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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 38941

Chapter 38941 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1975:
Female alumni reflect on dentistry

Duane, B., 1975:
Female dental, medical, law and vet applications compared

Pollock, J.I., 1979:
Female dominance in Indri indri

Akers, J.S.; Conaway, C.H., 1979:
Female homosexual behavior in Macaca mulatta

Eigen, M., 1979:
Female sexual responsiveness and the therapist's feelings

Kirstein, L., 1978:
Female soldiers' social adjustment

Madrigal, V.; Edelman, D.A.; Goldsmith, A.; Brenner, W.E., 1975:
Female sterilization via laparoscopy. A long-term follow-up study

Videla, E.; Prigoshin, N., 1976:
Female trans-sexualist with abnormal karyotype

Kümper, H.J.; Heinz, F., 1977:
Female urinary incontinence. Etiology - diagnosis - treatment. 1. Etiology

Veylon, R., 1979:
Feminine professional activity and medical expenditures

Anonymous, 1976:
Feminisation in liver disease

de Strihou, C.; Vincent, A.; Alexandre, G.P., 1976:
Femoral-head necrosis after renal transplantation

Evered, D.F., 1976:
Fencing or boxing?

Mühlendahl, K.E.; Krienke, E.G., 1978:
Fenfluramin (ponderax) intoxications in children

Anonymous, 1976:
Fengnan County's heroic barefoot doctors

Ainslie, S.G.; Eisele, J.H.; Corkill, G., 1979:
Fentanyl concentrations in brain and serum during respiratory acid--base changes in the dog

Oesterhelt, D.; Lynen, F., 1979:
Feodor Lynen, 6 April 1911-6 August 1979

Horne, C.H., 1975:

Pécs, M.D.; Szontágh, F., 1975:
Ferenc Szontágh

Anonymous, 1978:
Ferguson Lodge: a new home for quadriplegics

Wong, J.C.; Dyer, J.K.; Tribble, J.L., 1977:
Fermentation of L-aspartate by a saccharolytic strain of Bacteroides melaninogenicus

Gürgün, V.; Kirchner, G.; Pfennig, N., 1976:
Fermentation of pyruvate by 7 species of phototrophic purple bacteria

Quick, D.C.; Waxman, S.G., 1977:
Ferric ion, ferrocyanide, and inorganic phosphate as cytochemical reactants at peripheral nodes of Ranvier

Hubel, D.H.; Wiesel, T.N., 1977:
Ferrier lecture. Functional architecture of macaque monkey visual cortex

Schneider, K.; Pietschmann, H.; Havlik, E.; Willvonseder, R.; Höfer, R., 1978:
Ferrokinetic studies in haemoglobin Wien haemolytic anaemia

Guay, R.; Torma, A.E.; Silver, M., 1975:
Ferrous ion oxidation and uranium solubilization from a lowgrade ore by "Thiobacillus ferrooxidans"

Saunders, J.R.; Ferguson, A.W., 1976:
Ferrous sulphate

Nilsson, C.G.; Lähteenmäki, P., 1977:
Fertilisation in women with intrauterine devices

Richter, W.; Pröschold, M.; Butenandt, O.; Knorr, D., 1976:
Fertility after treatment with HCG for undescended testes (author's tranls)

Mueller, W.H., 1979:
Fertility and physique in a malnourished population

Hornstein, O.P., 1978:
Fertility centers

Coutinho, E.M.; Da Silva, A.R.; Kraft, H.G., 1976:
Fertility control with sub-dermal silastic capsules containing a new progestin (ST-1435)

Franch, P.; Heilskov, N.S.; Høstrup, H.; Linnet-Jepsen, P.; Søgaard, H., 1978:
Fertility in patients with ectopic testis treated by orchiopexy at the age of 11 years at the latest

Schane, H.P.; Anzalone, A.J.; Potts, G.O., 1978:
Fertility in the rhesus monkey following long-term inhibition of ovarian function with danazol

Cittadini, E.; Gattuccio, F.; Gullo, D., 1979:
Fertility in treated cryptorchidism: evaluation during prepuberty and after puberty in surgically treated subjects

Retief, P.J., 1977:
Fertility in undescended testes

Kushner, D.H., 1979:
Fertility in women after age forty-five

Janerich, D.T.; Lawrence, C.E.; Jacobson, H.I., 1976:
Fertility patterns after discontinuation of use of oral contraceptives

Mauldin, W.P., 1976:
Fertility trends: 1950-75

Nestor, J.O., 1975:
Fesults of the failure to perform adequate preclinical studies before administering new drugs to humans

Lev, R.; Loud, A.V.; Laitio, M.; Orlic, D., 1979:
Fetal absorption of 3H-leucine injected into the amniotic sacs of pregnants rats

Chang, A.; Wood, C., 1976:
Fetal acid-base balance. I. Interdependence of maternal and fetal PCO2 and bicarbonate concentration

Lehmann, F.G.; Kornacher, J., 1976:
Fetal aldolase-A-isoenzyme in tissue and serum during hepatoma and benign liver diseases

Cranley, M.S., 1978:
Fetal and maternal monitoring: antepartal fetal assessment

Serup, J., 1978:
Fetal and neonatal hypothyroidism due to antithyroid-drug therapy

Rudolph, A.M., 1977:
Fetal and neonatal pulmonary circulation

Cruikshank, D.P., 1977:
Fetal antigens and prenatal diagnosis

Michelson, J.B.; Felberg, N.T.; Shields, J.A., 1976:
Fetal antigens in retinoblastoma

Komáromy, B.; Gaál, J.; Lampé, L., 1977:
Fetal arrhythmia during pregnancy and labour

Beard, R.W.; Rivers, R.P., 1979:
Fetal asphyxia in labour

Bompiani, A.; Romanini, C.; Oliva, G.C.; Paparatti, L.; Mascellino, V.; Bompiani, R., 1977 :
Fetal biophysical monitoring in high risk labour

Vison, P.C.; Goldenberg, R.L.; Davis, R.O.; Finley, S.C.; Milunsky, A.; Chase, T.M.; Nagendran, S.S., 1977:
Fetal bladder-neck obstruction and elevated amniotic-fluid alpha fetoprotein

Young, B.K.; Katz, M.; Klein, S.A.; Silverman, F., 1979:
Fetal blood and tissue pH with moderate bradycardia

Pearson, J.F., 1976:
Fetal blood sampling and gas exchange

Fossati, C., 1977:
Fetal damage and risks in the administration of drugs oradiation to pregnant women

Asokan, S.; Portela, L.; Nijensohn, E.; Pinc, R.D., 1979:
Fetal demise, an accurate diagnosis

Kjessler, B., 1979:
Fetal diagnosis--who has the right to portion out suffering and anxiety to pregnant women and their families?

Lucas, A.; Christofides, N.D.; Adrian, T.E.; Bloom, S.R.; Aynsley-Green, A., 1979:
Fetal distress, meconium, and motilin

Lundborg, P., 1979:
Fetal effects of antihypertensive drugs

Alter, B.P., 1979:
Fetal erythropoiesis in stress hematopoiesis

Shambaugh, G.E.; Mrozak, S.C.; Freinkel, N., 1977:
Fetal fuels. I. Utilization of ketones by isolated tissues at various stages of maturation and maternal nutrition during late gestation

Anonymous, 1978:
Fetal haemoglobin in sicle-cell anaemia and thalassaemia--a clue to therapy?

Acién, P.; Salvatierra, V.; Navarrete, L., 1979:
Fetal heart rate deceleration index--its relation with fetal pH, Apgar score and dips or decelerations

Teramo, K.; Hiilesmaa, V.; Bardy, A.; Saarikoski, S., 1979:
Fetal heart rate during a maternal grand mal epileptic seizure

Ohel, G., 1978:
Fetal heart rate in the second stage of labour and fetal outcome

Van Lierde, M.; De Muylder, X.; Thomas, K., 1979:
Fetal heart rate in the second stage of labour. Method of interpretation and parameters of the new-born

Ron, M.; Yaffe, H.; Polishuk, W.Z., 1976:
Fetal heart rate response to maternal hypotension during amniocentesis

Miyai, K.; Mizuta, H.; Amino, N.; Tanizawa, O.; Nose, O.; Oura, T., 1979:
Fetal heart-rate in congenital hypothyroidism

De Simone, J.; Mueller, A.L., 1979:
Fetal hemoglobin (HbF) synthesis in baboons, Papio cynocephalus. Analysis of fetal and adult hemoglobin synthesis during fetal development

Chudwin, D.S.; Rucknagel, D.L.; Scholnik, A.P.; Waldmann, T.A.; McIntire, K.R., 1977:
Fetal hemoglobin and alpha-fetoprotein in various malignancies

Shmatnik, I.P., 1978:
Fetal hemoglobin content in young children with iron deficiency anemia

Chaplin, E.R.; Schlueter, M.A.; Phibbs, R.H.; Kitterman, J.A.; Tooley, W.H., 1976:
Fetal hemoglobin in the diagnosis of neonatal subarachnoid hemorrhage

DeSimone, J.; Mueller, A.L., 1978:
Fetal hemoglobin synthesis in baboons (Papio cynocephalus)

Fuhr, J.E.; Gengozian, N., 1979:
Fetal hemoglobin: in vivo stimulation by D-thyroxine in adult marmosets

Lewis, P.J.; Trudinger, B., 1977:
Fetal hiccups

Schinzel, A., 1979:
Fetal hydantoin syndrome in siblings

Lemus Sánchez, H.; del Villar Ponce, J.P., 1978:
Fetal hydrops (review of 30 cases)

Brown, G.; Brown, R.; Hey, E., 1978:
Fetal hyperinsulinism in rhesus isoimmunization

Levin, D.L.; Hyman, A.I.; Heymann, M.A.; Rudolph, A.M., 1978:
Fetal hypertension and the development of increased pulmonary vascular smooth muscle: a possible mechanism for persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn infant

Ibbertson, H.K.; Seddon, R.J.; Croxson, M.S., 1975:
Fetal hypothyroidism complicating medical treatment of thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy

Wald, N.; Barker, S.; Cuckle, H.; Brock, D.; Stirrat, G., 1978:
Fetal loss after amniocentesis

Bennett, M.J., 1978:
Fetal loss after second-trimester amniocentesis in women with raised serum-alpha-fetoprotein

Frantz, I.D.; Epstein, M.F., 1978:
Fetal lung development in pregnancies complicated by diabetes

Poduslo, S.E.; Tennekoon, G.; Price, D.; Miller, K.; McKhann, G.M., 1976:
Fetal metachromatic leukodystrophy: pathology, biochemistry and a study of in vitro enzyme replacement in CNS tissue

Werch, A.; Hinkley, C.M.; Wait, R.B., 1977:
Fetal monitoring

Manning, F.A.; Platt, L.D.; Sipos, L., 1979:
Fetal movements in human pregnancies in the third trimester

Redman, C.W., 1976:
Fetal outcome in trial of antihypertensive treatment in pregnancy

Seppälä, M., 1975:
Fetal pathophysiology of human alpha-fetoprotein

Sirica, A.E.; Richards, W.; Tsukada, Y.; Sattler, C.A.; Pitot, H.C., 1979:
Fetal phenotypic expression by adult rat hepatocytes on collagen gel/nylon meshes

Sørensen, T.; Hasch, E.; Lange, A.P., 1979:
Fetal presentation during pregnancy

Thom, H.; Johnstone, F.D.; Gibson, J.I.; Scott, G.B.; Noble, D.W., 1977:
Fetal proteinuria in diagnosis of congenital nephrosis detected by raised alpha-fetoprotein in maternal serum

Goodlin, R.C.; Haesslein, H.C., 1977:
Fetal reacting bradycardia

Dierker, J.F.; Hertz, R.H.; Timor-Tritsch, I.; Rosen, M.G., 1979:
Fetal respiration: a review of two techniques for observation

Melmed, S.; Harada, A.; Murata, Y.; Socol, M.; Reed, A.; Carlson, H.E.; Azukizawa, M.; Martin, C.; Jorgensen, E.; Hershman, J.M., 1979:
Fetal response to thyrotropin-releasing hormone after thyroid hormone administration to the rhesus monkey: lack of pituitary suppression

Dossland, S., 1976:
Fetal scalp blood pH values during labor

Ionasescu, V.; Zelleger, H.; Cancilla, P., 1978:
Fetal serum-creatine-phosphokinase not a valid predictor of Duchenne muscular dystrophy

DiGiacomo, R.F.; Shaughnessy, P.W., 1979:
Fetal sex ratio in the rhesus (Macaca mulatta)

Toutant, C.; Lippmann, S., 1979:
Fetal solvents syndrome

Ptak, W.; Skowron-Cendrzak, S., 1977:
Fetal suppressor cells. Their influence on the cell-mediated immune responses

Harter, C.; Benirschke, K., 1976:
Fetal syphilis in the first trimester

Haneberg, B.; FROLAND, S.S.; Finne, P.H.; Bakke, T.; Thunold, S.; Moe, P.J.; Tonder, O.; Solberg, C.O.; Solheim, B.G.; Dalen, A., 1976:
Fetal thymus transplantations in severe combined immunodeficiency

Beuzard, Y.; Vainchenker, W.; Testa, U.; Dubart, A.; Monplaisir, N.; Breton-Gorius, J.; Rosa, J., 1979:
Fetal to adult hemoglobin switch in cultures of early erythroid precursors from human fetuses and neonates

Bell, R.J., 1977:
Fetal virilisation due to maternal Krukenberg tumor

King, C.R.; Magenis, E., 1977:
Fetal wastage and chromosome anomalies in offspring of patients with Turner syndrome

Lai, P.C.; Mears, G.J.; van Petten, G.R.; Hay, D.M.; Lorscheider, F.L., 1978:
Fetal-maternal distribution of ovine alpha-fetoprotein

Goldstein, A.I.; Pezzlo, F., 1978:
Fetal-maternal hemorrhage after amniocentesis: incidence, degree and ramifications

Harrison, K.L.; Baker, J.W., 1978:
Fetal-maternal macrotransfusion--a study of 400 postpartum women

Conquy, P., 1979:
Fetal-maternal monitoring during labor

Leong, M.; Duby, S.; Kinch, R.A., 1979:
Fetal-maternal transfusion following early abortion

Lemons, J.A., 1979:
Fetal-placental nitrogen metabolism

Digiacomo, R.F.; Shaughnessy, P.W.; Tomlin, S.L., 1978:
Fetal-placental weight relationships in the rhesus (Macaca mulatta)

Taniguchi, N., 1975:
Fetalism of cancer - analysis of enzyme patterns

Finn, R.; St Hill, C.A.; Davis, J.C.; Hipkin, L.J.; Harvey, M., 1977:
Feto-maternal bidirectional mixed lymphocyte reaction and survival of fetal allograft

Weise, W.; Bernoth, E.; Quent, P.; Weise, G., 1977:
Fetography and amniography in prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders

Toubas, P.L.; Tchobroutsky, C.; Relier, J.P.; Zorn, J.R., 1977:
Fetology in 1976

Gupta, S.; Goel, Z.; Grieco, M.H., 1976:
Fetuin. In vitro effect on sheep erythrocyte rosette formation with human T lymphocytes

Harrison, F.W.; Cowden, R.R., 1975:
Feulgen microspectrophotometric analysis of deoxyribonucleoprotein organization in larval and adult freshwater sponge nuclei

Stockert, J.C., 1977:
Feulgen positive nucleoli in Epon semithin sections: fact or artifact?

Erenpreĭsa, E.A.; Tsvetkova, S.E., 1977:
Feulgen reaction conducted on unfixed smears

Dutt, M.K., 1975:
Feulgen staining of mammalian tissues fixed in picro-formol-acetic acid

Dutt, M.K., 1975:
Feulgen type staining of deoxyribonucleic acid with janus colours

Dutt, M.K., 1977:
Feulgen type staining of mammalian tissues with Dahlia-SO2

Dutt, M.K., 1979:
Feulgen type staining with Hoffmann's violet-SO2 under exposure to UV rays

Hanic, L.A., 1979:
Feulgen, iron-propionocarmine and cupra-ammonium in preparing algal chromosomes for light microscopy

Bernocchi, G.; Redi, C.A.; Scherini, E., 1979:
Feulgen-DNA content of the Purkinje neuron: "diploid" or "tetraploid"?

Boquoi, E.; Krebs, S.; Kreuzer, G., 1975:
Feulgen-DNA-cytophotometry on mammary tumor cells from aspiration biopsy smears

Gaub, J., 1976:
Feulgen-Naphthol Yellow S cytophotometry of liver cells. The effect of formaldehyde induced shrinkage on nuclear Naphthol Yellow S binding

Reynolds, W.W., 1977:
Fever and antipyresis in the bluegill sunfish, Lepomis macrochirus

Cathcart, E.S., 1979:
Fever and arthritis

Hellmann, A.; Strzalkowski, M., 1977:
Fever as a sign of testicular tumor in a patient with cryptorchism

Kleinebrecht, J.; Michaelis, H.; Michaelis, J.; Koller, S., 1979:
Fever in pregnancy and congenital anomalies

Kaplinski, C.; Frand, M.; Rubinstein, Z., 1979:
Fever of unknown origin as a manifestation of Takayasu disease

Chusid, M.J.; Tang, T.T., 1978:
Fever, diarrhea, anemia, rash, and acrocyanosis in a 2-month-old girl

Furuya, K., 1975:
Fever, memory disturbances, eosinophilia, proteinuria and incomplete hemiplegia of the right side: nodular polyarteritis

Valtonen, V., 1978:
Fever, polyarthritis and myalgia in a young man--a clinico-pathological connference

Dinelli, D.; Marconi, W.; Morisi, F., 1976:
Fiber-entrapped enzymes

Fossieck, B.E.; Parker, R.H.; Cohen, M.H.; Kane, R.C., 1977:
Fiberoptic bronchoscopy and culture bacteria from the lower respiratory

Heaton, K.W., 1979:
Fibre, satiety, and energy balance

Atkinson, M.; Ferguson, R., 1977:
Fibreoptic endoscopic palliative intubation of inoperable oesophagogastric neoplasms

Herzog, J.; Farber, J.L., 1975:
Fibrillar nucleolar remnants do not contain macromolecular precursors of ribosomal RNA. Demonstration by the effects of d-galactosamine

Kotschy, M., 1976:
Fibrin degradation products (FDP) and fibrinolytic activity of blood in various acute and chronic diseases

Okamoto, H.; Kanai, S.; Tipayang, P.; Inada, Y., 1979:
Fibrin membrane endowed with biological function. IV. Formation of cross-links between fibrinogen (or fibrin) and ribonuclease by transglutaminase

Pettersson, S.; Hedelin, H.; Jansson, I.; Teger-Nilsson, A.C., 1979:
Fibrin occlusion of a vesicovaginal fistula

Zuch, A.; Kloczko, J.; Bielawiec, M.; Myśliwiec, M.; Grabowski, R.; Buluk, K., 1977:
Fibrin stabilizing factor (factor XIII) consumption as an indicator of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)

Astedt, B.; Adielsson, G.; Mattsson, W., 1976:
Fibrin/fibrinogen degradation products in pleural exudate

Mustard, J.F.; Packham, M.A.; Kinlough-Rathbone, R.L.; Perry, D.W.; Regoeczi, E., 1978:
Fibrinogen and ADP-induced platelet aggregation

Demchenko, A.P.; Zima, V.L.; Galanova, T.F.; Belitser, V.A., 1976:
Fibrinogen and fibrin monomer conformation changes dependent of pH magnitude

Gralnick, H.R.; Coller, B.S.; Fratantoni, J.C.; Martinez, J., 1979:
Fibrinogen bethesda III: a hypodysfibrinogenemia

Kronvall, G.; Schönbeck, C.; Myhre, E., 1979:
Fibrinogen binding structures in beta-hemolytic streptococci group A, C, and G. Comparisons with receptors for IgG and aggregated beta 2-microglobulin

Scully, M.F.; Kakkar, V.V., 1975:
Fibrinogen degradation of normal and fibrinolytic plasma

Dale, B.M.; Purdie, G.H.; Rischbieth, R.H., 1978 :
Fibrinogen depletion with sodium valproate

Müller-Berghaus, G.; Moeller, R.M.; Mahn, I., 1978:
Fibrinogen turnover in pregnant rabbits during the first and last thirds of gestation

Levy, G.; Michault, A.; Jamet, M., 1978:

Laursen, B., 1976:
Fibrinolysis and antithrombin in acute leukaemia

Quartarone, M.; Di Cesare, E.; Saitta, A.; Cucinotta, D.; Coppolino, E.; Squadrito, G., 1978:
Fibrinolysis and the cold pressor test

Risberg, B., 1977:
Fibrinolysis and tourniquet

Peterson, H.I.; Risberg, B., 1977:
Fibrinolysis in the rat lung after intravenous tumour cell injection

Cepelák, V.; Roubal, Z.; Kuchar, M., 1976:
Fibrinolysis induction by synthetic organic acids. Chemical structure and biological activity relationship

Neubauer, R.H., 1977:
Fibrinolytic activity associated with established lymphoblastoid cell lines and fresh peripheral blood lymphocytes of human and nonhuman primate origin

Okamoto, U.; Yamamoto, J.I.; Nagamatsu, Y.; Horie, N., 1979:
Fibrinolytic activity of lung and spleen extracts observed in conventional but not in germ-free rats

Hefnawi, F.; Saleh, A.; Kandil, O.; El-Sheikha, Z.; Hassanein, M.; Askalani, H., 1979:
Fibrinolytic activity of menstrual blood in normal and menorrhagic women and in women wearing the Lippes Loop and the Cu-T (200)

Zdrenghea, D.; Mărcuşu, C.; Cucuianu, M.; Rentsch, S., 1979:
Fibrinolytic capacity after exertion in atherogenic hyperlipoproteinemias

Kudrjashov, B.A.; Liapina, L.A.; Klöcking, H.P., 1976:
Fibrinolytic properties of a heparin-ocrase complex

Knight, M.T.; Dawson, R.; Melrose, D.G., 1977:
Fibrinolytic response to surgery. Labile and stable patterns and their relevance to post-operative deep venous thrombosis

Weissbach, G.; Lenk, H.; Braun, W.; Domula, M.; Friedel, D., 1977:
Fibrinolytic therapy in DIC in children

Boysen, M.E.; Olving, J.H.; Vatne, K.; Koppang, H.S., 1979:
Fibro-osseous lesions of the cranio-facial bones

Krueger, W.W.; Goepfert, H.; Romsdahl, M.; Herson, J.; Withers, R.H.; Jesse, R.H., 1978:
Fibroblast implantation enhances wound healing as indicated by breaking strength determinations

Weimar, W.; Heijtink, R.A.; Schalm, S.W.; van Blankenstein, M.; Schellekens, H.; Masurel, N.; Edy, V.G.; Billiau, A.; De Somer, P., 1977:
Fibroblast interferon in HBsAg-positive chronic active hepatitis

Slate, D.L.; Ruddle, F.H., 1979:
Fibroblast interferon in man is coded by two loci on separate chromosomes

Liburd, E.M.; Pazderka, V.; Russell, A.S.; Dossetor, J.B., 1976:
Fibroblast lysis by lymphocytes from normal persons and SLE patients on short-term cultures

Vaheri, A.; Ruoslahti, E.; Linder, E.; Wartiovaara, J.; Keski-Oja, J.; Kuusela, P.; Saksela, O., 1976:
Fibroblast surface antigen (SF): molecular properties, distribution in vitro and in vivo, and altered expression in transformed cells

Hall, J.G.; Schaller, J.G.; Worsham, N.G.; Horning, M.R.; Staheli, L.T., 1979:
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (myositis ossificans progressiva) treatment with disodium etidronate

Rogers, J.G.; Geho, W.B., 1979:
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva. A survey of forty-two cases

Nakajo, S.; Murakami, M.; Fukai, H.; Okamoto, S.; Shirabe, T., 1977:
Fibrosarcoma arising in anaplastic astrocytoma of the brain

Gebbers, J.O.; Seifert, G.; Riesner, K., 1977:
Fibrosing alveolitis--a contribution to the ultrastructure and pathogenesis of interstitial pulmonary diseases

Mandell, G.A.; Dalinka, M.K.; Coleman, B.G., 1979:
Fibrous lesions in the lower extremities in neurofibromatosis

McDonald, T.J.; Weiland, L.H., 1978:
Fibrous xanthoma of the frontal sinus

Rogers, D.; Bussey, H., 1978:
Fidelity of conjugation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Machlin, E.S.; Freilich, A.; Agrawal, D.C.; Burton, J.J.; Briant, C.L., 1975:
Field ion microscopy of biomolecules

Thorstenson, M.A., 1978:
Field nursing in Nepal

MacLeod, N.K., 1976:
Field potentials in the olfactory bulb of the codfish (Gadus morhua)

Purdy, J.A.; Abrath, F.G.; Perez, C.A., 1979:
Field shaping for electron-beam radiation therapy

Schneider, J.; Haase, W.; Kaffarnik, H., 1976:
Field study on the decrease of lipids using etofibrate

Haussmann, R.K.; Hegyvary, S.T., 1976:
Field testing the nursing quality monitoring methodology: phase II

Blétry, O.; De Prost, Y.; Scheuble, C.; Frank, R.; Godeau, P., 1979:
Fiessinger-Leroy-Reiter syndrome with non-obstructive cardiomyopathy treated with methotrexate

Koren, Z.; Lieberman, R., 1976:
Fifteen years experience with artificial insemination

Anonymous, 1979:
Fifth Annual Student Research Day. College of Medicine University of South Alabama. Mobile, Alabama. Abstracts of papers presented

Anonymous, 1979:
Fifth International Symposium of Posturography. Amsterdam, 18-22th June 1979 (first part)

Anonymous, 1979:
Fifth International Symposium of Posturography. Amsterdam, 18th-22th June 1978. Part 2

Anonymous, 1978:
Fifth Los Alamos life sciences symposium: hazardous solid wastes and their disposal, Los Alamos, New Mexico, October 12-14, 1977. Proceedings

Anonymous, 1979:
Fifth Symposium on Statistics and the Environment. Washington, DC., October 16-17, 1978

Ploem, J.S., 1975:
Fifth international conference on immunofluorescence and related staining techniques. General introduction

Anonymous, 1979:
Fifth international congress of the International Society of Microsurgery, 4-7 October 1978 in Bonn

Anonymous, 1978:
Fifth international congress on hormonal steroids. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1977:
Fifty years of the Polish Society of Microbiologists

Naess, K., 1978:
Fight against pain. Are we in front of a new era?

Koriat, A.; Levy, I., 1979:
Figural symbolism in Chinese ideographs

Venkateswaran, P.S.; Stanton, N.; Buettger, C.; Austrian, R., 1978:
Filamentous capsulated streptococci from the human respiratory tract: chemical and immunochemical characterization of a glycoprotein capsular antigen of provisional binary capsular type 87

Venkateswaran, P.S.; Stanton, N., 1978:
Filamentous capsulated streptococci from the human respiratory tract: chemical and immunochemical characterization of the polysaccharide capsular antigen of provisional binary capsular type 87

Wang, K.; Ash, J.F.; Singer, S.J., 1975:
Filamin, a new high-molecular-weight protein found in smooth muscle and non-muscle cells

Anonymous, 1978:
Filarial nodule of the female breast. Clinicopathologic study of 57 cases

Korsower, J.M.; Reeder, M.M., 1975:
Filling defect in the urinary bladder

Stecher, M.; Eichler, R., 1978:
Film dosimetric investigations on the production of the exposure to the eyes with radiation therapy in the head and cervical region with fast electrons up to 17 Mev

Dodd, G.D.; Capitanio, M.A.; Farman, J.; Kaye, J.J.; Putman, C.E., 1978:
Film interpretation session. Radiological Society of North America. Sixty-fourth scientific assembly and annual meeting. November 1978. Summary of discussion and diagnoses

Kolb, D.H., 1977:
Film production in dental practice

Kerpelmann, L.C., 1975:
Films in nursing education

Hoult, J.R., 1976:
Films in pharmacology teaching

Anonymous, 1979:
Filter Validation Symposium, Annual Meeting of the Parenteral Drug Association, New York City, 15-17 November 1978

Levander, O.A.; Morris, V.C.; Ferretti, R.J., 1977:
Filterability of erythrocytes from vitamin E-deficient lead-poisoned rats

Nilzén, R., 1978:
Filters in intravenous lines

Brabec, V., 1976:
Filtrability of erythrocytes in "hypersplenic" rats

Cisar, J.O.; McIntire, F.C.; Vatter, A.E., 1978:
Fimbriae of Actinomyces viscosus t14v: their relationship to the virulence-associated antigen and to coaggregation with Streptococcus sanguis 34

Klemm, P., 1979:
Fimbrial colonization factor CFA/1 protein from human enteropathogenic Escherichia coli strains. Purification, characterization and N-terminal sequence

Arai, H.; Munoz, J.J., 1979:
Fimbrial hemagglutinin in stationary and shake cultures of Bordetella pertussis

Lössner, J., 1975:
Final remarks on the discussion by H. Glasner "Is the simultaneous performance of the mastic reaction and cerebrospinal fluid electrophoresis still necessary?" and of von H. Krause "Cerebrospinal fluid electrophoresis and the normomastic reaction"

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Finance from bottom to top

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Find of the mosquito, Culiseta longiareolata Macq., 1838 along the central Volga

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Findings in clinical tests. 6. Physical diagnosis

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Findings of subpartal monitoring, status of the newborn infant and evaluation of cardiotocographic findings

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Findings on pneumoencephalogram of sellar and suprasellar tumor cases

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Fine illustrations--a printer's art

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Fine needle aspiration biopsy of abdominal and retroperitoneal tumours under ultasonic guidance

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Fine needle catheter jejunostomy--an assessment of a new method of nutritional support after major gastrointestinal surgery

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Fine particles of cotton dust influence histamine release

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Fine specificity of a continuously growing killer cell clone specific for H-Y antigen

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Fine specificity of antibodies to poly(Glu60Ala30Tyr10) produced by hybrid cell lines

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Fine specificity of cytotoxic T lymphocytes: C57BL effector cells induced by autologous cells modified with hapten (4-hydroxy-3-nitro-phenyl)acetyl (NIP) are not heteroclitic

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Fine specificity of regulatory T cells. II. Suppressor and helper T cells are induced by different regions of hen egg-white lysozyme in a genetically nonresponder mouse strain

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Fine structural analysis of the cortico-striatal pathway

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Fine structural and cytochemical identification of microperoxisomes in developing human erythrocytic cells

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Fine structural and cytochemical study of the innervation of smooth muscle in an amphibian (Bufo marinus) lung before and after denervation

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Fine structural changes in the heart muscle after heart contusion

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Fine structural comparison of the antennal nerve in the homeotic mutant Antennapedia with the wild-type antennal and second leg nerves of Drosophila melanogaster

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Fine structural demonstration of tyrosinase activity in the retinal pigment epithelium of normal and PTU-treated chick embryos

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Fine structural observations of the liver in alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency

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Fine structural studies of radiation-resistant human squamous cell carcinomas

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Fine structure and physiocochemical studies on the collagen of the marine sponge Chondrosia reniformis nardo

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Fine structure of adenovirus type 5. I. Virus capsid

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Fine structure of chromatin as visualized in thin sections with the Gautier selective stain for DNA

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Fine structure of collagens and their relation to glucosaminoglycans (GAG)

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Fine structure of dense-cored vesicles in glomus cells of rat carotid body after fixation with permanganate or glutaraldehyde

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Fine structure of isolated fibrils from the cuticle of Lumbricus sp

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Fine structure of the adhesive pads of Gonionemus vertens

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Fine structure of the monkey epididymis: a correlated thin-section and freeze-cleave study

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Fine structure of three different anti-fluorescein combining sites: induced circular dichroism of hapten bound to autologous and heterologous recombinants

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Fine-bore nasogastric tubes

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Fine-needle aspiration cytology

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Fine-needle aspiration of the breast: diagnoses and pitfalls. A review of 3545 cases

Anonymous, 1978:
Fine-needle percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography

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Finger Clubbing: A quantitative survey by analysis of the shadowgraph

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Finger print deposits of the kidney in pure monoclonal IgG kappa cryoglobulinemia

Anonymous, 1978:
Finnish Duodecimin Society of Medical Practitioners, anniversary symposium

Cruickshank, K.J., 1978:
Fire and evacuation planning in hospitals

Anonymous, 1977:
Fire to frying-pan

Rapp, M.S., 1979:
Firearms and confidentiality

Chemodanov, V.I., 1979:
First All-Union Conference on the "Physiology of Human Development"

Mosidze, V.M.; Turashvili, R.I., 1978:
First All-Union Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Conference on the "Functional asymmetry of the human brain"

Anonymous, 1978:
First Congress of the Polish Society of Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology

Wieringa, H.K., 1979:
First European Conference Welfare of Livestock Animals

Lorensen, M., 1979:
First European Nursing Research Conference in Austerlitz in the Fall: improved patient care through research and teamwork

Anonymous, 1979:
First European workshop on mammalian melanin pigmentation. Lyon, 23-24 November 1978

Anonymous, 1977:
First Internalional Congress on Cardiac Rehabilitation. Hamburg, September 12-14, 1977. Scientific abstracts

Anonymous, 1979:
First International Conference on Tuberculosis, sponsored by the Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Anti-Tuberculosis Association, the American College of Chest Physicians, and the North American region of the International Union Against Tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1978:
First International Symposium on Positron Emission Tomography. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. June 2--3, 1978. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1979:
First Irish psychopharmacology conference--a report

Burlina, A., 1979:
First J. Henry Wilkinson Memorial Lecture: The clinical relevance of isoenzyme assays

Anonymous, 1978:
First Meeting of the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetriciens

Bahr, R.T.; Gress, L., 1979:
First National Conference on Nursing Leadership in Rural Health

Falkson, G., 1979:
First South African National Oncologic Nursing Symposium; 12 & 13 October 1979. Medical Oncology 1979

Anonymous, 1978:
First Symposium on Neural Organization and Function of the Retina

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First aid activities, adaptation of methods to the circumstances and the personnel

Stan, G., 1979:
First aid and follow-up of patients with ischemic heart disease

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First aid and the mentally retarded

Neuss, O., 1979 :
First aid in asphyxia in general practice

Epuraru, E., 1979:
First aid in carbon monoxide poisoning

Erenkov, V.A., 1978:
First aid in infants with bronchial asthma

Morita, F.; Handa, T., 1976:
First aid in the clinical field. Post-operative respiratory care in a case of giant mediastinal tumor

Marek, H., 1976:
First aid in traumatic tooth injuries in children and adolescents

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First apparent dissociation constant of carbonic acid, pK'1, of plasma and erythrocytes

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First application of tablet form bromperidol in man with particular consideration of tolerance

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First branchial arch syndrome

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First case in the literature: lymphomatoid granulomatosis presenting as an abdominal mass

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First clinical experiences with the small molecular synthetic thrombin inhibitor 4-amidinophenylpyruvic acid (APPA)

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First clinical results of radiotherapy following partial synchronization by bleomycin

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First consequences of the determination of the entire antigenic structure of sperm-whale myoglobin

Giffei, J.M.; Saling, E., 1978:
First experience with continuous pH measurements on fetus during delivery

Kunz, J.; Schmid, J.; Schmid, W.; Schreiner, W.E., 1975:
First experiences with amniocentesis from genetic indications

Weigelin, E.; Trier, H.G.; Krischer, C.; Meissen, R., 1979:
First experiences with an instrument for TV display of digitally encoded text information for the visually handicapped

Asche, G.; Haas, H.G.; Klemm, K., 1979:
First experiences with the external mini-fixator of Jaquet

Aleksić, L., 1978:
First experiences with ultrasonic therapy in chronic tonsillitis (preliminary report)

Anonymous, 1978:
First international symposium on immunologic monitoring of the transplant patient. Part II

Anonymous, 1976:
First interprofessional standard for visual field testing. Report of Working Group 39. Committee on Vission, Assembly of Behavioran and Social Sciences, National Research Council

Anonymous, 1977:
First joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Energy Intake and Protein Requirements

Payk, T.R., 1979:
First medical measures in psychiatric emergencies

Shepard, D.S.; Thompson, M.S., 1979:
First principles of cost-effectiveness analysis in health

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First results of a survey on the immediate consequences of adoption

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First results of preventive tocolytic agent administration in twin pregnancies

Stepanenko, M.A., 1975:
First results of the work of the urban cytological laboratory

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First scribbles: the emergence of an ego function

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First trimester abortion by vacuum aspiration: interphysician variability

Cuttino, J.T.; Scatliff, J.H., 1979:
First year radiology residents: PGI vs. PGII

Anonymous, 1976:
First-line chemotherapy in the retreatment of bacteriological relapses of pulmonary tuberculosis following a shortcourse regimen

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First-neighbor specificities of actinomycin-DNA bindings by circular dichroism

Goujard, J.; Rumeau-Rouquette, C., 1977:
First-trimester exposure to progestagen/oestrogen and congenital malformations

Hornstra, G.; Haddeman, E.; ten Hoor, F., 1979:
Fish oils, prostaglandins, and arterial thrombosis

Anonymous, 1979:
Fish poisoning

Lundstrom, R.C., 1979:
Fish species identification by thin layer isoelectric focusing

Simonsen, R.J., 1978:
Fissure sealants: deciduous molar retention of colored sealant with variable etch time

Rosenthal, D., 1979:
Fissure-in-ano management in the military community

Litvinchuk, M.D.; Rudyĭ, R.V.; Novosilets, Z.I., 1979:
Fistula-free method of evaluating cholagogue agents on rats

Anonymous, 1978:
Fit for anaesthesia?

Dreyer, R.; Wehmeyer, W., 1977:
Fits of laughter (gelastic epilepsy) with a tumour of the floor of the third ventricle. A video tape analysis

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Fitzgerald factor: a hitherto unrecognised coagulation factor

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Five alpha-D-galactopyranosyl-binding isolectins from Bandeiraea simplicifolia seeds

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Five issues in nursing

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Five made it - one not. The rise of medical craftsman to academic status during the 19th century

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Five new Escherichia coli K antigens, K95, K96, K97, K98 and K100

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Five subtypic specificities of the Bw22 complex in four racial groups

Vacek, V.; Kazda, A., 1978:
Five years of experience in parenteral nutrition

Anonymous, 1978:
Five years with Lord Rothschild

Baker, M.A.; Taub, R.N., 1977:
Five-year follow-up of immunotherapy in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Schwab, W.; zum Winkel, K.; Ammon, J., 1976:
Five-years synchronized radiotherapy in treatment of carcinoma of the head and neck: clinical results, 1970--1974

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Fixation and staining of F-actin and microfilaments using tannic acid

Gochelashvili, Z.A., 1978:
Fixation of free nitrogen in the soil and on the roots of citrus trees in the subtropics of the Georgian SSR

Mozsáry, P., 1978:
Fixation of laterofacial fractures by means of ballon-tampon

Dutt, M.K., 1979:
Fixation of mammalian tissues in different fixatives and its influence on the staining with methyl green-pyronin

Tsuji, S., 1979:
Fixation of methylene-blue-treated nervous tissue for histological and ultrastructural studies

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Fixation of oxoglutarate on the external face of the internal minochondrial membrane of rat hearts (proceedings)

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Fixation of polyunsaturated fatty acids by alpha fetoprotein and serum albumin in rats. Comparison with the accumulation of these acids in developing rat brain

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Fixation of the chloroplast coupling factor (CF1) to lipid vesicles. Role of a subunit of CF0

Bugugnani, R., 1978:
Fixed partial denture in a child: design, technology, prognosis

Pekhlivanov, Z., 1975:
Fixed splint for non-parallel teeth

Rodgers, F.G.; Greaves, P.W.; Macrae, A.D., 1979:
Flagella and fimbriae on Legionella organisms

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Flagellar antigens of E. coli serologically interrlelated to H40, 41 and H41, 42, 43 flagellar antigens of Citrobacter. New H-antigeny E. coli i Citrobacter

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Flagellar hook protein from Salmonella SJ25

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Flagellar transformations at alkaline pH

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Flame-protection agents in textiles still a danger?

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Flameless atomic-absorption analysis of trace elements in biological fluids

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Flare and itch induced by substance P in human skin

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Flash photolysis studies on nitric oxide-ferrihemoprotein complexes. Evidence for the photodissociation into the ferric state

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Flash photometric experiments on the photochemical cycle of bacteriorhodopsin

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Flash-induced 515 nm absorbance change in chloroplasts with various granum contents

Haveman, J.; Mathis, P., 1976:
Flash-induced absorption changes of the primary donor of photosystem II at 820 nm in chloroplasts inhibited by low pH or tris-treatment

Holmes, N.G.; van Grondelle, R.; Duysens, L.N., 1978:
Flash-induced changes in the in vivo bacteriochlorophyll fluorescence yield at low temperatures and low redox potentials in carotenoid-containing strains of photosynthetic bacteria

Schechter, D.C., 1979 :
Flashbacks: Ventricular fibrillation part I

Schechter, D.C., 1979:
Flashbacks: containment of tumors through electricity

Schechter, D.C., 1979:
Flashbacks: electrical treatment of aneurysms

Schechter, D.C., 1978:
Flashbacks: phrenic electrostimulation

Schechter, D.C., 1979:
Flashbacks: ventricular fibrillation. Part II

Bondar, V.S., 1978:
Flat flap plasty of wounds persisting unhealed for a long time in crural and foot regions of the leg

Serwer, P., 1977:
Flattening and shrinkage of bacteriophage T7 after preparation for electron microscopy by negative staining

Jones, D., 1978:
Flattening filter design

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Flavin mononucleotide reductase of luminous bacteria

Cova, A.; Setnikar, I., 1975:
Flavoxate and 3-methylflavone-8-carboxylic acid. Assay methods in blood and urine, plasma-red cells repartition and stability

Weibel, E.R., 1979:
Fleischner Lecture. Looking into the lung: what can it tell us?

Tillotson, D.M., 1979:
Flexible process - an alternative curriculum option. Part 2: Evaluation

McBride, H., 1979:
Flexible process - an alternative curriculum option. Part 3: Clinical evaluation

Reed, S.B., 1979:
Flexible process--an alternative curriculum option. Part 1: The process and the plan

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Flicker-induced nystagmus in a Ganzfeld situation in monkeys

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Flocculant interaction with native antibiotic solutions. The effect of flocculants on the quality indices of native solutions as dependent on a number of factors

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Flocculation of influenza virus by a neuraminidase inhibitor, neuraminin, produced by Streptomyces sp

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Floctafenine in the treatment of painful syndromes of neurologic interest

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Flooding and systematic desensitization: efficacy in subclinical phobics as a function of arousal

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Floppy-infant syndrome: Is oxazepam the answer?

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Florid oral papillomatosis. A contribution to cytostatic therapy

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Flotation of Candida utilis yeast cells during exposure to low pH values in the medium

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Flour allergy in bakers. I. Identification of allergenic fractions in flour and comparison of diagnostic methods

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Flourescent staining of acetylcholine receptors in living muscle cells

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Flow cytofluorometric analysis of a human aneuploid cell line growing in vitro and in intraperitoneal diffusion-chambers

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Flow cytofluorometric analysis of cell cycle distributions using propidium iodide. Properties of the method and mathematical analysis of the data

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Flow cytometric DNA analysis in fine needle aspiration biopsies from patients with prostatic lesions. Diagnostic value and relation to clinical stages

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Flow cytometric analysis of bromodeoxyuridine-substituted cells stained with 33258 Hoechst

Dolbeare, F.A.; Smith, R.E., 1977:
Flow cytometric measurement of peptidases with use of 5-nitrosalicylaldehyde and 4-methoxy-beta-naphthylamine derivatives

Linden, W.A.; Ochlich, K.; Baisch, H.; Scholz, K.U.; Mauss, H.J.; Stegner, H.E.; Joshi, D.S.; Wu, C.T.; Koprowska, I.; Nicolini, C., 1979:
Flow cytometric prescreening of cervical smears

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Flow cytometry as a new method for the measurement of electrophoretic mobility of erythrocytes using membrane charge staining by fluoresceinated polycations

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Flow cytometry: general principles and applications to selected studies in tumor biology

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Flow cytometry: long-term storage of propidium iodide/citrate-stained material

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Flow microfluorometric analysis of sperm DNA content: effect of cell shape on the fluorescence distribution

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Flow microfluorometric identification of liver cells with elevated gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase activity after carcinogen exposure

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Flow microfluorometric patterns of human bone marrow and tumor cells in response to cancer chemotherapy

Tan, S.B.; Moreton, R.C.; Smith, D., 1979:
Flow properties and tablet weight uniformity: effects of granule size and machine speed

Ivan, M.; Farrell, D.J., 1976:
Flow rates of components in digesta of pigs prepared with re-entrant cannulas in the proximal duodenum and terminal ileum, and fed semipurified, hard wheat, and soft wheat diets

Groom, A.C.; Levesque, M.J.; Brucksweiger, D., 1977:
Flow stasis, blood gases and glucose levels in the red pulp of the spleen

Epstein, M.; Norman, A.; Pinkel, D.; Udkoff, R., 1977:
Flow system fluorescence polarization measurements on fluorescein diacetate-stained EL4 cells

Bloch, D.; Beaty, N.; Fu, C.T.; Chin, E.; Smith, J.; Pipkin, J.L., 1978:
Flow-cytometric analysis of chicken red blood cells

Bloch, D.; Fu, C.T.; Chin, E., 1978:
Flow-cytometric analysis of chromatin

Buonocore, E.; Lynch, T.P., 1978:
Flow-directed balloon catheterization for aortofemoral arteriography using the axillary artery approach

Vadot, M., 1976:
Flow-pressure relationship and the concept of resistance. Blood viscosity changes and fall of blood pressure caused by extracorporeal circulation

Kosch, P.C.; Gillespie, J.R.; Berry, J.D., 1979:
Flow-volume curves and total pulmonary resistance in normal bonnet and rhesus monkeys

Lazarus, L.H.; Kitron, N., 1976:
Fluctuation in activity of the molecular forms of cellular DNA polymerase during infection by SV40

O'Beirn, S.F., 1979:
Fluctuation in testis

Van Driessche, W.; Zeiske, W., 1978:
Fluctuations of the K+-current in the frog skin (Rana temporaria)

Rachmilewitz, D.; Ligumsky, M.; Sharon, P.; Karmeli, F.; Zor, U., 1978:
Flufenamic acid inhibition of PGE2 production by rectal mucosa in ulcerative colitis

Stoddart, J.C., 1978:
Fluid balance and acute cardiovascular failure

Anonymous, 1979:
Fluid gels as wound dressings

Vadot, M., 1977:
Fluid mass distribution during extracorporeal circulation

Rambaud, J.C.; Modigliani, R.; Emonts, P.; Matuchansky, C.; Vidon, N.; Besterman, H.; Bernier, J.J., 1978:
Fluid secretion in the duodenum and intestinal handling of water and electrolytes in Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

Hill, B.S.; Hill, A.E., 1978:
Fluid transfer by Necturus gall bladder epithelium as a function of osmolarity

Glancy, J.J., 1979:
Fluid-filled echogenic epidermoid cyst of the spleen

Waterston, T., 1977:
Fluids for diarrhoea in young children

Martí Viaño, J.L.; Ferrer, L.; Navarro Guillén, B.; Orts, A., 1977:
Flunitrazepam (RO 5-4200) as an inductor of anesthesia: our experience

Venturini, A.H.; Parietti, A.; Giménez, J.C., 1977:
Flunitrazepam (Ro 5-4200): a new benzodiazepinic derivative. Comparative double blind study with diazepam to control the psychomotor reactions of ketamine

Freuchen, I.; Ostergaard, J., 1976:
Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) as evening premedication. Report of a controlled clinical comparison with nitrazepam (Mogadon) and allypropymal

Freuchen, I.; Ostergaard, J.; Mikkelsen, B.O., 1976:
Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) compared with enibomal (Narcodorm) as an anaesthetic induction agents: a controlled clinical trial

Lingjaerde, O., 1977:
Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol, Roche)--a potential new benzodiazepine sleeping pill

Wickstrom, E., 1976:
Flunitrazepam and flurazepam. A comparative study

Paquet, C.; Gaillard, J.M.; Tissot, R., 1978:
Flunitrazepam and memory

Heermann, J., 1978:
Flunitrazepam combined with local anaesthesia in 1400 operations

Aparisi Ortiz, J.; Gomar Alcácer, M., 1977:
Flunitrazepam in anesthesia of the anterior chamber of the eye

Rydzyński, Z.; Araszkiewicz, A.; Gozdalska, J.; Gruszczyński, W., 1979:
Flunitrazepam in the treatment of delirium tremens. -- Preliminary report

Serratrice, G., 1979:
Flunitrazepam in the treatment of insomniacs in a department of neurology

Kanto, J.; Kangas, L.; Mansikka, M., 1979:
Flunitrazepam versus placebo premedication for minor surgery

Heermann, J., 1979:
Flunitrazepam with anterograde amnesia and reduction of blood pressure before local anaesthesia without intubation in 3000 ENT operations

Rizzi, R.; Butera, G.; Lion, P.; Pesarin, F., 1975:
Flunitrazepam, a new benzodiazepine compound in general anaesthesia. Clinical and statistical considerations on the first thousand cases

Manani, G.; Osti, M.P.; Simini, G.; Costa, G.; Piccinni, P.; Giron, G.P., 1977:
Flunitrazepam, trazodone and sulpiride in the treatment of recovery reactions after ketamine anesthesia

Tarnow, J.; Hess, W., 1979:
Flunitrazepam-pretreatment for prevention of adverse cardiovascular effects following ketamine

De Moerloose, P.; Baeyens, W., 1979:
Fluoremetry and various applications in drug analysis

von Denffer, H.; Erhardt, W.; Neiss, A., 1979:
Fluorescein angiography and changes in aqueous humor protein after argon laser photomydriasis in rabbits

Dorchy, H.; Toussaint, D., 1978:
Fluorescein leakage: First sign of juvenile diabetic retinopathy

Takeuchi, S.; Maeda, A., 1979:
Fluorescein mercuric acetate as a probe of the dynamic structure of double-helical DNA

Hayreh, S.S., 1976:
Fluorescein retinal angiography at the bedside

Pingoud, A.; Kownatzki, R.; Maass, G., 1977:
Fluoresceinylthiocarbamyl-tRNATyr: a useful derivative of tRNATyr (E.coli) for physicochemical studies

Berns, M.W., 1979:
Fluorescence analysis of cells using a laser light source

Latt, S.A., 1975:
Fluorescence analysis of late DNA replication in human metaphase chromosomes

Madan, K.; Allen, J.W.; Gerald, P.S.; Latt, S.A., 1976:
Fluorescence analysis of late DNA replication in mouse metaphase chromosomes using BUdR and 33258 Hoechst

Nguyen, B.T.; Stadtsbaeder, S.; Horvat, F., 1978:
Fluorescence and electron microscope studies on the interaction between lysosomes of mammalian host-cells and Toxoplasma gondii RH following treatment with cotrimoxazole

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Fluorescence and luminescence of photophores of a luminescent fish (Porichthys)

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Fluorescence and the structure of proteins. XXI. Fluorescence of aminotyrosyl residues in peptides and helical proteins

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Fluorescence angiography of the fundus oculi in drusen of the optic disk

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Fluorescence anisotropy and myelin structure. II. Azimuth characteristic of surviving nerve fibers

Gol'fand, K.A.; Kaulin, A.B., 1978:
Fluorescence anisotropy and myelin structure. III. Effect of temperature changes on the orientation of dye molecules in nerve fibers

Hirschfeld, T., 1979:
Fluorescence background discrimination by prebleaching

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Fluorescence decay studies of reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in solution and bound to liver alcohol dehydrogenase

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Fluorescence from sensitizing phycobilin chromophores in the blue-green alga Anacystis nidulans

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Fluorescence histochemical and ultrastructural observations on preterminal noradrenergic axons following ligation or treatment with 6-hydroxydopamine

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Fluorescence histochemical investigations on the distribution of GABA in the hippocampus of rat

Pfister, C.; Görne, R.; Danner, H., 1979:
Fluorescence histochemical investigations on the topic of GABA and dopamine in the neostriatum of the rat

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Fluorescence histochemical study of the central monoaminergic neuron system on experimental torticollis in the cat

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Fluorescence iris angiography in the assessment of calcium dobesilate therapy in the treatment of diabetic microangiopathy

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Fluorescence microscopic demonstration of rat mast cells stained with acid dyes

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Fluorescence microscopy demonstration of mitochondria in tissue culture cells using berberine

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Fluorescence microscopy in the diagnosis of tuberculosis (review of the literature)

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Fluorescence microscopy on embryonic and fetal cell degeneration

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Fluorescence of hydrocarbon-deoxyribonucleoside adducts

Panten, U.; Ishida, H., 1975:
Fluorescence of oxidized flavoproteins from perifused isolated pancreatic islets

Gruzdev, A.D.; Kishchenko, G.P., 1978:
Fluorescence polarization of stretched polytene chromosomes stained with acridine orange

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Fluorescence polarization studies of rat intestinal microvillus membranes

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Fluorescence polarization studies of squid giant axons stained with N-methylanilinonaphthalenesulfonates

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Fluorescence polarization studies on the binding between glutamate dehydrogenase and cytoplasmic aspartate aminotransferase

Ohkuma, S.; Poole, B., 1978:
Fluorescence probe measurement of the intralysosomal pH in living cells and the perturbation of pH by various agents

Hiratsuka, T., 1976:
Fluorescence properties of 2' (or 3')-O-(2,4,6-trinitrophenyl) adenosine 5'-triphosphate and its use in the study of binding to heavy meromyosin ATPase

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Fluorescence properties of free and protein bound fluorescein dyes. I. Macrospectrofluorometric measurements

de Moerloose, P.; Baeyens, W., 1976:
Fluorescence quenching of sodium-1,2-naphthoquinonesulfonic acid by primary amines

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Fluorescence staining

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Fluorescence studies of native and modified neurophysins. Effects of peptides and pH

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Fluorescence studies of the interactions of serum albumin and rat alpha1-fetoprotein with aflatoxin B1. Specificity and binding parameters

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Fluorescence study of the position of tryptophan in a hydrophobic protein of the yeast inner mitochondrial membrane (proceedings)

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Fluorescence-activated separation of cervical abnormal cells using herpesvirus antigenic markers

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Fluorescence-cytochemical analysis of free cytoplasmic cation protein in leukocytes

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Fluorescence-quenching study of glucose binding by yeast hexokinase isoenzymes

Chen, T.R., 1977:
Fluorescent C bands of human chromosomes with 33 258 Hoechst stain

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Fluorescent Y-bodies in interphase nuclei: medicolegal aspects of false negative males

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Fluorescent anti-colonic and E. coli antibodies in ulcerative colitis

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Fluorescent antibody technique in identification of Neisseria gonorrhoeae-microcolonies grown on membrane filters

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Fluorescent complexes of DNA with DAPI 4',6-diamidine-2-phenyl indole.2HCl or DCI 4',6-dicarboxyamide-2-phenyl indole

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Fluorescent demonstration of basement membranes with hydroxy-naphthoic acid hydrazide

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Fluorescent derivatives of nucleotides. Metal ion interactions and pH dependency

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Fluorescent labelling of 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase from Bacillus stearothermophilus

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Fluorescent pigments in the newly isolated methylotrophs: Pseudomonas J16 and Methylomonas Pl1

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Fluorescent probe studies of haptoglobin type 2-1

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Fluorescent probe study of staphylococcal cell wall charges

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Fluorescent properties of b-type ferredoxins

Baeyens, W., 1977:
Fluorescent properties of some butyrophenones

Cottell, D.C.; Livingston, D.C., 1976:
Fluorescent reagent for the periodic acid-Schiff and Feulgen reaction for cytochemical studies

Nabai, H., 1976:
Fluorescent staining for tubercule bacilli in histologic section of tuberculoderma

Grossgebauer, K.; Kegel, M.; Wagner, J., 1977:
Fluorescent test of mycoplasma colonies by agar diffusion technique

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Fluorescent-antibody studies on selected strains of Bacteroides fragilis subspecies fragilis

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Fluorescent-cytochemical demonstration of nuclear DNA in the archiannelid Dinophilus taeniatus H

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Fluoridation and cancer

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Fluoridation economics--reason enough to pick up where we left off in the '60s

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Fluoridation in Japan: Interpretation of the optimum concentration in Japan

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Fluoridation in an era of limited expenditure for health care

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Fluoridation of water and cancer mortality in the U.S.A

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Fluoride absorption from the rat urinary bladder: a pH-dependent event

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Fluoride gels. A laboratory and clinical investigation

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Fluoride in bottled water in the Caracas metropolitan area

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Fluoride inhibition of inorganic pyrophosphatase. I. Kinetic studies in a Mg2+-PPi system using a new continuous enzyme assay

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Fluoride inhibition of protein and DNA synthesis in cells in vitro

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Fluoride kinetics and renal function during enflurane anaesthesia

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Fluoride uptake by Streptococcus mutans 6715

Emslie, R.D., 1977:
Fluoridised milk

Gürkan, T., 1976 :
Fluorimetric analysis of alkaloids. Determination of serpentine, yohimbine, and boldine

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Fluorimetric assay for prenatal detection of Hurler and Scheie homozygotes or heterozygotes

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Fluorimetric attachment for the SF-4A spectrophotometer

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Fluorimetric determination and pharmacokinetic studies of fazadinium bromide in dogs

Barbhaiya, R.H.; Turner, P., 1976:
Fluorimetric determination of cephalexin

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Fluorimetric determination of tetracyclines - the use of metal ion complexation to increase assay sensitivity

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Fluorimetric determination of the active form of tetracycline, chloretetracycline and oxytetracycline in partially decomposed solutions

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Fluorimetric study of the interaction between human "spectrin" and hemoglobin (proceedings)

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Fluorinated Pyrimidine nucleosides. 1. Synthesis of a nitrogen analogue of the antitumor agent 2,2'-anhydro-1-beta-D-arabinofuranosyl-5-fluorocytosine hydrochloride

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Fluorine nuclear magnetic resonance studies of trifluoroacetylinsulin derivatives. Effects of salts and denaturants

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Fluorine osteosis caused by a very long-term niflumic acid treatment in 2 cases of rheumatoid arthritis

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Fluorine-19 as a covalent active site-directed magnetic resonance probe in aspartate transaminase

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Fluorine-19 nuclear magnetic resonance studies of effects of ligands on trifluoroacetonylated supernatant aspartate transaminase

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Fluorine-19 nuclear magnetic resonance study of fluorotyrosine alkaline phosphatase: the influence of zinc on protein structure and a conformational change induced by phosphate binding

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Fluorocarbon aerosol propellants. VII: Interaction studies with human and bovine globulins using partition coefficient method

Anonymous, 1975:
Fluorocarbons and the ozone shield

van Rooijen, N.; van Nieuwmegen, R., 1978:
Fluorochrome staining of multilamellar liposomes

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Fluorochroming of yeast cells with acridine yperite

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Fluorogenic substrate turnover in single living cells

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Fluoroimmunoassay of alphafetoprotein (AFP) in amniotic fluid

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Fluorometric amino-acid analysis with o-phthaldialdehyde (OPA)

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Fluorometric assay for N-acetylprocainamide

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Fluorometric assay for measuring biological half-life of coralyne sulfoacetate in dogs and monkeys

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Fluorometric detection of deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis; possibilities for interfacing bromodeoxyuridine dye techniques with flow fluorometry

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Fluorometric determination of 11-hydroxycorticosteroids in the blood

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Fluorometric determination of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with neuroinfections

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Fluorometric determination of clobazam, a 1,5-benzodiazepine, in human plasma

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Fluorometric determination of free and total tryptophan in blood plasma

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Fluorometric determinations of the relative immunoglobulin content of plasma cells of patients with monoclonal gammopathy

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Fluorometric measurement of urinary alpha-L-iduronidase activity

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Fluorometric method for measuring aminopeptidase. III. Serum gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase assay

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Fluorometric method of separate determination of free and protein bound cortisol and corticosterone in blood plasma

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Fluorometric method of studying the thrombocyte release reaction and its clinical significance

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Fluorometric-colorimetric amino acid analysis of actinomycins using fluorescamine. Mechanism of partial threonine decomposition during acid hydrolysis

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Fluphenazine decanoate vs oral antipsychotics: a comparison of their effectiveness in the treatment of schizophrenia as measured by a reduction in hospital readmissions

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Flurazepam ('Dalmane') in the treatment of insomnia in patients with respiratory disorders

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Flurazepam and insomnia

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Flurazepam effects on sleep EEG. Visual, computer, and cycle analysis

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Flurazepam effects on slow-wave sleep: stage 4 suppressed but number of delta waves constant

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Flurbiprofen and fludrocortisone in severe autonomic neuropathy

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Flurbiprofen at night

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Flurbiprofen-aspirin interaction: a double-blind crossover study

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Flurbiprofen: highly potent inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis

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Fluroxene (2, 2, 2-trifluorethyl vinyl ether) toxicity: a chemical aspect

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Fluroxene (2,2,2-trifluoroethyl vinyl ether) mediated destruction of cytochrome P-450 in vitro

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Fluroxene toxicity induced by phenobarbital

Anonymous, 1976:
Flushers and pumpers

Airhart, R.A.; Barnett, T.F.; Sullivan, J.W.; Levine, R.L.; Schlegel, J.U., 1978:
Flutamide therapy for carcinoma of the prostate

Anonymous, 1979:
Fluxes and wheezes

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Foam-stability test on gastric juice in neonates

Wilkinson, H.A.; Kornblith, P.; Weems, S., 1977:
Focal chemotherapy of brain tumours using semipermeable membranes

Hess, R., 1979:
Focal epilepsies

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Focal hyalinosis

Sanz Guajardo, D.; Traver Aguilar, J.A.; Anaya Munne, A.; Botella García, J., 1975:
Focal hyalinosis: anatomo-clinical correlation

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Focal neurological symptoms associated with uncontrolled diabetes

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Focal perfusion defect caused by sequestration in two cases

da Rocha e Silva, E.O.; de Andrade, J.C.; Rodrigues, V.L., 1978:
Focal point investigation, 1 activity of the campaign of control of transmitters of American trypanosomiasis

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Focal positive spikes in electroencephalography

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Focal reflex epilepsy with myoclonus; electrophysiological investigation and therapeutic implications

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Focal scarring and renal reflux

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Focalized irrigation-lavage and sequential use of a new antiseptic by local and general route. Preliminary report apropos of 2 cases of suppurative pancreatic necrosis

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Foci of lymphocyte-like cells in the bone marrow of irradiated mice

Dopchie, N., 1978:
Focus on conceptual evolution of the etiology of motor skill disorders

Longabaugh, R.; Fowler, D.R.; Hostetler, M.; McMahon, L.; Sullivan, C., 1978:
Focus on patient problems: use of the problem-oriented record in a proposed evaluation study of social isolation

Anonymous, 1979:
Focus on the poorly co-ordinated child

Boyd, S.; Flatley, C.; Parks, P.; Smaller, V., 1979:
Focusing on trends in long-term care

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Foetal calf serum and the adhesion of cells in culture

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Foetal liver transplant in Fabry's disease

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Foetal mitochondrial apparatus: (2) intramitochondrial acetyl-CoA/CoASH ratio and intrauterine implantation position in white rat foetuses

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Foetoneonatal oestradiol-binding protein in mouse brain cytosol is alpha foetoprotein

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Folate analogues altered in the C9-N10 bridge region: 11-thiohomofolic acid

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Folate antagonists. 12. Antimalarial and antibacterial effects of 2,4-diamino-6-[(aralkyl and alicyclid)thio-, sulfinyl-, and sulfonyl]quinazolines

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Folate antagonists. 13. 2,4-Diamino-6-](alpha,alpha,alpha-trifluoro-m-tolyl)thio]quinazoline and related 2,4-diamino-6-[(phenyl- and naphthyl)thio]quinazolines, a unique class of antimetabolites with extraordinary antimalarial and antibacterial effects

Elslager, E.F.; Hutt, M.P.; Jacob, P.; Johnson, J.; Temporelli, B.; Werbel, L.M.; Worth, D.F.; Rane, L., 1979:
Folate antagonists. 15. 2,3-Diamino-6-(2-naphthylsulfonyl)quinazoline and related 2,4-diamino-6-[(phenyl and naphthyl)sulfinyl and sulfonyl]quinazolines, a potent new class of antimetabolites with phenomenal antimalarial activity

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Folate deficiency and intravenous nutrition

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Folate deficiency in a surgical patient

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Folate uptake in L1210 cells: mediation by an adenine transport system

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Folate-dependent enzymes in cultured Chinese hamster cells: folypolyglutamate synthetase and its absence in mutants auxotrophic for glycine + adenosine + thymidine

Emery, A.E., 1977:
Folates and fetal central-nervous-system malformations

Anonymous, 1977:
Folates and the fetus

Elsborg, L., 1978:
Folic acid and Vitamin B 12 in the elderly

Anonymous, 1976:
Folic acid and the nervous system

Puig-Duran, E.; Greenstein, B.D.; MacKinnon, P.C., 1977:
Follicle-stimulating hormone and the unbound oestradiol-17beta fraction in plasma of immature female rats treated with alpha-foetoprotein-enriched extracts

Alber, G., 1978:
Follow up and treatment of pacemaker-patients in advanced age

Tamai, H., 1978:
Follow up studies of the antithyroid drug therapy for hyperthyroidism with special emphasis on the clinical usefulness of TRH and T3-suppression tests during treatment

Kyuma, Y.; Yamaguchi, K., 1978:
Follow up study of shunt operation for infantile hydrocephalus--mainly on mental development

Fazili, M.; von Overvest-Eerdmans, G.R.; Vernooy, A.M.; Visser, W.J.; von Waas, M.A., 1978:
Follow-up investigation of reconstruction of the alveolar process in the atrophic mandible

Rudolph, W., 1978:
Follow-up investigations on operated cleft palates

Thorley, A.; Stimson, C.V.; Oppenheimer, E., 1976:
Follow-up of heroin addicts

Frampton, J., 1979:
Follow-up of women treated for cervical precancer

Navrátil, M.; Morávková, K.; Trippé, F., 1975:
Follow-up on the development of pleural hyalinoses in the population in comparison with subjects exposed to asbestos dust

Saito, I.; Tamura, A.; Sano, K., 1977:
Follow-up results of cases with anterior communicating aneurysm operated on in the acute stage -with special reference to time-course of morbidity after operations-

Yoshii, N., 1977:
Follow-up study of epileptic patients following forel-H-tomy

Mineura, K.; Mori, T.; Katakura, R.; Suzuki, J., 1979:
Follow-up study of glioblastoma--a review of 179 cases

Ryniewicz, B.; Badurska, B., 1977:
Follow-up study of myasthenic children after thymectomy

Dunet, R.; Dry, J.; Thomas, M.; Perrault, M., 1977:
Follow-up study of non-neoplastic Cushing's syndrome followed by paraneoplastic Cushing's syndrome after removal of a malignant pulmonary tumor. Role of the diffuse endocrine system and APUD (amine precursor uptake decarboxylase) cells

Mullick, B.C.; Cheng, C.; Pachauri, S.; Kessel, E., 1976:
Follow-up study of oral contraceptive acceptors in Howrah District in India

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Follow-up treatment of schizophrenic psychoses: advantages and disadvantages of long-term medication

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Followup results one year after surgery in patients with hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage

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Food additives and their possible genetic toxicity; microbiological determination

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Food and drug allergies in children

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Food and the present-day population. Future trends

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Food and water intake in the non-deprived pigeon after chlordiazepoxide administration

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Food consumption of children under 5 in rural communities of Costa Rica, 1977

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Food deprivation increases oral and intravenous drug intake in rats

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Food digestibility and N-metabolism in sheep fed concentrated feed at varying frequencies

Virtejianu, G.; Urdea, L., 1979:
Food fibers in the diet treatment of constipation

Anonymous, 1978:
Food group symposium. Short paper reading meeting

Bulychev, V.P.; Alekseev, A.N.; Kostiukov, M.A.; Gordeeva, Z.E.; Daniiarov, O.A., 1978:
Food hosts of mass mosquito species (Diptera, Culicidae) in Tadzhikistan

Henocq, E.; Raffard, M., 1979:
Food hypersensitivity. Protection by disodium cromoglycate and/or specific desensitization

Morlaàs, J., 1978:
Food manducation--psychological manducation

LeBourdais, E., 1976:
Food must fit the drug

Taylor, J.M., 1978:
Food or freedom?

Brown, K.; Mack, D.S., 1978:
Food sharing among captive Leontopithecus rosalia

Anonymous, 1979:
Food shipped interstate must have low PCB levels

Tulpule, P.G.; Bhat, R.V., 1978:
Food toxins and their implication in human health

Anonymous, 1978:
Food volumetry in venous insufficiency

Heggers, J.P., 1978:
Food-borne diseases: a food service supervisor's dilemma

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Food-choice in a food-preference test: comparison of two mouse strains and the effects of chlordiazepoxide treatment

Sapeika, N., 1976:
Food-drug interactions and interference

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Food-stimulated acid secretion measured by intragastric titration with bicarbonate in patients with duodenal and gastric ulcer disease and in controls

Pelc, E., 1979:
Foot care assistants--how much could they help?

Wallach, J.D.; Silberman, M.S., 1977:
Foot care for captive elephants

Maier, E., 1979:
Foot malformations revealed by the shoes

Marshall, R.N., 1978:
Foot mechanics and joggers' injuries

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Foot nerve blocks. (Apropos of 33 cases)

Künzli, H.F., 1976:
Foot tendon dislocations

Tissari, A.H.; Argiolas, A.; Fadda, F.; Serra, G.; Gessa, G.L., 1979:
Foot-shock stress accelerates non-striatal dopamine synthesis without activating tyrosine hydroxylase

Cranberg, L., 1979:
For debate: Do retrospective controls make clinical trials "inherently fallacious?"

Shimobayashi, K., 1979:
For effective performance in nursing - new trials and current problems

González, E.R., 1979:
For mental patients, the 'cure' may be worse

Anonymous, 1979:
For newcomers in general practice

Pauling, L., 1976:
For the best of health--how much vitamin C do you need?

Geha, R., 1975:
For the love of Medusa. A psychoanalytic glimpse into gynecocide

Paul, J.P., 1976:
Force actions transmitted by joints in the human body

Carlsten, A.; Poupa, O., 1975:
Force development of isoproterenol-damaged frog heart muscle in cyanide anoxia

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Force velocity relations in vascular smooth muscle: the influence of pH, pCa, and noradrenaline

Berger, C.; Baumann, U.; Richter, R., 1979:
Forceps deliveries in epidural or general anesthesia

Anonymous, 1979:
Forces affecting dental education. Speeches from the 1979 annual session of the American Association of Dental Schools

Ford, E.J.; Araya, O.; Rivera, R.; Evans, J., 1976 :
Ford EJ

Manske, P.R., 1979:
Forearm pseudarthrosis--neurofibromatosis: case report

Haglund, L.; Köhler, C.; Ross, S.B.; Kelder, D., 1979:
Forebrain projections of the ventral tegmentum as studied by axonal transport of [3H]dopamine in the rat

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Forecasting the development of primary hepatocellular carcinoma by the use of risk factors: studies in West Africa

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Foreign activities of the Czech Medical Society

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Foreign body perforation in jejunum diverticulosis

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Forensic considerations on the comparison of "serum gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase" ("gamma-GT) activity in experimental acute alcoholic intoxication and in alcoholic car drivers who caused road accidents

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Form II DNA-dependent RNA polymerase from Drosophila melanogaster: general in vitro catalytic properties and template interactions

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Form and content of iodine-containing components of blood in liver pathology

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Form and evolution in the Anomiacea (Mollusca: Bivalvia)-Pododesmus, Anomia, Patro, Enigmonia (Anomiidae): Placunanomia, Placuna (Placunidae Fam. Nov.)

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Form and substance: problem and pattern analysis and action plans

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Form of disseminated lupus erythematosus with onset and evolution of thrombocytogenic purpura

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Form of the tropocollagen macromolecule

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Formal games in diagnosis and therapy

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Formal genetics of the HL-A region

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Formal presentation at a scientific meeting

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Formaldehyde formation as a metabolite of methoxyflurane

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Formaldehyde in the pathogenesis of hemodialysis-related anti-N antibodies

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Formaldehyde-Schiff's reagent as a nucleolar strain

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Formaldehyde-fluorescamine-induced fluorescence as a property of carcinoma cells

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Formalin asthma in hospital laboratory staff

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Formamidase--microheterogeneity, catalytic properties and inhibitors

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Formamide: the minimum-structure substrate for urease

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Formation and characteristics of reovirus subviral particles in interferon-treated mouse L cells

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Formation and characterization of antibody against 2'-(5"-phosphoribosyl)-5' AMP, the monomer form of poly(adenosine diphosphate ribose)

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Formation and cleavage of 2-keto-3-deoxygluconate by 2-keto-3-deoxygluconate aldolase of Aspergillus niger

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Formation and in-vivo-distribution of different 99mTc-Sn-pyrophosphate complexes

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Formation and inactivation of a chemically reactive metabolite of vinyl chloride

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Formation and plasticity of neuromuscular junction in tissue culture

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Formation and properties of 1000-A-diameter, single-bilayer phospholipid vesicles

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Formation and properties of bacteriorhodopsin monomers in the non-ionic detergents octyl-beta-D-glucoside and Triton X-100

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Formation and properties of retinylphosphate galactose

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Formation and purification of the oxidoreductase inhibitor from NAD (AUTHOR'S TRANSL)

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Formation and spectral characterization of Cu(II)-poly(L-ornithine) complexes

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Formation and structure of Cu(II)-poly(L-lysine) complexes in aqueous solution

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Formation and utilization of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutarate in liver mitochondria of starved and streptozotocin-diabetic rats

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Formation constants of gallium- and indium-transferrin

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Formation in isolated rat liver microsomes and nuclei of benzo(a)pyrene metabolites that bind to DNA

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Formation of 5alpha-androstane-3alpha,17beta-diol by normal and hypertrophic human prostate

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Formation of 9,10-epoxypalmitate and 9,10-dihydroxypalmitate from palmitoleic acid by a soluble system from Bacillus megaterium

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Formation of HCG in the human fetoplacental unit

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Formation of N-nitrosamines from seconday animes and nitrite by resting cells of Escherichia coli B

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Formation of N-nitrosamines in cutting fluids

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Formation of N-nitroso compounds from drugs and nitrite in human gastric juice in vitro

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Formation of Okazaki pieces at the Escherichia coli replication fork in vitro

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Formation of Rous associated virus-60: origin of the polymerase gene

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Formation of a bone and joint following blunt injury to the pelvis

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Formation of a complex between yeast L-lactate dehydrogenase (cytochrome b2) and cytochrome c. Ultracentrifugal and gel chromatographic analyses

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Formation of a nigericin-like carrier in mitochondrial membranes treated with acids

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Formation of a vitamin B-12-serum complex on heating at alkaline pH

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Formation of aminosuccinyl peptides during acidolytic deprotection followed by their transformation to piperazine-2,5-dione derivatives in neutral media

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Formation of an infectious virus-antibody complex with Rous sarcoma virus and antibodies directed against the major virus glycoprotein

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Formation of anhydrosugars in the chemical depolymerization of heparin

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Formation of beta-lactamase in Bacteroides fragilis: cell-bound and extracellular activity

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Formation of carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds in corn-bread inoculated with fungi

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Formation of cellular structures and interneuronal connections in an organotypic culture of newborn mouse hippocampal tissue

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Formation of complexes between microsomal cytochrome P-450-Fe(II) and nitrosoarenes obtained by oxidation of arylhydroxylamines or reduction of nitroarenes in situ

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Formation of cutaneous nerve trunks in the chick. Ultrastructural and quantitative analysis

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Formation of cysteinyldopa from glutathionedopa in melanoma

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Formation of dehydroalanine, lanthionine and lysinoalanine during heat treatment of beta-lactoglobuline A

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Formation of dimethylnitrosamine from pesticides carrying methylated tertiary aminogroups in the presence of nitrite at pH 3

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Formation of dityrosine by human salivary lactoperoxidase in vitro

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Formation of epileptic activity complexes under the effect of the determinant focus in the cortex isolé

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Formation of free radicals from carcinogenic benz[c]acridines in the presence of proteins

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Formation of gamma-glutamyl-epsilon-lysine bridges between membrane proteins by a Ca2+-regulated enzyme in intact erythrocytes

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Formation of giant cells in oral squamous cell carcinoma during bleomycin treatment: enzymehistochemical, electronmicroscopic and ultrahistochemical investigations

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Formation of glutamine from [13n]ammonia, [13n]dinitrogen, and [14C]glutamate by heterocysts isolated from Anabaena cylindrica

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Formation of glycosaminoglycans in vascular wall cells

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Formation of heparin-haemoglobin complexes in acid medium

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Formation of high-molecular aggregates between serum amylase and colloidal plasma substitutes

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Formation of higher alcohols by Saccharomyces carlsbergensis from branched-chain amino acids and their keto analogs

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Formation of infectious proviruses

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Formation of interchain disulfide bonds in Bence Jones proteins and immunoglobulins

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Formation of intermolecular disulfide bonds on nascent immunoglobulin polypeptides

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Formation of ion channels by a negatively charged analog of gramicidin A

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Formation of ionic channels in black lipid membranes by succinic derivatives of gramicidin A

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Formation of liquid crystal and other non-fluid phases in emulsions containing non-ionic surfactants

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Formation of melanin-tyrosinase complex and its possible significance as a model for control of melanin synthesis

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Formation of methylhydrazine from acetaldehyde N-methyl-N-formylhydrazone, a component of Gyromitra esculenta

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Formation of multinucleated giant cells from circulating blood cells cultivated in diffusion chambers

Egert, G.; Greim, H., 1976:
Formation of mutagenic N-nitroso compounds from the pesticides prometryne, dodine and carbaryl in the presence of nitrite at pH 1

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Formation of nitrosamines in the digestive tract

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Formation of nitrosamines in the human digestive tract: changes in pH and nitrate and nitrite concentration in gastric juice during digestion

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Formation of non-covalently linked IgM polymers: dependence on the protein sulfhydryl groups and zinc ions

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Formation of nucleic acid-protein cross-links with a new cleavable reagent

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Formation of nucleoside 5'-polyphosphates from nucleotides and trimetaphosphate

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Formation of polychlorinated quaterphenyls by heating polychlorinated biphenyls

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Formation of slow-reacting substance by guinea pig immunoglobulins

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Formation of spirodilactone of 4-(2'-carboxyphenyl)-4,4-dihydroxybutyrate from 2-succinylbenzoate in cell-free extracts of Micrococcus luteus

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Formation of sulfone metabolites from chlorpromazine and perazine in man

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Formation of superoxide and hydroxy radicals in iron(II)-bleomycin-oxygen system: electron spin resonance detection by spin trapping

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Formation of the horny layer in psoriasis--primarily defective or secondarily affected

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Formation of the neuromuscular junction in cultures of rat embryonic cells

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Formation of the taxa of methane-oxidizing bacteria by numerical analysis methods

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Formation of two metyrapone N-oxides by rat liver microsomes

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Formation of unilamellar lipid vesicles of controllable dimensions by detergent dialysis

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Formation of vasoactive substances by trypsin--effect of pH differences on the generation

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Formation of xanthomatous cells in vitro from the aortic media of the rat

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Formations of electrochemical proton gradient and adenosine triphosphate in proteoliposomes containing purified adenosine triphosphatase and bacteriorhodopsin

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Formed blood elements in peritoneal effusion and the macrophage migration inhibition test in healthy guinea pigs and in guinea pigs with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis

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Forms and methods of joint work of a department of hospital pediatrics with public health organs

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Forms for improving medical care for the children of a village

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Forms of gamma globulin for intravenous use

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Forms of so-called crytorchism. Studies on 579 patients

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Formulae for estimating the bed requirements for the elderly with organic brain disease and functional illness; and also for the 'graduate' group

Prior, F.G., 1977:
Formulating cysteamine injection

Woodroffe, R., 1976:
Formulation studies on slow-release phosphate tablets for high-dosage administration in renal transplant patients

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Formulation study on oxytetracycline dihydrate

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Formulation-dependent effect of oral contraceptives on H.D.L.-cholesterol

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Formyl-methenyl-methylenetetrahydrofolate synthetase from rabbit liver (combined). Evidence for a single site in the conversion of 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to 10-formyltetrahydrofolate

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Formylation and acetylation of 4-chloroaniline by a Streptomyces sp

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Formylation of enzyme-bound valine and stepwise elongation of intermediate peptides of gramicidin A by a cell-free enzyme system

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Formylation of initiator tRNA methionine in procaryotic protein synthesis: in vivo polarity in lactose operon expression

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Forssman antigen and phase specific fetal antigens: an evaluation of their role in SV40 tumor immunity

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Fortimicins A and B, new aminoglycoside antibiotics. II. Isolation, physico-chemical and chromatographic properties

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Fortimicins A and B, new aminoglycoside antibiotics. IV. In vitro study of fortimicin A compared with other aminoglycosides

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Forum. General anaesthesia with propanidid infusion for suspension microlaryngoscopy without intubation

Freeny, P.C.; Kidd, R., 1979:
Forums in gastrointestinal roentgenology: transhepatic portal venography and selective obliteration of gastroesophageal varices using isobutyl 2-cyanoacrylate (bucrylate)

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Fostering personal growth through small group interaction in diploma school of nursing

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Fostering the research attitude

Kidman, A.D., 1979:
Foundation for Life Sciences

Ashley, J.A., 1978:
Foundations for scholarship: historical research in nursing

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Foundations of pharmacotherapy. Clinical pharmacology in key words. Drug testing 1

Anonymous, 1979:
Foundations of pharmacotherapy. Clinical pharmacology in key words. Drug testing II

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Founder's lecture: New concepts of the gastric mucosal barrier

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Four cases of cryptorchid boys with Noonan's phenotype. Report 1. Gonadal function study

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Four cases of tracheoesophageal fistula associated with prolonged ventilation

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Four common HLA haplotypes and their association with diseases in the Japanese population

Anonymous, 1979:
Four controversies about the cause of hyperthyroidism

Alt, S., 1976:
Four form captive malpractice carrier

Ivanov, B.; Bogdanovsky, G., 1978:
Four months under space-simulated conditions

Laurent, C.; Biemont, M.C.; Dutrillaux, B., 1975:
Four new cases of X-autosome translocation in man

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Four serogroups of Legionnaires' disease bacteria defined by direct immunofluorescence

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Four stimulants of the central nervous system: effects on short-term memory in young versus aged monkeys

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Four years of clinical experience with the cardio-eurhythmic action of verapamil in intravenous administration

Hug, R.; Richou, H., 1979:
Four years of experience by a hypnotist in psychiatry. Two hundred patients treated with flunitrazepam

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Four years of microwaves in cancer therapy

Eichhorn, H.J.; Lessel, A., 1977:
Four years' experiences with combined neutron-telecobalt therapy. Investigations on tumor reaction of lung cancer

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Four-fold structural repeat in the acid proteases

Mullaney, T.P.; Smith, T.A.; Duell, R.C.; Kaplan, A., 1976:
Four-phase study of computer-assisted and slide-tape methods of stimulating clinical endodontic problems

Parker, B., 1979:
Fourier analysis of electrograms

Dupoisot, H.; Constans, A.; Daury, G.; Delbarre, F.; Laoussadi, S., 1979:
Fourier transform analysis of glycolipid depots in Fabry's disease

Yamada, T.; Tucker, R.P.; Kooi, K.A., 1976:
Fourteen and six c/sec positive bursts in comatose patients

Anonymous, 1978:
Fourteenth annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, September 20--30, 1978

Andersen, A.H.; Antonsen, S.; Hvidberg, E., 1976:
Fourth European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacological Evaluation in Drug Control. Deidesheim, Vesttyskland, 11.-14.XI.1975

Anonymous, 1978:
Fourth International Conference on Bone Measurement

Anonymous, 1979:
Fourth International Symposium on intracranial pressure. Williamsburg, Virginia June 10 to 14, 1979. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1979:
Fourth Joint Meeting on Stroke and Cerebral Circulation, Phoenix, Arizona, February 8-10, 1979. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1979:
Fourth National Conference on graduate education in psychiatric and mental health nursing, April 2, 3, 4, 1979, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Anonymous, 1979:
Fourth international conference on periodontal research, June 26--28, 1978--Stockholm, Sweden. Research reports

Landman, L.C., 1979:
Fourth international conference on voluntary sterilization

Anonymous, 1978:
Fourth international symposium on biotelemetry. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, FRG, May 28-June 2, 1978

Anonymous, 1978:
Fourth international symposium on night and shift work, sponsored by the Permanent Commission and International Association on Occupational Health, Dortmund, West Germany, 14-17 November 1977. Proceedings

Bonard, J.F., 1979:
Fourth nephrology day in French-speaking regions. Glomerulonephritis today. The kidney and diabetes. Boudry, 31 May 1979. Introduction

Rossini, P.M.; Pirchio, M.; Sollazzo, D.; Caltagirone, C., 1979:
Foveal versus peripheral retinal responses: a new analysis for early diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Anonymous, 1976:
Foxglove saga (continued)

Barrett, A.J.; Morgan, M.N.; Newton, K.A., 1977:
Fracon gut sterilisation to treat rectal fistula

Neverov, I.V.; Titorenko, N.I., 1979:
Fractional determination of the content of protein-bound hexoses in the blood

Kozhonazarov, K.K.; Ovcherenko, E.Iu., 1979:
Fractional duodenal intubation in the differential diagnosis of biliary tract dyskinesia in children

Alekseenko, I.F., 1975:
Fractional identification of proteins of erythrocyte hemolysate subjected to disc electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel

Rasstrigin, N.N.; Chernukha, E.A.; Zverev, V.V.; Tikhonova, I.S., 1979:
Fractional method of viadril administration for regulation of labor and analgesia in various types of obstetric pathology

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Fractionated gas encephalography with nitrous oxide under general anesthesia

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Fractionation and characterization of cystine aminopeptidase (oxytocinase) and arylamidase of the human placenta

Suĭ, V.M., 1978:
Fractionation and densitometry of ethacridine-soluble blood proteins in polyacrylamide gel

Rodionova, N.A.; Gorbacheva, I.V.; Buĭvid, V.A., 1977:
Fractionation and purification of endo-1,4-beta-xylanases and exo-1,4-beta-xylosidases of Aspergillus niger

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Fractionation of DNA from mammalian cells by alkaline elution

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Fractionation of Vibrio cholerae enterotoxin by isoelectric focusing in an ampholin gradient

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Fractionation of antibodies to L-cell colony-stimulating factor by affinity chromatography

Bartfeld, D.; Fuchs, S., 1979:
Fractionation of antibodies to acetylcholine receptor according to antigenic specificity

Glinski, W.; Gershwin, M.E.; Steinberg, A.D., 1976:
Fractionation of cells on a discontinuous Ficoll gradient. Study of subpopulations of human T cells using anti-T-cell antibodies from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

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Fractionation of chromosomes. I. A methodological study on the use of partition in aqueous two-phase systems and multiple sedimentation

Selsing, E.; Larson, J.E.; Wells, R.D., 1979:
Fractionation of dG homooligonucleotides using RPC-5 column chromatography at high pH

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Fractionation of immunocompetent cells by free-flow cell electrophoresis

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Fractionation of membrane proteins by hydrophobic interaction chromatography and by chromatography on agarose equilibrated with a water-alcohol mixture of low or high pH

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Fractionation of membrane vesicles. II. A method for separation of membrane vesicles bearing different enzymes by free-flow electrophoresis

Higgins, P.J., 1979:
Fractionation of mouse alpha-fetoprotein

Wisingerova, E.; Affronti, L.F., 1975:
Fractionation of mycobacterial antigens by vertical electrophoresis in the polyacrylamide gel

Jackowski, G.; Suria, D.; Liew, C.C., 1976:
Fractionation of nucleolar proteins by two-dimensional gel electrphoresis

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Fractionation of outdated freeze-dried plasma: a comparative study of cold- and heat-ethanol fractionation procedures

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Fractionation of protein carried by axoplasmic transport. II. Comparison in the rat of proteins carried to the optic relay nuclei

Eng, J.; Reichlin, M., 1979:
Fractionation of rabbit anti-horse cytochrome c--I. Specificity of the isolated fractions

Sharrock, W.J.; Rabinowitz, J.C., 1979:
Fractionation of ribosomal particles from Bacillus subtilis

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Fractionation of serum transcobalamins on charged cellulose filters

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Fractionation of the Trichinella spiralis antigen and allergy diagnosis trails

Rubinstein, A.; Gatien, J.G.; Merler, E., 1976:
Fractionation of the non-histone proteins of antigen-reactive human lymphocytes: criteria for the specificity of antigen uptake

Castrillo, J.M., 1976:
Fractions of serum calcium by ultrafiltration. Study of its variations in various experimental conditions, en calcium metabolism disorders and normal subjects

Sándor, L., 1978:
Fracture in the middle and upper third of the forearm- a distended approach

Beaumont, P.W., 1976:
Fracture of acrylic bone cement

Romano, P.; Safran, D., 1977:
Fracture of the 1st 2 ribs. Pseudoaneurysms of both subclavian arteries

Graswinckel, J.D.; Koning, J., 1978:
Fracture of the fibula or of the ankle

Murray, W.T.; Meuller, P.R.; Rosenthal, D.I.; Jauernek, R.R., 1979:
Fracture of the hook of the hamate

Jacoby, C.G., 1979:
Fracture of the occipital condyle

Yates, J.L.; Hembree, J.H., 1977:
Fracture resistance of Class IV composite restorations

Kazár, G.; Nagy, E.; Nyári, T., 1977:
Fracture-dislocation of the hip joint. II. Central luxation

Stuflesser, H.; Kundert, H.P.; Dexel, M., 1979:
Fractures of the calcaneus. Orthopaedicotechnical management and long-term results following surgical or conservative first treatment

Pankovich, A.M., 1979:
Fractures of the fibula at the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis

Trott, A.W., 1976:
Fractures of the foot in children