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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38846

Chapter 38846 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bueno, OC.; Hebling-Beraldo, MJA.; Aulino da Silva, O.; Pagnocca, F.; Fernandez, JB.; Vieira, PC., 1990:
Toxic effects of plants on leaf-cutting ants and their symbiotic fungus

Daniel, T.; Kesavan, U., 1990:
Toxic effects of the tannery effluent on the nymphs of Brachythemis contaminata Fabricius in a south Indian township Anisoptera, Libellulidae

Valz-Gianinet, J.N.; Llanos, R.J.; Miceli, D.C., 1999:
Toxic effects of water of rivers of the Sali basin on the embryo development of amphibians Bufo arenarum Efecto toxico del agua de rios de la cuenca del Sali sobre el desarrollo embrionario de anfibios Bufo arenarum

Berland, B.; Lassus, P., 1997:
Toxic efflorescences of French coastal waters Ecology, ecophysiology and toxicology Efflorescences toxiques des eaux cotieres francaises Ecologie, ecophysiologie, toxicologie

Laraba-Djebari, F.; Hammoudi, D., 1999:
Toxic fraction isolated from Algerian scorpion Androctonus australis Hector and their use in anti-venom production Utilisation de la fraction toxique majoritaire isolee a partir du venin de scorpion Androctonus australis Hector dAlgerie dans la valorisation du serum anti-scorpionique

Sampayo, Maria Antonia., 1994:
Toxic phytoplankton and toxicity for bivalve molluscs Fitoplancton toxico e toxicidade em moluscos bivalves

Eydal, A.; Gudfinnsson, H., 2006:
Toxic phytoplankton monitoring in connection with shellfish harvesting in 2005 Voktun eiturthorunga i tengslum vith nytingu skelfisks arith 2005

Puigserver, M.; Moya, G.; Ramon, G., 1999:
Toxic species Alexandrium minutum Halim bloom in Palma harbour Majorca Island, March 1999, relationship with environmental conditions Proliferacio de lespecies toxica Alexandrium minutum Halim en el Port de Palma Mallorca, marc 1999, relacio amb les caracteristiques del medi

Kulkarni, RS.; Rafiq, M., 1990:
Toxicity and acclimation studies in few freshwater fishes to some heavy metals cadmium, mercury and their combination

Bacchetta, R.; Bresciani, F.; Vailati, G., 1995:
Toxicity and alteration of Tubifex tubifex blanchardi by Paraquat Tossicita e alterazioni indotte dal Paraquat in Tubifex tubifex blanchardi

Hirt, L.M.; Domitrovic, H.A., 2002:
Toxicity and histopathological response in Cichlasoma dimerus Pisces, Cichlidae exposes to cadmium chloride in acute and subletal tests Toxicidad y respuesta histopatologica en Cichlasoma dimerus Pisces, Cichlidae expuestos a cloruro de cadmio en ensayos agudos y subletales

Hirt, L.M.; Domitrovic, H.A., 2002:
Toxicity and histopathological response in Cichlasoma dimerus Pisces, Cichlidae exposes to mercury dichloride in acute and sublethal tests Toxicidad y respuesta histopatologica en Cichlasoma dimerus Pisces, Cichlidae expuestos a bicloruro de mercurio en ensayos aqudos y subletales

Petcharat, J., 1991:
Toxicity of Bacillus sphaericus strain 2362 on Mansonia spp larvae Toxicity of Bacillus sphaericus strain 2362 on Mansonia spp larvae

Suresh, B.; Hiradhar, PK., 1990:
Toxicity of NaF on tail regeneration in gekkonid lizard Hemidactylus flaviviridis

Szwabowicz, K.; Miedzybrodzki, K.; Donigiewicz, K., 1957:
Toxicity of Tyroglyphus farinae for animals II Experiments on horses and sheep

Nagy, L.; Hiripi, L.; Kovacs, A.; Voros, L., 1998 :
Toxicity of cyanobacteria on common fish species of Lake Balaton Cianobakteriumok toxicitasanak vizgalata balatoni halakon

Guglielmone, A A.; Mangold, AJ.; Castelli, ME.; Suarez, VH.; Aguirre, DH.; Alcarez, E.; Cafrune, MM.; Cetra, B.; Fader, OW.; Luciani, CA.; Medus, PD.; Nava, S., 2006:
Toxicity of cypermethrin to Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus and diazinon to Haematobia irritans in Argentina Toxicidad in vitro de la cipermetrina para Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus Can y del diazinon para Haematobia irritans L en la Argentina

Amin, O.; Comoglio, L., 2002:
Toxicity of diesel-oil in the first larval stage of the southern king crab Lithodes santolla and false southern king crab Paralomis granulosa Toxicidad del petroleo diesel en el primer estadio larval de la centolla Lithodes santolla y del centollon Paralomis granulosa

Meinelt, T.; Schreckenbach, K.; Stuber, A.; Steinberg, C., 1997:
Toxicity of nitrite to fish Fischtoxizitat von Nitrit

Bashamohideen, M.; Sujatha, I.; Malla Reedy, P.; Philip, GH., 1990:
Toxicity of organophosphorus insecticides to the freshwater field crab, Oziotelphusa senex senex Fabricius

Domagala, T.; Serafinska, I., 1990:
Toxicity of pesticides for Aphidius matricariae Hal Hymenoptera, Aphidiidae

Silva, R.A.; Carvalho, G.A.; Carvalho, C.F.; Reis, P.R.; Pereira, A.M.R.; Cosme, L.V., 2005:
Toxicity of pesticides used in coffee crops to larvae of Chrysoperla externa Hagen Neuroptera Chrysopidae and their effects on subsequent stages of the predator Toxicidade de produtos fitossanitarios utilizados na cultura do cafeeiro a larvas de Chrysoperla externa Hagen Neuroptera Chrysopidae e efeitos sobre as fases subsequentes do desenvolvimento do predador

Giolo, F.P.nheiro.; Grutzmacher, A.D.onei.; Manzoni, C.G.ndri. da Roza Harter, W.; Castilhos, R.V.rgas.; Muller, C., 2007:
Toxicity of pesticides used in peach production on the egg parasitoids Trichogramma atopovirilia Oatman Platner, 1983 Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae Toxicidade de agrotoxicos utilizados na cultura do pessegueiro sobre o parasitoide de ovos Trichogramma atopovirilia Oatman Platner, 1983 Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae

Estrela, J.L.; Guedes, R.N.; Maltha, C.R.; Fazolin, M., 2003:
Toxicity of piperine amide analogs to larvae of Ascia monuste orseis Godart Lepidoptera Pieridae and Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae Toxicidade de amidas analogas a piperina a larvas de Ascia monuste orseis Godart Lepidoptera Pieridae e Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae

de Sousa Borges, D.; Buena de Moraes, M.M.ria; Alves-Junior, V.V.eira; Secretti, V.C.istina, 2005:
Toxicity of pollen and flowering secretions of Spathodea campanulata Bignoniaceae in African Apis mellifera Toxicidade do polen e secreoes florais de Spathodea campanulata Bignoniaceae em Apis mellifera Africanizada

Piatkowski, J.; Lukowicz, A., 1990:
Toxicity of some pesticides to predatory mite Amblyseius cucumeris Oud Acarina, Phytoseiidae

Shelke, SS.; Jadhav, LD.; Salunkhe, GN., 1990:
Toxicity of some vegetale oils/extracts to Chelomus blackburni Cam, an egg-larval parasite of Phthorimaea operculelca Zell

Popich, S.B.; Valdes, D.; Alvarez Bardon, A., 2005:
Toxicity of terpenoids from Cyrtocymura cincta Asteraceae on the life cycle of Spodoptera latifascia Lepidoptera Noctuidae Toxicidad de terpenoides de Cyrtocymura cincta Asteraceae sobre el ciclo de vida de Spodoptera latifascia Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Hsieh, C-S.; Tsai, H-J.; Yeh, J-Y.; Su, M-S., 1990:
Toxicity of three heavy metals to Penaeus penicillatus

Moraes, R.B.; Silva, M.L.isa P., 1995:
Toxicity of zinc in the mussel Perna perna Linne, 1758 Toxicidade do zinco ao mexilhao Perna perna Linne, 1758

Veltz-Balatre, Isabelle., 2000:
Toxicity studies of some pollutants from the Champagne-Ardenne area on a freshwater invertebrate Lubriculus variegatus Annelida, Oligochaeta Contribution a letude, chez un invertebre deau douce Lumbriculus Variegatus Annelide, Oligochete, de la toxicite de divers contaminants de lenvironnement champardennais

Sbrilli, G.; Bucci, M.; Brilli, L.; Gambassi, F., 1995:
Toxicity tests in industrial wastewaters control Utilizzazione di test di tossicita nel controllo degli scarichi industriali

Denker, E.; Lucker, T.; Buthe, A., 1999:
Toxicological analyses of roach Rutilus rutilus in the River Ise as a potential food ressource for the eurasian otter Lutra lutra, Eastern Lower Saxony, Germany Untersuchungen zur Schadstoffbelastung von Rotaugen Rutilus rutilus in der Ise als mogliche Nahrungsgrundlage des Fischotters Lutra lutra, Ost-Niedersachsen

Iannacone, J.; Ayala, H.; Roman, A., 2005:
Toxicological effects of four plants on corn borer Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky 1855 Coleoptera Curculionidae and on drugstore beetle Stegobium paniceum Linnaeus 1761 Coleoptera Anobiidae in Peru Efectos toxicologicos de cuatro plantas sobre el gorgojo del maiz Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky 1855 Coleoptera Curculionidae y sobre el gorgojo de las galletas Stegobium paniceum Linnaeus 1761 Coleoptera Anobiidae en Peru

Ghosh, TK., 1990:
Toxicological evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids on the fresh water fishes

Boock, MV.; Machado Neto, JG., 2000:
Toxicological studies of copper oxychloride for the red tilapia Oreochromis sp Estudos toxicologicos do oxicloreto de cobre para tilapia vermelha Oreochromis sp

Havron, A.; Rosen, D., 1990:
Toxicological test methods

Bonnet, M-S., 2002:
Toxicology of Trachinus draco greater weever fish La toxicologie de Trachinus draco la grande vive

Buczek, A.; Sodowska, H.; Baranska, E.; Pabis, B.; Pabis, A., 2000:
Toxicoses of ticks Acari Ixodida Toksykozy kleszczowe Acari Ixodida

L.B.rbera-Sanchez, A.; Gutierrez, M., 2001:
Toxigenic potential of Alexandrium sp Dinophyceae Gonyaulacaceae under different experimental conditions Potencial toxigenico de Alexandrium sp Dinophyceae Gonyaulacaceae en diferentes condiciones experimentales

Arzul, G.; Bodennec, G., 1997:
Toxinogenesis Toxinogenese

Nagel, P., 1990:
Toxische Metalle als mogliche Ursachen fur die Bestandsgefahrdung einer Flussperlmuschelpopulation Margaritifera margaritifera

de Valle Guardis, M.; Radman, N.E.; Burgos, L.; Fonrouge, R.D.; Archelli, S.M., 2002:
Toxocara canis larval migration and eosinophilia in the paratenic host Toxocara canis migracion larval y eosinofilia en el hospedador paratenico

Guimaraes, A.M.rcos; Alves, E.G.bellini Leonel de Rezende, G.F.rreira; Rodrigues, M.C.sta, 2005:
Toxocara sp eggs and Ancylostoma sp larva in public parks, Brazil Ovos de Toxocara sp e Iarvas de Ancylostoma sp em praca publica de Lavras, MG

Auer, H.; Aspock, H., 1998:
Toxocarosis research in Austria - results, problems and challenges Toxokarose-Forschung in Osterreich - Ergebnisse, Probleme, und Herausforderungen

Auer, H.; Aspoeck, H., 2002:
Toxocarosis ascarids of dogs and cats as sources of a broad spectrum of clinical pictures in man Toxokarosen Hundelspulwurm und Katzenspulwurm als Erreger einer Vielfalt von Erkrankungen des Menschen

Sornay, J., 1956:
Toxoceras gracilis dOrbigny 1840

Galuszka, J.; Slezak, D., 1962:
Toxoplasma antibodies in cattle in the Katowice province

Marobin, L.; Flores, M.L.vato; Rizzatti,; Segabinazi, S.D.ckel; Lagaggio, V.R.gina Albuquerque; Grigulo, M.; Scalco, M.A.riano, 2004:
Toxoplasma gondii antibodies prevalence in Rhea americana from several farms of Rio Grande do Sul State Prevalencia de anticorpos para Toxoplasma gondii em emas Rhea americana em diferentes criatorios do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul State

Gulden, W.J.I.; Van der.; Folkers, C., 1961:
Toxoplasma gondii in piglets in the Netherlands

Dlugonska, H.; Dytnerska, K., 2003:
Toxoplasma gondii proteom Proteom Toxoplasma gondii

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