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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38891

Chapter 38891 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

D.B.ttisti, R.; Masutti, L.; Reolon, S.; Sommavilla, G., 1997:
Wildlife management in the province of Belluno 1979-1994 Gestione e conservazione della fauna in provincia di Belluno 1979-1994 Issa, A.; Novelli, O., 2004:
Wildlife management integrated with rural development in the ecological complex of the W National Park, Benin Gestion de la faune integree au developpement rural dans le complexe ecologique du Parc National du W du Benin

Bemadjim N'Gakoutou, E., 2004:
Wildlife perception and use by the Kacha-kacha inhabitants east of the Zakouma National Park, Chad Perception et utilisation de la faune sauvage par les habitants de Kacha-kacha a lest du Parc National de Zakouma au Tchad

Angelucci, S.; Andrisano, T.; Marcantonio, G.; Antonucci, A.; Fico, R., 2005:
Wildlife predation on grazing livestock in the Majella National Park analysis of phenomenon and implications on management Predazioni sul bestiame monticante nel Parco Nazionale della Majella Analisi del fenomeno ed aspetti gestionali

Antram, F., 1990:
Wildlife trade and exploitation

Cantini, M.; Ferrario, G.; Rovelli, C., 1997:
Wildlife translocations in the Como Province preliminary data and present projects Immissioni faunistiche in provincia di Como dati preliminari e progetti in corso

Perez, E.M.; Ojasti, J., 1996:
Wildlife utilization in tropical America and recommendations for its sustainable management in savannas La utilizacion de la fauna silvestre en la America Tropical y recomendaciones para su manejo sustentable en las sabanas

Gauthier, A C.; Razafindramanana, S., 2004:
Wildlife A resource for zoological parks or vice versa? Contribution of the zoological park of Paris to the preservation of Madagascars wildlife La faune sauvage une ressource pour les parcs zoologiques ou vice versa? Contribution du Parc Zoologique de Paris a la preservation de la faune sauvage de Madagascar

Larsson, E., 1965:

Ehmann, O.; Hauser, C., 1997:
Wilfried Schafer 6th August 1931 - 2nd October 1996 Wilfried Schafer 6 August 1931 - 2 Oktober 1996

Daniel, K., 1908:
Wilh Gust Stierlin, mit Schriftenverzeichnis

Haffer, Juergen., 2003:
Wilhelm Meise 1901-2002, a leading ornithologist in Germany during the 20th century Wilhelm Meise 1901-2002, ein fuehrender Ornithologe Deutschlands in 20 Jahrundert

Hoerschelmann, H., 2003:
Wilhelm Meise 12th September 1901 - 24th August 2002 Wilhelm Meise 12 September 1901 - 24 August 2002

Kirk, G., 1996:
Wilhelm Reckers sixtieth birthday Wilhelm Recker zur Vollendung des sechsten Lebensjahrzehnts

Orousset, Jean., 2000:
Will Phoracantha recurva Newmann be added to the fauna of France? Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Phoracantha recurva Newmann sera-t-il a ajouter a la faune de France? Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Kulfan, J.; Kulfan, M.; Zach, P., 1997:
Will small tortoiseshell Aglais urticae be included in the Red Data Book of threatened animals of Slovakia? Zaradime babocku prhlavovu Aglais urticae do Cerveneho Zoznamu ohrozenych zivocichov Slovenska?

Mitrus, Slawomir., 2000:
Will temperature-dependent sex determination become an evolutionary trap for reptiles? Czy temperaturowa determinacja plci stanie sie ewolucyjna pulapka dla gadow?

de Vries, Michiel Wallis., 2004:
Will the alcon blue make it to 2020? Haalt het gentiaanblauwtje 2020?

Kaikusalo, A.; Mela, M.; Henttonen, H., 2000:
Will the arctic fox become extinct in Finland? Haviaako naali Suomesta?

Jenny, David., 2000:
Will the bearded vulture breed sucecssfully in Switzerland? The pairs are ready Bartgeier in der Schweiz wird bald erfolgreich gebruetet? Die Paare sind bereit

Sellis, Urmas., 2000:
Will the black stork remain to breed in Estonia? Kas must-toonekurg jaab elustama Eesti maastikku?

Libois, R., 2003:
Will the kingfisher, Alcedo atthis, soon lack of breeding sites? Le Martin-pecheur Alcedo atthis va-t-il bientot manquer de sites de nidification?

Singer, Adolf., 1997:
Will the lynx stay in the Palatine Forest? Bleibt der Luchs im Pfalzerwald?

Dombrowski, A.; Chmielewski, S., 1996:
Will the stone-curlew Burhinus oedicnemus die out in Poland? Czy kulon Burhinus oedicnemus w Polsce wyginie?

Shishkin, IB., 1971:
Will the tiger continue to exist in the Far East?

Husby, Magne., 2002:
Will we in future be able to say whether the blackcap is continuing to increase in numbers in Norway? Vil vi i fremtiden kunne si om munk fortsetter a oke i antall i Norge?

Vogel, J.; Xylander, W.E., 1999:
Willi Hennig - a naturalist with worldwide reputation from Upper Lusatia Willi Hennig - ein Oberlausitzer Natursforscher mit Weltgeltung Recherchen zu seiner Familiengeschichte sowie Kinder- und Jugendzeit

Tassy, Pascal., 1999:
Willi Hennig and the palaeontological object Willi Hennig et lobjet paleontologique

Amler, M.; Bender, P.; Hahn, G.; Kauffmann, G.; Tietze, K-W.; Zankl, H., 2002:
Willi Ziegler 13 March 1929 - 8 August 2002 Willi Ziegler 13 Maerz 1929 - 8 August 2002

Fogleman, JC., 1990:
William B Heed a biography

Taquet, P.; Contini, D., 1997:
William Buckland and the Megalosaure of Franche-Comte New historical, stratigraphical, paleogeographical data William Buckland et le Megalosaure de Franche-Comte Nouvelles donnees historiques, stratigraphiques et paleogeographiques

Gaisinovich, A.E., 1957:
William Harvey a physiologist and embryologist

Peters, Werner., 2003:
William T Cooper ornithologist - painter - and conservation worker William T Cooper Ornithologe - Maler - Naturschuetzer

Menard, B.; Hutchinson, R., 1999:
Williamsonia fletcheri Williamson Odonata Corduliidae in Quebec new records, habitats and biological notes Williamsonia fletcheri Williamson Odonata Corduliidae au Quebec nouvelles recoltes, habitats et notes biologiques

Ger., 1997:
Willow baskets for the long-eared owl and the hobby Cestas de mimbre para buhos chicos y alcotanes

Barbagli, F.; Violani, C., 1995:
Willow tit Parus montanus and marsh tit Parus palustris in Corsica historical data Mesange boreale Parus montanus et mesange nonnette Parus palustris en Corse donnees historiques

Rietschel, Gerhard., 2000:
Willow tits Passer montanus adopt a bluetit brood Parus caeruleus Feldsperlinge Passer montanus adoptieren Blaumeisenbrut Parus caeruleus

Katona, Csaba., 1997:
Willow tits feeding on maize Kukoricat fogyaszto kormosfeju cinegek Parus montanus

Wahlen, L., 1975:
Willow warbler found in Sormland

Floter, Eberhard., 1999:
Willow-warbler-chiffchaff mixed singer in Chemnitz Fitis-Zilpzalp-Mischsanger in Chemnitz

Hoekstein, M.; Lilipaly, S.; Luiten, J.; Wolf, P., 2002:
Wilsons storm-petrel Wilsons Stormvogeltje langs Westkapelle

Ocampo-Tobon, S., 2005:
Wilsons warbler, Wilsonia pusilla Parulidae, a new record for the Andes of Colombia La Reinita Gorrinegra Wilsonia pusilla Parulidae, nuevo registro para los Andes Colombianos

Coppee, Jean-Louis., 1999:
Winchat Saxicola rubetra in southern Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse Belgium evolution of populations and results of a 1997-1998 survey Le traquet tarier Saxicola rubetra dans le sud de lEntre-Sambre-et-Meuse evolution et resultats de lenquete 1997-98

Lindell, L.; Pettersson, J., 1998:
Wind power can threaten valuable ornithological sites Vindkraft kan hota vardefulla fagelomraden

Reitan, O.; Follestad, A., 2001:
Wind power in Norway and bird life Vindkraft i Norge og fugleliv

Hjernquist, M., 2007:
Wind power, birds and mistakes Vindkraft, faglar felaktigheter

Nachtigall, W., 1990:
Wind tunnel measurements of long-time flights in relation to the energetics and water economy of migrating birds

Wirdheim, Anders., 1998:
Wind tunnels Secrets of bird flight discovered Vindtunneln Hemligheterna med faglarnas flykt avslojas

van den Bergh, L.M.; Spaans, A.L. van Swelm, N.D., 2002:
Wind turbine lines no barrier for gulls and terns flying to and from feeding areas during the breeding season Lijnopstellingen van windturbines geen barriere voor voedselvluchten van meeuwen en sterns in de broedtijd

Clotuche, E., 2006:
Wind turbines and birds is it possible to live together? Eoliennes et oiseaux une cohabitation possible?

Everaert, J., 2003:
Wind turbines and birds in Flanders preliminary study results and recommendations Windturbines en vogels in Vlaanderen voorlopige onderzoeksresultaten en aanbevelingen

Scherner, Erwin Rudolf., 1999:
Wind turbines and valuable bird fauna in Bremerhaven reality or real satire? Windkraftanlagen und wertgebende Vogelbestande bei Bremerhaven Realitat oder Realsatire?

Mylkebust, M., 2006:
Wind turbines on Smola are a constant threat to many white-tailed eagles Vindmollene pa Smola dreper stadig flere havorn

Moenke, R.; Schmahl, R., 2001:
Window damage by crows Fensterbeschaedigungen durch Rabenkraehen

Traore, S.; Diarrassouba, S.; Hebrard, G.; Riviere, F., 1997:
Window traps and the displacement of adult black flies along a line of breeding sites in forest zone of Cote dIvoire Vitres-pieges et deplacement des adultes de Simulium damnosum sl le long dune ligne de gites en zone forestiere de Cote dIvoire

Suzzoni-Blatger, J.; Lauga, J., 1999:
Wing biometry of three sibling species in the Anopheles maculipennis complex Biometrie alaire de 3 especes jumelles dAnopheles maculipennis Meigen Diptera Culicidae dun gite toulousain

Geoffroy, B.; Bialota, F.; Bossy, JP.; Ravallec, M.; D'Amico, F.; Cuisance, D., 1996:
Wing chemoreceptors of Glossina pallidipes Diptera Glossinidae and Stomoxys nigra Diptera Muscidae Les chimiorecepteurs de laile chez Glossina pallidipes Diptera Glossinidae et Stomoxys nigra Diptera Muscidae

Ellers, Jacintha., 2002:
Wing colour and butterfly diversity Vleugelkleur en vlinderdiversiteit

Ullman, Magnus., 1998:
Wing feathers in passerine birds Vingens fjadrar hos tattingar

Gothel, H.; Eck, S., 1999:
Wing lengths of the bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula during the breeding season of the Saxon Ore Mountains Flugellangen des Gimpels Pyrrhula pyrrhula zur Brutzeit aus dem sachsischen Erzgebirge

Weissgerber, Rolf., 2002:
Wing measurements and migration data on the reed bunting Emberiza schoeniclus caught and ringed in the Altenburg and Kohren region from 1938 to 1975 Fluegelmasse und Durchzugsdaten von im Altenburger und Kohrener Land 1938 bis 1975 gefangenen und beringten Rohrammern Emberiza schoeniclus

Weissgerber, Rolf., 2003:
Wing measurements and migratory data on the great reed warbler Acrocephalus arundinaceus and the reed warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceus caught and ringed in Altenburg and Kohren Fluegelmasse und Durchzugsdaten von im Altenburger und Kohrener Land gefangenen und beringten Drosselrohrsaengern Acrocephalus arundinaceus und Teichrohrsaengern Acrocephalus scirpaceus

Voet, H.; Maes, P.; Van Impe, J., 2006:
Wing moult in the black-necked grebe Podiceps nigricollis in the Antwerpen area Slagpenrui bij de Geoorde Fuut Podiceps nigricollis in het Antwerpse

Hozak, Thomas., 1995:
Wing polymorphism and colonization of unstable habitats of peat forest carabids Zum Flugelpolymorphismus und zur Besiedlung instabiler Lebensraume bei Bruchwaldcarabiden

Gheit, A.; Aguesse, P., 1991:
Wing polymorphism in aquatic Hemiptera Amphicorisa its impact on interspecific predation and cannibalism Le polymorphisme alaire chez les hemipteres aquatiques Amphicorisa son impact sur la predation interspecifique et le cannibalisme intraspecifique

Jakober, H.; Stauber, W., 1998:
Wing shape of the red-backed shrike Lanius collurio Zur Flugelform des Neuntoters Lanius collurio

Harradine, J.; Clausager, I., 1990:
Wing surveys in the study of waterfowl populations

Tobias, VI., 1977:
Wing venation in Braconidae Hymenoptera its taxonomic importance evolution

Ferreira de Vasconcelos, Marcelo., 1999:
Winged termites Neocapritermes sp as food of the Brazilian sparrow Zonotrichia capensis Cupins alados Neocapritermes sp como alimento do tico-tico, Zonotrichia capensis

Fliedner, H., 2004:
Wings as sun reflectors in Lestes viridis? Odonata Lestidae Fluegel als Sonnenreflektoren bei Lestes viridis Odonata Lestidae

Olofsson, Patrik., 1997:
Wings over Vattenriket Vingar over Vattenriket

Hansson, S., 2006:
Wings over the prairie Vingar over prarien

Goke, G., 1990:
Winke furs Labor Das zentrale Dunkelfeld

Goke, G., 1990:
Winke furs Labor Farbiger Phasenkontrast mit einfachen Mitteln

Luthje, E., 1990:
Winke furs Labor Makrofotos im Dunkel - eimerweise

Baker, DB., 2004:
Winkler, Vienna the history of an entomological trading house Winkler, Wien die Geschichte eines entomologischen Handelshauses

Krainitzki, Heike., 2002:
Winter - clays - excavation end Sediment transfer preparations and castings under extreme conditions Winter - Tone - Grabungsende Sedimenttransferpraeparate und Abguesse unter extremen Bedingungen

Messely, Louis., 1993:
Winter 1992-1993 Hiver 1992-1993

Messely, Louis., 1994:
Winter 1993-1994 Hiver 1993-1994

Jensen, T.; Myklebust, M., 1999:
Winter Atlas Project 1998/99 only a small amount left VinterAtlasprosjektet 1998/99 bare litt igjen

Jensen, T.; Bakken, V., 2001 :
Winter Atlas Project 2000/2001 Hidden populations Vinteratlasprosjektet 2000/2001 Hullene tettes

Svorkmo-Lundberg, T.; Bakken, V., 2003:
Winter Atlas Project 2002/2003 a worthy conclusion Vinter Atlasprosjektet 2002/2003 en verdig avslutning

Dannelid, E.; Ekestubbe, K., 2001:
Winter Damselfly Sympecma fusca spreading north in Sweden? Vinterflickslanda Sympecma fusca pa spridning norrut?

Witt, Klaus., 2005:
Winter abundances and population development of the sparrow Passer domesticus in Berlin Winterliche Abundanzen und Bestandsentwicklung des Haussperlings Passer domesticus in Berlin

Bahrmann, Rudolf., 1996:
Winter active flies Insecta, Diptera Brachycera in xeric grasslands of Thuringia/Germany Winteraktive Zweiflugler Insecta, Diptera Brachycera in Xerothermrasen Thuringens

Torres-Vila, LM.; Mejias Tapia, M.; Rodriguez-Molina, MC.; Palo, E.; Bielza, P.; Lacasa, A., 1998:
Winter activity of Frankliniella occidentalis Pergande Thysanoptera Thripidae in Vegas del Guadiana Extremadura Actividad invernal de Frankliniella occidentalis Pergande Thysanoptera Thripidae en las Vegas del Guadiana Extremadura

Soszynska-Maj, A.; Melke, A., 2004:
Winter activity of Staphylinidae in the reserves of Lodz Upland Zimowa aktywnosc kusakowatych Staphylinidae w rezerwatach Wzniesien Lodzkich

Henle, Klaus., 1999:
Winter activity of moor frogs Rana arvalis Winteraktivitat des Moorfrosches Rana arvalis

Guix, Juan C., 1996:
Winter activity of the anurans of three mountain ranges in south east Brazil Actividad invernal de anuros en tres sierras del sudeste de Brasil

Jakubiec, Z.; Jadczyk, P., 2001 :
Winter aggregations of the rook Corvus frugilegus in Silesia Zimowe zgrupowania gawronow Corvus frugilegus na Slasku

Meshcheryakova, I.M., 1970:
Winter and spring plankton in thesoutheastern Bering Sea

Henriksen, Keld., 2004:
Winter assemblies of little grebe in Denmark Storre vinterforekomster af lille lappedykker Tachybaptus ruficollis i Danmark

Gruppo Attivita Ricerche Ornitologiche del Litorale (G.A.R.O.L.)., 1995:
Winter atlas of the Latium coast an example of extensive coverage by means of a system of point count spots preliminary data Atlante invernale del litorale laziale un esempio di copertura intensiva tramite il sistema dei punti di ascolto dati preliminari

Jensen, Torkild., 2001:
Winter atlas project 1999/2000 - the target has been reached, but we are continuing with the work Vinteratlasprosjektet 1999/2000 - malet er nadd, men vi fortsetter

Figueroa Rojas, R.A.; Quintana Acuna, V., 2001:
Winter avicommunity in an agroforestry landscape of south-central Chile Comunidad invernal de aves en un paisaje agroforestal del centro-sur de Chile

Navarro, CI.; Brandan, ZJ.; Antelo, CM.; Marigliano, NL., 2000:
Winter avifaunal in locality of Chaqueno Serrano forest Las Tipas, Tucuman, Argentina Avifauna invernal en una localidad del Bosque Chaqueno Serrano Las Tipas, Tucuman, Argentina

Rigstad, K.; Olsen, K.M.gne.; Klann, M. van der Kooij, J.; Starholm, T.; Syvertsen, P.O.e., 1996:
Winter bat census in south-eastern Norway 1995/96 Vintertellinger av flaggermus pa Ostlandet 1995/96

Mleczek, Tomasz., 2001:
Winter bat censuses in Beskid Niski and Pogorze Karpackie in 2000/2001 Spis nietoperzy w Beskidzie Niskim i Pogorzu Karpackim zima 2000/2001 r

Nowak, J.; Kozakiewicz, K., 2000:
Winter bat censuses in the Krakow Upland in years 1993-1999 Zimowe spisy nietoperzy na Wyzynie Krakowskiej w latach 1993-1999

Wirdheim, Anders., 1999:
Winter bird atlas Blekinge first in the country Vinterfagelatlas Blekinge forst i landet

Luebcke, W.; Stuebing, S.; Kalden, G., 2006:
Winter bird census on the Eder 2005/2006 Wintervogelzaehlung an der Eder 2005/2006

Kalden, G.; Luebcke, W.; Stuebing, S., 2001:
Winter bird censuses on the Eder 2000/2001 Wintervogelzaehlung an der Eder 2000/2001

Kalden, G.; Lubcke, W.; Stubing, S., 2000:
Winter bird count along the Eder 1999/2000 Wintervogelzahlung an der Eder 1999/2000

Luebcke, W.; Kalden, G.; Stuebing, S., 2004:
Winter bird count at the Eder 2003/2004 Wintervogelzaehlung an der Eder 2003/2004

Luebcke, W.; Kalden, G.; Stuebing, S., 2003:
Winter bird count on the Eder 2002/2003 Wintervogelzaehlung an der Eder 2002/2003

Luebcke, W.; Stuebing, S.; Kalden, G., 2005:
Winter bird count on the Eder 2004/2005 Wintervogelzaehlung an der Eder 2004/2005

Goodman, R.A. ., 1990:
Winter bird counts December 1 - February 28, 1990

Lubcke, W.; Stubing, S., 1998:
Winter bird counts along the Eder 1996/97 and 1997/98 Wintervogelzahlungen an der Eder 1996/97 und 1997/98

Adler, C., 2006:
Winter bird counts in the Springe area/Deister 1984/85 - 2004/05 Wintervogelzaehlungen im Raum Springe/Deister 1984/85 - 2004/05

Lubcke, W.; Stubing, S., 1999:
Winter bird counts on the Eder Wintervogelzahlungen an der Eder

Rosio, F., 1969:
Winter bird life at Getteron

Lindstrom, A.; Svensson, S., 2006:
Winter bird population censuses 30 year history Vinterfagelrakningen 30 ar

Svensson, Soren., 1995:
Winter bird population censuses Vinterfagelrakningen

Joelsson, Johan., 1998:
Winter bird sightings Vinterfaglar

Kuebler, S.; Zeller, U., 2004:
Winter birds along an urban gradient in Berlin insights into feeding ecology Wintervoegel entlang eines Urbangradienten in Berlin Erhebungen zur Nahrungsoekologie

Anonymous., 2006:
Winter birds at our door Vinterfaglar inpa knuten

Nellis, R.; Nellis, R., 2000:
Winter birds in the surroundings of Maleva Talvituvad linnud Maleva umbruses

Gloe, Peter., 2001:
Winter birds of a sand watt with salt meadows, of a saltworks and of rocky coasts of the Canary islands Wintervoegel eines Sandwatts mit Salzwiesen, einer Saline und von Felskuesten auf der Kanareninsel Lanzarote

Kroymann, B.; Kroymann, L., 2003:
Winter breeding and a third breeding of the great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus Winterbruten und eine Drittbrut des Haubentauchers Podiceps cristatus am Mittleren Neckar

Brutti, A.; Fraticelli, F., 2002:
Winter breeding in blackbird Turdus merula in Rome Nidificazione invernale di merlo Turdus merula a Roma

Fraticelli, F.; Brutti, A., 2000:
Winter breeding in tawny owl Strix aluco Nidificazione invernale di allocco Strix aluco

Mysterud, I., 1966:
Winter breeding in the wood lemming Myopus schisticolor in Norway

Strokov, V.V., 1957:
Winter breeding of Sorex raddei

Caffi, Mario., 1996:
Winter breeding of blackbird, Turdus merula, in a garden of Orzinuovi Lombardy, N Italy Nidificazione invernale di merlo, Turdus merula, in un giardino di Orzinuovi Brescia

Ptaszyk, J.; Gawronski, A., 2000:
Winter breeding of the fieldfare in Poznan Poland Winterbrut der Wacholderdrossel in Poznan Polen

Reichholf, Josef H., 2001:
Winter broods of the pigeon in Munich Winterbruten von Stadttauben in Muenchen

Gustin, Marco., 1999:
Winter census and distribution of the crow Corvus corone cornix and the magpie Pica pica in the Reggio lower and central plain Censimento invernale e distribuzione di cornacchia grigia Corvus corone cornix e gazza Pica pica nella bassa e media pianura reggiana

Rodriguez, P.B.anco.; Shaffer, F.; Robert, M.; Socarras, E., 1999 :
Winter census and ringing of the piping plover Charadrius melodus in Cuba Censo invernal y anillamiento del frailecillo silbador Charadrius melodus en Cuba

Schropfer, L., 1997:
Winter census of birds of prey in the area located to west and south of Plzen city, determined by the line method Zimni pocetnost dravcu na uzemi jihozapadne od Plzne zjistovana liniovou metodou

Dean, Juan Ignacio., 1998:
Winter census of buzzard Buteo buteo in Navarra Censo invernal de busardo ratonero Buteo buteo en Navarra

Rocamora, G.; Maillet, N.; BIROE., 1994:
Winter census of ducks and coots in France during January 1993 Denombrement des canards et foulques hivernant en France en janvier 1993

Lekuona, J.M.; Campos, F., 1994:
Winter census of piscivorous birds the cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo, grey heron Ardea cinerea and gull Larus ridibundus in the Yesa fish farm 1994-95 Censo invernal de aves ictiofagas cormoran grande Phalacrocorax carbo, garza real Ardea cinerea y gaviota reidora Larus ridibundus en la piscifactoria de Yesa 1994-95

Hidalgo, Juan Manuel., 1998:
Winter census of the cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo cites its numbers at 44 000 in Spain El censo invernal de cormoran grande situa sus efectivos en Espana en 44000 ejemplares

Bozic, Luka., 2002:
Winter census of the water rail Rallus aquaticus in Slovenia Zimsko stetje mokozev Rallus aquaticus v Sloveniji

Anonymous., 1996:
Winter census of the white stork in Spain I censo invernal de ciguena blanca en Espana

Loly, P.; Jacob, J.-Paul., 1998:
Winter census of water birds in Wallonia and in center of Brabant 1998-1998 Recensements hivernaux des oiseaux deau en Wallonie et a Bruxelles 1997-98

Dakki, M.; Qninba, A.; E.A.bani, M.-A.; Benhoussa, A., 2002:
Winter census of waterbirds in Morocco 1996-2000 Recensement hivernal doiseaux deau au Maroc 1996-2000

Riera, J.; Palerm, J.C.rles., 2000:
Winter census of wildfowl and shorebirds in Mallorca and Eivissa/Formentera, January 2001 Recompte hivernal daus aquatiques i limicoles a Mallorca i les Pitiuses, gener de 2001

Suarez, M.; Martinez, O.; Garcia, D., 2003:
Winter census of wildfowl and shorebirds in the Balearic Islands January 2003 and 2004 Recompte hivernal daus aquatiques i limicoles a les Balears, gener 2003 i 2004

Riera, J.; Catchot, S.; Palerm, J.C.rles.; Martinez, O., 1999:
Winter census of wildfowl and shorebirds in the Balearic Islands, January 2000 Recompte hivernal daus aquatiques i limicoles a les Balears, gener de 2000

Garau, J.M.; Garcia, D.; Martinez, O.; Mendez, J., 2002:
Winter census of wildfowl and shorebirds in the Balearic Islands, January 2002 Recompte hivernal daus aquatiques i limicoles a les Balears, gener de 2002

Suarez, M.; Cardona, E.; Escandell, R., 2005:
Winter census of wildfowl and shorebirds in the Balearic Islands, January 2005 and 2006 Recompte hivernal daus aquatiques i limicoles a Les Balears, gener 2005 i 2006

Ekblom, R., 2006:
Winter censuses Pa vinterinventering

Ruggieri, A., 1999:
Winter colonies of greater horseshoe bats Rhinolophus ferrumequinum in Province of Piacenza characterization and conservation Colonie invernali di rinolofo maggiore Rhinolophus ferrumequinum in provincia di Piacenza caratterizzazione e problematiche di conservazione

Boivin, TG.; Power, G., 1990:
Winter condition and proximate composition of anadromous Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus in eastern Ungava Bay, Quebec

Barbalat, Alain., 2004:
Winter count of black-headed gulls Larus ridibundus on the lakes of the French speaking part of Switzerland Recensement des Mouette rieuses Larus ridibundus hivernant sur les lacs de Suisse romande

Cairo, E.; Perugini, F., 1997:
Winter daily commuting of black-headed gulls, Larus ridibundus, in the Brembo Valley Lombardy Pendolarismo giornaliero di gabbiano comune, Larus ridibundus, in Valle Brembana Prealpi Bergamasche, Lombardia durante la stagione invernale

Revers, Frederic., 2001:
Winter data on the stone curlew Burhinus oedicnemus in Aquitaine Donnees hivernales doedicneme criard Burhinus oedicnemus en Aquitaine

Scarfo, F.; Zapparoli, M., 2004:
Winter density of European jay Garrulus glandarius in oak wood of Latium Densita invernale della ghiandaia Garrulus glandarius in boschi di cerro dellAlto Lazio

Matrai, Katalin., 2000:
Winter diet of roe deer uniformities and differences according to habitat types Az oz teli taplaleka elohelytol fuggo azonossagok es kulonbsegek

Ingenbleek, A.; Cuisin, J.; Libois, R.; Bavoux, C.; Burneleau, G., 2004:
Winter diet of the European marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus at Brouage marsh Charente-Maritime Regime alimentaire hivernal du busard des roseaux Circus aeruginosus dans le marais de Brouage Charente-Maritime

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Winter diet of the great grey shrike Lanius excubitor on Ptujsko polje NE Slovenia Zimska prehrana velikega srakoperja Lanius excubitor na Ptujskem polju

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Winter diet of the long-eared owl Asio otus in the Ticino Park NW-Italy Lalimentazione invernale del gufo comune Asio otus nel Parco del Ticino Italia Nord-occidentale

Jensen, A.; Jensen, B., 1998:
Winter diet of the long-eared owl Asio otus in Denmark Skovhornuglens Asio otus vinterfode i Danmark

Bon, M.; Bazzani, A., 1999:
Winter diet of the tawny owl Strix aluco in the Venetian plain CaTron, Treviso Dieta invernale dellallocco Strix aluco nella pianura veneta CaTron, Treviso

Galeotti, M.; Beraldo, P.; Contessi, B.; Manetti, MF.; Volpatti, D., 1998:
Winter disease in farmed gilthead sea bream immunological aspects Winter disease dellorata di allevamento aspetti immunologici

Bovo, G.; Maltese, C.; Mutinelli, F.; Borghesan, F.; Qualtieri, K.; Ormelli, S.; Rosin, R.; Bozza, A.; Melchiotti, E., 1998:
Winter disease of cultured sea bream diagnostic aspects Winter disease dellorata di allevamento aspetti diagnostici

Gudmundsson, Gudmundur A., 1997:
Winter distribution of Icelandic golden plovers Pluvialis apricaria Loan er komin - en hvadan?

Kahl-Dunkel, A.; Werner, R., 2002:
Winter distribution of ring-necked parakeet Psittacula krameri in Cologne Winterverbreitung des Halsbandsittichs Psittacula krameri in Koeln, JM.; Carbonell, R.; Alonso, CL.; Garcia, FJ.; Diaz, M.; Santos, T.; Telleria, JL., 2001:
Winter distribution of small mammals in lowland fragmented forests of central Spain Distribucion invernal de los micromamiferos en Bosques fragmentados de Llanura del centro de Espana

Geinrikh, A.K., 1957:
Winter distribution of zooplankton in the Bay of Acachiu

Duchesne, Mario., 1997:
Winter ecotourism and caribou in Grands-Jardins conservation park A possible coexistence Lecotourisme hivernal et les caribous au parc de conservation des Grands Jardins Une coexistence possible

Keim, Christian., 1998:
Winter emergence of Anax imperator Leach Odonata Aeshnidae at Martigny Valais, Switzerland Emergence hivernale dAnax imperator Leach Odonata Aeshnidae a Martigny Valais, Suisse

Brix, Manfred., 1999:
Winter feeding of a partial albino starling Star-Teilalbino an der Winterfutterung

Ivarsson, Kurt., 2003:
Winter feeding of corn buntings during 2002-2003 Vinterutfodringen av kornsparv 2002-2003

Calvo Macho, Jesus Ma., 1998:
Winter feeding of short-eared owl Asio flammeus in a locality in northern Spain Alimentacion invernal de la lechuza campestre Asio flammeus en una localidad del Norte de Espana

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Winter feeding of the common otter Lutra lutra L in southern Primorye scientific report

Ullman, Magnus., 1999:
Winter feeding Vinterfodan

Guibert, B.; Denis, M., 1993:
Winter food availability and its exploitation by the deer Cervus elaphus L in relation to the development stages of forest populations and use of sylvicolous techniques in an oak stand in France Offre alimentaire hivernale et son utilisation par le cerf Cervus elaphus L en relation avec le stade de developpement des peuplements forestiers et les techniques sylvicoles dans une futaie de chene en France

Shaposhnikov, F.D. ., 1954:
Winter food of Siberian stag in the mountains of eastern Altai

Bottcher, N.; Woltjen, M.; Hoerschelmann, H., 1996:
Winter food of magpie Pica pica in Hamburg Die Winternahrung der Elster Pica pica in Hamburg

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