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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38903

Chapter 38903 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

E.D.Putt, 1965:
Sunflower variety commander

H.V.Morley, M.Chiba, 1965:
Dieldrin uptake from soil by wheat plants

F.W.Calder, L.B.MacLeod, L.P.Jackson, 1965:
Effect of soil moisture content and stage of development on cold-hardiness of the alfalfa plant

W.T.Cram, 1965:
Fecundity of the root weevils brachyrhinus sulcatus and sciopithes obscurus on strawberry at different conditions of host plant nutrition

W.H.Foott, 1965:
A strain of tetranychus urticae from the ground cover of an apple orchard resistant to chlorfenson

M.R.Kilcher, S.Smoliak, W.A.Hubbard, A.Johnston, A.T.H.Gross, E.V.McCurdy, 1965:
Effects of inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on selected sites of native grassland in western canada

R.Loiselle, 1965:
Inheritance of resistance to root rot and seedling blight of barley caused by helminthosporium sativum

J.Raine, 1965:
Control of dasystoma salicellum, a new pest of blueberries in british columbia

G.W.Scotter, 1965 :
Chemical composition of forage lichens from northern saskatchewan as related to use by barren-ground caribou

S.K.Sinha, S.S.Saxena, 1965:
Reproductive characters in linseed as affected by different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and ph

H.S.Thompson, F.J.Svejda, 1965:
Resistance to powdery mildew in perennial phlox

F.H.White, 1965:
Differences in response of two varieties of cigar tobacco to variations in plant population and nitrogen fertilization

S.Smoliak, 1965:
A comparison of ungrazed and lightly grazed stipa–bouteloua prairie in southeastern alberta

W.Baier, Geo. W.Robertson, 1965:
Estimation of latent evaporation from simple weather observations

H.B.Wressell, J.R.W.Miles, 1965:
Residues in sweet corn from ddt and carbaryl applied for control of the european corn borer

S.H.F.Chinn, 1965:
Changes in the spore population of cochliobolus sativus in saskatchewan wheat fields

I.V.Hall, L.E.Aalders, 1965:
The relation between seed number and berry weight in the cranberry

G.M.Weaver, H.R.Boyce, 1965:
Preliminary evidence of host resistance to the peach tree borer, sanninoidea exitiosa

W.T.Cram, 1965:
Fecundity of the black vine weevil on strawberry with nitrogen supplied in the ammonium or nitrate form

J.A.Freeman, R.Stace-Smith, 1965:
Systemic invasion of the root system of raspberry plants by the component viruses of red raspberry mosaic

D.L.Craig, L.E.Aalders, 1965:
Acadia strawberry

R.E.Harris, 1965:
Protem strawberry

J.Lafrance, 1965:
An automatic device for segregating light-trap insect catches at predetermined time intervals

P.W.Voisey, V.W.Nuttall, 1965:
A comparison between mechanical and sensory evaluation of pericarp tenderness in sweet corn

K.K.Krogman, E.H.Hobbs, 1965:
Evapotranspiration by irrigated alfalfa as related to season and growth stage

W.A.Scott, 1965:
A forced-warm-air curing system for burley tobacco

D.N.Mowat, R.S.Fulkerson, W.E.Tossell, J.E.Winch, 1965:
The in vitro digestibility and protein content of leaf and stem portions of forages

P.Pankiw, J.L.Bolton, 1965:
Characteristics of alfalfa flowers and their effects on seed production

B.J.Sallans, R.D.Tinline, 1965:
Resistance in wheat to cochliobolus sativus, a cause of common root rot

C.D.Taper, H.R.Murray, 1965:
Effects of certain interstock–rootstock combinations on the performance of mcintosh and cortland apples

M.R.Hanna, E.J.Hawn, 1965:
Seedling inoculation studies with the alfalfa stem nematode

H.A.Daubeny, H.S.Pepin, 1965:
The relative resistance of various fragaria chiloensis clones to phytophthora fragariae

C.B.Willis, 1965:
Root rot of red clover in prince edward island and factors influencing the incidence of associated fungi

E.J.Evans, A.J.Dekker, 1965:
Influence of rate of sr90 added to soil at different phosphate levels on the concentration of sr90 in plants

J.E.Langille, L.B.MacLeod, F.S.Warren, 1965:
Influence of harvesting management on yield, carbohydrate reserves, etiolated regrowth, and potassium utilization of alfalfa

D.H.Dabbs, S.H.Nelson, 1965:
Tomato varieties for mid-central saskatchewan

P.P.Lukosevicius, H.R.Klinck, H.A.Steppler, 1965:
Nutritional aspects of loose smut development in barley

D.D.Pond, C.A.Moore, 1965:
Oviposition of hylemya brassicae and h. cilicrura around several brassica crops

M.H.Dickson, B.A.Rieger, 1965:
Golden glo, a new hybrid carrot

W.H.Johnston, D.R.Metcalfe, 1965:
Conquest, a new malting barley

D.S.McBean, 1965:
Frontier, a new variety of winter rye

F.H.White, J.Richard, 1965:
The cigar filler tobacco variety ottawa 705

D.H.Heinrichs, J.E.Troelsen, 1965:
Variability of chemical constituents in an alfalfa population

L.A.Jacobson, 1965:
Damage to wheat by say stink bug, chlorochroa sayi

E.N.Larter, M.Samii, F.W.Sosulski, 1965:
The morphological and physiological effects of (2-chloroethyl) trimethylammonium chloride on barley

K.Lapins, 1965:
Coldhardiness of sweet cherries as determined by artificial freezing tests

S.Dubetz, S.A.Wells, 1965:
Yield and quality of greenhouse-grown betzes barley as affected by water and fertilizers

M.F.Welsh, G.Nyland, 1965:
Elimination and separation of viruses in apple clones by exposure to dry heat

R.G.White, L.C.Young, W.B.Collins, 1965:
The influence of antonovka framework on the growth and productivity of apple varieties

V.A.Helson, 1965 :
Comparison of gro-lux and cool-white fluorescent lamps with and without incandescent as light sources used in plant growth rooms for growth and development of tomato plants

T.Lawrence, 1965:
A study of the degree of creeping rootedness in relation to breeding intermediate wheatgrass

W.K.Bilanski, J.H.A.Lee, R.M.Halyk, 1965:
High-temperature drying of alfalfa stems

R.Grover, 1965:
Effect of several herbicides on germination, survival, and early growth of caragana and on weeds

C.G.Mortimore, R.E.Wall, 1965:
Stalk rot of corn in relation to plant population and grain yield

R.M.Adamson, 1965:
Self- and cross-incompatibility in early round-headed cabbage

D.R.Knott, 1965:
Heterosis in seven wheat hybrids

D.N.Mowat, B.R.Christie, J.E.Winch, 1965:
The in vitro digestibility of plant parts of orchardgrass clones with advancing stages of maturity

H.A.Quamme, S.H.Nelson, 1965:
Root-promoting substances in the juvenile phase of malus robusta 5

A.D.Smith, T.T.Mikkelsen, P.H.Walker, 1965:
Comparison of apparatus for weekly measurement of evaporation

V.W.Nuttall, 1965:
Armour cucumber

E.N.Larter, A.Wenhardt, R.Gore, 1965:
Redwood-65, an improved flax variety

H.R.Klinck, F.M.Gauthier, 1965:
Dorval oats

S.R.Miller, 1965:
Growth inhibition produced by leaf extracts from size-controlling apple rootstocks

T.R.Davidson, J.A.George, 1965:
Effects of necrotic ring spot and sour cherry yellows on the growth and yield of young sour cherry trees

J.S.Leefe, 1965:
The use of simazine and its effect on the yield and labor time required to weed strawberries

W.B.Collins, C.F.Everett, 1965:
Simazine for weed control in strawberries in eastern canada

U.J.Pittman, 1965:
Magnetism and plant growth: iii. effect on germination and early growth of corn and beans

L.B.MacLeod, R.B.Carson, 1965:
Effect of source and rate of n and rate of k on the yield and chemical composition of alfalfa and orchardgrass

H.B.Specht, D.Chisholm, 1965:
Pea aphid control and di-syston residues in greenhouse peas as affected by rates of application, soil type, and soil moisture

N.D.Holmes, L.K.Peterson, 1965:
Swathing wheat and survival of wheat stem sawfly

H.McKenzie, 1965:
Inheritance of sawfly reaction and stem solidness in spring wheat crosses: sawfly reaction

H.McKenzie, 1965:
Inheritance of sawfly reaction and stem solidness in spring wheat crosses: stem solidness

G.W.Wood, 1965:
Evidence in support of reduced fruit set in lowbush blueberry by pollen incompatibility

P.W.Voisey, L.H.Lyall, 1965:
Puncture resistance in relation to tomato fruit cracking

R.J.Hilton, D.S.Bhar, 1965:
Attempted fruit bud initiation on vegetative shoots of mcintosh apple

P.A.Poapst, W.R.Phillips, F.B.Johnston, A.B.Durkee, 1965:
The effect of small quantities of carbon monoxide on mcintosh apples in controlled atmosphere storage

G.J.Ouellette, 1965:
Potato varietal tolerance to magnesium deficiency

R.G.Atkinson, 1965:
Automatic drip-watering systems for inducing infection of potted plants by root rot phytophthora species

F.W.Calder, L.B.MacLeod, 1965:
An electrode implant device for in situ measurement of electrical resistance in alfalfa roots

P.K.Bajpal, M.S.Rao, K.V.G.K.Gokhale, 1978:
Synthesis of Mordenite Type Zeolite

A.K.Patel, P.Michaud, E.Petit, H. de Baynast, M.Grédiac, J.-D.Mathias, 2013:
Development of a chitosan-based adhesive. Application to wood bonding

Daszak P., Ball S.J., Jones C.G., Streicker D.G., Snow K.R., 2009:
Six new species of coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from endangered Phelsuma spp. geckoes (Sauria: Gekkonidae) of the Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius

B.S.McAllister, J.D.Walters, M.S.Olson, 1994:
Signal Transduction Mechanisms in Mesenchymal Cells

Zafra, R.; Pérez-Écija, R.A.; Buffoni, L.; Pacheco, I.L.; Martínez-Moreno, A.; LaCourse, E.J.; Perally, S.; Brophy, P.M.; Pérez, J., 2013:
Early hepatic and peritoneal changes and immune response in goats vaccinated with a recombinant glutathione transferase sigma class and challenged with Fasciola hepatica

S.S.Zaharah, Z.Singh, 2011:
Mode of action of nitric oxide in inhibiting ethylene biosynthesis and fruit softening during ripening and cool storage of ‘Kensington Pride’ mango

Schröfel, A.; Kratošová, G.; Šafařík, I.; Šafaříková, M.; Raška, I.; Shor, L.M., 2015:
Applications of biosynthesized metallic nanoparticles - a review

Dexter, D.T.; Jenner, P., 2013:
Parkinson disease: from pathology to molecular disease mechanisms

N.S.Yokoya, W.A.Stirk, J. van Staden, O.Novák, V.Turecková, A.Pencík, M.Strnad, 2010:
Endogenous cytokinins, auxins, and abscisic acid in red algae from Brazil

Nadal, A.; Coll, A.; L.P.z, J-Luis.; Esteve, T.; Pla, M., 2006:
A new PCR-CGE (size and color) method for simultaneous detection of genetically modified maize events

A.G. Önol, M.Daskiran, Ö. Cengiz, A.Nazligül, M.Sari, 2012:
Effects of Dietary Vitamin E and Lysine Supplementation on Performance and Egg Shell Quality Parameters of Heat Stressed Laying Hens in Early Laying Period

D.Toledo, J.E.Herrick, L.B.Abbott, 2010:
A Comparison of Cover Pole With Standard Vegetation Monitoring Methods

C.H.E.Werkhoven, P.J.Salisbury, W.H.Cram, 1966:
Germination and survival of colorado spruce, scots pine, caragana, and siberian elm at four salinity and two moisture levels

T.Lawrence, R.Ashford, 1966:
The productivity of intermediate wheatgrass as affected by initial harvest dates and recovery periods

F.W.Calder, L.B.MacLeod, 1966:
Effect of cold treatment on alfalfa as influenced by harvesting system and rate of potassium application

P.Dermine, H.R.Klinck, 1966:
The value of standard weather data in yield–climate studies of two oat varieties

A.L. van Ryswyk, A.McLean, L.S.Marchand, 1966:
The climate, native vegetation, and soils of some grasslands at different elevations in british columbia

S.G.Bonin, B.P.Goplen, 1966:
Heritability of seed yield components and some visually evaluated characters in reed canarygrass

E.D.Putt, 1966:
Heterosis, combining ability, and predicted synthetics from a diallel cross in sunflowers (helianthus annuus l.)

D.S.Bhar, R.J.Hilton, G.C.Ashton, 1966:
Effect of time of cutting and of storage treatment on growth and vigor of scions of malus pumila cv. mcintosh

D.L.Craig, L.E.Aalders, 1966:
Winter injury and yielding ability of six red raspberry varieties under two systems of culture in nova scotia

H.F.Fletcher, A.R.Maurer, D.P.Ormrod, B.Stanfield, 1966:
Response of peas to environment: i. planting date and location

G.W.Eaton, 1966:
The effect of frost upon seed number and berry size in the cranberry

S.Halmos, W.A.Brun, 1966:
Automatic humidity chambers for plant disease inoculation studies

L.E.Aalders, D.L.Craig, 1966:
Progeny performance of seven strawberry cultivars crossed to a common tester

A.C.Carder, 1966:
Further data on the performance of bellani-type atmometers

V.T.Rothwell, J.G.Kemp, 1966:
A grass clipper for laboratory use

W.R.Childers, 1966:
Branched raceme in alfalfa

M.Hidiroglou, P.Dermine, H.A.Hamilton, J.E.Troelsen, 1966:
Chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of forage as affected by season in northern ontario

J.L.Townshend, C.L.Ricketson, J.Wiebe, 1966:
The effect of spring application of nematicides on strawberry in the niagara peninsula

C.E.Ouellet, 1966:
Comparaison de deux methodes d’enracinement des boutures d’orme d’amerique (ulmus americana)

E.Zubeckis, 1966:
Hydroxymethylfurfural in canadian apple juice

J.D.Banting, 1966:
Studies on the persistence of avena fatua

W.J.Kender, F.P.Eggert, 1966:
Several soil management practices influencing the growth and rhizome development of the lowbush blueberry

C.L.Lockhart, C.A.Eaves, 1966:
The influence of controlled atmospheres on the storage of strawberry plants

N.C.Stoskopf, H.R.Klinck, 1966:
Temperature variations in the microclimate of oats

M.R.Kilcher, D.H.Heinrichs, 1966:
Persistence of alfalfas in mixture with grasses in a semiarid region

D.S.Fensom, 1966:
On measuring electrical resistance in situ in higher plants

M.R.Kilcher, D.H.Heinrichs, 1966:
Performance of some grass–alfalfa mixtures in southwestern saskatchewan during drought years

F.W.Calder, L.B.MacLeod, R.I.Hayden, 1966:
Electrical resistance in alfalfa roots as affected by temperature and light

B.Stanfield, D.P.Ormrod, H.F.Fletcher, 1966:
Response of peas to environment: ii. effects of temperature in controlled-environment cabinets

I.V.Hall, J.S.Leefe, 1966:
The effects of frost injury before harvest, on yield of marketable lowbush blueberries

S.Symko, 1966:
Striated kernels in the genus hordeum

G.W.Eaton, 1966:
Production of highbush blueberry pollen and its germination in vitro as affected by ph and sucrose concentration

L.R.Townsend, 1966:
Effect of nitrate and ammonium nitrogen on the growth of the lowbush blueberry

A.Johnston, Hugh E.Cosby, 1966:
Rhizomatous form of festuca scabrella

F.J.Zillinsky, 1966:
Stormont, a new lodging-resistant oat

N.W.Hall, H.J.Bergen, H.McKenzie, 1966:
A cereal plot trimmer

J.D.E.Sterling, R.B.MacLaren, 1966:
The effects of low temperature on diapause in the rearing of the barley jointworm, tetramesa hordei, with observations on sex ratios

R.F.Bishop, D.Chisholm, 1966:
Arsenical spray residues on apples and in some apple products

S.O.Fejer, 1966:
Growth and reproduction of new zealand, mediterranean, and hybrid dactylis glomerata after short day and temperature treatments

W.P.Skoropad, 1966:
Sporulating potential of rhynchosporium secalis on naturally infected leaves of barley

D.B.Wilson, 1966:
Variability in herbage yields from caged areas in a pasture experiment

R.N.Wensley, 1966:
Rate of healing and its relation to canker of peach

J.Rotem, Y.Cohen, I.Wahl, 1966:
A new tomato foliage disease in israel caused by stemphylium botryosum

E.H.Hobbs, K.K.Krogman, 1966:
Evapotranspiration from alfalfa as related to evaporation and other meteorological variables

M.R.Kilcher, D.H.Heinrichs, K.W.Clark, 1966:
Dryland grass–alfalfa mixture yields and influence of associates on one another

A.R.Maurer, D.E.Jaffray, H.F.Fletcher, 1966:
Response of peas to environment: iii. assessment of the morphological development of peas

D.H.Heinrichs, K.F.Nielsen, 1966:
Growth response of alfalfa varieties of diverse genetic origin to different root zone temperatures

W.Baier, Geo. W.Robertson, 1966:
A new versatile soil moisture budget

S.W.Porritt, 1966:
The effect of oxygen and low concentrations of carbon dioxide on the quality of apples stored in controlled atmosphere

G.M.Weaver, H.O.Jackson, 1966:
Electric impedance, an objective index of maturity in peach

E.K.Walker, 1966:
Effect of foliar sprays of phygon xl-50 on green fixation in flue-cured tobacco

A.G.Kusch, A.G.Plessers, J.A.Newman, 1966:
Noralta flax

L.F.Ounsworth, 1966:
Harbon tomato

F.D.H.Macdowall, 1966:
Rapid field test for tobacco alkaloid content

L.V.Edgington, E.Reinbergs, 1966:
Control of loose smut in barley with systemic fungicides

W.E.Cordukes, J.Wilner, V.T.Rothwell, 1966:
The evaluation of cold and drought stress of turfgrasses by electrolytic and ninhydrin methods

A.T.Bolton, V.W.Nuttall, L.H.Lyall, 1966:
A new race of fusarium oxysporum f. pisi

F.D.H.Macdowall, 1966:
The relation between dew and tobacco weather fleck

C.E.Ouellet, 1966:
Estimation des degres-jours de croissance par les temperatures mensuelles moyennes

S.O.Fejer, 1966:
Gibberellic acid treatment of dactylis glomerata and its residual effects on the following generation

R.E.C.Layne, J.R.Rainforth, 1966:
A new symptom of bacterial canker resulting from systemic infection of tomato fruits and its implications in dissemination and seed transmission

C.H.Anderson, D.W.L.Read, 1966:
Water-use efficiency of some varieties of wheat, oats, barley, and flax grown in the greenhouse

G.H.Collin, R.A.Cline, 1966:
The interaction effect of potassium and environment on tomato ripening disorders

A.T.H.Gross, B.R.Stefansson, 1966:
Effect of planting date on protein, oil, and fatty acid content of rape seed and turnip rape

N.C.Stoskopf, H.R.Klinck, H.A.Steppler, 1966:
Temperature in relation to growth and net assimilation rate of oats

J.Allard, J.Richard, J.A.Bélanger, 1966:
Recherche de la dose optimum d’azote mineral sur le tabac jaune irrigue

R.K.Miri, J.S.Bubar, 1966:
Self-incompatibility as an outcrossing mechanism in birdsfoot trefoil (lotus corniculatus)

J.D.Campbell, L.V.Gusta, 1966:
The response of carrots and onions to micronutrients on an organic soil in manitoba

W.L.Crowle, 1966:
The influence of nitrogen fertilizer, row spacing, and irrigation on seed yield of nine grasses in central saskatchewan

D.B.Wilson, R.D.Clark, S.Dubetz, 1966:
Effects of nitrogen fertilizer on herbage yields and sheep production on irrigated pasture, and a comparison of methods of yield assessment

F.Svejda, 1966:
Investigations on the relationship between winterhardiness in roses and the electric impedance measured during the growing period

E.W.Franklin, E.C.Lougheed, 1966:
A new method for applying maleic hydrazide to inhibit sprouting of potato tubers

C.J.S.Fox, 1966:
Wireworms in pure stands of grasses and weeds

J.A.Freeman, A.J.Renney, H.Driediger, 1966:
Influence of atrazine and simazine on leaf chlorophylls and fruit yield of raspberries

W.R.Childers, 1966:
Redpatch bromegrass

B.Povilaitis, F.H.White, 1966:
Delcrest 66, a new variety of bright tobacco

D.G.Finlayson, M.D.Noble, 1966:
Cyclodiene-resistant cabbage maggots and rutabaga production in sandy loam and peat soils

J.D.Banting, 1966:
Factors affecting the persistence of avena fatua

J.D.Dodd, R.T.Coupland, 1966:
Osmotic pressures of native plants of saline soil in saskatchewan

D.R.Metcalfe, 1966:
Inheritance of loose smut resistance: iii. relationships between the "russian" and "jet" genes for resistance and genes in 10 barley varieties of diverse origin

C.J.S.Fox, R.P.Jaques, 1966:
Preliminary observations on biological insecticides against imported cabbageworm

J.A.George, T.R.Davidson, 1966:
Virus assay of seeds from selected montmorency cherry trees

S.A.Wells, S.Dubetz, 1966:
Reaction of barley varieties to soil water stress

N.C.Stoskopf, E.Reinbergs, 1966:
Breeding for yield in spring cereals

R.S.Downing, 1966:
The effect of certain miticides on the predacious mite neoseiulus caudiglans (acarina:phytoseiidae)

P.K.Basu, 1966:
Conditions for symptomatological differentiation of bacterial canker, spot, and speck on tomato seedlings

C.O.Gourley, 1966:
The pathogenicity of colletotrichum dematium to table beets and other hosts

W.A.F.Hagborg, 1966:
A comparison of a dried crude filtrate containing antibiotic p-9, with a nickel–zineb mixture, and dichlorotetrafluoroacetone for cereal rust control

H.H.Marshall, 1966:
Genotype recognition in peas by water imbibition of seeds

W.G.Benedict, 1966:
Changes in levels of some chemical constituents of soybean leaves following leaf spot infection

J.E.Langille, J.W.G.Nicholson, F.S.Warren, R.B.Carson, 1966:
Influence of nitrogen fertilization and harvesting management on yield and chemical composition of spartina pectinata on dikeland

W.G.Benedict, L.Fucikovsky, 1966:
Cercospora sojina lesions on soybean

S.A.Wells, D.S.McBean, 1966:
Galt barley

G.Hergert, F.J.Zillinsky, J.K.Kemp, 1966:
An aspirator for cleaning small seed samples

D.P.Ormrod, C.J.Woolley, 1966:
Apparatus for environmental physiology studies

E.A.Grant, A.A.MacLean, 1966:
Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium on yield, persistence, and nutrient content of timothy

F.W.Sosulski, D.M.Lin, E.A.Paul, 1966:
Effect of moisture, temperature, and nitrogen on yield and protein quality of thatcher wheat

Don R.Heinicke, John W.Foott, 1966:
The effect of several phosphate insecticides on photosynthesis of red delicious apple leaves

E.G.Beauchamp, D.J.Lathwell, 1966:
Effect of root zone temperatures on corn leaf morphology

R.V.Clark, 1966:
The reaction of barley lines to root rot, leaf spot, and head blight

R.Kaul, 1966:
Relative growth rates of spring wheat, oats, and barley under polyethylene glycol-induced water stress

D.L.McIntosh, K.Lapins, 1966:
Differences in susceptibility to apple powdery mildew observed in mcintosh clones after exposure to ionizing radiation

L.M.Bezeau, A.Johnston, S.Smoliak, 1966:
Silica and protein content of mixed prairie and fescue grassland vegetation and its relationship to the incidence of silica urolithiasis

L.E.Lopatecki, H.Burdon, 1966:
Suppression of bull’s eye rot of apples and growth of neofabraea perennans by scald control agents diphenylamine and ethoxyquin

W.S.Ferguson, 1966:
Salt-induced changes in the composition of lipid classes in barley roots

J.Santerre, 1966:
Absence apparente de l’organisme de la tache argentee des pommes de terre, helminthosporium atrovirens, dans les sols nouvellement defriches

H.A.Friesen, D.A.Dew, 1966:
The influence of temperature and soil moisture on the phytotoxicity of dicamba, picloram, bromoxynil, and 2,4-d ester

G.E.Woolliams, 1966:
Host range and symptomatology of verticillium dahliae in economic, weed, and native plants in interior british columbia

C.A.Adams, R.W.Sheard, 1966:
Alterations in the nitrogen metabolism of medicago sativa and dactylis glomerata as influenced by potassium and sulfur nutrition

J.S.Matthews, L.G.Denby, 1966 :
The effect of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition on ph of tomato

J.M.Fulton, W.I.Findlay, 1966:
Reproducibility of evapotranspiration measurements from floating lysimeters

M.E.Dodds, F.G.Warder, 1966:
The effect of early windrowing on the protein content of spring wheat

J.W.Tanner, C.J.Gardener, N.C.Stoskopf, K.Reinbergs, 1966:
Some observations on upright-leaf-type small grains

K.R.Scott, 1966:
Use of liquid nitrogen in a winterhardiness test chamber for fruit trees

B.R.Stefansson, 1966:
Altona, a new variety of soybeans

B.R.Stefansson, 1966:
Target, a new variety of summer rape

H.F.Fletcher, A.R.Maurer, 1966:
A movable rain shelter for small experimental plots

P.W.Voisey, D.C.MacDonald, 1966:
A puncturing device for estimating the physical properties of fruits and vegetables

W.L.Pringle, J.E.Miltimore, 1966:
Digestibility of bog forage

D.R.Sampson, 1966:
Linkage of genetic male sterility with a seedling marker and its use in producing f1 hybrid seed of brassica oleracea (cabbage, broccoli, kale, etc.)

S.F.Stewart, H.Pinkerton, G.A.Blackburn, M.T.Guðmundsson, 2007:
Comparison and validation of Airborne Thematic Mapper thermal imagery using ground-based temperature data for Grímsvötn caldera, Vatnajökull, Iceland

I.Rapuzzi, 2014:
Description of a new subspecies of Carabus (Megodontus) croaticus Dejean, 1826 from Serbia (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Carabinae)

Bendyk, A.; Marino, V.; Zilm, P.S.; Howe, P.; Bartold, P.M., 2009:
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Limelight green-shell bean

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Earligold muskmelon

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A temperature-recorder time control

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Green seed color in the common bean

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Mcintosh apple shape in relation to position in the blossom cluster

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