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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38930

Chapter 38930 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dlusskaia, I.G.; Iakovleva, I.P., 1979:
Determination of the concentration of vanilmandelic acid in urine by thin layer chromatography

Horie, S.; Ishii, H.; Nakazawa, H.; Suga, T.; Orii, H., 1979:
Determination of the cross-points of rat liver peroxisomes, peroxisomal core and the core components by cross-partition

Kuznetsov, I.A.; Fillipov, S.M., 1979:
Determination of the degree of base protonation in isionic solutions of DNA from the curve of conductometric titration

Osin, A.Ia.; Matveeva, L.A., 1978:
Determination of the degree of metaplasia of cylindrical epithelium in the bronchial secretion in children

Shlykov, I.A., 1979:
Determination of the degree of severity of a duodenal ulcer

Simon, V., 1976:
Determination of the effective concentration of Jodonal a for the disinfection of the skin and teats after milking

Atassi, M.Z., 1979:
Determination of the entire antigenic structure of native lysozyme by surface-simulation synthesis, a novel concept in molecular recognition

Pliutto, A.M., 1976:
Determination of the fibrinolytic activity of blood by the method of thrombelastography

Kaiser, R.; Herrmann, W.P.; Broer, K.H.; Fischer, W., 1977:
Determination of the frequency of Y-chromatin positive spermatozoa in relation to the parameters of spermiograms

Chmil', V.D.; Brezhneva, M.K., 1979:
Determination of the gamma isomer of hexachlorocyclohexane and hexachloroparaxylene in milk and butter when they are both present

Pavlov, G.V.; Chichkanov, V.P., 1979:
Determination of the heparin-precipitable blood plasma fraction by a nephelometric method

Bendtzen, K., 1979:
Determination of the human lymphokine leukocyte migration inhibitory factor (LIF) by a sensitive radioenzymatic assay. Inhibitory effect of cGMP on the esterolytic activity of highly purified LIF

Belaia, I.A.; Petrukhin, V.G., 1976:
Determination of the immunodominant monosugars of Newcastle shigella surface K-antigen

Volovenko, M.A., 1975:
Determination of the immunoglobulin level in the blood serum of newborn calves

Ibragimov, F.Kh., 1978:
Determination of the index of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus in the water of open reservoirs

Andreev, V.S.; Rybakov, V.N., 1975:
Determination of the indicators of acid-base equilibrium by the methods of conductometric titration

Paleev, N.R.; Kaevitser, I.M.; Kublanov, L.A., 1977:
Determination of the individual changes in cardiovascular system reactivity in prescribing adrenergic blockaders

Shuvaeva, N.I.; Antoshechkina, E.T.; Klimanova, Z.F., 1979 :
Determination of the individual sensitivity of ovarian ascitic cancer cells in vitro by cytological criteria

Fazakerley, G.V.; Reid, D.G., 1979:
Determination of the interaction of ADP and dADP with copper(II), manganese(II) and lanthanide(III) ions by nuclear-magnetic-resonance spectroscopy

Levi, M.I., 1979:
Determination of the internal association constant as a measure of the affinity of erythocyte-fixed antibodies that interact with mono- and multivalent antigens

Nomura, K.; Nakamaru, Y., 1976:
Determination of the intravesicular pH of fragmented sarcoplasmic reticulum with 5,5-dimethyl-2,4-oxazolidinedione

de Preval, C.; Blomberg, B.; Cohn, M., 1979:
Determination of the kappa anti-alpha(1,3) dextran immune response difference by A gene(s) in the VKappa-locus of mice

Aref'ev, I.M.; Barsegiants, L.O.; Vereshchaka, M.F.; Es'kov, A.P., 1979:
Determination of the kinetics of the immunoprecipitation reaction by measuring the integral intensity of scattered laser light

Ksiezny, S., 1978:
Determination of the level and composition of glycosaminoglycans (acid mucopolysaccharides) excreted with urine

Keda, B.I.; Khomiakov, A.E., 1975:
Determination of the levels of higher fatty acids in the blood serum of humans by the gas chromatography method

Volova-Kesler, T.G.; Gladchenko, I.A., 1979:
Determination of the limits of the physiological action of mineral elements in hydrogen bacteria

Revutskiĭ, E.L.; Tsiomik, V.A.; Solovtsova, K.M.; Bronshteĭn, V.N., 1975:
Determination of the lipoprotein fraction by use of horizontal electrophoresis on paper and an albumin-containing buffer solution

Kalmykova, I.V., 1979:
Determination of the location of sound sources by dogs exposed to dichotic sounds

Voltas, J.; Sanz, M.L.; Hernández, J.L.; Crisci, C.D.; Subirá, M.L.; Zornoza, G., 1979:
Determination of the lymphocytic and oncofetal antigen subpopulations in patients with adenocarcinomas of the stomach and of the colon and rectum

Chernova, S.V., 1977:
Determination of the makeup and dissociation constant of the product of the interaction of nonachlazine and methyl orange

van Rooy, H.H.; Kok, M.; Modderman, E.; Agnie, C.S., 1978:
Determination of the metabolites of bezitramide in urine. I. Acidic metabolite

van Rooij, H.H.; Soe-Agnie, C., 1978:
Determination of the metabolites of bezitramide in urine. II. The basic metabolite

Rabenstein, D.L.; Greenberg, M.S.; Evans, C.A., 1977:
Determination of the microscopic and macroscopic acid dissociation constants of glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine and related histidine peptides

Munson, E.S.; Schick, L.M.; Chapin, J.C.; Kushins, L.G.; Navarro, A.A., 1979:
Determination of the minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) of aliflurane in dogs

Il'icheva, R.F.; Gorkin, V.Z., 1979:
Determination of the monoamine oxidase activity in human blood serum

Hackbarth, H.; Lünebrink, J., 1979:
Determination of the mouse glomerular filtration rate by total 51Cr-EDTA plasma slope clearance depending on age and sex

Kunicka-Goldfinger, W.; Stronkowska, E., 1977:
Determination of the number of active saprophytic aquatic bacteria by semi-continuous culture on membrane filters

Kisliakov, V.S., 1976:
Determination of the number of plaque-forming myelokaryocytes in the bone marrow and peripheral blood

Bässler, K.H., 1979:
Determination of the nutritional status. Peripheral venous feeding

Gorlenko, V.M.; Kikina, O.G., 1979:
Determination of the optimal growth conditions for microorganisms by using l4C-bicarbonate

Polanco, A.; Herrmann, H.H.; von Kaufmann, F.; Kalm, E.; Smidt, D.; Holtz, W., 1978:
Determination of the ovulation time in prepuberal sows pretreated with gonadotropins

Vasilenko, P.V.; Tret'iakova, L.V.; Stupnitskaia, V.M., 1975:
Determination of the oxidase activity of bacteria of the genus Vibrio by use of methol reagent

Voĭtkevich, K.A., 1977:
Determination of the oxidation-reduction activity of neutrophils by using the histochemical dye nitroblue toetrazolium

Kirpichev, M.P., 1978:
Determination of the pantothenic acid and pyridoxine content in animal material

Loiseau, P.; Brachet-Liermain, A.; Henry, P., 1976:
Determination of the phenobarbital content in the saliva of epileptic patients

Reynolds, W.F.; Tzeng, C.W., 1977:
Determination of the preferred tautomeric form histamine by 13C nmr spectroscopy

Gubatz, W.; Gurr, S.; Bundschuh, G., 1977:
Determination of the pregnancy associated alpha-2-glycoprotein (PAG) in pregnant women with reference to the number of previous pregnancies

Blahovec, J.; Ondrus, I., 1975:
Determination of the proteolytic activity of beef liver by means of natural substrates labed with 125 I

Kienia, A.I., 1979:
Determination of the proteolytic activity of the gastric juice on the Ferment-1 unit

Savitskaia, K.I.; Shakhanina, K.L.; Karmysheva, V.Ia.; Chibisova, V.A.; Rakhinskaia, M.N., 1978:
Determination of the quality of fluorescent antibodies against human globulins using an antinuclear antibody standard, A.; Kersters-Hilderson, H.; D.B.uyne, C.K., 1979:
Determination of the quaternary structure of alpha-D-mannosidase from Medicago sativa L. [proceedings

Raushel, F.M.; Cleland, W.W., 1977:
Determination of the rate-limiting steps and chemical mechanism of fructokinase by isotope exchange, isotope partitioning, and pH studies

Schimerlik, M.I.; Grimshaw, C.E.; Cleland, W.W., 1977:
Determination of the rate-limiting steps for malic enzyme by the use of isotope effects and other kinetic studies

Bardoń, A.; Nowakowska, A.; Bozkowa, K., 1979:
Determination of the ribonuclease activity of the duodenal contents of children as a test in the differential diagnosis of cystic fibrosis and pancreatic exocrine insufficiency

Komissarova, I.V.; Frenkel', I.D., 1975:
Determination of the serotoninopexic capacity of blood serum by the fluorometric method

Freyssinet, G., 1978:
Determination of the site of synthesis of some Euglena cytoplasmic and chloroplast ribosomal proteins

Szabó, V.; Mátyás, S.; József, L.; Balogh, F., 1978:
Determination of the size of a prostatic adenoma by ultrasonic scanning

Szabó, V.; Sobel, M.; Légrádi, J.; Balogh, F., 1976:
Determination of the size of bladder-neck adenoma using ultrasonics

Jakobsen, B.E.; Andersen, M.F.; Olesen, S., 1976:
Determination of the size of the prostate by injection urethrocystography

Gavrilov, L.A.; Gavrilova, N.S., 1979:
Determination of the specific duration of life

Raffa, R.B.; Tallarida, R.J.; Gero, A., 1979:
Determination of the stimulus-response relation for three alpha-adrenergic agonists on rabbit aorta

Panurina, R.L.; Shakhanina, K.L.; Zhuravlev, V.S.; Gavrilova, E.M., 1978:
Determination of the subclasses of monoclonal human immunoglobulins G and of the light chain type with the aid of specific antisera

Kalde, L.Ia., 1976:
Determination of the sulfate sulfur in ichthyol by titrametric methods

Maess, M.; Wendt, F.; Rudolf, R.; Tädling, A., 1976:
Determination of the thrombocyte count in platelet-rich plasma

Buka, M.R.; Zhagat, R.A.; Kirstukas, I.P.; Chepuka, L.Y., 1975:
Determination of the transferase activity of L-asparaginase

Rozina, T.S.; Khomid'ko, N.L.; Zaets, N.F., 1979:
Determination of the urine reaction with the use of a universal paper indicator

Kovalev, O.A.; Grishanov, V.N., 1976:
Determination of the volume of circulating blood by using Evans blue dye

Apanasenko, B.G.; Kunitsyn, A.I.; Isaev, G.A.; Khodyrev, L.P., 1976:
Determination of the weight of disemulsified lipid circulating in the blood as a method of diagnosis of fat embolism

Narbonne, J.F., 1979:
Determination of the "no effect levels" of Phenoclor DP6 on five microsomal parameters in rat livers

Lowy, R.; Albrecht, R.; Pélissier, M.A.; Manchon, P., 1977:
Determination of the "no-effect levels" of two pesticides, lindane and zineb, on the microsomal enzyme activities of rat liver

Svinchuk, V.S.; Kramarenko, V.F.; Orlinskiĭ, M.M., 1978:
Determination of thioacetazon in urine

Davidson, I.E., 1975:
Determination of thioamides in pharmaceutical formulations by argentimetric potentiometric titration with alcoholic silver nitrate solution

Schleusener, H.; Finke, R.; Kotulla, P.; Wenzel, K.W.; Meinhold, H.; Roedler, H.D., 1978:
Determination of thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins (TSI) during the course of Graves' disease. A reliable indicator for remission and persistence of this disease?

Kato, R.; Murakami, N.; Noguchi, S., 1979:
Determination of thyroxine binding globulin (TBG) by radioimmunoassay (RIA-gnost TBG)

Slamnik, M., 1976:
Determination of tinidazole in tablets by dc polarography

Shustova, V.I., 1977:
Determination of total and allergen-specific IGE by the radioimmune methods in patients with allergy

Iinuma, T.A., 1978:
Determination of total body potassium

Rechnitz, G.A.; Nogle, G.J.; Bellinger, M.R.; Lees, H., 1977:
Determination of total carbon dioxide in serum and plasma using a carbonate ion-selective membrane electrode

Ziegler, M.; Wilke, W.; Menzel, R.; Amendt, P.; Roth, I., 1975:
Determination of total insulin (TIRI) in plasma of insulin-treated diabetics and newborn infants of insulin-treated diabetic mothers

Oehrle, K.L.; Vogt, K.; Hoffmann, B., 1975:
Determination of trenbolone and trenbolone acetate by thin-layer chromatography in combination with a fluorescence colour reaction

Aslanian, N.L.; Shukhian, V.M.; Babaian, L.A., 1977:
Determination of triglycerides in blood serum

Aleshchenko, T.O.; Knizhnik, A.Z., 1976:
Determination of trimecaine by an extractive photometric method

Lakings, D.R.; Gehrke, C.W.; Waalkes, T.P., 1976:
Determination of trimethylsilyl methylated nucleic acid bases in urine by gas-liquid chromatography

Kozliaeva, G.A.; Petrunin, D.D.; Tatarinov, I.S.; Shevchenko, O.P., 1979:
Determination of trophoblastic beta i globulin by means of counter immunoelectrophoresis

Michel, A.; Dirkx, J., 1975:
Determination of tryptophan in the active center of diphtheria toxin

Shenderova, R.I., 1975:
Determination of tubazid activity in the blood serum by Wollenberg's method

Haeckel, R., 1976:
Determination of uric acid concentrations in the serum and urine with a NADP-dependent reaction sequela

Thiele, K.G., 1976:
Determination of urinary enzyme activities in kidney diseases

Daĭkhin, E.I.; Mazhuga, N.A.; Ananenko, A.A., 1979:
Determination of urinary hydroxylysine glycosides

Tarantino, M.; Marchi, S., 1975:
Determination of urinary total proteins and some protein fractions

Lekehal, N.; Hanocq, M., 1976:
Determination of urinary traces of manganese after extraction with the aid of 2,2,6,6-tetramethylheptane-3, 5-dione and atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Burobin, V.A.; Likhacheva, N.V.; Abgaforova, G.E., 1978:
Determination of urocanase activity in the blood serum and liver tissue. Micromethod

Kutinová, L.; Vonka, V., 1978:
Determination of virus-specific antigens in extracts from herpes simplex virus-infected cells by a Cr release inhibition test

Loken, H.F.; Arnaud, S.B.; Rehfeld, S.J., 1978:
Determinations of lonized calcium with the Orion SS-20 and AMT Electrion Auto compared

Liubetskiĭ, V.B.; Zhuravlev, V.S.; Novikova, A.V., 1978:
Determinaton of intracellular immunoglobulins by means of immunofluorescence. 1. The standardization of monospecific luminescent antisera against human G-, A- and M-class immunoglobulins in bone marrow preparations from patients with paraproteinemic hemoblastosis

Sullivan, R.; Foster, J.; Schreiner, R.L., 1979:
Determining a newborn's gestational age

Gatlin, L.; Kulkarni, P.; Hussain, A.; DeLuca, P.P., 1979:
Determining osmolarities: a practical approach for multicomponent intravenous and parenteral nutrient solutions

Isina, K.M.; Karal'nik, B.V., 1977:
Determining the activity of Staph. aureus protein A using the passive hemagglutination inhibition test

Cleland, W.W., 1977:
Determining the chemical mechanisms of enzyme-catalyzed reactions by kinetic studies

Wollenzien, P.L.; Hearst, J.E.; Squires, C.; Squires, C., 1979:
Determining the polarity of the map of crosslinked interactions in Escherichia coli 16 S ribosomal RNA

Butte, W.; Meyer, G.J.; Vollnberg, W., 1978:
Detoxication methods for bromureide poisoning. Comparison of haemodialysis, haemofiltration and haemoperfusion on bastard dogs

Piredda, F.; Cugurra, F.; Canevari, A., 1979:
Detoxication of heroin addicts in the area of Genoa

Ritson, E.B., 1975:
Detoxication--an evaluation

Weigert, W.M.; Koberstein, E., 1976:
Detoxification of automotive exhaust gases with multifunctional catalysts

Künzel, W.; Meissner, C., 1978:
Detoxification of tetanus toxin

van Dijk, B.; Vonk, C.R.; Dijkhuis, I.C., 1979:
Detoxification of toxic agents from the blood. Clinical results with a new hemoperfusion system: the Hemopur 260

Okazaki, T.; Ilea, V.S.; Wypych, J.I.; Reisman, R.E.; Arbesman, C.E., 1977:
Detoxified hymenoptera venoms: preliminary studies of in vitro cytotoxicity and antigenicity of Apis mellifera 'venomoid'

Meurman, J.H., 1976:
Detrimental effect of in vitro salivary contamination of acid-etched enamel

Barrera, M.; Rosen, G.M., 1977:
Detrimental effects of a self-reward contracting program on subjects' involvement in self-administered desensitization

Andersen, J.T.; Bradley, E.W., 1976:
Detrusor and urethral dysfunction in prostatic hypertrophy

Walter, S., 1978:
Detrusor hyperreflexia in female urinary incontinence treated pharmacologically

Hebjorn, S.; Andersen, J.T.; Walter, S.; Mouritzen Dam, A., 1976:
Detrusor hyperreflexia. A survey on its etiology and treatment

Rice, D.; Oldfield, E., 1979:
Deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance studies of the interaction between dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine and gramicidin A'

Anonymous, 1979:
Deutsche Pharmakologische Gesellschaft. Abstracts, Fall meeting, September 3--6, 1979, München

Anonymous, 1979:
Deutsche Pharmakologische Gesselschaft. Abstracts of the 20th spring meeting, March 20--23, 1979, Mainz

Anonymous, 1978:
Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft. Abstracts of the 50. meeting (autumn meeting), Oktober 3-6, 1978, Göttingen

Anonymous, 1979:
Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft. Abstracts of the 51. meeting (spring meeting) March 27--30, 1979, Kiel

Anonymous, 1979:
Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft. Abstracts of the 52. meeting (autumn meeting), September 25--28, 1979, Kiel

Viner, R.I., 1978:
Developing Aboriginal responsibility

Rupnow, D.E., 1979:
Developing a new perspective for biomedical Communications

Armenian, H.K., 1978:
Developing a quality assurance program in the State of Bahrain

Herrick, K.L.; Scott, L.W.; Weaver, K.J.; Foreyt, J.P.; Gotto, A.M., 1978:
Developing and evaluating audiovisual media for dietary education

Tworek, R.K., 1976:
Developing and organizing a physician assistant preceptorship program

Shields, C.E., 1978:
Developing audit criteria for outpatient care based on throat culture findings

Wetterberg, L., 1977:
Developing lines in psychoendocrinology

LaCroix, K.A., 1975:
Developing slide tape units for medical technology

Wenger, R., 1975:
Developing trends in dietetics

Spillmann, R.K., 1977:
Development aid through information. Trying a new concept in Columbia

Parsons, M.E., 1977:
Development and application of H-2 receptor antagonists

Segre, G.V.; Tregear, G.W.; Potts, J.T., 1975:
Development and application of sequence-specific radioimmunoassays for analysis of the metabolism of parathyroid hormone

Anonymous, 1979:
Development and chemical specificity of neurons. Proceedings of the Schatzalp Symposium, September 1978

Belohradsky, B.H.; Marget, W., 1977:
Development and control of hospital infections. Causes originating from the patient

Gola, A.; Nowicka, J., 1975:
Development and course of visceral lupus erythematosus in uniovular twins

Mańkowska, H.; Styczyńska, B., 1977 :
Development and decrease of resistance to lindane in strains of Musca domestica L. in Warsaw

Aratan, S.; Czernichow, P., 1978:
Development and evaluation of a method of high pressure liquid chromatography for the determination of the level of degradation of thyroliberin (TRH) in blood

Ball, C.; McGonagle, M.P., 1978:
Development and evaluation of a potency index screen for detecting mutants of Penicillium chrysogenum having increased penicillin yield

Wolf, S.A.; Abou-Rass, M., 1976:
Development and evaluation of a self-instructional program in endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning

Jones, K.W.; Kaufman, L., 1978:
Development and evaluation of an immunodiffusion test for diagnosis of systemic zygomycosis (mucormycosis): preliminary report

Soflin, D.; Young, W.W.; Clayton, B.D., 1977:
Development and evaluation of an individualized patient education program about digoxin

Topping, D.C.; Griesemer, R.A.; Nettesheim, P., 1979:
Development and fate of focal epithelial lesions in tracheal mucosa following exposure to 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene

Cantor, H.; Boyse, E.A., 1975:
Development and function of subclasses of T cells

Cantor, H.; Weissman, I., 1976:
Development and function of subpopulations of thymocytes and T lymphocytes

Helske, E., 1979:
Development and future of Finnish life-insurance medicine

Staub, G.F.; Paulissen, R.; Paulissen, J.P., 1976:
Development and implementation of a plan for perinatal health in Illinois

Crescini, B.; Schröder, S.; Christiansen, U.; Schütte, B.; Lindner, J., 1979:
Development and maturation changes in DNA-and nitrogen content of mesenchymal and parenchymal organs with and without the influence of prednisolone

Milholland, A.V.; Cowley, R.A.; Sacco, W.J., 1979:
Development and prospective study of an Anatomical Index and an Acute Trauma Index

Rösler, H.D.; Engel, H.; Haensch, G.; Haiduk, A.; Herbst, A.; Jaster, H.; Loebe, D.; Roether, D.; Thaut, C., 1976:
Development and remission of mental disorders--follow-up studies of mentally handicapped

Dincheva, E., 1976:
Development and resistance of staphylococci in Bulgaricus milk

Kononov, V.S., 1979:
Development and successes of pediatric surgery in the Kirghiz SSR

Bruchhold, H.; Müller-Küppers, M., 1977:
Development and testing of an audio-visual therapeutic procedure in the treatment of legasthenia

Hilleman, M.R.; Provost, P.J.; Miller, W.J.; Villarejos, V.M.; Ittensohn, O.L.; McAleer, W.J., 1975:
Development and utilization of complement-fixation and immune adherence tests for human hepatitis A virus and antibody

Gilkes, J.J.; Bloomfield, G.A.; Scott, A.P.; Lowry, P.J.; Ratcliffe, J.G.; Landon, J.; Rees, L.H., 1975:
Development and validation of a radioimmunoassay for peptides related to beta-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in human plasma: the lipotropins

Wigg, N., 1979:
Development assessment: the Children's Assessment Team, F.M.C

Cadotsch, A.F., 1977:
Development cooperation in the development of a basic medical service

Pertseva, M.N., 1978:
Development during ontogenesis of the hormone reactivity of metabolic enzyme systems and cyclic nucleotide function

Vizkelety, T.; Rényi-Vámos, A., 1979:
Development in the treatment of congenital dislocation of hip

Stoll, R.; Maraud, R.; Faucounau, N., 1975:
Development of C cells of the thyroid gland of the rat under an antithyroidian treatment inducing gamma tumors

Capozza, R.C.; Schmitt, E.E.; Sendelbeck, L.R., 1975:
Development of Chronomers for narcotic antagonists

Gogoleva, E.V.; Grechushkina, N.N.; Egorov, N.S., 1975:
Development of Mycobacterium lacticolum and its synthesis of exopolysaccharide under conditions of varying acidity of the medium

Pfeffer, M.A.; Pfeffer, J.M.; Weiss, A.K.; Frohlich, E.D., 1977:
Development of SHR hypertension and cardiac hypertrophy during prolonged beta blockade

Bancroft, H.R.; Moore, C.A.; Frazier, J.L., 1976:
Development of a biochemical profile for mass-reared boll weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Beagrie, G.S.; Smith, D.C., 1978:
Development of a germicidal polycarboxylate cement

Shpak, R.S., 1975:
Development of a long-term stable blood substitute solution

Urdea, M.S.; Legg, J.I., 1979:
Development of a method for the incorporation of substitution-inert metal ions into proteins. Site-specific modification of arsanilazotyrosine-248 carboxypeptidase A with cobalt(III)

Lai, N.C.; Liu, C.C.; Brown, E.G.; Neuman, M.R.; Ko, W.H., 1975:
Development of a minature pCO2 electrode for biomedical applications

Ahn, B.K.; Wist, A.O.; Liu, C.C.; Ko, W.H., 1975:
Development of a miniature pH glass electrode with field-effect-transistor amplifier for biomedical applications

Lecatsas, G.; Schoub, B.D.; Prozesky, O.W., 1976:
Development of a new human polyoma virus strain (MG)

Willingham, M.C.; Yamada, S.S., 1979:
Development of a new primary fixative for electron microscopic immunocytochemical localization of intracellular antigens in cultured cells

Bürger, U.; Wolf, H.; Bauer, M., 1978:
Development of a pediatric amino-acid solution for premature and newborn infants following pharmacokinetic principles

Winton, E.F.; Vogler, W.R., 1978:
Development of a practical oral dexamethasone premedication schedule leading to improved granulocyte yields with the continuous-flow centrifugal blood cell separator

Vaze, A.Y.; Thakur, A.N.; Sheth, A.R., 1979:
Development of a radioimmunoassay for human seminal plasma inhibin

Barnett, D.B.; Batta, M.I.; Nahorski, S.R., 1978:
Development of a radioreceptor assay for beta-adrenoceptor antagonists in plasma [proceedings

Montgomery, S.A.; Taylor, P.; Montgomery, D., 1978:
Development of a schizophrenia scale sensitive to change

Stamm, O.; Latscha, U.; Janecek, P.; Campana, A., 1976:
Development of a special electrode for continuous subcutaneous pH measurement in the infant scalp

Karkos, J.; Wutkiewicz, M., 1977:
Development of a standard model of nutritional liver injuries which could be used in experimental pharmacology

Wirth, H.; Buselmaier, W.; Skrdlik, V., 1979:
Development of a standardized single diet for marmosets and experimental experience with marmosets

Sculco, C.D., 1978:
Development of a taxonomy for the nursing process

Fujisaki, K., 1978:
Development of acquired resistance precipitating antibody in rabbits experimentally infested with females of Haemaphysalis longicornis (Ixodoidea: Ixodidae)

Bárány, S.; Ingvast, A.; Gunne, L.M., 1979:
Development of acute dystonia and tardive dyskinesia in cebus monkeys

Ermekova, R.K., 1978:
Development of allergic reactivity to Artemesia pollen during combined sensitization to pollen and microbes

Frick, O.L.; German, D.F.; Mills, J., 1979:
Development of allergy in children. I. Association with virus infections

Railey, R.M.; Kinsey, J.A., 1976:
Development of amino acid uptake activity in Neurospora

Wing, K.D.; Hammock, B.D.; Wustner, D.A., 1978:
Development of an S-bioallethrin specific antibody

von Cramon, D.; Brinkmann, R.; Schulz, H., 1975:
Development of an apparatus for measuring attention in patients with cerebral damage and functional disorders

Weiss, M.B.; Rostoker, W., 1977:
Development of an endosseous dental implant (I)

Weiss, M.B.; Rostoker, W., 1977:
Development of an endosseous dental implant (III)

Lubaroff, D.M., 1977:
Development of an epithelial tissue culture line from human prostatic adenocarcinoma

Masuho, Y.; Tomibe, K.; Matsuzawa, K.; Ohtsu, A., 1977:
Development of an intravenous gamma-globulin with Fc activities. I. Preparation and characterization of S-sulfonated human gamma-globulin

Masuho, Y.; Tomibe, K.; Watanabe, T.; Fukumoto, Y., 1977:
Development of an intravenous gamma-globulin with Fc activities. II. Reconversion of S-sulfonated human gamma-globulin into the original gamma-globulin

Maerchik, A.A.; Ibragimov, M.Kh., 1978:
Development of an otorhinolaryngological service for the population of the Kirghiz Republic during the years of Soviet power and the prospects for its growth

Jones, D.M.; Eldridge, J., 1979:
Development of antibodies to meningococcal protein and lipopolysaccharide serotype antigens in healthy-carriers

Crooke, S.T., 1979:
Development of antineoplastic agents by pharmaceutical companies

Cody, R.J.; Calabrese, L.H.; Clough, J.D.; Tarazi, R.C.; Bravo, E.L., 1979:
Development of antinuclear antibodies during acebutolol therapy

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Development of biclonal gammopathy in a patient with von Recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis

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Development of bony bridge between lumbar vertebrae

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Development of cerebral palsy children and their nursing. 5. Practice of nursing of children with cerebral palsy. 2. Changing of clothes. 1

Inoue, T., 1978:
Development of children with cerebral palsy and nursing. 3. Characteristics of motions and postures of children with cerebral palsy

Inoue, Y., 1978:
Development of children with cerebral palsy and nursing. 8. Practice of nursing of children with cerebral palsy. 5. Methods of holding

Inoue, T., 1978:
Development of children with cerebral palsy and their assistance. 6. Practice of care of children with cerebral palsy. 3. Changing of their clothes

Inoue, T., 1978:
Development of children with cerebral palsy and their nursing. 7. Practice of nursing of children with cerebral palsy. 4

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Development of chronic liver disease after acute non-A, non-B post-transfusion hepatitis. Role of gamma-globulin prophylaxis in its prevention

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Development of clinical biochemistry during the years of Soviet power

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Development of dengue virus plaques under serum-free overlay medium

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Development of distinct cell types in the feline red nucleus: a Golgi-Cox and electron microscopic study

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Development of educational technology in dentistry in Brazil

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Development of epileptic seizures following secondary encephalitides in children

Althuis, T.H.; Moore, P.F.; Hess, H.J., 1979:
Development of ethyl 3,4-dihydro-4-oxopyrimido[4,5-b]quinoline-2-carboxylate, a new prototype with oral antiallergy activity

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Development of experimental brain tumors in modulated amine metabolism

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Development of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase and oxoprolinase in rat kidney

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Development of gastric dysfunction in dermatitis herpetiformis

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Development of glycogen and phospholipid metabolism in fetal and newborn rat lung

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Development of hemagglutination assays I. Attachment of anti-HBs antibody to stabilized erythrocytes

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Development of hematopietic and lymphoid tissues in conjoint bone marrow and thymus transplants

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Development of hemochromatoses

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Development of hepatic acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase in hormone-treated chicks

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Development of hepatocellular carcinomas in rats treated with benzene hexachloride

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Development of high intensity narrow-band lamps and studies of the irradiation effect on human skin. Irradiation with high intensity lamps

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Development of hormone receptors and hormonal responsiveness in vitro. Insulin receptors and insulin sensitivity in the preadipocyte and adipocyte forms of 3T3-L1 cells

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Development of immuneeoglobulin and antibody-forming cells in different stages of the immun response

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Development of immunosuppressor cells. Exertion of specific suppression by neonatal liver cells

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Development of jejunoileal differences of activity of lactase, sucrase and acid beta-galactosidase in isografts of fetal rat intestine

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Development of life expectancy

Enăchescu, D., 1978:
Development of mass screening in Romania, an operational approach

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Development of mast cells in vitro. II. Biologic function of cultured mast cells

Iablochkin, V.D., 1975:
Development of measures for preventing contamination of the atmosphere in hermetically sealed enclosures

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Development of monoclonal IgA and an apparent IgG in a patient with macroglobulinemia: sharing of individually specific antigenic determinants among IgM, IgA, and IgG

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Development of neurohumoral control of fetal, neonatal, and adult cardiovascular functions

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Development of neurosurgery

Bondy, S.C.; Purdy, J.L., 1977:
Development of neurotransmitter uptake in regions of the chick brain

Johnson, H.G.; White, G.J., 1979:
Development of new antiallergic drugs (cromolyn sodium, lodoxamide tromethamine). What is the role of cholinergic stimulation in the biphasic dose response?

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Development of new antithrombogenic surfaces by employing platelet antiaggregating agents: preparation and characterization

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Development of new bleomycins with potential clinical utility

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Development of nicotinic responses in the rat adrenal medulla and long-term effects of neonatal nicotine administration

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Development of nutritional science in Switzerland

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Development of ossification in children with chronic digestive insufficiency

Imanbaev, S.I., 1979:
Development of public health in Kirghizia in 1978

Tatarinov, Y.S.; Sokolov, A.V., 1977:
Development of radioimmunoassay for pregnancy-specific beta1-globulin and its measurement in serum of patients with trophoblastic and non-trophoblastic tumours

Matiashin, I.M., 1979:
Development of restorative surgery of the digestive tract organs in the Ukraine. Tasks and prospects (a review of the literature)

Favoriti, L.S.; Hendricson, W.D., 1976 :
Development of self-instructional videotapes

Sedlácek, J., 1979:
Development of spontaneous motility in chick embryos. Effects of drugs acting on monoaminergic synaptic receptors

Chia-ssu, H., 1979:
Development of surgery in China in the last fifteen years

Maynard, D.E., 1979:
Development of the CFM: the Cerebral Function Analysing Monitor (CFAM)

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Development of the cochlea and its coiling mechanism

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Development of the diencephalon in the rat. I. Autoradiographic study of the time of origin and settling patterns of neurons of the hypothalamus

Altman, J.; Bayer, S.A., 1978:
Development of the diencephalon in the rat. II. Correlation of the embryonic development of the hypothalamus with the time of origin of its neurons

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Development of the eye-antenna imaginal disc of Drosophila

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Development of the graft versus host reaction and its influence on pregnancy in mice following heparin administration

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Development of the hepatic mixed function oxidase system in a marsupial, the quokka (Setonix brachyurus)

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Development of the ideas of N. N. Anichkov at the present stage of our knowledge about atherosclerosis

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Development of the principles of centralizing epidemiological health station laboratory research and the methodological approaches to an assessment of its effectiveness

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Development of the sensory receptor cells in the utricular macula

Dunn, P.F.; Wilson, W.A., 1977:
Development of the single microelectrode current and voltage clamp for central nervous system neurons

Pedroni, E., 1979:
Development of the therapy planning programs for the 60 beams SIN pion applicator

Eroshenko, V.Sh.; Uderman, A.A.; Misurenko, N.K., 1977:
Development of the "Scheduled Immunization of Child Contingents" subsystem of the "Kirghiz SSR Epidemiological Service" ACS

Fragu, P.; Tubiana, M., 1978:
Development of thyroid peroxidase activity during the early stage of iodine deficiency in the hypophysectomized rat

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Development of tumors as the 1st manifestation of acute leukemia

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Development of tumours in mice chronically infected with herpes simplex virus

Breton-Gorius, J., 1975:
Development of two distinct membrane systems associated in giant complexes in pathological megakaryocytes

Namazbekov, M.N., 1978:
Development of vascular surgery in Kirghizia

Bergqvist, D.; Hallböök, T., 1979:
Development of venous gangrene during adequate anticoagulation

Teller, D.Y.; Regal, D.M.; Videen, T.O.; Pulos, E., 1978:
Development of visual acuity in infant monkeys (Macaca nemestrina) during the early postnatal weeks

Heimann, W.; Franzen, K.H., 1978:
Development of volatile compounds from radicals arising during intermediate steps of the lipoxygenase-reaction

Brackenridge, R.D., 1978:
Development trends in life insurance medicine in Great Britain

Zenker, R., 1976:
Development, possibilities and limitations of heart surgery

Saunders, T.R., 1979:
Development, utilization, and evaluation of educational programs for patients with maxillary and mandibular defects

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Development, validation and dissemination of instructional materials: an analysis

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Developmental and psychoeducational sequelae of chronic otitis media

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Developmental aphasia and its rehabilitation

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Developmental aspects of craniofacial dysmorphology. Proceedings of a symposium held June 1978 in San Francisco, California, and sponsored by the Society of Craniofacial Genetics and The National Foundation--March of Dimes

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Developmental aspects of neostriatal organization in monkeys

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Developmental assessment is a necessity

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Developmental assessment of the infant and young child

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Developmental biology of catfish Heteropneustes fossilis Bloch: changes in nucleic & protein content & effects of some inhibitors during embryonic development

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Developmental biology of catfish Heteropneustes fossilis Bloch: changing pattern of RNA synthesis & RNA polymerases during embryonic development

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Developmental changes in carbohydrate moiety of human alpha-fetoprotein

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Developmental changes of carbonic anhydrase in the retina of the mouse: a histochemical study

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Developmental changes of sepiapterin synthase activity associated with a variegated purple gene in Drosophila melanogaster

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Developmental consequences of congenital abnormalities

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Developmental control of 2-aminoisobutyric acid transport by 7-and 14-day chick heart cell aggregates. Roles of insulin and amino acids

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Developmental deviations in anorexia nervosa

Moersch, M.S., 1978:
Developmental disabilities

Gonzalez-Pardo, L., 1978:
Developmental disabilities clinic A multidisciplinary approach for handicapped children

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Developmental disturbance of the brain--based on neuropathology of severe cerebral palsy

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Developmental evaluation in congenital esotropia

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Developmental expression and biochemical characterization Nassarius obsoleta

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Developmental groupings in latency children

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Developmental induction of Myxococcus xanthus myxospores

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Developmental pattern of rat intestinal brush-border enzymic proteins along the villus--crypt axis

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Developmental protein malnutrition: influences on the central nervous system of the rat

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Developmental restrictions on hormone modulated gene transcription. II. Hormone induced interactions of RNA polymerase with chromatin

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Developmental retardation in infants as a concomitant of physical child abuse

Anonymous, 1975:
Developmental screening

Bolden, K.J., 1976:
Developmental screening clinics are a luxury

McCluskie, J.A., 1977:
Developmental screening of preschool children

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Developmental stages of Taenia krabbei Moniez, 1879 (Cysticercus tarandi) in deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) in Czechoslovakia

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Developmental studies on gamma-glutamyl transferase in rat intestinal mucosa

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Developmental study of a case of Takayasu's disease

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Developmental trends in Swedish life-insurance medicine

Anonymous, 1979:
Developmental trends in electrocardiography. ECG: new findings

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Developmental trends in life-insurance medicine in Switzerland

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Developmental trends in mortality

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Developmental trends in the American life insurance medicine

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Developmental trends of life-insurance medicine in Austria

Silva, C.E., 1979:
Developmental trends of life-insurance medicine in Brazil

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Developmental variations of tyrosine hydroxylase and acetylcholinesterase in embryonic and post-hatching chicken sympathetic ganglia

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Developmental-behavioral dysfunction in preschool children. Descriptive analysis of a pediatric consultative model

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Developmental-related changes in the lectin binding to cells of the central nervous system

van Meeuwen, W., 1979:
Developments in life assurance medicine in the Netherlands

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Developments in the control tests to improving the quality of the human placental gammaglobulin

Calne, D.B., 1977:
Developments in the pharmacology and therapeutics of parkinsonism

Altounyan, R.E., 1975:
Developments in the treatment of asthma with disodium cromoglycate (Lomudal)

Loubès, C.; Maurand, J.; Gasc, C.; Bouix, G., 1976:
Deveopment cycle and ultrastructure of Glugea habrodesmi n. sp., microsporidian parasite of Polydesmidae (Myriapoda, Diplopoda)

Rother, U.; Hänsch, G.; Rauterberg, E.W.; Jungfer, H.; Rother, K., 1978:
Deviated lysis: lysis of unsensitized cells by complement. V. Generation of the activity of low pH or low ionic strength

Babenko, G.A.; Garbarets, B.A., 1975:
Device for calcination of biological material

Korobitsin, V.G.; Kiselev, A.A., 1976:
Device for checking E. Iu. Linar's design of pH probes

Polinkovskiĭ, V.I., 1975:
Device for conducting the precipitation test for detection of C-reactive protein

Villafana, T.; Lee, S.H.; Vider, M.; Wu, R.K., 1979:
Device for correlating CT and radiation therapy portal images

Kandaurov, I.F., 1977:
Device for determination of pH of the secretion of the upper respiratory tract mucosa

Vishnevskaia, T.M.; Davydova, I.Ia., 1975:
Device for determination of ultrafilterable fraction of ions in blood serum

Frolov, I.P., 1977:
Device for determining the magnitude of the electrophoretic mobility of substances during disk electrophoresis

Babaskin, P.M., 1976:
Device for direct densitometry by thin layer chromatograms

Uzbekov, M.G.; Poliakov, V.P.; Ivanova, T.M., 1976:
Device for direct densitometry of gels in IFO-451 microphotometer

Zhuravel', G.M.; Malaĭtsev, V.V.; Fuks, B.B., 1977:
Device for direct sedimentation of cells on the slide of a centrifuge TsRL-1

Slepchenko, M.A.; Nesmeianov, A.A., 1979:
Device for feeding ill and wounded patients with maxillofacial injuries

Korolenko, S.S.; Zalevskiĭ, V.S.; Savranskiĭ, V.P., 1977:
Device for gentle long-term mixing of liquids

Arsent'ev, I.V.; Arsent'eva, T.V., 1979:
Device for graphic registration of the kinetics of platelet aggregation

Broer, B.A.; Eremin, I.P.; Tuseev, B.T., 1977:
Device for mass preparation of biological samples for determination of catecholamines

Pikrovskiĭ, A.A.; Ottesen, B.V.; Korovnikov, K.A., 1977:
Device for preparation of polyacrylamide gels with linear changes in acrylamide concentrations and their utilization in electrophoretic studies

Kolganova, N.S.; Shcherbakova, A.P., 1977:
Device for quantitative analysis of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes separated in cylindrical columns of polyacrylamide gel

Libinzon, A.E.; Vashnev, G.G.; Denisov, V.M., 1977:
Device for re-seeding in the tests for Vibrioflora

Mel'nikov, A.G., 1976:
Device for repositioning the breaks in fractures of the anterior and middle sections of the foot

Chaĭka, N.A., 1978:
Device for setting up the immunodiffussion precipitation reaction without preliminary well cutting in the gel

Trofimov, N.M.; Lomonosov, N.N.; Dobrynin, G.G., 1977:
Device for the antigen and adjuvant mixing

Kienia, A.I., 1978:
Device for the blood specimen collection

Geiss, A.C., 1979:
Device to prevent complication of air embolism in parenteral nutrition and central venous catheterization

Kobayashi, K., 1977:
Devices for staining and destaining multiple samples of polyacrylamide gel

Pearson, R.J., 1979:
Devising your own surveillance program

Doskocil, O.; Fiser, A., 1979:
Devitalization of Bordetella bronchiseptica in vitro using vapors of Persterile and triethyl glycol

Rejholec, J., 1979:
Devitalization of Salmonellae in fish meal using propionic acid

Simon, V., 1976:
Devitalizing effect of Jodonal A in vitro on bacteria subject to a short-term exposure

Pilette, P.C., 1976:
Dewey puts behavioral objectives into perspective

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Dexamethasone and in-vitro sickling

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Dexamethasone for acute radiation encephalopathy

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Dexamethasone induces increased catecholamine biosynthesis in cultured neuroblastoma

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Dexamethasone test in alcoholics

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Dexamethasone-responsive hypertension in young women with suppressed renin and aldosterone

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Dexamphetamine-induced EEG arousal in rats: a possible new test model for potential anti-schizophrenic agents [proceedings

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Dextran 70 perfusion in treatment in arteriosclerosis obliterans

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Dextran anaphylactoid reaction in Sprague-Dawley CFY rats

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Dextran derivatives in single and combination chemotherapy against transplantable mouse ascites and solid tumors

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Dextran or heparin?

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Dextranomeros a new approach to the treatment of infected wounds

Rebentisch, E., 1979:
Dextrans hazardous to dehydrated soldiers?

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Di-, mono- and nonphytanyl triglycerides in the serum: a sensitive parameter of the phytanic acid accumulation in Refsum's disease

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Di-sodium cromoglycate in the treatment of recurrent aphthous ulceration

Dettman, G., 1978:

Anonymous, 1978:
Diabetes and hypertension

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Diabetes and therapy with potent diuretics

Dries, L., 1979:
Diabetes education: meeting consumer needs

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Diabetes insipidus and ADH regulation

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Diabetes insipidus in a 14-month-old child

Anonymous, 1976:
Diabetes mellitus and autoimmunity

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Diabetes mellitus and hemoglobin A3

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Diabetes mellitus and the blood. I. Physiopathology of the erythrocytes in diabetes mellitus

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Diabetes mellitus and the kidney

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Diabetes mellitus in children

Johnston, B.B., 1977:
Diabetes mellitus in patients on lithium

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Diabetes mellitus in young people

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Diabetes mellitus presenting with alopecia areata totalis

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Diabetes mellitus yesterday and today

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Diabetes mellitus--an analysis of 1192 patients

Anonymous, 1979:
Diabetes mellitus. Proceedings of a symposium held at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin on January 20th, 1978

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Diabetes mellitus: Concordance in monozygotic twins

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Diabetes mellitus: changes in the transport properties of isolated intestinal microvillous membranes

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Diabetes without glucagon

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Diabetes, autoimmune thyroid disease, and breast cancer

Anonymous, 1979:
Diabetes, cyanide, and rat poison

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Diabetes-induced alterations of autonomic nerve function in the cat

Kyner, J.L.; Eaks, G.A.; Bolinger, R.E.; Johnson, S.F., 1977:
Diabetes: outpatient management

Boucher, A., 1979:
Diabetic children's camps

Sheldon, J., 1979:
Diabetic coma

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Diabetic coma associated with acute pancreatitis

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Diabetic coma: a reappraisal after five years

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Diabetic comas: the overlap concept

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Diabetic control and H.D.L. cholesterol levels

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Diabetic emergencies

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Diabetic glomerulopathy: a dynamic process produced by the diabetic environment

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Diabetic glomerulosclerosis in KK mice and its prevention by glyburide and pyridinolcarbamate

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Diabetic hyperglycemic emergencies

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Diabetic keto-acidotic precoma in a 14-year-old girl treated with low doses of insulin

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Diabetic ketoacidosis

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Diabetic ketoacidosis and alcoholic ketosis

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Diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar diabetic coma in childhood. Low-dose continuous intravenous infusion of insulin

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Diabetic ketoacidosis in children and adolescents. Clinical and therapeutical considerations in 25 severe cases

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Diabetic ketoacidosis. Continuous infusion of low-dose insulin

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Diabetic ketoacidosis. Induction of hypocalcemia and hypomagnesemia by phosphate therapy

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Diabetic ketoacidosis: results with two different patterns of insulin administration

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Diabetic lactic acidosis

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Diabetic microangiopathy in KK mice. III. Effect of prolonged glyburide treatment on glomerulosclerosis

Reddi, A.S.; Oppermann, W.; Velasco, C.; Camerini-Davalos, R.A., 1978:
Diabetic microangiopathy in KK mice. V. Effect of early glyburide treatment of kidney glucosyltransferase activity

Forgács, S., 1977:
Diabetic osteoarthropathy of rare localization

Matsuo, T.; Ohoki, Y., 1977:
Diabetic retinopathy and alpha2-macroglobulin in blood

Katsilambros, N., 1976:
Diabetic retinopathy and blood-sugar

Harter, M.; Balarac, N.; Pourcher, P.; Koslowski, J.M.; Krebs, B.; Ramaioli, A., 1976:
Diabetic retinopathy and prolactin

Paetkau, M.E., 1978:
Diabetic retinopathy and smoking

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Diabetic retinopathy and the fibrinolytic system

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Diabetic retinopathy. A clinical and morphological study

Flint, E.L., 1979:
Diabetics: a normal experience despite dependence

Tret'iakova, L.F., 1979:
Diadynamic currents in the treatment of rheumatoid polyarthritis in children

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Diagnosing brochial carcinoid tumors by electron microscopy

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Diagnosing gonococcal urethritis in males: experience in an Oklahoma venereal disease clinic

Durfee, K.E., 1979:
Diagnosing the troubled child

Anonymous, 1977:
Diagnosing thyroid nodules

Müller, W., 1979:
Diagnosis and clinical aspects of the cervicobrachial syndrome as seen by the rheumatologist

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Diagnosis and control of therapy of thyroid disorders by TRH-test

Neuhäuser, G., 1978:
Diagnosis and development in Down's syndrome during early childhood

Doss, M., 1979:
Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of acute hepatic prophyrias

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Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of lymphoepithelial carcinoma in lymph nodes: histological, cytological and electron-microscopic findings

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Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of osteoporosis of old age

Schlepper, M., 1978:
Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of tachycardial arrhythmias

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Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the anorchism syndrome

Bresser, P.H., 1978:
Diagnosis and evaluation of the so-called masked depression

Tymnik, G.; Kessler, L., 1977:
Diagnosis and habilitation of hard of hearing-children in the region of Magdeburg/GDR

Julian, D.G., 1977:
Diagnosis and management of angina pectoris

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Diagnosis and management of asthma. Part II: drug therapy in the office

Anonymous, 1977:
Diagnosis and management of reactions to drug abuse

Kaplan, D.; Sadovsky, R., 1978:
Diagnosis and management of systemic lupus erythematosus

Harris, A.A.; Karakusis, P., 1979:
Diagnosis and management of tuberculosis

Nagataki, S., 1979:
Diagnosis and medical treatment of hyperthyroidism

Marrone, G.; Cappello, A., 1978:
Diagnosis and nosological classification of micromelic nanism in the newborn infant

Anonymous, 1976:
Diagnosis and prognosis in pyogenic meningitis

Rösch, W., 1976:
Diagnosis and prognosis of early carcinoma of the stomach (proceedings)

Bode, J.C., 1977:
Diagnosis and prognosis of intrahepatic cholestasis

Probst, P., 1975:
Diagnosis and prognosis of pulmonary hypertension

Sachs, V., 1979:
Diagnosis and prognosis of transfusion reactions

Lopes, M.G.; Fitzgerald, J.; Harrison, D.C.; Schroeder, J.S., 1975:
Diagnosis and quantification of arrhythmias in ambulatory patients using an improved R-R interval plotting system

Peeling, W.B.; Griffiths, G.J.; Evans, K.T.; Roberts, E.E., 1979:
Diagnosis and staging of prostatic cancer by transrectal ultrasonography. A preliminary study

Nissen, G., 1979:
Diagnosis and therapy in pediatric and adolescent psychiatry

Helbig, W., 1979:
Diagnosis and therapy of acute leukemia in adults

Kliems, G., 1978:
Diagnosis and therapy of bronchial cancer from the surgical viewpoint

Horster, F.A., 1977:
Diagnosis and therapy of endocrinic ophthalmopathy

Luger, A., 1979:
Diagnosis and therapy of gonorrhea--newer aspects

Horster, F.A., 1978:
Diagnosis and therapy of hyperthyroidism in general practice

Sazovsky, H.; Pittner, H., 1979:
Diagnosis and therapy of hypotensive circulatory disorders in general practice. Experiences with Gutron using the Thulesius-diagram for diagnosis and supervision of therapy

Douwes, F.R.; Yu, D.; Truss, F., 1978:
Diagnosis and therapy of malignant testicular neoplasms

Cantatore, D.; Pezza, A., 1977:
Diagnosis and therapy of neoplastic pleurisy. Clinical progress

Strunk, P., 1979:
Diagnosis and therapy of neurotic diseases in school age children

Köle, W.; Maier, J., 1979:
Diagnosis and therapy of pancreatic carcinoma

Haas, R.J.; Niethammer, D.; Dietrich, M.; Kleihauer, E., 1975:
Diagnosis and therapy of primary defects of immunity

Spieler, U.; Largiadèr, F.; Ammann, R., 1977:
Diagnosis and therapy of stenosis or obstruction of the intrahepatic bile ducts

Emrich, D., 1978:
Diagnosis and therapy of the autonomous adenoma of the thyroid gland

Wyllie, G.G., 1978:
Diagnosis and timing in paediatric surgery

Goldstein, F.; Abramson, J.; Messori, D.A.; Szydlowski, T.; Thornton, J.J., 1977:
Diagnosis and treatment of diffuse ileojejunitis

Zander, J.; Nitsch, B., 1977:
Diagnosis and treatment of early pregnancy complications (proceedings)

Sandhage, K., 1978:
Diagnosis and treatment of infantile cardiac insufficiency

Billstein, S., 1977:
Diagnosis and treatment of lice

Nagy, E.; Manninger, J.; Zolczer, L.; Kazár, G.; Balla, I., 1977:
Diagnosis and treatment of postoperative infections following hip injuries

Anonymous, 1979:
Diagnosis and treatment of primary hepatocellular carcinoma in early stage: report of 134 cases

Kats, L.M.; Serova, A.N.; Geĭn, I.A., 1979:
Diagnosis and treatment of the virilistic syndrome

Neu, H.C., 1979:
Diagnosis and treatment: drugs five years later. Amoxicillin

Kawai, T., 1979:
Diagnosis by clinical laboratory tests. 2. The sputum, digestive juice, and feces

Weiss, W.; Kroiss, A.; Bibus, B.; Eder, G.; Hanak, H.; Kahn, P.; Neumayr, A., 1979:
Diagnosis experiences in 188 patients with primary liver cancer

Drobníková, V., 1978:
Diagnosis of Bacillus larvae --the causative agent of American foulbrood

Manelfe, C.; Guiraud, B.; Tremoulet, M., 1977:
Diagnosis of C.S.F. rhinorrhoea by computerised cisternography using metrizamide

Takeuchi, S.; Azuma, R.; Nakajima, Y.; Suto, T., 1979:
Diagnosis of Corynebacterium pyogenes infection in pigs by immunodiffusion test with protease antigen

Koller, F., 1977:
Diagnosis of DIC

Butterworth, J.; Broadhead, D.M., 1978:
Diagnosis of Gaucher's disease in cultured skin fibroblasts and leucocytes

Boston, V.E.; Dale, G.; Riley, K.W., 1975:
Diagnosis of Hirschsprung's disease by quantitative biochemical assay of acetylcholinesterase in rectal tissue

Zeleznick, L.D.; Hunt, K.J.; Sobotka, A.K.; Valentine, M.D.; Tippett, L.O.; Lichtenstein, L.M., 1977:
Diagnosis of Hymenoptera hypersensitivity by skin testing with Hymenoptera venoms

Foster, D.N.; Miloszewski, K.; Losowsky, M.S., 1976:
Diagnosis of Mallory-Weiss lesions. A common cause of upper gastrointestinal bleeding

Danielsson, D.; Forsum, U., 1975:
Diagnosis of Neisseria infections by defined immunofluorescence. Methodologic aspects and applications

Butterworth, J.; Droadhead, D.M., 1977:
Diagnosis of Pompe's disease in cultured skin fibroblasts and primary amniotic fluid cells using 4-methylumbelliferyl-alpha-D-glucopyranoside as substrate

Fleisher, G.; Lennette, E.T.; Honig, P., 1979:
Diagnosis of Rocky Mountain spotted fever by immunofluorescent identification of Rickettsia rickettsii in skin biopsy tissue

Perry, T.B.; Hechtman, P.; Chow, J.C., 1979:
Diagnosis of Tay-Sachs disease on blood obtained at fetoscopy

Frühwein, F., 1977:
Diagnosis of a mitral valve defect

Constantinides, G.; Dascotte, J.C., 1979:
Diagnosis of a neovascular mini-membrane. Clinical case

Koch, H.; Rösch, W.; Frühmorgen, P.; Lux, G., 1979:
Diagnosis of acute gastrointestinal hemorrhages

Berger, H.; Büll, U.; von Liebe, S.; Land, W., 1979:
Diagnosis of acute renal artery occlusion in a transplanted kidney by means of 99mTc-DTPA sequential scintigraphy

Martynov, S.M.; Fedorenko, T.A., 1976:
Diagnosis of allergy to cow's milk in vitro

Werner, G.T., 1979:
Diagnosis of amebiasis

March, A.W., 1979:
Diagnosis of ankle injuries

Lopez, E.M.; Eisenberg, J.; Slade, W.R.; Maayan, M.L., 1977:
Diagnosis of basilar-artery aneurysm by radionuclide study of cerebral blood-flow

Cortesi, N.; Ferrari, P.; Zambarda, E.; Manenti, A.; Baldini, A.; Morano, F.P., 1976:
Diagnosis of bilateral abdominal cryptorchidism by laparoscopy

Sciarretta, G., 1977:
Diagnosis of blind-loop syndrome by X-ray/breath-hydrogen test

Anonymous, 1976:
Diagnosis of brain death

Kucera, H.; Kubista, E., 1979:
Diagnosis of breast cancer by contact thermography

Wronski, R.; Butte, W., 1977:
Diagnosis of bromoureide poisoning

Strong, M.S., 1975:
Diagnosis of carcinoma of the larynx: a review of current methods

Anonymous, 1977:
Diagnosis of chest pain

Lukes, J.; Lukesová, M.; Stozický, F.; Důra, J., 1977:
Diagnosis of cholestatic hepatopathies in the neonatal period

Frankel, K.M., 1979:
Diagnosis of chronic night cough

Chalakova-Atanasova, N.; Atanasov, A.; Apostolov, I.; Valkov, Y., 1979:
Diagnosis of chronic traumatic lesion of peripheral nerves in rheumatoid arthritis and pseudarthrosis in the condylus humeri region established with EMG and ENG

Akers, W.A.; Naversen, D.N., 1978:
Diagnosis of chronic urticaria

de Peyer, R.; Williams, C.B., 1978:
Diagnosis of colonic precanceroses by means of "dye spraying" (proceedings)

Guiloff, R.J.; Cobb, W.A., 1977:
Diagnosis of coma

Anonymous, 1979:
Diagnosis of death

Cooper, B.T.; Cooke, W.T., 1978:
Diagnosis of dermatitis herpetiformis

Goldammer, K., 1978:
Diagnosis of disease as existence analysis in religious symbolic language

Kozhonazarov, K.K., 1979:
Diagnosis of diseases of the biliary tract system in children at the present-day stage (a review of the literature)

Girard, J.P.; Cuevas, M., 1976:
Diagnosis of drug allergies related to anesthesia and surgery

Landesman, R.; Saxena, B.B., 1978:
Diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy by radioreceptor assay for chorionic gonadotrophin

Holzgreve, H., 1976:
Diagnosis of electrolyte and acid-base equilibrium disorders

Ikeda, N., 1977:
Diagnosis of epidemic hemorrhagic fever and dengue

Eichenberger, M., 1979:
Diagnosis of epileptic and non-epileptic loss of consciousness

Cox, J.E., 1977:
Diagnosis of equine crytorchidism

Rittgers, R.A.; Feinerman, A.E.; Loewenstein, M.S.; Zamcheck, N., 1977:
Diagnosis of exocrine pancreatic disease by synthetic peptide

Sidiropoulos, D., 1975:
Diagnosis of fetal diseases by examination of the amniotic fluid

Boog, G.; Lopes, P.; Tourne, C.E.; Schumacher, J.C.; Gandar, R., 1976:
Diagnosis of fetal distress during labor with the aid of the Hammacher cardio-tocographic score and fetal pH determination

Belousov, I.I.; Bereznyĭ, E.A., 1978:
Diagnosis of focal myocardial changes from the configuration of the ventricular extrasystole QRS complexes in single-pole chest leads and Neb leads

Girardi, G.; Fritis, E.; Vial, L.; Hevia, E., 1978:
Diagnosis of gastro-oesophageal reflux in infants and children by methylene-blue test

Megibow, A.J.; Redmond, P.E.; Bosniak, M.A.; Horowitz, L., 1979:
Diagnosis of gastrointestinal lipomas by CT

Champault, G.; Garnier, M.; Patel, J.C., 1977:
Diagnosis of hepatic metastasis by enzymatic assay. Value of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase

Likhacheva, N.V.; Burobin, V.A.; Barashnev, I.I.; Nikolaeva, E.A., 1979:
Diagnosis of histidinemia through using the determination of urocanic acid in the sweat by an enzymatic method

Jeffcoate, S.L., 1978:
Diagnosis of hyperprolactinaemia

Murie, N.; Rio, M.; Scarabin, J.M.; Auvray, E., 1978:
Diagnosis of hyperprolactinaemias: respective value of response to THR and to bromocriptine

Birkhäuser, M.; Burer, T.; Busset, R.; Burger, A., 1977:
Diagnosis of hyperthyroidism when serum-thyroxine alone is raised

Anonymous, 1978:
Diagnosis of hyperuricaemia. Report of the workshop of the German Society for Clinical Chemistry, held on 3. and 4. 11. 1977 in Hannover

der Meer, C., 1976:
Diagnosis of hypothyroidism during and after treatment of hyperthyroidism

Gardner, M.J.; Barker, D.J., 1975:
Diagnosis of hypothyroidism: a comparison of statistical techniques

Tekerlekov, P.; Dilovski, M.; Enchev, S.; Peneva, I., 1978:
Diagnosis of infectious anemia in horses using the Coggins test

Anbar, M.; Dyer, R.L.; Scolnick, M.E., 1976:
Diagnosis of infectious hepatitis by multicomponent analysis with use of field ionization mass spectrometry

Gibbs, R.S., 1977:
Diagnosis of intra-amniotic infection

Ali, M.A.; Vanderlinder, B., 1977:
Diagnosis of intravascular haemolysis using starch gel electrophoresis

Ogunbode, O.; Oluboyede, O.; Ayeni, O.; Esan, G.J., 1976:
Diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia among Nigerian pregnant women by serum iron/T.I.B.C. determination

Haubold, U., 1975:
Diagnosis of liver metastases with a combination of 57Co-bleomycin and 99mTc-sulfur colloid

Goodson, J.D.; Strauss, G.M., 1979:
Diagnosis of lymphomatous leptomeningitis by cerebrospinal fluid lymphocyte cell surface markers

Anonymous, 1979:
Diagnosis of magnesium deficiency should be encouraged (proceedings)

Samejima, N., 1977:
Diagnosis of malignant abdominal neoplasms in children

Ortíz Lazcano, S.; Vera Ferrer, G.; Olivares Esquer, J.J.; Aguirre Gas, H., 1977:
Diagnosis of malignant neoplasms by studying the changes in the concentration of fetal hemoglobin, hemoglobin A2 and carbonic anhydrases B and C. An application of discriminating function

Musy, J.P.; Haag, J.R., 1977:
Diagnosis of myocardial necrosis during the early stage by simple staining methods. Attempted histochemical interpretation

Arvanitakis, C.; Greenberger, N.J., 1976:
Diagnosis of pancreatic disease by a synthetic peptide. A new test of exocrine pancreatic function

Syromiatnikova, E.N.; Vasil'eva, I.G.; Korolenko, V.P., 1978:
Diagnosis of pathological changes in the liver from the blood enzyme spectrum in patients with lymphogranulomatosis

Lebekhov, P.I.; Snisarenko, L.Ia.; Kerova, I.K.; Kaminskaia Ius, 1979:
Diagnosis of periarteritis nodosa

Bailer, P.; Gips, H.; Korte, K., 1978:
Diagnosis of placental sulphatase deficiency

Bibel, D.J.; Chen, T.H., 1976:
Diagnosis of plaque: an analysis of the Yersin-Kitasato controversy

Pasmantier, M.W.; Coleman, M.; Silver, R.T., 1975:
Diagnosis of plasma cell myeloma

Bensasson, M.; Cazalis, P.; Lequesne, M., 1976:
Diagnosis of polyarthritis with acute onset in adults

Mathieu, A.; Dienstag, J.L., 1979:
Diagnosis of post-operative jaundice

Morino, F.; Robecchi, A.; Fronda, G.R., 1976:
Diagnosis of primary and secondary tumors of the liver

Purnell, D.C.; Scholz, D.A.; Smith, L.H., 1977:
Diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism

Bernier, J.J.; Florent, C.; Desmazures, C.; Aymes, C.; L'Hirondel, C., 1978:
Diagnosis of protein-losing enteropathy by gastrointestinal clearance of alpha1-antitrypsin

Freund, H.; Berlatzky, Y.; Katzenelson, R.; Schiller, M., 1976:
Diagnosis of pyloric stenosis

Grossman, R.I.; Ring, E.J.; Oleaga, J.A.; Freiman, D.B.; Perez, M.R., 1979:
Diagnosis of pyogenic hepatic abscesses by percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography

Diaz, C.R.; Fossieck, B.E.; Kane, J.G.; Parker, R.H., 1976:
Diagnosis of pyogenic meningitis

Alisherov, S.A., 1975:
Diagnosis of recurrent goiter

Hautmann, R.; Kisters, R.; Lutzeyer, W., 1976:
Diagnosis of renal tumor by gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase (EC

Kuzakeev, M.I., 1975:
Diagnosis of spheroidal formations localized in the upper segment of the lower pulmonary lobe (C6)

Friese, S.; D.B.uijn, H.W.; Kransen, M.; Huisjes, H.J., 1975:
Diagnosis of spina bifida and anencephalus in early pregnancy

Irvin, T.T.; Perez-Avila, C., 1977:
Diagnosis of symptomatic gastroesophageal reflux by prolonged monitoring of lower esophageal pH

Nisengard, R.J.; Jablonska, S.; Chorzelski, T.P.; Blaszcyk, M.; Jarret, C.; Beutner, E.H., 1975:
Diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus. Importance of antinuclear antibody titers and peripheral staining patterns

Butterworth, J., 1978:
Diagnosis of the mucopolysaccharidoses using cultured skin fibroblasts and amniotic fluid cells

Svennerholm, L., 1978:
Diagnosis of the sphingolipidoses with labelled natural substrates

Hinz, G., 1979 :
Diagnosis of thyroid diseases. Minimizing iatrogenic radiation injuries

Asokan, S.; Pinc, R., 1976:
Diagnosis of triplets by ultrasonography

Bates, J.H., 1979:
Diagnosis of tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1978:
Diagnosis of twins

Fiedler, K.; Hasenjäger, F.; Beck, R., 1979:
Diagnosis of typhoid/paratyphoid

Pflücke, F., 1977:
Diagnosis of unusual paraproteins in plasmacytoma--conclusion

Vogel, G.; Huyke, R., 1975:
Diagnosis of venous thrombosis using the ultrasound-Doppler-flow-detector

Jiránek, E.; Selinger, P.; Doubravová, L.; Dvoráková, V., 1978:
Diagnosis of vibriosis in bulls at breeding stations through lavages of the artificial vagina

Krajczár, G.; Szokol, M., 1979:
Diagnosis value of lipid content in prostatic cancer

Mandache, F.; Prodescu, V.; Lutescu, I.; Georgescu, I.; Stratulat, L.; Babaca, P., 1977:
Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of endemic goiter

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Diagnosis, prognosis and surgical treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers

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Diagnostic Vabra (aspiration) curettage. An evaluation of the diagnostic certainty, efficacy, acceptability, indication and socio-medical importance

Weiss, W.; Eder, G.; Hanak, H.; Neumayr, A., 1976:
Diagnostic accuracy of various alpha 1 fetoprotein-determination methods in primary liver carcinoma

Nathan, M.D., 1978:
Diagnostic accuracy of xeroradiographic assessment of the extent of carcinoma of the larynx

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Diagnostic aids in pancreatic cancer

Vitray, J.; Szabóki, F.; Vajda, G., 1979:
Diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties of brady-tachycardia

Wood, C., 1978:
Diagnostic and therapeutic implications of intrapartum fetal pH measurement

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Diagnostic and therapeutic problems in retarded intrauterine development

Papantonopoulos, G.N.; Patrikios, A.; Sklabounos, A., 1977:
Diagnostic and therapeutic problems of cyst-like lesions of the mandible

Keeton, G.R., 1979:
Diagnostic and therapeutic problems of polyarteritis nodosa

Jason, J.M.; Gelfand, E.W., 1979:
Diagnostic considerations in ataxia-telangiectasia

Ferrari, A.; Corvi, G., 1979:
Diagnostic considerations on masked depression in medical practice: personal studies on treatment with bromazepam

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Diagnostic criteria and some initial forms of disseminated lupus erythematosus (DLE)

Shlykov, I.A., 1978:
Diagnostic criteria of duodenal ulcer according to the data of gastric secretion

Holmquist, N.D., 1977:
Diagnostic cytology of the urinary tract

Anonymous, 1979:
Diagnostic decision-process in suspected pulmonary embolism. Report of the Herlev hospital study group

Winfield, J.; Dourmashkin, R.R.; Gumpel, J.M., 1979:
Diagnostic difficulties in Whipple's disease

Eichelkraut, A.; Dmochowska, M.; Krykowski, E.; Szadowska, A., 1979:
Diagnostic difficulties in case of Whipple's disease

Nemes, G.; Kerényi, I., 1978:
Diagnostic difficulties in traffic "injury combinations"

Duriseti, L.; Romansky, S.; Mruthunjaya, G.; Galant, S.P., 1979:
Diagnostic dilemma of a 13-month-old boy with 'late-onset' combined immunodeficiency

Schrömbgens, H.H., 1979:
Diagnostic error in the general practice

Rutala, P.J.; Smith, J.W., 1976:
Diagnostic errors in clinical medicine

Radice, M.; D.A.broggi, L.; Mariotti, G.; Perotta, G.M.; Rocci, R.; Folli, G., 1977:
Diagnostic evaluation and follow-up of clinically healthy subjects with pathological cycloergometric tests

Ahmad, T.; Rahat, T., 1979:
Diagnostic evaluation of pregnancy urinary oestriol for foeto-placental function

Lucke, V.M.; Migaki, G., 1979:
Diagnostic exercise

Engel, T.R.; Luck, J.C.; Leddy, C.L.; Gonzalez, A.D., 1979:
Diagnostic implications of atrial vulnerability

Elias, E.; Redshaw, M.; Wood, T., 1977:
Diagnostic importance of changes in circulating concentrations of immunoreactive trypsin

Iushchenko, A.I., 1975:
Diagnostic importance of laboratory and serological analysis of blood and cerebrospinal fluid in cysticercosis of the posterior cranial fossa

Kenedi, I., 1975:
Diagnostic importance of visken -- an adrenergic beta receptor blocking agent

Sağiroğlu, N.; Ozgönül, T.; Müderris, S., 1975:
Diagnostic intraocular cytology

McBride, N.; Newman, R.L., 1978:
Diagnostic laparoscopy

Montalbetti, L.; Airaghi, M.L.; D'Errico, F., 1978:
Diagnostic laparosplenectomy in Hodgkin's disease: case reports and a critical evaluation

Susla, P.A.; Il'in, A.S., 1976:
Diagnostic laparotomy and palliative surgery in jaundice caused by tumors of the pancreato-duodenal zone

Bleifeld, W., 1975:
Diagnostic methods in cardiologic intensive care

Saurat, J.H., 1976:
Diagnostic methods in drug allergies

Slabu, V., 1976:
Diagnostic methods in gastrointestinal allergy of alimentary origin

Black, M., 1975:
Diagnostic methods in liver diseases

Anonymous, 1978:
Diagnostic oncology case studies: radiologic investigation of bloody ascites

Jiménez, J.F.; Soler-Roselló, A.; Gómez-Agudo, M.; López-Pacios, M.A.; Belles, F.; Solé-Balcells, F., 1977:
Diagnostic pattern in nonpalpable testicles

Grant, H.E., 1976:
Diagnostic patterns in disability Illinois and the nation

Stoller, J.L., 1978:
Diagnostic peritoneal lavage

Anonymous, 1978:
Diagnostic peritoneal lavage in blunt trauma

Pizzolato, M.A.; Goñi, F.R.; Reicherstorfer, E.V.; Massot, J.E.; de María, H.E.; Burucúa, J.E., 1979:
Diagnostic problem in a case of micromolecular myeloma

Feuerlein, W.; Küfner, H.; Ringer, C.; Antons, K., 1979:
Diagnostic problems in alcoholism

Odegård, O.R., 1979:
Diagnostic problems in thromboembolism

Imanaga, H.; Shimizu, T.; Kohno, H.; Jimbo, M.; Kitamura, K., 1976:
Diagnostic problems of acute posterior fossa hematoma

Dardick, K.R., 1976:
Diagnostic procedures of the skin

Classen, M., 1976:
Diagnostic progress in cancer of the pancreas (proceedings)

Aiginger, P.; Kolbe, H.; Kühböck, J.; Spona, J., 1978:
Diagnostic progress in testicular carcinoma

Kaufman, S.A.; Komaroff, L.; Sherman, H., 1976:
Diagnostic protocols for physicians' aides

Patil, S.R.; Hecht, F.; Lubs, H.A.; Kimberling, W.; Brown, J.; Gerald, P.S.; Summitt, R.L., 1977:
Diagnostic radiation and chromosome aberrations

Cockshott, W.P., 1979:
Diagnostic radiology: geography of a high technology

Płusa, T.; Makowska, U.; Wasek, Z.; Zaborowski, P., 1978:
Diagnostic significance of alpha-2 macroglobulins in internal diseases. I. Asthma

Luca, N.; Luca, R., 1977:
Diagnostic significance of alpha1-fetoprotein, bile antigen VIII and Australia (HB) antigen in primary cancer of the liver

Adolph, L., 1979:
Diagnostic significance of cholinesterase determination in human serum

Loginov, A.S.; Khodarev, N.N.; Denisov, E.N., 1978:
Diagnostic significance of extrahepatic colloidal 198Au incorporation in liver cirrhosis

Simonov, V.Ia.; Prokopenko, P.G., 1979:
Diagnostic significance of ferroproteins in prostate cancer

Gargouri, M.; Bouchekoua, N.; Ellouze, M.; Mebazza, R.; Garoui, H., 1978:
Diagnostic significance of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase determination in hepatobiliary diseases (initial results)

Aminov, K.A., 1975:
Diagnostic significance of hyperglycemic curves in atherosclerotic psychosis

Traoré, A.; Schulz, J., 1979:
Diagnostic significance of lactose level in milk. 1. Lactose level in first quarter milk samples following artificial udder irritation and infection

Traoré, A.; Schulz, J.; Beuche, W., 1979:
Diagnostic significance of lactose level of milk. 2. Lactose level in first quarter milk samples in various udder disorders

Heberling, H.J.; Heilmann, W., 1975:
Diagnostic staged program in thyroid diseases

Cerva, L., 1976:
Diagnostic stain of helminth eggs

Cerva, L., 1977:
Diagnostic staining of the eggs of parasitic helminths

Forman, M.D.; Kaplan, D., 1978:
Diagnostic studies in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Kossoff, G., 1978:
Diagnostic ultrasound--the view from Down Under

Cowchock, F.S.; Jackson, L.G., 1976:
Diagnostic use of meternal serum alpha-fetoprotein levels

Smith, R.P., 1977:
Diagnostic uses for ultrasonography

Klaua, M., 1978:
Diagnostic value and indications for the TSH-TRH test

Köhler, H.; Rotzsch, W.; Heberling, H.J., 1978:
Diagnostic value and methodological problems in butanol-extractable iodine (BEI) determination

Gielniewska-Kabzowa, J., 1975:
Diagnostic value of A1AT, alpha-amylase and GGTP activity in urine in chronic glomerulonephritis

Hiratsuka, H.; Oie, K.; Yamaguchi, T.; Fujiwara, K.; Okada, K.; Tsuyumu, M.; Inaba, Y., 1978:
Diagnostic value of CT cisternography with intrathecal metrizamide enhancement

Chenchev, I.; Khristoforov, L.; Peshkov, I.; Kostov, G.; Mineva, I., 1978:
Diagnostic value of agglutination reaction with buffered Brucella antigen stained with rose bengal

Zaborowski, P.; Makowska, U.; Płusa, T.; Grys, I., 1979:
Diagnostic value of alpha 2-macroglobulins in internal diseases. 2. Chronic liver diseases

Vladutiu, A.O.; Adler, R.H.; Brason, F.W., 1979:
Diagnostic value of biochemical analysis of pleural effusions. Carcinoembryonic antigen and beta 2 microglobulin

Dobryszycka, W., 1976:
Diagnostic value of biochemical examination of amniotic fluid

Glasner, H.; Lowenthal, A.; Karcher, D., 1979:
Diagnostic value of brief microzone electrophoresis of unconcentrated CSF and agar gel electrophoresis of concentrated and unconcentrated CSF

Cepelja, Z.; Grgić, Z.; Markinković, M.; Ivanov, D., 1975:
Diagnostic value of copper, haptoglobin and alpha-2-globulin in the serum of patients with Hodgkin's disease

Nikulicheva, V.I.; Khusainova, F.S.; Khasanov, R.Ia.; Smirnova, L.I., 1977:
Diagnostic value of cytochemical studies of blood leukocytes in myocardial infarct

Zaisanova, T.K.; Dzhumabekova, S.D.; Shtyka, O.M., 1978:
Diagnostic value of cytological studies of gastroscopic material from patients with gastric pathology in a field examination of the population of Osh Province, the Kirghiz SSR

Wasylewski, A.; Skrzypek, J.; Bartoszewska, J.; Chorazy, M., 1979:
Diagnostic value of determination of blood histaminase in medullary carcinoma of the thyroid gland

Skvortsova, L.B.; Shulutko, B.I., 1977:
Diagnostic value of determination of the activity of glutamyl transpeptidase in the blood serum of patients with kidney diseases

Hultberg, B.; Olsson, J.E., 1978:
Diagnostic value of determinations of lysosomal hydrolases in CSF of patients with neurological diseases

Zharkovskaia, A.Ia., 1979:
Diagnostic value of determining 24-hour urine amylase activity

Shepotinovskiĭ, V.I.; Mikashinovich, Z.I., 1979:
Diagnostic value of determining hexokinase activity of leukocytes in ischemic heart disease

Sulović, V.; Poljaković, L., 1978:
Diagnostic value of diamine oxidase in normal and pathologic pregnancy

Kida, T.; Ikeda, M.; Saito, M., 1978:
Diagnostic value of female genital malignant tumors by using 111In-bleomycin scintigraphy

Kononov, V.S., 1979:
Diagnostic value of fistulography and tomography in chronic hematogenic osteomyelitis in children

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Diagnostic value of formalin test for detection of dysproteinemia

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Diagnostic value of histochemistry in embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma

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Diagnostic value of laboratory and scintigraphic investigations in young infants with cholestatic jaundice

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Diagnostic value of liver arteriography in primary hepatic tumor. Comparative study with other complementary exploration

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Diagnostic value of lung scanning with 57Co-Bleomycin

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Diagnostic value of microbiological methods of detecting the causative agent of tuberculosis in studying sputum of varying character

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Diagnostic value of microzone electrophoresis of non-concentrated cerebrospinal fluid

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Diagnostic value of quantitative and qualitative variations in cerebrospinal fluid proteins

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Diagnostic value of rectal mucosal acetylcholinesterase levels in Hirschsprung's disease

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Diagnostic value of saccadic pursuit eye movement in screening for organic cerebral dysfunction

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Diagnostic value of siderophages in the cytogram of cerebrospinal fluid

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Diagnostic value of skin and muscle biopsy in periarteritis nodosa in children

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Diagnostic value of some hepatologic biochemical examinations in the light of adaptive linear neuron

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Diagnostic value of sonography and ERCP. Evaluation of the findings in 298 simultaneously studied patients

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Diagnostic value of the allergeno-leukocytolysis reaction in serum hepatitis in comparison with the method of detection of the Australia antigen

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Diagnostic value of the analysis of free amino acids in biological fluids by means of the Czechoslovak aminoacid analyzers

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Diagnostic value of the angiotensin perfusion test in renovascular arterial hypertension

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Diagnostic value of the in vitro thyroid radioisotope tests

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Diagnostic value of the reaction of Staphylococcus adherence to the erythrocytes in rheumatoid arthritis

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Diagnostic value of the turbidimetric method of determination of the activity of blood serum lipase

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Diagnostic value of thermography and Tc 99m bleomycin scintigraphy for nodules of the thyroid

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Diagnostic value of urobilinuria and its relationship to renal excretory function in several diffuse liver lesions

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Diagnostic values of "quadrigeminal veins"

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Diagnostic x-rays in late pregnancy and in the neonate

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Diagnostic, etiologic and therapeutic problems confronting the anesthesiologist in cases of bronchial spasm. Apropos of 4 cases

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Diagnostics and therapy of malformation in sexual development in childhood and adolescence

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Diagnostics and therapy of the carcinoma of the prostate

Anonymous, 1978:
Dialysis and transplantation in young children

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Dialysis death and increased free fatty acids

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Dialysis dementia, aluminium, and tetrahydrobiopterin metabolism

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Dialysis for renal failure in Toronto

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Dialysis in hepatic coma

Anonymous, 1977:
Dialysis lung

Anonymous, 1976:
Dialysis osteodystrophy

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Dialysis technic for regulation of the internal milieu in acute poisoning

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Dialysis therapy and nursing. 3. Types of hemodialysis (1)

Suzuki, M., 1979:
Dialysis therapy and nursing. 4. Types of hemodialysis (2)

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Dialysis therapy and nursing. 7. A nursing view of patient care during dialysis therapy

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Dialysis therapy and nursing. 8. Intra- and post-dialysis complications and their management

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Dialyzability of possible "uremia toxins"

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Dialyzing room disinfection with ultra-violet irradiation

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Diamine oxidase activity and histamine release in dogs following acute mesenteric artery occlusion

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Diamine oxidase activity during wound healing in guinea pig skin [proceedings

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Diamine oxidase activity in gastric and duodenal mucosa of man and other mammals with special reference to the pyloric junction

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Diamine oxidase activity in plasma and urine in uremia

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Diamine oxidase and clinical significance of the enzyme

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Diamine oxidase and polyamine oxidase activities in normal and transformed cells

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Diamine oxidase in renal failure

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Diamine oxydase in rabbit small intestine: separations from a soluble monoamine oxidase, properties and pathophysiological significance in intestinal ischemia

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Diaminobenzidine oxidation in cerebellar histological sections

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Diaminobenzidine reactions of mitochondria stabilized with sodium chloride, sucrose and polyvinyl pyrrolidone

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Diaphragm pacing in central von Recklinghausen's disease: a case report

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Diaphragmatic paralysis after surgical ligation of patent ductus arteriosus

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Diaplacental inhibition of DIC in the fetal organism by means of 4-amidinopyruvic acid

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Diaplacental passage of Sarcocystis antibodies in man and rats

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Diarrhea possibly caused by total parenteral nutrition

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Diarrhoea associated with heat-stable enterotoxin-producing strains of Escherichia coli

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Diary of an ortho-molecular physician: Tatts disease

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Diastereoisomeric N-tetrahydrofurfurylnoroxymorphones with opioid agonist--antagonist properties

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Diastereoisomeric glucuronides of oxazepam. Isolation and stereoselective enzymic hydrolysis

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Diastropic dwarfism: a histochemical and ultrastructural study of the endochondral growth plate

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Diatoms in lung tissue

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Diauxotrophic properties of microorganisms assimilating C2--C4 hydrocarbons

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Diaysis of urine in determination of arylsulphatase A activity

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Diazepam and 3-hydroxydiazepam (temazepam) and sleep of middle age

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Diazepam and experimental tumour growth

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Diazepam and lorazepam for intravenous surgical premedication

Anonymous, 1979:
Diazepam and lorazepam in anaesthesia

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Diazepam receptor: specific binding of [3H] diazepam and [3H] flunitrazepam to rat brain subfractions

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Diazepam therapy in eclampsia

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Diazoxide, glipizide, and hypoglycaemia

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Diazoxide, glipizide, hypertension and hypoglycaemia

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Dibenzepin and amitriptyline in depressive states: comparative double-blind trial

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Dibenzepin as an antifibrillatory agent for spontaneously terminating electrically induced ventricular fibrillation

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Dibunol and thio-TEPA treatment of bladder tumors

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Dibutyryl cyclic AMP increases the amount of functional messenger RNA coding for tyrosine aminotransferase in rat liver

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Dibutyryl cyclic AMP-induced differentiation of epidermal cells in tissue culture

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Dicarbocyanine fluorescent probes of membrane potential block lymphocyte capping, deplete cellular ATP and inhibit respiration of isolated mitochondria

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Dicarboxylate transport across the inner membrane of the chloroplast envelope

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Dicarboxylic acid analogs of gramicidin A: dimerization kinetics and single channel properties

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Dicarboxylic acid formation by Candida guilliermondii H strain H 17 during the degradation of n-tridecane in batch culture

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Dichloracetate in biguanide-induced lacticacidosis

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Dichloro-P-nitroanisole O-demethylase--a convenient assay for microsomal mixed function oxidase in isolated rat hepatocytes

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Dichloroacetate in biguanide-induced lacticacidosis

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Dichotic listening in a child recovering from acquired aphasia

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Dichotomy between immunoglobulin synthesis by cells in gut and blood of patients with hypogammaglobulinaemia

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Dichroism of bacteriochlorophyll in chromatophores of photosynthetic bacteria

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Dichromatism of bromphenol blue, with an improvement in the mercuric bromphenol blue technic for protein

Anonymous, 1979:
Diclofenac (Voltarol) in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. A conspectus of international experiences: Proceedings of an international symposium, Tangier, March 1978

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Dicoumarol or warfarin? A pharmacologic, biopharmacolocic and clinical comparison

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Dicoumarol poisoning after incorrect dosage

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Did Hippocrates describe lead poisoning?

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Did the student learn?

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Didactic problems in practical gerontological training

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Die wall reaction and friction during compaction of some direct compression base [proceedings

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Dieffenbachia: from arrow poison to house plant

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Diel variation in the thermal tolerance of Gambusia affinis affinis (Pisces:Poeciliidae)

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Dielectric perturbation of hydrogen-bonded systems by high electric fields [proceedings

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Dielectric properties of native and decoated spores of Bacillus megaterium

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Diencephalic syndrome following acute poisoning with pachycarpine

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Diet and growth-hormone response in affective illness

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Diet and large-bowel cancer in three socioeconomic groups in Hong Kong

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Diet and platelet function

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Diet in chronic portal encephalopathy in cirrhotic patients with a surgical portacaval anastomosis

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Diet in the treatment of renal lithiasis

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Diet instruction in preventive dental service of children

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Diet therapy in chronic-inflammatory diseases of the small and large intestine

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Diet, bowel behaviour, and disease

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Dietary and dental variations in the genus Lemur, with comments concerning dietary-dental correlations among Malagasy primates

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Dietary and drug treatments of calcium nephrolithiasis

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Dietary antibodies and myocardial infarction

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Dietary behavior in non-industrialized countries

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Dietary factors in malnutrition: quality and quantity of diet in relation to child development

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Dietary fiber and research

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Dietary fiber: potential therapeutic and prophylactic roles

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Dietary fibre and chemically induced bowel tumours

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Dietary fibre and experimental colon cancer

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Dietary fibre in Scandinavia

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Dietary fibre versus plantix

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Dietary fibre, transit-time, faecal bacteria, steroids, and colon cancer in two Scandinavian populations. Report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer Intestinal Microecology Group

Anonymous, 1977:
Dietary goals

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Dietary intervention in children in less privileged populations

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Dietary iodine and cancer risk

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Dietary iron intake of pregnant Nigerian women with anemia

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Dietary lecithin supplements in dementia of Alzheimer type

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Dietary lipotropes, hepatic microsomal mixed-function oxidase activities, and in vivo covalent binding of aflatoxin B1 in rats

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Dietary rescue of a lethal "null" activity allele of 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in Drosophila melanogaster

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Dietary source of omega-3-eicosapentaenoic acid

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Dietary therapy of intestinal diseases in childhood

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Dietary treatment and management of diabetes

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Dietary treatment of a patient with Refsum's syndrome (clinical and chemical course observation during a phytol and phytanic acid-poor diet)

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Dietary, environmental, and hereditary factors in the development of colorectal cancer

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Dietetic priorities in the acute diarrhea syndrome with dehydration

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Dietetics in esophageal disorders

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Diethyl (4baalpha,4calpha,9aalpha,9balpha)-3,6-dichlorocyclobuta[1,2-b:3,4-b']bisbenzofuran-9a,9b(4bH,4cH)-dicarboxylate: the cis,syn photodimer of ethyl 5-chlorobenzofuran-2-carboxylate, an analogue related to the antilipidemic drug clofibrate

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Diethyl pyrocarbonate in nucleic acid research

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Diethylaminoethyl-cellulose-bacterial cell immunoadsorbent columns: preparation of serotype-specific globulin and immunofluorescent conjugates for Streptococcus mutans serotypes a and d

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Diethylpentenamide, a substitute for carbromal?

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Diethylpyrocarbonate interferes with lipid-protein interaction and glucose transport in the human red cell membrane

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Diethylstilbestrol and estradiol binding to serum albumin and pregnancy plasma of rat and human

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Dietitians of the future. Dietetics in the world scene

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Dietitians play a role in the home training of patients

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Difference between mammary epithelial cells from mature virgin and primiparous mice

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Difference between the theoretical and experimental distribution of axoplasmically transported materials in the albino rabbit's optic pathway. Possibilty of physiologic obstruction at the optic foramen and chiasma

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Difference between type I autoimmune inhibitors of fibrin stabilization in two patients with severe hemorrhagic disorder

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Difference in antigenic reactivity and ultrastructure between fluid-phase C5b-9 and the C5b-9 membrane attack complex of human complement

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Difference in distribution and dynamics of cell-markers on T-lymphoblasts compared to T-lymphocytes

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Difference in neurotransmitter metabolism in frontotemporal-lobe contusion and diffuse cerebral contusion

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Difference in sensitivity of rat and mouse primordial oocytes to destruction by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

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Difference in the induction of osteosarcoma in rabbit bone with single administration of three kinds of chemical carcinogens

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Difference in the number of insulin binding sites between cortisol-sensitive and cortisol-resistant lymphoma P1798 cells

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Differences between 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase from pig placenta and human placenta [proceedings

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Differences between agonist and antagonist binding following beta-adrenergic receptor desensitization

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Differences between alpha and gamma motoneurons labeled with horseradish peroxidase by retrograde transport

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Differences between antigen negative and antigen positive hepatitis

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Differences between individuals with hemoglobins Istanbul and Saint-Etienne (alpha 2 beta 2 92F8 His replaced by Gln)

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Differences between microsomal and mitochondrial-matrix palmitoyl-coenzyme A hydrolase, and palmitoyl-L-carnitine hydrolase from rat liver

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Differences between nonprofessional recovering alcoholic counselors treating Bowery alcoholics: a study of therapist variables

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Differences between presynaptic and postsynaptic alpha-adrenoceptors in the isolated nictitating membrane of the cat: effects of metanephrine and tolazoline

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Differences between some biological properties of enantiomers of alkyl S-alkyl methylphosphonothioates

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Differences between the anorexic actions of amphetamine and fenfluramine--possible effects on hunger and satiety

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Differences between the discriminatory activity of antisera raised against the total gonadotropins and the Pr-beta-hCG-TT for neutralization of hCG and LH action

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Differences between the hydroperoxide-dependent and NADPH-dependent microsomal aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activities

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Differences between the reactivities of two pyridine nucleotides in the rapid reduction process and the reoxidation process of adrenodoxin reductase

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Differences between virgin and memory IgM-antibody-forming-cell precursor B-cells, and correlations with the heterogeneity present in B-cell populations from unimmunized mice

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Differences in HLA antigen recognition by human influenza virus-immune cytotoxic T cells

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Differences in antibacterial resistance related to differences in cell envelope structure of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pseudomonas cepacia [proceedings

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Differences in attachment antigens of gonococci in reinfection

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Differences in binding affinity of human IgE for receptors in chopped human lung

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Differences in inducibility by glucocorticoids of rat liver TO and TAT

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Differences in intracortical bone remodeling in three aboriginal American populations: possible dietary factors

Studnicki, J., 1979:
Differences in length of hospital stay for Medicaid and Blue Cross patients and the effect of intensity of services

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Differences in motility of human X- and Y-bearing spermatozoa

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Differences in permeability for FITC-dextrane in cornea neovascularisation

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Differences in phosphofructokinase regulation in normal and tumor rat thyroid cells

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Differences in pituitary and testicular function between diabetic patients on insulin and oral anti-diabetic agents

Bauminger, S., 1978:
Differences in prostaglandin formation between thymocyte subpopulations

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Differences in pulmonary and cardiovascular beta receptors in the guinea pig and rabbit

Barendsen, G.W.; Broerse, J.J., 1977:
Differences in radiosensitivity of cells from various types of experimental tumors in relation to the RBE of MeV neutrons

Itaya, K., 1978 :
Differences in responsiveness to adipokinetic agents between white epididymal and brown interscapula adipose tissue from rats

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Differences in sensitivity of T3, T7, T4 and lambda phages to bleomycin and phleomycin

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Differences in sensitivity to reduction of rat immunoglobulin IgG subclass

Mouret, J., 1975:
Differences in sleep in patients with Parkinson's disease

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Differences in susceptibilities of virulent strains and avirulent strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to antimicrobial agents

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Differences in the action of various drugs on striatal acetylcholine and choline content in rats killed by decapitation of microwave radiation

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Differences in the antigenic properties between strains of Tritrichomonas foetus

Zotikov, E.A.; Tananov, A.T., 1976:
Differences in the capacity of HLA sera to react with T- and B-lymphocyte populations

Cancalon, P.; Beidler, L.M., 1977:
Differences in the composition of the polypeptides deposited in the axon and the nerve terminals by fast axonal transport in the garfish olfactory nerve

Hetzel, W., 1978:
Differences in the ependyma of Lagomorpha and Primates: scanning electron microscopy observations of the inferior horn of the lateral ventricle in rabbits and monkeys

Robinson, P.J.; Schirrmacher, V., 1979:
Differences in the expression of histocompatibility antigens on mouse lymphocytes and tumor cells: immunochemical studies

Scollay, R.; Lafferty, K., 1975:
Differences in the graft-versus-host reactivity of cells migrating through nonlymphoid tissue or lymph nodes

Kavaklieva-Dimitrova, J., 1977:
Differences in the immune response of the antibodies to Proteus-antigen in patients with tumorous and non-tumorous diseases

Jaken, S.; Mason, M., 1978:
Differences in the isoelectric focusing patterns of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase from normal and cancerous rat mammary tissue

Oriol, R.; Dalix, A.M., 1977:
Differences in the maturation of the immune response of A- and A+ rabbits. Good and poor responders respectively for the A antigen

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Differences in the mechanism of tolerance to dinitrophenylated bovine gamma globulin when induced in normal adult mice or in reconstituted irradiated mice: dependence of the mechanism of tolerance on the structural organization of the lymphoid system

Kane, R.L.; Gardner, J.; Wright, D.D.; Woolley, F.R.; Snell, G.F.; Sundwall, D.N.; Castle, C.H., 1978:
Differences in the outcomes of acute episodes of care provided by various types of family practitioners

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Differences in the pH activity profile of human and monkey salivary lysozyme

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Differences in the properties of antibodies and natural antiglobulin-homoreactants revealed by the method of human IgG chemical modification

Gurgo, C.; Bondurant, M.C.; Bridges, S.H., 1978:
Differences in the properties of cytoplasmic particles and in the expression of virus-specific information in the thymus of normal and lymphomatous AKR mice

Thorsen, S.; Astrup, T., 1976:
Differences in the reactivities of human urokinase and the porcine tissue plasminogen activator

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Differences in the responses of taste receptors to organic and inorganic acids with changes in the concentration of bicarbonate in the solution

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Differences in the surface proteins of mouse B and T cells

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Differences in the susceptibility of MHC and non-MHC mixed lymphocyte reactions to suppression by murine amnionic fluid and its components

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Differences in toxicity due to species variation in the metabolism of an oral anti-allergy agent [proceedings

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Differences in triglycerides between nephromas and unaffected cortex of tumour-bearing human kidneys [proceedings

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Differences of antigenicity and histaminereceptors between myocardium and smooth muscles

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Differences of chemical structures of Pseudomonas aeruginosa lipopolysaccharide essential for adjuvanticity and antitumor and interferon-inducing activities

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Differences of nuclear and cytoplasmic laser-induced fluorescence in Drosophila salivary gland cells

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Different B lymphocyte alloantigens associated with multiple sclerosis in Arabs and North Europeans

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Different D end-dependent antigenic determinants are recognized by H-2-restricted cytotoxic T cells specific for influenza and Bebaru viruses

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Different alpha-adrenoreceptors in the central nervous system mediating biochemical and functional effects of clonidine and receptor blocking agents

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Different antihypertensive effect of beta-blocking drugs in low and normal-high renin hypertension

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Different antiplatelet antibody specificities in immune thrombocytopenic purpura

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Different aspects of using antirhesus immunoglobulin

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Different behaviour of Xbb+ and Xbb chromosomes in D. melanogaster with only one nucleolus organizer

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Different chromatographic behaviour of soluble, non-FSF-stabilized des-AA fibrin/fibrinogen and des-AABB fibrin/fibrinogen complexes

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Different cigarette-smoker classification factors and subjective state in acute abstinence

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Different components of the pain behaviour and analgesic methods

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Different deoxyribonuclease-activities in bull seminal plasma

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Different drugs arrest cells at a number of distinct stages in G2

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Different effect of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on glucuronide conjugation of various aglycones. Studies in Wistar and Gunn rats

Ishihara, H.; Miwa, I.; Nagano, H.; Okuda, J., 1979:
Different effects of D-glucose anomers for respiration of bacterial germinated spores

Bao, T.N.; Döcke, F., 1977:
Different effects of amygdaloid lesions on compensatory ovarian hypertrophy in cyclic and prepubertal female rats

Baker, B.I., 1977:
Different forms of melanin-dispersing hormone in the trout pituitary

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Different functional specificity repertoires for suppressor and helper T cells

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Different influence of the semicastration and of unilateral cryptorchism on the controlateral testis

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Different mechanisms for the induction of acetylcholinesterase in neuroblastoma cells

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Different mechanisms of increased alpha-fetoprotein production in rats following CCl4 intoxication and partial hepatectomy

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Different molecular forms of D-ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase from Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Chuat, J.C.; Blouquit, Y.; Cohen-Solal, M.; Pilon, C., 1979:
Different primary structure of 2 variants of Friend virus p 30 polypeptide separated by isoelectric focusing

Steinbach, G., 1975:
Different properties of fluorescein isothiocyanate isomers

Hayatsu, H.; Chikuma, T.; Negishi, K., 1975:
Different reactivities of 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine and 5-bromouracil in the bisulfite-mediated debromination

Bennink, J.R.; Doherty, P.C., 1978:
Different rules govern help for cytotoxic T cells and B cells

Ort, D.R., 1978:
Different sensitivities of chloroplasts to uncouplers when ATP formation is induced by continuous illumination, by brief illumination, by pre-illumination, or by acid-base transitions

Darzynkiewicz, Z.; Traganos, F.; Sharpless, T.; Melamed, M.R., 1977:
Different sensitivity of DNA in situ in interphase and metaphase chromatin to heat denaturation

Sinibaldi, L.; D.S.asio, A.; Mastromarino, P.; Seganti, L.; Valenti, P.; Orsi, N., 1979:
Different sensitivity of hemagglutinating and hemolytic activities of Sendai virus to non-antibody inhibitors

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Different serotypes of human rotaviruses

Mottes, M.; Grandi, G.; Sgaramella, V.; Canosi, U.; Morelli, G.; Trautner, T.A., 1979:
Different specific activities of the monomeric and oligomeric forms of plasmid DNA in transformation of B. subtilis and E. coli

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Different stability during incubation in vitro of the induced-protein (IP) response elicited in the rat uterus by treatment in vivo with oestradiol-17 beta or Nafoxidine [proceedings

Kimura, H.; Yamato, S.; Murachi, T., 1976:
Different susceptibilities to intracellular proteases of hemoglobin and hemoglobin-haptoglobin complex

Schmahl, W., 1979:
Different teratogenic efficacy to mouse fetal CNS of 5-azacytidine in combination with X-irradiation depends on the sequence of successive application

D.M.ttenaere, S.; Heifetz, M.; Shilansky, H.; Monies, I.; Shramek, A., 1977:
Different treatments used in a case of gangrene due to accidental intra-arterial injection of methylphenidate (rilatine)

Takayama, S.; Sakanishi, S., 1977:
Differential Giemsa staining of sister chromatids after extraction with acids

Streit, P.; Van Buren, J.M.; Sandri, C.; Akert, K.; Bennett, M.V., 1978:
Differential HRP labeling of motoneurons and electromotor neurons in the spinal cord of the gymnotid Sternarchus albifrons

Popic, S.; Nicholson, G.; Krsmanovic, V., 1976:
Differential actinomycin D inhibition of RNA synthesis by heated and unheated KB cell RNA polymerase IB [proceedings

Costall, B.; Naylor, R.J.; Nohria, V., 1978:
Differential actions of typical and atypical neuroleptic agents on two behavioural effects of apomorphine in the mouse [proceedings

Yamauchi, K.; Fujimoto, S.; Tada, T., 1979:
Differential activation of cytotoxic and suppressor T cells against syngeneic tumors in the mouse

Costall, B.; Fortune, D.H.; Naylor, R.J., 1978:
Differential activities of some benzamide derivatives on peripheral and intracerebral administration

Quicke, D.L.; Brace, R.C., 1979:
Differential and staining of cobalt-and nickel-filled neurones using rubeanic acid

Oka, M.; Yamada, K.; Kamei, C.; Yoshida, K.; Shimizu, M., 1979:
Differential antagonism of antiavoidance, cataleptic and ptotic effects of neuroleptics by biperiden

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