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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38873

Chapter 38873 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

de Castro, P.F.rreira; Matera, J.M.ria; Fantoni, D.T.bachi; Guimaraes, M.B.ito, 2004: Use of intramedullary steel pin to repair fractures of the long bones in psittacines arara-azul Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, arara-caninde Ara ararauna and papagaio-verdadeiro Amazona aestiva Uso de pino de aco intramedular na reparacao de fraturas de ossos longos em psitacideos arara-azul Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, arara-caninde Ara ararauna e papagaio-verdadeiro Amazona aestiva

Vasconcellos, C.H.lena de Carvalho; Marsico Filho, F.; Gomez Segura, I.A.varez; Nascimento, P.R.berto Loureiro do; Monteiro, R.V.rissimo, 2000: Use of isoflurane in capuchin monkeys Cebus apella - Cebidae, Primata Utilizacao do isoflurano em macacos-prego Cebus apella - Cebidae, Primata

Pedrosa, N.; Santos-Reis, M.; Vasconcelos, L., 2004: Use of large dams in Alentejo O uso de grandes barragens pela lontra no Alentejo

Balmori, Alfonso., 2000: Use of light intensifiers for the study of amphibians Utilizacion de intensificadores de luz para el estudio de anfibios

Krone, A..; Kuhnel, K.-Detlef., 1997: Use of light traps for the capture of newts and amphibian larvae Erfahrungen mit dem Einsatz von Lichtfallen beim Nachweis von Molchen und Amphibienlarven

Ensign, W.E.; Angermeier, P.L.; Dolloff, C.; Andrew., 1995: Use of line transect methods to estimate abundance of benthic stream fishes

Arriaga Haro, V.M.; R.A.aujo, A.D.nisse., 1997: Use of live and inert microalgae as feed for Artemia franciscana Anostraca Artemiidae Uso de microalgas vivas e inertes como alimento para Artemia franciscana Anostraca Artemiidae

Smith, DR.; Hurst, GA.; Burk, JD.; Leopold, BD.; Melchiors, MA., 1990: Use of loblolly pine plantations by wild turkey hens in east-central Mississippi

Gastanaga, M.; Bennett Hennessey, A., 2005: Use of local information for reevaluating the population of Pauxi unicornis in Peru Uso de informacion local para reevaluar la poblacion de Pauxi unicornis en Peru

Poncet, J.-Marc.; Serpentini, A..; Boucaud-Camou, E..; Lebel, J.-Marc., 2003: Use of mantle cell primary cultures from abalone Haliotis tuberculata to study in vitro extracellular matrix synthesis and biomineralization Utilisation de cultures primaires de cellules de manteau dormeau Haliotis tuberculata pour letude de la synthese in vitro de la matrice extracellulaire et de la biomineralisation

Zubko, V.H.; Dariush, N.S.S.ldatova, N.V., 1977: Use of mentor in the behavioural development of young elands in the process of domestication in the zoo Askaniya-Nova 143145

Baker, FC.; Reuter, CC.; Tsai, LW.; Brindle, PA.; Richard, DS.; Tobe, SS.; Schooley, DA., 1990: Use of microderivatization techniques in combination with thin-layer chromatography, liquid chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for investigation of juvenile hormones and related compounds

Martinet, C.; L.G.t, Y.; Lafargue, I.; Detot, I.; Bruchet, P., 1997: Use of model in control of codling moth populations Observations sur la levee doligopause du carpocapse des pommes Cydia pomonella L

Martinet, C.; Speich, P., 1997: Use of model in control of codling moth populations Utilisation dun modele dans la maitrise des populations de carpocapse des pommes Cydia pomonella L

Ristori, C.A.turiano.; Rowlands, R.E.tela Gravato.; Jakabi, M..; Gelli, D.S.ala.; Scola, M.C.. de Gaspari, E.N., 2006: Use of monoclonal antibody for detecting Vibrio cholerae O1 in oysters by means of agglutination test Deteccao de Vibrio cholerae O1 em ostras utilizando anticorpo monoclonal em ensaio de aglutinacao

Meunier, F..; Fichet, X..; Verheyden, C.., 2001: Use of motorway verges by raptors at different spatial and temporal scales Utilisation des emprises autoroutieres par les rapaces diurnes a differentes echelles spatiales et temporelles

Dolinski, C.; Moino, A.J., 2006: Use of native and exotic entomopathogenic nematodes the risk of introductions Utilizacao de Nematoides Entomopatogenicos Nativos ou Exoticos O Perigo das Introducoes

Cuesta, A.; Ortuno, J.; Rodriguez, A.; Esteban, MA.; Meseguer, J., 2002: Use of natural substances vitamins and chitin to modulate response to viral or protozoan infections and tumors in farmed gilthead seabream Sparus auratus L, 1758 Aplicacion de sustancias naturales vitaminas y quitina para modular la capacidad de respuesta a infecciones viricas o protozoarias y frente a tumores de doradas Sparus auratus L, 1758 cultivadas

Sacchi, R..; Galeotti, P..; Boccola, S..; Baccalini, F.., 2003: Use of nest boxes by the tawny owls Strix aluco of Monza park Utilizzo di cassette nido da parte dellAllocco Strix aluco nel Parco di Monza MI

Schwaab, F., 2002: Use of nest boxes in a chiropterological study since 1994 in the Romersberg forest Moselle Utilisation des nichoirs dans letude chiropterologique menee depuis 1994 en foret de Romersberg Moselle

Vidal, E..; Bonnet, V.., 1997: Use of nest materials by yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans impact on the breeding colonies vegetation Utilisation des materiaux de nidification par le goeland leucophee Larus cachinnans Impact sur la vegetation dans les colonies

Brotons, L., 2001: Use of nest-boxes by the coal tit Parus ater a comparison with natural cavities Utilitzacio de caixes niu per la mallerenga petita Parus ater comparacio amb cavitats naturals

Yurlov, KT.; Sagitov, RA.; Yurlov, AK., 1977: Use of nets in the capture of nestling blackheaded gulls for the study of life history and for ringing

Vila, C.; Ayuso, A., 2002: Use of non invasive methods for estimating the population size of the wolf Canis lupus Uso de metodos no invasivos para estimar el tamano de la poblacion de lobos Canis lupus

Bondarenko, VM.; Gavrilov, EN.; Tarasov, SP., 1990: Use of parametric transducers for wideband measurements of fish target strength

Faber, Helmut., 1997: Use of passive integrated transponders as individual tags for alpine newts Triturus alpestris in the field Der Einsatz von passiven integrierten Transpondern zur individuellen Markierung von Bergmolchen Triturus alpestris im Freiland

Manankina, EE.; Roshchina, NN., 1990: Use of peat extracts in rearing Daphnia

Resende, D.C.aves.; Soares Junior,; Pedrosa, P.M.chado.; Juliao, G.R.boucas.; Tello, P.G.rcia., 2002: Use of permanent and temporary pools by Rivulus compressus Osteichthyes; Cyprinodontiformes of A Ducke forest reserve, central Amazonia Uso de pocas permanentes e temporarias por Rivulus compressus Osteichthyes; Cyprinodontiformes na Reserva Florestal A Ducke, Amazonia Central

Ibragimov, H.Z., 1953: Use of phenothiazine in strongyle and Parascaris infections of donkeys

Gieselmann, MJ.; Rice, RE., 1990: Use of pheromone traps

Centili, D..; Fasano, S..; D'Amicis, B..; Catoni, C..; Carsughi, M.., 2003: Use of playback for the capture of the scops owl Otus scops during post breeding migration Uso del playback per la cattura dellAssiolo Otus scops durante la migrazione post-riproduttiva

Harry, M..; Robin, S..; Lachaise, D.., 1998: Use of polymorphic genetic markers RAPDs in evolutionary and applied entomology Lutilisation de marqueurs genetiques polymorphes RAPDs en entomologie evolutive et appliquee

Goumissi, CC., 1990: Use of predatory mites Acarina Phytoseiidae fro the biological control of spider mites in glasshouses

L.Gioia, Giuseppe., 2001: Use of recoveries data of aquatic birds for the formulation of management hypotheses for the wetland zone of le Cesine Lecce Utilizzo dei dati di ripresa di uccelli acquatici per la formulazione di ipotesi di gestione della zona umida le Cesine Lecce

Hochleithner, M.; Hochleithner, C.., 1995: Use of rigid endoscopes in avian patients Klinischer Einsatz starrer Endoskope beim Vogelpatienten

Henrioux, Fabienne., 2000: Use of roost sites by the long-eared owl Asio otus in Basse-Broye region Utilisation des perchoirs diurnes par le hibou moyen-duc Asio otus dans la region de la Basse-Broye cantons de Vaud et de Fribourg

Perez-Hurtado, A..; Hortas, F..; Arroyo, G.M.noz.; Masero, J.A.tonio., 1997: Use of salines and fish ponds by waders Utilizacion de salinas y cultivos piscicolas por limicolas

Naves, J.; Fernandez, A.; Gaona, JF.; Nores, C., 1996: Use of self-activating cameras to collect faunistic information Uso de cameras automaticas para la recogida de informacion faunistica

Elser, Paul., 1999: Use of semi-natural substrates for the investigation of disturbance phenomena in streams under model conditions Einsatz seminaturlicher Besiedlungskorper zur modellhaften Untersuchung naturlicher Storungen in Fliessgewassern

Peverieri, G.S.bbatini.; Tiberi, R..; Triggiani, O..; Tarasco, E.., 2006: Use of semiochemicals to monitor and control Tomicus destuens Woll Coleoptera Scolytiidae in the regions of Tuscany and Apulia Impiego di semiochimici nel monitoraggio e nel controllo di Tomicus destruens Woll Coleoptera Scolytidae in Toscana e in Puglia

Serrao, J.E. da Silva, M..; Sousa-Silva, C.R.; Pacheco, J.M., 1997: Use of serology to identify predators of Orphulella punctata De Geer Orthoptera Acrididae Uso de serologia na identificacao de predadores de Orphulella punctata De Geer Orthoptera Acrididae

Batisse, Florent., 2006: Use of shells by the peoples of the South Sea Islands Lutilisation des coquillages par les peuples oceaniens

Nummi, P..; Pienmunne, E..; Haapanen, P.., 1999: Use of small artificial flowages as duck habitat management practice Pienet tulva-altaat sorsien poikueymparistojen hoidossa

Lavov, M.T., 1971: Use of soil-zoological complexes of themezo fauna in the diagnosis of coniferous biocoenoses or forests type

Barataud, M., 2005: Use of south-Alps landscape by hunting bats Frequentation des paysages sud-alpins par des chiropteres en activite de chasse

Lett, J.-Michel.; Guyomarc'h, J.-Charles.; Boutin, J.-Marie., 2001: Use of space by breeding female in the little bustard Tetrax tetrax Occupation de lespace par les femelles reproductrices chez loutarde canepetiere Tetrax tetrax Consequences sur les mesures damenagement de lhabitat

Morales, JJ.; Peris, S.; Pedraza, E., 2000: Use of specific overpasses by the fauna and related mortality in a water canal on the moorlands of Guardo Palencia province, north of Spain Utilizacion de pasos especificos de fauna y mortandad asociada en un canal de los paramos del norte de Espana Guardo, Palencia

Kutikova, L.A., 1967: Use of stroboscopic effect in morpho-physiological study of Rotifers

Graipel, M.E.; Glock, L.., 2003: Use of systems for determining time of capture of small mammals Uso de sistemas para determinacao do horario de captura de pequenos mamiferos

Cartagena, M.C., 2002: Use of tenebrionid beetles Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae for estimating the conservation status of Mediterranean islands Medida del estado de conservacion de los ecosistemas insulares a traves de la utilization de los coleopteros tenebrionidos Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Fabrezi, Marissa., 1996: Use of terminal phalanges in the classification of Anura Las falanges terminales en la clasificacion de los anuros

Boileau, N.; Delelis, N.; Hoede, C., 2006: Use of territory and habitat selection of breeding kestrel Falco tinnunculus Utilisation de lhabitat et de lespace par le faucon crecerelle Falco tinnunculus en periode de reproduction

Babiloni, G..; Fajardo, I..; Mayne, J.., 1995: Use of territory by raptors in the woodland parks of the citys outskirts Rapaces condenadas a soportar la presencia humana

Bruggemann, R.; Schwaiger, J.; Negele, RD., 1996: Use of the Hasse diagram technique in the evaluation of test data Anwendung der Hassediagrammtechnik zur Bewertung von Wirkdaten

Veling, Kars., 1998: Use of the Red List of butterflies Toepassen Rode Lijst bij dagvlinders

Ferrari, S.; D.B.asi, AM.; Pacciardi, L.; Fabi, G.; Puletti, M., 2004: Use of the bioindicator Mytilus galloprovincialis in the evaluation of heavy metal concentrations near a gas-platform Impiego del bioindicatore Mytilus galloprovincialis per la valutazione dei livelli di metalli pesanti nei pressi di una piattaforma di estrazione di gas-metano

Fargette, M.; Braaksma, R., 1990: Use of the esterase phenotype in the taxonomy of the genus Meloidogyne 3 A study of some B race lines and their taxonomic position

Arnold, C..; Sengonca, C.., 2001: Use of the fluorescent vital dye Acridinorange as an internal marker to investigate the exact larval stage of parasitation of Pulvinaria regalis Canard Hom, Coccidae by two parasitic wasps Ermittlung des exakten Parasitierungsstadiums von Nymphen der Wolligen Napf-schildlaus Pulvinaris regalis Canard Hom; Coccidae durch Schlupfwespenarten mit Hilfe des internen Markierungsfarbstoffes Acridinorange

Samb, B..; Petitgas, P.., 1997: Use of the geostatistical one-dimensional transitive method in analysing Senegalese acoustic surveys Estimation de la precision des campagnes acoustiques au Senegal par la methode geostatistique transitive a une dimension

Ruiz Lopez, N.; Garcia, GL.; Reyes Lopez, J., 1999: Use of the holm oak tree for the P pygmaea ant in order to be sheltered before unfavorable means Uso de la encina Quercus ilex spp ballota por la hormiga Plagiolepis pygmaea Hymenoptera Formicidae como refugio ante medios desfavorables

Pierallini, R., 2005: Use of the identification key of bats Chiroptera from Switzerland based on hair structure for hairs contained in bat guano and identification of new roosts Utilizzo della chiave di determinazione dei peli dei Chirotteri Chiroptera della Svizzera per lanalisi di peli contenuti in campioni di sterco e identificazione di nuovi rifugi

Carvajal, J.; Mellado, A., 2007: Use of the larval morphology in the elucidation of the taxonomy of tetraphyllidean merocercoids belonging to the genus Rhodobothrium present in mollusks Utilizacion de la morfologia de las larvas merocercoides presentes en moluscos, en la dilucidacion de la taxonomia de las especies de Rhodobothrium Cestoda Tetraphyllidea

Hatt, J-M.; Not Schlaepfer, I. von Wethern, CJ., 2001: Use of the maxillofacial mini-plate compact 10 for the repair of a distal fracture of the tibiotarsus in an African grey parrot Psittacus erithacus A case report Verwendung der maxillofazialen Miniplatte Compact 10 zur Behandlung einer distalen Tibiotarsusfraktur bei einem Afrikanischen Graupapagei Psittacus erithacus Ein Fallbericht

Amadio, M., 2005: Use of the ptilochronology as an indicator of habitat quality for birds the case of starling Sturnus vulgaris in the city of Rome Uso della ptilocronologia come indicatore della qualita dellhabitat negli uccelli il caso dello storno Sturnus vulgaris nella citta di Roma

Gelli, F.; Savorelli, F.; Floris, B.; Roncarati, A.; Pregnolato, L.; Trentini, PL.; Pantaleoni, L.; Conti, D.; Bellaria, V., 2005: Use of the sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax, L as biological target in toxicity and bioconcentration tests Impiego del branzino Dicentrarchus labrax, L quale organismo bersaglio in test ecotossicologici e di bioconentrazione

L.H.naff, D..; Ouellet, R..; Lepage, M..; Maisonneuve, C.., 1995: Use of the territory of Nouveau-Quebec by snow geese, Chen caerulescens during its migration period Utilisation du territoire du Nouveau-Quebec par loie des neiges, Chen caerulescens, en periode de migration

Lehr, E..; Fuentes, E..; Koehler, G.., 2000: Use of thermal water by the Andean toad Bufo spinulosus Wiegmann, 1835 Zur Nutzung thermaler Gewaesser durch die Andenkroete Bufo spinulosus Wiegmann, 1835

Simonetti, J.A.; Huareco, I.., 1999: Use of tracks for assessing diversity and relative abundance of mammals in the Beni Biosphere Reserve - Biological Station, Bolivia Uso de huellas para estimar diversidad y abundancia relativa de los mamiferos de la Reserva de la Biosfera - Estacion Biologica del Beni, Bolivia

Marques, R.Vera, 2003: Use of trap photography for determination of social organization aspects of carnivores of Sao Francisco de Paula/Ibama, RS Uso de armadilhas fotograficas na determinacao de aspectos da organizacao social de carnivoros na flona de Sao Francisco de Paula/Ibama, RS

Dijkstra, VAA., 2000: Use of tree cavities in the National Park Veluwezoom by pine marten Martes martes Het gebruik van boomholten op de Veluwezoom door de boommarter Martes martes

Antunes,; Claro, L.H.nriques Jr..; Juliao, G.R.boucas.; Vasconcelos, E..; Tello, P.G.rcia., 2002: Use of tree species by sponges Porifera, Spongillidae of varzea horizontal distribution and proximity to river Solimoes Marchantaria island, AM Utilizacao de especies arboreas por esponjas Porifera, Spongillidae na varzea distribuicao horizontal e proximidade ao rio Solimoes na Ilha da Marchantaria, AM

Bertolino, S..; Gola, L.., 2003: Use of tree species for nesting by the night heron Nycticorax nycticorax and the little egret Egretta garzetta Uso di specie aboree per la nidicazione da parte di Nitticora Nycticorax nycticorax e Garzetta Egretta garzetta

Martinez Reyes, Mercedes., 1998: Use of trophic and structural resources in five lizard species in the Biosphere Reserve Sierra de Rosario, Cuba Utilizacion de recursos estructurales y troficos por cinco especies de lagartos en la Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra del Rosario, Cuba

Pinto, C..; Saiz, F.., 1997: Use of trophic resources by Acanthogonatus franckii Karsch, 1880 Araneae Nemesiidae in a sclerophyllous forest at La Campana National Park, central Chile Uso del recurso trofico por parte de Acanthogonatus franckii Karsch, 1880 Araneae Nemesiidae en el bosque esclerofilo del Parque Nacional La Campana, Chile central

Perez-Mellado, V..; Romero-Bevia, M..; Ortega, F..; Martin-Garcia, S..; Perera, A..; Lopez-Vicente, M..; Galache, C.., 1999: Use of trophic resources by Gallotia simonyi Sauria, Lacertidae in El Hierro Canary Islands El uso de los recursos troficos en Gallotia simonyi Sauria, Lacertidae de la isla de El Hierro Islas Canarias

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