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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 38927

Chapter 38927 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dietz, V.; Bischofberger, E.; Wita, C.; Freund, H.J., 1976:
Correlation between the dischanges of two simultaneously recorded motor units and physiological tremor

Isenman, D.E.; Ellerson, J.R.; Painter, R.H.; Dorrington, K.J., 1977:
Correlation between the exposure of aromatic chromophores at the surface of the Fc domains of immunoglobulin G and their ability to bind complement

McRae-Degueurce, A.; Pujol, J.F., 1979:
Correlation between the increase in tyrosine hydroxylase activity and the decrease in serotonin content in the rat locus coeruleus after 5,6-dihydroxytryptamine

Poncelet, F.; de Meester, C.; Roberfroid, M.; Mercier, M., 1978:
Correlation between the kinetic parameters of the microsomal benzo(a)pyrene hydroxylase and the mutagenicity of benzo(a)pyrene in vitro

Legrand, J.J.; Martin, G.; Artault, J.C., 1978:
Correlation between the presence of a bacterial symbiont in oocytes of Parcellio dilatatus petiti, and the sterility of the cross: P.d. petiti male x P.d. dilatatus female

Ancri, D.; Naquet, R.; Basset, J.Y.; Ménini, C.; Lonchampt, M.F.; Meldrum, B.S.; Stutzmann, J.M., 1979:
Correlation between the regional blood volume and epileptic seizures in Papio papio

Castillo Sosa, M.L.; Gutiérrez Hidalgo, E.; Armas Domínguez, J.; Prieto Aguirre, C.; Vasconcelos Palacios, G., 1975:
Correlation between the status of the newborn infant and maternal dissociative anesthesia

Jennische, E.; Enger, E.; Medegård, A.; Appelgren, L.; Haljamäe, H., 1978:
Correlation between tissue pH, cellular transmembrane potentials, and cellular energy metabolism during shock and during ischemia

Bacopoulos, N.G.; Bhatnagar, R.K., 1977:
Correlation between tyrosine hydroxylase activity and catecholamine concentration or turnover in brain regions

Chang, R.L.; Zampaglione, N.; Lin, C., 1975:
Correlation of 14C-griseofulvin metabolism in rat liver microsomes, isolated perfused rat livers, and in rats with bile duct cannulas

Schubert, P.; Komp, W.; Kreutzberg, G.W., 1979:
Correlation of 5'-nucleotidase activity and selective transneuronal transfer of adenosine in the hippocampus

Jakobsen, A.; Bichel, P.; Sell, A., 1979:
Correlation of DNA distribution and cytological differentiation of human cervical carcinomas

Irvine, W.J.; Gray, R.S.; Morris, P.J.; Ting, A., 1977:
Correlation of HLA and thyroid antibodies with clinical course of thyrotoxicosis treated with antithyroid drugs

Bowman, R.E.; Heironimus, M.P.; Allen, J.R., 1978:
Correlation of PCB body burden with behavioral toxicology in monkeys

Chatterjee, S.K.; Bhattacharya, M.; Barlow, J.J., 1978:
Correlation of UDP-galactose glycoprotein:galactosyltransferase levels in the sera with the clinical status of ovarian cancer patients

Patscheke, H., 1979:
Correlation of activation and aggregation of platelets. Discrimination between anti-activating and anti-aggregating agents

Killam, K.F.; Slikker, W.; Brocco, M.J.; Gehrmann, J.E., 1976:
Correlation of behavioral and EEG effects during interaction studies with secobarbital and psychomotor stimulants

Jones, H.; Bye, A., 1979:
Correlation of bioavailability in man with simulated absorption data for three doxantrazole preparations

Marx, G.F.; Mahajan, S.; Miclat, M.N., 1977:
Correlation of biochemical data with Apgar scores at birth and at one minute

Stine, O.C.; Hepner, R.; Greenstreet, R., 1975:
Correlation of blood pressure with skinfold thickness and protein levels

Duţu, A.; Hincu, N.; Motocu, M.; Hoinărescu, E.; Tecuceanu, R., 1976:
Correlation of blood uric acid changes with hyperlipoproteinemia in diabetes mellitus

Zavgorodniaia, A.M.; Guiumdzhian, I.O., 1976:
Correlation of cellular immunity data with blood plasma globulin fractions in periodic disease

Hrodek, O.; Hyniová, H.; Svatý, J.; Karpenko, A., 1977:
Correlation of clinical and anatomical findings in childhood meningitis

Golomb, H.M.; Vardiman, J.W.; Rowley, J.D.; Testa, J.R.; Mintz, U., 1978:
Correlation of clinical findings with quinacrine-banded chromosomes in 90 adults with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia: an eight-year study (1970-1977)

Allbritton, A.R.; Loan, R.W., 1975:
Correlation of cytotoxicity with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis

Levina, L.Ia., 1975:
Correlation of differential staining of a chromosome locus and its genetic activity

Tong, M.J.; Stevenson, D.; Gordon, I., 1977:
Correlation of e antigen, DNA polymerase activity, and Dane particles in chronic benign and chronic active type B hepatitis infections

Tackmann, W.; Minkenberg, R.; Strenge, H., 1977:
Correlation of electrophysiological and quantitative histological findings in the sural nerve of man. Studies on alcoholic neuropathy

Tejani, N.; Mann, L.I.; Bhakthavathsalan, A., 1976:
Correlation of fetal heart rate patterns and fetal pH with neonatal outcome

Lecureuil, M.; Crouzat-Reynes, G.; Besnard, J.C.; Choffel, C., 1978:
Correlation of free thyroxine index and thyroxine: thyroxine-binding globulin ratio with the free thyroxine concentration as measured by the thyroxine and thyroxine-binding globulin radioimmunoassays

Marvin, W.J.; Robinson, R.B.; Hermsmeyer, K., 1979:
Correlation of function and morphology of neonatal rat and embryonic chick cultured cardiac and vascular muscle cells

Millership, J.S.; Woolfson, A.D., 1977:
Correlation of gas chromatographic retention parameters with molecular connectivity

Elkins, W.L., 1976:
Correlation of graft-versus-host mortality and positive CML assay in the mouse

Tiesler, E.; Klink, G., 1978:
Correlation of growth-phase and streptodornase-production of beta-hemolytic streptococci group A

Wayss, K.; Mattern, J.; Volm, M., 1975:
Correlation of in vitro testing and therapeutical results in animal transplanted tumors after cytostatic treatment

Binder, M.; Kim, M.A., 1975:
Correlation of light and electron micrographs of human metaphase chromosomes after incorporation of BUdR and staining with "33258 Hoechst" and Giemsa

Ho, D.H., 1976:
Correlation of mouse tissue distribution of arabinosylcytosine in vivo with enzymatic activities in vitro

Ayromlooi, J.; Tobias, M.; Berg, P., 1979:
Correlation of ominous fetal heart rate pattern and scalp blood pH with one-minute Apgar score

Resch, E.; Müller, H.; Glatz, W.; Schönberner, H., 1979:
Correlation of parameters in cholestasis

Israili, Z.H., 1979:
Correlation of pharmacological effects with plasma levels of antihypertensive drugs in man

Gescher, A.; Li Wan Po, A., 1978:
Correlation of physicochemical properties with absorption and metabolism of some tricyclic drugs

Arko, K.; Dupelj, M.; Hamel-Puskarić, N., 1976:
Correlation of plasma cells and gamma globulin in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosis

El Senoussi, M.A.; Fletcher, G.H.; Borlase, B.C., 1979:
Correlation of radiation and surgical parameters in complications in the extended field technique for carcinoma of the cervix

Hiyama, T.; McSwain, B.D.; Arnon, D.I., 1977:
Correlation of redox levels of component electron carriers with total electron flux in an electron-transport system. P-700 and the photoreduction of NADP+ in chloroplast fragments

Kobrine, A.I.; Evans, D.E.; Rizzoli, H., 1978:
Correlation of spinal cord blood flow and function in experimental compression

Biessmann, H.; Wadsworth, S.; Levy, B.; McCarthy, B.J., 1978:
Correlation of structural changes in chromatin with transcription in the Drosophila heat-shock response

Harada, F., 1978:
Correlation of structural features with biological functions of transfer RNA: primer tRNAs for initiation of RNA tumor virus DNA synthesis

Bobst, A.M.; Bobst, E.V.; Phillips, D.J., 1976:
Correlation of structural transitions in coliphage R17 with its loss of infectivity

Krylov, A.A.; Murzin, A.S., 1978:
Correlation of the ESR and leukocyte count in the blood

Bleich, H.E.; Freer, R.J.; Stafford, S.S.; Galardy, R.E., 1978:
Correlation of the biological activity and solution conformation of [Asp1,Ile5]- and [Phe4,Tyr8]angiotensin II

Stimson, W.H., 1975:
Correlation of the blood-level of a pregnancy-associated alpha-macroglobulin with the clinical course of cancer patients

Mal'kov, P.S.; Guseĭnov, K.S., 1979:
Correlation of the hourly and daily clearance in prostate adenoma

Strejcková, A.; Fischer, J.; Malík, V., 1979:
Correlation of the macrogram and the microgram of the penicillin focus in turtle (Testudo) cerebral cortex. Localization of the capillary microelectrode tip with Pontamine Sky Blue 6BX

Bhakthavathsalan, A.; Mann, L.I.; Tejani, N.A.; Weiss, R.R., 1976:
Correlation of the oxytocin challenge test with perinatal outcome

Kelleher, J.K., 1978:
Correlation of tubulin-binding and antitumor activities of podophyllotoxin analogs

Takahashi, S., 1978:
Correlation of vasospasm and intracranial metabolism under experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage--Part 1. In reference with the acid-base-balance of cerebral blood and cerebrospinal fluid

Eberhagen, D.; Meier, J., 1975:
Correlation studies of some thyroid function tests

Schauenstein, K.; Wick, G., 1979:
Correlations between a peripheral-lymphocyte-specific surface antigen (Lp) and the fc receptor on chicken spleen lymphocytes

Hossdorf, T.; Wagner, H.; Oberwittler, W.; Hauss, W.H., 1978:
Correlations between age, risk factors for arteriosclerosis and endocrine functions

Podolsak, B.; Peter, G.; Oller, J., 1979:
Correlations between age-dependent protein and lipid concentrations in plasma and platelet functions in children

Anastasatu, C.; Păunescu, E.; Morgenstern, H.; Burnea, D.; Muşăţeanu, R., 1977:
Correlations between alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency and some exogenous risk factors in patients with chronic obstructive bronchopneumopathy

Furfaro, M.; Tessore, G., 1975:
Correlations between alpha-1-fetoprotein and fetal maturity

Ovanesian, M.; Pisanetz, M.; Iluchev, D.; Velichkova, K., 1979:
Correlations between anemic state, blood gas profile and erythropoietic activity in patients with chronic renal failure

Witek, E.; Kochanska, B.; Pokrant, H.; Kunicka, D., 1977:
Correlations between certain physicochemical properties of saliva and dental caries

Anikwe, R.M., 1976:
Correlations between clinical findings and urinary flow rate in benign prostatic hypertrophy

de Leon, M.J.; Ferris, S.H.; Blau, I.; George, A.E.; Reisberg, B.; Kricheff, I.I.; Gershon, S., 1979:
Correlations between computerised tomographic changes and behavioural deficits in senile dementia

Cole, R.; Cole, J., 1976:
Correlations between disturbed haem synthesis and fetal malformation

Petitier, H.; Crochet, D.; Potiron-Josse, M.; Bizais, Y.; de Laguerenne, J.; Ginet, J., 1979:
Correlations between effort tolerance and the severity of coronary disease. Influence of myocardial lesions

Odetti, P.; Maiello, M.; De Micheli, A.; Cordera, R.; Viviani, G.; Prando, R.; Adezati, L., 1979:
Correlations between gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase, triglycerides and cholesterol in normal, obese and diabetic subjects

Hellenbrecht, D.; Gortner, L., 1976:
Correlations between hydrophobicity and non-specific pharmacological effects of beta-adrenoceptor blocking agents

Rodier, P.M., 1977:
Correlations between prenatally-induced alterations in CNS cell populations and postnatal function

Pratt, H.; Sohmer, H., 1977:
Correlations between psychophysical magnitude estimates and simultaneously obtained auditory nerve, brain stem and cortical responses to click stimuli in man

Dintenfass, L., 1976:
Correlations between radioiodine uptake and blood viscosity factors in hypothyroid and hyperthyroid states

Uluitu, M.; Berlogea, O.; Voiculescu, A.; Ionescu, V.; Petec, G.; Catrinescu, G.; Chiş, R., 1978:
Correlations between the blood serum sodium state with some functional parameters in the prepubescent children

Poljak, R.J., 1978:
Correlations between three-dimensional structure and function of immunoglobulins

Di Palma, L.; Miluccio, V.; Coppola Bottazzi, L.; Di Cesare, M.; Pipola, E.; Savarese, M., 1978:
Correlations existing at birth and during the 1st days of life between alpha 1-fetoprotein and gestation age, weight and morbid conditions

Fica, V.; Stănescu, L.; Olteanu, D.; Mătrescu, F.; Andronescu, D.; Ionescu, A., 1977:
Correlative aspects of spirographic, oximetric and zonal ventilation-perfusion ratio findings in chronic obstructive bronchopneumopathy. I. Some comparative oximetric and ventilatory data in evaluation of the effectiveness of bronchodilator treatment

Suzuki, Y.; Ohta, K.; Suu, S., 1979:
Correlative studies of axonal spheroids and Lafora-like bodies in aged dogs

Reddy, C.R.; Kameswari, V.R.; Prahlad, D.; Ramulu, C.; Reddy, P.G., 1975:
Correlative study of exfoliative cytology and histopathology of oral carcinomas

Mendivil, G.T.; del Valle Bustamante, A.; Elizalde de Bracco, M.M.; Gorodner, J.O., 1979:
Correspondence among 5 tests for the detection of Chagas infection

Tappen, N.C.; Simmons, D.J., 1975:
Correspondence of silver nitrate staining patterns in decalcified bone withe the microradiographic image

Basombrio, M.A., 1978:
Correspondence re: Mary S. Leffell and Joseph H. Coggin, Jr. Common transplantation antigens on methylcholanthrene-induced murine sarcomas detected by three assays of tumor rejection. Cancer Res., 37: 4112--4119, 1977

Mueller, H.J.; Greener, E.H.; Marker, B.C., 1979:
Corrosion by external polarization of soldered orthodontic wires in cleanser solutions

Arapostathes, C., 1978:
Corrosion of metal alloys in the oral cavity

Kornhuber, H.H., 1978:
Cortex, basal ganglia and cerebellum in motor control

Hutchison, J.W.; Kusske, J.A.; Verzeano, M., 1978:
Cortical and thalamic activity in the the late phases of somatosensory evoked potentials

Garcia-Bunel, L., 1977:
Cortical changes in epilepsia partialis continua

Astrup, J.; Symon, L.; Branston, N.M.; Lassen, N.A., 1977:
Cortical evoked potential and extracellular K+ and H+ at critical levels of brain ischemia

Kawamura, K.; Chiba, M., 1979:
Cortical neurons projecting to the pontine nuclei in the cat. An experimental study with the horseradish peroxidase technique

Matsumura, M.; Kubota, K., 1979:
Cortical projection to hand-arm motor area from post-arcuate area in macaque monkeys: a histological study of retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase

Hablitz, J.J.; McSherry, J.W.; Kellaway, P., 1975:
Cortical seizures following cerebellar stimulation in primates

Steriade, M.; Oakson, G.; Diallo, A., 1976:
Cortically elicited spike-wave after discharges in thalamic neurons

Liles, S.L., 1975:
Cortico-striatal evoked potentials in the monkey (Macaca mulatta)

Bolt, H.M., 1979:
Corticoid saving effect. In crystalline suspensions: wishful thinking

Laborit, G., 1976:
Corticoids and shock

Fournier, G.; Bolot, J.F.; Robert, D.; Brochier, C., 1976:
Corticoids in respiratory pathology

Falliers, C.J., 1979:
Corticosteroid aerosols for asthma

McCleve, D.; Goldstein, J.; Silver, S., 1978:
Corticosteroid injections of the nasal turbinates: past experience and precautions

Kass, M.A.; Shin, D.H.; Becker, B., 1976:
Corticosteroid responsiveness and herpes simplex

De Almeida, M.; Soufir, J.C., 1977:
Corticosteroid therapy for male autoimmune infertility

Yamamoto, M., 1979:
Corticosteroid treatment for pulmonary diseases

Bartoshesky, L.E.; Bull, M.; Feingold, M., 1978:
Corticosteroid treatment of cutaneous hemangiomas: how effective? A report on 24 children

Weiss, D.B.; Pugh, C., 1976:
Corticosteroids and R.D.S

Tattersfield, A.E.; Holgate, S.T., 1977:
Corticosteroids and beta adrenergic agonists innormal subjects

Munt, P.W.; Fleetham, J.A., 1978:
Corticosteroids and near-drowning

Myers, S.A., 1979:
Corticosteroids and respiratory distress syndrome

Bouletreau, P.; Petit, P.; Latarjet, J., 1976:
Corticosteroids and septic shock

Gamstedt, A.; Järnerot, G.; Kågedal, B.; Söderholm, B., 1979:
Corticosteroids and thyroid function. Different effects on plasma volume, thyroid hormones and thyroid hormone-binding proteins after oral and intravenous administration

Epstein, W.V.; Michalski, J.P.; Talal, N., 1977:
Corticosteroids in levamisole-induced agranulocytosis

Gunston, K.D.; Woods, D.L.; Leader, L.R., 1979:
Corticosteroids, real-time ultrasound scanning and plasmapheresis in severe rhesus disease

File, S.E.; Vellucci, S.V.; Wendlandt, S., 1979:
Corticosterone -- an anxiogenic or an anxiolytic agent?

Tabakoff, B.; Jafee, R.C.; Ritzmann, R.F., 1978:
Corticosterone concentrations in mice during ethanol drinking and withdrawal

Jacobson, S.; Trojanowski, J.Q., 1975:
Corticothalamic neurons and thalamocortical terminal fields: an investigation in rat using horseradish peroxidase and autoradiography

Krieger, D.T.; Liotta, A.; Brownstein, M.J., 1977:
Corticotropin releasing factor distribution in normal and Brattleboro rat brain, and effect of deafferentation, hypophysectomy and steroid treatment in normal animals

Larsson L-I, 1977:
Corticotropin-like peptides in central nerves and in endocrine cells of gut and pancreas

Lowry, P.J.; Rees, L.H., 1978:
Corticotropin-like peptides outside the pituitary

Szabo, I.; Tényi, I.; Németh, M.; Drozgyik, I.; Novák, P., 1978:
Cortisol concentrations and lecithin-sphingomyelin ratios in amniotic fluid

Ribarac-Stepić, N.; Trajković, D.; Kanazir, D., 1979:
Cortisol-binding components of cytosol receptor in normal and adrenalectomized rat liver

Eloy, R.; Vuitton, D.; Vaultier, J.P.; Klein, M.; Grenier, J.F., 1976:
Cortisone sensitive T-cells in Peyers' patches

Anonymous, 1979:
Cortisone-saving monosubstance

Gough, I.R.; Furnival, C.M., 1978:
Corynebacterium parvum and hyperthermia

Sexauer, C.L.; Nitschke, R.; Humphrey, G.B., 1976:
Corynebacterium parvum toxicity

Hine, J.E.; Hill, L.R.; Lapage, S.P., 1978:
Corynebacterium spp in human disease

Patrick, S.; Garnett, P.A., 1978:
Corynebacterium vaginale bacteraemia in a man

Ionescu-Stoian, F.; Maximescu, P.; Popa, A.; Michel, I.; Vieru, E., 1977:
Corynetest -- a minidisk test for the biochemical identification of Corynebacteria

Anonymous, 1977:
Cosmetic talc powder

Vrbic, V.; Kosmelj, B., 1978:
Cost analysis of 3 years of topical fluoride application

Moskowitz, M.; Fox, S.H., 1979:
Cost analysis of aggressive breast cancer screening

Colton, M.R., 1979:
Cost analysis of career mobility programs

Leowski, K.; Leowski, J., 1979:
Cost and benefit prognosis from tuberculosis treatment programs in Poland in the years 1975-2000

Hinden, M., 1978:
Cost and time of medical care in an out-patient-clinic

Anonymous, 1979:
Cost awareness being added to med schools' curricula

Husslein, P.; Leodolter, S., 1979:
Cost benefit analysis of the program for the improvement of perinatal mortality and morbidity in Austria

Leowski, K.; Leowski, J., 1978:
Cost benefit analysis of the treatment of tuberculosis in Poland in the years 1966-1975

Anonymous, 1978:
Cost benefits of coronary care

Osgood, P., 1979:
Cost containment is a nursing issue

Kauvar, A.J., 1979:
Cost containment--whose business?

McClure, W., 1979:
Cost containment: choices for medical care

Laskin, D.M., 1979:
Cost control through effective dental care

Neuhauser, D., 1978:
Cost effective clinical decision making: are routine pediatric preoperative chest x-rays worth it?

Hauri, C.M.; Morris, C.; Klein, C., 1977:
Cost effective primary care

Langdon, B., 1978:
Cost effectiveness a question mark. Blue Shield summarizes second opinion program

Watts, C.A.; Jackson, M.; LoGerfo, J.P., 1979:
Cost effectiveness analysis: some problems of implementation

Telkamp, R.D., 1979 :
Cost effectiveness in Ohio hospitals

Anonymous, 1979:
Cost effectiveness of PSRO

Dawson, P.; Cohrs, M.; Eversole, C.; Frankenburg, W.F.; Roth, M.L., 1979:
Cost effectiveness of screening children in health centers

Alter, J.D.; Herbert, C.G.; Sangal, S.P., 1979:
Cost effectiveness: allied medical personnel

Thomas, R.G., 1979:
Cost effectiveness: clinical laboratories

Briggs, D.F.; Strouse, P.N., 1979:
Cost effectiveness: occupational medicine

Bishop, S.A., 1979:
Cost effectiveness: pharmacy systems

Lucas, S.J., 1979:
Cost effectiveness: radiologic services

Huston, M.R., 1979:
Cost effectiveness: school health programs

Gunn, A.E., 1978:
Cost effectivensss? it's time to blow the whistle

Anonymous, 1978:
Cost of disease and illness in the United States in the year 2000

Cucuzzella, A.L., 1979 :
Cost of health care

Ilbery, P.L., 1978:
Cost of health care services in the treatment of cancer

Hanauer, L.B., 1979:
Cost of nerve conduction studies in carpal tunnel syndrome

Ma, P.; Piazza, F., 1979:
Cost of treating birth defects in State Crippled Children's Services, 1975

Lave, J.R.; Lave, L.B., 1978:
Cost--benefit concepts in health: examination of some prevention efforts

Fredrickson, J.W., 1976:
Cost-based pricing for biocommunications departments

Hawkins, B.J., 1978:
Cost-benefit analysis as a tool to evaluate capital acquisitions

Ambrosch, F.; Klima, H.; Wiedermann, G., 1979:
Cost-benefit analysis of BCG-vaccination in Austria

Tunturi, T.; Niemelä, P.; Laurinkari, J.; Pätiälä, H.; Rokkanen, P., 1979:
Cost-benefit analysis of posterior fusion of the lumbosacral spine

Layde, P.M.; Serdula, M.K., 1979:
Cost-benefit analysis of rubella screening

Diamond, J.M., 1979:
Cost-benefit analysis of rubella screening

Wiersbitzky, S.; Ballke, E.H.; Dierschke, R.; Beyersdorff, E.; Eigel-Hanus, G.; Wallstabe, C.; Klöckner, E.; Scholz, B.; Hein, M.; Mellentin, R.; May, I., 1979:
Cost-benefit analysis of standardized dispensary care of children with chronic nonspecific lung diseases. A prospective 2- and 4-year-study from the bronchitis dispensary of the University Hospital Greifswald

Boden, L.I., 1979:
Cost-benefit analysis: caveat emptor

Wiedermann, G.; Ambrosch, F., 1979:
Cost-benefit calculations of vaccinations against measles and mumps in Austria

Hookey, P., 1979:
Cost-benefit evaluations in primary health care

Caparosa, R.J., 1979:
Cost-benefit ratio in our search for cerebellopontine angle tumors

Onishi, M., 1978:
Cost-benefit ratio of dental caries prevention by fluoridation

Le Gall, J.R., 1978:
Cost-benefit studies in resuscitaiton

Elo, O., 1979:
Cost-benefit studies of vaccinations in Finland

Anonymous, 1979:
Cost-effective clinical applications are thrust of its report to Congress

Nyiendo, J.; Kilbourn, J.P., 1979:
Cost-effective clinical microbiology

Pfahl, S.B., 1979:
Cost-effective health care. The balance of quality and cost

Kleinberg, W.M.; Garg, M.L.; Gliebe, W.A., 1979:
Cost-effective medical practices: a curriculum at Medical College of Ohio

Carr, A., 1978:
Cost-effective nursing

Mather, H.G., 1979:
Cost-effective patient care

Prescott, P.A.; Sorensen, J.E., 1978:
Cost-effectiveness analysis: an approach to evaluating nursing programs

Gettelfinger, D.M., 1979:
Cost-effectiveness and role of routine skull radiography

McCombie, F., 1979:
Cost-effectiveness considerations in planning a preventive dental programme for British Columbia

Bertera, R.L.; Green, L.W., 1979:
Cost-effectiveness evaluation of a home visiting triage program for family planning in Turkey

Pathak, D.S.; Nold, E.G., 1979:
Cost-effectiveness of clinical pharmaceutical services: a follow-up report

Skillings, J.C.; Williams, J.S.; Hinshaw, J.R., 1979:
Cost-effectiveness of operative cholangiography

Anonymous, 1978:
Cost-effectiveness studies

Prescott, P.A., 1979:
Cost-effectiveness: tool or trap?

Ulbricht, T.V., 1979:
Costs and benefits of research

Read, A.P., 1978:
Costs and benefits of serum alpha-fetoprotein screening

Wright, D.D.; Kane, R.L.; Snell, G.F.; Woolley, F.R., 1977:
Costs and outcomes for different primary care providers

Thorn, J.B.; Russell, E.M.; Macgregor, J.E.; Swanson, K., 1975:
Costs of detecting and treating cancer of the uterine cervix in North-East Scotland in 1971

Ott, J.E.; Knox, G.K., 1977:
Costs of educating child health associates

Gelfand, D.W.; Ott, D.J.; Tritico, R., 1978:
Costs of gastrointestinal examinations: a comparative study

Anonymous, 1977:
Cot death and respiratory drive

Geertinger, P., 1976:
Cot death and the third branchial arch

Milligan, H.C., 1979:
Cot deaths and water sodium

Steinberg, V.I.; Fenton, A.C.; Baker, E.H.; Goldberg, I.D., 1979 :
Cotransformation of temperature sensitivity and nutritional markers in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Roomans, G.M.; Blasco, F.; Borst-Pauwels, G.W., 1977:
Cotransport of phosphate and sodium by yeast

Bateson, M.C.; Hayes, J.P.; Pendharkar, P., 1976:
Cotrimoxazole and folate metabolism

Margolis, G., 1977:
Cotton-wool spots

Cherry, J.P.; Berardi, L.C.; Zarins, Z.M.; Wadsworth, J.I.; Vinnett, C.H., 1978:
Cottonseed protein derivatives as nutritional and functional supplements in food formulations

Tusler, W., 1979:
Could two-level process eliminate costly planning problems?

Leickert, K.H., 1979:
Coumarin derivatives for long-term therapy of coronary heart disease

Girolami, A.; Sticchi, A.; Burul, A., 1978:
Coumarin-induced abnormal factor IX: an immunological study in humans

Stallknecht, K.; Christensen, E.H., 1979:
Council of National Representatives meeting in Nairobi, 24-28 September 1979: highest priorities for activities in wage and employment field

Anonymous, 1977:
Council of war on alimentary cancer

Valkonen, I., 1977:
Counseling and guidance regulations require change in administrators' study days

Rogers, G.W., 1978:
Counseling students using RBT

Carter, C.O.; Evans, K., 1979:
Counselling and Huntington's chorea

Romas, N.A.; Hsu, K.C.; Tomashefsky, P.; Tannenbaum, M., 1978:
Counter immunoelectrophoresis for detection of human prostatic acid phosphatase

El-Refaie, M.; Dulake, C., 1975:
Counter-current immunoelectrophoresis for the diagnosis of pneumococcal chest infection

Abelev, G.I.; Karamova, E.R., 1979:
Counter-flow isotachophoresis on cellulose acetate membranes. Role of electroendosmosis

Ruíz-Gomez, J.; Alvarez, M.T.; Muñóz, O.; Gutiérrez, G., 1976:
Counter-immunoelectrophoresis in the diagnosis of meningoencephalitis by Diplococcus pneumoniae and Hemophilus influenzae

Arnarson, T.; Elliott, D.N.; Elworthy, P.H., 1976:
Counter-ion binding of surfactants in the presence of polyvinylpyrrolidone [proceeding

Bentaboulet, M.; Kepes, A., 1977:
Counter-transport mediated by the lactose permease of Escherichia coli

Kelsey, M.C.; Reed, C.S., 1979:
Countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis: improved detection of pneumococcal capsular antigens in sputum by incorporation of a carboxylated derivative of phenyl boronic acid

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Counterimmunoelectrophoresis for rapid identification of blood-culture isolates

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Counterimmunoelectrophoresis in the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis

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Counterimmunoelectrophoresis in the diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis

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Counterimmunoelectrophoresis of blood cultures. Temporal Relationship of positive Gram stain to positive counterimmunoelectrophoresis

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Counterimmunoelectrophoresis of pneumococcal antigens:improved sensitivity for the detection of types VII and XIV

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Counterimmunoelectrophoresis of sputum and blood for the diagnosis of chest infections caused by pneumococci or Haemophilus influenzae

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Counterimmunoelectrophoresis of staphylococcal antibody

Mansueto, S.; Migneco, G.; Tripi, S.; Picone, D.; Miceli, D., 1979:
Counterimmunoelectrophoresis on cellulose acetate membrane with a commercial lyophilized antigen in diagnosis of human hydatidosis

Leffell, M.S.; Folds, J.D.; Wasilauskas, B., 1978:
Counterimmunoelectrophoretic detection of a high incidence of precipitin reactions in normal human sera against staphylococcal teichoic acids and protein A

Karandin, V.I.; Aferzon, E.M., 1979:
Counterstaining of cell nuclei in the cytochemical study of dehydrogenases and acid phosphatase

Pollard, S.W., 1979:
Countertransference and the sex of the patient

Baccanari, D.P., 1978:
Coupled oxidation of NADPH with thiols at neutral pH

Szafran, Z.; Szafran, H.; Popiela, T.; Trompeter, G., 1978:
Coupled secretion of gastric lipase and pepsin in man following pentagastrin stimulation

Ivanov, A.S.; Petrov, V.V.; Antonov, V.F., 1978:
Coupled transport of K+, Cl-, H+ and OH- ions in a liposome suspension

Gutknecht, J.; Walter, A., 1979:
Coupled transport of protons and anions through lipid bilayer membranes containing a long-chain secondary amine

Maloney, P.C., 1978:
Coupling between H+ entry and ATP formation in Escherichia coli

Norberg, K.; Nilsson, B.; Siesjö, B.K., 1975:
Coupling between metabolism and blood flow in the brain in hypoxic hypoxia and hypoglycemia

Geck, P.; Heinz, E., 1976:
Coupling in secondary transport. Effect of electrical potentials on the kinetics of ion linked co-transport

Svenson, S.B.; Lindberg, A.A., 1979:
Coupling of acid labile Salmonella specific oligosaccharides to macromolecular carriers

Nilsson, B.; Rehncrona, S.; Siesjö, B.K., 1978:
Coupling of cerebral metabolism and blood flow in epileptic seizures, hypoxia and hypoglycaemia

Biondi, P.A.; Pace, M.; Brenna, O.; Pietta, P.G., 1976:
Coupling of enzymes to polyacrylonitrile

Smit, J.A.; Myburgh, J.A., 1978:
Coupling of soluble histocompatibility antigens to non-immunogenic carrier molecules

Emi, S.; Myers, D.V.; Iacobucci, G.A., 1976:
Coupling of the Penicillium duponti acid protease to ethylene-maleic acid (1 : 1) linear copolymer. Preparation and properties of the water-soluble derivative

Pornin, M.; Bickert, P.; Pauly-Laubry, C.; Dubois, C.; Lancelin, B.; Dupuis, C.; Gerbaux, A.; Maurice, P., 1979:
Course and management in Laubry-Pezzi syndrome. A multicentre study of 55 cases

Riemay, K.H.; Weise, M., 1979:
Course and modification of Hypomyces ochraceus m 359 autolysis

Figurnov, V.A.; Kryzhanovskiĭ, V.I., 1976:
Course and outcome of pregnancy in women who had hemorrhagic fever with nephrotic syndrome

Welbel, L.; Nurowska, K., 1975:
Course and results of treatment with 3 activating neuroleptics

Lenz, H.; Sluga, E.; Bernheimer, H.; Molzer, B.; Pürgyi, W., 1979:
Course of Refsum's disease under diabetic treatment. Clinical, biochemical and neuropathological data

Lanzinger, G.; Christian, W., 1975:
Course of changes in the EEG profile in typhoid patients

Schmidt, W.A.; Brade, L.; Müntefering, H.; Klein, M., 1978:
Course of coxsackie B antibodies during juvenile diabetes

Schilkrut, R.; Duran, E.; Haverbeck, C.; Katz, I.; Vidal, P., 1978:
Course of psychopathologic and extrapyramidal motor symptoms during long-term treatment of schizophrenic patients with psycholeptic drugs

Meshalkin, E.N.; Khovanova, A.M.; Iavorovskaia, V.E.; Kelin, E.P.; Korotkova, M.P., 1979:
Course of the rheumatic process in mitral heart defects after primary and repeated courses of treatment with titrated gamma-globulin

Schifferli, R., 1978:
Course on physiotherapy and health education for lepers

Pern, P.O., 1977:
Court report

Horty, J.F., 1976:
Court ruling could outlaw joint hospital efforts to cut rising costs

Hall, J.C., 1978:
Courtship among males due to a male-sterile mutation in Drosophila melanogaster

Miller, A.; Henderson, M.C.; Buhler, D.R., 1979:
Covalent binding of carbaryl (1-naphthyl-N-methyl-carbamate) to rat liver microsomes in vitro

Schell, H.D.; Mateescu, M.A., 1975:
Covalent binding of peroxidase to CH- and AH-Sepharose 4 B

DiGiovanni, J.; Romson, J.R.; Linville, D.; Juchau, M.R.; Slaga, T.J., 1979:
Covalent binding of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to adenine correlates with tumorigenesis in mouse skin

Docks, E.L.; Krishna, G., 1975:
Covalent binding of trans-stilbene to rat liver microsomes

Weetall, H.H., 1976:
Covalent coupling methods for inorganic support materials

Hui, K.S.; Weiss, B.; Hui, M.; Lajtha, A., 1977:
Covalent coupling of calf brain prolidase

Sekura, R.; Meister, A., 1977:
Covalent interaction of L-2-amino-4-oxo-5-chloropentanoate at glutamate binding site of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase

Braun, V., 1975:
Covalent lipoprotein from the outer membrane of Escherichia coli

Waheed, A.; Van Etten, R.L., 1979:
Covalent modification as the cause of the anomalous kinetics of aryl sulfatase A

Walker, A.G.; Rumsby, M.G., 1978:
Covalent-probe-labelling studies with the isolated myelin basic protein

Kavsan, V.M.; Ishchenko, I.D.; Ryndich, A.V., 1979:
Covalently bound RNA-DNA molecules: the primary product of the reverse transcription of heterogeneous nuclear RNA in normal cells

Rus, J., 1976:
Coverace of areal defects using Limberg flaps

Kharitonova, K.I.; Zaidman, A.M.; Etitein YuV.P.khomenko, G.S.; Botchkareva, V.G.; Slavitch, V.P., 1977:
Covering of dura mater defects by a homologous chemically sterilized tissue

Anonymous, 1978:
Covert bacteriuria in schoolgirls

Rudin, D.O., 1979:
Covert transport dysfunction in the choroid plexus as a possible cause of schizophrenia

Linden, G.; Alais, C., 1976:
Cow's milk alkaline phospharase. II. Subunit structure, metalloproteic nature and kinetic parameters

Bahna, S.L.; Heiner, D.C., 1978:
Cow's milk allergy: pathogenesis, manifestations, diagnosis and management

Jakobsson, I.; Lindberg, T., 1978:
Cow's milk as a cause of infantile colic in breast-fed infants

Anonymous, 1978:
Cow's milk protein and the small intestine

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Coxsackie B antibodies in "rheumatic" valvular heart-disease

Travers, R.L.; Hughes, G.R.; Cambridge, G.; Sewell, J.R., 1977:
Coxsackie B neutralisation titres in polymyositis/dermatomyositis

Anonymous, 1977:
Coxsackie infection and myocardial infarction

Nicholls, A.C.; Thomas, M., 1977:
Coxsackie virus infection in acute myocardial infarction

Grist, N.R.; Bell, E.J., 1977:
Coxsackie viruses and myocardial infarction

Higgins, P.G.; Chapman, T.E., 1977:
Coxsackievirus A24 and acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis in Sri Lanka

Schattenkirchner, 1979:
Cracking joints: what disease significance?

Zimmerman, R.D.; Breckbill, D.; Dennis, M.W.; Davis, D.O., 1979:
Cranial CT findings in patients with meningomyelocele

Kobayashi, N., 1977:
Cranial computed tomography -Part I-

Kobayashi, N., 1977:
Cranial computed tomography. Part II

Kline, R.W.; Gillin, M.T.; Kun, L.E., 1979:
Cranial irradiation in acute leukemia: dose estimate in the lens

Rothstein, T.L.; Kenny, G.E., 1979:
Cranial neuropathy, myeloradiculopathy, and myositis: complications of Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection

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Cranial synostosis in Job's syndrome

Morgan-Capner, P.; Crofts, M.A.; Sharp, J.C., 1979:
Cranial-nerve involvement in herpes zoster

Thilloy, G., 1978:
Cranio-mandibular morphogenesis. The base of the skull and the pterygoid process

Oyen, O.J.; Walker, A.C.; Rice, R.W., 1979:
Craniofacial growth in olive baboons (Papio cynocephalus anubis): browridge formation

Humphrey, P.A.; Britt, P.H.; Peters, C.R., 1979:
Craniofacial malformations

Sirianni, J.E., 1979:
Craniofacial morphology of the underbite trait in Presbytis

Kaiusheva, I.V.; Martem'ianova, S.N., 1979:
Craniographic evaluation of patients with pubertal-juvenile basophilism

Akima, M.; Nonaka, H.; Senzui, M.; Kitazawa, Y., 1977:
Craniometaphysial dysplasia with leukoencephalopathy. A case report

Ferchland, I., 1978:
Craniopharyngioma--comparison of postoperative course following tumor and palliative surgery

Thompson, I.L.; Griffin, T.W.; Parker, R.G.; Blasko, J.C., 1978:
Craniopharyngioma: the role of radiation therapy

Baena, J.U.; Thomas, D.G., 1976:

Rish, B.L.; Dillon, J.D.; Meirowsky, A.M.; Caveness, W.F.; Mohr, J.P.; Kistler, J.P.; Weiss, G.H., 1979:
Cranioplasty: a review of 1030 cases of penetrating head injury

Williams, B., 1979:
Craniotomy and fitness to drive

Weinheimer, A.J.; Matson, J.A., 1975:
Crassin acetate, the principal antineoplastic agent in four gorgonians of the Pseudoplexaura genus

Model, D.G., 1978:
Creatine kinase MB

Anonymous, 1978:
Creatine kinase MB in acute brain injury

Grande, P.; Christiansen, C.; Naestoft, J., 1977:
Creatine kinase MB in diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction

Model, D.G.; Carmichael, D.J.; Surtees, S.J.; Bastable, M.D.; Gietzen, T.W.; Bordoli, G.; Macleod, A.; Kidner, P.H., 1979:
Creatine kinase MB in routine clinical practice

Szasz, G.; Gruber, W.; Bernt, E., 1976:
Creatine kinase in serum: 1. Determination of optimum reaction conditions

Szasz, G.; Waldenström, J.; Gruber, W., 1979:
Creatine kinase in serum: 6. Inhibition by endogenous polyvalent cations, and effect of chelators on the activity and stability of some assay components

Przyjemski, C.J., 1978:
Creatine kinase isoenzymes in heart disease

Sabiniewicz, M.; Szajawski, J.M., 1979:
Creatine phosphokinase and barbiturate overdosage

Mercado, T.I.; Garbus, J., 1979:
Creatine phosphokinase isoenzymes and Trypanosoma cruzi infections

Cohen, D.J.; Johnson, W.; Caparulo, B.K.; Young, J.G., 1976:
Creatine phosphokinase levels in children with severe developmental disturbances

Steege, M.M., 1979:
Creating the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine: a hundred-year story

Vaneeva, L.I.; Tsvetkova, N.V., 1978:
Creation of artificial antigens

Ploeşteanu, I., 1979:
Creation of the unique health administration legislative framework in Romania in the years following the first World War

Plesent, E., 1976:
Creative activities approach to health and drug education in the elementary grades

Chen, M.S., 1979:
Creative food labels: consumer health education

Timmreck, T.C., 1978:
Creative health education through puppetry

Taylor, S.W.; Brodish, M.S.; Brown, H.N., 1979:
Creative learning experience for student nurses

Tychsen, E., 1975:
Creativity in action: strengthening medical-surgical nursing

Anonymous, 1979:
Creativity. A conference sponsored by the Spencer Foundation of Chicago

Anonymous, 1979:
Credentialing in nursing: a new approach. Report of the Committee for the Study of Credentialing in Nursing

Holcomb, J.D., 1976:
Credentialing pressures: where to go from here?

Mcglynn, F.D.; Walls, R., 1976:
Credibility ratings for desensitization and pseudotherapy among moderately and mildly snake-avoidant college students

Fasano, N.F., 1977:
Credit for consciousness raising

Austrian, R., 1978:
Credit for the discovery of pneumococcal capsular antigenicity

Baille, Y.; Sicard-Desnuelle, M.P.; Sigwalt, M.; Rapuzzi, A.; Escojido, H.; Duport, G., 1978:
Crenelation of Beall's prostheses in mitral position: apropos of 21 reoperated cases

Herzberg, L., 1979:
Creutzfeld-Jakob disease and corneal grafts

Matthews, W.B., 1978:
Creutzfeldt--Jakob disease

Matthews, W.B.; Campbell, M.; Hughes, J.T.; Tomlinson, A.H., 1979:
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and ferrets

Nehlil, J.; Loutre, J.C.; Renouardiere, R.; Fleury, P., 1979:
Creutzfeldt-Jakob. Disease or syndrome

Gebauer, H.J.; Stumpf, B.; Hansmann, I.; Grimm, T., 1978:
Cri-du-chat syndrome in a child with a 5/15 translocation and interstitial centromeric heterochromatin

Plus, N.; Croizier, G.; Reinganum, C.; Scott, P.D., 1978:
Cricket paralysis virus and drosophila C virus: serological analysis and comparison of capsid polypeptides and host range

Morrison, M.D.; Maber, B.R., 1977:
Crico-arytenoid joint obliteration following longterm intubation in the premature infant

Zuckerbraun, L.; Bahna, M.S., 1979:
Cricopharyngeus myotomy as the only treatment for Zenker diverticulum

Ramsey, F.E.; Tomlanovich, M.C.; Nowak, R.M., 1978:
Cricothyrotomy instrumentation

Archer, D.W., 1975:
Criminal exposure of physician assistants

Krauland, W.; Klug, E., 1978:
Criminological aspects of the clarification of alkaloid intoxications

Dick, E.L., 1975:
Crisis in the lab

Dunlop, D.; Higgins, L.; Ling, N., 1978:
Crisis intervention in basic nursing education

Vettore, L.; Pizzolo, G., 1975:
Criteria for choice of therapeutic procedures in lymphomas

Schneer, J.H.; Mănăilă, T.; Dimitriu, A.G.; Gheorghiţă, M.; Groza, R., 1978:
Criteria for classification, staging and prognosis of acyte lymphoblastic leukemia in children

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Criteria for evaluating calcium carbonate from the point of view of chlortetracycline biosynthesis

Kazdin, A.E.; Wilson, G.T., 1978:
Criteria for evaluating psychotherapy

Dimitriu, C.G.; Zeană, C.; Draganovici, M., 1976:
Criteria for evaluation of the development and prognosis of corrosive gastroesophagitis

Storch, M.L., 1978:
Criteria for evaluation studies of patient education

Holder, W.W.; Clay, R.J., 1979:
Criteria for internal auditing

Matzdorff, F., 1977:
Criteria for long-term prognosis after myocardial infarct

Kiegel, P.; Quilichini, F.; Dubouloz, F.; Gouin, F.; Francois, G., 1975:
Criteria for reoperation in abdominal surgery (exclusive of surgical and nephrological criteria)

Bridgewater, S., 1976:
Criteria for selection of nursing textbooks

Pichlmayr, I., 1977:
Criteria for selection of the ventilation volume during controlled respiration in anesthesia

Rose, A.S.; Ellison, G.W.; Myers, L.W.; Tourtellotte, W.W., 1976:
Criteria for the clinical diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Evdokimov, A.I.; Nikitina, T.V., 1977:
Criteria for the curability of parodontosis

Delbarre, F.; Mery, C.; Nakache, J.P.; de Géry, A.; Chastang, C., 1978:
Criteria for the evaluation of the antirheumatic (antiinflammatory) drugs in man

Orrego, F., 1979:
Criteria for the identification of central neurotransmitters, and their application to studies with some nerve tissue preparations in vitro

Mata, L., 1978:
Criteria in evaluating the nutritional status of the child in Costa Rica

Sánchez Sánchez, M.L.; Rubio Pérez, P.; Calvo Manuel, E.; Arroyo Vicente, M.; Millán Núñez-Cortés, J.; Espinos Pérez, D., 1979:
Criteria in the diagnosis of lead poisoning. II. Lead levels in blood and urine corresponding to normal subjects and lead poisoning patients, in basal situations and after intravenous calcium EDTA administration

Tapia, J.E.; Hauser, G.A., 1979:
Criteria in the ultrasonic diagnosis of hydrocephalus in twin and single pregnancies

Kaplan, S.H.; Greenfield, S., 1978:
Criteria mapping: using logic in evaluation of processes of care

Chernyshov, V.P., 1978:
Criteria of evaluation of the immune response in cryosurgical treatment of prostatic cancer

Bory, M.; Mancini, J.C.; Djiane, P.; Sacerdote, P.; Mostefa-Kara, S.; Egre, A.; Serradimigni, A., 1978:
Criteria of prognosis in apparently primary hypokinetic myocardiopathies (prospective study of 60 cases)

Víznerová, A., 1979:
Criteria of resistance of some antibiotics and chemotherapeutics for strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated in Czechoslovakia. Cycloserin, ethionamide, pyrazinamide, rifampicin, and ethambutol

Strakovskaia, V.L.; Antonova, E.O., 1978 :
Criteria of the effectiveness of therapeutic physical exercise in child psychomotor developmental disorders

Di Paolo, E.; Baldi, G.; Villecco, A.S., 1978:
Criteria of treatment and prognosis in hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, obtained from electrocardiographic and catamnestic studies

Inaba, M., 1978:
Criteria's range of motion: how to develop and apply evaluation criteria for physical therapy

Filimonova, I.A.; Oganian, E.F.; Onatskaia, T.G., 1979:
Criterion of the comparative sensitivity of plague antigenic and antibody erythrocyte diagnostica in detecting antibodies

Dubois, M., 1979:
Critical analysis and future development of the Cerebral Function Monitor

Marinozzi, V.; Fraschini, A., 1975:
Critical analysis of the use of the acrolein-Schiff method as a possible reaction for DNA

Perussia, A., 1978:
Critical assessment of mass x-ray screening

Fargas, E.; Fargasová, I., 1978:
Critical assessment of present-day tendencies in the treatment of positional testicular anomalies

Roels, H.; Bernard, A.; Buchet, J.P.; Goret, A.; Lauwerys, R.; Chettle, D.R.; Harvey, T.C.; Haddad, I.A., 1979:
Critical concentration of cadmium in renal cortex and urine

Tsukamura, M.; Mizuno, S.; Murata, H.; Oshima, T., 1975:
Critical concentrations for resistances of tubercle bacilli to tuberactinomycin-N, viomycin, capreomycin, and lividomycin in patients treated with these agents (cross-resistance-relationships among resistances to aminoglucoside-antibiotics found during chemotherapy for tuberculosis)

Brown, B.S., 1978:
Critical concerns: National Health Insurance

Puşcaş, I.; Turi, Z.; Chiu, A., 1979:
Critical considerations on the diagnstoic value of nocturnal gastric secretion in duodenal ulcer patients

D'Ottavio, A.E.; D'Ottavio, J.L.; Bassán, N.D.; Téllez, T.E., 1975:
Critical electrolytic concentration for sodium acridine chloride orange in the differential histochemical characterization of sialomucins: a new indirect method

Stiel, W.; Berger, M.; Lenz, H., 1975:
Critical evaluation and rational use of nuclear medical techniques in the diagnosis of thyroid function

Preud'Homme, J.L.; Seligmann, M., 1975:
Critical evaluation of B and T cell markers in man

Vána, S.; Nĕmec, J., 1976:
Critical evaluation of the diagnostic value of systolic time intervals in the diagnosis of functional thyroid diseases. Comparison of results in a highly selected and a non-selected group of patients in relation to the blood PBI and T4I levels

Thomas, F.; Thomas, J.; Millington, G.; Doane, J.; Mendez-Picon, G.; Lee, H.M., 1977:
Critical factors in the quality control of antilymphocyte globulin (ALG)

Belasco, J.G.; Herlihy, J.M.; Knowles, J.R., 1978:
Critical ionization states in the reaction catalyzed by triosephosphate isomerase

Nicolaescu, T., 1979:
Critical moments in evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment of duodenal ulcer

Nifontova, M.A.; Eabovik, I.I., 1975:
Critical notes on the microchemical method of quantitative determination of blood serum lysozyme proposed by B.M. Kovalev

Döring, G.K., 1978:
Critical observation of long-term care of climacteric disorders with estrogens

Ragaini, S.; Peracino, A.; Marcovina, S.; Ronchi, E.; Ballini, A.; Mojoli, M., 1976:
Critical observations on changes in gamma-glutamyl-transpepdidase in hepatopathies

Gallati, H., 1977:
Critical observations on the use of phenolphthalein monophosphate as a substrate for the determination of prostatic acid phosphatase

Wurzel, M.; Aygen, M.; Elian, E.; Glaser, J., 1977:
Critical pulmonic stenosis in infancy

Brunner, H.P., 1978:
Critical remarks on the monocyte test

Anderson, R.F.; Patel, K.B.; Adams, G.E., 1977:
Critical residues in D-amino acid oxidase. A pulse-radiolysis and inactivation study

Oneto, G.B.; Gastaldi, F.A., 1976:
Critical review of 5 years of experience with cryotherapy alone or combined with endoscopic electroresection in prostatic obstructions

Glende, E.A.; Hruszkewycz, A.M.; Recknagel, R.O., 1976:
Critical role of lipid peroxidation in carbon tetrachloride-induced loss of aminopyrine demethylase, cytochrome P-450 and glucose 6-phosphatase

Fournier, C.; Paraiso, N.; van Tuyen, G.N.; Gay, J.; Benoit, P.; Lame, C.; Lecomte-Bonnet, D.; Barrillon, A.; Gerbaux, A., 1978 :
Critical study of disease in aortocoronary saphenous vein grafts

Attie, F.; Alfaro, J.K.; Castellanos, L.M.; Arteaga, M.; Bermudez, A.C.; de la Vega, P.F., 1979:
Critical study of the morphogenesis of trunco-conal malformations

Favre, H., 1978:
Critical study of the value of renal clearances measured by the single shot technic

Weinstein, F., 1978:
Critical views of ego psychology: a critical review

Read, R.C., 1978:
Criticising those in government

Allen, K.L., 1978:
Critique of article by Harwood and Simpson

Cohn, J.B.; Gottschalk, L.A., 1979:
Critique of the Guidelines for Clinical Evaluation of Antianxiety Drugs (HEW-FDA-77-3043)

McGlothlin, W.H., 1977:
Critique of "Consequences of Use: Heroin and Other Narcotics"

Murphy, J.F., 1976:
Critique of "Experimental Trials of the Nursing Process"

Anonymous, 1976:
Crohn study (summary of session 3)

Anonymous, 1976:
Crohn's disease

Henderson, A.; Hishon, S., 1978:
Crohn's disease responding to oral disodium cromoglycate

Stanciu, C., 1976:
Crohn's disease with colonic localization and hemorrhagic rectocolitis. Clinical, radiological and anatoma-pathological differentiation

Rentz, T.W.; Warden, C.S.; Garcia, F.J.; Kovalcik, P.J., 1979:
Crohn's disease with spontaneous ileoumbilical and ileovesical fistulae

Stanciu, C.; Lungu, I.; Stoian, M.; Dobrescu, G.; Bălan, R.; Chipail, G., 1979:
Crohn's disease with unusual extension: stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum

Witkowski, J.A.; Parish, L.C.; Lewis, J.E., 1977:
Crohn's disease--non-caseating granulomas on the legs

Singer, M.V.; Bartelheimer, W.; Seib, H.J.; Busse, R.; Ottenjann, R., 1977:
Crohn's regional enteritis. Clinical report

Foreman, J.C.; Garland, L.G., 1976:
Cromoglycate and other antiallergic drugs: a possible mechanism of action

Gribbin, H.R.; Tattersfield, A.E., 1977:
Cromoglycate in asthma

Gerrard, J.W., 1978:
Cromoglycate in treatment of adverse reactions to foods

Simeon, J.; O'Malley, M.; Tryphonas, H.; Graham, D.; Mastronardi, M.; Simeon, S.; Griffin, J., 1979:
Cromolyn DSG effects in hyperkinetic and psychotic children with allergies

Falliers, C.J., 1975:
Cromolyn sodium (disodium cromoglycate) prophylaxis

Nisticó, G.; Germanà, G.; Ciriaco, E.; Bronzetti, B.; Rotiroti, D.; Scapagnini, U., 1979:
Crop-sac response after systemic and intraventricular administration of neuroleptic drugs

Husain, O.A.; Grainger, J.M.; Sims, J., 1978:
Cross contamination of cytological smears, with automated staining machines and bulk manual staining procedures. With a specific study of the problems of the Cytotek and the Shandon Elliott staining machines

Cîrstea, M.; Suhaciu, G.; Cîrje, M., 1979:
Cross immunological reactions between three haptens of the "para" group and 4-aminoantipyrine

Blomquist, G., 1976:
Cross partition and determination of net charge of the isoenzymes of enolase

Manishkina, R.P.; Krasavtseva, T.K.; Iasakova, N.V.; Guseĭnov, C.S.; Korenevskaia, V.A., 1978:
Cross reactions of HL-A antigens and their role in selection of donors for kidney transplantation

Müller, H.L., 1979:
Cross reactions of eight yeasts and their importance in serological Candida diagnostic

Heidelberger, M.; Nimmich, W., 1977:
Cross reactions of higher type-specific capsular polysaccharides of Klebsiella in antipneumococcal sera

Murphy, D.B.; Shreffler, D.C., 1975:
Cross reactivity between H-2K and H-2D products. II. Identification of the cross reacting specificities

Murphy, D.B.; Shreffler, D.C., 1975 :
Cross reactivity between H-2K and H-2D products. III. Effect of H-2K-H-2D cross sensitization on skin graft survival

Drew, J.S.; London, W.T.; Lustbader, E.D.; Blumberg, B.S., 1978:
Cross reactivity between hepatitis B surface antigen and a male-associated antigen

Cazenave, P.A.; Brezin, C., 1975:
Cross reactivity of allotypic specificities al, a3 and A100 of rabbit immunoglobulins, using anti-A3 sera

Price, G.B.; McCulloch, E.A.; Till, J.E., 1976:
Cross reactivity of human beta2-microglobulin with human granulocyte colony-stimulating activity

Zakharova, L.G.; Al'tshteĭn, A.D.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1978:
Cross reactivity of mammalian C-type viruses by membrane antigens in the virion precipitation test

Mizuguchi, Y.; Yamada, T., 1978:
Cross resistance in mycobacteria--biochemical and genetic aspects

Glode, M.P.; Robbins, J.B.; Liu, T.Y.; Gotschlich, E.C.; Orskov, I.; Orskov, F., 1977:
Cross-antigenicity and immunogenicity between capsular polysaccharides of group C Neisseria meningitidis and of Escherichia coli K92

Cervino, A.L.; Thottam, J.J., 1979:
Cross-foot flap for ankle coverage

Dellagi, K.; Brouet, J.C.; Danon, F., 1979:
Cross-idiotypic antigens among monoclonal immunoglobulin M from patients with Waldenström's macroglobulinemia and polyneuropathy

Siegel, R.C.; Black, C.M.; Bailey, A.J., 1979:
Cross-linking of collagen in the X-linked Ehlers-Danlos Type V

Mosher, D.F.; Schad, P.E., 1979:
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Cross-modal matching in the monkey (Macaca fascicularis)

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Cross-reaction between the mycelial galactomannas of three Hormodendrum strains and the mannans of two Candida albicans strains of different serotypes, A and B

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Cross-section of nursing congresses

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Cross-species contamination of commercial serum proteins

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Crossed immunoelectrophoresis of sperm antibodies in human serum and cervical mucus

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Crosslinking of alpha-crystallin with bisimidoesters. Evidence for polyamidine formation at pH8 from an increase in positive charges on the polypeptide chains

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Crosslinking of antibody molecules by bifunctional antigens

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Crosslinking of the nearest membrane protein neighbors in ATP depleted, calcium enriched and irreversibly sickled red cells

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Crosslinking studies on the organization of the 16 S ribosomal RNA within the 30 S Escherichia coli ribosomal subunit

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Crossmatch difficulties following the prophylactic use of Rh immune globulin

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Crossreactive mixed lymphocyte reaction determinants recognized by cloned alloreactive T cells

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Crossreactivity in PLT: the specificity of primed lymphocytes (PL) depends upon the HLA haplotypes of the priming cell and responder

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Cryoanalgesia. A new approach to pain relief

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Cryoapplication in the field of ORL

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Cryocrystalglobulinemia in hairy cell leukemia

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Cryoenzymological studies on myosin subfragment 1. Solvent, temperature and pH effects on the overall reaction

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Cryoenzymology in mixed solvents without cosolvent effects on enzyme specific activity

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Cryoenzymology: the study of enzyme catalysis at subzero temperatures

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Cryoglobulines and cryoglobulinemia

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Cryoprecipitate preparation

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Cryoprecipitates and blood-groups

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Cryoprecipitation- a more efficient method than agarose gel chromatography for removal of contaminating soluble fibrin in human fibrinogen preparations

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Cryopreservation of canine hematopoietic cells

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Cryopreservation of erythrocytes for performing serological reactions

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Cryopreservation of human granulocytes

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Cryopreservation of human red cells in liquid nitrogen with hydroxyethyl starch

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Cryopreserving HLA-typed platelets obtained on cell separators

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Cryoprotectant-treated myocardium evaluation

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Cryoresistance during sporulation in Bacillus

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Cryosurgery as palliation for carcinoma of the larynx

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Cryosurgery for cancer

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Cryosurgery for recurrent carcinoma of the vulva: a case report

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Cryosurgery in stomato-oncology. A report of experiences gained over three years

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Cryosurgery in the management of rectal tumours

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Cryosurgery of advanced vulvar carcinoma

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Cryosurgery of prostate adenoma: evaluation of the method

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Cryosurgery of the prostate and transurethral resection in poor surgical risk patients. A comparative clinical follow-up study

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Cryosurgical treatment of rectal carcinoma

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Cryotherapy for palliation in rectal carcinoma

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Cryotherapy in prostatic adenoma

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Cryotherapy in the upper air and food passages

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Cryotomy techniques

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Cryptococcosis with a lesion of the meninges and adrenals (on the choice of fungal stain in histological sections

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Cryptogenic liver disease in a young woman

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Cryptorchidism and gonadotrophin therapy

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Cryptorchidism and intersexuality

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Cryptorchidism in dogs

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Cultural diversity and nursing curricula

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Cultural diversity in the nursing curricula

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Culture media for antibiotic sensitivity testing

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Culture media with pH indicators for the isolation of Dermatophytes

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Culture-negative endocarditis

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Current concepts in contraception: a discussion

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Current concepts in management of testicular tumor

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Current concepts in mycosis fungoides: its nosology, diagnosis and treatment

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Current concepts in parasitology. This scabies pandemic

Anonymous, 1979:
Current concepts in portal hypertension

Hayes, F.W., 1979:
Current concepts in psychiatry

Barbakow, F.H.; Cleaton-Jones, P.E.; Austin, J.C., 1978:
Current concepts in replantation therapy

Cox, R.P.; Ghosh, N.K., 1978:
Current concepts in the ectopic production of fetal proteins and hormones by neoplastic cells

Jaffiol, C.; Baldet, L., 1975:
Current concepts in the treatment of Basedow's disease

Urbanek, R., 1979:
Current concepts in the treatment of insect venom allergies

DeWys, W.D., 1975:
Current concepts of chemotherapy combined with other modalities for head and neck cancer

Donowitz, M., 1979:
Current concepts of laxative action: mechanisms by which laxatives increase stool water

Anonymous, 1978:
Current concepts of object relations theory

Olson, M.H., 1979:
Current concepts of radiotherapy in treatment of carcinoma of the cervix

Krause, C.J.; Nysather, J.O., 1977:
Current concepts of tumor immunology. I. Basic immunologic concepts

Krause, C.J.; Nysather, J.O., 1977:
Current concepts of tumor immunology. II. Tumor immunodetection

Gliński, W., 1978:
Current concepts on immune tolerance

Herrero Aldama, P., 1979:
Current concepts on psychiatric epilepsy. 1. Clinicoencephalographic aspects

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Current concepts: The management of hyperthyroidism

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Current considerations on male secretory sterility

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Current data on pain pathways

Răuţă, M., 1978:
Current data on the structure, function and control of the production of thrombocytes

Anonymous, 1976:
Current data. 1. Infectious diseases: number of reported cases and registered deaths in 1974 and in 1975

Anonymous, 1976:
Current data. 2. Health personnel

Anonymous, 1976 :
Current data. Infectious diseases: monthly or four-weekly number of reported cases, 1974 and 1975

Anonymous, 1977:
Current data. Infectious diseases: monthly or four-weekly number of reported cases, 1975-1976

Anonymous, 1976:
Current data. Natality, mortality and natural increase

Dummett, C.O., 1979:
Current dental care delivery methodologies--their advantages and shortcomings

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Current developments in Swiss public health from the viewpoint of the Swiss Society for Health Politics (SGGP)

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Current developments in thoracic surgery

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Current diagnosis and therapy of gastrointestinal tumors. Enzyme diagnosis (proceedings)

Lison, A.E., 1979:
Current diagnosis of pyelonephritis

Fiegel, P., 1978:
Current diagnostic methods: the value of urine analysis

Friesen, S.R., 1976:
Current dimensions of the endocrine system

Walters, J.K., 1978:
Current drug therapy of asthma

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Current findings concerning heparin and its biochemical properties

Gögelein, H.; De Smedt, H.; Van Driessche, W.; Borghgraef, R., 1977:
Current fluctuation analysis of alamethicin pores in black lipid membranes. Effect of lanthanum ions

Gögelein, H.; Van Driessche, W., 1978:
Current fluctuations in toad gall-bladder

Holschneider, A.M., 1975:
Current interpretation of the testicular maldescention problem

Carter, S.K.; Slavik, M., 1977:
Current investigational drugs of interest in the Chemotherapy Program of the National Cancer Institute

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Current issues in primary care education: review and commentary

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Current knowledge concerning the nutrition of the aviator and astronaut

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Current laboratory methods and prospects for forensic medical studies of sperm (review of the literature)

Cairns, J.A., 1978:
Current management of unstable angina

Nicolaescu, V.; Nuţă, M., 1977:
Current medical treatment of infectious endocarditis

Gabuniia, R.I.; Dobrovol'skiĭ, N.M., 1976:
Current methods of radioisotope diagnosis in vitro and perspectives of their development

Berezantsev, I.A.; Oparin, E.N., 1976:
Current methods of study of leukocyte chemotaxis

Andreev, V.N.; Podoprigora, G.I., 1977:
Current methods of study of the opsonizing activity of the blood serum (review of the literature)

Baĭsogolov, G.D.; Isaev, I.G., 1979:
Current methods of treating generalized and disseminated forms of lymphogranulomatosis

Palumbo, E.; De Biase, U.; De Luca, R.; Spagnoletti, T., 1979:
Current modifications in lipoprotein staining method on acetate gel cellulose

Stroescu, V., 1976:
Current pharmacological aspects of antithrombotic drugs

Rocchietta, S., 1977:
Current phytotherapeutic agents in the treatment of prostatic diseases

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Current place of neuroleptics in cardiac surgery under extracorporeal circulation. Cardiovascular effects of different combinations

Machata, G.; Dadisch, G.L., 1978:
Current possibilities for analysis of etilefrin

Tomasović, D.; Grims, P.; Bencić, K., 1976:
Current possibilities in the treatment of carcinoma of the prostate gland

Novak, R., 1975:
Current possibilities in the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy

Fedorov, V.D.; Levitan, M.Kh.; Oleĭnikov, P.N.; Kolosov, I.A.; Mikhaĭlova, T.L., 1978:
Current possibilities of treatment of nonspecific ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease

Lewko, J.H., 1976:
Current practices in evaluating motor behavior of disabled children

Asambaev, A.A., 1978:
Current problems and the state of tuberculosis control in Kirghizia

Scheiber, K.; Bartsch, G., 1979:
Current problems in cryptorchism

Khondkarian, O.A.; Zavalishin, I.A., 1978:
Current problems in multiple sclerosis (immunogenetic aspect) (review of the literature)

Urbaszek, W.; Modersohn, D.; Schauer, J.; Günther, K., 1976:
Current problems in the conservative long-term treatment of ischemic heart disease

Povstianoĭ, N.E., 1979:
Current problems in the treatment of severely burned

Marinone, G.; Maiolini, E.; Buttolo, Q.; Mauro, P.L.; Colle, R., 1975:
Current problems in therapy of evolutive malignant granuloma. Our experience with a new scheme of polychemotherapy

Karasek, E.; Jentzsch, K.D., 1975:
Current problems of active substance research. 7. Use of animal cell- and tissue cultures for comprehending and explanation of biological effect of substances. Cultivated liver cells as test objects for active substances

Shirokova, K.I., 1979:
Current problems of gastroenterology (based on materials of the 6th World Congress of Gastroenterology, Madrid, 1978)

Anonymous, 1978:
Current problems of metabolism and gastroenterology. Working session at the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the birth of Professor J. Masek, D.Sc., corresponding member of the CSAV, held in Prague, 7 March 1978

Capron, A.; Camus, D., 1978:
Current progress in parasitic immunology

Oth, D., 1976:
Current questions on the tumour-associated antigens of chemically-induced tumours II. In search of practical uses

Oth, D., 1975:
Current questions on the tumour-associated antigens of chemically-induced tumours. I. In search of their characterization

Kawamura, A., 1979:
Current remarks on Rickettsiae and rickettsiosis--studies on virulence and prevalence of Tsutsugamushi disease Rickettsia

Wacha, H.; Stix, H., 1976:
Current resistence situation in a surgical and urological department

Heitmann, H.J., 1976:
Current serology of syphilis. Tests, specific verification tests, therapy-leading reactions

Weyer, F., 1975:
Current significance of rickettsial diseases

Dussaix, E.; Tournier, P., 1979:
Current state of antiviral chemotherapy

Kölling, H.L., 1976:
Current state of radiotherapy of mouth neoplasms

Root, A.W.; Reiter, E.O.; Weisman, Y., 1976:
Current status and clinical application of the hypothalamic hormones

Gheno, G.; Thiella, P.; Mazzei, G., 1979:
Current status and problems of tuberculosis. 10 years of experience in a general medicine department

Watari, T., 1979:
Current status and prospect of therapy with advanced cancer

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Current status in the treatment of breast cancer. II. Adjuvant chemotherapy, palliative polychemotherapy, chemoimmunotherapy--rating and results

Santini, A.; Morsiani, E.; Riccipetitoni, G.; Durante, E., 1979:
Current status in transplantation of the endocrine pancreas in the treatment of diabetes mellitus 2. Transplantation of fetal pancreas

Auzépy, P.; Verger, C.; Deparis, M., 1976:
Current status of acute trichloroethylene poisoning in adults. Apropos of 17 cases

Dry, J.; Pradalier, A., 1977:
Current status of antihistaminic therapy

Wilson, G.T., 1979:
Current status of behavioral treatment of obesity

Seltzer, H.S., 1978:
Current status of beta-cell infusions in completely reversing severe insulin-requiring diabetes mellitus

Dittel, K.K.; Kraft, E.; Trömer, W., 1978:
Current status of biliary surgery

Nitze, H.R., 1979:
Current status of chemotherapy in malignant head and neck neoplasms (proceedings)

Woods, J.E., 1976:
Current status of chemotherapy in the treatment of head and neck cancer

Walzel, C., 1978:
Current status of cryogenic surgery

Leoni, V.; d'Alessandro De Luca, E.; Biocca, M., 1977:
Current status of data on the presence of organochlorine pesticides in human adipose tissue

Mosora, N.; Hîncu, N.; Duţu, A., 1977:
Current status of diabetic microangiopathy

Murakami, M., 1977:
Current status of drug therapy of essential hypertension

King, A.I., 1979:
Current status of hyperalimentation

Derman, R.; Edelman, D.A.; Berger, G.S., 1979:
Current status of immunologic pregnancy tests

Furcoi, I., 1977:
Current status of immunological diagnosis in rheumatic diseases

Nahas, G.G., 1979:
Current status of marijuana research. Symposium on marijuana held july 1978 in Reims, France

Botturi, M., 1978:
Current status of palliative radiotherapy in neoplasms of the central nervous system

Papaleo, G.; Grano, S.; Gallo, A.B.; Zito, G.A., 1978:
Current status of simple radial immunodiffusion for determination of minimal quantities of IgA and IgM

Welbourn, R.B., 1977:
Current status of the apudomas

Afonina, L.G., 1978:
Current status of the problem of child immunity. IV. Immunologic mechanisms of hemolytic disease of the newborn infant

Kholin, V.V., 1977:
Current status of the problem of establishing combined treatment of malignant neoplasms (a review of the literature)

Styblo, K., 1978:
Current status of the problem. I. Epidemiology of tuberculosis

Norris, F.H., 1977:
Current status of the search for virus in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Poirier, R.A.; Berman, M.A.; Stansel, H.C., 1975:
Current status of the surgical treatment of truncus arteriosus

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Current status of thyroid function diagnosis

Konowalov, A.N.; Fedorov, S.N.; Faller, T.O.; Sokolov, A.F.; Tscherepanov, A.N., 1977:
Current status of treatment of parasellar meningiomas

Sabath, L.D., 1975:
Current status of treatment of pneumonia

Barnett, A.J.; Taubman, I., 1976:
Current status of treatment of severe hypertension

Santini, A.; Riccipetitoni, G.; Morsiani, E.; Durante, E., 1979:
Current status on transplantation of the endocrine pancreas in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. I. Transplantation of the islands of Langerhans

Banciu, T., 1975:
Current studies in the clinical physiology of gastric secretion

Merkle, P., 1979:
Current surgical aspects of diverticulitis and its complications

Nuţă, M.; Nicolaescu, V., 1977:
Current surgical treatment in infectious endocarditis

Sprenger, E., 1977:
Current tasks of cytopathology

Siagaev, S.A.; Men'shikov, V.V., 1976:
Current tasks of improvement of laboratory clinico-diagnostic service in the 10th five-year plan

Fontan, F.; Chauve, A.; Deville, C., 1977:
Current technics in coronary surgery

Rokicki, W.; Rokicki, M., 1979:
Current theories on alpha amylase

Knap, J.; Ochocka, M., 1979:
Current theories on the pathogenesis of leukemia

Sosonkin, I.E., 1976:
Current therapeutic concepts in dermatology

Cariati, E.; Pellicci, R.; Taviani, M.; Larghero, G., 1978:
Current therapeutic trends in hemometakinetic syndromes. Preliminary note

von der Oelsnitz, G.; Winkler, K., 1975:
Current therapy of neuroblastoma. Experience with 62 children in 1964-1972

Kerr, J., 1979:
Current topics in tetanus

Faulhaber, H.D.; Linss, G., 1977:
Current treatment of arterial hypertension

Teodorescu, P.; Câmpeanu, A., 1976:
Current treatment of arterial hypertension and its complications

Möckel, S., 1977:
Current treatment of chronic ischemic heart disease

Johnston, L.C., 1977:
Current treatment of essential hypertension

Mantero, E., 1975:
Current trends in radiation therapy

Vikhliaeva, E.M., 1978:
Current trends in the treatment of the climacteric syndrome

Stepanas, A.V.; Samaan, N.A., 1979:
Current trends in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis

Hall, K.V., 1979:
Current trends in the use of conceptual frameworks in nursing education

Pavan-Langston, D., 1979:
Current trends in therapy of ocular herpes simplex: experimental and clinical studies

Cagetti, M.; Casula, G.; Uccheddu, A., 1979:
Current trends of complementary therapy in radical surgery of colo-rectal cancer

Weil, M.H., 1979:
Current understanding of mechanisms and treatment of circulatory shock caused by bacterial infection

Câmpeanu, A.; Nicolaescu, V.; Cucu, N.; Gancevici, A., 1976:
Current value of clinical and radiological studies in the etiological diagnosis of acute lung diseases

Wondrák, E., 1975:
Current viewpoint on Sudeck's dystrophy

Wiest, W., 1975:
Current viewpoints on the relaxation of the uterus. An international symposium on the use of betamimetics

Mráz, P.; Polónyi, J.; Mikulajová, M.; Slováková, D., 1976:
Current views of axonal transport

Seligmann, M.; Clauvel, J.P., 1977:
Current views on immunoglobulin abnormalities and B cell proliferations

Kerenji, A., 1975:
Current views on the clinical significance of alpha fetoproteins in the serum

Diamantes-Kepiotes, A., 1978:
Current views on the etiology, epidemiology and classification of traumatic dental injuries

Arlt, B.; Brinkmann, W., 1976:
Current views on the therapy of abnormal location of the testis

Boisson, M.; Gola, M., 1976:
Current-voltage relations in ILD- or dopamine-stabilized bursting neurone in APLysia

Gradmann, D.; Hansen, U.P.; Long, W.S.; Slayman, C.L.; Warncke, J., 1978:
Current-voltage relationships for the plasma membrane and its principal electrogenic pump in Neurospora crassa: I. Steady-state conditions

Schmid, R.; Junge, W., 1975:
Current-voltage studies on the thylakoid membrane in the presence of ionophores

Packer, J., 1979:
Curriculum consistency

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Cushing's disease: Successful treatment with cyproheptadine

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Cushing's syndrome and autoimmunity

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Cushing's syndrome due to abuse of dexamethasone nasal spray

MacGann, M., 1975:
Cushing's syndrome: its complexities and care

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Cut-off levels for maternal plasma alpha-fetoprotein in the diagnosis of neural tube defects: validation of the use of multiples of the normal median

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Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in association with a monoclonal gammopathy

Anonymous, 1976:
Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas

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Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas. Summary of the Mycosis Fungoides Cooperative Group-National Cancer Institute Workshop

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Cutaneous manifestations observed during prolonged intravenous feeding: 3 cases. Review of the literature

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Cutaneous manifestations of acute carbon monoxide poisoning

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Cutaneous manifestations of marine animal injuries including diagnosis and treatment

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Cutaneous manifestations of multiple myeloma

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Cutaneous melanoma in a patient with neurofibromatosis

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Cutaneous periarteritis nodosa

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Cutaneous periarteritis nodosa. Critical study about 4 cases

Antony, L.; Sidhu, G.S., 1977:
Cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa

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Cutaneous reactions to thiacetazone (TB1)

Nonnotte, G.; Kirsch, R., 1978:
Cutaneous respiration in a Selachian (Scyliorhinus caniculus L.)

Stern, W.K., 1979:
Cutaneous rheumatoid vasculitis

Mobacken, H., 1979:
Cutaneous side effects from beta-blockers and other antihypertensive agents

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Cutaneous side effects of systemic drugs. Part 4 of a synopsis. 6/7. Drugs affecting the central nervous system. C. Drug-induced photosensitivity. D. Drug-induced changes of skin color

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Cutaneous signals of host-defense failure

Michel, J.P.; Bonnetblanc, J.M.; Catanzano, G.; Gualde, N.; Loubet, A.; Leboutet, M.J.; Liozon, F., 1979:
Cutaneous thickening in hyperthyroidism treated with radioactive iodine and sotalol

Ashford, R.; Staughton, R.; Brighton, W.D., 1977:
Cutaneous vasculitis due to acebutolol

Manowitz, N.R.; Rosenthal, R.R., 1979:
Cutaneous-systemic reactions to toxins and venoms of common marine organisms

Dukes, C., 1977:
Cuthbert Esquire Dukes

Oxon, D.M.; Cope, C.L., 1975:
Cuthbert Leslie Cope

Leont'ev, V.K., 1976:
Cuvette for microphotometry of electrophoregrams on polyacrylamide gel

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Cyanide binding with ferricytochrome a3 in rat liver mitochondria

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Cyanide intoxication in the rat: physiological and neuropathological aspects

Anonymous, 1978:
Cyanide poisoning

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Cyanide, cassava, and diabetes

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Cyanide-insensitive oxidase, an enzyme located at the outer side of the inner mitochondrial membrane of Saccharomycopsis lipolytica

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Cyanide-resistant respiration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria

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Cyanobacterial evolution: results of 16S ribosomal ribonucleic acid sequence analyses

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Cyanogen bromide activation of polysaccharides. Effects of reaction conditions on cationic charge and ligand content

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Cyanogen bromide fractionation by skin collagen

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Cyanoguanidine-thiourea equivalence in the development of the histamine H2-receptor antagonist, cimetidine

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Cyanophage SM-2: a new blue-green algal virus

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Cycle disturbances, galactorrhea and prolactin

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Cyclic 3'5'-adenosine monophosphate and central circulatory control in cats and dogs

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Cyclic A.M.P. and arrhythmias revisited

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Cyclic AMP and allergic histamine release. Influence of methylxanthines on rat mast cells

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Cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP in epidermal physiology and pathophysiology

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Cyclic AMP and its relation to ganglionic transmission. A combined biochemical and electrophysiological study of the rat superior cervical ganglion in vitro

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Cyclic AMP and lipogenesis in fat cells from thyroidectomized rats

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Cyclic AMP and neuroendocrine influence upon forelimb regeneration in the adult newt, Notophthalmus viridescens

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Cyclic AMP and plasma renin activity in renal vein blood after amitryptiline, theophylline, furosemide and beta adrenergic blocking substances

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Cyclic AMP content and regulation of tyrosine-3-mono-oxygenase in rat striatum

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Cyclic AMP formation and release by cultured bone cells stimulated with prostaglandin E2

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Cyclic AMP in hypersensitivity reactions

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Cyclic AMP in relation to proliferation of the epidermal cell: a new view

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Cyclic AMP synthesis in Xenopus laevis oocytes: inhibition by progesterone

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Cyclic AMP-dependent amino acid uptake in intestine--the importance of beta-adrenergic agonists

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Cyclic AMP-dependent and independent inhibition of lipolysis by adenosine and decreased pH

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Cyclic AMP-dependent control of the rat hepatic glutathione disulfide-sulfhydryl ratio

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Cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase phosphorylation of cardiac (Na+ + K+)-ATPases. Effect on calcium binding

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Cyclic AMP-independent relaxation of depolarized rat ileal smooth muscle by isoproterenol

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Cyclic AMP-induced pH changes in Dictyostelium discoideum and their control by calcium

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Cyclic EEG and motility patterns during sleep in restrained infant rats

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Cyclic EEG changes in subacute spongiform and anoxic encephalopathy

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Cyclic GMP binding and cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase in rat platelets

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Cyclic GMP concentrations in cerebellum following organophosphate administration

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Cyclic GMP in a neuroblastoma clone: possible involvement in morphological differentiation induced by dibutyryl cyclic AMP

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Cyclic GMP in the CSF of patients with schizophrenia before and after neuroleptic treatment

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Cyclic GMP metabolism in relation to the regulation of cell growth in BALB/c3T3 cells

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Cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate levels in response to norepinephrine in rectum of postnatal rats

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Cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate regulation of membrane energetics in Escherichia coli

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Cyclic adenosine 3':5-monophosphate mediation of the effect of dopamine on renin release by renal cortical slices from sodium-deficient rats: modification by dopaminergic and beta-adrenergic receptor blockade

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Cyclic adenosine 3-5 monophosphate (c-AMP) and allergy

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Cyclic adenosine monophosphate, ventricular fibrillation, and antiarrhythmic drugs

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Cyclic adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate: regulation of activity and biosynthesis of enzymes

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Cyclic amp and cell morphology in cultured fibroblasts. Effects on cell shape, microfilament and microtubule distribution, and orientation to substratum

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Cyclic changes in ciliation of the oviductal epithelium in the pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina)

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Cyclic guanosine 3',5'-monophosphate and phosphodiesterase activity in mitogen-stimulated human lymphocytes

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Cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP): metabolism and its biological role

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Cyclic guanosine monophosphate response to acetylcholine stimulation of gastric alkaline secretion

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Cyclic guanosine-3',5'-monophosphate--mediator of the action of the hormaone erythropoietin

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Cyclic nucleotide cyclase variation during development of the insect Ceratitis capitata

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Cyclic nucleotide hydrolysis in the thyroid gland. General properties and key role in the interrelations between concentrations of adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate and guanosine 3':5'-monophosphate

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Cyclic nucleotide metabolism in compensatory renal hypertrophy and neonatal kidney growth

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Cyclic nucleotide metabolism in solid tumor tissues

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Cyclic nucleotide metabolism in the mouse spleen after treatment with tilorone hydrochloride

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Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity and the platelet release reaction

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Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity of human normal and carcinomatous lung tissue

Lindl, T.; Chapman, G., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase from a particulate fraction of rat brain. Evidence for an activator deficient form

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Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases of rabbit renal cortex. Characterization of brush border membrane activities

Filburn, C.R.; Liang, C.T.; Sacktor, B., 1977:
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases of the renal cortex. Characterization of basal-lateral membrane activities

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Cyclic nucleotide-dependent phosphorylation of rat intestinal microvillus and basal-lateral membrane proteins by an endogenous protein kinase

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Cyclic nucleotides and blood platelet functions

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Cyclic nucleotides and calcium in lymphocyte regulation and activation

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Cyclic nucleotides and platelet aggregation. Effect of aggregating agents on the activity of cyclic nucleotide-metabolizing enzymes

Anonymous, 1979:
Cyclic nucleotides and synaptic function. Symposium at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 10, 1978

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Cyclic nucleotides and the immune response

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