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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38904

Chapter 38904 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

B. P. Singh, B. N. Singh, 1987: Response to K application of rice in iron-rich valley soils

B.K. Ghosh, S.K. Sahu, 1987: Response of lowland rice to Zn

S. Rajagopalan, 1987: Effect on rice yield of nursery treatments at various levels of main field phosphorus

S. Rajagopalan, M. Subramanian, 1987: Integrated nutrient management for short-duration rice

Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903004

R. R. Singh, 1987: Effect of fineness and time of pyrites application on rice yield and alkali soil properties

B.H. Shahani, A.B. Khan, M.B. Ahmad, 1987: Response of rice to input factors in farmers’ fields

Chen Rongye, Zhang Jiancai, Guo Wangmo, Chen Wei, 1987: N fertilizer (urea) topdressed on unsaturated soil and deep-placed using reflooding water

Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903008

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Pan Rui-chi, 1987: Influence of paclobutrazol on rice seedling growth

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Usman S., 2013: Nitrogen release pattern in decomposing leaf litter of banj oak and chir pine seedlings leaf under glass house condition

Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903020

M. Filippi, 2001: Methodology used in order to build key-words dictionaries in the field of oceanography, marine biology and aquatic pollution monitoring

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G. Chopra, 1988: Single-dose anticoagulants for rodent control in irrigated ricefields

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P. Narayanasamy, 1989: Suitability of iodine test for detecting rice tungro virus (RTV) infection

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R. N. Singh, A. T. Khan, 1989: Field resistance to false smut (FS) and narrow brown leaf spot (NBLS) in eastern Uttar Pradesh

Sun Guochang, Sun Shuyuan, 1989: Technique to preserve conidia of rice blast (Bl) fungus

A. S. Prabhu, 1989: Methods for evaluating resistance to Pyricularia oryzae in rice

M. Muthuswami, K. Gunathilagaraj, 1989: Effect of rice gall midge (GM) resistance on parasitic behavior of Platygaster oryzae Cameron

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M. N. Paudel, 1989: Performance of some improved rice varieties under irrigated and rainfed lowland conditions at Parwanipur, Nepal

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Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903072

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B. P. Singh, 1989: Energy use in rice - wheat cropping system

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Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903160

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Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903177

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Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903222

Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903223

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Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903226

Section 39, Chapter 38904, Accession 038903227

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