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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38965

Chapter 38965 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yoshikawa, H.; Yamaguchi, K.; Seiki, M.; Ogasawara, N.; Toyoda, H., 1979:
Organization of the replication-origin region of the Bacillus subtilis chromosome

McCarron, M.; O'Donnell, J.; Chovnick, A.; Bhullar, B.S.; Hewitt, J.; Candido, E.P., 1979:
Organization of the rosy locus in Drosophila melanogaster: further evidence in support of a cis-acting control element adjacent to the xanthine dehydrogenase structural element

Yamamoto, T.; Takahashi, K.; Satomi, H.; Ise, H., 1978:
Organization of the sacral spinal cord in relation to the parasympathetic preganglionic neurons and those innervating the perineal sphincteric striated muscles--experimental study in the cat with the use of retrograde axoplasmic transport of horseradish peroxidase

Nobin, A.; Baumgarten, H.G.; Falck, B.; Ingemansson, S.; Moghimzadeh, E.; Rosengren, E., 1978:
Organization of the sympathetic innervation in liver tissue from monkey and man

Gottesfeld, J.M., 1978:
Organization of transcribed regions of chromatin

Moran, C.P.; Bott, K.F., 1979:
Organization of transfer and ribosomal ribonucleic acid genes in Bacillus subtilis

Szabuniewicz, B., 1979:
Organization of visual cortex -- references to psychological phenomena

Liakh, V.E.; Bakhanovich, K.I.; Nikolaenko, N.N.; Tsukerman, G.L., 1979 :
Organizational and work experience of the Central Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry in the city of Mogilev

Bridgewater, S.C., 1979:
Organizational autonomy for nursing education

Tolbert, D.L.; Bantli, H.; Bloedel, J.R., 1978:
Organizational features of the cat and monkey cerebellar nucleocortical projection

Rybalkina, L.D., 1979:
Organizational measures in preventing anomalies in labor and in predicting them during pregnancy

Schewe, G., 1979:
Organizational methods and possibilities of medical self-control

Shonick, W.; Price, W., 1978:
Organizational milieus of local public health units: analysis of response to questionnaire

Popova, G.M., 1979:
Organizational problems of inventive creativity in medicine

Gilbert, G.G., 1979:
Organizing for health education

Schindler, M.K.; Goldstein, R.K.; Port, J., 1979:
Organizing library audiovisual services to support continuing education

Skaftason, J.F.; Jóhannesson, T., 1979:
Organochlorine compounds (DDT, hexachlorocyclohexane, hexachlorobenzene) in Icelandic animal body fat and butter fat: local and global sources of contamination

Brevik, E.M.; Bjerk, J.E., 1978:
Organochlorine compounds in Norwegian human fat and milk

Jensen, G.E.; Clausen, J., 1979:
Organochlorine compounds in adipose tissue of Greenlanders and southern Danes

Frank, R.; Thomas, R.L.; Holdrinet, M.; Kemp, A.L.; Braun, H.E.; Dawson, R., 1979:
Organochlorine insecticides and PCB in the sediments of Lake Huron (1969) and Georgian Bay and North Channel (1973)

Traczyk, Z.; Rudowski, W., 1979:
Organochlorine insecticides as potential factors influencing blood cell functions

Zhumamudinov, S.; Artemenko, V.G.; Aldashev, A.A., 1978:
Organochlorine pesticide pollution of the water sources of the Issyk-Kul basin

Glooschenko, W.A.; Sampson, R.C., 1978:
Organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls on sediments from a subarctic salt marsh, James Bay, Canada--1976

Van Haver, W.; Vandezande, A.; Gordts, L., 1978:
Organochlorine pesticides in human adipose tissue

Södergren, A.; Djirsarai, R.; Gharibzadeh, M.; Moinpour, A., 1978:
Organochlorine residues in aquatic environments in Iran, 1974

Pavlov, A., 1979:
Organoleptic and biochemical changes in beef during refrigeration and storage

Habrda, J.; Matyás, Z.; Palásek, J.; Gilka, J., 1979:
Organoleptic and microbiological examination of suffocated carp stored under various conditions

Lores, E.M.; Bradway, D.E.; Moseman, R.F., 1978 :
Organophosphorus pesticide poisonings in humans: determination of residues and metabolites in tissues and urine

Höbel, M.; Kreye, V.A.; Nemes, Z.; Pill, J., 1978:
Organotoxic effects of excessive doses of sodium nitroprusside in the rabbit

Menander-Huber, K.B.; Edsmyr, F.; Huber, W., 1978:
Orgotein (superoxide dismutase): a drug for the amelioration of radiation-induced side effects. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study in patients with bladder tumours

Lefèbvre, N., 1976:
Orientation and indirect induction of a prophage Mu c+ (proceedings)

Boltz, R.L.; Harwerth, R.S.; Smith, E.L., 1979:
Orientation anisotropy of visual stimuli in rhesus monkey: a behavior study

Merritt, J.H.; Chamness, A.F.; Hartzell, R.H.; Allen, S.J., 1977:
Orientation effects on microwave-induced hyperthermia and neurochemical correlates

Soldatov, I.B., 1978:
Orientation in the treatment of chronic tonsillitis from the position of its classification adopted by the VII All-Union Congress of Otorhinolaryngologists

Ferris, C.D.; Griffin, J.L., 1977:
Orientation of Euglena gracilis by electromagnetic fields: theory and experiment

Romhányi, G.; Fischer, J.; Corless, J.M., 1978:
Orientation of acidic polysaccharides and rhodopsin-oligosaccharides in frog retinal rod outer segments

Ronai, A.Z.; Foldes, F.F.; Hahn, E.F.; Fishman, J., 1977:
Orientation of the oxygen atom at C-6 as a determinant of agonistic activity in the oxymorphone series

Munnichs, J., 1979:
Orientations and models in psychogerontology

Costin, I.D., 1977:
Orienting identification of obligatory and facultatively aerobic, modest, gram-negative rods of medical significance

Umezawa, H., 1978:
Origin and bases of cancer chemotherapy

Aaronson, S.A.; Barbacid, M., 1978:
Origin and biological properties of a new BALB/c mouse sarcoma virus

Cebra, J.J.; Gearhart, P.J.; Kamat, R.; Robertson, S.M.; Tseng, J., 1977:
Origin and differentiation of lymphocytes involved in the secretory IgA responses

Fujimoto, T.; Ukeshima, A.; Kiyofuji, R., 1975:
Origin and migration of the primordial germ cells in the chick--light and electron microscopic studies

Rodin, I.A.; Shapovalov, I.N.; Pototskiĭ, I.I.; Dolgov, A.D., 1975:
Origin and nature of acantholytic cells in pemphigus vulgaris

Piguet, P.F.; Dewey, H.K.; Vassalli, P., 1977:
Origin and nature of the cells participating in the popliteal graft versus host reaction in mouse and rat

Sarcione, E.J.; Smalley, J.R., 1976:
Origin and synthesis of alpha-macrofetoprotein in Zajdela ascites hepatoma-bearing rats

Schmitt, D.; Alario, A.; Perrot, H.; Thivolet, J., 1977:
Origin of Reed-Sternberg cell

Bacigalupo, A.; Santini, G.; Piaggio, G.; Marmont, A.M., 1977:
Origin of Reed-Sternberg cells

Giroud, J.P.; Pelletier, M.; Willoughby, D.A., 1978:
Origin of a mitogrenic factor for cultivated macrophages (IMF: Inflammatory Mitogenic Factor) found in exudates of non-specific acute inflammation

Salekh, S.; Agre, N.S.; Kalakutskiĭ, L.V., 1978:
Origin of adifferentiated variants of Streptomyces roseoflavus in submerged culture

Weiss, R.R.; Macri, J.N.; Elligers, K.W., 1976:
Origin of amniotic fluid alpha-fetoprotein in normal and defective pregnancies

Cleeve, H.J., 1978:
Origin of an elevated plasma alkaline phosphatase activity in non-jaundiced patients

Adamson, I.Y.; Bowden, D.H., 1977:
Origin of ciliated alveolar epithelial cells in bleomycin-induced lung injury

Muchnik, S.; Kotsias, B.A., 1977:
Origin of denervation phenomena in the skeletal muscle. Interpretation of muscular diseases as based on current findings

Isaacson, P.; Wright, D.H., 1978:
Origin of intestinal lymphomas

Gonzalez, R.; Goldberg, M.E., 1977:
Origin of intracellular cholesterol in renal-cell carcinoma

Steinbach, P.D.; Will, V., 1975:
Origin of macular edema caused by pars planitis

Anonymous, 1979:
Origin of maternal serum AFP

Field, E.J.; Joyce, G., 1979:
Origin of red-cell-membrane differences in multiple sclerosis

Tomić-Karović, K., 1975:
Origin of syphilis

del Valle-Tascón, S.; Ramírez, J.M., 1975:
Origin of the ATP formed during the light-dependent oxygen uptake catalyzed by Rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores

Nishizuka, Y., 1979:
Origin of the SL mice and their application--the SL mice as a disease model

Sikes, R.W.; Chronister, R.B.; White, L.E., 1977:
Origin of the direct hippocampus--anterior thalamic bundle in the rat: a combined horseradish peroxidase--Golgi analysis

Sardet, C.; Tilney, L.G., 1977:
Origin of the membrane for the acrosomal process: is actin complexed with membrane precursors?

Gerbrandt, L.K.; Lawrence, J.C.; Eckardt, M.J.; Lloyd, R.L., 1978:
Origin of the neocortically monitored theta rhythm in the curarized rat

Miersch, J.; Logvinenko, E.M.; Zakalsky, A.E.; Shavlovsky, G.M.; Reinbothe, H., 1978:
Origin of the ribityl side-chain of riboflavin from the ribose moiety of guanosine triphosphate in Pichia guilliermondii yeast

Ekberg, M.; Pandolfi, M., 1975:
Origin of urinary fibrin/fibrinogen degradation products in glomerulonephritis

Aubele, E.; Klemm, N., 1977:
Origin, destination and mapping of tritocerebral neurons of locust

Oppermann, H.C.; Caffey, J., 1979:
Original description of infantile cortical hyperostosis

Salembier, Y., 1975:
Original techniques for biliary surgery

Sydow, G., 1975:
Origination and importance of glycolysis for malignomas and utilization of this property in the chemotherapy of cancer

Yamamoto, T.; Takahashi, K.; Satomi, H.; Ise, H., 1977:
Origins and terminations of primary afferent fibers in the spinal ventral roots in the cat as demonstrated by the retrograde axoplasmic transport of horeseradish peroxidase

Lebedev, S.P.; Mukhin, A.S.; Tikhonova, G.N., 1976:
Origins of alcoholic hyalin

Haber, E.; Margolies, M.N.; Cannon, L.E., 1977:
Origins of antibody diversity: insight gained from amino acid sequence studies of elicited antibodies

Dennis, B.J.; Kerr, D.I., 1976:
Origins of olfactory bulb centrifugal fibres in the cat

Roberts, G.C., 1977:
Origins of specificity in the binding of small molecules to dihydrofolate reductase

Legrain, C.; Stalon, V., 1976:
Ornithine carbamoyltransferase from Escherichia coli W. Purification, structure and steady-state kinetic analysis

Pariza, M.W.; Yanagi, S.; Gurr, J.A.; Bushnell, D.E.; Morris, H.P.; Potter, V.R., 1976:
Ornithine decarboxylase activity and DNA synthesis in Morris hepatomas 5123-C and 7800

Billheimer, J.T.; Carnevale, H.N.; Leisinger, T.; Eckhardt, T.; Jones, E.E., 1976:
Ornithine delta-transaminase activity in Escherichia coli: its identity with acetylornithine delta-transaminase

Van der Heiden, C.; Desplanque, J., 1976:
Ornithine transcarbamylase (OCT) in urease used as reagent in the OCT activity measurement in biological fluids

Abdelal, A.T.; Kennedy, E.H.; Nainan, O., 1977:
Ornithine transcarbamylase from Salmonella typhimurium: purification, subunit composition, kinetic analysis, and immunological cross-reactivity

Hugly, C.; Vialatel, C., 1977:
Oro-dental changes in relation to therapeutics used in psychiatry

Kobayashi, R.M., 1976:
Orofacial dyskinesia. Clinical features, mechanisms and drug therapy

Sackel, S.G.; Alpert, S.; Fiumara, N.J.; Donner, A.; Laughlin, C.A.; McCormack, W.M., 1979:
Orogenital contact and the isolation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Mycoplasma hominis, and Ureaplasma urealyticum from the pharynx

Panero, A.; Marzetti, G.; Bucci, G., 1979:
Orojejunal feeding in low birthweight infants

Gracey, M.; Ostergaard, P.; Beaman, J., 1979:
Oropharyngeal microflora in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australian children. An indicator of environmental contamination

Thoenen, H.; Stöckel, K., 1975:
Ortho- and retrograde axonal transport: importance for the function of adrenergic neurones

Dearden, J.C.; O'Hara, J.H., 1975:
Ortho-effects in structure-activity studies; correlation of pie values of o- and p-substituents in acetanilide

Pietrini, V.; Tagliavini, F.; Pilleri, G.; Trabattoni, C.R.; Lechi, A., 1979:
Orthochromatic leukodystrophy with pigmented glial cells. An adult case with clinical-anatomical study

Popović-Ceribasić, L., 1979:
Orthodontic abnormalities as a result of trauma

Rygh, P., 1977:
Orthodontic root resorption studied by electron microscopy

Reading, J.F., 1978:
Orthodontic seminar: a realistic approach construction, adjustment and repair of appliances

Herndon, J.G.; Perachio, A.A.; McCoy, M., 1979:
Orthogonal relationship between electrically elicted social aggression and self-stimulation from the same brain sites

Bisby, M.A., 1976:
Orthograde and retrograde axonal transport of labeled protein in motoneurons

Chihara, E.; Honda, Y., 1979:
Orthograde fast axoplasmic transport in the optic pathway of alloxan induced diabetic albino rabbits. (Preliminary report)

Chihara, E., 1977:
Orthograde fast axoplasmic transport in the optic tract of mature albino rabbits

Chihara, E.; Honda, Y., 1979:
Orthograde slow axoplasmic transport in the optic pathway of normal albino rabbits. (A preliminary report)

Marshman, G.M.; Jackman, K.V., 1979:
Orthopaedic nursing in neuromuscular disorders

Dickson, R.A.; Houghton, G.R.; Duthie, R.B., 1979:
Orthopaedic undergraduate education

Jones, R.; Hunt, A., 1978:
Orthopaedics. 1. Fractures

Thurston, E., 1977:
Orthopedic case study of a patient with a total hip arthroplasty

Donahoo, C.A., 1975:
Orthopedic teaching aids

Gurtner, H.P.; Gertsch, M.; Zacouto, F., 1975:
Orthorhythmic pacemaker and salvo-like cardiac stimulation. New procedure aiming at the suppression and prophylaxis of cardiac arrhythmia and the determination of electrophysiological measurement magnitudes in vivo

Michardiere, A.; Almange, C.; Revillon, L.; Leborgne, P., 1978:
Orthostatic hypotension and obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Thein, T.; Koene, R.A.; Wijdeveld, P.G., 1977:
Orthostatic hypotension due to prazosin

Cession-Fossion, A.; Lecomte, J., 1979:
Orthosympathetic stimulation after hypercapnia in the rat

Scarlet, J.J.; Gunther, R.; Katz, J.; Schwartz, H., 1978:
Os intermetatarseum-one: case report and discussion

Rochette-Egly, C.; Castagna, M., 1979:
Oscillating levels of adenylate and guanylate cyclase activities in rat embryo fibroblasts stimulated to divide

Roemer, V.M.; Heinzl, S.; Peters, F.D.; Mietzner, S.; Brühl, G.; Heering, P., 1979:
Oscillation-frequency and baseline fetal heart rate in the last 30 minutes of labour

Shcherbak, I.F.; Shcherbakova, V.P.; Marinets, Z.G., 1975:
Oscillopolarographic determination of copper, lead and zinc in blood with preliminary accumulation on a stationary mercury electrode

Hanker, J.S., 1979:
Osmiophilic reagents in electronmicroscopic histocytochemistry

Hendershott, L.R.; George, E.A.; Klos, D.J.; Donati, R.M., 1978:
Osmium staining of technetium sulfur colloid: a technique for electron microscopy

Stockert, J.C., 1977:
Osmium tetroxide/p-phenylenediamine staining of nucleoli and Balbiani Rings in Chironomus salivary glands

Giorgi, F.; Innocenti, S.B.; Ragghianti, M., 1976:
Osmium zinc iodide staining of Golgi elements in oocytes of Triturus cristatus

Habel, A.H.; Simpson, H., 1976:
Osmolar relation between cerebrospinal fluid and serum in hyperosmolar hypernatraemic dehydration

Dolecek, V.; Regent, A.; Lapanje, S., 1978:
Osmometric studies of human immunoglobulin G

Pequeux, A.; Gilles, R., 1977 :
Osmoregulation of the Chinese crab Eriocheir sinensis as related to the activity of the (Na+, K+) ATPase [proceedings

Prusch, R.D.; Benos, D.J.; Ritter, M., 1976:
Osmoregulatory control mechanisms in freshwater coelenterates

Goldenberg, S.; Warburg, M.R., 1977:
Osmoregulatory effect of prolactin during ontogenesis in two anurans

du Cailar, J.; Bécker, H.; Griffe, O.; Mathieu-Daudé, J.C.; Kienlen, J., 1978:
Osmotic colloidal pressure: measurement and clinical importance

Simbirtseva, G.D.; Petrasheva, N.I., 1976:
Osmotic resistance of lymphocytes in lymphogranulomatosis

Brierley, G.P.; Jurkowitz, M.; Jung, D.W., 1978:
Osmotic swelling of heart mitochondria in acetate and chloride salts. Evidence for two pathways for cation uptake

Szczepańska-Sadowska, E.; Sobocińska, J.; Sadowski, B.; Kosowski, S., 1978:
Osmotic thirst suppression elicited by electrical stimulation of the basal forebrain in the dog

Brozmanová, E.; Skrovina, B., 1975:
Osseous fibrosarcoma--Laboratory and clinical evaluation

Marcucci, M., 1978:
Ossification mechanisms in normal and pathological conditions

Pettersson, H.; Theander, G., 1979:
Ossification of femoral head in infancy. II. Ossification in infants treated for congenital dislocation

Plischka, G.; Tschamer, H., 1975:
Ossification of pulp after trauma. A highly instructive case

Hornstein, M., 1978:
Ossification of the Achilles tendon following an avulsion fracture

Heitzeberg, H.; Reiner-Theisen, I., 1978:
Ossification of the coracoclavicular ligaments

Sakou, T.; Miyazaki, A.; Tomimura, K.; Maehara, T.; Frost, H.M., 1979:
Ossification of the posterior longitudianl ligament of the cervical spine: subtotal vertebrectomy as a treatment

Kirita, Y., 1978:
Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of cervical spine

Tsai, C.L.; Liu, H.C.; Chen, H.T., 1978:
Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the spine in Chinese

Rappaport, Z.H.; Rovit, R., 1979:
Ossification of the posterior longitudinal spinal ligament in association with anterior longitudinal ligament ankylosing hyperostosis: case report

Kadoya, S.; Nakamura, T.; Ohashi, M.; Hirose, G.; Tada, A., 1979:
Ossification of the posterior longitudinal spinal ligament--comparative studies with computerized tomography

Dietemann, J.L.; Metzger, J.M.; Bonneville, J.F.; Wackenheim, A., 1979:
Ossification of the transverse ligament of the atlas. A report on three new cases

Wackenheim, A., 1978:
Ossification of the transverse ligament. Two observations

Hasegawa, T.; Kumakawa, K.; Imai, Y.; Mizoguchi, F.; Ohara, Y., 1978:
Ossified intracerebellar hematoma

Reed, R.J., 1978:
Ossifying fibroma of long bone

Oonwala, Z., 1979:
Osteitis pubis following supra-pubic trans-vescial prostatectomy

du Toit, G.T., 1979:
Osteo-cartilaginous hemi-arthroplasty of the hip

Whedon, G.D., 1978:
Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and benign prostatic hyperplasia: a prognosis

Querol, J.R., 1978:
Osteoarthrosis of the hip and its treatment (part II). Differential diagnosis of osteoarthrosis of the hip

Renier, J.C., 1978:
Osteoarthrosis of the hip. Concluding remarks

Pollen, J.J.; Shlaer, W.J., 1979:
Osteoblastic response to successful treatment of metastatic cancer of the prostate

Anonymous, 1977:
Osteochondritis dissecans

Lindén, B.; Telhag, H., 1977:
Osteochondritis dissecans. A histologic and autoradiographic study in man

Carson, R.E.; Sayegh, F.S.; Fedi, P.F., 1978:
Osteoclastic resorption of alveolar bone affected by periodontitis--correlation of light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic observations

Heathcote, J.G.; Al-Alawi, S., 1978:
Osteogenesis imperfecta: evidence for the existence of an abnormal amino acid sequence in the molecule of dermal collagen

Pagani, J.J.; Bassett, L.W.; Winter, J.; Gold, R.H.; Brawer, M., 1979:
Osteogenic sarcoma after retinoblastoma radiotherapy

Ohno, T.; Abe, M.; Tateishi, A.; Kako, K.; Miki, H., 1975:
Osteogenic sarcoma. A study of one hundred and thirty cases

Mitnick, J.S.; Braunstein, P.; Genieser, N.B., 1979:
Osteoid osteoma of the hip: unusual isotopic appearance

Anonymous, 1976:
Osteolytic metastases

Anonymous, 1979:

Compston, J.E.; Ayers, A.B.; Horton, L.W.; Tighe, J.R.; Creamer, B., 1978:
Osteomalacia after small-intestinal resection

Meyer, R.A.; Jowsey, J.; Meyer, M.H., 1979:
Osteomalacia and altered magnesium metabolism in the X-linked hypophosphatemic mouse

Turner, M.L.; Dalinka, M.K., 1979:
Osteomalacia: uncommon causes

Posnett, D.N.; Collins, R.D.; Krantz, S.B., 1979:
Osteomyelitis and lymphoma

Ohry, A.; Brooks, M.; Steinbach, T.; Rozin, R., 1977:
Osteomyelitis caused by mycobacterium fortuitum

Lang, A.G.; Peterson, H.A., 1976:
Osteomyelitis following puncture wounds of the foot in children

Stanković, P.; Stuhler, T.; Tiling, T., 1979:
Osteomyelitis in the foot region

Freyová, J.; Náhoda, J., 1975:
Osteomyelitis of the accident-injured foot

Rangne, A.; Ruud, A., 1978:
Osteomyelitis of the jaws

Obrist, R.; Hartmann, D.; Obrecht, J.P., 1978:
Osteonecrosis after chemotherapy

Timothy, A.R.; Tucker, A.K.; Malpas, J.S.; Wrigley, P.F.; Sutcliffe, S.B., 1978:
Osteonecrosis after intensive chemotherapy for Hodgkin's disease

Jeffery, A.K., 1975:
Osteophytes and the osteoarthritic femoral head

Nonnis-Marzano, C.; Cassano, G.B., 1978:
Osteoplastic endometriopathy

Pavlov, B.L.; Sheĭman, V.Iu., 1976:
Osteoplasty using allogeneic materials and prospectives of their use in dentistry (a review of the literature)

Mueller, M.N., 1978:
Osteoporosis and current therapy

Anonymous, 1979:
Osteoporosis, osteomalacia, Paget's disease of bone (proceedings)

Huang, T.L.; Cohen, N.J.; Sahgal, S.; Tseng, C.H., 1979:
Osteosarcoma complicating Paget's disease of the spine with neurologic complications

Windle-Taylor, P.C., 1977:
Osteosarcoma of the upper jaw

Anonymous, 1978:
Osteosarcoma: Advances in treatment or changing natural history?

Flatman, G.E., 1976:
Osteosarcoma: the contribution of radiotherapy

Kleinschmidt, J.; Brückner, W.L.; Hellerer, O., 1979:
Osteosyntheses. Review of 1025 cases following AO criteria between July 1967 and December 1977

Hrabovský, J., 1979:
Osteosynthesis of small bones and its indications

Davis, S.S.; Purewal, T.; Round, H.P., 1979:
Ostwald ripening in emulsion systems. The effect of an added third component [proceedings

Götze, D.; Rössler, R.; Thierfelder, S., 1977:
Other mammalian histocompatibility systems. Skin graft rejection and graft-versus-host reaction across I-subregion differences: are there many more than three H loci within the H-2 complex?

Cole, M.P., 1975:
Other methods of the treatment of cancer

Anonymous, 1979:
Otitis media and child development

Brook, I., 1979:
Otitis media in children: a prospective study of aerobic and anaerobic bacteriology

Berman, S.A.; Balkany, T.J.; Simmons, M.A., 1978:
Otitis media in infants less than 12 weeks of age: differing bacteriology among in-patients and out-patients

Shurin, P.A.; Pelton, S.I.; Klein, J.O., 1976:
Otitis media in the newborn infant

Howard, J.E.; Nelson, J.D.; Clahsen, J.; Jackson, L.H., 1976:
Otitis media of infancy and early childhood. A double-blind study of four treatment regimens

Kornél, P.; László, S., 1977:
Oto-palato-digital (Taybi) syndrome

Kimmelman, C.P., 1979:
Otolaryngologic aspects of neurofibromatosis

Kapoor, S., 1979:
Otolaryngological features of 'malformation syndrome with cryptophthalmos'

Anderson, J.H.; Precht, W., 1979:
Otolith responses of extraocular muscles during sinusoidal roll rotations

Lowenstein, O.; Saunders, R.D., 1975:
Otolith-controlled responses from the first-order neurons of the labyrinth of the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) to changes in linear acceleration

Buizza, A.; Léger, A.; Berthoz, A.; Schmid, R., 1979:
Otolithic-acoustic interaction in the control of eye movement

Anonymous, 1977:

Gnanapragasam, A., 1975:
Ototoxic therapeutic agents

Quinnan, G.V.; McCabe, W.R., 1978:
Ototoxicity of erythromycin

Iaroshevich, V.I., 1975:
Ototoxicity of some drug agents

Katz, E., 1979:
Ottawa meeting of provincial health/hospital associations

Lambotte, L.; Wojcik, S., 1979:
Ouabain inhibits the recovery of cellular volume in liver perfused with hypo-osmolar solution [proceedings

Biol, M.C.; Vincent, M.; Sassard, J., 1979:
Ouabain-sensitive and -insensitive ATPase activities in the kidney and the liver of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Pokidova, I.; Mukhina, E.I., 1979:
Our Deputy (Ekaterina Ivanovna Mukhina)

Andersen, P., 1979:
Our brain - an amazing instrument

Wessel, M.A.; Dominski, A., 1977:
Our children's daily lead

Santangelo, G.; Sorbello, A.; Distefano, S., 1977:
Our clinical experience with beta stimulating drugs of the adrenergic system in infantile pneumopathies, with special reference to the 1st semester of life

Knowles, D.A., 1978:
Our elderly

Gelperin, A., 1977:
Our elderly are unique

Dunlop, G.R., 1979:
Our emerging technology--how much is enough?

Larbre, F.; Frédérich, A.; Maréchal, J.M.; Chopard, P.; Kraft, M.; Fraisse, E., 1978:
Our experience in regard to surgical indications for exclusive parenteral nutrition in children (apropos of 30 cases), F.; Pauselli, A.; Matocci, G.; Petrucci, G., 1978:
Our experience in the use of fosfomycin in human therapy

Caudry, M.; Pinsolle, J.; Dilhuydy, J.M.; Michelet, F.X.; Reboul, J., 1978:
Our experience of chemotherapy preparatory to radical treatment (radiotherapy and surgery) of epitheliomas in the upper aerodigestive passage at an advanced stage of development (proceedings)

D.Grès, B., 1979:
Our experience using the Cerebral Function Monitor in anesthesia for heart surgery under extracorporeal circulation

Cesaný, P., 1978:
Our experience with PVP iodide-betadin in plastic surgery

Dolff, J.J.; Weissenfels, E., 1975:
Our experience with phase-contrast microscopy in clinical practice

Rometti, A.; Raymond, G.; Toubol, J.; Laufer, A.; Sanian, D., 1977:
Our experience with prostatic adenomectomy under continuous peridural anesthesia

Cocito, P.L.; Giaccardi, G., 1977:
Our experience with prostatic cryosurgery

Horák, Z.; Rovný, F.; Sovisová, B., 1978:
Our experience with radionuclid uroflowmetry

Argeme, M.; Signouret, B.; Michotey, G., 1975:
Our experience with reoperations in abdominal surgery. (54 reoperations in 46 patients in the last 4 years)

Dobrev, I.; Viiachki, I.; Mazgalov, L.; Simeonova, E., 1979:
Our experience with the diagnosis and treatment of esophageal diverticula

Stefanova, D.; Ivanov, K., 1975:
Our experience with the method of D'Amour and Smith

Curreri, G.; D.G.azia, E.; Sansone, A.; Cataliotti, F., 1979:
Our experience with the use of continuous parenteral feeding in pediatric surgery

Suţeanu, S.; Ionescu, P.; Stoichiţă, S.; Rândaşu, G., 1976:
Our experience with the use of the double-contrast radiological method in the diagnosis of difficult cases of diseases of the esophago-cardial tuberosity

Höschl, C.; Volsan, O., 1979:
Our experience with thyrotropin releasing hormone (trh) administred to patients suffering from depression

Libusová, E.; Libus, J., 1979:
Our experience with tofisopam (grandaxin egypt)

Hauri, D.; Schmucki, O.; Sulmoni, A., 1975:
Our experiences in cryogenic surgery of the prostate

Mikulandra, F.; Kapitanović, I.M., 1975:
Our experiences in the prevention of Rh sensitization

Sarang, I.; Birosz, B.; Salamon, A., 1978:
Our experiences with the Kiel type heterolog conserved bone graft

Riebel, O., 1978:
Our experiences with the plastic correction on the upper eye-lid after enucleation of the eye

Anger, G.; Weck, B.; Heinrichs, H.J.; Streich, U., 1979:
Our first results with cryotherapy on the prostate

Curtin, L.L., 1979:
Our legal deus ex machina

Ishizawa, I., 1977:
Our personal understanding of the convention for nursing personnel

Chabre, M., 1977:
Our present knowledge of calcium or hydrogen ions as transmitters in the vertebrate rod outer segments

Sjövall, E., 1978:
Our right to a feeling of security. II. Euthanasia--to whom and how?

Dignam, W.J., 1979:
Our successors: Presidential address

Vinogradova, O.S.; Bragin, A.G.; Braznik, E.S.; Kicigina, V.F.; Stafechina, V.S., 1976:
Our views on the function of the hippocampus and connected structures in the process of information storage

Fuglsang, W., 1975:
Out of 300 children in the social pediatric department 123 are unwanted: difficult to help children who have been rejected by their mothers

Baldwin, B.A.; Goodykoontz, L.; Stone, E.L., 1979:
Out of the desk and onto the stage: an experiment in assertive role playing

Anonymous, 1978:
Out out damned spot

Laurencet, F.L., 1976:
Out patient prophylaxis of arrhythmias due to coronary insufficiency

Shanson, D.C.; Kensit, J.C.; Duke, R., 1976:
Outbreak of hospital infection with a strain of Staphylococcus aureus resistant to gentamicin and methicillin

Kienitz, M., 1979:
Outbreaks and sporadic cases of enteritis due to pseudomonas aeruginosa in premature babies and infants

Payne, D.J.; Scudamore, J.M., 1977:
Outbreaks of salmonella food-poisoning over a period of eight years from a common source

Deets, C.; Schmidt, A., 1978:
Outcome criteria based on standards

Constans, R.; Marco, J.; Berthoumieu, H.; Alibelli, M.J.; Dardenne, P., 1979:
Outcome of myocardial infarctions complicated by heart conduction disorders in the acute phase

Davidson, S.; Falconer, M.A., 1975:
Outcome of surgery in 40 children with temporal-lobe epilepsy

Hoff, G.E.; Frasch, C.E., 1979:
Outer membrane antigens of Neisseria meningitidis group B serotype 2 studied by crossed immunoelectrophoresis

Hancock, R.E.; Carey, A.M., 1979:
Outer membrane of Pseudomonas aeruginosa: heat- 2-mercaptoethanol-modifiable proteins

Sippel, J.E.; Mamay, H.K.; Weiss, E.; Joseph, S.W.; Beasley, W.J., 1978:
Outer membrane protein antigens in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Salmonella enteric fever and meningococcal meningitis

Hancock, R.E.; Nikaido, H., 1978:
Outer membranes of gram-negative bacteria. XIX. Isolation from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 and use in reconstitution and definition of the permeability barrier

Scudamore, R.A.; Beveridge, T.J.; Goldner, M., 1979:
Outer-membrane penetration barriers as components of intrinsic resistance to beta-lactam and other antibiotics in Escherichia coli K-12

Zollinger, W.D.; Mandrell, R.E., 1977:
Outer-membrane protein and lipopolysaccharide serotyping of Neisseria meningitidis by inhibition of a solid-phase radioimmunoassay

Kjelstrand, P., 1979:
Outlines of the Feulgen acid hydrolysis

Iida, S.; Soma, A.; Takeda, Y.; Ito, K.; Amemiya, E., 1977:
Outlook and trends seen in reports presented at the 5th meeting of the Japan Nursing Academic Society

Zotikov, E.A.; Grigor'eva, T.M., 1979:
Outlook for the development of clinical immunology in the field of autoimmune diseases

Anonymous, 1975:
Outlook in Perthes' disease

Scher, K.S., 1979:
Outpatient breast biopsies: a selective approach

Foster, R.S., 1979:
Outpatient breast biopsy

Landau, L.I., 1979:
Outpatient evaluation and management of asthma

Melton, L.J.; Potter, F.J., 1978:
Outpatient illness aboard ship

Priebe, C.J., 1977:
Outpatient management of pediatric surgical problems

Abramson, D.J., 1978:
Outpatient management of pilonidal sinuses: excision and semiprimary closure technic

Petty, T.L.; Neff, T.A.; Creagh, C.E.; Sutton, F.D.; Nett, L.M.; Bailey, D.; Fernandez, E., 1979:
Outpatient oxygen therapy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A review of 13 years' experience and an evaluation of modes of therapy

Swett, C., 1975:
Outpatient phenothiazine use and bone marrow depression. A report from the drug epidemiology unit and the Boston collaborative drug surveillance program

Donehew, G.R.; Hammerness, F.C., 1979:
Outpatient prescription filling tools

Reid, W.H.; Blouin, P., 1976:
Outpatient psychiatric medications and glaucoma

Lewis, A.A., 1975:
Outpatient surgery in a developing country

Horoshak, I., 1975:
Outpatient surgery: R.N. role grows with the field

Ford, J.L., 1978:
Outpatient surgery: present status and future projections

Bonca, M.; Emödi, E., 1979:
Outpatient treatment of children with strabismus

Anonymous, 1979:
Outpatient uterine curettage

Wilson, B.K.; Elms, R.R.; Thomson, C.P., 1975:
Outpatient vs hospital methadone detoxification: an experimental comparison

Anonymous, 1976:
Outpatient work-load

Neuhoff, C.F., 1977:
Outreach clinic experiment extends care with paramedics

Walker, V.; Taylor, W.H., 1978:
Ovalbumin digestion by human pepsins 1, 3 and 5

Monahan, J.J.; Woo, S.L.; Liarakos, C.D.; O'Malley, B.W., 1977:
Ovalbumin gene. Action of restriction endonucleases upon DNA coding sequence

Walters, W.A.; Greco, S.; Vijayakumar, R.; Wood, C., 1978:
Ovarian and peripheral venous blood prostaglandin F2alpha levels in pregnant and nonpregnant women

Mattison, D.R.; Thorgeirsson, S.S., 1979:
Ovarian aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity and primordial oocyte toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in mice

Vogl, S.E.; Greenwald, E.; Kaplan, B.H.; Moukhtar, M.; Wollner, D., 1979:
Ovarian cancer. Effective treatment after alkylating-agent failure

Barber, H.R., 1979:
Ovarian cancer: Part I

Ylikorkala, O., 1977:
Ovarian cysts and hormonal contraception

Williams, R.F.; Johnson, D.K.; Hodgen, G.D., 1978:
Ovarian estradiol secretion during early pregnancy in monkeys: luteal versus extra-luteal secretion and effect of chorionic gonadotropin

Kaufman, F.; Kogut, M.D.; Donnell, G.N.; Koch, H.; Goebelsmann, U., 1979:
Ovarian failure in galactosaemia

Stoll, B.A., 1978:
Ovarian function and adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer

Rose, D.P.; Davis, T.E., 1977:
Ovarian function in patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer

Faustov, L.A., 1978:
Ovarian morphology during experimental blastomogenesis in the cerebellum

Papiernik, E.; Spira, A.; Bomsel-Helmrich, O.; Lebel, S., 1979:
Ovarian overripeness and intrauterine growth retardation

Khoo, S.K.; Jones, I.S.; McKenna, H., 1978:
Ovarian teratoma with peritoneal gliomatosis

Hecht, F.; McCaw, B.K.; Patil, S., 1976:
Ovarian teratomas and genetics of germ-cell formation

Anonymous, 1976:
Over the crossroads

Inciardi, J.A., 1977:
Over-the-counter-drugs: epidemiology, adverse reactions, overdose deaths, and mass media promotion

Evans, G.A.; Sueba, S., 1978:
Overabundance of theories and records in Japanese nursing. A discussion with an English nurse

von Ardenne, M.; Reitnauer, P.G., 1978:
Overacidified tissue and microcirculation

Tonchev, K.; Stoianov, E.; Ovcharov, R., 1978:
Overall morbidity study of the workers in the surgical unit

Todd, R.D.; Garrard, W.T., 1979:
Overall pathway of mononucleosome production

Karagezian, M.A.; Tseraidi, N.F., 1979:
Overall therapy of latent syphilis

Sakharchuk, I.I., 1979:
Overall treatment of chronic cardiopulmonary insufficiency

Wittern, R.; Wirchov, R., 1977:
Overburdening of students in the view of Rudolf Virchow

Modlin, I.M.; Bloom, S.R., 1977:
Overdiagnosis of endocrine gut tumours

Biggs, J.T.; Riesenberg, R.A.; Ziegler, V.E., 1977:
Overdosing the tricyclic overdose patient

Cooper, T.B.; MacLean, W.A.; Waldo, A.L., 1978:
Overdrive pacing for supraventricular tachycardia: a review of theoretical implications and therapeutic techniques

Fishman, L.S., 1976:
Overhead projection. An adjunct to orthodontic treatment

Bauman, K.; Kunka, A.K., 1979:
Overhead transparancies: the overlooked medium

Brown, A.J.; Fickel, T.H.; Cleaver, J.E.; Lohman, P.H.; Wade, M.H.; Waters, R., 1979:
Overlapping pathways for repair of damage from ultraviolet light and chemical carcinogens in human fibroblasts

Taylor, R.L.; Duckmanton, N.A.; Boyks, G., 1976:
Overlay dentures. Philosophy and practice. II

Gilboe, D.B.; Drennon, D.G., 1978:
Overlay slide technique for effective presentations

Berkner, K.L.; Folk, W.R., 1978:
Overmethylation of DNAs by the EcoRI methylase

Rivers, J.P.; D'Souza, F.; Hawkey, C.M., 1978:
Overnutrition and hypervitaminosis A in the tree shrew (Lyongale tana)

Anonymous, 1979:
Overrating of carcinogens? (proceedings)

Nissen, N.I.; Pajak, T.; Glidewell, O.; Blom, H.; Flaherty, M.; Hayes, D.; McIntyre, R.; Holland, J.F., 1977:
Overview of four clinical studies of chemotherapy for stage III and IV non-Hodgkin's lymphomas by the Cancer and Leukemia Group B

Adelman, R.C., 1979:
Overview of the biology of aging: introductory statement

Ouvrard, J., 1979:
Overview of the history of ceramics instead of a preamble

Günther, E.; Stark, O., 1979:
Overview. The major histocompatibility system of the rat

Davis, J.M., 1975:
Overview: maintenance therapy in psychiatry: I. Schizophrenia

Yanev, P.; Solakov, P.; Lyubenov, I.; Pavlov, K.; Spasova, E., 1978:
Overweight and ischemic heart disease (correlations established in the course of epidemiologic study of the rural population in South Bulgaria)

Krivit, W.; Giebink, G.S.; Leonard, A., 1979:
Overwhelming postplenectomy infection

Torchio, C.; Trowbridge, R.S., 1977:
Ovine cells: their long-term cultivation and susceptibility to visna virus

Presl, J., 1978:
Ovulation and the sex behavior of primates

Harlap, S., 1976:
Ovulation induction and congenital malformations

Zanartu, J.; Dabancens, A.; Rodriguez-Bravo, R.; Barsby, F.; Schally, A.V., 1975:
Ovulation induction: ovarian response to human gonadotropins and synthetic gonadotropin-releasing hormone

Schmidt-Gollwitzer, K.; Schmidt-Gollwitzer, M.; Sackmann, U.; Eiletz, J., 1977:
Ovulation timing by a radioreceptor assay for human luteinizing hormone

Anonymous, 1977:
Ox eyes and immunosurveillance

Ghosh, J.S., 1979:
Oxacillin-induced granulocytopenia

Najarian, R.C.; Harris, D.C., 1978:
Oxalate and spin-labeled oxalate as probes of the anion binding site of human transferrin. Metal to anion distance

Bach, A., 1978:
Oxaloacetate deficiency in MCT-induced ketogenesis

Cordeiro, F.T.; Sartoretto, J.N.; Richards, D.J., 1976:
Oxethazaine combined with aluminum and magnesium hydroxide (Oxaine M) in duodenal ulcer pain: a double-blind clinical pharmacology study

Wrong, O., 1978:
Oxford clinical school

Schmitt, J.; Ritter, H.; Friedrichson, U., 1975:
Oxidase (donor: oxygen oxidoreductase) activity by peroxidase and alpha2-macroglobulin interaction

Kalyanaraman, V.S.; Mahadevan, S.; Kumar, S.A., 1975:
Oxidase-peroxidase enzymes of Datura innoxia. Oxidation of formylphenylacetic acid ethyl ester

Lam, D.C.; Lindsay, R.H., 1979:
Oxidation and binding of [2-(14)C]propylthiouracil in human polymorhonuclear leukocytes

Eccleston, M.; Kelly, D.P., 1978:
Oxidation kinetics and chemostat growth kinetics of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans on tetrathionate and thiosulfate

Roseboom, H.; Perrin, J.H., 1977:
Oxidation kinetics of phenothiazine and 10-methylphenothiazine in acidic medium

Sasajima, K.I.; Sinskey, A.J., 1979:
Oxidation of L-glucose by a Pseudomonad

Bergmann, F.; Levene, L., 1976:
Oxidation of N-methyl substituted hypoxanthines, xanthines, purine-6,8-diones and the corresponding 6-thioxo derivatives by bovine milk xanthine oxidase

Djavadi-Ohaniance, L.; Hatefi, H., 1975:
Oxidation of NADPH by submitochondrial particles from beef heart in complete absence of transhydrogenase activity from NADPH to NAD

D.M.rco, C.; Rinaldi, A.; Dessi, M.R.; Dernini, S., 1976:
Oxidation of S-e-carboxymethyl-selenocysteine by L-aminoacid oxidase and by D-aspartate oxidase

Beckett, A.H.; Purkaystha, A.R.; Morgan, P.H., 1977:
Oxidation of aliphatic hydroxylamines in aqueous solutions

Naghizadeh, F., 1977:
Oxidation of alpha-hydroxybutyrate by human serum

Suzuki, O.; Hattori, H.; Oya, M.; Katsumata, Y.; Matsumoto, T., 1979:
Oxidation of beta-phenylethylamine by both types of monoamine oxidase: effects of substrate concentration and pH

Ferenci, T.; Strom, T.; Quayle, J.R., 1975:
Oxidation of carbon monoxide and methane by Pseudomonas methanica

Meyer, O.; Schlegel, H.G., 1979:
Oxidation of carbon monoxide in cell extracts of Pseudomonas carboxydovorans

Martin, K.O.; Monder, C., 1976:
Oxidation of corticosteroids to steroidal-21-oic acids by human liver enzyme

Torma, A.E., 1978:
Oxidation of gallium sulfides by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Sorger, H.; Aurich, H., 1978:
Oxidation of homologous aliphatic aldehydes by membrane-bound and solubilized aldehyde dehydrogenase from Acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Ricci, G.; Dupré, S.; Federici, G.; Spoto, G.; Matarese, R.M.; Cavallini, D., 1978:
Oxidation of hypotaurine to taurine by ultraviolet irradiation

Bergmann, F.; Levene, L.; Govrin, H., 1977:
Oxidation of hypoxanthines, bearing 8-aryl or 8-pyridyl substituents, by bovine milk xanthine oxidase

Nixon, J.R.; Nough, A., 1976:
Oxidation of microencapsulated oils [proceedings

Hewson, W.D.; Dunford, H.B., 1976:
Oxidation of p-cresol by horseradish peroxidase compound I

McCue, J.P.; Kennedy, J.H., 1977:
Oxidation of procarbazine in the presence of Ti(IV)

Naoi, M.; Yagi, K., 1976:
Oxidation of sarcosine and N-alkyl derivatives of glycine by D-amino-acid oxidase

Hölttä, E., 1977:
Oxidation of spermidine and spermine in rat liver: purification and properties of polyamine oxidase

Paynovich, R.C.; Carpenter, F.H., 1979:
Oxidation of the sulfhydryl forms of insulin A-chain and B-chain

Wiebe, J.A.; Moore, D.E., 1977:
Oxidation photosensitized by tetracyclines

Lindsay, R.H.; Kelly, K.; Hill, J.B., 1978:
Oxidation products of the antithyroid drug 6-n-propyl-2-thiouracil synthesis, properties, and preliminary identification in thyroid extracts

Conroy, C.W.; Tyma, P.; Daum, P.H.; Erman, J.E., 1978:
Oxidation-reduction potential measurements of cytochrome c peroxidase and pH dependent spectral transitions in the ferrous enzyme

Makino, R.; Chiang, R.; Hager, L.P., 1976:
Oxidation-reduction potential measurements on chloroperoxidase and its complexes

Williams-Smith, D.L.; Cammack, R., 1977:
Oxidation-reduction potentials of cytochromes P-450 and ferredoxin in the bovine adrenal. Their modification by substrates and inhibitors

Mizrahi, I.A.; Wood, F.E.; Cusanovich, M.A., 1976:
Oxidation-reduction properties of Chromatium vinosum high potential iron-sulfur protein

Kell, D.B.; Morris, J.G., 1979:
Oxidation-reduction properties of coenzyme M (2-mercaptoethane sulphonate) at the mercury electrode

Reinke, L.A.; Thurman, R.G.; Kauffman, F.C., 1979:
Oxidation-reduction state of free NADP+ during mixed-function oxidation in perfused rat livers--Evaluation of the assumptions of near equilibrium by comparisons of surface fluorescence changes and calculated NADP+:NADPH ratios

Goldberg, N.D.; Graff, G.; Haddox, M.K.; Stephenson, J.H.; Glass, D.B.; Moser, M.E., 1977:
Oxidative activation of guinea pig splenic cell guanylate cyclase activity by dehydroascorbate, ascorbate, fatty acid hydroperoxides and prostaglandin endoperoxides

Juchau, M.R.; Namkung, M.J.; Berry, D.L.; Zachariah, P.K., 1975:
Oxidative biotransformation of 2-acetylaminofluorene in fetal and placental tissues of humans and monkeys. Correlations with aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activities

Cini, C.; Foppoli, C.; D.M.rco, C., 1978:
Oxidative deamination of thialysine by snake venom L-aminoacid oxidase

Babenzien, H.D.; Genz, I.; Köhler, M., 1979:
Oxidative degradation of dibenzylsulfide

Underberg, W.J., 1978:
Oxidative degradation of pharmaceutically important phenothiazines III: Kinetics and mechanism of promethazine oxidation

Meyer, W., 1979:
Oxidative enzymes and myosin-ATPase in the trunk musculature of the river lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis)

Helton, E.D.; Williams, M.C.; Goldziecher, J.W., 1977:
Oxidative metabolism and de-ethynylation of 17alpha-ethynylestradiol by baboon liver microsomes

Brachet, E., 1975:
Oxidative metabolism of funicular tissue. II. Determination of the activity of certain Krebs cycle enzymes

Metzger, P.; Brachet, E., 1978:
Oxidative metabolism of isolated foetal and neonatal rabbit brown adipose tissue. I. Effect of glucose, pyruvate and succinate [proceedings

Metzger, P.; Brachet, E., 1978:
Oxidative metabolism of isolated foetal and neonatal rabbit brown adipose tissue. II. Effect of 2,4-dinitrophenol [proceedings

Metzger, P.; Rogister, C.; Brachet, E., 1978:
Oxidative metabolism of isolated foetal and neonatal rabbit brown adipose tissue. III. The effect of isoprenaline-induced lipolysis [proceedings

de Chadarevjan, S.; de Santis, A.; Melandri, B.A.; Melandri, A.B., 1979:
Oxidative phosphorylation and proton translocation in a lipoate-deficient mutant of Escherichia coli

Tsuchiya, T., 1976:
Oxidative phosphorylation in right-side-out membrane vesicles from Escherichia coli

Stein, K.; Portig, J.; Koransky, W., 1977:
Oxidative transformation of hexachlorocyclohexane in rats and with rat liver microsomes

Haddox, M.K.; Stephenson, J.H.; Moser, M.E.; Goldberg, N.D., 1978:
Oxidative-reductive modulation of guinea pig splenic cell guanylate cyclase activity

Chang, G.G.; Huang, T., 1979 :
Oxidized NADP as a potential active-site-directed reagent of pigeon liver malic enzyme

Koshcheenko, K.A.; Arinbasarova, A.Iu.; Skriabin, G.K., 1979:
Oxido-reductive reactions in the transformation of hydrocortisone and prednisolone by adsorbed cells of Mycobacterium globiforme, strain 193

Minette, A.; Marcq, M., 1979:
Oxitropium bromide (Ba 253), an advance in the field of anticholinergic bronchodilating treatments. Preliminary results

Balogh, F.; Köves, S.; Kocsis, B., 1978:
Oxolinic acid, nalidixic acid and 5Nok in the treatment of urinary tract infections

Bashford, C.L.; Chance, B.; Prince, R.C., 1979:
Oxonol dyes as monitors of membrane potential. Their behavior in photosynthetic bacteria

Jourdan, M.H., 1978:
Oxprenolol in the operating-theatre

Martinoli, E.; Medugno, G.; Crepaldi, L.; Scardi, S.; Camerini, F., 1975:
Oxprenolol in the treatment and prevention of cardiac arrhythmias

Bland, D.K.; Holland, R.A., 1977:
Oxygen affinity and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate in blood of Australian marsupials of differing body size

Benesch, R.E.; Edalji, R.; Kwong, S.; Benesch, R., 1978:
Oxygen affinity as an index of hemoglobin S polymerization: a new micromethod

Gale, R.E.; Wells, R.M.; Huehns, E.R., 1977:
Oxygen affinity changes in the red cells of embryonic and neonatal mice

Robert, M., 1975:
Oxygen affinity of haemoglobin

Huckauf, H.; Schäfer, J.H.; Kollo, D., 1976:
Oxygen affinity of haemoglobin and red cell acid-base status in patients with severe chronic obstructive lung disease

Versmold, H.T.; Fürst, K.; Betke, K.; Riegel, K.P., 1978:
Oxygen affinity of hemoglobins F and A partially oxidized to methemoglobin: influence of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate

Kellogg, R.H., 1977:
Oxygen and carbon dioxide in the regulation of respiration

Seamonds, B.; McCray, J.A.; Parkhurst, L.J.; Smith, P.D., 1976:
Oxygen and carbon monoxide kinetics of Glycera dibranchiata monomeric hemoglobin

Uesugi, I.; Yajima, M., 1978:
Oxygen and "strictly anaerobic" intestinal bacteria. I. Effects of dissolved oxygen on growth

Fisher, A.; Foëx, P.; Emerson, P.M.; Darley, J.H.; Rauscher, L.A., 1977:
Oxygen availability during hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass

Cappelli, V.; Pietra, P., 1978:
Oxygen availability, dietary restriction and transport of glucose 3-O-methylglucose and fructose in the isolated small intestine of rat

Brouwer, M.; Bonaventura, C.; Bonaventura, J., 1977:
Oxygen binding by Limulus polyphemus hemocyanin: allosteric modulation by chloride ions

Terwilliger, R.C.; Terwilliger, N.B.; Bonaventura, C.; Bonaventura, J., 1977:
Oxygen binding domains of Helisoma trivolvis hemoglobin

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Oxygen binding of fetal and adult bovine hemoglobin in the presence of organic phosphates and uric acid riboside

Lampe, J.; Pommerening, K., 1975:
Oxygen binding of hemoglobin following covalent fixation in the deoxy- and oxy- conformation

Sugiura, Y., 1978:
Oxygen binding to cobalt(II)-bleomycin

Hirshfeld, J.R.; Bradley, W.G., 1976:
Oxygen consumption and development of thermoregulation in young Eutamias panamintinus and Eutamias palmeri

Lutz, J.; Schulze, H.G., 1977:
Oxygen consumption and oxygen extraction of the feline liver under different types of induced hypoxia

Cahill, K.; Lustick, S., 1976:
Oxygen consumption and thermoregulation in Apis Mellifera workers and drones

Blumberg, A.; Keller, G., 1979:
Oxygen consumption during maintenance hemodialysis

Buckingham, M.J.; Freed, D.E., 1976:
Oxygen consumption in the prosobranch snail Viviparus contectoides (Mollusca: Gastropoda)--II. Effects of temperature and pH

Fitch, D.D., 1976:
Oxygen consumption in the prosobranch snail Viviparus contectoides (mollusca: gastropoda)--III. Effects of light

Torrossian, C., 1978:
Oxygen consumption of hibernating worker ants Dolichoderus quadripunctatus as a function of temperature and level of population

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Oxygen content determined by acrylamide polymerization: screening of anticancer agents, generation of oxyhemoglobin dissociation curves, and potential applications

Tazawa, H.; Ono, T.; Mochizuki, M., 1976:
Oxygen dissociation curve for chorioallantoic capillary blood of chicken embryo

Evans, M.C.; Cameron, I.R., 1978:
Oxygen electrodes sensitive to nitrous oxide

Murari, J., 1977:
Oxygen equilibria of hemoglobin A and hemoglobin S valency hybrids

Makino, N.; Sugita, Y., 1978:
Oxygen equilibria of hybrid-heme hemoglobins containing proto- and mesoheme groups. On the nonequivalence of alpha and beta chains

Raybourne, S.R.; Stallings, M.B.; Gravely, M.E.; Huisman, T.H., 1978:
Oxygen equilibrium analyses of isolated hemoglobins A2, Lepore-Washington and P-nilotic

Horowitz, B.; Mazur, A., 1978:
Oxygen equilibrium and structural studies of amidinated human hemoglobin

Takenaka, O.; Morimoto, H., 1976:
Oxygen equilibrium characteristics of adult and fetal hemoglobin of Japanese monkey (Macaca fuscata)

Cain, S.M., 1977:
Oxygen extraction in severely anemic dogs after infusion of NaHCO3 or HC1

Anonymous, 1979 :
Oxygen in acute-on-chronic respiratory failure

Chance, B.; Leigh, J.S., 1977:
Oxygen intermediates and mixed valence states of cytochrome oxidase: infrared absorption difference spectra of compounds A, B, and C of cytochrome oxidase and oxygen

Feĭgina, L.N., 1975:
Oxygen medicinal pulverization in the treatment of stenosing diseases of the respiratory tract in children

Lands, W.E.; Sauter, J.; Stone, G.W., 1978:
Oxygen requirement for prostaglandin biosynthesis

Boysen, P.G.; Wynne, J.W.; Block, A.J., 1978:
Oxygen saturation in "blue bloaters"

Ejeskär, A.; Holm, S., 1979:
Oxygen tension measurements in the intervertebral disc. A methodological and experimental study

Draganovici, M.; Karassi, A.; Russe, G.; Nicolau, V.; Zeană, C.; Dimitriu, C.G., 1977:
Oxygen therapy and antibiotic therapy of chronic cor pulmonale caused by an acute attack of chronic bronchopneumopathy

Foliguet, B.; Grignon, G.; Reichart, E., 1975:
Oxygen toxicity for pulmonary parenchyma. Ultrastructural study by electron microscopy. Physiopathologic data

Jesch, F.; Endrich, B.; Messmer, K., 1976:
Oxygen transport and hemodynamics of stroma-free hemoglobin solutions

Lecompte, F.; Sinet, M.; Azoulay, E.; Muffat-Joly, M.; Pocidalo, J.J., 1975:
Oxygen transport by haemoglobin. A comparison of whole blood, washed erythrocytes and haemoglobin solution

Zander, R., 1978:
Oxygen transport by solutions for blood replacement in comparison with other infusion solutions

Korovin, A.M.; Savel'eva-Vasil'eva, E.A.; Chukhlovina, M.L., 1979:
Oxygen transport function of hemoglobin in several neurologic diseases

Ditzel, J.; Dyerberg, J., 1977:
Oxygen transport impairment by hyperchylomicronemia

Ditzel, J.; Jaeger, P.; Dyerberg, J., 1977:
Oxygen transport impairment induced by three major cardiovascular risk factors

Tazawa, H.; Mochizuki, M., 1978:
Oxygen transport in chicken embryos under hypothermal exposure

Versmold, H.T.; Linderkamp, C.; Döhlemann, C.; Riegel, K.P., 1976:
Oxygen transport in congenital heart disease: influence of fetal hemoglobin, red cell pH, and 2,3-diphosphoglycerate

Fredholm, B.B.; Linde, B.; Prewitt, R.L.; Johnson, P.C., 1976:
Oxygen uptake and tissue oxygen tension during adrenergic stimulation in canine subcutaneous adipose tissue

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Oxytetracycline tablet formulations: the influence of excipients and the method of granulation

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Oxytetracyline tablet formulations: effect of variations in binder concentration and volume on granule and tablet properties

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P-component of amyloid. Isolation from human serum by affinity chromatography

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P.G.X: a natural antithrombotic substance

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P.T.H., iP.T.H., P.T.E., and parathormone

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PAS-staining of the trypsine-digested retina

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PBI study in disorders in the course of a normal pregnancy

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PBS-soluble substances with blood group activity from human epidermis and dermis

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PCB removal from the Duwamish River estuary: implications to the management alternative for the Hudson River PCB cleanup

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PCP (phencyclidine): an update

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PCP treatment

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PEO--pyrexia of endocrine origin

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PEP A9, a new, unstable variant in the peptidase A system

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PH changes on the surface of burns

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PH-static pectin esterase analysis in sweet cherries

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PKa for medazepam

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PLP test as a rapid method for preliminary identification of Yersinia enterocolica and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis

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PMS photo-inhibition in Rhodospirillum rubrum membranes in the presence of permeant entities affecting either the deltapsi or the deltapH components of the protonmotive force

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POMR for operating and recovery rooms

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POMRs: out of the file cabinet, into the classroom

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PR man runs anti-hospital-week week

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PSRO data and confidentiality: the real public interest

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PSROs: mechanism for quality assurance or cost containment?

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PTK congress calm and orderly. Guest speakers provide interesting contributions

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Pacemaker programmability

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Pacemaker surveillance "à la francaise": an attempt to detect faulty series of permanent pacemakers at an early stage

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Pacemaker therapy in general hospitals

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Pacific Telephone pre-retirement plan

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Paediatric surgeons are necessary

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Paediatric training and general practice

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Pages for ILO: What the ILO Convention Promotion Movement aims at - why are we engaged in this campaign?

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Pages for ILO: how will we advance the campaign in present situation, aiming at the ratification of the ILO Nursing Personnel Convention? Convention on the foundation of daily practice of nursing

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Pages for ILO: how will we advance the campaign in present situation, aiming at the ratification of the ILO Nursing Personnel Convention? Toward the ILO practice

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Pain after nerve injuries

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Pain and the dissatisfied dead

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Pain, dying, and the health care system

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Palliation of esophageal carcinoma

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Palliation of non-resectable carcinomas of the extrahepatic duct system

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Palliation of tricuspid atresia. Potts-Smith, Glenn, and Blalock-Taussig shunts

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Palliative analgesic treatment in neoplastic diseases

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Palliative and corrective cardiac surgery in Down's syndrome

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Palliative care at the Royal Victoria Hospital

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Palliative care unit

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Palliative care: it's the quality of life remaining that matters

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Palliative demolitive surgery

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Palliative gastrectomy associated to drug therapy in advanced gastric cancer[

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Palliative intervention in spinal tumors

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Palliative interventions in advanced bladder cancer

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Palliative interventions in malignant cerebral neoplasms

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Palliative interventions in malignant neoplasms of thyroid gland

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Palliative intubation and resection in oesophageal carcinoma

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Palliative irradiation in large bowel carcinoma

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Palliative mitolactol treatment of patients with cervical carcinoma in cases of unsuccessful radiotherapy

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Palliative non-surgical bile duct drainage

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Palliative operations for incurable gastric cancer

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Palliative operations in inoperable cancer of the lower third of the esophagus and stomach

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Palliative operations in malignant epithelioma of the skin

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Palliative operations in profuse gastroduodenal hemorrhages in poor-risk patients

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Palliative operations of the large intestine

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Palliative osteosyntheses

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Palliative push-through intubation for malignant obstruction of the gastroesophageal junction

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Palliative radiation therapy of malignant tumor metastases to the bones

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Palliative radiotherapy (proceedings)

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Palliative radiotherapy in esophageal carcinoma

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Palliative radiotherapy with Strontium-89 in case of extended formation of skeleton metastases

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Palliative resection and extirpation in rectal cancer

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Palliative resection of stomach and gastrectomy

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Palliative resections in the treatment of primary colorectal cancer

Anonymous, 1975:
Palliative surgery

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Palliative surgery for benign superior vena caval syndrome

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Palliative surgery for cancer of the esophagus

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Palliative surgery in bronchial carcinoma and surgery for metastases

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Palliative surgery in cancer of the distal third of the esophagus and cardia

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Palliative surgery in cancer of the organs of the pancreatoduodenal zone

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Palliative surgery in carcinoma of the pancreas

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Palliative surgery in obturative jaundice caused by cancer

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Palliative surgery in rectal cancer

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Palliative surgery in upper thoracic venous obstructions

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Palliative surgery of advanced kidney cancer

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Palliative surgery of metastatic bone tumors

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Palliative surgery of transposition of great vessels associated with pulmonary stenosis

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Palliative surgery on the lung and pleura

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Palliative surgical treatment of gastric carcinoma, duration of survival in 217 cases

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Palliative therapy in advanced cardia carcinoma

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Palliative therapy of stenosing reflux esophagitis

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Palliative treatment of a series of 103 cases of paralysis from elongation of the brachial plexus. Spontaneous changes and results

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Palliative treatment of advanced esophageal carcinoma using endoprosthesis

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Palliative treatment of carcinoma of the esophagus

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Palliative treatment of complete transposition of the great vessels: First clinical results of closed atrial septectomy with new septectome

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Palliative treatment of endarteritis of the lower extremities using lumbar sympathectomy

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Palliative treatment of esophageal carcinoma. Personal surgical experience

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Palliative treatment of esophageal obstruction using the Souttar tube

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Palliative treatment of liver neoplasms I: localized infusion of antimitotics: premises, technical procedure and limitations

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Palliative treatment of liver neoplasms II: dearterialization of the liver: indications, premises, technic and limitations

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Palliative treatment of primary and metastatic tumors of the pancreas

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Pamihall stain

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Panarteritis and related diseases

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Panarteritis nodosa in an 11 year old boy

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Panarteritis nodosa or Kawasaki disease. Sudden death due to thrombotic occlusion of aneurysmatically dilated coronary arteries in a 1 year old boy

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Pancreatectomy and autotransplantation for chronic pancreatitis

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Pancreatic acinar cells: the effect of carbon dioxide, ammonium chloride and acetylcholine on intercellular communication

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Pancreatic autoimmunity and HLA antigens

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Pancreatic duct glands. I. Staining reactions of acid glycoprotein secret

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Pancreatic duct obstruction: a new observation during fine needle percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography

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Pancreatic dysfunction in viral hepatitis

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Pancreatic exocrine secretion to the introduction into the blood of amino acid mixtures of varying composition

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Pancreatic extract and the intestinal uptake of vitamin B12. III. Stimulatory effect in the presence of a non-intrinsic factor vitamin B12 binder

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Pancreatic extracts

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Pancreatic fistula

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Pancreatic intracellular pH: feasibility of pancreas scanning by indicator partition

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Pancreatic islet isotransplantation. Effects of age and organ culture of donor islets on reversal of diabetes in rats

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Pancreatic islet-cell antibody as a marker for asymptomatic and latent diabetes and prediabetes

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Pancreatic islet-cell autoimmunity

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Pancreatic polypeptide

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Pancreatic polypeptide: A marker for Zollinger-Ellison syndrome?

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Pancreatic pseudocyst. Case history

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Pancreatic supplementation for premature babies

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Pancreatic transplantation in cases of diabetes complicated by renal insufficiency

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Pancreatic-islet fibrosis in young infants of diabetic mothers

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Pancreatic-polypeptide response to food in duodenal-ulcer patients before and after vagotomy

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Pancreatic-polypeptide-rich regions in human pancreas

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Pancreaticojejunostomy for chronic pancreatitis. Two- to 21-year follow-up

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Pancreatitis due to valproic acid

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Pancreatogenic ascites or decompensated liver cirrhosis?

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Pancuronium binding by serum proteins

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Panel discussion on T-cell heterogeneity

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Panel discussion on management of inflammatory airway obstruction in children

Anonymous, 1976:
Panel discussion on supervisory nurses' functions in a national group of supervisory nurses' general meeting

Anonymous, 1979:
Panel discussion: Role of high risk groups in standard derivation

Anonymous, 1979:
Panel discussion: Role of high risk groups in the derivation of environmental health standards

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Panel discussion: the prognostic value of the H-V interval

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Panel on employee assistance program

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Panretinal photocoagulation and optic disc neovascularization

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Pantalar arthrodesis. A follow up study of 45 operations (author's Transl)

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Pap perspectives. The George N. Papanicolaou lecture

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Papain denaturation is not a two-state transition

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Papain immobilization on a fibrous polymer of polyvinyl alcohol

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Papain solubilization of the Epstein-Barr virus-induced membrane antigen

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Papanicolaou's stains

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Papaver bracteatum Lindley: thebaine content in relation to plant development

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Paper chromatographic estimation of fructose and myo-inositol in human seminal fluid: a method for evaluating seminal vesicle and prostatic function

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Paper chromatographic separation and identification of 1,4-benzodiazepines and Mandrax

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Paper electrophoretic detection and separation of some psychotropic drugs of 1.4-benzodiazepine series in autopsy materials

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Papers from the Association's 1978 scientific session, October 20, 1978, Anaheim, California. Theme: National health insurance: "from left to right"

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Papers presented at the 23d annual meeting of the Venezuelan Society of Gastroenterology, Valencia, Edo. Carabobo

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Papers presented at the 24th annual meeting of the Venezuelan Society of Gastroenterology and the 2d Venezuelan and Colombian Congress of Gastroenterology. Abstracts

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Papers presented at the First Annual Conference on Shock. Arlie, Virginia, June 1978

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Papillomavirus in pregnancy urine

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Papovavirus in human lymphocyte cultures

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Paracetamol-induced thrombocytopenia and haemolytic anaemia

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Parachute tricuspid valve associated with Fallot's tetralogy

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Paraclinical studies in hypothyroidism

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Paracortical post-capillary venules of human lymph nodes with special reference to the distribution of their endothelial IgG

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Paradoxical actions of quinidine in hyperpermeable heart cells

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Paradoxical changes in serum-potassium during cardiopulmonary bypass in association with non-cardioselective beta blockade

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Paradoxical effect of amphetamine in an endogenous model of the hyperkinetic syndrome in a hybrid dog: correlation with amphetamine and p-hydroxyamphetamine blood levels

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Paradoxical effects of cobaltous chloride and salts of other divalent metals on tissue levels of reduced glutathione and microsomal mixed-function oxidase components

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Paradoxical lithium neurotoxicity: a report of five cases and a hypothesis about risk for neurotoxicity

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Paradoxical phase of sleep and intracranial pressure in compensated hydrocephalus

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Paradoxical reaction to a new minor tranquilizer

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Paradoxical response to dopamine agonists in tardive dyskinesia

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Paradoxical sleep deprivation: effects on brain energy metabolism

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Paraffin-stimulated excretion of 2,4,6,2'4'-pentachlorobi[14C]phenyl by rats

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Parakeratosis in some epidermal tumors: fine structural and immunohistochemical similarity between parakeratosis and "Hornmark" -like structure

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Parallel expression of new idiotypes on T and B cells

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Parallel occurrence of oxidant-sensitivity and decreased inhibition by NADPH in G-6-PD Lublin and G-6-PD Poxnań

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Parallel regulation of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase and phosphoprotein phosphatase in rat thyroid

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Parallel studies on collagen hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in human skin biopsies

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Parallelism between effect of training and that of beta receptor blockaders

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Paralytic ileus

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Paralytic ileus and mucosal lesions as a result of cytostatic treatment

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Paralytic ileus in pheochromocytoma. Possible correlation with an attempt at adrenal phlebography

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Paramedicals in health care

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Parameters affecting the stability of SV40 virions during the extraction of nucleoprotein complexes

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Parameters of bronchial obstruction and determination of arterial blood gases in chronic broncho-pneumopathies and comparison according to age

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Parameters of catabolism during long-term postoperative parenteral feeding

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Parameters of musculature and upper extremity strength in students at the Białystok Medical Academy

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Parameters of the relative mobility and of the separation of mixtures of substances on thin-layer plates

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Parametrisation of linear accelerator electron beam for computerised dosimetry calculations

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Paraneoplastic ichthyosis. Ultrastructural study

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Paraneurons - new concepts in the field of endocrinology

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Paraproteinemia in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Parasagittal meningioma presenting as low-grade glioma on computerised tomographic scan

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Parasitic skin problems

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Parasitologic problems at the 5th International Congress of Protozoology held in New York (26 June - 2 July 1977)

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Paraspecific reactions of antigens: active immunotherapy of tumors. A review

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Parasystole and re-entry

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Parasystole simulating ventricular bigeminy with Wenckebach-type coupling prolongation

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Parasystolic arrhythmias

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Parasystolic property of the ectopic focus

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Parathyphoid B-antigen containing a complex of protective surface antigens

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Parathyroid adenomas induced by radiation

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Parathyroids and calcium homeostasis

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Paratyphoid C fever. 1 case

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Paratyphoid osteitis of the radius

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Parent counselling and support. Care of the child with cancer

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Parent guidance of children with motor skill disorders

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Parent-child communication workshop "a developmental approach"

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Parental symbolism in the doctor image of asthmatic patients

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Parenteral and enteral nutrition

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Parenteral feeding and cancer

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Parenteral feeding during the adaptation period of newborn infants with very low birth weight (nitrogen balance)

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Parenteral feeding in intensive care

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Parenteral feeding in premature infants

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Parenteral feeding of patients with multiple injuries

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Parenteral feeding of surgical patients

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Parenteral feeding of the aged and of cancer patients

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Parenteral feeding of tumor patients

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Parenteral feeding with amino acid solutions in certain gastrointestinal diseases

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Parenteral feeding with varying amounts of nitrogen and calories in patients with esophageal carcinoma

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Parenteral feeding. Basic facts

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Parenteral hyperalimentation in patients with gastrointestinal cancer

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Parenteral hyperalimentation in the treatment of esophageal, gastric and intestinal fistulas

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Parenteral nutrition

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Parenteral nutrition and concentrated amino acid solution

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Parenteral nutrition as an adjunct to the therapy of advanced cancer

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Parenteral nutrition for 48 months

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Parenteral nutrition in acute uremia in the surgical patient

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Parenteral nutrition studies with four L-amino acid solutions in metabolically normal adults

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Parenteral nutrition with glucose and lipids

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Parenteral nutrition--indications and complications

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Parenteral nutrition. Need and practical realization in the postoperative and post-traumatic stage

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Parenteral treatment of acute psychotic patients with agitation: a review

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Parents: the unrecognized victims of child abuse

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Paresis of the tympanic nerve--a rare complication of spinal anesthesia

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Parietal cell vagectomy in the treatment of non-complicated duodenal ulcer

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Parietal cortex (2v) neuronal activity in the alert monkey during natural vestibular and optokinetic stimulation

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Parietal focal spikes evoked by tactile somatotopic stimulation in sixty non-epileptic children: the nocturnal sleep and clinical and EEG evolution

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Parkinson's disease

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Parkinsonism and dementia with acoustic neurinomas. Report of three cases

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Parkinsonism and fitness to drive

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Parkinsonism associated with chronic inhalation of carbon tetrachloride

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Parliamentary representative's address to the Norwegian Nurses' Society National Congress at the opening on Wednesday, June 22d

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Paroxysmal alveolar hypoventilation syndrome

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Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia and the diving reflex

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Paroxystic vasomotor skin manifestations

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Part-time senior registrar posts: Wessex reviewed

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Partial amino acid sequence of the V region of a kappa-type Bence Jones cryoprotein

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Partial amino acid sequences of rabbit and rat beta 2-microglobulins

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Partial characterization of the age-related stabilizing factor of post-mature human collagen--I. By the use of bacterial collagenase

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Partial characterization of the age-related stabilizing factor of post-mature human collagen--II. By the use of trypsin

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Partial focal epileptic seizures of the Jackson type and calcium-phosphate metabolism disorders in children

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