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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38899

Chapter 38899 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Warren, J.Collins, 1887:
Personal Experience in the Treatment of Cancer

Keen, W.W., 1887:
Pistolshot Wound of the Liver, Stomach, Mesentery, Small Intestine and Kidney; Intestinal Suture and Nephrectomy; Death

Abbe, Robert, 1887:
Plastic operation for closure of a large laryngeal fistula

H.Helferic, 1887:
Practical Value of Secondary Wound-Suture

Harvey, William, 1887:
Prelectiones anatomise universalis

Watson, B.A., 1887:
Puncture of the Heart in Chloroform Narcosis

Koplik, Henry, 1887:
Recent contributions on the subject of tumors

Angerer, O., 1887:
Remarks on the Preparation of Antiseptic Bichloride Solutions

Cullingworth, C.T.; Clarke, W.B.uce, 1887:
Removal by Abdominal Section of a Large Sarcoma of the Kidney, Which had Undergone Extensive Cystic Degeneration. Recovery from the Operation. Rapid Recurrence of the Disease

Wyeth, John A., 1887:
Removal of Neoplasms of Both Parotid Glands

Birdsall, W.R.; Weir, R.F., 1887:
Removal of a Large Sarcoma, Causing Hemianopsia From the Occipital Lobe of the Brain

Shepherd, Francis J., 1887:
Removal of an Enormous Calculus from the Pelvis of the Kidney

Weir, Robert F., 1887:
Report of four months' operative work at the new york hospital

Weir, Robert F., 1887:
Report of four months' operative work at the new york hospital

Rogers, W.B., 1887:
Report of operation for removal of colossal cystic tumor of lower jaw

Cupples, George, 1887:
Report of the special committee on surgery of the texas medical association

Anonymous, 1887:
Results of socin's operations for the radical cure of hernia at the bale clinic

Anonymous, 1887:
Reunion of Severed Digits

Blanc, M.Ed., 1887:
Rupture of Tendon of Quadriceps Extensor on Both Sides

Lange, Frederick, 1887 :
Sarcoma of the Pharynx Removed by Partial Exsection and Dislocation of the Inferior Maxilla

Weir, R.F., 1887:
Sarcomatous Floating Tumor of the Knee-joint

Anonymous, 1887:
Schuchardt on the indications for the excision of joints after gunshot wounds

Shepherd, F.J., 1887:
Secondary Suture of the Ulnar Nerve with Rapid Return of Sensation

Anonymous, 1887:
Senn, on the surgery of the pancreas

Dunx, H.Percy, 1887:
Severe Injury from Dynamite

Nancrede, Chas. B., 1887:
Should laparotomy be done for penetrating gunshot wounds of the abdomen involving the viscera?

Macewen, William, 1887:
Showing the chief cause of non-osseous union in these fractures and how to obviate it

Wharton, H.R., 1887:
Simultaneous Distal Ligature of the Right Carotid and Subclavian Arteries for Innominate Aneurism

Thomas, C.M., 1887:
Six Cases of Suprapubic Lithotomy

Weir, R.F., 1887:
Socin's Method of Removing Tumors of the Thyroid by Intraglandular Enucleation

H.Partsc, 1887:
Some New Cases of Actinomycosis in Man

Maccormac, Sir William, 1887:
Some Observations on Rupture of the Urinary Bladder

Meyers, W.H.; Pilcher, J.E., 1887:
Splenectomy for Wandering Spleen

Hartley, Frank, 1887:
Stab Wound of the Kidney; Recovery

Brunner, Conrad, 1887:
Subcutaneous Injury of the Popliteal Artery

Lange, F., 1887:
Subserous Papillary Cystomata of the Ovary; two Cases, the one being a Tubo-Ovarian Cyst. Ovariotomy in both Cases followed by Recovery. In one Case for Internal Strangulation Laparotomy four Months later. Recovery

Johnston, A.W., 1887:
Successful Primary Laparotomy for Ruptured Tubal Pregnancy

Packard, John H., 1887:
Suprapubic Cystotomy for Purposes Other than the Extraction of Calculi

Dennis, Frederic S., 1887:
Suprapubic Lithotomy

T.Albrech, 1887:
Surgical Diseases which Man has Acquired by Changing to the Upright Position

Mcburney, C. ; Pilvher, J., 1887:
Suture of the Divided Ends of a Ruptured Quadricips Extensor Tendon with Perfect Recovery

Puzev, C.; Taylor, H.H., 1887:
Synovial Cysts in Connection with the Knee-joint; Synovial Cyst of the Wrist; Operations; Recovery

Porter, W.H.nry ; Pilcher, J.E., 1887:
Syphilis as an Etiological Factor in Disease, Especially, in Connection with Pulmonary Lesions or Syphilitic Phthisis

Hutton, T.J.; Pilcher, J.E., 1887:
Tannic Acid as a Surgical Dressing

Vulliet, M., 1887:
The Advantages of Dilatation in the Curative Treatment of Cancer of the Uterus

Shrady, George F., 1887:
The Cure of Cancer by Operation

L.Tourktte, Gilles De, 1887:
The Cure of Large Ulcers of the Leg by the Carbolized Spray

Millard, Henry B., 1887:
The Dangers of the Administration of Ether in Nephritis and in Bright's Disease

Bermant, G., 1891:
The Etiology Of Tetanus

Gottingen, K.; Colles, C.J., 1887:
The Formation of a New Nasal Skeleton from the Frontal Bone

Tait, Lawson, 1887:
The General Principles Involved in the Removal of the Uterine Appendages

Carpenter, Wesley M., 1887:
The Influence of Chronic Bright's Disease on the Safety of Anaesthetics

Harris, Robert P., 1887:
The Mortality of Primary Laparotomy in Cases of Exxauterine Pregnancy

Agnew, D.Hayes, 1887:
The Possibility of Successive Self-inflicted Cranial and Heart Wounds

Karg, 1887:
The Role Played by the Tissues in Acute Inflammations and the Changes Observed in the Cells of the Connective Tissue

Gerster, Arpad G., 1887:
The Selection of Chloroform or Ether as an Anaesthetic

Taylor, H.H., 1887:
The State of the Femoral Artery after Ligature for Popliteal Aneurism.

Kapp,; Cholzen, 1887:
The Subcutaneous Injection of Calomel in the Treatment of Syphilis

Holt, L.Emmett, 1887:
The Treatment of Empyema in Children

Wilkin, C.H., 1887:
The Treatment of Ruptured and Divided Tendons

Anonymous, 1887:
The Treatment of Tubercular Peritonitis by Incision

Cathcart, Charles W., 1887:
The discussion on the surgery of the liver at the 18s6 meeting of the british medical association

Keetley, C.B., 1887:
The management and treatment of umbilical herniae

Curtis, B.Farquhar, 1887:
The operative results in cases of tuberculous disease of the wrists and of the testicles

Macewen, William, 1887:
The osteogenic factors in the development and repair of bone

Macewen, William, 1887:
The osteogenic factors in the development and repair of bone

Curtis, B.Farquhar, 1887:
The pathology of peritonitis

Jenkins, A.R., 1887:
The string drain-a supplement to the ordinary drainage tube

Anonymous, 1887:
The surgery of the liver

Park, Roswell A.M., 1887:
The surgery of the lungs

Anonymous, 1887:
The surgical treatment of peritonitis

Rushmore, John D., 1887:
The treatment of fractured patella

Poore, Charles T., 1887:
The treatment of inveterate talipes equino-varus by osteotomy

Graham, Douglas, 1887:
The treatment of scoliosis by means of massage

Axford, William L., 1887:
The treatment of the wound after castration

Podrez, A.G., 1887:
Three Cases of Splenectomy. Case I

Bryant, Joseph D., 1887:
Three cases of ligature of the external carotid artery, in two of which both vessels were tied simultaneously: with remarks on the history of the operation

Hahn, E., 1887:
To Find the Beginning of the Jejunum

Street, E.C.A.F., 1887:
Total Extirpation of the Uterus by the Vagina for Carcinoma; Recovery

Mears, J.Ewing, 1887:
Transactions Of The American Surgical Association. Volume Iv

Poncet, A.; Keetley, C.B., 1887:
Transplantation of Bone for Ununited Fracture

Edler, L., 1887:
Traumatic Injuries of the Parenchymatous Abdominal Organs

Rolland, M., 1887:
Traumatic Intraocular Haemorrhage. Posterior Ophthalmotomy. Recovery

Calmettes, R.; Hutchinson, J., 1887:
Treatment of Adenoid Vegetations of the Naso-Pharvnx

Anonymous, 1887:
Treatment of Erysipelas by Ichthyol

Miall, Philip, 1887:
Treatment of Ingrowing Toe-nail with Tannin

Peters, George A., 1887:
Two cases of operation for radical cure of hernia, with unusual features. case of cirrhosis of penis remarks

Langenbuch, C., 1887:
Ueber die principien des zeitgemaessen kriegswund verbandes

Thomson, William M.A., 1887:
Upon some abnormal conditions which may complicate the operation of colotomy

Wylie, W.Gill, 1887:
Use of Hot Water within the Peritoneal Cavity during and after Laparotomy to Prevent Shock.-Treatment of Septic Peritonitis and Intestinal Obstruction by the Use of Purgatives, etc

Mcgraw, T.A., 1887:
V Noteworthy Points in Laparotomy for Visceral Injuries

Weir, R.F., 1887:
V The Question of Operation in Perityphlitic Abscess

Eiselberg, A.Von, 1887:
VI. On the Germs Contained in Soaps and Dressing Materials

Anonymous, 1887:
Wire suturing of fracture of the patella as an immediate method of treatment

Curtis, B.Farquhar, 1887:
Witzel on injuries of tendons and their treatment

Shimpei Kuyama , Teiichi Tamura, 1957:
Cercosporin. A Pigment of Cevcosporina Kikuchii Mafsumofo et Tomoyasu. I. Cultivation of Fungus, Isolation and Purification of Pigment

Wasserman, G.S., Bradbury, A., Cruz, T. and Penson, S., 2012:

Dongxia Yue, Xiaofeng Xub, Cang Hui, Youcai Xiong, Xuemei Hane, Jinhui Ma, 2011:
Biocapacity supply and demand in Northwestern China: A spatial appraisal of sustainability

Hue, A.M., 1897:
Quelques lichens nouveaux

Alison Wakehama, Roy Kennedya, Alastair McCartney, 2004:
The collection and retention of a range of common airborne spore types trapped directly into microtiter wells for enzyme-linked immunosorbent analysis

Bhatt, G.D., Nagar, P.S., Tadvi, D.M., Kushwaha, S.P.S.,Nandy, S., Bargali, K., 2012:
Ethno-botanical practices associated with the tribal people: a case study from dangs district, south Gujarat

Lipman, C.B.; Waynick, D.D., 1916:
A detailed study of effects of climate on important properties of soils

Lipman, Chas. B., 1916:
A preliminary statement on the present status of the humus nitrogen problem in arid soils

Gortner, Ross Aiken, 1916:
A rapid method for the estimation of calcium oxide in peat soils

Skinner, J.J.; Beattie, J.H., 1916:
A study of the action of carbon black and similar absorbing materials in soils

Lipman, C.B.; Gericke, W.F., 1916:
A vegetation experiment on the availability of nitrogenous fertilizers in an arid soil

Ames, J.W.; Schollenberger, C.J., 1916:
Accumulation of salts in ohio soils

Burgess, P.S., 1916:
Azotobacter in hawaiian soils

Waksman, Selman A., 1916:
Bacterial numbers in soils, at different depths, and in different seasons of the year

Coleman, D.A.; Lint, H.C.ay; Kopeloff, N., 1916:
Can soil be sterilized without radical alteration?

Potter, R.S.; Snyder, R.S., 1916:
Carbon and nitrogen changes in the soil variously treated: soil treated with lime, ammonium sulfate and sodium nitrate

Koch, George P., 1916:
Diastase activity and invertase activity of bacteria

Gortner, R.A.ken; Shaw, W.M., 1916:
Does vanadium interfere with the determination of phosphorus in soils when the phosphorus is weighed as magnesium phrophosphate?

Cook, R.C., 1916:
Effect of grinding of the lime requirement of soils

Coleman, David Augustus, 1916:
Environmental factors influencing the activity of soil fungi

Anonymous, 1916:
Eugene woldemar hilgard

Cook, R.C., 1916:
Factors affecting the absorption1 and distribution of ammonia applied to soils

Lipman, J.G.; Blair, A.W., 1916:
Factors influencing the protein content of soybeans

Brown, P.E.; Corson, G.E., 1916:
Ferrification in soils

Waksman, S.A.; Cook, R.C., 1916:
Incubation studies with soil fungi

Anonymous, 1916:

Peter, Alfred M., 1916:
On the distribution of phosphorus in a vertical section of bluegrass soil

Miyake, K., 1916:
On the nature of ammonification and nitrification

Mccall, Artuhr G., 1916:
Physiological banalce of nutrient solutions for plants in sand cultures

Lipman, C.B.; Fowler, L.W., 1916:
Preliminary experiments on some effects of leaching on the soil flora

Koch, George P., 1916:
Preliminary investigations in comparison of field with laboratory experiments in soil biology

Lathrop, Elbert C., 1916:
Protein decomposition in soils

Waksman, Selman A., 1916:
Protozoa, as affecting baterial activities in the soil

Cook, R.C., 1916:
Quantitative media for the estimation of bacteria in soils

Waksman, Selman A., 1916:
Soil fungi and their activities

Fellers, Carl Raymond, 1916:
Some bacteriological studies on agar agar

Fred, E B ; Graul, E J, 1916:
Some factors that influence nitrate formation in acid soils

Lint, H.C.ay; Coleman, D.A., 1916:
Sources of error in soil bacteriological analysis

Brown, P E ; Johnson, H W, 1916:
Studies in sulfofication

Wolkoff, M.I., 1916:
Studies on soil colloids I. flocculation of soil colloidal solutions

Waksman, Selman A., 1916:
Studies on soil protozoa

Koch, Geroge P., 1916:
Studies on the activity of soil protozoa

Mcbeth, I.G., 1916:
Studies on the decomposition of cellulose in soils

Lipman, Jacob G., 1916:
Sulfur on alkali soils

Lipman, J.G.D.rector; Mclean, H.C.; Lint, H.C.ay, 1916:
Sulfur oxidation in soils and its effect on the availability of mineral phosphates

Waksman, S.A.; Curtis, R.E., 1916:
The actinomyces of the soil

Peloff, Nicholas, 1916:
The effect of soil reaction on ammonification by certain soil fungi

Brown, P.E.; Minges, G.A., 1916:
The effect of some manganese salts on ammonification and nitrification

Gainey, P.L., 1916:
The effect of time and depth of cultivating a wheat seed-bed upon bacterial activity in the soil

Blair, A.W.; Mclean, H.C., 1916:
The influence of lime on the yield and nitrogen content of corn

Greaves, J.E., 1916:
The influence of salts on the bacterial activities of the soil

Brown, P.E.; Allison, F.E., 1916:
The influence of some common humus-forming materials of narrow and of wide nitrogen-carbon ratio on bacterial activities

Miyake, K., 1916:
The influence of various cations upon the rate of absorption of ammonium ion by soil

Shive, John W., 1916:
The influence of various salts on the growth of soybeans

Kopeloff, Nicholas, 1916:
The inoculation and incubation of soil fungi

Alway, F.J.; Mcdole, G.R., 1916:
The loess soils of the nebraska portion of the transition region: I. hygroscopicity, nitrogen and organic carbon

Alway, F.J.; Blish, M.J., 1916:
The loess soils of the nebraska portion of the transition region: II. humus, humus-nitrogen and color

Alway, F J ; Isham, R M, 1916:
The loess soils of the nebraska portion of the transition region: III. potash, soda, and phosphoric acid

Alway, F.J.; Rost, C.O., 1916:
The loess soils of the nebraska portion of the transition region: IV. mechanical composition and inorganic constituents

Upson, F.W.; Calvin, J.W., 1916:
The loess soils of the nebraska portion of the transition region: V. the water-soluble constituents

Stewart, R.; Peterson, W., 1916:
The nitric nitrogen content of the country rock1: a contribution regarding the origin of nitre spots in certain western soils

Gortner, Ross Aiken, 1916 :
The organic matter of the soil: 1. some data on humus, humus carbon and humus nitrogen

Gortner, Ross Aiken, 1916:
The organic matter of the soil: II. a study of carbon and nitrogen in seventeen successive extracts; with some observations on the nature of the black pigment of the soil

Potter, R.S.; Benton, T.H., 1916:
The organic phosphorus of soil

Lipman, J.G.; Director,; Mclean, H.C.; Lint, H.C.ay, 1916:
The oxidation of sulfur in soils as a means of increasing the availability of mineral phosphates

Alway, F.J.; Rost, C.O., 1916:
The vertical distribution of phosphorus in the surface soil of prairies

Lipman, J.G.; Blair, A.W., 1916:
The yield and nitrogen content of soybeans as affected by inoculation

Cobb, N.A., 1917:
A Genus Of Free-Living Predatory Nematodes: Contributions To A Science Of Nematology Vi: (With 75 Illustration In The Text)

Bear, Firman E., 1917:
A correlation between bacterial activity and lime requirement of soils

Harper, Roland M., 1917:
A preliminary soil census of alabama and west florida

Kopeloff, N.; Coleman, D.A., 1917:
A review of investigations in soil protozoa and soil sterilization

Neller, J.R., 1917:
A soil sampler for bacteriological and chemical purposes

Duruz, Willis P., 1917:
A study of the root-nematode (heterodera radicicola) and its control

Wolkoff, M.I., 1917:
Adsorption of ammonium sulfate by soils and quartz sand: preliminary communication

Lipman, C.B.; Burgess, P.S., 1917:
Ammonifiability versus nitrifiability as a test for the relative availability of nitrogenous fertilizers

Emerson, Paul, 1917:
Are all the soil bacteria and streptothrics that develop on dextrose agar azofiers?

Brigham, Reed O., 1917:
Assimilation of organic nitrogen by zea mays and the influence of bacillus subtilis on such assimilation

Allison, F.E., 1917:
Biological changes in soil during storage

Allison, F.E.; Coleman, D.A., 1917:
Biological variations in soil plots as shown by different methods of sampling

Watson, E.B., 1917:
Clay boulders and the rolling action of water

Christensen, Harald R., 1917:
Experiments in methods for determining the reaction of soils

Ames, J.W.; Richmond, T.E., 1917:
Fermentation of manure treated with sulfur and sulfates: changes in nitrogen and phosphorus content

Miyake, K., 1917:
Further studies of the nature of ammonification

Gillespie, L.J.; Hurst, L.A., 1917:
Hydrogen-ion concentration measurements of soils of two types: caribou loam and washburn loam

Carr, R.H., 1917:
Is the humus content of the soil a guide to fertility?

Waksman, Selman A., 1917:
Is there any fungus flora of the soil?

Burgess, P.S., 1917:
Nitrification as a measure of the availability of different forms of calcium carbonate when employed as correctors of soil acidity

Greaves, J.E.; Stewart, R.; Hirst, C.T., 1917:
Nitrous nitrogen in irrigated soils

Schollenberger, C.J., 1917:
Relation between indications of several lime-requirement methods and the soil's content of bases

Smith, Alfred, 1917:
Relation of the mechanical analysis to the moisture equivalent of soils

Truog, E.; Sykora, J., 1917:
Soil constituents which inhibit the action of plant toxins

Gericke, W.F., 1917:
Some effects of salt-treated soils on absorption by seeds

Grewes, J.E.; Hirst, C.T., 1917 :
Some factors influencing the quantitative determination of nitric nitrogen in the soil

Wolkoff, M.I., 1917:
Studies on soil colloids: II. influence of colloids on electrical conductivity of salts

Rost, Clayton O., 1917:
The determination of soil phosphorus

Macintire, W.H.; Willis, L.G.; Holding, W.A., 1917:
The divergent effects of lime and magnesia upon the conservation of soil sulfur

Allison, F.E.; Cook, R.C., 1917:
The effect of ammonium sulfate on soil acidity

Hoagland, D.R., 1917:
The effect of hydrogen and hydroxyl ion concentration on the growth of barley seedlings

Truesdell, H.W., 1917:
The effect of phosphorus on alfalfa and alfalfa bacteria

Cook, R.C.; Allison, F.E., 1917:
The effect of soil reaction on the availability of ammonium sulfate

Gruzit, Oswald M., 1917:
The effect of some acids and alkalis on soil bacteria in the the soil solution

Koch, George P., 1917:
The effect of sterilization of soils by heat and antiseptics upon the concentration of the soil solution

Brown, P.E.; Hitchcock, E.B., 1917:
The effects of alkali salts on nitrification

D.Buisson, J.P., 1917:
The extraction and saturation of soils with volatile antiseptics

Kopeloff, Nicholas, 1917:
The influence of fineness of division of pulverized limestone on crop yield as well as the chemical and bacteriological factors in soil fertility

Coleman, David A., 1917:
The influence of sodium nitrate upon nitrogen transformations in soils with special reference to its availability and that of other nitrogenous manures

Halsted, B.D.; Waksman, S.A., 1917:
The influence of soil temperature upon seedling corn

Always, F.J.; Mcdole, G.R.; Rost, C.O., 1917:
The loess soils of the nebraska portion op the transition region: VI. the relative "rawness" of the subsoils

Sharp, L.T.A.d; Waynick, D.D., 1917:
The moisture equivalent determinations of salt-treated soils and their relation to changes in the interior surfaces

Morrow, C.A.stin; Gortner, R.A.ken, 1917:
The organic matter of the soil v: a study op the nitrogen distribution in different soil types

Gortner, Ross Aiken, 1917:
The organic matter of the soil: III. on the production of humus from manures'

Gortner, R.A.ken; Shaw, W.M., 1917:
The organic matter of the soil: IV. some data on humus-phosphoric acid

Brown, P.E.; Warner, H.W., 1917:
The production of available phosphorus form rock phosphate by compositing with sulfur and manure

Pulling, Howard E., 1917:
The rate of water movement in aerated soils

Fulmer, H.L., 1917:
The relation of green manures to nitrogen fixation

Gainey, P.L., 1917:
The significance of nitrification as a factor in soil fertility

Morgan, J.Franklin, 1917:
The soil solution obtained by the oil pressure method

Swanson, C.O.; Miller, R.W., 1917:
The sulfur content of some typical kansas soils, and the loss of sulfur due to cultivation

Christie, A.W.; Martin, J.C., 1917:
The volumetric determination of sulfates in water extracts of soils

Mccool, M.M.; Millar, C.E., 1917:
The water content of the soil and the composition and concentration of the soil solution as indicated by the freezingpoint lowerings of the roots and tops of plants abstract

Lipman, J.G.; Blair, A.W., 1917:
The yield and nitrogen content of soybeans as influenced by lime

Blair, A.W.; Mclean, H.C., 1917:
Total nitrogen and carbon in cultivated land and land abandoned to grass and weeds

Lipman, J.G.; Mclean, H.C., 1917:
Vegetation experiments of the availability of treated phosphates

Shive, John W., 1918:
A comparative study of salt requirements for young and for mature buckwheat plants in sand cultures

Itano, A.; Ray, G.B., 1918:
A method for the counting of certain protozoa in the soil

Mccall, A.G.; Norton, J.B.S.; Richards, P.E., 1918:
Abnormal stem growth of soybeans in sand cultures with shive's three-salt solution

Lipman, C.B.; Martin, D.E., 1918:
Are unusual precautions necessary in taking soil samples for ordinary bacteriological tests?

Greaves, J.E., 1918:

Burgess, P.S., 1918:
Can we predict probable fertility from soil biological data?

Noyes, H.A.; Yoder, L., 1918:
Carbonic acid gas in relation to soil acidity changes

Burd, John S., 1918:
Chemical criteria, crop production and physical classification in two soil classes

Koch, G.P.; Butler, J.R.ssell, 1918:
Cross-inoculation of legumes

Rost, C.O.; Clapp, F.C., 1918:
Determination of lime and phosphoric acid in peat soils: comparison of jonkoping with bremen method

Wolkoff, M.I., 1918 :
Effect of ammonium sulfate in nutrient solution on the growth of soybeans in sand cultures

Ames, J.W.; Richmond, T.E., 1918:
Effect of sulfofication and nitrification on rock phosphate

Lipman, J.G.; Mclean, H.C., 1918:
Experiments with sulfur-phosphate composts conducted under field conditions

Gillespie, L.J.; Hurst, L.A., 1918:
Hydrogen-ion concentration-soil type-common potato scab

Richmond, T.E., 1918:
On the extraction of ammonia from soil

Schollenberger, C.J., 1918:
Organic phosphorus of soil: experimental work on methods for extraction and determination

Koch, George P., 1918:
Potassium requirements of bacteria

Fellers, C.R., 1918:
Report on the examination of commercial cultures of legume-infecting bacteria

Stephenson, R.E., 1918:
Soil acidity methods

Truog, Emil, 1918:
Soil acidity: I. its relation to the growth of plants

Snyder, R.S.; Potter, R.S., 1918:
Soluble non-protein nitrogen of soil

Allison, F.E., 1918:
Some availability studies with ammonium phosphate and its chemical and biological effects upon the soil

Neller, J.R., 1918:
Studies on the correlation between the production of carbon dioxide and the accumulation of ammonia by soil organisms

Ames, J.W.; Richmond, T.E., 1918:
Sulfofication in relation to nitrogen transformations

Noyes, H.A.; Cromer, C.O., 1918:
Tests of commercial cultures for legume inoculation

Hoagland, D.R.; Christie, A.W., 1918:
The Chemical Effects Of Cao And Caco3 On The Soil Part I. The Effect On Soil Reaction

Christie, A.W.; Martin, J.C., 1918:
The Chemical Effects Of Cao And Caco3 On The Soil Part Ii. The Effect On Water-Soluble Nutrients In Soils

Mclean, Harry C., 1918:
The Oxidation Of Sulfur By Microorganisms In Its Relation To The Availability Of Phosphates

Snyder, R.S., 1918:
The determination of total nitrogen in soils containing rather large amounts of nitrates

Fred, E.B., 1918:
The effect of certain organic substances on seed germination

Potter, R.S.; Snyder, R.S., 1918:
The effect of heat on some introgenous constitutents of soil

Fellers, C.R., 1918:
The effect of inoculation, fertilizer treatment and certain minerals on the yield, composition and nodule formation of soybeans

Lipman, J.R.; Blair, A.W., 1918:
The effect of liming on crop yields in cylinder experiments

Stephenson, R.E., 1918:
The effect of organic matter on soil reaction

Rossi, Giacomo, 1918:
The importance of malaria to agriculture and studies on malarial soil

Waksman, Selman A., 1918:
The importance of mold action in the soil

Wolkoff, M.I., 1918:
The influence of ammonium sulfate on the germination and the growth of barley in sand and soil cultures kept at different moisture contents and at various osmotic concentrations of the soil solution

Rice, F.E.; Osugi, S., 1918:
The inversion of cane sugar by soils and allied substances and the nature of soil acidity

Alstine, E.Van, 1918:
The movement of plant-food within the soil

Morrow, C.A.stin; Fetzer, W.R.ymond, 1918:
The nitrogen distribution of fibrin hydrolyzed in the presence of ferric chloride

Waksman, S.A.; Curtis, R.E., 1918:
The occurrence of actinomycetes in the soil

Fellers, C.R., 1918:
The occurrence of bacterium lactis viscosum in soil

Potter, R.S.; Snyder, R.S., 1918:
The organic phosphorus of soil

Hartwell, B.L.; Pember, F.R., 1918:
The presence of aluminum as a reason for the difference in the effects of so-called acid soil on barley and rye

Potter, R.S.; Snyder, R.S., 1918:
The production of carbon dioxide by molds inoculated into sterile soil

Howard, L.P., 1918:
The relation of the lime requirements of soils to their retention of ammonia

Harmer, Paul M., 1918:
The relative "rawness" of some humid subsoils

Lipman, C.B.; Gericke, W.F., 1918:
The significance of the sulfur in sulfate of ammonia applied to certain soils

Tressler, Donald Kiteley, 1918:
The solubility of the soil potash in various salt solutions

Singh, Thakur Mahadeo, 1918:
Toxicity of "alkali" salts

Shive, John W., 1918:
Toxicity of monobasic phosphates towards soybeans grown in soil-and solution-cultures

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Capillary moisture-holding capacity

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Effect of sulfofication and nitrification on potassium and other soil constituents

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Hydrogen-ion concentration of plant juices I. the accurate determination of the hydrogen-ion concentration of plant juices by means of the hydrogen electrode

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Plate i

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Potassium-bearing minerals as a source of potassium for plant growth

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Quantitative and qualitative bacterial analysis of soil samples taken in fall of 1918

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Relation of the moisture equivalent of soils to the moisture properties under field conditions of irrigation

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Soil acidity: II. its relation to the acidity of the plant juice

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Some notes on the cause of the unproductivity of "raw" subsoils in humid regions

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The Volumetric Determination Of Sulfates By Oxidation Of Benzidine Sulfate With Kmno4

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The abnormality of soils in field-placed cylinder experiments

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The comparative value of various forms of limestone

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The effect of certain colloidal substances on the growth of wheat seedlings

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The effect of soybean germination upon the growth of its nodule-forming bacteria

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The electrometric titration of plant juices

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The influence of heated soils on seed germination and plant growth

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The inhibition by stable manure of the injurious effects of alkali salts in soils

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The isolation and study of nitrifying bacteria

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The liberation of native soil potassium induced by different calcic and magnesic materials, as measured by lysimeter leachings

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The longevity of b. rodicicola on legume seeds

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The movement of moisture in soil by capillarity

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The oxidation of vanillin to vanillic acid by certain soil bacteria

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The relation of certain acidic to basic constituents of the soil affected by ammonium sulfate and nitrate of soda

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Vegetative growth in soils containing crude petroleum

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A capillary transmission constant and methods of determining it experimentally

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A new soil elutriator

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A proposed method for the estimation of total calcium in soils and the significance of this element in soil fertility

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A study of the behavior of carbon disulfide when injected into the soil and its value as a control for the root-from of the woolly apple aphis

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Aluminum as a factor in soil acidity

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Carriers of nitrogen in fertilizers

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Colorimetric determination of hydrogen-ion concentration without buffer mixtures, with especial reference to soils

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Concerning the effect of heat on the reaction between lime-water and acid soils

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Cooperative experiments for the composting of phosphate rock and sulfur

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Cross-inoculation studies with the nodule bacteria of lima beans, navy beans, cowpeas and others of the cowpea group

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Efect of various soluble salts and lime on evaporation, capillary rise, and distribution of water in some agricultural soils

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Experiments on the value of common rock salt and sulfur for killing live stumps

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Field experiements of the availability of nitrogenous fertilizers, 1908-1917

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Further studies on the freezing-point lowering of soils and plants

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Hydrogen-ion concentration measurements of soils in connection with their "lime-requirements"

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Influence of moisture on the bacterial activities of the soil

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Miscellaneous soil insecticide tests

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Nitrogen economy in the soil as influenced by various crops grown under control conditions

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Nitrogen fixation by cowpeas and nodule bacteria

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Notes on the conference on elementary soil teaching, held at lexington, kentucky, june, 1920

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Organic phosphorus content of ohio soils

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Peat deposits in the united states and their classification

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Reduction potentials of bacterial culture and of water-logged soils

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Sampling soil plots

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Some factors influencing the quantitative determination of chlorides in soil

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Studies on the reaction of plant juices

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Symbiotic nitrogen fixation as influenced by the nitrogen in the soil

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The capillary potential and its relation to soilmoisture constants

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The comparative rate of decomposition of green and cured clover tops in soil

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The concentration of sodium nitrate tolerated by tobacco plants

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The determination of carbon dioxide in water-insoluble carbonates

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The determination of hydrogen-ion concentration by the colorimetric method and an apparatus for rapid and accurate work

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The determination of nitrites and nitrates in plant tissue

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The effect of aeration and other factors on the lime requirement of a muck soil

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The effect of certain environmental conditions on the rate of destruction of vanillin by a soil bacterium

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The effect of dicalcium silicate on an acid soil

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The effect of fertilizers on blueberries

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The effect of gypsum on bacterial activities in soils

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The effect of leaching on the availability of rock phosphate to corn

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The effect of the initial moisture in a soil on moisture movement

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The formation of nitrates in a soil following the growth of red clover and of timothy

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The formation of soluble substances in soils taken from widely separated regions

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The hydrogen-ion concentration of certain three salt nutrient solutions for plants

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The influence of initial reaction on the oxidation of sulfur and the formation of available phosphates

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The influence of sand upon the concentration and reaction of a nutrient solution for plants

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The influence of soil reaction on the growth of alfalfa

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The lime factor in permanent soil improvement II. rotations with legumes

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The lime factor in permanent soil improvement: I. rotations without legumes

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The lime requirement of soils according to the veitch method, compared with the hydrogen-ion concentration of the soil extract

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The moisture equivalent in relation to the mechanical analysis of soils

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The oxidizing power of soil from limed and unlimed plots and its relation to other factors

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The potential biochemical activity of the spores of soil bacteria

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The protozoan fauna of the soils of new jersey

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The reaction of the soil as influenced by the decomposition of green manures

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The relation between the calcium and the nitrogen content of plants and the function of calcium

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The relation of nitrates to nodule production

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The relation of sulfur to soil acidity and to the control of potato scab

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The use of carbon bisulfide against the white grub

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The water-supplying power of the soil as related to the wilting of plants

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A comparison of inoculated and uninoculated sulfur for the control of potato scab

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A comparison of the technic recommended by various authors for quantitative bacteriological analysis of soil

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A new classification of the soil moisture

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A pitless lysimeter equipment

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Acid soil studies: II. changes in calcium compounds added to acid soils

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Aqueous vapor pressure op soils

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Chemical effect of salts on soils

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Effect of salt solutions having definite osmotic concentration values upon absorption by seeds

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Effects upon the growth of potatoes, corn and beans resulting from the addition of borax to the fertilizer used

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Experiment with common rock salt: I. effect on asparagus

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Experiments in the treatment of balled earth about the roots of coniferous plants for the control of japanese beetle larvae

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Experiments with common rock salt: II. eradication of weeds and cleaning of roadsides with salt

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Experiments with common rock salt: III. after-effects of salt

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Experiments with hot water in the treatment of balled earth about the roots of plants for the control of japanese beetle larvae

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Nitrogen in the rainwater at ithaca, new york

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Practical significance of the organic carbon nitrogen ratio in soils

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Preliminary note on the microbiology of the soil and the possible existence therein of invisible germs

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Soil acidity and bacterial activity

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Studies on the acid amide fraction of the nitrogen of peat. i

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Sulfur and sulfur composts in relation to plant nutrition

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Sulfur for neutralizing alkali soil

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The amount of unfree water in soils at different moisture contents

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The colorimetric determination of soil in a colored water extract

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The concentration of the soil solution around the soil particles

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The effect of continuous cropping upon the major soil nutrients

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The effect of fertilizer treatments on savannah cranberry land

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The effect of gypsum of soil reaction

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The effect of organic matter on soil reaction. h

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The effect of organic nitrogenous compounds on the nitrate-forming organism

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The effect of straw on the biological soil processes

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The fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by inoculated soybeans

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The forms of nitrogen in soybean nodules

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The influence of certain fertilizer salts on the growth and nitrogen-content of some legumes

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The influence of fertilizers containing borax on the yield of potatoes and corn-season 1920

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The influence of iron in the forms of ferric phosphate and ferrous sulfate upon the growth of wheat in a nutrient solution

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The influence of varying amounts of sulfur in the soil, on crop yields, hydrogen-ion concentration, lime requirement and nitrate formation

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A Permanent Tube for the OEsophagus

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A practical treatise on the diseases of the rectum

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Actinomycosis of Thigh

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Acute Suppuration after Correction of Ankylosis by Manual Force

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Additional Series of Eleven Cases of Cholecystotomy

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An experimentai, contribution to intestinal surgery with special reference to the treatment of intestinal obstruction

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Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical

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Antiseptic Surgery at the Hospital de la Salpetriere; Use of Boiling water

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Antiseptic surgical precautions of special importance to the general practitioner

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Antiseptics in War Time

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Arthropathy in Locomotor Ataxia

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Asepsis in aseptic dressings

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Bilateral Suppurative Otitis as a Consequence of Posterior Nasal Tamponade for Epistaxis

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Case of Acute Multiple Osteomyelitis, ending in Recovery

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Case of Axe Wound of the Skull

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Case of Cerebral Abscess in Connection with Otitis Media, Successfully Diagnosed and Evacuated

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Case of Extroversion of the Bladder Treated by Preliminary Division of the Sacro-Iliac Synchondroses (Trendelenberg's Operation)

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Case of Fistulorrhaphy for Utero-Vesical Fistula

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Case of Foreign Body (Sow-Thistle) in Male Urethra

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Case of Gunshot Wound of the Abdomen with Perforation of Bowel

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Case of Inversion and Prolapsus of Female Bladder through the Urethra

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Case of Lacerated Contused Wound of the Scrotum

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Case of Late Haemorrhage from a Wound of the Hand

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Case of Self-Mutilation of the Scrotum

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Case of Stab (Dagger and Knife) Wounds of the Abdomen with Prolapse of the Omentum and Bowels

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Case of Stab (Knife) Wound of the Abdomen with Lesion of the Stomach

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Case of Stab (Knife) Wound of the Abdomen with Prolapse and Lesion of the Small Bowel

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Case of Stab (Knife) Wound of the Abdomen with Protrusion of the Omentum

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Case of Stab (Knife) Wound of the Abdomen, with Multiple Lesion of the Small Bowel

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Case of Stab (Knife-like Ferrule) Wound of the Abdomen with Protrusion of Bowel

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Case of Traumatic Cephal-Hydrocele. Spontaneous Cure

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Case of penetrating gunshot wound of the abdomen, with wound of intestine and faecal extravasation; laparotomy; intestinal suture; recovery

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Case of sarcoma of the scalp

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Case of strangulated hernia; operation followed by laparotomy for intestinal obstruction

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Case of supracoracoid dislocation of the shoulder

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Chronic Syphilitic Tumor of the Metatarso-phalangeal Region

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Clinical Contribution to the Surgery of Nerves

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Clinical Contribution to the Surgery of the Kidney

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Cocaine in Tonsillitis

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Compound Comminuted and Depressed Fracture of the Skull, with Lacerated Wound of the Brain; Trephining; Recovery

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Contribution to the Literature of Resection of the Pylorus; Statistics of the Frequency of Metastases in Carcinoma of the Pylorus

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Contributions to the Resection and Osteotomy of Ankylosed Joints

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Die chirurgischen erkrankungen des kindesalters

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Die mechanische behaxdlung her lumbago

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Die operative behandlung der hodestuberculose durch resection der nebenhoden

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Die pathologie und therapie der gelenkentzundungen

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Die querexcision der fusswurzel-knochen

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Dislocation of the Head of the Fibula

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Drainage of Joints Versus Excision

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Electropuncture in Parenchymatous Goitre

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Elements of General Surgical Pathology

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Enchondroma of the Larynx

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Erasion of the knee joint

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Excision of the tarsal rones.-schmidt

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Extensive Carbuncles Treated by Erasion; Rapid Convalescence

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Extensive thoracotomy for sarcoma of the chest-wall with adhesions to the lung

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Extirpation of a Floating Cystic Kidney

Matlakowski, 1888:
Extirpation of a Kidney for Phthisis Renalis

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Fracture of the Anterior Tuberosity of the Tibia

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Fracture of the Larynx; Emphysema of the Neck; Laryngotomy-Death

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Fracture of the Pelvis, Laceration of the Vaginal Wall and Protrusion of the Intestines

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Galactocele ex Retentione

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Gastroenterostomy in luecke's clinic

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General and Special Orthopedic Surgery, Including Orthopedic operations

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Gonorrhoea Healed by Injections of Oil of Iodoform

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Guide to the antiseptic treatment of wounds with reference to its present aspect

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Gunshot Wound of Liver Complicated with Compound Comminuted Fracture of the Ribs

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Gunshot wound of stomach and liver treated by laparotomy and suture of visceral wounds, with recovery

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Hand-atlas der anatomie des menschen

Anonymous, 1888:
Handbook of general surgical pathology and therapy

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Handbuch der topographischen anatomie

Anonymous, 1888:
Head and neck

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Hemorrhage from the larger Blood vessels in Abscesses

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Hip disease in childhood -wright

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Horny Growths of the Penis

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Hypertrophy of the Prostate and its Relief by Operation

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Inguino-properitoneal hernia

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Insanity, Its Classification, Diagnosis And Treatment; A Manual For Students And Practitioners Of Medicine

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Intra-articular Exostosis of the Knee-joint

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Intralaryngeal and Intratracheal Thyroideal Tumors

Anonymous, 1888:
Laparatomy for Intraperitoneal Rupture of the Bladder

Koettnitz, A, 1888:
Laparatomy for Rupture of the Uterus with Recovery

Coppens, 1888:
Laparotomy and Drainage for Cysts of the Mesentery

Stolypinsky, V, 1888:
Laparotomy for Congenital Umbilical Hernia in a New Born Infant

Murphy, J B, 1888:
Laparotomy for Gunshot Wounds of the Abdomen

Bontecou, R B, 1888:
Laparotomy for Perforated Typhoid Ulcer

Morton, T.S.K.; Morton, T.G., 1888:
Laparotomy for Perforated Typhoid Ulcer

Rockwell, Frank W., 1888:
Laparotomy for acute intestinal obstruction, with abstracts of 69 cases, including a successful one by the writer

Dixon, Archibald, 1888:
Laparotomy for inflammation of the vermiform appendix with ulcerative perforation, followed by recovery

Kidd, Percy, 1888:
Laryngeal Paralysis from Acute Laryngitis

Anonymous, 1888:
Lecons de clinique chirurgicale

Anonymous, 1888:
Lectures on military surgery

Anonymous, 1888:
Lehrbuch der allgemeinen chirurgie nach dem heutigen standpunkte der wissenschaft

Anonymous, 1888:
Leiirbuch der allgemeinen chirurgie

Wright, G A, 1888:
Ligature of subclavian artery for axillary aneurism

Keetley, C B, 1888:
Manual of Surgical Antisepsis

Wainewright, Benj, 1888:
Manual of Tracheotomy

Browning, William, 1888:
Material organization of the surgical clinic at paris

Anonymous, 1888:
Mechanical treatment of lumbago.-schreiber

Anonymous, 1888:
Mechanical treatment of lumbago.-schreiber

Anonymous, 1888:
Medical classics

Anonymous, 1888:
Melanosarcoma of the Penis

Anonymous, 1888:
Neuralgia of the Bladder

Keetley, C B, 1888:
Note on a new treatment of large dermoid cysts of the neck

Peck, A P, 1888:
Note on electrolysis of uterine fibroma

Barker, Arthur J., 1888:
Notes on two Cases of Laparotomy for Penetrating Gunshot Wound of the Abdomen; Recevery of One. With Remarks on Recent Statistics

Keetiey, C.B., 1888:
Notes on wry-neck and its treatment

Nasiloff, Ivan I., 1888:
OEsophagotomia et Resectio OEsophagi Endothoracica

Cheadle, W D.S.ith, T., 1888:
Occlusion of Left Bronchus by a Foreign Body : Successful Treatment

Frew, W.C., 1888:
Oesophagotomy for the removal of an ingested foreign body

Mandry, 1888:
On Arthrectomy of the Knee-Joint in Children

Bruns, P, 1888:
On Cachexia Following Extirpation of the Thyroid Gland

Koenig, 1888:
On Free Bodies in the Elbow-joint

Anonymous, 1888:
On Lupus Carcinoma

Israel, James, 1888:
On Nephrolithotomy in Anuria from Impaction of Calculus

Bruns, P, 1888:
On Old, Badly Healed Fractures of the Patella

Jun, J Hutchinson, 1888:
On Painful Cystitis and its Treatment

Rose, Ed, 1888:
On Rectocele Vaginalis or Vestibularis

Anonymous, 1888:
On Rupture of the Bladder Produced by Filling

Wolfler, A, 1888:
On Tendon-Suture and Tendon-Plastic

Richard, C Henri, 1888:
On Tumors of the Branchial Cleft

Terrillon, 1888:
On Washing out the Peritoneum after Laparotomy

Poncet, A, 1888:
On a Deformity of the Hands which Attacks Glass-Blowers

Stoker, W.Thornley, 1888:
On a case of subcranial haemorrhage treated by secondary trephining

May, Bennett, 1888:
On amputation of the entire upper extremity in the contiguity of the trunk by the method of paul berger: with two cases of the operation

Tubby, A H, 1888:
On antiseptic methods and other points in the practice of professor von volkmann

Anonymous, 1888:
On cancer and cancerous diseases

Ogston, Alexander C.M., 1888:
On forming a new acetabulum in certain resections of the hip joint

Anonymous, 1888:
On the After-treatment of External Urethrotomy

Culler, E, 1888:
On the Lime-Treatment (Kolischer) of Localized Tuberculosis

Helferich, 1888:
On the Operative Treatment of Elephantiasis

Herczel, E, 1888:
On the Operative Treatment of Nephritic Calculi

Keetley, C B, 1888:
On the dystrophies observed after resections-a contribution to the study of the results given by these operations

Keetley, C.B., 1888:
On the etiology and essential nature of scoliosis

Stokes, William , Ch.M.,univ.Dubl., 1888:
On traumatic subdural abscess of the brain

Anonymous, 1888:
Osteoplastic Amputation of the Thigh According to Gritti

Cohen, Eugene, 1888:
Osteotomy, a Radical Cure for Hammer-Toe

Anonymous, 1888:
Papers from the Surgical Dispensary of the University of Leipsic

Kirmisson, E, 1888:
Perforating Ulcer Connected with Certain Forms of Latent Spina Bifida

Anonymous, 1888:
Phosphrous Necrosis of the Jaw

Drevet, M.L.sage, M.T.iery, M, 1888:
Primary Chancres

Keetley, C B, 1888:
Proceedings of the Medical Society of London

Keetley, C B, 1888:
Proceedings of the West London Medico-Chirurgical Society

Sendler, Paul, 1888:
Pure Fibroma of the Tendon of the Palmaris Longus

Lloyd, Jordan, 1888:
Rare Fracture of Olecranon

Anonymous, 1888:
Recent contributions to rectal surgery

Anonymous, 1888:
Rectal Fistula in Czerny's Clinic

Heath, Christopher, 1888:
Recurrent Sarcoma in Clavicle; Excision of Clavicle; Death from Secondary Growth in Brain

Porter, C B ; Lyman, C B, 1888:
Reduction of Dislocated Sternal Bones by a Cough

Burrell, Herbert L., 1888:
Reimplantation of a Trephine Button of Bone

Treves, Frederick, 1888:
Relapsing Typhlitis Treated by Operation

Terrillon, M, 1888:
Salpingitis and Haemato-Salpingitis

Dennis, Frederic S., 1888:
Sarcoma of Bone Affecting the Lower Extremities

Maisel, E L, 1888:
Sculptor's White Clay in Mastitis

Pilcher, James E., 1888:
Senn on the diagnosis of gastro-intestinal perforation by the rectal insufflation of hydrogen gas

Middleton, H.H., 1888:
Simple and compound interphalangeal dislocations of the fingers

Jaccoud, S, 1888:
Some Remarks on Erysipelas of the Face

Jenkins, A R, 1888:
Some points in the technique of the treatment of fracture of the patella by suture

Jacobson, W H A , , M.Ch.Oxon., 1888:
Some points of practical importance in the operative treatment of rodent ulcer

Wight, Jarvis S., 1888:
Some points on incarcerated hernia

Valat, M, 1888:
Spontaneous Fracture in a Sarcomatous Tibia Folfowed by Bony Union

Kovacs, 1888:
Statistics of Stone Operations

Desnos, E, 1888:
Stricture of the Rectum Following an Abscess of the Prostate

Distin-Maddick, G.E., 1888:
Stricture of the urethra, its diagnosis and treatment facilitated by the use of new and simple instruments

Grosch, J, 1888:
Studies on Lipoma

Langenbuch, C, 1888:
Subpubic Cystotomy

Gordon, S C, 1888:
Successful Primary Laparotomy for Extra-uterine Pregnancy

Ashhurst, John Jr., 1888:
Successful Simultaneous Triple Amputation for Railway Injury

Maylard, A Ernest M.B., 1888:
Successful Simultaneous Triple Amputation for Railway Injury

Anonymous, 1888:
Suppurative Periostitis of the Walls of the Orbit Consecutive to Suppuration in the Frontal Sinuses

Voins, Stanislav A., 1888:
Suprapubic Cystotomy for Stone in a Little Girl

Anonymous, 1888:
Surgical operations. part i. the ligature of artieres. a short description of the surgical anatomy and modes of tying the principal vessels

Symonds, H P, 1888:
Suture of Ruptured Bladder

Robin, M Albert; Jegu, M G, 1888:
Syphilitic Affections of the Ear

Anonymous, 1888:
Tetanus: its nature and origin

Anonymous, 1888:
Textbook for the training of nurses, with special reference to the management of wounds, the care of the sick, and disinfection

Pilcher, James E., 1888:
The Best Surgical Dressing.-How to Prepare it and How to Use it; with a Consideration of Beach's Principle of Bullet-Wound Treatment

Jenny, Robert, 1888:
The Conditions following Tracheotomy for Diphtheria and Croup in Children

Middeldorpf, G, 1888:
The Discussion and Therapy of Genu Valgum, and Varum

Lane, W Arbuthnot M.S., 1888:
The Factors that Determine Hypertrophy of the Skull in Mollities Ossium, Osteitis Deformans, Rickets, and Hereditary Syphilis

Zeller, H, 1888:
The Incision of deep Perirectal Abscesses from the Perineum

Costella, M.M.lnar, M, 1888:
The Influence of Erysipelas on Syphilitic Lesions

Rose, Ed, 1888:
The Necessity for the Operation for Myoma of the Uterus

Browning, Wm, 1888:
The Occurrence of Coma in Sudden Spontaneous Brain Lesions

Zinsmeister, Otto, 1888:
The Operative Treatment of Paralytic Joints (Arthrodesis)

Vorster, 1888:
The Operative Treatment of Priapism

Anonymous, 1888:
The Peroneal Type of Progressive Muscular Atrophy

Phillipson, A, 1888:
The Phelps' Method of Treating Club-Foot

Bockart, M.G.malo, R, 1888:
The Pigmentary Syphilide

Anonymous, 1888:
The Present Status of the Inquiry into the Functions of the Bladder

Dunn, H P, 1888:
The Principles of Cancer and Tumour Formation

Walsham, W J, 1888:
The Question of Treatment in Wounds of the Femoral Artery and Vein Simultaneously

Pilcher, James E., 1888:
The Surgeon's Pocket-Book

Iversen, A.; Mueller, P.F.nwick, H. 3, 1888:
The Surgery of the Ureter

Anonymous, 1888:
The Synovial Sacs and Tendon Sheaths of the Palm

Gueterbock, Paul, 1888:
The Technique and After-treatment in External Urethrotomy

Swan, R, 1888:
The Treatment of Advanced Conditions of Equinovarus

Walsham, W J, 1888:
The Treatment of Club-Foot by Immediate Restoration of the Parts to their Normal Position after Tenotomy

Anonymous, 1888:
The Treatment of Felon Without Incision

Hager, Wilhelm, 1888:
The Treatment of Joint Inflammations by Irrigations and Injections

Anonymous, 1888:
The Treatment of Syphilis, by the Subcutaneous Injection of Calomel

Fowler, George R., 1888:
The arraignment of catgut.-the desirability of simplicity of methods in obtaining certain asepsis in surgical work

Anonymous, 1888:
The art of diagnosis of surgical diseases

Keetley, C B, 1888:
The cure of varicocele

Doran, Alban, 1888:
The details of ovariotomy

Clark, W.Bruce, 1888:
The diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the kidney amenable to direct interference

Idelson, Valerius, 1888:
The diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cysts

Kammerer, Fred ., 1888:
The disinfection of the physician's hands, with observations on the bacteriological character of the accumulations under the finger-nails

Keetley, C B, 1888:
The etiology of fractures of the skull

Keetley, C B, 1888:
The french congress of surgery and the radical cure of hernia

Veer, Albert Vander A.M., 1888:
The history of abdominal section in albany, with a report of seventy-five cases

Mastin, William M., 1888:
The history of the filaria sanguinis hominis, its discovery in the united states, and especially the relationship of the parasite to chylocele of the tunica vaginalis testis

Gerster, Arpad G., 1888:
The modern operative treatment of tubercular joint affections

Anonymous, 1888:
The nature and significance of pain

Jenkins, A R, 1888:
The padded board stretcher in the treatment of hip disease and various traumata

Keetley, C B, 1888:
The radical cure of hernia

Ball, Charles B.M.Ch. Univ. Dub., 1888:
The rectum and anus: their diseases and treatment

Anonymous, 1888:
The relation of imperfect or improper treatment to the production of non-union after fractures of the long bones

Strong, Albert B., 1888:
The relations of the peritoneum to the abdominal wall, rectum and bladder, with especial reference to suprapubic cystotomy, as shown by frozen sections of the male pelvis

Curtis, B.Farquhar, 1888:
The results of laparotomy for acute intestinal obstruction

Anonymous, 1888:
The rules of aseptic and antiseptic surgery

Pilcher, James E., 1888:
The surgery of the brain and spinal cord

Anonymous, 1888:
The surgery of the larynx

Harrison, Reginald, 1888:
The surgical disorders of the urinary organs

Anonymous, 1888:
The surgical treatment of acute intestinal obstruction

Husson, F C, 1888:
The treatment of simple fractures around and penetrating into the joints

Chavasse, Thomas F. , C.M., F.Rc.S., 1888:
The treatment of urethral stricture by wheelhouse's method

Hurd, H.M.; Christian, E.A., 1888:
The ultimate results in a case of ex-section of the head and upper third of the humerus

Anonymous, 1888:
Traitea des meathodes techniques de l'anatomie microscopique, histologie, embryologie and zoolocie

Anonymous, 1888:
Transactions of the Academy of Medicine in Ireland, Vol. V., 1887

Anonymous, 1888:
Transactions of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London

Anonymous, 1888:
Treatise on Military Surgery

Beck, Ernst, 1888:
Treatment of Fracture of the Patella and its Results

Anonymous, 1888 :
Trepanation of Mastoid Process

Van Hook, Weller, 1888:
Tuberculosis of the sacro-iliac joint

Nairne, Stuart, 1888:
Two Cases of Cholecystotomy

Bekleinsheff, D, 1888:
Two Cases of Penetrating (Horn and Scythe) Wounds of the Abdomen with Protrusion of Viscera

Anonymous, 1888:
Uranoplasty, Staphylorrhaphy and Prothesis

Anonymous, 1888:
Vesico-Urethral Suture and Uniting of the Symphysic Fissure for Congenital Exstrophy of the Bladder with Epispadias

Anonymous, 1888:
Westminister hospital reports

Anonymous, 1888:
Wladimiroff-Mikulicz Osteoplastic Resection of the Foot

Gritti, R, 1889:
"Resectio Dorsalis Tarso-Metatarsea." A New Operative Procedure

Assendelft, 1889:
139 Cases of Lithotomy

Bier, A, 1889:
A Case of Akromegalia

Keetley, C B C., 1889:
A Case of Rachitis Adolescentium

Helferich, 1889:
A Contribution to the Treatment of Traumatic Separation of the Epiphysis of the Upper End of the Humerus, etc

Smits, Joseph, 1889:
A Criticism of Langenbuch's Sectio alta Subpubica

Perro, G S, 1889:
A Means for the Reduction of Hernia

Hahn, Eugen, 1889:
A Method of Partial Removal of Goitre Without Tamponade or Great Loss of Blood

Fenwick, E H, 1889:
A New Method of Drainage in Suprapubic Cystotomy

Von Hippel, C A, 1889:
A New Method of Transplanting Corneal Tissue

Mitzkuner, L I, 1889:
A New Method of Trepanation of Mastoid Process

Landerer, A, 1889:
A New Mode of Treating Tuberculous Processes

Bell, James, 1889:
A case of exostosis bursata

Symonds, H P, 1889:
A case of spontaneous fracture of a vesical calculus

Barton, John Kellock I., 1889:
A contribution to cerebral surgery

Shepherd, Francis J., 1889:
A hitherto undescribed anomaly of the lingual artery

Sutton, J.Bland , London., 1889:
A note on dermoid cysts of the scalp and mid-line of the back

Levitsky, G, 1889:
A simple Method of Tonsillotomy

Anonymous, 1889:

Gluck, 1889:
Absorbable Antiseptic Tampons

Mynter, Herman, 1889:
Acute infectious osteomyelitis and periostitis

Anonymous, 1889:
An elementary treatise on human anatomy

Keldysh, Nikolai F., 1889:
Anti-bacterial Action of Antipyrin

Lenevitch, A F, 1889:
Antipyrin as an Antiseptic in Surgical Practice

Haeckel, H, 1889:
Arborescent Lipoma of Sheaths of Tendons

Anonymous, 1889:
Asepsis and antisepsis

Battle, William H., 1889:
Backward dislocation of the fingers upon the metacarpus

Cabot, Arthur T., 1889:
Bony anchylosis of the temporo-maxillary joint relieved by osteotomy of the neck of the inferior maxilla

Ball, James B., 1889:
Cancer of the larynx

Schulz, K, 1889:
Case of Dislocation of Seven Vertebrae en masse

Wright, Edward A.M.B., 1889:
Case of Dyspnoea from Mediastinal Abscess-Tracheotomy-Rupture of Abscess into Trachea-Recovery

Tzitrin, M G, 1889:
Case of Perforating Stab Wound of Abdomen, with Prolapse of Bowels

Trachtenberg, Gustav I., 1889:
Case of Perineal Hernia of Traumatic Origin

Rawdon, Henry C., 1889:
Case of Perityphlitic Abscess, Implication of Right Hip Joint

Gardner, Wm, 1889:
Case of Total Extirpation of the Larynx for Epithelioma

Croly, 1889:
Cases of Compound Dislocation of the Ankle Joint

Geier, Pavel A., 1889:
Castration for Primary Tuberculosis of Testicle

Mears, J.Ewing , O.Philadelphia., 1889:
Cholecystotomy by the lumbar incision for distended gall-bladder simulating floating kidney

Albrecht, 1889:
Clinical Contributions to Nerve Surgery

Von Koretzky, Alex, 1889:
Clinical and Experimental Contributions to Ligature of the Femoral Veins Below Poupart's Ligament

Ivanoff, 1889:
Colloid Cancer of the Hand and Forearm

Knie, A, 1889:
Colotomy in Two Stages

Van Arsdale, W W, 1889:
Compend of the Science of Recent Simple Fractures

Haslam, W F, 1889:
Compound Fracture of the Patella Treated by Suture

Tait, Lawson, 1889:
Congenital Cyst of the Urachus; Abdominal Section; Recovery

Mcmordie, 1889:
Congenital Deficiency of the Recto-Vaginal Septum. Operation; Cure

Geier, Pavel A., 1889:
Conservative Treatment of Gunshot Wound of the Humerus

Kosmovsky, Julian A., 1889:
Conservative Treatment of Ichorous Inflammation of the Knee-Joint

Sendler, P, 1889:
Contribution to the Surgery of the Joints

Schede, Max, 1889:
Contribution to the Surgical Treatment of Acute Strangulation of the Intestine. (Ileus)

Bauerhahn, Karl, 1889:
Contribution to the Value of the Osteoplastic Resection of the Foot after Wladimiroff-Mikulicz

Pilcher, Lewis S., 1889:
Contribution to the surgery of cerebral tumors

Koplik, Henry, 1889:
Contributions to Clinical Surgery

Monod, C.; Renault, M, 1889:
Contributions to the Study of the Indications for Thyrotomy and Laryngotomy for Cancer of the Larynx

Van Arsdale, W W, 1889:
Critical Comparison of the Various Methods of Lithotomy in the Male

Macnamara, N C, 1889:
Cure of Acute Osteo-Myelitis of Neck of Femur; Recovery with Unimpaired Joint

Hayward, Chas W., 1889:
Cyst of Left Vocal Cord

Anonymous, 1889:
Die mikroorganismen der mundhoehle

Anonymous, 1889 :
Die stillbehandlung bei der myomectomie

Kaufmann, C, 1889:
Double Luxation of the Clavicle

Perkins, G.W. , O.Ogden, Utah., 1889:
Double consecutive castration for primary tuberculosis of testicles

Williams, W Roger, 1889:
Duration of life in Cancer of the Breast

Anonymous, 1889:
Electricity In The Diseases Of Women, With Special Rerference To The Application Of Strong Currents

Anonymous, 1889:
Electricity and the methods of its employment in removing superfluous hair and other facial blemishes

Maclaren, John Shaw, 1889:
Electrolysis in prostatic enlargement

Edwards, F Swinford, 1889:
Electrolysis in the Treatment of Resilient or Non-Dilatable Stricture of the Urethra

Grisson, 1889:
Enchondroma of the Shoulder

Pilcher, James E., 1889:
Essentials of Physiology

Spijarnyi, Ivan K., 1889:
Experimental Contributions to Cerebral Surgery

V Eiselberg, 1889 :
Experimental Contributions upon the Etiology of Traumatic Tetanus

Anonymous, 1889:
Extra-uterine pregnancy

Zesas, D G, 1889:
Fifty Excisions of Goitre

Dubrova, V I, 1889:
Forcible Dilatation in Malignant Stricture of the Gullet

Molliere, M, 1889:
Four Biliary Calculi Eliminated Through an Abscess in the Right Iliac Fossa

Tiffany, L.Mclane, 1889:
Free division of the capsule of the kidney for the relief of nephralgia

Scheuerlen, 1889:
Further Researches upon the Origin of Suppuration; its Relations to Ptomaines and to Blood Coagulation

Anonymous, 1889:
General Surgical Symptomatology and Diagnosis

Anonymous, 1889:
General surgery

Anonymous, 1889:
General surgery

Anonymous, 1889:
General surgery

Anonymous, 1889:
General surgery

Treves, Frederick, 1889:
Hernia into the Foramen of Winslow

Fowler, George R., 1889:
Hernia of the pleura into the neck

Anonymous, 1889:
Hospital Gangrene

Anonymous, 1889:
Hueter-Lossen's Principles of Surgery

Robson, A W Mayo, 1889:
Hunterian Lectures

Jones, Sidney, 1889:
Hydatid Cyst of the Transverse Meso-Colon; Abdominal Section; Removal; Cure

Wechselmann, Wilhelm, 1889:
Hydrocele Neonatorum

Apostoli, S, 1889:
Hydrosalpynx. A New Mode Of Electrical Treatment

Studensky, Nikolai, 1889:
Injection of Perchloride of Iron in Cavernous Angioma of Cheek

Anonymous, 1889:
Injuries of the Upper Extremities

Idelson, Valerius, 1889:
Injuries of the heart

Anonymous, 1889:
International pocket medical formulary

Pilcher, L S, 1889:
Intestinal Surgery

Eastman, Joseph, 1889:
Intraligamentous Tubal Pregnancy; Successful Removal

Fowler, George R., 1889:
Is resection of the knee-joint justifiable in children?

Anonymous, 1889:
Kurzer leiftaden fur die punction der pleura-und peritoneal krgusse

Anonymous, 1889:
Landerer's dry method of operating

Vinogradoff, A F, 1889:
Laparotomy for Removal From the Abdomen of a Foreign Body Thrust Through the Vaginal Wall

Dunlap, Alex, 1889:
Laparotomy in a Child One Hour Old

Anonymous, 1889:
Lectures on ectopic pregnancy and pelvic haematocele

Axford, W L, 1889:

Van Arsdale, W W, 1889:
Manual of Minor Surgery

Anonymous, 1889:
Memoirs from the Surgical Clinic in Kiel

Van Arsdale, W W, 1889:
Memorial Oration upon B. von Langenbeck

Bumm, M, 1889:
Mixed Gonorrheal Infection

Zoeze-Manteuffel, W, 1889:
Mucous Cyst of Dorsum of the Tongue

Morris, Robt F., 1889:
Note upon a resource after failure of hernia operations

Anonymous, 1889:
Notes on surgical questions discussed at the paris congress on tuberculosis

Grube, Wilhelm Th., 1889:
On Fatty Embolism

Lloyd, Jordan, 1889:
On Inflammatory Diseases of the Seminal Vesicle

Morozoff, P.I.; Mikhailoff, N N, 1889:
On Ligature of the Subclavian Artery

Anonymous, 1889:
On Misfortunes in Surgical Practice

Van Arsdale, W W, 1889:
On Osteoclasis

Kulabko-Koretzky, Alexander G., 1889:
On Pathogenesis of Senile Gangrene

Prus, 1889:
On Regeneration of Cerebral Tissue after Traumatic Lesions

Annandale, Thomas, 1889:
On Removal by Operation of Naso-Pharyngeal Tumors

Rakuza, Petr A, 1889:
On Supra-vaginal Amputation of the Uterus

Hahn, E, 1889:
On a Method of Operating so as to Lessen the Dangers of Exsection of Intestine

Shepherd, Francis J., 1889:
On a case of nephro-lithotomy with some remarks on nephralgia and calculus of the kidney

Allis, Oscar H., 1889:
On drainage in the treatment of certain injuries and diseases involving the floor of the cranium

Wright, G.A.; Collier, J.E.R.C.S., 1889:
On erasion or arthrectomy of the knee joint

Kammerer, Fred, 1889:
On osteomata of the nasal cavity

Van Arsdale, William Waldo, 1889:
On subluxation of the head of the radius in children-with a resume of one hundred consecutive cases

Ohren, 1889:
On the Final Results of Cancers of the Face, with the Exception of Cancer of Lip

Anonymous, 1889:
On the Surgical Aid to be Rendered on the Battlefield in the First and Second Division-Lines of the Ambulance Corps

Vasilieff, M A, 1889:
On the Therapeutic Value of Nerve-Stretching

Roesen, 1889:
On the Treatment of Abnormal Formations of the Epidermis

Anonymous, 1889:
On the diagnosis of pancreatic disease in its bearing on the surgery of the liver

Husson, F C, 1889:
On the functional prognosis of tendon suture

Rogers, W B, 1889:
On the operation of gastrostomy, with a report of a successful case

Anonymous, 1889:
On the principles of treatment of suppuration in cavities with rigid walls, with special regard to empyema of the pleura

Fowler, George R., 1889:
On the transplantation of large strips of skin for covering extensive granulating surfaces, with report of a case in which human and frog skin were simultaneously used for this purpose

Donhoff, Edward Von, 1889:
Operative cure of a case of abscess of the brain, consequent upon the projection of a spiculum of bone resulting from a comminuted fracture of the squama of the temporal and parietal bones

Hacker, V, 1889:
Osteo-Periosteal Flaps in Rhinoplasty

Cripps, H, 1889:
Passage of Gas and Feces Through the Urethra; Colotomy; Recovery

Jakimovitch, N N, 1889:
Peat-Moss as a Dressing

Vvedensky, Alexis S., 1889:
Penetrating Stab-Wound of Abdomen with Prolapsus of Omentum and Bowel

Dunn, H P, 1889:
Perforation of the Eyeball by the Knot of a Whip

Harrison, Reginald, 1889:
Perineal Lithotrity

Hadra, B.E., 1889:

Anonymous, 1889:
Physicians1 interpreter in four languages

Pilcher, James E., 1889:
Practical Anatomy. A manual of dissections

Lucas, C, 1889:
Precocious Puberty

Anonymous, 1889:
Present and Future of Antisepsis and their Relation to Bacteriology

Anonymous, 1889:
Primary cancer of the extremities

Hutchinson, Jonathan, 1889:
Pseudo-Hypertrophy of Muscles after Long-Continued OEdema of the Limb from Thrombosis of Veins

Dickinson, Howship, 1889:
Purulent Pericarditis Successfully Treated by Aspiration and Drainage

Morris, Henry, 1889:
Radical Cure of Hydrocele

Idelson, Valerius, 1889:
Recent contributions to pulmonary surgery

Dalton, H C, 1889:
Report of sixteen cases of laparotomy

Gibney, V P, 1889:
Report on the treatment of club-foot by means of the thomas wrench

Berger, Paul, 1889:
Resection of the Fragments and Bone Suture in the Treatment of Pseudoarthrosis of the Thigh

Zesas, D G, 1889:
Resection of the Hip Joint in Arthritis Deformans

Husson, F C, 1889:
Resections and Conservative Operations on the Osseous System

Southam, F A, 1889:
Sarcoma of the Bladder

Taylor, H H, 1889:
Section Cutting and Staining

Jacobs, Ernest H., 1889:
Select Methods in the Administration of Nitrous Oxide and Ether

Anonymous, 1889:
Senn on the healing of aseptic bone cavities by implantation of antiseptic decalcified bone

Robson, A W Mayo, 1889:
Separation of the lower epiphysis of the femur

Koebner, Hugo, 1889:
Simultaneous Paralysis of the Ulnar and Radial Nerves from the use of Esmarch's Elastic Bandage

Meriwether, F T, 1889:
Simultaneous ligation of the common carotid and subclavian for aneurism of the ascending aorta

Husson, F C, 1889:
Skin grafting according to thiersch

Kroell, 1889:
Spiral Fractures

Anonymous, 1889:
Staffel on the surgical treatment of intestinal stricture and occlusion

Anonymous, 1889:
Studies in actinomycosis

Knox, 1889:
Successful Case of Extirpation of the Kidney for Pyonephrosis

Luckie, James Buckner, 1889:
Successful Simultaneous Triple Amputations for Railway Injuries

Bryant, Thomas, 1889:
Suppurating Bubonocele

Anonymous, 1889:
Suprapubic lithotomy in russia

Witzel, O, 1889:
Surgical Treatment of Purulent Peritonitis

Niehaus, P, 1889:
Temporary Osteoplastic Resection from the Prepelvic Wall for Extra-Peritoneal Exposure of the Bladder and the Neighboring Structures

Bogomoloff, Timofei I., 1889:
Terebene as a Surgical Dressing Material

Maisurianti, Samson A., 1889:
Tetanus Hydrophobicus

Anonymous, 1889:
Text-Book of Fractures and Dislocations

Schmid, Hans, 1889:
The Antiseptic Protection of Iodoform Collodion

Meyer, E.V., 1889:
The Curability of Cancerous Disease

Taylor, H H, 1889:
The Diseases of the Chest

Javars, 1889:
The Disinfection and Hardening, of Rubber Drains

Fraser, Ernst, 1889:
The Histological Phenomena Involved in the Union of Peritoneal Folds

Storch, 1889:
The Operative Treatment of Congenital Lymphangioma of the Neck

Hildebrand, 1889:
The Operative Treatment of Hernia of the Brain and Spinal Cord

Schmidt, Meinhard, 1889:
The Operative Treatment of Obstructive Prostatic Hypertrophy

Mikulicz, J, 1889:
The Operative Treatment of Prolapse of the Rectum and Invagination of the Colon

Hoffmann, E G, 1889:
The Pathology and Therapy of Pachymeningitis Externa Purulenta after Inflammation of the Middle Ear

Anonymous, 1889:
The Pathology, Clinical History and Diagnosis of Affections of the Mediastinum Other than Those of the Heart and Aorta

Moorhof, R Von Mosetig, 1889:
The Probing of Granulating Wounds

Lauenstein, Carl, 1889:
The Question of Acute Strangulation of the Intestinal Wall

Krauss, G Jun., 1889:
The Results of Orthopaedic Surgery in Pes Varus

Eigenbrodt, K, 1889:
The Suprapubic Incision of the Bladder

Steinthal, 1889:
The Surgical Treatment of Perforating Ulceration of the Stomach and Intestine

Woelfler, A, 1889:
The Technique and Value of Transplantation of Mucous membrane

Krauss, Gustav, 1889:
The Therapy of Club-Foot in the Clinic at Heidelberg During the Last Decade

Taylor, H H, 1889:
The Treatment of Empyema. The Process of Repair. A Method of Subcutaneous Drainage and Irrigation

Anonymous, 1889:
The Uses of Permanent Extension. Subcutaneous and Compound Fractures and Dislocations of the Extremities and their Consequences

Anonymous, 1889:
The aseptic appliances at the hotel dieu in lyons

Marcy, Henry O., 1889:
The cure of haemorrhoids by excision and closure with the buried animal suture

Koplik, Henry, 1889:
The dangers and efficiency of the modern treatment of wounds

Anonymous, 1889:
The diagnosis and treatment of extra uterine pregnancy

Anonymous, 1889:
The etiology and diagnosis of malignant tumors, especially those of the tongue and the lips

Dixon Jones, Charles N.B.S., 1889:
The etiology, pathology and operative treatment of rachitic deformity, as based upon one hundred and fifty-eight consecutive osteotomies, without suppuration

Anonymous, 1889:
The operations of surgery

Watson, Francis S., 1889:
The operative treatment of the hypertrophied prostate

Anonymous, 1889:
The physiology of the domestic animals

Bartow, Bernard, 1889:
The presence of spinal distortion in the early stage of spondylitis and its value as a diagnostic sign

Van Arsdale, W W, 1889:
The present aspect of the iodoform question

Koplik, Henry, 1889:
The prognosis and statistics of operations for carcinoma of the rectum

Anonymous, 1889:
The psychic life of micro organisms. a study in experimental phsychology

Pilcher, Lewis S., 1889:
The question of the anti-tuhercular power of iodoform, with a suggestion for a more exact clinical testing of the same

White, J.William, 1889:
The surgery of the spine

Anonymous, 1889 :
The treatment of appendicitis by early laparotomy

Husson, F C, 1889:
The treatment of cerebral abscess

Husson, F C, 1889:
The treatment of gangrenous hernia and artificial anus

Pilcher, James E., 1889:
Therapeutics: its Principles and Practice

Berns, A W C, 1889:
Total Extirpation and Amputation in Carcinoma of the Uterus

Razumovsky, Vasily, 1889:
Total Extirpation of Goitre

Maylard, A Ernest B.S., Lond., 1889:
Tracheotomy in a case of cervico-dorsal spinal abscess producing pressure upon the trachea and oesophagus. subsequent death from ulceration of the tube through the trachea into the innominate artery

Anonymous, 1889:
Transactions of the american surgical association

Bose, K C, 1889:
Traumatic Aneurism in a Child Under one Year

Boriakovsky, Afanasy G., 1889:
Traumatic Lesions of External Genitals During Pregnancy

Selivanoff, Ivan P., 1889:
Traumatic Lesions of the Penis and Scrotum

Niehaus, Paul, 1889:
Traumatic Luxation at Both Hip Joints

Link, 1889:
Treatment of Empyema of the Antrum of Highmore after Mikulicz's Method

Pargamin, 1889:
Treatment of Nasal Polypus by Cauterization with Nitrate of Silver

Beganovsky, N, 1889:
Treatment of Pain after Teeth Extraction

Zeidler, Hermann Th., 1889:
Trephining for Traumatic Lesions of the Skull

Teit, Lawson, 1889:
Tubal Pregnancy

Blanc, Edmond, 1889:
Tubercular Cystitis; Hypogastric Incision; Drainage; Good Functional Result

Hook, Weller Van, 1889:
Tuberculosis of the sacro-iliac joint

Schmidt, Geo B., 1889:
Tumors of the Breast at the Heidelburg Clinic

Schmidt, G B, 1889:
Tumors of the Mammary Gland. Based on 150 Cases From Czerny's Clinic

Schuster, 1889:
Two Cases of Gangrene of the Foot with Diabetes Mellitus

Rusanoff, Nikolai N., 1889:
Two Cases of Suprapubic Lithotomy in Boys

Segal, S L, 1889:
Two Cases of Suprapubic Lithotomy in Boys

Wight, Jarvis S., 1889:
Two cases of extirpation of cervical adenomata, with unusually extensive dissection of the tissues of the neck

Dercum, F X ; White, J William, 1889:
Two cases of spinal surgery

Anonymous, 1889:
Ueber electrolytische oferationen in den oberen luftwegen

Guinard, 1889:
Upon Muscular Hernia

Neelsen, F, 1889:
Upon Some Histological Changes in the Chronically Inflamed Male Urethra

Kuster, E, 1889:
Wound-Treatment Under the Dry Aseptic Clot

Koch, Wilhelm, 1889:
Wounds of the Internal Mammary Artery

Anonymous, 1890:
A Case of Casarean Section

Anonymous, 1890:
A Case of Cholecystenterostomy

Anonymous, 1890:
A Study of the Locations of 7881 Primary Carcinoma as Illustrating the Probability of a Cancerous Microbe

Shepherd, Francis J., 1890:
A case of cholecystotomy for gall-stones

Perkins, G.W., 1890:
A case of fracture of the styloid processes of the ulna and the radius by indirect violence

Gibney, Virgil P., 1890:
A contribution to the study of flat foot

Murdoch, J.B., 1890:
A contribution to the surgery of the brain; one case each of subdural cereural abscess, and of hamorrhagic cyst, with hemiplegia, cured by trephining and drainage

Anonymous, 1890:
Abdomen. I. A Contribution To The Surgery Of The Liver

Anonymous, 1890:
An Ovariotomy in a Seventy-Six Year Old Woman

Maylard, A.Ernest, 1890:
An experimental investigation into the antiseptic value of iodoform

Anonymous, 1890:

Anonymous, 1890:
Are our Common Dry and Impregnated Dressings Sterile and Can They Sterilize the Secretions of Wounds?

Anonymous, 1890:
Barling on carcinoma of the bladder

Anonymous, 1890:
Battey's Operation

Anonymous, 1890:
Bones And Joints. I. On The Immediate And Remote Results Of Operations For Localized Tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1890:
Bones, Joints, Orthopadic. I. Is Bone Tuberculosis Hereditary?

Anonymous, 1890:
Bones, Joints, Orthopadic. I. Two Cases Of Bilateral Ankylosis Of The Hip-Joint

Anonymous, 1890:
Bones, Joints, Orthopaedic. I. On The Results Of The Non-Operative Treatment Of Fracture Of The Patella

Anonymous, 1890:
Bones. Joints, Orthopadic. I. Upon The Pathology Of Joint Tuberculosis; Particularly That Of The Foot

Anonymous, 1890:
Bromide of Ethyl as a General AnAsthetic in Dental Surgery

Anonymous, 1890:
Bromide of Ethyl as a General Anaesthetic in Dental Surgery

Anonymous, 1890:
Cancer of the Tongue

Deaderick, C., 1890:
Case of rupture of quadriceps femoris tendon with dislocation of patella beneath the intercondyloid groove of the femur

Gibney, Virgil P., 1890:
Cases ok cuneiform osteotomy for relief of double congenital equinovarus

Anonymous, 1890:
Chest And Abdomen. I. A New Method Of Operating For Thoracic Empycma

Anonymous, 1890:
Chest And Abdomen. I. Eight Cases Of Appendicitis Treated By Early Operation

Anonymous, 1890:
Chest And Abdomen. I. The Surgical Treatment Of Local And General Peritonitis

Anonymous, 1890:

Anonymous, 1890:
Compensatory Hypertrophy of Remaining Epiphyseal Cartilage of a Long Bone after Removal of its Fellow

Lamothe Ramsay, A.C., 1890:
Contribution to pulmonary surgery, with report of four cases of pneumotomy

Anonymous, 1890:
Contributions to the Surgery of the Gall-Bladder

Anonymous, 1890:
Contributions to the Surgery of the Liver

Anonymous, 1890:
Cortical Epilepsy Following Penetrating Wound of Skull Relieved by Trephining One Year After Injury

Lamothe Ramsay, A.C., 1890:
Cuneiform osteotomy for congenital talipes varus. report of seven operations

Anonymous, 1890:
Czerny's experience with resection of the stomach and intestines

Anonymous, 1890:
Delbet On Drainage Of The Peritoneal Cavity

Anonymous, 1890:
Description of experimental operations upon gunshot wounds of the abdomen

Anonymous, 1890:
Dislocation of the Hip in Children

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