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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38889

Chapter 38889 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mosimann, Paul., 1997: Which gull was that? Part 1 how to distinguish between large gulls Welche Mowe war denn das? Teil 1 so bestimmt man das Alter von Grossmowen

Nagel, Peter., 2000: Which kind of insect diversity do we want to achieve? Strategies in species and nature conservation reassessed Welche Insektenvielfalt wollen wir? Arten- und Naturschutzstrategien auf dem Prufstand

Skule, B..; Lyngsoe, J.., 2002: Which light sources should we use in traps? Various light sources attract different species, but poweful lamps are not always the best Hvilke lyskilder skal vi bruge i fjaelderne? Forskellige lyskilder tiltraekker forskellige arter, men kraftige lamper er ikke altid de bedste

Villard, P..; Thibault, J.-Claude., 2001: Which method to fit a very small songbird with a radio transmitter? Radio-tracking Corsican nuthatch Sitta whiteheadi Quelle technique pour equiper un tout petit passereau? Telemetrie sur la sittelle corse Sitta whiteheadi

Kirmse, Wolfgang., 2001: Which nesting site scheme do power pylons correspond to in various species of raptors, particularly in falcons, and how do they affect their distribution? Welchem Nistplatzschema entsprechen Gittermasten bei verschiedenen Greifvogelarten, speziell bei Falken, und wie wirken sie sich auf deren Verbreitung aus?

Verburg, P..; Lieverse, M.., 1997: Which nettles are good for caterpillars? Wat zijn goede brandnetels voor rupsen?

Rios, M. M., 2005: Which of them eat fruit? or better, which of them dont eat fruit in montane forests? Quien come yarumo? O mejor, Quien no come yarumo en los bosques de montana?

Van der Jeught, Walter., 2004: Which rummy-nose tetra? Welke roodneuszalm?

Llorens, Joan Ribe i., 2001: Which shark does the tooth belong to? A quin tauro pertany la dent que he trobat?

Bengtsson, Kenneth., 2001: Which wood pigeon Columba palumbus clutches generate young? Vilka ringduvekullar Columba palumbus genererar ungar?

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Boutrouille, Christian., 2005: Whiskered Tern Chlidonias hybridus breeding in Pas-de-Calais in 2001 and 2002 Reproduction de la guifette moustac Chlidonias hybridus dans le Pas-de-Calais en 2001 et 2002

Haukkovaara, Olli., 1997: Whiskered bat Myotis mystacinus - a new mammalian species in South-West Hame Viiksisiippa Myotis mystacinus - uusi nisakaslaji Lounais-Hameeseen

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de Bruin, A.; Klunder, E.., 1998: Whistling swan in Veenkolonien in winters of 1997/98 and 1998/99 Fluitzwaan in Veenkolonien in winters van 1997/98 en 1998/99

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Siegner, Juergen., 2004: White back markings of the sparrowhawk Weisse Rueckenfleckung beim Sperber

Gonin, R.; Laurent, PJ.; Martin, R.; Paul, C.; Vielle, A., 2006: White clawed crayfish restocking, OK, but how to obtain the necessary living material? Repuepler en pieds blancs, daccord, mais ou trouver les sujets necessaires?

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Bosselmann, Juergen., 2005: White great-crested grebes Podiceps cristatus at the Laacher Lake and the central Rhine, Rhineland-Palatinate Weisser Haubentaucher Podiceps cristatus am Laacher See und am Mittelrhein, Rheinland-Pfalz

Abarca, G..; Quesada, M.., 1997: White grubs complex Phyllophaga spp, Anomala spp and Cyclocephala spp associated to agricultural crops of the Central Valey and Dry Pacific of Costa Rica Especies del complejo de jobotos Phyllophaga spp, Anomala spp y Cyclocephala spp asociadas a cultivos, en el Valle Central y Pacifico Seco de Costa Rica

Pettersson, Daniel., 1996: White heron in Fora Vita hagrar i Fora

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Lluyd, E., 1990: White stork ? in Cardiganshire in 1696

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von Wicht, Udo., 2001: White stork breeding on the west of Lake Constance Hegau KN, Linzgau FN and Thurgau TG in the year 2001 Weissstorchbruten am westlichen Bodensee Hegau KN, Linzgau FN und Thurgau TG im Jahr 2001

Good, Albert., 2004: White stork captures a young brown hare Weissstorch erbeutet Junghasen

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