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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38953

Chapter 38953 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Poloni, M.; Rocchelli, B.; Scelsi, R.; Pinelli, P., 1979:
Intrathecal IgG synthesis in multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases: a comparative evaluation by IgG-index and isoelectric focusing

Anonymous, 1976:
Intrathecal antibiotics in purulent meningitis

Sanders, R.K.; Martyn, B.; Joseph, R.; Peacock, M.L., 1977:
Intrathecal antitetanus serum (horse) in the treatment of tetanus

Kölmel, H.W., 1978:
Intrathecal application of antineoplastic agents

Gore, M.; Buckman, R.; Stern, G., 1979:
Intrathecal cytarabine in multiple sclerosis

Engelhardt, P., 1976:
Intrathecal cytostatic therapy of meningeal carcinomatosis. Autoradiographic investigations of the CSF cells

Shuman, R.D.; Smith, C.R., 1978:
Intrathecal gentamicin for refractory gram-positive meningitis

Cradock, J.C.; Kleinman, L.M.; Davignon, J.P., 1977:
Intrathecal injections--a review of pharmaceutical factors

Lebon, P.; Schuller, E.; Marteau, R.; Lhermitte, F., 1976 :
Intrathecal rubella-antibody synthesis in multiple sclerosis

McLoud, T.C.; Kalisher, L.; Stark, P.; Greene, R., 1978:
Intrathoracic lymph node metastases from extrathoracic neoplasms

Yaghoobian, J., 1979:
Intrathoracic mass in a young woman with skin lesions

Christensen, K.; Marcussen, E., 1979:
Intrathoracic meningocele in connection with von Recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis

Erkulvrawatr, S.; E.G.mmal, T.; Hawkins, J.; Green, J.B.; Srinivasan, G., 1979:
Intrathoracic meningoceles and neurofibromatosis

Stutman, O., 1978:
Intrathymic and extrathymic T cell maturation

Shimizu, M.; Kimura, T.; Kakinuma, M.; Ohara, T., 1979:
Intrathymic injection of antigen: a potent procedure for the induction of suppressor T cells

Wekerle, H.; Ketelsen, U.P., 1977:
Intrathymic pathogenesis and dual genetic control of myasthenia gravis

Pervikov, I.V.; Fafana, I.; Koldoba, L.G., 1978:
Intratypical antigenic differentiation of poliovirus strains circulating in Mali by means of cross-adsorbed sera

Rehder, H.; Weitzel, H., 1978:
Intrauterine amputations after amniocentesis

Goldstein, A.I.; Moran, E.T.; Kent, D.R.; Farrell, R., 1978:
Intrauterine detection of central nervous system malformations

Thaler, I.; Paldi, E.; Steiner, D., 1978:
Intrauterine device and pelvic inflammatory disease

Mishell, D.R., 1978:
Intrauterine devices: medicated and nonmedicated

Eibschitz, I.; Abinader, E.G.; Klein, A.; Sharf, M., 1975:
Intrauterine diagnosis and control of fetal ventricular arrhythmia during labor

Itskovitz, J.; Timor-Tritsch, I.; Brandes, J.M., 1979:
Intrauterine fetal arrhythmia: atrial premature beats

Resnik, R.; Robinson, P.T.; Lasley, B.; Benirschke, K., 1978:
Intrauterine fetal demise associated with consumption coagulopathy in a Douc langur monkey (Pygathrix nemaeus nemaeus)

Rao, L.G., 1979:
Intrauterine growth retardation

Low, L.C.; Ratcliffe, W.A.; Alexander, W.D., 1978:
Intrauterine hypothyroidism due to antithyroid-drug therapy for thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy

Derom, R.; Thiery, M., 1976:
Intrauterine hypoxia -- a phenomenon peculiar to the second twin

Mueller, C.E., 1979:
Intrauterine pseudogestational sac in ectopic pregnancy

Krause, W., 1978:
Intrauterine reanimation

Sauerbrei, E.; Toi, A.; Effer, S.B.; Fayle, B.W., 1979:
Intrauterine to intraabdominal pregnancy: ultrasound demonstration

Campbell, J.R.; Schneider, C.P., 1976:
Intrauterine torsion of an intra-abdominal testis

Platt, L.D.; Keegan, K.A.; Druzin, M.L.; Gauthier, R.J.; Evertson, L.R.; Manning, F.A., 1979:
Intrauterine transfusion utilizing linear-array, real-time B scan: a preliminary report

Mishell, D.R., 1975:
Intravaginal rings for contraceptive use: an editorial comment

Miller, S.H.; Eyster, M.E.; Saleem, A.; Gottleib, L.; Buck, D.; Graham, W.P., 1979:
Intravascular coagulation and fibrinolysis within primate extremities during tourniquet ischemia

Albu, V., 1977:
Intravascular coagulation, a possible intermediate mechanism of automaintenance of liver cirrhosis

Halonen, M.; Pinckard, R.N., 1975:
Intravascular effects of IgE antibody upon basophils,, neutrophils, platelets and blood coagulation in the rabbit

Boon, J.C.; Jesch, F.; Ring, J.; Messmer, K., 1976:
Intravascular persistence of hydroxyethyl starch in man

Thompson, W.L.; Fukushima, T.; Rutherford, R.B.; Walton, R.P., 1979:
Intravascular persistence, tissue storage and excretion of hydroxyethyl starch (HAS)

DiMaio, V.J.; Garriott, J.C., 1977:
Intravenous abuse of propylhexedrine

Marks, K.H.; Farrell, T.P.; Friedman, Z.; Maisels, M.J., 1979:
Intravenous alimentation and insensible water loss in low-birth-weight infants

Collins, J.P.; Oxby, C.B.; Hill, G.L., 1978:
Intravenous aminoacids and intravenous hyperalimentation as protein-sparing therapy after major surgery. A controlled clinical trial

Webb, H.E.; Kelly, R.E.; Adams, D.H., 1977:
Intravenous and intrathecal adenine arabinoside phosphate in a child with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

Koliutskaia, O.D.; Bitsunov, N.S.; Tsvetkova, N.A., 1979:
Intravenous anesthesia with spontaneous breathing preserved in emergency traumatology

Auersperg, M.; Soba, E.; Vraspir-Porenta, O., 1977:
Intravenous chemotherapy with syndronization in advanced cancer of oral cavity and oropharynx

Corinaldesi, R.; Casadio, R.; Stanghellini, V.; Tonon, R.; Borghi, E.; Paparo, G.F.; Barbara, L., 1979:
Intravenous cimetidine and methylxanthines stimulated gastric acid secretion in man

Gagrat, D.; Hamilton, J.; Belmaker, R.H., 1978:
Intravenous diazepam in the treatment of neuroleptic-induced acute dystonia and akathisia

Camm, J.; Ward, D.; Washington, H.G.; Spurrell, R.A., 1979:
Intravenous disopyramide phosphate and ventricular overdrive pacing in the termination of paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia

Anonymous, 1977:
Intravenous dopamine

Morris, M.E., 1979 :
Intravenous drug incompatibilities

Powell-Tuck, J.; Lennard-Jones, J.E.; Lowes, J.A.; Danso, K.T.; Shaw, E.J., 1979:
Intravenous feeding in a gastroenterological unit: a prospective study of infective complications

Helfrick, F.W.; Abelson, N.M., 1978:
Intravenous feeding of a complete diet in a child: report of a case

Chiu, H.H.; Ang, P.P.; Lean, T.H., 1976:
Intravenous flunitrazepam as an anesthetic induction agent

Magilavy, D.B.; Cassidy, J.T.; Tubergen, D.G.; Petty, R.E.; Chrisholm, R.; McCall, K., 1978:
Intravenous gamma globulin in the management of patients with hypogammaglobulinemia

Rossipal, E., 1978:
Intravenous gamma globulin therapy in Bruton's antibody deficiency syndrome

Gislason, D.; Hanson, L.A.; Kjellman, H.; Ljunggren, C.; Malmberg, R., 1978:
Intravenous gamma-globulin infusions in patients with hypo-gamma-globulinemia: prevention of adverse reactions with corticosteroids

Craig, R.P.; Tweedle, D.; Davidson, H.A.; Johnston, I.D., 1977:
Intravenous glucose, aminoacids, and fat in the postoperative period. A controlled evaluation of each substrate

Lewy, R.I.; Wiener, L.; Smith, J.B.; Walinsky, P.; Silver, M.J., 1979:
Intravenous heparin initiates in-vivo synthesis and release of thromboxane in angina pectoris

Wright, P.D.; Rich, A., 1978:
Intravenous hyperalimentation

Hosoda, S.; Bamba, T., 1979:
Intravenous hyperalimentation and administration of vitamins

Kimura, N.; Gu, E., 1978:
Intravenous hyperalimentation and its indication

Toyota, T.; Suzuki, H., 1979:
Intravenous hyperalimentation and overloading syndrome

Copeland, E.M., 1978:
Intravenous hyperalimentation as an adjunct to cancer patient management

Okada, A.; Kamegashira, M., 1978:
Intravenous hyperalimentation in pancreatic diseases

Anonymous, 1979:
Intravenous immunoglobulin

Slobba, T.J.; Andersen, R.; Saugen, N., 1979:
Intravenous infusion of nitroglycerin. Practical aspects

Leslie, R.D.; Mackay, J.D., 1978:
Intravenous insulin infusion in diabetic emergencies

Cumming, A.M.; Davies, D.L., 1979:
Intravenous labetalol in hypertensive emergency

Pearson, R.M.; Havard, C.W., 1976:
Intravenous labetalol in hypertensive patients treated with beta-adrenoreceptor-blocking drugs

Cooke, E.D.; Bowcock, S.A.; Lloyd, M.J.; Pilcher, M.F., 1977:
Intravenous lignocaine in prevention of deep venous thrombosis after elective hip surgery

Gomez-Lozano, P., 1976:
Intravenous lorazepam in the acute anxiety crisis: a preliminary report on 60 cases

Nebout, T.; Sobel, A.; Lagrue, G., 1977:
Intravenous methylprednisolone pulses in diffuse proliferative lupus nephritis

de Oliveira, R.S., 1979:
Intravenous mogadon in epileptic patients. Clinico-electroencephalographic study

Kistler, J.P.; Lees, R.S.; Candia, G.; Zervas, N.T.; Crowell, R.M.; Ojemann, R.G., 1979:
Intravenous nitroglycerin in experimental cerebral vasospasm. A preliminary report

Ihlen, H.; Smith, G., 1978:
Intravenous nitroglycerin infusion in acute myocardial infarct

Stetson, J.B., 1978:
Intravenous nitroglycerin: a review

Scheen, A.; Juchmés, J.; Cession-Fossion, A.; Volon, G., 1979:
Intravenous perfusion of adrenaline and adaptation to muscular exercise in man

White, L.; DiMaio, V.J., 1977:
Intravenous propylhexedrine and sudden death

Carlson, L.A.; Olsson, A.G., 1976:
Intravenous prostaglandin E1 in severe peripheral vascular disease

Schmidt, W.H., 1979:
Intravenous psychosedation

Ducloux, G., 1978:
Intravenous trinitrine

Ghose, K.; Turner, P., 1975:
Intravenous tyramine pressor response in depression

Bailey, S.M.; Evans, D.W.; Fleming, H.A., 1975:
Intravenous urography in investigation of hypertension

Wilcox, R.G.; Mitchell, J.R., 1977:
Intravenous urography in the management of acute retention

Anonymous, 1978:
Intravenous versus inhaled salbutamol

Zatz, M.; Brownstein, M.J., 1979:
Intraventricular carbachol mimics the effects of light on the circadian rhythm in the rat pineal gland

Burstein, J.; Papile, L.A.; Burstein, R., 1979:
Intraventricular hemorrhage and hydrocephalus in premature newborns: a prospective study with CT

Rensch, A., 1976:
Intraventricular injection of colchicine: preterminal axon lesion with consecutive indoleaminergic terminal degeneration - consequences of direct membrane toxicity or axoplasmic flow inhibition?

Brown, Z.W.; Amit, Z.; Rockman, G.E., 1979:
Intraventricular self-administration of acetaldehyde, but not ethanol, in naive laboratory rats

Furuse, S.; Kikuchi, H.; Karasawa, J.; Sakaki, T.; Yoshida, Y., 1977:
Intraventricular septations

Koontz, W.W., 1979:
Intravesical chemotherapy and chemoprevention of superficial, low grade, low stage bladder carcinoma

Deodhare, S.G.; Gaikwad, A.N.; Siddiqui, H.M., 1976:
Intravesical femoral head

Hansen, R.I.; Iversen, H.G.; Christiansen, B., 1978:
Intravesical pressure during transurethral resection using Iglesias resectoscope with continuous irrigation and suction

Anikwe, R.M., 1977:
Intravesical pressure in benign prostatic hypertrophy

Gavrell, G.J.; Lewis, R.W.; Meehan, W.L.; Leblanc, G.A., 1978:
Intravesical thio-tepa in the immediate postoperative period in patients with recurrent transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder

Nieh, P.T.; Daly, J.J.; Irwin, R.J.; Prout, G.R., 1979:
Intravesical thio-tepa: a study of 3H-thymidine uptake in normal urothelium and FANFT-induced tumors in rats

Krylenkov, V.A.; Levin, S.V.; Samoĭlova, K.A., 1979:
Intravital detection of the cellular outer perimembrane layers (glycocalyx) using alcian blue. II. The effect of trypsin processing on glycocalyx sorption of alcian blue

Krylenkov, V.A.; Levin, S.V.; Samoĭlova, K.A., 1979:
Intravital detection of the outer perimembrane cellular layers (glycocalyx) using alcian blue. I. The basis for and a description of the method

Halbhuber, K.J.; Unger, J.; Geyer, G., 1976:
Intravital survival and deformability of weakly amidinated rat erythrocytes

Woodward, D.J.; Seiger, A.; Olson, L.; Hoffer, B.J., 1977:
Intrinsic and extrinsic determinants of dendritic development as revealed by Golgi studies of cerebellar and hippocampal transplants in oculo

Andersen, K.J.; Schjønsby, H., 1978:
Intrinsic factor-mediated binding of cyanocobalamin to cholestyramine

Leavis, P.C.; Lehrer, S.S., 1978:
Intrinsic fluorescence studies on troponin C

Belarbi, A.; Beck, G.; Bergmann, C.; Bollack, C., 1979:
Intrinsic forms of soluble and mitochondrial tyrosine aminotransferase from rat tissues

Jackson, R.C.; Hart, L.I.; Harrap, K.R., 1976:
Intrinsic resistance to methotrexate of cultured mammalian cells in relation to the inhibition kinetics of their dihydrololate reductases

Cocco, G.; Burkart, F.; Chu, D.; Follath, F., 1978:
Intrinsic sympathomimetic activity of beta-adrenoceptor blocking agents

Waite, R., 1978:
Intrinsic sympathomimetic activity of beta-blockers

Todorov, A., 1976:
Introdictory speech of Dr. Angel Todorov, Minister of Public Health, at the 1st National Conference on the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

Spratlen, L.P., 1976:
Introducing ethnic-cultural factors in models of nursing: some mental health care applications

Paduano, M.A., 1979:
Introducing independent study into the nursing curriculum

Anonymous, 1979:
Introducing the Associate Editors

Marchalonis, J.J.; Moseley, J.M., 1979:
Introduction -- the immunoglobulin-like T cell receptor problem

Einstein, E.R., 1978:
Introduction and comments: myelination and demyelination

Warnatz, H., 1977:
Introduction into the field of tumor immunology

Hardwick, C.; Bloom, A.; Keen, H.; Watkins, P.J., 1979:
Introduction of U-100 insulin

Venediktova, K.P.; Utkina, A.M., 1978:
Introduction of a new method of removal of dyes from the skin of the hands of textile industry workers

Bradbury, J.H.; Howell, J.R.; Johnson, R.N.; Warren, B., 1978:
Introduction of a strong binding site for lanthanides at the N-terminus of peptides and ribonuclease A

Sumrov, I.; Ivanov, P.; Lozeva, T.; Vitkov, M., 1977:
Introduction of an additional H-agglutinating test antigen for the differentiation of specific positive reactions in pullorum disease-fowl typhoid in poultry experimentally infected with Salmonella gallinarum-pullorum and Salmonella enteritidis

Seela, F.; Hansske, F.; Watanabe, K.; Cramer, F., 1977:
Introduction of antigenic determining 2,4-dinitrophenyl residues into 4-thiouridine, N3-(3-L-amino-3-carboxypropyl) uridine and tRNA-Phe from E. coli

Schroit, A.J.; Pagano, R.E., 1978:
Introduction of antigenic phospholipids into the plasma membrane of mammalian cells: organization and antibody-induced lipid redistribution

Uy, R.; Wold, F., 1977:
Introduction of artificial crosslinks into proteins

Kunovskiĭ, B.V.; Soroka, A.N.; Vozniak, I.S., 1978:
Introduction of certain elements of the Scientific Work Organization into the work of the laboratory of the anit-tuberculosis dispensary

Shibata, T.; Ikawa, S.; Komatsu, Y.; Ando, T.; Saito, H., 1979:
Introduction of host-controlled modification and restriction systems of Bacillus subtilis IAM1247 into Bacillus subtilis 168

Khramtsova, T.K.; Kozlov, P.D.; Mironova, L.I., 1979:
Introduction of quality control of the analyses to the clinical diagnostic laboratories of Podol'sk

Mirrakhimov, M.M.; Prizhivoĭt, G.N.; Gontarev, V.I., 1976:
Introduction of the research work results of the Kirghiz State Medical Institute collective into practice and its economic effectiveness

Mauksch, I.G., 1979:
Introduction to Chautauqua 1978

de Wilde, R.A., 1975:
Introduction to audio-visual teaching in stomatology

Banfield, M.A., 1979:
Introduction to essays on effort syndrome

Cain, A.J., 1979:
Introduction to general discussion. Evolution of adaptation by natural selection

Masson, P.L., 1979 :
Introduction to immunology

Weiss, R.A., 1979:
Introduction to oncogenesis by RNA tumor viruses

Laragh, J.H., 1976:
Introduction to part II of the hypertension symposium. Prorenin, renal hypertension; diuretics and hyperlipidemia; angiotensin receptors and blocking drugs; a new treatment system

Marxkors, R., 1979:
Introduction to the 25th spring meeting in the spa of Salzuflen

Orłowski, W.J., 1979:
Introduction to the IX Retinological Symposium

Migone, L., 1979:
Introduction to the International Congress on Metabolic Tubular Nephropathies; Parma, 10 June 1978

Boone, M.L.; Lawrence, J.H.; Connor, W.G.; Morgado, R.; Hicks, J.A.; Brown, R.C., 1977:
Introduction to the use of protons and heavy ions in radiation therapy: historical perspective

Nahas, G., 1978:
Introduction: marihuana and the cell

Black, P., 1978:
Introduction: neurosurgical training of the foreign medical graduate and U. S. immigration policy

Katz, M.M.; Klerman, G.L., 1979:
Introduction: overview of the clinical studies program

Scheibe, O., 1976:
Introductory comments on the meeting of the oncologic workshop, Stuttgart, 14 February 1976

Koelbing, H.M., 1975:
Introductory lecture (Askanazy lecture). Some remarks on the history of arterial pathology

Horowitz, H.S., 1978:
Introductory paper to a symposium on alternative approaches to improving oral health: policy priorities

Lahiri, S., 1977:
Introductory remarks: oxygen linked response of carotid chemoreceptors

Renan, F.; Miens, M., 1979:
Introductory report for the discussion on Barnetil

Bures, E.; Pöldinger, W., 1978:
Introductory words to the exchange of results on the clinical effects of bromperidol. Results of open and double blind research

Dorpat, T.L., 1978:
Introjection and the idealizing transference

Miczek, K.A.; O'Donnell, J.M., 1978:
Intruder-evoked aggression in isolated and nonisolated mice: effects of psychomotor stimulants and L-dopa

Johnson, I.R.; Balfour, T.W.; Bourke, J.B., 1976:
Intubation of malignant gastro-oesophageal strictures: a modification of the Mousseau-Barbin technique

Davidenko, N.; Chifflet, J.; Fossati, C.G.; Tiscornia, E.; Pradines, J., 1975:
Intubation of neoplastic esophageal stenoses. A new prosthesis with an antireflux device

Simonowitz, D.; Paloyan, D., 1979:
Intussusception associated with intestinal intubation

Geissl, G.; Linder, H.J., 1979:
Intussusception ileus

Katz, D.H.; Strechschulte, D.J.; Benacerraf, B., 1975:
Inuction of immunological tolerance in immunoglobulin E B lymphocytes in rats

Franken, E.A., 1979:
Invalid conclusions?

Massie, H.R.; Williams, T.R., 1978:
Invariance of longevity for Drosophila fed N,N-diethylhydroxylamine

Meyvisch, C.; Mareel, M., 1979:
Invasion of malignant C3H mouse fibroblasts from aggregates transplanted into the auricles of syngenic mice

Buselmeier, T.J.; Uecker, J.H., 1979:
Invasive basal cell carcinoma with metaplastic bone formation associated with a long-standing dermatofibroma

Wizenberg, M.J., 1979:
Invasive bladder cancer--definitive irradiation and salvage cystectomy

Steblianko, L.S., 1978:
Inventions in medicine

Doutriaux, C.; Clerc, M.; Giordano, C., 1977:
Inventory of oligoclonal fractions of subacute sclerosing panenephalitis cere-brospinal fluid in Africa with a specific immuneserum: first results

Housley, C., 1976:
Inventory reduction is a financial must

Barr, R.C.; Spach, M.S., 1978:
Inverse calculation of QRS-T epicardial potentials from body surface potential distributions for normal and ectopic beats in the intact dog

Moore, C.J.; Schwartz, A.G., 1978:
Inverse correlation between species lifespan and capacity of cultured fibroblasts to convert benzo(a)pyrene to water-soluble metabolites

Schwarz, K.; Ricci, B.A.; Punsar, S.; Karvonen, M.J., 1977:
Inverse relation of silicon in drinking water and atherosclerosis in Finland

Feuerstein, G.; Zamir, N.; Ben-Ishay, D.; Gutman, Y., 1979:
Inverse relationship of medulla oblongata noradrenaline concentration and tyrosine hydroxylase activity in hypertension-prone and -resistant rats

Gamble, J.L.; Hasegawa, E., 1977:
Inverse relationships between ATP and fructose diphosphate in cultured cells in response to change in external pH

Lan, S.J.; Kripalani, K.J.; Dean, A.V.; Egli, P.; Difazio, L.T.; Schreiber, E.C., 1976:
Inversion of optical configuration of alpha-methylfluorene-2-acetic acid (cicloprofen) in rats and monkeys

Houillon, C.; Dournon, C., 1978:
Inversion of the female sexual phenotype at high temperature in the urodelian amphibian, Pleurodeles waltii Michah

Sherman, R.G.; Fourtner, C.R.; Drewes, C.D., 1976:
Invertebrate nerve-muscle systems

Gálvez, J.M.; Puelles, L.; Prada, C., 1977:
Inverted (displaced) retinal amacrine cells and their embryonic development in the chick

Fraser, R.B.; Silverstone, P.I.; Familton, L., 1977:
Investigating detrusor instability

Lukanov, J.; Atmadjov, P., 1979:
Investigating the effect of silver ions on the contractile function of smooth-muscle preparations from guinea pig stomach, in vitro

Shirreffs, J.H., 1978:
Investigating the meaning of health and the scope and nature of health education

Berger, P.A., 1978:
Investigating the role of endogenous opioid peptides in psychiatric disorders

Bellman, M.H., 1976:
Investigation into reactions to whooping cough vaccine

Kobinger, W.; Pichler, L., 1975:
Investigation into some imidazoline compounds, with respect to peripheral alpha-adrenoceptor stimulation and depression of cardiovascular centers

Buschmann, H.; Henrich, D., 1979:
Investigation into the effects of cell wall antigens of gram-positive bacteria on lymphocyte stimulation and on cell-mediated cytotoxicity

Schröder, K.H., 1975:
Investigation into the relationship of M ulcerans to M. buruli and other mycobacteria

Pfitzer, P.; Pape, H.D., 1975:
Investigation of DNA-content of leukoplakia cells or oral mucosa

Phelps, M.E.; Hoffman, E.J.; Selin, C.; Huang, S.C.; Robinson, G.; MacDonald, N.; Schelbert, H.; Kuhl, D.E., 1978:
Investigation of [18F]2-fluoro-2-deoxyglucose for the measure of myocardial glucose metabolism

Wolf, G.; Rosner, W., 1979:
Investigation of a corticosteroid-binding globulin-like molecule in human placenta

Perez, T.L., 1977:
Investigation of academic moderator variables to predict success on State Board of Nursing Examinations in a baccalaureate nursing program

Fendler, K.; Lissák, K.; Romhányi, M.; Kovács, G.L.; Szücs, R.; Mátrai, A., 1977:
Investigation of adaptive processes in child and adolescent swimmers. Acid-base parameters of swimmers and weight-lifters

Ivashchenko, A.T., 1978:
Investigation of adenosinetriphosphatase activity of rat liver and thymus cell nuclei

Pollitt, R.J., 1979:
Investigation of atypical phenylketonuria

Kowalczyk-Bronisz, S.H.; Giełdanowski, J., 1978:
Investigation of biological activity of antigen--immunosuppressive drugs conjugates

Woodcock, E.A.; Bobik, A.; Funder, J.W.; Johnston, C.I., 1978:
Investigation of cardiac beta-adrenoceptors using 125I-labelled 1-(4-iodophenoxy)-3-isopropylaminopropan-2-ol

Erzinkyan, K.L.; Titova, M.I.; Rozenfel'd, M.A.; Shimkevich, L.L.; Piruzyan, L.A., 1978:
Investigation of complex formation of fibrinogen and heparin in the normal and pathological states

Metzler, C.M.; Rogers, P.H.; Arnone, A.; Martin, D.S.; Metzler, D.E., 1979:
Investigation of crystalline enzyme-substrate complexes of pyridoxal phosphate-dependent enzymes

Mahendran, R., 1978 :
Investigation of females for gonorrhoea

Yazigi, R.; Miranda, J.; Rufin, F.; Bertín, P.; Busel, I., 1979:
Investigation of gastroesophageal reflux in adult patients with chronic obstructive lung disease

Sovová, V.; Elek, G.; Hlozánek, I., 1976:
Investigation of group-specific antigen during the culture of MC-29 hepatoma

Kanao, K.; Honda, M.; Ishihara, S.; Matsuyuki, Y., 1977:
Investigation of measurement method for alpha-fetoprotein by radioimmunoassay using polyethyleneglycol (PEG) (author's transl

Niedermüller, H., 1976:
Investigation of memory in experimental gerontology

Seifried, H.E.; Gaylor, J.L., 1976:
Investigation of microsomal oxygenases of biosynthetic processes. Stearyl-CoA desaturase of adipose tissue and liver

Overton, D.A.; Batta, S.K., 1979:
Investigation of narcotics and antitussives using drug discrimination techniques

Seelig, J.; Gally, H., 1976:
Investigation of phosphatidylethanolamine bilayers by deuterium and phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance

Krichevskaia, A.A.; Sinichkin, A.A.; Profof'ev, V.N.; Khlobystov, V.V.; Kucherenko, N.A., 1977:
Investigation of rat brain prealbumins

Sherriff, M.; Enever, R.P., 1976:
Investigation of rheological and drug release properties of oil gels containing fumed silica [proceedings

Andriashvili, I.A.; Gachechiladze, K.K.; Pataridze, T.K.; Chanishvili, T.G., 1979:
Investigation of serological features and molecular heterogeneity of virion proteins of morphologically related phages

James, K.C.; Mehdizadeh, M., 1979:
Investigation of solute-solvent complexes involving testosterone and testosterone propionate, using solubility results [proceedings

Knight, B., 1976:
Investigation of sudden deaths from myocardial ischaemia

Makovitzky, J., 1978:
Investigation of the anisotropy of glycocalyx stained with 1.9-dimethyl methylene blue and N,N'-diethylpseudoisocyanine chloride

Belaya, Y.A.; Kostenko, L.S.; Gekker, V.D., 1977:
Investigation of the antigenic composition of the cells and the exotoxin of Sh. dysenteriae (Shiga) by agar immunoelectrophoresis and polyacrylamide gel disc electrophoresis

Maclagan, J.; Ney, U.M., 1977:
Investigation of the bronchoconstriction induced by beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs in guinea-pigs and rats [proceeding

Szerze, P.; Balázs, C.; Csongor, J.; Nagy, J.; Leövey, A., 1978:
Investigation of the chemiluminescence associated with phagocytic and intracellular killing activity of human polymorphonuclear leucocytes and monocytes

Johnson, B.K.; Chanas, A.C.; Shockley, P.; Squires, E.J.; Varma, M.G.; Leake, C.J.; Simpson, D.I., 1979:
Investigation of the ecology of Soldado virus on Puffin Island, North Wales

Ritova, V.V.; Schastnyi, E.I.; Ratushkina, L.S.; Shuster, I.Y., 1979:
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Investigation of the interactions of oxytocin with neurophysins at low pH using carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance and carbon-13-labeled hormones

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Investigation of the mechanism of the methylmalonyl-CoA mutase reaction with the substrate analogue: ethylmalonyl-CoA

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Investigation of the open ring form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

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Investigation of the organization of rhodopsin in the sheep photoreceptor membrane by using cross-linking reagents

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Investigation of the pre-steady-state kinetics of fructose bisphosphatase by employment of an indicator method

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Investigation of the presence of chromaffin tissue in the ovary of the percoid teleost fish, Nandus

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Investigation of the relation of the pH-dependent dissociation of malate dehydrogenase to modification of the enzyme by N-ethylmaleimide

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Investigation of the role of histamine H1-receptors in the control of gastric acid secretion in the rat

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Investigation of the role of histamine in antigen-induced bronchoconstriction in the ascaris-hypersensitive dog

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Investigation of the serum level of pregnancy-associated alpha2-globulin during contraceptive treatment by means of radial immunodiffusion method

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Investigation of the system cobalt(II) bovine carbonic anhydrase B-trichloroacetaldehyde

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Investigation of transmitter-receptor interactions by analyzing postsynaptic membrane noise using stochastic kinetics

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Investigation on hemolytic streptococci distribution in Yamaguchi Prefecture especially centering on scarlatina-like disease prevailed at N nursery school in Toyota-cho

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Investigation on the acute toxic effect of chlordane on the serum proteins of Meriones hurrianae Jerdon

Karel, A.K.; Saxena, S.C., 1975:
Investigation on the acute toxic effect of pyrethrum on the blood glucose and of glucose administration on the acute pyrethrum toxicity in Meriones hurrianae Jerdon (Rodentia)

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Investigation on the biological activity of fowl plague virus ribonucleoprotein

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Investigation on the carcinogen burden by air pollution in man. XV. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in automobile exhaust gas--an inventory

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Investigation on the construction and spacial structure of human tendons

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Investigational chemotherapeutic agents in head and neck cancer

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Investigational drugs under study by the United States National Cancer Institute

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Investigations about the effect of run-training and run-stress on glucose tolerance and insulin secretion with ageing streptozotocin-diabetic rats

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Investigations about the incorporation of nucleotide precursors in single cell suspensions of ovarian- and cervix-carcinomas under the influence of cytostatic therapy

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Investigations for evaluation of sensitivity and specificity of the seroreactions for syphilis with lipoidal and treponemal antigens

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Investigations into the cardiotoxicity of a toxin from the nematocysts of the jellyfish, Cyanea capillata

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Investigations into the choice of immunogen, ligand, antiserum and assay conditions for the radioimmunoassay of conjugated cholic acid

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Investigations into the suitability of oxazepam and diazepam as antidotes against gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane (lindane)

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Investigations of T-lymphocyte subpopulations in the rat using alloantigenic markers

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Investigations of some metachrome-yellow-preparations as an basic ingredient for metachromgelb-wasserblau-laktose-agar (Gassners medium)

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Investigations of the 131I accumulation in the white male rats thyroid gland during chronic parathion intoxication

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Investigations of the effect of midodrine on carbohydrate and fat metabolism with particular reference to the diabetic metabolic state

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Investigations of the excretion of gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase into the urine

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Investigations of the incidence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae on the pharyngeal mucosa

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Investigations of the lipase activity of a pancreatin compound

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Investigations of the methodology of lymphocyte transformation test by application to lymph-node cells of guinea pigs

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Investigations of the structure of 3-methylcrotonyl-CoA carboxylase from Achromobacter

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Investigations of the uptake of antibiotics influencing membrane function by E. coli cells

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Investigations of the weights and water content as well as of the DNA-synthesis and DNA-content of mesenchymal and parenchymal organs of the rat, prenatal and postnatal

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Investigations on antibacterial activity of cefazedone against Neisseria gonorrhoeae

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Investigations on metabolic modulation of p-aminohippurate accumulation by rabbit renal cortical slices

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Investigations on strain-specific and common antigen antihemagglutinin antibodies oriented to the influenza virus H3N2 strains A/Hong Kong/1/68 and A/Port Chalmers/1/73

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Investigations on the Stability of Proscillaridine, Proscillaridine-3'-methylether and Proscillaridine-4'-methylether in Artificial Gastric and Intestinal Fluids

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Investigations on the aminoglycoside inactivating enzyme AAC-(6') IV

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Investigations on the binding sites of the basement membrane zone for pemphigoid antibodies in vitro. II. Immunohistochemical reactions of the reactive groups

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Investigations on the biological activity of Tylopilus felleus (Bull. Ex Fr.) P. Karst. by means of phytobiological tests

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Investigations on the development of various connective tissue systems

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Investigations on the distribution, cause and prevention of early perinatal morbidity

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Investigations on the efficacy of two schemes of standard gammaglobulin administration in the prevention of viral hepatitis

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Investigations on the fatty acid composition of lipids from Salmonella typhimurium S and R forms

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Investigations on the function of the rat forestomach

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Investigations on the influence of Rh immunoglobulin prophylaxis on the immune response to postpartum rubella vaccination

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Investigations on the kinetic properties of estrone glucuronyltransferase from pig kidney

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Investigations on the mechanism of cyclic guanosine monophosphate increase due to depolarizing agents as studied with sea anemone toxin II in mouse cerebellar slices

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Investigations on the pathogenesis of distal renal tubular acidosis

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Investigations on the plasm amino acids of old patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Investigations on the use of 57Co-bleomycin for evaluating the extent of the malignant process in patients with cervical cancer

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Investigations to characterize a new anti-arrhythmic drug, ORG 6001 including a simple test for calcium antagonism

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Investigations with 5H-2,3-benzodiazepines

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Investigations with beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs in healthy volunteers

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Investigative approaches: pathologic and morphometric three-dimensional studies in peripheral neuropathy

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Investigator's anaemia

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Invited review. The technique and scope of electron-probe X-ray analysis in pathology

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Invitro and in vivo defoaming action of three antacid preparations

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Involuntary movement disorders--each has a meaning all its own

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Involuntary movements--its new understanding from experiences of stereoencephalotomy

Anonymous, 1977:
Involved in dying

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Involvement of GABA in the action of benzodiazepine--studies on rat cerebellum

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Involvement of GABA in the actions of neuropsychotropic drugs

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Involvement of H-2L gene products in virus-immune T-cell recognition. Evidence for an H-2L-restricted T-cell response

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Involvement of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae in enzootic proliferating interstitial pneumonia in sheep

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Involvement of a single hydroxylase species in the hydroxylation of palmitate at the omega-1, omega-2 and omega-3 positions by a preparation from Bacillus megaterium

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Involvement of an essential arginyl residue in the coupling activity of Rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores

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Involvement of beta adrenergic receptors in decrease of myocardial pH during ischemia

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Involvement of cAMP-dependent protein kinase in the regulation of heart contractile force. II

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Involvement of catecholaminergic and cholinergic mechanisms in the pulsatile release of LH in the long-term ovariectomized rat

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Involvement of cytochrome b5 in the oxidative desaturation of linoleic acid to gamma-linolenic acid in rat liver microsomes

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Involvement of cytosol proteins in oleate activation of rabbit liver fructose-1,6-diphosphatase

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Involvement of fusion activity of ultraviolet light-inactivated Sendai virus in formation of target antigens recognized by cytotoxic T cells

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Involvement of gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) in the anticonvulsant action of methaqualone

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Involvement of histamine H1- and H2-receptors in induced asthmas in dogs

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Involvement of host Fc receptors in antibody-mediated cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity reactions

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Involvement of hydroxyl radical in NAD(P)H oxidation and associated oxygen reduction by the granule fraction of human blood polymorphonuclears

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Involvement of intramitochondrial protons in redox reactions of cytochrome alpha

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Involvement of lipids in the break of the Arrhenius plot of Azotobacter nitrogenase

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Involvement of long-chain acyl coenzyme A for lipid synthesis in repression of acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase in Candida lipolytica

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Involvement of norepinephrine in startle arousal after acute and chronic d-amphetamine administration

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Involvement of phenolic metabolites in the irreversible protein-binding of aromatic hydrocarbons: reactive metabolites of [14C]naphthalene and [14C]1-naphthol formed by rat liver microsomes

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Involvement of protein synthesis in the post-translational control of glutamine synthetase activity of cultured hepatoma cells

Prat, M.; Comoglio, P.M., 1976:
Involvement of sialic acids in the immunological specificity of plasma membrane glycoproteins

Bolshakova, T.N.; Gabrielyan, T.R.; Bourd, G.I.; Gershanovitch, V.N., 1978:
Involvement of the Escherichia coli phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent phosphotransferase system in regulation of transcription of catabolic genes

Thiene, G.; Valente, M.; Rossi, L., 1978:
Involvement of the cardiac conducting system in panarteritis nodosa

Lamarre, Y.; Jacks, B., 1978:
Involvement of the cerebellum in the initiation of fast ballistic movement in the monkey

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Involvement of the mature domain in the in vitro maturation of Bacillus subtilis precursor 5S ribosomal RNA

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Involvement of the small intestine in systemic mast cell disease

Campan, L.; Lazorthes, Y.; Bauvin, M.J.; Clergue, M.L., 1976:
Involvement or non-involvement of intracranial pressure with arterial pressure

Rinke, L.T., 1979:
Involving undergraduates in nursing research

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Iodide-trapping defect of the thyroid. A case report

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Iodinated bleomycin: an unsatisfactory radiopharmaceutical for tumor localization

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Iodinated contrast media and gastric secretion

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Iodinated radiological contrast media as radiosensitizers

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Iodination of H-2 and TL with a coupled insoluble enzyme system: kinetics and effects on antigenic activity

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Iodination of staphylococcal enterotoxin B by use of chloramine-T

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Iodination-deiodination. A radiochemical method for detection of structure and changes in structure in RNA

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Iodine labelling of sea anemone toxin II, and binding to normal and denervated diaphragm

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Iodine-131 and malignancy

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Iodine-induced hyperthyroidism and bronchial asthma

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Iodoamino acid synthesis in thyroid lobes in vitro with excellent yield of iodothyronines

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Iodometric determination of platyphylline hydrotartrate in the form of polyiodides

Suprun, P.P., 1976:
Iodometric methods for the quantitative determination of apomorphine hydrochloride

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Iodotyrosine deiodination in the normal and acutely TSH-stimulated thyroid

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Ion activities on the surface of pial vessels following intravenous vasoactive drugs

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Ion currents in mitochondrial and liposome membranes induced by acid action

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Ion movements during energy-linked mitochondrial structural changes

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Ion transport and respiratory control in vesicles formed from reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide coenzyme Q reductase and phospholipids

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Ion-binding to phospholipids. Interaction of calcium with phosphatidylserine

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Ion-exchange chromatographic separation and fluorometric detection of guanidino compounds in physiologic fluids

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Ion-pair chromatography of acidic drug metabolites and endogenic compounds

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Ion-pair liquid chromatographic assay of decongestants and antihistamines

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Ionic actions on cerebral vessels

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Ionic and metabolic requirements for the hydroosmotic response to antidiuretic hormone in toad urinary bladder

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Ionic basis for intracellular 14C-nicotine accumulation in slices from different rat brain areas

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Ionic binding of aminoglycosides to human serum albumin in the absence of divalent cations. IV. Effect of structure, ph and concentration

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Ionic blockage of the light-regulated sodium channels in isolated rod outer segments

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Ionic composition and cardiotoxicity of dimeric contrast media at injection into the coronary arteries of rabbits

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Ionic dependence of the response to acetylcholine of a molluscan buccal muscle: the radular protractor of Busycon canaliculatum

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Ionic effects on the transport of sugars in rat liver lysosomes [proceedings

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Ionic influences on the phase transition of dipalmitoylphosphatidylserine

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Ionic interactions between bovine chymotrypsinogen A and chondroitin sulfate A.B.C.. A possible model for molecular aggregation in zymogen granules

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Ionic landmarks along the mitogenic route

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Ionic mechanism of 5-hydroxytryptamine induced hyperpolarization and inhibitory junctional potential in body wall muscle cells of Hirudo medicinalis

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Ionic permeabilities of membranes. Na and Li NMR studies of ion transport across the membrane of phosphatidylcholine vesicles

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Ionic permeability of K, Na, and Cl in crayfish nerve. Regulation by membrane fixed charges and pH

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Ionic properties of the acetylcholine receptor in cultured rat myotubes

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Ionic regulation of the haemolymph in the larvae of the dragonfly Aeshna cyanea (Müller) (Odonata, Anisoptera)

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Ionic requirements of proximal tubular sodium transport. II. Hydrogen ion

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Ionic selectivity, saturation and block in gramicidin A channels: I. Theory for the electrical properties of ion selective channels having two pairs of binding sites and multiple conductance states

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Ionic selectivity, saturation, and block in gramicidin A channels. II. Saturation behavior of single channel conductances and evidence for the existence of multiple binding sites in the channel

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Ionic strength and pH effects on the rates of reduction of blue copper proteins by Fe(EDTA)2- comparison of the reactivities of Pseudomonas aeruginosa azurin and bean plastocyanin with various redox agents

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Ionised calcium during haemodialysis

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Ionization behaviour of native apolipoproteins and of their complexes with lecithin. 1. Calorimetric and potentiometric titration of the native apoA-I protein and of the apoA-I protein-dimyristoyl lecithin complex

Soetewey, F.; Lievens, M.J.; Vercaemst, R.; Rosseneu, M.; Peeters, H.; Brown, V., 1977:
Ionization behaviour of native apolipoproteins and of their complexes with lecithin. 2. Potentiometric titration of the native apo-A-II, apoC-I, apoC-III proteins and of their complexes with dimyristoyl lecithin

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Ionization constant and spectrophotometric analysis of mexamine

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Ionization of the acid-base groups of polyene antibiotics in aqueous solutions

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Ionized calcium levels in critically ill surgical patients

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Ionized fluorine in the plasma and urine of subjects treated with organofluorine drugs prescribed in rheumatology

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Ionography: mammography system of the future

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Ionomycin stimulates mast cell histamine secretion by forming a lipid-soluble calcium complex

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Ionophore A-23187 induced histamine release from rat mast cells and rat basophil leukemia (RBL-1) cells

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Ionophore A23187: the effect of H+ concentration on complex formation with divalent and monovalent cations and the demonstration of K+ transport in mitochondria mediated by A23187

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Ionophore- and antigen-induced histamine release from mast cells and a comparison of their inhibition [proceedings

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Ionophore-like action of lienomycin on energized membrane of rat-liver mitochondria

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Ionophores. Chemistry, physiology and potential applications to bone biology

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Ionophorous polymers. Interaction with polynucleotides and effects on RNA-directed DNA polymerase activity

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Ions, ion-pairs and catalysis by the lacZ beta-galactosidase of Escherichia coli

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Iontophoretic application of adenine arabinoside monophosphate for the treatment of herpes simplex virus type 2 skin infections in hairless mice

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Iontophoretic application of adenine arabinoside monophosphate to herpes simplex virus type 1-infected hairless mouse skin

Hill, J.M.; Gangarosa, L.P.; Park, N.H., 1977:
Iontophoretic application of antiviral chemotherapeutic agents

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Iophendylate cisternography in diagnosis of cerebellopontine angle tumors. Report of 60 cases

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Iopronic acid interaction with hepatic microsomal cytochrome P-450: relationship between chemical structure and binding

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Ipecac poisoning

Anonymous, 1979:
Ipecac syrup and activated charcoal for treatment of poisoning in children

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Ipecacuanha as an emetic

Lindenbaum, E.; Brandes, J.M.; Itskovitz, J., 1978:
Ipsi-and contralateral anastomosis of the uterine arteries

Drabyn, G.A.; Avedian, L., 1979:
Ipsilateral buttock flap for coverage of a foot and ankle defect in a young child

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Ir gene control of carrier recognition. III. Cooperative recognition of two or more carrier determinants on insulins of different species

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Ir gene controlled carrier effects in the induction and elicitation of hapten-specific delayed-type hypersensitivity responses

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Ir gene defects may reflect a regulatory imbalance. I. Helper T cell activity revealed in a strain whose lack of response is controlled by suppression

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Ir genes and antigen recognition

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Ir-associated murine alloantigens. Serological and chemical definition of Ia specificities associated with the H-2-b haplotype

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Ir-gene control of immunogenicity of insulin and A-chain loop as a carrier determinant

Mason, G.I., 1979:
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Is glutamic acid the pyramidal tract neurotransmitter?

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Is glycine an inhibitory synaptic transmitter in the substantia nigra?

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Is granulopoietic activity (GA) in vivo comparable to colony stimulating factor (CSF)?

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Is informed consent possible in psychiatry?

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Is it dangerous to stop beta blockader therapy?

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Is it ethical to conduct volunteer studies within the pharmaceutical industry?

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Is it necessary to arterialize the capillary blood before withdrawal for blood gas and pH examination?

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Is it possible to improve the long term prognosis of myocardial infarction?

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Is it possible to predict the blood pressure decreasing effect of beta blockaders?

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Is it possible to prevent arterial hypertension?

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Is it useful to combine drug therapy with psychotherapy?

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Is it worthwhile preventing postoperative thromboembolism?

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Is lactase the receptor and uncoating enzyme for infantile enteritis (rota) viruses?

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Is long term medical follow up of tuberculous patients possible?

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Is lorazepam really different?

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Is low-renin hypertension a stage in the development of essential hypertension or a diagnostic entity?

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Is measurement of placental function and maternal weight worth while?

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Is medical radiation protection sufficient?

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Is medical technology safe?

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Is microcrystalline theophylline really better?

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Is motilin a gastrointestinal hormone?

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Is multiple sclerosis an age-dependent host response to measles?

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Is multiple sulphatase deficiency due to defective regulation of sulphohydrolase expression?

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Is naloxone a nonspecific analeptic?

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Is non-specific cross-reacting antigen a marker on the surface of human basophils?

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Is nursing doomed?

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Is our emergency planning a catastrophy?

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Is pancreatic polypeptide a marker for Zollinger-Ellison syndrome?

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Is plasma lipoprotein destroyed by lysosomal cathepsin in intima?

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Is pulmonary dysfunction the common denominator for the multiple effects of cigarette smoking?

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Is rectal carcinoid argyrophilic? Application of Grimelius' silver nitrate stain in four cases

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Is resonance catastrophe possible during tooth preparation?

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Is schizophrenia an HLA-associated disease?

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Is scoliosis caused by brain diseases?

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Is tetracycline treatment of respiratory tract infections still appropriate?

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Is thallium-201 of use in the measurement of total exchangeable potassium in man?

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Is that pre-op patient terrified?

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Is the CAm/CCr ratio of value for the diagnosis of pancreatitis?

Anonymous, 1979:
Is the N.H.S. under-funded and over-administered?

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Is the active form of pyridoxal-P in alpha-glucan phosphorylases a 5'-phosphate dianion?

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Is the anemia of chronic disorders normocytic-normochromic?

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Is the d an allelic gene of D in the Rh blood group system? A quantitative study using 99mTechnetium-pyrophosphate-labelled antibody (TcLA) method

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Is the deprivation syndrome no longer imminent?

Donovan, L., 1978:
Is the doctor starving your patient?

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Is the drug effect antianxiety or antidepressant [proceedings]?

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Is the epileptic genotype teratogenic?

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Is the eradication of malaria an utopia?

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Is the hypotensive effect obtained by application of drugs to the ventral surface of the brain stem due to a membrane stabilizing mechanism? A study with beta-blockers

Anonymous, 1977:
Is the medical profession inevitably patriarchal?

Rosen, A.H., 1977:
Is the message clear?

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Is the presence of serologically defined target cell antigens sufficient for binding of cytotoxic T lymphocytes?

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Is the process of localized lysosomal exocytosis responsible for the cytolytic action of killer T-lymphocytes?

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Is the prostatic adenoma of hormonal origin

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Is the quantum of transmitter release composed of subunits?

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Is the serum total cholesterol an anachronism?

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Is the simultaneous performance of the mastic reaction and cerebrospinal fluid electrophoresis still necessary? Comment on the work of J. Lossner and H. Diessner (Psychiat. Neurol. med. Psychol. 25:689-94)

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Is the solitary dark neuron a manifestation of postmortem trauma to the brain inadequately fixed by perfusion?

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Is there a characteristic constellation of findings in esophageal functional diagnosis after antireflux operations?

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Is there a doctor on the planet? The Sixth World Congress of Psychiatry

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Is there a limbic system equivalent of tardive dyskinesia?

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Is there a link between in regulation of intracellular sodium and intracellular pH in mammalian cardiac tissue? [proceedings

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Is there a membrane-bound, calcium-dependent phosphatidylinositol phosphodiesterase in rat brain?

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Is there a place for chemical and radiation synovectomy in rheumatic diseases?

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Is there a relationship between alpha-1-antitrypsin Pi MZ phenotype and hepatoma?

Immich, B.; Eckmann, R., 1977:
Is there a relative risk in respect to the measure of the risk of disease?

Sheiham, A., 1977:
Is there a scientific basis for six-monthly dental examinations?

Drucker-Colín, R.R.; Spanis, C.W., 1976:
Is there a sleep transmitter?

Talmage, D.W.; Thomas, D.W., 1975:
Is there a stimulator cell for B-lymphocytes?

Sniderman, M., 1977:
Is there a system that works for you

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Is there an anaplastic type of oligodendroglioma? A case report

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Is there an increase in monoamine-oxidase activity in depressive illness?

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Is there any association between the pharmacologic control of prolactin release and its action on mammary carcinogenesis in the rat?

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Is there any bimodality of the age distribution of male mammary cancer ?

Blake, D.R.; Bramble, M.G., 1978:
Is there excessive use of gastric lavage in the treatment of self-poisoning?

Green, J.; Erdmann, G.; Wellhöner, H.H., 1977:
Is there retrograde axonal transport of tetanus toxin in both alpha and beta fibres?

Mikołajski, K., 1979:
Is treatment with interferon already possible?

Dubler, O.; Nagl, F., 1975:
Is vaginal breech delivery still justified?

Dessemond, M.; Laurent, J.L.; Chappard, D.; Robert, J.M., 1977:
Is varicella virus teratogenic

Möhring, J.; Möhring, B.; Petri, M.; Haack, D., 1976:
Is vasopressin involved in the pathogenesis of malignant desoxycorticosterone hypertension in rats?

Perrin, J., 1976:
Is your hospital ready for a fire?

Garner, A.E.; Thillen, C., 1977:
Is your school of nursing ready to implement interdisciplinary team teaching?

Wells, F.O., 1979:
Is your sleeping tablet really necessary?

Britton, K.E.; Quinn, V.; Ellis, S.M.; Cayley, A.C.; Miralles, J.M.; Brown, B.L.; Ekins, R.P., 1975:
Is "T4 toxicosis" a normal biochemical finding in elderly women?

Burton-Bradley, B.G., 1979:
Is "betel chewing" carcinogenic?

Aleshin, P.M., 1975:
Is "ideal prostatic adenomectomy" possible?

Mach, R.S.; Favre, H., 1979:
Is "idiopathic oedema" idiopathic?

MacGregor, G.A.; Markandu, N.D.; Roulston, J.E.; Jones, J.C.; de Wardener, H.E., 1979:
Is "idiopathic" edema idiopathic?

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Isatin enzyme interactions. V. Activation of rat liver acid phosphatase

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Ischaemic heart-disease and garlic

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Ischaemic heart-disease and wine

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Ischaemic heart-disease: possible genetic markers

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Ischemia and post-ischemic regeneration of the small intestinal mucosa. A light microscopic and autoradiographic study

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Ischemia and post-ischemic regeneration of the small intestinal mucosa. An enzyme-histochemical investigation

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Ischemic bowel disease

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Ischemic brain edema: comparative effects of barbiturates and hypothermia

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Ischemic cardiovascular accidents during treatment with progestins alone. Apropos of 3 cases

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Ischemic enteritis due to periarteritis nodosa--a case report

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Ischemic enteropathy (proceedings)

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Ischemic heart-disease and wine... or garlic

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Ischemic infarction of the pulp: sequential degenerative changes of the pulp after traumatic injury

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Ischemic lesions of the hippocampus and their relation to Ammon's horn sclerosis. A neuropathological study of two cases and a comparison to the vascular anatomy

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Ischemic muscle necroses

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Iskedyl and general anesthesia. Measurement of the systolic ejection volume and peripheral resistance using the arterial pressure curves

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Islet autoantibodies in human pancreatic transplant recipients

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Islet autotransplantation in pancreatectomized dogs: liver vs spleen as a site of pancreatic tissue implantation

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Islet cell survival determined by morphology. An immunocytochemical study of the islets of Langerhans in juvenile diabetes mellitus

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Islet cell transplantation and diabetes

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Islet transplantation in diabetic rats. Long-term follow-up of glucose tolerance

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Islet transplantation in experimental diabetes of the rat. VI. Rate of regression in diabetic kidney lesions after isogeneic islet transplantation: quantitative measurements

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Islet-cell antibodies (ICA) in diabetes mellitus (evidence of an autoantigen common to all cells in the islet of Langerhans)

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Islet-cell antibodies in diabetes mellitus

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Islet-cell antibodies in juvenile diabetes mellitus of recent onset

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Islet-cell hyperplasia and sudden infant death

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Islet-cell relationship in severe inflammatory-fibrotic changes in pancreatic biopsy

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Iso-branched 2- and 3-hydroxy fatty acids as characteristic lipid constituents of some gliding bacteria

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Isoaccepting species of serine tRNA coded by bacteriophage T5sto

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Isoamylase pattern diagnostic of pancreatic pseudocyst

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Isoantigen loss in cervical neoplasia. Demonstration by immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase techniques

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Isocitrate dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase in synaptic and non-synaptic rat brain mitochondria: a comparison of their kinetic constants

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Isocitrate dehydrogenase of Tetrahymena pyriformis

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Isocitrate lyase from Neurospora crassa: pH dependence of catalysis and interaction with substrates and inhibitors

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Isocitrate lyase from Pseudomonas indigofera: pH dependence of catalysis and binding of substrates and inhibitors

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Isocratic separation of some purine nucleotide, nucleoside, and base metabolites from biological extracts by high-performance liquid chromatography

Anonymous, 1976:
Isocyanates in the fire

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Isoelastic finger-joint prostheses

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Isoelastic prostheses of the shoulder joint. 1. Raw materials--instrumentation--prostheses models

Rüter, A.; Burri, C.; Spier, W., 1977:
Isoelastic prostheses of the shoulder joint. 2. Indications--surgical technics

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Isoelectric focusing and electrophoresis of the CSF proteins in tremor of different origins

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Isoelectric focusing of carboxypeptidase N

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Isoelectric focusing of complex protein mixtures in the nanogram range in microgels

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Isoelectric focusing of hog cholera virus

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Isoelectric focusing of interacting systems III. Carrier ampholyte-induced macromolecular association or dissociation into subunits

Cann, J.R.; Stimpson, D.I., 1977:
Isoelectric focusing of interacting systems. I. Carrier ampholyte-induced macromolecular isomerization

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Isoelectric focusing of interacting systems. II. pH-dependent conformational transitions

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Isoelectric focusing of macrophage culture media and the effect of the fractions on the synthesis of DNA and collagen by fibroblasts

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Isoelectric focusing of oligopeptides: detection by specific stains

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Isoelectric focusing of rhodopsin

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Isoelectric focusing of spectrin components in hereditary spherocytosis

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Isoelectric focusing of the serum vitamin D transport protein (DBP) and the polymorphism of Gc protein. Significance in anthropology

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Isoelectric focusing of thyroid-stimulating antibody of Graves' disease

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Isoelectric focusing on HEPES--buffered pH gradients

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Isoelectric focusing pattern of acid phosphatase in normal splenic tissue, in the lysosomal fraction of viable splenic lymphocytes and in cases of hairy cell leukemia

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Isoelectric focusing studies on the neutral 5'-nucleotidase from Wistar rat hippocampus: evidence for the absence of isoenzymes

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Isoelectric focusing study of radiation damage to dry conalbumin

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Isoelectric fractions of healthy human serum albumin and their ability to bind bilirubin

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Isoelectric points and molecular weights of proteins

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Isoelectric spectra of hepatitis B antigen antibodies to it

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Isoelectrofocusing on polyacrilamide gel in the study of gamma-globulin changes during neurological illnesses

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Isoenzyme differentiation of gamma-glutamyltransferase by concanavalin A and Con- A-Sepharose

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Isoenzymes in liver diseases

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Isoenzymes in molecular biology and genetics (the materials of the XIV Internation Conference on Genetics)

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Isoenzymes of acid phosphatase in blood plasma

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Isoenzymes of alpha-amylase in duodenal juice of patients with pathology of the pancreas and the adjacent organs

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Isoenzymes of elapid acetylcholinesterases

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Isoenzymes of human liver alpha-L-fucosidase: chemical relationship, kinetic studies, and immunochemical characterization

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Isoenzymes of manoamine oxidase in human skeletal muscle

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Isoenzymes of phosphorylase from skeletal muscles of cyclostomata and raw-boned fish

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Isoferritin composition of tissues and serum in human cancers

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Isohydric regulation of plasma potassium by bicarbonate in the rat

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Isoimmunization and hemolytic transfusion reaction due to anti-c and anti-Jk combination

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Isoionic titration and isopycnic density gradient centrifugation studies of magnesium activation and subunit dissociation in yeast enolase

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Isolabeling of the long arm of the human Y chromosome demonstrated by the FPG technique

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Isolabelling is a radiation-induced phenomenon

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Isolated T wave alternans elicited by hypocalcemia in dogs

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Isolated amyloid of the larynx

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Isolated aplastic anemia--a polyetiological syndrome

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Isolated arterial blood vessel dysplasia in Sturge-Weber-Syndrome

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Isolated caseating tuberculosis in a prostatic adenoma

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Isolated coronary periarteritis: report of a case of unexpected death in a young pregnant woman

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Isolated cortical granules: a model system for studying membrane fusion and calcium-mediated exocytosis

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Isolated dextrogastria: report of two cases

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Isolated dislocation of the os hamatum

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Isolated hapten-binding receptors of sensitized lymphocytes. I. Receptors from nylon wool-enriched mouse T lymphocytes lack serological markers of immunoglobulin constant domains but express heavy chain variable portions

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Isolated lung strips of guinea pigs: responses to beta-adrenergic agonists and antagonists

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Isolated luxation of the trapezium bone

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Isolated mitral valve replacement with the Björk-Shiley tilting disc valve prosthesis. A six-year review and a comparison between the Delrin and the pyrolytic carbon disc models

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Isolated neuronal soma as an object of electrophysiologic research

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Isolated rat hepatocytes. Simultaneous study of variations in sialic acid content of glycoconjugated membranes and asialotransferrin uptake

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Isolated sympathetic ganglion from Rana esculenta and its pharmacologic reactivity

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Isolated temporary pharyngeal paralysis in childhood

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Isolating low frequency activity EEG spectrum analysis

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Isolation and activities of the trypsin-modified Vicia angustifolia proteinase inhibitor lacking carboxyl-terminal hexapeptide

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Isolation and analysis of H-2 and Ia alloantigens from wild mouse strains

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Isolation and analysis of chemosensory behavior mutants in Drosophila melanogaster

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Isolation and analysis of encephalitogenic fractions of spinal cord proteins

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Isolation and analysis of the mechanism of action of an inactivator of C4b in normal human serum

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Isolation and antigenic characterization of the product of a third polymorphic H-2 locus, H-2L

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Isolation and basic properties of thiamine pyrophosphokinase from brewing yeast

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Isolation and biochemical analysis of a temperature-sensitive scarlet eye color mutant of Drosophila melanogaster

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Isolation and biochemical properties of alpha-fetoprotein

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Isolation and cell-free translation of a human immunoglobulin light chain messenger RNA

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Isolation and characterization of 7S-beta1-globuline from human erythrocytes

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Isolation and characterization of Arthrobacter bacteriophages and their application to phage typing of soil arthrobacters

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Isolation and characterization of CHO cell mutants with altered asparagine synthetase

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Isolation and characterization of N6-succinyladenosine from human urine

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Isolation and characterization of NADP+-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase from the pupa of Bombyx mori

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Isolation and characterization of RNA polymerase B from the larval fat body of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta

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Isolation and characterization of S49 lymphoma cells deficient in beta-adrenergic receptors: relation of receptor number to activation of adenylate cyclase

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Isolation and characterization of T-even ghost-tolerant mutants of Escherichia coli

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Isolation and characterization of a Golgi-rich fraction from the Harding-Passey mouse melanoma

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Isolation and characterization of a bacteriocin produced by Bacillus stearothermophilus strain NU-10

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Isolation and characterization of a bacteriophage specific for Neisseria perflava

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Isolation and characterization of a guanine insertion enzyme, a specific tRNA transglycosylase, from Escherichia coli

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Isolation and characterization of a hemagglutinin from Amphitrite ornata, a polychaetous annelid

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Isolation and characterization of a high molecular weight glycoprotein from human blood platelets

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Isolation and characterization of a high molecular weight placental protein (PPg)(author's transl)

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Isolation and characterization of a high-molecular-weight polysaccharide from the slime of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Isolation and characterization of a highly repetitious inverted terminal repeat sequence from Oxytricha macronuclear DNA

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Isolation and characterization of a liver-specific antigen (F-Ag) from human liver

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Isolation and characterization of a minichromosome active for transcription (proceedings)

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Isolation and characterization of a mitochondrial D-amino acid oxidase from Neurospora crassa

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Isolation and characterization of a neuroblastoma cell line from peripheral blood in a patient with disseminated disease

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Isolation and characterization of a new type D retrovirus from the asian primate, Presbytis obscurus (spectacled langur)

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Isolation and characterization of a novel fucoganglioside of human erythrocyte membranes

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Isolation and characterization of a phospholipase A2 from an inflammatory exudate

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Isolation and characterization of a polynucleotide phosphorylase from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

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Isolation and characterization of a pulmonary glycoprotein from human amniotic fluid

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Isolation and characterization of a spontaneous lymphocytic leukemia (L-76) in the strain 2 guinea pig

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Isolation and characterization of a virus-specific ribonucleoprotein complex from reticuloendotheliosis virus-transformed chicken bone marrow cells

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Isolation and characterization of acetylornithine delta-transaminase of wild-type Escherichia coli W. Comparison with arginine-inducible acetylornithine delta-transaminase

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Isolation and characterization of alpha-fetoprotein from the mouse hepatoma BW7756

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Isolation and characterization of amyloid-related serum protein SAA as a low molecular weight protein

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Isolation and characterization of an aetiological agent in Whipple's disease

McDonald, H.C.; Graves, D.C.; Ferrer, J.F., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of an antigen of the bovine C-type virus

Clark, V.L., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of an endogenous inhibitor of protein synthesis in Escherichia coli K-12

Barbacid, M.; Tronick, S.R.; Aaronson, S.A., 1978:
Isolation and characterization of an endogenous type C RNA virus of mink (Mv1Lu) cells

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Isolation and characterization of an enkephalin-degrading aminopeptidase from rat brain

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Isolation and characterization of an enriched Golgi fraction from rat brain

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Isolation and characterization of an unknown, leucine-rich 3.1-S-alpha2-glycoprotein from human serum

Chang, T.Y.; Vagelos, P.R., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of an unsaturated fatty acid-requiring mutant of cultured mammalian cells

Esterbauer, H.; Sanders, E.B.; Schubert, J., 1975:
Isolation and characterization of an unsubstituted 2,3-unsaturated sugar, trans-2,3-dideoxy-D-glycero-pent-2-enose, produced by thermal dehydration of 2-deoxy-D-erythro-pentose

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Isolation and characterization of beef thyroid giant RNA

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Isolation and characterization of beta-D-galactosidase from gastric juice

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Isolation and characterization of beta-glucosidase from the cytosol of rat kidney cortex

Brabbs, S.; Warr, J.R., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of bleomycin-resistant clones of CHO cells

Thompson, R.E.; Reynolds, H.Y., 1977:
Isolation and characterization of canine secretory immunoglobulin M

Tsai, P.K.; Gracy, R.W., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of crystalline methylglyoxal synthetase from Proteus vulgaris

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Isolation and characterization of detergent-solubilized human HLA-DR transplantation antigens

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Isolation and characterization of dihydropteridine reductase from Pseudomonas species

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Isolation and characterization of diploid clones from adult and newborn rat liver cell lines

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Isolation and characterization of four peptide hydrolases from the cytosol of rat intestinal mucosa

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Isolation and characterization of free and membrane-bound polyribosomes from rabbit spinal cord

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Isolation and characterization of homogeneous heat-labile enterotoxins with high specific activity from Escherichia coli cultures

Saklatvala, J.; Wood, G.C.; White, D.D., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of human plasma alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor and a conformational study of its interaction with proteinases

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Isolation and characterization of human platelet beta-thromboglobulin

Burgus, R.; Amoss, M.; Brazeau, P.; Brown, M.; Ling, N.; Rivier, C.; Rivier, J.; Vale, W.; Villarreal, J., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of hypothalamic peptide hormones

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Isolation and characterization of immunoglobulin from thymocytes of inbred rats

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Isolation and characterization of isoenzymes of human salivary and pancreatic alpha-amylase

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Isolation and characterization of lipase from Pseudomonas fluorescens 533-5b

Tan-Wilson, A.L.; Reichlin, M.; Noble, R.W., 1976 :
Isolation and characterization of low and high affinity goat antibodies directed to single antigenic sites on human hemoglobin

Raab, B.; Schwenke, K.D., 1975:
Isolation and characterization of main albumin fractions of seeds from sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and rape (Brassica napus L.)

Mizuno, T.; Kageyama, M., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of major outer membrane proteins of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain PAO with special reference to peptidoglycan-associated protein

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Isolation and characterization of oligosaccharides from urine of patients with abnormal glycoconjugate metabolism

Kalousek, F.; François, B.; Rosenberg, L.E., 1978:
Isolation and characterization of ornithine transcarbamylase from normal human liver

Strehler, E.E.; Eppenberger, H.M.; Heizmann, C.W., 1977:
Isolation and characterization of parvalbumin from chicken leg-muscle

Fujii, T.; Kühn, K., 1975:
Isolation and characterization of pepsin-treated type III collagen from calf skin

Atwal, A.S.; Eskin, N.A.; Henderson, H.M., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of phospholipase D from fababeans

Newman, P.J.; Sherman, L.A., 1978:
Isolation and characterization of photosystem I and II membrane particles from the blue-green alga, Synechococcus cedrorum

Bohn, H.; Winckler, W., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of pregnancy associated alpha2 glycoprotein

Brennessel, B.A.; Biswas, D.K., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of prolactin-copy DNA

Ullman, B.; Gudas, L.J.; Clift, S.M.; Martin, D.W., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of purine-nucleoside phosphorylase-deficient T-lymphoma cells and secondary mutants with altered ribonucleotide reductase: genetic model for immunodeficiency disease

Strniste, G.F.; Hardin, J.M.; Rall, S.C., 1977:
Isolation and characterization of stable protein-DNA adducts induced in chromatin by ultraviolet light

van Agthoven, A.; Kriek, J.; Amons, R.; Möller, W., 1978:
Isolation and characterization of the acidic phosphoproteins of 60-S ribosomes from Artemia salina and rat liver

Goldmann, D.R.; Schlesinger, H.; Segal, S., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of the brush border fraction from newborn rat renal proximal tubule cells

Norton, T.R.; Shibata, S.; Kashiwagi, M.; Bentley, J., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of the cardiotonic polypeptide anthopleurin-A from the sea anemone Anthopleura xanthogrammica

Takayama, K.; Qureshi, N., 1978:
Isolation and characterization of the monounsaturated long chain fatty acids of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Engvall, E.; Shively, J.E.; Wrann, M., 1978:
Isolation and characterization of the normal crossreacting antigen: homology of its NH2-terminal amino acid sequence with that of carcinoembryonic antigen

Snead, H.W.; McDonald, T.F.; Baker, M.D.; Lanclos, K.D., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of the nuclear matrix from the male Xenopus laevis following estrogen administration: kinetics of [3H] uridine incorporation

Huriaux, F.; Focant, B., 1977:
Isolation and characterization of the three light chains from carp white muscle myosin

Stewart, P.S.; MacLennan, D.H., 1975:
Isolation and characterization of tryptic fragments of the sarcoplasmic reticulum adenosine triphosphatase

Murray, K.; Hughes, S.G.; Brown, J.S.; Bruce, S.A., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of two sequence-specific endonucleases from Anabaena variabilis

Hoch, S.O., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of two tryptophan biosynthetic enzymes, indoleglycerol phosphate synthase and phosphoribosyl anthranilate isomerase, from Bacillus subtilis

Pinto, B.; Rocha, E., 1977:
Isolation and characterization of uricine

Graham, S.; Yoneda, Y.; Young, F.E., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of viable deletion mutants of Bacillus subtilis bacteriophage SPO2

Schneider, W.P.; Bundy, G.L.; Lincoln, F.H.; Daniels, E.G.; Pike, J.E., 1977:
Isolation and chemical conversions of prostaglandins from Plexaura homomalla: Preparation of prostaglandin E2, prostaglandin F2alpha, and their 5,6-trans isomers

Lanson, M.; Brassart, B.A.; Gutman, N.; Gautier, C.; Muh, J.P., 1979:
Isolation and composition of plasma membranes of bovine glomerulus

Kandel, J.S., 1979:
Isolation and detection of double-stranded RNA from fungi

Suzuki, Y.; Hirabayashi, T.; Watanabe, Y., 1979:
Isolation and electrophoretic properties of a calcium-binding protein from the ciliate Tetrahymena pyriformis

S.L.uis, P.J.; Sulakhe, P.V., 1976:
Isolation and enzymatic characterization of guinea pig cardiac sarcolemma

Ianenko, A.S.; Tsygankov, I.D.; Minenkova, I.B.; Krylov, V.N., 1979:
Isolation and general characteristics of a group of Pseudomonas aeruginosa temperate phages

Trávnicek, M.; Urvölgyi, J.; Sádecký, E.; Balascák, J.; Brezina, R.; Kazár, J.; Gazdic, J.; Mitterpak, J., 1978:
Isolation and identification of Clamydia psittaci as the pathogen in enzootic abortion of sheep in eastern Slovakia

Parsons, R.G.; Todd, H.D.; Kowal, R., 1979:
Isolation and identification of a human serum fibronectin-like protein elevated during malignant disease

Sawada, H.; Hara, A.; Asano, S.; Matsumoto, Y., 1976:
Isolation and identification of benzodiazepine drugs and their metabolites in urine by use of Amberlite XAD-2 resin and thin-layer chromatography

Veltri, R.W.; Mengoli, H.F.; Maxim, P.E.; Westfall, S.; Gopo, J.M.; Hauang, C.W.; Sprinkle, P.M., 1977:
Isolation and identification of human lung tumor-associated antigens

Yeh, S.Y.; Krebs, H.A.; Gorodetzky, C.W., 1979:
Isolation and identification of morphine n-oxide alpha- and beta-dihydromorphines, beta- or gamma-isomorphine, and hydroxylated morphine as morphine metabolites in several mammalian species

Thielemann, H., 1978:
Isolation and identification of polychlorobiphenyls and p,p'-DDE on paraffin impregnated instant foils by multiple thin layer chromatography

Biou, D.; Pays, M., 1979:
Isolation and identification of psychotropic drugs by circular chromatography

Barbhaiya, R.H.; Brown, R.C.; Payling, D.W.; Turner, P., 1978:
Isolation and identification of the fluorescent degradation product of some beta-lactam antibiotics

Tanaka, T.; Nakajima, T., 1978:
Isolation and identification of urinary beta-aspartyl dipeptides and their concentrations in human urine

Gavrilova, E.M.; Egorov, A.M.; Shakhanina, K.L., 1976:
Isolation and immunochemical study of monomer and dimer forms of IgA human globulins

Blagoveshchenskiĭ, V.A.; Nikitina, A.A.; Khatuntseva, N.V.; Mironova, M.V.; Mikheeva, G.V., 1979:
Isolation and immunochemical study of the toxic complex of Cl. botulinum type F

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Isolation and immunologic characterization of a human. B-lymphocyte-specific, cell surface antigen

Kunicki, T.J.; Aster, R.H., 1979:
Isolation and immunologic characterization of the human platelet alloantigen, P1A1

Gollwitzer, R.; Timpl, R., 1975:
Isolation and immunological characterization of a disulfide loop region in human fibrinogen alpha chain

Bernstein, S.I.; Fyrberg, E.A.; Donady, J.J., 1978:
Isolation and partial characterization of Drosophila myoblasts from primary cultures of embryonic cells

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Isolation and partial characterization of I antigen from I adult erythrocyte membranes

Kvist, S.; Peterson, P.A., 1978:
Isolation and partial characterization of a beta2-microglobulin-containing, H-2 antigen-like murine serum protein

Meng, M.; Guo, L.; Ostwald, R., 1979:
Isolation and partial characterization of a guinea pig serum apolipoprotein comigrating with apo-E on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide electropherograms

D.Toit, P.J., 1976:
Isolation and partial characterization of a protease from Agave americana variegata

Baum, B.J.; Bird, J.L.; Millar, D.B.; Longton, R.W., 1977:
Isolation and partial characterization of an histidine-rich polypeptide from parotid saliva of the monkey, Macaca nemestrina

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Isolation and partial characterization of blood group M- and N-specific glycopeptides and oligosaccharides from human erythrocytes

Krishnamoorthy, R.; Gacon, G.; Labie, D., 1977:
Isolation and partial characterization of hemoglobin A1b

de Chaffoy, D.; D'hondt, C.; Kondo, M., 1978:
Isolation and partial characterization of high-density lipoprotein (lipovitellin) from the yolk platelets of Artemia salina [proceedings

Wang, C.S.; Alaupovic, P., 1978:
Isolation and partial characterization of human erythrocyte membrane NADH: (acceptor) oxidoreductase

Sheibley, R.H.; Hass, L.F., 1976:
Isolation and partial characterization of monophosphoglycerate mutase from human erythrocytes

Little, J.S., 1977 :
Isolation and partial characterization of plasma membranes from the livers of control and Streptococcus pneumoniae-infected rats

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Isolation and partial characterization of radioiodinated myeloblastic leukemia-associated cell surface glycoprotein antigen

Hodnett, J.L.; Evans, J.E.; Gray, H.B.; Bartel, A.H., 1976:
Isolation and partial characterization of supernatant and mitochondrial shrimp muscle malate dehydrogenases

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Isolation and partial characterization of the Pr autoantigen determinants

King, M.T.; Drews, G., 1976:
Isolation and partial characterization of the cytochrome oxidase from Rhodopseudomonas palustris

Suzuki, N.; Kawashima, S.; Fukushima, S.; Ueta, N.; Nagano, H.; Shukuya, R., 1977:
Isolation and partial characterization of the serum low density lipoprotein from bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana

Andreu, J.M.; Carreira, J.; Muñoz, E., 1976:
Isolation and partial characterization of the two major subunits of the BF1 factor (ATPase) from Micrococcus lysodeikticus and evidence for their glycoprotein nature

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Isolation and partial characterization of three acidic proteinases in erythrocyte membranes

Morelli, A.; D.F.ora, A., 1977:
Isolation and partial charaterization of an NADP- and NADPH- binding protein from human erythrocytes

Kook, A.I.; Yakir, Y.; Trainin, N., 1976:
Isolation and partial chemical characterization of THF, a thymus hormone involved in immune maturation of lymphoid cells

Szenberg, A., 1979:
Isolation and partial identification of immunoglobulin from T cells

Mansson, P.E.; Carter, D.B.; Silverberg, A.B.; Tully, D.B.; Harris, S.E., 1979:
Isolation and partial purification of the major abundant class rat seminal vesicle poly(A+)-messenger RNA

Altwegg, M.; Vögeli, G.; Kubli, E., 1978:
Isolation and partial sequences of tRNA Glu from Drosophila melanogaster using affinity chromatography

Włodarczyk, M.; Bednarska, M., 1978:
Isolation and preliminary characterization of R6K plasmid deletion mutants

Haspel, M.V.; Duff, R.; Rapp, F., 1975:
Isolation and preliminary characterization of temperature-sensitive mutants of measles virus

Huy, V.D.; Stäber, H.; Waschke, K.; Rosenthal, H.A., 1977:
Isolation and preliminary characterization of temperature-sensitive mutants of pseudorabies virus

DeLap, R.J.; Rush, M.G.; Zouzias, D.; Khan, S., 1978:
Isolation and preliminary characterization of the small circular DNA present in African green monkey kidney (BSC-1) cells

Gibson, J.L.; Tabita, F.R., 1977:
Isolation and preliminary characterization of two forms of ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase from Rhodopseudomonas capsulata

Green, C.; Steiner, L.A., 1976:
Isolation and preliminary characterization of two varieties of low molecular weight immunoglobulin in the bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana

Hellerström, C.; Nilsson, B.; Sandler, S.; Andersson, A.; Agren, A.; Petersson, B., 1979:
Isolation and preservation in vitro of human pancreatic islets intended for transplantation

Vovchuk, S.V.; Barabash, R.D.; Levitsky, A.P., 1975:
Isolation and properties of 2 kallikreins from human saliva

Chestukhin, A.V.; Fedchenko, V.I.; Shemiakin, M.F., 1979:
Isolation and properties of B. subtilis DNA-binding proteins inhibiting ATP-dependent deoxyribonuclease

Li, H.C.; hsiao, K.J., 1977:
Isolation and properties of a Mn2+-activated phosphohistone phosphatase from canine heart

Nilolaev, A.Ia.; Sokolov, N.N.; Kozlov, E.A.; Kutsman, M.E., 1975:
Isolation and properties of a homogeneous L-asparaginase preparation from Pseudomonas fluorescens AG

Rask, L.; Klarkeskog, L.; Ostberg, L.; Peterson, P.A., 1975:
Isolation and properties of a murine spleen cell Fc receptor

Kshirsagar, S.S.; Nair, P.M., 1979:
Isolation and properties of a particulate fraction for the desaturation of palmitic acid from Alcaligenes faecalis

Smith, D.J.; Shulman, S., 1978:
Isolation and properties of a succinylated subunit of human thyroglobulin

Catterall, J.F.; Welker, N.E., 1977:
Isolation and properties of a thermostable restriction endonuclease (ENDO R-Bst1503)

Marinkovic, D.V.; Marinkovic, J.N., 1976:
Isolation and properties of alpha-D-mannosidase from human kidney

Chulkova, T.M.; Orekhovich, V.N., 1978:
Isolation and properties of bovine kidney aminopeptidase A

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Isolation and properties of cortisol inducible and cortisol non-inducible isoenzymes of rat liver tyrosine aminotransferase

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Isolation and properties of detergent-solubilized HLA antigens obtained from platelets

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Isolation and properties of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase from Morris hepatoma 5123D

Levdikova, G.A.; Klimacheva, L.V.; Ispolatovskaia, M.V.; Bulatova, T.I.; Anisimova, L.I., 1979:
Isolation and properties of highly purified C1. botulinum toxin type E

Dzantiev, B.B.; Gavrilova, E.M.; Filippova, N.Iu.; Egorov, A.M.; Berezin, I.V., 1978:
Isolation and properties of human immunoglobulin-peroxidase complex

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Isolation and properties of leucine aminopeptidase from Aspergillus oryzae

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Isolation and properties of polyphosphatase of Neurospora crassa

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Isolation and properties of preparations the branching enzyme of muscles, amylose isomerase

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Isolation and properties of tRNA nucleotidyltransferase from wheat embryos

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Isolation and properties of the fibrinolytic enzyme from the Actinomyces thermovulgaris cultural broth

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Isolation and properties of the leukocytosis- and lymphocytosis-promoting factor of Bordetella pertussis

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Isolation and properties of the protease from the wild-type and mutant strains of Pseudomonas fragi

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Isolation and properties of the replicase of encephalomyocarditis virus

Ebisu, S.; Kato, K.; Kotani, S.; Misaki, A., 1975:
Isolation and purification of Flavobacterium alpha-1,3-glucanase-hydrolyzing, insoluble, sticky glucan of Streptococcus mutans

Dietzschold, B.; Cox, J.H.; Schneider, L.G.; Wiktor, T.J.; Koprowski, H., 1978:
Isolation and purification of a polymeric form of the glycoprotein of rabies virus

Yeshodha, K.; Dhar, S.C.; Santappa, M., 1977:
Isolation and purification of alhagain a neutral protease from jawasee [Alhagi pseud-alhagi (M.B.) Desv

Stone, S.S.; Patterson, J.M.; Phillips, M., 1979:
Isolation and purification of bovine IgM by dissociating immunoglobulin-brucella complexes

Erickson, L.C.; Ross, W.E.; Kohn, K.W., 1979 :
Isolation and purification of large quantities of DNA replication intermediates by pH step alkaline elution

Andrassy, K.; Ritz, E., 1979:
Isolation and renal localisation of urokinase

Rossier, M.; Rossier, B.C.; Pfeiffer, J.; Kraehenbuhl, J.P., 1979:
Isolation and separation of toad bladder epithelial cells

Tsyperovich, A.S.; Piliavskaia, A.S.; Lysenkov, N.V.; Kastrikina, T.F., 1976:
Isolation and several properties of Streptomyces griseus carboxypeptidase

Shelepina, E.P., 1976:
Isolation and several properties of purified preparations of the alkaline ribonuclease of the soluble fraction of rat cerebral hemispheres

Leĭoman, D.Ia., 1977:
Isolation and several properties of the glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from the muscles of the lamprey Lampetra fluviatillis

Dubin, A.; Koj, A.; Chudzik, J., 1976:
Isolation and some molecular parameters of elastase-like normal proteinases from horse blood leucocytes

Menzorova, N.I.; Gafurov, N.N.; Rasskazov, V.A., 1976:
Isolation and some properties of Ca2+-, Mg2+-dependent deoxyribonuclease from sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus intermedius) embryos

Vafina, M.G.; Molodtsov, N.V., 1979:
Isolation and some properties of N-acetyl-beta-D-hexosaminidase from Sarcoscipha coccinea

Gauthier, F.; Ohlsson, K., 1978:
Isolation and some properties of a new enzyme-binding protein in rat plasma

Mürer, E.H.; Levin, J.; Holme, R., 1975:
Isolation and studies of the granules of the amebocytes of Limulus polyphemus, the horseshoe crab

Sadoyoĭ, N.V.; Derbin, M.I.; Garin, N.S.; Tarumov, V.S.; Mikhaĭlov, V.V., 1979:
Isolation and study of an anthrax protective antigen. V. The dynamics of immunity in vaccination with a concentrated, purified sorbed chemical anthrax vaccine

Loitsyanskaya, M.S.; Elisashvili, V.I.; Shataeva, L.K., 1975:
Isolation and study of levansaccharase of Acetobacter subyoxydans L-1

Gallo, R.C.; Gallagher, R.E.; Wong-Staal, F.; Aoki, T.; Markham, P.D.; Schetters, H.; Ruscetti, F.; Valerio, M.; Walling, M.J.; O'Keeffe, R.T.; Saxinger, W.C.; Smith, R.G.; Gillespie, D.H.; Reitz, M.S., 1978:
Isolation and tissue distribution of type-C virus and viral components from a gibbon ape (Hylobates lar) with lymphocytic leukemia

Cantarella, M.; Lamberti, C.; Cacciapuoti, G.; D.P.isco, R.; Malorni, M.C.; D'Alessio, G., 1976:
Isolation by affinity chromatography of direct antibodies against the common and specific antigenic determinants of RNase BS-1 and RNase A

Ransjö, U., 1978:
Isolation care of infection-prone burn patients

Vuento, M.; Engvall, E.; Seppälä, M.; Ruoslahti, E., 1976:
Isolation from human gastric juice of an antigen closely related to the carcinoembryonic antigen

Johnson, K.J.; Ward, P.A.; Goralnick, S.; Osborn, M.J., 1977:
Isolation from human serum of an inactivator of bacterial lipopolysaccharide

Tung, A.S.; Nisonoff, A., 1975:
Isolation from individual A/J mice of anti-rho-azophenylarsonate antibodies bearing a cross-reactive idiotype

Fuller, L.; Murray, J.; Jensen, J.A., 1978:
Isolation from nurse shark serum of immune 7S antibodies with two different molecular weight H-chains

Chastel, C.; Launay, H.; Roguès, G.; Beaucournu, J.C., 1979:
Isolation in France of Soldado virus (arbovirus, Hughes serogroup) from Ornithodoros (A.) maritimus Vermeil and Marguet 1967

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