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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38843

Chapter 38843 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vaillant, L., 1894:
L. Vaillant remarks on the Siluroids hitherto recorded from Mada-gascar. Bull. Soc. Philom. 8 vi,

Anonymous., 1894:
French translation of SACCHI'S paper on minute differences in the asymmetrical parts of Pleuronectoi

E.; Lonnberg., 1894:
E. LONNBERG, Ofv. Ak. Forh. 1894, pp. 571-588 1895, records his observations on the variations of

Eycyleshymer., 1894:
Eycyleshymer, J. Morphol. x, 1895, pp. 381-384, remarks on the gastrulation and fate of the germ-rin

Jacquet, M., 1894:
M. JACQUET investigates the swim-bladder in the European Loaches, and concludes that the Cobitidae d

Reis, O., 1894:
O. REIS, N. Jahrb. Min. 1895, i, pp. 162-182, discusses the relationship of the various groups of Te

Von Der Marck, W., 1894:
W. von der Marck brings out a fourth supplement on the fossil fishes of the Cretaceous of Westphalia

Albert D.Monaco., 1894:
ALBERT DE MONACO enumerates some of the fishes dredged at great depths in 1892-94 in the Mediterrane

Anonymous., 1894 :
Abstract in Rep. Brit. Ass. 1893, p. 811 1894.

Collinge, W.E., 1894:
W. E. COOLINGE, Quart. J. Micr. Sci. xxxvi, 1894, pp. 499-537, pls. xxxix xl, investigates the sen

Gregorio., 1894:
Tertiary fossils of Venetia, several new species; GREGORIO, Ann. Geol. Pal. pp. 13 14, figg.:

Noack., 1894:
NOACK, Zool. Jahrb. Syst. vii, pp. 540-542, considers this group as closely allied to, if not identi

Jentink., 1894:
Trichya fasciculata, JENTINK, Notes Leyden Mus. xvi, p. 205, regards this as the proper name for T.

Parsons., 1894:
Atherura africana, PARSONS, P. ZooLSoc. London, 1894, p. 251, compares its anatomy with other Porcup

Parsons., 1894:
PARSONS, P. Zool. Soc. London, 1894, pp. 251-296, records a series of observations on Rodent myology

Stokes., 1894:
STOKES on sense-organs on legs of Termitidae, recorded last year, is reprinted in Int. J. Micr. 6

Osten Sacken., 1894:
Osten Sacken's 1893 paper on Bugonia reproduced in Rep. Smithson. Inst. 1893, pp. 487-500.

Ragot., 1894:
RAGONOT makes a large number of additions to, and corrections of details of, Staudinger Wocke's Ca

Smith., 1894:
E. thryallis, variation of female; SMITH, p. 364, Nov. Zool. i.

Fruhstorfer., 1894:
E. Dyctis maheswara, description, p. 124, figures, pl. iv, fig. 7, pl. v, fig. 10; FRUHSTORFER, En

Moore., 1894:
Elymnias: MOORE describes and figures the E. Indian species, establishing for certain of them the ge

Chobaut., 1894:
For correction of errors in entry of this family in last volume of our Record, see Errata at commenc

Sharp., 1894:
Adimeridoe, n. fam for the following:-

Howard., 1894:
Bibliographic list of papers published by the N. American Agricultural Experiment Stations, pp. 99-1

Anonymous., 1894:
For numerous papers on American economic entomology, see Insect Life, vii, pp. 55-212, includes a bi

Meunier., 1894:
Sackeniella, n. g., Tipulidae, in amber; MEUNIER, p. clxxviii, Bull. Soc. ent. France, 1894.

Riley., 1894:
Cosmopolite, cf. Cleridae, Necrobia pilifera.

Scott, D.H.; Dr., 1894:
And Dr. D. H. Scott. Rep. Brit. Ass. 1893, pp. 524 525.

Schneider., 1895:
O. richmondii, life-history; SCHNEIDER, Entomologist, 1895, p. 93, cut.

Staudinger., 1895:
O. helena, var. thestius; STAUDINGER, p. 283, Deutsche ent. Zeitschr. Lep. viii.

Rothschild., 1895:
Revision of Ornithoptera cf. Troides and Papilio of the Eastern hemisphere except Africa; ROTHSCHI

Lang.; Beutenmuller., 1895:
LANG BEUTENMULLER continue their descriptions of N. American Coleoptera, dealing with a part of Ha

Scudder., 1895:
SCUDDER, fossil Tertiary Hemiptera of British Columbia, Contr. Canad. Pal. ii, pp. 5-26. Contains de

Scudder., 1895:
SCUDDER, fossil Canadian Coleoptera, Contr. Canad. Pal. ii, contains the following novelties:-Scolyt

Perez., 1895:
Cases of variation of colour in Lepidoptera, see Variation, pp. 84 85.

Anonymous., 1895:
SCHNEIDER discusses the presence of iron in the nuclei of various tissues of Clavelina rissoana; Mt.

Dendy., 1895:
DENDY, P. Soc. Victoria, viii, describes the following new species:-Esperella phillipensis, spongios

Topsent., 1895:
TOPSENT, Arch. Zool. exp. iii, gives full descriptions of the following species:- Placina monilopha,

Shulze, F.E., 1895:
F. E. SCHULZE, Abh. Ak. Berlin, 1894 1895, describes the following new species of Hyalonematidoe:-

Adolphi, H., 1895:
H. ADOLPHI, Morphol. Jahrb. xx, pp. 449-490, figg., pl. xix, reports on variations in the spinal ner

Dollo, L., 1895:
L. DOLLO, Bull. Soc. Beige Geol. ix, Mem. p. 112, regards the Batrachians as derived from the Crosso

Dames, W., 1895:
W. DAMES, SB. Ak. Berlin, 1895, pp. 493-498, remarks on the Ichthyosaurians of the Trias.

Bemmelen, J.F.; Van., 1895:
J. F. VAN BEMMELEN, Handel. Nederl. Nat. Congr. 1895, discusses the phylogeny of the Chelonians.

Phisalix.; Bertrand., 1895:
PHISALIX BERTRAND, Bull. Mus. H. N. 1895, pp. 66 67, have ascertained that the virulence of Vipe

Ihering, H.V., 1895:
M. BRUNNING brings out a book on the same subject Stuttgart: 1895.

Williston., 1895:
E. D. COPE, Tr. Amer. Phil. Soc. xviii, p. 186, proposes a new classification of the Snakes, the min

Deperet, C., 1895:
C. DEPERET brings out a continuation of his memoir on the fossil Reptiles of the Roussillon, Mem. So

Gill, T., 1895:
T. GILL, P. U. S. Mus. xviii, p. 195, remarks on the generic names given to some aberrant or monstro

Virchow, H., 1895:
H. VIRCHOW, SB. Ges. naturf. Berlin, 1895, pp. 98-103, writes on the development of the blood-vessel

Traquair, R.H., 1895:
R. H. TRAQUAIR, Palaeont. Soc. 1894, deals with the general characters of the Asterolepidae, and des

Gill, T., 1895:
T. GILL, P. U. S. Mus. xviii, p. 153, writes on the differential characters of the Syngnathidae and

Gill, T., 1895:
T. GILL, P. U. S. Mus. xviii, pp. 167-178, writes on the characters and nomenclature of the various

Garman, S., 1895:
A monograph of the family by S. GARMAN, Mem. Mus. Harvard, xix, No. 1, 179 pp., 12 pls. The group is

Gill, T., 1895:
T. GILL, P. U. S. Mus. xviii, p. 199, remarks on the Fishes of this family

Virchow, H., 1895:
H. VIRCHOW, Verh. Anat. Ges. ix, pp. 201-218, figg., has a second paper on the early development of

v KOENEN.A., 1895:
Devonian of North Germany and Bohemia. A. v. KOENEN describes some Fish-remains. Abh. Ges. Gotting,

Buxbaum, L., 1895:
Germany. L. BUXBAUM, Zool. Garten, xxxvi, pp. 294-297, records some observations on the Fishes of th

Smitt, F.A., 1895:
Scandinavia. F. A. SMITT completes his revised edition of Fries Ekstrom's Scandinavian Fishes.

Gegenbaur, C., 1895:
C. GEGENBAUR, Morphol. Jahrb. xxiii, pp. 1-20, figg., shows that the bone termed clavicula in Fishes

Dollo, L., 1895:
L. DOLLO, Bull. Soc. Belge Geol. ix, Mem. pp. 79-128, in dealing with the phylogeny of the Dipnoi, d

Cook., 1895:
Cook, P. U. S. Mus. p. 82, based on Campodesmus carbonarius, Scudder.

Cope., 1895:
Ulias, n. g. for U. moratus, n. sp. p. 141 Tretulias, n. g. for T. buccatus, n. sp., p. 143 Cetother

Cope., 1895:
COPE, P. Amer. Phil. Soc. xxxiv, p. 139, would derive the group from Cetaceans allied to the Squalod

Mercerat., 1895:
MERCERAT, Ann. Mus. Buenos Aires, iv, pp. 207-215, has observations on the same subject .also t. c.

Roth., 1895:
ROTH, Revist. Mus. La Plata, vi, p. 335, redescribes the dentition of Toxodon, which he states may b

Simon., 1895:
SIMON, Hist. Nat. Araignees, i, p. 594, divides this family into the following subfamilies: longdash

Phase., 1896:
Antelopes of Algeria and Sahara, PEASE, P. Zool. Soc. London, 1896, p. 809;

Anonymous., 1896:
Also in another work Bibl. Zool. 20 Hft.-

Lambe., 1896:
LAMBE, Tr. R. Soc. Canada, ser. 2 ii, sect. 2, describes the new species: Esperella modesta, p. 18

Breitfuss., 1896:
BREITFUSS, Zool. Anz. xix, describes the following new species: Sycetta asconoides, p. 428; Ebnerell

Lambe., 1896:
LAMBE, Tr. R. Soc. Canada ser. 2 ii, sect. 2, describes the following new species: Sycon protectum

Baur, G., 1896:
G. BAUR, Anat. Anz. xi, pp. 602-605, figg., discusses the phylogeny of the Stegocephala.

Cope., 1896:
COPE, Amer. Natural, xxx, p. 151, remarks on the affinities of the Apoda to the Caudata.

Platt, Julia B., 1896:
JULIA B. PLATT, Quart. J. Micr. Sci. xxxviii, pp. 485-547, pls. xxxvi-xxxviii, studies the developme

Anonymous., 1896:
And Atti Ace. Torino, xxxi, pp. 512-526, makes further remarks on apneumonous Tailed Batrachians, an

Anonymous., 1896:
Boll. Mus. Torino, xi, No. 237

Bedriaga, J., 1896:
J. DE BEDRIAGA brings out the first part of a Monograph of the Tailed Batrachians of Europe; Bull. S

Anonymous., 1896:
Translation in Ann. Nat. Hist. 6 xviii, pp. 270-275.

Beddard, F.E., 1896:
F. E. BEDDARD, P. Z. S. 1895, pp. 827-850, figg., has notes on the anatomy of Pipa and Xenopus, deal

Marshall., 1896:
A revised edition of MARSHALL's The Frog London: 1896, 8vo, 176 pp., figg..

Wilson, G., 1896:
G. WILSON, Tr. R. S. Edinb. xxxviii, pp. 509-526, 2 pls., writes on the development of the Mullerian

Dames, W., 1896:
W. DAMES, Sitzb. Ak. Berl. 1896, pp. 1107-1125, pl. vii, contributes to our knowledge of this extinc

Bemmelen, J.F.; Van., 1896:
J. F. VAN BEMMELEN, in Gegenbaur's Festschrift, ii, pp. 279-286, describes the skull of Dermochelys

Hatcher, J.B., 1896:
J. B. HATCHER, Amer. Natural, xxx, pp. 113-118, writes on the history of the discovery of Laramie ho

Anonymous., 1896:
Geol. Mag. 2, Dec. iv, iii, pp. 388-400, figg.:-Ord. THEROPODA. Fam. Megalosauridae, Dryptosaurida

Marsh., 1896:
The following is MARSH'S classification as drawn up in Amer. J. Sci. 1, pp. 491-498.

Anonymous., 1896:
The same author also gives restorations of some European Dinosaurs, with suggestions as to their pla

Forsyth, C., 1896:
C. FORSYTH MAJOR writes on the names of Reptiles and Batrachians in the islands of the Greek Archipe

Koken, E., 1896:
E. KOKEN brings out an appendix to his monograph of the Reptiles of the North German Wealden. Pal. A

Anonymous., 1896:
And, Bull. Mosc. 1896, pp. 187-322, brings out the first part of his Monograph of the same.

Ebner, E.V., 1896:
E. v. EBNER investigates the minute structure of the notochord in Cyclostomes; SB. Ak. Wien, civ, ii

Claypole., 1896:
E. W. CLAYPOLE investigates the structure of the teeth in Cladodus; P. Amer. Soc. Micr. xvi, 1895, p

Anonymous., 1896:
Abstract, P. R. Soc. Edinb. xxi, pp. 49-56, fig.

Cole, F.J., 1896:
F. J. COLE, Tr. R,. Soc. Edinb. xxxviii, pp. 631-680, 2 pls., writes on the cranial nerves of Chimae

Anonymous., 1896:
E. RAY LANKESTER discusses the external characters of Lepidosiren and Protopterus, and remarks on th

Collinge, W.E., 1896:
W. E. COLLINGE, Anat. Auz. xii, p. 87, remarks on Baur's figures of the head and sensory canal syste

Grassi, B.; Calandruccio, S., 1896:
B. GRASSI S. CALANDRUCCIO summarize their conclusions on the development of Muraenoids; Rend. Acc.

Ehrenbaum, E., 1896:
E. EHRENBAUM, Wiss. Meeresunters. Kiel Helgol. 2 ii, pp. 253-318, pls. iii-vi, contributes to our

Gourbet, P., 1896:
P. GOURBET, Ann. Mus. Marseille, Zool. iv, 1893, No. 3, monographs the Labridae of the Mediterranean

Kolsoff, N.K., 1896:
N. K. KOLZOFF, Bull. Soc. Moscou, 1896, pp. 514-521, investigates the skeleton of the ventral fins i

De-alessandri, G., 1896:
G. DE-ALESSANDRI, Atti Acc. Torin, xxxi, pp. 715-730, pl., describes and figures some Tertiary Fish

Fritsch, A., 1896:
A. FRITSCH gives a list of the Fishes hitherto found in the Permian formation of Bohemia; SB. Bohmis

Woodward, A.S., 1896:
A. S. WOODWARD, Geol. Mag. 2 Dec. iv, iii, pp. 69-71, remarks on the affinities of the English Wea

Anonymous., 1896:
JORDAN EVERMANN bring out the first part of a descriptive Catalogue of the Fishes of North and Cen

Loennberg, E., 1896:
E. LOENNBERG has notes on the Linnean type-specimens of Fishes preserved in the Zoological Museum of

Leydig, F., 1896:
F. LEYDIG, Abh. Senckenb. Ges. xix, pp. 217-278, pls. i-iv, publishes the results of further investi

Murray., 1896:
The Pycnogonida of the Kerguelen Region and other parts of the Southern Ocean are enumerated by MURR

Reuter., 1896:
REUTER'S Hem. Gymn. Eur., Vol. v, deals with this family. N.B. It is impossible to say which of the

Anonymous., 1896:
Translation of Forel's 1893 work on ants' nests, Smithson. Rep. 1894, pp. 479-505, pls. lv lvi.

Griffini., 1896:
GRIFFINI's observations on flight, recorded last year, reproduced in Arch. ital. Biol. xxv, pp. 326-

Anonymous., 1896:
Translated in Ann. Nat. Hist. 6 xvii, p. 111.

Schultz., 1896:
For sense-organs, see p. 69, Nervous System.

Kukenthal, Willy Dr., 1896:
The above contain the fuller descriptions of collections made by Dr. WILLY KUKENTHAL in Ternate. The

Mesnil.; Caullery., 1897:
Subgg. Romanchella and Leodora for left-handed species with characteristic chaetae in first chaetife

Topsent., 1897:
TOPSENT, Mem. Soc. zool. France, x, redescribes: Halicnemia patera, p. 235; verticillata, p. 243; co

Opplinger., 1897:
OPPLIGER, Abh. Schweiz. pal. Ges. xxiv, describes the following new species: Platychonia wittingensi

Opplinger., 1897:
OPPLIGER, Abh. Schweiz. pal. Ges. xxiv, describes Pachyteichisma moeandrina, p. 15, and turbinatum,

Zeise., 1897:
ZEISE, Palaeontogr. ii Suppl. establishes the following new genera: Strambergia, n. g., p. 330; Ra

Herlitzka, S., 1897:
HERLITZKA'S note 1896 on the development of complete embryos out of isolated blastomeres of the ne

Chiarugi, G.; Livini, F., 1897:
G. CHIARUGI F. LIVINI have made experiments on the influence of light on the development of the eg

Rossi, U., 1897:
U. ROSSI, Arch. Entwickmech. v, pp. 587-590, 595-614, figg. pl. ix, writes on blastopore and oolisis

Dauen, J., 1897:
J. DAUEN, Morphol. Arbeit, vh, pp. 366-392, figg. writes on the rudimentary cloacal gland of female

Georgina Sweet., 1897:
GEORGINA SWEET, P. Soc. Victoria 2 ix, pp. 264-296, figg. 12 tables, writes on the variations in

Perrin, A., 1897:
A. PERRIN, Bull. Sci. France Belgique, xxx, pp. 101-104, makes further remarks on the carpus of the

Hewlett, R.T., 1897:
R. T. HEWLETT, Science Progress 2 i, pp. 397-405, reviews our knowledge of the poisons of the Toad

Cunningham, J.T., 1897:
J. T. CUNNINGHAM, Science Progress 2 i, pp. 486-491, remarks on recapitulation in the ontological

Knoll, P., 1897:
P. KNOLL, SB. Ak. Wien, cv, iii, 1896, pp. 35-66, figg. 3 pls., writes on the blood-corpuscles of Ba

Isabella, M.; Green., 1897:
ISABELLA M. GREEN, Tr. Amer. Micr. Soc. xviii, pp. 76-106, 5 pls., has a paper on the histology of t

Catherine Schepiloff., 1897:
CATHERINE SCHEPILOFF has a memoir on the central nervous system of Batrachians. Mem. Soc. Geneve, xx

Glangrand, P., 1897:
P. GLANGRAND, Rev. Sci. 4 vii, pp. 203-208, figg., reviews our knowledge of the Pariasauria.

Broom, R., 1897:
R. BROOM, J. Anat. Physiol. norm. path. 2 xi, pp. 277-279, remarks on the interpretation to be giv

Osborn, H.E., 1897:
H. E. OSBORN remarks on the dentition of certain Upper Triassic Reptiles of South Africa which are r

Bauer, F., 1897:
F. BAUER, Palaeontogr. xliv, pp. 283-328, pls. xxv-xxvii, monographs the Ichthyosaurs of the Upper W

Susanna, P.; Gage., 1897:
SUSANNA P. GAGE, Tr. Amer. Micr. Soc. xviii, pp. 282-286, investigates the brain of the embryo of Tr

Plate, L., 1897:
L. PLATE, SB. Ges. naturf. Berlin, 1897, pp. 85-89, makes observations on the digestive tract and cl

Siebenrock, F., 1897:
F. SIEBENROCK, SB. Ak. Wien, cvi, i, pp. 245-328, 6 pls. gives an account of the structure of the sk

Bigot, A., 1897:
A. BIGOT continues his studies of Steneosaurus and Metriorhynchus remains from the Jurassic Beds of

Bethencourt Ferreira, J., 1897:
J. Bethencourt Ferreira, J. Sci. Lisb. 2 iv, pp. 235-248, writes on Snake poison and antidotes.

Anonymous., 1897:
The same author, Zool. Anz. xx, pp. 356-360, figg., remarks on artificially produced triple tails in

Tonier, G., 1897:
G. TORNIER, SB. Ges. naturf. Berl. 1897, pp. 59-64, remarks on regenerated tails in Lizards.

Bertelli, D., 1897:
D. BERTELLI, Atti Soc. Tosc. Mem. xv, pp. 120-138, pl. ii, investigates the development of the diaph

Bugnion, E., 1897:
E. BUGNION, Arch. Sci. Nat. 4 iv, pp. 489 490, remarks on the development of the epiphysis and p

Studnicka, F.K., 1897:
F. K. STUDNICKA, Jena. Zeitschr. xxxi, pp. 20-23, studies the structure of the optic nerves in the p

Gianelli, L.; Giacomini, E., 1897:
L. GIANELLI E. GIACOMINI investigate the histology of the digestive canal of Reptiles. Pr.-verb. A

Milani, A., 1897:
A. MILANI, Zool. Jahrb. Anat. x, pp. 93-156, figg., pls. ix-xii, brings out the second part of his c

Delezenne, C., 1897:
C. DELEZENNE, C.R. Soc. Biol. 10 iv, pp. 462 463, and 489 490, has made experiments on the coa

Ruge, G., 1897:
G. RUGE, Gegenbaur Festschrift, iii, pp. 284-339, figg., writes on the peripheral area of the facial

Maggi, L., 1897:
L. MAGGI, Rend. Ist. Lomb. 2 xxx, pp. 230-252, pl. and Arch. ital. Biol. xxvii, pp. 362-375, pl.,

SJoSTEDT.Y., 1897:
Y. SJoSTEDT reports on a collection of Reptiles from Cameroon, and gives a list of all the species h

Boulenger., 1897:
List of Reptiles and Batrachians collected by Mr. A. Whyte in Northern Nyassaland; BOULENGER, P. Z.

Boulenger., 1897:
Celebes. BOULENGER, P. Z. S. 1897, pp. 193-237, pls. vii-xvi, contributes a catalogue of the Reptile

Fea, L., 1897:
Burma. L. FEA, Ann. Mus. Genova 2 xvii, pp. 445-476, figg., gives a general account of the herpeto

Bethencourt Ferreira, J., 1897:
India. J. BETHENCOURT FERREIRA, Jorn. Sci. Lisb. 2 iv, pp. 212-234, publishes a list of the Indian

Leonardi, C., 1897:
Sicily. C. LEONARDI, Riv. Ital. Sc. Nat. xvii, pp. 78-80, gives a list of the Reptiles aud Batrachia

Lazzarini., 1897:
Italy. On the Reptiles and Batrachians of Friuli: LAZZARINI, Anf. Rett. Friuli Udine: 1897,8vo.

Lopes Vieira., 1897:
Portugal. LOPES VIEIRA concludes his catalogue of the Portuguese Batrachians in the Coimbra Museum.

Kopsch, F., 1897:
F. KOPSCH, SB. Ges. naturf. Berlin, 1897, pp. 5-13, figg., writes on the formation and signification

Bashford Dean., 1897:
BASHFORD DEAN, Quart. J. Micr. Sci. xl, pp. 269-279, pl. xvii, writes on the development of Bdellost

Hoffman, C.K., 1897:
C. K. HOFFMANN, Morphol. Jahrb. xxv, pp. 250-304, figg., pls. xiii xiv, continues his embryologica

Sewerzoff, A., 1897:
A. SEWERZOFF, Anat. Anz. xiii, pp. 409-425, figg., has a preliminary communication on the developmen

Burckhardt, R., 1897:
R. BURCKHARDT, Arch. Sci. Nat. 4 iv, pp. 480-483, remarks on the brain of Selachians.

Scneider, G., 1897:
G. SCHNEIDER, Anat. Anz. xiii, pp. 393-401, figg., writes on the kidney and the abdominal pores of S

Reis, O.M., 1897:
O. M. REIS, Abh. Senckenb. Ges. xx, pp. 57-156, 1 pl., deals with the structure and systematic posit

L.; Leger., 1897:
L. LEGER, C.R. Soc. Biol. 10 iv, p. 543, remarks on some living specimens of Protopterus annectens

Bridge, T.W., 1897:
T. W. BRIDGE, P. Z. S. 1897, pp. 722-724, fig., writes on the presence of ribs in Polyodon folium. .

Anonymous., 1897:
The same author, J. Morphol. pp. 487-808, pls. xx-xxxviii, describes the cranial muscles and cranial

Kawraisky, F.F., 1897:
F. F. KAWRAISKY monographs the Salmonoids of the Caucasus and the adjacent seas. Lachse der Kaukasus

Nishikawa, T., 1897:
H. DANNEVIG, Rep. Fish. Board Scotland, xv, Pt. iii, 175-193, pl. iv, writes on the rearing of larva

Verrill, A.E., 1897:
A. E. VERRILL, Amer. J. Sci. 4 iii, pp. 135 136, writes on nocturnal and diurnal changes in the

Serlig, F.G., 1897:
F. W. SERLIG, Abh. Ver. Kassel, lxi, pp. 38-46, writes on artificial fecundation and rearing of fish

Fabre-doumergue.; Bietrix., 1897:
FABRE-DOUMERGUE BIETRIX, Ann. Sci. Nat. 8 iii, pp. 151-220, figg., have notes on the eggs and la

Kyle, H.M., 1897:
H. M. KYLE, Rep. Fish. Board Scotland, xv, Pt. III, pp. 246-261, reports on the pelagic ova, larvae,

Haller, B., 1897:
B. HALLER, Gegenbaur Festschrift, iii, pp. 45-100, fig., 4 pls., writes on the origin of the vagus n

Genderen Stort, A.G.H., 1897:
A. G. H. GENDEREN STORT, Versl. Ak. Amsterdam, 1897, pp. 425-428, remarks on some points in the stru

D.Seabra, A.F., 1897:
A. F. DE SEABRA, Bull. Mus. Paris, 1897, pp. 217-220, has a preliminary note on the so-called red bo

Sorensen, W., 1897:
Remarks by W. SORENSEN, Morphol. Jahrb. xxv, pp. 170-189.

Bigot, A., 1897:
A. BIGOT, Bull. Soc. Linn. Normand. 4 x, pp. 7-13, enumerates the Selachian remains known from the

Lucas, A.H.S., 1897:
A. H. S. LUCAS gives a list of the Fishes hitherto recorded from Victorian waters. Illustr. Offic. H

Lutken, C.F., 1897:
Greenland. C. F. LUTKEN, Medd. Gronl. xix, 1896, has determined a collection of Fishes made by the 1

Boulenger., 1897:
Upper Congo. Descriptions of new Fishes by BOULENGER, Ann. Nat. Hist. 6 xx, pp. 422-427. .F. F. KA

Vinciguerra., 1897:
VINCIGUERRA also reports on the fishes collected by the late Prince Eugene Ruspoli in Somaliland and

Lopes Vieira., 1897:
LOPES VIEIRA catalogues the Portuguese Fishes in the Coimbra Museum. Ann. Sci. nat. Porto, iv, pp. 6

Villatte, R., 1897:
R. VILLATTE gives a list of the Fishes of MontluYon. Faune Arrond. MontluYon. MontluYon: 1897,16mo.

Gadeau D.Kerville, H., 1897:
France. H. GADEAU DE KERVILLE'S Faune de Normandie, Part iv, contains an account of the Fishes of

Hansen., 1897:
Denmark. A. S. JENSEN continues the account of the Fishes

Studnicka, F.K., 1897:
F. K. STUDNICKA, Jena. Zeitschr. xxxi, pp. 1-19, pls. i ii, studies the structure of the optic ner

Burckhardt, R., 1897:
R. BURCKHARDT, Arch. Anat., Suppl. 1897, pp. 111-136, pl. vii, writes on the cerebellum of Fishes.

Delezenne, C., 1897:
C. DELEZENNE, C.R. Soc. Biol. 10 iv, pp. 489 490, has made experiments on the coagulation of the

Cunningham, J.T., 1897:
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Heterochaeta see Heterorhabdus inf.

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Dimorphism, see Development

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The arrangement adopted in each Order is roughly, Channel islands, England from South to North and f

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New species, locality of which is not known:-Bobus picornoti, cf. Coleoptera, Lucanidae; Corylophode

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Development of Ascaris detipiens Krabbe; the larvae occur in closely packed masses with the head end

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Morpholaxis. Regeneration by remoulding of an entire fragment into a new form, in contrast with rege

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As Luhe in the Zool. Centrlbl. abstr. surmised, it was quite likely that the author had been mistake

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Agreeing with Laveran and Mesnil's Zool. Rec. 1901, No. 134 account. See also d, 4.

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Review of the Japanese species by

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WHEELER discusses at length the N. American ants described by BUCKLEY in order to facilitate their r

Anonymous., 1902:
The synonymy is too extensive and complex for dealing with here: reference must be made to the work

Reitter., 1902:
We give below the new species-amounting to something like 200-but for the numerous varieties and syn

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TSCHITSHERINE reviews in a critical manner the taxonomy and synonymy of Australian Platysmatini, Hor

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Physiology of metamorphosis. See 1g Physiology.

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LEON's paper, recorded last year, morphology of labium of Hemiptera has now appeared in Bull. Soc. J

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Series Chelicerata. i. Class Merostomata. Sub-class Gigantostraca. Order Haplochelata nov. Sub-class

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Classification of Opiliones. A. Plagiostethi =Palpatores. a. Apagosterni. b. Eupagosterni. B. Meco

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Biolleya n. g. alaris n. sp. , Saussure, this description appeared in An. lust. Costa Rica vii, 1894

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The n. spp. of this memoir are given below, but we have not attempted to deal with its synonymy. Thi

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HERING concludes his enumeration of the Pyralidae of Sumatra, Hydro-campinae, Schaenobiinae, Crambin

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MOORE commences the Indian Papilioninae, describing and figuring them, and in several cases the larv

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KIEFFER publishes the first portions of the tabulation of European and Algerian Evaniidae, being pp.

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FISKE deals with the biology of various species of Ichneumonidae and Braconidae that attack Clisioca

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KRIEGER has published very numerous additions and synonymical corrections to Dalla Torre's Catalogue

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The female of Dorylus fimbriatus, discovered by G. A. K. MARSHALL, is described by BRAUNS, Zeitschr.

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COCKERELL describes n. varr. of Californian and N. American in addition to the n. spp. recorded belo

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VON IHERING gives an important paper on the stingless bees of S. America under the following heading

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The changes of taxonomy involved in these memoirs are too extensive for us to follow in detail. Refe

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N. spp. without locality: Blaberus distanti, Corydia hilaris, see Blattidae.-Ranatra atropha, see Ne

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Classification of Opiliones: Suborder i. Palpatores. a. Apagosterni. b. Eupagosterni. Suborder ii. L

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Ameghino., 1904:
The following new names for extinct Argentine Mammals are stated to have been proposed by AMEGHINO i

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DE MEIJERE discusses and describes the larvae and larval habits of several European members of the f

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COQUILLETT, brief notes on nomenclature of some genera, P. ent. Soc. Washington vi, pp. 51, 52.

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CORTI gives the characters of certain unnamed species of Portuguese Asilidae Rend. 1st. Lombardo xxx

Anonymous., 1904:
SNODGRASS describes figures and compares the male genitalia in a large number of N. American Tipulid

Dyar., 1904:
DYAR gives notes on the Phycitinae of the Hulst collection, for which reference must be made to P. e

Dyar., 1904:
DYAR gives notes synonymical etc., on the Hulst collection for which reference must be made to P. en

Stichel., 1904:
In this work numerous varieties are described, that it is not necessary to enumerate here. The forms

Moore., 1904:
MOORE completes the Indian Papilionidae in his work, Lep. ind. vi, pp. 105-124, pls. 513-517.

Lathy., 1904:
LATHY briefly describes 45 aberrations of exotic Rhopalocera and figures several of them, Tr. ent. S

Oudemans., 1904:
OUDEMANS has a note on the views of STANDFUSS and himself as to the position of the wings in repose,

Konow., 1904:
KONOW continues his synopsis of Chalastogastra, pp. 225-288, Cephini and Xyelini, as part of Zeitsoh

Kieffer., 1904:
KIEFFER completes the Vol. on Cynipides etc., AndrE's Hym. Eur. Alg. vii bis.

Strobl., 1904:
STROBL concludes his Catalogue of the Ichneumonidae of Styria, 1206 spp. of which 165 are new, Mt. V

Morice., 1904:
MORICE figures and describes the male genitalia of thirty-five species of Colletes, and tabulates th

Cockerell., 1904:
COCKERELL gives various notes on bees described by Smith, Canad. Ent. xxxvi, pp. 301-304.

Weise., 1904:
WEISE, Deutsche ent. Zeitschr. 1904, pp. 357-364, makes a series of synonymical observations, too nu

Pic., 1904:
In Echange xx PIC advertises Part V of his Materiaux pour servir a l'etude des Longicornes, I have n

Csiki., 1904:
CSIKI continues his papers on the Cerambycidae of Hungary, Rov. Lapok xi, pp. 35 etc.

Lameere., 1904:
LAMEERE continues his revision of Prionides, Ann. Soc. ent. Belgique 1904, 9th part, Callipogonines;

Petri., 1904:
PETRI criticises Desbrochers' work, treats his genn. n. as subgonera, and tabulates the Palaearctic

Abeille., 1904:
LESNE gives addenda and corrigenda to his Palearctic Bostrychidae, with 2 n. spp. ABEILLE, pp. 153-1

Reitter., 1904:
REITTER figures Bosnian and Herzegowinian Cave Silphidae, pl. 1, p. 146, Wien. ent. Zeit. xxiii.

Raffray., 1904:
RAFFRAY gives a catalogue and genera of the family, as well as a large number of new species; of the

Shipley., 1904:
SHIPLEY's list of Orders and names reproduced, Entomologist 1904, pp. 138, 139, and Psyche xi, p. 28

Sellards., 1904:
Sellards in Amer. J. Sci. xv, and xviii, discusses Palaeozoic Blattidae and describes the following

Anonymous., 1904:
Palaeocolpodia ?n. g., eocenica n. sp., p.29. Colpodia xylophaga p. 30, curvinervis, p. 31, brevic

Anonymous., 1904:
Hymenoptera. MORICE continues his notes of the characters of British Tenthredinidae Ent. Mag. xl, pp

Anonymous., 1904:
Proceedings of the sixteenth annual meeting of the Association of Economic Entomologists, Bull. U. S

Vitale., 1904:
VITALE continues his account of protective resemblance in Curculionidae, Riv. ital. Sci. Nat. xxiv,

Grobben., 1904:
Malacostraca divided into Legions Leptostraca, Thoracostraca, Stomatopoda, Anomostraca, nov. for An

Simon, E., 1904:
External morphology of Pedipalpi, pp. 6-22, internal morphology, pp. 24-139, systematic and phylogen

Borner, C., 1904:
General Classification of Arachnida: Subclass i. Ctenophora Pocock. Ordo. Scorpiones. Subclass ii. L

Lankester, E.; Ray., 1904:
General Classification of Arachnida inclus. Trilobites, Limulus et Pantopoda: Grade A. Anomomerist

Vogt., 1864:
Vogt Vorlesungen uber nutzliche und schadliche, c, Thiere, pp. 95-106 refers to some injurious an

Gysser, A., 1865:
Hr. A. GYSSER Mal. Blatt. 1865, Literatur-blatt, p. 38 also discusses this question. He lives at t

Morch., 1865:
Dr. MORCH Ueber Pinna fluviatilis Sander, Malak. Blatt. xii. pp. 110-117 defends his opinion al

Rossmassler., 1865:
Prof. E. A. ROSSMASSLER, in his popular journal 'Aus der Heimath,' pp. 71-78 and 347-850, alludes to

Reeve, L., 1865:
See Zool. Record, i. p. 189. This work has been unfortunately interrupted by the death of the author

Von Martens., 1867:
VON MARTENS Preuss. Exped. nach Ost-Asien, Zool. p. 12 notices the forms of Myriopods observed by

Tryon, G.W. jun.; Lea, F.; Parker, C.F., 1867:
Another conchological journal, in the Italian language, has been announced in 1867, and was started

Cope, Edward D., 1869:
Records various new species found in Virginia; and characterizes a new family, Andrognathidoe, and t

Harold., 1869:
Harold, in Coleopt. Hefte, v. pp. 105-119, gives a list of corrections and additions to vols. i.-v.

Borre, A.; Preudhomme De., 1870:
Communicates a note on the contested point how spiders project their lines in various directions wit

Sabanjeff., 1872:
SABANJEFF gives a list of sixty-seven Mammals found in the Ural, with notes in Russian. Bull. Mosc.

Lucae, J.C.G., 1872:
J. C. G. LUCAE in his essay on the Seals and Otters infra p. 10, considers the proportions and esp

Heuglin, M.T.; Von., 1872:
M. T. VON HEUGLIN mentions Ursus marinus, Canis lupus, C. vulpes, C. lagopus, Myodes torquatus, M. o

Allen, H., 1872:
H. ALLEN finds a radiated arrangement in the shoulder and pelvic girdles of all Vertebrates. P. Ac.

Packard, A.S.; Jun., 1872:
A. S. PACKARD, Jun., records a species of Araneidea and two of Phalangidea from the Mammoth Cave, Ke

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Altvater mountains: J. P. E. F. Stein S. E. Z. xxxiv. pp. 233-243, gives notes of an excursion, chie

Leche, W., 1873:
W. LECHE states that between 1866 and 1870 rewards were paid in Sweden for the destruction of 494 Be

Ferrier, D., 1873:
D. FERRIER has published W. Riding Lunatic Asylum Medical Reports iii., and J. Anat. Phys. viii. pp

Eecolani, G.B., 1873:
ERCOLANI G. B. His memoir on the structure of the placenta cf. Zool. Rec. ix. p. 2 is published at

Cresson, E.T., 1873:
Observations on Tenthredinidae, and new genera and species of Ichneumonidae, with valuable comparati

Osten-sacken., 1873:
Additions to vol. iv. of the above-mentioned monographs of North American Diptera, referring to the

Moseley, H.N., 1873:
H. N. MOSELEY: On Actinochrome, a colouring matter of Actinias, which gives an absorption spectrum,

Verrill., 1873:
VERRILL opposes Duncan's criticisms upon it; Nature, vii. pp. 423-424; Am. J. Sci. 3 vi. pp. 68-74

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A. HUMBERT has reported on several papers on Infusoria, by Hackel, Butschli, Everts, and others, Arc

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Short records of W. H. DALLINGER J. DRYSDALE's continued researches into the life-history of Monad

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Describes 10 spp. nn. of various families of Araneidea from different parts of France.

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Luminous Diptera near Lake Aral; Wladimir Alenitzin, Tageblatt of the 48th meeting of German Natural

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R. E. C. STEARNS P. Cal. Ac. v. p. 283 made further remarks suggested by Dr. J. E. Gray's paper o

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An abstract of LINDAHL'S paper on Umbellula Zool. Rec. xi. p. 518 is given in J. Zool. iv. pp. 440-4

Heuglin, T.; Von., 1875:
With these parts, the author brings this work, on which he has been engaged for some years, to a con

Simon, Eugene., 1875:
Describes some Algerian spiders of new and known species, pp. lxii. lxiii., 11 species of French a

Lucas, H., 1875:
Gives a list of Arachnids all known species from the neighbourhood of Chambourcy, Paris. Araneidea

Girard, Maurice., 1876:
Pp. 260-565 are occupied by Neuroptera; as are also pls. lxiv.-lxviii. The latter lviii. did not a

Molon, F., 1876:
F. MOLON describes remains of fossil Mammalia from the cavern of Zoppega, Venetia. Atti Ist. Venet.

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A. LEITH ADAMS reports on Mammalian remains from the Shandon Cave. Tr. R. Irish Ac. xxvi. pp. 209-22

Peters, T.M., 1876:
A large spider observed to drop 10 or 15 feet from a tree on to a minnow swimming on the surface of

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Apparent discriminative power in the selection of food by a Heliozoon; id. tom. cit. p. 291.

Leidy., 1877:
On the feeding of Dinamaeba; id tom. cit. p. 288.

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Leidy, P. Ac. Philad. 1877, p. 321, notices the observation of Difflugia cassis and globularis, Trin

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F. W. HUTTON, Ann. N. H. 4 xx. pp. 114-117, describes the following spp. nn. from New Zealand:-- H

Pfeiffer, L., 1877:
N. pseudepistomium for Clausilia epistomium var., Pfeiffer, Novitat. Conch. pl. xxii. figs. 1-3.

Bertkau, P., 1877:
P. Bertkau SB. niederrhein. Ges., 1877 pp. 28-30, makes some remarks on the generative organs aud sp

Schmidtlein, R., 1878:
R. SCHMIDTLEIN gives MT. zool. Stat. Neap. i. pp. 127-129 a list of the Vermes observed at Naples

Geddes., 1878:
GEDDES has investigated the function of the chlorophyll granules found in the Planaria. C. R. lxxxvi

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E. L. Moss has a has preliminary notice of the surface fauna of the Arctic Seas in J. L. S. xiv. p.

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W. S. Kent Ann. N. H. 5 ip. 1 classifies Protozoa as I. Holostomata Rhizopoda, c. II. Polystoma

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Oustalet's Recherches sur les insectes fossiles des terrains tertiaires de la France, criticised b

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A. Assmann corrects some determinations of insects from the lithographic stone strata in Bavaria des

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H. SIMROTH, Z. ges. Naturw. 3 iii. pp. 826-881, reviews Schindler's paper, comparing his own descr

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F. T. Koppen, in Beitr. Russ. Reiches 2 i. pp. 87-111 1879 , enters exhaustively into the subject

Landois., 1879:
Rolleston 28 insists on a careful study of the geographical distribution of the flukes and mollusc

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Systematic position of the Volvocineoe and limits of the animal and vegetable kingdoms: E. Maupas, C

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30. G. WINTHER, Nat. Tidsk. xii. p. 303, deals with the internode in Sertularia gracilis = S. pumila

Lataste, F., 1879:
F. LATASTE, Actes Soc. L. Bord. 4 iii. p. 339, gives the following sketch of a partial classificat

Guillebeau., 1880:
Dewoletzky 3 directs attention to the so-called lateral organ, and suggests that the proper sensor

Hertwig, R., 1880:
Lang's 16 observations were chiefly made on Tristomum molae; he finds that, histologically, at any

Giard., 1880:
See Giard, Bull. Sci. Nord, 2 ii. pp. 251 252. SOMMER 30 gives a valuable and elaborate accoun

Kowalevsky., 1880:
Kowalevsky Zool. Anz. iii. p. 140 regards Caeloplana metschnikowi Red Sea as intermediate betwee

Not given., 1880:
See Journal de Micrographie, 1880, pp. 92-97: Rev. Int. Sci. 1880, pp. 135-152.

Seguenza., 1880:
SEGUENZA has lists of the tertiary Vermes of Calabria in Atti Acc. Rom. 3 vi. Mem. Sci. fis. pp. 4

Alston., 1880:
Three more parts of this catalogue have been issued, containing the Insectivora, and the Glirea as f

Simons, F.A.A., 1880:
Three later consignments cf. Zool. Rec. xvi. Aves, p. 27 from Mr. F. A. A. Simons are here noticed,

Simon, Eugene., 1880:
Also l. c. pp. xlvii. xlviii. lists of Arachnids found in the immediate environs of Alexandria,

Simon, Eugene., 1880:
EUGENE SIMON, Bull. Soc. Ent. Fr. 5 x. p. xxxvi., gives a list of 16 Arachnids 12 Araneidea, 1 Sc

Becker, Leon., 1880:
And, under heading of Communications Arachnologiques l. c. pp. clxxxviii. clxxxix., records 12

Becker, Leon., 1880:
LEON BECKER CR. Ent. Belg. xxiii. pp. xii.-iiv. gives a list of 58 known species of Araneidea, dis

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ANTON STECKER MT. african. Ges. ii. pp. 78-80 refers to some Arachnids observed at Sokna Tripoli

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Annelids in captivity; observations by NOLL, in Zool. Gart. xxii. pp. 71-76.

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On the Vermes of the Firth of Forth, see LESLIE HERDMAN, P. Phys. Soc. Edinb. vi. pp. 272-277.

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On the Vermes of Rhenish Prussia, see LEYDIG, Verh. Ver. Rheinl. xxxviii. pp. 144-150.

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In the Zoologia Danica, edited by SchiOdte Copenhagen: 1881, fo., H. KRABBE gives an account of

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A. CERTES gives accounts of processes for staining, preparing and presenting microscopic organisms,

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S. H. Scudder's memoir on the Devonian Insects of New Brunswick, reviewed and abstracted in Arch. sc

Scudder, S.H., 1881:
Preliminary notes on the fossil Neuroptera of the tertiary lake-basin at Florissant, Colorado, are g

Hagen., 1881:
He also states Nature, xxiv. pp. 356 357 that the oldest known Insects cannot be assigned with c

Hagen., 1881:
Hagen, however, argues Bull. Mus. C. Z. viii. pp. 275-282 that Scudder's determinations and conclu

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A. GERSTACKER, in the continuation of BRONN's Klassen und Ordnungen des Thierreichs, v. Arthropod

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Record of American Carcinology by J. KINGSLEY in Am. Nat. xv. pp. 532-536.

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The literature of the Crustacea for 1880 is recorded by P. MAYER in Zool. JB. Neap. ii. pt. 2, pp. 5

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W. T. Blanford, J. A. S. B. 1. Pt. ii. pp. 265 266, gives an estimate of the species of birds foun

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Review of monographs by Goes, Sv. Ak. Handl. xix. No. 4, 1882, pp. 1-151, pls. i.-xii. not previousl

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Mutilla sp. and a small yellow ant destroying larvae of Papilio cres-phontes, Cram.; Neal, Bull. Dep

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Kirby's list of the Hymenoptera of New Zealand reprinted, with descriptions added of all species not

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Notes on 81 species of do. collected near Victoria, Vancouver Island, in 1882; Taylor, Canad. Eut. x

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Note on do. of Labrador; Packard, Ent. xviii. p. 1267.

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Excursion to the Balearic Islands, with notes on Hymenoptera observed; Schmiedeknecht, Z.E. Ver. sch

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Notes on the Hymenoptera of Siebenburgen; Mocsary, Term. fuzetek, viii. pp. 185,186, 218-226. .Ant

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Captures of Tenthredinidae and Ichneumonidae near York in 1882 and 1883; Wilson, Naturalist 2 x. p

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List of Aculeate Hymenoptera of the neighbourhood of Colchester; Harwood, Ent. M. M. xx. pp. 211-213

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Contributions to the Bibliography of Hymenoptera; Dalla Torre, Naturhistoriker, vi. pp. 48-50 421-

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List of 26 Hymenopterous parasites on Lithocolletis endriella, Mann.; Mina Palumbo, Nat. Sicil. vii.

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145 parasites obtained from a pupa of Vanessa antiopa, and 1257 from an unknown larva; Harriet H. Ke

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Captures of rare British Hymenoptera at Deal in July and August, 1882; Saunders, op. cit. xix. pp.

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Use of subchloride of potassium, called Eau de Javelle, recommended for preparation of the skeleton

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Ueber den Badeschwamm Graz: 1882, 8vo, 6 pp., a lecture delivered before the Society for Natural

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List of Hemiptera collected by Kruper in Greece; Chicote, Ann. Ent. Belg. pp. 87-90.

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Localities for various French Hemiptera; Puton, Rev. d'Ent. i. p. 239.

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Butler E. A. Ent. M. M. xix. pp. 87, 88, 115, 140

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Contributions to a list of the Hemiptera and Homoptera of Lancashire and Cheshire the north of Lanc

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Additions to Perthshire Hemiptera; Norman, Ent. M. M. p. 276.

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Notes on the Hemiptera contained in Wesmael's collection; Lethierry, CR. Ent. Belg. xxvi pp. cxxxvii

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Notes on the nervous system of the Hemiptera In Russian; Brandt, Troudy Ent. Ross. xii pp. viii.

Muller, F., 1882:
F. MULLER publishes two supplements to his Catalogue of the herpetological collection of the Bale Mu

King, J.J., 1882:
Popular notes On the Linnaean Order Neuroptera are given by J. J. King in Ent. xv. pp. 25-30.

Costa, Achille., 1882:
A list of 16 species taken in the island of Sardinia in September, 1881, by Achille Costa, is given

Maurissen, A.H., 1882:
A list of species in all families taken in Limburg, is given by A. H. Maurissen in Tijdschr. Ent. xx

Eaton, A.E.; Rev., 1882:
In consequence of having to examine a collection made by the Rev. A. E. Eaton in these islands at th

Henrich., 1882:
List of Hymenoptera Aculeata captured at Hermannstadt in 1881; Henrich, Verh. siebenb. Ver. xxxii. p

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List of Hymenoptera collected in Sicily; Magretti, Nat. Sicil. i. pp. 158-162.

Rothney., 1882:
Captures of rare British Hymenoptera: Rothney, Ent. M. M. xviii. p. 262

Bridgman., 1882:
Additions and corrections to the list of Hymenoptera of Norfolk Chrysididae and Aculeata; Bridgman

Gradl., 1882:
Gradl publishes a catalogue of European Tenthredinidae and Siricidae, compiled from Andre's work; En

Froment., 1882:
Note on Coleopterous larvae and their Hymenopterous parasites; Froment, CR. Ent. Belg. xxvi. pp. cv.

Romanes., 1882:
Lubbock's Ants, Bees, and Wasps reviewed; Romanes, Nature, xxvi. pp. 121-123, who questions the accu

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A. GERSTACKER, in Bronn's Klassen und Ordmingen des Thierreichs, v., Arthropoda, ii., continues hi

Angus, J., 1882:
ANGUS, J. in Am. Nat. xvi. p. 1010, states that if he puts a white variety of the little flower Spi

Waller., 1883:
WALLER, 31 Hymeniacidon forceps, sp. n., fromTorbay England.

Vejdovsky, F., 1883:
The structure of the statoblasts of various fresh-water Sponges is described by .VEJDOVSKY 28 cons

Martens, E.V., 1883:
E. v. MARTENS has published a brief popular treatise on the Mollusca and their shells title, vide s

Not given., 1883:
Handleiding voor het verzamelen, bewaren en verzenden van uitlandsche Insecten. Tijdschr. Ent. xxvi

Blanchard., 1883:
The writer confirms the observations of Blanchard Ann. Sci. Nat. 3, v. 1846 p. 291. The structures

Clarkson., 1883:
Clarkson, describes the cocoons of Ophion macrurum, Linn., Trogus exesorius, Brulle, Bracon flavator

Gerstacker, A., 1883:
The geographical and palaeontological distribution of the Isopoda are treated upon by GERSTaCKER in

Kieffer, J.J., 1884:
A list of species found in the vicinity of Bitche is given by J. J. Kieffer, Bull. Soc. Metz, xvi.

Collett., 1884:
List of Hemiptera taken near Hastings; Collett Ent. M. M. xx p. 190

Goethe., 1884:
Various Hemiptera-Heteroptera which prey upon Coccidae noticed and figured; GOETHE JB. nass. Ver. xx

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Short notes on the localities and synonymy of various Hemiptera; Puton, Rev. d'Ent. iii. pp.147-149.

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119. A. HYATT, in a paper read before the American Association for Advanc. Sci. Science, iv. p. 340

Kellicott, D.S., 1884:
Giving the chief results of his study during the previous year of American Infusoria, enumerating th

Rathbun, R., 1884:
For Parasitic Copepoda found on Fish from the American waters, see R. Rathbun, P. U. S. Nat. Mus. vi

Zschokke, F., 1884:
F. ZSCHOKKE has a paper on the parasite of fresh-water Fishes ; Arch. Biol. v. pp. 153-235, pls. ix.

Costa., 1884:
Costa, Atti Acc. Nap. 2 i., gives a list of species met with in the Island of Sardinia.

Macleay, W., 1884:
W. Macleay, P. Linn. Soc. N. S. W. ix. p. 710, gives a list of 1 species of Mantidae, 2 both new o

Godwin-austen, H.H., 1884:
British India. H. H. GODWIN-AUSTEN figures, in the 5th part of his Land and Fresh-water Moll, of Ind

Billups., 1884:
Captures of do. at Chobham, and of Ichneumonidae at various localities; Billups, P. E. Soc. 1884, pp

Fitch., 1884:
List of Hymenoptera parasitic on Lepidoptera; Fitch, Ent. xvii, pp. 67-69.

Goethe., 1884:
Various Hymenopterous parasites on Coccidae noticed and figured; Goethe, JB. nass. Ver. xxxvii. pp.

Clarkson., 1884:
Hymenopterous parasites are probably guided to their prey by sight rather than by smell, and appear

Sheppard., 1884:
Bees and wasps destroying apricots, c.; Sheppard, Gard. Ohron. 2 xxii. p. 248.

Forel., 1884:
Supposed organs of hearing or glands ? in Hymenoptera; Forel, MT. schw. ent. Ges. viii. p. 4.

Beyer, H.G., 1884:
H. G. BEYER treats of some points in the microscopical structure of Lingula; Am. Micr. J. v. pp. 187

Schulgin, M.A., 1884:
M. A. SCHULGIN gives an anatomical description of Argiope, and comes to the following conclusions:-

Kappler, A., 1885:
A semi-popular article by A. KAPPLER, Ausland, 1885, pp. 798-800, 815-818, 838-840, 857-859, on an

Kappler, A., 1885:
A. KAPPLER has some semi-popular notes on the Fishes of Dutch Guiana. Ausland, 1885, pp. 879, 880, 8

Not given., 1885:
P. Am. Ass. xxiii. pp. 543-545.

Butler, A.W., 1885:
A. W. BUTLER has notes on the hibernation of Tortoises and Batrachians. Am. Nat. xix. pp. 37-40

Carpenter., 1885:
Carpenter cf. Zool Rec. xx. Prot. 'Challenger'

Cuni y Martorell., 1885:
A list of species, in all families, taken in the province of Gerona Catalonia, is given by Cuni y

Carlini., 1885:
A list of 9 species from Pisola de S. Pietro is given by Carlini in Bull. Ent. Ital. xvi. p. 195.

Bormans, A.; De., 1885:
A. de Bormans notes that the Orthoptera collected by De Selys Fanson cf. Ann. Ent. Belg. xxv p. 20

Bourgeois, J., 1885:
Pp. 61-100 of this work have been published in connection with Rev. d'Ent. iv., and comprise Lycini

Varigny, H.; De., 1886:
H. DE VIRGINY, Rev. Sci. 3 xii, pp. 806-809.

Korschelt, E., 1886:
E. KORSCHELT, Kosmas, xix, pp. 176-185

Wiedersheim., 1886:
Remarks on the parietal eye by R. WIEDERSHEIM Anat. Anz i pp. 148 149.

Burbach, O., 1886:
Opthalmidium orbi culare, Opthalmidium ovale; Spiroloculina simplex, Spiroloculina latiseptata.

Jordan, D.S., 1886:
D. S. JORDAN has notes on typical specimens of Fishes described by Cuvier and Valenciennes; P. U. S.

Pavesi, P., 1886:
P. PAVESI has some piscicultural notes in a letter addressed to B. Benecke. Atti Soc. Ital. xxviii,

Vaillant, L., 1886:
L. VAILLANT has general remarks on deep-sea Fishes, particularly Physostomi. C.R. ciii. pp. 1237-123

Hilgendorf, F., 1886:
F. HILGENDORF remarks on the so-called compound teeth of Fishes, which term the author considers n

Seton, E.T., 1886:
Contains a description of a new variety of Buffalo, the Wood Buffalo.

Not given., 1886:
Lists of the species obtained.

Lindstrom, G., 1886:
Over 30 new species and 1 new genus; the new forms only are men-tioned in the Systematic Record. Tab

Fischer, J.V., 1887:
On the food to be provided for Reptiles and Batrachians in confinement; J. V. FISCHER, Zool. Gart. x

Baur, G., 1887:
G. BAUR corrects some errors in his previous paper on the homologies of certain cranial bones in Rep

Lindner, O., 1887:
New peritrichous Vorticella-like Infusorian with parasitic habit.

Ritsema, C., 1887:
This volume is now completed; the descriptions and lists of which it consists have been published pr

Webster., 1887:
Report on Buffalo-gnats, by WEBSTER, pp. 29-39, and two articles without entomological interest.

Ashmead, W.H., 1887:
No. 14 contains report on Insects injurious to garden crops in Florida, by W. H. ASHMEAD, pp. 9-29,

Uhler., 1887:
A new Lygus is described by UHLER, p. 63.

Mclain., 1887 :
Apicultural experiments, by MCLAIN, pp. 66-75

Murtfeldt., 1887:
Notes from Missouri for the season of 1886, by MURTFELDT, pp. 59-65.

Webster., 1887:
A record of some experiments relating to the effect of the puncture of some Hemipterous Insects upon

Bedel, L., 1887:
Pp. 313-444 have been published, completing this volume devoted to the Rhyncophora.

Seebohm, H., 1887:
See Vanellus Charadriidae and the family, Scolopacidae Hirundinidae Saxicola Sylviidae Struthio

North, A.J., 1887:
Strix lulu, Macropteryx mystacea Merops ornatus, Halcyon sacra, Lalage terat, Pachycephala icteroide

North, A.J., 1887:
Artemus melanops, Strepera intermedia, S. melanoptera Rhipidura diemenensis, Malurus cyanochlamys, A

Anon., 1887:
Berichtigungen zum ix. Jahresbericht. T. c. p. 616.

Salvadori, T., 1888:
T. SALVADORI, Boll. Mus. Zool. Anat. Comp. Torino, iii, No. 48, gives the dates of publication of th

Jordan, D.S., 1888:
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K. KNAUTHE, Zool. Gart. xxix, pp. 71-73 142-148, remarks on the endurance of Fish in pools the wat

Anon., 1888:
MARTINI CHEMNITZ'S Systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet edited by W.KOBELT has completed its 367th fa

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This memoir is reviewed by E. D. COPE, in the Am. Nat. xxii, pp. 660-663, wherein the following arra

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SCHAFF, E., in Zool. Gart. xxix, pp. 59 60 criticises T. Noack's observations on Galictis vittata

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Replies to the criticisms of E. Schaff. See p. 19.

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Contains reprint of LAMPERT 62 Zool. Rec. 1889 and of plates from STUDER's previous writings on th

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And LUDWIG in Zool. Anz. xii 1889, pp. 454-457. See Zool. Rec. xxvi.

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Vermes from Hamilton formation of Ontario, p. 122. Vermes from Cretaceous of Manitoba, 1 new species

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The contents are:- Catalogue of Coleoptera of ancient world, pp. 481-560 completion; Monographie d

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During the above years H.R.H. Prince Thomas, Duke of Genoa, made a journey to Japan and China, touch

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Pp. 3-25 reprinted from the Journal of the Cincinnati Society of Nat. Hist. xiii 1890 The whole, pub

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Euspongilla lacustris, Vejdovsky, abundant in Lake Pavin p. 25: described by PAUL GIROD, Travaux d

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F. WERNER, Zool. Gart. xxxi, pp. 335-341, has notes on North African Reptiles and Batrachians in cap

Janosik, J., 1890:
If all were developed that is implicit in the incipient reproductive organs in Mammals, the result w

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Confirming Greeff's observation that the ova of starfishes Asterias glacialis and Astropecten may

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The evolution of bristles, spines, and tubercles seems to be associated with a change from low-feedi

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Criticism and review by SIMROTH in Z. Naturw. lxiii, Heft 1 2, p. 224. Abstr. in Am. Nat. xxiv, No

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Vide infra Anatomy, c.; vide also LUDWIG 2. Abstr. in J. R. Micr. Soc. 1890, pt. 5, No. 78, p. 6

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Echinoderms, p. 458. Abstr. by

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An abnormal Antedon rosacea, pp. 584-586, figs. 4a b; a description of it by Dr. P. H. CARPENTER,

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Tetraoradae, Sturnidae, Fringillidae.

Whympera'., 1891:
Gives the descriptions missing from the Appendix of Whymper's Journey in the Andes. Cf. Zool. Rec. 1

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Strongylus otolicni, n.sp., from intestine of Otolicnus peli. See critical summary by G. BRANDES, i

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G. B. HOWES, Nature xliii, p. 269, remarks on the morphology of the sternum iu the Ichthyopsida as c

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K. KNAUTHE, Zool. Gart. xxxii, pp. 17-23, publishes further biological notes on German Freshwater Fi

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KOKEN Z. geol. Ges. xliii p. 154 has considerations on the bearing of the study of Otoliths to the n

Paterson, A.M., 1891:
The author concludes that the Mammalian sympathetic system is meso-blastic, and formed in situ out o

Packard, A.S., 1891:
Contains notices of the Seal-fishing, the Walrus, Polar Bear, and other Mammals; and has also a comp

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Mentioned by GRABER in a note, Biol. Centralbl. xi, p. 212.

Driesch, H., 1891:
Variations of light have no perceptible effect on the segmentation or differentiation of ova of Echi

Groult, P., 1891:
And by P. GROULT in Le Nat. 2 v 1891, p. 173 Echinoderms, accompanied by figures of Asterias,

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Translation by D. MANUEL CAZURRO of the Memoir by Lo Bianco in MT. z. Stat. Neap. Vide Zool. Rec. 1

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W. A. GAIN, Brit. Nat. 1892, has a series of notes on the subject of varieties. He begins by depreca

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MIK, in Wien. ent. Z. xi, pp. 28-30, summarizes the views of this writer on galls.

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The Insecta consist of the papers on Termites, Odonata, Neuroptera, and Hemiptera, by GERSTAECKER, e

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Confirms Belt's views as to the use of leaves to the leaf-cutting Ants. Summary Biol. Centralbl. xii

Staudinger., 1893:
These pages complete the work. They are devoted to general considerations. Notice by STAUDINGER, Deu

Laurie, M., 1893:
The following new forms described:-Stylonurus ornatus, p. 152, pl. i, figg. 1-8, macrophthalmus, p.

Pieri, J.B., 1899:
A zymase 'spermase' extracted from spermatozoa, and a substance modified by it 'ovulose' extracted f

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Gymnasteriasinae, defined with list of genera; loc. cit. .Linckinae, defined as Fam., with list of g

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Troostocrinus bipyramidalis et T. wortheni v. sub Tricoelocr.

Bull Jap., 1937:
Titles not given

Petitpierre, E., 1990:
Titles of leaf beetle papers presented at the First International Congress of Coleopterology, September 18-23, 1989, Barcelona

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