Section 39
Chapter 38,948

Immunodiffusion studies on Schistosoma mansoni and its host stage specific antigens. 1. Immunoelectrophoresis cross-reactions between S. mansoni adults and larval stages antigens

Rizk, G.R.; Youssef, G.; Zwisler, O.; Henning, J.

Egyptian Journal of Bilharziasis 4(1): 53-62


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-8849
PMID: 77218
Accession: 038947228

IMMUNOELECTROPHORESIS was applied to evaluate the immunologic relationship between the different stages in the life cycle of Schistosoma mansoni (S.m.). The preparation of antigens and antisera was described. Separated female and male adult worms tested seem to be identical. Eggs, miracidia and cercariae from Biomphalaria glabrata and Biomphalaria alexandrina showed varying degree of cross-reactions. The maximal number of pricipitin arcs was observed, when anti-miracidia-serum was checked against all other S.m. antigens.

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