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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38918

Chapter 38918 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Henry, M.F.; Nyns, E.J., 1976:
Biological properties of the cyanide-insensitive respiration of the yeast Saccharomycopsis lipolytica

Prokopenko, V.M.; Beliaeva, I.D.; Nefelova, M.V., 1978:
Biological properties of the modified actinomycins synthesized by the aurantin producer

Chudzio, T.; Inglot, A.D., 1975:
Biological properties of three spontaneous mutants of Sindbis virus

Burke, D.C., 1977:
Biological properties of virus-induced interferons

Bruguerolle, B.; Bouyard, P., 1976:
Biological rhythms and chronopharmacology

Marahiel, M.A.; Danders, W.; Krause, M.; Kleinkauf, H., 1979:
Biological role of gramicidin S in spore functions. Studies on gramicidin-S-negative mutants of Bacillus brevis ATCC9999

Vastola, E.F., 1976:
Biological signal detection by the autocorrelogram and a recurrence frequency method

Rubin, B.; Hertel-Wulff, B., 1975:
Biological significance of Fc receptor-bearing cells among activated T lymphocytes

Tilis, A.Iu.; Ismailov, E.M., 1975:
Biological stimulators of hematopoiesis as nonspecific factors increasing body's resistance (experimental study)

Takahashi, K.; Ekimoto, H.; Aoyagi, S.; Koyu, A.; Kuramochi, H.; Yoshioka, O.; Matsuda, A.; Fujii, A.; Umezawa, H., 1979:
Biological studies on the degradation products of 3-[(S)-1'-phenylethylamino]propylaminobleomycin: a novel analog (pepleomycin)

Coy, D.H.; Kastin, A.J.; Plotnikoff, N.P., 1978:
Biological studies with enkephalins and endorphins and their analogs

Grimaud, D.; Philip, F.; Livrelli, N.; Sudaka, P.; Maestracci, P., 1979:
Biological study of the human liver in shock

Siest, G.; Batt, A.M.; Galteau, M.M., 1977:
Biological tests as indirect indicators of the activity of drug metabolizing enzymes. Use of glucaric acid and gamma-glutamyltransferase

Sen, D.K.; Sarin, G.S.; Mathur, G.P.; Saha, K., 1978:
Biological variation of immunoglobulin concentrations in normal human tears related to age and sex

Morse, S.I., 1976:
Biologically active components and properties of Bordetella pertussis

Vezin, W.R.; Florence, A.T., 1979:
Biologically active poly(N-methacryloyl omega-amino acid) esters of fluphenazine and their duration of activity [proceedings

Inamoto, Y.; Aigami, K.; Takaishi, N.; Fujikura, Y.; Ohsugi, M.; Ikeda, H.; Tsuchihashi, K.; Takatsuki, A.; Tamura, G., 1979:
Biologically active polycycloalkanes. 6. Antiviral 1-tricyclo[ 2,5]undecyl derivatives

Shkhvatsabaia, I.K.; Nekrasova, A.A., 1977:
Biologically active substances, prostaglandins and kinins, and their role in the regulation of arterial pressure and the development of arterial hypertension

Laborit, H., 1977:
Biology and aging

Kaplan, H.S.; Goodenow, R.S.; Gartner, S.; Bieber, M.M., 1979:
Biology and virology of the human malignant lymphomas: 1st Milford D. Schulz Lecture

Studier, E.H.; O'Farrell, M.J., 1976:
Biology of Myotis thysanodes and M. lucifugus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)--III. Metabolism, heart rate, breathing rate, evaporative water loss and general energetics

Campos, M.; Vargas, M., 1978:
Biology of Protospirura muricola Gedoelst, 1916 and Mastophorus muris (Gmelin, 1790) Nematoda: Spiruridae), in Costa Rica. II. Definitive host

Polianin, V.A.; Ponomareva, N.G., 1978:
Biology of Shigella stutzeri-schmitzii

Terskikh, I.I.; Abramova, L.N.; Azarenko, V.S., 1975:
Biology of a newly isolated agent of the Chlamydia group

Ishizaka, T.; Ishizaka, K., 1975:
Biology of immunoglobulin E. Molecular basis of reaginic hypersensitivity

Zagury, D.; Bernard, J.; Ternynck, T.; Avarameas, S., 1975:
Biology of isolate immunocytes. III. Fine immunocytological characterization of lymphoplasma cells

Bernard, J.; Jeannesson, P.; Zagury, D.; Fridman, W.H.; Ternynck, T.; Avrameas, S., 1975:
Biology of isolated immunocytes. II. Simultaneous detection of cell surface Ig and theta-antigen by immunoperoxidase staining at the ultrastructural level

Takano, T., 1975:
Biology of mouse RNA tumor viruses

Meltzer, H.Y., 1979:
Biology of schizophrenia subtypes: a review and proposal for method of study

Hartmann, E.; Keller-Teschke, M., 1977:
Biology of schizophrenia: Mental effects of dopamine-beta-hydroxylase inhibition in normal men

Jewett, M.A., 1977:
Biology of testicular tumors

Laky, D.; Constantinescu, S.; Filipescu, G.; Constantinescu, M.; Ratea, E.; Hălălău, F., 1979:
Biology of the myocardium in some conditions of acute ischemia and revascularization

Hastings, J.W.; Wilson, T., 1976:
Bioluminescence and chemiluminescence

Hammar, H.; Wettermark, G.; Wladimiroff, W., 1975:
Bioluminescence assay of enzymes obtained from buccal epithelium by superficial scraping

Baguet, F.; Marechal, G., 1976:
Bioluminescence of bathypelagic fish from the Strait of Messina

Zalesky, P.J.; Holden, R.D., 1976:
Biomedical aspects of oxygen regulator performance: I. Static characteristics

Zalesky, P.J.; Holden, R.D.; Hiott, B.F., 1976:
Biomedical aspects of oxygen regulator performance: II. dynamic characteristics

George, R.E., 1976:
Biomedical engineering in West Germany

Galanter, M., 1979:
Biomedical issues and clinical effects of alcoholism. Introduction

Lee, D.H., 1975:
Biometeorological consequences of environmental controls: overview

Bernacki, Z.; Hoppe, R., 1976:
Biometric determination of pheromone production in pigs

Kimmel, E.C.; Fish, R.H.; Casida, J.E., 1976:
Bioorganotin chemistry. Metabolism of organotin compounds in microsomal monooxygenase systems and in mammals

Grundhofer, B.; Gibaldi, M., 1977:
Biopharmaceutic factors that influence effects of anticholinergic drugs: comparison of propantheline, hexocyclium, and isopropamide

Ladipo, O.A.; Olatunbosun, D.A.; Ojo, O.A., 1978:
Biophysical and biochemical analysis of semen in fertile and infertile Nigerian males

Kriukova, M.E.; Basurmanova, A.K., 1978:
Biophysical and biochemical basis of muscle contraction

Mandruzzato, G.P.; Carlomagno, G.; Sabbati, M.; Pezzullo, R.; Zerilli, S., 1977:
Biophysical and biochemical monitoring of labor. Normal range and diagnostic-prognostic value of the method

Dreesman, G.R.; Hollinger, F.B.; Melnick, J.L., 1975:
Biophysical and biochemical properties of purified preparations of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBs Ag)

Fagbami, A.H., 1978:
Biophysical and biological studies on Jos virus (a new tick-borne virus isolated from Nigeria)

Rich, P.R.; Lamb, C.J., 1977:
Biophysical and enzymological studies upon the interaction of trans-cinnamic acid with higher plant microsomal cytochromes P-450

Aceto, H.; Jolly, R.K.; Buckle, D., 1979:
Biophysical aspects of the space radiation effects laboratory (SREL) 710-MeV helium ion beam: physical measurements and dosimetry

Gerin, J.L.; Faust, R.M.; Holland, P.V., 1975:
Biophysical characterization of the adr subtype of hepatitis B antigen and preparation of anti-r sera in rabbits

Kawahara, H., 1979:
Biophysical engineering

Kraizmer, L.P., 1976:
Biophysical modeling of memory and its bionic aspects

Witt, H.T., 1976:
Biophysical primary processes in photosynthetic membranes. Data with pulse-spectroscopical methods

Palmer, E.L.; Martin, M.L.; Hatch, M.H.; Gary, G.W., 1979:
Biophysical properties of a non-cultivable 29-nm enteric virus

Lambotte, P.; Falmagne, P.; Capiau, C.; Ruysschaert, J.M.; Dirkx, J., 1979:
Biophysical properties of diphtheria toxin fragment B in correlation to its binding ability to eukaryotic cell membranes [proceedings

Tikchonenko, T.I.; Dubichev, A.G.; Parfenov, N.N.; Chaplygina, N.M.; Dreizin, R.S.; Zolotarskaya, E.E., 1979:
Biophysical properties of virions of human adenovirus of the type 6 and its DNA

Malcolm, A.D.; Canković-Darracott, S.; Chayen, J.; Jenkins, B.S.; Webb-Peploe, M.M., 1979:
Biopsy evidence of left ventricular myocardial abnormality in patients with mitral-leaflet prolapse and chest pain

Leeming, R.J.; Blair, J.A.; Melikian, V., 1979:
Biopterin derivatives in senile dementia

Kaboth, U.; Klinge, O.; Schober, A.; Winckler, K., 1976:
Bioptic studies of the liver during 4-5 years in clinically healthy HBsAG carriers

Gubin, G.D.; Chesnokov, A.A., 1976:
Biorhythm as a diagnostic test of normal and pathological conditions

Stott, D.I., 1978:
Biosynthesis and assembly of IgM free thiol groups present on cytoplasmic and membrane associated IgM

Roberts, G.H.; Gordon, J.; Smith, J.L.; Newell, D.; Pike, R., 1979:
Biosynthesis and characterisation of IgMlambda in a case of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia with intracellular immunoglobulin inclusions

Rubio, M.C., 1977:
Biosynthesis and liberation of catecholamines. Their reagulation

Lovkova, M.Y.; Nurimov, E., 1978:
Biosynthesis and metabolism of the basic alkaloids

Bános, C.; Takó, J.; Földes, J.; Salamon, F.; Györgyi, S., 1978:
Biosynthesis and peripheral metabolism of thyroid hormones in subacute thyroiditis

Aswad, D.W., 1978 :
Biosynthesis and processing of presumed neurosecretory proteins in single identified neurons of Aplysia californica

Krivonosov, S.K.; Mikhailov, A.T.; Tatarinov, I.S., 1979:
Biosynthesis and production of specific beta 1-globulin (SBG) during pregnancy in rats

Edgar, J.R.; Bell, R.M., 1978:
Biosynthesis in Escherichia coli of sn-glycerol 3-phosphate, a precursor of phospholipid. Kinetic characterization of wild type and feedback-resistant forms of the biosynthetic sn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

Wallach, D.P., 1978:
Biosynthesis of 6-keto PGF1alpha by microsomal acetone-pentane powder preparations from hog aorta, ram seminal vesicles, and bovine corpora lutea: properties of same

Wojskowicz, J., 1977:
Biosynthesis of a alpha-amylase and protease by Streptomyces olivaceus 142. III. Some aspects of alpha-amylase induction

Schenkel-Brunner, H.; Kabat, E.A.; Liao, J., 1979:
Biosynthesis of a blood-group-I determinant reacting with anti-I Ma serum (group 1)

Diebler, M.F.; Morot-Gaudry, Y., 1977:
Biosynthesis of acetyl-coenzyme A in the electric organ of Torpedo marmorata in relation to acetylcholine metabolism

Wojskowicz, J., 1977:
Biosynthesis of alpha-amylase and protease by Streptomyces olivaceus 142. I. Regulation of alpha-amylase activity

Wojskowicz, J., 1977:
Biosynthesis of alpha-amylase and protease by Streptomyces olivaceus 142. II. Biosynthesis of protease

Diggelmann, H., 1979:
Biosynthesis of an unglycosylated envelope glycoprotein of Rous sarcoma virus in the presence of tunicamycin

Pacuszka, T., 1975:
Biosynthesis of antigens of the ABO and Lewis system

Fox, J.; Kawaguchi, K.; Greenberg, E.; Preiss, J., 1976:
Biosynthesis of bacterial glycogen. Purification and properties of the Escherichia coli B ADPglucose:1,4-alpha-D-glucan 4-alpha-glucosyltransferase

López-Romero, E.; Ruiz-Herrera, J., 1977:
Biosynthesis of beta-glucans by cell-free extracts from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gopalakrishna, Y.; Narayanan, T.K.; Rao, G.R., 1976:
Biosynthesis of beta-phenethyl alcohol in Candida guilliermondii

Bugorskiĭ, P.S.; Zaprometov, M.N., 1978:
Biosynthesis of beta-phenylethanol in rose petals

Ghysdael, J.; Hubert, E.; Cleuter, Y., 1977:
Biosynthesis of bovine leukemia virus (BLV) major internal protein (p24) in infected cells and X. laevis oocytes microinjected with BLV 60-70S RNA [proceedings

Takeda, K.; Aihara, K.; Furumai, T.; Ito, Y., 1979:
Biosynthesis of butirosins. I. Biosynthetic pathways of butirosins and related antibiotics

Loginova, L.G.; Guzhova, E.P.; Ismanlova, D.Iu.; Burdenko, L.G., 1978:
Biosynthesis of cellulolytic enzymes and xylanase during submerged cultivation of the fungus Aspergillus terreus 17P

Kipe-Nolt, J.A.; Stevens, S.E.; Stevens, C.L., 1978:
Biosynthesis of delta-aminolevulinic acid by blue-green algae (cyanobacteria)

Taki, T.; Hirabayashi, Y.; Ishiwata, Y.; Matsumoto, M.; Kojima, K., 1979:
Biosynthesis of different gangliosides in two types of rat ascites hepatoma cells with different degrees of cell adhesiveness

Hsieh, H.S.; Ganther, H.E., 1977:
Biosynthesis of dimethyl selenide from sodium selenite in rat liver and kidney cell-free systems

Zocher, R.; Kleinkauf, H., 1978:
Biosynthesis of enniatin B: partial purification and characterization of the synthesizing enzyme and studies of the biosynthesis

Akashi, K.; Kubota, K.; Kurahashi, K., 1977:
Biosynthesis of enzyme-bound formylvaline and formylvalylglycine. A possible initiation complex for gramicidin A biosynthesis

Billington, D.C.; Golding, B.T.; Primrose, S.B., 1979:
Biosynthesis of ethylene from methionine. Isolation of the putative intermediate 4-methylthio-2-oxobutanoate from culture fluids of bacteria and fungi

Mian, F.A.; Jarman, T.R.; Righelato, R.C., 1978:
Biosynthesis of exopolysaccharide by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Koley, D.A., 1978:
Biosynthesis of extracellular proteolytic enzymes by Bac. mesentericus strain 90

Selim, M.S.; Attah, N.K., 1979:
Biosynthesis of fat in surface culture of a local strain of Aspergillus flavus

Paturneau-Jouas, M.; Baumann, N.; Bourre, J.M., 1976:
Biosynthesis of fatty acids in mouse brain mitochondria in the presence of malonyl-CoA or acetyl-CoA

Shavlovsky, G.M.; Lohvynenko, E.M.; Struhovshchykova, L.M.; Kashchenko, V.E., 1975:
Biosynthesis of flavins and its regulation in the yeast Pichia guilliermondii

Takahara, H.; Matsuda, K., 1977:
Biosynthesis of glycogen in Neurospora crassa. Existence of a glucoproteic intermediate in the initiation process

Takahara, H.; Matsuda, K., 1978:
Biosynthesis of glycogen in Neurospora crassa. Purification and properties of the UDPglucose:glycogen 4-alpha-glucosyltransferase

Levrat, C.; Louisot, P., 1976:
Biosynthesis of glycoproteins in pulmonary parenchyma. II. Galactosyltransferase activity in pneumocyte subcellular fractions

Solway, J.; McDonald, M.; Bunn, H.F.; Aun, F.; Cole, R.; Soeldner, J.S., 1979:
Biosynthesis of glycosylated hemoglobins in the monkey

von Dungen, A.; Vater, J.; Kleinkauf, H., 1976:
Biosynthesis of gramicidin S with the aid of dipeptides by gramicidin S synthetase

Bäckström, G.; Höök, M.; Lindahl, U.; Feingold, D.S.; Malmström, A.; Rodén, L.; Jacobsson, I., 1979:
Biosynthesis of heparin. Assay and properties of the microsomal uronosyl C-5 epimerase

Desai, P.R.; Springer, G.F., 1979:
Biosynthesis of human blood group T-, N- and M-specific immunodeterminants on human erythrocyte antigens

Callebaut, A.; Lambein, F.; Van Parijs, R., 1977:
Biosynthesis of isoxazolinone of isoxazolinone amino acids: incorporation studies on the synthesis of 2-(2-amino-3-carboxypropyl)-isoxazolin-5-one in Lathyrus odoratus seedings [proceedings

Suzukake, K.; Fujiyama, T.; Hayashi, H.; Hori, M.; Umezawa, H., 1979:
Biosynthesis of leupeptin. II Purification and properties of leupeptin acid synthetase

D.T.más, M.E.; Mercuri, O., 1977:
Biosynthesis of lipids in tumoral cells

Gray, G.S.; Bhattacharjee, J.K., 1976:
Biosynthesis of lysine in Saccharomyces cervisiae: properties and spectrophotometric determination of homocitrate synthase activity

Croteau, R.; Karp, F., 1977:
Biosynthesis of monoterpenes: partial purification and characterization of 1,8-cineole synthetase from Salvia officinalis

Croteau, R.; Karp, F., 1979:
Biosynthesis of monoterpenes: preliminary characterization of bornyl pyrophosphate synthetase from sage (Salvia officinalis) and demonstration that Geranyl pyrophosphate is the preferred substrate for cyclization

Davison, A.N.; Sabri, M.I., 1978:
Biosynthesis of myelin and neurotoxic factors in the serum of multiple sclerosis patients

Fraeyman, N.H.; D.P.tter, W.P.; D.S.haepdryver, A.F., 1978:
Biosynthesis of noradrenaline in C1300 mouse neuroblastoma [proceedings

Shtoffer, L.D., 1979:
Biosynthesis of penicillin upon periodic culturing of Penicillium chrysogenum with an exponentially increasing glucose supply

Hammes, W.P.; Kandler, O., 1976:
Biosynthesis of peptidoglycan in Gaffkya homari. The incorporation of peptidoglycan into the cell wall and the direction of transpeptidation

Hammes, W.P., 1976:
Biosynthesis of peptidoglycan in Gaffkya homari. The mode of action of penicillin G and mecillinam

Mirelman, D.; Nuchamowitz, Y., 1979 :
Biosynthesis of peptidoglycan in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 1. The incorporation of peptidoglycan into the cell wall

Mirelman, D.; Nuchamowitz, Y., 1979:
Biosynthesis of peptidoglycan in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 2. Mode of action of beta-lactam antibiotics

Byng, G.S.; Eustice, D.C.; Jensen, R.A., 1979:
Biosynthesis of phenazine pigments in mutant and wild-type cultures of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Battersby, A.R.; McDonald, E., 1976:
Biosynthesis of porphyrins and corrins

Krishna, R.V.; Beilstein, P.; Leisinger, T., 1979:
Biosynthesis of proline in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Properties of gamma-glutamyl phosphate reductase and 1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase

Flower, R.J., 1978:
Biosynthesis of prostaglandins

Tai, H.H.; Tai, C.L.; Hollander, C.S., 1976:
Biosynthesis of prostaglandins in rabbit kidney medulla. Properties of prostaglandin synthase

Gulyĭ, M.F.; Volodina, T.T.; Fedorchenko, E.Ia.; Pechenova, T.N.; Nazarevskaia, N.N., 1979:
Biosynthesis of rat skin collagen under amino acid imbalance

Kopchick, J.J.; Jamjoom, G.A.; Watson, K.F.; Arlinghaus, R.B., 1978:
Biosynthesis of reverse transcriptase from Rauscher murine leukemia virus by synthesis and cleavage of a gag-pol read-through viral precursor polyprotein

Schauer, R., 1978:
Biosynthesis of sialic acids

Johnston, L.S.; Neuhaus, F.C., 1977:
Biosynthesis of spin-labeled peptidoglycan: spin-spin interactions

Maier, S.; Grisebach, H., 1979:
Biosynthesis of streptomycin. Enzymic oxidation of dihydrostreptomycin (6-phosphate) to streptomycin (6-phosphate) with a particulate fraction of Streptomyces griseus

Wahl, H.P.; Grisebach, H., 1979:
Biosynthesis of streptomycin. dTDP-dihydrostreptose synthase from Streptomyces griseus and dTDP-4-keto-L-rhamnose 3,5-epimerase from S. griseus and Escherichia coli Y10

Gurd, J.W., 1978:
Biosynthesis of synaptic membranes. Incorporation of [3H] leucine into proteins and glycoproteins of rat brain synaptic plasma membranes

Ho, P.P.; Walters, C.P.; Sullivan, H.R., 1976:
Biosynthesis of thromboxane B2: assay, isolation, and properties of the enzyme system in human platelets

Savage, C.R.; Green, P.D., 1976:
Biosynthesis of transcobalamin II by adult rat liver parenchymal cells in culture

Skudlarek, M.D.; Swank, R.T., 1979:
Biosynthesis of two lysosomal enzymes in macrophages. Evidence for a precursor of beta-galactosidase

Frydman, B.; Frydman, R.B.; Valasinas, A.; Levy, E.S.; Feinstein, G., 1976:
Biosynthesis of uroporphyrinogens from porphobilinogen: mechanism and the nature of the process

Farkas, V.; Vagabov, V.M.; Bauer, S., 1976:
Biosynthesis of yeast mannan. Diversity of mannosyltransferases in the mannan-synthesizing enzyme system from yeast

Smith, W.L.; Nakajima, T.; Ballou, C.E., 1975:
Biosynthesis of yeast mannan. Isolation of Kluyveromyces lactis mannan mutants and a study of the incorporation of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine into the polysaccharide side chains

Dorsett, D.; Yim, J.J.; Jacobson, K.B., 1979:
Biosynthesis of "drosopterins" by an enzyme system from Drosophila melanogaster

Anonymous, 1979:
Biosynthetic processes related to the stimulation by insulin of sodium transport in the toad bladder

Camaschella, C.; Ciocca-Vasino, M.A.; Guerrasio, A.; Balegno, G.; Barberis, E.; Delponte, D.; Saglio, G., 1979:
Biosynthetic studies and gamma-chain composition in the Greek type of hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin and in its association with beta-thalassemia

Mason, K.T.; Shaw, G.J.; Katz, E., 1977:
Biosynthetic studies with L-[2,3-3H2] valine as precursor of the D-valine moiety in actinomycin

Treves, G.; Mondani, P.L.; Pecis, A., 1978:
Biotechnical problems in prosthetic implantation with needle fixtures

Buckley, J.J.; Libor, S.; Sundaram, T.K., 1979:
Biotin subunits of acetyl CoA carboxylase and pyruvate carboxylase from a thermophilic Bacillus

Saunders, M.; Sweetman, L.; Robinson, B.; Roth, K.; Cohn, R.; Gravel, R.A., 1979:
Biotin-response organicaciduria. Multiple carboxylase defects and complementation studies with propionicacidemia in cultured fibroblasts

Charles, B.M.; Hosking, G.; Green, A.; Pollitt, R.; Bartlett, K.; Taitz, L.S., 1979:
Biotin-responsive alopecia and developmental regression

Gozhenko, V.A., 1978:
Biotopes and developmental periods of Mansonia richiardii (Ficalbi) 1889 under conditions of Ukrainian steppes

Juchau, M.R.; Namkung, M.J.; Jones, A.H.; DiGiovanni, J., 1978:
Biotransformation and bioactivation of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene in human fetal and placental tissues. Analyses of HPLC profiles and studies with Salmonella typhimurium

Pfeifer, S.; Zimmer, C., 1975:
Biotransformation and pharmacokinetics of beta-receptor blockaders

Sullivan, H.R.; Roffey, P.; McMahon, R.E., 1979:
Biotransformation of 4'-ethynl-2-fluorobiphenyl in the rat. In vitro and in vivo studies

Feller, D.R.; Malspeis, L., 1977:
Biotransformation of D(-)-ephedrine and L(+)-ephedrine in the rabbit, in vivo and in vitro

Ruenitz, P.C.; McLennon, T.P.; Sternson, L.A., 1979:
Biotransformation of azapetine to oxazapetine in rat and rabbit liver fractions

Ebel, S.; Schütz, H., 1979:
Biotransformation of benzodiazepine derivatives

Martin, B.R.; Harvey, D.J.; Paton, W.D., 1977:
Biotransformation of cannabidiol in mice. Identification of new acid metabolites

Watabe, T.; Sawahata, T., 1979:
Biotransformation of cholesterol to cholestane-3beta,5alpha,6beta-triol via cholesterol alpha-epoxide (5alpha,6alpha-epoxycholestan-3beta-ol) in bovine adrenal cortex

Tong, G.L.; Lien, E.J., 1976:
Biotransformation of drugs: quantitative structure-activity relationships for barbiturates, tertiary amines, and substituted imidazoles

Perez, J.; Sitar, D.S.; Ogilvie, R.I., 1979:
Biotransformation of furosemide in patients with acute pulmonary edema

Dugger, H.A.; Coombs, R.A.; Schwarz, H.J.; Migdalof, B.H.; Orwig, B.A., 1976:
Biotransformation of mazindol. I. Isolation and identification of some metabolites from rat urine

Dugger, H.A.; Heider, J.G., 1979:
Biotransformation of mazindol. II. Absorption and excretion in the dog and man

Dugger, H.A.; Madrid, V.O.; Talbot, K.C.; Coombs, R.A.; Orwig, B.A., 1979:
Biotransformation of mazindol. III. Comparison of metabolism in rat, dog, and man

Mayo, B.C.; Brodie, R.R.; Chasseaud, L.F.; Hawkins, D.R., 1978:
Biotransformation of methyl 5-cyclopropylcarbonyl-2-benzimidazolecarbamate (ciclobendazole) in rats and dogs

Yeh, S.Y.; McQuinn, R.L.; Gorodetzky, C.W., 1977:
Biotransformation of morphine to dihydromorphinone and normorphine in the mouse, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, cat, dog, and monkey

Schwartz, M.A.; Williams, T.H.; Kolis, S.J.; Postma, E.; Sasso, G.J., 1978:
Biotransformation of prochiral 2-phenyl-1,3-di(4-pyridyl)-2-propanol to a chiral N-oxide metabolite

Bory, C.; Baltassat, P.; Porthault, M.; Bethenod, M.; Frederich, A.; Aranda, J.V., 1978:
Biotransformation of theophylline to caffeine in premature newborn

Birch, C.G.; Hiles, R.A.; Eichhold, T.H.; Jeffcoat, A.R.; Handy, R.W.; Hill, J.M.; Willis, S.L.; Hess, T.R.; Wall, M.E., 1978:
Biotransformation products of 3,4,4'-trichlorocarbanilide in rat, monkey, and man

Pottier, J.; Busigny, M.; Raynaud, J.P., 1979:
Biotransformations of glafenine in the rat and in man

Dozaki, T.; Imai, K.; Mizukami, S., 1975:
Biphasic (ulcer-forming and ulcer-preventing) effect of adrenaline in rats

Lachelin, G.C.; Yen, S.S., 1978:
Biphasic change in pituitary capacity induced by estrogen in hypogonadal women

Kafi, S.; Gaillard, J.M., 1978:
Biphasic effect of chlorpromazine on rat paradoxical sleep: a study of dose-related mechanisms

Mattiazzi, A.R.; Cingolani, H.E., 1977:
Biphasic effect of hypercapnia on myocardial contractility

Baccino, F.M.; Cecchini, G.; Palmucci, F.; Sverko, V.; Tessitore, L.; Zuretti, M.F., 1977:
Biphasic effects of translational inhibitors on liver tyrosine aminotransferase

Gore, M.G.; Iwatsubo, M., 1976:
Biphasic interactions between a Neurospora crassa glutamate dehydrogenase and reduced nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate

Nishiyama, A.; Petersen, O.H., 1975:
Biphasic membrane potential changes in pancreatic acinar cells following short pulses of acetylcholine stimulation

Plakunova, V.G., 1976:
Biphasic nature of the light-dependent transport of C14-alanine into Halobacterium holobium cells

Agha, A.S.; Castellanos, A.M.; Sung, R.J.; Castillo, C.A.; Myerburg, R.J.; Castellanos, A., 1976:
Bipolar catheter electrograms for study of retrograde atrial activation pattern in patients without pre-excitation syndromes

Loewy, A., 1978:
Bipolar cautery-suction instrument

Kimura, J., 1977:
Bird breeder's disease

Novey, H.S.; Wells, I.D.; Heiner, D.C., 1977:
Bird-fancier's lung and gluten-sensitive enteropathy

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Black and white human skin differences

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Bleomycin lung

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Blind spot in habituation in nursing

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Blisters of the skin in coma induced by amitriptyline and clorazepate dipotassium. Report of a case with underlying sweat gland necrosis

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Block by use of electrophoresis in the treatment of the carotid sinus syndrome

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Blockade of epileptic responses in the photosensitive baboon, Papio papio, by two irreversible inhibitors of GABA-transaminase, gamma-acetylenic GABA (4-amino-hex-5-ynoic acid) and gamma-vinyl GABA (4-amino-hex-5-enoic acid)

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Blocking surgery for esophageal varices

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Blocks in the upper limb

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Blood alcohol determination

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Blood groups

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Blood in the alcohol stream

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Blood-pressure and stroke prognosis

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Blood-pressure control at home and in hospital

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Bloodless determination of blood values

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Blue baby blues

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Boerhaave's prescience

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Bolted medullary nailing

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Bolus formation by sedatives and hypnotics

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Bombesin: search for the nervous system's control of metabolism

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Bonding erythrocytes to plastic substrates by glow-discharge activation

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Bonding in a sea of silence

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Bonding--new techniques in minor tooth movement

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Bone biopsy and vitamin D in primary biliary cirrhosis

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Bone biopsy of the iliac crest. Technics of embedding in methacrylate and quantitative readings. Results of 2 years' experience

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Bone changes incident to blade-vent implants

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Bone disease after jejunoileal bypass

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Bone dynamics associated with the controlled loading of bioglass-coated aluminum oxide endosteal implants

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Bone marrow colony-forming cells in acute drug-induced agranulocytosis

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Bone marrow examination: aspiration or core biopsy, smear or section, hematoxylin-eosin or Romanowsky stain--which combination?

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Bone marrow transplantation in development

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Bone marrow transplantation in malignant lymphomas?

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Bone marrow transplantation with intensive combination chemotherapy/radiation therapy (SCARI) in acute leukemia

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Bone marrow transplantation. Influence of T lymphocytes on the process of differentiation and proliferation of bone marrow cells

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Bone regeneration in a coralline hydroxyapatite implant

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Bone resorption by breast-cancer tissue

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Bone sarcoma

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Bone-marrow aspiration

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Bone-marrow depression by long-acting diaminopyrimidines

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Bone-marrow patterns and survival in Waldenström's macroglobulinaemia

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Bone-marrow toxicity of metiamide

Anonymous, 1977:
Bone-marrow transplant from an unrelated donor for chronic granulomatous disease

Anonymous, 1978:
Bone-marrow transplantation

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Bone-marrow transplantation in osteopetrosis

Anonymous, 1976:
Bone-marrow transplantation in severe aplastic anaemia

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Bone-mineral estimation by computer-assisted transverse axial tomography

Hatano, K.; Kabeshima, A.; Onodera, T., 1976:
Book review by discussion: on "Formalization in Nursing Process and Product" by the Nursing Development Conference Group

Anonymous, 1975:
Books of the year

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Border fields between neurology and internal medicine

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Borderline between antiepileptic and psychopharmacological drugs

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Borderline leprosy reactions and dapsone

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Bordetella pertussis does not induce beta-adrenergic blockade

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Bordetella pertussis in a partially immunized host: case report

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Boris Fabianovich Shagan

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Born in urban America: 1830-1860

Anonymous, 1979:
Born to drink

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Both sides of the fence

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Bottle-feeding: influence of teat-hole on suck volume

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Botulism and sudden infant death

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Botulism immune plasma (human)

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Bound immunoglobulin and foreign antigen in lungs of sudden infant death syndrome victims

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Bounty hunting

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Bowel preparation for surgery

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Bradycardia during human diving

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Bradykinin relaxes contracted airways through prostaglandin production

Anonymous, 1978:

Anonymous, 1979:
Brain Pituitary Adrenocortical Interrelationships. Satellite symposium of the Fifth International Congress on Hormonal Steroids (Varanasi, November 6-8, 1978)

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Brain and gut peptides

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Brain and sperm cell surface antigen (NS-4) on preimplantation mouse embryos

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Brain areas involved in the catecholamine mediated regulation of electroshock seizure intensity

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Brain biochemistry in schizophrenia

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Brain changes in newborns, infants and children with congenital heart disease in association with cardiac surgery. Additional observations

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Brain damage in survivor after in-utero death of monozygous co-twin

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Brain death

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Brain death: interrelated medical and social issues

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Brain disorders don't disqualify workers from job

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Brain edema as a complication of diabetic ketoacidosis

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Brain endorphins: possible role in reward and memory formation

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Brain gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase levels in mice genetically selected for sensitivity to ethanol

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Brain kinase phosphorylase beta activity under the effect of natural physiological stimuli and cyclic AMP

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Brain mechanisms of movement

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Brain mechanisms of vision

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Brain metastases

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Brain metastasis: current status and recommended guidelines for management

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Brain microvessel hexokinase: kinetic properties

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Brain monoamine metabolism and sleep

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Brain monoamines act through the prostaglandin release to influence the body temperature

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Brain monoamines and reproductive function

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Brain peptide hormones

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Brain peptides (neuropeptides)

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Brain peptides secreted by gut tumors

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Brain peptides--introduction

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Brain peptides: is substance P a transmitter of pain signals?

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Brain protease activity after experimental head injury

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Brain region differences and some characteristics of monoamine oxidase type A and B activities in the vervet monkey

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Brain regional levels of neurotransmitter amines as neurochemical correlates of sex-specific ontogenesis in the rat

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Brain selsey Phillips

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Brain sphingomyelinases

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Brain stem auditory evoked potentials and blink reflexes in quiescent multiple sclerosis

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Brain stem auditory evoked response

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Brain stem nuclei giving fibers to lobules VI and VII of the cerebellar vermis

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Brain stimulation and reward: "pleasure centers" after twenty-five years

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Brain tuberculoma. Diagnosis and treatment

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Brain tumors in the aged

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Brain tumors of mixed tissue origin: staining procedures to distinguish glial from connective tissue

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Brain tyrosine hydroxylase: kinetic properties and regulation of the activity

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Brain tyrosine level controls striatal dopamine synthesis in haloperidol-treated rats

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Brain waves in the ether

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Brain-derived fibroblast growth factor: identity with a fragment of the basic protein of myelin

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Brain-reactive lymphocytotoxic antibodies in the serum of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

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Brainstem lesion with coma for five years following manipulation of the cervical spine

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Bran and experimental colon cancer

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Branch polyclinic--a form of providing maximum specialized outpatient services to the rural population

Anonymous, 1979:
Branch vein occlusion study

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Branched-chain amino acid substitutions in the biosynthesis of the antibiotic actinomycin

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Branchial ion uptake in arctic grayling: resting values and effects of acid-base disturbance

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Brand-names for drugs

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Branhamella (Neisseria) catarrhalis as pathogen

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Bras, breast carcinoma, and cryptorchid testis

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Breakdown of luliberin, somatostatin and substance P as an effect of hypothalamic endopeptidases

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Breaking ground for a birthing room

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Breakthrough rhesus sensitization in spite of anti-D gamma globulin given throughout pregnancy

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Breast cancer in a schoolgirl

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Breast cancer--1. Management of advanced breast cancer

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Breast cancer--screening for occult metastases

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Breast feeding

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Breast feeding and sexuality

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Breast in best

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Breast neoplasms. Importance of histology and prognosis for the treatment planning

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Breast neoplasms: aims of surgical therapy

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Breast reconstruction for cancer

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Breast sensation before and after plastic surgery

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Breast-cancer screening

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Breast-feeding and malnutrition

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Breast-feeding protects against infection in Indian infants

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Breast-feeding: "spontaneous" trends and differences

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Breath hydrogen during sleep

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Breath-hydrogen test and smoking

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Breath-methane in patients with cancer of the large bowel

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Breathing therapy--ascpects of long-term home treatment of chronic obstructive lung disease

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Breech presentations in a sample of Colombian hospitals

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Breeding and pregnancy control of stumptailed macaques (Macaca arctoides)

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Breeding of a biotype of the aphia Myzus persicae on a synthetic medium. IV. Influence of vitamins, especially vitamin C and pyridoxine, on the nutritional value of nutritive fluids

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Bremsstrahlung dose to patients in rotational electron therapy

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Bretylium tosylate--a new antiarrhythmic agent with antifibrillatory effect

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Brian Wilberforce-Smith

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Bridging the gap

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Bridging the gap in communication among nurses: use of the teleconference

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Brief behavior therapy with an elderly patient. a case study

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Brief history of the Belgian Society of Biochemistry

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Brief note. Induction of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in sheep with purified bovine basic protein and adjuvant

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Brief review: diagnosing and managing plasma cell (multiple) myeloma

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Bringing about learning in the college laboratory

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Bringing pharmacy to the third grade

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Briquet's syndrome

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Anonymous, 1979:
British Association of Clinical Anatomists. Abstracts of papers presented at the Annual General Meeting, 1979

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British Paediatric Association. Proceedings of Fiftieth Anniversary Meeting held at York from 11--15 April 1978

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British Paedodontic Society/British Dietetic Association Symposium: diet and dental disease in chronically sick children. (3 November 1978)

Anonymous, 1977:
British phlegm, British bronchi

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Broad antigenic relationships among rhinovirus serotypes revealed by cross-immunization of rabbits with different serotypes

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Broad-specificity inhibitors from sea anemones

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Broad-spectrum Supristol for non-specific urinary tract infections in ambulatory urologic practice

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Broca's aphasia. The clinical picture and a consideration of the neurolinguistic structure

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Brodmann's area 18 and area 19

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Bromazepam in out- and in-patient psychiatric practice

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Bromazepam in the treatment of somatized psychogenic disorders

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Bromazepam lowers the blood pressure in hypertensive patients

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Bromazepam versus diazepam in psychoneurotic inpatients

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Bromine oxidation of methyl alpha- and beta-pyranosides of D-galactose, D-glucose, and D-mannose

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Bromocriptine (CB 154) in the treatment of prostatic adenoma

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Bromocriptine and gastric acid output

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Bromocriptine and gastrin secretion

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Bromocriptine and pituitary tumours

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Bromocriptine and plasma-aldosterone

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Bromocriptine and thyroid-stimulating-hormone secretion

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Bromocriptine associated with a peripheral dopamine blocking agent in treatment of Parkinson's disease

Anonymous, 1977:
Bromocriptine for amenorrhoea

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Bromocriptine for male infertility

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Bromocriptine in Nelson's syndrome and Cushing's disease

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Bromocriptine in Parkinson's disease

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Bromocriptine in hyperprolactinemic amenorrhea: a possible early effect on ovarian steroidogenesis

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Bromocriptine in impotence

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Bromocriptine in pituitary tumours

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Bromocriptine in the treatment of parkinsonism

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Bromocriptine in treating mania

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Bromocriptine induced pregnancy in two cases of euprolactinemic hypothalamic amenorrhea

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Bromocriptine inhibits prolactin and growth-hormone release by human pituitary tumours in culture

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Bromocriptine suppression of TRH-stimulated prolactin and thyrotrophin release and accompanying inhibition of bromocriptine induced growth hormone release by TRH in normal man

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Bromocriptine suppression of the thyrotrophin response to thyrotrophin releasing hormone

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Bromocriptine treatment for oligospermia and asthenospermia with normal prolactin

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Bromocriptine treatment of secondary amenorrhoea

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Bromocriptine, a new therapeutic principle in prostatic adenoma and carcinoma. Basis, possibilities, limits

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Anonymous, 1977:
Bromocriptine, gastric acid output, and gastrin secretion

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Bromocriptine, pituitary tumours, and pregnancy

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Bromocriptine-responsive form of idiopathic oedema

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Bromodeoxyuridine (BUdR) treatment of melanoma cells decreases cellular proteolytic activity

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Bromodeoxyuridine resistance induced in mouse lymphoma cells by microsomal activation of dimethylnitrosamine

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Bromolysergide and methysergide protection against ECS-induced retrograde amnesia

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Bromothymol blue and carbohydrate-sensitive plating media

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Brompton cocktail

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Brompton's cocktail: making good-byes possible

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