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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38900

Chapter 38900 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Axford, Wm. L., 1890:
Dislocation of the malar bone

Anonymous, 1890:
Dislocation on to the Dorsum Ilii in a Child

Anonymous, 1890:
Drainage of the Bladder After Suprapubic Cystotomy

Anonymous, 1890:
Editorial articles

Anonymous, 1890:
Editorial articles

Anonymous, 1890:
Effects of Extirpation of the Gail-Bladder

Hughes, West, 1890:
Empyema of gall-bladder. cholecystotomy in two stages with evacuation of two pints of pus and. three gall-stones. recovery

Anonymous, 1890:
Endoscopic Appearances and Endoscopic Therapy in Diseases of the Urethra and the Bladder

Anonymous, 1890:
Enucleation of Varices of the Lower Extremity

Anonymous, 1890:
Excision of Both Hip Joints for Acute Disease

Anonymous, 1890:
Experiments upon gunshot wounds without operative interference

Anonymous, 1890:
Experiments upon separate organs-resections

Mynter, Herman, 1890:
Extensive cirsoid aneurism of scalp obliterated by multiple ligatures

Anonymous, 1890:
Extirpation of Tuberculous Seminal Vesicles

Anonymous, 1890:
Extremities. I. On Perforating Cutaneous Ulcers In Consequence Of Neuritis

Anonymous, 1890:
Extremities. I. Treatment Of Aneurisms Of The Limbs

Anonymous, 1890:
Fecal Fistula following Hernia

Anonymous, 1890:
Final Results in Resection of the Knee-joint

Anonymous, 1890:
Four Cases of Pyo-Salpinx

Anonymous, 1890:
Fractura Tuberositatis Tibia

Dercum, F.X.; White, W.J., 1890:
Further report of results obtained in a case of removal of the posterior wall of the spinal canal and opening of the dura mater spinalis in the upper dorsal region for paraplegia

Anonymous, 1890:
Genito-Urinary Organs. I. Final Results Of Four Operations For Vesical Tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1890:
Genito-Urinary Organs. I. Nephro-Lithotomy

Anonymous, 1890:
Genito-Urinary Organs. I. On The Results Of The Treatment Of Hydrocele

Anonymous, 1890:
Genito-Urinary Organs. I. Surgical Exploration Of The Kidneys

Anonymous, 1890:
Gynacological. I. Foreign Body (Hair Pin) In The Uterus

Anonymous, 1890:
Gynacological. I. Frost-Bite Of External Genitals In A Parturient Woman

Anonymous, 1890:
Gynacological. I. Successful Supravaginal Amputation Of Uterus For Rupture

Anonymous, 1890:
Head And Neck. I. Case Of Successful Removal Of Cerebral Tumor

Anonymous, 1890:
Head And Neck. I. Contribution To The Study Of Angeiomata Of The Parotid Gland

Anonymous, 1890 :
Head And Neck. I. Temporary Resection Of The Cranial Wall As A Substitute For Trephining

Anonymous, 1890:
Head And Neck. I. Transplantation Of Rabbit's Conjuctiva To The Human Eye

Anonymous, 1890:
Hypospadias Complicated with Congenital Stricture of the Urethra

Anonymous, 1890:
I.-the action of chloroform in the producion of anasthesia, as demonstrated

Anonymous, 1890:
Ileus After Ovariotomy

Marcy, Henry O., 1890:
In what class of wounds shall we use drainage?

Anonymous, 1890:
Injury to the Penis During Coition

Anonymous, 1890:
Jaffe on the therapy of habitual scoliosis

Anonymous, 1890:
Joiner's Varnish in Wounds and Ulcers

Anonymous, 1890:
Krnoelein on the pathology and operative treatment of dermoid cysts of the orbits

Anonymous, 1890:
Laparotomy in Tubercular Peritonitis

Anonymous, 1890 :
Lucas championnier on massage and mobilisation in the treatment ok fractures

Anonymous, 1890:
Method of Amputation of the Penis

Gibbes, Heneage, 1890:
Miescher's or rainey's corpuscles in actinomycosis

Anonymous, 1890:
Nephrectomy in Unilaterally Diseased Horseshoe-Kidney

Keen, William W., 1890:

Anonymous, 1890:
Nerve-Suturing in the Axilla

Anonymous, 1890:
Nervous And Vascular Systems. I. Traumatic Fistula Of The Spinal Cord. Cure

Anonymous, 1890:
New Operation for Radical Cure of Hernia

Keen, William W, 1890:
New method of operating for relief of deformity from prominent ears

Roberts, John B., 1890:
Note on a method, probably new, of operating for complete prolapse of the rectum

Van Meter, M.E., 1890:
Note on the use of skin from puppies in skin-grafting

Santvoord, Richard Van, 1890 :
Note ox the pathology of subluxation of the head of the radius in children

Anonymous, 1890:
On Carbolic Acid Injections in Tetanus

Anonymous, 1890:
On Cartilaginous Growths of the Larynx

Anonymous, 1890:
On Extirpation of Goitre in Graves' Disease

Anonymous, 1890:
On Remedies for Neutralization of the Tetanic Virus and the Surgical Prophylaxis of Tetanus

Bryant, Joseph D., 1890:
On excision of the superior maxilla. a study of two hundred and fifty cases

Franks, Kendal, 1890:
On fibrous stricture of the oesophagus

Mastin, Claudius H., 1890:
On lumbar hernia

Anonymous, 1890:
On penetrating gunshot wounds of the abdomen. an experimental study and clinical review

Anonymous, 1890:
On penetrating gunshot wounds of the abdomen. an experimental study and clinical review

Platt, W.B. , Eng., 1890:
On symmetrical manifestations of syphilis

Anonymous, 1890 :
On the Treatment of Malignant Ovarian Tumors.

Lewis, Edwin A., 1890:
On the interscapulo-thoracic amputation with report of a case

Pilcher, Lewis S., 1890:
On the pathology and treatment of aggravated hamorrhoids

White, J.William, 1890:
On the removal of enormous vesical calculi by the supra-pubic route with report of a recent successful case

Osler, William, 1890:
On the symptoms of chronic obstruction of the common bile duct by gallstones

Anonymous, 1890:
Operation for Relief of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Anonymous, 1890:
Operative Surgery. I. Proposed Method For Resection Of The Wrist-Joint

Anonymous, 1890:
Pirogovian Therapeutics

Anonymous, 1890:
Primary Cancer of Female Urethra

Anonymous, 1890:
Recent american contributions to the treatment of penetrating wounds of the abdomen

Anonymous, 1890:
Recent american contributions to the treatment of penetrating wounds of the abdomen

Anonymous, 1890:
Recent british contributions to the surgery of renal calculi

Anonymous, 1890:
Recent contributions to the operative relief of intracranial conditions

Pilcher, Lewis S., 1890:
Recent experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cranial and spinal injuries

Anonymous, 1890:
Rectal and anal surgery, with description of the secret methods of the itinerant specialists

Simes, Henry J.C., 1890:
Removal of an eight ounce vesical cal culus by the suprapubic route

Anonymous, 1890:
Resection of Third Division of the Trifacial Nerve at the Foramen Ovale

Anonymous, 1890:
Resection of the Third Branch of the Trifacial Nerve at the Foramen Ovale

Anonymous, 1890:

Anonymous, 1890:
Rotter on plastic operations in the cavity of the mouth and on the nose

Ransohoff, Joseph , , Eng., 1890:
Rupture of middle meningeal artery without fracture. Ligature of common carotid artery for secondary haemorrhage

Anonymous, 1890:
Rupture of the Perineum and Recto-Vaginal Septum During First Coition

Fowler, Ryerson Geo., 1890:
Rupture of the rectum by Petersen's colpeurynter during an attempt to perform intra-peritoneal cystotomy

Anonymous, 1890:
Scirrhus of the Thyroid

Anonymous, 1890:
Some general considerations of the nature of these injuries

Anonymous, 1890:
Successful Experimental Transfer of Carcinoma

Conner, Phineas S., 1890:
Surgical treatment of tumors of the bladder

Anonymous, 1890:
Symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis

Anonymous, 1890:
Syphilis. I. Muscle Syphiloma

Anonymous, 1890:
Tetany Foliowing the Extirpation of Goitre

Anonymous, 1890:
Text-Book Ox Cystoscopy-Its Technique And Clinical Importance

Anonymous, 1890:
The Causes of Irreducibility of Old Dislocations of the Hip

Anonymous, 1890:
The Diagnosis of Pyelonephritis

Anonymous, 1890:
The Etiology and Treatment of Nocturnal Enuresis in Children

Anonymous, 1890:
The Obviation of Cicatricial Contraction of the Jaw by the Transplantation of a Skin Flap

Anonymous, 1890:
The Question of Catheterization in the After-Treatment of Suprapubic Cystotomy

Anonymous, 1890:
The So-Called Periostitis Albuminosa

Anonymous, 1890:
The Surgical Treatment of Tubercular Peritonitis

Anonymous, 1890:
The Treatment of Cold Abscesses

Anonymous, 1890:
The Treatment of Large Defects of the Mucous Membrane of the Cheek

Anonymous, 1890:
The Treatment of Tuberculous Diseases of Bones and Joints by Means of Parenchymatous Injections of Iodoform Oil

Anonymous, 1890:
The american armamentarium chirurgicum

Byford, Henry T., 1890:
The dry treatment for open wounds and ulcers

Anonymous, 1890:
The national medical dictionary

Anonymous, 1890:
The operative treatment of cancer of the rectum

Van Arsdale, William Waldo, 1890:
The operative treatment of goitre

Gibney, V.P., 1890:
The operative treatment of talipes calcaneus, paralyticus

Pilcher, Lewis S., 1890:
The question of the propriety of resorting to arthrotomy for suturing recent simple fractures of the patella

Davis, G.G. , , Eng., 1890:
The treatment of fractures of the clavicle

Anonymous, 1890:
Thirty-Six Suprapubic Lithotomies

Dalton, H.C., 1890:
Three laparotomies on one patient. Recovery

Anonymous, 1890:
Total Resection of the Bones of the Face

Anonymous, 1890:

Anonymous, 1890:
Treatment of Tetanus by Means of Absolute Rest

Anonymous, 1890:
Trendelenburg on operations for vesico-vaginal fistula, and on the elevation of the pelvis during operations in the abdominal cavity

Anonymous, 1890:
Tuberculosis of the Skin, Probably due to Vaccination

Anonymous, 1890:
Tumors, Abcesses. I. Lupus Treated With Ice

Anonymous, 1890:
Twenty-Six Cases of Appendicitis

Anonymous, 1890:
Two Cases of Self-Mutilation

Keen, William W., 1890:
Two suggestions in surgical technique

Anonymous, 1890:
Upon Catgut Infection

Anonymous, 1890:
Upon Palpation of the Healthy and Diseased Kidneys

Anonymous, 1890:
Upon the Intra-Abdominal Treatment of Displacements of the Uterus

Anonymous, 1890:
When Ought a Tubercular Vertebral Abscess to be Opened?

Anonymous, 1890:
Wounds, Injuries, Accidents. I. Accidents Following The Sojourn Of Projectiles In The Tissues

Anonymous, 1890:
Wounds, Injuries, Accidents. I. Foreign Bodies In Wounds

Cripps, Harrison, 1891:
A Case of Faecal Extravasation into the Peritoneal Cavity; Thorough Washing of the Peritoneum; Recovery

Morisani, B, 1891:
A Case of Hygroma Proliferans Endothelialis

Vierordt, O.; Stuart, F.H., 1891:
A Clinical Text-Book Of Medical Diagnosis For Physicians And Students, Based On The Most Recent Methods Of Examination

D.Forest, H P, 1891:
A Contributibution to the Surgery of the Spinal Cord

Warbasse, James P., 1891:
A Manual of Modern Surgery for the Use of Students and Practitioners

Kolischer, Gustav, 1891:
A Proposal for the Radical Cure of Inguinal Hernia

Pilcher, James E., 1891:
A Restrospect of Surgery

Warbasse, James P., 1891:
A Treatise on Massage

Jacobson, Nathan, 1891:
A case of brain tumor

Wight, Jarvis S., 1891:
A case of oesophagotomy for removal of an impacted foreign body

Mynter, Herman, 1891:
A case of partial excision of the sternum on account of melanosarcoma

Mynter, Herman, 1891:
A case of ruptured kidney from a railroad accident, with remarks

Bergtold, W.H., 1891:
A case of symmetrical congenital dislocation of the head of each radius

Mosher, Eliza M., 1891:
A critical study of the biceps cruris muscle as it relates to disease in and around the knee-joint

Keetley, C.B., 1891:
A guide to the instruments and appliances required in various operations

Robinson, Fred B., 1891:
A new method of doing jobert's operation

Keen, W W, 1891:
A new operation for spasmodic wry neck. namely, division or exsection of the nerves supplying the posterior rotator muscles of the head

Veliaminoff, Nikolai A., 1891:
Actinomycosis of the Chest and Lung; Operative Treatment

Van Arsdale, W W, 1891:
Aniline-Dyes as Antiseptics and Their Use in Surgical Practice

Anonymous, 1891:
Authors of whose contributions to recent surgical literature abstracts are presented

Pilcher, James E., 1891:
Bryant on internal intestinal strangulation and obstruction

Stern, R, 1891:
By What Means Can the Occurrence of Pseudo-Membranous Adhesions From Intra Peritoneal Wounds Be Prevented?

Sklifosovsky, Nikolai V., 1891:
Case of "Ideal" Cholecystotomy

Alexandroff, Leonty P., 1891:
Case of Enormous Acute Abscess of the Abdominal Wall; Recovery

Swain, Paul, 1891:
Case of Incised Wound of the Knee-joint with Transverse Division of the Patella

Anonymous, 1891:
Chest and abdomen

Mynter, Herman, 1891:
Chest and abdomen

Robinson, F B, 1891:
Circular enterorrhaphy by a new method

Gache, Samuel, 1891:
Congenital Absence of the Vagina; Rudimentary Uterus; Integrity of Its Appendages; Autoplastic Operation with a Successful Result

Novaro, G F, 1891:
Contribution to the Surgery of the Stomach

Coley, William B., 1891:
Contribution to the knowledge of sarcoma

Robinson, Fred Byron, 1891:
Cysts of the urachus (congenital cysts, extra-peritoneal cysts, or dilatation of functionless ducts)

Leser, E D, 1891:
Die specielle chirurgie in funfzig vorlesungen

Browning, William, 1891:
Die verletzungen und chirurgischen erkrankungen der peripherischen nerven

Kinloch, Robert A., 1891:
Drainage of wounds, with special reference to drainage after urethrotomy

Lauro, V, 1891:
Elephantiasis of the Clitoris and Vesico-Vaginal Fistula of Non-Traumatic Origin in a Syphilitic Subject; Operation; Cure

Sklifosovsky, Nikolai V., 1891:
Excision of Fibromyoma Lipomatodes Sarcomatodes From the Liver

Rose, William, 1891:
Excision of the Gasserian Ganglion

Djatschenko, E, 1891:
Experimental Investigation on Transplantation of Mucous Membrane

Anonymous, 1891:
General surgery

Anonymous, 1891:
General surgery

Anonymous, 1891:
Gonnesco on internal retro-peritoneal herniae: i. duodenal herniae. anatomical relations

Anonymous, 1891:
Guide to the Treatment of Fractures and Dislocations of the Extremities by Means of Extension with the Help of Springs and Weights

Anonymous, 1891:
Head and neck

Helferich, 1891:
Herniotomy in Cases of Suspected Gangrene of the Intestine

Anonymous, 1891:
Horsley on the surgery of the central nervous system

Brunner, C., 1891:
I Upon Catgut Infection

Watson, W.Spencer, 1891:
Impairment or loss of the sense of smell as a means of diagnosis

Lange, Chr, 1891:
Incarcerated Hernia

Haynes, Francis L., 1891:
Instances of foreign bodies lodged in the body

Anonymous, 1891:
Karewski on the surgically important syphilomata and their differential diagnosis

Pilcher, James E, 1891:
Keegan on rhinoplasty

Browning, William, 1891:
Kocher on the treatment of old dislocations of the shoulder-joint

Browning, William, 1891:
Krecke on the surgical treatment of circumscribed and general peritonitis starting from the vermiform appendix

Lamothe Ramsay, A.C., 1891:
Laparotomy for gunshot wounds of the abdomen, with report of a recent successful case

Dittel, 1891:
Lateral Prostatectomy

Pilcher, James E., 1891:
Macewen on the cure of aneurism by inducing the formation of white thrombi within the sac

Lauenstein, 1891:
Macewen's Radical Operation for Hernia

Newman, David, 1891:
Malignant tumors of the nasal fossae, with five illustrative cases

Pilcher, James E., 1891:
Medical Diagnosis, with Special Reference to Practical Medicine

Pritchard, F H, 1891:
Melchior on the conservative treatment of haemarthrosis of the knee-joint

Korteweg, J.A., 1891:

Heiberg, Vilh, 1891:
Neoplasms of the Abdominal Walls

Mischi, Archimede, 1891:
Nervous and vascular systems

Owen, Edmund, 1891 :
Note on acute periostitis of femur in children

Wilcox, Sidney F., 1891:
Note on bromide of ethyl as an anaesthetic

Melitor, E, 1891:
On Elbow-Joint Dislocations Complicated with Rupture of the Brachial Artery and the Resulting Ischaemic Muscular Alterations

Hadra, B.E., 1891:
On omental tumors due to adhesive inflammation

Maylard, A Ernest, 1891:
On sponges and their use in surgery

Sormant, G, 1891:
On the Neutralization of the Tetanogenic Virus and the Surgical Prophylaxis of Tetanus

Kronlein, 1891:
On the Significance of the Howship-Romberg Association of Symptoms in Incarcerated Obturator Hernia

Czerny, 1891:
On the Surgical Treatment of Intraperitoneal Tuberculosis

Poulsen, 1891:
On the Treatment of Gangrenous Hernia

Osmolovsky, Mikhail R., 1891:
On the Treatment of Peritonitis by Abdominal Section

Ricci, Antonio, 1891:
On the Use of Sterilized Sponge in Wounds with Abundant Secretions

Mynter, Herman, 1891:
On the pathology of appendicitis

Weir, Robert F., 1891:
On the resection of the appendix vermiformis during the quiescent stage of chronic relapsing appendicitis

Matlakowsk, I, 1891:
On the treatment of traumatic aneurisms, with report of a cured case of traumatic aneurism of the right common carotid artery

Bell, James, 1891:
Operation for complete prolapse of the rectum ater the method recommended by dr. john b. roberts, of philadelphia

Koenig, 1891:
Operations Upon the Intestine in Cases of Stricture and Stenosis with Special Reference to Carcinoma of the Intestine

Belfield, W T, 1891:
Operations on the Enlarged Prostate

Anonymous, 1891:
Operative surgery

Mynter, H., 1891:
Operative surgery

Anonymous, 1891:
Pericae herniae

Brandt, Jas, 1891:
Plastic Operations

Pilcher, James E., 1891:
Principles of surgery

Verneuil, 1891:
Prolapse of the Rectum

Vignard, Edmond, 1891:
Prostatomy and Prostatectomy and the Indications for Their Performance

Idleson, Valerius, 1891:
Recent russian contributions to the surgery of the larynx

Hawkins-Ambler,; Knaggs, L., 1891:
Recovery From Acute Diffuse Suppurative Peritonitis by Laparotomy

Perez, Moralez, 1891:
Relation of Malaria to Surgical Operations

Meriwether, F.T., 1891:
Report of a case of subclavian aneurism, with ligation of the subclavian-cure: ii. report of a case of nephrorraphy

Crile, G W, 1891:
Report of three cases of fractures with fatal termination

Browning, William, 1891:
Results of resections of the knee in advanced life performed for tuberculosis, at the tuebingen clinic

Fowler, Geo Ryerson, 1891:
Rupture of the joint capsule and extensive contusions as contra-indications to immediate suturing of fracture of the patella

Pilcher, James E., 1891:
Scheme of the antiseptic method of wound treatment

Winslow, Randolph, 1891 :
Simultaneous distal ligation of the right common carotid and right subclavian arteries for supposed innominate aneurism

Fowler, George Ryerson, 1891:
Snow on the reappearance of cancer after apparent extirpation

Dalton, H.C., 1891:
Some cases of penetrating stab and gunshot wounds of the abdomen

Pilcher, James E., 1891:
Some recent cranial surgery

Schulthess, H, 1891:
Statistical Investigations on the Etiology of Mammary Cancer

Julio-Cinto, 1891:
Successful Operation for Spina Bifida

Van Arsdale, W W, 1891:
Text-Book on Regional Surgery

Herzog, W, 1891:
The Minute Changes in the Formation of the Umbilical Ring

Moulin, Chas Mansell, 1891:
The germ theory of syphilis from a clinical point of view

Keen, William W., 1891:
The indications for early laparotomy in appendicitis

Mcburney, Charles, 1891:
The indications for early laparotomy in appendicitis

Williams, W.Roger, 1891:
The initial seats of neoplasms and their relative frequency

Park, Roswell, 1891:
The mutter lectures on selected topics in surgical pathology

Park, Roswell, 1891:
The mutter lectures on selected topics in surgical pathology

Fowler, George Ryerson, 1891:
The operative technique of appendicitis

Deaver, John B., 1891:
The operative treatment of head injuries

White, J William, 1891:
The present position of antiseptic surgery

Price, Joseph, 1891:
The propriety of, and the indications for, the resection of the appendix vermiformis during the quiescent stage of chronic relapsing appendicitis

White, J.William, 1891:
The supposed curative effect of operations per se.

White, J.W.lliam; Risley, S.D., 1891:
The supposed curative effect of operations per se.

Stimson, Lewis A., 1891:
The technique of operations for the relief of appendicitis

Milliken, S.E., 1891:
The treatment of hydrocele by carbolic acid injection

Pilcher, James E., 1891:
Thornton's recent cases of hepatic surgery

Kapteyn, 1891:
Treatment of Ileus

Keller, Otto E., 1891:
Trephining in a Case of Actinomycosis of the Brain

Studsgaard, C, 1891:
Two Cases of Gastroenterostomy

Kirmisson, E, 1891:
Upon Painful Flat-Foot

Shepherd, Francis J. , C.M., 1892:
A case of caecal hernia: symptoms ok strangulation; herniotomy; wound of the dowel; suture; recovery

Powers, Charles A., 1892:
A case of melano-sarcoma of the lower jaw in an infant

Barton, J.K., 1892:
Abscess or aneurism

Olmsted, Ingersoll M.B., 1892:
Case of jacksonian epilepsy, the result of an old depressed fracture of the skull, relieved by trephining

Cabot, A.T.A.M., 1892:
Cases of operation in spina bifida and encephalocele, with remarks

Carmalt, William H., 1892:
Conditions demanding excision of the globe of the eye

Reed, R.Harvey, 1892:
Experimental research on the implantation of the ureters into the rectum

Homans, John, 1892:
Fibroid tumors of the uterus

Ridlon, John A.M., 1892:
Fractures of the neck of the femur: with a report of twelve cases treated by the thomas hip-splint

Coley, Wm. B., 1892:
Hydrocele in the female: [with a report of fourteen cases.]

Pilcher, Lewis S., 1892:
Intravenous saline infusion for relief of shock and acute anaemia.

Mynter, Herman, 1892:
Is amputation ever indicated in coxitis?

Lloyd, Samuel, 1892:
Laminectomy for pott's parapligia

Murray, Francis W., 1892:
Musculo-spiral paralysis, complicating fracture of the humerus

Meyer, Willy, 1892:
Nephrotomy for the relief of sudden total suppression of urine occurring some time after nephrectomy: with the report of a successful case

Shepherd, Francis J. , C.M., 1892:
Note on the dissection of a case of lumbar hernia

White, J.S., 1892:
On exsection of the knee-joint

Parkes, Charles T., 1892:
On the pathology, etiology and treatment of hip-joint disease in the light of present bacteriological and operative experience

Bryant, J.D.; Stimson, L.A.; Keyes, E.L.; Bangs, L.B.lton, 1892:
On the surgical management of genitourinary calculus

Wood, Walter C., 1892:
On the treatment of flat-foot

Stimson, Lewis A., 1892:
On upward dislocations of the hip

Allis, Oscar H., 1892:
Report of a case of old dislocation of hipattempts at reduction followed by fatal hemorrhage

N., Daniel Eisendrath, 1892:
Report of cases of appendicitis treated in the surgical wards of the cook county hospital of illinois, during the year 1891

Schachner, Aug., 1892:
Studies upon injuries of the kidney, nephrol1thotomy and nephrorraphy

Schachner, Aug., 1892:
Studies upon injuries of the kidney, nephrolithotomy and nephrorraphy

Grant, H.Horace, 1892:
Suggestions as to the technique of intestinal anastomosis.1

Dandridge, N.P., 1892:
Surgery of the tongue

Lloyd, Samuel, 1892:
Terrier and hartman on the immediate and ultimate results ok vaginal hysterectomy for cancer of the uterus

Fowler, George Ryerson, 1892:
The crossed suture

Park, R. ,; Lecture, X., 1892:
The mutter lectures on selected topics in surgical pathology: series of 1890-1

Kocher, Theodor, 1892:
The radical cure of hernia

Ransohoff, J., 1892:
The treatment of gangrenous hernia

Senn, Nicholas, 1892:
The treatment of tuberculosis of bones and joints by parenchymatous and intra-articular injections

Mynter, Herman, 1892:
Treatment of compound fractures

Roberts, John B.A.M., 1892:
Treatment of fractures of the lower end of the humerus and of the base of the radius

Mackellar, Alex O., 1893:
A Case in which Successive Aneurisms were Treated by Ligature of Four Large Arteries

Laache, S, 1893:
A Case of Actinomycosis of Intestine

Park, Roswell, 1893:
A Case of Actinomycosis of the Lung

Joos, B.; Pilcher, J.E., 1893:
A Case of Craniectomy for Microcephalus

Dige, O, 1893:
A Case of Multiple Exostoses

Lowson, D., 1893:
A Case of Pneumonectomy

Holsti, H., 1893:
A Case of Subphrenic Pyothorax

Anonymous, 1893:
A Case of Trigeminal Neuralgia Cured by Stretching the Facial Nerve

Roerdam, Holger, 1893:
A Case of Very Extensive and Comminuted Fracture of the Cranium, ending in Recovery

Anonymous, 1893:
A New Method of Opening the Thoracic Cavity

Ball, James B., 1893:
A Report of Twenty-two Cases of Intubation of the Larynx

Syms, Parker, 1893:
A case of cured aneurism of the abdominal aorta simulating a solid tumor

Wight, Jarvis S., 1893:
A case of fragilitas ossium, with multiple fractures and vicious union; deformities corrected by osteotomy

Kerr, James, 1893:
A case of intra-peritoneal rupture of the bladder; recovery after laparotomy

Briddon, Charles K., 1893:
A case of jejunostomy for inoperable cancer of the stomach

Warren, J Collins, 1893:
A case of laminectomy for depressed fracture of the spine

Bryant, Joseph D., 1893:
A case of large aneurism of the external iliac artery apparently cured by macewen's method of needling

Reeve, J.C.Jr., 1893:
A case of pancreatic cyst

Bangs, L Bolton, 1893:
A case of perineal lithotrity, with some remarks upon dilatation of the prostate

Burrell, Herbert L., 1893:
A contribution to the anatomy of congenital equino-varus

Murdoch, J B, 1893:
A contribution to the study of amputations at the hip-joint

Richardson, Maurice H., 1893:
A contribution to the surgery of the gall bladder

Gerster, Arpad G., 1893:
A contribution to the surgery of the rectum

Treves, Frederick, 1893:
A method of treating compound fractures

Lanphear, Emory, 1893:
A new and rapid method for hysterectomy

Senn, Nicholas, 1893:
A new method of direct fixation of the fragments in compound and ununited fractures

Baxter, George A., 1893:
A proposed new method of operating for the radical cure of inguinal hernia

Warbasse, James P., 1893:
A study of seventeen cases of empyema

Pepper, W. , L.L.D.;, H.P., 1893:
A text-book of the theory and practice of medicine by american teachers

Whitman, Royal, 1893:
Additional notes on forcible over-correction, in the treatment of rigid flat-foot

Pilcher, L S, 1893:
Amputation of the Arm in an Haemophiliac

Nisson, F, 1893:
An Experimental Contribution to the question of the Treatment of Anthrax

Mccosh, A.J., 1893:
Anchylosis of the temporo-maxillary articulation

Anonymous, 1893:
Anesthetic Statistics

Neumber, G., 1893:
Asepsis and Artificial Anaemia

Roysing, Thorkild, 1893:
Bacteriological Examination of the Fluid in Incarcerated Hernial Sacs

Inglis, Roy, 1893:
Beriah andrew watson

Borella, R, 1893:
Bilateral Osseous Anchylosis of Temporo-Maxillary Articulation. Resection of the Condyles by Bottini's Method

Anonymous, 1893:

Starr, M.A.len , ; Deforest, H.P., 1893:
Brain surgery

A.Schulten, M W, 1893:
Cancer of the Caecum and Its Extirpation

Mynter, Herman, 1893:
Case of acute intermittent hydrone-phrosis from valvular stricture of the ureter

Osler, William, 1893:
Case of arterio-venous aneurism of the axillary artery and vein of fourteen years' duration

Gerster, Arpad G., 1893:
Case of extirpation of cancerous goitre

Richardson, M.H., 1893:
Cases of Nephrectomy, with Remarks

Anonymous, 1893:
Chipault on the surgery of the spine and spinal cord

Anonymous, 1893:
Cocaine as an Haemostatic in Haemophilia

Perkins, John W., 1893:
Complete dislocation of patella, reduced by arthrotomy after six years

Anonymous, 1893:
Consideration of clinical history; pathological and bacteriological reports, and literature of the subject

Kueste, R., 1893:
Contribution to the Treatment of Cleft Palate

Fowler, George Ryerson, 1893:
Cranio-cerebral topography and its surgical application

Anonymous, 1893:
Czerny on pelvic operations by the sacral route

D.Forest, H P, 1893:
Die Mikroorganismen der Mundhohle

Warbasse, James P., 1893:
Die Pleura-Erkranrungen

Ridlon, J. ; Jones, R.E., 1893:
Disease in the sacro-iliac articulation

Brown, D R, 1893:
Diseases of the Chest, Throat, and Nasal Cavities

Brown, D R, 1893:
Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder

Kelsey, Charles B., 1893:
Diseases of the rectum and anus, their pathology, diagnosis, and treatment

Gwyer, Fred Walker, 1893:
Electrolysis in the treatment of fibrous anchylosis

Nicolaysen, J., 1893:
Endocranial Myelogenous Tumor of the Skull

Watson, B A A.M., 1893:
Expert examinations and testimony in railway cases

Nicaise, E, 1893:
Fibro-Plastic White Swelling, Tubercular Arthritis with Fibro-Plastic and Fatty Hyperplasia of the Synovial Membrane

Pozzi, S, 1893:
Fourteenth session of the american surgical association

Zeidler, H.P.; Walker, J.B., 1893:
Gangrene in Strangulated Hernia; Resection versus Anus Praeternaturalis; Conclusions from 576 Cases

Keen, William W., 1893:
Gastrostomy by witzel's method for primary cancer of the oesophagus

Konig, 1893:
German surgical society

Anonymous, 1893:
Gleiss on nerve suturing

Binnie, J F , C.M., 1893:
Gradual auto-inoculation as a factor in the production of immunity from the effects of septic infection

Schimmei, C.B.sch,; Pkitchakd, F.H., 1893:
Green Pus and the Pathological Importance of the Bacillus Pyocyaneus

Lloyd, Samuel, 1893:
Gueilliot on the contagion of cancer

Miles, Albert B., 1893:
Gunshot wounds of the intestines; clinical report of thirteen cases; remarks on the diagnosis and treatment

Warbasse, James P., 1893:
Haegler on the surgical significance of dust

Coley, William B., 1893:
Hawkins on tubercular peritonitis

Johnson, Robert W., 1893:
Healing under a moist blood-clot in accidental wounds

Anonymous, 1893:
Hernia of the Vermiform Appendix; a Report of Forty-one Cases

Barth, A., 1893:
Histological Observations After Bone Implantation

Warren, John Collins, 1893:
Hypertrophies and degenerations of cicatrices and cicatricial tissue

Englisch, 1893:
Idiopathic Pre-vesical Cellulitis

Finney, J M T, 1893:
Impacted Peach Stone Removed from OEsophagus through Wound in Stomach

Dentu, Le, 1893:
Implantation of Decalcified Bone after Senn's Method

Siewers, R., 1893:
Incision and Drainage of the Pericardium in Purulent Pericarditis

Chromatianos, S.; Pritchard, F.H., 1893:
Incomplete Paraplegia of the Lower Limbs and Pseudo-Locomotor Ataxia from Phimosis; Operation; Cure

Hamburger, Ove, 1893:
Infection from Contact, in Epithelioma

Morris, Robert T., 1893:
Infectious appendicitis

Hartley, Frank, 1893:
Intracranial neurectomy of the fifth nerve

Lloyd, Samuel, 1893:
Iverson on peri-uterine suppuration

Goudard, J, 1893:
Ivory Dowels for direct Immobilization of Bony Fragments and as Support for the Periosteum

D.Forest, H.P., 1893:
Klemm on the treatment of fractures involving joints

Anonymous, 1893:
Krause on the transplantation of large skin flaps without a pedicle

Anonymous, 1893:
Kummell on resection of the kidney

Lauz, O.; Pritchard, F.H., 1893:
Laryngectomies at Kocher's Clinic in Berne

Franz Koenig, V.D. Ord.; Koenig, F., 1893:
Lehrbuch der speciellen chirurgie fur aerzte und studirerde

Loomis, Alfred L. , Ll.D., 1893:
Lessons in physical diagnosis

Quincke, 1893:
Lumbar puncture for relief of Hydrocephalus

Porter, Miles F., 1893:
Mental symptoms following upon use of contintuous supra-pubic drainage of the bladder

Warbasse, James P., 1893:
Mironow on the question of asepsis in laparotomy

Westhoff, A, 1893:
Multiple Echinococci in the Abdominal Cavity

Deanesly, E., 1893:
Nerve Injuries Complicating Fractures of the Upper Extremity, with Six Cases

Ramon Y Cajal, D.Santiago, 1893:
Nueva concepta de la histologia de los centros nervosos

Bull, W.T.; Coley, W.B., 1893:
Observations on the mechanical and operative treatment of hernia at the hospital for ruptured and crippled of new york

Fowler, George Ryerson, 1893 :
Observations on the radical cure of hernia

Senn, N., 1893:
On Suprapubic Cystotomy in Two Stages

Lloyd, Jordan, 1893:
On Tumors Caused by Effusions into the Lesser Peritoneal Cavity Simulating Cysts of the Pancreas

Mcgraw, Theodore A., 1893:
On a method of making intestinal anastomosis, which will prevent subsequent contraction of the orifices

Wyman, Hal C., 1893:
On strangulated obturator hernia, with report of case cured by operation

Harrington, Francis B., 1893:
On the feasibility of intraperitoneal cystotomy, with the report of a case

Wight, Jarvis S., 1893:
On the value of internal medication in the treatment of malignant disease

Berg, John, 1893:
Operative Treatment of Prolapsus Ani et Recti

Boldt, H.J., 1893:
Operative Treatment of Uterine Myo-fibromata

Gibson, Charles L., 1893:
Operative procedures in advanced age, based on a study of sixty-five cases aged seventy or more

Van Arsdale, William Waldo, 1893:
Ossifying haematoma

Page, Herbert W., 1893:
Passive Congestion in the Conservative Treatment of Tuberculous Joints

Weber, E, 1893:

Anonymous, 1893:
Porter on the indications to be draavn from the urine as to the safety of anaesthetics

Warbasse, James P., 1893:
Postnikow on gastroenterostomy in two stages

Mandry, G.; Pritchard, F.H., 1893:
Primary Carcinoma of the Nipple

Madelung, 1893:
Primary Sarcoma of the Small Intestine

Anonymous, 1893:
Pulsating Exophthalmos Following a Fracture of the Base of the Cranium; Direct Compression; Recovery

Anonymous, 1893:
Radical and Rapid Treatment of Cold Abscess

L.D.ntu,; Felizet,; Quenu, 1893:
Recto-Vaginal Fistula

Taylor, Henry Ling, 1893:
Remarks on the management of suppuration, complicating tuberculous disease of the bones and joints

Anonymous, 1893:
Removal of an Intradural Spinal Tumor

Mynter, Herman, 1893:
Report of Cases of Operations on the Kidney

Cabot, Arthur T., 1893:
Report of Eight Cases of Cholecystotomy, with Remarks upon Technique

Burrell, Herbert L., 1893:
Report of a case of anthrax

Mayo, Charles H., 1893:
Report of a case of hydrencephalocele subjected to excision; recovery

Park, Roswell, 1893:
Report of a case of removal of a malignant polyp springing from the base of the skull, in which an attempt was made to practice senn's proposed method of rendering the operation bloodless

Booth, J Arthur ; Curtis, B Farquhar, 1893:
Report of a case of tumor of the left frontal lobe of the cerebrum; operation; recovery

Hudson, W.H., 1893:
Report of cases of operative relief of endocranial haemorrhage

Watson, Francis Sedgwick, 1893:
Report of seven cases of acute axillary suppuration of unusual severity, treated by intensive excision of the inflamed tissues

Mayo, William J., 1893:
Report ok a case of volvulus ok the sigmoid flexure of the colon successfully reduced after abdominal section

Lauenstein, Carl, 1893:
Resection of the Obturator Nerve for the Relief of Contractures of Central Origin

Anonymous, 1893:
Resection of the Rectum, with Transverse Separation of the Sacrum

Richelot, G., 1893:
Richelot on the operative technique of vaginal hysterectomy

Anderson, Wm, 1893:
Rotatory Dislocation of the Patella

Bawden, J.W.; Pilcher, J.E., 1893:
Rupture of the Patellar Attachment of the Left Quadriceps Extensor Cruris

Terillon, 1893:
Sarcoma of the Uterus

Mayo Robson, A.W., 1893:
Separation of the lower femoral epiphysis

Terillon, 1893:
Serous Cysts of the Mesentery

Anonymous, 1893:
Sokoloff on fibroma arborescens of the joints

Millard, Perry H., 1893:
Some critical observations upon certain forms of spinal injury

Lloyd, Samuel, 1893:
Some recent contributions to the surgery of the stomach

Holst, J C, 1893:
Statistics of Cases of Empyema Treated from 1874 to 1891

Borella, R, 1893:
Strangulated Femoral Hernia Involving only Part of Circumference of Bowel; Enterectomy; Enterorraphy; Recovery

Bruns, P., 1893:
Struma Tuberculosa

Hanse, David, 1893:
Studies uber die spezificitat, den altruismus und die anai'lasie der zellen; mit besonderer berucksichtigung der geschwulste

Braquehaye, 1893:
Study upon Luxations of the Interarticular Menisci of the Knee

Martin, Don Emilio Reina G., 1893:
Subperiosteal Excision of the Tarsus, and of the Proximal Extremities of Fourth and Fifth Metatarsal Bones for Caries, with Perfect Preservation of the Shape and Functions of the Foot

Hirschberg, H., 1893:
Successful Transplantation Without a Pedicle of Skin Flaps Containing the Subcutaneous Fat

Anonymous, 1893:
Suggestions for effecting sphincterplasty after amputation of the rectum

Jesset, F Bowreman, 1893:
Supra-vaginal Amputation of the Cervix Uteri for Carcinoma

Lewers, 1893:
Supravaginal Amputation of the Cervix Uteri for Cancer

Nancrede, Charles Beylard, 1893:
Surgical treatment of cervical, thoracic and abdominal aneurism

Pinard, A., 1893:
Symphysiotomy at the Clinique Baudelocque

Anonymous, 1893:
Technique of Extirpation of the Uterus by the Sacral Way

Wight, Jarvis S., 1893:
Ten cases of anchylosis of the elbow joint, after treatment of fracture of the lower end of the humerus, with the fore-arm in the extended position: five treated by ex-section, four treated by infraction, and one not treated

Treves, Frederick, 1893:
Tenotomy by the Open Method for Contracted Knee

Browning, William, 1893:
Text -Book of Nervous Diseases

Schachner, Aug, 1893:
Text-book on Fractures and Dislocations

Abbe, Robert, 1893:
The "String" Method of Dividing OEsphageal Strictures

Morris, Henry , Lond., 1893:
The Closure of Cut Throat and Surgical Wounds of the Air Passage by Immediate Suture

Bloch, Oscar, 1893:
The Curative Action of Minor Operations in Renal Affections

Ischrning, E A, 1893:
The Dangers of Immobilizing Bandages

Anonymous, 1893:
The Disinfection of Septic Wounds

Wolff, J.; Warbasse, J.P., 1893:
The Functional Results of Early Urano-plasty

Clado, 1893:
The Ileo-Coecal Appendix

Lane, W Arbuthnot M.S., 1893:
The Later Results of Laminectomy for Paraplegia Due to Angular Curvature

Gibney, Virgil P., 1893:
The Management of Suppuration Complicating Tuberculous Disease of the Bones and Joints

Kuster, E., 1893:
The Operative Treatment of Congenital Cleft Palate

Bier, A.; Warbasse, J.P., 1893:
The Plastic Improvement of Amputation Stumps of the Leg

Ederbohls, George M., 1893:
The Technique of Total Extirpation of the Fibromatous Uterus

Meyer, Willy, 1893:
The Treatment of Cicatrical Stenoses of the OEsophagus

Colev, William B., 1893:
The Treatment of Malignant Tumors by Repeated Inoculations of Erysipelas

Cheyne, W Watson, 1893:
The Treatment of Spinal Abscess

Bull, William T., 1893:
The accidents which may follow removal of portions of the omentum in operations for hernia

Marcy, Henry O. , , Li.D., 1893:
The anatomy and surgical treatment of hernia

Anonymous, 1893:
The discussion on the treatment of uterine fibro-myomata at the recent french congress of surgery

Jacobson, Nathan, 1893:
The domain of the knife in the treatment of carcinoma

Pilcher, Lewis S., 1893:
The evolution of the american surgeon

Park, Roswell, 1893:
The importance to the surgeon of familiarity with the bacillus coli communis

White, J.William, 1893:
The present position of the surgery of the hypertrophied prostate

Fowler, George Ryerson, 1893:
The present state of knowledge as to carcinoma

Anonymous, 1893:
The question of priority in devising a method for the performance of intra-cranial neurectomy of the fifth nerve

Bryant, Joseph D., 1893:
The relations of the gross anatomy of the vermiform appendix to some features of the clinical history of appendicitis

Meyer, Willy, 1893:
The results obtained from the use of aniline products in the treatment of carcinoma

Robinson, F.Byron, 1893:
The results of partial and complete occlusion of the ureters

White, J William, 1893:
The surgery of the hypertrophied prostate

Whittaker, James T. , Ll.D., 1893:
The theory and practice of medicine

Lewis, Daniel, 1893:
The use and place of caustics in the treatment of cancer

Cripps, J Harrison, 1893:
Thirty-eight Cases of Excision of the Rectum for Cancer

Cripps, J Harrison, 1893:
Thirty-eight Cases of Excision of the Rectum for Cancer

Fenwick, E.H., 1893:
Thirty-two Cases of Operation for Tumors of the Urinary Bladder

Nancrede, Charles B., 1893:
Total excision of the lower jaw for malignant disease

Hunt, William, 1893:
Transactions Of The Philadelphia Academy Of Surgery. Stated Meeting, May 1 1893.

Lloyd, Samuel, 1893:
Transactions of the American Surgical Association, 1892

Anonymous, 1893:
Transactions of the new york surgical society

Anonymous, 1893:
Transactions of the new york surgical society

Anonymous, 1893:
Transactions of the new york surgical society

Anonymous, 1893:
Transactions of the new york surgical society

Anonymous, 1893:
Transactions of the new york surgical society

Briddon, Charles K., 1893:
Transactions of the new york surgical society

Gerster, Arpad G., 1893:
Transactions of the new york surgical society

Hunt, William, 1893:
Transactions of the philadelphia academy of surgery

Matas, Rudolph, 1893:
Traumatisms and traumatic aneurisms of the vertebral artery and their surgical treatment, with the report of a cured case

Helferich, 1893:
Treatment of Deformity following Fractures of Bones healed in Deformity

Ellefson, C.J.; Pritchard, F.H., 1893:
Treatment of Fracture of the Femur in the Newborn

Poulsen, 1893:
Treatment of Gangrenous Herniae

Roysing, Thorkild, 1893:
Treatment of Gangrenous and Possibly Gangrenous Hernia

Kramer, W, 1893:
Treatment of Lupus of the Skin

Anonymous, 1893:
Treatment of Myelogenous Sarcomata of the Long Bones by Resection

Anonymous, 1893:
Treatment of Naevi by Sublimate Collodion

Korte, W.; Pritchard, F.H., 1893:
Treatment of Recent Fractures of the Patella

Reclus, P., 1893:
Treatment of Severe Injuries of the Extremities

Marin, Jules, 1893:
Treatment of Strangulated Gangrenous Hernia

Rovsing, Thornhild, 1893:
Treatment of Strangulated Herniae when Gangrene is Imminent

Anonymous, 1893:
Treatment of Surgical Tuberculosis by Boiling Water

Chaput, 1893:
Treatment of Wounds of the Intestine

Sodenbaum, P, 1893:
Trephining for Epilepsy

Anonymous, 1893:
Trephining for Haemorrhage After Fracture of the Base of the Skull

Warbasse, James P., 1893:
Tuberculosis of Bones and Joints

Bruns, 1893:
Tuberculosis of Herniae

Konig, F, 1893:
Tuberculous Strictures of the Bowels and Their Treatment

Mynter, Herman, 1893:
Tuberculous epididymitis

Pritchard, Frank H., 1893:
Tumors of the Salivary Glands

Herlofsen, 1893:
Two Rare Luxations

Monks, George H., 1893:
Unilateral laryngectomy: a case of excision of the right half of the larynx for carcinoma; recovery; no recurrence at the end of a year

Manley, Thomas H., 1893:
Urethrectomy, partial or complete, as a method for radical treatment of rupture of the urethra, fistula, or organic stricture

Dawbarn, Robert H.M., 1893:
Vegetable plates in bowel and stomach surgery; a discussion of the proper technique

Brunner, C., 1893:
Wound Diphtheria

Sonnenburg, 1894:
A Case of Acute Myxoedema

Dean, Henry Percy, 1894:
A Case of Perforation of a Chronic Ulcer of the Duodenum Successfully Treated by Excision

Schapps, John C., 1894:
A Manual of Orthopaedic Surgery, for Students and Practitioners

Bassini, Ed, 1894:
A New Operation for the Radical Cure of Femoral Hernia

Helferich, 1894:
A New Operative Procedure for the Cure of Bony Ankylosis of the Temporo-Maxillary Joint

Rotter, J, 1894:
A Peculiar Form of Skin Gangrene and Pustulae

Campbell, William Francis, 1894:
A Text-Book of the Diseases of Women

Warbasse, James P., 1894:
A Treatise on Appendicitis

Oleson, Richard Bartlett, 1894:
A case of horseshoe kidney

Fremont-Smith, F, 1894:
A case of obstructive hypertrophy of the prostate treated by castration

Roberts, John B., 1894:
A case of primary tuberculosis of the laminae and spinous processes of the vertebral column

Mann, Arthur Howard Jr., 1894:
A cask of emphysematous gangrene of the hand due to the streptococcus pyo-genes and the bacillus ero-genes capsulatus: recovery without amputation

Macewen, William, 1894:
A mode of controlling the circulation through the abdominal aorta

Graff, Harald, 1894:
A new method of closing the canal in radical operation for inguinal hernia

Robb, Hunter, 1894:
A new spigot attachment to facilitate asepsis

Pilcher, Lewis S., 1894:
A study of one hundred and seventy cases of cancer

Pepper, William, 1894:
A text-book of the theory and practice of medicine by american teachers

Matthews, Joseph M., 1894:
A treatise on diseases of the rectum, anus and sigmoid flexure

Anonymous, 1894:
Acupuncture in Delayed Union of Fractures

Anonymous, 1894:
Aide-memoir de clinique chirurgicale et de diagnostic

Anonymous, 1894:
American surgical association

Campbell, William Francis, 1894:
An American Text-Book of Gynaecology, Medical and Surgical, for Practitioners and Students

Davies-Colley, N, 1894:
An Operation for the Cure of Cleft of the Hard and Soft Palate

Browning, William W., 1894:
An examination of the influence of the ilio-psoas muscle upon the rota- tion of the thigh

Leonard, Charles Lester, 1894:
An improved aseptic trephine

Kelly, Howard A., 1894:
An improved lock for paired instruments

Hadra, B.E., 1894:
An improved method of brain localization in epilepsy

Robson, A W Mayo, 1894:
Analysis of Seventy-Eight Cases of Operative Interference with the Gall-Bladder and Bile-Ducts

Hewit, T, 1894:

Anonymous, 1894:

Middeldorpf, K, 1894:
Bony Metastasis in a Case of Thyreoid Tumor

Eigenbrodt, 1894:
Branchial Carcinoma

D.Forest, H P, 1894:
Bruns on the results of conservative treatment of tuberculous coxitis

Wagner, W, 1894:
Calcified Retrosternal Struma

Mcburney, Charles, 1894:
Cases illustrating the use of a mechanical appliance to correct the deformity after removal of half of the lower jaw

Weir, R F, 1894:
Cases of Excision of Considerable Portions of the Urinary Bladder

Briddon, Charles K., 1894:
Cases of ruptured kidney

D.Forest, H P, 1894:
Chaput on the inosculation of the ureters with the intestine

Anonymous, 1894:
Chirurgie des voies urinaires

Anonymous, 1894:
Chirurgie des voies urinaires

Anonymous, 1894:
Cinnamic acid in the treatment of tuberculosis

Richet, A., 1894:
Clinique chirurgicaie

Mynter, Herman, 1894:
Contribution to the study of head inju-ries, and of the results of tre-phining for subdural hemor-rhage, abscess of brain, and epilepsy

Tillmanns, H, 1894:
Craniectomy in Microcephalus

Haeckel, 1894:
Cyst of the Ductus Thyreoglossus

Marvaud, A., 1894:
Diseases of the soldier

Mcburney, Charles, 1894:
Dislocation of the humerus complicated by fracture at or near the surgical neck, with a new method of reduction

Pllcher, L.S., 1894:
Donkin, diseases of childhood

Leser, 1894:
Dry Necrosis of Bone: Its Importance and Prevention

Markoe, Francis H., 1894:
Entero-anastomosis for malignant sten-osis of the digestive tract

Warbasse, James P., 1894:
Erfahrungen uber Nierenchirurgie

Campbell, G Gordon, 1894:
Ether anaesthesia; clinical notes on three hundred cases

Schimmelbusch, 1894:
Experimental Investigations in the Infection of Wounds

Helferich, 1894:
Experimental Studies in the Transplantation of the Intermediary Cartilage

Messner, 1894:
Experimental Studies in the Treatment of Infected Wounds

Maffucci, Angelo, 1894:
Experimental researches in infective embryonal pathology

Maffucci, Angelo, 1894:
Experimental researches upon the products of the tubercle bacillus

Bruns, P, 1894:
Extension Apparatus for the Application of Plaster Bandages to the Lower Extremities and to the Pelvis

Richardson, Maurice H., 1894:
Extra-uterine pregnancy and pelvic haemorrhage; cases and remarks

Franks, Kendal, 1894:
Fibrous stricture'of the cesophagus treated by gastrotomy and retrograde dilatation

Pilcher, James E., 1894:
First aid in illness and injury

D.Forest, H P, 1894:
Fischer on suppurative inflammations in the subumbilical space

Davis, Gwilym G., 1894:
Fracture of the lower jaw with separa-tion of the genial tubercle

Wolff, Julius, 1894:
Further Observations in the Operation for Cleft Palate

Bier, 1894:
Further Observations upon the Treatment of Surgical Tuberculosis by Congestive Hyperaemia

Hotchkiss, Lucius W. , 1894:
Gangrenous cholecystitis

Hoegh, Knut, 1894:
Gastroenterostomy with bone plates

Anonymous, 1894:
General surgery

Anonymous, 1894:
Genito-urinary organs

Anonymous, 1894:
German surgical society

Anonymous, 1894:
Goldmann on the after course of skin-grafts transplanted after the method of thiersch

Anonymous, 1894:
Head and neck

Warbasse, James P., 1894:
Hoffa on the pathological anatomy of scoliosis

Baxter, G.A., 1894:
Hypertrophy of the omentum in hernia

Anonymous, 1894:
Immunity against tetanus

Branham, Joseph H., 1894:
Intestinal obstruction from strangulation by an adhesion band; recovery after laparotomy

Tiffany, Louis Mclane, 1894:
Intracranial neurectomy and removal of the gasserian ganglion

Anonymous, 1894:

Warbasse, James P., 1894:
Lanz on the thyreoid question

Pilcher, Lewis S., 1894:
Large pseudo-diverticulum of the duodenum

Warbasse, James P., 1894:
Lauenstein on strangulation of the testicle from torsion of the spermatic cord

Anonymous, 1894:
Lectures on Surgery

Warbasse, James P., 1894:
Lehrbuch der Speciellen Chirurgie fur Aerzte und Studirende

Anonymous, 1894:
Les centres cerebraux de la vision et l'appareil nerveux visuei. intra-cerebral

Kelly, H A, 1894:
Ligation of both Internal Iliac Arteries for Haemorrhage in Hysterectomy for Carcinoma Uteri

Homans, John, 1894:
Malignant stenosis of sigmoid flexure of colon, with enormous collection of fruit-stones above stricture; relieved by colotomy

Abbe, Robert, 1894:
Mechanical appliance for correction of defect after removal of half of the lower jaw

Anonymous, 1894:
Nasse on the extirpation of the shoulder, and its value in the treatment of sar-coma of the humerus

Anonymous, 1894:
Nervous system

Meisenbach, A H, 1894:
Neudorfer's method of amputating extremities, with a report of two thigh amputations

Albert, 1894:
New Method of Jejunostomy

Eastman, B L, 1894:
Note on the sterilization of catgut by boiling in olive oil

Holden, Frederick C., 1894:
Note on the value of maceration in ether and in ether-solution of corrosive sublimate for the steriliza-tion of catgut

Bull, William T., 1894:
Observations in 118 Cases of Radical Operation for the Cure of Carcinoma of the Breast

Grimm, F, 1894:
Observations upon Osteomyelitis Non-purulentia (Sero-Mucinosa)

Fowler, George Ryerson, 1894:
Observations upon appendicitis

Fowler, George Ryerson, 1894:
Observations upon appendicitis

Poore, Charles T., 1894:
Old displacements of the upper end of the femur and their treatment

Demons,; Binaud, 1894:
On Omphalo-Properitoneal Hernia

Mayo-Robson, A W, 1894:
On Suprapubic Prostatectomy

Henle, 1894:
On the Disinfection of Fresh Wounds

Warbasse, James P., 1894:
On the surgery and physiology of the spleen

Bond, C J, 1894:
On the treatment of vesico-vaginal fistula by operation from within the bladder

Page, Herbert W.M.C., 1894:
On traumatic ruptures of the ureter, with report of a case of ruptured ureter followed by nephrectomy in a child

D.Forest, H P, 1894:
Operations at the zurich clinic for the removal of foreign bodies from the oesophagus

Grant, H.Horace, 1894:
Operations for rupture of bladder

Gibney, V P, 1894:
Operative procedures in congenital and traumatic dislocations of the hip in children

Kammerer, F, 1894:
Osteoplastic Resection of the Sacrum after the Method of Rydygier

Condamin, Rene, 1894:
Pathogenie des diverses osteites

Warbasse, James P., 1894:
Petit Manuel D'Anesthesie Chirurgicale

Von Eiselsberg, 1894:
Physiological Function Assumed by a Thyreoid Metastasis

Abbe, Robert, 1894:
Pyloroplasty for ulcer of the stomach

Anonymous, 1894:
Pyogenic Infective Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord; Meningitis, Abscess of the Brain, Infective Sinus Thrombosis

Porter, C B, 1894:
Reduction of Dislocation of Humerus complicated by Fracture of the Surgical Neck

Ricketts, B.Merrill, 1894:
Report of a case of carcinoma of ileum; intestinal obstruction relieved by anastomosis with a murphy button

Bates, H.Elliott, 1894:
Report of a case of hematophilia, with death from haemorrhage following the extraction of a tooth

Dunn, James H., 1894:
Report of cases of surgery of the urinary bladder involving suprapubic section

Wyeth, John A., 1894:
Report of six operations on the spinal cord for the relief of paraplegia

Mccosh, A.J., 1894:
Report of three cases of gangrenous hernia subjected to circular enterorrhaphy

Pyle, Walter L., 1894 :
Report of two cases of laminectomy, with a tabulated collection of fifty-two cases of laminectomy of recent date

Magill, William S., 1894:
Resection of the ileo-caecal coil of the intestine; its indications, results, and modus operandi, with a review of one hundred and two reported cases and two heretofore unpublished

Anonymous, 1894:
Reviews of book

Kuster, E, 1894:
Rhinoplasty from the Arm

Abbe, Robert, 1894:
Sarcoma of the kidney; its operative treatment

Meyer, Willy, 1894:
Simultaneous ligation of both internal iliac arteries for hypertrophy of the prostate gland (bier's method)

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Alkali soil investigations: III. Chemical effects of treatments

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Alkali soil investigations: IV. Chemical and biological effects of treatments

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Alkali studies: I. Tolerance of wheat for alkali in idaho soil

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Aqueous vapor pressure of soils: II. Studies in dry soils

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Carbon dioxide production of plant roots as a factor in the feeding power of plants

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Drying of soil, as one of the natural factors in maintaining soil fertility

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Easily soluble calcium of the soil in relation to acidity and returns from liming

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Effect of ignition at various temperatures upon certain physical properties of soils

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Effect of iron and aluminum salts on the phosphorus recovery from soils and quartz sand treated with tennessee rock or double acid phosphate

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Experiments with bacterial soil fertilizing preparations

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Further studies on soil profiles

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Influence of organic matter upon the development of fungi, actinomycetes and bacteria in the soil

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Influence of sulfur oxidation on solubility of soil minerals

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Influence of varying ratios of phosphoric acid and potash on crop yield and nitrogen recovery

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Investigations on Nitrification and Denitrification in Tropical Soils

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Iron, aluminum and manganese in the soil solution of hawaiian soils

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Is it possible to make a bacterial soil preparation for non-legume crops?

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Methods of studying the strength of soil acids

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Microbiological analysis of soil as an index of soil fertility. IX. Nitrogen fixation and mannite decomposition

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Microbiological analysis of soil as an index of soil fertility: VII. Carbon dioxide evolution

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Microbiological analysis of soil as an index of soil fertility: VIII. Decomposition of cellulose

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Nitrates and nitrification in field soils

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Nitrification in some south african soils: part II

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Note on the absorption of bases by soils

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Notes on a method for the determination of sulfur in soil

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On the Amelioration of Salinised Soils

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On the Moisture Properties of the Soil

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On the Occurrence of a Bacteriophage in the Nodules of the Leguminous Plants

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Origin of Alkali Soils

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Oxidation of ammonia and nitrites by microorganisms under different conditions

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Preliminary note on the distribution of nitrates in soil under corn culture

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Relative availability of the phosphorus of raw rock and acid phosphate in soils

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Report on the Investigation on the Causes of the Poor Appearance of Some Crops in Zeeland

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Residual effects of forty years continuous manurial treatments. I. Effect of lime on decomposition of soil organic matter

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Secular and seasonal changes in the soil solution

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Soil Water Level, Capillarity and Evaporation

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Soil acidity in relation to soil type groups, in nacogdoches county, texas

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Soil series and types from the standpoint of hydrogen-ion concentration and lime requirement

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Soil variability as determined by statistical methods

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Some General Conceptions on Acidity and the Role Played by It in Several Processes

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Some changes brought about in cylinder soils by long continued crop and fertilizer treatment

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Some effects of sulfur on crops and soils

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Some observations on the decomposition of organic matter in soils

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Sorghum as an indicator of available soil-nitrogen

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Studies on Samples of Soil and Dredged Mud from the Polders and Lakes East of the Ulrechtse Vecht in Connections with the Draining Plans of These Lakes

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Synthetic calcium silicates as a source of agricultural lime: I. A comparison of the influence of synthetic calcium silicates with other forms of time as affecting plant growth

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The Absorbing Power of Soils and the Principle of Automatic Self-Irrigation of Soils

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The Acidity of the Soil

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The Action of Solutions of Neutral Salts on Soil. A Contribution to the Knowledge of Soil Acidity

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The Black Clay of Thesinge (in the province of Groningen Holland)

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The Characterization of the Main Soil Types from Data of Absorbed Bases

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The Differentiation of Podzol Soils by Morphological Indices

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The Effect Of Soil Suspensions Upon The Solubility Of The Sulfate Radical In The System Ca(Oh)2-Caso4-H2o

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The Influence of Acid and Alkaline Fertilizers on the Growth of Crops

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The Influence of Soil Type and Fertilization on the Nitrogen and Ash Contents of Our Farm Crops

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The Potato Scab in Its Relation to Climate and Soil

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The Root System of Grasses in Soils of the Podzol Type

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The aeration of soils as influenced by air-barometric pressure changes

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The alkali soils in hungary and their reclamation

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The availability of nitrogen in peat

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The available state

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The calcium content of soil in relation to absolute reaction

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The chemico-physical influences of quick lime and calcium carbonates on minerals soils

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The comparative effects of additions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on the nitrogen economy of a wooster silt loam soil

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The determination of ammonia in soil

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The determination of ammonia in soils

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The effect of aeration upon the development *of barley in a heavy clay soil

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The effect of different kinds of wood and of wood pulp cellulose on plant growth

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The effect on present soil reaction of long-continued applications of equivalent amounts of high-calcium and high-magnesium limes

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The electrical charge on a clay colloid as influenced by hydrogen-ion concentration and by different salts

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The importance of hydrogen-ion concentration control in physico-chemical studies of heavy soils

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The influence of nitrifying bacteria on the growth of barley

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The influence of phosphate, biphosphate, carbonate, silicate and sulfate of calcium, sodium and potassium on plant growth in acid mineral soils

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The influence of sodium chloride upon alfalfa grown in solution cultures

Mccool, M.M.; Wheeting, L.C., 1924:
The influence of the removal of colloids on some soil properties

Bouyoucos, George J., 1924:
The influence of water on soil granulation

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