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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38925

Chapter 38925 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

de Schryver, A.; Rosén, A.; Gunvén, P.; Klein, G., 1976:
Comparison between two antibody populations in the EBV system: anti-MA versus neutralizing antibody activity

de Leval, J., 1976:
Comparison in vitro between farm-yard manure and liquid manure

Anonymous, 1976:
Comparison of 1.0g streptomycin, 0.5g streptomycin and 1.0g capreomycin three times a week combined with PAS and isoniazid in original treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis. Report of the 17th series of controlled trial of chemotherapy

Tu, C.; Silverman, D.N., 1977:
Comparison of 18O exchange catalyzed by isoenzymes of carbonic anhydrase

Basler, G.A.; Shapiro, W.R., 1976:
Comparison of 2,2'-anhydro-1-beta-D-arabinofuranosyl-5-fluorocytosine and cytosine arabinoside in the treatment of murine brain tumor

Meilhac, B.; Fleury, G.; Heulin, A.; L.P.illeur, C.; Vacheron, A.; D.M.tteo, J., 1978:
Comparison of 24 hours ambulatory electrocardiography and endocavitary recording in the diagnosis of heart rate disorders

Edelstyn, G.A.; Bates, T.D.; Brinkley, D.; MacRae, K.D.; Spittle, M.F.; Wheeler, T., 1975:
Comparison of 5-day, 1-day, and 2-day cyclical combination chemotherapy in advanced breast cancer

Solano, C.; Coffee, C.J., 1979:
Comparison of AMP deaminase from skeletal muscle of acidotic and normal rats

Jonhson, J.E.; Smith, T.F., 1976:
Comparison of Chlamydia subgroup A detection from clinical specimens after 40 and 64 hours of incubation in 5-iodo-2-deoxyuridine-treated McCoy's cells

Deeney, A.O.; Jump, D.B.; Beaudreau, G.S., 1976:
Comparison of DNA in the core component from Schmidt-Ruppin RSV transforming virus and non-transforming virus

Twardzik, D.R.; Aaslestad, H.G.; Tureckova, M.I.; Gravell, N., 1975:
Comparison of DNA polymerase activities from an American Burkitt's lymphoma cell line and EBV producer and nonproducer cells

Armstrong, R.L.; Patterson, S.S.; Kafrawy, A.H.; Feltman, E.M., 1979:
Comparison of Dycal and formocresol pulpotomies in young permanent teeth in monkeys

D.B.ulay, G.H.; Marshall, J., 1975:
Comparison of E.M.I. and radioisotope imaging in neurological disease

Krohn, K.A.; Meyers, J.; DeNardo, G.L., 1977:
Comparison of I-bleomycin prepared by two methods stability and pharmacokinetics in tumor-bearing mice

Lindgren, L.; Saarnivaara, L.; Himberg, J.J., 1979:
Comparison of I.M. pethidine, diazepam and flunitrazepam as premedicants in children undergoing otolaryngological surgery

Smith, G.C.; Heberling, R.L.; Kalter, S.S., 1978:
Comparison of Mason-Pfizer monkey virus and squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) retrovirus by immunoelectron microscopy

Wikman-Coffelt, J.; Higuchi, M.; Fabian, F.; Mason, D.T., 1979:
Comparison of Mg2+ vs Ca2+, K+ and actin-activation of myosin after trinitrophenylation

Verloes, R.; Atassi, G.; Dumont, P.; Kanarek, L., 1978:
Comparison of Micrococcus, BCG and related polysaccharides in the specific and non-specific immune resistance to murine L1210 leukemia [proceedings

Strickland, J.E.; Fowler, A.K.; Hellman, A., 1975:
Comparison of RNA-directed DNA polymerases from xenotropic and ecotropic viruses

Minuck, M.; Sharma, G.P., 1977:
Comparison of THAM and sodium bicarbonate in resuscitation of the heart after ventricular fibrillation in dogs

Kuokkanen, K., 1977:
Comparison of a new antihistamine HC 20-511 with cyproheptadine (Periactin) in chronic urticaria

Lockner, D.; Paul, C., 1979:
Comparison of a new microcrystalline dicoumarol preparation with warfarin under routine treatment conditions

Hampton, K.D.; Stallings, R.A.; Wasilauskas, B.L., 1979:
Comparison of a slide coagglutination technique with the Minitek system for confirmation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Down, R.H.; Arnold, J.; Goldin, A.; Watts, J.M.; Benness, G., 1979:
Comparison of accuracy of 99mTc-pyridoxylidene glutamate scanning with oral cholecystography and ultrasonography in diagnosis of acute cholecystitis

Moon, P.C.; Eshleman, J.R.; Douglas, H.B.; Garrett, S.G., 1978:
Comparison of accuracy of soldering indices for fixed prostheses

Furman, S.; Pannizzo, F.; Campo, I., 1979:
Comparison of active and passive adhering leads for endocardial pacing

Nieuw Amerongen, A.V.; Roukema, P.A.; Vreugdenhil, A.P., 1978:
Comparison of adenylate cyclase activity and in vitro secretion in the parotid and sublingual glands of the mouse

Jordan, D.; Ponsin, G.; Mornex, R.; Fevre, M.; Poncet, C.; Rostagnat, A., 1977:
Comparison of adiphenine and TRH effects on TSH release by rat pituitary in vitro

Rachelefsky, G.S.; Tashkin, D.P.; Katz, R.M.; Kershnar, H.; Siegel, S.C., 1978:
Comparison of aerosolized atropine, isoproterenol, atropine plus isoproterenol, disodium cromoglycate and placebo in the prevention of exercise-induced asthma

Lavoie, P.A.; Collier, B.; Tenehouse, A., 1976:
Comparison of alpha-bungarotoxin binding to skeletal muscles after inactivity or denervation

Tonami, N.; Aburano, T.; Hisada, K., 1975:
Comparison of alpha1 fetoprotein radioimmunoassay method and liver scanning for detecting primary hepatic cell carcinoma

Brock, D.J.; Olsson, J.E., 1976:
Comparison of alphafetoprotein and beta-trace protein in the antenatal diagnosis of anencephaly and spina bifida

Kusche, J.; Stahlknecht, C.D.; Lorenz, W.; Reichert, G.; Dietz, W., 1979:
Comparison of alterations in the histamine-diamine oxidase system during acute intestinal ischaemia in pigs, dogs and rabbits; evidence for a uniform pathophysiological mechanism?

Orr, H.T.; Lopez de Castro, J.A.; Parham, P.; Ploegh, H.L.; Strominger, J.L., 1979:
Comparison of amino acid sequences of two human histocompatibility antigens, HLA-A2 and HLA-B7: location of putative alloantigenic sites

Uskova, N.V.; Antelava, N.A., 1977:
Comparison of an aceclidine tremor with arecoline and nicotine ones in rats of different ages

Alessio, L.; Castoldi, M.R.; Buratti, M.; Calzaferri, G.; Odone, P.; Ivana, C., 1978:
Comparison of an extraction method and a direct reading method in the fluorimetric determination of erythrocyte protoporphyrin

Geller, J.; Albert, J.; Lopez, D.; Geller, S.; Niwayama, G., 1976:
Comparison of androgen metabolites in benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) and normal prostate

Januskevicius, Z.I.; Zabela, P.V.; Zemaitytè, D.I.; Liutkevich, B.I.; Audickienè, A.P., 1976:
Comparison of antiarrhythmic and chronotropic effect of obsidan and isoptine in extrasystole

Mislivec, P.B.; Bruce, V.R., 1976:
Comparison of antibiotic-amended potato dextrose agar and acidified potato dextrose agar as growth substrates for fungi

Morris, C.A.; Stealey, V.M.; Freestone, D.S.; Porter, D.A., 1976:
Comparison of antibody responses and reactivity of "Alice" and WRL 105 strain live influenza vaccines

Feldmann, M.; Erb, P.; Kontiainen, S.; Todd, I.; Woody, J.N., 1979:
Comparison of antigen-specific I-region-associated cell interaction factors

Mark, J.A.; Wang, S.P., 1978:
Comparison of antigenic heterogeneity of Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains by micro-immunofluorescence and serum bactericidal tests

Davidson, C.; Thadani, U.; Singleton, W.; Taylor, S.H., 1976:
Comparison of antihypertensive activity of beta-blocking drugs during chronic treatment

Taylor, S.H.; Davidson, C.; Singleton, W.; Thadani, U., 1976:
Comparison of antihypertensive effectiveness of beta-adrenoceptor antagonists with different pharmacological properties

Veckenstedt, A.; Witkowski, W.; Hoffmann, S., 1979:
Comparison of antiviral properties in mice of bis-pyrrolidinoacetamido-fluorenone (MLU-B75), bis-dipropylaminoacetamido-fluorenone (MLU-B76), and tilorone hydrochloride

Barry, G.N.; Heyman, R.A.; Elias, A., 1975:
Comparison of apical sealing methods. A preliminary report

Strauss, R.H.; Haynes, R.L.; Ingram, R.H.; McFadden, E.R., 1977:
Comparison of arm versus leg work in induction of acute episodes of asthma

Vetter, N.J.; Julian, D.G., 1975:
Comparison of arrhythmia computer and conventional monitoring in coronary-care unit

Deacon, S.P.; Barnett, D., 1976:
Comparison of atenolol and propranolol during insulin-induced hypoglycaemia

Moser, D.H.; Kondracki, M.R., 1977:
Comparison of attitudes and cognitive achievement of nursing students in three instructional strategies

Kalich, R.; Bennert, G.; Fiedler, T.; Kubin, M.; MezenskyL.T.rzova, M.; Ulber, H., 1979:
Comparison of auramine-rhodamine B and acridine orange for staining of acid-fast bacteria

Takeda, Y.; Takeda, T.; Honda, T.; Miwatani, T., 1978:
Comparison of bacterial cardiotoxins: thermostable direct hemolysin from Vibrio parahaemolyticus, streptolysin O and hemolysin from Listeria monocytogenes

Drugeon, H.B.; Courtieu, A.L., 1979:
Comparison of bactericidal effects of four aminoglycoside antibiotics: amikacin, gentamicin, kanamycin and tobramycin

Dill, R.E.; Jones, D.L.; Gillin, J.C.; Murphy, G., 1979:
Comparison of behavioral effects of systemic L-DOPA and intracranial dopamine in mesolimbic forebrain of nonhuman primates

Belfrage, E., 1978:
Comparison of beta-adrenoceptors mediating vasodilatation in canine subcutaneous adipose tissue and skeletal muscle

Laginová, V.; Krystof, V.; Ott, O.; Tobola, K.; Bednár, P.; Rytina, K.; Bedrosová, J., 1979:
Comparison of betatron beams

Klaassen, C.D.; Strom, S.C., 1978:
Comparison of biliary excretory function and bile composition in male, female, and lactating female rats

Lecompte, J.M.; Goudemand, M.; Tauziede-Castel, C.; Tabet, C.; Weiss, D.; Caridroit, M.; Fontan, M., 1978:
Comparison of biological examinations in chronic alcoholism. Statistical study of 103 patients

Mirabelli, C.; Mong, S.; Huang, C.H.; Crooke, S.T., 1979:
Comparison of bleomycin A2 and talisomycin A specific fragmentation of linear duplex DNA

Queisnerová, M.; Dlabac, A.; Roubal, Z., 1979:
Comparison of blood and bile levels of oxyprothepin and docloxythepin in rats

Duchin, K.L.; Hutcheon, D.E., 1977:
Comparison of bumetanide and hydrochlorothiazide on renal potassium and hydrogen ion excretion

Lefèvre-Borg, F.; Roach, A.G.; Cavero, I., 1979:
Comparison of cardiovascular actions of dihydralazine, phentolamine, and prazosin in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Stanley, T.H.; Lunn, J.K.; Liu, W.S.; Gentry, S., 1978:
Comparison of cardiovascular responses and left ventricular work during exercise before and after artificial heart implantation

Bade, P.; Christ, W.; Rakow, D.; Coper, H., 1976:
Comparison of catechol-Q-methyltransferase from rat brain, erythrocytes and liver

Mogabgab, W.J., 1976:
Comparison of cepharadine and cephalexin in the treatment of respiratory and urinary tract infections

Andreenko, G.V.; Podorol'skaia, L.V., 1976:
Comparison of certain semiquantitative methods of determination of the content of fibrin-fibrinogen degradation products in blood plasma

Sabbour, M.S.; Osman, L.M., 1979:
Comparison of chlorambucil, azathioprine or cyclophosphamide combined with corticosteroids in the treatment of lupus nephritis

Vymazal, J.; Tichý, J., 1976:
Comparison of clinical data in cerebrospinal fluids of patients with disseminated sclerosis with normal and increased level of gamma globulins

Eriksen, K., 1979:
Comparison of clobetasol propionate and betamethasone-17,21-dipropionate with reference to adrenal suppression

Schaner, E.G.; Chang, A.E.; Doppman, J.L.; Conkle, D.M.; Flye, M.W.; Rosenberg, S.A., 1978:
Comparison of computed and conventional whole lung tomography in detecting pulmonary nodules: a prospective radiologic-pathologic study

Kawai, M.; Nagai, U., 1978:
Comparison of conformation and antimicrobial activity of synthetic analogs of gramicidin S: Stereochemical consideration of the role of D-phenylalanine in the antibiotic

Ramm, E.I.; Kamilova, R.R.; Polozova, O.L.; Vorob'ev, V.I.; Burichenko, V.K., 1979:
Comparison of conformational possibilities of polypeptides representing the terminal segments of different histones

Marier, R.; Andriole, V.T., 1978:
Comparison of continuous and discontinuous counterimmunoelectrophoresis with immunodiffusion in identification of candida antibody using HS antigen

Richardson, R.W., 1977:
Comparison of cost of preparing reagents in laboratory with cost of using commercial kits

Leinonen, M.; Käyhty, H., 1978:
Comparison of counter-current immunoelectrophoresis, latex agglutination, and radioimmunoassay in detection of soluble capsular polysaccharide antigens of Haemophilus influenzae type b and Neisseria meningitidis of groups A or C

Beuvery, E.C.; van Rossum, F.; Lauwers, S.; Coignau, H., 1979:
Comparison of counterimmunoelectrophoresis and ELISA for diagnosis of bacterial meningitis

Hickie, R.A.; Thompson, W.J.; Strada, S.J.; Couture-Murillo, B.; Morris, H.P.; Robison, G.A., 1977:
Comparison of cyclic adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate and cyclic guanosine 3':5'-monophosphate levels, cyclases, and phosphodiesterases in Morris hepatomas and liver

Fragen, R.J.; Caldwell, N., 1978:
Comparison of dezocine (WY 16, 225) and meperidine as postoperative analgesics

Franken, J.J.; Luyten, B.J., 1976:
Comparison of dieldrin, lindane, and DDT extractions from serum, and gas-liquid chromatography using glass capillary columns

Milovanova, E.V., 1979:
Comparison of different methods of detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis during antibacterial therapy

Gärtner, L.; Kunkel, M.; Oberender, H.; Klausch, B., 1979:
Comparison of different serological methods in diagnosing primary and recurrent cytomegalovirus infections in pregnancy

Grimes, J.E.; Page, L.A., 1978:
Comparison of direct and modified direct complement-fixation and agar-gel precipitin methods in detecting chlamydial antibody in wild birds

Ishizaki, T.; Tawara, K., 1978:
Comparison of disposition and effect of timolol and propranolol on exercise tachycardia

Ayub, S.; Ayub Ali, S., 1979:
Comparison of dissolution rates of different commercial aspirin tablets

Leibowitz, M.; Lieberman, A., 1975:
Comparison of dopa decarboxylase inhibitor (carbidopa) combined with levodopa and levodopa alone on the cardiovascular system of patients with parkinson's disease

Zhdanov, V.M.; Azadova, N.B.; Iakhno, M.A.; Gushchin, B.V.; Zakharova, L.G., 1978:
Comparison of double triple integration systems

Kirkpatrick, A.; Wepsic, H.T.; Nakamura, R.M., 1977:
Comparison of double-antibody radioimmunoassay with Farr-technique radioimmunoassay and double-antibody enzyme immunoassay for alpha-fetoprotein

Spealman, R.D., 1979:
Comparison of drug effects on responding punished by pressurized air or electric shock delivery in squirrel monkeys: pentobarbital, chlordiazepoxide, d-amphetamine and cocaine

Koshiba, H., 1975:
Comparison of drug effects on the isolated rat colon and duodenum

Lesbre, J.P.; Bernasconi, P.; Duboisset, M.; Quiret, J.C.; Rey, J.L.; Kalisa, A.; Schurtz, C.; Eloy, J.P., 1978:
Comparison of echocardiography and phonomecanography in adult aortic valve stenosis. 55 cases

Aikawa, K.; Satoh, T.; Kitagawa, H., 1978:
Comparison of effects of acetaminophen on liver microsomal drug metabolism and lipid peroxidation in rats and mice

Wynn, V.; Adams, P.W.; Godsland, I.; Melrose, J.; Niththyananthan, R.; Oakley, N.W.; Seed, M., 1979:
Comparison of effects of different combined oral-contraceptive formulations on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism

Diwan, J.J.; Markoff, M.; Lehrer, P.H., 1977:
Comparison of effects of mersalyl & N-ethyl maleimide on mitochondrial K+ flux

Dutka, B.J.; Kwan, K.K., 1978:
Comparison of eight media-procedures for recovering faecal streptococci from water under winter conditions

Zagorul'ko, T.M.; Khasabov, G.A.; Tolkunov, B.F., 1977:
Comparison of electrophysiological characteristics of the retino-collicular and retino-thalamo-cortical parts of the visual system of the monkey Macaca rhesus

Osnes, M.; Grønseth, K.; Larsen, S.; Løtveit, T.; Lowe, P.; Nordshus, T., 1978:
Comparison of endoscopic retrograde and intravenous cholangiography in diagnosis of biliary calculi

Meyers, M.B.; Kreis, W., 1978:
Comparison of enzymatic activities of two deoxycytidine kinases purified from cells sensitive (P815) or resistant (P815/ara-C) to 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine

Fabre, C.; Signoret, J.P., 1978:
Comparison of estradiol benzoate and dihydrotestosterone propionate with testosterone propionate on the induction of male-like sexual behavior in female sheep ovariectomized as adults

Donike, M.; Dell, H.D.; Kamp, R., 1978:
Comparison of etilefrin hydrochloride (not sustained-action) and etilefrin hydrochloride sustained-action pellets in a crossover trial in humans. Investigation of absorption time, absorption rate, blood levels and half-life

Debus, G.; Aufdembrinke, B., 1976:
Comparison of experimental-psychological and clinical findings on the effect of a test substance

Sebring, E.S.; Polesky, H.F., 1979:
Comparison of fetomaternal hemorrhage detection methods and Rh immune globulin usage

Bateson, M.C.; Ross, P.E.; Murison, J.; Bouchier, I.A., 1978:
Comparison of fixed doses of chenodeoxycholic acid for gallstone dissolution

Richardson, F.J.; Manford, M.L., 1979:
Comparison of flunitrazepam and diazepam for oral premedication in older children

Haigh, E.A.; Thulborn, K.R.; Sawyer, W.H., 1979:
Comparison of fluorescence energy transfer and quenching methods to establish the position and orientation of components within the transverse plane of the lipid bilayer. Application to the gramicidin A--bilayer interaction

Schodt, K.P.; Blackwell, J., 1976:
Comparison of four proteoglycans in terms of their interactions with poly(L-arginine)

Loch, R.; Schröter, G., 1979:
Comparison of four recently introduced cephalosporins with respect to probability of resistance in multiresistant strains of Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis and Klebsiella spec.

Curtis, M.A.; Eastoe, J.E., 1978:
Comparison of free amino acid pools in dental plaque fluid from monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) fed on high and low sugar diets

Yamazaki, I.; Hayashi, Y.; Makino, R.; Yamada, H., 1976:
Comparison of function of the distal base between myoglobin and peroxidase

Neerunjun, J.S.; Dubowitz, V., 1977:
Comparison of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase activity in tissues of normal and dystrophic hamsters and mice

Keda, B.I.; Vinnitskaia, K.B., 1975:
Comparison of gas chromatography and the spectrofluorometric method in the analysis of catecholamines in biological media (a review of the literature)

Uzawa, Y.; Hanajima, T., 1977:
Comparison of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer in the area of surgical nursing

Irsigler, K.; Ogris, E.; Steinhardt, T.; Brändle, J.; Regal, H.; Zdolsek, I., 1979:
Comparison of glibenclamide, gliquidone, glisoxepide and placebo in maturity onset diabetics of differing degrees of severity

Boucand, J.; Billard, J.P., 1979:
Comparison of glutamate dehydrogenase and glutamine synthetase activities in the roots and aerial organs of an obligate halophyte: Suaeda maritima var. macrocarpa and a glycophyte: Phaseolus vulgaris, grown in presence of different concentration of NaCl

Vallner, J.J.; Perrin, J.H.; Wold, S., 1976:
Comparison of graphical and computerized methods for calculating binding parameters for two strongly bound drugs to human serum albumin

Gatchel, R.J.; Hatch, J.P.; Maynard, A.; Turns, R.; Taunton-Blackwood, A., 1979:
Comparison of heart rate biofeedback, false biofeedback, and systematic desensitization in reducing speech anxiety: short- and long-term effectiveness

Mérillon, J.P.; Morgant, C.; Zygelman, M.; Beaufils, P.; Patart, O.; Chapuy, J.Y.; Gourgon, R., 1978:
Comparison of hemodynamic and coronary effects of 2 antianginal vasodilator drugs: nifedipine and trinitrine

Colgan, J.P.; Fairbanks, V.F.; Libnoch, J.A.; Taketa, F.; Brimhall, B.; Zak, S.J., 1979:
Comparison of hemoglobins Wood (alpha 2 beta 2 97 leu) and Malmö (alpha 2 beta 2 97 gln). Diagnostic value of citrate agar electrophoresis

Hasani, S.; Knowles, R.G.; Burchell, B., 1979:
Comparison of hepatic epoxide hydratase from different species: purification and immunochemical properties

Abbott, V.; Deloria, L.; Guenthner, T.; Jeffery, E.; Kotake, A.; Nerland, D.; Mannering, G., 1976:
Comparison of hepatic microsomal drug-metabolizing systems from rats fed crude and purified diets

Tepas, J.J.; Wyllie, R.G.; Shermeta, D.W.; Inon, A.E.; Pickard, L.R.; Haller, J.A., 1979:
Comparison of histochemical studies of intestinal atresia in the human newborn and fetal lamb

Golub, S.H.; Hanson, D.C.; Sulit, H.L.; Morton, D.L.; Pellegrino, M.A.; Ferrone, S., 1976:
Comparison of histocompatibility antigens on cultured human tumor cells and fibroblasts by quantitative antibody absorption and sensitivity to cell-mediated cytotoxicity

Sarkander, H.I.; Fleischer-Lambropoulos, H.; Brade, W.P., 1975:
Comparison of histone acetylation and RNA synthesis in rat liver nuclei and neuronal and glial enriched brain nuclei after alpha-hexachlorocyclohexane (alpha-HCH) application

Gündogdu, A.S.; Brown, P.M.; Juul, S.; Sachs, L.; Sönksen, P.H., 1979:
Comparison of hormonal and metabolic effects of salbutamol infusion in normal subjects and insulin-requiring diabetics

McKenna, M.J.; Hamilton, T.A.; Sussman, H.H., 1979:
Comparison of human alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes. Structural evidence for three protein classes

Hiwada, K.; Terao, M.; Nishimura, K.; Kokubu, T., 1977:
Comparison of human membrane-bound neutral arylamidases from small intestine, lung, kidney, liver and placenta

Fasold, H.; Bäumert, H.; Fink, G., 1977:
Comparison of hydrophobic and strongly hydrophilic cleavable crosslinking reagents in intermolecular bond formation in aggregates of proteins or protein-RNA

Schmidt, N.J.; Dennis, J.; Lennette, E.H., 1978:
Comparison of immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase staining for identification of rubella virus isolates

Jovanović, V.; Rauskolb, R.; Bleyl, H.; Fuhrmann, W., 1977:
Comparison of immunologic methods for alpha fetoprotein (AFP) determination in the amniotic fluid for the prenatal diagnosis of neural-tube defects (proceedings)

Milhomem, A.M.; Suassuna, I., 1976:
Comparison of immunological activity of various antigenic extracts of house dust

Desaymard, C.; Ivanyi, L., 1976:
Comparison of in vitro immunogenicity, tolerogenicity and mitogenicity of dinitrophenyl-levan conjugates with varying epitope density

Sippel, A.E.; Kurtz, D.T.; Morris, H.P.; Feigelson, P., 1976:
Comparison of in vivo translation rates and messenger RNA levels of alpha2U-globulin in rat liver and Morris hepatoma 5123D

Chopra, I.J.; Carlson, H.E.; Solomon, D.H., 1978:
Comparison of inhibitory effects of 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine (T3), thyroxine (T4), 3,3,',5'-triiodothyronine (rT3), and 3,3'-diiodothyronine (T2) on thyrotropin-releasing hormone-induced release of thyrotropin in the rat in vitro

Balezina, T.I.; Korneeva, L.E.; Zemskov, V.M.; Loidina, G.I.; Nikolaeva, O.V.; Fainshtein, S.L.; Fadeeva, L.L.; Eromolieva, Z.V., 1977:
Comparison of interferon-inducing activities and antiviral effects of tobacco mosaic virus, tilorone and sodium nucleinate

Siegel, W.; Loop, F.D., 1976:
Comparison of internal mammary artery and saphenous vein bypass grafts for myocardial revascularization: exercise test and angiographic correlations

Hellekson, C.; Allen, A.; Greeley, H.; Emery, S.; Reeves, A., 1979:
Comparison of interwave latencies of brain stem auditory evoked responses in narcoleptics, primary insomniacs and normal controls

Wivel, N.A.; Smith, G.H.; Ozer, H.L., 1975:
Comparison of intracytoplasmic A particles and intracisternal A particles

Yamada, K.; Murphy, G.P.; Douglass, H.O., 1979:
Comparison of intramural 5-fluorouracil and more conventional routes of drug administration on concentrations in gastric regional lymph nodes: a potential for trans-endoscopic adjuvant chemotherapy

Huang, L.Y.; Catterall, W.A.; Ehrenstein, G., 1979:
Comparison of ionic selectivity of batrachotoxin-activated channels with different tetrodotoxin dissociation constants

Gebhardt, R.; Lienert, G.A., 1978:
Comparison of k therapies after determination of success and failure

Taylor, R.N.; Fulford, K.M.; Huong, A.Y., 1978:
Comparison of kinetic and end-point diffusion methods for quantitating human serum immunoglobulins

Ballantyne, B.; Bright, J.E., 1979:
Comparison of kinetic and end-point microdensitometry for the direct quantitative histochemical assessment of cytochrome oxidase activity

Conn, H.O.; Leevy, C.M.; Vlahcevic, Z.R.; Rodgers, J.B.; Maddrey, W.C.; Seeff, L.; Levy, L.L., 1977:
Comparison of lactulose and neomycin in the treatment of chronic portal-systemic encephalopathy. A double blind controlled trial

Neukomm, S.; Duc, T.V.; Barbian, C., 1975:
Comparison of levels of 14 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sedimented dust and suspended air particles along asphalted and cemented highway stretches between Lausanne and Geneva

Greenacre, J.K.; Coxon, A.; Petrie, A.; Reid, J.L., 1976:
Comparison of levodopa with carbidopa or benserazide in parkinsonism

Demarne, Y.; Epo, N.; Flanzy, J.; Lecourtier, M.J., 1978:
Comparison of long term lipogenic effects of two different medium-chain triglycerides (tri C8: O and tri C12 : O) in the growing rat

Galloon, S.; Gale, G.D.; Lancee, W.J., 1977:
Comparison of lorazepam and diazepam as premedicants

Freedman, J.; Chaplin, H.; Johnson, C.A.; Hughes-Jones, N.C., 1977:
Comparison of low-molecular-weight products following reaction of C3-C3b with C3b inactivator and with trypsin

Perry, R.P.; Kelley, D.E.; Schibler, U., 1979:
Comparison of mRNA precursors in plasmacytomas producing closely related kappa chains

Clancey, J.K.; Allen, B.W.; Rogers, D.T.; Smith, L.S.; Aber, V.; Mitchison, D.A., 1976:
Comparison of machine and manual staining of direct smears for acid-fast bacilli by fluorescence microscopy

Dipple, A.; Tomaszewski, J.E.; Moschel, R.C.; Bigger, C.A.; Nebzydoski, J.A.; Egan, M., 1979:
Comparison of metabolism-mediated binding to DNA of 7-hydroxymethyl-12-methylbenz(a)anthracene and 7, 12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene

Quraishi, M.A.; Washington, W.; Rosenthal, S.L., 1977:
Comparison of methods for rapid immunofluroescent staining of group A streptococci and Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Supriaga, V.A.; Dashkova, N.G.; Rasnitsyn, S.P., 1978:
Comparison of methods for the artificial blood feeding of 3 mosquito species

Blaser, P., 1978:
Comparison of methods for the quantitative detection of moulds in foods. I. Communication: selective staining procedures for the directmicroscopic mould count

Vasil'ev, M.Iu.; Kalashnikov, V.V., 1979:
Comparison of methods of staining amniotic fluid proteins in polyacrylamide gel

Contreras, T.J.; Valeri, C.R., 1976:
Comparison of methods to wash liquid-stored red blood cells and red blood cells frozen with high or low concentrations of glycerol

Boron, W.F.; Roos, A., 1976:
Comparison of microelectrode, DMO, and methylamine methods for measuring intracellular pH

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Comparison of porcelain for metal bonding

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Comparison of relaxation as self-control and systematic desensitization in the treatment of test anxiety

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Comparison of rimiterol and terbutaline, given by aerosol, in a long-term study

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Comparison of several culture media used for studies on mycobacteriophages

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Comparison of several in vitro assay methods for the quantitative determination of complement consumption ('binding') by gammaglobulin preparations

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Comparison of short-term treatment regimens in phobic patients: a preliminary report

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Comparison of solubility properties of alpha-paramyosin, beta-paramyosin and acid-extracted paramyosin

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Comparison of soluble and membrane-bound neutral arylamidases from renal cell carcinoma

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Comparison of soluble antigens of 2 cultured clones, of different age, from the same strain of a flagellate parasite: Trichomonas vaginalis Donné, 1837

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Comparison of some hematological indices of capillary and venous blood

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Comparison of some methods of preservation of ascorbic in the urine

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Comparison of specific protein assays in biological fluids by radial immunodiffusion and laser nephelometer

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Comparison of specificity of agonist and antagonist radioligand binding to beta adrenergic receptors

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Comparison of spontaneous, UV-induced, and nitrosoguanidine-induced mutability to drug resistance in myxobacteria

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Comparison of sputum counterimmunoelectrophoresis and culture in diagnosis of pneumococcal pneumonia

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Comparison of straddling and sitting apparatus for the spastic cerebral-palsied child

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Comparison of substrate specificities of the human placental NAD- and NADP-linked 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenases

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Comparison of superoxide with other reducing agents in the biological production of hydroxyl radicals

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Comparison of symbolic and overt aversion in the self-control of smoking

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Comparison of synthetic and "endogenous" 18-hydroxycorticosterone in the synthesis of aldosterone

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Comparison of the A-T rich regions and the Bacillus subtilis RNA polymerase binding sites in phage phi 29 DNA

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Comparison of the RNA-dependent DNA polymerase of an endogenous avian leukosis virus to the polymerase of an exogenous avian leukosis virus

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Comparison of the action of BD 40 A and some other beta-adrenoceptor stimulants on the isolated trachea and atria of the guinea pig

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Comparison of the activity and properties of 5'-nucleotidase in the homogenates and plasma membranes of the normal liver, hepatomas and of the liver in mice with inoculated hepatomas of varying degrees of malignancy

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Comparison of the adjuvant effect of three BCG preparations in mice

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Comparison of the amino acid sequences of three tissue-specific cytoplasmic actins with rabbit skeletal muscle actin [proceedings

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Comparison of the antibodies elicited by the individual structural polypeptides of foot-and mouth disease and polio viruses

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Comparison of the association and orientation of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase in lecithin vesicles and in native membranes

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Comparison of the beta-adrenoceptor blocking properties and pharmacokinetics of SL 75212 and propranolol in man [proceedings

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Comparison of the beta-adrenoceptor effects of soterenol and its 3-hydroxy, 4-sulphonamido isomer (MJ6987-1) in isolated tissues from the guninea-pig

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Comparison of the beta2-adrenoceptor selectivity of rimiterol, salbutamol and isoprenaline by the intravenous route in man

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Comparison of the biochemical properties of Bacteroides melaninogenicus from human dental plaque and other sites

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Comparison of the biosynthetic and biodegradative ornithine decarboxylases of Escherichia coli

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Comparison of the bromureide sedative-hypnotic drugs, bromvaletone (bromisoval) and carbromal, and their chloro analogues in mice

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Comparison of the capacity of human lymphocytes for rosette formation with intact and fluorescein-isothiocyanate conjugated sheep erythrocytes

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Comparison of the cardiac activity of the fetus and acid-alkaline state of its blood in normal and complicated labor

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Comparison of the cardiotoxic effects of carbromal, bromisoval and pentobarbital

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Comparison of the compliance of resting and contracting muscle

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Comparison of the composition of antigens from various preparations of human erythrocyte membrane extracts

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Comparison of the cytotoxic activities of different human lymphoid tissues

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Comparison of the developmental kinetics of antibody- and immunoglobulin-forming cells in normal and tolerant mice

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Comparison of the dopaminergic effects of N-substituted aporphines

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Comparison of the early chromatin reaction of the mouse thymocytes incubated with phytohemagglutinin and concanavalin A

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Comparison of the effect of TRH on plasma TSH level in young and adult rats

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Comparison of the effect of acetone and isopropanol on lipid metabolism in rats

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Comparison of the effect of linear gramicidin analogues on bacterial sporulation, membrane permeability, and ribonucleic acid polymerase

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Comparison of the effect of oxypertine and thioridazine on sensorimotor activity in chronic schizophrenics (a controlled study)

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Comparison of the effect of some benzodiazepines with the "staircase" method

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Comparison of the effect of various doses of thyroxine on jejunal disaccharidases in intact and adrenalectomized rats during the first 3 weeks of life

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Comparison of the effectiveness of SGOT and GGTP screening reactions

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Comparison of the effectiveness of a low-calorie postoperative diet without nitrogen and a high-calorie diet with nitrogen

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Comparison of the effectiveness of deserpidine, reserpine, and alpha-methyltyrosine on brain biogenic amines

Zajícek, 1978:
Comparison of the effectivity of 2 quantitative ovoscopic technics

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Comparison of the effects of 11-palmitoyloxy-delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol with delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol and 11-hydroxy-delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol on the hepatic microsomal drug-metabolizing enzyme system

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Comparison of the effects of a potent synthetic analog of bovine parathyroid hormone with native bPTH-(1-84) and synthetic bPTH-(1-34) on bone resorption and collagen synthesis

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Comparison of the effects of beeswax: trioctanoin and trioctanoin vehicles on 3-methylcholanthrene, benzo[a]pyrene, and 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene subcutaneous carcinogenesis in three strains of mice and one hybrid

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Comparison of the effects of carbamoylcholine, pancreozymin and secretin on lipid metabolism in the rat pancreas, incubated in the presence of [3H] H2O, [U-14C] glucose, or [1-14C] acetate [proceedings

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Comparison of the effects of contraceptive steroid formulations containing two doses of estrogen on pituitary function

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Comparison of the effects of depolarizing agents and neurotransmitters on regional CNS cyclic GMP levels in various animals

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Comparison of the effects of diflunisal and other salicylates on the intragastric electropotential

Anonymous, 1979:
Comparison of the effects of etilefrin and dihydroergotamine in management of the orthostatic syndrome

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Comparison of the effects of fourteen-day and chronic exposures to a polychlorinated biphenyl, Aroclor 1242, on molting of the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator

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Comparison of the effects of neuroleptic drugs on pre- and postsynaptic dopaminergic mechanisms in the rat striatum

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Comparison of the effects of nine beta-adrenergic blocking agents on intraocular pressure in rabbits

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Comparison of the effects of oxazepam and oxypertine in treatment of anxious depressive neuroses

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Comparison of the effects of phentolamine and trinitrine in the treatment of left ventricular failure during the acute phase of myocardial infarct

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Comparison of the effects of selective alpha and beta-receptor agonists on intracellular cyclic AMP levels and glycogen phosphorylase activity in guinea-pig liver

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Comparison of the effects of several selective B2-receptor agonists on bronchomotor function in vitro

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Comparison of the effects of sleep, exercise and autonomic drugs on ventricular extrasystoles, using ambulatory monitoring of electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram

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Comparison of the effects of substituted benzamides and standard neuroleptics on the binding of 3H-spiroperidol in the rat pituitary and striatum with in vivo effects on rat prolactin secretion

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Comparison of the effects of the isomers of amphetamine, methylphenidate and deoxypipradrol on the uptake of l-[3H]norepinephrine and [3H]dopamine by synaptic vesicles from rat whole brain, striatum and hypothalamus

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Comparison of the effects of timolol and other adrenergic agents on intraocular pressure in the rabbit

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Comparison of the endocrine response under 2 kinds of anesthesia: neuroleptanalgesia of the chlorprothixene-dextromoramide type and venous anesthesia of the type alfadione-fentanyl

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Comparison of the excretion of different types of melanogens in the melanoma patients

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Comparison of the fine specificity of anti-dinitrophenyl-combining site composed of either VL dimer or VL and VH of protein 315

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Comparison of the graft-versus-host reactivity in inbred lines of chickens

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Comparison of the human evoked electrospinogram recorded from the intrathecal, epidural and cutaneous levels

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Comparison of the hypnotic activity of triazolam and flurazepam

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Comparison of the in vitro activity of Bay k 4999 and piperacillin, two new antipseudomonal broad-spectrum penicillins, with other beta-lactam drugs

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Comparison of the in vitro conversion of estradiol-17 beta to estrone of normal and neoplastic human breast tissue

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Comparison of the inactivation of IgM and IgG complement fixation sites by acid and base

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Comparison of the inhibition of thrombin by three plasma protease inhibitors

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Comparison of the intrarenal disposition of tobramycin and gentamicin: therapeutic and toxicologic answers

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Comparison of the kinetic specificity of subtilisin and thiolsubtilisin toward n-alkyl p-nitrophenyl esters

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Comparison of the long-term cumulative effects of reserpine and syrosingopine on general activity

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Comparison of the lytic effects of four prostaglandin analogues in the chacma baboon (Papio ursinus ursinus)

Cuffin, B.N.; Cohen, D., 1979:
Comparison of the magnetoencephalogram and electroencephalogram

Distler, W.; Kröncke, A., 1979:
Comparison of the metabolism of isolated streptococci and dental plaque

Yoshihara, S.; Neal, R.A., 1977:
Comparison of the metabolism of parathion by a rat liver reconstituted mixed-function oxidase enzyme system and by a system containing cumene hydroperoxide and purified rat liver cytochrome P-450

Amsler, P.E.; Sigel, H., 1976:
Comparison of the metal-ion-promoted dephosphorylation of the 5'-triphosphates of adenosine, inosine, guanosine and cytidine by Mn2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+ in binary and ternary complexes

Litvinenko, V.V., 1978:
Comparison of the methods for detecting Brucella carriers

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Comparison of the methods of cathodoluminescence, electronprobe microanalysis, and calcium staining, applied to human aorta with isthmus stenosis

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Comparison of the new beta-adrenoceptor antagonist, nadolol, and propranolol in the treatment of angina pectoris

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Comparison of the ocular effects of circulating endotoxin and immune complexes: role of vasoactive amines

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Comparison of the pA2 of various beta blocking agents

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Comparison of the penetration of various short venous catheters

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Comparison of the penicillin-binding proteins of different strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae

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Comparison of the primary structures of acidic proteinases and of their zymogens

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Comparison of the properties of mitochondrial and plasmic ATPases in the yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe

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Comparison of the properties of the alcohol dehydrogenases from wild-type and mutant Chinese hamster somatic cells

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Comparison of the rat and mouse encephalitogenic determinants

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Comparison of the residual effects of two benzodiazepines (nitrazepam and flurazepam hydrochloride) and pentobarbitone sodium on human performance

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Comparison of the ribonucleoproteins of different rabies virus serotypes by radioimmunoassay

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Comparison of the secondary structures and binding sites of C-reactive protein and the phosphorylcholine-binding murine myeloma proteins

Simon, P.; Chermat, R.; Boissier, J.R., 1975:
Comparison of the sedative effects of 2 alpha-sympathomimetic antihypertensive agents: clonidine and tiamenidine

Rozhavin, M.A.; Sologub, V.V., 1979:
Comparison of the sensitivity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa cultures that synthesize melanin and other pigments to 12 antibiotics and 5-nitro-8-quinolinol

Benková, M.; Borosková, Z., 1978:
Comparison of the sensitivity of the passive, indirect hemagglutination reaction and the latex fixation test in the demonstration of the migratory phase of experimental ascariasis (Ascaris suum) in swine

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Comparison of the serology, transforming ability, and polypeptide composition of human papovaviruses isolated from urine

Bagdasaŕian, S.N.; Tolkacheva, N.V.; Troĭtskii, G.V., 1977:
Comparison of the serum albumin concentration, determined by the immunochemical and chemical methods, under normal and pathological conditions

Alessandrescu, D.; Badea, L.; Teodoru, G.C.; Maior, E.; Strungaru, A.; Georgescu, I., 1978:
Comparison of the serum levels of human placental lactogen and the total 24 hour estrogen excretion in the urine in normal and abnormal pregnancies

Hughey, R.P.; Curthoys, N., 1976:
Comparison of the size and physical properties of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase purified from rat kidney following solubilization with papain or with Triton X-100

Lesslie, I.W.; Herbert, C.N., 1975:
Comparison of the specificity of human and bovine tuberculin PPF for testing cattle. 3. National trial in Great Britain

Lesslie, I.W.; Herbert, C.N.; Burn, K.J.; MacClancy, B.N.; Donnelly, W.J., 1975:
Comparison of the specificty of human and bovine tuberculin PPD for testing cattle. 1--Republic of Ireland

Vanderschueren, R.G.; Van Bever, R.J.; Laros, C.D.; Swierenga, J., 1979:
Comparison of the speed of bronchodilator action after inhaled fenoterol and rimiterol in reversible airways obstruction

Söderlund, H.; von Bonsdorff, C.H.; Ulmanen, I., 1979:
Comparison of the structural properties of Sindbis and Semliki forest virus nucleocapsids

Glass, D.B.; Krebs, E.G., 1979:
Comparison of the substrate specificity of adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate- and guanosine 3':5'-monophosphate-dependent protein kinases. Kinetic studies using synthetic peptides corresponding to phosphorylation sites in histone H2B

Hornich, M.; Chrástová, V., 1979:
Comparison of the suitability of phase-contrast and immunofluorescence technics in the laboratory diagnosis of porcine dysentery

Brimijoin, S.; Olsen, J.; Rosenson, R., 1979:
Comparison of the temperature-dependence of rapid axonal transport and microtubules in nerves of the rabbit and bullfrog

Feldner, H., 1976:
Comparison of the therapeutic effect of Atrovent inhalations with an oral antiasthmatic agent

Cesková, E.; Náhunek, K.; Svestka, J.; Rodová, A., 1976:
Comparison of the therapeutic effect of lithium and neuroleptic treatment (haloperidol, octoclothepin, oxyprothepin) in mania patients [proceedings

Junginger, T.; Trost, A.; Pichlmaier, H., 1978:
Comparison of the value of various methods for diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux

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Comparison of the variations in the levels of beta2-microglobulin and carcino-embryonic antigen in the breast cancer and malignant melanoma

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Comparison of the visually evoked response in drug-free chronic schizophrenic patients and normal controls

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Comparison of thiopentone versus althesin for caesarean section

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Comparison of three anti-nucleus antibody detection methods in different pathologies

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Comparison of three enzyme-linked procedures for the quantitative determination of guinea pig anti-porcine insulin antibody

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Comparison of three liquid-filled ampules for quality control of pH, pCO2, and pO2 measurement

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Comparison of three methods of evaluating the composition of gentamicin sulphate

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Comparison of thyrotropin-releasing hormone with melanocyte-stimulating-hormone-release-inhibiting factor as pentobarbital antagonists in monkeys

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Comparison of tissue distribution and fate of 2,2'-anhydro-1-beta-D-arabinofuranosyl-5-fluorocytosine and 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosyl-5-fluorocytosine in rats

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Comparison of tolerance development and dependence capacities of morphine, beta-endorphin, and [D-Met2, Pro5]-enkephalinamide

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Comparison of traditional reading of the EEG and automatic recognition of interictal epileptic activity

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Comparison of two DNA-RNA hybridization methods: on membrane filters and in solution

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Comparison of two Papanicolaou staining procedures for automated prescreening

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Comparison of two aqueous biphasic systems used for the partition of biological material

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Comparison of two commercial low residue diets and a low residue diet of common foods

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Comparison of two dioxygenases from Pseudomonas putida

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Comparison of two maintenance schedules of chrysotherapy in rheumatoid arthritis: preliminary report

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Comparison of two means of identifying satellite associations in man

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Comparison of two methods for determining the cytogenetic effects induced by triethylenemelamine

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Comparison of two methods of antibiotic sensitivity test: gel diffusion and automatic method using ABAC apparatus. II. Study on 399 strains isolated in hospital

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Comparison of two methods of antibiotic sensitivity tests: gel diffusion and automatic method using ABAC apparatus. I. Variation and dispersion of the two methods

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Comparison of two occupational therapy approaches for treating the young cerebral-palsied child

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Comparison of two pig intestinal brush border peptidases with the corresponding renal enzymes

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Comparison of two radioimmunoassays and a microbiologic assay for bleomycin

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Comparison of two systems for the instrumentation of rotary tablet machines [proceedings

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Comparison of various exocrine pancreatic function tests

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Comparison of various in-vitro tests for the differentiation of thyroid gland disorders

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Comparison of various measures of sensitivity of M. tuberculosis to ethambutol

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Comparison of vertical and horizontal optokinetic nystagmus in the squirrel monkey

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Comparison of vitamin D and 25-hydroxy-vitamin-D in the therapy of primary biliary cirrhosis

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Comparison on intravenous and subcutaneous insulin infusions in man

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Comparison otitis media due to types 3 and 23 Streptococcus pneumoniae in the Chinchilla model

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Comparisons among HC 20-211 (Ketotifen), clemastine, DSCG and beclomethasone dipropionate in nasal challenge

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Comparisons between serum concentrations of thyroxine and thyroxine-binding proteins in samples simultaneously obtained from capillary, peripheral vein, central vein and aorta in newborn infants

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Comparisons between the antianesthetic action of dibutyryl cyclic AMP and analeptic drugs on amobarbital-induced narcosis in the rat

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Comparisons of antigenic types of Trypanosoma (T)brucei strains transmitted by Glossina m. morsitans

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Comparisons of in vivo BrdU labeling methods and spontaneous sister chromatid exchange frequencies in regenerating murine liver and bone marrow cells

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Comparisons of myeloma proteins from NZB and BALB/c mice: structural and functional differences of heavy chains

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Comparisons of the analgesic effects of oral and intramuscular oxymorphone and of intramuscular oxymorphone and morphine in patients with cancer

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Comparisons of the chemical and biologic properties of triaziquone and triaziquone-protein conjugates

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Comparisons of the effects of fenoterol on PCA and histamine skin test in rats

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Comparisons of the immunological properties of two structural polypeptides of type C RNA viruses endogenous to old world monkeys

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Comparisons show construction management's benefits

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Comparsion of the properties of two antigen-induced guinea pig lymphokines

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Compartmentalization of adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate and adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate-dependent protein kinase in heart tissue

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Compartmentalization of cyclic nucleotide-mediated hormone action

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Compartmentalization of cyclic nucleotides and cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinases in rat liver: immunocytochemical demonstration

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Compartmentation of NADPH in rat liver

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Compartmentation of gramicidin 5 in membranes of sensitive bacteria and protein-lipid interactions

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Compatibility of antihuman lymphocyte globulin (AHLG). Possible side effects and complications

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Compatibility of penicillin and ascorbic acid injection

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Compatibility of various admixtures with secondary additives at Y-injection sites of intravenous administration sets

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Compatibility of various materials with oral tissues. II: Pulp responses to composite ingredients

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Compendium of pacemaker technology. II. Definitions and glossary (Part I)

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Compendium of pacemaker technology. II. Definitions and glossary (Part II)

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Compendium of pacemaker technology. Introduction and historical review

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Compensating filter design using megavoltage radiography

Anonymous, 1978:
Compensating the drug victim

Anonymous, 1978:
Compensation and Clapham man

Goitein, M., 1978:
Compensation for inhomogeneities in charged particle radiotherapy using computed tomography

Genes, S.G., 1978:
Compensation for insulin deficiency by transplanting the pancreas and its islands

Anonymous, 1977:
Compensation for unforeseen adverse drug reactions

Taylor, D.C., 1977:
Compensation for vaccine-damaged children

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Compensation of dietary induced reduction of tetracycline absorption by simultaneous administration of EDTA

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Compensational phenomena in reactivation of dimethyl- and diethylphosphoryl butyrylcholinesterases

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Compensations in acid-base disorders assayed after the diagnostic diagrams used in practice

Anonymous, 1976:
Competence to practise

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Competence-related increased enzyme release from Streptococcus sanguis (Wicky) cells

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Competition of humoral immunity and delayed hypersensitivity following injection with ovine erythrocytes

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Competition radioimmunoassay for mason-pfizer monkey virus: comparison with recent isolates

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Competitive effect of 2 benzodiazepines: flunitrazepam and diazepam. Demonstration in humans

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Competitive effects of pindolol and salbutamol on airway resistance in asthmatics

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Competitive inhibition of cytotoxic T lymphocyte-target cell conjugation. A direct evaluation of membrane antigens involved in cell-mediated immunity

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Competitive inhibition of the fixation of various cytotropic antibodies to mast cells of the peritoneal serous membrane in the guinea pig

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Competitive ligand - binding assay for thyroxine binding globulin. Comparison with TBG radioimmunoassay and T3 uptake test

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Competitive oxidation of 6-hydroxydopamine by oxygen and hydrogen peroxide

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Complaints after fractures of the os calcis-significance of the peroneal tendons

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Complement - fixation in the interaction of normal rabbit gamma G' globulin and its Fab' fragment

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Complement activation and hematologic, hemodynamic, and respiratory reactions early after soft-tissue injury

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Complement activation by Propionibacterium acnes and Bacteroides melaninogenicus

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Complement activity in leukemic patients

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Complement as an essential factor for indirect immunofluorescence in cases of pemphigoid

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Complement components (C1, C2, C3, C4) in bronchial secretions after intranasal infection of guinea pigs with Mycoplasma pneumoniae: dissociation of unspecific and specific defense mechanisms

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Complement components detected on normal red blood cells taken into EDTA and CPD

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Complement components in normal serum and plasma quantitated by electroimmunoassay

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Complement factors in the medical analysis laboratory

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Complement fixation by Rh blood group antibodies

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Complement fixation for study of placental-type alkaline phosphatase

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Complement fixation reaction in the typing of influenza viruses isolated in Rio de Janeiro

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Complement fixation reaction studies in rhinopneumonitis of horses

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Complement in clinical medicine

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Complement in rheumatoid articular inflammation

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Complement receptor binding of C3b-coated cells treated with C3b inactivator, beta 1H globulin and trypsin

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Complement sensitivity of somatic hybrids of a complement-resistant murine leukemia cell line

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Complement system in disseminated lupus erythematosus

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Complement system studies in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

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Complement updated for the clinician

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Complement, serum bactericidal activity, and disseminated gram-negative infection

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Complement-dependent stimulation of normal lymphocytes by immune complexes

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Complement-enhanced immunity to infection with Neisseria gonorrhoeae in mice

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Complement-fixing IgG1 constitutes a new subclass of mouse IgG

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Complement-fixing antibody response in pneumococcal pneumonia

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Complement-fixing soluble antigen from rat lymphoma (C58NT)D. Preliminary characterization of the antigen and some positive human sera

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Complement-independent nephrotoxic nephritis in the guinea pig

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Complement-induced histamine release from human basophils. III. Effect of pharmacologic agents

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Complement-mediated alteration of antibody specificity in vivo

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Complement-mediated phagocytosis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Complement-mediated release of histamine from human basophils. III. Possible regulatory role of microtubules and microfilaments

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Complement-mediated release of histamine from human leukocytes

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Complement: function. Biological significance and clinical aspects

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Complementary communications: making a tape-slide sequence

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Complementary use of the reversed-phase and anion-exchange modes of high-pressure liquid chromatography for studies of reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

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Complete amino acid sequence of the gamma chain from the major fetal hemoglobin of the pig-tailed macaque, Macaca nemestrina

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Complete and incomplete Ibc protein fraction in group B streptococci

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Complete colonic obstruction secondary to adhesions

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Complete correction of Fallot's tetralogy after cavo-pulmonary anastomosis. With reference to two cases of complete repair with suppression of the anastomosis and reimplantation of the right pulmonary artery

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Complete correction of Fallot's tetralogy in infants. Preliminary results

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Complete correction of Fallot's tetralogy with a Waterston shunt

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Complete covalent structure of human beta-thromboglobulin

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Complete deficiency of constitutive heterochromatin on a human chromosome 9

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Complete division of the ulnar nerve as a complication of medullary fixation of fractured olecranon

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Complete inactivation and labeling of methionyl-tRNA synthetase by periodate-treated initiator tRNA in the presence of sodium cyanohydridoborate

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Complete inhibition of the expression of an idiotype by a mechanism of B-cell dominance

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Complete lysis of glutamic acid-producing bacteria by the use of antibiotics which inhibit the biosynthesis of cell walls

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Complete nucleotide sequence of the 5' noncoding region of rabbit beta-globin mRNA

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Complete occlusion of the thoracic aorta due to aortitis syndrome (Takayasu's arteritis). Report of a case

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Complete or almost complete analogy of chromosome banding between the baboon (Papio papio) and man

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Complete parenteral alimentation after major digestive surgery using lEB 51-Trivé 1000

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Complete recovery of thyroid function after apparent radiodestruction

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Complete sequence of constant and 3' noncoding regions of an immunoglobulin mRNA using the dideoxynucleotide method of RNA sequencing

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Complete stabilization of water-soluble hydrogenase from Rhodospirillum rubrum under air atmosphere with a high concentration of chloride ions

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Complete surgical correction of congenital cardiopathies in infants

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Complete transposition of the great arteries: hypertensiol pulmonary vascular disease in the first six months of life

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Complete tyrosine assignments in the high-field 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor selectively reduced and carboxamidomethylated at cystine 14-38

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Completed pregnancy following vascularized heterotopic autotransplantation of the Fallopian tube in the ewe

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Complex application of stains in the histochemical study of proteins

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Complex characteristics--a property of 3-hexulose-6-phosphate synthase in methanol assimilating bacteria

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Complex compounds of Co(II) with (disalicylidene)-ethylenediamine

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Complex compounds of platinum in the chemotherapy of malignant tumors

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Complex formation and other physico-chemical interactions between griseofulvin and phenobarbitone [proceedings

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Complex formation between the adenovirus type 5 DNA-binding protein and single-stranded DNA

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Complex formation of monovalent cations with biofunctional ligands

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Complex genesis of anemia in chronic liver diseases

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Complex intensive therapy in late toxemia of parturients with anemia

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Complex intraoperative diagnosis of intracerebral tumors of the cerebral hemispheres

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Complex nature of the production of 'effector' cells and their interaction with target cells in the M-antigen system of the mouse

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Complex of D-glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase with Cu2+ ion. The properties of ternary Cu-enzyme-coenzyme complex

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Complex of meningococcal group B polysaccharide and type 2 outer membrane protein immunogenic in man

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Complex pH-esophagogastroduodenography

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Complex pathogenesis of cancer in transplant recipients

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Complex spondylo-epi-metaphyseal dysplasia with severe platyspondyly in two brothers

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Complex study of the city air pollution

Zhenchevskiĭ, R.A., 1976:
Complex treatment of adhesions in the abdominal cavity

Makeev, V.D., 1976:
Complex treatment of psoriasis

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Complex-forming properties of butanedione-modified ferredoxin-NADP+ reductase with NADP+ and ferredoxin

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Complexation in formulation of parenteral solutions: solubilization of the cytotoxic agent hexamethylmelamine by complexation with gentisic acid species

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Complexed IgE in atopy

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Complexes between trypsin and rabbit desialylated alpha macroglobulins

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Complexes formed by (pyrimidine)n . (purine)n DNAs on lowering the pH are three-stranded

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Complexes of cobalt (II) and manganese (II) with adenosine 5'-diphosphate and adenosine 5'-triphosphate. A circular dichroism study

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Complexes of ribonuclease A with 2'-deoxy-2'-fluororibose substrate analogues studied by nuclear magnetic resonance

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Complexes of technetium with pyrophosphate, etidronate, and medronate

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Complexes of trivalent oxygenated phosphorus compounds with cytochrome P-450 and cytochrome P-420: the origin of double Soret spectra

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Complexes of vitamin A with proteins and their role in the bodies of animals

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Complexing Rauscher leukemia virus reverse transcriptase with human plasma ribonuclease from Hodgkin's disease patients

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Complexing of reduced technetium and tin (II) by chelating phosphate compounds. I. Chemical state of technetium

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Complexing of reduced technetium and tin(II) by chelating phosphate compounds. II. In vitro stability of pyrophosphate and ethane-1, hydroxy-1, diphosphonate (EHDP) complexes

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Complexity of antigen recognition

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Complexity of cell interactions: analysis using antigens under Ir gene control

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Complexity of cytoplasmic RNA in different mouse tissues measured by hybridization of polyadenylated RNA to complementary DNA

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Compliance oriented pharmacy programs

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Complicated acute appendicitis

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Complicated diverticula of the gastrointestinal tract

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Complication of catheterisation for intravenous nutrition

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Complication of cerevical circlage

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Complication of cervical circlage

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Complication of oxprenolol treatment

Anonymous, 1978:
Complication of the infusion pump

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Complication rate with supine phlebography

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Complications after operations for lung cancer with preoperative betatron irradiation

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Complications after silicone T drainage of the choledochus

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Complications arising from arterial contrast studies

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Complications associated with prophylactic oral kanamycin in preterm infants

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Complications associated with therapeutic soft contact lenses

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Complications due to diagnostic procedures in nephrology and urology

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Complications during the surgical correction of patent ductus arteriosus

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Complications during treatment with antireticular cytotoxic serum and their prevention

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Complications during use of the Carlens catheter

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Complications from general surgery

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Complications from legally-induced abortion: a review

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Complications in intravenous alimentation

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Complications in the successive use of beta-adrenoblockaders and izoptin

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Complications of a biliodigestive anastomosis in tumors of the organs of the pancreatoduodenal area

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Complications of acute frontal sinusitis

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Complications of catheter cerebral arteriography: analysis of 5,000 procedures. II. Relation of complication rates to clinical and arteriographic diagnoses

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Complications of catheter cerebral arteriography: analysis of 5,000 procedures. III. Assessment of arteries injected, contrast medium used, duration of procedure, and age of patient

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Complications of colonoscopy

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Complications of cryosurgery in the treatment of prostatic tumors

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Complications of defibrillation with permanent pacemaker in situ

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Complications of diabetes in ophthalmic surgery in the aged

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Complications of disopyramide

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Complications of drugs being accidentally dissolved in the esophagus and bronchi

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Complications of enteral and parenteral nutrition

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Complications of fetal monitoring: scalp abscess and osteomyelitis

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Complications of gastro-oesophageal reflux, and surgical management

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Complications of histamine liberation during anesthesia

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Complications of immunisation: whooping cough vaccine

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Complications of intravenous hyperalimentation--their etiology and prevention. Complications due to metabolic imbalance

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Complications of intravenous hyperalimentation: complications due to the management and technics of intravenous infusion

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Complications of lignocaine

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Complications of local anesthetics

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Complications of lumbar disc surgery: Part I

Bosacco, S.J., 1978:
Complications of lumbar disc surgery: Part II

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Complications of oesophageal reflux

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Complications of palliative treatment of cancer of the cardia

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Complications of pertussis immunization (author transl)

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Complications of povidone-iodine absorption in topically treated burn patients

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Complications of talus fractures

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Complications of total abdominal and spleen irradiation in patients with lymphomas

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Complications of transurethral resection of the prostate

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Complications of water-soluble iodized contrast media. Pathogenesis of complications in relation to the severity of the manifestations. Types of reactions

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Complicatons following rabies vaccination and their possibilities of treatment

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Complimentary, sequential antifertility effects of chlormadinone and norethindrone in the rabbit: implications in progestin only fertility control

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Components in multiple sclerosis cerebrospinal fluid that are detected by radioimmunoassay for myelin basic protein

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Components of desensitization in modification of fear among genuinely fearful subjects

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Components of the frequency-following potential in man

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Components of the haemostatic mechanism in twin pregnancy

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Composite crown and bridge prosthodontics

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Composite free flap and tendon transfer: an anatomical study and a clinical technique

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Composite nasal septal graft reconstruction of the partial laryngectomized canine

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Composite resin color alterations as a function of the use of polishing pastes, glazing materials and storage. I

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Composition and antigenic properties of a surface polysaccharide isolated from Eubacterium saburreum, strain L452

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Composition and differentiation of the genus Streptococcus

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Composition and enzymatic properties of the mitochondrial NADH- and NADPH-ubiquinone reductase (complex I)

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Composition and properties of immunoglobulin G in cattle with lymphatic leukemia

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Composition of an isoelectric focusing gel yielding a broad pH gradient

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Composition of gall-stones-histochemical staining

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Composition of glycoproteins secreted by tracheal explants from various animal species

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Composition of human erythrocyte-membrane extracts and group-specific substance A in antigens

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Composition of kidney, ureteral and bladder stones

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Composition of lipids and proteins of two compounds isolated from infected mice: mouse mammary tumor virus and milk fat globule membrane

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Composition of parenteral amino acid solutions prepared for hepatic failure: theories and clinical studies

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Composition of peripheral blood in healthy infants

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Composition of the alkaline component of human gastric juice: effect of swallowed saliva and duodeno-gastric reflux

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Composition of the fractions separated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the lipopolysaccharide of a marine bacterium

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Composition of the trace contaminants in the atmosphere of the Soiuz-22 space ship

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Composition of the urine of patients with terminal renal failure before and after treatment with hemodialysis

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Composition of the volatile compounds in human sweat and urine

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Compositional relatedness of aldehyde reductases from several species

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Compound I formation with turnip peroxidases and peroxybenzoic acids

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Compound d+y+ particles of Australia antigen

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Compound with bronchospasmolytical activity from the chemical class of beta-phenylethyl-aminoalkyl-xanthines

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Compounds in the urinary pH 1 extract reacting with corticosteroid and tetrahydrocorticosteroid antisera. Separation of a nonpolar substance with affinity to a tetrahydroaldosterone antiserum

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Compratative distortion in three-unit fixed prostheses joined by laser welding, conventioanl soldering, or casting in one piece

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Comprehensive cardiac pacemaker information system: basis for a regional follow-up network

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Comprehensive care conference in Caux, Switzerland; 14-17 August 1978--a different kind of conference

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Comprehensive care in pediatric practice. An approach, a definition, and some practical points

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Comprehensive characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains with particular reference to the Habs and Homma serological typing methods

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Comprehensive nursing

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Comprehensive radiotherapy for advanced Hodgkin's disease refractory to chemotherapy

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Comprehensive treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in old age

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Comprehensive treatment of vomiting in pregnant women using neuroleptics and parenteral feeding

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Comprehensive view of air pollution problems

Anonymous, 1976:
Comprehensive view of the creative process in psychopathological art. A panel discussion at the 7th International Congress of Psychopathology of Expression

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Compression of the external carotid artery. An anatomical finding to Eagle's syndrome

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Compressive extradural lipomatosis as an unusual complication of corticosteroid therapy: one case

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Compulsory electroconvulsive therapy

Baatz, G., 1975:
Compulsory health education and discretion in industrial-medicine physicians and staffs--legal principles

Anonymous, 1978:
Compulsory psychiatry

Smecka, V.; Solich, J., 1979:
Computation of the threshold of profitability of a pharmaceutical production facility

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Computations for prenatal prediction of myotonic dystrophy

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Computed tomographic (CT) findings in cases of putaminal hemorrhages with hemiplegia that have taken a favorable course

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Computed tomographic diagnosis of aortic disease--annulo-aortic ectasia and aortitis syndrome

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Computed tomographic diagnosis of obstructive jaundice in the absence of intrahepatic ductal dilatation

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Computed tomographic findings of primary malignant leptomeningeal melanoma in neurocutaneous melanosis

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Computed tomographic mammography (CTM)

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Computed tomographic scanning and the lumbar spine. Part I: Economic and historic review

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Computed tomographic scanning in children: comparison of radiation dose and resolving power of commercial CT scanners

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Computed tomography - a new technique in diagnostic radiology

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Computed tomography and 67Ga citrate radionuclide imaging for evaluating suspected abdominal abscess

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Computed tomography and biomechanical analysis of fossil long bones

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Computed tomography and ruptured intracranial aneurysm in acute stage

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Computed tomography and transabdominal ultrasound in the evaluation of the prostate

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Computed tomography for neurological intensive care patients. Report on one hundred CT examinations

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Computed tomography in a private practice office

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Computed tomography in ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament in the cervical spine

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Computed tomography in patients with cerebrovascular disease: impact of a new technology on patient care

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Computed tomography in radiation therapy treatment planning

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Computed tomography in the detection of retroperitoneal hemorrhage after translumbar aortography

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Computed tomography in the evaluation of osteosarcoma: experience with 25 cases

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Computed tomography in the evaluation of the suspected carcinomatous prostate

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Computed tomography of circumcaval ureter

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Computed tomography of intracerebral leukemic masses

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Computed tomography of musculoskeletal disorders

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Computed tomography of the brain in patients with headache or temporal lobe epilepsy: findings and cost-effectiveness

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Computed tomography of the prostate: initial clinical trial of ACTA scanner

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Computed unit-EEG correlations and laminar profiles of spindle waves in the electroencephalogram of cats

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Computer algorithm for electron beam treatment planning

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Computer analysis of a method of myocardial protection used in a series of 547 operations under extracorporeal circulation in adults

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Computer analysis of clinical EEGs

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Computer analysis of defined populations of lymphocytes irradiated in vitro: I. Evaluation of murine thoracic duct lymphocytes

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Computer analysis of the EEG as an aid in the evaluation of dietetic treatment in phenylketonuria

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Computer analysis of the electroencephalographic activity of the Caiman olfactory bulb

Mizuno, S., 1978:
Computer application to a pH/blood gas analyzer

Anonymous, 1979:
Computer applications in fermentation technology. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computer Applications in Fermentation Technology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 28-30, 1978 sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the University of Pennsylvania

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Computer assisted image analysis of Feulgen-stained cell nuclei from transitional cell carcinoma of the human urinary bladder

Zaitoun, A.M., 1979:
Computer assisted stathmokinetic and FLM data analysis of cell cycle time in the germinal centre of the spleen: effect of prednisolone

Barzel, U.S., 1979:
Computer confusion

Caddy, N.T.; Bristow, P.A., 1979:
Computer controlled sampling and analysis system for dissolution rate studies [proceedings

Sofia, J.W., 1979:
Computer controlled, multileaf collimator for rotataional radiation therapy

Theimer, P., 1979:
Computer development at Mount Sinai Hospital

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Computer discrimination of T and B lymphocytes

Gillmann, H., 1976:
Computer electrocardiography diagnosis

Borysiewicz, J.; Tadeusiewicz, R., 1976:
Computer evaluation of antiviral activities of some thiosemicarbazones in experiments in vivo

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Computer experience and further developments in the respiratory function laboratory

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Computer interpreted fetal electroencephalogram: sharp wave detection and classification of infants for one year neurological outcome

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Computer model for simulation of emergency medical systems

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Computer model of cardiac pace-maker currents

Geller, R.J.; Blackburn, S.A.; Glendon, D.H.; Henneman, W.H.; Steffee, W.P., 1979:
Computer optimization of enteral hyperalimentation

Anonymous, 1976:
Computer policy

Ehrenberg, B.L.; Penry, J.K., 1976:
Computer recognition of generalized spike-wave discharges

Gevins, A.S.; Zeitlin, G.M.; Ancoli, S.; Yeager, C.L., 1977:
Computer rejection of EEG artifact. II. Contamination by drowsiness

Bendix, R.; Bhargava, V.; Griffith, W.; Walsh, C.; Berland, T., 1976:
Computer scheduling for the OR

Kohn, M.C.; Garfinkel, D., 1977:
Computer simulation of ischemic rat heart purine metabolism. II. Model behavior

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Computer tomography on the pancreas. A diagnostic extension from the surgical aspect

Spence, M.A., 1978:
Computer uses in population screening programs

Mihara, T.; Asakura, T., 1978:
Computer-assisted analysis of EMI-number in cerebral tumors

Leestma, J.E.; Freeman, S.S., 1977:
Computer-assisted analysis of particulate axoplasmic flow in organized CNS tissue cultures

Seidl, A., 1978:
Computer-assisted analysis of the cardiotocogram for improved monitoring of labour

Tracy, K.B.; Montague, E.C.; Gabriel, R.P.; Kent, B.E., 1979:
Computer-assisted diagnosis of orthopedic gait disorders

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Computer-assisted interpretation of clinical EEGs

Murray, T.S.; Cupples, R.W.; Barber, J.H.; Hannay, D.R.; Scott, D.B., 1976:
Computer-assisted learning in undergraduate medical teaching

Kaplow, L.S.; Lerner, E., 1977:
Computer-assisted monocyte esterase assay by flow-cytophotometry

Sailer, D.; Berg, G., 1979:
Computer-controlled bedside monitoring and infusion system

Kucera, P.; de Ribaupierre, Y.; de Ribaupierre, F., 1979:
Computer-controlled double-beam scanning microspectrophotometry for rapid microscopic image reconstructions

Tosney, T.; Hoyle, G., 1977:
Computer-controlled learning in a simple system

Staab, H.J.; Anderer, F.A.; Stumpf, E.; Fischer, R., 1976:
Computer-supported postoperative CEA-course controls : correlation with the prognosis of recurrence and findings of second-look operations

Garcia-Bunuel, L., 1979:
Computerised tomography and subdural haematomas

Galbraith, S.; Teasdale, G., 1979:
Computerised tomography and subdural hematomas

Bunting, J.S., 1977:
Computerised tomography in metastatic breast cancer

Misurec, J.; Náhunek, K.; Svestka, J.; Cesková, E., 1979:
Computerized EEG in the comparison of oxyprothepin and fluphenazine decanoat

Naccarella, F.; Mantovani, B.; Lamberti, C.; Boschi, S.; Bracchetti, D.; Magnani, B., 1979:
Computerized analysis of the clinical effectiveness of intravenous/disopyramide and procainamide in patients with stabilized and complicated ventricular extrasystole

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Computerized axial tomography in diagnosis of congenital heart diseases. Preliminary report

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Computerized body tomography in breast cancer. I. Internal mammary nodes and radiation treatment planning

Morgan, M.; Studney, D.R.; Barnett, G.O.; Winickoff, R.N., 1978:
Computerized concurrent review of prenatal care

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Computerized cranial transverse axial tomography (CTAT) in 145 patients with primary and secondary generalized epilepsies. West syndrome, myoclonic-astatic petit mal, absence epilepsy

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Computerized evaluation of electroencephalographic changes accompanying exchange transfusion in Reye's syndrome

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Computerized scanning analyses of FITC-labelled microscopic slides

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Computerized tomography in infants with seizures

Miyazaki, M.; Naito, M.; Mimoto, S.; Masuoka, T.; Akuzawa, H., 1977:
Computerized voiding cystography, using 99mTC-(sn)-DTPA and gamma-scintillation camera

Neiman, H.L., 1978:
Computerized whole body tomography

Ronald, J.S., 1979:
Computers & undergraduate nursing education: a report on an experimental introductory course

Anonymous, 1977:
Computers for surgeons

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Computers in lung function tests

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Computers, confidentiality, and cancer research

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Con-A-activated T cells secrete factors with polyclonal B-cell-activating properties

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Concanavalin A affinity molecular variants of alpha-fetoprotein in neonatal rat serum and in the serum of rats bearing hepatomas

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Concanavalin A promotes the uptake of lysosomal hydrolases by human fibroblasts

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Concanavalin A receptors in the plasma membrane of rat liver cells: comparative electron microscopic studies on normal cells and on cells in vivo transformed by diethylnitrosamine

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Concanavalin A stimulates phospholipid methylation and phosphatidylserine decarboxylation in rat mast cells

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Concanavalin A- Sepharose affinity chromatography for routine microanalysis of gamma-glutamyltransferase

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Concanavalin A--non-reactive alpha-fetoprotein and communicating fetal malformation

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Concanavalin A-binding glycopeptides from rat brain glycoproteins

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Concanavalin A-horseradish peroxidase bridge staining of alpha-1 glycoproteins separated by isoelectric focusing on polyacrylamide gel

Sullivan, T.J.; Greene, W.C.; Parker, C.W., 1975:
Concanavalin A-induced histamine release from normal rat mast cells

Yamada, K., 1976:
Concanavalin A-perioxidase-diaminobenzidine (Con-A-PO-DAB)-alcian blue (AB): a reliable method for dual staining of complex carbohydrates

Yamada, K., 1978:
Concanavalin A-peroxidase-diaminobenzidine-periodic acid-m-aminophenol-fast black salt K: a method for the dual staining of neutral complex carbohydrates

Hindersson, P.; Toftager-Larsen, K.; Nørgaard-Pedersen, B., 1979:
Concanavalin-A reactivity of amniotic fluid alpha-fetoprotein in diagnosis of neural-tube defects

Kinoshita, S.; Fujita, K.; Kawaguchi, H.; Kanda, K.; Tanabe, Y., 1978:
Concealed (proximal) Wenckebach phenomenon with distal 2:1 exit block in the ectopic-ventricular junction

Zhou, Q., 1979:
Concealed A-V functional extrasystole

Brat, A., 1975:
Concealed AV junctional extrasystoles simulating second-degree sinoatrial block

Kerin, N.Z.; Levy, M.N.; Goldberg, L.B.; Rubenfire, M., 1979:
Concealed extrasystoles due to Wenckebach conduction delay within the reentry loop

Lightfoot, P.R., 1975:
Concealed extrasystolic ventricular bigeminy with interpolation

Nasrallah, A.T.; Gillette, P.C.; Mullins, C.E.; Nihill, M.R.; McNamara, D.G., 1975:
Concealed his bundle extrasystoles in congenital heart disease

Levy, M.N.; Goldman, P.; Goldberg, L., 1979:
Concealed quadrigeminy and quintageminy

Kinoshita, S., 1975:
Concealed ventricular extrasystoles due to interference and due to exit block

de la Morena, E.; García-Lomas, L.A.; Moneo, F.J., 1977:
Concealment of the enzymatic colorimetric reaction of gamma GT (E.C. determination in the serum with high levels of bilirubin

Bradshaw, C.E., 1978:
Concentrated experiential learning laboratories

L.B.urgeois, J.P.; Cosset, J.M., 1977:
Concentrated irradiation of bone metastasis

Wańkowicz, Z.; Biernacki, A.; Gałecki, Z., 1979:
Concentrated solutions used in peritoneal dialysis

Heinz, F.; Kunz, C., 1977:
Concentration and purification of tick-borne encephalitis virus grown in suspensions of chick embryo cells

Busse, F.; Lüllman, H.; Peters, T., 1979:
Concentration dependence of the binding of ouabain to isolated guinea pig atria

Berner, O., 1978:
Concentration elimination of anaesthetic gases in operating theratres. Influence of anaesthesia apparatus leakages

Mautone, A.; D.L.cia, I., 1976:
Concentration of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and hydrogen ions in the erythrocytes of small-for-gestational-age newborn infants

Chevigné, M., 1976:
Concentration of 3' : 5'-AMP in various tissues of the Chinese crab Eriocheir sinensis Milne Edwards

Storer, A.C.; Cornish-Bowden, A., 1976:
Concentration of MgATP2- and other ions in solution. Calculation of the true concentrations of species present in mixtures of associating ions

Klenikova, V.A., 1978:
Concentration of acid and basic proteins in the nuclei of hippocampal neurons and neuroglia of rat brain following elaboration of a passive avoidance conditioned reflex

Libman, E.; Lemberger, J.; Kopilović, J.; Hadzić, M., 1978:
Concentration of alpha-fetoprotein in the serum of patients with malignant diseases

Winand, R.; Wadeleux, P., 1976:
Concentration of cyclic AMP in cultured thyroid cells isolated from the thyroids of patients with various thyroid diseases

Davydova, S.Ia.; Vetchinin, S.S., 1978:
Concentration of cyclic nucleotides, activity of adenylate cyclase, 3',5'-AMP phosphodiesterase and guanylate cyclase in plasma membranes from liver and hepatomas of different degrees of malignancy

Moore, R.J.; Gazak, J.M.; Quebbeman, J.F.; Wilson, J.D., 1979:
Concentration of dihydrotestosterone and 3 alpha-androstanediol in naturally occurring and androgen-induced prostatic hyperplasia in the dog

Halagan, J.; Arendarcik, J., 1976:
Concentration of estrone, estradiol and estriol in the blood of pregnant sheep after induction of estrus with chlormadinone acetate and medroxyprogesterone acetate

Halagan, J.; Arendarcik, J., 1979:
Concentration of free 17-beta estradiol in the plasm of ewes following treatment with chlormadione acetate (CAP) in 2 synchronized cycles

Krause, W., 1978:
Concentration of immunreactive FSH, LH and prolactin in seminal fluid following i.v. application of LH-RH and TRH

Ring, J.; Duswald, K.H.; Bachmann, T.; Stephan, W.; Brendel, W., 1977:
Concentration of intravenously administered gammaglobulin preparations in dog skin

Sobsey, M.D.; Jones, B.L., 1979:
Concentration of poliovirus from tap water using positively charged microporous filters

Wirsing, C.H.; Finger, H.; Jansen, P.; Trobisch, H., 1978:
Concentration of specific antibodies in commercially avaialable immunoglobulins

Bamberg, E.; Kanout, A.G.; Stöckl, W.; Ceska, M.; Choi, H.S., 1978:
Concentration of testosterone and luteinizing hormone in the blood plasma of steers during the first year of life

Mardell, R., 1977:
Concentration of thyroxine-binding globulin

Burr, W.A.; Ramsden, D.B.; Evans, S.E.; Hogan, T.; Hoffenberg, R., 1977:
Concentration of thyroxine-binding globulin: value of direct assay

Chen, J.S.; Walser, M., 1979:
Concentration-dependence of nonelectrolyte permeability of toad bladder

Schreier, A.A.; Baldwin, R.L., 1976:
Concentration-dependent hydrogen exchange kinetics of 3H-labeled S-peptide in ribonuclease S

Feldman, W.E., 1976:
Concentrations of bacteria in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with bacterial meningitis

Adam, D.; Tunn, U., 1979:
Concentrations of cefradine in renal tissue

Wenzel, M.; Schneider, M.; Bier, J.; Benders, P.; Schachschneider, G., 1979:
Concentrations of cytostatic drugs in organs and tumors: comparison after intravenous and intratumoral injection

Gordon, Y.P.; Grudzinskas, J.G.; Jeffrey, D.; Chard, T., 1977:
Concentrations of pregnancy-specific beta 1-glycoprotein in maternal blood in normal pregnancy and in intrauterine growth retardation

Becker, W.; Herberhold, C., 1977:
Concept and first experiences of an oncologic therapy of head and neck carcinoma

Shrivastava, P.N., 1979 :
Concept of depth dose functions for radiotherapy beams: definition and values for different energy beams

Fujita, T., 1977:
Concept of paraneurons

Speidel, H., 1978:
Concept of the symbol in psychoanalysis

Sprung, L.; Wenzel, C., 1976:
Concept-anatogous classification processes in schizophrenic thinking disorders. Experimental psychological, studies of components of hypothesis formation and testing in schizophrenic and normal subjects

Farquhar, J.W., 1979:
Conception in a phenylketonuric woman

Harndt, E., 1979:
Conceptions and facts on difficult primary dentition

Robles de Medina, E.O., 1975:
Concepts in electrocardiography. II. General concepts concerning the regularity and frequency of impulse formation

Farrior, R.T., 1978:
Concepts in the management of the lower nasal cartilages: anatomic contour--surgical sculpturing

Moriyasu, N.; Hayashi, N., 1978:
Concepts of cerebral perfusion pressure and venous outflow mechanism during intracranial hypertension

Anonymous, 1979:
Concepts of dental occlusion--off with their cusps?

Garrett, A.; Manuel, D.; Vincent, C., 1976:
Conceptual framework

Woods, D.J., 1975:
Conceptualizing depression and its treatment: comparison of psychoanalytic and behavioral approaches

Gutner, R.N., 1978:
Concern for costs in graduate training

Schmitt, W.; Rossmannek, W., 1979:
Concerning slides

Geryk, B.; Stolcová, E.; Lukacová, M.; Luptaková, Z., 1979:
Concerning surgical treatment of undescended testis

Bol'shakova, T.D., 1975:
Concerning the article by D.V. Kolesov: "Calculation of the degree of secretory activity of the endocrine organs"

Thompson, W.L., 1979:
Concerning the contribution by F. Jesch, G. Hübner, V. Zumtobel, M. Zimmermann and K. Messmer, hydroxyethyl starch (HAS 450/0,7) in plasma and liver--course of concentration and human histologic changes [Infusionstherapie 6:112-117 (1979)

Labitzke, R.; Ziegelmüller, R., 1979:
Concerning the double-side traumatic hip dislocation

Weitkamp, L.R., 1978:
Concerning the linkage relationships of the Gc and MNSs loci

Chautard-Freire-Maia, E.A., 1979:
Concerning the linkage relationships of the Gc and MNSs loci. (Hum. Genet. 43, 215-220, 1978) Disentangling part of the data overlap

Rainsford, K.D.; Whitehouse, M.W., 1976:
Concerning the merits of copper aspirin as a potential anti-inflammatory drug

Ducamin, J.P.; Lutrand, J.C., 1978:
Concerning the treatment of a late dyskinesia by Tiapridal

Braude, I.A.; D.C.ercq, E., 1979:
Concert chromatography purification of mouse interferon [proceedings

Johanson, R.A.; Reeves, H.C., 1977:
Concerted inhibition of NADP+-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase by oxalacetate and glyoxylate. I. Oxalomalate formation and stability, and nature of the enzyme inhibition

Jürgens, P.; Dolif, D.; Fondalinski, G., 1978:
Concluding comments of the authors on the discussion of their own study: Infusionstherapie 5:141 (1978)

Pérez Ribié, R.; Rivera Patrón, M., 1976:
Conclusion of the address presented at the convention of the Panamerican Federation of Male and Female Nurses in Viña del Mar, Chile

Wachsmuth, E.D.; Donner, P., 1976:
Conclusions about aminopeptidase in tissue sections from studies of amino acid naphthylamide hydrolysis

Breivik, H., 1979:
Conclusions and practical recommendations. Analgesics and psychotropic drugs administered to patients with chronic pain and good prognosis

Houstĕk, J., 1978:
Conclusions of the Symposium on the Nutritional Aspects of Mother and Child, held in Upsala, June 1977, organized by professors B. Jellif and Bo Vahlquist

Papez, L.; Cech, E.; Gráf, M., 1978:
Conclusions of the national scientific conference

Anonymous, 1979 :
Conclusions of the symposiun the topic of "Games and toys in the educational universe of the young child"

Nersisian, V.M.; Aleksandrian, M.A.; Shcherbakova, L.N.; Akopian, L.P.; Aĭnadzhian, E.K., 1979:
Concomitamt antileukocyte antibodies in human anti-RhO(D) immunoglobulin and their significance for preventing the sensitization of pregnant women

Waymire, J.C.; Gilmer-Waymire, K.; Boehme, R.E., 1978:
Concomitant elevation of tyrosine hydroxylase and dopamine beta-hydroxylase by cyclic AMP in cultured mouse neuroblastoma cells

Roblin, R.O.; Young, P.L.; Bell, T.E., 1978:
Concomitant secretion by transformed SVWI38-VA13-2RA cells of plasminogen activator(s) and substance (s) which prevent their detection

Weber, E.; Voigt, K.H.; Martin, R., 1978:
Concomitant storage of ACTH- and endorphin-like immunoreactivity in the secretory granules of anterior pituitary corticotrophs

Harriman, A.E., 1978:
Concordance of taste preferences by Neotoma micropus with those of other rodents in a grassland community

Stanford, C.F.; Neville, A.M.; Laurence, D.J., 1978:
Concurrent assays of plasma and pleural-effusion levels of carcinoembryonic antigen in the diagnosis of pulmonary disease

Sorbe, B., 1979:
Concurrent use of PGF2 alpha, vibrations to the cervix uteri and amniotomy to induce labor after intrauterine fetal death

Marcus, M.; Sperling, K., 1979:
Condensation--inhibition by 33258-Hoechst of centromeric heterochromatin in prematurely condensed mouse chromosomes

Weerkamp, A.; Geerts, W.; Vogels, G.D., 1977:
Conditional killing effect of staphylococcin 1580 and repair of sublethal injury in Staphylococcus aureus

Wyler, A.R.; Lockard, J.S.; Ward, A.A.; Finch, C.A., 1976:
Conditioned EEG desynchronization and seizure occurrence in patients

Aĭrapetiants, M.G.; Gekht, K.; Mekhedova, A.Ia.; Poppaĭ, M.; Kolomeĭtseva, I.A.; Khonicheva, N.M., 1979:
Conditioned reflex, electrographic and mediator-humoral changes during intermittent hypokinesia of different duration in rats

Sanes, J.N.; Ison, J.R., 1979:
Conditioning auditory stimuli and the cutaneous eyeblink reflex in humans: differential effects according to oligosynaptic or polysynaptic central pathways

Luzina, T.I.; Golikova, N.A.; Shikina, M.I., 1976:
Conditioning of water regenerated from moisture-containing wastes

Goeken, N.E.; Thompson, J.S., 1977:
Conditions affecting the immunosuppressive properties of human alpha-fetoprotein

Waldmann, H., 1977:
Conditions determining the generation and expression of T helper cells

Dolzhanskiĭ, V.M., 1979:
Conditions for ethionamide activity and the formation of resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Maurer, B.A.; Siwarski, D.F.; Fischetti, G.P.; McCoy, J.L.; Dean, J.H.; Herberman, R.B., 1978:
Conditions for generating and assaying human leukocyte inhibitory factor (LIF) induced by purified protein derivative (PPD)

Kontiainen, S.; Feldmann, M., 1975:
Conditions for inducing T helper cells in vitro

Whittaker, B.L.; Chipley, J.R., 1979:
Conditions for induction of bacteriophage from lysogenic Bacillus megaterium with aflatoxin B1

Shakhitov, M.M.; Ikramov, L.T., 1979:
Conditions for isolating tricresyl phosphate (TCF) from cadaveric material

Petrova, L.Ia.; Podsukhina, G.M.; Dikun, T.A.; Selezneva, A.A., 1979:
Conditions for isolation of cholesterol oxidase from Actinomyces lavendulae mycelia

Polezhaev, F.I.; Garmashova, L.M.; Polyakov, Y.M.; Golubev, D.B.; Aleksandrova, G.I., 1978:
Conditions for production of thermosensitive attenuated influenza virus recombinants

Cahall, D.L.; Youmans, G.P., 1975:
Conditions for production, and some characteristics, of mycobacterial growth inhibitory factor produced by spleen cells from mice immunized with viable cells of the attenuated H37Ra strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Prepelitsa, E.D.; Razumovsky, P.N.; Kintya, P.K., 1975:
Conditions for splitting protodioscine--the main glycoside from Tribulus terrestris L. by the enzymatic preparation from Aspergillus niger BKMt-33

Salekh, S.; Agre, N.S.; Kalakutskii, L.V., 1978:
Conditions for the appearance of adifferentiated nocardioform variants of Streptomyces roseoflavus var. roseofungini

Seeling, W.; Ahnefeld, F.W.; Dölp, R.; Dick, W.; Kilian, J.; Lotz, P.; Milewski, P.; Püschel, E., 1976:
Conditions for the efficacy of nutritional therapy

Khomov, I.A., 1975:
Conditions for the formation and extraction of an atropine-picric acid reaction product

Koszuk, E.; Kierska, D.; Maśliński, C., 1978:
Conditions for the formation of cyclic compounds between pyridoxal phosphate and 5-hydroxytryptamine or 5-hydroxytryptophan

Trutko, S.M.; Akimenko, V.K., 1979:
Conditions for the manifestation of cyanide-resistant respiration in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Grille, W.; Johnsen, K.; Kolenda, K.D., 1979:
Conditions for the occurrence of drug interactions during biotransformation

Lenaers-Claeys, G.; Vaes, G., 1976:
Conditions governing the release of collagenase and procollagenase by bone explants in culture: effects of heparin

Smoljanizki, A.J.; Smolenski, W.S.; Bokarew, I.N.; Schumbalina, L.F., 1975:
Conditions leading to the rise of hypocoagulability in thromboses

Sokolove, P.M., 1979:
Conditions limiting the use of ionophore A23187 as a probe of divalent cation involvement in biological reactions. Evidence from the slow fluorescence quenching of type A spinach chloroplasts

Ruban, E.L.; Ksandopulo, G.B.; Murzina, L.P., 1978:
Conditions of exolipase biosynthesis by the fungus Oospora fragrans

Kudriavtseva, M.V.; Kudriavtsev, B.N.; Rozanov, I.M.; Alashbaev, M., 1975:
Conditions of periodic oxidation in the determination of the fluorescent PAS reaction

Zhukov-Verezhnikov, N.N.; Drozhennikov, V.A.; Stoliarova, L.G.; Orlova, E.B.; Perevezentseva, O.S., 1977:
Conduct of Bacillus subtilis transformation in mice under conditions of immunologic suppression of exogenous DNAase 1 activity

Oganesian, O.Z., 1976:
Conduction anesthesia for injuries to the calf and foot

Fournial, J.F.; Brodaty, D.; Chomette, G.; Tereau, Y.; Cabrol, C.; Acar, J., 1979:
Conduction disorders after aortic valve replacement. Apropos of 200 cases

Gillieron, M.; Bolens, M.; Friedli, B., 1979:
Conduction of disorders after total correction of Fallot's tetralogy. Electrocardiographic and electrophysiological study

Hume, A.L.; Cant, B.R., 1978:
Conduction time in central somatosensory pathways in man

Willer, J.C., 1975:
Conduction velocity of Ia sensory fibers in human measured by H-reflex method

Marrannes, R.; de Hemptinne, A., 1978:
Conduction velocity of the action potential in isolated cardiac fibres; transient effects under influence of organic anions

Grantyn, R.; Grantyn, A.; Schaaf, P., 1977:
Conduction velocity, input resistance and size of cat ocular motoneurons stained with Procion yellow

Baillie, A.J.; Anderson, W., 1978:
Conductivity changes during enzyme inhibitor interaction [proceedings

Nikolić, K.; Popović, R., 1978:
Conductometric determination of periciazine

Crisp, S.; Lewis, B.G.; Wilson, A.D., 1975:
Conductometric titration of aqueous solutions of polyacrylic acid and its copolymers

Anonymous, 1979:
Conference '79

Hadley, R.D., 1977:
Conference explores impact of health policies

Allertsen, A., 1978:
Conference for clinical instructors at the Norwegian Nursing College

Dyner, E., 1978:
Conference held in Warsaw on 3rd April 1976 "Standardization of methods of identification of T. vaginalis"

Hamrin, E., 1977:
Conference in Uppsala with the theme "Nursing of the Future" - future health care

Singh, K., 1976:
Conference of Deans and Principals of Medical Colleges in India, held on April 23-24, 1976 at New Delhi: Inaugural address

Anonymous, 1979:
Conference of North and West German dermatologists in Göttingen, 20-22 October 1978. Patient presentations

Kopczynska-Sikorska, J., 1979:
Conference of the representatives of European Socialist countries regarding health care, development and upbringing of children in the first 3 years of life (Kiev September 27-30, 1977)

Anonymous, 1979:
Conference on Combined Modalities: Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy. Part 2. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, November 15-18, 1978

Rosenkranz, K.O., 1979:
Conference on Computer Aid to Drug Therapy and to Drug Monitoring, 6--10 March 1978, Berne, Switzerland

Wright, V., 1979:
Conference on Measurement of Joint Movement. Leeds, 26th January, 1979

Korcok, M., 1976:
Conference on alcohol and drug use: alcohol primary drug of abuse

Hirai, H., 1975:
Conference on carcino-fetal proteins

Anonymous, 1979:
Conference on combined modalities: chemotherapy/radiotherapy. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, November 15-18, 1978

Anonymous, 1979:
Conference on continuing education

Guldbrand, G., 1978:
Conference on dialysis and transplantation in Copenhagen

Moran, J.B., 1975:
Conference on health consequences of environmental controls: impact of mobile emissions controls. Conference objectives

Fagley, W., 1975:
Conference on health consequences of environmental controls: impact of mobile emissions controls. Industry overview

Anonymous, 1979:
Conference on hyperthermia in cancer treatment

Levy, B.M., 1977:
Conference on inflammation. Introductory remarks

Van Hassel, H.J., 1977:
Conference on inflammation. Rationale of the conference on inflammation

Anonymous, 1979:
Conference on preventing disease/promoting health--objectives for the nation: sexually transmissible diseases

Anonymous, 1979:
Conference on the Health Effects of Blood Lipids: optimal distributions for populations

Anonymous, 1979:
Conference on the ageing brain, December 1978

Boranić, M., 1978:
Conference on the needs and possibilities of clinical bone marrow transplantation. introduction

Boranić, M.; Grgicević, D.; Grgić, Z.; Kastelan, A.; Kosutić, Z., 1978:
Conference on the needs and possibilities of clinical bone marrow-transplantation. Conclusion

Zerilli, L.F., 1979:
Conference report. 6th International Symposium on Mass Spectrometry in Biochemistry and Medicine. Venice (Italy) 21-22 June 1979

Gerhardt, H.J., 1978:
Conference report. III. International Symposium on Facial Nerve Surgery in Zurich, August 9--12, 1976

van Etten, G., 1978:
Conference report: 5th International Conference on Social Science and Medicine, Nairobi 7--12 August 1977. Primary health care in developing countries

Taylor, R., 1979:
Conference report: Polish-British Symposium on Medical Sociology Jablonna/Warsaw, May 1978: a personal account

Mowry, R.W.; Kasten, F.H., 1975 :
Conference report: The importance of dye purification and standardization in biomedicine

Hesse, A.; Robertson, W.G., 1978:
Conference report: report on the Fifth Jena Urinary Stone Symposium 16th--17th September 1977

Muscatello, U.; Bobyleva, V.G.; Pasquali-Ronchetti, I.; Ballotti-Ricci, A.M., 1975:
Configurational changes in isolated rat liver mitochondria as revealed by negative staining. III. Modifications caused by uncoupling agents

Crawford, M.N.; Pollack, M.S., 1978:
Confirmation of Bg-HLA relationships by antiglobulin microcytotoxicity testing

Coburn, J.A.; Chau, A.S., 1975:
Confirmation of pesticide residue identity: part IX. Organophosphorus pesticides

Dallapiccola, B.; Magnani, M.; Dachà, M.; Giorgi, P.L., 1979:
Confirmation of regional assignment of nucleoside phosphorylase to band 14q13 by gene-dosage studies

Hors-Cayla, M.C.; Heuertz, S.; Van Cong, N.; Weil, D.; Frézal, J., 1979:
Confirmation of the assignment of the gene for arylsulfatase A to chromosome 22 using somatic cell hybrids

Guilbert-Blanchette, L.; Lambert, R.D.; Bélanger, A., 1979:
Confirmation of the presence of uteroglobin in tubal secretions

Rombauts, W.; Vandekerckhove, J.; Peeters, B.; Feytons, V.; Wittmann-Liebold, B., 1975:
Confirmation of the sequence of the NH2-terminal part of Escherichia coli ribosomal protein S21

Kielinen, C.E., 1978:
Conflict resolution: communication - good; withdrawal - bad

Waespe, W.; Henn, V., 1978:
Conflicting visual-vestibular stimulation and vestibular nucleus activity in alert monkeys

Burchkardt, G.; Zimmer, G.; Luck, G., 1976:
Conformation and reactivity of DNA in the complex with protein. IV. Circular dichroism of poly-L-histidine model complexes with DNA polymers and specificity of the interaction

Burckhardt, G.; Zimmer, C.; Luck, G., 1976:
Conformation and reactivity of DNA in the complex with proteins. III. Helix-coil transition and conformational studies of model complexes of DNA's with poly-L-histidine

Remin, M.; Darzynkiewicz, E.; Ekiel, I.; Shugar, D., 1976:
Conformation in aqueous medium of the neutral, protonated and anionic forms of 9-beta-D-arabinofuranosyladenine

Bucci, E.; Fronticelli, C.; Nicklas, J.; Charache, S., 1979:
Conformation in solution of hemoglobin Osler (alpha 2 A beta 2 145 Tyr replaced by Asp)

Anonymous, 1976:
Conformation of Escherichia coli glutamic acid tRNA II as studied by hydrogen-tritium exchange catalyzed by cysteine methyl ester

Darzynkiewicz, Z.; Traganos, F.; Sharpless, T.; Melamed, M.R., 1975:
Conformation of RNA in situ as studied by acridine orange staining and automated cytofluorometry

Morrissey, B.W.; Fenstermaker, C.A., 1976:
Conformation of adsorbed gamma-globulin and beta-lactoglobulin. Effect of surface concentration

Endo, T.; Inagaki, F.; Hayashi, K.; Miyazawa, T., 1979:
Conformation of cobrotoxin in aqueous solution as studied by nuclear magnetic resonance

Weinstein, S.; Wallace, B.A.; Blout, E.R.; Morrow, J.S.; Veatch, W., 1979:
Conformation of gramicidin A channel in phospholipid vesicles: a 13C and 19F nuclear magnetic resonance study

Chapman, B.E.; Littlemore, L.T.; Moore, W.J., 1978:
Conformation of myelin basic protein and its role in myelin formation

Drake, J.A.; Jones, D.W., 1977:
Conformation of parent tricyclic nucleus in depressant compounds: the X-ray structure of dibenz [b,f] oxepine

Ploumhans, M.T.; Fredericq, E., 1975:
Conformation of rRNA of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in aqueous environment and in water-dimethylsulfoxide mixture

Shindo, H.; Matsuura, S.; Cohen, J.S., 1979:
Conformation of ribonuclease S-protein

Holzwarth, G., 1976:
Conformation of the extracellular polysaccharide of Xanthomonas campestris

Artiukh, R.I.; Atanasov, B.P.; Vol'kenshteĭn, M.V., 1977:
Conformation properties of sperm whale myoglobin modified by spin labels on histidyl residues

Brown, R.D.; Brewer, C.F.; Koenig, S.H., 1977:
Conformation states of concanavalin A: kinetics of transitions induced by interaction with Mn2+ and Ca2+ ions

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