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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38901

Chapter 38901 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Morse, F.W., 1924:
The loss of calcium carbonate in drainage water as affected by different chemical fertilizers

Van Wijk, D.J.R., 1924:
The quantitative determination of nitrates in soil

Neidig, R.E.; Snyder, R.S., 1924:
The relation of moisture and available nitrogen to the yield and protein content of wheat

Vandecaveye, S.C., 1924:
The replacement of soil potassium

Dachnowski, Alfred P., 1924:
The stratigraphic study of peat deposits1,2

Skeen, John R., 1925:
A Critical Ph For The Formation Of Hardpan In Acid Clay Soils

Mario, B.; Lorenzo, F., 1925:
A Rapid Method for the Determination of Potash in Agricultural and Industrial Materials

Ginsburg, Joseph M., 1925:
A modified respiration apparatus for plant and soil studies

Duley, F L, 1925:
A movable lysimeter for soil studies

Williams, O.B., 1925:
A quantitative and qualitative determination of the bacterial flora of some representative virgin and cultivated texas soils

Stevens, J.W., 1925:
A study of various strains of bacillus radicicola from nodules of alfalfa and sweet clover

Roviera, P., 1925:
About Rehmsdor's Nitrogenous Fertilizer

Neidig, R.E.; Magnuson, H.P., 1925:
Alkali studies: II. Tolerance of alfalfa, corn and sweet clover for alkali in idaho soils

Neidig, R.E.; Magnuson, H.P., 1925:
Alkali studies: III. Tolerance of barley for alkali in idaho soil

Neidig, R.E.; Magnuson, H P, 1925:
Alkali studies: IV. Tolerance of oats for alkali in idaho soil

Millar, C.E., 1925:
Availability of nutrients in subsoils

Kelley, W P.B.own, S M, 1925:
Base exchange in relation to alkali soils

Bollen, W B, 1925:
Biochemical effects of gypsum on iowa soils

Wheeting, L.C., 1925:
Certain relationships between added salts and the moisture of soils

Joseph, A.F., 1925:
Clays as soil colloids

Joffe, J.S.; Mclean, H.C., 1925:
Colloidal behavior of soils and soil fertility: I. Suction force of soils as an index of their colloid content

Johnston, Earl S., 1925:
Comparative study of the "six types" of nutrient solutions in relation to the growth of potato plants in sand cultures

Ginsburg, Joseph M., 1925:
Composition and appearance of soybean plants grown in culture solutions each lacking a different essential element

Perotti, R.; Aureli, F., 1925:
Concerning the Ammonifying Power of Agricultural Soils

Perotti, R.; Grandis, G., 1925:
Concerning the Determination of the Nitrifying Power of Agricultural Soils

Pratolongo, U., 1925:
Concerning the Reaction of Italian Soils With Especial Reference to the Soils of Lombardy

Edgington, G.; Adams, J.R., 1925:
Distribution of nitrogen in the podsol profile

Fleetwood, J Ross, 1925:
Easily soluble calcium of soils as an indicator of their response to liming

Martin, T.L., 1925:
Effect of straw on accumulation of nitrates and crop growth

Englis, D T.L.nt, H A, 1925:
Effect of the concentration of potassium salts in soil media upon the carbohydrate metabolism of plants. The diastatic activity of the nasturtium

D'ippolito, G., 1925:
Experimental Studies on the Fertilizing Effect of Sulphur

Lipman, J.G.; Blair, A.W.; Prince, A.L., 1925:
Field experiments of the availability of nitrogenous fertilizers 1918-1922

Bouyoucos, George, 1925:
Heat of wetting of soils dried at different temperatures and the force at which soils absorb water

Rudolfs, Willem, 1925:
Influence of water and salt solution upon absorption and germination of seeds

Gainey, P.L., 1925:
Inoculating soil with azotobacter

Leonard, Lewis T., 1925:
Lack of nodule-formation in a subfamily of the leguminosae

Burke, V.; Burkey, L., 1925:
Modifying rhizobium radicicolum

Albrecht, W.A.; Uhland, R.E., 1925:
Nitrate accumulation under the straw mulch

Macintire, W.H.; Young, J.B., 1925:
Nitrate leachings as influenced by calcic and magnesic additions, with and without sulfur carriers

Batham, H.N., 1925:
Nitrification in soils

Spokes, P.S., 1925 :
Preliminary profile studies of certain forest soils

D'ippolito, G., 1925:
Recent Studies and Observations Concerning the Action of Manganese upon Plant Growth

Burd, John S., 1925:
Relation of biological processes to cation concentrations in soils

White, J.W.; Holben, F.J., 1925:
Residual effects of forty years' continuous manurial treatments: II. Effect of caustic lime on soil treated with barnyard manure

Anonymous, 1925:
Review of german literature on plant nutrition and soil science, for 1924

Anonymous, 1925:
Reviews of works of soil published in italy, spain and portugal during

Rudolfs, Willem, 1925:
Selective absorption of ions by seeds

Powell, E.B., 1925:
Soil colloids as simple suspensions

Waksman, Selman A., 1925:
Soil microbiology in 1924: an attempt at an analysis and a synthesis

Spurway, C.H., 1925:
Some factors influencing the solubility of phosphorus in soil-acid phosphate mixtures

Mccool, M.M.; Weidemann, A.W., 1925:
Some moisture relationships of soils

Russel, J.C.; Burr, W.W., 1925:
Studies on the moisture equivalent of soils

Macintire, W.H.; Shaw, W.M., 1925:
The Ternary Systems Cao-Fe2o3-Caso4 And Cao-Al2a2-Caso4 As Explaining The Retention Of Sulfates By Heavily Limed Soil

Parker, F.W., 1925:
The absorption of phosphate by pasteur-chamberland filters

Simon, R.H.; Schollenberger, C.J., 1925:
The acetone method of extracting sulfur from soil

Magistad, O.C., 1925:
The aluminum content of the soil solution and its relation to soil reaction and plant growth

Blair, A W.P.ince, A L, 1925:
The availability of nitrogen in nitrate of soda, ammonium sulfate, and dried blood when the amounts of phosphoric acid and potash are varied

Haskell, Sidney B., 1925:
The availability of subsoil potash

Parker, F.W., 1925:
The carbon dioxide content of the soil air as a factor in the absorption of inorganic elements by plants

Bouyoucos, George J., 1925:
The chief factors which influence the heat of wetting of soil colloids

Stewart, G.R.; Thomas, E.C.; Horner, J., 1925:
The comparative growth of pineapple plants with ammonia and nitrate nitrogen

Macintire, W.H.; Shaw, W.M., 1925:
The disintegration of limestone and dolomite separates as influenced by zone of incorporation

Runk, C.R., 1925:
The effect of the different degrees of fineness of limestone upon decomposition of organic matter in the soil

Gibbs, W.M.; Batchelor, H.W.; Magnuson, H.P., 1925:
The effects of alkali salts on bacteriological activities in soil: I. Ammonification

Gibbs, W.M.; Batchelor, H.W.; Magnuson, H.P., 1925:
The effects of alkali salts on bacteriological activities in soil: II nitrification

Gibbs, W.M.; Batchelor, H.W.; Magnuson, H.P., 1925:
The effects of alkali salts on bacteriological activities in soil: III ammonification, nitrification and crop yield

Jones, R.L.; Pember, F.R., 1925:
The fertilizer nutrients required by barley, wheat and oats, as shown by both soil and water cultures

Lipman, C.B.; Teakle, L.J.H., 1925:
The fixation of nitrogen by azotobacter in a displaced solution and in soil residue therefrom

Pierre, W.H., 1925:
The h-ion concentration of soils as affected by carbonic acid and the soil-water ratio, and the nature of soil acidity as revealed by these studies

Bouyoucos, George, 1925:
The heat of wetting as a new means of estimating the colloidal material in soils

Wheeting, L.C., 1925:
The influence of hydration on the stability of colloidal solutions of soils

Wheeting, L C, 1925:
The influence of liming, temperature and compaction on the movement of soluble salts in soils

Hirst, C.T.; Greaves, J.E., 1925:
The influence of manure and irrigation water on the carbon, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium of the soil

Pate, W.W., 1925:
The influence of the amount and nature of the replaceable base upon the heat of wetting of soils and soil colloids

Greaves, J.E.; Nelson, D.H., 1925:
The iron, chlorine, and sulfur contents of grains and the influence of irrigation water upon them

Wright, William H., 1925:
The nodule bacteria of soybeans: I. Bacteriology of strains

Wright, William H., 1925:
The nodule bacteria of soybeans: II. Nitrogen-fixation experiments

Simon, R H.S.hollenberger, C J, 1925:
The rate of oxidation of different forms of elemental sulfur

Fleming, Walter E., 1925:
The relation of fungi to the numbers of bacteria in the soil

Maccarthy, Gerald R., 1925:
The relationship between soluble iron and colloids in certain residual clays

Macintire, W.H.; Shaw, W.M.; Young, J.B., 1925:
The role of silica in counteracting magnesia-induced toxicity

Sven, Oden, 1925:
The size distribution of particles in soils and the experimental methods of obtaining them

Russel, J.C.; Jones, E.G.; Bahrt, G.M., 1925:
The temperature and moisture factors in nitrate production

Shaw, Charles F., 1925:
Two unusual colloidal soils

Peterson, W H.E.vehjem, C A.J.mison, L.A., 1925:
Variations in the mineral content of cabbage and sauerkraut

Snow, Laetitia M., 1926:
A comparative study of the bacterial flora of wind-blown soil: I. Arroyo bank soil, tucson, arizona

Anonymous, 1926:
A contribution to the question of CO2 as fertilizer

Smith, Alfred, 1926:
A contribution to the study of interrelations between the temperature of the soil and of the atmosphere and a new type of thermometer for such study

Powell, E.B., 1926:
A new soil core sampler

Lomanitz, S., 1926:
A study of physiological balance for alfalfa in solution cultures

Stewart, H.W., 1926:
A study of some of the factors affecting the supply of moisture to crops in sandy soils

Whiting, A.L.; Fred, E.B.; Helz, G.E., 1926:
A study of the root-nodule bacteria of wood's clover (dalea alopecuroides)

Anonymous, 1926:
Carbonic acid as a stimulant and as building material

Anonymous, 1926:
Carbonic acid from soils and from the atmosphere as factors in agriculture

Joffe, J.S.; Mclean, H.C., 1926:
Colloidal behavior of soils and soil fertility: II. The soil complex capable of base exchange and soil acidity

Mcmiller, Paul R., 1926:
Concentration of carbonates in two minnesota soil types

De'sigmond, Alexius A.J., 1926:
Contribution to the theory of the origin of alkali soils

Anonymous, 1926:
Contributions to characterization and classification of "Roserde."

Bouyoucos, George John, 1926:
Do colloids exist as a coating around the soil grains

Lohnis, F, 1926:
Effect of growing legumes upon succeeding crops

Duley, F.L.; Jones, M.M., 1926:
Effects of soil treatments upon the draft of plows

Coe, Dana G., 1926:
Effects of various methods of applying fertilizers on crops and on certain soil conditions

Anonymous, 1926:
Experimental contributions on the formation of "Roserde."

Macintire, W.H.; Shaw, W.M., 1926:
Fixation of calcium-magnesium from burnt limes, limestone and dolomite incorporations in two soil zones

Anonymous, 1926:
Handbuch der biophysikalischen und biochemischen Durchforschung des Bodens. (Handbook of Biophysical and Biochemical Soil Investigations) 1926

Anonymous, 1926:
Influence of certain factors upon the reaction of soil solution

Macintire, W H, 1926:
Influence of form, soil-zone and fineness of lime and magnesia incorporations upon outgo of sulfates and nitrates

Macintire, W.H., 1926:
Influence of form, soil-zone, and fineness of lime and magnesia incorporations upon outgo of calcium and magnesium

Shedd, O M, 1926:
Influence of sulfur and gypsum on the solubility of potassium in soils and on the quantity of this element removed by certain plants

Anonymous, 1926:
Investigations on soil exhaustion

Anonymous, 1926:
Investigations on the formation and decomposition of humus in the soil

Anonymous, 1926:
Investigations on the question of soil acidity

Kelley, W.P.; Brown, S.M., 1926:
Ion exchange in relation to soil acidity

Waksman, S.A.; Dubos, R.J., 1926:
Microbiological analysis of soils as an index of soil fertility: X. The catalytic power of the soil

Lohnis, F, 1926:
Nitrogen availability of green manures

Anonymous, 1926:
On the determination of acidity in mineral soils

Anonymous, 1926:
On the effect on soils of some natural varieties of lime and marl and of some Ca and Mg compounds

Anonymous, 1926:
On the growth of plants in acid soils

Anonymous, 1926:
On the importance of the different kinds of soil acidity for making little-soluble phosphates more soluble

Anonymous, 1926:
On the method of determining fertilizer requirements of the soil: II.

Anonymous, 1926:
On the nature and causes of the transformation of burned lime in the soil

Waksman, Selman A., 1926:
On the origin and nature of soil organic matter or soil "humus": II. Method of determining humus in the soil

Waksman, S.A.; Tenney, F.G., 1926 :
On the origin and nature of the soil organic matter or soil "humus": IV. The decomposition of the various ingredients of straw and of alfalfa meal by mixed and pure cultures of microorganisms

Waksman, Selman A., 1926:
On the origin and nature of the soil organic matter or soil "humus": V. The role of microorganisms in the formation of "humus" in the soil

Anonymous, 1926:
On the physiological character of ammonium mitrate

Anonymous, 1926:
On the physiological reaction of chemical fertilizers

Anonymous, 1926:
On the question of exchange acidity in soils and the relation between titration acidity and actual acidity

Anonymous, 1926:
On the quinhydrone method, the relation between its results and the different kinds of soil acidity

Krassovsky, Irene, 1926:
Physiological activity of the seminal and nodal roots of crop plants

Anonymous, 1926:
Plant physiological investigations on soil acidity

Deuber, C.G., 1926:
Potassium ferrocyanide and ferric ferrocyanide as sources of iron for plants

Stephenson, R.E., 1926:
Relation of fineness of grinding to rate of sulfur oxidation in soils

Anonymous, 1926:
Remarks on Reinau's invesigations on carbonic acid

White, J W.H.lben, F J, 1926:
Residual effects of forty years continuous manurial treatment: III. Ultimate fate and some physical and chemical effects of applied lime

Bennett, H.H., 1926:
Some comparisons of the properties of humid-tropical and humid-temperate american soils; with special reference to indicated relations between chemical composition and physical properties

Stewart, G R.T.omas, E C.H.rner, J., 1926:
Some effects of mulching paper on hawaiian soils

Wadsworth, H.A.; Smith, A., 1926:
Some observations upon the effect of the size of the container upon the capillary rise of water through soil columns

Spurway, C.H.; Austin, R.H., 1926:
Some residual effects of neutral salt treatments on the soil reaction

Mccool, M M.R.maine, J D, 1926:
Some soil and plant relationships

Anonymous, 1926:
Stimulation experiments. Dissertation, Konigsberg, Prussia

Anonymous, 1926:
Studies on the effect of lime upon soils

Anonymous, 1926:
Studies on the growth of oats. The water content of the soil at different times during the period of growth and its influence on crop yield. The ratio between grains and straw and the assimilation of plant nutrients, especially phosphoric acid

Anonymous, 1926 :
Studies on the increases in crop yield due to silica

Whiting, A L.R.chmond, T E, 1926:
Sweet clover in relation to the accumulation, loss and conservation of nitrates in soil

Barnette, R.Marlin, 1926:
Synthetic calcium silicates as a source of agricultural lime: II. A comparison of their influence with that of other forms of lime upon certain microbiological activities in the soil

Barnette, R.Marlin, 1926:
Synthetic calcium silicates as a source of agricultural lime: III. A comparison of the influence of synthetic calcium silicates with other forms of lime on the soil reaction

Lipman, C B.D.vis, A, E S, 1926:
The Tolerance Of Plants For Nacl

Doyne, H.C.; Morison, C.G.T., 1926:
The absorption of iron by soils

Anonymous, 1926:
The action factor when the action law of the growth factors is applied to the drill distance of cultivated plants. Dissertation, Konigsberg, Prussia

Whiting, A.L.; Heck, A.F., 1926:
The assimilation of phosphorus from phytin by oats

Prince, A.L.; Winsor, H.W., 1926:
The availability of nitrogen in garbage tankage and in urea in comparison with standard materials

Lochhead, A.G., 1926:
The bacterial types occurring in frozen soil

Whiting, A.L.; Richmond, T.E., 1926 :
The composition of biennial white sweet clover as related to soil enrichment

Anonymous, 1926:
The direct influence of H-ion concentration in culture mediums upon plant cells

Fife, J.M., 1926:
The effect of sulfur on the microflora of the soil

Turner, Thomas W., 1926:
The effect of varying the nitrogen supply on the ratios between the tops and roots in flax

Coe, Dana G., 1926:
The effects of various methods of applying fertilizers on crop yields

Stallings, James Henry, 1926:
The form of legume nitrogen assimilated by non-legumes when grown in association

Anonymous, 1926:
The humic acids, their influence upon the life of micro-organisms in peat soils and the methods of acidity determination

Anderson, J.Arlington, 1926:
The influence of available nitrogen on the fermentation of cellulose in the soil

Ginsburg, J.M.; Shive, J.W., 1926:
The influence of calcium and nitrogen on the protein content of the soybean plant

Parker, F.W.; Tidmore, J.W., 1926:
The influence of lime and phosphatic fertilizers on the phosphorus content of the soil solution and of soil extracts

Anonymous, 1926:
The influence of various fertilizers including lime and phosphates upon the structure of the soil

Anonymous, 1926:
The lime requirement of soil: III. The influence of soil reaction upon biological physico-chemical soil factors

Anonymous, 1926:
The lime requirement of soil: IV. Practical applications of the study of soil reaction

Anonymous, 1926:
The lime requirement of soils from a plant physiological viewpoint: II. Soil reaction and the growth of higher plants

Duley, F.L., 1926:
The loss of soluble salts in runoff water

Anonymous, 1926:
The method of mechanical soil analysis

Thomas, M.D.; Harris, K., 1926:
The moisture equivalent of soils

Waksman, Selman A., 1926:
The origin and nature of the soil organic matter or soil "humus": I. Introductory and historical

Waksman, Selman A., 1926:
The origin and nature of the soil organic matter or soil "humus": III. The nature of the substances contributing to the formation of humus

Anonymous, 1926:
The present state of the question of soil acidity

Prianishnikov, D.N.; Domontovitch, M.K., 1926:
The problem of a proper nutrient medium

Johnston, William W., 1926:
The production and use of sulfate in humid and arid soils as affected by cropping and sulfur treatments

Linford, Leon B., 1926:
The relation of light to soil moisture phenomena

Gilbert, B.E.; Mclean, F.T.; Hardin, L.J., 1926:
The relation of manganese and iron to a lime-induced chlorosis

Anonymous, 1926:
The relation of plant growth to physical chemistry

Arndt, C.H., 1926:
The salt requirements of lupinus albus

Anonymous, 1926:
The saturation condition of the soil: A. Mineral soils (clay soils)

Anonymous, 1926:
The saturation of plants with water, and its importance for plant growth

Anonymous, 1926:
The strain and variety experiment and its influence on the methods of plant breeding

Thomas, R.P.; Harper, H.J., 1926:
The use of oat straw in a system of soil fertility

Raver, L.D., 1926:
The use of the quinhydrone electrode for measuring the hydrogen-ion concentration of soils

Tulaikov, N.M., 1926:
The utilization of water by plains under field and greenhouse conditions

Alicante, Marcos Mondejar, 1926:
The viability of the nodule bacteria of legumes outside of the plant iii, iv, V

Alicante, Marcos M., 1926:
The viability of the nodule bacteria of legumes outside of the plant: i, II

Gordon, A.L.pman, C B, 1926:
Why are serpentine and other magnesian soils infertile?

Haley, D.E.; Holben, F.J., 1927:
A biological measurement of available soil potassium

Snow, Laetitia M., 1927:
A comparative study of the bacterial flora of wind-blown soil: II. Atlantic coast sand dunes, sandwich, massachusetts

Snow, Laetitia M., 1927:
A comparative study of the bacterial flora of wind-blown soil: III. Lake michigan sand dunes, indiana

Schollenberger, C.J., 1927:
A rapid approximate method for determining soil organic matter

Anonymous, 1927:
A research professorship in forest soils at cornell university

Buswell, A.M.; Neave, S.L., 1927:
A resume of the problem of nitrogen losses through denitrification

Anderegg, F.O.; Lutz, R.P., 1927:
A study of base exchange in soils with the aid of the quinhydrone electrode

Powers, W L, 1927:
A study of the colloidal fraction of certain soils having restricted drainage

Smith, Arthur Matthias, 1927:
A study of the factors influencing the efficiency of different forms of nitrogen as related to soil type and cropping system in the atlantic coastal plain region: part I

Hawker, Herman W., 1927:
A study of the soils of hidalgo county, texas, and the stages of their soil lime accumulation

Bollen, W.B.; Neidig, R.E., 1927:
A suggestion for uniformity and utility of data in soil solution analyses

Wiegner, G.; Jenny, The Collaboration Of, 1927:
Anleitung zum quantitative agrikulturchemischen Praktikum (Method of analysis in agricultural chemistry)

Archibald, R.G., 1927:
Black arm disease of cotton with special reference to the existence of the causal organism b. Malvacearum within the seed

Waksman, Selman A., 1927:
Book review

Lundegardh, Henrik, 1927:
Carbon dioxide evolution of soil and crop growth

Joffe, J.S.; Mclean, H.C., 1927:
Colloidal Behavior Of Soils And Soil Fertility: Iii. Cation Replacement And Saturation Of Soil With Ca

Sears, O.H.; Carroll, W.R., 1927:
Cross inoculation with cowpea and soybean nodule bacteria

Martin, Thomas L., 1927:
Decomposition studies of alfalfa and sweet clover roots and straw

Bouyoucos, George John, 1927:
Differences in the heat of reaction between artificial and soil gels of silica, alumina, and iron, with hydroxides

Anonymous, 1927:
Donnees Numeriques de Cristallographie et de Mineralogie

Maxton, Jacob L., 1927:
Effect of fertilizers on the germination of seeds

Smith, Alfred, 1927:
Effect of local influences in modifying the general atmospheric conditions

Vandecaveye, S.C., 1927:
Effect of moisture, temperature, and other climatic conditions on r. Leguminosarum in the soil

Gibbs, W.M.M.; Batchelor, H.W., 1927:
Effect of tree products on bacteriological activities in soil: II. Study of forest soils

Skeen, John R., 1927:
Effects of some electrolytes on kaolin and the probable relation to the soil

Clark, N.A.; Humfeld, H.; Alben, A.O., 1927:
Electrodialysis of soils and the mattson cell

Waksman, S.A.; Davison, W.C., 1927:

Baver, L.D., 1927 :
Factors affecting the hydrogen-ion concentration of soils

Brewer, P.H.; Carr, R.H., 1927:
Fertility of a soil as related to the forms of its iron and manganese

Mccool, M.M.; Weidemann, A.G.; Schlubatis, G., 1927:
Further studies on michigan soil profiles with special reference to dispersed materials

Waksman, Selman A., 1927:
Grundzuge der praktischen Bodenkunde

Harper, H.J.; Baker, W.G.; Boatman, B.; Boatman, J.L., 1927:
Hill fertilization studies on the utilization of the phosphorus in acid phosphate by corn

Higby, W.M., 1927:
Lysimeter studies

Stauffer, Lynn H., 1927:
Measurement of physical characteristics of soils

Wiegner, Georg, 1927:
Method of preparation of soil suspensions and degree of dispersion as measured by the wiegnergessner apparatus

Starkey, Robert L., 1927:
Methoden der Mikrobiologischen Bodenforschung

Alway, F.J.; Harmer, P.M., 1927:
Minnesota glacial soil studies: II. The forest floor on the late wisconsin drift

Harmer, Paul M., 1927:
Minnesota glacial soil studies: III. Density of the surface foot in forest and prairie on the late wisconsin drift

Beaumont, A.B.; Sessions, A.C.; Kelly, O.W., 1927:
Nitrate accumulation under a mulch

Allison, F.E., 1927:
Nitrate assimilation by soil microorganisms in relation to available energy supply

Karraker, P.E., 1927:
Nitrates and wheat yields after certain crops

Batham, H.N., 1927:
Nitrification in soils: II

Thornton, H G.F.sher, R A, 1927:
On the existence of daily changes in the bacterial numbers in american soil

Macintire, W.H.; Shaw, W.M.; Crawford, E.M., 1927:
Organic matter changes in two soil zones, as influenced by difference in form, fineness, and amount of calcic and magnesic materials

Macintire, W.H., 1927:
Outgo of calcium, magnesium, nitrates and sulfates from high-calcic and high-magnesic limes incorporated in two soil zones

Appleman, C.O., 1927:
Percentage of carbon dioxide in soil air

Ames, J.W.; Gerdel, R.W., 1927:
Potassium content of plants as an indicator of available supply in soil

Starkey, Robert L., 1927:
Principles of soil microbiology

Karraker, P.E., 1927 :
Production of nodules on different parts of the root systems of alfalfa plants growing in soils of different reaction

Stephenson, R.E., 1927:
Replaceable bases in some oregon soils

Roszmann, C.A., 1927:
Retention of phosphorus by soil colloids

Starkey, R.L., 1927:
Soil Mineralogy

Parker, F.W.; Fudge, J.F., 1927:
Soil phosphorus studies: I. The colorimetric determination of organic and inorganic phosphorus in soil extracts and the soil solution

Pierre, W.H.; Parker, F.W., 1927:
Soil phosphorus studies: II. The concentration of organic and inorganic phosphorus in the soil solution and soil extracts and the availibility of the organic phosphorus to plants

Parker, F.W., 1927:
Soil phosphorus studies: III. Plant growth and the absorption of phosphorus from culture solutions of different phosphate concentrations

Peterson, W.H.; Parmele, H.B.; Fred, E.B., 1927:
Some of the factors which influence the composition of cabbage and their relation to the quality of sauerkraut

Austin, R.H., 1927:
Some reactions between mono-calcium phosphate and soils

Millar, C E, 1927:
Studies of the removal of nutrients from subsoil by alfalfa

Feirer, William A., 1927:
Studies on some obligate thermophilic bacteria from soil

Starkey, R.L.; Halvorson, H.O., 1927:
Studies on the transformations of iron in nature. II. Concerning the importance of microorganisms in the solution and precipitation of iron

Archibald, R.G., 1927:
Sulfuric acid treatment of cotton seed

Heck, A.F.; Whiting, A.L., 1927:
The assimilation of phosphorus from phytin by red clover

Waksman, S.A.; Tenney, F.G., 1927:
The composition of natural organic materials and their decomposition in the soil: I. Methods of quantitative analysis of plant materials

Waksman, S.A.; Tenney, F.G., 1927:
The composition of natural organic materials and their decomposition in the soil: II. Influence of age of plant upon the rapidity and nature of its decomposition-rye plants

Karraker, P.E., 1927:
The delayed effect of liming

Joseph, A.F., 1927:
The determination of soil colloids

Powers, W.L., 1927:
The effect of hydrogen-ion concentration on the growth of certain plants

Skinner, C.E., 1927:
The effect of protozoa and fungi on certain biochemical processes when inoculated into partially sterilized soil

Stewart, H.W., 1927:
The effect of texture of sandy soils on the moisture supply for corn during seasons of favorable and unfavorable distribution of rainfall

Bradfield, R.; Cowan, E.W., 1927:
The effect of the hydrogen-ion concentration upon the absorption of calcium by a colloidal clay

Macintire, W.H., 1927:
The fate of fractional incorporations of burnt lime in two soil zones

Baldwin, I.L.; Fred, E.B., 1927:
The fermentation characters of the root nodule bacteria of the leguminosae

Bouyoucos, George John, 1927:
The hydrometer as a new and rapid method for determining the colloidal content of soils

Bouyoucos, George John, 1927:
The hydrometer as a new method for the mechanical analysis of soils

Collings, Gilbert H., 1927:
The influence of boron on the growth of the soybean plant

Newton, G.A.; Daniloff, K.B., 1927:
The influence of manures and organic residues on plant growth

Hardy, F., 1927:
The measurement of "suction forces" in colloidal soils

Greaves, J E, 1927:
The microflora and the productivity of leached and non-leached alkali soil

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The normal moisture capacity of soils

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The occurrence of yeasts in soil

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The phenomena of contraction and expansion of soils when wetted with water

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The possible role of iron depositing bacteria in the formation of hard-pan

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The quinhydrone electrode and the soil reaction

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The relation of organic matter and nitrogen content to series and type in virgin grassland soils

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The relation of soil reaction to active aluminum

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The relative aluminum tolerance of crop plants

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The relative rates of nitrification of different parts of sweet clover plants

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The seedling plant method of determining soil nutrient deficiency

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The use of collodion sacks in obtaining clear soil extracts for the determination of the water-soluble constituents

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The variable occurrence of nitrates in soils

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A "deficiency disease": the lack of available manganese in a lime-induced chlorosis

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A bacteriological study of a soil type by new methods

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A brief method for chemical examination of irrigation waters and alkali soils

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A laboratory apparatus for the measurement of carbon dioxide evolved from soils

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A New Soil Sampler

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A note on the determination of the volume-weight of different soils in the soil profile

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A simple speed controller, especially adapted to the moisture-equivalent centrifuge

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A study of the protozoa of some american soils

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Actinomyces acidophilus n.sp.-a group of acidophilus actinomycetes isolated from the soil

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Adsorption of potassium from different sources and nitrification studies with norfolk sandy loam

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An apparatus for the superficial examination of roots and nodules

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Aqueous vapor pressure of soils: III. Soil structure as influenced by mechanical treatments and soluble salts

Thomas, Moyer D., 1928:
Aqueous vapor pressure of soils: IV. Influence of replaceable bases

Anonymous, 1928:
Author index

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Calcium as a factor in soybean inoculation

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Colloidal behavior of soils and soil fertility: IV. Anion effect on the precipitation reactions and degree of dispersion of aluminum and iron hydroxides

Joffe, J.S.; Mclean, H.C., 1928:
Colloidal behavior of soils and soil fertility: V. The distribution of soluble and colloidal iron and aluminum in soils

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Colloidal soil material

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Composition of natural organic materials and their decomposition in the soil: III. The influence of nature of plant upon the rapidity of its decomposition

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Contribution to the chemical composition of peat: I. Chemical nature of organic complexes in peat and methods of analysis

Waksman, S.A.; Stevens, K.R., 1928:
Contribution to the chemical composition of peat: II. Chemical composition of various peat profiles

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Crop response to lime on acid soils

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Desirable soil-nitrate levels for certain market-garden crops

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Die praktische Bodenuntersuchung (Practical Study of the Soil)

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Distribution of nitrates in three layers of fallow soil

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Exchangeable cations in soils as determined by means of normal ammonium chloride and electrodialysis

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Fertilizer studies with early potatoes

Houghland, G.V.C., 1928:
Fertilizer studies with sweet potatoes

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Field experiments on the availability of nitrogenous fertilizers, 1923-1927

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Fifth commission classification, nomenclature, and mapping of soils

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First commission soil mechanics and physics

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Fortschritte der Mikrochemie in ihren verschiedenen Anwendungsgebieten (Advances of Microchemistry in its various applications)

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Fourth commission soil fertility

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Fungi in some colorado soils

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General exhibits

Anonymous, 1928:
History of the organization of the international society of soil science

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Kurs Potchvoviedienia (Textbook of Soil Science)

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Making mechanical analyses of soils in fifteen minutes

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Manganese as an active base in the soil

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On the microscopic method of studying bacteria in soil

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Organization and program

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Oxidation of sulfur in limed and unlimed soils

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Phosphate applications and their influence on chernozem: IV. The reversion of p2o5 in soils

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Phosphate in the soil solution as affected by reaction and cation concentrations

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Physiology and Biochemistry of Bacteria. Vol . Growth Phases; Composition and Biophysical Chemistry of Bacteria and their Environment; and Energetics

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Potato fertilizer experiments

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Potato plants grown in mineral nutrient media

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Professor V. L. Omeliansry

Waksman, Selman A., 1928:
Professor X. D. Glinka

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Replaceable bases and the dispersion of soil in mechanical analysis

Thomas, Moyer D., 1928:
Replaceable bases in soil from arid and humid regions

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Retention of phosphate by hydrated alumina and its bearing on phosphate in the soil solution

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Second commission soil chemistry

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Sewage sludge as fertilizer

Anonymous, 1928:
Sixth commission: the application of soil science to land cultivation

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Soil temperatures in saskatchewan

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Some comments on the hydrometer method for studying soils

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Some factors involved in studying the fixation of phosphorus by soils

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Some reactions of seedlings to weak concentrations of hydrochloric acid and calcium

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Studies with sulfur for improving permeability of alkali soil

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Subcommission II classification, nomenclature, and mapping of soils in the united states: the american point of view

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Subcommission for the study of peatlands

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Subcommission ii: the international soil map of europe

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Subcommission v: the study of forest soils

Mattson, Sante, 1928:

Berkman, Anton H., 1928:

Snyder, E.F., 1928:
The Application Of The Antimony Electorde To The Determination Of The Ph Values Of Soils

Pierre, W.H.; Worley, S.L., 1928:
The Buffer Method And The Determination Of Exchangeable Hydrogen For Estimating The Amounts Of Lime Reouired To Bring Soils To Definite Ph Values

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The Microbiology of Cellulose, Hemicelluloses, Pectin, and Gums

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The Soils of Cuba

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The absorption of rain water during vegetation by the soil and its utilization by plants

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The action of neutral salts on acid soils with reference to aluminum and iron

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The crop-producing power of limited quantities of "essential" plant nutrient

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The direct method in soil microbiology and its application to the study of nitrogen fixation

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The drainage of land overlying artesian basins

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The effect of dehydration of soils upon their colloid constituents: I

Steenkamp, J.L., 1928:
The effect of dehydration of soils upon their colloid constituents: II

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The effect of different proportions of calcium nitrate and potassium di-hydrogen phosphate on the growth of wheat in sand cultures

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The effect of growing plants on solubility of soil nutrients

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The effect of postassium salts on the availability of nitrogen in ammonium sulfate

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The electrokinetic and chemical behavior of the alumino-silicates

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The fixation of nitrogen by bacterium aerogenes and related species

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The growth of cotton in various nutrient solutions

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The hydrogen peroxide-hydrochloric acid treatment of soils as a method of dispersion in mechanical analysis

Bouyoucos, George John, 1928:
The hydrometer method for making a very detailed mechanical analysis of soils

Bouyoucos, George John, 1928:
The hydrometer method for studying soils

Kerr, H.W., 1928:
The identification and composition of the soil alumino-silicate active in base exchange and soil acidity

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The influence of fertilizer treatments on the content of exchangeable cations in hagerstown silt loam

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The influence of heavy applications of dry organic matter on crop yields and on the nitrate content of the soil

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The library exhibit

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The nitrogen-fixing microorganisms of an arid soil

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The perpetually frozen subsoil of siberia

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The precipitation of calcium oxalate in the presence of iron, aluminum, titanium, manganese, magnesium, and phosphates, with special reference to the determination of total soil calcium

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The production of pyruvic acid by certain nodule bacteria of the leguminosae

Bartholomew, R.P., 1928:
The quantitative determination of nitrites in soil

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The rate of availability of various forms of sulfur fertilizers

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The ratio of sulfur to phosphorus in western oregon soils and losses of sulfur through drainage and cropping

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The relation between the concentration of mineral elements in a culture medium and the absorption and utilization of those elements by plants

Larson, Harold W.E., 1928:
The relation of the concentration of calcium ion required by alfalfa to the amount present in soil solution

Newton, J.D., 1928:
The selective absorption of inorganic elements by various crop plants

Mccall, A.G., 1928:
The transcontinental excursion

Beckett, S.H., 1928:
The use of highly viscous fluids in the determination of volume-weight of soils

Halversen, W.V., 1928:
The value of nitrification tests on soils representing extreme contrast in physical and chemical properties

Lebedev, A.F., 1928:
The volume weight of soils as a physical characteristic of the soil profile

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Third commission soil biology and biochemistry recent progress

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Variations in the manganese content of certain vegetables

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Water relations of pineapple plants

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A critical study of the influence of soil type on the calcium and magnesium content and other physiological characters of the alfalfa plant

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A method for the determination of total carbon and also for the estimation of carbon dioxide evolved from soils

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A new, simple, and rapid method for determining the moisture equivalent of soils, and the role of soil colloids on this moisture equivalent

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A study of diastase activity in plants: the effect of phosphates in the soil media

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A study of the nature of the nitrogenous compounds in fungous tissue and their decomposition in the soil

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American soils as seen by russian investigators

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An efficient soil tube jack

Veihmeyer, F.J., 1929:
An improved soil-sampling tube

Anonymous, 1929:
Author index

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Chemistry in Medicine

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Colloidal properties of willamette valley soils

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Composition and nitrification studies on crotalaria striata

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Composition of natural organic materials and their decomposition in the soil: IV. The nature and rapidity of decomposition of the various organic complexes in different plant materials, under aerobic conditions

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Contribution to the chemical composition of peat: III. Chemical studies of two florida peat profiles

Waksman, S.A.; Stevens, K.R., 1929:
Contribution to the chemical composition of peat: IV. Chemical studies of highmoor peat profiles from maine

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Contribution to the chemical composition of peat: V. The role of microorganisms in peat formation and decomposition

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Decomposition of citric acid by soil

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Detection and significance of manganese dioxide in the soil

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Determination of the fineness of marl

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Dictionary of Bacteriological Equivalents

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Die Untersuchung und Begutachtung von Dungemitteln, Futtermitteln, Saatwaren und Bodenproben

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Diurnal, average, and seasonal soil temperature changes at davis, california

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Effect of crop growth on the replaceable bases in some californian soils

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Effects of carbon disulfide treatment of soil for the japanese beetle on the abundance of microorganisms and on the ammonia and nitrate content

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Extraction of adsorbed cations from soil by electrodialysis

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Field-Crop Enterprises, Including Soil Management

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First subcommission of the fifth commission, international society of soil science meets at danzig

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Foundations of Silviculture upon an Ecological Basis

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Handbook of Fertilizers

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Handbook of Microscopical Technique

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Handbuch der Bodenlehre

Anonymous, 1929:
International association of forestry experimental stations to hold congress in sweden

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Is sulfur a limiting factor of crop production in some utah soils?

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Laboratory Manual of General Microbiology with Special Reference to the Microorganisms of the Soil

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Lectures on Plant Pathology and Physiology in Relation to Man

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Lehrbuch der Agrikulturchemie (Textbook of Agricultural Chemistry

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Lime penetration resulting from surface application to pasture land

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Microbiological activities in the soil of an upland bog in eastern north carolina

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Minimum potassium level required by tomato plants grown in water cultures

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Nitrate changes in a fertile soil as influenced by sodium nitrate and ammonium sulfate

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Nitrates in soil and plant as indexes of the nitrogen needs of a growing crop

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Phosphoric Acid, Phosphates, and Phosphatic Fertilizers

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Relation of calcium to the nodulation of soybeans on acid and neutral soils

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Relation of temperature to the amount of nitrogen in soils

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Repair of soil filter tubes

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Scientific Preservation of Food

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Soil Characteristics

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Soil profile studies: I. Soil as an independent body and soil morphology

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Soil profile studies: II. Methods used in the profile survey of new jersey soils

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Soil type and crop adaptation

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Some effects of crude petroleum on nitrate production, seed germination, and growth

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Some influences of the development of higher plants upon the microorganisms in the soil: I. Historical and introductory

Starkey, Robert L., 1929:
Some influences of the development of higher plants upon the microorganisms in the soil: II. Influence of the stage of plant growth upon abundance of organisms

Starkey, Robert L., 1929:
Some influences of the development of higher plants upon the microorganisms in the soil: III. Influence of the stage of plant growth upon some activities of the organisms

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Studies of certain phases of the interrelationship between soil and plant: I. Availability of mineral plant nutrients in relation to the degree of dispersion

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Studies of nitrogen fixation by the root nodule bacteria of the leguminosae

Anonymous, 1929:
Subject index

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The Economics of Land Reclamation in the United States

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The Practice of Silviculture

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The availability of nitrogenous fertilizers to rice

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The botanical composition and morphological features of "highmoor" peat profiles in maine

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The chemical composition of florida everglades peat soils, with special reference to their inorganic constituents

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The comparative acid tolerance of some southern legumes

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The effect of moisture content and cropping on exchangeable calcium and magnesium, with particular reference to rice soil

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The effect of sweet clover and alfalfa roots and tops on the fungous flora of the soil

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The fermentation of glucose and xylose by the nodule bacteria from alfalfa, clover, pea, and soybean

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The gravimetric method for the determination of carbonates in soil

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The influence of manganiferous soils on the accuracy of the quinhydrone electrode

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The influence of organic matter and lime on soil moisture and on the percentage of carbon and nitrogen in field soils

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The influence of the replaceable bases on the soil solution formation in mineralized soils

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The laws of soil colloidal behavior: I

Mattson, Sante, 1929:
The laws of soil colloidal behavior: II. Cataphoresis, flocculation, and dispersion

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The measurement of "suction forces" in soils

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The microflora of leached alkali soils: I. Synthetic alkali soil

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The relation between concentrations of potassium in culture solutions and optimum plant growth

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The relation between the absorbed and the exchangeable calcium and magnesium content of a soil four years after additions

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The relationship of soil type to the calcium and magnesium content of green bean stems and leaves and of their expressed juice

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The tolerance limit of seedlings for aluminum and iron and the antagonism of calcium

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The ultimate natural structure of soils

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The use of bacteriostatic dyes in the isolation of rhizobium leguminosarum frank

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The use of dextrine in the isolation and identification of azotobacter chroococcum

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The use of dyes in the isolation of a nitrite oxidizing organism

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The value of raw sewage sludge as fertilizer

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The vertical distribution of soil bases and acidity in some illinois soils

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Variations in the calcium and magnesium contents of pea plants on different soil types

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A comparison of some nodule forming and non-nodule forming legumes for green manuring

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A critical study of the methods for determining the nature and abundance of soil organic matter

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A holder for soil sample bags

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A method for measuring carbon dioxide evolution from soil

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A method of studying the activity and rate of diffusion of protozoa and bacteria in the soil

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A study of methods for the determination of the available potassium of soils

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Actinomycetes in danish soils

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An improved method for the determination of available phosphoric acid of soils

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An index of friability of soils

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Analytical methods in base exchange investigations on soils

Anonymous, 1930:
Author index

Anonymous, 1930:
Author index

Mann, H.B., 1930:
Availability of manganese and of iron as affected by applications of calcium and magnesium carbonates to the soil

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Can bacterium radicicola assimilate nitrogen in the absence of the host plant?

Anonymous, 1930:
Chilean nitrate of soda nitrogen research award

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Colloid Chemistry; Principles and Applications

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Composition of natural organic materials and their decomposition in the soil: V. Decomposition of various chemical constituents in plant materials, under anaerobic conditions

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Cross inoculation with rhizobium radicicolum

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Dehydration and soil acidity

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Determination of calcium in the presence of iron and aluminum

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Determination of carbonates in soil

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Determining soil organic matter by means of hydrogen peroxide and chromic acid

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Die Bodenazidit

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Effect of burning upon the accumulation of organic matter in forest soils

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Effect of cropping with various fertilizer, manure, and lime treatments upon the exchangeable bases of plot soils

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Effect of leaking natural gas upon the soil

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Electrofiltration: a new method of removing exchangeable bases from soil-colloids

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Equilibrium between soil and electrolytes, and its influence upon some lime requirement methods

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Equipment and procedure for obtaining the displaced soil solution

Wilson, Benjamin D., 1930:
Exchangeable calcium and potassium in soils as affected by cropping and fertilization

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Exchangeable cations and lime requirement in differently fertilized soils

Morgan, M.F., 1930:
Factors Affecting The Estimation Of Lime Requirement From Ph Values

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Impressions of certain soil conferences in europe, during the summer of 1929, and some plans for the second international congress of soil science in 1930

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Influence of inorganic nitrogen compounds on reaction and replaceable bases of norfolk sand

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Interrelation of nutrients and soil reaction on growth and inoculation of alfalfa

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Local variation of soil acidity in relation to soybean inoculation

Sessions, A.C., 1930:
Method for the determination of inorganic nitrogen in dried plant tissue

Lutman, B.F., 1930:

Pierre, W.H., 1930:
Neutralizing values and rates of reaction with acid soils of different grades and kinds of liming materials

Dean, A.L., 1930:
Nitrogen and organic matter in hawaiian pineapple soils

Bradley, L.A.; Fuller, J.E., 1930:
Nitrogen fixation in field soil under different conditions of cropping and soil treatment

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Non-reciprocal cross-inoculation of legume nodule bacteria

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Periodicity of the nitrate content of soils

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Phosphate studies in solution cultures

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Plant Ecology

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Plant-food requirement of rice

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Principles Of Soil Technology

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Properties of organic hardpan soils with special reference to their formation

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Rate of loss of replaceable potassium by leaching

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Relation of ash constituents of pasture plants to the oxidation-reduction potentials of nutrients

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Relation of nitrates in soils to the response of crops to potash fertilization: I. Factors contributing to the unproductiveness of "alkali" soils in illinois

Baver, L.D., 1930:
Relation of the amount and nature of exchangeable cations to the structure of a colloidal clay

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Removal of ions from solutions of calcium dihydrogen phosphate by treatment with hydrous gels of alumina, silica, and their mixtures

Metzger, W.H., 1930:
Replaceable bases of irrigated soil

Wilson, J.K., 1930:
Seasonal variation in the number of two species of rhizobium in soil

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Soil and crop studies with ammonium sulfate

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Soil moisture determination by the alcohol method

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Soil moisture phenomena in a saturated atmosphere

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Some carbon-nitrogen relations in soils

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Some chemical phases of submerged soil conditions

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Some fermentation characteristics of various strains of rhizobium meliloti and rhizobium japonicum

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Studies of soils in the plastic state

Anonymous, 1930:
Subject index

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The Major Soil Divisions of the United States. A Pedologic-Geographic Survey

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The Nature and Properties of Soils. A College Text of Edaphology

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The Structure and Life of Forest Trees

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The approximate size of soil particles at which the heat of wetting is manifested

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The decomposition of lignified materials by soil microorganisms

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The determination of the replaceable bases and the base-exchange capacity of soils

Martin, Thomas L., 1930:
The effect of alfalfa and sweet clover roots and tops on carbon dioxide evolution and accumulation of nitrates in the soil

Simon, R.H., 1930:
The effect of phosphate and lime upon the rate curve of solubility of phosphorus from a wooster silt loam soil

Doughty, J.L., 1930:
The fixation of phosphate by a peat soil

Macintire, W.H.; Sanders, K.B., 1930:
The fixation of the potash of a green manure by liming materials

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The indirect determination of various soil characteristics by the hydrometer method

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The laws of soil colloidal behavior: III. Isoelectric precipitate

Greaves, J.Dudley, 1930:
The microflora of leached alkali soils: II. A leached sodium-chloride soil

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Intraperitoneal rupture of the bladder

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Laboratory Guide for the Bacteriologist

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Operative Treatment of Myomata during Pregnancy and Parturition

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Operative treatment of aneurisms of the third portion of the subclavian artery

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Operative treatment of aneurisms of the third portion of the subclavian artery

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Operative treatment of cancer in the female generative organs, including the uterus and vulva

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Operative treatment of cancer of lips, tongue, floor of mouth, and pharynx

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Operative treatment of cancer of the male genitals

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Operative treatment of epispadias by transplantation of the urethra

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Peritonitis in the male as a complication of gonorrhoea

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Petit Manuel D'Antisepsie et D'Asepsie chirurgicales

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Post-typhoid bone lesions

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Proceedings of the surgical section of the college of physicians of philadelphia

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Report of additional cases of intracranial neurectomy

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Report of four cases of nephrectomy for pyo- and pyelo-nephritis

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Restoration of the lower lip after the method of regnier

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Some considerations in the operative treatment of fracture of the patella, with special reference to suture material and the use of salt solution

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Statistical report of seven hundred and three major amputations, from the records of eight hospitals of new york city

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Suggestions for a portable instrument-bag; operating overalls; a bandage for suprapubic dressings; a blanket for protection of patients during operations; a table for the trendelenburg posture; the sterilization of sponges; an antiseptic soap paste

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Surgical Pathology and Therapeutics

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System of Surgery

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System of Surgery

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Telescopic Anastomosis of Sigmoid Flexure of Colon into Lateral Opening in Rectum

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Text-Book of Abdominal Surgery

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The "subgluteal" triangle and its surgical importance

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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Malignant Tumors of the Kidneys in Adults

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The Principles of Surgery and Surgical Pathology

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The Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States

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The Question of Castration as a Factor in the Cure of Osteomalacia

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The Radical Cure of Umbilical Hernia, with a Series of Twenty-nine Cases (Eighteen Umbilical, Eleven Epigastric

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The Result of Castration for Myomata

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The Surgical Diseases of Children and their Treatment by Modern Methods

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The deciduoma malignum

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The etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of malignant disease

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The gross prize

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The location and removal of missiles from the cranial cavity

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The modern operative treatment of cancer of the rectum

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The navel loop

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The operative relief of gangrene of intestine due to occlusion of the mesenteric vessels

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The operative treatment of fracture of the patella

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The operative treatment of hernia, with a report of two hundred cases

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The parietal incision in abdominal surgery

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The radical cure of varicocele

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The relative value of operative and hygienic measures in the treatment of tuberculosis and neoplasms of the bladder

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The relative value of the murphy button and absorbable plates in intestinal anastomosis

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The results of division or resection in the neck of the pneumogastric and phrenic nerves

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The results of double castration in hypertrophy of the prostate

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The surgical treatment of certain forms of bronchocele, with reports of sixteen cases

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The surgical treatment of spina bifida

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The surgical treatment of torticollis, with especial reference to the spinal accessory nerve

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The treatment of cicatricial stricture of the oesophagus by retrograde dilatation

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The treatment of injuries of the spine and cord by sayre's plaster-of-paris jacket

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The treatment of obstruction of the common gall-duct

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The treatment of postural deformities of the trunk by means of rapid and thorough physical development

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The treatment of spina bifida by plastic operation

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The treatment of tubercular abscess

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Three cases of wiring of the patella for old fracture with division of the quadriceps muscle, and chiselling loose the tubercle of the tibia in two of the cases

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Thrombosis of the mesenteric veins as a cause of death after splenectomy

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Traumatic Origin of Tumors

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Treatment of Bone and Joint Tuberculosis

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Treatment of cancer of the breast

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Treatment of epithelioma of the ala of the nose

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Two cases of bone-grafting for cranial defect

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Two cases of gastrostomy for cicatricial stenosis of the oesophagus

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Unilateral laryngectomy for cancer; no recurrence after three years

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Wounds of the bladder in operations for hernia

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A Text-Book of Human Anatomy

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A comparison of the merits of suprapubic and perineal cystotomy

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A method of treatment for the restoration of entire tibiae necrotic from acute osteomyelitis

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Actinomycosis in man, with special reference to the cases which have been observed in america

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Actinomycosis in man, with special reference to the cases which have been observed in america

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Anterior dislocation of the carpal scaphoid bone; congenital malformation of the clavicle

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Blastomycetic dermatitis (pseudo-lupus vulgaris, saccharomycosis hominis, or pseudo-epithelioma with blastomycetes)

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Chondrocarcinoma of the testicle

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Differentiation of the urines

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Electro-HAEmostasis in Operative Surgery

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Inflammation Of The Bursa Gastrocnemio-Semimembranosa,: With A Report Of Four Cases Of Enlargement And Distention Of This Bursa Treated By Excision

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Interscapulo-thoracic amputation

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Nitrous oxide and ether anaesthesia by the open method

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Note on the operative relief of ectopia vesicae

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Observations on nephralgia, with report of cases simulating stone in the kidney, occurring at the massachusetts general hospital

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Observations on the detection of small renal calculi by the rontgen rays

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Observations on the surgical anatomy and methods of cure of inguinal herniae, preferable operations

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Observations upon volvulus, with report of three cases submitted to operation

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On Two Cases Of Traumatic Rupture Of The Colon,: With Some Remarks On The Cases Of Rupture Of The Intestine Treated In The Wards Of St. Thomas's Hospital, London, Between The Years 1889 And 1898, Inclusive

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On results obtainable in the treatment of some post-paralytic deformities

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On the proper wire for introduction into an aneurismal sac

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On the surgical anatomy of the bileducts and a new incision for their exposure

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On the surgical treatment of haemorrhage from gastric ulcers

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Operative treatment of hypospadias

Anonymous, 1899:
Osteoplastic resection of the skull

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Persistent thyro-glossal duct

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Properitoneal and interstitial inguinal herniae

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Remarks on a paper entitled "the other kidney in contemplated nephrectomy,"

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Report of a case of congenital inguinal tele-lymphangioma of large size, with remarks on congenital tumors of childhood

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Report of a case of resection of the liver for the removal of a neoplasm, with a table of seventy-six cases of resection of the liver for hepatic tumors

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Results and methods of treatment of compound fractures at the j. Hood wright memorial hospital

Anonymous, 1899:
Rutkowski on a new plastic operation for exstrophy of the bladder

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Sarcoma of kidney in an infant; recovery after nephrectomy

Cantwell, F.V., 1899:
Sarcoma of the stomach

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Some experiments relating to sterilization of the hands

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Some observations on the surgery of the gall-bladder and the bile-ducts

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Some remarks on the symptoms of bronchocele and the results of operative treatment

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Splenectomy for floating spleen, with twisted pedicle

Herrington., W.J., 1899:
Spontaneous recovery from gangrenous littre's hernia

Allen, Dudley P., 1899:
Sterilized water for operating rooms

Mitchell, Louis J., 1899:
Strangulated internal hernia through a mesenteric hole

Bouffleur, Albert I., 1899:
Successful removal of a fibrosarcoma (desmoid fibroma) of the abdominal wall, involving the iliac vessels

Kelsey, Charles B.A.M., 1899:
Surgery of the Rectum and Pelvis

Anonymous, 1899:
Surgery of the heart

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The importance of blood examinations in reference to general anaesthetization and operative procedures

Byford, Henry T., 1899:
The intestinal treatment of tuberculous peritonitis

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The mechanism of fracture of the neck of the radius

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The principles of the treatment of injuries of the spinal cord

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The surgical treatment of neoplasms of the liver

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The technique of laryngectomy

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Traite de Chirurgie D'Urgence

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A Manual Of Modern Surgery. An Exposition Of The Accepted Doctrines And Approved Operative Procedures Of The Present Time

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A case of acute osteomyelitis of the femur: with general systemic staphylococcus aureus infection: terminating in recovery

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A complete series of clinical charts for keeping the records of surgical cases

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A contribution to the study of intra-abdominal omental torsion

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A contribution to the surgery of the stomach: including wounds: gastros-tomy: gastro-enterostomy: and gastrectomy

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A critical survey of ureteral implantations

Gibson, Charles L., 1900:
A manual of surgical treatment

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A method of excision of the shoulder-joint

Beck, Carl, 1900:
A new method of colpoplasty in a case of entire absence of the vagina

Freeman, Leonard, 1900:
A new method of suture in operations for inguinal and other forms of hernia

Corson, Eugene R., 1900:
A skiagraphic study of the normal membral epiphyses at the thirteenth year

Gibson, Charles Langdon, 1900:
A study of one thousand operations for acute intestinal obstruction and gangrenous hernia

Gibson, Charles Langdon, 1900:
A study of one thousand operations for acute intestinal obstruction and gangrenous hernia

Moschcowitz, Alexis V., 1900:
A study of the nature, excitant, lesions, symptomatology, and treatment of the disease, with a critical summary of the results of serum therapy

Moschcowitz, Alexis V., 1900:
A study of the nature, excitant, lesions, symptomatology, and treatment of the disease, with a critical summary of the results of serum therapy

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A text-hook on practical obstetrics

Anonymous, 1900:

Ruhrah, John, 1900:
Actinomycosis in man: with special reference to the cases which have been observed in america

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Adhesions about the stomach

Gibson, Charles L., 1900:
An american text-book of surgery

Anonymous, 1900:
Authors of whose contributions to recent surgical literature abstracts are published

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Benign obstruction of the pylorus

Morris, Robert T., 1900 :
Coccygeal dermoid fistula

Winslow, Randolph, 1900:
Complete external dislocation at the elbow

Powers, Charles A., 1900:
Conical stump after amputation in childhood

Stimson, Lewis A., 1900:
Cubitus varus; or, "gunstock" deformity following fracture of the lower end of the humerus

Brigham, Charles Brooks, 1900:
Dislocation at the shoulder complicated by fracture through the anatomical neck of the humerus

Lyman, Charles Baldwin, 1900:
Dislocation of the humerus, complicated by fracture at or near the surgical neck

Fowler, Russell S., 1900:
Echinococcus cyst of the liver

Abbe, Robert, 1900:
Effects of intracerebral and subcutaneous administration of tetanic antitoxin in tetanus as observed in nine cases

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Excision of the external two-thirds of a gasserian ganglion: by the hartley-krause method: after preliminary ligation of the external carotid artery

Hutchison, James Alexander, 1900:
Excision of the right vas deferens and vesicula seminalis for secondary tubercular disease

Taylor, William J., 1900:
Excision of the wrist by a modification of mynter's method

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Fracture of the neck of the humerus with dislocation of the upper fragment: with a report of three cases treated by operation

Lathrop, Walter, 1900:
Fracture of the spine

Whitman, Royal, 1900:
Further observations on depression of the neck of the femur in early life; including fracture of the neck of the femur: separation of the epiphysis and simple coxa vara

Mcgraw, Theo A., 1900:
Gastro-enterostomy by the podrez method

Anonymous, 1900:
Head and neok

Harrington, Francis B., 1900:
Hernia of the bladder through the pelvic floor from the traction of a subperitoneal fibroma

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Hour-glass stomach, and its surgical treatment

James, Newton, 1900:
Imperative surgery: for the general practitioner: the specialist: and the recent graduate

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Interscapulo-thoracic amputation

Fowler, George Ryerson, 1900:
Interscapulo-thoracic amputation for osteomyelitis of the humerus.

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Intestinal obstruction due to intussusception

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La Suture Intestinale. Histoire Des Differents Procedes D'enterorrhaphie

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Lectures upon the principles of surgery

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Lehrbuch der speciellen chirurgie fur aerzte und studirende

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Malignant diseases of the stomach and pylorus

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Mammoth ovarian tumors

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Massage in the treatment of recent periarticular fractures

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Mechanics of surgery

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Mesenteric cysts

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New operating table and an improved bowl stand

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Note on a case of syphilis terminating in death

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Note on mortality after operation for large incarcerated herniae

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Note on the relation of the os magnum to tuberculosis of the wrist-joint

Weidman, J.C., 1900:

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On the co-operation of surgeons in the making of surgical history

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On the influence of anaesthesia on the effect produced on the circulation and respiration by irritation of a sensory nerve

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On the principles involved in the immediate hermetic sealing of aseptic wounds

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On the use of fixation plates in the treatment of fractures of the leg

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On vesicourethro-vaginal fistula

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On volvulus in association with hernia

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Pathology of the lymphatics of the peritoneum

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Perforating ulcer of the stomach

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Permanent (congenital) dislocation of the patella.

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Postdiphtheritic stenosis of the larynx (retained intubation instruments and retained tracheal canulae)

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Progressive medicine

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Prolapsus of the rectum in children

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Radical treatment for curvature of the penis.

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Remarks on the technique of prostatectomy, with report of a case

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Report of a case of actinomycosis hominis

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Report of a case of exstrophy of the bladder: with remarks upon the operative treatment of that condition

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Report of a case of irreducible backward dislocation of the bones of the leg at the knee-joint

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Report of a case of recovery after gastrectomy for carcinoma

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Report of a case of recovery after ligation of the first portion of the right subclavian artery for aneurism of the third portion

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Report of a case of strangulated obturator hernia

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Report of a case of superficial bilateral gangrene with asymmetrical lesions

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Report of results obtained in the treatment of ununited fractures with the parkhill clamp

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Result of operation for cancer of penis

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Retrenchment of lipomatous abdominal wall combined with operation for radical cure of umbilical hernia

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Splenectomy for congestive hypertrophy.

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Structure, fracture, and refracture of the patella

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Suppurative pericarditis and its surgical treatment, with an analysis of fifty-one cases reported in literature

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Suprapubic retrocystic extraperitoneal resection of the seminal vesicles, vasa deferentia, and half of the bladder

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Surgery in the presence of sugar in the urine

Anonymous, 1900:
Surgical analgesia by spinal cocainization

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Surgical anatomy

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Surgical anatomy: a treatise on human anatomy in its application to the practice of medicine and surgery

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The best method of collecting the urine from the ureters for diagnostic purposes

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The development ok the surgery of the kidney: with some of the lessons connected therewith

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The diagnosis of cancer of the stomach

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The employment of local anaesthesia in the radical cure of certain cases of hernia: with a note upon the nervous anatomy of the inguinal region

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The ileocaecal orifice and its bearing on chronic constipation, with report of two cases relieved by operation

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The leucocyte count in surgery.

Warbasse, James P., 1900 :
The modern treatment of wounds

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The nervous system and its constituent neurones

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The pathology of fracture of the lower extremity of the radius

Cotton, Frederic J., 1900:
The pathology of fracture of the lower extremity of the radius

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The radical cure of inguinal hernia in the female

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The relationship between cholecystitis: jaundice and gall-stones

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The results of castration and vasectomy in hypertrophy of the prostate gland

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The surgery of gastric ulcers

Schachner, August, 1900:
The surgical aspects of the modern smallbore projectile

Warbasse, James P., 1900:
The surgical diseases of the genito urinary tract

Ramsay, Otto G., 1900:
The surgical treatment of primary renal tuberculosis, with a consideration of the immediate and remote results after operation

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The surgical treatment of simple dilatation of the stomach and of gastroptosis

Anonymous, 1900:
The technique of prostatectomy

Leonard, Charles Lester, 1900:
The technique of the positive and negative diagnosis of ureteral and renal calculi by the aid of the rontgen rays

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Thyroid medication in the treatment of delayed union of fractures.

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Transperitoneal ureterolithotomy. Report of a case in which the stone was located by the x-ray

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Traumatic rupture of the bile-duct

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Traumatic rupture of the small intestine; abdominal section; recovery

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Traumatic separation of the epiphyses

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Traumatisms inflicted by animals

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Tub international text-book of surgery

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Two cases of anomalous spinous process of seventh cervical vertebra articulating with the scapula

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Two cases of cicatricial stricture of the oesophagus treated by gastrostomy: the "string" method: and permanent dilatation by elastic tubes

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Two casks of oesophageal diverticulum: with remarks

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Ueber gangraen bei diabetes melitus

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Importance of n-23 fatty acids in health and disease

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Root and shoot biomasses in the tropical dry forest of semi-arid Northeast Brazil

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Establishing of ‘Reference Plant’ for inorganic characterization of different plant species by chemical fingerprinting

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DNA barcoding for ecologists

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The Chironomidae (Diptera) of the Musselbrook region

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