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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38923

Chapter 38923 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Einhorn, L.H.; Donohue, J., 1977:
Cis-diamminedichloroplatinum, vinblastine, and bleomycin combination chemotherapy in disseminated testicular cancer

Heinen, E., 1977:
Cis-dichloro-diammine platinum (II) as stain for electron microscopic preparations

King, G.W.; Halpin, J.J.; Smith, R.E.; Batley, F.; Schuller, D.E., 1979:
Cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum(II), methotrexate, bleomycin, and vincristine in head and neck cancer: a pilot study

Jacobs, C.; Bertino, J.R.; Goffinet, D.R.; Fee, W.E.; Goode, R.L., 1978:
Cis-platinum chemotherapy in head and neck cancers

Korth, K.; Wetterauer, W.; Wetterauer, U.; Heite, H.J., 1978:
Citrate and acid phosphatase in the ejaculate in prostatic carcinoma and adenoma

Lomský, K., 1979:
Citrate concentration in samples for physiological coagulation investigations

Mattey, M.; Bowes, I., 1978:
Citrate regulation of NADP+-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase of Aspergillus niger [proceedings

Roelandts, I.; Vignette, R.; Barac, G., 1978:
Citric ion and magnesiuria of isolated canine kidneys perfused with heparinized blood (proceedings)

Agranenko, V.A.; Golubeva, V.L., 1979:
Citroglucophosphate, an effective preservative solution for blood

Williams, D.; Ashby, W.A., 1978:
City path: following in the heart of Don Juan

Arvy, L.; Maass, C.L., 1979:
Clara Louise Maass (1876-1901) and yellow fever

Breitenecker, L., 1976:
Clarification of accidents only through autopsy

Deffenbaugh, E., 1979:
Clarification on legal status of some antihistamine products

Levy, L.A., 1979:
Clarifying the role of podiatrists as primary care providers

Yamaga, K.; Benedict, A.A., 1975:
Class, amounts and affinities of anti-dinitrophenyl antibodies in chickens. I. Production of 7S and 17S antibodies of equal affinity by intravenous injection of antigen

Yamaga, K.; Benedict, A.A., 1975:
Class, amounts, and affinities of anti-dinitrophenyl antibodies in chickens. II. Production of a restricted population of high affinity 7S antibodies by injection of antigen emulsified in adjuvant

Weits, J.; de Gast, G.C.; The, T.H.; Esselink, M.T.; Deelder, A.M.; Petrovic, M.; Mandema, E., 1978:
Class-specific antibody titres (ELISA) against the primary immunogen Helix pomatia haemocyanin (HPH) in man

Hops, H.; Walker, H.M.; Fleischman, D.H.; Nagoshi, J.T.; Omura, R.T.; Skindrud, K.; Taylor, J., 1978:
Class: a standardized in-class program for acting-out children. II. Field test evaluations

Haury, J.F.; Wolk, C.P., 1978:
Classes of Anabaena variabilis mutants with oxygen-sensitive nitrogenase activity

Anonymous, 1979:
Classes on parenting held at Perth Amboy Hospital

Milone, S.; Burlando, L., 1978:
Classical and associated monoclonal gammopathies: incidence and comparison between type of gammopathy and various chemico-clinical parameters

Tóth, K.; Molnár, J.; Mayer, F., 1978:
Classical and modified intramedullary nailing in osteomyelitis pseudoarthroses

Magasanik, B., 1976:
Classical and postclassical modes of regulation of the synthesis of degradative bacterial enzymes

Kamiya, T.; Koie, K.; Ishiguro, J.; Ogata, K., 1977:
Classical haemophilia in girl with 46, XX karyotype and no family history of bleeding disorder

Dukes, C.E., 1978:
Classics in oncology. Cuthbert Esquire Dukes (1890-1977)

Rich, A.R.; Rich, A.R., 1979:
Classics in oncology. On the frequency of occurrence of occult carcinoma of the prostate: Arnold Rice Rich, M.D., Journal of Urology 33:3, 1935

Loeb, L.; Loeb, L., 1978:
Classics in oncology. On transplantation of tumors: Leo Loeb, M. D. Journal of Medical Research 6:28-39, 1901

Rhoads, C.P.; Rhoads, C.P., 1978:
Classics in oncology. The sword and the ploughshare; Cornelius P. Rhoads. Excerpted from the Journal of the Mount Sinai Hospital, Volume XIII, Number 6, 1946

Strong, L.C., 1979:
Classics in oncology: Leonell C. Strong. The establishment of the C3H inbred strain of mice for the study of spontaneous carcinoma of the mammary gland

Brantz, M.H.; Forsman, R., 1977:
Classification and audiovisuals

Saletu, B.; Grünberger, J.; Linzmayer, L., 1977:
Classification and determination of cerebral biovailability of psychotropic drugs by quantitative "pharmaco-EEG" and psychometric investigations (studies with AX-A411-BS)

György, F., 1976:
Classification and diagnosis of ankle injuries

Shaklai, N.; Yguerabide, J.; Ranney, H.M., 1977:
Classification and localization of hemoglobin binding sites on the red blood cell membrane

Anonymous, 1975:
Classification and nomenclature of morphological defects

Pia, H.W., 1979:
Classification and treatment of aneurysms of the vertebro-basilar system

Zakusov, V.V., 1976:
Classification and use of psychotropic agents

Barry, J., 1975:
Classification by the Golgi technique of several categories of neurons in the mouse paraventricular nucleus

Berkman, E., 1976:
Classification of acute bacterial meningitis cases according to their etiology, seen in a children's hospital in Ankara from March 1973 to April 1974

Childers, R., 1976:
Classification of cardiac dysrhythmias

Mincu, I.; Ionescu-Tîrgovişte, C.; Ghişe-Beer, E., 1975:
Classification of clinically manifest diabetes mellitus as related to etiological factors

Oetliker, O., 1979:
Classification of congenital tubular nephropathies

Moskovtchenko, J.F.; Cognet, J.B., 1976:
Classification of corticoids

Garfinkel, L., 1979:
Classification of data in research

Cudworth, A.G.; Woodrow, J.C., 1977:
Classification of diabetes

Irvine, W.J., 1977:
Classification of diabetes mellitus

Deenichin, P., 1978:
Classification of methods employed in the operative treatment of echinococcosis

Ruiz-Maldonado, R.; Tamayo, L., 1975:
Classification of neuroichthyosis

Ljungberg, T.; Ungerstedt, U., 1978:
Classification of neuroleptic drugs according to their ability to inhibit apomorphine-induced locomotion and gnawing: evidence for two different mechanisms of action

Kelényi, G., 1978:
Classification of non-Hodgkin's lymphomas: facts and perspectives

Sillence, D.O.; Rimoin, D.L., 1978:
Classification of osteogenesis imperfect

Levin, L.S.; Salinas, C.F.; Jorgenson, R.J., 1978:
Classification of osteogenesis imperfecta by dental characteristics

Hermann, N.; Gjørup, T.; Wulff, H.R., 1979:
Classification of papers presented at 2 international gastroenterology conferences. An attempt to analyse medical research progress

Hakanson, R.; Alumets, J.; Sundler, F., 1978:
Classification of peptide-hormone-producing cells

Dupuis, B., 1979:
Classification of recent morphine analgesics and morphine antagonists

Nerobeev, V.D., 1978:
Classification of sperm fertility and its diagnostic value

Wurster, K., 1976:
Classification of testicular germ cell neoplasms. New viewpoints based on morphogenetic studies

Lôo, H.; Cuche, H., 1979:
Classification of the antidepressants

Alving, J., 1978:
Classification of the epilepsies. An investigation of 1,508 consecutive adult patients

Fridman, M.E.; Mamakeev, M.M.; Kutmanbekov, A.K.; Narbekov, O.N., 1975:
Classification of the severity of blood loss in gastroduodenal hemorrhages of peptic ulcer etiology

Tsubokawa, T.; Yamada, J.; Tomizawa, N.; Goto, T.; Shinozaki, H.; Moriyasu, N., 1979:
Classification of traumatic intracerebral hematoma by repeated CT-scan and clinical course

Ingram, G.I., 1978:
Classification of von Willebrand's disease

Illig, L., 1976:
Classification, nomenclature and biologic significance of malignant melanona. Report of the 6th International Symposium "Biological characterization of human tumors", Section "Malignant melanoma", Copenhagen, May 16, 1975

Anonymous, 1978:
Classification, pathogenesis and etiology of recurrent oral ulcerative diseases and Behçet's syndrome

Anonymous, 1975:
Classifying gastroenteritis viruses

Robin, E.D., 1977:
Claude Bernard's (extended) milieu interieur revisited: autoregulation of cell and subcell integrity

Ors, Y.; Bernard, C., 1978:
Claude Bernard's role in the development of scientific medicine

Perrier, C.V., 1975:
Claude Victor Perrier

Wise, R., 1977:
Clavulanic acid and susceptibility of Bacteroides fragilis to penicillin

Durkin, J.P.; Viswanatha, T., 1978:
Clavulanic acid inhibition of beta-lactamase I from Bacillus cereus 569/H

Giudicelli, J.F.; Berdeaux, A.; Idrissi, N.; Richer, C., 1978:
Clazepam: pharmacokinetics and effects on performance

Anonymous, 1979:
Clean intermittent catheterisation

Misra, A.L.; Vadlamani, N.L.; Pontani, R.B., 1978:
Clearance and analgesic activity of the quaternized opiate, N-methylmorphine [6-3H] administered intracisternally to the rat

Kijlstra, A.; Knutson, D.W.; Daha, M.R.; van Es, L.A., 1979:
Clearance and glomerular localization of preformed DNP anti-DNP immune complexes

Scheld, W.M.; Park, T.S.; Dacey, R.G.; Winn, H.R.; Jane, J.A.; Sande, M.A., 1979:
Clearance of bacteria from cerebrospinal fluid to blood in experimental meningitis

Eng, L.F.; Lee, Y.L.; Williams, K.; Fukayama, G.; Gerstl, B.; Kies, M., 1978:
Clearance of myelin basic protein from blood of normal and EAE rabbits

Kuz'mina, T.D., 1978:
Clearance of tissue antigens from the blood of irradiated animals by antitissue antibody preparations

Landon, 1977:
Cleavage at aspartyl-prolyl bonds

Nagasawa, S.; Stroud, R.M., 1977:
Cleavage of C2 by C1s into the antigenically distinct fragments C2a and C2b: demonstration of binding of C2b to C4b

Butschak, G.; Förster, W.; Graffi, A., 1976:
Cleavage of alpha-L-arabinofuranoside, beta-D-glucopyranoside and beta-cellobioside of 4-nitrophenol by enzymes of various fungi - a contribution to increase the selectivity of tumor therapy

Habener, J.F.; Potts, J.T., 1979:
Cleavage-associated enhancement of an antigenic site in the biologically active NH2-terminal region of parathyroid hormone

Roberts, D.J.; Salazar, W.; Beckett, P.R.; Nahorski, S.R., 1978:
Clebopride, a new orthopramide with potent and selective central antidopaminergic properties

Zablen, M.; Brand, N., 1978:
Cleft lip and palate with the anticonvulsant ethantoin

Zablen, M.; Brand, N., 1977:
Cleft lip and palate with the anticonvulsant ethotoin

Elsahy, N.I., 1975:
Cleft lip nasal deformities: a new technique for repair

Leonard, A., 1979:
Client assessment

Fellenbaum, S., 1978:
Client education: A do-it-yourself audiovisual project

Costall, B.; Naylor, R.J.; Nohria, V., 1978:
Climbing behaviour induced by apomorphine in mice: a potential model for the detection of neuroleptic activity

Morselli, P.L., 1976:
Clincial pharmacokinetics in neonates

Shteĭnlukht, L.A.; Zver'kova, F.A.; Soboleva, S.F., 1977 :
Cliniacl features and remote results in treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis in childhood

Lasch, H.G., 1978:
Clinic and pathophysiology of shock

Müller, H.; Voit, E.; Schwarz, R., 1979:
Clinical Investigations about the behaviour of pulmonary respiration and cardiovascular circulation after the application of Rohypnol for basis-sedation for microsurgical operations in otolaryngology in local anesthesia

Dugan, W.M.; Minnick, D.J.; Wood, J.R.; Dailey, K.S.; Jansen, M.A.; Lohrman, R.G.; Buell, D.N., 1979:
Clinical Oncology Program: a community cancer control model

Anonymous, 1979:
Clinical advances in oral antibiotic therapy. Proceedings of a symposium held at the Royal College of Physicians, London, September 21 and 22, 1978 sponsored by Lilly Research Laboratories

Banaszak, S.M.; Willner, R.F., 1978:
Clinical affiliations needed to augment educational experience

Luo, B.Q., 1979:
Clinical analysis of 50 cases of epidemic hemorrhagic fever complicated by disseminated intra-vascular coagulation

Koike, T.; Ishii, R.; Kameyama, S.; Ihara, I.; Takeuchi, S.; Kobayashi, K., 1979:
Clinical analysis of cerebral vasospasm following subarachnoid hemorrhage. Part 1 Sequential changes of incidence and degree and its clinical significance

Gengsheng, Z.; Zhenqiong, L., 1979:
Clinical analysis of idiopathic aortic aneurysm: report of 33 cases

Takaku, A.; Tanaka, S.; Mori, T.; Shindou, K.; Fukawa, O.; Hen, R.; Suzuki, J., 1978:
Clinical analysis of postoperative complications in 1,000 cases of intracranial saccular aneurysms

Qian, B.Y.; Sun, R.L.; Hu, X.D.; Tao, S.C., 1979:
Clinical analysis of systolic click syndrome in 61 patients

de Servi, S.; Specchia, G.; Angoli, L.; Bramucci, E.; Mussini, A.; Marinoni, G.P.; Gavazzi, A.; Falcone, C.; Bobba, P., 1979:
Clinical and angiographic study and pathogenic mechanism of Prinzmetal's angina. Apropos of 31 cases

Riva, L.P.; Mazzi, C., 1978:
Clinical and biochemical aspects of treatment using a plurichronocorticoid

Ravizza, L., 1979:
Clinical and biochemical contributions on the action of maprotiline and clomipramine in depressive states (preliminary observation)

Ravizza, L., 1979:
Clinical and biochemical contributions on the effect of maprotiline and clomipramine in depressive states (preliminary observation)

Barolin, G.S.; Hodkewitsch, E.; Höfinger, E.; Scholz, H.; Bernheimer, H.; Molzer, B., 1979:
Clinical and biochemical follow up of Refsum's disease

Philippart, M., 1978:
Clinical and biochemical pathophysiology of ataxia in the sphingolipidoses

Cammilli, L.; Alcidi, L.; Papeschi, G.; Padeletti, L.; Grassi, G., 1978:
Clinical and biological aspects in patient with pH-triggered implanted pacemaker

Choffat, P.; Delagoutte, J.P.; Koff, G.; Leveaux, G., 1975:
Clinical and biological disorders during surgery induced by acrylic cements

Giraldo, M.P.; González-Escobar, R.; Lezaún, M.A.; Eiriz, M.T.; Pérez Barrachina, M.C.; Giralt, M.; Raichs, A., 1977:
Clinical and biological evaluation of 83 cases of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Schumacher, M., 1979:
Clinical and bioptic findings in 23 cases of periarteritis nodosa

Massei, V.; Miti, L.; Sanguinetti, C.M.; Bonifazi, F.; Civerchia, D., 1978:
Clinical and blood gas findings during IPPB

Waaler, P.E., 1976:
Clinical and cytogenetic studies in undescended testes

Abbrederis, K.; Schmalzl, F., 1976:
Clinical and cytological differences in adult acute lymphatic and acute undifferentiated leukemia

Weber, M.; Brocard, O.; Vidailhet, M., 1978:
Clinical and electrophysiological aspects of the gangliosidoses

Birnberger, K.L.; Rüdel, R.; Struppler, A., 1975:
Clinical and electrophysiological observations in patients with myotonic muscle disease and the therapeutic effect of N-propyl-ajmalin

Saev, S.; Madzharov, D.; Iordanova, S.; Malakchieva, S.; Dimitrova, P., 1978:
Clinical and electrophysiological trial of the soporific and anesthetic properties of flunitrazepam

Lemon, H.M., 1977:
Clinical and experimental aspects of the anti-mammary carinogenic activity of estriol

Kato, I.; Kaihotsu, N.; Okada, K.; Fukuda, T.; Sugimoto, T., 1978:
Clinical and experimental evaluation of myocardial protection by magenesium-procaine solution (Kirsh solution) and cold HES perfusion

Gubskiĭ, V.I., 1975:
Clinical and experimental measurement of the total osmotic pressure of the blood serum (plasma)

Illig, L.; Paul, E., 1976:
Clinical and experimental observations on idiopathic urticaria due to the contact with heat

Miyazaki, M.; Muranishi, R.; Yokono, S., 1977:
Clinical and experimental studies on a new beta-adrenergic blocker. Use of dl-5-methyl-8-(2-hydroxy-3-t-butylaminopropoxy) coumarin hydrochloride (bucumolol) in anesthesia

Harano, K., 1978:
Clinical and experimental studies on continuous epidural anesthesia for ureteral calculi

Onoye, Y., 1977:
Clinical and experimental studies on the bladder detrusor muscle: roentgenological and histological investigation

Yamaki, T.; Odake, G.; Horikawa, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Fujimoto, M.; Naruse, S.; Yano, I.; Ota, T.; Toyama, M., 1978:
Clinical and experimental study of heart-cured methyl methacrylate for cranioplasty

Tannières, M.L.; Vourc'h, G., 1978:
Clinical and gasometric study of low dose administration of naloxone in the child in the postoperative period in 20 cases

Lahnborg, G.; Bergström, K., 1975:
Clinical and haemostatic parameters related to thromboembolism and low-dose heparin prophylaxis in major surgery

Yarchuk, N.I.; Limberg, A.A.; Nekachalov, V.V., 1975:
Clinical and histological characteristics of late results of otoplasty using diced cadaver cartilage

Kaidbey, K.H.; Kligman, A.M., 1977 :
Clinical and histological study of coal tar phototoxicity in humans

Römer, H.; Essenfeld-Yahr, E.; Torres, P.; Yamin, Y.; Gómez, M., 1977:
Clinical and histopathological evolution of active chronic hepatitis

Naito, H., 1979:
Clinical and histopathological findings of myoclonus epilepsy with dominant heredity

Morishima, T.; Endo, M.; Imagawa, I.; Morioka, S., 1976:
Clinical and histopathological studies on spotted grouped pigmented nevi with special reference to eccrine-centered nevus

Tsubaki, T.; Horikawa, Y.; Iwata, I.; Amaya, N., 1976:
Clinical and immunologic studies on multiple sclerosis

Nelson, H.S.; Brown, G.; O'Barr, T.P.; Branch, L.B.; Spaulding, H.; Black, J.W., 1976:
Clinical and immunological studies of timothy antigen D immunotherapy

Prandi, G.; Lasagni, A.; Stefani, B., 1976:
Clinical and immunological study of 2 cases of systemic candidiasis

DeMeester, T.R.; Wernly, J.A.; Bryant, G.H.; Little, A.G.; Skinner, D.B., 1979:
Clinical and in vitro analysis of determinants of gastroesophageal competence. A study of the principles of antireflux surgery

Ambrosch, F.; Wiedermann, G.; Wustinger, E., 1978:
Clinical and laboratory chemical studies for the evaluation of prophylaxis with gamma globulin during stays in the tropics

Morozova, G.S.; Makarova, L.N.; Turkenich, T.V., 1979:
Clinical and laboratory criteria for the differential diagnosis of staphylococcal pneumonia in young infants

Urmösi, J., 1975:
Clinical and laboratory data for the demonstration of the relationship between dental focal infections and exudative multiform erythema

Kwasnik, I.; Klauber, G.; Tilton, R.C., 1979:
Clinical and laboratory evaluation of the antibody-coated bacteria test in children

Craig, J.R.; Mosier, W.M., 1978:
Clinical and laboratory findings on admission to an alcohol detoxification service

Canciani, M.T.; Maspero, M.L.; Cattaneo, M.; Mannucci, P.M., 1979:
Clinical and laboratory observations in eight patients with lupus-type circulating anticoagulant

Müller, F.; Sajtos, L., 1977:
Clinical and laboratory observations on trioxazine treatment of delirious and other psychiatric diseases

Kniazev, I.A.; Afanas'eva, N.B.; Ostashevskaia, M.I.; Marchenko, L.F., 1978:
Clinical and metabolic characteristics in diabetic ketoacidosis in children and pathogenic therapy

Loesche, W.J., 1979:
Clinical and microbiological aspects of chemotherapeutic agents used according to the specific plaque hypothesis

Kleinteich, B.; Schickedanz, H., 1977:
Clinical and morphological evaluations of the volume of congenitally-dystopic and surgically treated testis

Atefie, K.; Gangl, A.; Grabner, G.; Stockinger, L., 1975:
Clinical and morphological features during the course of Whipple's disease(author's transl)

Maciejewska, J.; Rejniak, L., 1977 :
Clinical and morphological studies of rabbit's trabecular meshwork following instillation of pilocarpine, eserine and adrenaline solutions

Takagi, T.; Nagai, R.; Fukuoka, H.; Ozawa, M.; Mizawa, I., 1976:
Clinical and pathological studies on posterior fossa subdural hematoma of the newborn

Tomonaga, M.; Fukushima, T.; Tanaka, A.; Sawada, T.; Takeno, Y.; Nishimaru, K.; Kamei, H., 1978:
Clinical and pathological study of rebleeding of intracranial aneurysm--based on 7 cases expired by rebleeding during hospital stay

Cronberg, S., 1979:
Clinical and pharmacological studies on various platelet inhibitors

Manu, P.; Karassi, A.; Chirculescu, N.; Rotaru, M., 1975:
Clinical and prognostic studies of 41 patients with left anterior hemiblock in the onset of acute myocardial infarct

Ruggiero, A.; Mauro, C., 1978:
Clinical and radiological aspects of gastric diverticula

Jocu, I.; Ilie, E.; Bustea, M., 1976:
Clinical and radiological considerations on ovarian metastases from gastric cancer

Fica, V.; Mătrescu, F.; Pătruţ, M.; Popescu, T.; Andronescu, D., 1978:
Clinical and radiological correlations in chronic pyelonephritis

Alter, H.J.; Holland, P.V.; Morrow, A.G.; Purcell, R.H.; Feinstone, S.M.; Moritsugu, Y., 1975:
Clinical and serological analysis of transfusion-associated hepatitis

Fioretos, M.; Jofsson, A.; Jansen, H., 1975:
Clinical and sociomedical aspects of patients awaiting operation for prostatic hyperplasia

Quellhorst, E.; Schuenemann, B.; Borghardt, J., 1978:
Clinical and technical aspects of hemofiltration

Hess, K.; Gresty, M.; Leech, J., 1978:
Clinical and theoretical aspects of head movement dependent oscillopsia (HMDO). A review

Johnson, P.J.; Williams, R., 1977:
Clinical and therapeutic aspects of hepatocellular carcinoma

Popovici, G., 1979:
Clinical and therapeutic considerations on non-lithiasic chronic cholecystitis

Scheydeker, J.L.; Pozzo di Borgo, C.; Petitjean, C.; Ladouce, C.; Seys, G.A.; Rendoing, J., 1975:
Clinical and therapeutic problems posed by hangings. Apropos of 67 cases

Böszörményi, Z., 1975:
Clinical and therapeutical problems of mild (non-psychotic) mental depressions

Kawana, T.; Kawaguchi, T.; Sakamoto, S., 1976:
Clinical and virological studies on genital herpes

Johnson, P.T., 1979:
Clinical appearance of the hyaloid artery system in the newborn rhesus monkey

Finitzo-Hieber, T.; Hecox, K.; Cone, B., 1978:
Clinical applicability of the auditory-evoked response in neonates

Hayashida, K.; Watanabe, H.; Ito, M.; Nakashima, T.; Toriya, Y.; Hiroto, I.; Jingu, K.; Hayabuchi, N., 1979:
Clinical application of NK 631 in the treatment of cancer of the tongue and the floor of the mouth

Ogawa, Y.; Omata, T.; Imaizumi, H.; Shiga, H.; Ouchi, J., 1979:
Clinical application of NK 631 to head-and-neck cancers

Asahi, M., 1979:
Clinical application of NK 631, a new derivative of bleomycin

Makimoto, K.; Nagahara, K., 1979:
Clinical application of NK-631, a new bleomycin to head-and-neck malignant tumors

Dimai, W.; Alon, E.; Gattiker, R.; Turina, M., 1979:
Clinical application of a supplement to the extracorporal circulation to produce a pulsatile flow

Fraser, H.S.; Thompson, D.; Khan, C., 1976:
Clinical application of antipyrine half life in saliva in a patient with osteomalacia

Kanao, K.; Honda, M.; Ishihara, S.; Ogawa, T.; Sakata, Y.; Matsuyuki, Y., 1979:
Clinical application of beta 2-microglobulin measurement in malignant disease

Bricolo, A.; Turazzi, S.; Faccioli, F.; Odorizzi, F.; Sciaretta, G.; Erculiani, P., 1978:
Clinical application of compressed spectral array in long-term EEG monitoring of comatose patients

Letchworth, A.T.; Slattery, M.; Dennis, K.J., 1978:
Clinical application of human-placental-lactogen values in late pregnancy

Moncure, C.W., 1978:
Clinical application of immunodiffusion assay for prostatic acid phosphatase

Raz, S.; Adler, D., 1975:
Clinical applications of a new uroflowmeter

Ainbender, E.; Brown, E.; Kierney, C.; Hirschhorn, K., 1978:
Clinical applications of alpha-fetoprotein determinations

Ram, C.V., 1979:
Clinical applications of beta adrenergic blocking drugs: a growing spectrum

Goldman, J.M.; Sultan, C., 1975:
Clinical applications of bone-marrow culture

Alper, C.A.; Rosen, F.S., 1975:
Clinical applications of complement assays

Mann, J.R.; Lakin, G.E.; Leonard, J.C.; Rawlinson, H.A.; Richardson, S.G.; Corkery, J.J.; Cameron, A.H.; Shah, K.J., 1978:
Clinical applications of serum carcinoembryonic antigen and alpha-fetoprotein levels in children with solid tumours

Bosman, F.T.; Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman, A.C., 1979:
Clinical applications of the enzyme labeled antibody method. Immunoperoxidase methods in diagnostic histopathology

Mikhno, L.E., 1976:
Clinical approbation of the colorimetric micromethod of determination of creatine kinase activity in ischemic heart disease

Murzaliev, A.M.; Musabekova, R.A., 1976:
Clinical aspects and course of atypical forms of disseminated sclerosis

Malysheva, N.V., 1979:
Clinical aspects and diagnosis of the mitral valve prolapse syndrome (a review of the literature)

Muck, P.; Pohle, H.D., 1979:
Clinical aspects and importance of pneumococcal pneumonia

Csapody, I.; Józsa, L., 1976:
Clinical aspects and pathology of traumatic lesions of the optic nerve

Stoeber, E., 1976:
Clinical aspects and prognosis of chronic juvenile polyarthritis

Maier, C., 1977:
Clinical aspects and therapy of sleep-wakefulness disorders in the elderly

Just, H., 1975:
Clinical aspects and therapy of ventricular extrasystole

Julow, J.; Szarvas, I.; Sárváry, A., 1978:
Clinical aspects and treatment of injuries of the lower cervical spinal cord

Glazunova, M.G.; Trakhtenberg, L.I., 1976:
Clinical aspects and treatment of meningococcal meningitis (based on material from the city of Frunze)

Seclì, R.; Gandolfi-Colleoni, G.; Pierfederici, P., 1977:
Clinical aspects of 48 cases of intrahepatic cholestasis during pregnancy

Riedler, L.; Schennach, W., 1976:
Clinical aspects of Hochenegg's draft procedure

Helm, E.B., 1978:
Clinical aspects of Marburg virus infection

Haimovici, M.; Constantiniu, S.; Popovici, M.; Bercovici, C.; Moraru, D.; Stern, L., 1978:
Clinical aspects of Yershinia enterocolitica infection in infants

Dolezalová, V.; Simícková, M.; Stratil, P., 1979:
Clinical aspects of alpha 1-fetoprotein determination in human liver cancer and in humans and experimental animals at carcinogenic risk

Betzler, M., 1977:
Clinical aspects of bone tumors

Vogt-Moykopf, I., 1977:
Clinical aspects of bronchial cancer

Frey, P.; Schmid, M.; Knoblauch, M., 1975:
Clinical aspects of carcinoma of the liver

Janecek, P.; Bossart, H., 1978:
Clinical aspects of continuous tissular pH measurements of the newborn and the fetus

Bokarev, I.N.; Ovcinnikova, L.V.; Aleksandrova, N.A.; Kabaeva, E.V.; Marcukova, E.V.; Kun, I.S.; Olbinskaja, L.I., 1979:
Clinical aspects of control in therapy with platelet inhibitors

van Noorden, G.K., 1978:
Clinical aspects of deprivation amblyopia

Adlung, J., 1976:
Clinical aspects of diseases of the small intestine. Diagnosis by nuclear medicine (proceedings)

Yamaguchi, K.; Abe, K., 1979:
Clinical aspects of gut hormone-producing tumors

Desai, H.N., 1976:
Clinical aspects of hepatocellular carcinoma in man

Okuda, K.; Kubo, Y.; Okazaki, N.; Arishima, T.; Hashimoto, M., 1977:
Clinical aspects of intrahepatic bile duct carcinoma including hilar carcinoma: a study of 57 autopsy-proven cases

Hoberock, T.R.; Knutson, C.O.; Polk, H.C., 1975:
Clinical aspects of invasive carcinoid tumors

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Clinical aspects of lactic acid acidosis in the light of own observations

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Clinical aspects of lung injuries

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Clinical aspects of obstructive jaundice with special reference to percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC)

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Clinical aspects of pain. Part II

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Clinical aspects of tachycardial heart-thythm disorders

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Clinical aspects of the graft-versus host disease

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Clinical aspects of thrombelytic therapy using streptokinase

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Clinical aspects on 64 cases of juvenile and adult listeriosis in Sweden

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Clinical aspects, diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the large intestine

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Clinical aspects: specificity and mode of action of immunosuppressives

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Clinical assessment of the MOD-MEM cancer test in controls with non-malignant diseases

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Clinical biochemical aspects of the prophylaxis and therapy of senile cataract with zinc aspartate

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Clinical biochemistry--a view from the trainees

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Clinical cardiology and the Lancet

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Clinical case of progressive calcinosis of the skin

Anonymous, 1978:
Clinical case presentation

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Clinical characteristics of Botkin's disease in children in the 1st year of life

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Clinical characteristics of acute gastrointestinal diseases of Proteus etiology in young children

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Clinical characteristics of hemorrhagic fever with nephrotic syndrome in young patients

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Clinical characteristics of imipramine-induced orthostatic hypotension

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Clinical characteristics of intestinal coli infection in the city of Frunze

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Clinical characteristics of variants of congenital glaucoma

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Clinical chemical parameter changes in patients with liver metastases

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Clinical chemistry reporting. Problems and proposals

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Clinical classification of prostate adenoma

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Clinical comparison of abortifacient activity of vaginally administered prostaglandin E2 in two dosage forms

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Clinical comparison of oxyprothepin and clotepine in schizophrenic patients (controlled study)

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Clinical comparison of plasma substitutes, dextran and hydroxyethyl starch

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Clinical compoenets of psychotic disorders: their relationship to treatment

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Clinical concepts of vasculitis

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Clinical conference: Common variable immunodeficiency with pernicious anemia, asthma, and reactions to gamma globulin; treatment with plasma

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Clinical consequences of the "thrombocytogenic" theory of atherogenesis

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Clinical consideration with special reference to autopsy cases of malignant tumor in the oral cavity, treated with Bleomycin

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Clinical considerations in analgesic therapy. II. Narcotic analgesics

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Clinical considerations of obstructed bladder neck

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Clinical considerations on Prinzmetal's angina

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Clinical considerations on a group of patients with urinary infections studied in the out-patient clinic

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Clinical considerations on the use of non-digitalic cardiokinetic drugs and vasodilators in cardiac insufficiency

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Clinical contribution to dwarf symbolism

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Clinical contribution to the knowledge of hemopoietic dysplasias: long-term follow-up of 13 patients with refractory anemia

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Clinical correlations and significance of orceinpositivity in chronic active hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis

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Clinical correlations between long-term (IgE) and short-term (IgG S-TS) anaphylactic antibodies in atopic and 'non-atopic' subjects with respiratory allergic disease

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Clinical course and principles of intensive treatment of hypertoxic forms of influenza complicated by pneumonia

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Clinical course of Kulenkampff-Tarnow syndrome after treatment of schizophrenia with neuroleptics

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Clinical course of adult metachromatic leukodystrophy presenting as schizophrenia. A report of two living cases in siblings

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Clinical course of early extranodal non-Hodgkin's lymphomas

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Clinical course of hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy

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Clinical course of viral hepatitis in school children, vaccinated and non-vaccinated with gamma-globulin

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Clinical cytogenetics: part 2

Schütz, H., 1978:
Clinical demonstration

Gribova, I.A.; Smirnov, M.I., 1979:
Clinical determination of the life span of erythrocytes

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Clinical development of the malignant process in retained testis with a contribution of 5 cases

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Clinical diagnosis and course of arteriosclerosis obliterans

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Clinical dilemmas arising from the antenatal diagnosis of neural tube defects

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Clinical disguises of alcoholic liver cirrhosis

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Clinical effect of L-dopa on schizophrenia

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Clinical effectiveness of the therapeutic nutrition of sick children using enteral feeding preparations and low-lactose mixtures

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Clinical effects of L-Dopa on epilepsy

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Clinical effects of NK 631 (pepleomycin) against malignant tumors of the head and neck

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Clinical effects of NK 631 in malignant tumors of the oral cavity

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Clinical effects of NK 631, a new bleomycin derivative, in treatment of oral cancer

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Clinical effects of alclofenac in the pain following tooth extraction--double blind tests

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Clinical effects of beta-adrenergic blockers in psychiatry

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Clinical effects of chlormadinone acetate (CMA) on human benign prostatic hypertrophy--comparative study with hexestrol by a double blind trial

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Clinical effects of choline in Alzheimer senile dementia

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Clinical effects of choline in Alzheimer's disease

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Clinical effects of vitamin C in elderly inpatients with low blood-vitamin-C levels

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Clinical enzyme diagnosis in chronic hepatitis. Possibilities and limitations

Goldberg, D.M., 1976:
Clinical enzymology

Matsumoto, A., 1979:
Clinical evaluation in measuring astroprotein in cerebrospinal fluid in patients with head injuries

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Clinical evaluation of Reladorm-Polfa

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Clinical evaluation of T-1220 (piperacillin) in Otorhinolaryngological field

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Clinical evaluation of Trivé 1000 in surgery

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Clinical evaluation of Uralyt-U Madaus preparation in the treatment of nephrolithiasis showing no shadows in radiograms

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Clinical evaluation of a new anticoagulant therapy in prosthetic valve replacement

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Clinical evaluation of anti-angina agents: studies in Italy (1963-1974)

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Clinical evaluation of beta 2-microglobulin levels in serum and urine in normal and abnormal pregnancies

Kralisz, W., 1977:
Clinical evaluation of biological treatment of permanent teeth after mechanical injury

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Clinical evaluation of blood catalase and carbonic anhydrase activity in rheumatism in children

Yamamoto, I., 1978:
Clinical evaluation of bone scintigraphy with 99mTc-labeled phosphate compounds. I. Metastatic bone tumor (author's transl

Lenzner, A.; Koch, E., 1979:
Clinical evaluation of cefazedon on patients with urinary tract infections

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Clinical evaluation of commercial conjugates for direct immunofluorescence of herpes simplex virus

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Clinical evaluation of continuous fractional duodenal intubation in children

Shimizu, N., 1976:
Clinical evaluation of drug efficacy by the double blind method in medicine

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Clinical evaluation of hydroxyethyl starch (6-HES)

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Clinical evaluation of imperforate anus: clue to type of anal-rectal anomaly

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Clinical evaluation of injectable lorazepam as a premedicant: the effect on recall

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Clinical evaluation of intranasal topical flunisolide therapy in allergic rhinitis

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Clinical evaluation of microsurgical operation at early stage upon the ruptured meningomyelocele

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Clinical evaluation of new antitumor antibiotics

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Clinical evaluation of oxypertine in anxiety conditions

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Clinical evaluation of priming solutions for pump oxygenator perfusion

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Clinical evaluation of radio-labelled bleomycin for tumor detection

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Clinical evaluation of radioassays for calcitonin, CEA-S, AFP and ferritin as tumor markers

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Clinical evaluation of scintigraphy for neoplasms with 57 Co-bleomycin

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Clinical evaluation of serum Y-GT in the detection of liver and biliary tract diseases

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Clinical evaluation of serum triiodothyronine uptake test using antibody-coated test tubes and the free thyroxine index in various thyroid states

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Clinical evaluation of solid bleomycin tube therapy immediately following surgery of esophageal neoplasms

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Clinical evaluation of the EMIT procainamide and N-acetylprocainamide assay

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Clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of different surgical interventions in peptic ulcer

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Clinical evaluation of the new anesthetic "Ethrane"

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Clinical evaluation of the results of microscopic and biochemical examination of bile in chronic cholecystitis

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Clinical evaluation of the use of prifinium bromide in urologic patients

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Clinical evaluation of thyroid functions in chronic hemodialysis patients

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Clinical evaluation of tissue pH monitoring during labor. Second series of 61 cases

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Clinical evaluation of treatment of psychoses with once-a-day phenothiazine doses

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Clinical evaluation of tumor scintigraphy with 99mTc-bleomycin (Part I). Fundamental studies on labelling methods of 99mTc-bleomycin and its clinical application

Odori, T., 1979:
Clinical evaluation of tumor scintigraphy with 99mTc-bleomycin. (Part II). Combined studies of tumor scintigraphy with 99mTc-BLM and 67Ga-citrate, bone scintigraphy and angiography in bone and soft tissue tumors

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Clinical evaluation of two biphasic and one triphasic norgestrel/ethinyl estradiol regimens

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Clinical evaluation on quantitation of serum and urinary beta2-microglobulin, especially as an index of renal tubular function

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Clinical evidence for multiple dopamine receptors in man

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Clinical experience and expectation with protons and heavy ions

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Clinical experience and expectations with helium and heavy ion irradiation

Jilg, S., 1976:
Clinical experience in long-term testing of Clenbuterol

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Clinical experience in the application of the tissue pH electrode

Pierce, S.F., 1977:
Clinical experience in the intensive care unit

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Clinical experience of encainide (MJ 9067): a new anti-arrhythmic drug

Schmitt, G., 1978:
Clinical experience using neutron therapy

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Clinical experience with NK 631 (pepleomycin) for malignant tumors of skin

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Clinical experience with NK 631 in malignant tumors of skin

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Clinical experience with acute mesenteric vascular occlusion

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Clinical experience with an anti-rhinitis drug. Double-blind clinical comparative study with a modified drug

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Clinical experience with beta-blockers in consultant psychiatric practice

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Clinical experience with dibenzepine (Noveril 240) in endogenous depressions with signs of drug resistance

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Clinical experience with fast neutrons in Amsterdam

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Clinical experience with fetal continuous monitoring by pH electrode

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Clinical experience with flunitrazepam combination anesthesia

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Clinical experience with pepleomycin (NK 631)

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Clinical experience with some beta blocking agents and their derivatives in endogenous depressions

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Clinical experience with sydnocarb in neuroses and psychoses

Gawler, J., 1977:
Clinical experience with the E.M.I. scanner

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Clinical experience with the Teflo disposable membrane oxygenator

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Clinical experience with the cytostatic drug ifosfamide

Arrojo Lois, M., 1978:
Clinical experience with the neuroleptic 19.366 R.P. (pipothiazine)

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Clinical experiences in the Gambro-preservation unit: analysis of 101 human cadaver kidneys

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Clinical experiences in the application of gentamycin-PMMA-spheres and chains in 134 cases of bone and soft tissue infections in Strasbourg

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Clinical experiences of non-destructive transcutaneous afferent electrical stimulation therapy for pain relief

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Clinical experiences with a 6% hydroxyethyl starch 40000 solution; metabolic parameters and tolerance

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Clinical experiences with a new anti-arrhythmia agent propafenon

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Clinical experiences with acute beta blockade in acute myocardial infarction

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Clinical experiences with an analgesic-acting infusion solution in neurological painful conditions

Schöne, K., 1975:
Clinical experiences with an external heparinoid in high concentration of effective substance

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Clinical experiences with clobazam [proceedings

Müller, J.; Willenegger, H.; Lusser, G.; Good, H., 1979:
Clinical experiences with disinfectant solutions in posttraumatic osteitis

Filipp, G., 1977:
Clinical experiences with histamine-azoprotein and serotonine-azo-protein in the therapy of allergic diseases

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Clinical experiences with pepleomycin (NK 631)

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Clinical experiences with repeated oral administration of l-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM) in the rhesus monkey

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Clinical experiences with the Kö 1366 (Bunitrololhydrochloride) beta receptor blockader and the combination Kö 1366/Isosorbitdinitrate in patients with coronary disease

Gsell, S., 1975:
Clinical experiences with the benzodiazepine derivative bromazepam in acute agitation and excitement conditions in psychiatry

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Clinical experiences with untreated homologous vein grafts in reconstruction of arteries

Beer-Gabel, D.; Perrin, J.P., 1977:
Clinical experimentation of a new analgesic

Jaillard, J., 1976:
Clinical experimentation with tensid (apropos of 60 cases)

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Clinical experiments with the new oral long-acting neuroleptic clopimozide (R 29 764)

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Clinical features and diagnosis of alimentary endocrine tumours

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Clinical features and follow-up of patients with angina and normal coronary arteries

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Clinical features and nursing of patients with heart diseases in the surgical department. VI. II. Care of patients following surgery of acquired heart disease. 2. Keypoints and management of the postoperative follow-up period - heart valve diseases

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Clinical features in cases with the ruptured aneurysm of the distal anterior cerebral artery

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Clinical features in poisonings by tricyclic antidepressants with special reference to the ECG

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Clinical findings among PCB-exposed capacitor manufacturing workers

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Clinical findings on the management of cryptorchism

Königová, R.; Konícková, Z., 1978:
Clinical forms of endotoxinaemia in extensive burns

Vereshchagin, N.V.; Lunev, D.K.; Prokhorova, E.S.; Gulevskaia, T.S., 1979:
Clinical forms of epileptic seizures in ischemic circulatory disorders in the mixed blood supply zone of the anterior and middle cerebral arteries

Fam, A.G.; Tenenbaum, J.; Stein, J.L., 1979:
Clinical forms of meningococcal arthritis: a study of five cases

Czech, A.; Kowalik-Borówka, E.; Tatoń, J., 1979:
Clinical forms of the diabetic ketoacidosis course

Owen, D., 1976:
Clinical freedom and professional freedom

Anonymous, 1979:
Clinical fusion from nuclear fission

Guzanin, S., 1979:
Clinical genealogy of inborn developmental defects of upper extremities

Teterina, T.P.; Budiakov, V.I., 1978:
Clinical genetic study of a familial case of Recklinghausen's multiple neurofibromatosis

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Clinical immunological characteristics of Brill's disease

McClelland, D.B., 1976:
Clinical immunology

Reeves, W.G., 1976:
Clinical immunology. Nature of the specialty and provision of facilities

Abad Alonso, J.A., 1978:
Clinical implications of Apud cell tumors

Shader, R.I.; Greenblatt, D.J., 1977:
Clinical implications of benzodiazepine pharmacokinetics

Whitfield, H.N., 1977:
Clinical implications of lower urinary tract pharmacology

Reus, V.I.; Weingartner, H.; Post, R.M., 1979:
Clinical implications of state-dependent learning

Debas, H.T., 1979:
Clinical implications of the gastrointestinal hormones

Oski, F.A., 1979:
Clinical implications of the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve in the neonatal period

Fica, V.; Tache, O.; Mătrescu, F.; Andronescu, D.; Georgescu, I., 1978:
Clinical implications of the use of isotope-labeled beta 2-microglobulin in evaluation of tubular reabsorption function

Danev, S.I., 1975:
Clinical importance and methods of study of thermostabile isoenzymes of alkaline phosphatase

Ulrich, F.E., 1979:
Clinical importance and problems of enteric hormones

Tarolli, G.; Santoni, P.; Cugola, L.; Boscaro, C., 1978:
Clinical importance of Kimmerle's anomaly relation to the Neri-Barre-Lieou syndrome, Arnold Chiari neuralgia, and proprioceptive disorders of the musculo-ligamentous receptors of the neck)

Tsapok, P.I., 1978:
Clinical importance of an amniotic fluid enzyme study

Godo, G.; Sas, M., 1979:
Clinical importance of antiprolactinaemic treatment of functional infertility

Reĭnish, M.S.; Martynshin, M.Ia.; Dontsov, N.I., 1979:
Clinical importance of determining the content of surface-active substances in the amniotic fluid in complicated pregnancy

Chernitskiĭ, G.I.; Vasil'eva, N.P., 1976:
Clinical importance of fluorescence-microscopic studies of Mycobacteria tuberculosis. 2. Reliability of fluorescence microscopy

Mikhaĭlichenko, O.I.; Sedov, E.D.; Saĭko, E.G., 1979:
Clinical importance of intragastric titration in the study of the gastric acid-forming function using intragastric pH measurement

Polozhenkova, L.A.; Grebeneva, L.S., 1976:
Clinical importance of pH determination in the esophagus and stomach of patients with systemic scleroderma by the method of radiotelemetry

Iavorskiĭ, L.I.; Andreeva, N.E.; Antipova, L.G.; Riauzova, L.N., 1979:
Clinical importance of paraprotein of the type kappa and lambda in Bence-Jones myeloma

Burghart-Czaplińska, M., 1977:
Clinical importance of the HL-A system

Lons, P.; Baverel, M., 1975:
Clinical indices and gingival histopathology

Caldwell, W.L., 1979:
Clinical instrumentation requirements with a review of the Perth hyperthermia experience

Horwitz, D.L., 1979:
Clinical interpretation of diagnostic tests

Tsirkina, A.S., 1975:
Clinical interpretation of the methods of diagnosis of hereditary nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia

Morozova, V.T., 1975:
Clinical interpretation of the study of blood viscosity

Frederickson, E.L.; Longnecker, D.E.; Allen, G.W., 1976:
Clinical investigation of a new intravenous anesthetic--etoxadrol hydrochloride (CL-1848; U-37862A)

Craps, L.; Greenwood, C.; Radielovic, P., 1978:
Clinical investigation of agents with prophylactic anti-allergic effects in bronchial asthma

Funakoshi, A.; Kimura, T.; Wakasugi, H.; Ibayashi, H., 1979:
Clinical investigation of serum deoxyribonuclease: I. Analysis of serum deoxyribonuclease activity in comparison with normal and after endoscopic retrograde pancreatography

Realini, S.; Gonvers, J.J.; Hofstetter, J.R., 1975:
Clinical investigation of silymarin in chronic liver diseases

Dick, W.; Knoche, E.; Traub, E., 1979:
Clinical investigations concerning the use of Ethrane for Cesarean section

Ehrensing, R.H.; Kastin, A.J., 1976:
Clinical investigations for emotional effects of neuropeptide hormones

Dick, W.; Knoche, E.; Traub, E., 1978:
Clinical investigations of the influence of various naloxone doses on the newborn

Raymond, S., 1979:
Clinical laboratory computers. Are they cost-effective?

Deutschinoff, A.; Bachvarova, V., 1979 :
Clinical late results after long-term treatment of acute femoro-iliacal thrombophlebitis

Atías, A.; Muñoz, P.; Poch, P., 1979:
Clinical management of Loxosceles poisoning

Dhar, S.K.; Freedman, P., 1976:
Clinical management of hypertensive emergencies

Toma, E.; Căruntu, F.; Duminică, A.; Predoviciu, F.M.; Angelescu, C.; Sorodoc, G.; Stoian, N., 1977:
Clinical manifestations due to or associated with Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in adults

Agha, F., 1978:
Clinical measurement of iron status

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Clinical medical officers

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Clinical response to a potential non-sedative anxiolytic

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Clinical significance and therapy of extrasystole

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Clinical significance of free and bound Rh antibodies in Rh (c) hemolytic disease of the newborn

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Clinical significance of serum immunoglobulin determination

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Clinical significance of serum phenytoin level

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Clinical significance of the biotransformation of inhalation anesthetics

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Clinical significance of the combined determination of alpha 1 fetoprotein, lipoprotein X, and hepatitis B antigen and antibodies

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Clinical significance of the erythocyte sedimentation reaction

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Clinical significance of the most important tachycardiac and bradycardiac arrhythmias

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Clinical significance of the natural inhibitors to coagulation and fibrinolysis in cases of renal diseases

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Clinical significance of urokinase and anticoagulant activity of the urine in patients suffering from hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

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Clinical significance of ventricular ectopic beats in the early posthospital phase of myocardial infarction

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Clinical specialist trial

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Clinical staging of malignant lymphomas and its importance in the programming of the treatment and prognosis

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Clinical strains of Ps. aeruginosa

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Clinical strategy in the arthritides

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Clinical studies of Norpace (Part XI)

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Clinical studies of the movement-related cortical potential (MP) and the relationship between the dentatorubrothalamic pathway and readiness potential (RP)

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Clinical studies of thyrotropin-releasing hormone tartrate (TRH-T) as a direct stimulant to the central nervous system

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Clinical studies with the new two-component analgesic Panagesic

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Clinical study of 227 cases of herpes zoster

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Clinical study of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of benorylate

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Clinical study of the antiarrhythmic action of Mexityl in ventricular disorders of the cardiac rhythm

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Clinical study on intraventricular and intrathecal administration of antibiotics

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Clinical study on the action of FC 35 a A (new combination of clorazepate dipotassium, codeine and paracetamol) in obstetric and gynecologic pain

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Clinical study on the concentration of free amino acids in plasma and urine during postaggression metabolism. I

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Clinical symptoms and differential diagnosis of prostatic hypertrophy

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Clinical syndromes with organically induced developmental disturbances in children

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Clinical test of the Cerebral Function Monitor in intensive care

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Clinical testing and presentation of a new hypnotic on the basis of benzodiazepines

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Clinical testing of bronchospasmolytics in combined alternating test schedules

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Clinical tests. 3. Cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, and aspiration fluid

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Clinical treatment of chronic lymphatic leukemia by means of extracorporeal blood irradiation

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Clinical trial in double blind at different dosing with valium

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Clinical trial in post-addicts with oxilorphan (levo-BC-2605): a new narcotic antagonist

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Clinical trial of Trive 1000 in long-term parenteral nutrition

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Clinical trial of a new analgesic and antispastic drug combination

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Clinical trial of a new locally acting product in acute venous inflammation

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Clinical trial of a novel benzodiazepine derivative in a double-blind study using the Wittenborn psychiatric rating scale

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Clinical trial of anti-angina drugs in Italy (1963-1974)

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Clinical trial of bleomycin (NSC-125066) in the treatment of metastatic renal carcinoma

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Clinical trial of bromazepam in internal medicine. Double-blind cross-over comparison with placebo

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Clinical trial of flunitrazepam as premedication

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Clinical trial of flunitrazepam in the practice of a hospital service in general psychiatry

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Clinical trial of intra-arterial polychemotherapy in the treatment of carcinoma of the oral cavity

Anonymous, 1977:
Clinical trial of live measles vaccine given alone and live vaccine preceded by killed vaccine. Fourth report to the medical research council by the measles sub-committee of the committee on development of vaccines and immunisation procedures

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Clinical trial of the treatment of lung cancer with xenogeneic immune RNA

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Clinical trial with lorazepam in pre-operative anxiety

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Clinical trials with beta-adrenergic blocking agents in angina pectoris

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Clinical trials: values and limitations

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Clinical use of 131I-19-iodocholesterol adrenal scintiphotography

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Clinical use of A.F.P. and H.C.G. in testicular tumours of germ-cell origin

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Clinical use of AFP and HCG in germ cell tumors of testis

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Clinical use of AH8165 (Fazadinium)

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Clinical use of a thermal method for measuring peripheral blood flow according to A.M. Baptista

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Clinical use of alpha fetoproteins (AFP) and choriogenic gonadotropins (CGT) in terminal testicular tumors

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Clinical use of an allogenic skin preserved in formalin-glycerol solution and subsequently stored in polyethylene packages

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Clinical use of combined bleomycin and radiation therapy for head and neck tumours and testicular cancers

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Clinical use of complex polarography of oxygen and hydrogen as a method of the study of oxygen supply and capillary blood flow in the tissues

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Clinical use of facilities with special air handling equipment

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Clinical use of high dose methotrexate within the Queensland Radium Institute

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Clinical use of indomethacin administered intravenously in the analgesic treatment of neoplasms with bone metastases

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Clinical use of lorazepam in postoperative intensive care

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Clinical use of narcotics

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Clinical use of prifinium bromide: a new spasmolytic agent

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Clinical usefulness of IgE determination in the serum of children by the radial immunodiffusion method

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Clinical usefulness of alkaline phosphatase isoenzyme determinations

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Clinical usefulness of the beta-adrenergic antagonists

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Clinical utility of CAT body scans

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Clinical value of complement fixation tests with gonococcal antigen in the diagnosis of complicated gonorrhea

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Clinical value of computer-assisted arrhythmia analysis

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Clinical value of detecting epithelial cells and erythrocytes in urine in urologic diseases

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Clinical value of folic acid determination by radioassay

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Clinical value of plasma CEA-concentrations in the postoperative course-control of carcinomas of the digestive tract

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Clinical value of tests of sino-atrial function

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Clinical value of the TRH stimulation test

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Clinical value of the TRH test in the study of hypophyseal reserve and differential diagnosis of hypothyroidism

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Clinical value of the hematocrit index

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Clinical value of the plasma-CEA-concentrations for the activity control of chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases

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Clinical value of the plasma-CEA-concentrations in the primary diagnosis of malignoma of the digestive tract

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Clinical value of the use of enzymatic UV- and BIO-La tests using the ultramicrosystem in examining patients with viral hepatitis

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Clinical value of total T4 and T3 determinations in patients with suspect hyperthyroidism before and after correction for binding proteins

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Clinical variation in 2 related children with neuronopathic Gaucher disease

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Clinical, developmental and therapeutic aspects of gout

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Clinical, polygraphycal study of a case of so-called congenital indifference to pain

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Clinical-chemical and cytological investigations in the course of pneumoencephalography. I. Proteins and quantitative cytology

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Clinical-experimental studies on the inhibition of thrombocyte function with acetylsalicylic acid and with indobufen

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Clinical-hematological demonstrations: aplastic anemia, acute leukemias, polyneuropathy in Waldenstrom's disease, acute porphyria

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Clinical-trial policy and testicular tumours

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Clinical/ancillary systems

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Clinician-laboratory worker relations

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Clinico-chemical diagnosis of liver cirrhosis

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Clinico-functional characteristics of decompensated mitral valve defect under conditions of high altitude

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Clinico-immunological evaluation of the effectiveness of delagil and homologous gamma globulin (normal immunoglobulin) in viral hepatitis

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Clinico-morphological characteristics of latent form of prostatic cancer

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Clinico-morphological characteristics of the membrane developing in the pupillary area

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Clinico-morphological study of vesico-ureteral reflux in patients with adenoma of the prostate gland

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Clinico-pathological and histochemical studies on hypertrophic duct epithelium in human non-endocrine pancreas cancer

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Clinico-pathological study of heartwater in goats

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Clinico-radiological aspects of gastric sarcomas

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Clinicopathological study of keratinized cysts of the jaws

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Clio Medica and the International Academy of the History of Medicine

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Clioquinol and S.M.O.N.: Reanalysis of original data

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Clofibrate and the liver

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Clofibrate banned - what now?

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Clofibrate: a final verdict?

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Clofibrate: revocation of the revocation

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Cloned pairs of variable region genes for immunoglobulin heavy chains isolated from a clone library of the entire mouse genome

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Cloned seventeen-nucleotide-long synthetic lactose operator is biologically active

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Clonidine in acute migraine

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Clonidine in opiate withdrawal

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Clonidine in the treatment of menopausal symptoms

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Clonidine poisoning in children

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Clonidine-induced hypotension: further evidence for a central interaction with histamine H2 receptor antagonists in the rat

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Clonidine-induced locomotor hyperactivity in rats. The role of central postsynaptic alpha-adrenoceptors

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Clonidine-withdrawal syndrome

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Cloning of immunoglobulin kappa light chain genes from mouse liver and myeloma MOPC 173

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Cloning stem cells in the bone marrow of irradiated mice

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Clorazepate dipotassium

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Clorazepate dipotassium, a tranquilizing agent for patients with dentophobia

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Clorazepate in epilepsy

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Clorazepate in the management of coronary disease

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Anonymous, 1978:
Close encounters with childhood epilepsy

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Close genetic relation between determinants coding for the HLA-D region, detected by the technique of mixed primary and secondary lymphocyte culture and by serology of B lymphocytes

Sasportes, M.; Fradelizi, D.; Nunez-Roldan, A.; Dausset, J., 1978:
Close genetic relationships between determinants of the HLA-D region detected by MLR-I, MLR-II, and B-lymphocyte serology

Rösch, W., 1977:
Close-view endoscopy of the upper gastrointestinal tract (proceedings)

Bak, Z.; Fazekas, I.; Illyés, Z., 1977:
Closed abdominal injuries based on a 10-year material

Venzlaff, U., 1976:
Closed craniocerebral injury in the aged

Lys, P.V.; Paratsiĭ, Z.Z., 1978:
Closed drainage in surgery of the biliary tracts

István, B., 1975:
Closed isolated rupture of the patellar ligament

Miller, J.L.; Gee, S.J.; Krieger, R.I.; Ruebner, B.H., 1978:
Closed needle liver biopsy for assessment of monooxygenase activity in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)

Mataev, D.M.; Akramov, E.Kh., 1977:
Closed rupture of the retroperitoneal portion of the duodenum (a practical case)

Trope, G.E.; Hind, V.M., 1978:
Closed-angle glaucoma in patient on disopyramide

Hamada, N.; Miura, T.; Ban, Y.; Momotani, N.; Nishikawa, Y.; Ohno, M.; Morii, H.; Kitabatake, S.; Ito, K., 1978:
Closer correlation between serum triiodothyronine and basal metabolic rate during antithyroid drug treatment in patients with Graves' disease

Dollery, C.T., 1976:
Closing remarks: current status of labetalol

Pöldinger, W., 1978:
Closing word

Anonymous, 1977:
Clostridia as intestinal pathogens

Kelsey, M.C.; Vince, A.J., 1979:
Clostridia in neonatal faeces

Green, S.L.; Brenner, W.E., 1978 :
Clostridial sepsis after abortion with PGF2alpha and intracervical laminaria tents--a case report

Rietra, P.J.; Slaterus, K.W.; Zanen, H.C.; Meuwissen, S.G., 1978:
Clostridial toxin in faeces of healthy infants

Giroux, E.; Vargaftig, B.B., 1978:
Clostridiopeptidase B inhibition by plasma marcroglobulins and microbial antiproteases

Raatjes, G.J.; Smelt, J.P., 1979:
Clostridium botulinum can grow and form toxin at pH values lower than 4.6

Gothefors, L.; Blenkharn, I., 1978:
Clostridium butyricum and necrotising enterocolitis

Hafiz, S.; McEntegart, M.G.; Morton, R.S.; Waitkins, S.A., 1975:
Clostridium defficiel in the urogenital tract of males and females

Larson, H.E.; Price, A.B.; Honour, P.; Borriello, S.P., 1978:
Clostridium difficile and the aetiology of pseudomembranous colitis

Lehman, T.J.; Siegal, S.E.; Ortega, J., 1977:
Clostridium septicum in childhood leukaemia

Furlan, M.; Seelich, T.; Beck, E.A., 1976:
Clottability and cross-linking reactivity of fibrin(ogen) following differential release of fibrinopeptides A and B

Schwarzbeck, A.; Wagner, L.; Squarr, H.U.; Strauch, M., 1977:
Clotting in dialyzers due to low pH of dialysis fluid

Anonymous, 1978:
Clouds over paediatric research

Lennox, B., 1976:
Cloven (not cleaved) cells

Saji, S.; Misao, A.; Hirose, T.; Funakoshi, T.; Yamada, H., 1977:
Cloverleaf skull syndrome

Senn, H.J.; Jungi, W.F.; Kunz, H.; Pöldinger, W., 1977:
Clozapine and agranulocytosis

Lynch, H.T.; Thomas, R.J.; Gurgis, H.A.; Lynch, J., 1975:
Clues to cancer risk: biologic markers

Williams, G.W.; Barton, G.M.; White, A.A.; Won, H., 1976:
Cluster analysis applied to symptom ratings of psychiatric patients: an evaluation of its predictive ability

Mayer, V.; Orolin, D.; Mitrová, E., 1977:
Cluster of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and presenile dementia

Clemmesen, J., 1979:
Cluster of myeloid leukaemia

Pai, G.S.; Valle, D.; Thomas, G.; Rosenbaum, K., 1978:
Cluster of trisomy 13 live births

Bozzoni, I.; Beccari, E., 1978:
Clustered and interspersed repetitive DNA sequences in four amphibian species with different genome size

Hauser, H.; Guyer, W., 1979:
Clustering of fatty acids in phospholipid bilayers

Yee, A.G.; Fischbach, G.D.; Karnovsky, M.J., 1978:
Clusters of intramembranous particles on cultured myotubes at sites that are highly sensitive to acetylcholine

Sick, H.; Gersonde, K., 1979:
Co-binding studies on Hb M Iwate. Allostery of a T state haemoglobin

de The, G., 1978:
Co-carcinogenic events in herpesvirus oncogenesis: a review

Kendal, A.P.; Schieble, J.; Cooney, M.K.; Chin, J.; Foy, H.M.; Noble, G.R., 1978:
Co-circulation of two influenza A (H3N2) antigenic variants detected by virus surveillance in individual communities

Darling, W.M., 1976:
Co-cultivation of mycobacteria and fungus

Rizzo, V.; Luigiluisi, P., 1977:
Co-oligopeptides of aromatic amino acids and glycine with a variable distance between the aromatic residues. V. pH-dependent conformational changes in peptides containing two adjacent tryptophyl residues as evidenced by circular dichroism studies

Rizzo, V.; Luisi, P.; Straub, B.; Guarnaccia, R., 1977:
Co-oligopeptides of aromatic amino acids and glycine with a variable distance between the aromatic residues. VI. Circular dichroism studies of Co-oligopeptides of l-phenylalanine, L-tryptophan, and glycine

Liebermann, D.; Sachs, L., 1978:
Co-regulation of type C RNA virus production and cell differentiation in myeloid leukemic cells

Tsuei, D.; Conscience, J.F.; Friend, C.; Ruddle, F.H., 1979:
Co-suppression of virus production and erythroid differentiation in Friend erythroleukemic cell X non-erythroid mouse cell hybrids

Bergman, L.W.; Kuehl, W.M., 1979:
Co-translational modification of nascent immunoglobulin heavy and light chains

Tsuchiya, T.; Raven, J.; Wilson, T.H., 1977:
Co-transport of Na+ and methul-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside mediated by the melibiose transport system of Escherichia coli

Anonymous, 1978:
Co-trimoxazole and creatinine clearance

Thorpe, J.A.; Nysenbaum, A., 1978:
Co-trimoxazole fatality

Richmond, J.M.; Whitworth, J.A.; Fairley, K.F.; Kincaid-Smith, P., 1979:
Co-trimoxazole nephrotoxicity

Hart, C.A.; Gibson, M.F.; Mulvihill, E.; Green, H.T., 1977:
Co-trimoxazole resistant coliforms

Amyes, S.G.; Dible, D., 1979:
Co-trimoxazole synergy in sensitive and resistant bacteria [proceedings

Rimler, R.B., 1978:
Coagglutination test for identification of Pasteurella multocida associated with hemorrhagic septicemia

Chugh, K.S.; Mohanthi, D.; Pal, Y.; Dass, K.C., 1979:
Coagulation abnormalities induced by Russell's viper venom in the rhesus monkey

Mel'nikov, A.F., 1976:
Coagulation activity of the oxalate and citrate plasma

MacKenzie, I.Z.; Sayers, L.; Bonnar, J.; Hillier, K., 1975:
Coagulation changes during second-trimester abortion induced by intra-amniotic prostaglandin E2 and hypertonic solutions

Belleville, J.; Paul, J.; Ollat, G.; Broyer, P., 1977:
Coagulation deficits and hemorrhagic consequences after cardiac surgery under ECC

Hey, E.; Jones, P., 1979:
Coagulation failure in babies with rhesus isoimmunization

Song, S.J., 1979:
Coagulation mechanism of epidemic hemorrhagic fever complicated by disseminated intravascular coagulation

Nilsson, I.M.; Cronberg, S., 1975:
Coagulation physiological findings in thrombosis

Chepcheruk, G.S., 1977:
Coagulation properties of pleural exudates

Lupea, I.; Dobocan, R., 1978:
Coagulation studies in the newborn infant by a micro method

Alexander, B.; Odake, K.; Lawlor, D.; Swanger, M., 1975:
Coagulation, hemostasis, and plasma expanders:a quarter century enigma

Vinazzer, H., 1976:
Coagulation-physiological manifestations and clinical side-effects of streptokinase therapy

Likhacheva, Z.M.; Sushkevich, G.N., 1979:
Coagulogram characteristics of the middle-aged and elderly

Meleshchenko, A.A., 1978:
Coagulograms of the oxalate and citrate plasma in practically healthy persons and in patients with arteriosclerosis

Tarasova, L.N.; Koniukhov, S.G., 1976:
Coagulography and certain indicators of the blood coagulation system in hemopphilia A

Tavares Fortuna, J.F.; Lourdes Pratas, M., 1978:
Coarctation of the umbilical cord: a cause of intrauterine fetal death

Houwing, C.J.; Jaspars, E.M., 1978:
Coat protein binds to the 3'-terminal part of RNA 4 of alfalfa mosaic virus

Kadota, T.; Kadota, K.; Gray, E.G., 1976:
Coated-vesicle shells, particle/chain material, and tubulin in brain synaptosomes. An electron microscope and biochemical study

Sentein, P.; Atès, Y., 1979:
Coating of centrospheres by reticulum cisternae and formation of spindle residues in segmentation mitosis under the action of an antitubulin substance: nocodazole

Mellman, I.; Willard, H.F.; Rosenberg, L.E., 1978:
Cobalamin binding and cobalamin-dependent enzyme activity in normal and mutant human fibroblasts

Kono, A.; Matsushima, Y.; Kojima, M.; Maeda, T., 1977:
Cobalt chelate of bleomycin. I. Physicochemical properties and distribution in tumor bearing mice

Kono, A., 1977:
Cobalt chelate of bleomycin. II. Binding to deoxyribonucleic acid of Ehrlich solid tumor in mice

Snyder, F.W.; Chien, C.W., 1978:
Cobalt hemoglobin: pH dependence of Adair constants and the Bohr effects

Pehrsson, K.; Lins, L.E., 1978:
Cobalt in uraemic cardiomyopathy

Lavoie, P.A.; Hammerschlag, R.; Tjan, A., 1978:
Cobalt ions inhibit fast axonal transport of [3H]glycoproteins but not glycosylation

Francis, J.W.; Horder, T.J.; Pilgrim, A.J., 1978:
Cobalt staining to demonstrate parallel organization of axons in peripheral nerves: mechanism of cobalt transport and its limitations [proceedings

Courtoy, R.; Boniver, J.; Simar, L., 1978:
Cobalt thiocyanate as a stain for basic proteins and other organic bases on thin sections

Woolfenden, J.M.; Alberts, D.S.; Hall, J.N.; Patton, D.D., 1979:
Cobalt-57 bleomycin for imaging head and neck tumors

Rasker, J.J.; Beekhuis, H.; van de Wal, A.M.; Homan van der Heide, J.N.; Woldring, M.G., 1976:
Cobalt-57-bleomycin scanning of hila and mediastinum in patients with bronchial carcinoma: a prospective study

Sledziński, Z.; Kokot, F., 1977:
Cobalt-activated acylase activity in experimental toxic liver damage

Herbst, W., 1978:
Cobalt-chromium alloys, their properties and handling

Poulose, K.P.; Watkins, A.E.; Reba, R.C.; Eckelman, W.C.; Goodyear, M., 1975:
Cobalt-labeled bleomycin--a new radiopharmaceutical for tumor localization. A comparative clinical evaluation with gallium citrate

Wang, M.Y.; Hoffman, B.M.; Hollenberg, P.F., 1977:
Cobalt-substituted horseradish peroxidase

Burke, D.H.; Brooks, J.C., 1979:
Cobaltous chloride-induced hypothermia. II: Pretreatment with sympathoplegics, antihistamines, and narcotic antagonists

Noya, N.D., 1978:
Coca and cocaine: a perspective from Bolivia

Anonymous, 1979:
Coca-leaf chewing and public health

Barash, P.G., 1977:
Cocaine in clinical medicine

Herling, S.; Downs, D.A.; Woods, J.H., 1979:
Cocaine, d-amphetamine, and pentobarbital effects on responding maintained by food or cocaine in rhesus monkeys

Van Dyke, C.; Barash, P.G.; Jatlow, P.; Byck, R., 1976:
Cocaine: plasma concentrations after intranasal application in man

Boch, J.; Böhm, A.; Weiland, G., 1979:
Coccidia infections (Isospora, Sarcocystis, Hammondia, Toxoplasma) of the dog

Fára, M., 1977:
Coccygeal ("tail") projection with cartilage content

Pais, J.; Levine, A.; Pais, S.O., 1978:
Coccygeal ribs: development and appearance in two cases

Duckert, L.G.; Duvall, A.J., 1978 :
Cochlear communication routes in the guinea pig--spiral ganglia and osseous spiral laminae: an electron microscope study using microsphere tracers

Webster, D.B.; Webster, M., 1978:
Cochlear nerve projections following organ of corti destruction

Oliveira, C.A.; Kruse, C.; Juhn, S.K., 1977:
Cochlear vascular changes in streptozotocin diabetes in chinchillas

Hungerbühler, J.P.; Regli, F., 1978:
Cochleovestibular involvement as the first sign of syphilis

Meuleman, A.; Latteur, B., 1977:
Cochliatoxum periachtum Gassovsky, 1919, entodinimorphic Ciliate of the horse digestive tract

Nooter, K.; Zurcher, C.; Coolen, C.; Bentvelzen, P., 1979:
Cocultivation as a tool for the detection of oncoviruses in childhood leukemia

Vaughan, D.P.; Dennis, M., 1979:
Codeine impurity in ethylmorphine hydrochloride B.P.C

Geissler, H.G., 1979:
Coding levels in visual recognition

Crommelinck, M.; Roucoux, A.; Guitton, D., 1978:
Coding of the oculomotor command (proceedings)

DeLuca, D.; Warr, G.W.; Marchalonis, J.J., 1979:
Codistribution of antigen and Fab determinants on thymic antigen-binding cells

Leppik, I.E.; Cloyd, J.; Sawchuk, R.J., 1978:
Coefficient of variation as measure of compliance

Scott, B.B.; Losowsky, M.S., 1975:
Coeliac disease: a cause of various associated diseases?

Anonymous, 1978:
Coeliac lung disease

McColl, K.E.; Addis, G.J.; Thomson, T.J.; Kirkwood, E.M., 1978:
Coeliac lung disease and influenza vaccination

Anonymous, 1977:
Coeliac-axis compression--a treatable cause of persistent abdominal pain?

Toupin, J.; Lamoureux, G., 1976:
Coelomocytes of earthworms: the T-cell-like rosette

Killenberg, P.G.; Dukes, D.F., 1976:
Coenzyme A derivatives of bile acids-chemical synthesis, purification, and utilization in enzymic preparation of taurine conjugates

Liber, E.E.; Dorozhko, A.I.; Pomortseva, N.V., 1978:
Coenzyme-induced slow transitions of NADP-sorbitol dehydrogenase from Gluconobacter oxydans

Adeloye, A., 1979:
Coexistence of acromegaly and neurofibromatosis in a Nigerian

Kruk, J.; Jeromin, L., 1978:
Coexistence of congenital auricular deformities with urogenital anomalies

Chan, E.L.; Henry, C., 1976:
Coexistence of helper and suppressor activities in carrier-primed spleen cells

Saurat, J.H.; Guinepain, M.T.; Didierjean, L.; Sohier, J.; Puissant, A., 1977:
Coexistence of lichen planus and bullous pemphigoid (an immunofluorescence study of a "lichen pemphigoides")

Wigura, A., 1977:
Coexistence of prostatic adenoma and bladder neoplasm

Westermark, P.; Natvig, J.B.; Anders, R.F.; Sletten, K.; Husby, G., 1976:
Coexistence of protein AA and immunoglobulin light-chain fragments in amyloid fibrils

Pradal, G.; Lefranc, G.; Andre, M.J.; L'Hermite, A.; Ducluzeau, A., 1976:
Coexistence of reactive and nonreactive endocrine cells in the fundal mucosa in the rabbit

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