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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38866

Chapter 38866 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

da Silva Mendes, A.L.iz.; Lima Pinheiro, N.; Rezende Ribeiro, V.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues., 1998:
Ultrastructural study of the pharynx in Anocentor nitens Neumann, 1897 Acari Ixodidae Estudo ultraestrutural da faringe de Anocentor nitens Neumann, 1897 Acari Ixodidae

Azzouna, A.; Rezig, M., 2001:
Ultrastructural study of the sinus gland of the shrimp Palaemonetes mesogenitor Sollaud, 1912 Etude ultrastructurale de la glande du sinus de la crevette Palaemonetes mesogenitor Sollaud, 1912

L.A.xing.; Kong Fanyao.; Suo Xun.; Yin Peiyun., 1990:
Ultrastructural study on schizonts, merozoites and macrogamonts of Wenyonella philiplevinei in the goblet cells of the intestinal epithelium of experimentally infected Pekin duck

Desantis, S.; Labate, M.; Maiorano, P.; Labate, GM., 2001:
Ultrastructural study on the androgenic gland of Aristeus antennatus Ultrastruttura della ghiandola androgenica di Aristeus antennatus

Pajetta, R.; Pirone, A.; Serena, F.; Fabiani, O., 2003:
Ultrastructural study on the oogenesis of the teleostean fish Merluccius merluccius Osteichthyes, Merluccidae Studio istologico e ultrastrutturale sulloogenesi di Merluccius merluccius Osteichthyes, Merluccidae

Belhocine, M.; Malaprade-Baudoin, D.; Gernigon-Spychalowicz, T., 2001:
Ultrastructural study on the testicular cycle of the Libyan jird, a nocturnal rodent Etude ultrastructurale du cycle testiculaire du Merion de Libye Meriones libycus

Meyer, R.; Bartolomaeus, T., 1997:
Ultrastructure and morphogenesis of the hooked bristles of Psammodrilus balanoglossoides - significance for the taxonomic position of Psammodrilida Annelida Ultrastruktur und Morphogenese der Hakenborsten bei Psammodrilus balanoglossoides - Bedeutung fur die Stellung der Psammodrilida Annelida

Kohring, Rolf., 1995:
Ultrastructure and preservational conditions of fossil crocodilian eggshells from the Geiseltal Middle Eocene Ultrastrukturen und Erhaltungsbedingungen fossiler Krokodil-Eischalen aus dem Geiseltal Mitteleozan

Schleich, HH.; Gassner, P.; Maskey, TM., 1994:
Ultrastructure and variability of the egg shell of Gavialis gangeticus Gmelin, 1789 Crocodylia Gavialidae Ultrastrukturen und Variabilitat der Eischalen von Gavialis gangeticus Gmelin, 1789 Crocodylia Gavialidae

Dubois, P.; Hayt, S., 1990:
Ultrastructure des ossicules dechinodermes a stereome non perfore

Henry, M.; Boucaud-Camou, E.; Donadey, C.; Sarremejeanne, M., 1990:
Ultrastructure et cytochimie des cellules stomacales du mollusque bivalve Pecten maximus L

Bartolomaeus, Thomas., 1995:
Ultrastructure of Psammodrilus balanoglossoides hypotheses on the position of the Psammodrilida within the Annelida Zur Ultrastruktur von Psammodrilus balanoglossoides Hypothesen zur Stellung der Psammodrilida innerhalb der Annelida

Chiang, RG.; Chiang, JA.; Davey, KG., 1990:
Ultrastructure of a sensory receptor in the abdominal body wall of Rhodnius prolixus

Guerino, Adriane Cristina. da Cruz-Landim, Carminda., 2002:
Ultrastructure of abdominal tegumentar glands in Oxaea flavescens Hymenoptera, Andrenidae, Oxaeinae Ultra-estrutura de glandulas abdominais tegumentares em Oxaea flavescens Hymenoptera, Andrenidae, Oxaeinae

Basurmanova, O.K., 1971:
Ultrastructure of insect optic centres

Panin, VYa.; Nesterenko, LT.; Fedoseenko, VM., 1990:
Ultrastructure of intestinal epithelium of Opisthioglyphe ranae Froelich, 1871

Starnecker, G.; Burret, M., 1998:
Ultrastructure of larvae and pupae of two butterflies at the attachment to the pupation site Feinstrukturen der Raupen und Puppen zweier Tagfalter zur Befestigung am Verpuppungsplatz

Sokolov, VE.; Basurmanova, OK., 1990:
Ultrastructure of oil glands in the subcaudal gland of Dosmana moschata L

Portela de Oliveira, P.S.rgio.; Vieira Bueno, M.L.cia.; Araujo Correa, A.M.ria., 1999:
Ultrastructure of oocytes of monoablated female of Penaeus penicillatus Alcock, 1905, at different maturation stages Ultra-estrutura de ovocitos de femeas monoabladas de Penaeus penicillatus Alcock, 1905, em diferentes fases de maturacao

Aisenstadt, TB.; Dettlaf, TA., 1972:
Ultrastructure of oocytes of the Caspian sturgeon Acipenser stellatus during maturation l Annulate lamellae and the Golgi complex

Fausto, A.M.ria.; Khoury, C.; Maroli, M.; Mazzini, M., 1994:
Ultrastructure of ovarian development in Phlebotomus perniciosus Newstead Diptera Psychodidae Analisi ultrastrutturale dello sviluppo ovarico in Phlebotomus perniciosus Newstead Diptera Psychodidae

Satoh, Y.; Yamano, M.; Matsuda, M.; Ono, K., 1990:
Ultrastructure of Paneth cells in the intestine of various mammals

Matos, E.; Azevedo, C.; Corral, L.; Casal, G.; Matos, P., 1999:
Ultrastructure of protozoan parasites of fishes of the Amazon region Ultraestrutura de protozoarios parasitas de peixes da regiao Amazonica

Justine, J., 2003:
Ultrastructure of sperm and phylogeny of Neodermata Ultrastructure des spermatozoides et phylogenie des Neodermata

Matos, E.; Matos, P.; Corral, L.; Azevedo, C., 2000:
Ultrastructure of spermatozoon of the crab Ucides cordatus Linaeus Crustacea, Decapoda of the northern littoral of Brazil Ultraestrutura do espermatozoide de Ucides cordatus Linnaeus Crustacea, Ocypodidae do litoral norte do Brasil

Estecondo, S.; Galindez, E.J.; Casanave, E.B., 2000:
Ultrastructure of sudoriparous acini of pelvian glands of Chaetophractus villosus Mammalia, Dasypodidae Ultraestructura de los acinos sudoriparos de las glandulas pelvianas de Chaetophractus villosus Mammalia, Dasypodidae

de Vos, L.; Deligne, J., 2001:
Ultrastructure of the Malpighian system of Microcerotermes Insecta Isoptera Ultrastructure du Systeme Malpighien de Microcerotermes Insecta Isoptera

Thinh, L-V.; Griffiths, DJ., 1990:
Ultrastructure of the algal symbiont associated with the gorgonian coral Rumphella aggregata from Darwin Harbour, northern Australia