1888:
J. W. SPEXGEL remarks that Goette was the first to notice the median spiraculum of the Bombinator-ta

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Remarks by COPE, Atn. Nat. xxii, pp. 724-726.

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E. FRAAS describes and figures the fin of Ichthyosaurus quadriscissus, Qu., from an impression showi

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In Mecklenburg; K. KRAUSE, Arch. Ver. Mcckleub. xli, p. 222.

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Emys orbicularis, L.: on its occurrence near Moscow; GREVE Zool. Gart. xxix, p. 54

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P. FISCHER, C.R. cvii, pp. 458-460, remarks on the dermal ossifications of the limbs of Testudo perp

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Criticisms by BOULENGER, Ann. N. H. 6 ii, pp. 352-354.

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E. H. BARBOUR, Am. J. Sci. 3 xxxvi, pp. 227-230, pl. v, has biological notes on a young Tortoise

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The error is corrected; op. cit. ii, p. 122.

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G. BAUR, Zool. Anz. xi, pp. 417-424, 592-597, 736-740, has notes on the osteology of Chelonians, a

Marsh., 1888 :
C. montanus, n. sp., MARSH, Am. J. Sci. 3 xxxvi, p. 477, pl. xi, Cretaceous Laramie Formation of

Anonymous., 1888:
Is reprinted in Geol. Mag. 3 pp. 11-15, figs., pls. i-iii. Ceratops, n. g., type of a new family,

Marsh, O.C., 1888:
Stegosaurus, Marsh. O. C. MARSH'S article on the Skull and Derma Armour cf. Zool. Rec. xxiv Rept. p.

Dollo, L., 1888:
L. DOLLO, Bull. Soc. Belg. Geol. ii, p. 300, having examined these fossils, pronounces them to be si

Anonymous., 1888:
A new genus of Hadrosauridae, Aachenosaurus multidens, is established for supposed fragments of bone

Dollo, L., 1888:
L. DOLLO, C.R. cvi, pp. 775-777, re-characterizes the two families Camptonotidae should be Camptosau

Seeley, H.G., 1888:
H. G. Seeley Q. J. Geol. Soc. xliv pp. 85 86, makes some further remarks on the classification of

Anonymous., 1888:
Cf. Zool. Rec. xxiv, Rept. p. 20 may be considered as not to have been published, and proposes to r

Seeley, H.G., 1888:
H. G. Seeley Geol. Mag. 3 v, p. 45, requests that the names Omosauria and Cetiosauria

Boulenger., 1888:
V. peringueyi, n. sp., BOULENGER, Ann. N. H. 6 ii, p. 141, Damaraland.

Pirona., 1888:
V. ammodytes, L.: notes by PIRONA, Atti Ist. Venet. 6 vi, p. 1165.

Krimmel, O., 1888:
On its occurrence in Wurttemberg; O. KRIMMEL, JH. Ver. Wurtt. xliv, p. 232.

Anonymous., 1888:
Abstract in Zool. Gart. xxix, pp. 300-304.

Notthaft, J., 1888:
A work undertaken by the late J. NOTTHAFT in 1885; Abh. Senck. Ges. xv, pp. 123-278, with 9 woodcuts

Boulengkr., 1888:
Hydrophis viperina, Schmidt: the maxillary is armed with a series of four equidistant, subequal, gro

Fischer., 1888:
Platurus colubrinus, Schn.: remarks on this Snake, which is believed to be innocuous; J. G. FISCHER

Boettger, O., 1888:
O. BOETTGER Zool. Anz. xi pp. 395-398 remarks on the external sexual characters of the Hydrophiidae.

Brongniart, C., 1888:
C. BRONGNIART has notes on Snakes in confinement; Le Nat. x, pp. 101-103.

Boulenger, G.A., 1888:
G. A. BOULENGER, P. Z. S. 1888, pp. 351-353 figs., draws attention to the scaling of the reproduced

Ray Lankester., 1888:
The following is the classification of RAY LANKESTER, Art. Zoology. Encycl. Brit, xxiv, p. 812:-Su

Lydekker., 1888:
Exclusively confined to species and genera represented in the British Museum. Corrections to this wo

Anonymous., 1888:
Preliminary diagnoses of the new species were published in Zool. Anz. xi, pp. 259-263.

Gill, T., 1888:
T. GILL, Am, Nat. xxii, pp. 828-830, has critical remarks on the fossil Scleroderms, and gives diagn

Fatio, V., 1888:
V. FATIO remarks on the North American Salmonoids introduced in Switzerland. Arch. Sci. Nat. 3 xix

Douglas-ogilby., 1888:
Sternoptychides, n. g. Pseudobranchiae present; head and trunk much elevated and compressed, the lat

Eigenmann, C.H.; Eigenmann, R.S., 1888:
C. H. R. S. EIGENMANN, Am. Nat. xxii, pp. 647-649, remark on the modifications of the air-bladder

Vaillant., 1888:
VAILLANT, C. R. cvii, pp. 751-753, and Exped. Trav. Talism. p. 322, discussing the systematic posi

Chievitz, J., 1888:
J. CHIEVITZ, Anat. Anz. iii, p. 787, observes that Schmidt, in 1874, has also mentioned and describe

Parker, W.N., 1888:
W. N. PARKER, P. Z. S. 1888, pp. 359-367, figs., pl. xvii, describes the poison-organs of Trachinus;

Storms, R., 1888:
R. STORMS, Ann. N. H. 6 ii, pp. 67-76, discusses the morphological significance of the adhesive di

Day., 1888:
Identified by DAY, op. cit. 1888, p. 260, with U. sinuata, Day. .Acanthonotus, n. g. name preoccupi

Kusnezoff, Jd., 1888:
P. maeotica, n. sp., p. 202, Sea of Azov.

Gill, T., 1888:
T. GILL Am. Nat. xxii, pp, 356-358, writes on the primary groups of the Mailcheeked Fishes, which he

Mcintosh, W.C., 1888:
W. C. MCINTOSH, Ann. N. H. 6 ii, p. 470, describes a post-larval Cottus from Scotland, contrasting

Reiss, O., 1888:
O. REISS, SB. bayer. Ak. 1887, pp. 151-177, pls. i ii, writes on the fossil geneva Belonostomus, A

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Deals only with the specimens preserved in the British Museum. The above classification is followed

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Describes remains of Anthracotherium from the Miocene of Zovencedo and Monteviale, Italy, some of wh

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The above family name is proposed by R. LYDEKKER, in Nicholson Lydekker's Manual of Palaeontology

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A summary of the observations of Nehring as to the means of determining the ages of these animals by

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Type, Elephas clifti, Falc. Caut., Pliocene, India.

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Considers that the domestic Guinea Pig is derived from the Peruvian Cavia cutleri and not from C. po

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Myoxus glis: COESTER Zool. Gart. xxx pp. 243-247 continues his account of the habits of the Dormouse

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Noctilio leporinus. J. E. HARTING

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Note sur la Disposition des Orifices de la Base du Crane de la Viverra antiqua T. c. pp. 109 110 w

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Erebia: ELWES gives catalogue of the species, admitting 57, and a large number of critical observati

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Catopochrotidae, new family near Cryptophagidae defined p. 289 for the following :-

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The importance of the controsoma as a cell-centre.

Anonymous., 1889:
If whatever is acquired by one generation were not transmitted to the next, no progress in the evolu

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Report of Committee appointed for the purpose of investigating the effects of different Occupations

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Numerous zoological articles, e.g., Dog, Embryology, Evolution, Fishes, Fox.

Chamber., 1889:
Numerous zoological articles, e.g., Caterpillars, Cattle, Cell, Crab, Darwinian Theory.

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Ed., 1889:
Includes accounts of supposed breeding in Sleswig, from the 'Schleswigschen Nachrichten' in the 'Bre

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The author, while criticizing the views of Stejneger, Milne-Edwards and Grandidier, seebohm. and oth

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Ibis, 1889, pp. 32-58, pl. i, cut.

Anonymous., 1889:
Should have the words of Sclater Salvin, P. Z. S. 1879, p. 513, added after it: further notes on

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Suthora. See Timeliidoe.

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Chamoea, see Paridae.

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M. LOHEST, Bull. Soc. Belg. Geol. 1888, p. cxx, records the discovery of Stegacephalous remains in t

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This part, which deals with the anatomy, the classification, and concludes with a complete index to

Anonymous., 1890:
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On its acclimatisation in France Touraine; id., Bull. Soc. Zool. Er. xv, p. 14.

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Discoglossus pictus, Otth. HERON ROYER writes on the habits and development, and on the characters w

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O. C. MARSH, Am. J. Sci. 3 xxxix, p. 424, arranges the American Cretaceous Dinosaurs in the follow

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Stilosoma, n. g. Body very slender, cylindrical and rigid; tail short; head rounded on frontal outli

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On a collection made in Sumatra, Java, Flores, Celebes, and Saleyer.

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Concludes the account of the embryology.

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Remarks on the above paper by BOULENGER, P. Z. S. 1890, p. 32.

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Continuation. Cf. Zool. Rec. xxvi, Rept. p. 3.

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A supplement of 13 pp. is devoted to the Reptiles and Batrachians. For a first supplement, cf. Zool.

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This volume completes the account of the Fishes of Switzerland. Remarks on the fish-fauna of Switzer

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An illustrated article based on Hornaday's work noticed in Zool. Rec. xxvi, Mamm. p. 41.

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Rhinoceros antiquitatis tichorhinus remains from Herotic, near Tischnowic, recorded by J. ProchAzk

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A continuation of the memoir quoted in Zool. Rec. xxvi, Mamm. p. 28; the present part describing the

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An elaborate series of measurements of the skulls and teeth is given in various breeds of Dogs, aud

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Describes and figures part of a mandible from the Pleistocene of Heppenloch, Wurtemberg, which is re

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For distribution, see GREVE supra p. 26

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This paper also has remarks on C. brevicauda and other genera of the family.

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Cebochaerus minor: mandible from the Quercy Phosphorites described and figured by H. FILHOL, t. c. p

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Colobus ferrugineus figured by P. L. SCLATER, P. Z. S. 1890, pl. xlviii. .Equus grevyi and burchelli

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L. FRIGERIO, Rend. Ist. Lombardo 2 xxiii, p. 609, describes and figures a human skull having a tri

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BERGROTH dissents from some of the changes of names of species effected by Reuter in the Rev. Syn. H

Meinert., 1890:
The position of this insect appears very problematical: it is myrmecophilous.

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Preliminary catalogue of the Arctiidae of temperate North America, with notes by SMITH, continued in

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WEED: Plum Curculio experiments; remedies for striped cucumber beetle; the rhubarb Curculio; the clo

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Paladicella, n. g. Hydropsychidae for P. eruptionus, n. sp., Florissant, p. 189, pl. xv, fig. 14,

Lethierry., 1890:
For Arabia and Red Sea, see 3 h.

Anonymous., 1890:
Insects and flowers; insects attacking man; edible insects. See Economic.

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BEDDARD 1 continues his researches on the structure of the eye of Isopoda. See Zool. Rec. xxv, Cru

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Also Science, xvii, p. 190.

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G. A. BOULENGER remarks on some variations in the skulls of Chelone mydas and Thalassochelys caretta

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T. microtympanum, n. sp., for the skull of an extinct species, probably from. Mauritius: BOULENGER,

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MINGAZZINI Atti Rend. Acc. Rom. vii, p. 229 gives some new Gregarina from the Gulf of Naples.

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IMHOF gives some Flagellata from the Boden See, and some Protozoa from the Black Forest; Zool. Anz.

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And DALLA-TORRE deals with the Infusoria of the Tyrol Ferdinaneum Zeitschr. iii, pt. 3, p. 239.

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DADAY gives some Protozoa among his Microscopic Freshwater Fauna of Hungary; Term, fuzetek, xiv, p

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PEARCEY gives some Foraminifera dredged in Liverpool Bay; 4th Rep. Liverp. Mar. Biol. Stat. p. 42.

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General.-Mingazzini deals with the Geographical Distribution of Polycystic Gregarines; Atti Rend. Ac

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LE DAUDEC Bull. Sci. Fr. Belg. xxiii, pp. 261-328 has experimented on the digestion of Protozoa. I

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ISCHIKAWA Zool. Anz. xiv, p. 12 describes the process of conjugation in Noctiluca.

Anonymous., 1891:
See also Riv. Ital. Sci. Nat. xi. p. 306.

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CERTES Bull. Soc. Zool. xvi, p. 93 strongly advocates Eismond's methods of preparing Infusoria.

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LO BIANCO An. Soc. Esp. xx, p. 273 details certain methods of preservation of marine animals. For

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KOKEN, SB. nat. Fr. 1891, pp. 25-27, regards Gunther's order Physostomi as a most unnatural assembla

Morton, A., 1891:
Seven branchiostegals; single row of villiform teeth; the spinous dorsal continuous with the soft, a

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E. D. COPE, Am. Nat. xxv, pp. 479-481, and P. U. S. Nat. Mus. xiv, pp. 459 460, remarks on his sup

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On the discovery of fish-remains Elasmobranchii ? in the Lower Silurian of Colorado; WALCOTT, Scie

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A. ALCOCK also gives a list of the bathybial Fishes collected on the coasts of India by the 'Investi

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C. BELLOTTI, Atti Soc. Ital. xxxii, pp. 107-144, pl., has notes on Mediterranean Fishes, with critic

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Anatomy of nine species belonging to the genera Dondersia, Ismenia, Proneomenia, and Paramedia.

Pilsbry., 1891:
Monograph: PILSBRY in TRYON'S Manual, xiii, pp. 1-66, includes Subfam. I. Pectinodontinoe: Pectinodo

Pilsbry., 1891:
Monograph: PILSBRY in TRYON's, xii, 1890, pp. 72-126, divides the single genus into three sections-H

Pilsbry., 1891:
Monograph: PILSBRY in TRYON's Mannal, xii, 1890, pp. 131-138, single genus. .Monograph: PILSBRY in T

Boehm., 1891:
Cretaceous of Upper Bavaria

Klika., 1891:
Orizosoma n. subg. of Streptostyla q.v. .

Pavlow., 1891:
Belemnitidoe are divided by PAVLOW into :-1. Notocoeli. 2. Bipartiti. 3. Dilatati. 4. Suprasulcati

Anonymous., 1891:
In Rev. Arg. Hist. Nat. i, p. 304, the above author states, that in the South American forms the too

Ameghino., 1891:
Described as a Creodont, but identified by AMEGHINO, Rev. Arg. Hist. Nat. i, pp. 437 438, with Did

Anonymous., 1891:
Is found by its describer, Rev. Arg. Hist. Nat. i p. 255 to be Avian; the name is amended to Phororh

Ameghino., 1891:
Phorusrhachos AMEGHINO, 1887 Zool. Rec. xxiv Mamm. p. 52,

Slade, D.D., 1891:
A general description of the anatomy of this genus.

Mercerat, A., 1891:
The author first states that the genus Cochlops, Ameghino, is founded upon portions of the carapace

Hubrecht, A.A.W., 1891:
Describes a Mammal from Sumatra, of which the only known specimen in lost, as Trichomanis hoeveni. I

Couvreur.; Balaillon., 1891:
The musculature of the hind limb is described as departing widely from that of the ordinary pentedac

Ameghino., 1891:
Describes the remains of a number of Edentates from the Argentine Tertiaries, many of which are rega

Sacco, F., 1891:
SACCO, F. Sopra un Cranio di Tursiops cortesii Desm. var astensis, Sacc., dell'Astigiana. Atti. Ac

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P. J. VAN BENEDEN Bull. Ac. Belg. 3 xxii, pp. 202-205, refers to a 'school' which appeared in the

Cope, E.D., 1891:
E. D. COPE, P. Ac. Philad. 1891, pp. 474-478, describes a Balamoptera stranded on the coast of New J

Nehring., 1891:
The author classifies the existing Swine as follows:-I. Sus. Sus scrofa ferus. Sus indicus ferus. Su

Marsh, O.C., 1891:
MARSHO. C. A Horned Artiodactyle Protoceras celer from the Miocene. Am. J. Sci. 3 xlipp. 81 82

Ameghino., 1891:
See above, under Macraucheniidae, for Copes notes on this family.

Ameghino., 1891:
Describes a number of Mammalian remains from the Tertiary of Patagonia, which are referred to a new

Ameghino., 1891:
In Rev. Arg. Hist. Nat. i p. 353 AMEGHINO identifies the first two of Moreno's species with his own

Moore, J., 1891:
The first paper describes an incisor from Georgia, regarded as indicating a new species of Castoroid

Nehring., 1891:
NEHRING SB. nat. Fr. 1891 pp. 175-177, has notes on remains of Spermophilus from Bourg, in the Giron

Anonymous., 1891:
The continuation of the memoir quoted in Zool. Rec. xxvii, Mamm. p. 32.

Kirby., 1891:
Much synonymy is given, without indication of what part thereof is new.

Moore., 1891:
MOORE continues his descriptions and figures of the E. Indian species of Euplaeinae; Lep. Ind. pp. 1

Niebuhr.; Christ.; Olivier.; Leach.; Jerdon.; Motschoulsky.; Smith.; Jordan., 1891:

Fox., 1891:
P. caliptera, Say, referred to Agenia; FOX, p. 196, Ent. News, ii.

Tournier., 1891:
Pompilius: TOURNIER continues tabulation of the European Pompilidae, with many species that may be p

Friese., 1891:
FRIESE gives much information as to the habits and nests of many species of solitary bees, with clas

Bedel., 1891:
BEDEL commences the Chrysomelidae in his Faune du bassin de la Seine, v, pp. 105-136.

Kuwert., 1891:
KUWERT, Deutsche e. Z. 1891, pp. 161, c., gives a tabulation of the genera and species of the famil

Bateson., 1891:
Under B. pinnulatus is described abnormal secondary arm-branching cf. BATESON, Zool. Rec. 1890 .

Bouvier., 1891:
BOUVIER Am. Sci. Nat. 7 xii p. 65 arrives at the conclusion that the so-called Glaucothoidae are i

Daday., 1891:
DADAY records several Hungarian Crustacea Term, fuzetek, xiv, p. 107. He reviews the genus Diaptom

Bolivar., 1891:
BOLIVAR An. Soc. Esp. xix, p. 115 gives a list of Crustacea of the neighbourhood of San Sebastian.

Ortmann., 1891:
ORTMANN Zool. Jahrb. v, p. 744 treats of the geographical distribution of the genus Palaemon. .ORT

D.G.erne.; Richard., 1891:
DE GUERNE RICHARD Bull. Soc. Z. Fr. xvi, p. 213 deal with the geographical distribution of Diapt

Grobben., 1891:
And GROBBEN SB. Ak. Wien, xcix, p. 539 in Lucifer.

Butschinsky., 1891:
BUTSCHINSKY Zapiski novoross. Obsch. Estestv. xiv, p. 79 has investigated the development of Parap

Canu., 1891:
In his account of the semi-parasitic Copepoda of Boulogne, CANU treats of the sexual dimorphism, the

Roule., 1891:
ROULE C.R. cxiii, p. 153 has investigated the development of the mesoderm in Porcellio scaber and

Leichmann., 1891:
LEICHMANN Bibl. Zool. x has studied the reproduction of Isopoda. The Sphaeromidae show rudimentary

Anonymous., 1891:
He arrives at the conclusion that the nephro-peritoneal sacs of the Decapoda should be regarded rat

Weldon., 1891:
WELDON has discovered in several other forms the enormous bladder development which he first observe

Samassa., 1891:
SAMASSA Arch. mikr. Anat. xxxviii, p. 100 has investigated the nervous system of the Cladocera. Th

Schneider., 1891:
SCHNEIDER C.R. cxiii, p. 316 has investigated the arterial system of Isopoda. His researches go to

Bouvier., 1891:
BOUVIER Ann. Sci. Nat. 7 p. 402 discusses the gills of the Paguridae.

Claus., 1891:
CLAUS Arb. z. Inst. Wien, lx, pp. 225-264 has an important article on the median Crustacean Eye. T

Vom Rath., 1891:
VOM RATH finds sensory hairs on almost every portion of the Crustacean body. The most complicated an

Viallanes., 1891:
VIALLANES Bull. Soc Z. Fr. xvi, p. 168 in a preliminary account of the minute structure of the eye

Benham., 1891:
BENHAM Ann. N. H. 7 vii, p. 256 notices a case of the doubling of the female generative pores in

Ischikawa., 1891:
ISCHIKAWA describes the occurrence of ova in the testes of Gebia major. Zool. Anz. xiv, p. 70.

Edwards.; Bouvier., 1891:
EDWARDS BOUVIER Bull. Soc. Philom. iii, p. 102 consider it established that the Paguridoe of the

Schlampp, K.W., 1892:
K. W. SCHLAMPP, Z. wiss. Zool. iii, 1892, pp. 537-557, pl. xxi, investigates the structure of the ey

Andersson, O.A., 1892:
O. A. ANDERSSON, Morph. JB., Anat. v, 1892, pp. 184-210, pls. xv-xviii, writes on the sympathetic ne

Camerano, L., 1892:
L. CAMERANO, Boll. Mus. Zool. Tor. vii, 1892, No. 140, writes on the action of running water and of

Anonymous., 1892:
French translation in Arch. Ital. Biol. xviii, 1893, pp. 458-462.

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D. BERTELLI, Monit. Zool. Ital. iii, 1892, pp. 203-207, remarks on the tympanic membrane of Rana esc

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W. ROUX, Verh. Anat. Ges. 1892, pp. 22-62, reviews recent researches on the segmentation of the Batr

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H. F. E. JUNGERSEN, Vid. Medd. 1892 1893, pp. 32-72, pls. ii iii, writes on the development of t

Griesbach, H., 1892:
H. GRIESBACH, Leuckart Fetschrift, 1892, pp. 215-227, pl. xxiii, further contributes to the knowledg

Anonymous., 1892:
Abstract in Anat. Anz. vii, 1892, pp. 472-476.

Dollo, L., 1892:
DOLLO Bull. Soc. Belg. Geol. v Mem. 1892 pp. 151-199 pls. vi-viii completes his description of Champ

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E. FRAAS JB. Mineral. 1892 pp. 87-90 figs. describes and figures a specimen of Ichthyosaurus quadris

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K. MITSUKURI'S second and third contributions to the embryology of Reptilia, J. Coll. Sci. Japan iv

Lydekker, R., 1892:
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Hephthocara, n. g.: head large, with thin, smooth, uncrested bones, scaleless; no armature, but a we

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Describes and figures feet of several existing Horses having supernumerary digits, which are regarde

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Regards Meniscotherium and a form described as Hyracops as indicating a new order, allied to the Hyr

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Confirms previous observations as to the presence in Lepus of a rudimentary tooth in each jaw in fro

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The full memoir, of which a preliminary resume Zool. Rec. xxvii, Mamm. p. 13 had been previously p

Wroughton., 1892:
WROUGHTON gives a list of the ants of India, amounting to 212 species, and including a great deal of

Grandidier., 1892:
Are now figured and described more fully in GRANDIDIER, Madagascar, xx, pt. 1.

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Many of the species described by SAUSSURE last year in MT Schw. ent. Ges. viii

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Embryology of viviparous Aphididae, LEMOINE, p. clxiv, Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr. lxi.

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Pentacrinites briareus, Miller; see Extracrinus fossilis, McCoy.

Bather., 1892:
C. alutaceus pars, Ang., monile, Salter, nom. nud., mimus, Salter, nom. nud., nodulosus, Salter, n

Whiteaves., 1892:
Cupressocrinus calyx, McCoy; see Hydreionocrinus; C. impressus, McCoy; see H. mccoyanus.

Bell., 1892:
Spatangus Columbianus, Lea; see Enallaster.

Etheridge., 1892:
Pentremites campanulatus, McCoy; see Granatocrinus.

Woods., 1892:
Dysaster symmetricus, McCoy, see Collyrites ovalis. .P. sublaevis, McCoy, see Galeropygus agaricifor

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NORMAN, Ann. N. H. 6 ix, pp. 454-464, and x, pp. 143-166, 242-263, characterizes this group with t

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The following species are figured :-Oreopyra caloloma pl. liv, figs. 1 2; Delattria hemileuca p

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According to SIMON, Ann. Soc. Ent. Fr. lxi, pp. 45-52, this suborder contains the single family Tara

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Dendrobaena. See Allolobophora.

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D. S. JORDAN again discusses the relation of temperature to the number of vertebrae in Fishes; Wilde

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For new species of Valonia, see ante, first section of HELICIDAE, s. s.

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STIRLING, P. Zool. Soc. London, 1893, p. 473, has notes on a find of a number of complete skeleton

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The presence of rudimental milk-teeth in Phascolomys is recorded by ROSE, SB. Ac. Berlin, 1893, pp.

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WINGE, E. Mus. Lund, ii, art. 2. The author deals primarily with the living and fossil opossums of t

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Dioplodon Mesoplodon tenuirostris and Placoziphius duboisi, recorded by CAPELLINI, Rend. Ac. Lincei,

Ameghino., 1893:
Theosodon lydekkeri is considered by AMEGHINO Rev. Jard. Zool. B. Ayres, i, pp. 20-29 to belong to

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Following an exhaustive survey of their dentition, FORSYTH-MAJOR, P. Zool. Soc. London, 1893, pp. 17

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FOREL objects to some of te changes in Dalla Torre's Catalogue, Ann. Soc. ent. Belgigue, xxxvii, pp.

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Sphindoteles ruficornis, p. 1353, dorsalis, nigricornis, p. 1354, rufescens, p. 1355.

Gadeau., 1893:
A large number of notes and queries in Insect-life, bearing on Economic Entomology, are not speciall

Thomson., 1893:
For Mongolia, see 6, Tropical and Eastern Asia.

Townsend., 1893:
Insects attacking man: Insects and flowers. See Economic New species whose locality is not known:-Co

Laboulbene., 1893:
Glands, see Nervous System, p. 67.

Miller., 1893:
Gilbertsocrinus, see under Goniasteroidocrinus and Ollacrinus.

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Schleinitzia crenularis, Stud., see Rhabdocidaris annulifera.

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Sismondia incisa, see Scutellina.

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A monograph of the Pittidae or family of Ant-Thrushes. Part I, 1893; D. G. Elliot. The following spe

Stuart Baker, E.C., 1893:
The following species are figured:Chloropsis hardwickii, Molpastes burmanicus, M. bengalensis, Spizi

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Monograph of the Paradiseidae or Birds of Paradise, and Ptilonorhynchidae q.v. , or Bower Birds. Par

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New species of Moas ; F. W. HUTTON, Tr. N. Zealand Inst. xxv, pp. 6-13. Dinornis strenuus, Anomalopt

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Canon H. B. Tristram, and Dr. C. T. Vachell Secretary, appointed to consider proposals for the Leg

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E. P. Knubley, appointed to make a digest of the observations on the Migration of Birds at lighthous

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SIMON, Hist. Nat. Araignees, ii, p. 264, divides this family into the Plectreurinae, Periegopinae, S

Simon., 1893:
SIMON, Hist. Nat. Araignees, i, p. 341, divides this family into Hemicloeino, Drassodinae, Cithoeron

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CHOLODKOWSKY, op. cit. xvii, p. 258

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= Thysanosoma giardi, Moniez, of Stiles; BLANCHARD, C.R. Soc. Biol. vi, pp. 418 419

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Moniligaster: systematic account of genus, pp. 352-360, with detailed description of M. grandis, pp.

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R. Assheton writes on the phenomenon of the fusion in the epiblastic layers, and on the growth in le

Boulenger., 1894:
BOULENGER publishes a third report on the Batrachian Collection in the British Museum, giving a list

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C. W. ANDREWS, gives an account of the modifications which the shoulder-girdle of Cryptoclidus oxoni

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L. VAILLANT, Ann. Sci. nat. 7 xvi, 1894, pp. 331-345, expresses his views on the classification of

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O. C. MARSH, Amer. J. Sci. 3 xlviii, 1894, pp. 88-90, reviewing the characters of the American gen

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The same author writes on the lungs in the Ophidia, P. Amer. Phil. Soc. xxxiii, 1894, pp. 217-224, p

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COPE further discusses the Classification of Snakes especially with reference to the condition of th

Cope., 1894:
COPE, Amer. Natural. xxviii, 1894, p. 436, proposes the name Euchirotidae for the group comprising t

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PERRIN, Bull. Soc. Philom. 8 vi, 1894, p. 94, remarks on the muscles of the hind-limb in certain L

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G. A. BOULENGER, P. Zool. Soc. London, 1894, pp. 722-736 1895, lives a list of the Lizards added t

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A. PRENANT publishes a pamphlet on the accessory parietal eyes of Anguis fragilis. Nancy Paris: 18

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E. T. NEWTON shortly reviews our knowledge of the Reptiles of the British Trias. Rep. Brit. Ass. 189

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Mexico and Central America. GUNTHER continues his revision of the Snakes in Biol. Centr.-Amer., Rept

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Miss J. W. KIRKALDY revises the genera and species of Branchiostomidae; Quart. J. Micr. Sci. xxxvii,

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T. GILL, Amer. Natural, xxviii, 1894, p. 582, refutes some statements recently made by AYERS on the

Jaekel., 1894:
In describing the Selachians of Monte Bolca, JAEKEL Eoc. Selach. v. Monte Bolca, 1894 discusses th

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