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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38852

Chapter 38852 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gruner, S.A., 1915:
Trichinose des animaux sauvages, tenus au captivite

Toshtchev, A.P., 1963:
Trichinosis of fur-bearing animals in the Eastern Siberian zone

Boehme, W.; Schmitz, G., 2001:
Trichius Fabricius, 1775 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae a combined bumble-bee-wasp mimicry? Kombinierte Hummel-Wespen-Mimikry bei der Gattung Trichius Fabricius, 1775 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae?

Przewozny, Marek., 1999:
Trichius zonatus Germar, 1831 Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea - new localities of a rare beetle in Poland Trichius zonatus Germar, 1831 Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea - nowe stanowiska rzadkiego chrzaszcza w Polsce

Shikhobalova, N.P., 1954:
Tricho-cephalosis, epidemiology and immunity

Puetz, A., 2002:
Trichobyrrhulus zercheorum n sp - a new species of the genus Trichobyrrhulus Ganglbauer, 1902 from Span Col, Byrrhidae Trichobyrrhulus zercheorum n sp - eine neue Art der Gattung Trichobyrrhulus Gaglbauer, 1902 aus Spanien Col, Byrrhidae

Petrov, A.M.; Sadikhov, I.A., 1957:
Trichocephalus cuteasheni spec

Guenther, Hannes., 2004:
Trichocorixa verticalis verticalis Fieber, a Nearctic corixid in Europe Heteroptera Corixidae Trichocorixa verticalis verticalis Fieber, eine nearktische Ruderwanze in Europa Heteroptera Corixidae

Vinolas, A.; Maso, G., 2007:
Trichodesmina bicolor n sp of Anobiinae from South Africa Coleoptera Anobiidae Trichodesmina bicolor n sp of Afrika australeko Anobiinae berria Coleoptera Anobiidae

Brief, J., 2004:
Trichodina on Eudiaptomus - a crustacean with lice Trichodina auf Eudiaptomus - Ein Huepferling mit Laeusen

Kudentzova, R.A., 1977:
Trichodinosis in Huchs perryi

Pratissoli, D.; Polanczyk, R.A.tonio; Vianna, U.R.drigues; Andrade, G.S.ntos; Oliveira, R.G.ncalves dos Santos, 2006:
Trichogramma pratissolii Querino Zucchi Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae performance in Anagasta kuehniella Zeller Lepidoptera, Pyralidae eggs affected by Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner Desempenho de Trichogramma pratissolii Querino Zucchi Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae em ovos de Anagasta kuehniella Zeller Lepidoptera, Pyralidae sob efeito de Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner

Querino, R.B.; Zucchi, R.A., 2004:
Trichogramma species Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae collected in suction trap in forest reserve Especies de Trichogramma Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae coletadas em armadilha de succao em reserva florestal

Basso, C.; Pintureau, B., 2004:
Trichogramma species from Uruguay Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae Las especies de Trichogramma de Uruguay Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae

Kolmakova, V.D., 1971:
Trichogranuna and entobacterin usedagainst the codling moth

Hoelzel, H.; Monserrat, VJ., 2002:
Tricholeon relictus nov sp - a new European antlion Neuropterida Neuroptera Myrmeleontidae Tricholeon relictus nov sp - ein neuer europaeischer Ameisenloewe Neuropterida Neuroptera Myrmeleontidae

Teras, YuKh., 1973:
Trichomonas in man

Walochnik, J.; Aspoeck, H., 2002:
Trichomonas vaginalis - a parasite causing a venereal disease Trichomonas vaginalis - ein parasitaerer Erreger einer Geschlechtskrankheit

Karaman, U.; Atambay, M.; Aycan, O.M.; Daldal, N., 2004:
Trichomonas vaginalis in various environments and at different temperatures Trichomonas vaginalis in Cesitli Ortamlarda ve Farkli Isilarda Yasam Suresi

Bondareako, O.I., 1964:
Trichomoniases in hens and ducks

Ramsay, EC.; Drew, ML.; Johnson, B., 1990:
Trichomoniasis in a flock of budgerigars

Peter, R., 1958:
Trichomoniasis in children and virgins

Bos, A., 1942:
Trichomoniasis in pigeons and its control

Oettle, EE., 1990:
Trichomoniasis in wild raptors in the Cape Peninsula

Sidorov, N.E.; Korcemkin, A.M.; Kolesov, A.P., 1959:
Trichomoniasis of the genito-urinal organs of man

Prada-Pedreros, S.; Rivera-Rondon, C.A.berto; Guerrero-Kommritz, J., 2006:
Trichomycterus venulosus Steindachner, 1915 possible extint species from the Paramo de Cruz Verde Cundinamarca, Colombia Trichomycterus venulosus Steindachner, 1915 posible especie extinta del Paramo de Cruz Verde Cundinamarca, Colombia

Bravo, Freddy., 2001:
Trichomyia quatei, a new species of Psychodidae Diptera from northeastern of Brazil Trichomyia quatei Diptera, Psychodidae, uma nova especie do nordeste Brasileiro

Marchiori, CH.; Penteado-Dias, AM., 2001:
Trichopria anastraphae Costa Lima Hymenoptera Diapriidae parasitoid of Diptera, collect in wooded native area and at pasture in Itumbiara, Goias, Brazil Trichopria anastraphae Costa Lima Hymenoptera Diapriidae parasitoide de Diptera, coletada em area de mata nativa e pastagem em Itumbiara, Goias, Brasil

Monteiro, Marisa R. do Prado, Angelo P., 2000:
Trichopria sp Hymenoptera Diapriidae attacking pupae of Chrysomya putoria Wiedemann Diptera Calliphoridae in a poultry facility Ocorrencia de Trichopria sp Hymenoptera Diapriidae atacando pupas de Chrysomya putoria Wiedemann Diptera Calliphoridae na Granja

Marchiori, CH.; Oliviera, AT.; Linhares, AX., 2000:
Trichopria sp Hymenoptera Diapriidae parasitoids of Diptera Muscoidea Trichopria sp Hymenoptera Diapriidae parasitoides de Diptera Muscoidea

Koslowski, Ingo., 2004:
Trichopsis pumila - the pygmy gourami Trichopsis pumila - der kleine Knurrer

Konar, Martin., 1997:
Trichoptera caddis flies Trichopteren Kocherfliegen

Konar, Martin., 1998:
Trichoptera - light trap records from Roggbach and a comparison with other locations in Carinthia Trichopteren - Lichtfallenfang am Roggbach und ein Vergleich mit weiteren Standorten in Karnten

Konar, Martin., 2001:
Trichoptera - light trapping at four localities in Lower Carinthia Poertschach, Reifnitz, Walterskirchen and Bogenfeld near St Niklas Trichopteren - Lichtfallenfang an vier Standorten in Unterkaernten Poertschach, Reifnitz, Walterskirchen und Bogenfeld bei St Niklas

Peissner, T.; Kappus, B., 1998:
Trichoptera communities in the River Jagst Baden-Wurttemberg/Germany Zur Kocherfliegenfauna Insecta, Trichoptera der Jagst Baden-Wurttemberg

Neu, Peter J., 1998:
Trichoptera from Gonnersdorf Daun district Contributions to the insect fauna of Eifel villages 18 Kocherfliegen Trichoptera von Gonnersdorf Krs Daun Beitrage zur Insektenfauna der Eifeldorfer 18

Angrisano, Elisa B., 1997:
Trichoptera from Uruguay 3 Families Philopotamidae, Hydrobiosidae and Glossosomatidae Los Trichoptera del Uruguay 3 Families Philopotamidae, Hydrobiosidae y Glossosomatidae

Marten, M.; Fischer, F., 1998:
Trichoptera from light trap catches at the upper River Rhine, Baden-Wurttemberg - Part 1 Trichoptera Die Ergebnisse von Lichtfallenfangen am Oberrhein, Baden-Wurttemberg - Teil 1 Trichoptera

Szczesny, B., 2003:
Trichoptera of Mt Babia Gora western Carpathians Fauna chruscikow Trichoptera Babiej Gory Karpaty zachodnie

Ruiz, A.; Salamanca-Ocana, JC.; Ferreras-Romero, M., 2001:
Trichoptera of canutos from Los Alcornocales Natural Park southern Spain Fauna de tricopteros Insecta Trichoptera de cursos de agua que drenan canutos del Parque Natural Los Alcornocales sur de Espana

Medillin C., F.; Ramirez O., M.; Rincon, M.E.genia, 2004:
Trichoptera of he Santuario de Iguaque Boyaca, Colombia in relation to water quality Trichoptera del Santuario de Iguaque Boyaca, Colombia y su relation con la calidad del agua

Cianficconi, F.; Corallini, C.; Moretti, G.; Azara, C., 1996:
Trichoptera of small islands around Sardinia and of Gallura Larval symbionts Tricotteri delle piccole isole circumsarde e della Gallura Simbionti delle larve

Alecke, Christian., 1995:
Trichoptera studies in the catchment area of Ladberger Muhlenbach Munsterlander Tieflandbucht Trichopterenstudien im Einzugsgebiet des Ladberger Muhlenbaches Munsterlander Tieflandbucht

Cianficconi, F.; Corallini, C.; Tucciarelli, F., 2004 :
Trichopteran fauna of the Abruzzo Bilancio della Tricotterofauna dellAbruzzo

Moretti, G.; Cianficconi, F.; Campadelli, G.; Crudele, G., 1999:
Trichopteran fauna of the Appenines of Tuscany and Romagna Tricotterofauna dellAppennino Tosco Romagnolo II nota

Cianficconi, F.; Salerno, P.; Todini, B., 2001:
Trichopteran fauna of the Nestore river Umbria, PG Tricotterofauna del fiume Nestore Umbria, PG

Cianficconi, F.; Mazzerioli, S.; L.P.rta, G., 2004:
Trichopteran fauna of three tributaries of the upper river Tiber central Italy Trichoptera Tricotterofauna di tre affluenti dellalto corso del Fiume Tevere Trichoptera

Waringer, Johann., 1997:
Trichopterological contributions published in the journal Aquatic Insects Second part 1986 Volume 8 to 1996 Volume 18 Trichopterologische Beitrage in der Zeitschrift Aquatic Insects Teil 2 Zeitraum 1986 Band 8 bis 1996 Band 18, Heft 3

Duquef, Maurice., 1996:
Trichopteryx polycommata D S in Somme and Oise Lep Geometridae Larentiinae Trichopteryx polycommata D S dans la Somme et lOise Lep Geometridae Larentiinae

Diagne, M.; Diouf, M.; Lochouarn, L.; Bain, O., 2000:
Trichosomoides nasalis Biocca Aurizi, 1961 and T spratti n sp Nematoda Trichinelloidea, from the nasal cavity of murids Trichosomoides nasalis Biocca Aurizi, 1961 et T spratti nsp Nematoda Trichinelloidea, parasites des fosses nasales de murides

Dikov, G.I., 1961:
Trichostrongyella schulzi gen n, sp nov Nematoda Trichostrongylidae-a new species from the sheep

Travassos, L., 1920:
Trichostrongylidae brazileiros

Kamensky, W.K., 1932:
Trichostrongylidae of Turkmenistan sheep

Slimane, B.B.n.; Chabaud, A.G.; Durette-Desset, M.-Claude., 1996:
Trichostrongylina nematodes, parasites of amphibians reptiles taxonomic, phyletic and biogeographical problems Les nematodes Trichostrongylina parasites damphibiens et de reptiles problemes taxonomiques, phyletiques et biogeographiques

Eysker, M. de Goey, AA.; Grutters, EMJ., 1976:
Trichostrongylosis inhibition

Dikmans, G., 1930:
Trichostrongylus delicatus in cattle

Garilli, Vittorio., 2001:
Trichotropis borealis Broderip Sowerby, 1829 Mollusca, Gastropoda in the Pleistocenic section of Case Catarinicchia southwestern Sicily Segnalazione di Trichotropis borealis Broderip Sowerby, 1829 Mollusca Gastropoda nella sezione pleistocenica di Case Catarinicchia Sicilia sud occidentale

Oliveros, R.; Cutillas, C.; Guevara, D.C., 2002:
Trichuris ovis Abildgaard, 1795 Nematoda parasite of Ovis aries Linne, 1758 and Capra hircus Linne, 1758 Bibliographic review Trichuris ovis Abildgaard, 1795 Nematoda parasito de Ovis aries Linne, 1758 y Capra hircus Linne, 1758 Revision bibliografica

Zuchowska, Ewa., 1997:
Trichurosis in zoo mammals Trichurosis bei Saugetieren im Zoo

Radulescu, I., 1971:
Tricodinasis a frequent disease in aquarium fish

Nogueira, E.M.ria de Souza.; Freitas, L.M.nte. de Jesus, I.M.ria Lima.; Vieira, D.M.chado., 2003:
Tricolia Risso, 1826 Phasianellidae-Gastropoda-Mollusca on Paripueira Beach, on the coast of the State of Alagoas Tricolia Risso, 1826 Phasianellidae-Gastropoda-Mollusca na Praia de Paripueira, litoral Norte de Alagoas

Velter, Claude., 2003:
Tricolor a catastrophe without comparison Tricolor une catastrophe sans equivalent

Ruiz Garcia, Antonio., 2000:
Tricopteran communities Trichoptera of a running water of Cadiz province Comunidades de tricopteros Trichoptera de agua corriente en la Provincia de Cadiz

Telnov, D., 2003:
Trictenotomidae and Anthicidae Insecta Coleoptera of Himalaya and adjacent regions, part 1 Systematics, fauna, zoogeography Trictenotomidae und Anthicidae Insecta Coleoptera des Himalayas und angrenzender Regionen, Teil 1 Systematik, Faunistik, Zoogeographie

Fiedler, Werner., 2005:
Tridacna gigas The giant clam Tridacna gigas Grosse Riesenmuschel

Knop, Daniel., 1998:
Tridacna Giant molluscs Tridacna Riesenmuscheln

Mellema, M., 1977:
Tridacnidae-font shellsThe family with the largest species in the world

Azpelicueta, M. de las M., 1990:
Tridentopsis cahuali n sp Siluriformes, Trichomycteridae, a new miniature tridentine from Paraguay system, in Argentina

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2007:
Trigger fish Balistes carolinensis Gmelin, 1789 on West Coast beaches in 2006 Trekkervissen Balistes carolinensis Gmelin, 1789 op stranden van de Westkust in 2006

Rehfeld, Ursula., 1996:
Triggering factors for the dissociation of the skeleton and the cementation of the tissue in Jurassic Cretaceous opaline sponges Steuerungsfaktoren bei der Dissoziierung des Skelettes und der Zementation des Gewebes bei jurassischen und kretazischen Kieselschwammen

Fluegel, H., 2004:
Triglyphus primus Loew, 1840 Diptera, Syrphidae, an original hoverfly Triglyphus primus Loew, 1840 Diptera, Syrphidae, eine eigenwillige Zwerg-Schwebfliege

Stuart, R.M.kowiecky.; Lamas, C.; Pimentel, I.C.apaval., 2004:
Trigona sp as floral visitant and vector of fungal spores to guava Psidium guajava L Myrtaceae Trigona sp como visitante floral e vetor de esporos fungicos para goiabeira Psidium guajava L Myrtaceae

Boica, A.L.; Jr. dos Santos, T.M.; Passilongo, J., 2004:
Trigona spinipes Fabr Hymenoptera Apidae in passion fruit species seasonal fluctuation, visitation time and flower damage Trigona spinipes Fabr Hymenoptera Apidae em especies de maracujazeiro flutuacao populacional, horario de visitacao e danos as flores

Litschkow, B., 1912:
Trigonies mesozoiques de Manghychlak

Hoberg, EP., 1990:
Trigonocotyle sexitesticulae sp nov Eucestoda Tetrabothriidae a parasite of pygmy killer whale Feresa attenuata

Harter-Marques, B.; Truylio, B., 2003:
Trigonopedia Moure Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Tapinotaspidini first record for Rio Grande do Sul and description of a new species Trigonopedia Moure Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Tapinotaspidini primeiro registro no Rio Grande do Sul e descricao de uma especie nova

Gomez y Gomez, B.; Morales Morales, C.J., 2003:
Trigonopeltastes geometrica Schaum, 1841 in Chiapas, Mexico Coleoptera Melolonthidae Trichiinae Trigonopeltastes geometrica Schaum, 1841 en Chiapas, Mexico Coleoptera Melolonthidae Trichiinae

Reichenbach, Andreas., 1996:
Trigonophorus talpa spec nov from Thailand Insecta Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Cetoniinae Trigonophorus talpa spec nov von Thailand Insecta Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Cetoniinae

Mikhailova, N.A., 1969:
Trigonotylus ruficornis, in Bashkiria

Cherot, F., 1996:
Trigonotylus schmitzi sp n, a new Stenodemini from Burundi Heteroptera Miridae Trigonotylus schmitzi sp n, nouveau Stenodemini du Burundi Heteroptera Miridae

Neudecker, Thomas., 2000:
Trilateral catch limitations in brown shrimp fisheries - a chance for discard reduction besides economic benefits Fangmengenbegrenzungen in der Garnelenfischerei - eine Chance fur weitere Beifangreduzierungen

Marencic, H., 2003:
Trilateral monitoring and assessement program TMAP and salt marsh management Trilaterales Wattenmeermonitoring und Salzwiesenmanagement

Elkin, E.A., 1968:
Trilobita Dechenellidae and stratigraphy of the Lower and Middle Devonian of south-west Siberia

Khairullina, TI., 1964:
Trilobita from the early Cambrian of the Turkestan Mountains

Repina, LN., 1975:
Trilobita In Belyaeva, GV, Luchinina, VA, Nazarov, BB, Repina, LN Sobolev, LP In Belyaeva, GV, Luchinina, VA, Nazarov, BB, Repina, LN Sobolev, LP In Belyaeva, GV, Luchinina, VA, Nazarov, BB, Repina, LN Sobolev, LP In Belyaeva, GV, Luchinina, VA, Nazarov, BB, Repina, LN Sobolev, LP In Belyaeva, GV, Luchinina, VA, Nazarov, BB, Repina, LN Sobolev, LP In Belyaeva, GV, Luchinina, VA, Nazarov, BB, Repina, LN Sobolev, L

Acenolaza, G.F., 2003:
Trilobite - Rusophycus association in the Upper Tremadocian of northwestern Argentina Asociacion trilobites - Rusophycus en el Tramdociano Superior del noroeste argentino

Bruton, D.; Ed., 1971:
Trilobite News No 1

Lazarenko, N.P.; Nikiforov, H.I., 1968:
Trilobite assemblage from Upper Cambrian deposits of the R Kulyurne north-western Siberian Platform

Repina, LN., 1990:
Trilobite evolution during the first stages of historical development

Polkowsky, Stefan., 2001:
Trilobite records from the Geschiebe of Mecklenburg Mecklenburger Geschiebetrilobitenfunde

Mangano, M.; Gabriela.; Buatois, L.A.; Moya, M.; Cristina., 2001:
Trilobite trace fossils from the Mojotoro Formation Lower to Middle Ordovician of Salta, Argentina paleoecologic, paleobiologic and biostratigraphic implications Trazas fosiles de trilobites de la Formacion Mojotoro Ordovicico Inferior-Medio de Salta, Argentina implicancias paleoecologicas, paleobiologicas y bioestratigraficas

Apollonov, M.K., 1970:
Trilobite zones in the Ashgillian and the upper boundary of the Ordovician in Kazakhstan

Simak, C.D., 1967:
Trilobite, Dinosaur and Man-the earths story

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R., 1970:
Trilobiten aus dem Kohlenkalk von Sondern Rheinland

Haas, W., 1969:
Trilobiten aus dem Silur der Karnischen Alpen

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R., 1971:
Trilobiten aus dem unteren Teil dercrenistria-Zone Unter-Karbon, cu III1-2 des Rheinischen Schiefer-Gebirges

Vidal, Muriel., 1998:
Trilobites Asaphidae and Raphiophoridae from the Early Ordovician of the Anti-Atlas, Morocco Trilobites Asaphidae et Raphiophoridae de lOrdovicien inferieur de lAnti-Atlas, Maroc

Hoel, Ole A., 1998:
Trilobites - life and life habit 500 million years ago Trilobittene - liv og levned for 500 millioner ar siden

Tortello, MF.; Rao, RI., 2000:
Trilobites and conodonts from the Early Ordovician of the Angosto de Lampazar Salta province, Argentina Trilobites y conodontes del Ordovicico temprano del Angosto de Lampazar provincia de Salta, Argentina

Abdullaev, RN., 1970:
Trilobites and graptolites from the Ordovician of the Pskem Ridge

Koch, Lutz., 1997:
Trilobites from Ordovician of Sauerland and the Bergisch region Trilobiten aus dem sauerlandischen und bergischen Ordovizium

Ramovs, Anton., 1999:
Trilobites from Slovenia Trilobiten aus Slowenien

Schoening, Heinrich., 2002:
Trilobites from glacial erratic boulders in the Laerheide District of Osnabrueck - 1 Cambrian trilobites Trilobiten aus Geschieben des Kies-Sand-Rueckens in der Laerheide Landkreis Osnabrueck - 1 Kambrische Trilobiten

Tortello, MF.; Rabano, I.; Rao, RI.; Acenolaza, FG., 1999:
Trilobites from the Cambrian-Ordovician transition of the Amarilla creek Sierra de Cajas, Jujuy, Argentina Los trilobites de la transicion Cambrico-Ordovicico en la quebrada Amarilla Sierra de Cajas, Jujuy, Argentina

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R.; Mueller, P., 2000:
Trilobites from the Carboniferous of Cima di Plotta Carnic Alps, N-Italy Trilobniten aus dem Karbon von Cima di Plotta Karnische Alpen, N-Italien

Basse, Martin., 2000:
Trilobites from the Eifelian Eifel-Trilobiten

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R.; Mueller, P., 2003:
Trilobites from the Erdbacher Kalke Lower Carboniferous from Steeden in Hesse - part 2 Trilobiten aus den Erdbacher Kalken Unter - Karbon von Steeden in Hessen - Teil 2

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R.; Muller, P., 1998:
Trilobites from the Erdbacher Kalke Lower Carboniferous of Steeden in Hesse Trilobiten aus den Erdbacher Kalken Unter-Karbon von Steeden in Hessen

Kim, I.S., 1997:
Trilobites from the Greifenstein limestone (transition Lower-Middle Devonian) - Trilobiten aus dem Greifensteiner Kalk (Grenzbereich Unter-Mittel Devon)

Repina, L.N., 1966:
Trilobites from the Lower Cambrian of Southern Siberia Superfamily Redlichioidea Part 1

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R.; Korn, D., 2004:
Trilobites from the Lower Carboniferous of Algeria Trilobiten aus dem Unter-Karbon Algeriens

Basse, Martin., 1998:
Trilobites from the Lower Devonian of north Spain Trilobiten aus dem Unterdevon Nordspaniens

Schraut, Gunnar., 2000:
Trilobites from the Lower Devonian of the south-eastern Anti-Atlas system, south Morocco Trilobiten aus dem Unter-Devon des sudostlichen Anti-Atlas, Sud-Marokko

Schraut, Gunnar., 1998:
Trilobites from the Lower Devonian of the southern part of the Antiatlas Morocco - their significance for the stratigraphical correlation of the Rhenish and the Hercynian facies Trilobiten aus dem Unter-Devon des sudlichen Antiatlas Marokko - ihre Bedeutung fur die zeitliche Korrelation zwischen Rheinischer und Herzynischer Fazies

Koch, L.; Lemke, U., 1996:
Trilobites from the Lower Tonschiefer Early Llanvirnian, Ordovician from Kiesbert Ebbe anticline, Rhenish Massif Trilobiten aus dem Unteren Tonschiefer Unteres Llanvirn, Ordovizium von Kiesbert Ebbe-Sattel, Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Koch, L.; Lemke, U., 1997:
Trilobites from the Lower Tonschiefer Llanvirnian, Ordovician of Wupperhof Remscheider anticline, Rhenish Massif Trilobiten aus dem Unteren Tonschiefer Llanvirn, Ordovizium von Wupperhof Remscheider Sattel, Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Buchholz, Alfred., 1997:
Trilobites from the Middle Cambrian geschiebe of Mecklenburg and Vorpommern North Germany Trilobiten mittelkambrischer Geschiebe aus Mecklenburg und Vorpommern Norddeutschland

Basse, M.; Lemke, U., 1996:
Trilobites from the Middle Givetian Middle Devonian of the northern Rechtsrheinischen Schiefergebirge Trilobiten aus mittlerem Givetium Mittel-Devon des nordlichen Rechtsrheinischen Schiefergebirges

Balashova, E.A., 1966:
Trilobites from the Ordovician and Silurian Beds of Pamir

Vaccari, Norberto Emilio., 2003:
Trilobites from the San Juan Formation, Argentine Precordillera Pliomeridae Raymond, 1913 Trilobites de la Formacion San Juan, Precordillera Argentina Pliomeridae Raymond, 1913

Santel, Winfried., 2001:
Trilobites from the Silurian of the Carnic Alps/Austria Part I Trilobiten aus dem Silur der Karnischen Alpen/Oesterreich Teil I

Tortello, M.F.; Peralta, SH., 2004:
Trilobites from the lower member of the Gualcamayo Formation Early Llanvirn in the cerro La Chilca, San Juan Precordillera, Argentina Trilobites del miembro inferior de la Formacion Gualcamayo Llanvirniano temprano en el cerro La Chilca, Precordillera de San Juan, Argentina

Basse, M.; Muller, P., 2000:
Trilobites from the middle of the Devonian in the Rhenohercynian 4 Illaenula struvei n sp from the Wissenbach shales of the Dill syncline Trilobiten aus mittlerem Devon des Rhenohercynikums 4 Illaenula struvei n sp aus Wissenbach-Schiefern der Dill-Mulde

Hahn, G.; Brauckmann, C.; Weyer, D., 2003:
Trilobites from the upper Lower Carboniferous of Magdeburg Trilobiten aus dem hoeheren Unterkarbon von Magdeburg

Bognibova, R.T.K.ptev, I.I.M.khailova, L.M.; Poletaeva, O.K.; Romanenko, E.V.; Romanenko, M.F.S.mashko, A.K.T.mashpolskaya, V.D.F.dyanina, E.S.; Chernysheva, N.E., 1971:
Trilobites of Amginsk age of the Altai-Sayan region

Pokrovskaya, N.V.; Chernysheva, N.E., 1968:
Trilobites of Cambrian period and conclusions

Becq-Giraudon, J.-Francois.; Pillevuit, A., 1995:
Trilobites of Upper Permian from Northern Oman Trilobites du Permien superieur Murghabien/Midien du Nord de lOman

Vela, Joan A., 2002:
Trilobites of Utah USA Trilobites de Utah USA

Flick, Ulrich., 1996:
Trilobites of the Barrandian Findings of the VFMG conference in Prague 1994 Trilobiten aus dem Barrandium Funde von der VFMG-Tagung in Prag 1994

Repina, L.N., 1958:
Trilobites of the Bazaikh horizon

Egorova, L.I., 1970:
Trilobites of the Cambrian from the eastern Siberian Platform and their facies adaptations

Arbizu Senosia, Miguel., 2001:
Trilobites of the Cantabrian cordillera and geological events Trilobites de la cordillera Cantabrica y eventos geologicos

Basse, M.; Mueller, P., 2004:
Trilobites of the Eifel region III Corynexochida, Proetida 2, Harpetida, Phacopida 2, Lichida Eifel-Trilobiten III Corynexochida, Proetida 2, Harpetida, Phacopida 2, Lichida

Basse, Martin., 2004:
Trilobites of the Eifel region 1 Proetida Eifel-Trilobiten 1 Proetida

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R.; Mueller, P., 2001:
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Triloculina hemisphaerica Terquem 1882

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Triloculina oviformis Terquem 1882

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Triloculina propinqua Terquem 1882

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Triloculina triquetra Terquem 1882

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Triloculina tumida Terquem 1882

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Trimeresurus Asiatic lance-head snakes 1 Trimeresurus groene boomadders 1

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Trimma sp - a dwarf in the mini reef aquarium Trimma sp - ein Zwerg im Mini-Riffaquarium

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Trip to Chios Greece Voyage a Chios Grece

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Trip to a fragrant island Collections on Mayotte Voyage a lile aux parfums Une collecte a Mayotte

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Trip to the Malacological Orient Observations in Lykien 1837/2001 Reisen in das Morgenland Malakologische Beobachtungen in Lykien 1837/2001

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Triphoridae de la Mer Rouge

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Triplasta coxalis Ashmead Hymenoptera Figitidae Eucoilinae as a parasitoid of Palaeosepsis spp Diptera Sepsidae in buffalo dung at Itumbiara, Goias, Brazil Triplasta coxalis Ashmead Hymenoptera Figitidae Eucoilinae como parasitoide de Palaeosepsis spp Diptera Sepsidae em fezes de bufalos em Itumbiara, Goias, Brasil

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Triplax rufipes F Coleoptera, Erotylidae - new species for the Benelux fauna - and observation of Sitaris muralis Forst Coleoptera, Meloidae in Luxembourg Triplax rufipes F Coleoptera, Erotylidae - espece nouvelle pour la faune du Benelux - et observation de Sitaris muralis Forst Coleoptera, Meloidae au Luxembourg

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Trisetacus piceae Roiv Acarina, Eriophyoidea - pests of Norway Spruce

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Trissolcus species Hym Scelionidae, parasitoids on the eggs of Sunn pest Eurygaster spp Het Scutelleridae, across Turkiye Turkiye Sune Eurygaster spp Het Scutelleridae yumurta parazitoidi Trissolcus Hym Scelionidae turleri

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Tristan da Cunha a bird paradise in the middle of nowhere Tristan da Cunha ett fagelparadis mitt i ingenstans

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