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Oxygen affinity of haemoglobin

, : Oxygen affinity of haemoglobin. Bulletin de Physio-Pathologie Respiratoire 11(1): 79-170

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Accession: 038964438

PMID: 111

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Related references

King, M.A.; Wiltshire, B.G.; Lehmann, H.; Morimoto, H., 1972: An unstable haemoglobin with reduced oxygen affinity: haemoglobin Peterborough, 3 (GI3) Valine lead to Phenylalanine, its interaction with normal haemoglobin and with haemoglobin Lepore. British Journal of Haematology 22(2): 125-134

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Franklin, I.M.; Huehns, E.R.; Rosemeyer, M.A., 1986: Increasing haemoglobin oxygen affinity to prevent sickling: abnormal haemoglobin variants as models. Two abnormal high oxygen affinity haemoglobins have been studied for their ability to inhibit the polymerization of deoxy-Hb S. They were used as models to predict the effect of chemically modifying haemoglobin to increase oxygen affinity since th...

Zhang, J.; Hua, Z.; Tame, J.R.; Lu, G.; Zhang, R.; Gu, X., 1996: The crystal structure of a high oxygen affinity species of haemoglobin (bar-headed goose haemoglobin in the oxy form). We have determined the crystal structure of bar-headed goose haemoglobin in the oxy form to a resolution of 2.0 A. The R-factor of the model is 19.8%. The structure is similar to human HbA, but contacts between the subunits show slightly altered p...

Grace, R.J.; Gover, P.A.; Treacher, D.F.; Heard, S.E.; Pearson, T.C., 1992: Venesection in haemoglobin Yakima, a high oxygen affinity haemoglobin. High oxygen affinity haemoglobins result in polycythaemia and cardiovascular adaptation to maintain tissue oxygenation. The polycythaemia can cause symptoms of hyperviscosity and vaso-occlusive disease. We report a kindred with a high affinity hae...

Groth, T.; Garby, L.; de Verdier, C.H., 1978: Estimation of parameters in a multi-affinity-state model for haemoglobin from oxygen binding data in whole blood and in concentrated haemoglobin solutions. Oxygen binding data on whole blood and concentrated Hb solutions at different pH, PCO2 [partial pressure of CO2] and 2,3-bis[.beta.-aminoethyl ether]-phosphoglycerate [P2-Gri] concentrations were analyzed with the use of a 2-quaternary-state model...

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