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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38932

Chapter 38932 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Girard, J., 1976:
Disturbance of growth and development: practical diagnostic evaluation

Toh-e, A.; Kobayashi, S.; Oshima, Y., 1978:
Disturbance of the machinery for the gene expression by acidic pH in the repressible acid phosphatase system of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Tyrakowski, T.; Knapowski, J.; Baczyk, K., 1976:
Disturbances in electrolyte transport before the onset of uranyl acetate-induced renal failure

Tyrakowski, T., 1979:
Disturbances in electrolyte transport in UO2++ ion intoxication - model studies on the preliminary stage of toxic acute renal failure. I. The effect of uranyl acetate on epithelial tissue in vitro

Deligne, P., 1977:
Disturbances in phosphate metabolism during parenteral alimentation. Hypophosphatemic syndrome

Stögmann, W., 1979:
Disturbances of calcium-phosphate-metabolism by anticonvulsant drugs in relation to their serum concentration

Höper, J.; Kessler, M.; Ji, S.; Acker, H., 1977:
Disturbances of extracellular pK, pNa and pH during no-flow anoxia

Langiewicz, J., 1977:
Disturbances of haemostasis in liver cirrhotic patients treated with nicotinic acid

Raftery, E.B.; Green, H.L.; Gregory, I.C., 1975:
Disturbances of heart rhythm produced by 50 Hz leakage currents in dogs

Raftery, E.B.; Green, H.L.; Yacoub, M.H., 1975:
Disturbances of heart rhythm produced by 50 Hz leakage currents in human subjects

Remschmidt, H., 1979:
Disturbances of mental development in infants and preschool children. Their recognition and treatment

Mourik, J.; van Donselaar, C.A.; Minderhoud, J.M., 1978:
Disturbed "flight of colours" in multiple sclerosis

Chivers, C.P., 1978:
Disulfiram effect from inhalation of dimethylformamide

Wilson, A.; Davidson, W.J.; White, J., 1976:
Disulfiram-ethanol reaction to implanted disulfiram

Ekvärn, S.; Jönsson, M.; Lindquist, N.G.; Holmberg, B.; Kronevi, T., 1977:
Disulfiram-induced myocardial and skeletal-muscle degeneration in rats

Caprino, L.; Borrelli, F.; Falchetti, R.; Cafiero, C.; Gandolfo, G.M., 1977:
Ditazole activity and its interaction with urokinase on experimental thrombosis

Mussoni, L.; Poggi, A.; Donati, M.B.; de Gaetano, G., 1977:
Ditazole and platelets III. Effect of ditazole on tumor-cell induced thrombocytopenia and on bleeding time in mice

D.G.etano, G.; Tonolli, M.C.; Bertoni, M.P.; Roncaglioni, M.C., 1977:
Ditazole and platelets. I. Effect of ditazole on human platelet function in vitro

D.G.etano, G.; Cavenaghi, A.E.; Stella, L., 1977:
Ditazole and platelets. II. Effect of ditazole on in vivo platelet aggregation and bleeding time in rats

Schnekenburger, J., 1975:
Ditertiary diamine compounds

Sanvordeker, D.R., 1978:
Ditheophylline succinate: transfer of theophylline across everted rat intestinal sacs

Iborra, J.L.; Ferragut, J.A.; Lozano, J.A., 1978:
Dithiothreitol inactivation of frog epidermis tyrosinase

Millard, L.G., 1979:
Dithranol for psoriasis

Howell, D.R., 1979:
Dithranol or photochemotherapy for psoriasis?

Andrae, M.; Holmlund, D.E.; Larsson, B.; Lindqvist, B.; Lorentzon, R., 1977:
Diuretic effect of 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol

MacGregor, G.A.; Tasker, P.R.; de Wardener, H.E., 1975:
Diuretic-induced oedema

Wilkinson, S.P.; Wheeler, P.G.; Bernardi, M.; Smith, I.K.; Williams, R., 1979:
Diuretic-induced renal impairment without volume depletion in cirrhosis: changes in the renin-angiotensin system and the effect of beta-adrenergic blockade

Homeida, M.; Walters, G.; Staddon, G.; Read, A.E., 1976:
Diuretics and body potassium

Garrett, R.T.; Dash, C.N., 1977:
Diuretics and cephalosporins

Kannel, W.B.; Gordon, T.; McGee, D., 1977:
Diuretics and serum-cholesterol

Finnerty, F.A., 1979:
Diuretics as initial treatment for essential hypertension

Stumpe, K.O.; Overlack, O., 1979:
Diuretics, beta-blockers or both as treatment for essential hypertension

Robertson, D.R., 1976:
Diurnal and lunar periodicity of intestinal calcium transport and plasma calcium in the frog, Rana pipiens

Aĭtkulova, A.U.; Pilipenko, G.V., 1975:
Diurnal excretion of corticosteroids in chronic liver diseases

Lach, H.; Krawczyk, S.; Dziubek, K., 1979:
Diurnal rhythm of hypophyseal cells in mich. II. Pars intermedia

Zaslavskaia, R.M.; Radchenko, L.P., 1976:
Diurnal rhythm of the indicators of electrolyte metabolism (potassium and sodium) in healthy persons of different age

Krebietke, P., 1975:
Diurnal rhythms of thyroid hormones in rooster chicks (Gallus domesticus). 2. Studies on the protein-bound radioiodine and the "free" hormone portion

Pujol-Amat, P.; Davi, E.; Martin-Comin, J.; Monfort, R., 1977:
Diurnal variation in cyclic A.M.P. in plasma

Pickup, A.J.; Braithwaite, R.; Dinsdale, J.; Gosling, R.G.; Lewis, R.R.; Nelson, S.A., 1979:
Diurnal variation in systolic time interval

Tyson, J.; Schultz, K.; Sinclair, J.C.; Gill, G., 1979:
Diurnal variation in the quality and outcome of newborn intensive care

Holmes, H.; Hamadah, K., 1977:
Diurnal variation of plasma and urinary cyclisc A.M.P

Beattie, C.W.; Bullock, B.C., 1978:
Diurnal variation of serum androgen and estradiol-17beta in the adult male green monkey (Cercopithecus sp)

Gaub, J., 1976:
Diurnal variations in endogenous RNA polymerase activity and amounts of nuclear non-histone protein, DNA and cytoplasmic protein in rat liver

Pagano, G.; Diana, A.; Pisu, E.; Trovati, M., 1978:
Diurnal variations in glucose tolerance in normal subjects and changes induced by oral glibenclamide

Sutor, D.J.; Wilkie, L.I., 1976:
Diurnal variations in the pH of pathological gallbladder bile

Männistö, P.T.; Pakkanen, J.; Ranta, T.; Koivusalo, F.; Leppäluoto, J., 1978:
Diurnal variations of medial basal and anterior hypothalamic thyroliberin [TRH] and serum thyrotropin [TSH] concentrations in male rats

Briquet, M.; Convent, B., 1977:
Diuron and other inhibitors of mitochondrial cytochrome b oxidation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [proceedings

Krueger, W.B.; Kolodziej, B.J., 1978:
Divalent cation mobility throughout exponential growth and sporulation of Bacillus megaterium

Morris, S.J.; Chiu, V.C.; Haynes, D.H., 1979:
Divalent cation-induced aggregation of chromaffin granule membranes

Munday, K.A.; Parsons, B.J.; Poat, J.A.; Smith, D.J., 1979:
Divalent cations and angiotensin-stimulated sodium transport

Roosemont, J.L., 1977:
Divalent metal ions and molecular configuration of phosphorylase phosphatase extracted from bovine adrenal cortex [proceedings

Irvine, A.B.; Prange, H.D., 1976:
Dive and breath hold metabolism of the brown water snake, Natrix taxispilota

Lameire, N.; Matthijs, E.; Ringoir, S., 1979:
Divergent types of acidosis in chronic renal failure

Haegeman, G.; Van Heuverswyn, H.; Gheysen, D.; Fiers, W., 1979:
Diversity of 5'-termini in mRNA of SV40 deletion mutant dl-1811 [proceedings

Laver, W.G.; Downie, J.C.; Webster, R.G., 1976:
Diversity of the antibody response to the different antigenic determinants on the hemagglutinin subunits of influenza viruses

Márquez, A., 1978:
Diverticula of the cervical esophagus

Juvara, I.; Rădulescu, D.; Dragomirescu, C.; Gavrilescu, S., 1979:
Diverticula of the duodenal orifice

Benoit, G.; Larrieu, H., 1979:
Diverticula of the duodenal window. About 36 cases

Daniele, G.M.; Pomata, M.; Farina, G.P., 1978:
Diverticula of the esophagus. Etiopathogenetic aspects and principles of surgical treatment

Kochubeĭ, V.G., 1978:
Diverticula of the gastroenteroanastomosis

Wieczorek, Z.; Sadlinski, C.; Kuśmierski, S.; Sobieszek, E., 1979:
Diverticula of the small intestine as a cause of abdominal pain

Calder, J.F., 1979:
Diverticular disease in Kenyan Africans

Archampong, E.Q., 1979:
Diverticular disease in urban Kenyans

Baltaxe, H.A.; Wilson, W.J.; Amiel, M., 1979:
Diverticulosis of the left ventricle

Siegal, B.; Handel, D.; Adam, Y.G., 1978:
Diverticulosis of the small bowel with intestinal obstruction

Rennes, P.; Claret, Y.; Louvel, A.; Christoforov, B.; Parc, R., 1978:
Diverticulosis of the small intestine

Petrović, S.; Marinković, S., 1978:
Diverticulum of the calix in children

Rodríguez Cuartero, A.; Urbano Jiménez, F.; Vilchez Medina, J., 1978:
Diverticulum of the small intestine (excluding the duodenum)

D.Arzúa Zulaica, E., 1979:
Diverticulum of the stomach

Datta, N.S.; Tanaka, T.; Zinner, N.R.; Mishkin, F.S., 1977:
Division of spermatic vessels in orchiopexy: radionuclide evidence of preservation of testicular circulation

Saukkonen, M.; Thamäki, T., 1979:
Dixyrazine (Esucos) as premedication for esophagogastroscopy. A controlled double-blind trial

Dehlin, O.; Agrell, B.; Falkheden, T.; Nordqvist, P., 1978:
Dixyrazine as a hypnotic to geriatric patients (proceedings)

Areekul, S.; Muangman, V.; Bohkerd, C.; Saenghirun, C., 1978:
Djenkol bean as a cause of urolithiasis

Daly, M.J.; Stables, R., 1979:
Do H2-receptor antagonists inhibit gastric secretion induced by cholinergic agonists? [proceedings

Alldrick, A.J.; Smith, J.T., 1978:
Do R-factors affect the ability of host bacteria to compete for nutrients? [proceedings

Green, W.F.; Woolcock, A.J., 1978:
Do airborne Bacillus subtilis enzymes from sources other than biodetergents cause respiratory disease?

Crow, T.J.; Deakin, J.F.; Longden, A., 1975:
Do anti-psychotic drugs act by dopamine receptor blockade in the nucleus accumbens

Ziemba, T.; Meltzer, H.Y.; Davis, J.M., 1978:
Do anticholinergic antagonize antipsychotic drug action?

Sundharadas, G., 1977:
Do antigen-specific helper factors in rabbit lack V-region Ig determinants?

Breiting, V.; Refn, H.; Bach, B.; Døssing, M., 1979:
Do beta blockers cause urination disorders? A method for the evaluation of adverse effects

Rössner, S., 1978:
Do blood lipids go up when blood pressure goes down?

Valli, M.; Bouyard, P., 1978:
Do certain urinary antiseptic agents have a psychoanaleptic action?

Rao, V.A.; Coppen, A., 1979:
Do chronic schizophrenics in hospital need more than one neuroleptic drug?

Rydén, G.; Fåhraeus, L.; Molin, L.; Ahman, K., 1979:
Do contraceptives influence the incidence of acute pelvic inflammatory disease in women with gonorrhoea?

Linn, B.S.; Stephenson, S.E.; Bergstresser, P.; Smith, J., 1979:
Do dollars spent relate to outcomes in burn care?

Lévy, G.; Rivals, A.; Bertando, J.; Francois, G., 1976:
Do enzyme determinations have any prognostic value in neurotraumatology?

Kaltenbach, M.; Hopf, R.; Bussmann, W.D.; Kober, G.; Petersen, Y.; Keller, M., 1978:
Do guide lines for differential therapy in hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy exits?

Haegert, D.G.; Coombs, R.R., 1979:
Do human B and null lymphocytes form a single immunoglobulin-bearing population?

Staub, A.M.; Leluc, B., 1975:
Do immunization of rabbits by N-acetylgalactosamine and a disaccharide linked to a protein produce anti-microbial antibodies

Lokken, P., 1975:
Do iron preparations damage the teeth?

Watts, T.; Bransby-Williams, W.R., 1978:
Do mosquitoes breed in maiza plant axils?

Gerard, G.F.; Green, M., 1978:
Do normal human cells express RNA tumor virus-related information?

Davis, J.C.; Hipkin, L.J.; Finn, R.; S.H.ll, C.A., 1978:
Do plasma glycoproteins induce lymphocyte hyporesponsiveness and insulin resistance?

Barkley, R.A.; Cunningham, C.E., 1978:
Do stimulant drugs improve the academic performance of hyperkinetic children? A review of outcome studies

Anonymous, 1979:
Do the lucky ones burn off their dietary excesses?

Brown, R.S.; Jackson, I.M.; Pohl, S.L.; Reichlin, S., 1978:
Do thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins cause non-toxic and toxic multinodular goitre?

Wolfe, S., 1979:
Do you have any lemons?

Opheim, K.; Orbeck, H., 1979:
Do you know enough about this? Newborn infant--body temperature and heat

Anonymous, 1979:
Do you know who I am, what I've been?

Anonymous, 1978:
Do you still consider anticoagulant therapy for the prevention of coronary infarct a necessary indication today?

Kirby, M.J.; Turner, P., 1976:
Do "anorectic" drugs produce weight loss by appetite suppression?

Haradine, J.; Wilson, J.R., 1978:
Doctor Wilson speaks out as new Medical Practice Board head

Wachsman, H.F., 1978:
Doctor and hospital sued successfully by child born eight years after injury to mother

Giampietro, W.B., 1976:
Doctor finds new cure for malpractice suits

Kornfeld, D.S., 1978:
Doctor's dilemma: 'what truth for which patient at what time?'

Pastakia, B., 1978:
Doctor's role in rural health

Grimes, D.S., 1976:
Doctors and administrators. A joint experiment

Hashmi, K.Z., 1979:
Doctors and the islamic penal code

LeBourdais, E., 1976:
Doctors say connector units are dangerous

Maddox, D., 1976:
Doctors' slowdown: lower the premiums and call me in the morning

Fox, R.A., 1978:
Doctors, drink, and disease

Cleland, C.C.; Watson, C.; Whitten, R., 1975:
Documentation in mental retardation

Lichtner, R.; Wolf, H.U., 1979:
Dodecyl sulphate/polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis at low pH values and low temperatures

Ledoux, L.; Huart, R.; Ryngaert-Adriaenssens, A.; Matagne, R.F.; Schlösser, J.P.; Jacobs, M., 1977:
Does DNA correct Arabidopsis thiamin mutants? [proceedings

Bailey, A.; Robinson, D.; Dawson, A.M., 1977:
Does Gilbert's disease exist?

James, E.F., 1978:
Does Kartagener's syndrome exist?

Okuyama, S.; Mishina, H.; Matsuzawa, T., 1979:
Does OK-432 selectively increase bleomycin concentration in tumor?

Spencer, P.S.; Sabri, M.I.; Schaumburg, H.H.; Moore, C.L., 1979:
Does a defect of energy metabolism in the nerve fiber underlie axonal degeneration in polyneuropathies?

Heinle, H.; Wendel, A., 1976:
Does a modified gamma-glutamyl cycle exist in human erythrocytes

Frösner, G., 1976:
Does a "hepatitis C" besides hepatitis B play an important part in blood transfusion disorders?

Sato, K., 1978:
Does acetylcholine change the electrical resistance of the basal membrane of secretory cells in eccrine sweat glands?

Fletcher, G.H.; Montague, E.D., 1978:
Does adequate irradiation of the internal mammary chain and supraclavicular nodes improve survival rates?

Olinescu, A.; Popescu, D.E.; Babeş, S.; Dumitrescu, A., 1978:
Does alpha-fetoprotein influence the immune response?

Walton, B., 1976:
Does anesthesia have an immunosuppressive effect?

Remuzzi, G.; Mingardi, G.; Mecca, G.; Donati, M.B.; de Gaetano, G., 1977:
Does aspirin precipitate major gastrointestinal bleeding in patients on haemodialysis?

Simonić, A.; Buylaert, W.A.; Bogaert, M.G., 1978:
Does bromocriptine possess alpha-lytic properties?

Prédine, F., 1977:
Does ceramic gold weld to other golds?

Watson, W.C.; Kutty, P.K.; Colcleugh, R.G., 1977:
Does cimetidine cause ileus in the burned patient?

Bloch, S.; Martinoya, C., 1978:
Does color discrimination in pigeons vary as a function of retinal localizagion?

Bustos, G.; Roth, R.H., 1979:
Does cyclic AMP-dependent phosphorylation account for the activation of tyrosine hydroxylase produced by depolarization of central dopaminergic neurons?

Litwan, J.A., 1977:
Does diaminobenzidine demonstrate prostaglandin synthetase? A study on polyunsaturated fatty acid-induced DAB oxidation in sheep vesicular glands and rabbit kidney medulla

Grilliat, J.P.; Moneret-Vautrin, D.A., 1977:
Does digestive allergy exist?

Carlsson, A., 1977:
Does dopamine play a role in schizophrenia?

Roboz, J.; Gleicher, N.; Wu, K.; Chanihian, P.; Kerenyi, T.; Holland, J., 1979:
Does doxorubicin cross the placenta?

Robinson, A.A., 1979:
Does driving cause cancer and diabetes?

Laxenaire, M.C.; Fays, J.; Chastel, A., 1976:
Does general anethesia protect against complications of intolerance to contrast media

Noel, D.R.; Witherspoon, R.P.; Storb, R.; Atkinson, K.; Doney, K.; Mickelson, E.M.; Ochs, H.D.; Warren, R.P.; Weiden, P.L.; Thomas, E.D., 1978:
Does graft-versus-host disease influence the tempo of immunologic recovery after allogeneic human marrow transplantation? An observation on 56 long-term survivors

Gozariu, L.; Suciu, E.; Florescu, O.; Diaconescu, S.; Dascălu, R., 1976:
Does hyperparathyroidism with normal blood calcium exist?

Lefèvre, J., 1978:
Does it exist an internal impedence matching between macro- and micropulmonary vasculature? A simple model study

Stöfen, D., 1975:
Does lead contribute to the pathogenesis of spine disease?

Renoux, M., 1976:
Does local regional anesthesia exert an immunosuppressive effect?

Drake, D.F., 1978:
Does money spent on health care really improve U.S. health status?

Strosberg, A.M.; Waterbury, L.D., 1976:
Does myocardial adenyl cyclase represent the cardiac beta-receptor?

Anonymous, 1975:
Does normal gamma globulin protect against hepatitis B

Weir, E.K., 1978:
Does normoxic pulmonary vasodilatation rather than hypoxic vasoconstriction account for the pulmonary pressor response to hypoxia?

Ansay, J.; Andrianne, Y., 1979:
Does one have to be aggressive in the surgical management of diverticular disease of the colon

Schulz, P.; Gruhlke, G., 1979:
Does one have to remove an odontogenic skin fistula?

Kaufmann, E., 1977:
Does pH measurement have a role in the detection of fetal distress

Shockman, G.D.; Daneo-Moore, L.; Cornett, J.B.; Mychajlonka, M., 1979:
Does penicillin kill bacteria?

Sandler, M.; Reynolds, G.P., 1976:
Does phenylethylamine cause schizophrenia?

Anonymous, 1979:
Does photochemotherapy increase the risk of skin cancer?

Bannerjee, S.K.; Barker, I.F.; Waterworth, T.A., 1979:
Does rectal examination affect serum acid phosphatase levels?

Anonymous, 1978:
Does renin lower blood-pressure?

Kalokerinos, A.; Dettman, G., 1978:
Does rubella vaccine protect?

Paul, F., 1976:
Does salmon calcitonin influence the motility of the human gastrointestinal tract? An electromanometric and endoscopic study

Clarke, E.A.; Anderson, T.W., 1979:
Does screening by "Pap" smears help prevent cervical cancer? A case-control study

Grudzinskas, J.G.; Watson, C.; Chard, T., 1979:
Does sexual intercourse cause fetal distress?

Curth, H.O., 1979:
Does the cancer accompanying acanthosis nigricans contain endocrine cells of the APUD series?

Berkó, G.; Szilágyi, I., 1975:
Does the hexachlor-cyclohexan containing scabicide, the Jacutin, possess porphyrinogenic properties?

Mircevová, L., 1977 :
Does the membrane Mg2+-ATPase (actomyosin-like protein) affect the transport of phosphate, sugars, etc.?

Wass, V.J.; Jarrett, R.J.; Chilvers, C.; Cameron, J.S., 1979:
Does the nephrotic syndrome increase the risk of cardiovascular disease?

Maurin, J.; Bouillé, C.; Baylé, J.D., 1978:
Does the nucleus raphes participate in the regulation of resting and stress-induced hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical activity in the pigeon?

Erny, R., 1977:
Does the pH meter have a role in the detection of fetal distress?

Sox, H.C., 1978:
Does the practice of medicine require a medical degree?

Barac, G., 1978:
Does thromboxane B2 influence renal blood flow? (proceedings)

Greaves, M.W., 1978:
Does ultraviolet-evoked prostaglandin formation protect skin from actinic cancer?

Anonymous, 1979:
Does unemployment kill?

Malinauskaite, O.L.; Pevzner, L.Z., 1978:
Does visual deprivation in adult animals affect macromolecular metabolism in visual neurons?

Russell, C., 1976:
Dog bites and Pasteurella

Moriwaki, C.; Miyazaki, K.; Matsuda, Y.; Moriya, H.; Fujimoto, Y., 1976:
Dog renal kallikrein: purification and some properties

Robertson, J.I., 1978:
Doing something about high blood pressure

LaViolette, S., 1979:
Dollar benefits, costs break even

MacGregor, A.J., 1979:
Dollars down the drain

Sakano, H.; Rogers, J.H.; Hüppi, K.; Brack, C.; Traunecker, A.; Maki, R.; Wall, R.; Tonegawa, S., 1979:
Domains and the hinge region of an immunoglobulin heavy chain are encoded in separate DNA segments

Lauwerys, R.; Hubermont, G.; Buchet, J.P.; Roels, H., 1977:
Domestic water and lead exposure during pregnancy

Rabinovich, J.E.; Leal, J.A.; Feliciangeli de Piñero, D., 1979:
Domiciliary biting frequency and blood ingestion of the Chagas's disease vector Rhodnius prolixus Ståhl (Hemiptera: Reduviidae), in Venezuela

Jibusgu, S.; Naryjane, J.; Fyhuniti, A., 1979:
Dominance of machines over man in the nursing practice. Discussion

Débarbouillé, M.; Shuman, H.A.; Silhavy, T.J.; Schwartz, M., 1978:
Dominant constitutive mutations in malT, the positive regulator gene of the maltose regulon in Escherichia coli

Jayaram, H.N.; Cooney, D.A.; Milman, H.A.; Homan, E.R.; Rosenbluth, R.J., 1976:
Don, conv and donv--I. Inhibition of L-asparagine synthetase in vitro

Reid, D.D., 1977:
Donald Darnley Reid

Hunter, D., 1978:
Donald Hunter

Johnson, D.M., 1978:
Donald McIntosh Johnson

François, J., 1975:
Donders Lecture 1972. Biological factors in vitreous surgery

Mittal, K.K.; Kakan, B.D.; Bergan, J.J., 1975:
Donor HL-A incompatibility and lymphocytotoxic antibody response in human renal allotransplantation

Lefevre, J.C.; Claverys, J.P.; Sicard, A.M., 1979:
Donor deoxyribonucleic acid length and marker effect in pneumococcal transformation

Duqesnoy, R.J., 1978:
Donor selection in platelet transfusion therapy of alloimmunized thrombocytopenic patients

Bach, F.H., 1978:
Donor-recipient pairing for MHC LD and CD determinants

Markwick, J.R.; Pegrum, G.D., 1979:
Donor-specific and nonspecific impairment of graft-versus-host reactivity in F1 hybrid rats after pretreatment with parental strain lymphocytes

Spehlmann, R.; Stahl, S.M., 1976:
Dopamine acetylcholine imbalance in Parkinson's disease. Possible regenerative overgrowth of cholinergic axon terminals

Lew, J.Y.; Nakamura, S.; Battista, A.F.; Goldstein, M., 1979:
Dopamine agonist potencies of ergolines

Anlezark, G.M.; Horton, R.W.; Meldrum, B.S., 1978:
Dopamine agonists and reflex epilepsy

Delitala, G., 1977:
Dopamine and T.S.H. secretion in man

Bowers, M.B., 1979:
Dopamine and chronic antipsychotic drug treatment

Cronin, M.J.; Roberts, J.M.; Weiner, R.I., 1978:
Dopamine and dihydroergocryptine binding to the anterior pituitary and other brain areas of the rat and sheep

Bramble, M.G., 1979:
Dopamine and duodenal ulcer

Massara, F.; Camanni, F.; Belforte, L.; Molinatti, G.M., 1976:
Dopamine and inhibition of prolactin and growth-hormone secretion

Tarnoff, G.M., 1978:
Dopamine and its relation to schizophrenia and antipsychotic drugs

Nair, N.P.; Zicherman, V.; Schwartz, G., 1977:
Dopamine and schizophrenia. A reappraisal in the light of clinical studies with clozapine

Henn, F.A., 1978:
Dopamine and schizophrenia. A therapy revisited and revised

Dubouloz, F.; Martin, C.; Fogliani, J.; Nava, G., 1975:
Dopamine and shock. Preliminary clinical study of 7 cases

Costall, B.; Naylor, R.J., 1978 :
Dopamine antagonistic effects of a series of analogues of oxiperomide and spiroxatrine measured behaviourally in the rodent

Valenzuela, J.E., 1976:
Dopamine as a possible neurotransmitter in gastric relaxation

Roth, R.H., 1979:
Dopamine autoreceptors: pharmacology, function and comparison with post-synaptic dopamine receptors

Kapatos, G.; Zigmond, M., 1977:
Dopamine biosynthesis from L-tyrosine and L-phenylalanine in rat brain synaptosomes: preferential use of newly accumulated precursors

Lorenzi, M.; Karam, J.H.; Tsalikian, E.; Bohannon, N.V.; Gerich, J.E.; Forsham, P.H., 1979:
Dopamine during alpha- or beta-adrenergic blockade in man. Hormonal, metabolic, and cardiovascular effects

Toru, M.; Watanabe, S.; Kaneno, S., 1978:
Dopamine hypothesis in schizophrenia--recent findings in limbic system abnormality

Yates, C.M.; Allison, Y.; Simpson, J.; Maloney, A.F.; Gordon, A., 1979:
Dopamine in Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia

Thorner, M.O., 1975:
Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter in the autonomic nervous system

Scatton, B.; Glowinski, J.; Julou, L., 1976:
Dopamine metabolism in the mesolimbic and mesocortical dopaminergic systems after single or repeated administrations of neuroleptics

Gerardy, J.; Dresse, A.; Goffart, M., 1975:
Dopamine of the caudate nucleus in Perodictious potto, Macaca mulatta and Macaca fascicularis

Karobath, M., 1976:
Dopamine receptor and antipsychotic effects

Ebstein, R.P.; Pickholz, D.; Belmaker, R.H., 1979:
Dopamine receptor changes after long-term haloperidol treatment in rats

Ungerstedt, U.; Ljungberg, T.; Schultz, W., 1978:
Dopamine receptor mechanisms: behavioral and electrophysiological studies

Enjalbert, A.; Ruberg, M.; Fiore, L.; Kordon, C., 1978:
Dopamine, GABA-PIF and in vitro regulation of prolactin secretion in the rat (proceedings)

Guthrie, P.B.; Neuhoff, V.; Osborne, N.N., 1975:
Dopamine, noradrenaline, octopamine and tyrosine-hydroxylase in the gastropod Helix pomatia

Algate, D.R.; Leach, G.D., 1978:
Dopamine-beta-hydroxylase release following acute selective sympathetic nerve stimulation of the heart, spleen and mesentery

Tennyson, V.M.; Mytilineou, C.; Heikkila, R.; Barrett, R.E.; Cohen, G.; Côté, L.; Duffy, P.E.; Marco, L., 1975:
Dopamine-containing neurons of the substantia nigra and their terminals in the neostriatum

Pycock, C.J.; Horton, R.W., 1979:
Dopamine-dependent hyperactivity in the rat following manipulation of GABA mechanisms in the region of the nucleus accumbens

Crosignani, P.G.; D'Alberton, A.; Peracchi, M.; Reschini, E., 1976:
Dopamine-induced inhibition of prolactin secretion in amenorrhea-galactorrhea

Ebels, T.; van der Heide, J.N., 1977:
Dopamine-induced ischaemia

Bateman, D.N.; Blain, P.G., 1979:
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Dopaminergic activity in idiopathic oedema

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Dopaminergic neurons in the hypothalamo-hypophyseal system (IV): endocrinologic aspects of endogenous euphorigens

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Dopaminergic neurons: reversal of effects elicited by gamma-butyrolactone by stimulation of the nigro-neostriatal pathway

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Dopaminergic supersensitivity after neuroleptics: time-course and specificity

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Dopaminergic supersensitivity: influence of dopamine agonists, cholinergics, anticholinergics, and drugs used for the treatment of tardive dyskinesia

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Doppler flow velocity measurements in patients with intracranial hypertension

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Dorsal column nuclei and ascending spinal afferents in macaques

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Dorsal-column stimulation in the rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis

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Dosage effect of specific antigen on the indices of the leukocyte migration inhibition reaction in thyroid gland diseases

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Dosage of digitalis glycosides and beta blockers in renal insufficiency

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Dose and physical dependence as factors in the self-administration of morphine by rats

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Dose dependent disposition of [14C]-ICI 89,406 in the male rat: is this due to a capacity limited excretory pathway for the drug into bile? [proceedings

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Dose distribution in 42 MV roentgen irradiation of cervical carcinoma

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Dose distribution in total body irradiation using 10MV X-ray

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Dose distribution of bone-seeking radiopharmaceuticals in the rat

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Dose distribution of photons and neutrons outside of the irradiation field of a 8-mev linear accelerator

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Dose fractionation does not prevent repair of potentially lethal damage induced by bleomycin (NSC-125066) in vivo

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Dose of chenodeoxycholic acid for gallstone dissolution

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Dose range and sighting study of gold sodium thiomalate in rats

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Dose- and time-dependent effects of narcotic analgesics on intracranial self-stimulation in the rat

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Dose-dependent alcohol elimination rates of pigtailed macaques

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Dose-dependent effect of topical corticosteroids on blood flow in human cutaneous tissue

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Dose-dependent pharmacokinetics of prednisone and prednisolone in man

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Dose-dependent preferential binding of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to reiterated DNA of murine skin cells in culture

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Dose-effect relationship and safety of oral administration of penbutolol. A new beta adrenoceptor antagonist in normal subjects

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Dose-effects studies with bezafibrate in patients with hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia

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Dose-ranging study of the new beta-adrenergic antagonist nadolol in the treatment of essential hypertension

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Dose-related biphasic effect of prolyl-leucyl-glycinamide (MIF-I) in depression

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Dose-related response of mouse mamma to some phenothiazine drugs

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Dose-response relationships in steroid therapy for hemorrhagic shock

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Doses and dosage intervals of drugs--clinical practice and pharmacokinetic principles

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Doses of contrast media

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Dosimetric controls of a microtron accelerator for radiotherapy

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Dosimetric measurement and analytical representation of the dose distribution of high-energy radiations

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Dosimetric properties of neutrons from 21-MeV deuteron bombardment of a deuterium gas target

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Dosimetry and instrumentation for helium and heavy ions

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Dosimetry of beams for negative pi-meson radiation therapy

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Dosimetry study of split beam technique using megavoltage beams and its clinical implications--I. 60Co beam, head and neck tumors

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Dotted chromosomes produced in sodium phosphate solution supersaturated with NaHCO3

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Double aortic arch anomalies: diagnosis by countercurrent right brachial arteriography

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Double blind comparative clinical evaluation of a new anxiolytic agent, Zami-905: propazepam

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Double blind randomized trial of metopimazine: for postoperative nausea and vomiting after cholecystectomy

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Double blind study of clobazam (HR 376) in pre- and postoperative anxiety states

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Double blind study of rectal flunitrazepam for pediatric premedication

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Double blind study of the effect of glafenine (Glifanan) on oral anticoagulant therapy with phenprocoumon (Marcumar)

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Double blind study of the psychoanaleptic action of amineptic (1694) in mentally retarded children without personality disorders

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Double blind therapeutic trial of a new non-hypnotic antihistaminic in allergies

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Double coloration in the cytochemistry of acute leucosis

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Double contrast barium enema: best radiographic method for demonstrating colonic polyps

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Double contrast hypotonic duodenography

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Double fluorescent staining for the separate demonstration of chromosomes and microtubules in mitotic cells in vitro

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Double gunshot head injury with lesion of the upper cervical vertebrae in a case of attempted suicide

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Double irregular ventricular parasystole: rate-dependent entrance block and "supernormal" exit conduction

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Double labeling immunohistochemical technique provides evidence of the specificity of glial cell markers

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Double labelling of blanched neurons in the central nervous system of the rat by retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase and iron dextran complex

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Double light-chain disease: a case report

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Double minute chromosomes and the homogeneously staining regions in chromosomes of a human neuroblastoma cell line

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Double mode of action of black widow spider venom on frog neuromuscular junction

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Double noradrenaline effect on nonelectrolyte permeability explained by alpha and beta receptors stimulation in frog skin

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Double outlet right ventricle: clinical spectrum and prognosis

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Double pelvic ring fracture combined with fracture of the femoral neck

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Double representation of the body surface within cytoarchitectonic areas 3b and 1 in "SI" in the owl monkey (Aotus trivirgatus)

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Double rosette-forming cells

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Double test of spontaneous rosettes with sheep and mouse erythrocytes. Statistical studies and usefulness in malignant evolutive and nonevolutive lymphoproliferative diseases

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Double-antibody enzyme immunoassay applied to human alpha 1-fetoprotein

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Double-antibody enzyme immunoassay for nortriptyline

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Double-blind clinical comparison between a gastrin-receptor antagonist, proglumide, and a histamine H2-blocker, cimetidine

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Double-blind clinical study of carpipramine/placebo

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Double-blind clinical study of rohypnol

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Double-blind comparative study of pindolol alone and its association with a nitrate derivative

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Double-blind comparison of methadone and placebo maintenance treatments of narcotic addicts in Hong Kong

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Double-blind comparison of metizoline hydrochloride (Ellsyl) and phenylephrine in allergic and vasomotor rhinitis

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Double-blind comparison of parsalmide and diazepam in anxious and depressive neurotic syndromes

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Double-blind comparison of two antihistamines: mequitazine and dexchlorpheniramine

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Double-blind comparison of two regimens in the treatment of nongonococcal urethritis. Seven-day vs 21-day course of triple tetracyclinc (Deteclo)

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Double-blind controlled trail of electroconvulsive therapy (E.C.T.) and simulated E.C.T. in depressive illness

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Double-blind controlled trial of the new preparation FZ. 560 in the symptomatic treatment of digestive disorders

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Double-blind cross-over clinical comparison of two 2'-chloro benzodiazepines: 7-chloro-5-(2-chlorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one (chlordesmethyldiazepam) versus 7-chloro-5-(o-chlorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-3-hydroxy-2H-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one (lorazepam) in neurotic anxiety

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Double-blind cross-over comparison of clenbuterol and salbutamol tablets in asthmatic out-patients

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Double-blind evaluation of a benzodiazepine compound (lorazepam) as premedication in upper digestive endoscopy

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Double-blind evaluation of oral L-prolyl-Lleucyl-glycine amide in Parkinson's disease

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Double-blind evaluation of the efficacy and safety of temazepam in outpatients with insomnia

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Double-blind evaluation of the safety and hypnotic efficacy of temazepam in insomniac outpatients

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Double-blind placebo-controlled clinical evaluation of oxatimide (R 35443). A novel potent anti-allergic drug in the treatment of hay fever

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Double-blind placebo-controlled efficacy study of ketazolam (U-28,774)

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Double-blind study of interferon administration in renal transplant recipients

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Double-blind study of levamisole in aphthous stomatitis

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Double-blind study of levamisole therapy in recurrent aphthous stomatitis

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Double-blind study of the analgesic effect of indoprofen (K 4277)

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Double-blind study of the effect of cardioselective beta-blockade on chest pain in acute myocardial infarction

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Double-blind study of the effectiveness of the electro-pharmaceutical anesthesia: apropos of 50 cases of prostatic adenomectomy

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Double-blind study on the activity of RO 10-9618 (bromazepam and propantheline) in organic and functional disturbances of the gastrointestinal apparatus

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Double-blind study on the efficacy of Imposit throat tablets in acute lesions of the upper respiratory tract

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Double-blind test with a new benzodiazepine derivative (camazepam)

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Double-blind trial of antihypertensive effect of chlorothiazide in severe renal failure

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Double-blind trial of flunitrazepam in insomnia

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Double-blind trial of glycerol therapy in early stroke

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Double-blind trial of oral carbuterol in bronchial asthma

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Double-blind trial of oral papaverine in chronic cerebrovascular ischemia

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Double-blind trial of tetracycline in recurrent aphthous ulceration

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Double-blind withdrawal trial of azathioprine as maintenance treatment for Crohn's disease

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Double-contrast gastrography of the fundus and cardia: normal landmarks and their pathologic changes

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Double-embedding techniques for light microscope histology

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Double-exposure duplication of preoperative and postoperative 2 X 2 transparencies

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Double-headed protease inhibitors from black-eyed peas. II. Structural studies by optical absorption and circular dichroism

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Double-headed protease inhibitors from black-eyed peas. III. Subunit interactions of the native and half-site chemically modified proteins

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Double-staining procedure for the fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-ABS) test

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Double-stranded RNA-dependent protein phosphorylation in interferon-treated cells [proceedings

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Double-stranded protamine cDNA: synthesis and characterization

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Double-ternary complex affinity chromatography: preparation of alcohol dehydrogenases

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Douglas George Adamson

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Douglas William Claridge Northfield

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Down syndrome and frequency of intercourse

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Down syndrome and maternal age

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Down syndrome and religious groups

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Down syndrome and thyroid function in adults

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Down's syndrome and parental coital rate

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Down's syndrome with X0/XY mosaicism

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Downward gaze in monkeys: stimulation and lesion studies

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Doxantrazole, an antiallergic agent orally effective in man

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Doxapram hydrochloride in the treatment of acute exacerbation of chronic respiratory failure. A patient with four episodes treated without use of a respirator

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Doxorubicin for liver cancer

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Doxorubicin, radiotherapy, and oesophageal stricture

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Doxorubicin-induced hair loss and possible modification by scalp cooling

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Doxorubicin/B.C.N.U. chemotherapy for multiple myeloma in relapse

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Doxycycline levels in lung and bronchial tissues

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Doxycycline. Its potentiometric titration

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Dr Aylmer Foster-Carter

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Dr Mary D. Sheridan

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Dr W. Grey Walter

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Dr. Bruno Gans

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Dr. Ernst A. H. Friedheim--a tribute on his eightieth birthday

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Dr. Frank Ridehalgh

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Dr. Frederick Le Gros Clark

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Dr. Gordon Bates: a personal war against VD

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Dr. J. G. McCrie

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Dr. Jerome L. Reeves on death and dying. An interview

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Dr. John L Bomba, PDA president

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Dr. Johnson and Dr. Herberden

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Dr. Linus Pauling and vitamin C

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Dr. Miklós Herczegh, 1919-1976

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Dr. S. C. Dyke

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Dr. Semyon Gluzman

Styles, M., 1979:
Dr. Styles discusses professionalization and credentialing

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Dragons and other scientific hazards

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Drain-cover injuries in children

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Drainage in biliopancreatic surgery

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Drama and movement therapy in a continuing care ward

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Dramatic congress by the Municipal Employees' Cartel: regulations hottest issue

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Dramatic palliation for painful, fixed bladder squamous cell carcinoma with 5-fluorouracil infusion

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Drastic G2 arrest in mammalian cells after irradiation with heavy-ion beams

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Drawing-induced seizures

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Drawings as a therapeutic medium. The treatment of separation anxiety in a 4-year-old boy

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Dream interpretation without associations: Bismarck's dream

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Dream phenomena induced by chronic levodopa therapy

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Dried blood spot screening for cystic fibrosis

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Drift in pacemakers

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Drinking problems: putting the Third World on the map

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Drive as a specifically human category: Alfred Lorenzer's problematic contribution to the relationship between interaction and drive

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Driving of slow oscillations in the human somatosensory system

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Droperidol, its alpha-adrenergic blocking action on the aortic strip and inhibitory action on norepinephrine uptake of the adrenergic terminal of the left atrial strip of rabbit

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Drosophila melanogaster lacks eye-pigment binding proteins

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Drowsiness from drugs

Anonymous, 1979:
Drug absorption: the solution is solution

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Drug abuse and psychopathology

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Drug abuse applications: some regression explorations with national survey data

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Drug abuse in Indonesia

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Drug abuse rehabilitation treatment for convicted felons

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Drug addiction

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Drug addiction: time for reappraisal

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Drug addicts in general practice. On the status of addiction therapy

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Drug allergy: in vitro cross-allergenicity between amoxicillin and benzyl penicillin

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Drug and mood state-specific encoding and retrieval of experience

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Drug and surgical therapy of angina pectoris

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Drug and therapeutic interactions in diabetes mellitus

Anonymous, 1979:
Drug binding to alpha 1 acid glycoprotein--clinically important?

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Drug binding to alpha 1-glycoprotein

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Drug blockade of open end-plate channels

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Drug consumption of persons in homes for the aged in the district of Jönköping, Sweden (proceedings)

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Drug control of common symptoms in the terminally ill patient

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Drug dependence studies in laboratory animals

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Drug effects on EEG frequency spectra as a function of interstimulus interval

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Drug effects on platelet aggregation and prostaglandin formation

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Drug effects on the performance of pigeons under a negative automaintenance schedule

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Drug fever with cimetidine

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Drug formulation and salivary phenytoin measurements

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Drug heritage of the newborn infant

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Drug history and tardive dyskinesia

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Drug hypersensitivity--prevention, diagnosis, and management

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Drug immunosuppression

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Drug impairment reviews: opiates, minor tranquilizers

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Drug impairment reviews: other drugs

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Drug impairment reviews: stimulants

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Drug induced changes of EEG vigilance and optimizing control behavior during car driving

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Drug induced cutaneous effects, particularly Lyell's syndromes; recent physiopathological aspects

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Drug induced dyskinesia: a critical review

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Drug induced lung diseases. A review

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Drug influences on malformations

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Drug information and cost effectiveness

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Drug information. Agents for the treatment of neoplastic diseases. Therapeutic main group: cytostatic agents. 5. Naturally occurring agents

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Drug information. Antipsychotic treatment with neuroleptics at very high dosage

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Drug information. Beta receptor blocking drugs in the treatment of hypertension. A review

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Drug information. Metoprolol (Seloken, Hässle)

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Drug information. Therapeutic main group: agents for the treatment of dizziness. Last part

Lumholtz, I.B., 1978:
Drug information: cimetidine (Tagamet). Therapeutic main group: antihistaminics. 1

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Drug inhibition of ecto-ATPase and of phagocytosis in leukocytes

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Drug interactions III

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Drug interactions and anesthesia: a review

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Drug interactions and lethal drug combinations

Egli, M., 1979:
Drug interactions in antiepileptic combination therapy

Koch-Weser, J., 1976 :
Drug interactions in cardiovascular therapy

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Drug interactions in the GI tract

Mitznegg, P., 1979:
Drug interactions in the intestinal tract

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Drug interactions with antihypertensive drugs

Stafford, J.R.; Fann, W.E., 1977:
Drug interactions with guanidinium antihypertensives

Strickholm, A., 1979:
Drug interactions with nerve membrane components regulating ionic permeability: action of tetrodotoxin, procaine, pentobarbital, and ethanol

Anonymous, 1979:
Drug interactions. I

Anonymous, 1979:
Drug interactions. II

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Drug interference and the role of anesthesia in such interference

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Drug interference with laboratory investigations

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Drug intervention in the management of aggression and explosive behaviour

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Drug metabolism by the fetal stump-tailed monkey (Macaca arctoides). Hepatic microsomal N-demethylation and glucuronidation as measured by radiometric assays

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Drug metabolism in liver diseases

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Drug metabolism in malnourished children: a study with antipyrine

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Drug nephrotoxicity in medical practice

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Drug of first choice in mild and moderate essential hypertension--clinical, hemodynamic and economic aspects

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Drug oxidations dependent on cytochrome P-450 in isolated hepatocytes. The role of the tricarboxylates and the aminotransferases in NADPH supply

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Drug permeation through synthetic lipoid membranes. 7. A resorption model with a lecithin membrane for testing the biological availability of drugs

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Drug permeation through synthetic lipoid membranes. 8. Mathematical description of substance transport with constant concentration in compartment A

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Drug pharmacokinetics in newborn infants

Franson, T.R.; Sorensen, E.T., 1978:
Drug pharmacokinetics in patients with renal failure

Ljunggren, B.; Möller, H., 1978:
Drug phototoxicity in mice

Anonymous, 1979:
Drug preparations: salasopyridazine

Grimsson, A.; Olafsson, O., 1977:
Drug prescription in Iceland

Wüthrich, B.; Radielovic, P., 1978:
Drug prevention of bronchial asthma: inhibition of histamine and exercise-induced asthma by a new anti-anaphylactic oral preparation (ketotifen)

Rabo, E., 1977:
Drug prophylaxis in pertussis

Restian, A., 1979:
Drug protection of the cardiovascular system against psychological stress

Grolleau-Raoux, D., 1976:
Drug protection of the myocardium during cardiac surgery

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Drug protein interaction: inhibition of glutamate dehydrogenase by psycoactive butyrophenones

Van Putten, T., 1978:
Drug refusal in schizophrenia: causes and prescribing hints

Brodin, A.F.; Frank, S.G., 1978:
Drug release from o/w/o multiple emulsion systems

Janz, D., 1978:
Drug resistance in epilepsy therapy

Fukuhara, Y., 1976:
Drug resistance of tubercle bacilli -- from the clinical point of view

Mackay, J.B., 1978:
Drug resistant tuberculosis in New Zealand

Murray, R.M.; Murphy, D.L., 1978:
Drug response and psychiatric nosology

Guillozet, N., 1977:
Drug risks in pregnancy revisited

Kobayashi, A., 1979:
Drug selection for antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Johanson, C.E.; Uhlenhuth, E.H., 1978:
Drug self-administration in humans

Murohashi, T.; Yoshida, K., 1978:
Drug sensitivity of M. leprae isolated from leprosy patients administered DDS for long period of time

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Drug sensitivity of plasmodium falciparum. An in-vitro microtechnique

Brien, G.; Bick, C.; Gremske, D., 1978:
Drug therapy and metaphylaxis of urolithiasis

Walker, E., 1976:
Drug therapy for Parkinsonism

Shiratori, T.; Inatsugu, N.; Nishimura, S.; Hosoi, T., 1977 :
Drug therapy for ulcerative colitis

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Drug therapy in Basedow's disease

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Drug therapy in hypertension 1977. Empirical and rational viewpoints

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Drug therapy in liver diseases

Gerlach, J., 1976:
Drug therapy in non-psychotic anxiety, depression and neurasthenia

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Drug therapy in the management of asthma

Saccar, C.L., 1978:
Drug therapy in the treatment of minimal brain dysfunction

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Drug therapy of Basedow's disease. Long term functional results (302 cases)

Malá, E., 1977:
Drug therapy of anxiety

Biasini, G., 1977:
Drug therapy of asthma

Hofmann, D., 1976:
Drug therapy of asthma syndrome

Fossati, C., 1975:
Drug therapy of bronchial asthma

Kling, H., 1979:
Drug therapy of chronic arterial occlusive diseases of the lower extremities with butalamine-HCl

Witchitz, S.; Weber, S.; Arich, C., 1977:
Drug therapy of chronic coronary insufficiency

Dotevall, G., 1978:
Drug therapy of chronic gastritis

Calanca, A., 1978:
Drug therapy of depressive states

Buchthal, A., 1978:
Drug therapy of epilepsies. (Conclusion)

Ortlieb, R., 1975:
Drug therapy of hepatitis in childhood

Hayduk, K., 1975:
Drug therapy of hypertension

Falck, I., 1976:
Drug therapy of incurable patients

Ocaña Sierra, J., 1975:
Drug therapy of malignant tumors of the skin. Bleomycin

Kielholz, P.; Adams, C., 1979:
Drug therapy of masked depression

Duck, H.J.; Trenckmann, H.; Fleischmann, J.H.; Neugebauer, A.; Schauer, J., 1975:
Drug therapy of myocardial infarct in ambulatory practice

Krebs, R., 1979:
Drug therapy of neck-shoulder-arm syndrome

Ballabio, C.B.; Caruso, I., 1978:
Drug therapy of osteoarthrosis of the hip

Olesen, J.; Henriksen, H.; Knudsen, J.; Tfelt-Hansen, P., 1979:
Drug therapy of pain in cancer and terminal illness

Procacci, P.; Zoppi, M.; Maresca, M., 1978:
Drug therapy of pain in cancer: a therapeutic scheme

Puletti, M.; Curione, M., 1977:
Drug therapy of pre-excitation syndromes

Kaneko, A., 1977:
Drug therapy of retinoblastoma. The first report. Distribution of 5-fluorouracil and bleomycin in retinoblastoma and aqueous humor

Agosti, E., 1977:
Drug therapy of shock

Theisen, K., 1978:
Drug therapy of tachyarrhythmias

Klein, W., 1976:
Drug therapy of tachycardial heart-rhythm disorders

Kobayashi, R.M., 1977:
Drug therapy of tardive dyskinesia

Reinwein, D., 1978:
Drug therapy of thyroid malignomas

Christoffersen, J.C., 1979:
Drug therapy of uric acid calculi--litholysis

Pietrusko, R.G., 1979:
Drug therapy reviews: pharmacotherapy of diarrhea

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Drug therapy update for the long-term-care nurse--assessment of need and evaluation of method

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Drug therapy: Bronchodilator therapy (first of two parts)

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Drug tolerance to beta2 adrenergic agents

Wilson, A.F., 1977:
Drug treatment of acute asthma

Cole, J.O., 1978:
Drug treatment of anxiety

Rick, J.H.; Oparil, S., 1977:
Drug treatment of hypertension

Breivik, H.; Følling Elgjo, R., 1978:
Drug treatment of pain in cancer

Anonymous, 1977:
Drug trials: allowing for cost

Hurwitz, A., 1979:
Drug uptake into everted intestinal sacs. II. Inhibition of secretion by hypertonicity

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Drug use by the polysurgical patient

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Drug utilization review in an HMO. I. Introduction and examples of methodology

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Drug variables in the etiology of tardive dyskinesia application of discriminant function analysis

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Drug-associated acute pancreatitis

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Drug-associated primary acute pancreatitis

Barton, A.A.; Barton, M., 1976:
Drug-based prevention of pressure-sores

Anonymous, 1977:
Drug-dependence clinics

Forth, W., 1976:
Drug-drug interactions

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Drug-drug interactions among residents in homes for the elderly: a pilot study

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Drug-induced IgA deficiency in rheumatoid arthritis

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Drug-induced agranulocytosis. A survey of twenty-three episodes

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Drug-induced beta-blocking during fenoterol tocolysis during labor

Doshi, E.; Huggins, S.E., 1977:
Drug-induced brain monoamine depletion and its behavioral correlates in Caiman sclerops

Deglin, S.M.; Deglin, J.M.; Chung, E.K., 1977:
Drug-induced cardiovascular diseases

Juorio, A.V., 1979:
Drug-induced changes in the formation, storage and metabolism of tyramine in the mouse

Pierpaoli, W.; Maestroni, G.J., 1978:
Drug-induced chimerism and prevention of graft-versus-host disease in lethally irradiated mice transplanted with rat bone marrow

von Lieven, T.; Dietz, V.; Schulte, P.W., 1976:
Drug-induced chronic hallucinosis. A case of chronic hallucinosis in an elderly patient following long-term use of psycholeptic drugs

Anonymous, 1978:
Drug-induced depression

Lee, A.S., 1977:
Drug-induced dystonic reactions

Rifkind, A.B., 1976:
Drug-induced exacerbations of porphyria

Pfau, F.R., 1976:
Drug-induced extrapyramidal movement disorders of the face and jaw in dyskinesia

Okasha, A.;, H.; Sadek, A.; Lotiaf, F.; Ashour, A.M., 1979:
Drug-induced extrapyramidal side-effects in Egyptian schizophrenic patients

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Drug-induced gastrointestinal bleeding. Report from the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program, Boston University Medical Center

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Drug-induced handwriting changes: an empirical review

Acalovschi, M., 1979:
Drug-induced hemolytic anemia

Gay, G.; Debry, G., 1976:
Drug-induced hypoglycemia in diabetic patients

Weitzman, S.A.; Stossel, T.P., 1978:
Drug-induced immunological neutropenia

Amadori, S.; Petti, M.C.; Mastrovincenzo, C.; Testa, M.G., 1979:
Drug-induced kinetic perturbations of the marrow blasts in acute leukemia. Effects of the daunorubicin, cytosine arabinoside and 6-thioguanine combination

Cole, P., 1977:
Drug-induced lung disease

Medici, T.C.; Fontana, A., 1977:
Drug-induced lung diseases

Warner, W.A., 1977 :
Drug-induced lupus erythematosus

Fjellner, B., 1979:
Drug-induced lupus erythematosus aggravated by oral zinc therapy

Kaplan, A.I.; Zakher, F.; Sabin, S., 1978:
Drug-induced lupus erythematosus with in vivo lupus erythematosus cells in pleural fluid

Perkins, J.P.; Johnson, G.L.; Harden, T.K., 1978:
Drug-induced modification of the responsiveness of adenylate cyclase to hormones

S.G.orgiev, V.; Carlson, R.P.; Van Inwegen, R.G.; Khandwala, A., 1979:
Drug-induced modifications of the immune response. 1. Substituted 1-phenylisoquinolines

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Drug-induced myopathies in man

Arneborn, P.; Palmblad, J., 1978:
Drug-induced neutropenia in the Stockholm region 1973-75: frequency and causes

Arneborn, P.; Palmblad, J., 1979:
Drug-induced neutropenias in the Stockholm region 1976-1977

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Drug-induced panmyelopathies

Gründig, E.; Raheem, K.A.; Salvenmoser, F.; Schedl, R.; Weiss, J., 1976:
Drug-induced parkinsonism in the rat- a model for biochemical investigation of the parkinson-syndrome. III. The incorporation of D-glucose-14C(U) in amino acids of brain and liver from rats pretreated with reserpine or with phenothiazines

Lüllmann, H.; Lüllmann-Rauch, R.; Wassermann, O., 1975:
Drug-induced phospholipidoses. II. Tissue distribution of the amphiphilic drug chlorphentermine

Martins, J.E.; Sampaio, S.A., 1977:
Drug-induced photosensitization

Djaldetti, M.; Bessler, H.; Fishman, P., 1978:
Drug-induced platelet surface alterations. A possible mechanism for impaired aggregation

Grob, P.J.; Müller-Schoop, J.W.; Häcki, M.A.; Joller-Jemelka, H.I., 1975:
Drug-induced pseudolupus

Filipek, W.J., 1979:
Drug-induced pulmonary disease

Kondo, A., 1978:
Drug-induced pulmonary diseases

Jones, W.N.; Trinca, C.E.; Walson, P.D., 1978:
Drug-induced systemic lupus erythematosus

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Drug-induced systemic lupus erythematosus: a critical review

Tsai, C.C.; Jain, S.C.; Sobell, H.M., 1975:
Drug-nucleic acid interaction: X-ray crystallographic determination of an ethidium-dinucleoside monophosphate crystalline complex, ethidium: 5-iodouridylyl(3'-5')adenosine

Foerst, H., 1979:
Drug-prescribing patterns in skilled nursing facilities

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Drug-receptor interaction at the frog neuromuscular junction

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Drug-resistant tuberculosis

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Drug-seeking behavior during methadone maintenance

Keyes, M.J., 1979:
Drugging a defendant

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Drugs affecting the central nervous system: effects of pemoline and tricyclic antidepressants on nerve terminal adenosine triphosphatase activities and neurotransmitter release

Gilbert, J.C., 1976:
Drugs affecting the heart and blood vessels

Cooper, P., 1976:
Drugs affecting the heart rate--beta-receptor blocking agents

Moore, T.L.; Robbins, D.L.; Rose, J.E.; Vaughan, J.H., 1978:
Drugs affecting the release of rheumatoid factor in a plaque-forming cell assay

Hartmann, E., 1978:
Drugs against insomnia

Kuner, G.; Deklerk, J.; Gottschall, V., 1979:
Drugs against stage-fright?

Ruch-Monachon, M.A.; Jalfre, M.; Haefely, W., 1976:
Drugs and PGO waves in the lateral geniculate body of the curarized cat. V. Miscellaneous compounds. Synopsis of the role of central neurotransmitters on PGO wave activity

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Drugs and acute agranulocytosis: analysis of previous drug intake in 42 patients

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Drugs and brain mitochondrial enzymatic activities during post-natal development in rat

Peteja, J., 1977:
Drugs and chromosomes

Lie, S.O., 1979:
Drugs and congenital abnormalities of the eye

Anonymous, 1979:
Drugs and dosages: Dobutrex

Anonymous, 1977:
Drugs and driving

Anonymous, 1977:
Drugs and gallstones

Pallasch, T.J., 1976:
Drugs and periodontal therapy

Bochner, F., 1978:
Drugs and peripheral vascular disease

Anonymous, 1977:
Drugs and the elderly

Rise, A., 1976:
Drugs and the fetus. 6. Antihistaminics

Rise, A., 1976:
Drugs and the fetus. Antihistaminics

Cullhed, I.; Aberg, H., 1976:
Drugs and the heart

Roffe, B.D.; Lamy, P.P., 1978:
Drugs and the high cost of health care

Smith, S.E., 1978:
Drugs and the thyroid gland

Bickel, P.; Bösch, H.; Uchtenhagen, A.; Dienst, S., 1976:
Drugs and their way of application in juvenile drug abuse. A dimension-analytical study of consumption habits

Tillement, J.P., 1976:
Drugs combined with neuroleptics in anesthesia

Siracusano, L.; Pavia, L.; Buttafarro, A.; Gugliandolo, A.; Giannetto, P.; Freni, F.; Casella, G., 1977:
Drugs depressing myocardial ionotropism

Anonymous, 1978:
Drugs for asthma

Anonymous, 1978:
Drugs for colitis

van der Kuy, A.; van den Bemd, A.A.; Beysens, A.J., 1976:
Drugs for control of gastrointestinal symptoms. I. Agents which influence the acidity of the stomach and intestines

Anonymous, 1977:
Drugs for diarrhoea

Anonymous, 1977:
Drugs for duodenal ulcer

Niebyl, J.R., 1979:
Drugs for inhibition of premature labor

Lamerton, R., 1979:
Drugs for pain

Clark, C.G.; Wyllie, J.H., 1977:
Drugs for peptic ulcer

Grossman, M.I., 1977:
Drugs for peptic ulcer. Invited commentary

Anonymous, 1976:
Drugs for psychiatric disorders

Anonymous, 1976:
Drugs for rare diseases

Anonymous, 1979:
Drugs for the Third World--a double standard

Klotzbach, M., 1979:
Drugs for the management of chronic ischemic heart disease

Clarke, P.D.; Geddes, A.M., 1977:
Drugs for typhoid fever

Walker, E., 1979:
Drugs in current use. Parasitic skin infections (cont.). Part II. Scabies--"the itch"

Walker, E., 1979:
Drugs in current use: parasitic skin infections

Hill, R.M.; Stern, L., 1979:
Drugs in pregnancy: effects on the fetus and newborn

Aslam, M.; Stockley, I.H., 1979:
Drugs in psychiatry

Svedmyr, N.; Simonsson, B.G., 1978:
Drugs in the treatment of asthma

Anonymous, 1979:
Drugs in threatened preterm labour

Barrat, J.; Seebacher, J., 1975:
Drugs most frequently used during pregnancy and labor and their effects

Keeri-Szanto, M., 1979:
Drugs or drums: what relieves postoperative pain?

Abarzua, J.; Anderson, J.A., 1979:
Drugs other than corticosteroids for the treatment of asthma

Haigler, H.J.; Spring, D.D., 1979:
Drugs that antagonize limb flick behavior induced by D-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in cats

Walsh, E.H.; Pettrone, C.R., 1977:
Drugs used in the treatment of pediatric allergy and asthma

Sinclair, H., 1978:
Drugs, lipid metabolism, and atherosclerosis: summary

Spencer, W.H., 1978:
Drusen of the optic disk and aberrant axoplasmic transport. The XXXIV Edward Jackson memorial lecture

Andreeva, Z.M.; Gridneva, N.I.; Ved'mina, E.A.; Givental', N.I., 1978:
Dry AGV medium for determination of microbial sensitivity to antibiotics

Grigor'eva, I.A.; Sergeevich, E.A.; Lyskovtsev, M.M.; Oleneva, A.G.; Pushkarev, V.V., 1975:
Dry erythrocytic diagnostic agent for the determination of antiglobulins

Besednova, N.N.; Gorshkova, R.P.; Tomshich, S.V.; Ovodov, I.S.; Somov, G.P., 1976:
Dry erythrocytic lipopolysaccharide diagnostic agent for pseudotuberculosis

Kurkela, R.; Holmström, B., 1976:
Dry matter losses in mushroom (Lactarius rufus) by blanching

Gaziumarova, L.D.; Moroz, A.F.; Ertuganova, Z.A.; Afinogenov, G.E., 1978:
Dry medium with ampholan for isolation of Proteus and Providencia

Mamedova, T.A.; Bykoba, I.A.; Borzova, I.A.; Akhundova, A.M.; Kozinets, G.I., 1976:
Dry weight and electrophoretic mobility of peripheral blood erythrocytes in beta-thalassemia

Tsuji, K.; Harrison, S.J., 1978:
Dry-heat destruction of lipopolysaccharide: dry-heat destruction kinetics

Johnson, A.H.; Pappas, F.; Ward, F.E.; Amos, D.B.; Hartzman, R.J., 1978:
DuB 15: a B-cell specificity in the HLA-D, -DR region

Metral, S.; Bonneton, C.; Hort-Legrand, C.; Reynes, J., 1978 :
Dual action of erbium on transmitter release at the frog neuromuscular synapse

Brănişteanu, D.D.; Proca, B.; Haulică, I.D., 1979:
Dual action of ouabain on transmitter release at neuromuscular junctions of the frog

Bhattacharjee, A.K.; Glaudemans, C.P., 1978:
Dual binding specificities in MOPC 384 and 870 murine myeloma immunoglobulins

Orias, E.; Rasmussen, L., 1979:
Dual capacity for nutrient uptake in Tetrahymena. V. Utilization of amino acids and proteins

Hasan, F.M.; Kazemi, H., 1976:
Dual contribution theory of regulation of CSF HCO3 in respiratory acidosis

Katholi, R.E.; Woods, W.T.; Kawamura, K.; Urthaler, F.; James, T.N., 1979:
Dual dependence on both Ca2+ and Mg2+ for electrical stability in cells of canine false tendon

Gupta, R.K.; Oesterling, R.M., 1976:
Dual divalent cation requirement for activation of pyruvate kinase; essential roles of both enzyme- and nucleotide-bound metal ions

Duhm, J., 1976:
Dual effect of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate on the Bohr effects of human blood

Jurkiewicz, A.; Jurkiewicz, N.H., 1976:
Dual effect of alpha-adrenoceptor antagonists in rat isolated vas deferens

Bissett, J.K.; Kane, J.J.; de Soyza, N.; McConnell, J.; Schmitt, N., 1977:
Dual effects of concealed A-V nodal conduction in man

Gage, P.W.; Hamill, O.P.; Van Helden, D., 1979:
Dual effects of ether on end-plate currents

Chand, N.; DeRoth, L., 1979:
Dual histamine receptor mechanism in guinea-pig lung

Berge, R.K.; Farstad, M., 1979:
Dual localization of long-chain acyl-CoA hydrolase in rat liver: one in the microsomes and one in the mitochondrial matrix

Alexander, P., 1977:
Dual mechanism of surveillance by the host of malignant cells

Hayes, N.L.; Rustioni, A., 1979:
Dual projections of single neurons are visualized simultaneously: use of enzymatically inactive [3H]HRP

Mau-Liang, W., 1979:
Dual recombination as origin of pandemic influenza viruses

Bryant, M.G.; Bloom, S.R.; Albuquerque, R.H.; Polak, J.M.; Modlin, I., 1976:
Dual role for vasoactive intestinal peptide--peripheral hormone and neurotransmitter

Tejwani, G.A.; Pedrosa, F.O.; Pontremoli, S.; Horecker, B.L., 1976:
Dual role of Zn2+ as inhibitor and activator of fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase of rat liver

Curry, P.V.; Rowland, E.; Krikler, D.M., 1979:
Dual-demand pacing for refractory atrioventricular re-entry tachycardia

Peterson, J.A.; Ebel, R.E.; O'Keeffe, D.H., 1978:
Dual-wavelength stopped-flow spectrophotometric measurement of NADPH-cytochrome P-450 reductase

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Dysgammaglobulinaemic lymphadenopathy

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Dyson Milroy Blair

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Dysplasia spondyloepiphysealis congenita

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Dysrhythmias and the choice of treatment

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Dystonia musculorum deformans--a status report

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Dystonic reactions to phenothiazines

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Dystrophy of Bruch's lamina with or without para-foveal neovascularization

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Détermination of salivary pH by contact pH metry. Study of ph on the tongue and of the orifices of Wharton's and Stenon's ducts

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E antigen and B hepatitis

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E rosette formation in the presence of alpha-fetprotein and ferritin

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E rosette forming cells and EAC rosette forming cells

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E-PTA stains oligodendroglial surface membranes and microtubules in optic nerves during myelination

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E-rosette, immunocomplexes and plasmapheresis

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E-type delayed fluorescence depolarization, technique to probe rotational motion in the microsecond range

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E-type prostaglandins: a new emergency therapy for certain cyanotic congenital heart malformations

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E. Cowles Andrus

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E. coli tRNAs as inhibitors of viral reverse transcription in vitro

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E.C.G. monitoring of newborn

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E.E.G. component of fetal alcohol syndrome

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E.E.G. monitoring for the control of anaesthesia produced by the infusion of althesin in primates

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E.L.I.E.D.A. for serological investigation of parasitic diseases

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E.M.I. scan in the management of head injuries

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