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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38879

Chapter 38879 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ramos, L..; Vazquez-Boucard, C..; Oliva, M..; Garcia, E..; Fernandez, I.., 1996: Variations in the contents of total lipids, their classes and fatty acids during ovarian maturation in the shrimps, Penaeus schmitti and Penaeus notialis Variaciones en el contenido de lipidos totales, clases de lipidos y acidos grasos durante la maduracion ovarica en los camarones Penaeus schmitti y P notialis

Maisch, Michael W., 1997: Variations in the course of the cranial nerves in Ophthalmosaurus Ichthyosauria, Jurassic Variationen im Verlauf der Gehirnnerven bei Ophthalmosaurus Ichthyosauria, Jura

Dalu, M.;, G.; Vacchi, M., 2000: Variations in the diet composition of the Antarctic coastal fish Trematomus bernacchii Boulenger 1902 Variazioni nella composizione di dieta del pesce costiero Antartico Trematomus bernacchii Boulenger 1902

Tursi, A.; Costantino, G.; Mastrototaro, F.; Scardi, M., 2001: Variations in the epiphytic coverage of two Posidonia oceanica beds in the marine protected area of the Tremiti Islands Adriatic Sea Variazioni del grado di epifitismo in due praterie di Posidonia oceanica della riserva marina delle Isole Tremiti Mar Adriatico

Leray, G.; L.D.ean-Quenec'hdu, S., 2005: Variations in the number of avocets Recurvirostra avosetta overwintering in the Loire Estuary Evolution des effectifs hivernants davocettes elegantes Recurvirostra avosetta dans lestuaire de la Loire

Marsot, Pierre., 1997: Variations in volume and nutrient N and P content of the dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense in N-limited continuous culture Variations du volume et des quotas en N et P dAlexandrium tamarense dinoflagellata en culture continue limitante en nitrate

Paunesco, A.-Cristina.; Abbassi, M.., 2003: Variations of Eliomys Myoxidae, Rodentia during the Quaternary Glimpse of the populations from the south of France, Liguria and Spain Les variations dEliomys Myoxidae, Rodentia durant le Quaternaire Apercu sur des populations du sud de la France, de Ligurie et dEspagne

Cattani, O.; Monari, M.; Vitali, G.; Ghetti, A.; Montanari, G.; Rinaldi, A.; Pagnucco, C.; Corni, MG., 1997: Variations of biomass and biochemical composition of mesozooplankton from a northern Adriatic coastal area Variazioni della biomassa e della composizione biochimica del mesozooplancton di unarea costiera dellAdriatico settentrionale

Dural, M.; Lugal Goksu, MZ., 2006: Variations of heavy metal levels of seston benthos and sediment seasonally in Camlik Lagoon Karatas, Adana Camlik Lagunu Karatas, Adana, Seston, Bentoz ve Sedimentinde Mevsimsel Agir Metal Degisimi

da Silva Rocha,; Gomes, V..; Phan, de Arruda Campos Rocha Passos,, 2001: Variations of metabolic energy demand of juveniles of Haemulon steindachneri Perciformes, Haemulidae as function of temperature Variacoes na demanda de energia metabolica de juvenis de Haemulon steindachneri Perciformes, Haemulidae em funcao da temperatura

Lode, Thierry., 1996: Variations of otter Lutra lutra sprainting in western France Variations de la frequence de marquage de Lutra lutra dans louest de la France

Gonzalez, H.; Feder, F., 1997: Variations of position of cecum and colon ascendens of degu Octodon degus, Molina 1782 Lagevariationen von Caecum und Colon ascendens beim Degu Octodon degus, Molina 1782

Barbraud, C..; Hafner, H.., 2001: Variations of purple heron Ardea purpurea breeding population size in the French Mediterranean coastal areas in relation to rainfall in overwintering quarters Variation des effectifs nicheurs de herons pourpres Ardea purpurea sur le littoral Mediterraneen Francais en relation avec la pluviometrie sur les quartiers dhivernage

Semenza, G..; Valli, G..; Vio, E.., 2002: Variations of the foot size along the exposure scale in three species of intertidal gaqstropods Variazioni nella dimensione del piede in rapporto allesposizione delle onde per tre species di Gastropoda del mediolitorale

Volshina, N.G., 1951: Variations of the hair coat of Chiroptera

Tolomio, C..; Moschin, E..; Moro, I.., 2002: Variations of the phytoplankton in waters moving along the Poco Pesce-Novissimo Channels Venice Lagoon, Southern Basin Variazioni del fitoplancton in corpi idrici in movimento lungo i canali Poco pesce-novissimo Laguna di Venezia, Bacino Meridionale

Mercurio, M.; Longo, C.; Corriero, G., 2006: Variations of the sponge fauna from the Porto Cesareo Bay Ionian Sea Modificazioni della fauna a poriferi nellinsenatura della strea di Porto Cesareo Mar Ionio

Fernandez, W.F.rnando; Iannacone, J., 2005: Variations of three Aedes aegypti L larval indexes Diptera Culicidae and its relationship with dengue cases in Yurimaguas, Peru, 2000-2002 Variaciones de tres indices larvarios de Aedes aegypti L Diptera Culicidae y su relacion con los casos de dengue en Yurimaguas, Peru, 2000 - 2002

Limpalaer, L..; Dandrimont, T.., 2005: Variations on Mauritia arabica Variations sur Mauritia arabica

Barbe, S..; Courville, P..; Derycke, C..; Cronier, C.., 2004: Variations or ruptures of biodiversity at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary the example of microremains of vertebrates in paralic environments Variations ou ruptures dans la biodiversite autour de la limite Trias-Jurassique Lexemple des microrestes de vertebres dans les environnements paraliques

Lode, T., 1990: Variations saisonnieres de lalimentation dun petit carnivore, le putois dans le Marais Poitevin

Masse, J-P.; Masse, P-J-L.; Tronchetti, G., 1990: Variations sedimentaires sous controle tectonique durant lAptien superieur-Cenomanien moyen a larticulation des blocs provencal et languedocien SE de la France cadre paleoceanographique et implications paleogeographiques

Darinskii, I.A.; Didenko, A.V., 1967: Variations taking place in RNA of motoneurons and in values of bio-potentials of ventral radicles under the influence of prolonged stimulation of dorsal radicles of spines in a narcotized frog

Korneeva, VI.; Marennikova, SS.; Maitseva, NN., 1975: Varicella in gorillas

Moulet, P., 2006: Varied notes about the Reduviidae of genera Holotrichius, Pygolampis and Dasycnemus Heteroptera Notes diverses sur les Reduviidae des genres Holotrichius, Pygolampis et Dasycnemus Heteroptera

Liszkowa, J.; Nowak, W., 1962: Variegated Rotalipore marls in the Pereehin rocks of the Klippes zone in the Russian Trans-Carpathians

Khalafova, R.A., 1968: Varieties of Inoceramus inconstans Woods from Upper Cretaceous deposits of the Small Caucasus

Stusek, Peter., 1997: Variety of optic systems in the eye structure of animals Raznovrstnost opticnih sistemov v zivalskih oceli

Garrido Gonzalez, J..; Sainz-Cantero Caparros, CE., 2004: Variety of the aquatic beetles of the Peninsula del Barbanza Galicia, NW Spain Coleoptera, Adephaga and Polyphaga Diversidad de coleopteros acuaticos en la Peninsula del Barbanza Galicia, NW Espana Coleoptera, Adephaga y Polyphaga

Csic., 1994: Various antelopes stagnating in Almeria, have been transported to Tunisia Varios antilopes mohor criados en Almeria son trasladados a Tunez

Roch, Philippe., 2000: Various aspects of bivalve mollusk immunity Quelques aspecyes de limmunite chez les mollusques bivalves

Saito, G., 1948: Various bird notes from Chiba, Japan in Tori Tokyo 11 51-55 1941-44

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2006: Various bivalves inhabited by numerous and dense populations of the pea crab Pinnotheres pisum Verschillende bivalven talrijk en dicht bewoond door het erwtenkrabbetje Pinnotheres pisum

Direccion General de Conservacion de la Naturaleza., 1995: Various captive imperial eagles die of tuberculosis Mueren por tuberculosis varias aguilas imperiales cautivas

Zuberogoitia, I..; Torres,; Campos, L.F.rnanda., 1999: Various eagle owls reintroduced to Vizcaya have achieved settlement Varios buhos reales reintroducidos en Vizcaya han logrado asentarse

Deuschle, J..; Glueck, E.., 2001: Various groundbeetle communities in orchards of southwest Germany corresponding to different forms of landuse Coleoptera Carabidae Laufkaefer-Zoenosen in Streuobstwiesen Suedwestdeutschlands und ihre Differenzierung entsprechend unterschiedlicher Bewirtschaftungsweisen Coleoptera Carabidae

Anders-Gruenewald, K..; Wechsler, K.., 2000: Various methods for sealing glass jars for preserving specimens Verschiedene Methoden zum Verschliessen von Nasspraeparate-Glaesern

Pitman, C.R.S., 1929: Various notes on E African Birds

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 2001: Various observations of the pea crab Pinnotheres pisum Linnaeus, 1758 in April and May 2001 at Koksijde Verschillende waarnemingen van het erwtenkrabbetje Pinnotheres pisum Linnaeus, 1758 in april en mei 2001 te Koksijde

Hornyold, A.G., 1921: Various papers on age, growth, sex, etc, of eels

BirdLife International., 1995: Various plans of action are introduced for endangered birds Se presentan varios planes de accion de aves amenazadas

Kunitsa, N.A., 1967: Various problems of the history and palaeozoography of land and freshwater molluscs of the Quaternary in the Ukraine

Borg, B., 1977: Various stickleback populations in the Karlskrona archipelago

Kohnakova, VD., 1972: Various ways in the fauna formation of Lepidoptera pests in the gardens of south-western Zabaikal

Strauss, E., 2000: Various wild animal registration systems in Germany - a critical observation Unterschiedliche Wildtiererfassungssysteme in Deutschland - einer kritische Betrachtung

Zetterberg, P..; Pursiainen, J.., 1996: Vartsila - birding at the eastern frontier of Europe Vartsila - lintupaikka Euroopan itarajalla

Krell, Frank-Thorsten., 2000: Varying coloration of single elytra in the dung beetle Anoplotrupes stercorosus Scriba, 1791 Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Geotrupidae Ungleich gefaerbte Elytren beim Mistkaefer Anoplotrupes stercorosus Scriba, 1791 Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Geotrupidae

Proy, Christian., 2000: Varying temperatures and artificial rain for instigation of pairing in two leaf frogs Phyllomedusa lemur and Agalychnis annae Unterschiedliche Temperaturverlaeufe und kuenstliche Beregnung zur Stimulierung der Paarung bei zwei Greiffroeschen Phyllomedusa lemur and Agalychnis annae

Ellis, W.N.; Ulenberg, S.A., 2005: Vasates quadripedes, a gall mite not so very new to The Netherlands Vasates quadripedes, een galmijt niet meer zo nieuw voor Nederland

Shevchenko, VG.; Marlkovsku, PI.; Shamsutdinova, GS., 1973: Vasates semenovi sp nova Acarina, Sriophydae, living on Sophora alopecuroides

Grimaud-Herve, D..; Saban, R.., 1996: Vascular networks observed in endocranial casts of fossil and extant Hominidae Les empreintes vasculaires observees sur les moulages endocraniens dhominides fossiles et actuels

de Oliveira, C..; Vicentini, C.A.berto.; Orsi, A.M.rcos., 1996: Vascular pattern of the ovary of Prochilodus lineatus Disposicao vascular sanguinea do ovario do curimbata Prochilodus lineatus

Batwe, KD., 1990: Vasectomy of leopard

Mayer, P..; Kreutz, M.., 1999: Vasicola ciliata - a violet coloured ciliate in a lorica Vascicola ciliata - ein violettfarbener Ciliat in einer Lorica

Vasinevskij, Evg., 1906: Vasilij Fedorovic Osanirk

Hutterer, R., 1990: Vater Russland, Mutter Danemark-Alexander Koenig und das Problem der Sibirischen Rehe

Chen, W-J.; Wei, H-L.; Hsu, E-L., 1990: Vector competence of Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti to dengue 1 virus in Taiwan comparison of infections of the salivary gland and the brain

Reifenberg, JM.; Cuisance, D.; Gidudu, A.; Cuny, G.; Duvallet, G.; Frezil, JL., 1996: Vectorial capacity of Glossina tachinoides infected by Trypanosoma Nannomonas congolense Evaluation de la capacite vectorielle de Glossina tachinoides Diptera, Glossinidae vis-a-vis de Trypanosoma Nannomonas congolense implications epidemiologiques

Rodriguez, C.S.; Crocco, L.B.; Nattero, J., 2004: Vectorial competence of Triatoma guasayana Hemiptera Reduviidae feeding and defaecation patterns Competencia vectorial de Triatoma guasayana Hemiptera Reduviidae patron de alimentacion y excrecion

Kazadi, JM.; Kageruka, P.; Losson, B.; Van Hees, J., 1999: Vectorial competence of the lines Bobo-Dioulasso and Maisons-Alfort of Glossina palpalis gambiensis Vanderplank 1949 simultaneously infected by Trypanosoma brucei brucei EATRO 1125 Competence vectorielle des lignees Bobo-Dioulasso et Maisons-Alfort de Glossina palpalis gambiensis Vanderplank 1949 infectees simultanement par Trypanosoma brucei brucei EATRO 1125

Beklemishev, V.N., 1956: Vectors of diseases as components of the biocenosis

Belavin, V.S.Nikolsky, S.N., 1937: Vectors of equine piroplasmosis P caballi in Northern Caucasus

Maroli, M., 1998: Vectors of leishmaniasis in Italy I vettori delle leishmaniosi in Italia

Claustre, J.; Venturin, C.; Nadire, M.; Fauran, P., 2001: Vectors of malaria in French Guyana study on an epidemic focus near Cayenne 1989-1998 Vecteurs de paludisme en Guyane Francaise etude dans un foyer epidemique proche de Cayenne 1989-1998

Fontaneto, D..; Guidali, F.., 2001: Vegetable remains in pellets of the little owl Athene noctua Scopoli 1796 Resti vegetali nelle borre di civetta Athene noctua Scopoli 1796

Lopes, B.C., 2005: Vegetable resources used by Acromyrmex striatus Roger Hymenoptera, Formicidae in sand dunes at Joaquina Beach, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina State, Brazil Recursos vegetals usados por Acromyrmex striatus Roger Hymenoptera, Formicidae em restinga da Praia da Joaquina, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil

de Lozoya, Valledor., 2004: Vegetal animals from myth to reality Animales vegetales del mito a la realidad

Krasovskaya, S.A., 1953: Vegetarian food of Russian desman

Pascher, K..; Raab, R.., 2002: Vegetation and butterflies on the Danube Island inventory and recommendations for optimising the cutting-management of meadows Vegetation und Tagfalter auf der Donauinsel - Grundlagen fuer ein Artenhilfsprogramm in einem neu geschaffenen staedtischen Naherholungsraum

Ssymank, Axel., 2001: Vegetation and flower-visiting insects in cultivated landscapes Vegetation und bluetenbesuchende Insekten in der Kulturlandschaft Pflanzengesellschaften, bluehphaenologie, Biotopbindung und Raumnutzung von Schwebfliegen Diptera, Syrphidae im Drachenfelser Laendchen sowie Methodenoptimierung und Landschaftsbewertung Tierwelt in der Zivilisationslandschaft - Teil V

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Urban, P..; Hrivnak, R..; Kristin, A.., 1995: Vegetation and vertebrates of peaty meadows of the Genteel Area Zliebky in the Zadna Polana state nature reserve Vegetacia a stavovce raselinnych luk genofondovej plochy Zliebky v spr Zadna Polana

Bautz, Christoph., 1998: Vegetation complexes of Eberstadt fruit orchards with special consideration of the habitat requirements of the wryneck Vegetationskomplexe der Eberstadter Streuobstwiesen unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Habitatanspruche des Wendehalses

Prunier, Daniel., 1999: Vegetation cover Couvert vegetal et biodiversite

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Treiber, Reinhold., 1997: Vegetation dynamics under the influence of the wild boar Sus scrofa L by example of acid dry grassland in the Alsace region of Harth Vegetationsdynamik unter dem Einfluss des Wildschweins Sus scrofa L am Beispiel bodensaurer Trockenrasen der elsaessischen Harth

Manzi, A..; Perna, P.., 1994: Vegetation influence on breeding bird community in pastures of Central Apennines Influenza della vegetazione sulla comunita di ucelli nidificanti nei pascoli secondari in unarea dellAppennino Centrale

Fritz, H.-Georg.; Gillen, G.., 2004: Vegetation mapping in 2001 in the southern part of the nature reserve Pfungstaedter Moor district of Bickenbach - with details on the occurrence of animals Vegetationskartierung 2001 im Naturschutzgebiet Pfungstaedter Moor Suedteil Gemarkung Bickenbach - mit Angaben zu Tiervorkommen

Kuhn, N..; Laussmann, H..; Pfadenhauer, J..; Plachter, H.., 1996: Vegetation preferences of grasshoppers Orthoptera, Saltatoria in managed grassland Abhangigkeit der Heuschrecken Orthoptera, Saltatoria von der Vegetation im Wirtschaftsgrunland

Flores, B.; Rumiz, D.I.; Blate, G.M., 2005: Vegetation structure and the bird community of a forest concession at La Chonta, Guarayos, Santa Cruz Estructura de la vegetacion y de la comunidad de aves en un bosque intervenido de La Chonta, Guarayos, Santa Cruz

von Hessberg, A..; Beierkuhnlein, C.., 2000: Vegetation structure in the habitats of capercaille Tetrao urogallus in the Fichtelgebirge Vegetationsstrukturen in den Habitaten des Auerhuhns Tetrao urogallus im Fichtelgebirge

Spreinat, Andreas., 2006: Vegetative diet of Lake Malawi cichlids Vegetarische Ernaehrung von Malawiseebuntbarschen

Knop, Daniel., 1997: Vegetative increase by fragmentation Vegetative Vermehrung durch Fragmentation

Knop, Daniel., 2004: Vegetative reproduction of Stichodactyla haddoni Vegetative Fortpflanzung von Teppichanemonen

Castaldi, A..; Guerrieri, G.., 2001: Vehicular impact on Strigiformes populations and related mortality in the RNSLR Rete viaria e mortalita di Strigiformes nella Riserva Naturale Statale del Litorale Romano

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Dioni, W., 1967: Vehiculism on Aegla Decapoda, Anomura The epizoic living beings and their interspecific relations

Anonymous., 2005: Veikko Sund has passed away Veikko Sund in memoriam

Malinovský, L.; Navarátilová, E., 1990: Veins of the large intestine, stomach and pancreas of the domestic cat and their variability

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Chiarelli, S.; Micali, P., 2003: Vela Luka from the Ionian to the Adriatic Vela Luka lo Ionio in Adriatico

Anon., 1954: Velella spirans off Scotland

Romero, M.; Soledad; Valdebenito, E.L., 2002: Veliger larvae of Prosobranchia gastropods from Punta de Lobos, Cuarta Region, Chile Larvas veliger de gastropodos Prosobranchia provenientes de Punta de Lobos, Cuarta Region, Chile

Murina, VV., 1990: Velisers of gastropods in meroplankton of the mussel farm in Laspi the south seashore of the Crimea

Konjevic, D.; Bubenik, GA.; Janicki, Z., 2005: Velvet antlers as medicinal preparation and nutritional supplement Rogovlje u bastu kao medicinski pripravak i dodatak prehrani

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de Wolf, P., 1995: Venerupis philippinarum of Dr Lelykade; a new immigrant? Venerupis philippinarum de Dr Lelykade; een nieuwe immigrant?

Soesbergen, Martin., 2003: Venezillo parvus and Synarmadillo spec, two new isopods in the Netherlands Crustacea Isopoda Armadillidae Venezillo parvus en Synarmadillo spec, twee nieuwe land-pissebedden in Nederland Crustacea Isopoda Armadillidae

Weidner, Thomas., 1995: Venezuela 1994 unending distances, limitless numbers of Caquetaia Venezuela 1994 Unendliche Weiten, unendlich viele Caquetaia

Weidner, Thomas., 1995: Venezuela, 1994 other regions, other fishes Venezuela 1994 Andere Gegenden, andere Fische

Gonzalez Sponga, MA., 2005: Venezuelan Arachnida Six new species of the genus Stygnomma Opiliones Laniatores Stygnommatidae Aracnidos de Venezuela Seis nuevas especies del genero Stygnomma Opiliones Laniatores Stygnommatidae

Gonzalez-Sponga, MA., 2004: Venezuelan arachnids Description of three new species of scorpions of the genera Tityus Buthidae, Chactopsis and Broteochactas Chactidae Aracnidos de Venezuela Descripciones de tres nuevas especies de escorpiones de los generos Tityus Buthidae, Chactopsis y Broteochactas Chactidae

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Urbani, Franco., 1999: Venezuelan speleological history Part 10 A chronology of Guacharo Cave Historia espeleologica Venezolana Parte 10 Una cronologia de la cueva del Guacharo

Urbani, F., 2006: Venezuelan speleological history Part 12 Additions to the bibliography and chronology of Guacharo Cave Historia espeleologica Venezolana Parte 12 Adiciones a la bibliografia y cronologia de la Cueva del Guacharo

Ratti, Enrico., 2000: Venice Natural History Museum general index of publications 1927-1999 Museo civico di Storia Naturale di Venezia indice generale delle pubblicazioni 1927-1999

Lammerschmidt, V.; Goebel, T.; Trautvetter, E., 2001: Venipuncture and blood chemistry values of healthy giant snakes Boa constrictor and pythons Blutentnahmetechnik und blutchemische Refrenzbereiche bei gesunden Riesenschlangen Boa constrictor und Pythons

Blomst, T., 1977: Venom apparatus and snake poison

Barbalho, S.M.ria.; Penteado-Dias, A.M.ria., 1997: Venom apparatus morphology of cyclostome Braconidae Hymenoptera Analise morfologica do aparelho de veneno nos Braconidae cyclostome Hymenoptera

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